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File: 1553282849735.jpg (43 KB, 1000x750)
43 KB
ping ::ffff:

thanks IPv6
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>no direct ip access

>dns shits itself
>can't connect to anything anymore
what idiot thought that up
same people that MITM 10 percent of global web traffic
>PING: transmit failed. General failure.
>OK, why the fuck does this exist?
How to handle the compatibility with the existing system which is already deployed worldwide is maybe THE biggest concern to address?

It's good that they made it reasonably simple in most cases.

I need some big brained hot takes about the blockchain!
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Blockchain study finds 0.00% success rate and vendors don't call back when asked for evidence:
>Nobody gives a shit about blockchain aside from crypto anymore

Please, this is a no dumb area.
File: images.jpg (13 KB, 257x196)
13 KB
I want fck a girl watever i like
Yeah it doesn't magically make a stock golden when a company decides to go to the blockchain anymore at least not that I've seen. Nice use of sites that have a main focus on crypto and extremely pro crypto bias as your evidence that blockchain remains popular and a hot topic outside of crypto.

We aren't getting daily investment focused sites giving blockchain news and the last actual news site was about Wal-Mart using blockchain but what kicked up their stock was the announcement of a clothing subscription service.

Blockchain is old news amigos
>But in practice, they also never crush individual citizens with it either.
That's debatable. All the major payment providers blocks payments to many offenders or even maybe-offenders of laws that are unjust. Like sex workers, online poker players, donators to wikileaks etc, even us crypto traders in many cases.

What distro should someone who knows its way around Linux install?
I'm on Fedora currently, should I install CentOS since I can build perfectly everything I need for it? Gentoo? Slackware? Or should I just install the latest Ubuntu?
CentOS has my attention since I hate upgrading and adjusting for new settings often, I just want to setup once and leave it be. I can't even start to consider Arch because I've had xorg stop working after upgrading. It's just poorly maintained and doesn't even support partial upgrades (absolutely none security backports or just a flag for upgrade things needing security fixes). One of the shittiest distros for users of any kind.
I could consider Slackware since it's heavily shilled in linuxquestions.org

>inb4 gnu/linux copypaste
grow up, it's called the Linux Operative System without any need to mention those freetards
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Not sure what you're trying to say here, the delete key worked just fine for me in st+ranger
Good point. I think while I'm at it I'm just gonna use edbrowse to surf the interwebs, traditional browsers are bloat. No, scratch that, I'll use netcat and pipe it into less
use macOS retard
He has a point. OP claimed to be an "advanced user". He shouldn't need a X server.
>why would you need to read documents or see pictures without framebuffering

File: google-easter.png (1.55 MB, 1919x895)
1.55 MB
1.55 MB PNG
What did they mean by this? How come they finally broke the spell?
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>exposing children to ponography
>redeeming itself
Hello Schlomo.
>google's plans to encrypt chrome will make it harder to block stuff
What? I'm pretty sure you can block sites just fine even if the browser is using https. If that's what they're even talking about.
And.... it's full of niggers
thanks schlomo
your welcome bro, happy easter

File: minidox_tilt.jpg (36 KB, 1232x924)
36 KB
You do use a split keyboard, don't you /g/?
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I only have the blues for the function keys and brown switches for everything else, I enjoy using clicky switches only for function keys, pleases my autism.
The pudding keycap is from a aliexpress grab bag, I'm not yet sure what keycap set I'll buy but I'm considering them.
No because I just adopted a typing style that doesn't fuck my wrists like traditional "proper" methods do. Sure I'm moving my hands a bit but I've been doing it for so long that it isn't an issue and feels weird when I try not doing it.
No. I don't touch-type and don't do enought work on the computer to justify learning it. As a result my typing style is all over the place with my right hand often pressing keys on the left side of the keyboard. Splitting it would have a negative effect on my typing speed.
> As a result my typing style is all over the place with my right hand often pressing keys on the left side of the keyboard
I did that until I started using a Microsoft ergonomic keyboard.
It sounds harder than it is, you need a few days to get used to it but your typing will improve a lot.
yes, md600, blue switches with o-rings

What do you think of him /g ?
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They're only 2 years apart
Probably my favorite out of the tech reviewer YouTubers. Austin Evans is a close second though.
i love how everyone here hates him to death yet still watch his show
gook fucker who is 5'2" and has shitty hair from 2001
decent, i like his vids where hes just doing stupid shit like water cooling a network switch.

File: .jpg (68 KB, 1280x720)
68 KB
what would be a sufficiently safe virtual environment to preview "unsafe" files without infecting the host?

Is it possible to make an uncrackable password? My password is over 30 characters long with upper and lowercase, numbers and symbols but I'm not sure if it is enough
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but not impossible.
Not op, but can I get a quick rundown on ssh keys? Is it fine to have one key per one machine that I own, or even share the key between them? What if I, say, control a few VPSes with minor to no importance at all - is it safe to use my ssh key for them, or should I make new keys in case something happens?
t. retard who just got into ssh and stuff
your home computer is not a million dollar asset. if someone has the computing power to crack a reasonably secure password in a reasonable amount of time, they're not gonna waste it on trying to get access to your porn collection and your $10 checking account
You're kidding, right? Why are you arguing for having worse security practices? changing your pw once a month is not hard and the benefits are substantial.

File: stone-age-tools.jpg (29 KB, 300x301)
29 KB
What newer technology do you refuse to use? What are you sceptical about?
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I'm with BT, I get 100mb/s
Discord, instagram and the like. Anything wireless. Anything from Apple or Samsung. Anything from Adobe.

Living the dream.

Each day there is more evidence the NPC meme is real.
File: cavebob.jpg (26 KB, 400x267)
26 KB
Farm bloat! Use much space! Me get food with spear!
Instagram. I can understand the appeal of shit like Facebook, but Instagram is just a foreign concept for me.
Internet banking. It's a fucking pain in the ass but after seeing people selling cc account like it was nothing I got really skeptical about it. I'm almost giving up because fuck banks, they can reimburse whatever you lost, supposedly.

File: image5.png (145 KB, 442x345)
145 KB
145 KB PNG
Anyone ever noticed how Pajeets incessantly refresh the desktop in those tutorial videos they make? It's as if they're all taught to do it, but for what reason?
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The Apple Macbook Pro with Retina Display doesn't have this problem.
>all these whippersnappers
Why do you need to refresh when it auto-refreshes?
maybe it's not nearly as useful nowadays but I remember sometimes having to refresh a folder that I just copied a file into since it wouldn't appear immediately

File: shartman.png (370 KB, 1655x960)
370 KB
370 KB PNG
This is Debian's new project leader!


Say something nice about him!
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remember when debian's project leader was a GNAA troll?

DragonflyBSD, driven by pure unaltered tech autismo. Come home white man
Master and slave are insensitive words and shouldn't be used!
You expected me to only read the title and not pay attention to it being a song about driving fast in car races with no actual subtext of "kill yourself with gasoline"?

Well, I don't mind either way, the tune is okay.
As opposed to what? being a bigot?

>for tranny rights
Same thing.

>respects the CoC fully
Debian's CoC has nothing bad in it from what I can see

>bdsm shit
Why do you care so much for what someone does in his bedroom?

File: index.png (4 KB, 225x225)
4 KB
Which distro has been the biggest disappointment over the years and why is it pic related?
arch is shit, but I was hyped for gentoo and it's not that good. I like more vanilla packages
Why everyone hate Arch now when anons used to suck its dick before?

File: docker_facebook_share.png (4 KB, 336x287)
4 KB
>not using this
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Completely unnecessary/irrelevant to use when firejail already exists and is much better/functional.
Use it for what it's meant to be used for: containerizing application so they run in production. If you're using software on your own machine, just install it normally. The only reason to use this for running application is if you need something temporarily or need some service running. (Like a database)
It's horrible for databases tho.
whatever red hat is pushing is good unironically and /g/ should stop following neet memes

File: 12124124.jpg (178 KB, 1280x720)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
Why were(and still do ) /g/tards making fun of someone with such severe mentall illness?
Brainlets born without defects frustrated that people with defects still make more out of themselves.
Please change were(and still do ) to were (and still do). Thank you.
Most of /g/ was laughing with Terry except the CIA niggers.

File: 1555842022236m.jpg (73 KB, 1024x576)
73 KB
You do cover your webcams, right /g/?
57 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
Are you a criminal on the run?
>You do cover your webcams, right /g/?
Yes I learned that lesson the hard way along time ago. The first time I thought ever considered security.

Passport / license, why do you think they make you stand there for so long. If it was just a picture it would only take a second.
What happened?
Someone nice sent me email warning with a video of me using my computer naked. Links to others which there was alot plus pictures, name, and email basically everything. It was my first computer, I hadn't thought about security. Not a assumption of secure but not thinking about it at all either way.
I’d just send them the do it faggot meme. Unless you are a female celebrity no one cares about your naked pics. Gonna need to do better then my erect cock and man boobs to blackmail me

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