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File: WideGardener.png (45 KB, 379x237)
45 KB
>My phone is dead
>Buying a new phone came to me as a wasting of money even though I have a unused one.
>Unused one is LG Q61 which is kinda slow and laggy

I dunno should I use it. I don't use my phone except call and send sms. Please make me choose what should I do
Just get a dumb phone

File: god.png (13 KB, 418x359)
13 KB
post words that pseudo-intellectual half-wits use to appear smart
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software as a service
the cloud
internet of things
eh hem, ackshually, it's MIDWIT
Any "I (verb)" phrases like "I concur" and "I digress"
c / c++

File: file.png (210 KB, 619x436)
210 KB
210 KB PNG
What monitors do I get for gayman? Up to $650 budget, I already have an amplifier that can handle 2 pairs of speakers
i have these speakers
i want something better now


Got the rp-600 5y ago for 350€
>i have these speakers
>i want something better now
Me too. They sound great for the price, but I don't like where the crossover sits.

>>87016115 (OP)
Sell the amp and use the money for a better set of self-powered speakers. Edifier are a good value even though I'm indifferent to the specific model I have.

If you dont use Linux.
You dont care about Linux
You dont know anything about Linux
Why do you talk about it so much?
stop making me feel bad about using windows i dont know any better :(
Because I tried it for 2 years, and too many of the users are coping like mac users.
I use GNU/ Linux every day
Best kernel for the GNU operating system, imho imo
If you're not using Hurd, you're a fake freetard

File: 1592764102579 (1).jpg (193 KB, 1024x768)
193 KB
193 KB JPG
What's is the silver thing on the walls?
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>"Guy on Reddit"
>believes him
File: 1653070783307.jpg (548 KB, 1024x768)
548 KB
548 KB JPG

Is possible to identify the machines? They are beautiful.
File: 1653071240322.png (222 KB, 1331x1381)
222 KB
222 KB PNG
i'd love to be in the same irc channels as this guy

Muta is 30yrsold, catering his appearance and content to teenagers and intentionally low-key spreads depressive mantras which youth may incorperate in their lives. muta is a broken person, he is not cool. go outside and climb trees!

the internet is bad, dont keep engaging weith it, because, trust me, nobody else is and you're being socially engineered. OUTSIDE GOOD!
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soi-tube i meant. fuck jannies
Someone needs to install Eclipse and a JDK on his rig ASAP.
you can see at his desktop from his videos that the uses veracrypt

thats kinda sus

anyone with fde is sus

as one anon said in a thread few days ago:"encryption??? isn't that a pedophile computer thing?"

as matter of fact, all these "muh privacy" youtubers are all kinda sus

muta faggot if you are reading this you better start dban soon
He's basically Mental Outlaw if Kenny did gaming content and didn't go outside. He's also sponsored by G fuel which is pretty cringe
File: mental_outlaw.jpg (176 KB, 506x318)
176 KB
176 KB JPG
mental uwulaw

File: smallPP.jpg (8 KB, 223x226)
8 KB
Why did they kill off powerpc?
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You could put linux on a PowerPC game console like the wii u
lmao imagine being poor
Show me a person who can pay $1200 for a cpu alone
many people are rich, and not stupid
File: stallman-interject (1).jpg (73 KB, 1280x720)
73 KB
because during the 90s and 2000s intel had better fabs. people expected intel to use imaginary property law to ensure a permanent advantage, but then gook chips started getting good. imaginary property is the death of any economy

File: 1620677380178.png (377 KB, 600x571)
377 KB
377 KB PNG
>Windows executables are... le BAD!!! Because they just are!
When you download software for Windows and it doesn't work, with 98% chance it is at fault of the developer and there is something wrong with the software.

When you download software for Linux and it doesn't work, there are gorillion reasons why, ranging from your system being fucked up to a developer having absolutely no clue how to package his dependencies.

The only way to have your software working on Linux is either pulling from the walled garden repositories that jannies tested for free, or spending your own hours to debug in case something goes wrong.
20 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
>shitty software. Not the Windows issue
It is a Windows issue. I've used Windows and DOS since the late 80s. It's a bunch of crap piled on top of more crap and you're going to end up in the exact situation I described. Better make sure you install everything in the right order anon. Have fun making all your shit talk to each other and using the outdated file system. It's shit. I was happy I could finally leave it and restrict my Windows application needs to VMs and air-gapped computers running older version of the Windows OS. I'm parcel to 2k.

Are you really so poor that you're in a situation where you're still running Windows on bare metal? It's time to move on. GNU/Linux is crap piled on top of crap to. But it's better designed crap and it's easier install, configure, and keep going than a Window's install. There is no need to re-install the OS every 6 months-2 years because it slowly grew bloated.

What do you want to hear? Git Gud? Linux doesn't have to replicate .exe. It supports .exe. Both in full blown VM and translation layer (WINE). If you don't want to use Linux desktop you don't have to. Boot the kernel and then go straight into Windows VM and passthru your hardware. You now have stable Windows install that you can destroy and spin-up are your leisure. You can even have more than one running at the same time. 100% compatibility with every application. No loss of performance compared to bare metal. You'd be a fool not to take advantage.

What Microsoft says and what's reality are two different things. You are going to need odd-ball versions of shit. Because most of the applications have a hard dependency on whatever version they used at the time. 75% of the software I want to use in Windows is old and legacy. Windows 10 is shit. It's pajeet webshitter trash on top of Vista trash on top of XP bloat on top of a pretty decent kernel+GUI. Windows 2k was the last sane version. Since XP quality took a steep nosedive.
>Since XP quality took a steep nosedive.
Oh and the reason this happened is that was the era when Microsoft laid off all their top engineers and programming teams. About 6 months before XP came out Microsoft started bleeding employees. Tons of lay offs and everyone else was doing whatever they could to jump ship. They were the people that built NT kernel and were working on projects like WinFS. Microsoft had a lot of stuff going on back then. They killed off all their software divisions to fund Xbox project. XP was when they started to switch from purely software company to hardware+vendor lock-in. Microsoft employees were pissed around that time. If you troll through old USENET archives and web forums you can find a lot of post from disgruntled employees in that time period.
>gotta updoooot
literally none of those directories have config files in them except /etc and .config or $HOME unless the developer is a braindead nigger

Why does the distinction of it being "non native" or "native" matter if it has the exact same performance as a native app and you can give it FILESYSTEM=home and it acts just like a "native" app faggot. Good job ignoring the rest of the post btw, nigger.
File: 281283838888.jpg (5 KB, 241x209)
5 KB
>demands elaboration and reply
Driver extensions and other issues with flatpak are directly linked to flatpak pulling an entire runtime to replicate developer machine state.

>b-but what are you talking about I did not even know such words as 'native' before entering this thread
no sense to talk with someone who does not have the required background to argue in a good faith. There's a good article posted above with elaboration and sources™ but as you refuse to accept knowledge I can only keep dubbing on you. Sorry.

Its so ugly
11 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
that's one of the reasons i use it
What's ugly about it?
So's you're mom.
But's she's still bangin' 24/7.
i3status is pretty ugly.
File: 1647414243394.gif (425 KB, 400x300)
425 KB
425 KB GIF
It's a bar. It cannot be ugly or pretty.
All that matter is its content (which can be ugly looking) and its interactivity.

File: 1.jpg (1.32 MB, 2048x2048)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB JPG
battle station thread
245 replies and 69 images omitted. Click here to view.
PS: it's the speakers you should be commenting
spotify streams at 96-160kbps
get psiphon
can confirm it's probably sketchup
anyone have any floor stations saved?
i'm way more comfortable sitting on the floor with a nice cushion, back pain vanishes, i already do so to watch shows and play vidya, but i can't figure out a way to use keyboard and mouse comfortably, my shoulders or wrists end up hurting after half an hour

>holds laptops back for almost a decade
Why did they do it bros?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
They got to confidant in their lock on the narket
Now that summertime is here, what distro are you running?
Because they're literally Jews.
Because there's no competition, duh

Söy overload.
10 replies omitted. Click here to view.
i used to think he was cool but now i realize how much of a fucking loser he is
he has no actual skill
he just consooms
the thing that gets me about lgr is is content is generally a mile wide and an inch deep. yeah sometimes in does does deep dive but never does anything a that cool. remember the weather station video? dude couldn't even install a consumer weather station with half asking it. he has all this cool tech but only trots it out of storage for a video or two them puts it back in a box to rot. fuck partner with a tech museum or use this old shit in your daily life for a while and report back. watching somebody run Duke nukes off a CF to SD adapter or whatever for the 1pth time is getting to be quite uninteresting. rig up an apple ii to control your smart lights or something, I mean I'm not asking for much but take the soid out faery that I'd Adrian's digit basement (a fucking California carpet bagger who moved to my old home state of Oregon, further ruining it) he actually repairs his shit and actually does something

lgr will run out of steam and will have to stop hording and I can't fucking wait
>with half asking it
*without half assing it
File: mexico.png (766 KB, 1580x1267)
766 KB
766 KB PNG
>Captura de pantalla
Me LMAO de tu vida, maricona.

What do I do to be good at estimating deadlines? Any tips?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Track everything, set limits and boundaries to everything and talk to everybody, get the best posible outcome and negotiate it.
Just make a guess how long you think it'll take and then double it.
That's the basics for everything.

Only do things that:
>your boss or customer specifically asked for
>you promised (PRO TIP: STFU)
>prevents stupid work and/or embarassment down the line

If you have an awesomely cool idea, see if you can implement it in an afternoon. If you get stuck, immediately put it in the "next version" bin. Don't talk to boss or customer about it.
Make a best case, typical case, and worst case estimate. Add together best case + (2 * typical case) + worst case and divide by 3.

Also, if you're mostly completing things in time but getting hung up by continually expanding scope, learn to say "no" to implementing the expanded scope in *this* ticket.
just tell me the nos

File: pbrandyoucantoo.jpg (883 KB, 1920x1080)
883 KB
883 KB JPG
what's the difference between rendering in big engines like unreal / unity and some basic tutorial like https://learnopengl.com/PBR/Theory?
it seems pretty comprehensive

why would you ever use a game engine vs custom make / sln project?
engines come with so much bloat, terrible performance and sub-par tard orientated ui & scripting paradigms.

i just don't see a future for off the shelf engines.
they're just so terrible no matter how you slice it.
You have no clue what functionality a general purpose AAA capable game engine involves.
The question is wrong.
What game are you making? What features do you need from a game engine?
Answer the questions and pick whatever is best suited.
Both UE5 and Unity are terribly bloated but they offer unparalleled features for a small team to develop large scope projects.
Stride is ok for a small project as an alternative to Unity.
Falcon is good as an alternative to UE5 for a micro project.
The other big engines are shit and the other small engines don't offer basic features like mesh and texture imports.
I haven't tried the new Godot.
game engine is far more than just rendering
if you are asking this question you never tried to make a game before

File: lenux.jpg (89 KB, 1000x750)
89 KB
If you run linux and use something like this you've missed the point.
6 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
i use the k3 for the tilde
How do you get to TTY?
Why do trannies care so much about keyboards?
is that a fucking Mac mechanical keyboard? good lord
It's minimal, portable, and does one thing well.

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