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File: 1547905502381.png (1.6 MB, 1357x1281)
1.6 MB
1.6 MB PNG
I am interested in deobfuscating code, but there are techniques that companies implement to make sure their code does not get reverse engineered. For example, if one was to deobf javascript, they can implement features to prevent debug protection in the console. Are there any tips to getting good at reverse engineering in general?
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>Are there any tips to getting good at reverse engineering in general?
Get gud. Get gud at comparing code generated from known source with code you're wanting to take apart. Get gud at having a guess at what algorithms are in use. Practice a lot.
because that means you know what computers are actually doing

>concatenate strings function
>spelling code with a k

what the fuck
knowing assembly would not help as javascript is not compiled to the machine...
she NEEDS to be in our startup

Guys, you don't understand, this is a match made in heaven!

File: MiniSD.jpg (64 KB, 709x420)
64 KB
What killed MiniSD?
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But you got a few megabytes instead of hundreds or even a whole thousand with a CF or Microdrive.
>But you got a few megabytes instead of hundreds
SmartMedia went up to 128MB
They are. They announced NVME/PCI-E SD cards last year, and while not officially announced showed pictures of microSD in the same presentation implying microSD is part of the spec too. There are no new form factors
And what did CF/microdrive cards go to at that time? Idiot
I was merely pointing out that SmartMedia was capable of over 100MB, dumbass.

File: HMMMMM.jpg (98 KB, 600x327)
98 KB
Really Anon?
A man of your talents?
I use gentoo no matter how many of you shitpost sour grape complaints
Ya know. If the whole idea is to take a bunch of software and use it or modify it in a way that fits your needs I don't see why we dickwave like this if the execution fits the needs.
I only use Debian testing.

Who here has an easy tech life?

>be me
>be webmaster for a company that does not know what they are doing
>make website for company in shopify
>upload pics and products into template
>other departments tell me when they want to change the text or .jpgs which I do a few times a week
>$73,500 per year with 3 weeks vacation full health insurance and IRA matching to $5000
I do about 5 hours of work per week
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>how do i get a job like that? just make some websites?
yeah bro
bump for advice on how to get a comfy tech job

I'm actually super jealous. I would love to find remote work. Right now I work in a bland SCIF. I don't think I could get away with only 10 hours of work a week though in my field, but maybe if I'm lucky.
>get replaced by pajeet
>complaints about immigration
>I'm actually super jealous. I would love to find remote work. Right now I work in a bland SCIF. I don't think I could get away with only 10 hours of work a week though in my field, but maybe if I'm lucky.
remote work is gay

What parts of the internet does /g/ use that aren't related to the web?
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/g/ textfile e-zine when?
yes plese
i can draw the logo in textmode
This. I can provide a link to download krita: https://krita.org/en/
If anybody else needs a link to download krita, or the person im responding to needs another one, dont be afraid to ask me again.
I used to dabble in dark web... but it's where demons live.
Talk with the guys at the /cyb/erpunk thread.

File: 1550626075632.jpg (41 KB, 478x603)
41 KB
Unironically, this guy is more capable that 69% of this board, whose biggest hardware skill are either connect bluethoot headphones or adding a USB hub to their toy MacBook.
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File: sambo pepe.png (62 KB, 396x385)
62 KB
Because he's a nigger, you dip
First he came up with a new method for mining, then extraction then forging and only then did he start inventing the board and CPU
Literally because he's a minority.
And I mean that in the most unironic, non-racist way.
Everybody would just call a white person a nerd.
I didn't build my first computer til I was 17, so there's that.
I know black people that are the weebest of weebs.

File: 1542792883742.jpg (201 KB, 530x530)
201 KB
201 KB JPG
>Have a google docs open for a school assignment
>Have fap material open in other tabs
>Copy link for fap material
>Accidentally paste it into school assignment because the Thinkpad middle functions does paste as well
>Don't notice until a week later
>Even if I delete it, the link still shows up in the edit history
Fuck. Do you think anyone noticed? No one really opens the document except for one other person.
And FUCK Thinkpads.
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All you have to say is you left your laptop while you went for a piss and your mate thought it would be funny to post porn in the assignment.
File: image.jpg (980 KB, 2560x1440)
980 KB
980 KB JPG
Well we just had a meeting and no one noticed it said anything. It’s cool /g/uys
File: constanza737.jpg (16 KB, 191x201)
16 KB
No, they're not saying anything /directly to you/. Which is different.
Now, have fun on your work environment, anon. :^)
I’m gonna go bust a nut to that pic again I shared with my class thx
As long as it's 3DPD of a gal, nobody will think you're weird.

File: 1538786506350.jpg (111 KB, 1080x1080)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
Mom is asking for an "mp3 cord" for Christmas. What should I get?
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I bet she fucks black guys while her hubby films her.
Is February. Don't get her shit, being female, she'll have changed phones 4 times and discover Bluetooth mid-Novemberish. All this planning, to waste
she fucks blacks
that kid is so retarded he can't even do a basic function such as feed himself, you really want to be that fucked up?
her son looks kinda asian

File: openupthedooritsreal.png (126 KB, 400x526)
126 KB
126 KB PNG
Hey, my company is starting up an SRE team, and my manager wants me to be on it. Anyone have any experience with this? Anyone actually an /sre/ here?

File: Samsungjuul.jpg (386 KB, 1777x1333)
386 KB
386 KB JPG
Cant wait to charge my juul on the new s10 with the reverse charging capabilities
pfft, I already do that on an S9
that phone is the size of 12 juuls

I am interested in learning more about the http protocol and if you know anything about it what was your ahah moment that you finally understood it?

Why are semi-decent phones no longer produced? Will a semi-decent phone ever be made again?
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That phone doesn't run SHIT ALL because it has 256mb ram
It didn't run a bloated OS, so it ran well with 256MB of RAM. My old iPod Touch only had 128MB of RAM, yet it ran beautifully (unjailbroken, jailbreak + bloated themes slowed it down)
>modern phones won't run anything without massive amounts of horsepower and RAM under the hood because everything is Java or poojeet code

Advances in hardware have led to software being lazy
It did not, i paid $899 for this shit and it was garbo. 140mb of the 256mb RAM used on boot doing nothing, swap used loading anything, could not swap between two apps without digging from the swap file.
t. n9 user

What's massively ironic is that the n9 had the best mobile graphical interface of all time. Like the most un geeklike linux thing you can think of. Meanwhile its nearly 2020 and android is still eating up screen realestate with fucking soft buttons.

File: DbbyTLd1[1].jpg (20 KB, 600x314)
20 KB
>Google says not disclosing built-in secret mic to Nest Secure customers was an 'error'
>The tech company said failing to inform Nest Secure owners about the device's secret microphone was an "error on our part."

>secret microphone
It's like I'm back in east Germany.
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I don't think I ever even speak in my home.
In 2019, does anyone trust google to NOT spy on you? This is less interesting than the weather today or how my bowels are doing. Here's a quick guide for you faggots who don't understand:

if [ $mega_corp ]; then
echo "Yes, they are trying everything in their power to take advantage of you"
wait, wifi cables aren't a joke anymore?
I don't see the purpose. If this is some kind of random attack, the hacker won't know the wifi password of the victim.

File: devuan-linux.jpg (39 KB, 800x450)
39 KB
Install Devuan lads
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look up debian stable
You haven't used Manjaro. Stop talking shit.

9.8 was released literally four days ago. It also defeats the purpose of Devuan, so you can fuck off as well.
i tried it once and something tried to pull in systemd when i tried to install a package. i dont think that they are really doing anything because debian can be used without systemd too.. they just provide the install image without systemd and have a different logo but its still debian with its package dependencies too and you will get systemd or a broken system if you arent careful.
Devuan is shit
Void linux is shit

Gtfo with these meme distro
Im using debian til the day i die
No, they're not obligated to distribute software they don't like but when they choose to they're obligated to comply with whatever license that allows them to

File: y6swwgjewrh21.png (1.21 MB, 1930x1332)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB PNG
is this the most anti-poo phone of all time? this gotta be racism

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