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File: ibm-thinkpad-750c.jpg (50 KB, 645x512)
50 KB
What laptop would you get if money wasn't a limitation?
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Maybe one of those nifty Sony Vaios. I kind of already have every laptop I want. Mostly PowerBooks and Thinkpads.
P is successor of W series. W series was discontinued few years ago.
You don't need to, but it helps a little. It will also get dusty, so you might need to clean it.
Probably a Razer with a 2080
I'd have a new mobo designed for an X210 so I could use modern processors and shit.

File: 144933716293.png (264 KB, 837x870)
264 KB
264 KB PNG
Why is this browser such a piece of shit? I'm forcing myself to use it but it's such a fucking meme it's not even funny, honestly it's so bad it makes me miss IE.

I have 3 major annoyances with it
>if you move your mouse to the very top of the screen, you can 't click on tabs. You have to move your mouse slightly lower than the topmost row of pixels to click on tabs. Fucking why?

>You can't middle click the home button to open home in a new tab. YOu have to click on the + button which may or may not be in the same position every time due to open tabs. How could they fuck up so bad?

>The font rendering is atrocious, it looks so fucking bad, on top of that, there doesn't seem to be any way to remove this dumbfuck spellchecker or change its Language because I am typing in English but my native Language is Italian so on top of the horrible fonts I also have to see every word with a red underline.

Fuck this piece of shit, is there anyone who unironically uses it?
File: chromium-edge.png (532 KB, 3200x1700)
532 KB
532 KB PNG
I use chromium edge. I like it so much. I hope all of the original edge features (like set tabs aside) will come to it.
I 100% recommend it.
File: canary-build-version.jpg (41 KB, 954x588)
41 KB
MS agrees
>>if you move your mouse to the very top of the screen, you can 't click on tabs. You have to move your mouse slightly lower than the topmost row of pixels to click on tabs. Fucking why?
werks for me

>>You can't middle click the home button to open home in a new tab. YOu have to click on the + button which may or may not be in the same position every time due to open tabs. How could they fuck up so bad?
control click werks just fine

awful browser
Literally none of your points are actually legit, everything works as intended on my end. Also Edge has got some really nice features, like god-tier pdf viewer (for a browser), god-tier scrolling (especially on touchpads), page previews by hovering the tab, god-tier pen integration, and overall a pretty clean UI

MikuMikuDance: A 5MB piece of proprietary Windows software created in a matter of months by one programmer that has been used to make tens of thousands of videos, and 11 years later is still on the bleeding edge of motion capture entertainment with the advent of Virtual Youtubers.

How's your free software project coming?
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cruel, soys unos hijoputas indeed
File: 1540935067174.jpg (72 KB, 532x444)
72 KB
just have sex
simply bend over

File: ocaml_logo.png (214 KB, 1872x1872)
214 KB
214 KB PNG
> fully functional, so as powerful as Haskell, Lisp, Scala, ... but way easier to learn syntactically
> functional yet OO and imperative too, thus multipurpose and easy to use for dirty stuff when needed
> strong code checking tools (merlin) and build tools (dune, ocamlbuild)
> very high level yet quite efficient when compiled (similar to Go, Lisp, F#, Haskell, under 10x C execution time)
> one of the best type systems out in the wild
> used for compilers, finance programming, proof assistants, and more
> good C foreign function interface
Redpill me on OCaml, what are your thoughts ?
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t. procedural retard who never tried other paradigms

A bunch of insults, not a single clever argument.

Functional languages are harder to make efficient than dirty programs with global variables and side effects everywhere, but with under 10x C, it's quite enjoyable. Working with higher-order functions, ADT, GADT, and modules or typeclasses, you get a language with the highest level of reasoning, and still a really nice performance. And once you've used functional programming, it's hard to go back. Even very popular languages such as Java and C++ are adopting concepts like options or streams in their latest standards.
> Just use rust instead unless you really need the ML-y functionalism
Fun how people tend to turn it the other way around. The fact is, "functionalism" eases your day, you end up writing shorter and nicer code, in a shorter time too, whereas you don't always need performance.

Just use OCaml unless you really need to fight with the compiler for hours for (C/C++)-like performance
True, imo it is one of the only fully functional languages that still lets you do almost whatever you want to do.
basically OCaml + .NET library, with an even smaller and less active community. A nice language though, the updates are showing that some guys at Microsoft are still keeping the thing alive, and the total interoperability with C# makes it compatible with a lot of projects, which allows a functional guy to work in the same team as a C# fanboi who has never written a List.map in his life. I think I'm going to give it a shot one day.
>really hard to understand at a first glance
Only if you've had to shove your head through OOP for years.
Once you start getting a bit into any programming language and have to think about ASTs, any lisp becomes natural and quite pleasant.
Anon, on top of that, consider people like Rich Hicky (Clojure's creator) who started out with Java, C++ and C# and once he actually learned Lisp realized "we've been doing it all wrong"
When real developers with two brain cells to rub together get their hands on any functional language they have the time of their life.

File: 09d.jpg (17 KB, 400x400)
17 KB
>System Volume Information
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You mean sudo -s?
File: 1490733576606.png (259 KB, 463x533)
259 KB
259 KB PNG

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lel poorfags
>not letting anon blow smoke out his ass
in the case of ubuntu isn't a toss up? mostly comes down to mismatched dependencies and then you have a ppa frakenstein for newer (i.e. nightly) software
every 6 months at least the minimum is raised
You a God, God.
Just install Ubuntu without non-free/propietary shit. The installer has a checkbox to install propietary drivers. Don't click it. Also, don't use non-free repositories.

After that, you're set. Your chances of successfully installing Ubuntu look good.

File: soon-873316_1280.png (172 KB, 1280x1280)
172 KB
172 KB PNG
I go to a big college and see all the over seas students using it to talk to friends back home. I know its basically ubiquitous in east euro and india. Will it ever be as popular in the states? why or why not?
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My friends and I use WhatsApp, but that's mostly because I was in the Navy and they're stationed everywhere. My real estate brokerage also uses it.

I've also noticed that it's big with Latino people.
It's big in South America and Europe.
Afaik it goes like this.
North Americans : SMS
South Americans & Euros: WhatsApp
China: WeChat
Korea: KakaoTalk
Japan: Line
Everyone that says imessage and sms, do you not have a group of friends? How the hell do you make plans, you send texts to 15 people? Me and my friends have a group chat, it's good also to send memes or chat in general
File: 1258818905839.png (37 KB, 243x243)
37 KB
It's really popular in Israel, so it's only a matter of time before mutts start using it too
all zoomers ITT kill yourselves.

Really have to bother me on fucking Easter, (((floens)))?
Don't open it on Easter then. Update was yesterday anyways.
Floens abandoned the project long time ago.
>Floens abandoned the project long time ago.
Yea sure, thats some glow in the dark shit

is Sony XA2 a good smartphone in 2019?
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i still have my Xperia XZ, still holds super strong to this day
get a case ASAP because the hard edge corners will tear holes in your pant pockets.
thanks, I'll remember

File: microsoftstorelogo.png (3 KB, 312x306)
3 KB
What is the point of having a store when you can just download the programmes you want from their homepage?
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File: 1343583063708.jpg (32 KB, 491x491)
32 KB
now you can get your adware directly from the appstore, neat!
Its like if I asked
>what is the point of having a repository when you can just download the programs you want from their homepage?
The windows store is just a Linux repository but with a GUI.
you're fucking retarded.
microsoft's main market reach is in businesses
The store is just website, it displays html and javascript
Stop messing with things you don't understand. I know you wanted to be a cool kid who stopped microsoft from spying on you. If you disabled half of their shit, don't expect their services to work properly.

Press F Win bros. Time to move on to better alternatives with more features like Groupy or Tidytabs.
Good. Tabs on Explorer is what I want, not everything as fucking tabs.

>Choose one of the most meritocratic fields in existence
>Realize i'm a fucking brainlet

How can I salvage my life here? I am too dumb to learn shit like "Big Data", Machine Learning, etc. I can barely keep up with regular development expectations.

I am looking at things like QA, technical writing, business analyst, or possibly some type of agile management. My soft skills are good but my peanut brain is too slow for high performance technical work. Any advice guys? Please
28 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
What is stopping you? Follow some shitty online tutorial, make a little web portfolio, write a resume, and you're in.
The fuck are you talking about? have you seen dev Twitter and other cancer cesspits? Every Shaniquah, Rhanjesh and Da'quan are self-taught frontend 'developers' nowadays
File: 1553619083478.gif (2.05 MB, 268x268)
2.05 MB
2.05 MB GIF
I'd say you shouldn't beat yourself over it. I, too, went in expecting to work with literal geniuses but what I found was just normal people, an unexpected amount of fuck ups and drug addicts, with average intelligence. My path crossed with maybe two or three legit intelligent peeps, but most of the geniuses are researching or working in the academia, creating new programming languages for us to learn, I guess.
I mean, there's nothing prestigious in what we do, there's just an overabundance of jobs and higher wages because our craft makes the world go around, but we're peons, pawns, blue collars fucks that get their hands dirty in any business hierarchy. If you're feeling below average then maybe get promoted out of programming with networking and shit as so many do. Or work with testing, pre sales, system analysis, whatever the fuck.
I think you underestimate how many true brainlets are in the field. The brainlets are the retards on Twitter who’re arrogant because they can write a hash table.
Turn up to work in a dress

File: 1406827921652.png (46 KB, 804x906)
46 KB
>a distro for (wiki) cucks
>'why isn't this working?'
>'how do you set this up?'
>no wiki for distro
>go to arch wiki
>'ahh i see...'
File: 1458495059884.jpg (40 KB, 550x512)
40 KB
Arch wiki went to shit though, they deleted lots of stuff to shill systemd, check archive.org.

File: .jpg (65 KB, 1092x406)
65 KB
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It's not quite as clear cut as that. The Christchurch shooting happened in a largely peaceful (almost) first world country. This happened in a country with a history of problems and a number of different prominent religions. None of the incidents that have happened in France, England, Germany, or elsewhere have had a media shutdown like this, and a lot of it comes down to the fact that in the west, we really only care about other western countries.
>we really only care about other western countries
except whenever there is maybe a "chemical attack" in the middle east
not him
>coalition drops a bomb on a chemical plant
>waste spills all over the place
and people eat this shit up.
I get you.
>american drone strikes Muslim civilian farmers
media blackout
>children of Muslim civilian farmers that were murdered attack the nation that destroyed their lives
they're all terrorists
I just found about BTS and it's good. No homo.


File: 1553584658188.jpg (58 KB, 720x960)
58 KB
What is the best Android pdf reader?
Preferably one that allows me to edit with a stylus, be able to have multiple bookmarks, and be able to hold pages like you would with a normal book.
9 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Trust me,if you value smoothness of scrolling,fast page rendering and fast startup there is no other option.
And I searched man.
These are correct.
Moon-reader as these say
I tried pretty much everyone and my favorite is Readera. muPDF, MoonReader are also top tier. FBReader and Lithium (slow as fuck to resume, biggest drawback) come close.
Xodo is quite good. mupdf is great if you only want to view pdfs.

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