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File: title.jpg (45 KB, 670x350)
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did I fell for the /g/ meme ?
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Not quite, but the difference between a 9900KYS and a 3700X will be negligable, because both will do over 144Hz just fine, and none will reach 240Hz
I'm still HODLing on a FX 6300, probably gonna wait till DDR5 (AM5 perhaps?). No particular reason, I just don't really need an upgrade for my use.
If you want an upgrade, slip an 8350 in there and overclock it using AMD OverDrive if your motherboard and CPU cooler can handle it.
even a 2700X would have been better than that
>did I fell
You fell on your head. That's for sure.

File: alt 170 face.png (118 KB, 429x319)
118 KB
118 KB PNG
>uninstall has a custom loading bar
Holy fuck why is modern software so pretentious? Delete your files and fuck off
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File: download_0.jpg (9 KB, 205x286)
9 KB
>>uninstall has a custom loading bar
>>sad cat is vewwy sad to see that youre leaving
>>pwease take this survey to tell us why

Fuck you, get the hell off of my computer NOW
Also a reason why I use Linux
>start uninstaller
>"press yes in order to abort and check out these smoking hot offers, also install ask toolbar"
Blizzard did an outstanding job before they came up with their Steam-esque agent. In 200X, the WoW uninstaller is what gave me real awareness of UX in software; it asks you if you want to nuke the game in a small, non-obstructive MessageBox, you click yes, two seconds pass (on a pre-spun platter drive; probably much faster on modern flash drives), it says it's done, the files and registry keys got deleted. No bullshit, good feel.
Then get your stuff off a package manager.
Do you plebs seriously not uninstall it from the command line using either /silent or /qn?

File: fuckingshit.jpg (15 KB, 350x350)
15 KB
I bought a pair of corsair ram because it was a good deal, but the fucking rgb stays on when i suspend my computer, and makes my bedroom look like it has the aurora borealis inside while i try to sleep.
I'm running ubongoo and it doesn't look like i can turn it off from here, tried gentoo as well.
Can i make a windows livecd to turn this shit off or something?
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>kernel mode drivers
>code monkeys
does not compute
open it up and de-solder all wires going to the lights
Just turn on ERP on the damn motherboard dude.

Look at this loser
not only you have to download spyware, you also overpay for rgb itself. Nu-gamers are degenerates who allowed this shit to exist.

File: yahoomessenger.gif (27 KB, 299x550)
27 KB
Whatever happened to chat rooms?
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Youre a retarded boomer. Shut the fuck up before i suffocate you with a pillow.
Come at me then, fagduke. 1 vs 1 right after dark, behind the garages. I'll fucking obliterate you.
IRC aka internet relay circlejerk was, is, and always will be shit because admins figured out they can just hit the ban button. Now you have 10 years of people not using it and conveniently forgetting all the stupid voice op and mute drama and pine for the good ol days yet can't define what those good ol days were. Thank god entrepreneurs made the web centralized so that free speech can exist and you can't be banned because you offended the hug box.
I can say nigger (the litmus test) and argue with OPs in all of the channels I actually use.
And there is AnonIRCd, where the chat is all anonymous. The tiny server I know of that uses it is pretty fun.
The reason chat rooms don't exist as they did in the early 2000's and never will is unironically strictly due to pedophiles.

Everybody has a CD player or two sitting around don’t they?
Cambridge Audio Azur 550C as a transport

What is the purpose of a BIOS password?

Why do they exist when people can just yeet the CMOS battery?
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Public PCs don't usually grant direct access to the hardware.
this is true, when we "integrated" south bridges into the cpu most laptops still had to deal with early pcie network cards that were a pain in the ass and a small antenna capable of 2.4GHz networking was added into the Intel ME schematics for debugging purposes and also "remote access" iirc in the advertisings, it is a shitty antenna for sure, and even more when your entire pc is encapsulated in a metal box but it's enough to see and reach near Wi-Fi networks.
You could use EPROM to set password then use UV light to wipe it if the need arises. No battery needed.
I have equipment I control between the machine and the internet. I could see if it made any connection out. Inbound connections will fail unless I forward a port for them. As for wifi that isn't mine, it isn't connecting to random wifi without commands telling it to.

Gonna need a source on this.
One time I over locked my p4 to the max allowed value and it wouldn't post anymore. Mom had to send it to best buy haha. $90 to reset the CMOS

how do I get into computer science and programming and stuff?

I have no experience and can just use a computer. what are some steps I need to take if I want to do programming as a hobby? can I learn everything from the internet or do I need to take some classes? how long would it take for me to call myself a shitty computer programmer? is it even worth it and possible if I don't have any data to manage can I just program useless shit for the sake of programming or is it pointless? sorry for he wall of text but I am quite shit at this stuff now
Join a good college for 1 year to grind the basics. Then try interesting technologies, you will naturally think of ideas.

People are still happily using their iPhone 6s's and 7's, with little to no lag, but any Android phone from the same era is literally unusable.

How is android more affordable when the phones can't last 2 years but iphones last 5
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Speak for yourself. I can't even hear my desktop when it's on. It's called adjusting your fan curves to sane levels.
I have a MotoG5 from more than 2 years ago and it's as speedy as the first time I start it up.
This just might be the biggest shill thread I've ever seen. Good job Apple. Hey good job on blocking out that apartment building with ads too. You guys are the best.
Just uninstall the junk you iNigger...


Or you can steal a SiPhon and be happy with your loot...
legit regret buying s10+ instead of iphone

File: file.png (328 KB, 888x417)
328 KB
328 KB PNG
>not learning COBOL
What is your excuse?
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The idea was to make a programming language that reads naturally for an English speaker.
Obviously that was a retarded decision and they failed miserably.
Pretty much this >>73628304 and >>73628354

You also need to remember the target audience COBOL was intended for. It was meant to be used by non programmers who didn't have a technical background like scientists or engineers. That group of users was targeted by Fortran. This is why IBM made the decision at the time to try and make the language's syntax closer to English because it was expected to be used by people who had never seen a programming language, much less programmed before. As a result, COBOL made a lot headway at businesses like banks or airlines, whereas Fortran was used a lot at universities and engineering organizations.

SQL used the same approach and made heavy use of a bunch of English keywords. This approach made sense at the time but was obviously a bad idea looking back.
you think C++ or Java are obvious ways to design a language? It took us 30 years to get to that level from straight machine code, and you get to take it for granted.
>Higher that average entry salaries.
>No need to learn new meme frameworks every week.
>Guarantee rises because old coboleros are retiring/dying.

>It's fucking COBOL.

How did Microsoft manage to program volumetric clouds, realistic weather and lighting, and stream real-world 3d data, all while maintaining reasonable performance?
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>sees this exact frame for 1/60th of a second with motion blur
when can i play this shit?
they didn't - wait and see
2020, or now if you get accepted into the alpha

File: 1574035418338.webm (773 KB, 270x458)
773 KB
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modern microkernel systems with distributed applications on top
>killing the (((fed))) petro dollar
Good then if we don't blow ourselves up we can bankrupt every firstworld nation
Fresh horse
File: 1567242601636.jpg (141 KB, 750x750)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
Displays intelligent behavior.

>not qBitorrent
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File: 1435598684080.jpg (8 KB, 239x211)
8 KB
>giving in to the fag agenda
Bitorent would've be a better name, have a bit-to-rent mate!
>not QubitTorrent
>not qtBorrent
File: leopard mousepad.jpg (1.07 MB, 2880x1800)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB JPG
> tixati
> the client that sacrifices trannies to Quetzocoatl

File: index.jpg (86 KB, 752x695)
86 KB
As you can see, the world is a better place for it. People are happier and live more meaningful lives.
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I have a ThinkPad for work and use a dock at home (I primarily wfh) and I do not use a kbm setup. The dock is more convenient for a cord when i need to charge, and it sits on the edge of my primary desk with my at-home desktop that I use for everything else I do during the day. Docked laptop mostly chills there so I can monitor communications apps, or do some light work.
How is this possible? What level of oppression compels a woman to marry/fuck this subhuman? Just thinking about it makes my dick hard
File: nT2BHPvnQmT4Y.gif (500 KB, 500x200)
500 KB
500 KB GIF
>those quads
welp, i guess they do
I must be using an awfully fast zombie.
Yes, I do. Stop strawmanning.

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