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File: OnlyOfficeOSS.jpg (735 KB, 2560x1440)
735 KB
735 KB JPG
It's obvious LibreOffice is intentionally programmed in a bad manner to never compete with Microsoft Office. It's slow, sluggish, bloated, and old. OnlyOffice seems to be the only concerted Open Source effort to modernize office apps. Will this be the free OSS suite to end Microsoft's monopoly and LibreOffice's pied piper product once and for all considering the fact that it works on all platforms?
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this post glows
It's called GIMP because it's literally gimped because the devs are afraid of Adobe lawyers.
He never said don't use LibreOffice though stupid zoom zoom.
just pirate adobe products
its so fucking easy
based sex slave trafficking C suite

File: puffy71.gif (50 KB, 599x198)
50 KB
*BSD discussion thread for current users and anyone curious about trying it.

#baot on irc.rizon.net (SSL only)


Why try BSD?

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BSD is for racists
I daily drive openbsd on my x200 librebootes

How, exactly?
That's great and all but I'm still not using your cuck software.
Nice. Could you answer this, please? >>88900854

File: Senko-san_Scala.png (1.02 MB, 1920x1080)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB PNG
Topology Edition
>What is this thread for?
To discuss, request for / give recommendations, and overall promote the usage of Tech Books as a means of learning. Math books and general science books are allowed.
>Who is this thread for?
Everybody, for all levels of skill. There will always be a book that perfectly fits well with what you want to learn based on what level you're at. You have no excuse, start reading.
>Where do I begin?
>This is too much info to take in
>I can't decide between two books / what I'm looking for isn't here
This is what the thread is for. Use Z-Lib and LibGen.

Last thread
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This. Functional btfo oop
I would learn Lisp if I were you.
File: TC inequality.png (52 KB, 631x752)
52 KB
Concentration of Measure for the Analysis of Randomised Algorithms is a great book. They start out with easy, trivial measures and then eventually generalize to more interesting stuff and how it's used.

Please, stop.
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No i dont care.
Kys, your literally tripfag scum
Except you dropped your trip because everyone was filtering you lmao
CRTs are for homosexuals.
>No i dont care.
Larping again I guess then.
>Kys, your literally tripfag scum
You started to tripfag too you fucking newfag.
But you did it only to copy me, while I had reason and etiquette for it.
>Except you dropped your trip because everyone was filtering you lmao
No? I still got shitton of replies as always. I just found it too obnoxious for my own tastes.
Never wanted to even do it but we were going through an impersonation phase by some CRT-hater.
File: 20220227_171321.jpg (38 KB, 485x647)
38 KB

File: a.png (521 KB, 547x510)
521 KB
521 KB PNG
Hi, /g/, I'm new to this web scraping stuff.
I tried to do a script to get the codes of my favorites on nhentai using Selenium, but it won't go past the cloudfare DDoS protection even using a user agent.

What do I do?
You are connecting from a normal ISP IP right? How long is your sleep?
File: file.png (82 KB, 1606x968)
82 KB
>How long is your sleep?
15, to no success, it just continues indefinitely
dunnoful this is but theres api wrappers for nhentai, or you save user page locally and scrape that?

File: 1661798344442.png (269 KB, 1060x484)
269 KB
269 KB PNG
Looks like Stable Diffusion really spooked them.
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OpenAI can go kill themselves.
A bunch of panic merchants spreading fear as their advertising model. Absolute scum of the earth. The fact they require your phone number is also very telling.
you can easily get to 1024 on some cases
the only limiting factor is RAM
but, since SD is trained on 512x512 it'll often repeat sections, like double or triple torsos on people
it works better on landscapes or skies
also, although it is trained on 512x512, it actually downscales to 64x64, does the calculations, then upscales to 512x512
but it looks like a filter
No wonder it's so shit at hands lmao
Lmao I got banned. What a fucking joke. Can’t make anything even slightly suggestive. I was experimenting with trying to word things a certain way and it said nah fuck you.
Pozzed garbage

Post build list or current specs including MONITOR: https://pcpartpicker.com/
Provide specific use cases (e.g. 4K editing, high FPS gaming)
State budget and country

AM5 released. Tl;dr: currently overpriced platform, substantially increased power consumption at stock
RTX 4080 12GB (AD104) $900, RTX 4080 16GB (AD103) $1200, RTX 4090 (AD102) $1600; RTX 4090 launch Oct. 12
Intel Arc A770 releasing for $330 on Oct. 12
Raptor Lake: K SKU pricing announced
RDNA3: Nov 3. announcement

HTPC(4K60)/Web Browsing: i3 10105
Budget Gaming: i3 12100/F

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: INTEL-A7-LIMITED-SPECS.jpg (312 KB, 2048x1152)
312 KB
312 KB JPG
Holy shit. Only $20 to $349 for going from 8GB for the regular version to 16GB on the A770 Limited Edition. Intel is kinda crazy here but it might be limited as the name suggests. Still going to be a bargain though for that VRAM and productivity if oneAPI pans out.
File: INTEL-A770-4.jpg (881 KB, 3840x2160)
881 KB
881 KB JPG
>linux support mentioned in marketing slides
fucking based

File: 153967251257.gif (76 KB, 220x210)
76 KB
americans can't use kettles?
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Get a life
Yeah, stop caring about tech and get a girlfriend already.
Only nerds who like computers and shit would do stuff like that.
no how about you stop being an 80 IQ schizo that can't justify their beliefs that microwaves are radioactive
My state doesn't have a sales tax.
Contact less is available at pretty much every vendor excluding shit like hot dog stands.
We use our kettles on the stovetop.
Doesn't matter I never tip.
Everybody pays to go to the doctor.
I just say dinner but yeah sure.
Wrong plenty of urban minorities use public transport.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I don't think they're radioactive retard. I have a microwave that I use frequently but using it to boil water just seems so unnecessary and inefficient.

Folks, this is a PSA to PLEASE don’t use the Brave browser! If you do, you’re supporting a known transphobic, homophobic, anti-vaxxer a**hole. Please think of all the poor souls that have been bullied into taking their own lives by people such as Brendan Eich. Choose Mozilla, support a company that consists of actual decent human beings.
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nah its pretty good. it renders font correctly unlike furryfox.
>rote booster tout
>getting sassy q
Getting a snarky question from an interviewer
I don't know, sounds like a company ticker or someones initial.
You're most certainly doing something wrong
Trans-women are real women because fact checkers say so.
there's no such thing as a trans person. "trans" just means "mentally ill". there's only men and women. there's no trans women and trans men, but there are mentally ill fags
10 BAT has been deposited to your account. Thank you for the advertisement!

Fat Linus seen waddling to the nearest Apple store
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Can't wait until the tranny installs DRM that bricks your mac if you make fun of trooncels online.
Wait wtf? Hes just doing it for fun??? Well expect him to troon out any second now.
Not when it has been eaten by a pajeet and sweated out of him
You got me, anon, nice.
A person smelling of curry doesn't though. Like a cooked goose smells nice but I don't think you'd say the same if the person next to you smelled like that. Food that smells nice on a person is usually lone ingredients, like flour or herbs.
Sme of the best tranny porn is from Japan though.
not that anon
lina started as an april fool's joke, it was pretty obvious in the first few streams that it was marcan
also the commit messages, discussions on the linux mailing list etc. all read super knowledgable for someone who appeared "out of thin air" beginning this year. someone with years of linux kernel development.

Do you use technology to get high, /g/?
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at 428f what is the point in using a vape?
>fat is healthy
>trump lost
what a weird faggot you are, did you cry after you took jenkem seriously and huffed it?
>blow your lower jaw off.
We aren't sucking a sod off retard, if morans mod their rig it's their own fault.

A $10 Honeystick and a 1ml 510 your groovy.
YOU'RE dammit.
The heating element reported temp isn't the same as the temperature the weed gets to, if you just go by "combustion temps" you see online you're probably gonna undershoot.
On my extreme q for example, I normally have it set to 230C (446f) but it doesn't combust until I set it well above that, maybe 250. Funny enough, I've only ever once combusted by accident with a not-MFLB and it was a few days ago where I accidentally went up to 260.

>remember moving to chrome cause firefox couldn't even play 60fps webms ages ago
>switch back to firefox to give it another go after many years
>its fast and snappy as fuck while even using less ram than chrome

Literally the one upside to using chrome, its speed, is gone, so why are people still using this shit? I should've listened to firefoxfags years ago.
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Set home page and new tab page to about:blank and you won't have this problem.
File: 1641657375459.jpg (280 KB, 1399x2048)
280 KB
280 KB JPG
She would literally outfuck you, all while having a smug grin on her face the whole time. We stand no chance, anon
the smugness is way to much for me to handle
imagine her doing a rimjob, fuuuck erotic
I actually just switched over to Firefox on my edc laptop.
I do have a complaint
Chrome would scroll a bit smoother than Firefox would
Both are using software rendering because the laptop is old.
Chromium just uses a bit less cpu and can render slightly better.
It isn't a big enough problem to matter I guess, but it is a direct problem for usability since all I ever do is scroll half-chan
Gwen is so bad bros... uooohhhhh

File: image053-714656.jpg (48 KB, 600x442)
48 KB
All things audio
Discussions, news and questions

incluing, but not limited to:
>CD, vinyle, portable Players
>Mixing consoles
>Analog and digital audio
>Audio over IP/Network

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Is Jack any good? I am using ALSA and its simplicity made me like it over Pulseaudio, been without any issue for years so I am thinking of moving forward and trying new stuff (except pulseaudio).
How so? Sorry I don't know much about headphones, someone recommended me the m20x. I had some cheap chinesium headphones but they no longer work, so I'm looking for a replacement with better quality. I use my headphones (connected to my phone) while on the bus or when walking through the city, so if you have any recommendations for closed headphones under $100 I'm all ears.
File: 1663612632671.png (324 KB, 700x491)
324 KB
324 KB PNG
For months I was looking for an amp upgrade to pair with motu m4 that I'm planning to get and realized it has those retarded balanced 6.3 connectors that topping pa5 uses, now I know exactly what I'm getting at 11.11.
File: 20220930_010151.jpg (337 KB, 1536x2048)
337 KB
337 KB JPG
>my favorite brand? What do you mean, you buy your speaker from a brand?
File: AES67+-+5.png (182 KB, 1000x921)
182 KB
182 KB PNG

File: Stadia-Final-Google.jpg (174 KB, 1280x720)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
What went wrong?
24 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Peoples fears of what might happen to their games inevitably happen

>y...you were s...supposed.. to own nothing...and b..be happy
80% of that lag is caused by the wireless controller
was a lot better than I expected it to be desu
fat retarded neckbeards are the vidya market
a beer company shouldn't be surprised that their biggest customers are going to be drunkards

Goodbye Shamsung
14 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
What do you recommend? Is there other brands besides Apple and Samsung?
The fact that you switched to iPhone might hint at your tech illiteracy. Please leave /g/.
Nigga I don’t want a PlayStation I want a phone be real!!!!

Jk, they make good phones, I want one for Sailfish OS but it’s very overpriced compared to other OEMs. Like the 10 III a year later is still hundreds of dollars open box and sold out, for a SoC like 1/3rd as powerful as an iPhone 13 Mini which is not quite 3x as expensive.

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