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File: maxresdefault.jpg (139 KB, 1280x720)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
I can't do it. I just can't. Java, Gradle, IntelliJ... it's all bloated, heavy, disgusting.

I can't believe TS is the only language left.
but TS is Java2script
anyway, learn Clojure Sir and thank me later
unless you use neovim you have no right to talk
buy an ad
it's true though
TS/JS is best because Function() / eval() enable self modifying code in a trivially easy and performant way.
Gradle is cleaner than the usual 10+ JavaScript setup files
Unless you're a vanilla js chad

So what are your thoughts on Gnome 45?
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I'll never use it, Gnome is and always has been buggy, unusable trash.
Desktop Linux in general is bad.
And it couldn't be any other way, really, because GTK is fundamentally a poorly designed toolkit.

Web devs have long ago come to the conclusion that the way to design an interface is to do the layout in a declarative language and then to keep the logic as separate as possible from it. The failure of both GTK and QT to make this kind of design process possible is the reason we have so many people opting for electron and similar webshit instead, and why KDE and Gnome are so incredibly buggy.
What did they remove this time?
they deleted taga
Still big black useless bar at the top
still tablet size buttons
still treats you like a woman
still wasted screen space
They shifted a few things around, broke all extensions and called it a major release. Why do they do this?

So after asking around here on whether or not I should buy a mini PC (in this case a Minisforum UM790) I just went ahead and bought it. Got the barebones version for $500 and threw in 32GB of laptop memory and 2x256GB NVME sticks. Now a few weeks later, I have to say that I am quite happy with my purchase. Windows worked flawlessly after doing all the required driver updates. As far as Linux I tested probably 6 or 7 distros. I had trouble with suspend on a few of them (don't remember which) until I updated the BIOS to 1.07, now everything works fine.
Running a dual-monitor setup with a 1920x1200@75hz over HDMI and a 2560x1600@120hz over a single cable USB-4. Everything just works and this thing is a real powerhouse. Plays all my games 1920x1200@75 which is enough for me. I mostly play older Unreal Engine titles and stuff like Dead Cells, Transistor etc. Not a hardcore gamer by any means.
It also stays very quiet and cool, I can leave it on my desk working overnight doing light work like yt-dl or bulk webm to mp3 conversions.
There is no coil whine which is a huge deal to me.
Yes I spent my own money on this, but I made the thread because I heard a lot of people have issues with these things but I haven't had any crashes or real issues. Let me know if you have any questions, these little PCs should be more popular than they are.
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>bought a $500 mini pc
>is surprised it’s capable of regular use and light gaming
Are you retarded
>Ryzen 9
>60 watts
I dunno, sound pozzed
Jeff Atwood pilled thread mini pc colo dtw
It's the most powerful mobile Ryzen currently. It's not a desktop CPU but a workstation laptop one.
I agree, my main machine at home is an Asus PN50 with a Ryzen 3. I got it because it was dirt cheap and had enough USB connectors so that I could do my backups without shuffling drives. It's capable of running four monitors (two USB-C, one HDMI, one on some other connector I don't know the name of).

Only problem is, the HDMI got fried somehow (I think it's because it overheated when Firefox caused a swap thrash -- yes, there's no reason this should have happened; yes, they happened at the exact same time; yes, it might be coincidence; no, I don't think it was coincidence) so now I have to use a USBC-to-HDMI adapter, which kinda sucks but at least it still works.

Another downside is that now I want to get a GPU so I can play with Stable Diffusion, but that means I need to get a full-sized PC with a motherboard capable of getting a GPU plugged into it.

BTW, it runs Debian 12 and Knoppix 9.1 just fine. Only issue is that K91 doesn't have the right driver to run my HDMI monitor; I get a blank all-green screen when I try. D12 works fine though.

File: IMG_8706.jpg (78 KB, 952x428)
78 KB
Is it true that fiber optic is more secure than copper?
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File: IMG_4890.jpg (154 KB, 699x737)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
this but unironically
It's less vulnerable to being physically tampered with, since it would just break if you tried.
no, fiber is a botnet
splicing allows for long term listening more reliably than copper
it's also much harder to detect than in copper

File: jeets.jpg (325 KB, 1170x682)
325 KB
325 KB JPG
Is it actually over for SWEs?

Your $135,000, remote dev job will soon be sent over to Mangalore to be worked on by a brown person who destroys the company at a record pace for $8,000/yr. What are your plans to get around this fag future we are forced to deal with?
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ASBOs havent been a thing for like a decade

t. recipient of an ASBO
>language barriers removed by AI
you definitely don't want to work with a pajeet who has to run everything you say through GTP
The longest living humans today live in remote zones where they only consume traditional diet. Poeple are literaly 90 and they still work manual labor.
I'm so sick of reading these retard's doompostings. They always love to end it with "buckle up" too for some reason. It's like they think it hits harder or something. I've been reading pretty much this exact message for 2 years now.

File: 1439824023877.jpg (22 KB, 431x290)
22 KB
Shill me the best calendar desktop pc apps. The perfect me for one would need it to have:

-No cloud integration shit or not try to force it into my throat if I'm not interested
-Sleek UI
-Can set notifications
-Different categories possibly color coded

>Captcha N8W0RX
Apple Calendar
>No cloud integration shit
Also I could accept if the board assumed I meant for Linux but come on anon. Something which goes on Windows

File: file.png (828 KB, 850x478)
828 KB
828 KB PNG


>/g/ makes a tenth album
Theme: Boardcore: Songs based on the boards from everyones favorite cambodian scrapbooking BBS
Title: <number of songs> Traditional Mongolian Basket Weaving Songs
Submission deadline: TBA

Please post album covers, and keep in mind that if you want to include text, you might want to also upload the project file (or layers + font) so that once the tracklist is finalized I can make a proper version, in case you're not present at that time. Otherwise I'm probably going to photoshop something if possible.
Or ideally you can upload a cover for each number between 10 and 30, if you're willing to put in the time.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Prayers for album anon!
ah yes, i'm really into cloudcore myself. been there since the scene started. it's really going to blow up, just link footwork, moombathon, knackered house and phonk.
I produce StepStep
i really wish ableton live had clip/item fx. adds a lot of clutter doing those one-off things.
steinberg bros its over



File: new_waifu.jpg (51 KB, 453x452)
51 KB
HZSOUND edition

How to request advice:
>Intended use
>Sound signature (or genres you like)
>Past gear and your thoughts on them

>Where do I buy IEMs?
Amazon, Aliexpress, Linsoul, Hifigo, Shenzhenaudio, Keephifi

>Full Guide (IEMs, Earbuds, Cables, Ear Tips, PMPs):

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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basically this. there are small changes in overall form factor and diaphragm material, but thinking that every new release will have a newly developed driver is wrong. remember that all of these chifi companies are most probably sharing the same building and factories in their district, and that R&D and parts are often shared and used in different models.

you will see more changes in terms of damping, driver placement, front/back volumes, and crossover implementation than driver tech.
The autism is still on the menu, I have one project cooking up.
completely new or the same custom zero trainwreck?
Normal filehosting plz
feeling generous today, here you go brohttps://www.mediafire.com/file/7ryt0u2zpdhm7v0/hpg.zip/file

File: th.jpg (22 KB, 474x568)
22 KB
Tux looks like he's utterly wasted on some heavy duty synthetic opioid if you ask me. But I like the little dude. What do you guys think?
He finally realized that 90% of people give zero shits about libre software, security, or privacy
File: file.png (122 KB, 267x372)
122 KB
122 KB PNG
>not posting the og tux
He's my favorite software mascot
Not everyone can be as cool as we are nony. It's a curse and a blessing.
What in the world is that!? Is that what happens when you give programmers the task of making a cute mascot?

and why is it Linux Mint?
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That's the most based forum lock post ive ever seen
Because it truly just werks.
>Try to use old hp scanner on some laptop with Goydows 10
>Doesn't work for some reason
>Download and install all the shit hp asks for from their website
>Still nothing
>Connect it to my old Mint laptop
>It just werks perfectly, had to install nothing
The boomer owner of that scanner and laptop still had to use his old pc with fucking windows xp to be able to scan. Now he only uses Mint (dual booted it on his laptop), and he's the kind of person who would faint at the sight of a terminal emulator.
File: IMG_3570.jpg (62 KB, 395x401)
62 KB
>”windows just works”
>insert CD or Floppy
>entire OS crashes
he configed his userdirs
File: IMG_3571.jpg (189 KB, 602x500)
189 KB
189 KB JPG

File: nixos.png (73 KB, 1225x617)
73 KB
The last Linux pill you need. It just works. No flatpaks, no AUR, no breaks on updates, no need to update the whole system to install a package. It just works!
114 replies and 15 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: smug cat.gif (342 KB, 487x603)
342 KB
342 KB GIF
I'm not going to read this entire thread. Give me the tl;dr as to why I should even care about NixOS and what it gives me over Debian or RHEL that I need.
You can search anything you want here
You install packages by adding their name in the config file, and switching to unstable is pretty easy, just one line of config.
Packages aren't old af yet they don't break or cause dependency hell.
They don't even have jdk21 supported yet or rustc 1.71 or 1.72
>But why would you need those in the first place?
I hate people like you

It's over.
Free software is finished
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sad but true
here's a tech tip
kill yourself
serve him right for supporting communism in South America.
Hope he beats it genuinely
the jews got him

File: 1674073090375557.png (383 KB, 474x474)
383 KB
383 KB PNG
what is the purpose of bluetooth?
to make consoomers seethe about audio jacks

File: 1685801719701169.png (67 KB, 219x230)
67 KB
ddr4 is enough
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File: 1693217178406603.jpg (729 KB, 1664x2432)
729 KB
729 KB JPG
*coughs* my beefy workstation with dual 16core xeons and 256gb of ram still uses DDR3 *coughs*

and it's better than 85% of all current 'gaming' builds
I can't remember if I'm using DDR3 or DDR4. Is there really no built-in Linux command to check? Everything I see suggests dmidecode or lshw, but surely I already have a utility that will show me this information?
>bought into DDR3 a year before DDR4 came out
>bought into DDR4 a year before DDR5 came out
when's DDR6? I guess I know my upgrade cycle now
Not if you want AM5.
It should tell you in the BIOS.

File: chrome-lock-icon.png (217 KB, 1280x720)
217 KB
217 KB PNG
It's time for Chrome/ium to have its security taken seriously. We've had five zero days now this year that affect multiple browsers due to library exploits. Chrome needs to be audited by cyber security experts and have it rewritten formally verified code. Plus insecure APIs need to have their backward compatibility broken and force webdevs to write secure code. It's undeniable that Chrome is the Internet's de-facto API now, and everything that goes into Chrome gets imitated by Webkit and Gecko. It's going to be painful, but we need to deal with the reality that Glowies from multiple governments are targeting Chrome and its 3 billion users. Unupdated browsers should be kill-switched off the internet or at least put into quarantine where they can only access whitelisted sites, including all Windows 7 users.

We also need to build in a real-time update protocol too, where you're always updated the moment you connect to the internet. That's what Microsoft does to keep the Xbox secure. I hope Mozilla and Apple follow suit, plus your precious Lion browser too.
2 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Our time has come, Rustsisters.
even though we had 5 (five) 0 days this year Chrome is STILL (by a large margin) the most secure browser out there
>Glowies from multiple governments are targeting Chrome and its 3 billion users
I mean, I don't really care if the NSA found a backdoor for example. I think they knew about the exploit used for WannaCry for 5 years before WannaCry happened. I suppose they kept that knowledge to themselves so that they could exploit important targets if needed. Did the NSA use this exploit to try and steal loads of money from tons of people? No. Instead, North Korea did, with the WannaCry attack.

So yeah, I'm not really bothered about "glowies", if that means western intelligence agencies. They're not going to care about me because I'm not a criminal or terrorist or whatever. What I'm bothered about is cybercriminals. Which could be within the West, or could also be state-sponsored, as we've seen from North Korea (but they could come from other countries that don't like the West too).
LMAO, jeets will find ways to crap in the crab.
>Chrome needs to be audited by cyber security experts and have it rewritten formally verified code
just force Firefox to reintegrate Servo and stop overpaying their execs to shit up the Mozilla brand instead.

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