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File: ipd.png (700 KB, 940x1112)
700 KB
700 KB PNG
Why does almost everyone use iPad for their tablet instead of other products? iPad is needlessly bloated and overpriced. (I haven't had it tho). Is iPad that good or Is it everyone deluded by iMeme?
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ipad is actually rated #1 as carefully reviewed by notebookcheck:


ITT: people don't know shit about technology
>this is bloated and overpriced
>haven't had one so I don't know if the product fits my needs
The absolute state of /g/
I've been using my iPad Air 2 for over 4 years at this point. The battery is starting to read inaccurately, but that's expected after 4 years. If it gets worse I can simply open it up and plop a new one in, but it isn't a major issue yet.

I use an android phone and have a Linux desktop, but still enjoy using iOS for tablets. Haven't found anything comfier to use for reading doujins at 2 AM
In my opinion since I've had two iPad minis previously, iPads work really well but you're still better off just using a laptop. And most android tablets are either complete junk, under-powered, or are just as overpriced as iPads but work just as well.

Just my two cents. I've used both.
Bought my iPad mini 2 (retina) in 2015 March, using ever since. Its amazing for what Im using it for (casual gaming, music, duckduckgoing stuff etc) and still has a decent performance. Though I remember it was shit for a while when Apple intentionally slowed it down with iOS 10... that said, the latesr OS made it almost faster than it had originally been and I bet that Android tablets have a much shorter lifetime. Im not an Applefag but I read it multiple times that their iPads are the best deals, as they are value for money, and you dont upgrade them as often as a smarphone.

File: 1555786551660.jpg (820 KB, 1039x1329)
820 KB
820 KB JPG
Old thread: >>70627010

What are you working on, /g/?
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Explain. I'm looking at the languages from a Java view and trying to decide what works best for me. I'm assuming this has to deal with ownership.
if you only know java then the borrow checker will be confusing and annoying
Well what's the alternative? Just take the archaic C++ in the ass and be done with it?
honestly not one bit of C++'s idiosyncratic nonsense is as bad as the borrow checker
Thank you for the cute anime girls, they are appreciated

What's current year /g/'s consensus on Chromebooks?
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They are shit, especially the ARM-based ones.
The good is that they are cheap, small, and usually run a RISC Acorn CPU, which affords it much better battery life due to the reduced power draw. This makes them ideal for school kids who really only need a word processor, calculator, and a web browser.
The bad is that the software pre-installed is all Google, which has some severe implications for security. This is a worry, since Chromebooks are mostly geared towards minors. Yes, Chrome OS is GNU/Linux, but with so many layers of Google abstraction it isn't really obvious.
They could have been OK if they continued to be cheap.

Give me a single example where a blockchain was used for something useful.
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memes and russia backing anti-ukrainian politicians in ukraine
Post some CP and I'm sure I'll find out
no. forex trading and some othet legal applications for it exist.

being able to buy drugs, launder money, and evade taxes are good things though.
File: .jpg (2.14 MB, 3648x2736)
2.14 MB
2.14 MB JPG
outside of currency and proof-of-timestamps for documents, I can't conceive of any blockchain uses that a standard database could not also serve
That was like the only thing I used it for. Spent all of my BTC on weed and psychedelics in January 2018 and never looked back.
That shit is too much cancerous gambling

So /g/, why aren't you using a Pentium MMX?

Because I want to multitask
is it backdoor free? I doubt it
File: 1468379668204.jpg (64 KB, 640x480)
64 KB
>Not wanting backdoors
But Anon, party's in the rear!

File: comfystation1.jpg (3.52 MB, 4032x2268)
3.52 MB
3.52 MB JPG
Gimme your comfiest stations /g/uise.
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please someone post the german dude's with the kiki delivery service projection and plants please
No but we generally call them mats instead of pads in Europe
Poor != comfy
Jesus, paint your window already.

File: 1541204906307.png (6 KB, 211x239)
6 KB
>Linux is better for programming!
How is that even remotely true when it doesn't have Visual Studio?
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Community edition is free
Satan's choice(tm)
File: soywojak.png (6 KB, 205x246)
6 KB
>visual studio
It has VS code if you want bloated microsoft cancer.

rust powered microkernels will destroy you
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>Rust 1.0 hasn't been out for 4 years
Standards and reference implementations are not the same thing. As much as I loathe sepples, at least there's more than one compiler for it.
Nothing bad will happen from letting Rust evolve naturally for a few more years before we need a standard. Like I said, not even C had a standard starting from its release.
It took 6 years from the birth of C until the release of 'K&R C', then another 11 until we had ANSI C.
you also don't get wide adoption until the language doesn't change significantly between small version updates. Probably part of the reaspn go is doing better in this respect. I like both languages though.
But Rust has a stable API. Any program written in 1.0 rust will compile with any 1.x compiler.
rust is not competing with early C. it's competing with modern C, with all the tools of modern C, and programmers who don't need training wheels for pointer arithmetic.

File: 1551563722961.png (38 KB, 178x282)
38 KB
why would I want to buy one?
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I have that case and it's great, mini-ITX looks cool and I recommend it. Just make sure that the MOBO you get for it has 2 PCI-E slots so you can put an nvme ssd in it.
If you love manipulating wires in super small cramped spaces go for it. After ten years of this shit I'm over it
If you aren’t using a ncase m1 your are doing SFF PCs wrong. Loque is also acceptable.
As an owner of that case I wish I went smaller. I've had to transport it a few times and is almost impossible to fit in a carry-on bag due to the smallest dimension on any axis being over 10". At some point I'll probably downsize to the fractal node 304, not too much smaller to where assembly is difficult but enough to make lugging it around easier. Plus the white version is top tier mini-fridge aesthetic.
I have that case. It's not as small as you might expect it to be.

File: problem solving.png (1.04 MB, 1272x2096)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB PNG
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File: idk.png (16 KB, 691x418)
16 KB
is this legit or meme?
File: s.png (14 KB, 652x404)
14 KB
Well at least I'm not getting both older and retarded.
But you are getting older and you're borderline retarded.
that's exactly what i got but i'm also drunk and it's a meme test

File: 1554373006988.jpg (20 KB, 400x303)
20 KB
Why /g/ is /g/ and not /t/?
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File: raphiel_paizuri.webm (1.78 MB, 960x540)
1.78 MB
1.78 MB WEBM
Are you gay?
Who is this whore?
>thinks 4chan isn't an anime site.
>bonus points for linking to r/Anime rather than /a/
Back you go to.
File: 11452-050-AFAECE68.jpg (415 KB, 1418x1414)
415 KB
415 KB JPG

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clearly not a DEVLOPER
File: Psycho.jpg (68 KB, 1280x720)
68 KB
Will they bring him back for Crysis 4?

File: ilo.jpg (24 KB, 564x247)
24 KB
I remember having this, but now I can't find it anywhere... could anyone help me out?
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just google it keys are everywhere. you can also use the 'trial' 60 day raid array key to get the extra features and then remove/re-add it every 60 days for unlimited license. every hp server i've bought has already had the ilo key installed
> you can also use the 'trial' 60 day
Not quite true, I remember needing it and HP service was down, so I succumbed and installed a key off the net. When the service came back up again, it blocked the key, claiming it has expired.
it doesnt phone home to internet to check the key for the p410i so not sure what it was doing on your end. ive been using that key for 4 dl380's for a couple years now with no issues, but obviously to each his own
thank you very much, my life is much easier now
> he actually went and registered on underground Russian warez forum meme
Wew. To be honest, I couldn't post the yadisk link due to a spam trigger, but you've surprised me.

File: compression.png (34 KB, 588x548)
34 KB
>using anything but p7zip-full
Why do you hate yourself?
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Some are very old, implemented everywhere and are good enough. Some are good at reducing CPU or memory use in exchange for speed or size. Others are just retarded *cough* rar *cough*
So zip is the best for the general case, unless you REALLY need compression, in which case 7zip.
Isn't this graph like 12 years old?
If you compare speed to compression ratio, rar is much better than 7z
And it is if you want speed.

File: 1553776574102.jpg (10 KB, 231x218)
10 KB
anons told me to get an surface over an ipad because of restrictions

now I regret it. will arrive tomorrow. but the apple pencil looks so much more stylish. ecspecially the new no2 one
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pen writing, watching stuff, a bit of conceptual desining work, that sort of thing
File: 1555437654789.jpg (143 KB, 768x1024)
143 KB
143 KB JPG


You're either a kid or retarded.
or autistic, I never reread my posts after writing them ._.
ah, well people here generally much prefer function over form so that's probably why they told you to get the surface. can't say i disagree with it.

sure apple products look far better, but as the others said you'll probably run into restrictions on what you can do with it. they both would do exactly what you wanna do, but you probably won't ONLY do those things for the whole time you own the product.

do you only regret it because of appearance?
File: .jpg (64 KB, 450x328)
64 KB
A new apple product? Oh boy

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