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>mogs your shitpad and aplel
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>Thin meme
>Build quality?
>Soldered on RAM
>4GB RAM...in 2021
>Virtual Machines, on ARM?
>Rockchip...on a laptop.
>Where is the Nipple/Trackpoint?
>Part availability?

Mate, I could buy a Thinkpad/Elitebook for a fraction of the price, while being at least 5X more useful. Into the landfill this goes...

I'm not sure if I can even dual-boot Windows with this.
You do know that there are other applications open besides a web browser, right? How would this shit be useful. LibreOffice alone can rake up to 500MB, then you factor in your browser, desktop environment,ect. Those specs are acceptable for a phone, because you barely do anything productive on a phone.

So yeah...into the landfill it goes
why is it so fucking expensive
There's odd charging issues iirc, I looked into getting one but this put me off. Pinephone has odd quirks like the usb c cable not connecting properly
>Pinephone has odd quirks like the usb c cable not connecting
what? I'm literally posting from my pinephone now

File: 1627071642116.gif (986 KB, 500x341)
986 KB
986 KB GIF
oi /g/ee

What is the best bootloader to boot Arch Linux using secure boot?

I installed arch with grub and it wouldn't boot, then I disabled secure boot and the system boots into the grub shell instead of Linux.

I have /boot into its own fat32 partition flagged as efi. / is on lvm

Also, is there any guides on how to use full disk encryption including /boot?
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File: 1623824865261.jpg (112 KB, 640x483)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
More info

The Arch wiki is very clear on how to self sign the bootloader/kernel and how to use shim/PreLoader. But I was wondering if there is an easier way like how ventoy works (you just enroll a key a it works).

I'm sure I'm retarded and I'm missing something.

I do want to use secure boot tho.
I'll give it a shot.
I thought grub was the best for efi/secureboot, but I think I was wrong.
Windows Boot Manager
Use efibootmgr to write an efi entry directly into your motherboard
I'll try that


File: images.jpg (8 KB, 323x156)
8 KB
I have two phones one iphone and one android. I received a text message on my iphone with the content "jdukhzxg4.pvdib8v32ht.one?gFbnwPfY4FxZtSoe" from a random person. unfortunately for them it was sent as iMessage to my iphone.

So i sent it to my android phone as sms. it delivered but never showed up on my android as a message.

moments later on my iphone and my android phone a zip file entitled <myAndroidnumber>.zip appeared that was locked. i brought it over to linux and ran it through JacktheRipper program, received the password to unlock it.

Inside was two text files e911.txt && content.txt

<e911.txt> contained :

"{a1:CA, country:US, loc:edit, rd:edit st, pc:95816, hno:edit, pcn:Sacramento}"

<content.txt> contained:

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it is malicious. its a dns server that gets your geolocation and imei info.

they probably got information on me from a breach and are trying to get my geolocation.

you can do a similiar thing with metasploit and "thes33ker"
Now you can call 911 and it will be local not wherever the cell signal hits the landline system. Hopefully you're in Sacramento.
Wiping the device doesn't clear it? Are you using a custom rom?
okay i have the complete list of ips if anyone is interested.
not sure which one it is. but im pretty sure its the russian one.
I already cased the C&C server. IOCs aren't interesting here, I want to find the entry point. Can you get a network dump from the phone? Can you confirm a factory reset with no apps installed and no sign-in still reproduces the behavior? If it does this is a deeply embedded rootkit, you may have to burn the phone

File: plasticarm.png (437 KB, 800x406)
437 KB
437 KB PNG
A fully functional plastic arm, it is flexible and can be twisted


ARM has made a 32-bit (no 64-bit support) ARM CPU from thin film like plastics. It supports 32-bit ARM instruction set.

128 bytes RAM, 456 bytes ROM
29 KHz CPU which uses 29 milliwatt power

It doesnt run Crysis.
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I'd rather use an ATtiny
i'd make better use of this wiping my ass mm yeah
>456 bytes ROM
So... you have space to store 114 instructions and no data.
im autistic and was hoping this would be about cybernetics. was massively disappointed

File: 1601831059727[1].jpg (3.64 MB, 5312x2988)
3.64 MB
3.64 MB JPG
I sent my iphone for technical repair, how do I know now the guy didn't install a keylogger on it?
My binance account was logged out, I believe he did on purpose to check me typing the password.
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File: 1604902501522.png (139 KB, 1024x750)
139 KB
139 KB PNG
>binance account
Is this a level 5 troll or is this truly the state of anti-repair lobbying?
you're a dumbass if you actually think data (and even identities) aren't being stolen by shitty repair shops.

this has nothing to do with right to repair, but rather accountability and trust of the employees at the shops themselves. but you're low iq so i wouldn't expect that kind of thinking from you
He's not wrong.

What kind of mainstream technology do you expect to see by the end of this decade?

>pic unrelated
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File: 1627086412747.jpg (161 KB, 1158x884)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
Dilation stations at every company
Also microled displays
File: 1614193066585.png (116 KB, 600x600)
116 KB
116 KB PNG
Collapse of the eco system and climate and projects to develop previously uninhabited areas in the northern and southern hemisphere.
Intel finally moving past 14nm
linux will definitely get more popular as more old people die

File: kig.jpg (3.85 MB, 2400x3607)
3.85 MB
3.85 MB JPG
>valve recommends devs to target proton
It's over. Win32 won.

Kneel you POSIX plebeians.
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mental illness
yeah programs that wouldn't get a native linux version anyway not running properly on wine is a much better alternative. Why should I care if it's running on wine or natively assuming it runs without any issues?
>doesn't help anyone
Except anyone who wants to run software on linux. No company will bother with creating native ports for an OS with a relatively smaller userbase, which won't grow unless you can run certain software. The only difference this will make is that we'll have windows-only software that runs on wine instead of windows-only software that doesn't run on wine.
They are asians not meds
Thanks. I really love their astolfo pics.

File: th.jpg (8 KB, 292x338)
8 KB
I literally started working this week and when I do simple chores my brain is empty, Im just on autopilot. I believe Im gonna stop thinking at all at some point like a literal npc
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PRO-TIP: The more years you've been in the grinder the quicker that feeling goes away.
The point of no return is buying Apple products after they Jewed you
Barely got a year under my belt, so you'd think the feel-good will sit with me for some time, but I'm guessing two weeks in (if that) I'm gonna start wanting to kms again.

Might last a month or two if you're lucky.
im tired, everythings the same, nothing changes

File: BLUECLOVER.png (19 KB, 192x192)
19 KB

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But you're going to lose that snazzy bottom toolbar.
Meh, Kuroba Dev is better
Based goes in all fields
It works!

File: 1598353750651.png (497 KB, 1920x1080)
497 KB
497 KB PNG
Why would someone ever pick a floating window manager when they can have a tiling one?
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> why ooga booga when ugga bugga
File: gre scores.jpg (299 KB, 2048x1638)
299 KB
299 KB JPG
>mcgill education students cannot calculate an average
is anyone surprised?
>he didn't take the fvwm pill
GUI can be a mixed bag when tiling is used. You can settle for a hybrid of both though.
fpbp, I don't care about tiling fibonacci patters and shit I just want my windows managed

OP literally consooms ads
File: 1622220848197.png (1.41 MB, 1450x2206)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB PNG
sad that louis just makes clickbait trash vids now
so what the point of finished product then? Might as well buy all iPhone component from original maker and assemble it myself. Might as well use better-no-telemetry processors. This will be future.
Now order a battery directly from the supplier for those buds, shilljeet

File: 1626745250054.jpg (1.4 MB, 4032x3024)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB JPG
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You need 10 expansion slots. There are almost no boards with that many expansion slots even if you get a HEDT system.
File: IMG_20210721_211403.jpg (2.94 MB, 1805x2413)
2.94 MB
2.94 MB JPG
>You need 10 expansion slots. There are almost no boards with that many expansion slots even if you get a HEDT system.
Any board has 3 PCIe
ei italiano che fai su questo sito tenebroso esci un pò e smetti di fumare che fà un sacco male
File: image2.jpg (24 KB, 500x375)
24 KB
Im in the middle of a move currently back to the US and am living with my family, so ignore the shit background.
Heres my pride and joy. Once I move back I should be able to get a larger desk, a third monitor, LEDs, and some other goodies.

Specs are Ryzen 9 3900x, 5700 XT, 64 gigs 3200mhz.

Sorry for the file compression
Go for a U shape desk

Do you have an electric scooter?
If yes, why?
Try to sell me the idea of owning one and which one would you recommend?

To hack it for greater speed or not?
What models are easiest to modify?

64 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
I own one and it's a novelty 80% of the time, not to mention it's illegal in my jurisdiction and I can get fined up to 2000 dollars just for using it in public.
Just buy a fucking e-bike.
File: 20210723_193117.jpg (2.73 MB, 1542x2056)
2.73 MB
2.73 MB JPG
Yes :)
>TR R_R_R_R_R_R_R_R_RR_R_R__R_R_R when you ride over that sidewalk
> Would you like an e-bike just the same way?

Not quite, because I take my scooter to the stores with me and it's also easier to store inside my home.
I never have to worry about locking it up or anything. Have never gotten a single complaint taking it with me and this scooter isn't even that small.
It's simply far more nimble of a machine than a bike, despite being heavier.
Also it's really hard finding a bike with similar kind of power and battery as this thing in these price ranges.
I do have a proper road bike so if I feel like cycling I can take that one.
Of course I could do just fine with an e-bike, but if I had to choose between an average e-bike or this scooter which cost like half of what even cheap e-bikes do, I'd go with the scoot.
Now if I had to choose between a higher end scooter or a great e-bike with a lot of power and bigger battery, I'd go with the bike because those things are almost like 125cc motorcycles.
File: cruise.png (262 KB, 500x342)
262 KB
262 KB PNG
seems to be cooler than i thought, all these different experiences

File: DSC00100_PRESSE-CITRON.jpg (217 KB, 1400x933)
217 KB
217 KB JPG
the video the btfod thinktards
your bulky laptop fad is over. if you buy a newer thinkpad you will never get the same quality with a macbook.
You cannot find one thinkpad that has the same screen quality, battery life and performance, it doesn't exist.
Even a gen 2 T14 thinkpad has nowhere near the same screen quality, battery life, or performance as an m1 macbook.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (88 KB, 1280x720)
88 KB
>Popular uses and easy setups

>Large Github list of services

>More of the above
117 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
>C4510r turned into a cabinet
what is better for a home server, ryzen 7 1700 vs ryzen 3 3200?
I want to host plex, kodi, omv, and stuff like that.
I have a dedicated gpu for the 1700, and can get one or the other for free

Okay, this now makes sense, I used something like this for a while but had miserable experience streaming video through it.
Hi, I have the 1700. It's cool, lots of cores are nice if you want to e.g. temporarily isolate a few of them for a gaming VM, software encoding works alright with x265 -> x264 transcodes, but beware the https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=196683 issue.

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