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File: 13513511754.png (252 KB, 347x391)
252 KB
252 KB PNG
What's your excuse for not using black quartz and white wood cables? Are you poor or something?
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Just grab some cheap audio shit, find some shop that can make a machined enclosure for it, pay some audiophool reviewers and you can milk them too.
File: .png (456 KB, 651x1080)
456 KB
456 KB PNG
>spend 5000$ on audio gear
>does not spend 0.05$ on cotton swab + 60 seconds to unclog his obese ears
>he doesn't use dilluted hydrogen peroxide before listening to music
enjoy your shitty cotton swab quality
they're shit, I can tape my magic rocks on top of the connectors to reduce the distortion
>cotton swab to unclog ears
That was debunked by Snopes

File: 1587850824463.jpg (60 KB, 603x512)
60 KB
To be an AWS cloud administrator or not?
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>I'm a devops nigger and they're starting to figure out all I do is turn shit off to inflate my fake self worth
>he didn't realize that I same fagged

I don't do devops, but I have hands on experience in all 3 cloud platforms.

Do you work in some third world shithole (India perhaps?). Devops engineers do not just "turn stuff off'
>Just shut down and change the instance type or size. Have you never touched EC2s before? The only things I can think of that can't be resized easily are elasticsearch services.
>he doesn't know what auto scaling is

You have to have a job to post here
This is all they actually do lol, devops fags have about 10 more good years before even HR figures this out
just from the way he types you can tell he's never had a job, ever.

File: Capturepib2.png (593 KB, 632x706)
593 KB
593 KB PNG
>own S8+
>crack it for the first real time in 4~ years, right over the front camera
>look online, find some student discounts/trade-in value/$100 rebate on an S20 FE on the Samsung site
>go to click "add cart", but for some reason decide to refresh the page first
>$100 rebate is gone, $380 phone is now $480 now

Are Java and Spring hard to learn for a beginner? Is it worth it. Here are the languages I know:
> html - css - Javascript (vuejs & Jquery) - php (laravel) - node (express) sql (MySql & sqlite)
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It's a good language. Once Loom and Valhalla are implemented, it's going to be a top tier language again and make anything else obsolete.
>make anything else obsolete
why does this thread smell like posters being paid by oracle?
relatively simple language, lots of boilerplate but the newest versions improve on that front

bloated pile of shit, especially spring boot. it pulls in way too much stuff and then needs 30 seconds to wire everything up magically at application startup time.

try some more lightweight, faster web frameworks. or write raw servlets and a few handselected libraries if you want to get your hands dirty with plumbing. just for the experience of course.

>gradle vs gradlew
if your distro has gradle you don't need gradlew. gradlew is people on systems without packages. or if you for some reason need to bundle a specific version because people fail to upgrade their shit

it fetches dependencies, it executes build steps. the config files are verbose due to being XML but it's still less of a nightmare than gradle or npm

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Once Loom and Valhalla are implemented
Ragnarok is near.

File: 1623195649742.jpg (47 KB, 437x292)
47 KB
Anons, is there any way (either an extension or a software) that can be used to replace Ctrl+F efficiently?

I have to search for keywords on a very large webpage. I literally had to shrink the page to 33% of its original size and let a script run for a certain amount of time so that the page went all the way to the bottom and revealed everything.

The problem is that the Ctrl+F function, in both Chrome and Firefox, is not good enough to search among so many words in such a long space...
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Install Gentoo
Install Gentoo
use powershell, curl the page, then grep it
at this point I'm not sure if this is a meme or not
ok I will try thanks
>use powershell
Why not WSL? Curl isn't curl on Powershell.

File: 1628096549370.png (113 KB, 699x463)
113 KB
113 KB PNG



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Asp core.
f.ex Spring uses servlets.
do the needful and deploy spring bootiful
>I have used ASP .NET before, but I don't really know what it has to offer that others do not. So far I've only used ASP .NET and Java Spring, and they are very similar to each other.
It's ease of use for me. ASP core is very flexible and has tons of resources and great built-in impls for web concepts like https, auth, swagger, and so on.
Using it in vscode is a great experience because I can write frontend and backend using the same editor with intellisense for both.

File: arch.png (14 KB, 1200x1200)
14 KB
didnt see any arch thread
discuss anything about arch and arch derivatives
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Thinking of moving from Ubuntu to Arch, but my friend recommends Void. What do you guys think?
File: osg0y4lge8f71.jpg (56 KB, 800x767)
56 KB
pamac isn't bad but sometimes breaks for me, so i always end up switching to yay
if you want to expwriment, go with arch either in a vm or in a spearate hd or machine.

i would avoid void. management team has a flaky past.
I think your friend is a neckbeard pedo furry
Your friend is based

How do I share the following between 2 computers (Mac Pro and Macbook Air if that matters)

-3 monitors
You format and install Arch Linux.
fuck off
Input hub that can switch between two outputs
If you got money for a decent one buy a KVM switch. You can also make one yourself, if you feel adventurous

File: tinyface.png (1.78 MB, 902x829)
1.78 MB
1.78 MB PNG
hey does anyone know about a sort of software that can select between 10 and 32 segments of a video and then shuffle the selection making the video a completely random assortment of segments?
I kinda need that
I'm sure you could do that with ffmpeg.
yeah, using ffmpeg + shell script
one ffmpeg line cuts the video into some N number of cuts
some line randomizes with `shuf`
then another line calls ffmpeg again for stitching the video segments back into one file

File: RustVSC++.png (36 KB, 750x680)
36 KB
>learn Rust m8, you'll have a fruitful career
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> Mostly used by fans
> People who work in other langs have bad experience in massive and ancient codebases
>whereas Rust is mainly used for simple rewrites with clear architecture in mind

Gee, I wonder why people think is better. It's almost like the same story with ever new languge. Unit you actually have to do shit in it, and it's starts to be messy.

I wonder how people are gonna like rust, once big codebases starts to require either massive rewrites due to borrow checker, or weird hacks with unsafe, that will cause UBI.

It's always the same, until people find out that their magical tools don't map to reality, and simple languages like C/Go or langs that just let you do whatever the fuck you want like C++ win again.
most of those C++ jobs are probably complete garbage to be fair.
it's not that it isn't allowed. nobody except yourself and maybe a few people you know will use the language you created.
>when is the last time you've seen a program crash because of a memory allocation issue

literally every other week some customer has to reset his device because of one. some QA toddler pokes the screen the wrong way and the shit segfaults. this is literally what 15k of these pages of "jobs" will be like. fixing shitware that is a mix of C++98 and just overall poor software built on the worst practices of yesteryear.
That's not too bad considering how young Rust is in comparison to C++. A large chunk of those jobs are probably maintaining some legacy shit
ok boomer

File: duckduckgo.png (28 KB, 452x452)
28 KB
Please redpill me on Duck Duck Go. Preferably with evidence backing it up.
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If we are entertaining hypotheticals here, you should add what their claim is:
1) They do have ads, but on based on your profile built through spying, but based on your actual query, i.e. everyone with the same search query gets the same add
2) They get money through agreements with MS and others to provide their search results

Now I do not know how much of that is actually true and whether this adds up to what they need.

I would rather use a paid service where I know how it's funded - from my payment. Ad free, spyware free. Maybe presearch or another blockchain based solution gets us there. I am very interested to see.
They literally censored Tank Man
Dude just use anything but with trackmenot turned on. add ddg in its settings if youre that paranoid
they have the best features (duckduckgo.com/bangs). But even other than bangs they generally have cool stuff like "qr website.com" among many others. Privacy is a little better than on Google/Bing
forgot to say that they also have theming which is very important to me.

File: 1624238738715.jpg (443 KB, 814x1008)
443 KB
443 KB JPG
I'm ready to quit my job. I hate working with people, unrealistic deadlines, high stress environments. What are some ideas to make money where I don't have to deal with people or their bullshit?
NEET. Or just go learn a trade and become a contractor.
You could become a manager.
i got my CDL in March. Now I drive tractor trailers (Freightliners, Volvos) locally. I am left alone to my thoughts and my podcasts, monday-friday for 10 hours a day. I am taking home ~$1600 a week (entry level) . My only regret is that I didnt do this sooner.
the managers where i work have to do 1x1 meetings all the time, plus there tons of other meetings where they discuss "processes" and come up with ineffective changes.

>touch ...
File already exist
>cat ...
No such file or directory
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$ mkdir foo
$ ln -s foo bar
$ rm bar/
rm: cannot remove 'bar/': Is a directory
$ rmdir bar/
rmdir: failed to remove 'bar/': Not a directory
Ive used linux exclusively for 8 years but i still have no idea how ed works
>If the symbolic link points to a directory, do not append the trailing slash at the end
The symlink is bar, so you use "rm bar". "rm bar/" resolves to "rm foo/", while rmdir won't resolve the symlink first and looks for bar/ which doesn't exist, because the symlink is a file and not a directory.
experienced user will know how ed works

File: ULuuxpc.png (597 KB, 1280x720)
597 KB
597 KB PNG
>want to order pizza online
>order website requires nonfree javascript
>tfw the botnet wants me to starve
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File: 1627116368240.png (356 KB, 800x949)
356 KB
356 KB PNG
>the amount of people getting triggered by a meme from the last decade
File: tx-flag.jpg (228 KB, 1200x882)
228 KB
228 KB JPG
just obfuscate their obfuscated js even more
>step 1:
buy/make ammonium nitrate
>step 2:
feds kick in your gnu/door

File: google.png (3 KB, 320x112)
3 KB
How much is it to lease google.com?

I just want replace all unpure Go code with pure C

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