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/g/ i am suffering from severe information overload. I have so many books, papers, and essays that I have written or have read and taken notes on. But I've yet to find a good way to properly organize it.

I am willing to do anything to organize all this. It is driving me crazy. How do you guys maintain your libraries of books, notes, journals?? Do you digitize it all? Keep a physical plastic box with folders? Anons, please help me - I have information neurosis

If you do digitize it, where do you store it? I tried dropbox, but I ran out of memory before long. Any places with more memory? I would ideally be able to access this across multiple devices (computers)

Any software or books on dealing with this also? Should I use e-macs or something? I've never used that before and would appreciate any tutorial links on how to
Reading books is for brainlets
What do big brain people do then
Figure it out for themselves

File: 1538297009823.png (34 KB, 853x704)
34 KB
Post the best opensource projects/software you use or know.

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switch to bitwarden closed source fag
a few things which aren't big complex things, but invaluable nonetheless
- tmux (terminal multiplexer)
- mosh (enhancements for ssh'ing on a roaming machine with high latency)
- fish (really comfy interactive shell)
- darkhttpd (much better temporary http file server than the one in python)
- ed (the standard text editor)
- fsearch (like Everything)
- gamemode (temporarily adjusts things for running a game)
- netcat (nearly always available for getting something from one place to another with zero setup)
- htop (tui task manager, the only one i use)
- parallel (make any shell loop parallel, can also distribute jobs to multiple remote machines using ssh)
- unclutter (hide the cursor when idle)
I'll fuck you a new pipe, anon
tranny vim

File: win 7.jpg (317 KB, 1200x1200)
317 KB
317 KB JPG
i really like windows 7 but have windows 10. there are so many features i miss from windows 7. should i get windows 7 in 2019 what does /g/ think?
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Botnet, you never feel alone and someone is always watching (out for) you
install gentoo
install 7
stfu boomer
Just be yourself.

I miss buttons
Why does everything need to be a touchscreen now?
Good buttons, knobs, and switches feel amazing
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>Why does everything need to be a touchscreen now?
I mean, video switchers like you've got there don't come with touchscreens even in the current year. It's a pretty tried and true design
Most things that matter still have knobs.
slobbering knobs
I hate how every normal thing though is touchscreen nonsense
A video switcher aint exactly a normal person thing
Only things with buttons I have and use frequently are my keyboard and an audio interface cause FUCK digital audio controls
imo touchscreens arn't that bad if they're appropriately used and even then they usually allow for secondary input options. And touchscreen phones are just a proven paradigm, it works because its a very space efficient implementation on a very small device

Then you have the whole touchscreen on a military naval vessel types of things where someone really needs to rethink their life

File: Infographic_1.png (122 KB, 750x497)
122 KB
122 KB PNG
I noticed some VPN companies based in non-5/14/NNN eyes countries have servers in the US although they claim not to keep logs. I know it's mainly for people who want to access US only content on netflix and Hulu but how would log disclosures work for traffic on a US server? I assume the glowies can spy on the server themselves?, Would whoever the VPN company rents from be obligated to keep logs and turn them over to the glows, or how does this work? Let's say somehow the VPN company also owns the server in the US. Would they then be obligated to keep and turn over logs just for that 1 server?
How in the ever loving fuck did they manage to fuck up the Netherlands so badly?
stel kanker homo's

File: 20190824_164907.jpg (3.65 MB, 4608x3456)
3.65 MB
3.65 MB JPG
My brother raged and threw his phone and broke the $1200 55" Philips OLED TV. What do anons?
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Maybe you can't, but 90% of 4chins can.
My ass is not quite that expansive, yet.
That's okay. The edge of the TV has a nice even angle. You can use it to practice.
Shove it up your brother's ass then.
Ha you must be negroes. just steal a new one bro

File: Sieppaa.png (40 KB, 282x1050)
40 KB
what is their master plan?
encrypting stuff
>use our free CA to sign your certificates, no catch!
>no need to deploy your own PKI!
thats the endgame.

File: CgGgPwO.jpg (83 KB, 1280x720)
83 KB
What does /g/ think of Qubes?
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How am I suppose to trust an linux-based (((secure))) os that
>does not contribute upstream
Weird for a security-oriented linux distro, the asses at grsec try to do things with upstream kernels even if linus constantly shit on them because they know some things need atleast exist unmerged codes somewhere to be merged if needed at some point.
>use strawman to justify its existence
See their opinion on monolitic kernels.
muh muh it's big so not secure, this is not how things work and it's a big redflag to see these crazy claims.
Their marketing is so bad it's awkward, they have big claims but nothing to back them up.
>only pr move is a snowden tweet from some time ago
If it were that good you would have defcon/blackhat talks about it but there is none
>use xen instead of mainline kvm
They say it's because xen is lighter which is true but it just adverts your eyes from the real problem, virtualizing everything, this is a dumb idea in 2019 when we have OSes made up of layers for atleast 4 decades now.
You virtualize things to SEPARATE them, the whole virtualization world is build around this idea, they want to use this on a desktop between programs, this is insane and definitely not the right technology for this.
Small girls are literally the best
File: sotiresome.png (446 KB, 2116x2160)
446 KB
446 KB PNG
>believing /g/
I don't really like this picture of Satakins. It makes her look fat (which she is not), and the sloppy looking sweater doesn't show of her small, underdeveloped breasts very well :3
it was a cool idea but the solutions have been solved in better ways and you can use xen without it

File: frog_01.jpg (40 KB, 640x628)
40 KB
>An app caused a problem with the default app setting for .flac files, so it was reset to Windows Media Player
>he doesnt use ffplay for everything
Enjoy your bloat

File: 1566277245817.jpg (31 KB, 600x450)
31 KB
is Telegram really that secure?
I see they ask for your phone number which for me is a big red flag
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but I don't go outside my home
File: brainlet.png (131 KB, 936x900)
131 KB
131 KB PNG
Just buy one and quit complaining, faggot. If you're this antisocial, you don't even need Telegram.
neck yourself niggger
There's a mobile application for it as well, you know. Saves the hassle of going outside.
I don't have a smartphone

File: download20190806001306.png (140 KB, 600x600)
140 KB
140 KB PNG
Been getting into game hacking on windows lately. What are some cool game hacking communities and/or resources to help me learn and become more advanced?
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sheet you beat me to it
there are also some good defcon talks
can you hack io games? That would be cool
sm64 is so busted, you can't help but trip over new exploits.
Read the book!
Goes for $12 used or $30 new on Amazon.
not op, but i appreciate these forum links.

File: 1546858251384.jpg (79 KB, 768x960)
79 KB
best guides on learning OpenGL with very little programming expierence? it would be nice if they covered setting everything up on linux
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plz tell me those legs are photoshopped fuck
are we just gonna let him get away with this?
use epoxy instead of GLAD
Why did Sam skip leg day?
Those aren't his legs, those are his blades

>yes, i've read SICP. How did you know?
sicp make pp hard
great thread
File: 1565728886171.png (319 KB, 1063x1063)
319 KB
319 KB PNG
Yes, I'm unironically too dumb for SICP

File: bingbrain.png (41 KB, 1280x1483)
41 KB
I don't use grub to dual boot. I just go into BIOS and choose the boot drive. Am I a based retard or pic related?
None, you are a fag.
If you were swapping between lots of removable bootable drives, that's how you would probably do it anyway
depends on what you think about women and niggers
If you use a bootloader instead of loading the kernel directly you're below nigger IQ
> I don't have UEFI
what even century fucking is it?

File: 1565394017999.png (535 KB, 602x599)
535 KB
535 KB PNG
I was compiling gcc. All CPU cores were at 100% usage, and memory was also at a 100%. I noticed that the laptop's palmrest was burning my hand. Then it made a loud "POP!" sound, and died.

It turned itself off, and after a while I have not been able to turn it on again.

WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED? Did my toaster explode?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
I almost shit myself.
Pics or didn't happen
Pic is right there
How old is your laptop?
cpu bye bye

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