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File: IMG_20200805_215735.jpg (67 KB, 405x1308)
67 KB
which one do you use /g/? why?
I like allman, why isn't it more used?

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None of the above.

while (x == y) {   
somethingelse(); }
File: file.png (2 KB, 176x84)
2 KB
What is putting spaces around stuff within brackets called? I think it looks pretty good.
while (x == y) {
while (x == y){

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Hammer the screw head flat (i.e. bash all the ripped-up parts back down). Then, take a driver bit that fits well, and hammer that in there with as much force as reasonably possible. Then turn the screwdriver and pray to the queen that the screw turns with it.
cept the cunny next door
oy vey
There's special tools for that.

That face reminds me of Kyle MacLachlan.

File: vx2458-c-mh_lf01_h_1.jpg (52 KB, 800x700)
52 KB
what am i in for? expecting the monitor to be here by monday
its 1080p and cheapest 144hz monitor i could get
upgrading from a shitty acer 1080p 60hz
did i waste my money
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funny how it's the actual opposite, 60fps might be fine only on consoles (due to limited axis movement/speed) or single player, not much noticeable on desktops unless you drag windows all day long
>Because most va are response times is slower than 6.9ms and will smear the image.
I've got AOC CU34G2X with VA panel and it looks fine. I can see ghosting if I launch a test but I don't notice it in normal use (including fast-paced games). In exchange I pretty uniform backlight and nice blacks (supposedly not as nice as some VA panels though).
>tfw condemned to 60 hz 4ever because poorfag
Most of the time I lower the resolution to get 75 hz and the difference is noticeable, specially in games when sniping and stuff. More fluid and natural, easier to peek and react. Can't even imagine how good it is beyond 120 hz.
I have 21.5 1080p monitor. Thinking of not going only to 144hz, but also to 1440p, yet monitor would be way bigger than mine (see only 25-27") which could be too big for me. Is it worth using 23" monitor on 1440p, or 1080p would be fine?
I switched from 23" 1080p to 27" 1440p and I also kept the old one as a secondary monitor. I think the image looks fine on 1080p on my smaller monitor, meaning that the bump up in resolution is only needed when the monitor size grows and the pixels otherwise get bigger.

If you can fit it, the 27" is pretty awesome though. I wouldn't want to switch back. It covers more of your vision and it's also not suddenly too small if you lean back in your chair.

File: Serenityos-ladybug.png (45 KB, 316x316)
45 KB
Name a flaw.
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File: serenitypixel.png (3 KB, 148x196)
3 KB
if andreas is lurking here's a pixel mascot made with love
knowledge is spelled incorrectly
>implying technical users love to jump through hoops
If anything, becoming a professional made me really wary of jumping through yet another hoop.

I wish there was a kind of dumb phone that just worked and did all the things that I need.
Among them, is not having an asscancer UI, so iPhones are out.
Its great
but the kernel is in cpp
Hey that’s pretty cute :^)

File: 7cb.png (415 KB, 960x960)
415 KB
415 KB PNG
Recommend me discord alternatives now!
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File: covid_hero.webm (2.76 MB, 480x854)
2.76 MB
2.76 MB WEBM
DISCORD is the BEST possible COMMUNICATION APP that can EVER be.

DISCORD utterly ANNIHILATES THE FUCK OUT OF IRC. It is ACTIVE and not DEAD like IRC. IT supports MULTIPLE CHANNELS (that riot does not have)
>b-but riot (is now known as Element) supports multiple channels just create multiple servers and group them together !!
shut the fuck up.

Gonna cry ? gonna piss your pants ? maybe shit and cum ? Maybe you'll go back to your irc to just stay inactive like the rest of boomers on there ?

Gonna shill another communication app that's not even popular with 3 people on it ?

>b-but discord TOS !!!
so what just don't be a nigger.

>b-but Discord mods !!!

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File: sicp.png (929 KB, 873x1079)
929 KB
929 KB PNG
What the fuck is a captured variable? What even is this book? I think I may be a brainlet. Why can't I understand.
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>In the definition of good-enough? above, guess and x are bound variables but <, -, abs, and square are free. The meaning of good-enough? should be independent of the names we choose for guess and x so long as they are distinct and different from <, -, abs, and square. (If we renamed guess to abs we would have introduced a bug by capturing the variable abs. It would have changed from free to bound.) The meaning of good-enough? is not independent of the names of its free variables, however. It surely depends upon the fact (external to this definition) that the symbol abs names a procedure for computing the absolute value of a number. Good-enough? will compute a different function if we substitute cos for abs in its definition.

I just don't get it
It's an """"academic"""" book, it's mostly goobldigook nonsense
you're gookidook nonsense you dummy
>Why would it matter what name the formal parameter has ever?

That's exactly what it's saying.

A captured variable is one that *isn't* an explicit parameter, and its name *matters*, because it will reference things outside of the procedure with that name.

File: IMG_20200806_062105281_40.jpg (647 KB, 2138x1202)
647 KB
647 KB JPG
when I turn on my monitor it displays a message saying power saving mode then turns off a few seconds later
my computer works fine though
so far I have taken out the rams and put them back in as well as taken out the little coin thing from inside the computer
is the video cord plugged into the proper port? sounds like you have a gpu and the monitor is plugged into the motherboard, try plugging directly into gpu
stop smoking
File: 1574466741927.jpg (108 KB, 624x434)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
fuck yeah you was right I had it plugged into the wrong hole
you're a good feller here is my rarest of Pepe's

File: gary.jpg (211 KB, 1600x1067)
211 KB
211 KB JPG
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OP on the right
File: you know what it is.jpg (766 KB, 2016x1512)
766 KB
766 KB JPG
Hitachi Magic Wand Personal Massager, sitting on a deck.
>that cord coiling
>Plasma LCD

Daily reminder that coffee and en*rgy "drinks" are for pajeets, real programers drink tea
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Where are the crumpets?
Stains are better than the erosion of your teeth when going for energy drinks and other sugary drinks.

The thing that makes you alert is caffeine anyway. That's what you really want. Especially if you're trying to lose weight, since low glucose will make you feel lethargic.
coldbrew gyokuro for that comfy theanine
Men do water and lines of coke/amph as needed.
>water makes you more thirsty
How the hell did the cows survive to produce that milk it should be shooting powder

File: opengraph-home.png (115 KB, 1012x506)
115 KB
115 KB PNG
opinions on visual studio
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oink oink paypig
never mind I just had to pass the /zi flag to cl
>Uses Visual Studio code
>Doesn't use monokai theme

Should we tell him?
color schemes are completely subjective retard.
t. anon that likes monokai
Notepad and a command line. Unironically.
At least you can run make from the command line.

I think I am a fucking retard for choosing to learn C#, every fucking thing is so bloated about this language starting from the syntax and IDE and ending with all of it frameworks
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>There are only two kinds of languages: the ones people complain about and the ones nobody uses.
>everybody who understands what I struggle with is retarded
C# is on the up, OP, you made a good choice actually.
post bloomer on grass that is C# programmer
>chooses a perfectly fine language
>admits he fell for /g/ memes
>goes on spewing /g/ memes
Never gonna make it

File: 1582224243936.png (1.12 MB, 1000x667)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB PNG
Let me guess, you "need" more.
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you are a retard. try touch mini smartphone
>has huge bezels
>simulates a notch
display and size is fine
its the absolute chinkshit spyware and garbage hardware inside that only retards would use in the first world
>>has huge bezels
And that's a good thing.
>can use it one-handed without the palm of the hand touching the border of the screen
>the screen doesn't touch the ground when/if it falls
naw, im good

File: chrome fags btfo.png (210 KB, 2000x2000)
210 KB
210 KB PNG
If it's so good as you say, why does privacy tools recommend Firefox over this?
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>It's a great way to filter lintards that can't even run it on their machine.

There's chrome on linux, you can install it, but people usually chose chromium over it.
Lol try to install Google Chrome on Arch or its derivatives. You literally can't.
Brainlet doesn't know how to go to settings
>You literally can't.
Yes, you can, there's nothing preventing you from doing it.
File: 4823213721302184.png (361 KB, 414x367)
361 KB
361 KB PNG
>Using an open source browser
>Not full of intentionally placed exploits

File: dancingpepe.gif (840 KB, 264x384)
840 KB
840 KB GIF
What are some useful python programs I could make to automate and optimize my workflow?
i find deepnude to be quite helpful
>automate and optimize my workflow
>my workflow
which is?
pip install
I found this book (which is free) a great resource to both give you ideas and teach you how to execute them in Python

File: fulldrive003.jpg (128 KB, 400x635)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
i don't understand moonrunes

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