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File: EIxnAT5XUAEDMdo.jpg (77 KB, 932x590)
77 KB
Is there a way to order a Sapphire GPU with a cute design like this? I want a cute GPU, but I don't want to buy no-name chink shit brands.
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Asus msi gigabyte and zotac are all based in China..
ROC is not PRC, retard.
For me it's the panda gpu.
Your alternatives are Galax and Zotac.
No thanks, I'm waiting for Big Noa.

>1500 dollars for a thinly padded chair with hard plastic that digs into your back

I really hope you weren't dumb enough to fall for the "1000 dollar """""ergonomic""""" office chair" meme.
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Yah yoga actually does help but I just hate doing it. Theres no saunas here in flyover country. But I think setting and improper lifting has killed my back. It hurts most when I set too long...which is why I want a standing desk.
Standing is great as long as the desk is high enough. If you have the house space consider building a sauna. They're amazing. Especially in the winter when you have a harder time sweating.
thanks, i'll look into it
I use this and it is very comfy.
Steelcase Leap v2?

File: Imac_sunflower2.jpg (452 KB, 2000x2000)
452 KB
452 KB JPG
I recently picked up a fully functioning iMac G4 at a second hand store. What can I do with it /g/?
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same thing you do with every old computer:
turn it into a server
File: PowerBook-G4-12.jpg (45 KB, 700x640)
45 KB
Always loved the look of the 12'' G4 Powerbook. Theres just something about it, but I can't imagine the performance being relevant in 2020. Even if the screen & backlight hasn't degraded in quality its still a 1024x768 resolution.
Take a bath with it.
Wow, an actual intelligent response on /g/, shame that, the asthetic of that machine is gorgeous, be really nice to have it with a bit of horsepower

File: centos.jpg (13 KB, 419x278)
13 KB
Why are you still using Fedora? You don't want to be a fucking corporate guinea pig, right?
I used this yesterday and wanted to kill myself. This is shit for a desktop unless you build your software like in slackware. I tried to install openshot but dependencies weren't fulfilled not even with additional repos like rpmfusion. Battery life was shit, and acpi-call was not in the repos and I had to build it myself, which I will need to do every time kernel updates. Sure if I had set this up then I would be done for years to come. But I installed Ubuntu and immediately noticed an improvement in speed coming from Fedora and installing stuff from the repos is painless, without additional repos.
I could use Arch for the latest desktop packages, but who the fuck cares.

I got a FBI virus when downloading some stuff as a kid.
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i don't remember getting virus myself, but sister downloaded bonzi buddy
When i was a teenager who thought that pirating windows and installing cracked games was smart.
when I stopped using windows 15 years ago
Went to motherless and got a virus. Fuck whoever injected a virus to their site and fuck that site.
wrong. Having a port open is only dangerous if you have services or programs that respond / listen to those ports

Sup /g/
Can someone help me identify this thing?
I only got this picture, and the name appears to be covered up with tape.

All I know is that it can "do everything" and it cost around $1200.
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>Do they wanna die?
They no, but what about somebody else?

Never mind mods please delete this thread before FBI raids 4chang servers.
i think its one of those cables that gets credit card info from gas pumps
that's clearly DB-9 anon. holy shit.
File: 1601097483281.jpg (134 KB, 655x681)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
man throw that stuff out immediately, ask mods to delete this thread, and go get checked for radiation poisoning. my god what have you done?

File: IMG_20200925_135253.jpg (1.55 MB, 4032x2112)
1.55 MB
1.55 MB JPG
Old one is at bump limit.

Just got fired this morning lads, pressing F would be appreciated.
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what the fuck is a kaw
This is autism at its finest. Would you sperg out like this if it was a hue lamp? How about an edison lamp?
nice, my low quality edit got reposted
based hoppes poster
If you need a 2.5" SSD, I'd recommend a Crucial MX500 or WD Blue. Pretty much anything from a decent brand that has a DRAM cache is fine, but check reviews.

This is a tech board so I thought you guys might know TVs. I bought a Vizio M Series 2019 658 G1 back in March for $500. It's usually close to $750. Is this a good TV for Xbox series X?
Yes it's a Vizio. My dad said he would disown me if I didn't bought an American TV.
Yes but it doesn't have variable refresh rate
Other than that, bretty gud
Make sure you also follow the calibration guide for the best picture
Thank you. I don't know what vrr is honestly. I'll look it up. I feel the TV is bright enough but everyone says it's too dim at 600 nits max. Is that horrible? I notice when I watch the Netflix wait her with Dolby Vision is quite dim. I guess I should keep my living room dark. I kinda wish I got a TCL 6 series.

File: 1599940714979.jpg (57 KB, 420x414)
57 KB
Ive been into tech my whole life so naturally, i thought im gonna work in tech.
But ive been thinking, arent all tech jobs shit?
>basically spend 90% of the time doing repetetive shit like troubleshooting the same problems
>relatively well paid but you need to learn a lot if you want to get good salary, true for many other jobs
>most of the people that are into computers are autistic spergs with no friends and unhealthy, it doesnt mean you have to be as well but you probably will
>every year it seems like the market is getting even more oversaturated no matter where you live and what you specialize in
>you are being constantly cucked by big corpos shitty software or services your employer forces you to use
>it's probably gonna get worse
Did i fell for the tech meme? Wouldnt it be wiser to get into math, biology, chemistry or physics?
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Until you see that your average bio degree gets $15-20/hr and their career caps out without a masters or phd.

Man all that shit doesn't matter. Do you like working with tech? Do you like solving problems? Do you like figuring out how systems work? Then tech is for you. I personally love working in tech because I love to be challenged, let me know when you can build 5 POS systems from scratch, or when you can write 100k LOC that works well.
File: 1599044571574.jpg (84 KB, 1024x574)
84 KB
Not sure if this is a demoralization slide thread or not, but yea OP I agree. I realized I didn't want to stay in the industry any longer when Windows 10 and SAS became standard. While admittedly Win10 and SAS have some good aspects I just didn't want to be bothered anymore. Also, like you said your co-workers are mostly losers. I only knew a few cool guys in IT I'd regard as friends. The lion's share are single guys obsessed with cape-shit.

I could go on all day, but I'm trying to be positive here. You should work a year each in a handful of different companies because having good co-workers and management makes all the difference in the world. If you're not happy after a year of employment at company X, then start scheduling interviews at company Y.

Good luck, and try to develop some anti-burnout mechanisms so you stay enthusiastic about your career choice.
Get paid good money to do stupid easy shit. Seems good to me. Go to India and make bricks 20 hours a day and you'll see what a shitty job is.
op you're a super faggot today. obviously no real life experience and have never worked a tough job in your life. you have no idea how fucking good you have it in tech.

File: dot_net.jpg (12 KB, 474x267)
12 KB
I'm IT, not a software developer, so I could very well be missing something big with this. But with .NET being cross-platform, what's to stop someone making an FOSS LDAP (front end I guess) that's built on .NET. That way you could just export all of your objects from M$ AD and import them onto a Linux box running this FOSS AD and be able to basically keep all of your stuff as well as be able to take your powershell scripts with it.

With M$ shilling Azure hard and trying to force people in that direction (Like getting rid of the M$ server cert) I don't get why no one's done it or is working on it right now. I'd think some like Red Hat would've seen this opportunity and exploited it for their own gain since they can offer all the "professional support" BS management wets their panties about and we could finally move away from M$ more or less having a monopoly on LDAP.

File: 1200px-UBlock_Origin.svg.png (60 KB, 1200x1200)
60 KB
What the fuck is gorhill's problem? Why did he kill off uMatrix? It's a thousand times better than NoScript. And uBlock Origin can't do the same level of finetuning.
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Raymond here. Fuck off autist!
>he thinks ublock advance mode is enough
nah i need the umatrix ui
Just use element zapper. Works for me
I'll ask him the next time I log into plebbit
Since eventually umatrix will be broken due to some Firefox updates, what's the best way of handling cookies? I have cookies set to autodelete when I close the tab, but uMatrix could also block cookies from leaving the browser. Can the same be achieved in uBlock somehow? Everything else (scripts, frames, ...) I have figured out.

File: 450wuts.jpg (233 KB, 944x1210)
233 KB
233 KB JPG
What's wrong with this picture?
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LMAO! Fucking house fire! Nvidia should bundle fire insurance with these cards instead of games.

We are laughing now as well.

1080Ti-megachads are laughing hard as hell. 2080Ti-chads who didn't panic are laughing too.

First-generation customer Ampere is a rushed beta-test for GDDR6X. The Quadro/Telsa versions use GDDR6 and consume a bit less power and are still keep up with their customer-tier brethren. In other words, Ampere never needed the GDDR6X in the first-place. There's a good chance that 3060 will be pretty good for its tier since it most likely be paired with GDDR6.
Stay poor
File: 1554070713629.jpg (39 KB, 327x317)
39 KB
Temps are fine though so the big ass cooler has worked
whats the power usage of the RTX Titan.

at this point buying a Titan might be economically more reasonable

File: 1537409392205.png (760 KB, 760x839)
760 KB
760 KB PNG
Why does every OS fucking suck?

Windows 10
>lots of bullshit to remove post-install, even with LTSC
>"forced" updates (you can jump thru hoops to disable them, but i shouldn't *have* to jump through hoops to do that)
>UI looks kinda ugly and inconsistent
>the "I'm having an identity crisis and don't know if I want to be Win8 or Win7" start menu sucks
>Cygwin or WSL are basically prerequisites to getting real work done unless you're fully 100% immersed in the MS ecosystem and do nothing else
>never going away
>flagship IDE is VS, which is okay, but it's pretty overengineered and performing basic tasks like migrating settings between versions can be more of a hassle than it has to be
>generally just works if you can put up with the micro$oftisms
>never going away

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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This. I still use vim for simple text editing but it cannot hold a candle to IntelliJ when it comes to i.e. safe refactoring.
>>most retarded keyboard shortcuts known to man, honestly the biggest deal breaker for me because otherwise it'd be great
should go to pros, try pressing ctrl+shift+t and alt+shift+t, macos way is more natural and doesnt strain hand
All your Windows 10 problems would go away were you to use their last sane operating system, 7. It's a bit too patch heavy though, all these fixes until now and in the future take a toll and some stuff like ryzen is crippled too. A shame 10 had to be so shit.
wait for upgraded win xp
big ol cringearoni senpai

Hey I’m trying to repair my laptop that runs but the screen doesn’t work. I visited /b/ and I worry that people will get the wrong idea about my cache. Should I send it to Geeksquad?
Find a hole in the wall repair shop. That guy knows what he's doing. He's on /b/ already. Geeksquad are failed coders.
Hook it up to an external monitor you stupid fucking bastard.

File: avalonia.png (2.16 MB, 2200x1300)
2.16 MB
2.16 MB PNG
Have any of you used Avalonia?
Is it actually good for creating cross-platform GUIs?
I enjoyed WPF but switched to Qt and C++ because WPF is Windows-only
4 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Too much work. I don't want to spend time coding standard controls like ComboBoxes and TreeViews
gtl3? you mean gtk3?
that looks cool tho, what theme?
Gtk is trash on windows at the moment. The only thing that could help is gtk4 with the vulkan render
>Have any of you used Avalonia?
>Is it actually good for creating cross-platform GUIs?
Fuck no, it's absolute shit. But it's the only option for C#.
fuck all this clunky shit
it just works everywhere and is light as fuck

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