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File: 1674073090375557.png (383 KB, 474x474)
383 KB
383 KB PNG
what is the purpose of bluetooth?
to make consoomers seethe about audio jacks

File: 1685801719701169.png (67 KB, 219x230)
67 KB
ddr4 is enough
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File: 1693217178406603.jpg (729 KB, 1664x2432)
729 KB
729 KB JPG
*coughs* my beefy workstation with dual 16core xeons and 256gb of ram still uses DDR3 *coughs*

and it's better than 85% of all current 'gaming' builds
I can't remember if I'm using DDR3 or DDR4. Is there really no built-in Linux command to check? Everything I see suggests dmidecode or lshw, but surely I already have a utility that will show me this information?
>bought into DDR3 a year before DDR4 came out
>bought into DDR4 a year before DDR5 came out
when's DDR6? I guess I know my upgrade cycle now
Not if you want AM5.
It should tell you in the BIOS.

File: chrome-lock-icon.png (217 KB, 1280x720)
217 KB
217 KB PNG
It's time for Chrome/ium to have its security taken seriously. We've had five zero days now this year that affect multiple browsers due to library exploits. Chrome needs to be audited by cyber security experts and have it rewritten formally verified code. Plus insecure APIs need to have their backward compatibility broken and force webdevs to write secure code. It's undeniable that Chrome is the Internet's de-facto API now, and everything that goes into Chrome gets imitated by Webkit and Gecko. It's going to be painful, but we need to deal with the reality that Glowies from multiple governments are targeting Chrome and its 3 billion users. Unupdated browsers should be kill-switched off the internet or at least put into quarantine where they can only access whitelisted sites, including all Windows 7 users.

We also need to build in a real-time update protocol too, where you're always updated the moment you connect to the internet. That's what Microsoft does to keep the Xbox secure. I hope Mozilla and Apple follow suit, plus your precious Lion browser too.
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Our time has come, Rustsisters.
even though we had 5 (five) 0 days this year Chrome is STILL (by a large margin) the most secure browser out there
>Glowies from multiple governments are targeting Chrome and its 3 billion users
I mean, I don't really care if the NSA found a backdoor for example. I think they knew about the exploit used for WannaCry for 5 years before WannaCry happened. I suppose they kept that knowledge to themselves so that they could exploit important targets if needed. Did the NSA use this exploit to try and steal loads of money from tons of people? No. Instead, North Korea did, with the WannaCry attack.

So yeah, I'm not really bothered about "glowies", if that means western intelligence agencies. They're not going to care about me because I'm not a criminal or terrorist or whatever. What I'm bothered about is cybercriminals. Which could be within the West, or could also be state-sponsored, as we've seen from North Korea (but they could come from other countries that don't like the West too).
LMAO, jeets will find ways to crap in the crab.
>Chrome needs to be audited by cyber security experts and have it rewritten formally verified code
just force Firefox to reintegrate Servo and stop overpaying their execs to shit up the Mozilla brand instead.

File: 511px-Corundum-215330.jpg (35 KB, 511x480)
35 KB
Is ruby on the verge of extinction? The only use case is webshitting but even then, there are objectively better alternatives
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python retards still to catch up its easily the better lang
>Is ruby on the verge of extinction?
ruby has been dead for like a decade lmao
Elixir with Phoenix.
The only use I have for rubies is as low friction gear for my automatic watches, otherwise don't know why the hell would I use ruby.
Deprecated by elixir

File: 1671960635673690.jpg (77 KB, 1080x608)
77 KB
Will you be getting the Meta Quest 3 on 10 October?


▶Resolution per eye: 2064×2208 (Dual LCD compared to single LCD 1832x1920 of Quest 2)
▶Refresh rate: 90hz 120hz experimental (same with Quest 2)
▶FOV: 110x96° (compared to 90x96° of Quest 2)
▶Pancake lenses (compared to fresnel lenses of Quest 2)

Notable features:

▶Mixed reality with high resolution full color passthrough, 12-megapixel camera
▶Wireless usage 1.5-3 hour battery life. Built in CPU makes use without PCVR available. Snapdragon
XR2 Gen 2 (4nm) CPU & 8GB RAM

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>It's weak as shit
Yeah even this new XR2 Gen2 with "50% more power than the Quest 2" is apparently just equivalent to a 1060 aka the minimum required for PCVR.
>Only a theoretical one, you don't want VR glasses that only cover 50% of your FOV
That's literally one of the most liked features of the quest pro
Is that true? That's fucking powerful, a 1060 is kind of a beast card even today
I saw someone say the Adreno 740 in the XR2 Gen2 is pretty close in power to the 1060.
>aparently just equivalent to a 1060
holy fuck how is the fact that you can wear a 1060 on your face not insane to you?

File: Youtube.png (1.3 MB, 6588x2927)
1.3 MB
1.3 MB PNG
anyway to fix this?
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search the term in some other language than english, they seem to have a variety of pozzing filters that apply to only english searches

Thank me later.
Change your filters from relevance to date or >>96296868
it's kinda works but only in English
still shit even in my native language
>does nothing
what about an old video?

File: 1579042059200.jpg (237 KB, 1280x963)
237 KB
237 KB JPG
"With software there are only two possibilities: either the users control the program or the program controls the users."
--Richard Stallman

>Recommended privacy tools

>Operating systems
GNU/Linux or *BSD

>Browser tests

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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you should find the work of Christopher Jon Bjerknes very interesting:

I was looking up ways to defend against people brute-forcing SSH on a server and I found this:
>I've also written a script to ban all IPs from sketchy countries like China and Russia.

Absolutely based. You DO ban all IPs from "sketchy countries like China and Russia", don't you /psg/?
No, I only allow connections from, and I'll have a hidden service listening on port 80, with public key authentication instead of passwords, and using fail2ban.

Can't touch me :)
>Imagine blocking all IPs from one of the largest country by torrent usage
wow, thank you anon! great material for Friday night, it's 21:18 here and I'm tired with the scripting shit
/xg/ is really cool as a hobby, as a hobby, only that

File: B6U20jBCcAAXHIo.jpg (69 KB, 699x523)
69 KB
The color contrast or gamma looks horrible at every angle except for a small window between 89.5deg and 90.5deg perpendicular to my eyes where it looks bareble.
Fuck I need help. My eyes hurt just from looking at the screen for 15 minutes are there any apps that could help I have tried looking up something but no luck there.
In KDE Plasma, open Display configuration, have fun.
Intel graphics center or whatever it's called

File: kek.png (1.55 MB, 2527x2527)
1.55 MB
1.55 MB PNG
>He doesn't use a monorepo for his projects
Amateur hour
Stockholm Syndrome

xfce is stable
xfce is fast
xfce is intuitive
xfce is simple
xfce just fucking works
but more than windows xp, xfce is highly (and easily) customizable and the default theme doesn't look like a toy
really, i never saw a desktop that got everything so fucking right, it's a breath of fresh air compared to other desktops, that embraced the "flat" appearance shit down to its core, i really feel like i'm using a desktop pc rather than a oversized smartphone

and then you guys say "muh, kde is better" or, even worse, "muh, gnome is better".
KDE crashes for every shit you do, and closes every fucking program when it crashes in wayland, like, i literally used for 2 fucking hours in Debian 12 and it crashed so fucking hard that i cannot even boot plasma anymore, in wayland and x11.
GNOME is more stable, but they embraced what Windows 8.1 did with the start menu and now not only it feels like a smartphone, you are locked down like a smartphone, you cannot bring your "workflow" to GNOME, you have to EMBRACE the workflow GNOME set, and not only that, it uses 2GB of RAM FOR A FUCKING DESKTOP. What the fuck is that? A browser disguised as a desktop environment? I have 24GB of RAM but these 24GB is FOR THE PROGRAMS THAT I USE, to spawn a crap-ton of compilers and le gaymes, NOT FOR THE DESKTOP, you piece of crap.

xfce is really the desktop of all time, it just fucking works
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Hello sir, good morning
File: ratinha-dancadeira.gif (2.97 MB, 220x217)
2.97 MB
2.97 MB GIF
welcome to the rat, white man
I really like xfce but Ive never been able to get rid of the screen tearing. If any anons have a solution I will consider switching from KDE.
Did you disabled the compositor?
There's two things that you can do:
>set TearFree option on X11 options
>set full composition pipeline in nvidia-settings, if you are using nvidia
This solves the problem.

You can also try to use picom.

Stop right there!
Post what's on your clipboard or I'll shoot
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2012 Honda Pilot
"We don't want Jews, homosexuals, abortion, taxes and the European Union."

What's your alignment? Visit bsidesjax.org to find out.

File: ggy1snqquru21.png (2.13 MB, 1600x900)
2.13 MB
2.13 MB PNG
After six fucking years of distrohopping and hundreds of hours of testing, I can conclusively conclude that Arch+KDE is the only good desktop Linux experience one can ever find. I suppose there's a good reason Valve chose this combination after all.
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not a great wallpaper. ugly composition.
File: 1694805614390484s.jpg (6 KB, 250x250)
6 KB
>fell for the meme de
Use XFCE, fag!
>fell for the de meme
OpenBox is all you need

File: micropeen.jpg (75 KB, 558x386)
75 KB
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Microsoft is a 2.3 trillion company and would not be there if they werent ready for this. This is a complete non issues and fixed weeks ago, as you can see in your links, MS has gotten rid of all intruders
File: IMG_1920.jpg (15 KB, 600x375)
15 KB
>MS got to where they are by being competent instead of blatant lawfaring and corruption
All according to ze plan
>like the russian 2 week operation is more like 2 years +
It's gotten so bad that putin had to use the good ol' soviet tactic of throwing bodies at the problem until you win by sheer amount of people sent to battle.
File: yikes!.png (15 KB, 694x82)
15 KB

It used to be buggy as fuck on windows and android before. Anyone have any experience with this shit now? Is it worth trying out, do most apps/programs work fine and switch properly back and forth with it?
>using dark mode
Fuck no, i know how to propely light my living spaces

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