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File: smug.png (54 KB, 230x202)
54 KB
Free software zealots who refuse to use non-free software and go out of their way to purge non-free firmware from their computers are literally the vegans of computing.

Prove me wrong.
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Nothing wrong with veganism, nothing wrong with free software
enjoy your dystopia of proprietary spyware: https://invidio.us/watch?v=f5UEuWMlqRI
You don't have to eat meat if you don't like it.
sorry luke, I know it feels good to prove it to the losers, but being so happy for their misfortune is bad

File: 1539378678062.jpg (765 KB, 2048x1536)
765 KB
765 KB JPG
What are some good quality computers for work? inb4 Apple, no Apple is not good quality
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what? I thought you were the mactoddler?
did you forget your lines dude? did you even read
If you want a laptop, buy a Thinkpad.

If you want a desktop, build one.

Are you lost?

But I run macOS on my Desktop. Fite me, fagot.
I think you are dude

File: 1571557195699.png (177 KB, 580x563)
177 KB
177 KB PNG
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How long before they implement ERC20 TikTokens that you get when people like your video. Then these tokens help you promote yourself to the For You page with their algos.
The best part is the tokens would be decentralized and tradeable online for a small value, and one thing people like more than validation is money.
>Can I use tiktok without logging in? I tried using IGTV for cute and funny but it wanted log in and phone number all kinds of shit.
An article someone here posted said that all users get shadow profiles made, which track their viewing habits and generate a stream of videos the person would probably like based on machine learning. This most definitely also means they store device id-s, location info and any other tracking info they get their hands on. Users can eventually register with an emaila and phone number (doesn't the app already know it though?).

So, you're out of lick - it's already as if you have a profile.
Well I can use an emulator to use it.
You can block all permissions on android, im pretty sure
So it would only get the basic info

What DAW do you incorporate into your workflow and why?

What are your thoughts on all the individual DAWs you've tried?

Acid Pro?
Logic Pro?
Studio One?
FL Studio?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I love music
bitwig for being full featured, not shit, and linux native
ok so who has the Renoise crack???
I understand this, it is great software though. They took over Sony Vegas and have some other stuff they develop, they have some really talented engineers.
Fun fact: I've had a personal tour of MAGIX offices and dinner with the founder and owner in Dresden, absolute top gentleman. First version of the engine that runs MAGIX audio software was written on a PC that was illegally smuggled over the Berlin wall into East Germany way back when. Director still has it in his office, it still runs and can edit basic samples on floppy disk
It's good.

File: 1590675316612.png (541 KB, 936x1407)
541 KB
541 KB PNG
Is Clover ever going to update from the JavaScript issue or do I have to switch to Kuroba?
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Works fine on my Moto g power.
you all need to fuck off back

Phonelet/appletard cope
How do I not into captcha on Kuroba?

File: Stallman.png (136 KB, 264x338)
136 KB
136 KB PNG
Intel has their Intel Management engine
AMD has their Platform Security Processor
So where do you get a (((modern))) CPU that doesn't come preinstalled with a backdoor?
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RISC is the future
this, also power 10 comes out soon
is there a source for your claims brother?
You do nano surgery. GOOD LUCK.
AMD. Anything before ryzen doesn't have the PSP. FX CPUs support all the ISA extensions you need, AVX2 isn't a requirement for most software. I remember reading about redhat making AVX a requirement for fedora, which they haven't done yet, but doesn't matter since those instructions are supported by all AMD chips made after 2011. Really FX CPUs are the most practical way to an ME/PSP-free x86-64 computer, i don't know if many AM3+ boards are supported by coreboot though. The FM2+ APUs are pretty decent if you want a lower power machine too. The alternative is either PPC, which is older and slower, with dwindling software support, or POWER9, which is pretty fast but expensive. Blackbird and talos workstations have fully free firmware and modern features like PCIE4 though, so it's up to you whether that's worth it or not. I'd definitely buy one if i had the funds, but my FX shitbox is already enough for what i do.

is it ok for a simple application launcher to consume almost 300mb of memory idle?
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That’s an insane overhead for an application manager, what language did you write this in?
Electron was a fucking mistake

It's written in Csharp. I wonder wtf went wrong.
just for a reference, rofi takes only 3 mb RAM
no wonders windows 10 is so fucked holy shit hahaha
>what language did you write this in?
anon, I...

File: gentooman.jpg (362 KB, 1600x900)
362 KB
362 KB JPG
when will this be in stores
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most likely the guy (called node if first reply is correct) snagged a reproduction C64 case, painted it red, 3D printed a Raspberry Pi enclosure and added a screen (and the Pi).

r/cyberdeck (or r/cyberdecks, can't remember which) is a good place to look. it's all the place is about. I know Reddit is bad here but it's where I found out everything I know now.
That stock raspbian os really kills the cyberpunk look.
just to be clear, told a friend about him, and I think
he went to the wrong guy
>chiclet keyboard
>the numpad sticker
same guy made another version with a mechanical keyboard

File: robertp.png (1.07 MB, 1280x960)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB PNG
whats the best 4k smart tv for under 100 buckarinos?
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File: liftmongs1590565488123.jpg (187 KB, 618x656)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
gay thread
Stolen one
you have to buy me dinner first
why arent there tv general on g?
Not really. Studio is pist he hasnt been working out

File: MrSchaub.jpg (318 KB, 901x1200)
318 KB
318 KB JPG
Had my 1080p 144hz for almost a decade. Under $500 is it better to get 1440p 144hz or 4k 60hz in the current year?
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>needing more than 1080p
I'm 18 inches away from the screen; I don't wanna see any effin pixels. Played Red Dead on the tv, looked great, but I was 8 feet away from the screen.
Yes there are I should just go and see for myself before a drop my dollarinos since this is all about personal preference
I hear you and I'm not upgrading for those games but the responsiveness of high refresh rate is very noticeable once you switch back to normal. If 4k is that much better than 1440p than maybe it's the right choice. Higher resolution on everything vs. higher responsiveness on everything is a hard choice for me.
It looks objectively inferior to 1440p at normal range. I've upgraded everything else multiple times except my monitor and 1080p looks and shows its age once you see 1440p.
Depends on what you need it for, FPS gaming or gaming overall would be 1440p. Computer work - 4k.
File: 1590408091150.png (178 KB, 288x415)
178 KB
178 KB PNG
>"upgrading" to 60hz anything in 2020
oh noh noh noh. the bare minimum is 120hz 4k OLED or 144hz IPS 27" then if you are going that route and want big boi size. a large tv if you want maximum screenrealestate without scaling. the monitor if you want to use some scaling or have insane eyes and want everything miniscule or some scaling and have crazy high ppi.

240hz tn or wait for the 360hz one if you are an esports phag

1440p 144hz IPS if you want more screen real estate similar to the first point but dont wanna use scaling at 27" or have a TV on your desk

File: niggerland.jpg (50 KB, 650x400)
50 KB
This shit is fucking amazing lmao.

You can literally buy something, tell eBay that you received a brick, and they will refund your money, no questions asked, because fuck sellers.

I have seen people demand a refund while refusing to return the item, and eBay actually gave them the money without any issue.

The "sellers" on this website are actually slaves.
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You're allowed to scam once per year or 100 bought items. Have fun.
Was into ebay like 10-15 years ago. Now you are hard pressed to find a deal.

The used video games market was ruined by ebay speculators. "Oh this game is popular but sold 200 million copies!? Its worth $100 in shitty condition!" ???

Seriously, pick any newish mid to high tier phone and go try to buy a BROKEN one. One with a shattered screen or water logged. Ya know the "as-is" items.

Barely a few dollars less then buying a brand new one. I'm not just talking about the buy-it-now stuff either. Watch a few auctions they always sell for near new price. I do not fucking understand?

Someone explain this shit?
you're the reason every nintendo title is so expensive now, and it never even gets played it just sits on some youtube collectors shelf.
You give yayoi posters a bad name
>slightly faster shipping
ebay delivery times: 2 to 5 days
aliexpress delivery times: 6 weeks to never

File: 1832._BRULLOV_VSADNICA1.jpg (528 KB, 1280x1824)
528 KB
528 KB JPG
I'd like to route my voice through a number of plugins and interfaces and then feed it to Microsoft Teams and other Voice Communication software.

Are there existing solutions for that?

Hey guys, I'm starting to get into voice-acting, and it's honestly something that I've been wanting to do for a long, long time, so now that I have the money and the time, I wanted to really dive into it.

Problem is, I am very inept when it comes to audio technology. I'm doing my best to try and learn about the different kinds of mics, and how to hook them all up, i.e. XLR vs. USB, audio interfaces, etc., and it's SORT OF making sense, but really, there's just a kind of overload of information online.

Can you guys just help me decide on a good microphone for voice-acting, even entry-level? I have a Blue Snowball iCE right now, but I'd really like something more professional, even if I have to spend a couple hundred.

Thoughts? Recommendations? Two that've caught my attention so far are the Shure Beta 58a and the MXL 990, but I don't want to make a shitty purchase and regret it.
61 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Rode NT-1 (Get the studio kit if you can, it comes with a pop filter & shock mount)
Steinberg UR22C
Native Instruments Komplete Audio 1
Get a Rode PSA-1 boom arm. The cheaper boom arms on the market are flimsy trash.

It's a low-middle tier setup but will give you professional sounding results and last you years.
Also you will likely need to treat your room with acoustic foam.
Neumann u87 is the end all of microphones
For now, Shure SM7
Instead of focusrite, look at Motu.
No. If you want decent audio on virtual meetings, you damn well better use headphones / earphones.
You might manage speakers if you have a dynamic mic super close to your mouth with very aggressive noise gate settings. Otherwise, you will simply earrape everyone in the voice chat.
This guy is just terrible. Based German Julian Krause really knows his shirt and does good testing.

Math nerds help me out here.
>proper EQ config for my cans is 8 bands plus a high shelf
>need to reduce it to 4 bands in order for my music player to handle it without chugging
How do I "simplify" this EQ curve into a 4-band config? Is there a program that can calculate it for me?
8 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I wouldn't bother. It'll pull the rough tonal balance in more, you'll obviously still have a few odd peaks but these will be much less noticeable than the bigger areas. Also wider Q changes are more gentle on the phase shift introduced by the EQ, where multiple tight Q bands turn the phase response into a shitshow. This is also a good reason not to go for more than 4 bands, phase response is as important as EQ and almost everyone LARP'ing as an audiophile either doesn't even understand it or will just ignore it for muh flat line
>You will only achieve this on something that supports a 4+-band parametric VST EQ (ie. a PC), you won't find a music player with this functionality built in
Rockbox can do this, it's only limited by the speed of the device, there's a few music apps on Android/iOS with 10+ band PEQ's
>Don't I need to adjust each of their Q-values though, in order to make up for the missing bands and get closer to the untainted curve? That's where I'm assuming the real math comes in
You would need to, a computer can try to fit the curve by itself but most programs don't take into account how important are peaks vs notches
You can play around APO/PeaceGUI (or some other PEQ) until you get a curve that you're ok with, keep in mind that higher Q's usually require more processing power, you might be able to use more than 4 bands on your Rockbox'ed DAP that way, iirc I could get 6 bands with my Clip+
HRTF's can be approximated minimum phase functions, there's no reason to care much about phase on headphones like there is on speakers
They're may be a select few niche things that can 'do' it but I bet much doubt the algorithms in place are comparable to a decent PC VST EQ with x86 power available to it instead of ARM or whatever is in a PMP.
Have to politely disagree about the 'no reason to care much about phase' statement, phase is ALWAYS important when dealing with audio in any domain. As I said most people don't even understand what it is and it can be make or break on whether a piece of gear sounds good or completely wonky. EQ's effect (depending on the type of EQ, IIR, FIR etc.) on phase can be minimal (keyword: minimal) but is still present in some form
dirty phoneposting
>but I bet much doubt the algorithms in place are comparable
They're the same algorithms, there's no magic in those VST's, paramatric eq's have been well developed since the 90's
>x86 power available to it instead of ARM or whatever is in a PMP
That's the only limitation to it on most DAP's, they run on SoC's from the last decade that were never designed to run complex DSP's, however hackers where able to get shit running well enough, Rockbox can do by default 10 band PEQ but it isn't recommended since you will be pegging pretty much all the supported devices at 100% all of the time, some like OPs will struggle with few bands
You shouldn't underestimate ARM, you can convolve pretty long FIR's on pretty much any Android phone made in the last 6 years in real time, I personally use James DSP for this
>Have to politely disagree about the 'no reason to care much about phase' statement, phase is ALWAYS important when dealing with audio in any domain. As I said most people don't even understand what it is and it can be make or break on whether a piece of gear sounds good or completely wonky. EQ's effect (depending on the type of EQ, IIR, FIR etc.) on phase can be minimal (keyword: minimal) but is still present in some form
You don't understand what minimum phase means, read up on linear phase and minimum phase
btw, it's known that minimum phase is indistinguishable from linear phase and even reversed phase in hrtf's, which applies to all headphone systems (with the exception of the weird stuff like the AKG K1000)
See: https://asa.scitation.org/doi/abs/10.1121/1.426898

File: FB_IMG_1589604873880.jpg (139 KB, 1536x2048)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
Best YouTube downloader?
21 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
She's a jap and their kid is a hafu.
since /g/ seems to agree on youtube-dl, is there a decent GUI frontend for it?
>inb4 muh cli is enough
frig off, it's for my dad
I've made him a bunch of preset batch files that have him just paste the url, but I guess there could be a better way
idk, anon...
looks like a chinese
and an old one
surely Zuck could score better than she
was there a business plan behind their marriage?
She sucky-sucky zuck love him long time.
He dies mysteriously and she gets his billions.
File: s1stj05nwsi21.png (87 KB, 209x300)
87 KB
my set up is
browser -> open with (addon) -> youtube-dl /mpv
the addon creates context menu entries, so I only need to right click on a yt (or other supported) video and can stream or download it.

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