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File: stallboi.jpg (7 KB, 273x185)
7 KB

"I've never installed gnu/linux"
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Just stick with the default, how hard is it? I personally have a .bashrc and a few other configs with an auto install script I keep on my github but that's it.
Compiling gentoo is more about configuring your operating system exactly how YOU want it, as is ricing your desktop and etc. Some people may not care whatsoever about either of those things, but for some people those are very important.
Why, what do you not like in the 5000000000000000000000000000 distros out there? More importantly, why don't you make an auto install script with all the configs and makeflags so I can get a readily usable gentoo instead of going through all the trouble?
>why don't you make an auto install script with all the configs and makeflags
But I did.

> so I can get a readily usable gentoo instead of going through all the trouble?
My setup is almost certainly nothing like what you want. Why even use Gemtoo if you don't want to customize it yourself?
Can you send me that automatic gentoo installer

File: oof.png (49 KB, 595x249)
49 KB
Oh look, leftie 'developer' Twitter starts chimping out after an author of a popular JS book (also free ebook) drops a truth bomb about fatties

Absolute state of web development
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yeah, but even with that weight his body is build like that. He has a wide frame, most fat fucks are just fat with a small frame. That's the reason why most of them have problems even walking.
I bet that if they do a graph but with favorite beverage, onions and basedmilk will be in the top and alcohol will be the lowest.

We need more alcoholic programmers.
his analogy is pretty accurate though
gender dysphoria is a real thing however simply telling people "you're a girl lol" is very far from curing the illness.
nothing wrong with feeling bad about your body however thinking you're someone that you just aren't is completely delusional. there's a difference between "i wish i was a girl" and "i am a girl even though i have a dick and was born a guy"
t. went through a tranny phase but due to work with an actual therapist and not a skittle-pushing kike i got over it.
I mean linus' YouTube channel is proof that at least the creator is rail thin. Too bad about the sandles and being Canadian tho.

File: google2.0.0.jpg (36 KB, 1200x800)
36 KB
>purposely makes their websites stop working on browsers other than Chrome
>even Chromium-based browsers run into the same issue (which magically disappear when the user agent is changed to Chrome)

Anti-trust lawsuit when?
Stop using Google services and install Ad Nauseaum.
File: 826J41576eXtrAM.png (101 KB, 831x483)
101 KB
101 KB PNG
in the works already
hope they break Alphabet up

File: _96827134_hi019703274.jpg (37 KB, 660x439)
37 KB
Why is there no separate board for programmers?
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There used to be a text board.
stop this shit. if you really absolutely want separate boards for all your niche interests then fuck off to reddit
I fixed a typo in a popular plugin for sublime text 3, does that counts?
its fucking slow

File: assange.jpg (63 KB, 470x753)
63 KB
Everyone who was originally hunting these either got v& or bored, or was larping...

There are some nice tools out there for looking for files and text on the blockchain, like passwords:


Beyond that the insurance file torrents are all in the docs repo on the second link there.

Considering the DDoS in October 2016 when Assange had is internet access cut off, as well as the transaction spam to the blockchain on the same day, I find it suspicious and interesting. The spam may have been WL transactions uploading file segments, or more than likely, state actors trying to prevent release.

Help/thoughts/etc? There's more info that can be dropped but it's not worth the effort if none of you give a shit.
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Dont think so
their aes256 encrypted so probably not
I am sure at some point an AI will help a lot but that is not public knowledge.
Or quantum

Why is scp so damn slow and is there any way to speed it up?
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why don't you use sftp, anon?
scp is deprecated
use sftp
Why use scp when sftp put/get is superior?
sounds like perfect place for tarpipe
can ssh provide byte stream connection?
>Ctrl-F rsync
>0 results
This board is doomed.

File: thrift.jpg (111 KB, 828x497)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
What are some bad experiences you've had buying used parts?
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Rats in the power supply
>bought used Thinkpad T430
>it was advertised as "max configuration" and mint condition
>it lacks the fingerprint scanner, the keyboard has no backlight, the screen has a white dot (not really that visible but still), it doesn't have the Nvidia card it said it had
>can't be bothered to send it back, I just use it
meh, could be worse I guess. it's still a nice laptop.
another one:
>buy used Xbox 360 was a broke teenager
>it works perfectly for a few days
>nearly beat Red Dead Redemption, it RROD's after I take Jack hunting in the epilogue
>try to have it fixed, guy that fixes it just laughs at me because the inside of it is all duct taped and shit
thankfully my used PS3 is still kicking like 10 years after.
>bought a """new""" WD Blue hard drive online
>didn't keep the receipts boxes or anything cause I assumed it was going to work for some reason
>drive crapped out after 6 months
>check serial number for warranty
>drive was 3 years old at that point
really wish I kept everything and filed a complaint to get my money back
never really had any issues. i always check what other people have bought and what they thought about the seller i consider buying from, though.
none realy. i had more bad experiences buying new shit from china

File: wefwefdcgsgweg.jpg (817 KB, 3724x2095)
817 KB
817 KB JPG
Is cyber security something worth to pursue? I mean, I already have Sec + and planning to get Net + but honesty I'm just a lost fag with no path.
it is literally the fastest growing job sector in tech. very worth it if you have any interest at all. someone here rec'd this https://www.cybrary.it/ but I haven't tried it

File: 1561031687414.jpg (3.41 MB, 2648x4704)
3.41 MB
3.41 MB JPG
Old thread: >>71504065

What are you working on, /g/?
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My end goal is to get to XeTeX to utilize it's ability to use system fonts. Using XeTeX I get the same set of errors. Are pdftex and pdflatex subsets that get used by XeTeX and I need to configure something differently or is it entirely different with each engine?
hey Justin
im the guy you replied to
the book is Computer Systems A Programmer's Perspective 2ed
i haven't gotten to sicp yet.
nice thanks

fuck u
no fuck u
I think I see what you mean and you'll need

template<typename T>
struct Point{
std::vector<T> path;
std::vector<std::any> tuple;

File: 423562347.jpg (10 KB, 194x260)
10 KB
Boomers are fucking glad to see these gone.
The only people who pretend to like them now are embarrassing millennials LARPing as le experienced tech boomers.
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File: 20190103_213743-3024x4032.jpg (2.42 MB, 3024x4032)
2.42 MB
2.42 MB JPG
CRTs are cool
i dont pretend to like them
i just love the aesthetic of old computers
File: 20190103_205407-4032x3024.jpg (2.11 MB, 4032x3024)
2.11 MB
2.11 MB JPG
File: 20180908_202459-3024x4032.jpg (2.03 MB, 3024x4032)
2.03 MB
2.03 MB JPG
>he plays DOS games on an LCD

File: 1559074433494.jpg (301 KB, 976x1400)
301 KB
301 KB JPG
I have a pretty decent but rudimentary knowledge base of computing and can pick up new stuff relatively easily as long as I have context and definitions. I know of some number of sectools, only ones that are publically available though, and Im prepared to learn as much as possible about security and exploits.

If I attempt to infiltrate a system it is only to test my skills and learn more. How do I ascend from script-kiddie-dom? Is the answer just to be a script kiddie running tool X and tool Y until you understand everything enough to build your own?
New to the biz, eh kid? I remember when I was like you, pulling exploits, or 'sploits as we used to call them, from Rapid7 and sharing them on a private hacker IRC I found. People would ask me, hey what are you doing on your computer with 17 tabs open all the time? And I'd say, I'm in the biz. They'd say, what biz? And I stopped talking to them, because I knew the kind of people who knew what the "biz" was wouldn't ask questions like what the "biz" was, and people who didn't know about the "biz" couldn't be told. They would look at my funny, and just for kicks sometimes I'd pwn their Facebook accounts.

So you want to get into the biz. It's not easy, getting into the biz. First things first, you gotta hack the Gibson. No one in the biz will take you seriously until you do. Now you'll ask, what is the Gibson? Actually the first thing you gotta do is to find the Gibson, it being logically preceding hacking the Gibson. Then you may ask, how do I hack into the Gibson? If you were a little smarter, you'd ask where can I learn to hack into the Gibson. Because to get into the biz you need to get into the Gibson. In that sense, the Gibson is the biz, and you've got to impress the Gibson by hacking the biz and impress the biz by hacking the Gibson. First things first, you gotta close the curtains and turn off the lights. Then get your hands on some neon. Doesn't matter what it says, probably better if it's in a foreign language so people think you're a multicultural guy. Green is good, so's blue. But the all time favorite is that reddish pink you see in Chinatown. You might think this has nothing to do with the biz, but in the biz it's all about style. You gotta hack with style.

Now first thing you gotta do after that is learn all about HTML. The Web, or as we in the biz call it cyberspace, or we in the more rarefied levels of the biz call c-space, or the leet of the biz call c'ace, runs on HTML.
Nice copypasta, saving that one.
based, this is some fresh pasta.
>got my neons ready
>learn HTML
>hack the gibson
saving this one. meanwhile this is all I need to know to know that I'm not in-the-know and it's all need-to-know.
guess I'll just keep learning everything I can about hardware, software, and network infrastructure, vulnerabilities, typical attack vectors; injections, buffer overflows and the rest, what goes into designing an exploit, and go from there. see you in the gibson. got my neons on order.

where to get started with machine learning / neural networks?
7 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Fast.ai course if you would like to understand it with hands on approach. Deep learning and machine learning courses on coursera by Andrew Ng if you would like to understand how it works on low level first. Kaggle if you want to practice with your skills.
It's actually incredibly easy to learn how to do it and for some reason incredibly hard to get a job
Start witb machine learning in python, follow the tutorial and learn the basic methods. Then explore deep learning
Because only two types of people work on AI. The software engineers who know enough good practical software design to implement complex systems, applying ML theory to practice. And the PhDs who do novel research and hash out the tedious math. Anything less is usually a toy not worth funding
Not really. It's just the field is not mature enough right now. Companies don't really understand what they want and what can you do from dl standpoint.
The only good thing is the field is growing rapidly and you don't need to wait for anyone. You can read papers and try to implement it yourself
>20 lines of code
>Realize AI is a meme

File: basedRust.png (84 KB, 1200x1200)
84 KB
Only language you will ever need.
130 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
Except the most successful os - windows
yup. c++ is a great language
File: just_werks.png (5 KB, 768x576)
5 KB
so this is the power of c++
File: 1389457717244.jpg (40 KB, 600x611)
40 KB



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I don't see what's so special about this?
what the fuck happened with GCN? Northern Islands was great and S. Islands was good if a bit power hungry(I had a 7870xt, great card) but every gen after that was awful.
>Sea Islands
While talking about ENGINEERING. Which wasnt his primary task, which was to RUN THE BUSINESS OF THE CORE TECHNOLOGIES GROUP. Why do I have to explain to a bunch of fucking underage third world mongoloids that a business needs executives who make key decisions and manage high level plans like what kind of fucking product needs to be made. Engineers are fucking dime a dozen, those eggheads made garbage like bulldozer because of bad direction.

Rory came in and said "we need to get back to our core business, x86 servers. Let's cut costs and use the new budget to hire people to make it happen." So he hires Keller who hires other people and puts together a few engineering teams and draws up business needs. He goes "hey guys, Mike Clark will be leading this project. We need x86 and ARM architectures that need to meet these power targets, costs, performance, scales to x performance or cores, and it should be a traditional architecture that runs optimally on existing software none of that funny bulldozer business. Ok get to it." Then the PMs and engineers work together to hash out what's possible by when, the engineers figure out how exactly to make the shit they've been tasked with making, and in a very rare case the VP is chief architect and will also be working on part of the project directly.

Meanwhile Lisa, also hired by Rory, is going out and meeting other company execs and pitching them on existing and upcoming projects or deals. And she's taking other people with whipping up specific details for deals, promos, business agreements like semi-custom licensing, etx

As the buck gets passed down the chain the responsibility and details become finer grain and works it's way back together to create a whole product with people ready to buy it. But without Rory, without Keller as VP, none that happens and you get good engineers making garbage like bulldozer because they're helpless without goals

You're probably the kind of retards that believes in communism
>literal gcn dies on the roadmap
GCN was always relatively good, and still is. Its just that Nvidia made significant advancements and outpaced them.

File: 1534466693369.png (582 KB, 1024x680)
582 KB
582 KB PNG
Which category are you in /g/?

>buy high end prebuilt
>use for 5 years

>build high end maxed out custom
>use for 5 years

>build low end upgradable custom
>use and gradually upgrade for 5 years

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
56 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
Nothing wrong with that at all. It's the cheapest and most effective option.
>choose a good case and PSU
Will last minimum 10 years
>choose a good mobo
Will last minimum 5 years, bonus points if the socket stays in use for future generations
>good unlocked CPU with 6+ cores
Will last minimum 5 years too

GPU, RAM and storage can always be upgraded as needed. This is how 200 IQs build a PC.
File: Memories yay.png (669 KB, 1459x736)
669 KB
669 KB PNG
Give me E.
Business desktops or just their CPUs and memory is golden.
Stack of business laptops in Semprons and 2x512mb. Now buy Turions 2.2 dual cores for $9, 2x2gb for $14, SSD for $20 and new batteries for $20. Total for $43 each laptop.
>5 years in every category

I don't think I own a single computer newer than 2012.

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