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File: Coomer Dog.jpg (70 KB, 1024x945)
70 KB
Are there dogs who have fetishes for other subspecies of dogs?
For instance, is there like a chihuahua who is horny for a great dane?
if so, based.
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>tfw chihuahuas get to experience a giantess fetish and I don't
This truly is the gayest of Earths one could imagine.
Triumph the Insult Comic Dog did a whole album on this subject.
my dog has a human fetish. she can't keep her nose out of male crotch in particular and flags/hits on me and my friends every heat. there was a hilarious day where she almost mauled my friend's dog for trying to hump her and then 30 minutes later was humping someone elses leg. she does all the usual attempts at flirting dogs do with eachother with random guys. unfortunately for her, she's only abut 25 pounds, i don't do sluts, and bestiality is illegal. i'm probably going to spay her next year since she's about 8 and there are only health benefits to spaying this late in life.
Was she raised with much more interaction with male humans than male dogs?
so sad, anon

File: sced070.jpg (22 KB, 350x250)
22 KB
I only have toy animals.

Am I still allowed here?
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Only if you post your collection
The day I first started working I bought a bag of plastic dinos for 50p, they watch me browse /an/
File: unnamed.jpg (38 KB, 512x384)
38 KB
Noses and moe cannot exist together
Seriously, on the occasions anime girls are drawn with more real noses it looks awful.
They can look fine if done right, but it takes allot more skill to draw an attractive woman with a realistic nose than an anime one.

File: 308404421.jpg (335 KB, 1800x1350)
335 KB
335 KB JPG
I guess a tern?

An arctic tern?
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Cuba. It's a small island.
What's the best arctic tern?
At first I was confused. These sorts of nothing threads get bumped up all the time by the same posters with the same-sounding nothing responses, for seemingly unknown reasons. Then I got annoyed. Was it bots? It's been happening for a while now. Are the jannies that braindead? Then I had an epiphany; I now understood the purpose of these nothing /an/ threads. I am at peace with them and their nothing responses.
name 10

File: 1564325010847.jpg (341 KB, 1242x1525)
341 KB
341 KB JPG
would you buy?
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hair of the hare
You Came to the Wrong Neighborhood Bunnyfucker.
File: Carlos.png (91 KB, 200x200)
91 KB
who counted the neurons

File: 50061822806_ecce06621f_k.jpg (868 KB, 1365x2048)
868 KB
868 KB JPG
Post and talk about wild and undomesticated canines.
Wolves, jackals, coyotes, dingos, all are welcome!
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Where do you think dogs come from?
where do you think germans came from?
Where did you get this picture of my granddad

File: 1633140192003.webm (2.01 MB, 640x800)
2.01 MB
2.01 MB WEBM
File: 1560641515700.webm (948 KB, 402x720)
948 KB
File: 1598714895956.webm (2.76 MB, 198x360)
2.76 MB
2.76 MB WEBM

Pictures with animals that wake up nostalgic feeling within you.
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File: Playing together.jpg (46 KB, 500x500)
46 KB

File: ragdoll.jpg (121 KB, 1280x720)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
Should i clean up this goop around my cats eye? What the fuck is it anyways?
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He's a ragdoll so the lazy fuck barely gets off my couch most days let alone outside the house
I'll give it a try. He's pretty docile so i don't think i'd get scratched but doubt he would like it desu. Wet paper towel and dab it around maybe?
I used to just take it out of my dogs eyes with my finger exactly like how I get my own eyes clean in the morning. Moistening it up helps when it's dry and sticky
Yeah keep your filthy animal clean, you stinky catfaggot retard
Take your meds schizo

File: 1309130656597.jpg (137 KB, 499x750)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
>Stray cat starts hanging out in my yard
>Friendly enough. Don't feed her, but pet her whenever I see her
>Hangs out for about a year, I guess someone's feeding her
>Starts getting real skinny, guess someone's not feeding her anymore
>Gets knocked up, has three kittens in my yard
>Spend the next two months taking care of them and her
>Not really a cat person, but of course I get attached
>Leaving town for work next week, going to be gone for months
>Sending them all to their forever homes over the next few days
Just sad bros. Just sad.
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Everyone? No, im very well liked. No one fears me, not even cats. In fact, cats love me. They come to the same place every day to eat, thats how much they love me. Sometimes they just stop coming because they went off and died somewhere, but I always have plenty of cat frens eating their special blend of kitty food with extra tylenol!
And when are you moving on to crossdressing in your mother's clothing and kidnapping college students to rape and murder?
Never, I have a pretty fulfilling life honestly, its just that I want to make the world a better place. Its part of why im successful. Even if my front bumper gets a scratch, ill make sure to hit the gas and angle the tires right when the opportunity presents itself.

Why dont you go jerk yourself off with the bird corpses your faggot cat leaves on your doorstep? Youre the one with the animal carcass collection. Id bet your body count is higher than mine too, mine just weighs a bit more I think.
Holy shit, dude...find Jesus ASAP
File: praise-yeezus.png (190 KB, 453x385)
190 KB
190 KB PNG
jesus was more of a sheep guy. maybe he should find mohammad.

File: tree.jpg (8 KB, 207x243)
8 KB
So we all descend from a cell. We can trace our ancestry wtith worms. But how come there isnt another cell that managed to create complex lifeforms? why only one??
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>believing books written by people wearing sandals who couldn’t smelt iron.
>believing books written by jews
surely this is hwat you meant
I suggest the next book you read is a dictionary: or is a decent education a terrible Jewish plot against illiterate inferior subhuman retards like you? You should read books, not burn them like your Nazi ilk did.
no retard the people wearing sandals who couldnt smelt iron who wrote the bible were jews
you dumb fucking nigger
>crfaty jew thniks a tpyo is enuogh to dsetroy his oppnoet
back in my day, hebrews were actually good at debate

File: stewart_large.webm (954 KB, 600x450)
954 KB
Hobo here, I found a rat in the bins while searching for food. How do get him out? He's too low to jump out himself, and when I tried to grab his tail he bit me
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File: 1607540972116.jpg (2.21 MB, 3024x3291)
2.21 MB
2.21 MB JPG
You forgot to link to your sister thread >>>/r9k/65843548
Thanks friendo
put in a stick or anything that acts as a ladder he can climb up on
File: look at me.webm (1.58 MB, 720x654)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB WEBM
Why not just tip over the bin?
File: 1626402230158.png (300 KB, 658x613)
300 KB
300 KB PNG

File: Guia_de_Loroco.jpg (2.42 MB, 3264x2448)
2.42 MB
2.42 MB JPG
Welcome to /plant/, the happy green place on this blue board, where growers, gardeners and horticulturists share their love for things that grow.
Newbies and amateurs are very welcome, and we’ll always try to answer your questions.

>Flora of the World

>Hardiness zones

>Plant ID Sites

>Pests and Diseases

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Are LEDTonic grow lights any good?
Foliar feeding is fine. You don't have to force the traps to close. I'd be more worried for the health of your plant if you watered with it.

Although if you're keeping it outdoors like you should be doing, there's really no point in fertilizing VFTs.
Where do I go to learn about setting up a greenhouse?
I infected my bedroom plant's soil with Glomus and Beauveria. I'm sure having room full of fungus spores is good actually.
they are ok budget lights but you can do better for cheaper, look into kingbrite, they have a lot of budget lights with newer tech like lm301h/b diodes.

Look at this so-called "gem of the sea." Odd and scrawny, see what I mean?
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My favorite is Squidward. He reminds me of myself at that age.
why is this thread immortal
It takes after its namesake.
Stick your cock in it's mouth. Best blowjob you'll ever have. You'll cum buckets!

File: IMG20200708092140.jpg (3.59 MB, 4160x3120)
3.59 MB
3.59 MB JPG
post pictures from hikes you've been on
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File: Korea 056.jpg (1.94 MB, 3296x2472)
1.94 MB
1.94 MB JPG
I apologize for the general lack of quality, these were with a digital camera back in 2009.
File: Korea 068.jpg (1.96 MB, 3296x2472)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB JPG
There was a fence there the night before.
File: DSC_0241.jpg (3.55 MB, 3840x2160)
3.55 MB
3.55 MB JPG
Welcome to Andersonville.
File: hike pic2.jpg (2.92 MB, 1960x3349)
2.92 MB
2.92 MB JPG
This is from a mountain that got badly burned by wildfires the previous year. The hillside was already totally covered in ferns. Pretty cool to see nature rebuilding.

File: FightingBugs.png (356 KB, 1000x899)
356 KB
356 KB PNG
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>an ant
If all the fighters were scaled to same size, maybe I would take an ant
Maybe when it’s a huge emperor scorp and a small Chinese centipede like those videos usually have, but when we’re talking a 40+ cm S. gigantea vs a 20 cm P. dictator it becomes less of a fight and more predator/prey
Scolopendra is the only real choice here, runner up would either be scorpion or spider but only if it's something like Latrodectus or Steatoda with the benefit of its web
Mantis, obviously. The coolest animal in existence, except for maybe the crocodile. Which do you prefer?

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