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Eagles are the master race after humans

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Ravens and crows are by far the smartest birds. And they're predators
They are generalists
Big difference
>muh intelligence
They don't seem like complete retards tho. (eagles, owls are indeed fucking retards).
I'd say they are more intelligent than your avg cat. Which is not the hardest thing to beat.
Caracaras, gulls, some hawks aren't dumb at all.
out at 29 palms there are desert ravens
>a marine I know goes out there for training
>feeds ravens MRE snacks
>a couple years later he goes back for more training
>ravens immediately follow him aroun
>another marine went to the palms for training as a lance corporal
>throws rocks at the ravens
>years later, he goes back as a sergeant
>ravens steal his night vision goggles and throw them in a trash pile
they remember

File: 1609287379049.webm (985 KB, 720x720)
985 KB
What makes anatidae such Chads of the animal kingdom?
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This is correct. The many replies are false.
File: 145896.webm (2.79 MB, 576x576)
2.79 MB
2.79 MB WEBM
Wrong, bullying is just social construct to get people to conform to a group to help a group succeed better. Bullying has nothing to do with being insecure you dumb fucks.
File: 1610661154193.webm (2.92 MB, 960x540)
2.92 MB
2.92 MB WEBM
It has everything to do with being insecure an/or narcissism.

Prove me wrong: cats are not obligate carnivores in the context of modern civilization

Yes, they need taurine and B12 but those can be supplemented. I've been feeding my cat meat alternatives and dissolving taurine and B12 supplements into onions milk for nearly a year now and my cat is completely healthy and normal. She also gets inpatient when it's close to feeding time so I know she likes it.
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Not that anon, but I've been here for years and haven't had an occasion to use the word "s o y" because I'm not a /pol/tard faggot and had no need to discuss s o y in other contexts either.

How about you stop posting instead?
Sure, you can theoretically synthetically produce everything an obligate carbnivore needs but I doubt we know that yet. They only found out about taurine some decades ago and there is still plenty of cat food available that is criminally low on it.

If you want to make sure you get your cat the best possible chances at a good health I'd feed as close to their natural prey as possible.
If you want to make your cat a guinea pig for future progress keep writing down what you're feeding, how her health develops and what her cause of death is. There should be a pool for data like this, otherwise we might never get long term studies to fix possible issues with artificial feeding.
One year isn't much though, a taurine deficiancy sometimes takes 10 years until the cat gets blind or dies of heart failure.
but vegans have a lower BMI then average
Cuz their bodies have to eat themselves lolz
>why are malnourished people skinnier

File: image (1).jpg (172 KB, 788x1080)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
Anybody seen this documentary?

It's about environmentalists and the Mexican government trying to save vaquitas from extinction. Vaquitas are the world's smallest whale, are like sea raccoons and we only know of 27 specimens still alive.

Anyways, the environmentalists are so incompetent they capture a vaquita and end up killing it. Then they call off their project. So we're down to 26 vaquitas.
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The Mexican navy was trying to apprehend totoboa smugglers in the documentary. They were basically just casually strolling, not even trying to hurry to where the smugglers had docked. The smugglers slowly disembarked their merchandise, loaded it into a truck and the soldiers arrived an hour later.

And obviously, a lard officer was leading that unit.
Anyways, you say:
>but OP, why is the vaquita going extinct

Chinks. it's chinks. Chinks pay Mexican fishermen to capture a fish, the totoaba so they can grind them up into dick pills. Said vaquita can only eat totoaba (look I didn't say this was a smart animal) but now all the totoaba are being scooped up by fishermen.
I've seen it, the conservation of this creature is all kinds of fucked up
Honestly i would prefer if the humans were in the place of the vaquita desu


What is it about cats, that make us so at peace when around them

being going through some bad stuff in life right now, mother and father dying, barely have any money, almost 31, no friends or nothing,
and yet,

i saw these two cats outside tonight, at 2 am, in the bushes, black and white pattern, seemed to be like brother and sister, and they let me play with them and even pet them, even the skittish female
and i felt so at peace, like there is no trouble in the world
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Glad you were able to get a few moments of peace anon
Get a job, go to night school
You're a social animal so you want to be around other lifeforms, but you're also self serving and know other people are self serving so you're never enjoying a pure moment around other people. It's always a dominance contest, or a mating ritual, or something. Around animals none of that happens because they don't care.
For me its the satisfying squish you get when you curb stomp one of their heads. Very zen
I prefer to be around dogs honestly. Cats somehow smell worse than dogs and are squeamish

File: Cryptoprocta_ferox.jpg (2.26 MB, 1584x2064)
2.26 MB
2.26 MB JPG
Should they be introduced as pets in the U.S.?
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You ain't my nigga
>species that go extinct were weak anyways, and i'm sure the fossa would appreciate 12 square meals a day. domesticate EVERYTHING, starting with cheetahs and re-domesticated north american gray wolves (dogs need a reset desu)
No. Never. Would bringing in tons more weasels sound good to you?
Tubedudes are based though.
>domesticated EVERYTHING
Literally how?
We're going to replace infinitely complex, finely balanced ecosystems with millions of kennels and factory farms, we're going to domesticated every ficking plant, every species of rodent, termite, whatever the fuck probably countless species we don't even know exist?

File: DSC04358.jpg (302 KB, 750x647)
302 KB
302 KB JPG
Welcome to /plant/, the happy green place on this blue board, where growers, gardeners and horticulturists share their love for things that grow.
Newbies and amateurs are very welcome, and we’ll always try to answer your questions.

>Flora of the World

>Hardiness zones

>Plant ID Sites

>Pests and Diseases

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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it's a kalanchoe probably, it's succulent you're overwatering it. If you really feel like saving it, put it in a new pot with fresh soil and don't water it for a week
File: fren.jpg (40 KB, 686x359)
40 KB
Yes, it was indeed overwatered. It is already repotted, if thats all I will just wait and hope for the best. Thanks fren, and checked.
i watered my succulents like 5 times last year, kept them alive for a few years now
Very valid. You're not going to grow them big and beautiful for a competition in a reasonable timeframe that way, but they're going to live and grow a bit, and if that's what you care about then it's a good strategy.
Anyone have experience propagating pillow/cushion moss indoors? Ive read some sources saying it should be grown on more acidic soil and others saying solid surfaces like stone or wood. I'll be keeping it in a sealed container to help it retain moisture.

File: 1610767004183.jpg (67 KB, 480x296)
67 KB
Getting real fucking tired of the cross-legged owl and its hatred for inter-especies love

File: bur.jpg (38 KB, 720x713)
38 KB
*nuzzles u*
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They let you have connection in your asylum? Cool
I hope they ban your peanut butter liocense for atleast a year to give those poor dogs a break.
Really now, you need help
File: 1pH1UsV.jpg (79 KB, 500x708)
79 KB
Oi! You 'ave a louicense for this post, bruv?

Tilikum? More like Till I Cum lmao
Reminder that something like half of all captive born orcas are direct descendants of this DAMAGED chad.
File: aea.jpg (23 KB, 600x582)
23 KB
>ANOTHER orcafucker thread

fr I feel bad for him, id give him a pitty handjob

File: Nightmare goggles.jpg (49 KB, 724x350)
49 KB
So I restarted my computer and it wiped every image I had from my drive for some reason. In light of this, any /an/ appropriate reaction images you could provide would be appreciated.
79 replies and 65 images omitted. Click here to view.
wtf I'm like 110% sure I've seen that face before but I don't remember where.
Huskies make for great reaction images.
File: paralyzedwithfear.png (284 KB, 462x456)
284 KB
284 KB PNG
File: feels good man.jpg (38 KB, 410x512)
38 KB
Weird how familiar they are, isn't it? Like they jog your genetic memory. You know this dog, you always knew this dog. Your ancestors knew this dog, and you've been waiting for a chance to meet him again.
File: 1609535639449.png (253 KB, 460x458)
253 KB
253 KB PNG

File: IMG_20210114_180425.jpg (80 KB, 668x650)
80 KB
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Technically it is
File: IMG_20201112_165928.jpg (94 KB, 720x423)
94 KB
Dubs and caracals become the only cat species on the planet
they are so ugly ears are so strange. how do you want to fuck.
He looks retarded.
Is he?
in some ways

File: 1608956228375.jpg (29 KB, 598x574)
29 KB
I recently just got an australian shepherd puppy at 8 weeks old, but it seems to be having some trouble walking, it's very clumsy and uncoordinated. Is this normal? It wasn't the runt of the litter. I've never had a dog since puppy age, only a few months older.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
>got an australian shepherd puppy
man I hope you like high energy high intelligence dogs.
I have a yorkie, pretty sure they were used to gobble rats. good pupper.
If youre worried then let the vet know when you take it for regular puppy checkups, jabs, etc.
>I hope you like high energy high intelligence dogs.
people who like low energy retarded dogs just get cats
Or pugs.

File: lognails.jpg (1.21 MB, 3024x3024)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB JPG
I've tried all the guides and tricks I can find.

Tried tiring her out, different methods of nail trimming but she always goes to 100% nope when trying to trim nails.

Tried the peanut butter trick, giving her pb or putting it on my own head. She is so flexible / agile she gets out of any attempts to trim nails. Sometimes I can get lucky and get one.

She is so stubborn / wiry about nail trimming.

Any tricks / methods to calm a pupper and be able to trim her nails?
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Nice I have thought about something to make her more calm but only as a last resort.

So far training has been good. She's starting to let me put the clipper on her nail and just press it firmly without cutting.

Then giving her tons of praise, belly rubs and back scratches. Will be trying with treats / praise next.

Was able to get 3 so far!
ya bedroom eyes and open for business
>tail coverage
>dogs only do it standing
fake news. you're going to get your dick bit off.
Has the vet said anything about the condition of her nails? I used to have a spaniel mix that freaked out anytime you touched his feet; turned out his nails would grow in already slightly deformed and then crack and peel weird as they grew and wore down. Fish oil supplements helped a little.

File: CxD.jpg (31 KB, 320x180)
31 KB
Cat and ducks

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