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Shut the fuck up
inside OP there are two wolves

one is gay
the other is gay

OP is going to jail for bestiality

File: download.jpg (17 KB, 299x168)
17 KB
Any thoughts on greyhound racing? There are many people who tend to favour horse racing but i think that greyhounds are much better. There is no need for a rider to hit the horse hard with a whip to make it run, and there are a lot of safety standards compared to most horse races. This one does not need much of a big venue as well and I believe that there are so many easy work to be done when it comes to the horses on the other hand. I would like to hear your opinions on this


> A 57-year-old Dutch woman who was attacked by a 400-pound gorilla at a Rotterdam zoo said the ape was still her favorite even though she felt she was going to die when he bit her.

> “He is and remains my darling,” the paper quoted the woman as saying from her hospital bed, where she is being treated for bite wounds and a broken arm and wrist.

The 11-year-old male gorilla burst out of its enclosure on Friday and went on a rampage in the zoo’s cafeteria before being recaptured
How much pitbull blood did it have?
Not enough to want to kill the woman.
inb4 comments about niggers
Bokito the gorilla
Toll paid

Who was in the wrong here?

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responsible people don't own pits. wasted based digits
>pitbull kicked multiple times, keeps coming back for more
seen this so many time
they will literally keep at it until they die

imagine when their lizard brains snap into kill mode around children or elderly, no chance
I ama pitbul, and non of you would sa this to my facee
Me, for not being there armed and read
i have said this to a pitbull's face
>whosa little mauler
>doggy want a toddler
>oh who should be systematically exterminated yes you should yes you should
>who's a good doggy? you're not. you barely even count as a dog. no you don't, no you don't :3
She kicked me out of her house yelling about nazis and I did NOT get laid that day.

He cute
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Literally the old men who come to the saunas at my gym.
why is his pp pink tho?
Pink cock, black ballsack.
>I can be your angle or your devil
wonder what started this this altercation

I'll start with the easy one
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Why do you think Norwegians still whale?
There are only four known pure American bison herds at present. The rest are hybridized with cows.
File: Cod.jpg (121 KB, 942x738)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
It's similar to the concept "the tragedy of the commons". These people see forests/oceans/etc like a Walmart during an urban riot-- free shit for me. It doesn't matter what it is, how it got there, whether it tastes good or not, or if it's the last of its species, as long as they can take it for themselves they will. There is no consideration for the future or sustainability because it's about instant gratification and benefiting oneself in the short term. It's short-sighted and ultimately self destructive, but these are greedy people being rewarded for selfish behavior due to other greedy people. While China propagates this mentality in spades, you see this behavior in just about every culture across the world: Italy, Australia, Vietnam, Middle East, Japan, Africa, Mexico, Argentina, California, Spain...
There are fishing towns on the coasts of U.S, Canada, Mediterranean, Africa, and so on which have been deserted because they collapsed their own fishing industries due to overexploitation. Yet these are the same people who will fight against any sort of reduction on catch limits, the same people who whine when they have to buy new equipment that reduces bycatch and environmental damage, or piss and moan about no fishing in protected zones, because all they are concerned about is money in the short term and have no concept of future repercussions. The heads that employ them also don't care because they will find new ways to make money even if those fishermen self destruct. They benefit off of the fishermen being too uneducated and focused on instant gratification to know they are killing their own livelihoods, and the fishermen benefit off of the idea that they will be long dead or retired before the industry collapses. As long as I get what I want, who cares?
This is made worse by cultures raised to be as mindless, sociopathic, and consumerist as possible. China cultivates this mentality well. They fuel the retards who poach and destroy everything around them. After all, consuming endangered animals is a great way to show off your affluence and superiority to your peers, the more rare and close to extinction the better. China's huge population has only just recently gotten out of the stone age and they are now able to peruse and enjoy the luxuries that richer people once had. It's where the stereotype of nasty, rude, disgusting Chinese tourists who shit everywhere comes from. Same people who carve their names into endangered coral reefs. They are the first generation of peasants who are able to indulge in selfish desires once limited to the rich. Rhino horn sales have surged, even outside of China in places like Vietnam, because more of those sociopaths now have disposable income to put towards ego-padding.
As this happens the rich nobles will then find new, more expensive ways to flaunt their wealth. Hornbill skull from which only 30 animals remain? That is the ultimate bragging right, you made your mark on history. How about a critically endangered slow loris to keep as a fashion accessory and pet? So exotic, be the envy of the other women around you. Bragging and affluence are one of the biggest driving points of their society, there is no such thing as pride or empathy, it is only the appearance of success and making sure everyone sees it and wants what you have. If other countries tell you to stop pushing species to extinction, they do it harder because 'fuck you, we numba 1'. Nobody tells me what to do; I'll take what I want because the repercussions are so minor. Selfishness and greed fueled by spite and materialism. Why would anyone sane ever want to share a planet with such vile motivations. These people and the cultures they worship need to be eradicated.
Why don't they just kill the beefalos and let the regular ones repopulate?

Which one is the more antifragile and adaptable species?
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OP on the bottom
Squealniggers by far.
You can remove canids easy, but oink removal is always only ever temporary.
It's one guy trying to force his meme word, much like a few faggots on /tv/ trying to force keyed and lockpilled.
File: download (1).jpg (81 KB, 800x450)
81 KB
>you can remove canids easy
keep trying fagboy, maybe the wolves will finally fuck you if you succeed (you won't) (wolves suck btw)
Hogs easily, we've got a lot of them in the woods I live in, they're clever motherfuckers. Whenever I see one I shoot (never leave my house without my revolver) and nowadays I rarely spot one of the fuckers even though they keep shitting all over my land and when I'm inside I'll hear them outside. The only good thing I can say about having hogs on my land is that the corpses I drag down to the river keep the gators full, I can't even fucking eat them because the ones in my area are all riddled with parasites.

File: hiland.png (962 KB, 1023x767)
962 KB
962 KB PNG
highland cows found in the scottish highlands
They're all over europe
I should've said originated from
dude get a haircut
Probably the only good things to come out of Scotland.

File: frogmouse.jpg (186 KB, 1280x720)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
I dont get this

>swallow another animal
>they get into the softest part of my body
>they dont do massive internal damage

How do literally ALL animals swallow their prey without their prey fucking up their mouth? Its extremely soft tissue and the prey is usually still alive and has claws and teeth and stuff.

Why doesnt the rat in picture just start biting and clawing all around? I had many rats so i know they have no issue doing that, so if she does, how does the frog not care?
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well this is the main reason you shouldn't feed your animals live rodents
a rodent will fuck up your reptile if it doesn't manage to kill them on the strike
you can tell what snakes for example are live fed in captivity or not because they'll be all fucked up with scars and bite marks
African Bullfrogs have teeth, called Odontode.
It's like you've never read vore comics.
File: 1600500700379.png (88 KB, 568x548)
88 KB

File: whathaveidone.jpg (106 KB, 1773x1773)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
>Be me
>I see an orange leaf
>Step on it for the crunchy sound
>No crunchy sound
>It wasn't a leaf
I stepped on a butterfly
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bro i hate to break it to you but i'm pretty sure you don't have a soul
anon has never felt the joy of walking over fall leaves as a child
This is a sad post
File: 1618338644373.png (17 KB, 606x600)
17 KB
>be me
>see some blueberries
>eat them for the taste
>ate way too many
Now I'm all purple.
Don't feel too bad, if it was on the ground and still for long enough to mistake it for a leaf, it was probably on it's way out anyways, if not already dead.

File: maxresdefault[1].jpg (84 KB, 1280x720)
84 KB
I got some bladder/pond snails in my tank, presumably from some plants I got.

I'm going to take the tank apart soon and switch out the substrate. The inhabitants (a bunch of shrimp) will be put in an empty temporary tank.

What can I do to get rid of the snails and eggs on the plants and such? I don't want to kill the plants.
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This is retard advice. Just briefly dip your plants in bleach. Should be enough to kill them without harming the plants
This but don't do pure bleach though or you'll kill your plants. It should be around a 1:20 bleach to water ratio.
look on ebay or amazon for No Planaria or Planaria Zero.

Alternately, get 2 or 3 baby Oscars. Theyll eat anything that moves. Return them to petco/smart in a week once they're done
also if you get No Planaria, you wont have to tear down your tank
That's regular bleach then, isn't it?
The stuff in my bathroom says 5%

File: 1595426342343.jpg (16 KB, 453x470)
16 KB
>nature documentary narrator doesn't have grandfatherly/grandmotherly voice.
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I think Paul McGann does better voiceovers for documentarys than Tennant [spoiler]he's also a better doctor who[/spoiler]
You take that back
I think its like peak disappointed milf. Kinda lame husband she would almost for sure cheat on, and a cutie for a daughter who will for sure have feelings that need to be resolved when her parents divorce. Like just imagine, you go over her house when the husbands out, listen to her complain how boring he is, how she wants a real man, a younger man. Give her what she wants. Give it all. On the way out, shoot a wink at Coraline, let her know this is our secret too. God damn im bout to rewatch this
Strange, the spike correlates with the rise in television broadcasts...
any essential viewing documentaries?

File: kldhfkjdsf.jpg (15 KB, 300x168)
15 KB
Why don't we give Beni a banana? I'm sure we could pull it off if we worked together. He's sitting in a solitary cage waiting to be released so this is probably the best and only chance we'll ever get.

We need to:

>Find the address of his school

>Find out if he's still there or has already been released

>Find out exactly where his cage is located

>Buy him the most expensive pristine banana money could buy

>Get an Indonesian bro or whoever is willing to deliver the banana to Beni on Camera

I think we can pull it off. Other boards have done much more difficult things, surely we can successfully a banana to Beni.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
10 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
This board is much straighter than several other ones, I can guarantee you.
why are we doing this for Beni? is Beni not being treated well?
Based. I'd donate 5.
>Find the address of his school
Nyaru Menteng Orangutan Rescue & Rehabilitation Center
Komplek Arboretum Nyaru Menteng, Jl. Tjilik Riwut No.Km 28, Tumbang Tahai, Bukit Batu, Kota Palangka Raya, Kalimantan Tengah 73111, Indonesia
>Find out if he's still there or has already been released
I don't see Beni on their adoption page but it appears to be only the babies listed.
give Beni a banana, feed him for a day
teach Beni to harvest banana, feed him for a lifetime

File: 20210412_214622.jpg (33 KB, 507x676)
33 KB
Found a kitten. As I was riding up to my house, she was in the driveway. Her mother was with her, and then ran off. I put her in a shoebox and waited 2 hours for the mother to come back

She never did. It was night, so I took her inside and I guess she's my cat now. I dont have kitten formula but I'm buying some in the morning.

Pic rel is her, with a saucer of water and some bits of lunchmeat turkey trying to get her to eat.

Think she'll be okay until morning when I can bottle feed her after a visit to PetSmart?

Her name's Bug btw.
12 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 20210413_080718.jpg (39 KB, 438x584)
39 KB

Update on Bug, she mew'd a lot during the night, but I didnt feel safe with her in my bed and wake up with a pancake cat.

She ate a good couple slices of turkey lunchmeat, which makes me feel relieved she wont starve. In a little while im taking her to petsmart and getting all her vet shit lined up.
dumping her in a bath or spraying her with a shower is likely to freak her the fuck out, you can wash her in a way that will be comfortable and familiar to her by getting a tub of warm water and a towel/flannel and dipping it so it's wet, wiping her, and repeating. you can generally use baby shampoo for kittens since it's mild.
File: 20210413_084438.jpg (41 KB, 705x529)
41 KB
Yeah I planned to wash her in the sink with a damp cloth. I'll put the warm water in a bowl so that the running water doesn't freak her out.

Baby shampoo it is.
File: 20210413_104248.jpg (19 KB, 319x426)
19 KB
Washed her in the sink with kitten shampoo. Here she is exploring blanket mountain with some water and wet kitten food.

She ate lunchmeat turkey earlier so hopefully she'll catch right on to this too.
Wholesome thread OP, very cool looking cat. Thanks for saving the kitties. Best of luck with your furry companion.

File: EyfxgPFXMAMKUXk.png (602 KB, 680x510)
602 KB
602 KB PNG
You guys told me they all looked like chickens
29 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1618123081268.jpg (473 KB, 700x934)
473 KB
473 KB JPG
Remove the miniature humans and that's just a bird
File: 1594342133417.png (647 KB, 1342x1268)
647 KB
647 KB PNG
you're right, just like this literal fucking bird on the left
I was there 2 years ago. Very based museum
use yandex for image searching, google suck dick. Plus it censors shit like crazy
Google reverse search sucks now. I don't know what they changed, but Yandex consistently provides better results.
The only drawback with Yandex is that you often have to scroll past a dozen Russian links before finding an English site.

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