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File: download.jpg (175 KB, 1200x800)
175 KB
175 KB JPG
How do we stop them?
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you're missing a couple there
you can't tax chinese factories so who cares about that
File: distress.png (29 KB, 110x112)
29 KB
when do we uplift whales bro
Never. We have a thousand and one other animals that should be uplifted first.
All I meant was that the rocket in question (the sea dragon) wasn't a new idea. Never said anything about how it would affect whales

Post your chickens and chicken adjacent animals, discuss chickens. Sorry for the shit beginner bread but I didnt see anyone else baking and I want some fucking chicken posts.
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File: IMG_20201205_171459.jpg (1.43 MB, 1988x2425)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB JPG
Wow. Sauerkraut worked a treat! She got really sick, but bounced back in only two days. Vitamin c I guess and she's getting richer feed now. Thx from both of us.
Gets cold to cca. - 15 C'. Can get to negative 20. Everything is frozen because 100% air moisture. Girls still go out but for short periods. I also installed warm water drinking fountains. Great success.
Sry for calling you bro, but as an old saying on 4chins goes..... Their are no girls on the interwebs XD.
For heating we use a mix of wood, solar and central heating(municipal works).
Not birb related. Here is a pic of the new monastery 16th century or so. It is about 5 miles from my place. The old one on my property burned down or so the monks say. Records are lost. All birds are well, despite the horrible weather, hope you have nicer weather and best of luck.
File: IMG_20210118_121916.jpg (3.57 MB, 3058x4093)
3.57 MB
3.57 MB JPG
Pic. Damn!
File: IMG_20210118_120719.jpg (1.33 MB, 1893x1312)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB JPG
Pic of bullying. Milka(dominant hen) threatening Moja(light color), her lieutenant Rita running to back her up.
Such is life.
The general public is irrelevant. You could legalise stoning today and the general public wouldn't do shit. They'd complain a few days and then find something else to bitch about. The general public should always be ignored as an irrelevant factor. As long as there's bread and plays, the stupids won't do shit.

File: Twilight.jpg (24 KB, 320x320)
24 KB
does anyone know what species of bird this is? I have no clue and it's bugging the hell out of me
look like rhea chicks
And you don't seem to understand.

They could be baby ostriches.
Baby ostriches.

I love that song.

They really do descend from dinosaurs huh. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jXjQh_bqtIM
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Good to know you’re apart of the psyop
Yep. You won't look at a chicken the same way, will you.
Probably not
Part of the "I'll literally believe it when I see it myself" psyop trying to get people to not care about things that aren't their concern, like the shape of the planet.
how is that a psyop? The real psyop is seriously talking about the news as if you can ever EVER change anything about it. They'll write articles focused on you, the consoomer, implying you can change shit. But you can't. At all. You're just wasting time, which is what they want.

File: 1045193486.jpg (129 KB, 1149x699)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
Telling you the names will ruin the surprise so I will only post pictures. Look them up on your own via reverse image search.
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File: Bazinga rieki.jpg (45 KB, 800x535)
45 KB
These people should be gassed
poor snail, imagine being named after a crazy green peace puppet.
Snooping as usual, I see
It means that species named after politicians and celebrities should be renamed into something less obnoxious
>Shes named after
>named after
>stuck on a planet that is hot as "hell"
what the fuck is this article talking about

File: 1610843369048.jpg (92 KB, 341x512)
92 KB
Goats and boars are such a big problem in Australia because there is currently no big predator sitting at top the food chain.

Simple solution: release lions in Australia. There, boar problem solved and I just saved a ton of baby turtles.
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Brains actually, otherwise...
Delete this. Has 2019 taught you nothing?
That actually made it worse, humans can't be trusted.

The moment a bunty is placed on something that something mysteriously begins to spread even wide and broader. Happened with the wild pig situation.

Lions would unironically be a better solution lmao. That or breed roos to become carnivores
>Has 2019 taught you nothing?
it did, though
aussie cunts are pretty good at pest control
Bountys work in the USA though.

anyone else play with the tiny little carpet beetles that crawl around on your bed
what do you mean by "play"? seems like they wander indoors and die of dehydration or something like that.
are you sure you don't have bed bugs op?

File: B5YLqHcCcAIdpUz.png (310 KB, 500x350)
310 KB
310 KB PNG
Bendy seal
>and now watch this
that's two seals, you're not fooling me this time
Damn that's one deep stretch, hope it doesn't cramp while he's that far
Bendy seal

File: Placodermi+species.jpg (140 KB, 1600x993)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
Would it be possible to bring placoderms back into existence by selectively breeding certain fish with particularly strong bone or scales around their head? Or to breed horseshoe crabs and triops to resemble trilobites?
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Yeah, I know m8. Question was poorly worded. Better form of asking would've been:
Is it possible the trait of armored fish can be bred back into existence or could it possibly evolve on it's own again?
I am aware you can't turn modern fish into a whole new lineage of extinct species. Same concept with the quagga project - just because a zebra looks like a quagga doesn't make it a quagga
I keep forgetting placoderms were extinct
they look like something that could still exist but are hard to find
how would these things exist without disrupting the environments they are added into, or would they remain a niche aquarium fish
many things that are gone now might not have reason to develop those traits given all of the differing factors from when they were around
it'd be like resurrecting an extinct species like giant sloths, and then having them relegated to zoos because there is no habitat that could support them sustainably
Armored catfish are practically placoderms already, if only in spirit..
Given that a placoderm-like fish would develop, I reckon it'd be bound to shallow saltwater habitats since swimming great distances in low buoyancy areas would exhaust it. It would possibly develop strong jaws to feed either on mussels, crustaceans or corals to strengthen its armor by consuming these animals. Maybe it would stay small at first, maybe 15cm or so but it could eventually get bigger, at which point its hardened plates would get thinner to support a larger body with longer swimming distances. But since most great predatory niches are taken, it might rely on feeding on turtles or other placoderms.
Idk, I'd really like to see something like this play out irl

File: fox.jpg (107 KB, 900x600)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
Fox thread.
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Respawn point is off by a few pixels.
It's your flaw that you require a house to live.
Just let fox outside unrestricted and pretend it's wild. Win/win.
Its like owning a cat (i assume)
File: joajpvqw22d21.jpg (1.32 MB, 4287x3600)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB JPG

File: bu.jpg (34 KB, 474x393)
34 KB
how come we've domesticated numerous rodent species, rats, mice, hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, etc but not squirrels?

They're all over the place, cute, they're already pretty amicable when tamed, have a decent lifespan for a rodent their size, you'd think it would've happened by now.
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apparently squirrels have 2-5 babies twice a year, and foxes have similar but only once per year. so in theory you'd get results twice as fast as the silver fox experiment, so in only a couple of decades rather than 50ish years. how can we make squirrel domestication happen?
To be fair the fox guys aren't even close to done yet.
guinea pigs are andean and turkeys are equivalent to chickens
fast niggas
They were kept as pets in colonial America.

Losing faith in humanity
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why add the word literally here?
you're wrong, but that's beside the point. it makes you sound really sure of yourself but it doesn't convey any actual weight making the assertion grating instead of merely laughable. maybe it's a crutch but consider leaving it out in your future writings or at least evaluating its role in the sentence.
you're literally right.
Why they never teach Koko how to type in keyboard or tap her smartphone to shitpost in 4chan(nel)?
has anyone raised a kid with snacks? I don't mean parents that mistake candy with affection, I'm talking methodological "good action, tasty bite" parenting
This isn't an English class.

File: treytheexplainer.jpg (55 KB, 900x900)
55 KB
I see him shilled all the time around here, so I finally got around to watching his channel. It's not good.
>narrates in a breathless monotone at uncomfortably high speed, articulation is poor and almost incomprehensible at times
>scripts are poorly written rehashes of Wikipedia articles
>videos are slideshows of Google Image results
Millions of views per video? Seriously? An intelligent high schooler could do better than this.
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Now THATS some good furry art
trey the who?
i only care about animal logic and wanting to fuck danielle silly
Sounds like he has an American accent so it might've been a brain fart
There was an article not long ago, about some scientists decoding some prairie dog sounds (with the help of an AI I think). They could understand simple things from the prairie dog sounds like a handful of nouns and adjectives.
The /pol/ inside me almost went ape shit reading this...

File: D3NEJFlV4AAhw0g.jpg (269 KB, 963x1200)
269 KB
269 KB JPG
I have my reasons, dont ask
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what the fuck is that what in the brown recluse albino garloid FUCK is that thing, it looks like a dolphin raped an orca
The only food that tastes you back
File: 1570312680553.webm (2.01 MB, 720x720)
2.01 MB
2.01 MB WEBM
File: cheetah-drinks-schlop.jpg (219 KB, 750x829)
219 KB
219 KB JPG

File: 20210117_124053.jpg (2.7 MB, 4032x1908)
2.7 MB
2.7 MB JPG
Dog has been sneezing blood off and on all day, snuffing out through her nose constantly and shaking and freaking out. What do?
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Yeah I know, I'm just frustrated. My grandmother did lose the dog because the vet near them wasn't open and the other one closed down, and I really did love that dog. But then again, it was her fault that she keeps feeding her dog beef jerky. Vets are also humans who need their break...
I'm also not very surprised about the high suicide rate for vets, when I was at a vet for my kitten, I have seen so many animals go into the vet office and come out in a box, and just the thought of it keeps making me tear up. It's a very depressing job.
Euthanasias can be hard, but can also be rewarding when it's a patient who had a good long life and gets some relief from suffering. The hardest euthanasias are treatable conditions but the owner has money constraints, or even more frustratingly the owner is rich as fuck but believes they know more than the vet and delays care until it's too late.

Other difficult things vets have to deal with are every acquaintance you've ever known messaging you "just a simple question" on your day off multiple times a week, and then you're the asshole if you say no. Also clients who don't listen, staff members who create drama (lots of big personalities in the vet industry as you can imagine), needing to justify every level of care and then being called "money-hungry" when you are just trying to practice good medicine and make a living.

If we can address some of the issues facing veterinarians there may be more who can start to practice in harder-to-reach areas
>liquid dishwashing detergent
>for bathing
What the fuck, just use actual dog shampoo in your emergency kit.
Yeah, gets pretty annoying though as a pet owner when the $400 you spent the 1st time on bullshit products that you know are upcharged 1000% don't work, and the vet then tries to give you the same exact shit that didn't work before, while saying you're a bad pet owner who maybe shouldn't own a dog if you have a problem with it.. Just my personal vet experiences anyway
At least here in Germany it's organized that it is mandatory for every practice to serve as emergency vet on standby by for some days every few weeks.

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