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I found it on a bottle of medication.
I've looked everywhere in my home for the last couple of hours but I haven't been able to spot any other suspect things.
I don't even know if this thing is a bedbug. I looked at pictures and I read articles on the Internet but I'm still doubting

Please, I'm begging for an answer, it's 3am here and I can't sleep
It's a beetle. Can't really tell anything accurate form the photo, but the shape reminds me of ladybugs. Might have come into the warm house to overwinter. Or maybe it's just some dermestid or bread beetle that are often in houses.

Nothing to lose sleep over either way.
Go back to sleep anon, not a bedbug
It's not a bed bug, trust me you would KNOW if you had bed bugs. They would be on you for a mid morning suck, the bites are itchy.

>shit on the owner/food source
>bite him
>he angry
Not my problem
>owner enjoys it

File: GettyImages-736514807.jpg (339 KB, 1999x1499)
339 KB
339 KB JPG
>parents go on vacation so I'm stuck watching the house/dog
>dog normally has anxiety problems because it was basically raised that way
>friend comes over to drink and he decides to crash in my spare bedroom since it was getting late
>my dog throws up(I clean it), then proceeds to lick her lips/paws for like 3 hours straight, loud enough to prevent me sleeping
>keeps me awake because I'm not sure if shes having an anxiety attack or if she ate something toxic off the floor
>wake up late and miss trash pickup day
My parents love their bulldog like it was their own kid but the way they raised it doesn't seem to bother them past "hey the dogs acting weird but surely its not my fault". Any time the dogs in a unfamiliar situation(even at home, with ppl she knows) she either starts grooming herself incessantly or sitting on the most trusted persons foot and literally shaking. Shes like 3.5 years old now and the problem has gotten progressively worse, I get really worried and embarrassed when some kid on the street asks to pet my dog and then gives me a strange look when the dog starts shaking "whats wrong with your dog?". I don't want people to think the dog gets abused when in fact all my parents do is smother it with too much love, is there a way to unlearn this behavior at this stage in life? I've casually brought it up to my parents years ago when the problem first started and they seemed to pass it off as "oh she must just have natural anxiety, cant help that". I'm no expert on animal behaviors but I don't think that this just happens and they seem oblivious about it. I've been taking her on plenty of walks this summer to get her more used to people, what else can I do?
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I cant answer OPs question but I have one of my own
How does it get to this point? What could they possibly have been doing to cause such behavior in a dog?
I own a cairn terrier and I feel like I spoil the fuck otu of him. I pet him whenever I can and he sleeps on my lap when I watch TV sometimes. Regardless he's completely normal as far as I can tell (minus little things, like barking at semi trucks sometimes). He's not like overly clingy or anything like that and he has no issues sleeping in his box in a seperate room at night.

I truly and honestly dont understand what could cause a dog to develop such issues. Is it the breed? Do OPs parents hit the dog or abuse him?
My dad would chase the dog with trash bags in a circle around the kitchen counter for fun because the bag made a weird noise when swooshed so he applied this 'game' to other things that make a strange noise(electric drills, spray bottles, bags of chips). I thought the bag around the countertop thing was pretty funny but he seems to just do this with everything until it became a learned behavior. I asked him about this and he responded "look, she is not afraid she is having fun she only runs when i have [noisy item] in hand!", but he fails to see how this leaks to behaviors outside of playtime. If someone on the street during a walk wants to pet my dog and they have a water bottle/loud backpack/loud jacket crinkling my dog wont grown or anything but she will hide behind me and shake and I tell those people sorry my dogs not feeling well. I guess my dads literal retard sense of humor mixed with them coddling/giving cooked rice/chicken meals every night to the dog went hand in hand to creating the ultimate baby I guess.
idk but I have a rat terrier like thing I found on the street this summer. He is crazy anxious and extremely clingy (to me), and I think that it's likely my fault as I'm a neet who leaves the house once a week at best so we are constantly together. I know it's wrong but i don't know what I'm supposed to do, lock him in another room? It reached the point where he won't even go in the garden alone to piss, i have to follow him and stare at him. Whenever I leave the house he shakes and cry. He's afraid of so many things, it's my first dog and now that I'm writing down this all I truly feel like I fucked up. I don't know what I'm supposed to do and how to fix his behavior, I have my issues too and giving him a lot of love it's kind of my way to cope with stuff. He's not as bad as op's dog as he can adapt to weird situations and likes people to an extent but he's so clingy I almost feel trapped, i know it's ridiculous but it's true
>How does it get to this point? What could they possibly have been doing to cause such behavior in a dog?
Bottle-raised puppies can end up like that. They don’t end up learning how to dog from mom/siblings plus they often end up missing out on critical socialization periods where they need to be gradually introduced to all the weird scary stuff in the world. It’s like lovingly isolating a kid until the point where they now have zero social skills and shitty coping methods.
>it's the dog's fault I didn't put the trash out, surely
jesus have some dignity

Are they the most empathetic and altruistic species on earth?
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humans are scrambling to save what's left of the planet from other humans for no other reason than pursuing the wellbeing of species too indifferent or stupid to care about their own extinction. no other species does that
Both can be true at the same time
Elephants are more peaceful than humans.
They are not more empathic.
They are not more altruistic.
I wish I could have elephant testosterone bursts

>feel something rumbling deep in my chest
>realize my test is about to skyrocket to 25000% for a couple days
>put on insane muscles like I'm roiding
>kill every male who dares make eye contact with me
>impregnate every woman who I can smell
>come back down after my rampage
>chill for a year and repeat

My tomato plant has this spots on the leaves and the buds are falling off, can someone Id the disease it has and how can i cure it? I hope is not toast yet.
I forget it's name but there is a fungus that causes this. Your tomatoes are fucked, no cure available. You'll need to treat the soil as that's where the infection starts.
So my plant is a goner?

File: future vet.webm (1.96 MB, 406x720)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB WEBM
We don't deserve dogs.
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I love when people out themselves as thirdies living in a favela because of their perception of dogs
you mean americans

the most popular breeds of dog in the US are the lab, golden retriever, and german shepherd. all of these are double coated dogs with unusually oily coats, renowned for their smell. labs in particular have a genetic defect that makes them constantly hungry, and anything with lab admixture will absolutely gobble up its own shit until it bursts because in their mind they feel like they are starving. the experience of the average american with the unterdogsch does not really reflect the nature of a lightly musky australian shepherd that wont eat anything unusual unless they're neglected.
Huskies smell great and are amazing dogs! Too bad they're impossible to take care of unless you're a crypto-rich IT bro who writes web apps from home for a living wage, lives on at least one fenced in acre, and has access to a bunch of wide open public use outdoorsy spaces.
>Would you rather they shit on a box full of gravel, stir it up, and then track their pissy shit gravel all over your countertops?
unironically yes
by microdosing on toxo litter i am now immune to all disease
>imagine going to college
>imagine living 5 minutes away from your job
>imagine working in 4 hour stretches with an hour and a half break in the middle
>imagine having a wife who also likes the dog
>imagine having friends and family who love your dog and take care of them when you leave the country
i know for you, you'd have to be an unemployed millionaire, but some of us didn't fuck up that badly.

File: bunnythedog.jpg (277 KB, 1400x1050)
277 KB
277 KB JPG
Are these videos of dogs using buttons to talk actually real? Are dogs really that smart?
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Only an ESL or an academic wanker wouldve good english, it's simply the only way it makes sense to them. with lifetime the knowledge real english speaker dont give a shit because this language be so simp yous all folks can fuck that shit up as much as ya can and it perfect sense still makes. then the esl all "which word is the proper noun what ever art thou speaking of"
If you think that's bad have a chat with a man in Leeds
People who type like absolute shit are those who just type shit out the way they say it because they lack education. Someone who lacks education as basic as spelling his own language generally does not type in different languages.
The exception to this is BRs and russians with broken english who selfteach over the internet and only rarely speak/type it to call you a bitch in an online game
I was highly educated. The moment I was no longer required to write perfect english and APA formatted essays I stopped caring because it no longer serves a cultural or practical purpose. I have totally forgotten most formal grammar. There is no more high society where dedication to penmanship and poetry makes you a propah gentleman, the most you can do with that is show off on the internet and call other people niggers.
I dont consider someone using no punctuation or capitalization or whatever to be someone who types like shit, I meant more like in the sense of people who type shit like >>3953488
To me as an ESL, so long as i dont have to strain to read something in english, it passes as perfect english. The same isn't true for the other languages I speak which are fairly complicated and you can instantly tell if someone conjugates a word wrong that any proficient speaker never would

Absolutely fucking based
fuck belly crawlers
I wanna swing it around by its neck
i wanna thrust it up and down on my dick
File: PBIRDDDD.gif (1.28 MB, 1800x1200)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB GIF
Cringe ass bird. Who goes around kicking snakes? Honestly! Fucking come down here and fight like a man

File: Halloween ATB.jpg (102 KB, 800x626)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
This thread is dedicated to all animals of the reptilia and amphibia classes. Topics include, but are not limited to: geckos, snakes of all kinds, frogs, salamanders, newts, turtles, tortoises, and much more. Before asking a question, do a search on the internet to see if it has been answered
Classifieds for finding breeders and products:
>reptilescanada.com (Canadian breeders)
Most forums will have a "for sale" section on them, so look for that, especially if you have a specific herp you want. Craigslist can also be a good source for cheap aquariums, and make sure to check for any reptile expos that occur in your area.

When asking a question, make sure to include these details:
>Type and size of animal
>Enclosure dimensions
>Humidity and temperature
>Type of substrate
>The decor you use

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 20211022_165138.jpg (3.33 MB, 4032x3024)
3.33 MB
3.33 MB JPG
going to covert this area into a little greenhouse and make this tub into a pond. I also want to make it into a space where my Tegu can run around. Any suggestions on how to block the holes in the decking?
searching for "stock tank" gave me larger options - out of stock but at the same time I spent like 3 minutes searching.
Enclosure crafting protip that I just discovered and then realized is probably obvious once you think about it:
If you boil cork for like 20 minutes (because you soaked it in a dilute bleach solution for like 20 minutyes and it still smells a little bit like bleach despite rinsing and soaking in hot water for an hour, and you want your new isopods to be safe and secure snuggled in their new cork bed, and not bleached to death, say) you can bend it to shape, flattening out some parts you wanted flatter and curving parts you wanted to have a better bend. you know, because it's a thin piece of fucking wood and that's how you bend thin pieces of fucking wood, duh.
You can fill those knots with epoxy, caulk, drywall filler really easily, or if your handy and have some spare wood, drill out the right size buttons and glue them in, maybe even match the color and surrounding grain.

Leashes, collars, kennels, crates
Electric neckbands, towering gates
Commands of owners, whistles, bell
Clickers, harnesses', bolts from hell

Muzzles, latches, locks and keys
Anchor chains on oakwood trees
Thorny hedge and fences stout
But out goes the cry "THE PITBULL GOT OUT!"

Out he goes, and no one knows why
Through windows and doors, balcony high
Out he goes on his lawless way
Romping and roaming, pit wants to play!

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>self defense
Dogs don't understand that cencept.
Pits are specially bad at not killing anything random.
i don't know what's more damaging; owing a pitbull or having a useless college degree.
File: berserk.gif (2.35 MB, 3618x2558)
2.35 MB
2.35 MB GIF
My pit bull is a sweetheart. Look, he's smiling!
I tried googling this so I googled
>brianna samples dog
Guess what I found? A totally unrelated news article from 10 years ago about a pitbull mauling a child. Can't make this shit up
My sister in law says this despite the fact that she had to get rid of her original dog because the pit routinely attacked it
Has bitten two of her 3 kids and can only be controlled by her paisa bf
But constantly trying to talk us into getting a pit because they're such good and sweet dogs

So i found these wierd things growing on an acorn. Looks kinda like barnacles. Anyone know what it might be?
3 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
What makes a gall?
Those round bubble things are all over the oak leaves on a few of my trees.
there's a bunch of different galls, made mostly by wasps i believe but i think there's viral infection ones too.
the wasp injects its young into the tree (i think) and it causes the tree to basically grow a nest for it. the bubble ones on leaves sound kinda like Cynips quercusfolii
nothing to worry about, it's natural in a healthy ecosystem.
Those are antlers. You’ve heard of beer nuts? Those are deer nuts.

How do I get my ducks to let me pet them?
Break their necks or sever their heads somehow
You can pet them almost immediately afterwards

File: strangecreature.jpg (93 KB, 1089x612)
93 KB
What is this nigga?
3 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>flying foxes
>walking bats

Otocyon megalotis
File: flop on me.gif (446 KB, 263x467)
446 KB
446 KB GIF
That's an ear guy
Le foxe has arrived
File: full.jpg (1.37 MB, 1440x1057)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB JPG

File: 1622945941143.png (514 KB, 657x657)
514 KB
514 KB PNG
>young city vet: spaying should be encouraged for health reasons
>old country vet: spaying should be avoided for health reasons
Now which one is it ffs?
The point of spaying is preventing puppies. Any other reason is just cope. But they train vets to push that shit because they want to keep the shelters empty of anything with intrinsic value.
Is pyometra really that common? Is there any way to prevent it without spaying?
>remove a healthy animal's organs for health reasons
this is almost always going to be retarded except in rare circumstances, like female ferrets
The country vet deals with responsible dog owners who know how to keep watch over them. Also, country guys, if they have puppies, find homes for them, and country vets know they'd rather have BC/Pyrenees mixes being adopted out than people going to the shelter for pitbull mutts. One good pup to a good home = one dead city slicker shitbull.

The city vet deals with "urban youth" who chain their intact, in heat dog behind a 3 foot fence and expect nothing to happen. They also think no pups should be born until every pitbull/dogo/amstaff/bulldog/whatever (they're all pitbulls like all europeans are "whites") is adopted.

No it's not that common until they're 10 years old
Ovary-sparing spay

File: Ed32nXkUcAAjAsq.jpg (1.38 MB, 1340x2000)
1.38 MB
1.38 MB JPG
Post birds, appreciate birds
18 replies and 17 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: touch the swan.webm (2.93 MB, 1280x720)
2.93 MB
2.93 MB WEBM
I wish my swans would let me do that
Old mate giving you the "why are you touching my kids?" look
>Jeez, Homer, I'd thought someone with two nerds would be happy
>No, you're thinking about someone with two birds
>I gotta tell ya, this is pretty terrific...yeah!
File: 20210522-IMG_1188-2.jpg (2.17 MB, 3134x2089)
2.17 MB
2.17 MB JPG
She w i d e

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