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File: grey-wolf.jpg (188 KB, 1024x782)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
I'm a furry but these are the most overrated animals of all time. Mogged by every other predator, out competed by what is basically a small wolf, and they're not even that good looking. It's just a dog that lives in the forest and sucks at not going extinct. Drop one (1) bengal tiger in the woods and all of a sudden the wolves are all gone. Gay.
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File: u5ak4nv43zu31.jpg (294 KB, 1280x853)
294 KB
294 KB JPG
[is cute rand more cuddly than a wolf]
nothing personnel heckin forest doggo
its because dog dick sucks (harsh, quick, shitty sex with some inflation bs while holding perfectly still) so you know they're not in it for the pleasure and male dogs are shitty lovers (just possessive, violent, and prone to pissing on your stuff) so they're not in it for the emotional bond. so they're degenerate even compared to other garden variety animal fuckers.
Felines won that evolutionary race, as they're not only more adept at surviving on their own, but they're just as marketable and appealing to humans, if not more so. Although tigers are fucked, because they have humans down as a food source, and they're on chinks' list of things that will totally cure erectile dysfunction and micropenis.
Canines didn't lose, it's just that their ideal form isn't very popular.
Even though wolves are overrated AF, I still think they're amazing animals. Their "fans" are weird af, I knew a guy who tried his damnest to change his surname to "Wolf" for years.
The little autist even went to "meditate" in the woods during summer camp. I worked there back then, and was supposed to find him with my coworker. He found the guy literally barking at a rock.
When this happened he was 14 years old. I wish I was fucking kidding. no diagnosed mental illnesses either, if his "fursona" isnt counted in the list

File: sleepycheeto.webm (2.32 MB, 720x404)
2.32 MB
2.32 MB WEBM
Why didn't my idiot fucking ancestors fully domesticate cheetahs like they did with wolves?
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Because cheetahs need to run for several miles in courtship before they'll even think about fucking. Good luck with that in captivity.
they won't do this to anyone that smells like the rest of the pack. frequently cuddling with the wolves is basically how you stay alive. no cuddles = wolf eats you.
File: 20191217_120103.jpg (488 KB, 637x936)
488 KB
488 KB JPG
Here's your cat bro
>ywn travel around the world with your dogwife
>he doesn't have several miles of land for his cheetahs to run around in

File: 1618220139213.jpg (309 KB, 1728x1296)
309 KB
309 KB JPG
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furry insect
File: maxresdefault.jpg (172 KB, 1920x1080)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
File: 1617811301475.webm (460 KB, 320x320)
460 KB

Pitbulls are whatever you make of them.

Be a shitty, abusive owner - you’ll have a shitty pitbull

Be a caring owner - you’ll have the most loving and adorable creature ever
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I'm sure you've heard the expression "A dog is for life, not just for Christmas."
Well, in very short words, that means that no matter how much you give a dog in one year, they will always want more. If you give them love, they will give love in return. If you give them food, they will give food in return. If you give them toys, they will give toys in return. If you give them attention, they will give attention in return.
If you treat them well, they will stay by your side for the rest of their lives.
They are very simple creatures, and they do not think complex thoughts, so you should not treat them like humans. If you treat them like humans, they will not understand why you treat them badly.
But if you treat them like dogs, they will understand why you treat them well.
What if you give them the D?
the vast majority of dogs are too small for human D and anyone who tells you otherwise hurt their dog.
insertion alone is a major dilation akin to sticking it up your own butt. dogs penetrate flaccid and have a skinny ass root at the base of the dick.
their vagina has a series of delicate muscular slings that need to be navigated and don't appreciate the deep thrusts that humans prefer. how to do it is so nuanced you could write a 2000 word step by step and still fuck it up.
they can only do it in heat and anyone who tells you otherwise hurt their dog.

from this information alone you should know why it's illegal.
File: bait.jpg (42 KB, 625x626)
42 KB
Oi, wuts all dis 'ere bout squigs being bad? I's owned squigs me 'ole loif an' dey never krumpd me. Ya just gots to train'em roight.

pic related, me an' muh squiggie. Look at'm smilin'

File: 1600096484501.jpg (154 KB, 884x1006)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
I'm going to post a platypus in this thread every day until all of /an/ wants to snuggle a puggle.

Old one hit image limit archived. >>>3501454.
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File: platystack.jpg (24 KB, 236x481)
24 KB
Good, good. Soon all will give into the platywantaning.

This is your daily reminder to want a platypus.
Boop. When did board speed up so much again?
Ahhhhh! Puta me down! My cherry tomatoes aren't properly glaaaazed!!!!
File: platypus-1.jpg (175 KB, 912x704)
175 KB
175 KB JPG
That pic always makes me smile.

This is your daily reminder to want a platypus.
I want one but what do I do with this feeling?

File: biz (9).jpg (75 KB, 482x427)
75 KB
how do you guys handle your pets like leaving them at home and shit?

my town is a fucking hell hole and i want to get the fuck out but i cant live without my cat. i wanna spend some time free tho like no car or anything to care about just buy a plane ticket and go somewhere near and maybe travel around and go to other countries and shit

but god damn i hate leaving my cat here. i like being next to him knowing hes always comfortable and he has food and hes taking naps and comfy. i dont know what to do
plz help. i really want to travel and just live my life doing whatever i want for awhile but i dont want to miss my kitty
Stuff kot inn bag
File: retarded cat person.jpg (124 KB, 501x435)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
you either let a fucking retard cat control your life, or you don't
Give your cat to someone who will love it, then kill yourself.

what rock is this? if not fake
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Blue dominican amber
Is this real?
Its a rock who gives af
That's a behelit. Sacrifice your friends/family to it and something cool happens.

Sorry if blogpost.
TL;DR village cat moved into my house, previous owner angry.

This cat has lived in at least 4 different houses, first a drunk man who died, then the drunk man's neibour, then my house, then the house across the road, now my house again.
He moved out of my house because my sister got two other cats and they were fighting because she is a fool.
Now she moved out and my old cat moved back in of his own accord.
As soon as I saw him he ran to where his bowl used to be and started meowing.

As far as I am concerned the cat can live where he wants, I'm not going to imprison a cat.
But my neighbor is really buthurt and keeps trying to get him back my throwing food in my yard and shit.
I told her that the cat does as he pleases and I don't lock him in or out, and she started yelling at me.
I think she locked the cat in hour flat for a while but he ran away and came back here.

I am worried she will call the local government out of spite and they will take him to the animal shelter where they kill pets.
There's no legal way for me (or anyone) to adopt him, conceivably several people may claim him.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>fighting over a stray outdoor cat
This sounds exceedingly third world.
Last sentence of OP makes it obvious it is Australia.
>I told her that the cat does as he pleases and I don't lock him in or out
this is your problem right here. Spay the cat, keep it indoors
"aboriginal" refers to more than just an Australian ethnic group, you know

File: 20210412_224107.jpg (2.14 MB, 4032x3024)
2.14 MB
2.14 MB JPG
What animal is this?
Looks like a human holding a skull of some sort

File: let me out.jpg (979 KB, 2268x4032)
979 KB
979 KB JPG
Hear me out. I have some good points.

>Most pets are fed poorly and not even given the bare minimum of stimulation
>Effects range from slight mental illness (it's hard to make a dog THAT depressed since they've sort of adapted to it)...
>...to being self-destructive and suicidal (birds are not domesticated and can not tolerate being too far removed from their natural lifestyle)
>Animals that naturally establish territory are kept in small apartments, and in the case the owner can't be assed to train them and spend time with them, smaller cages
>In the case of cats specifically, they're just chucked outside into a city with busy streets and pools of poison laying around
>Since animals can not testify in court and have a high tolerance for bullshit before they start displaying signs of abuse to other people, assuming other people even see the animal, pet ownership provides a relatively risk free outlet for violent, psychopathic, and amoral people to subject a sentient being that most humans can empathize with to copious amounts of physical and emotional suffering. Sometimes, abusing them is considered normal because the results are convenient....
>...meaning pet ownership can encourage practicing and fostering a psychopathic violent attitude, and teach people of average intelligence and willpower that they can use violence to get things to do what they want them to
>Pets are killed solely because the owner can not afford them, or in the case of dogs, because a training failure or past abuse resulted them injuring someone (often a relative of their neglecter/abuser)
>Unnecessary mutilations for convenience are the standard in some countries because people feel like they are entitled to pets but don't want the consequences of having so many of them
>The production side of the industry shits out unhealthy, inbred animals that are abused and neglected when young

If you love animals, you can appreciate them in the wild.
13 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Do Americans really put their dogs in cages, lol
>Are pets immoral
>Are most pets neglected/mistreated
>Would you push a button that would magically abolish all keeping of pets
yeah, blow me
>Should we ban pets in the real world
lol no
File: pi-kong-crate-1024x800.jpg (122 KB, 1024x800)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
only the very energetic, active, sociable ones that belong in cages the least

>i want that one its cute
>oh no its eating my couch how could this happen
>hmm, i have an idea
Not a bad idea

Thanks for the epic commentary Jon Stewart. Just because your comments don't get (you's) on pol doesn't mean anyone gives a shit here
That poor husky. Imagine keeping a dog in a cage

File: sjenka-stonoga.gif (3.27 MB, 320x320)
3.27 MB
3.27 MB GIF
On my way to Page 10.
62 replies and 23 images omitted. Click here to view.
pulled on the reins too hard
Whose fish fucked a crab?
sir you dropped something

File: 25856660.jpg (336 KB, 1000x712)
336 KB
336 KB JPG
What is the ultimate [spoiler]dare I say, anti-fragile,[/spoiler] weed?
nice spoilers newfag, stop trying to force your shit meme
weeds are by definition not woke
File: Dandelion-in-Driveway.jpg (85 KB, 623x480)
85 KB
>Leave concrete to me
File: Hairy Bittercress.jpg (151 KB, 1280x720)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
*shoots u for walking by*

File: neil.png (213 KB, 373x306)
213 KB
213 KB PNG
Happy anniversary, I hope Neil is watching over us
>Alexa, how long do mice live?
File: just.png (35 KB, 369x295)
35 KB


File: 1617849048478.jpg (31 KB, 720x540)
31 KB
Neil was a rat
File: 1600500700379.png (88 KB, 568x548)
88 KB

Are mutts the best, most intelligent dogs?
I own two mutts and they're insanely intelligent and absolutely unyieldingly loyal and sweet.
depends. pug boxer mutt or collie poodle mutt? a proper blended pariah dog mutt is probably above average since they need to be smart enough to be self sufficient and survive, but not as smart as breeds made specifically for intelligence.
even the greatest genetic potential can still turn out to become a really dull dog if the owner is a retard and let the poor thing rot in the corner with no training/activities/proper care

File: 1617839176958.jpg (108 KB, 1024x683)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
This is a German Shepherd thread. Post pics, stories, experiences and/or fun facts about the best breed of the world.
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File: IMG-20210327-WA0045.jpg (42 KB, 590x1280)
42 KB
>File: IMG-20210327-WA0045.jpg (42 KB, 590x1280)

wtf is going on here?

nice coat pattern and colors/10

guardian of the home and ppl/10

in CH shit is so expensive my GSD can't even affor a paint job/10

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Knew a guy at work who told me he was planning on doing something like that. We’re merchant sailors so away a lot. He said his fiancé was going to get a German Shorthaired Pointer... but she wanted in a cage because she was a working woman. I was like, bro... that dog is going to be stuck in a cage all the time
>and? It’s just a dog.
Holy crap I tried to talk him out of it. Hopefully he listened.
these problems are easily solved by pushing an ice pick awl into their brain through their eye. and? they are just scumbags.
File: 1612043879687.png (87 KB, 268x325)
87 KB
People who do this shit deserved to be kidnapped then shoved in a room for 18 hours with nothing in it and see how they like it. How the fuck you expect a dog to guard anything doing that. The moment hes able to run away; he aint never coming back.

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