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TFW We will lose almost 80% of all Wildlife on earth in the next 25 years
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>waaah I wasted almost a decade in school and still can’t write properly or cite anything more scholarly than usatoday
>everyone who disagrees with me is a contrarian who never went to school for as long as I did
Haha stupid lolcow.
You clearly can’t. There is a huge difference between ‘pollination hypothetically won’t exist when honeybees soon disappear as scientists have predicted’ and ‘hypothetically if honeybees disappeared there would be no more pollination’. Both are stupid anyway since as someone who is so educated about ecology you should know that hundreds of thousands of other insects in the world are capable of pollinating plants.
>source debate
Classic, there's plenty more sources just google it and I ran out the wordcount
>But if you insist
Here's a rightwing news source: https://www.foxnews.com/us/american-bumblebee-could-soon-be-declared-endangered
Here's one about a species that's already been reported missing and considered extinct:
Here's a federal one from fish and wildlife:
I was giving you a hypothetical example of something that could hypothetically happen and as a results plants would go unpollinated, and we'd take a major agricultural hit in honey cultivation, if that were to hypothetically happen. Is that good enough word placement for the entire statement to be considered hypothetical for you? For animal lovers and those that care any extinction or endangerment is considered a loss, just just have to be somebody that cares. Most winged animals aid in pollination like hummingbirds and sometimes even bats however bees are undisputedly the most important pollinators, that is undeniable, and they pollinate lots of local agricultural resources and food crops that we use in every day life.
>still doesn’t know how to cite scholarly sources
Wow you must be so educated
Here, let me help you with one.


Jacobson et al. 2018. Decline of bumble bees in northeastern North America, with special focus on Bombus terricola. Biological Conservation 217: 437-445.
File: 1586556112682.jpg (132 KB, 960x638)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
should have go with "just close your eyes" mate

File: Abject Sadness.jpg (169 KB, 1920x1080)
169 KB
169 KB JPG
>4 year old Austrilian shepard/Dachshund mix
>Will chase you if you run
>Will also run away if you chase
>repeat escapee
>Will come back if you call her(she just likes to run to see if you'll find her)
>Will bite on command
>Or without command
>BItes in general really, but she's small and can do no damage
>Hated by family
>Loved by me
>The only friend I had for 3 years
>Given to some dickhead in South Carolina when I was on "Vacation" at my grandmothers house, who hates dogs
>She ran from him into the SC woods
>never saw her again

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My condolences Anon.
My husky passed of cancer a few months back, definitely felt worse than any of my grandparents deaths. I got a black lab whippet a year or so before she passed, so it's been easier, but i never miss her any less. I wish I would've taken more photos and spent more time with her. Also, as a side note, is it bad that I've grown to value my dog's life more than random peoples lives? Like, take a random member of the public and put em on the trolley problem with my dog on the other side, I'd definitely let the trolley run the random person over.
File: 1vk7vmN.jpg (31 KB, 480x360)
31 KB
I wonder if this makes us sociopaths
i don't think it's weird, your dog is basically family by now, how the fuck is some rando more important?
I guess if it's a kid that would be fair

File: 1618291774335.jpg (294 KB, 1280x853)
294 KB
294 KB JPG
built for___
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File: 1541795243541.jpg (61 KB, 634x423)
61 KB
I never bothered with /b/ because there's nothing at all of interest to me there, so I probably missed out on some much needed hazing. Oh well. But I have been posting on /trash/ and /an/ for enough years to assert factually that zoos and furries consider themselves distinct from and hate one-other. /an/ has long been home to some particularly moralistic zoophiles, there's no way you could spend any amount of time here and miss the purity flamewars. Denying that these arguments happen or denying the zoo presence on /an/ is a quick way to out yourself as a stranger.
While you've got me typing, I want to add that /trash/ isn't just the furry board, it's the board for everything too weird for /d/ and most every general hates every other general there. Everybody's got their own line drawn just above those other degenerates and it's downright fascinating if you've got the stomach for it.
That's all there is to say on the matter really, I'll leave you with some cute pics. Reply or don't reply, I won't be here to see it either way.
File: 1561042298463.gif (990 KB, 245x200)
990 KB
990 KB GIF
File: rwn6gxjygo831.jpg (287 KB, 1200x1200)
287 KB
287 KB JPG
>Dumbass kids
lol ok. Yeah, I'm the newfag
File: built for.jpg (103 KB, 600x600)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
spotted dick

Comfy animal art paintings.
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Don't let this thread die, I need more nice animal paintings.
Reaction image waiting to happen.
>As they speed through the finish, the flags go down
>The fans get up and they get out of town
>The arena is empty except for one man
>Still driving and striving as fast as he can
>The sun has gone down and the moon has come up
>And long ago somebody left with the cup
>But he's driving and striving and hugging the turns
>And thinking of someone for whom he still burns
>He's going the distance
>He's going for speed
>She's all alone (all alone)
>All alone in her time of need...
I wonder what was originally in this painting before the 19th century forger daubed a sheep over it

Rocks are the Funko Pops of dog toys. Change my mind.
Bitches love rocks.
I cringe at rock obsessed dogs, I had a buddy growing up who's dog had no canine teeth because she broke them off playing with rocks, and his family had no idea that it was a problem.

File: 1634845399319.jpg (304 KB, 1024x680)
304 KB
304 KB JPG
I saw a sparrow on the sidewalk yesterday and sparrows are normally very scared when humans walk by and fly away. But this sparrow was just hopping out of the way.

The next day I passed by and in the exact same spot I saw the sparrow was lying dead. I felt guilt maybe I should have helped it find a safer spot. Too many douchebags riding their bicycles and shit on that path.

Did it die of some internal parasite thing or was it squashed?
I have see the same thing before. I have no idea what causes it by the often act that way right before death. You wouldn't have been able to save it.
Probably injured and couldn't fly, then got squashed. Ideally you should have taken it to a vet/rehabilitator but that's hindsight.
I once nursed a baby crow that fell out of the tree back to health and brought it back to its mum

I feel guilty cause I didn't do something this time. But if it was something wrong with it and not injured then I feel okay about it

File: 1620972630147.jpg (76 KB, 604x515)
76 KB
I know cats are an invasive species, but I keep mine indoors so he can't harm the ecosystem.

He's my little buddy, why do people hate me for having him on /an/ :(
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I never understood why people felt like cats needed to go outside.
My childhood cat never went outside, she was terrified of the outdoors and loved it inside the house. She lived for 22 years and she seemed to enjoy every minute of those years (except when we had to take her out to see the vet lol)
nothing wrong with indoor cats. It's irresponsible retards keeping them outdoors that endanger both the local ecosystem and their pet
Some people do. You also can technically keep a small dog in the house 24/7 and let it shit in a box just like a cat, it'll be fine aslong as you play with it a bunch. Doesn't work for the bigger dogs and workbreeds cause they need more exercise than that, hence the standard that you have to walk dogs. No such big cats are usually pets.
>Imagine a dog being at home 24/7
You mean my parents dogs?
They had an absolutely sweet Shepard/Lab mix and they never walked that poor dog.
I mean you can, and there's nothing wrong with that. Hell, if you could take the necessary precautions, you could even let your cat out in your backyard like you would your dog. I don't really see anything wrong with letting out your cat in the same manner you would a dog, supervised and/or given a free wander area.

File: criticallyacclaimedwriter.jpg (456 KB, 2258x2392)
456 KB
456 KB JPG
There's been quite the disturbing lack of a /bun/ thread on here lately

As always, post or talk about rabbits, hares, pikas... all sorts of lagomorphs are welcome!
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good one i liked your joke
dunno theyd probs be jsut as popular as the other breeds if theyd be as available but because the only breeders live in belgium france they dont have access to canada and america.
>I thik hes just trying to hump me.
yes, get him a stuffed animal
>poops while sleeping

I have a new phobia
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Thats pretty sexy i don't know why.
Wtf is this and how do I get one?
Behold, the duality of man
Is that an actual living species or an extinct one's realistic rendition?
Ammonites are extinct. Nautiloids are the only living shelled cephalopods.

Why were chihuahuas bred for food? They are small as fuck and wouldn't make much of a meal. If I wanted to breed dogs for food, I'd make them as big, fat, and dumb as possible.
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
These are also the civilizations that domesticated Guinea pigs as a food source. So they don't have the best track record with choosing things to domesticate in the first place.
Plus as was previously stated, dogs eat shit. So the dogs were probably "raised" the same way as they currently are in China, left alone to feed on crap and trashed and harvested at times of the year when other meats are scarce/their numbers start getting too high.
This is a surprisingly astute description of aztec culture and belief
The ones you get at the store are a different breed than livestock ones. Theyre smaller and less plump.
So that's why I'm retarded
Guinea pigs aren’t that bad as a convenient food source. They’re stupid easy to contain with just a low wall that’s barely higher than the animal is tall, aren’t terribly needy or picky about food, and breed rapidly with easy babies that’re already running about after being born. That’s pretty much their biggest advantages over chickens and rabbits.

If you’re hungry, they’re pretty much always nearby begging for scraps whenever you’re prepping dinner and don’t really care if you scoop one up to casually kill. It’s like always having a meal-sized animal fresh and ready in the kitchen whenever is convenient.

File: sasa.jpg (18 KB, 403x255)
18 KB
My Brussels Griffon looks like a fucking Ewok
to me he looks like he surely has difficulties breathing with an inbred facial structure like that

File: download.png (7 KB, 205x245)
7 KB
>be me
>have been taking care of eusocial insects for many years
>one of bald faced hornet queens decides to wake up right after going in to hibernation for some fucking reason
>now have completely awake bald faced hornet queen
>either have to get her to go to sleep or keep her in the house with the rest of my shit
>want her to fucking sleep
>come here to complain like a bitch
I swear to god, hornets can be such bitches. I have this covered but I have to vent cuz do its not like anyone else is gonna care about this shit.

Fuck hornets. I love em and hate em. Fuck em. But i love em. Which i could show you guys a pic of me feeding the queen some honey. I hate her but im alright with her.

imagine being hated just for waking up
guess its actually not that uncommon
4 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
They fucking suck

my hornets sting up to six mcdonalds employees per month. they yell a bit, sure, but its the fucking existence of the fuckers that makes me despise them. Fuck outta my window and fuck off of my car when im doing shit.
faggots are niggers and your a doublenigger.
At least you don't lump them together with bees like so many idiots do

How do you make her go to sleep?

File: a0c.png (123 KB, 639x607)
123 KB
123 KB PNG
Who shouldn't have animals? What are the traits of certain types of people who would be better off without? Asking for my future self.
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
You're a liar, Satan
File: image.png (169 KB, 338x298)
169 KB
169 KB PNG
anyone below a triple digit iq, most animals kept in piss poor conditions are from people very dumb
At least have a grand somewhere for surprise vet bills.
Holy shit, you're making shit threads even on /an/ Cris? Go back to /AGDG/ and make your shitty godot game, you fucking schizo.

>Cat does not come home anymore but I have not seen his body anywhere so he is probably alive

What do?
20 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
it's dead
One of your neighbors probably is giving it better food, so it decided to love them instead. Put out some premium food.
Supervise it outside, half an hour a day or an hour. Bring treats and a clicker and you can train it to follow you and come to you when you call. (It's a cat so it won't be quite as obedient but bring some noisy snacks you can rattle and that might work if all else fails.)

Alternatively a leash.

If you don't want to do that don't come crying if your cat disapears or dies. With the convinience comes the risk and it's all your choice.
I can practically smell the toxo.
Ponder about why you had an outdoor cat in the first place.

What is so interesting about animals and nature, according to you?
6 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Nature elicits strong primal emotions.

I like that one gif of the trapdoor spider because it's so primally disgusting and scary, which somehow makes me appreciate just what sort of creatures are out there, pleasant or not.
Then I like that gif of the cat hugging a kitten because it's sweet. It reminds me humans aren't alone. We aren't so different from animals; animals aren't so different from us.
They look cool. I often enjoy daydreaming about a predator who's hunting. I also nejoying reading articles about shit like why humans are hybrids and so on. Why do you like guns though? Do you just shoot them or build them and that's it?
File: NPC-Dog.jpg (32 KB, 566x496)
32 KB
It is the world. What is so interesting about the world? I could write a lot of pretentious shit about that, but if you aren't interested in the world, your life is duller than that of some computers.
File: IMG_20211008_211408.jpg (95 KB, 734x639)
95 KB
Because I love learning about the beautifull creatures that are created by his hands.
More interesting than humans, that's for sure.

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