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File: bvwv_1.jpg (38 KB, 357x268)
38 KB
What games made you drop the franchise? For me was pic related (got into Pokemon again with ORAS) and USUM
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You just posted it, fuck BW, it's so bad
Black and White made me drop the franchise. I knew that Black and White were the peak of the series. There was no doing better than Black and White. Gamefreak poured all of their hearts, effortm and resources into one game and this was the result. There is no surpassing Black and White.
BW but I only skipped BW2 because I didn't want to go back to shitnova, much less with those horrid starters
you didn't miss anything
unless you really love simple battle facilities like PWT, regular BW is better
Dropped with Moon, emulated Sword and actually liked it much, much more than the piece of shit that Moon was.

File: 1200px-Volcanion_M19.png (835 KB, 1200x675)
835 KB
835 KB PNG
Name a more forgettable legendary
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Way more people remember Zeraora than this crap
File: NoFunAllowed.jpg (91 KB, 488x516)
91 KB
>Name a more forgettable legendary

Everything post-gen III save for Giratina and Darkrai.
that weird thing with a moon face from Gen 4
I honestly can't remember its name.
Also the furry electric thing from last gen
File: 1419452098750.png (62 KB, 360x607)
62 KB
this guy knows what's up
Colosseum IS a fully fledged RPG and not just a battle sim but thanks for showing us how you know nothing about the series you are supposedly such a fan of you underage sperm
zeraora. even though both got their own movie, zeraora didn't even show up until the last half of it.

why is this fucking board all animal fuckers and pedophiles? it’s a blue board yet I can’t browse it because of all the soft core porn. MODS DO YOUR FUCKING JOB
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It's not our fault Eevee kid is extremely sexual with her idle animation, blame gf.
Dude, one of the mods came out as a Braixenfag (using a picture from that one video with all the anthro female Pokémon) and was really cocky about that, and also had a porn Lucario pic as his/her discord avatar. Go figure.
That is what growing up does to you.
The games are badly done now, what do you even want to discuss? Fangames? Extreme randomizer?
>implying both didn't happen
Again, begone newfag. Especially when most "discussion" threads currently are thinly-veiled cope threads because Anon has realised xhe is too old to enjoy Pokémon and is now crying over it not doing what xhe wants.

File: 3d bolbi.png (117 KB, 562x567)
117 KB
117 KB PNG
Pokemon Clover is a successful root game with two new Pokemon locations.
Launched in late 2014, Pokemon Terfil is an integrated Pokemon Red system.
The main goal of Kluwer is to provide a desktop desktop culture and defeat all Pokémon. Furthermore, it is slander and an insult.
The current version of 4 Edge Cover has been in operation for 4 years, and over 40 users have spent thousands of hours. The average playing time is 70 hours.
Expect conflict with former writers and stadium leaders who traveled in this country.
> A complete adventure between two disciplines
> 386 monster creation / vp /
> Complete music culture
> Gen 7/8 standard engine battle
> Changes to upgrade battle AI
> Challenges facing veterans
> Game rules
> Custom machine
> GSC type nut

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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where os the tikoon trader in telekino?
It was some dude in the ghetto training dawgs.
Dude why can enemy trainers jack your items. I don't want to lose progress because I get a fucking choice band stolen from me.
you either learn to live with it and accept consequences of taking risks or savestate every fight
How can I avoid sequence breaking? I don't want to miss out on post game content

None of these look like icons besides lycanroc. Try harder next time

File: dignity-edition.jpg (71 KB, 768x576)
71 KB
>What got released?
Debug Builds & Source Code of Blue/Yellow
Japanese Debug Builds of G/S
Symbol Map for Crystal
G/S Source Code, Spaceworld '99 Demos & Localization Protos
Official GameBoy emulator
Internal lists of all games/apps (even unreleased ones) for all Nintendo systems up to the DS
Gen 7 Debug Builds, official 3DS legality checkers, & O-Power/Mew/event distribution CIAs
R/S/FR/LG Source Code & Debugs
FR/LG & Emerald Documentation
D/P Source code (not Platinum)

>Gen 1

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Note: The ROM was modified before being released to change the name at 0xDE7828 to what it is in the final game - "マサオ"
It's clear that Ganix didn't actually change anything and that he was lying so that he could have the ROM associated with him and gain recognition.

File: 1589336070822.jpg (73 KB, 700x760)
73 KB
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More like GAYTR, amirite?
File: bulldoze.png (88 KB, 538x278)
88 KB
I have Incineroar and Machamp. I transferred my Incineroar from moon to shield. My Machamp was from giant's mirror in normal weather. They use fire punch, thunder punch, brick break, and assurance.
People may not like it, but that body type is peak perfection.

Bonus points for changing pokemon with overused type combos or touching on unused/underused type combos
I'll start
Fighting/Rock or Fighting/Ground
>Galarian Weezing
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umm... based?
>Being based on an asian yokai/whatever myth shouldn't mean it should be ghost

But Decidueye and Dragapult being based on extinct animals and being ghost does?
File: 1491444828899 copy.png (687 KB, 1278x1842)
687 KB
687 KB PNG
Yes it does
>Makes sense given it's samurai motif
>Only 3 water/fighting types, two of which are legendary
>Making a third fire/fighting starter in a row is fucking stupid anyway
Sumo wrestling
I 100% agree. No type bonuses whatsoever, no weaknesses or resistances or STAB but a black slate to put the drives one
Null would be fucking insane with eviolite if this was the case

File: swsd mixing.jpg (787 KB, 1024x755)
787 KB
787 KB JPG
I'll start: Sword and Shield's soundtrack
The OST is solid? I agree, as bad as the games are, its themes are absolute bangers.
no, brickwall
i thought the picture was shit smeared over a wall going by thumbnail

i feel like that's a more accurate summary of swsh's soundtrack
By brickwall, I mean that there's no dynamic variety to a lot of tracks, but your description is 10/10

File: EX9xQ6IUMAEt5SB.jpg (523 KB, 1313x2000)
523 KB
523 KB JPG
"Comfy Sinnoh" Edition

>What is Pokémon Masters?
A mobile Pokémon game that's real time instead of turn based and focuses on collecting trainers instead of Pokémon.

>How to Play and How to Win

>Model ripping/datamining project (3vp) FAQ


>Lucky Skills List

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Just because there's nothing to talk about doesn't mean you need to dump your shitty waifu trash and unfunny meme images
Thanks, this post is important and maker her happy. She wants to sleep with me and I warm her up with farts under the blankets. She likes it.
I've used several cookies and the best I've gotten on Cynthia is CS2 instead of SS3. I'm just going to leave that on her in the meantime so others can benefit from cookies.
I like CS2 more than SS3 desu.

File: 1425948091465.png (12 KB, 1032x1855)
12 KB
152 slots+25 regional forms/evolutions
rules are
>post fakemon line and 3 numbers: if your post number ends with one of those 3, it's in
>no clovermon
>only one reroll allowed per post
>to avoid things getting messy, i'll update when my last post gets 25 succesful rolls, posts after those get ignored unless they get rerolled after an update
we directly start at 001 and 01 of regionals
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reroll with same numbers
File: MONS134.png (851 B, 46x44)
851 B
851 B PNG
Morock, with another RG style sprite
Cuboom 018

File: 669px-White_EN_boxart.png (490 KB, 669x599)
490 KB
490 KB PNG
You fuckers never stop talking about black and white. I think if anything that is a testament to how memorable and iconic that generation is. Because the difference between it and SWSH is that more people love gen 5 than dislike it. Nobody will care about SWSH 10 years from now.
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The only thing i can give gen 6 credit for is that the PSS is the best online interface in the entire franchise but other than that, it is ludicrously flawed in many ways especially in the single player department.
Gen 6 was a glimpse of the horrors awaiting us with next gens.
The board that constantly provides fellatio sessions with generals for trash like Pokemon GO, Masters and the anime couldn't have anything other than shitty taste.
This. Unova's map design was actually kino.
Zoomers have an attention span of two seconds, they dropped the game as soon as the hype ended. Only literal boomers and millennials are clinging to that shitty game.

File: carvanha.jpg (33 KB, 310x400)
33 KB
. . . . . . .
Oh! A bite!
. . .
Oh! A bite!
. . . . . . . . . .
Oh! A bite!
. . . . . . . .
Oh! A bite!
. .
Oh! A bite!
. . . .
Oh! A bite!

File: maxresdefault (11).jpg (131 KB, 1280x720)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
Why do people play singles when doubles exists? Literally every complaint with Singles structure and meta os solved with doubles. What's the worst thing doubles has, Weakness Policy combos?
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If the basis for your argument has basically boiled down to 'items in VGC are more varied than muh smogon singles' since that's the only hill you're willing not to die on...then sure, I guess Sitrus Berries and Focus Sashes aren't seen at quite the frequency Leftovers are. Woohoo, damn, shit son, guess we should all shift to doubles! Sure showed me!
>Why does having to weight the risk/reward of using a multi target move that would hit your own mon like Earthquake add depth
Again, why are you guys so horribly fucking bad at arguing that all you can do is green text strawman/ad hom rebuttal? Really funny.
But ok, I'll do it against you.
>why does weighing the risk/reward of a choice item locking you into a move where a revenge killer can sweep you add depth
>why does suffering chip from hazards and adding moves that remove hazards so you cant mindlessly shuffle mons forever add depth
>why does not having protect on literally every single mon ever add depth
Fuck off idiot

D-d-did I d-d-do it right guys??
Easier? Playing around protect and doubles support strats is easier than the 4 moves or switch out that takes place in singles?
You guys should play VGC then, Protect is dangerous when Dmax can break through it.
>games are super dynamic
Strategies, advantage states, and matchups can change at the drop of a hat. Protect, speed adjustments, and combos can 180 your current position in an instant. Because of this, games are shorter and each turn is more significant compared to a single turn in singles.
>What is considered broken or overpowered in singles do not have that fear in doubles
Galarain Darmanitan, Wobuffett, Dracovish, and many other Pokemon lose the massive edge they have in singles because you have 2 enemies gunning you down at all times, making them super susceptible to either taking 1 thing out, falling for a protect, or getting suppressed by the support Pokemon before getting wrecked.
>there is more varity, depth, and challenge compared to doubles
The skill celing between the two formats aren't equal. There is more nuance to team building and emphasis on synergy in a team. While you also have to have a variety of types for coverage and checking in singles, doubles also requires your support styles to synergize. You wouldn't put an Indeedee with a Grimmsnarl, would you? But there are some people eho could indeed do that, and make it work as well.
I agree with most this too.
Stall is weaker because you can double up on a mon to kill it
Interesting gimmick strategies like using beat up on a Pokémon with Justified or using Follow Me
Easier to set up shit

File: 1590371033279.jpg (1.46 MB, 2550x3395)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB JPG
Should Hex Maniac really be on the beach? She has a bit of a belly...
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File: 1491003559521.jpg (566 KB, 898x1200)
566 KB
566 KB JPG
File: 226.png (182 KB, 800x1112)
182 KB
182 KB PNG

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