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Would you be interested in a new pokemon region that doesn’t introduce any new pokemon, but uses a unique mixture of old pokemon from the entire batch throughout the routes, plus brings back all of the old battling gimmicks for different scenarios throughout the campaign? Or no? What would you do different if you were to make your own pokemon region?
One of the only things that excites me about the new games is new pokemon, so no.
I'd be ok with a 'spring cleaning' generation where instead of adding new Pokemon we get a full overhaul of the stats/abilities/movesets of all existing Pokemon to make them more varied and balanced

File: Charizard Dash.jpg (62 KB, 419x477)
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You want it to be false, but you can't accept the reality...
It's like Red and Venusaur...
Or any instance of the lizard being at disadvantage...
Charicucks are really pathetic...
File: Raikou Yow!.jpg (62 KB, 882x799)
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fuck raikou

File: 1651883040497.png (157 KB, 498x331)
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157 KB PNG
For example:

Whitney never utilized Milktank, in the original Johto games, Gold And silver
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I never understood the point of seriously pushing this meme when a 10 second google search shows it's a blatant lie.
This has no evolution.
They saw le berenstains bears theory and they thought it was le funny
Steel type used to be super effective against grass, now it's apparently just neutral? Weird.
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File: smergs.png (295 KB, 640x480)
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Do you want to play a game, /vp/oreons?
Gartic phone is like a mixture of pictionary and telephone. Hop in for Pokemon themed drawing! No skills needed.

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Fotm girl
Pear shaped body
PLA is 4 months old
File: oh.png (1.14 MB, 1080x1080)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB PNG
So these are the lucious thick succulent thighs I've been hearing about? Huh
File: 1643570892419.png (1.55 MB, 1080x1080)
1.55 MB
1.55 MB PNG
Based Domposter
Quite the looker isn't it

let's talk about tics baby
let's talk about noodle and me

>why does GameFreak shill kanto and pikachu in everything

To remind consumers that the product is still Pokemon. If it weren't for the original 151, people would easily consider the new content as a totally different franchise.
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This. It's always Gen 1's fault.
they are that dumb
We should become the Pokémon instead. Humanity is regressing.
I agree. Because of Pikachu, powerhouses such as Chestnutt and Tortlenetar go virtually unnoticed. Also because of dummy Kanto, other gens never get recognized for being good ala loha

Do people who own legendary Pokemon take responsibility for their actions on the world do they ever let them do their thing? For example, holding onto a Suicune would effectively kill off multiple ecosystems since it exists to purify water
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or maybe, their presence made it rain/sunny since thats what they do.
When Kyogre enters the battle it doesn't do any funny dance or thing to make it rain, it just rains
1. catch Suicune
2. start a charitable non-profit where you go to various shitholes and purify their water supplies
3. ???
There's multiple of many, if not all Legendaries anon. Even Arceus is just an avatar of Arceus the creator, and one of its many arms.
>Pokémon aren't real, dude.
I'm aware that you're probably trolling. Just in case you're not, though, I think Opie is referring to the in-universe world.
"""legendary""" is just lorefag BS, anon. It's spooky scary legend until you catch it and it's just a dog with purple hair.

A man of culture
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Why do you have to keep making it weird? Delphox is just a Fennec + Wizard robe. You've gotta stop projecting onto designs.
File: 1615243824227.png (77 KB, 999x1550)
77 KB
>it's CONDITIONED to defend itself within 2 minutes
Chalk up yet another mindbroken spazz.
File: 1280919986211.jpg (17 KB, 348x340)
17 KB
>Pretends that replying to get the final word is not schizo as well
Ah I see another retard that is a smart ass.
File: 69831776_p6.png (9 KB, 600x800)
9 KB
No free (You)'s for retards kid, don't you know board etiquette yet?
File: 1643668538256.png (293 KB, 578x449)
293 KB
293 KB PNG
I want to fuck Braixen

>go to /v/
>pinned is a wholesome and cute pokemon thread
>remember the last pinned thread on /vp/
File: 1630900928362.png (47 KB, 600x500)
47 KB
it's over

2022, i'm forgotten...
Marnie is better
at being shit

File: 1579056015389.gif (609 KB, 512x384)
609 KB
609 KB GIF
ITT: Post the most fun you've had in Pokemon
(pic semi related)
stadium and ranger are amazing games. i like conquest too

File: 1622473761852.jpg (117 KB, 1200x685)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
The only good attempt at the original dragon.
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hopefully they will make more non-main-game main-games like PLA
Notice the use of adjectives rather than hard "male/female." The entire point of B/W's design ethos and plot was the idea of looking past one's own preconceptions. You can even see this in the protag designs with Hilbert being much more demure and cautious compared to Red, Ethan, Brendan and Lucas while Hilda is the hardest tomboy in the series to date.
HOLY BASED and unironically the best looking design out of the thread
Add to that the fact that there are already like 4 copies of omegamon (other fusions following the same template) and like 6 alternate forms of the original
Did you notice how I never used male/female in my original post either? You were the first one to do so.
I said Reshiram is feminine and Zekrom is masculine.

File: gigahead.jpg (25 KB, 864x766)
25 KB
>DP monotype fire run
Can you beat DP using only Chimchar and Ponyta?

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