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File: Worst champ.jpg (170 KB, 1600x900)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
>Palafin as lead, AI set to immediately switch into Glimmora
>Glimmora as ace and immediate switch in because duh
>Maushold the pokemon league is filled with the things, population bomb is going to spin some jaws, normal type = coverage options, make it a family of three for rarity points
>Ceruledge, fits her color scheme and is a unique, cool new pokemon with good moves and type coverage
>Espathra is fine

There, I fucking fixed it. Still only new pokemon, even kept half her team, was that so fucking hard game freak?

>We need a final boss

Will our boy make it into the DLC?
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Who rocks grooves and make moves with all the mommys
In the back of the club sippin moët is where you'll find me
File: Screenshot_2984.png (313 KB, 672x682)
313 KB
313 KB PNG
Yes... but at the cost of becoming a ravenous monster. Too ravenous, in fact.
Because Game Freak have a better understanding of the thing's popularity than some kaijufag weeb. It didn't get added to base SS, didn't get added to Legends and now hasn't been added to base SV. Enjoy the bench.
Boot licking faggot submitting to foreign tastes.
Big monster equals badass. Stop limiting yourself to seem original, it's cringe.

File: 324.png (45 KB, 250x250)
45 KB
Name a more obnoxious Pokemon.
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Imagine the glowing spots on the shell are the eyes
God remember when Torkoal was a shitmon? Still feels so weird to see him so frequently in both OU and especially VGC
File: Gholdengo.png (69 KB, 177x256)
69 KB
File: Tinkaton.png (1.44 MB, 1191x1191)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB PNG

Do you think making shinies easier to get was a mistake? It started with Gen 4’s pokeradar but getting a 40 chain was appropriately frustratingly difficult. But ever since then it’s been dumbed down generation after generation with mechanics to increase odds and the Shiny Charm. And now the idea of a shiny pokemon has pretty much lost it’s value compared to Gen 2-3.

To me that random shiny Seedot I got in Ruby is infinitely more valuable than getting outbreak shinies today.
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I don't care about going out of my way to get shinies but I would like it if they made shinies more obvious so I don't accidentally walk past one
Dude, you could Action Replay shinies by the time they released the games in the west, the only value shinies ever had were to the individual
>injecting 0IV shinies to snipe shit off the GTS in Gen 4
They fucked that up by disallowing offering sub-leveled legends/similar in Gen 5. Maybe there wouldn't be the amount of dickswingers trying to appear kewl in-game if they hadn't.
I just get someone to pkhex any shinies I want. I beat the game and play a little online then I play something else.
I have never once (probably) gotten a legitimate shiny and I have played every game with shinies since Gold Version. I had some fished up shinies after I got the shiny charm in gen 6. I hatched a shiny Grimmsnarl in gen 8, but I don't remember if it was MM'd or not. My son caught a shiny Azuril in Scarlet after playing for maybe an hour; this was his third Pokemon game. I don't know if they made shinies easier to get in gen 9 or if he's just lucky.
He's lucky. the only thing that changed between 8 and 9 is the way they spawn in. There's no transition, so the 'mon on-field is the generated pokémon and coupled with the fact you can roll fresh spawns just by walking around means you're rolling for shiny chance almost constantly, vs once a battle..
In the time taken to encounter and run from one battle in USM, you can encounter 20+ pokémon in SV just by biking around (I found out SR'ing the entire game and relaunching was marginally quicker than running from a wild battle when hunting the 1% bagon on R3 to start SOS shiny hunting it in US).

>japanese version
>Lime and Thyme
>english version
>Ryme and Tyme
Why are americans so cringe
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Its not concept art, it was fanart based on a tiny blurry leak of her, and which was made to look like it was a leak of concept art.
Since Ryme is the only gym leader to do double battles, do you think they ever battled as a pair in the past?
Damn, they got me,,,

File: f988c-uzumaki.jpg (144 KB, 400x434)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
>fight Geeta
>lead with Veluza
>use Fillet Away
>Espratha copies the stat boosts
>get swept
Lolololololololololololol. How trash can you be. I have nuzlocked some brutal shit.

File: Smoliv.jpg (49 KB, 356x494)
49 KB
TCG confirms Chinese leakers had the right Nat Dex numbers. It's Paldea Dex order but with the 5 cross gen evos clumped between Tatsugiri and Great Tusk:
Gholdengo is #1000, not Tinkatink.
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wandering form carries 1 coin on its back
If you're talking about the model, sure. But when you actually interact with them they very commonly drop more than one. There's like a .1% chance of it dropping 200.
>not Tinkatink
This part isn't really necessary, could've just said Gholdengo is #1000 and ended there.
i downloaded live shit keeps crashing on me and how the fuck do i play expanded on it
from what I remember, expanded only goes as far back as SM currently, full expanded isn't playable yet

Pokemon Go is carrying the franchise. 532 Pokémon including Bulbasaur, Snorlax, Lugia, Swampert, Darkrai, etc, are all UNOBTAINABLE in Scarlet and Violet. Beyond ridiculous. If you can’t catch em all then it’s not a real Pokémon game. Meanwhile Go is committed to getting every ‘mon in the game. And shadowmon are awesome. End of, violetrannies
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Good luck catching any of the older mons now
Also, Go in the last time is an infinite string of fuck-ups, so it's too late
Hoenn tour, retard. It's already confirmed. Stop talking about a game you don't even play.
And where?
Speculations and rumors != confirmation, by the way
Do non spoofers even play this anymore?

Kneel. Worship. Obey.
Made for BBC.

File: PokeBalls.jpg (43 KB, 1024x670)
43 KB
Alright anons, lets come up with some new pokeballs. Recommend one and pick a current one to get rid of. I'll go first:
>Money ball
Capture rate goes up depending one how much money you have. It's solid gold and is expensive.
>replaces luxury ball
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Because it means less pokemon or animations
I really like these, what do they look like?
If it got rid of that red circle on it, id agree
>Butter ball
The heavier the pokemon, the higher the catch rate. It's a solid yellow and has a greasy texture.
>Replaces Heavy Ball

>Pilfer ball
Allows you to catch another trainer's pokemon. Also causes the police to chase you down. It's black and white striped with a purple mask decal on the front
I'd rather buff the balls that cost more than a ultra ball yet are not more effective even in their specific niche.
There are a couple that straight up are never worth using.
>Effort Ball
Raises EV to max of the Pokemon's current highest stat value

Frankly the only balls worth keeping are pokeballs, ultra balls, dusk balls, quick ball, timer ball, and the masterball.

File: 1670291000471636.png (55 KB, 276x256)
55 KB
>Foe Espathra goes to use Stored Power
>Terratypes into a Dark Type and OHKO's them
>"Your Opponent has Forfeited"

This is getting very boring. Please start using some new fucking sets I beg of you.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Most are running Dazzling Gleam Fairy but even still its so fucking boring and lame to fight the same shitty gimmick mon over and over again.
At least most of them are braindead enough not to want to fight after losing their bird.
File: FhLF9iJWIAA-iRo.png (163 KB, 477x681)
163 KB
163 KB PNG
The more sheeple use the gimmicky strats some youtuber tells them, the more ELO I gain. Let them keep using them.
>terra instead of tera
>opponent doesn't tera himself into fairy or fight to destroy your bitchmon
That's how I know your elo is around 1100
Terastalizing is stale
Around 1600. Dropped to around 1460 atm but don't be a faggot anon.
>Focus Sash mirror coat
Nothing personal.

File: file.png (910 KB, 1200x650)
910 KB
910 KB PNG
Looking for a bored Scarlet anon who's willing to host a Union circle for me to catch exclusive
4 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
cute dykes
Get some friends you fucking loser
all my friends bought violet, koraidon looked too shit baka
I would if I had Scarlet. The only person I know who had it was my little cousin, and I bought it for her.
I have Scarlet and online, but I have no idea how to do whatever that is. You'd have to spoonfeed me.

The game is dreadful and unplayable. Unskippable dialogues are even worse than in Sword and Shield and the open world is a mess to navigate through. I just want to get to the next objective as fast as possible. I don't give a fuck about exploring or whatever the fuck. Also shiny hunting is retarded as fuck in this game and makes no sense. Add to this all the glitchy animations and dogshit frame rate. This game is just unplayable, unenjoyable, unpleasant and disgusting.
you just know. also sage.
So let me get this straight. You
>”just want to get to the next objective as fast as possible.”
>”don't give a fuck about exploring or whatever the fuck”
And I’m supposed to take YOUR opinion about the quality of an open world game seriously? Go play a game from a genre you actually enjoy retard, can’t believe you actually wasted time playing a game that’s whole appeal is it’s huge explorable world when you literally KNOW that you don’t like that.
Stop responding to bait threads fags.

Why does it feel like the game wants you to use Clodsire?
You find Wooper in the first area of the game then the whole bottom right of the map is designed for you to use Clodsire
>Grass gym
>Rock titan
>Electric gym
>Fire team star base
>Steel titan
>Poison team star base
At that point Clodsire will already be a staple on your team, and even if you don't want to use it, it's so useful and convenient early on that you most likely will end up using it at least once or twice
41 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
I'm pretty sure I boxed him after the first gym, not everyone plays like you.
Those spikes are based on the Spanish Ribbed Newt's unique ability to extend its ribs out of its skin as a defensive measure, similar to Wolverine's claws. I only know this because I have a pair of them, and I never thought I'd see my little pink retards represented in Pokémon. What a great Gen.
After the early game it felt like it started to fall off, Ground/Poison was a great combo at least
File: 1639289073466.png (197 KB, 294x256)
197 KB
197 KB PNG
stall mons are kind of shit except in competitive
>deal no damage
>takes forever to beat antyhing
yeah I rather play witn an unevolved bidoff

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