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File: 1634828387216.jpg (2.25 MB, 5760x3240)
2.25 MB
2.25 MB JPG
Who is your favorite pokemon MC /v/?
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All of the female ones.
>coomers always seem to exaggerate them
You answered your own question
Pretty much all pokegirls have the same bodytype, their size of ass/tits are headcanon, memes by and for coomers
File: 1624097940072.jpg (146 KB, 1200x1200)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
Serena canonically has large tits.
There are small differences which get exaggerated, but they are there. Almost everyone has the same body type in these games aside from extreme standouts, so the slight differences are all the more apparent and people build off those differences. The clothing they wear helps to enforce these ideas as well. Like for example Hilda is noticeably lacking for what she chooses to wear, so that gets used as part of reference.

File: file.png (88 KB, 225x225)
88 KB
>get old pokemon
>make it looks sad
>twitter, reddit and tumblr lose their mind
wow, it's so easy to attract zoomers to buy pokemon
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most of them were born after it or were too young to remember it
They need to look on the bright side.
But we made a functional vaccine - a handful in fact- within a year of the outbreak. Furthermore, it laid bare a lot of the issue with how some parts of the world's economy work to the general public.
The older ones were born in the late 90s, but yes, most zoomers were after 9/11. Doesn't mean they didn't feel the effects of it.
hisui zorua looks more smug than sad imo
>still no brap of hzoro
I just want her to make me eat her Ominous Wind...

This girl is sweet
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>Illus. Megumi Mizutani
A woman created this artwork, praise the Shinto gods
File: P6FSWSn_5x.png (6 KB, 320x320)
6 KB
Better than Skyla
This, it’s getting very annoying
She's not popular because of her ugly hat.

File: 1200px-730Primarina.png (587 KB, 1200x1200)
587 KB
587 KB PNG
This is the ugliest pokemon Ive ever seen
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What they really should have done is making it 50/50 on genders for all starters. The gender based "balancing" never really worked anyway and was a moronic idea in the first place.

Design-wise Primarina is fine.
No one understands you.
Ironically, /vp/ is the only place on the internet that actually knows 87.5% is not 100%. Every other damn website thinks anything above 50% is 100.
Nobody asked you.
Go to bed

Why is less Pokemon better?
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You can't keep staying here if you aren't going to pay any bills, Devin.
True, I was more comparing each game listed to a chex mix piece.

Fine but I'm taking the stereo with me.
If you have all Pokemon available, you'll only ever use your half-dozen-or-so favorites, and likely nothing else. You wouldn't grow to like new ones, or even try them.
Then shouldn't the most popular pokemon like Charizard be dexcut?

OR better yet, just limit the old Pokemon the the post-game so that the newer Pokemon can have the spotlight in the main game, that way players will be required to get acquainted with new mons and develop new favorites while treating fans of the older pokemon with respect. The would be the best way handle that any any Pokemon game that did that should be heralded as one of the best in the series.
Reminds me of what a stadium speedrunner said, about how having to use only rentals made him appreciate certain pokemon more

File: Tits or Ass.png (931 KB, 1156x744)
931 KB
931 KB PNG
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Stop being gay.
>squished by sweaty pokegirl tits
Unova > Kalos.
I wanna do both
There's no debate there lol

File: Story_arezu.png (321 KB, 1000x968)
321 KB
321 KB PNG
Arezu theory

Personally I don't think Arezu is the warden of the climbing pokemon we saw I think she will give the player access to the TM Flash in some way. Taking into account her bracelet is a warm green it matches up with the colour for bug types. We first see her after getting a haircut and both her and Mars give off a very Flapper fashion style. Taking both those into account and the fact her partner pokemon is an assumably exclusive female form pokemon; she fits extremely well with Illumise which is based on Women's Flapper Fashion and fireflies. Fireflies being important because, in Japan they were considered altered souls of soldiers who died in (war) and goes perfectly back to Mars (i.e the God of War) and her family's design inspiration. Plus the popular song Hotaru no Hikari (Light of the Firefly) was first introduced in 1881 during the Meiji Period which falls right into when Hisui is based on (1868-1912). Lastly touching back on Illumise it can learn the HM later turned TM Flash which is used in certain caves in Gen 4. Which could mean we might get a Hisuian Illumise and or Hisuian evolution.
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Based trips of 3
My theory is that I think Arezu will be the mother of the MC's children
The climbing Pokemon will be a Sneasal Evolution and I refuse to elaborate. Screencap this.
I think the climbing pokemon is either an alternate Ambipom or Gallade.

File: comic multi (2).jpg (142 KB, 592x859)
142 KB
142 KB JPG

Trade - Raid - Bitch - Breed

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I don't think growl works? It's only damaging moves that trigger Rattled, and only bug/ghost/dark type ones at that.
Growl is to trigger it's normal ability Soundproof. Whichever Whismur doesn't set off Soundproof will have Rattled.
No, Rhyperior.
Rhydon is the worst.
Ohhh, good point, didn't think of that. Much better than trying to get a low level shuckle that won't one-shot them with struggle bug, thanks!
File: f17.jpg (96 KB, 800x578)
96 KB
then I get the rattled whismur but because the ability message doesn't pop up in the same order as the pokemon on the field, I accidentally killed it


Why did Gen IV get so screwed over?
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And when are we going to know? ORAS showed megas from the start, we even knew the national dex was in since they revealed gallade, audino and diancie. Instead BDSP gave us just early content and shit like amity square and poffins.
Hey at least you can actually decorate your base in ORAS. You won't be able to in BDSP
>putting pokemon there only
Completely ruins what the Underground was. Especially with base customization, tasks, and fossilmons gone.
who’s* ESL nigger YWNBAW
You can still find items in the underground, and you haven't explained what was ruined about the underground.

File: 635.png (49 KB, 250x250)
49 KB
Imagine trying to maintain a Hydreigon with that snowpix that thinks they're a snowtales around.

Advantages: Can just scan 4chan to lift all important information.
Disadvantages: Freaks out when someone makes a joke.

x8 type advantage, lol.

>Charizard! Use Tackle Attack!
Charizard fainted since it use Tackle Attack on a Geodude.
>Charizard can't learn tackle
>uses it anyway
based as fuck
imso fucking drunk and this post kinda made me freak

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Incel game
>The girls designs are nice
>they only bothered with the women
<50% effort, shit game
File: 20211023_154530.jpg (519 KB, 1565x2186)
519 KB
519 KB JPG
Some dudes look good too, I suppose.
It's a mobile game, of course no.

File: 1605246430413.png (330 KB, 1080x1920)
330 KB
330 KB PNG
>The penile artery is susceptible to trauma. Impact to the groin causing damage to the artery may cause erectile dysfunction in young men.
Don't let Pokémon go near your crotch
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File: coommit suicide.jpg (11 KB, 220x229)
11 KB
Hey, hey! You better not push your luck
or your dick will turn into mush, you cuck!
shut the fuck up plane, I wasn't planning on doing so anyway. but now you've pointed it out I'm going to figure out a comfortable way to armour that area.
Commissioning a picture of Latias being killed in the name of Allah.
i like my chances
Unironically back in the day this happened to a kid at school when a girl kicked his nuts. He had to get surgery too

File: maxresdefault (1).jpg (113 KB, 804x720)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
What did this thing here mean? It's one of the many unsolved mysteries of the entire franchise!
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>Some Japanese prefecture
Didn't they pretty much nail the entirety of Japan with Gen 1-4?
True, I forgot about apricorns. It never made sense to me that ALL Pokemon were "newly discovered," though, just that some of them were.
Not really, there are relatively huge chunks missing.
Indian Elephants
China is also mentioned in some of Arcanine's pokedex entries

File: 1634912605997.jpg (161 KB, 1000x800)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
Buy May.
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Never :(
Literally where?
Legs, mainly
File: 1519793912141.png (377 KB, 638x850)
377 KB
377 KB PNG
I preordered May but I swear to god someone's getting the bullet if there isn't a corresponding Ruby/Sapphire Brendan figure in roughly the next two years

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