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File: unnamed.jpg (7 KB, 100x100)
7 KB
idfk, why there's so much bullshit in youtube community like furry-asshole verlisify or pancake dobbs, what's the point of so many freaks right here, especially comparing it with other gamer communities
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oh, for sure, but definetly this is not the case for all of'em. I'm playing pokemon just because i remember my days enjoying anime and i like the idea and concept of pokemon, and i saw few popular people that blance this shit. For example, Graham Amedee, i think he's cool
Your perception of them.
Or did you actually think they were worth less then YOU?
exactly no but i'm sure that furry freaks that also asshole from the personality side actually morons
Why is there so much drama too? I swear every day I hear of some new conflict between poketubers and they make 30 minute videos addressing them to get people on their side. It's sad that youtube is about the content creators now and not actually the content itself.
There is no community there are cliques that you get to see. No smart person actually throws that word around.

File: whyyyyyy.png (46 KB, 819x600)
46 KB
What the fuck is happening with TCG card prices? I last bought a bunch of cards for my collection back in April, and I just went to go buy some more and was blown away by the prices. Checking the cost of the exact cards I bought in April, prices have more than doubled! What the fuck?
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Yeah Skyridge is just wild. You know the set is ridiculous when your basic holo runs you $100. Let alone the six Crystal cards(3 of which are extremely collectible Pokemon)
Whoa I have a lot of them, not just Kabutops. Will it pay me top vacations in Thailand with elite ladyboys?
Maybe, check ebay and TCGplayer for prices. Standard holo (not reverse holo) Charizard is $5000+ depending on condition. That might pay for some ladyboys.
Which ones? If Ho-oh, Charizard, or Celebi, then you have a gold mine.
I remember some collector telling me something about pokemon cards being on the edge of becoming high level collectible cards(like fancy baseball cards and magic), cards have to hit a certain age and then they spike up apparently.

File: Eb-gcUIUYAAiSpE.jpg (623 KB, 868x1212)
623 KB
623 KB JPG
Another rainbow Charizard edition

New/Returning Player?
>https://pastebin.com/ZsYKRnPK (getting started)
>https://imgur.com/a/z4NoDRn (deckbuilding guide)

>Public trade is like the GTS, if you want proper results, put up your own offers.
>Don't open tradables packs unless it's from giveaways (and POST PULLS)

What theme deck should I buy?
>Groudon/Kyogre for winrates, Necrozma for staples. Dragonite and Rillaboom are good too.

>http://limitlesstcg.com/tournaments (meta decklists)
>https://pastebin.com/svqYihpM (budget deck pastebin)

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Is the Premium Trainer's XY Collection worth getting if I'm trying to get into premium? I see I can get one for $80.
oh, this again...
It terms of actual utility it doesn't actually get you a lot since it is just 11 cards, 2 packs, and other accessories. You are better off just buy singles
File: cleffa-neo-genesis-20.jpg (160 KB, 600x825)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
just fucking use Inteleon V-Max + Vitality Band if you are that concerned.

File: coolporygon.jpg (27 KB, 360x297)
27 KB
what exactly made him so cool?
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What is it, then? It was built by humans.
Porygon is basically a Digimon, he’s computer data given life
So a robot
Fuck you Imakumi is based
vaporwave desktop background

File: 1559943565497.jpg (47 KB, 500x415)
47 KB
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>Dickhead (feminine)
>Why do GERMANS have a negative word for Jews?
Beats me man
I vaguely remember CHICKSWITHDICKS being on that banlist as well but it's not there anymore.
I think Bulbasaur was banned from trading in spanish countries at some point because its name contains Bulba, which sounds similar to the word Vulva, that means Pussy in spanish.
so thats why i couldn't name my ralts ss

File: hqdefault[1].jpg (16 KB, 480x360)
16 KB
>95% accuracy
File: rock icon.png (12 KB, 501x195)
12 KB

Discuss the official format of competitive Pokémon as well as giving or seeking advice. Showdown has tournaments 24/7 in the VGC chatroom if you want to get better. Remember we play VGC for fun so if you get frustrated take a break.

>Usage Statistics



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File: 1591910675634.png (507 KB, 1070x601)
507 KB
507 KB PNG
I just lost to self destruct Snorlax team

I’m gonna be real with you guys. I’m super new to Pokemon. I’m afraid I’m a bit retarded
It's ok, it's a lot of mechanical interaction to unpack and learn how its handled. Take your time and practice, read up, and learn on these mechanics.
Try some of these rental teams, there's no shame in using someone else's team if you're the one controlling it, it's like using a car someone else engineered, you're still the driver.
meant for >>44189829
If I become a worlds-level competitor, will I have earned the title of Pokemon Master? If not, how do I achieve this, what does it mean to be a Pokemon master, marketing gimmicks aside.

File: yancy.png (897 KB, 1036x733)
897 KB
897 KB PNG
Show your appreciation.
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File: yancy1.png (740 KB, 1001x1364)
740 KB
740 KB PNG
someone delivered
That's actually an old drawthread request before the post
I'm the one who requested it
Fuck you, pink hair is based on 2D girls only. I understand that when 3D girls have pink hair it usually means extreme sluttery, daddy issues galore and tattoos so I can forgive the negative stigma associated with it.
Actually, wait. I screwed up the date because I have a bad memory
She looks even cuter without her hat

Can anyone trade me a Popplio on SwSh?
male or tranny?
Doesn't matter, just needed for breeding purposes
Link Code is 42784130

File: EcjhzKgUMAEdcri 2.png (2.02 MB, 1176x1482)
2.02 MB
2.02 MB PNG
Original Trainer, Villain, Protag, and so on designs.
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Slice of Life shit is garbage
Go play Reborn retard.
Wow these are fucking terrible.
Boring and plain.
File: Marigold (2).png (468 KB, 1200x1500)
468 KB
468 KB PNG
This is Marigold, also know as "The Autumn Princess", she specializes in Grass types, and is the youngest gym leader of her region
post urs

File: handsome boy.png (321 KB, 860x1054)
321 KB
321 KB PNG
does anyone here only use their starters and pokemon they've been with for a very long time? I have two boxes full of awesome pokemon I want to use, but I've been using the same Greninja, SB Blaziken, Noivern, and Tyranitar I've had since Y. I simply love them too much to put them in storage
Not the exact same mons but the same species. The Magmar, Electabuzz and Poliwag lines are particularly persistent main stays.
I make a new team each gen, but I carry over my previous teams and still use them when I feel like it.
>Magmar, Electabuzz
lucky trips confirm

File: 615.gif (141 KB, 78x99)
141 KB
141 KB GIF
If you were isekaid into the pokemon world, would you:
A. Immediately fuck some pokegirls
B. Immediately fuck some pokemon
C. Immediately fuck both pokegirls and pokemon at the same time
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I won’t lie I’d fuck a ditto just for the experience or a female zoroark.
A. fuck some pokegirls, then disappear and wait 10+ years for the resulting children to become pokemon masters
Escapist zoomers btfo'd once again, sorry your balls haven't dropped yet kiddo
D. Try to find Hoopa so I can get back home. PokeWorld is batshit crazy no matter what media. I want out!

File: treetrunk ass.png (200 KB, 320x240)
200 KB
200 KB PNG
Who would've guessed that Nuzleaf had all that ass
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I can't. Threw it away.
File: feraligatr.gif (93 KB, 500x793)
93 KB
If you wanna believe that.
File: pepo police.jpg (68 KB, 957x621)
68 KB

Hey anons. Been having a crappy night, can we have a Normal-type thread? It's my favorite type and I could use a mood boost
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File: 335-Zangoose.png (54 KB, 274x300)
54 KB
The best
File: 1584856745582.png (298 KB, 855x826)
298 KB
298 KB PNG
Baron Lickilicky is cool

Why didn't they become Fairy-types when Fairy was introduced?
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Mother bear is dead
No, Moon Rabbits like Azumarrill and Jigglypuff are Fairy type; the relation doesn't extend any farther than that.
provide a reason for it being fairy
Umbreon is not a Fairy type
Lunatone is not a Fairy type
Cresselia is not a Fairy type
Lunala is not a Fairy type

Having an apparent moon motif isn't a qualification of Fairy typing

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