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I know these are lazy ports, but is it worth playing if you don’t have access to the DS originals? Did anyone here play them, or did /vp/ largely boycott?
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File: yum.png (34 KB, 121x215)
34 KB
Nah, just emulate platinum or play any gen 4 hackrom.
I played through DP on release and I never touched those retarded gimmicks.
i got soft locked by a glitch that wouldnt let me into the galactic base even though i had the key card. no just emulate, or even better buy a used 2ds and hack it. you can get one for the price of this game.
>verification not required
is it true this game has always-on exp share? is it at least balanced around that? I'm interested but I don't want to bother playing if it's even easier than the original

File: canon edgelords.jpg (58 KB, 708x700)
58 KB
How edgy does a Pokemon game have to become before you consider it too much? Or put another way, what's the edgiest thing you would accept?
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>"a death is too much"
In rby they literally tell you in lavender town that a marowak was killed by team rocket.
Silver starts as an ass, and the game treats him as someone who needs to change. The game is effective in making you want to win against him specifically. You're the first person to notice him looking through the lab window, you get pushed by him, and you continue to encounter him at multiple points in the story, giving you a sense of equal progression. You see his character evolve both through his dialogue and his team, from stealing Pokémon (starter, Sneasel) to befriending them (Crobat). Later games recontextualize his personality. It answers why he hates weakness, why he has it out for Team Rocket. All in all, he feels like a character who goes through an arc.

Gladion is edgy, but it's more like a style rather than him being an actual jerk. His torn clothes are because of him taking care of Type: Null. He's overly serious for a kid his age, and a lot of his traits have chuuni elements to them, like his posing and hand gestures. The "Hmph" is more of an act than genuine, and it feels like he exists more as a foil to Hau. He just doesn't hit as hard for a rival as previous serious rivals. If anything, I think he'd make a better rival to Hau than to your character since he reacts to Hau more than you. I also don't get the sense that Gladion grows much during the game. He has more friends by the end and his family is mostly restored, but he still seems like the same guy overall.
no more than stand by me, no less than the gonnies. basically the first show
bw and bw2 was too much. sm was about right, just done poorly. they really ought to hire some writers, hot take i know
imagine the sex
I hate shitnova and its edgy story

File: ash.jpg (194 KB, 1280x720)
194 KB
194 KB JPG
Why is this setting so fun to immerse yourself in?
Do you guys have OC characters/self inserts or whatever you like to dream up? Post em here
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Start journey in Lavender. Agatha is grandma. Hate Pokémon because moms Arcanine is a cunt and Granny is scary as fuck. Agatha is salty about Oaks grandson being a successful champion so myself and a couple of other “leftovers” (kid from the saffron dojo determined to become a fighting gym leader and a qt3:16 Eevee trainer) with Ghastly as starter. Slowly assemble team and learn important lessons along the way.
>Gengar (starter gift from Agatha)
Trolls the fuck out of me and teaches me to lighten the fuck up
Literally only caught to be the opposite of Ghastly. Eventually learn lessons about calmness and not running away
Caught as a Magikarp. Teaches lessons about patience because shitty things can turn into greatness. Kinda acts like Ash’s Charizard and is hard to control. Eventually teaches a lesson about anger
Egg gift from mom. Hate it because Arcanine was a twat. Teaches a lesson about loyalty and frenship
Because Ash was too big of a bitch to ever use the Thunderstone
Needed a flyer and wanted a rock type. Comes with cool science and history lessons from Blaine.
>Why is this setting so fun to immerse yourself in?
Because it always sounded to me the idea of exploring the world with a team of magical creatures that you trained and befriended along the way.

And this is the main reason why my self-insert goes to Kanto because as a kid he always wanted to do a Pokémon journey. He tried to do that for a month during a summer but he left after getting one badge because of school stuff. During the trip he remembered that he wanted to specialize on water type Pokémon and he starts to do that too. At this point he has a team of 12-15 Pokémons from Gen1-2, 50% of those are water type, the other 50% are Pokémons that I like. Some months later he goes to Hoenn, here he gets involved in an adventure where he isn't the protagonist since it isn't the focus of his journey, during this events he goes to Sinnoh too. However he only get 8 badges and he doesn't try to challenge the Elite 4 since they're too strong for his team. During the journey he realize that he will never do everything that he wished to do as a kid in a reasonable amount of time. Because of this reason he returns to home to do a normal life (cultivating the trainer related stuff as a hobby) when he feels satisfied that he has completed the main things that he wanted to do, without any regret of having lost an opportunity to make his dream come true.
File: 1651188367813.jpg (33 KB, 600x599)
33 KB
>pokemon world is le utopia
just say you're boring
Nah I too would not like to suffer under a lot of bullshit that I have no power to affect and instead live a wanderers life with cute animals.

File: 1649782074618.png (19 KB, 602x509)
19 KB
Who is the charizard of Kanto?
Pokémon Trainer Red
Scyther. Everyone hates that faggot.
no one hates scyther, despite being completely fucking awful in gen 1
completely locked out by ghost type, only stab move is 35 bp and learned at level 50 every other move he has is normal. enters the shadow realm if a rock looks at it.
Who is the kanto of kanto

Why are you still playing the main series, /vp/?
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Mainline <<< PMD
Mainline >>> PMD
because I'm autistic and the simplicity and nostalgia of pokemon is the only thing I can still rely on as an adult child to keep me comfort
Of the Pokemon ones, Explorers of Sky.
File: 3scj934lyrd31.jpg (38 KB, 720x697)
38 KB
Because the last good Mystery Dungeon game was released in 2009.
Last main series I played was Y. Disappointed me so much after BW2 I stopped caring about mainline and stick to romhacks / old gens.

The Spanish and Portuguese languages share a lot of similar words (in both writing and pronounciation) that, surprisingly, have totally different meanings, e.g. rojo/roxo.
In Spanish "rojo" means "red".
In Portuguese "roxo" means "purple".
That was it.
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the origin of the games' names probably?
that's super interesting
I get what your trying to say OP but I highly doubt you can make each version centered around a different country. Mostly because portugal is too small compared to spain.
Makes sense. GF couldn't go with Red because that was already taken, so they went with Scarlet instead.
So basically, to break down OP retarded ppst:
Pokemon Scarlet = Glorious Pokemon Espana
Pokemon Violet = Poop Butt Pokemon Brazil, just to piss off the Portufucks

Worship Clair
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>Worship Clair
File: 1628848869311.jpg (1.56 MB, 824x1768)
1.56 MB
1.56 MB JPG
Dynamaxing Clair! She tried to catch Eternatus, but couldn't and got Cannon'd! Now she's big! But she still can't beat Lance! Worship!
Dynamaxing Clair then worshiping her
File: 91819816_p0.jpg (2.98 MB, 2000x2600)
2.98 MB
2.98 MB JPG


Pokémon Presents happening on 5/26. Bit earlyish but they wanted to put in mobileshit like last time and wanted to premiere the next Season in GO.
>Announcing the Season of Ultra.
Direct continuation from the Season of Alola but still largely self-contained events again, no big overarching storyline like with Season of Mischief or Season of Heritage. First event introduces Cosmog -> Cosmoem -> Solgaleo/Lunala. You only get one Cosmog. Apparently they’ll put Solgaleo and Lunala in raids later on? I got no fuckin’ clue I don’t work at Niantic.
>quick mention of new stages coming to Café ReMix.
Literally who gives a shit but apparently they really like the idea of promoting this in the Presents.
>Detective Pikachu 2 coming later this year.
Emphasizing once again that it’s a continuation of the GAME, not the movie. (Didn’t they quietly cancel the movie sequel? LOL) “You play as Tim Goodman searching for clues about his father and the identity of the mysterious talking Pikachu yadda yadda yadda” you get the point.
>Scarlet/Violet news
The main event. Starts out with a pre-rendered CGI trailer sort of like SwSh’s reveal but with a voiceover and title cards for the starters. Then cuts to gameplay. “Explore the Trianta Region!”. That name’s retarded as fuck. Shows off some Pokémon with some title cards, couldn’t be assed to remember what they were. Now’s the part where you say it’s fake cuz I’m too lazy to check again. Standard affair, no reference to a gimmick in this trailer. They reference periodic updates as usual for a new game release.
That’s about it. Have fun, chumps.
>quick mention of new stages coming to Café ReMix.
>Literally who gives a shit but apparently they really like the idea of promoting this in the Presents
Don't say that, you'll hurt Joe's feelings :(
But the region name begins with a V.
File: regionname.png (6 KB, 350x71)
6 KB
Screenshotted so I can call out your retarded ass when the region name gets revealed. Pokemon alphabet is different sweetie.
I like Cafe Remix
If you aren't reading every single update on serebii about cafe remix, then get the fuck out.

Would you rather have 50 Poke Balls and 2 Great Balls, or 10 Ultra Balls if you had to catch a Mewtwo? And your life depended on it.
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I was never able to catch a mewtwo with 50 pokeballs because it kills itself before I even throw them all. Anyway, 10 ultras are also not enough.
>Go to dynamax adventures
>Get 52 chances to catch mewtwo
>Automatic catch

You never said it had to be the in the same attempt.
>:OP:O-Okay...I am clearing up that it has to be on the same attempt...
Okay. Then give me 10 ultra balls.
>Play pokemon go
>Do a mewtwo research/get a rank 20 raid boss reward on mewtwo week
>Throw 10 excellent curve throws with silver pinap berries
>Have a 40% chance with each one
It is, but only for certain health percents (like 33-45% I think).
>Why would the great ball be better than the ultra ball in gen 1
Because they over engineered the catch formula and it uses logarithms.
>dude just reason with it
It took watching Ash die, Pikachu desperately try to revive his corpse, and witnessing a miracle for it to have a change of heart
You could easily capture him in a pokeball. Because I am autistic, I used Pokeballs on to catch all my pokeballs. I know this because I caught Deoxys the other day and I only used like 10 balls*
*Note: I said balls! hahahahahah that's funny

File: maxresdefault.jpg (230 KB, 1280x720)
230 KB
230 KB JPG
Name a better addition to the series.
double battles
quick ball and co
rotation battles
triple battles
physical special split
battle frontier
regional forms im kinda split on but i liked them in sm so im just gonna go with it. my only real problem is pokemon getting locked out of new evos. sucks for that, but like i said it was fun in sm so im just gonna roll with it.
File: two turn typhlosion.gif (2.31 MB, 600x219)
2.31 MB
2.31 MB GIF
>triple battles
end thread

File: Risa.png (220 KB, 340x844)
220 KB
220 KB PNG
Thoughts on her design?
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she looks like if ash tried to crossdress as a girl
>that brat in spy x family
I love her rainbow hair. How much for an hour?
this >>50504549
made for thighjobs

You don't need more
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Brown haired Red is fake too
>Seething Ivysaurfag gets BTFO by Leafchads
Best post in this thread. Post more’
File: Torterra.png (1.32 MB, 1280x1280)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB PNG

File: FTUNNvJUsAAB28l.jpg (10 KB, 332x332)
10 KB
If pokemon turned out to be real, like actually real. TPC turned out to have been a front for the Pokémon government, working to mentally condition us to be more accepting of the eventual merge of worlds, all the lore is real. So now Pokémon are real and exist in the modern western world. You can adopt them, fight them, and raise them. This begs a genuine question. Not shitposting, not asking for meme answer, being serious. If Pokémon existed, would you actually try to fuck one?
? post meds
File: 552.jpg (38 KB, 600x584)
38 KB
Pokemon are animals and bestiality is a sin. All these pussy faggots that keep LARPING about wanting to fuck Pokemon would soon get cold feet. You're all talk, no action.
some absolutely would, people in the real world fuck dogs and cats and goats and mares and whatever
Sure, but are pokefuckers zoophiles? You always hear them mentioning fortune cookies in Glace on threads. This message goes out to Glaceon posters fuck you in particular.

File: images (2).jpg (19 KB, 250x202)
19 KB
Someone here on /vp/ said that the more recent prints of BDSP cartridges already come WITH the 1.2 and 1.3 version updates of the game, meaning that the huge Day 1 Patch is already included on them.

Can someone confirm this? Thanks.
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I understand, but SOMEONE here must know.
Black Lives Job?
Anyone who bought a more recent copy of BDSP can enlighten me?

I still believe
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we want a ice/fire ekans
i hope to god this isnt real. its the same template of the actual sun moon leak of the final starters so kudos to the artist for making it believable enough
>/vp/ users fell from THAT
Lowest IQ on 4chan
the little electric fella is good at least
electric one is the only good one

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