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>nowhere is it stated that it’s flower is poisonous, it’s skin is not venomous nor is it’s mouth
>no one in the bulba line spits or secretes venom, the flower isnt poisonous
>is poison type
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File: 58.png (980 KB, 1280x1280)
980 KB
980 KB PNG
>No part of its body is visibly on fire
>Not a single dex entry over 25 years has said it can breath fire
>Somehow a fire-type
golurk is made of clay you fucking moron not rock
For the third time, the plant is not poisonous. It emits nice smells and dew, I won’t remind you all for the fourth time. Again, for the slow, Venusaurs flower is harmless
File: 1668351187599401.png (91 KB, 252x203)
91 KB
explain this then
>>flagon is based on a dragonfly
It's not though. It's an Antlion.

Why did they gimp him with the >SFMA treatment
this is an english speaking board
Anything that isn't GENWUN or a Shillmon is bound to be kneecapped in some way. You really can't complain since Croak has it better than most Hoennmons (who were stuck with SFMA syndrome AND low BSTs) and most Johtomons (who are actively hated to the point of being forced to be filler for Kantomons in their own fucking generation, forced to waste 7% of their dex space babysitting Kanto's unwanted abortions, and missing out the special snowflake bullshit KANTOOOOOO gets despite being attached to the fucking place.
Because Toxicroak had a water immunity, a toxic immunity, a healing ability, a great movepool, multiple boosting moves, and multiple priority moves. He just suffered from modern pokemon's severe powercreep.

File: pawmipawmo.png (44 KB, 858x1440)
44 KB
This is the worst evolution in the entire series.
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Then why isn't it just one Pokemon with an alternate form than? You could make ones with no hearts that doesn't change, and then the ones with hearts are rarer, and change into the other form.
Not as bad as mouse family.
that’s an odd looking rhyperior
Because shut up

File: 4sinnoh_team.png (30 KB, 430x110)
30 KB
post teams! trainer cards are also applicable
I made a team for every new batch today. Just for fun. There's 10 total (every generation + hisui) so I'll hold off on sharing them all, but I enjoyed the experience. It made me curious as to what other anons would have, so I am making this thread.

trainer card maker: https://tcm.pokecharms.com/
team planner: https://richi3f.github.io/pokemon-team-planner/plan/#home
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File: trainer card.png (24 KB, 245x158)
24 KB
I remember these being bigger but it's been years since I did them. I remember there being a JP website that was vastly superior to PokeCharms though. Pokecharms stuff is kinda low quality compared to them, still gets the job done but I do miss that site, can't remember its name though. Anyway.

Your team is pretty based. 4/6, I only don't like Lopunny and Skuntank.

Yea I tried their modern version and couldn't find any theme I wanted and honestly didn't want to be assed to navigate all the trainer models. I do like how you commit to the teams for each generation though, very thematic.
is this it? https://tc.hnys.jp/
I really wish my main language was Japanese right now...
Current team, Autismlocke, I think it's called, starting in Yellow. Dropped Graveler for Lax, for Sabrina, since Porygon x Nqueen will stomp Koga, and getting Wrath to snuff for Gio+Lorelei.
Forgot to add pic rel

File: EcEpJt_UEAId9oQ.jpg (66 KB, 1200x675)
66 KB
the amount of pokemon species is getting dangerously close to the amount of digimon for the first time in decades. I'm actually scared you guys might surpass us soon
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Wait until /k/ sees this
Meh jush a mishmash of Gun Devil from Chainsaw Man and Mecha Godzilla from God vs Kong. How "original"
Eternatus is a literal cannon as an anthesis to Zacian's sword and Zamazenta's shield
digimon came out like 20 years before chainsaw man
What about the Magnemite line?

Why do Reshiram have a bad reputation?
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>Kyurem is 1/3 female
Okay then, how does *that* work out?
That's not what he said, troon
I really like this image. I want that tongue on me.
lubby chudder
Reshiram and Zekrom are the dots inside the yin-yang symbols, that's why Resh is the female, Zek is male. I don't know why no one has pointed that out

File: Pokemon Tier List.png (496 KB, 1140x647)
496 KB
496 KB PNG
Here's what the objective one looks like.

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Only when talking about Gen 3+. The first two generations can be excused due to hardware limitations
One might argue that improvements should be taken for granted if you choose to release the same game again, and on their own aren't enough to make a game better.
FRLG is a very obvious example; it was released only seven years after the original RG, yet contains almost no creative divergence from RG and is filled with bafflingly regressive design choices (like Golbat being unable to evolve, or Houndoom being unobtainable to incentivize sales of the then-unreleased Pokemon Emerald).

Like the game was clearly just a cashgrab rushed out to revive Pokemania even though the original title wasn't even cold. Its active resistance to objective improvements offered by prior titles - for the sake of being more similar to RG - makes it a worse game than RG in my eyes. At least RG was an original game with original creative input
File: tier list.png (546 KB, 1140x649)
546 KB
546 KB PNG
I like how you are the only one who added Colosseum and DX to the GOD list. They need to be acknowledge more as good tributes towards the mainline games for that generation.
So overall Black/White & BW 2 are and was good. Then why do so many on /vp keep trying to say Black/white & BW2 are shit?
> Platinum makes DP obsolete as a game
And yet RS is only 2 tiers away from Emerald and BW is only 1 tier away from BW2. It’s almost as if OP is an inconsistent retard and isn’t objective at all.

Based yng edition
>Discuss husbando
>Worship husbando
>Bully husbando
>Post art, headcanons, greentext, etc.
Previous bread >>53812295
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(Partially)Reposting from last thread
I would be very surprised if he wasn't, don't think he had the time to bother with that
Too busy trying to take care of himself and later his Mabosstiff, also probably had trouble opening up to others in general before he had to
Do pokemon count
File: _neruyo__.jpg (181 KB, 1176x1500)
181 KB
181 KB JPG
File: FxNCba8aMAAniEo.jpg (252 KB, 2005x1417)
252 KB
252 KB JPG
Threadly Lance/yng appreciation post
File: Fx221TGaYAAnfC0.png (125 KB, 571x680)
125 KB
125 KB PNG

Bugsy asks you on a date to catch bugs together. How do you respond?
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It's not gay if he has a cute small penis
Out of ten!
If you think penises, small or otherwise, are cute, then anon... Idk what to tell you other than you're gay, bro. Or bi. Either way, though, you're also based.
Get good? Anything can literally get you at anytime. I'd be paranoid as hell 24/7. I could go to sleep one night, and wake up the next morning absolutely mind-broken and forever a love slave to some rando. Why WOULDN'T this >>53908274 be a common thing if we all lived in a Pokemon world?
built for burly bara hands

Who else should I include in my BDSP league of super friends? These are all Pokémon that I have just happened across in my BD play through, with the exception of the Salamence which I caught randomly while looking for a Bagon on my friend’s SP.
Arcanine could be a good fit, I think.

This image from 10 years ago gave me a CBT fetish
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1681839412022267.png (120 KB, 193x413)
120 KB
120 KB PNG
whats cbt
Have you been raped by a cute white boy in the meantime?
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
OP enjoys to get therapy that corrects his cognitive behaviour

File: 1685924455158.png (76 KB, 242x654)
76 KB
How does the new anime series expect me to get through an episode without having to take a 15 minute break when it has shots like this?
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>They made an MC attractive enough to get hooked for 100+ episodes
How did they do it?
>Nothing even remotely lewd about the pic
Imagine being so depraved of the feel of a woman that literal clothed pics of a girl turns you on, unironically have sex anon before it's too late
By not being mentally ill.
>I think the franchise just got progressively hornier/ or otaku pandering
Maybe you should try watching something before making these ridiculous accusations
Not your board

File: James and Jessie.png (700 KB, 1194x640)
700 KB
700 KB PNG
James-bros, not like this...
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give me the source right now
Holy based.
The image from the OP is at chapter 11 though. In total, this Ash x Dawn fanfic has 18 chapters. The artist draws hands too small, but else it's okay
Not interested actually
Good, now let's see that PP Up.

Post Pokeboys
80 replies and 42 images omitted. Click here to view.
I would, though.
In fact, I want some of Elio's friends to borrow the REST of his clothes, leaving the boy more than just shirtless. ;)
Him. Holy shit bros, him. I am down apocalyptic for his chuuni emo cock. I want him to rearrange my guts in the alphabetical order of My Chemical Romance's discography in the back of a shitty hot topic bathroom.
I want to dick this brat
Same, anon... same...
how about both of us, at the same time, anon? A little DP action for this cute, feisty brat?

File: pineco.jpg (124 KB, 858x1000)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
Is it pine-coh or pie-neh-coh?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I always read it as pie-neh-koh
3 syllables

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