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Read any? There are surprisingly a lot of PMD fan content out there. My personal recommendations are 'Yet Another PMD' and 'PMD Victory Fire'. Be warned that they aren't finished, but what's there is good. I've read the official mangas, but they are short recaps of the games with horrid pacing and cut content. I've also yet to play any romhacks.
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This is a GREAT core idea for a story, with how it actually "centers" the plot on the specific 'mon the Isekai'd MC ends up as. Also lends itself to a funny aftermath because under PMD logic Palafin has near-mandatory hit-and-run tactics to properly utilize Zero To Hero.
Yeah but I fucking hate palafin, and additionally I don't like isekai either

You'd come across a problem where you're writing about a specifically aquatic water type. Your story then comes across an issue where you're primarily writing your setting from the perspective of a pokemon who cannot reliably go onto land. You're forced to flesh out underwater communities, river highways, currents, tides, deep sea geography, and all other manner of shit that would be way more interesting than the barebones character arc which has been presented by the gimmick of the protag's pokemon. It's a functional arc, of course, but that does not guarantee an actual hook. Just using the gimmick of the species itself as a baseline is something anyone could see coming from a mile away, so I think that it would be better served coming from an unconventional species with a secondary character Palafin to serve as an example in the second act. And I'd keep them a fish because I don't think many people have explored the possible underwater PMD setting.
How would a dolphin have a team? Would it be an aquatic based adventure? What constitutes as running away? Can he immediately rejoin after fleeing? How long does this form last?

I feel like this gimmick makes more sense in a turn-based rpg than it does in PMD. Also a cowardly character being saved deus-ex-machina is major eyerolling. A physically weak character that makes good use of flee-tactics is fine, but I'd hate the crybaby deer-in-headlights kind of coward.
the ability seems like scooby snacks with a twist
File: g0eKAn7NPM.jpg (78 KB, 650x650)
78 KB
Thanks for the vote of confidence. Still probably not going to do anything with this, just an idea I had that I wanted to put out there.
Yeah, it occurred to me that the plot as written is rather transparent. Like I said, I'm not an author and this was about 20 minutes of half baked thought. And you're right that a pure underwater setting is constraining. Locked into only aquatic mons, so there's a limited selection. Unless the story is a slice of life, what legendary is there to anchor a crisis on? Kyogre's already the focus of a game, and I'm not that big a fan of Lugia (plus I'm sure it's been done before). What's left, Tapu Fini? That's about it. Probably the reason you don't see underwater settings. Could have finizen as the partner/recurring side character the MC has to help work through its problems.
I've never actually played a PMD game before, so I'm not too familiar with it's mechanics. I attempted Sky a few years ago, but never got into the gameplay and dropped it in short order. I'll take the knock on that.

File: 2022-12-06 (109).png (75 KB, 770x603)
75 KB
>We enter the Trainer School in Midna Town, and get sent on a fetch quest to bring back a girl who would be participating in the obligatory tournament
>This involves going into a cave, smashing some rocks, accidentally killing a shiny zubat, watching that girl revive some fossils momentarily, and finding out that she has a celebi
>One prophecy infodump later, she tells us her name is Nora
>We make our way into the obligatory tournament and wreck the other contestants
>After that we catch a bidoof, enter some ruins, and pwn some Abyssal cultists alongside Nora
>We leave the place with a Riolu and Sandshrew, and on our way out we find a delta Geodude

Whiteout counter: 3
Badges: 0
Shinies: 2

Confirmed deaths: 4
A Pokemon is ordered to attack a trainer directly: 1

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File: it's over.png (47 KB, 600x500)
47 KB
maybe writefag will post out of pity if we get quads
it's over
pls writefag
the sooner the exile series is completed the sooner we can finally stop playing garbage fangames

Verizon Raid Hour Edition

>Pokémon Go Event Info

>Frequently Asked Questions

>Submit and Review Pokéstop Nominations (level 38+)

>Server Status

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First for fug the female Rocket Grunt!
File: Spoiler Image (312 KB, 2180x1762)
312 KB
312 KB JPG
You guys ready for Mega Tyranitar?
Can you solo him?
You'll need lvl. 50 Terrakions in neutral weather or lvl. 35 Terrakion, lvl. 35 Mega Blaziken and/or lvl. 40 Shadow Machamps in cloudy weather.
Edit: If you have at least one lvl. 40 Terrakion, you can probably safely have the rest of your team be lvl. 30 Terrakions.

File: 10_14_video.jpg (62 KB, 800x450)
62 KB
>watching vtubers play scarlet and violet
>palpable disgust when their fans make them pick quaxly
>one calls Quaquaval "disturbing" and gets grossed out when she gives it a bath
>One loved Sprigatito, but got mad when it "evolved into a furry"
>Klawf is a big hit in the west but the Japanese don't seem to like him
>one treasures Smoliv and Dolliv then immedately boxes Arboliva for being too ugly
>all love Fidough but say he stops being cute when he evolves
>All immediately mistrust Nemona but get caught up in Arven's quest

it's very interesting watching the reaction of these people to Pokemon. Pokemon fans are jaded, but watching these people has given me an insight into what casuals are seeing about the game. Personally I didn't think the dex was THAT bad on seeing it, but seeing the reactions has made me realize that this dex may be received very poorly
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ok but what are the thoughts vtubers have on clavell
They feel competition will all 2D girls, it’s why western games don’t have attractive women in them anymore.
File: Trevenant.png (43 KB, 448x448)
43 KB
We have that already.
I wanna cuck Vexoria's husband.
She was right though. Dudes evolution is basically him just standing up straight

File: 1670414111745032.png (898 KB, 1174x881)
898 KB
898 KB PNG
Funny Pikachu Face Edition

>Livestream link (Fridays @ 9:55 AM UTC):

>Latest episode:
https://nyaa.si/view/1609267 (1080p)
https://nyaa.si/view/1609266 (720p)

Next episode:
>PM2019 135 - Pokémon! I Am Glad I Met You! (December 9th)

Future episodes:

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PV or no PV, we will get TV guide listings that will show if next week is marked as "final episode" or not.
Sorry, we’re reading the High Touch translation and the Gohkari fic rn
>all the autists getting banned unironically killed it.
File: 20221206_170155.jpg (82 KB, 362x612)
82 KB
Ash x Dawn
Goh x Chloe
see you in pokespain

File: 96153857_p0.jpg (1.13 MB, 1193x2048)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB JPG
The general for all things Dawn/Hikari/Akari/Platinum/Mitsumi.

>Dawn Visual Novel by Anon
Walkthrough: https://rentry(insertdothere)co/anewdawnwalkthrough1_0
>VN Update

>Dawn Screencaps and Scans

>/dg/ News Archive

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Anon, there's episodes where Brock and Ash complain she takes too much time getting ready
Shut up Ursula
Piplup bubblebeam helps her
File: 1666917021409515.gif (711 KB, 206x364)
711 KB
711 KB GIF
And their carbos

File: 1670268380734346.png (180 KB, 1000x1000)
180 KB
180 KB PNG
Transrights are human rights and gen 3 is the worst gen.
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Money based frog post
Is it, though? It runs really well. I find it quite fun.
it unironically is but only if your shithole country never got the E-reader adapter just like mine
Yes, no


Make and chat with some Pokémon and characters!
List of anon-made, anon-approved characters:https://pastebin.com/at1VuqBZ
Character creation guide:
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File: 1667672743630681.png (170 KB, 500x464)
170 KB
170 KB PNG
Anyone want to make a /vp/ edit?
There are some nemona bots on the site but none on the anon approved list, are any of the ones on the site good? How come there's not one on the anon list, was it banned?
The ones on the list are all ones anons here have made, the "approved" bit was a more recent addition to the OP that nobody's actually done anything about
I'm wanting to make some bots, but I'm running into the issue that most Pokemon characters are pretty bland. So I'm thinking of looking at the Adventures manga, and from my own interpretation to make the characters feel less same-y and more like real people. However, I'm worried people aren't gonna want to use the bots because they aren't "100 percent like their established" characters. I don't mean corny shit , I just mean like "Skyla is a pilot, so it makes sense being around other pilots her personality is more like "rough tomboy" instead of "cheerful"." Or "Lana's Mom is like, in her forties. Maybe she liked listening to R&B songs from her youth". Idk this chatbot has made me really autistic
Giving your bots some personal flavor doesn't seem like a bad idea at all, maybe you could find a way to have Skyla's tomboy side come out after you've been talking for a while and she's gotten used to you. I can't imagine why anyone would be mad if you gave them some personality quirks that weren't in official media

According to Chris, Sonichu's dex number is 982, which now belongs to Dudunsparce. Funny that the two happened to share a color palette
Apparently this is supposed to be the official Natdex numbering for Paldea but I haven't found any proof that it is real, but some guys are saying that it is idk
Going off the weird internal dex order #982 belongs to Scream Tail
CWC won.
nice link
The merge...is real...
>Game is about fictional creations coming to reality
>Paradox Pokemon are Pokemon OCs that are just an existing character but with some added details, like Sonichu
>Sonichu's Dex Number reached
Chris might actually be a profit

File: 250px-Tinkatuff.png (66 KB, 250x250)
66 KB
ITT: middle stages that have better designs than the final stage
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File: Crocalor.png (93 KB, 250x250)
93 KB
all 3 paldea starters
File: 148 dragonair (20).jpg (513 KB, 2655x3305)
513 KB
513 KB JPG
>cool yoyo cat
>turns into magician

Take your pick.
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File: 282Gardevoir.png (793 KB, 1280x1280)
793 KB
793 KB PNG
I remember liking it back in the ruby saphire days because it looked like a ghost in both its sprite and official art but was actually a psychic type, which was cool.
Even with the coomers behind it, i don't understand how it got so popular.
File: the chad ensemble.gif (2.24 MB, 640x640)
2.24 MB
2.24 MB GIF
I think you mean XXXXXXS with a XXXXXXXXXXXXL cock.
does the size also determine how big her dick is?
File: 1638053656656.jpg (35 KB, 273x340)
35 KB
I'm more interested in the width.

File: 1669077830719461.png (164 KB, 600x436)
164 KB
164 KB PNG
>Pokemon fanfic
>Starter is either Charmander, Ralts, Riolu, Zorua, Alolan Vulpix, or super special shiny
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I ended up on an RP forum once, where one of the rules was that there was only ever one of any specific Pokemon, and you had to roll dice for encounters.

I rolled the only Riolu on the server, and immediately got everyone raging when I just had it job. I completely ignored aura nonsense, never 'bonded' with it / evolved it, and just generally had it be the hapless butt-monkey of my team.

It got to the point where other people would honor-duel me to try to 'rescue' it from me. The moderator who 'fairly rolled' a Ralts and a Beldum before anyone else could play would constantly harass my trainer about "the mental cries of anguish" that their own trainer would constantly hear from my dejected Pokemon, and would write it off as "Ah, that idiot scraped its knee playing with sticks again? Shucks, guess I'll use a Potion on it again. Gotta be careful with pointy stuff!"
That sounds terrifyingly based. Riolu shitters go in the box and I hate my fellow PMD fan creators for wanking that line so hard.
writers block is winning bros
>single handedly prevent all the furfaggots from using riolu/lucario
Spacebattles is moderated to all hell and back. Like all overly-moderated websites, there is no telling exactly what will get a bug up a mod's ass, so it's better to err on the side of "SB mods are worse than 4chan jannies" and tread like you're walking on thin ice covered in glass and extremely loud bubblewrap with a sleeping murdermachine nearby that will attack anything that makes a sound.

At least, that's how I feel about it.
I'm literally only on the site for stories. I don't let any of my opinions that could be interpreted as "political" show through in my posts, because I am convinced even the most lukewarm take would see screeching and moderator attention.

tl;dr: I have no fucking idea. Gut reaction says it'd get the baleful eye of Sauron from the mod team, and a beratement for not posting on Questionable Questing instead.

File: comparison 1.gif (835 KB, 1200x675)
835 KB
835 KB GIF
All they had to do was add ambient occlusion and anti-aliasing.
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>dude just make it blurring
AO is retarded
this city looks like shit and so fucking dead.

whats up with the last 2 gens having shitty big cities, even gen 7 as smaller the cities are they feel bigger and more alive.
>turn up contrast
>it looks better guys I swear
reminder that /vp/ has never played any games outside of handhelds and pokemon. graphics for Gen 10 could revert back to how they looked in XY but shills will still suck the game’s cock l
They need to do plenty of things but the main thing is allowing you to zoom in the camera, all the pokemons look tiny af, your character is centered and uncustomizable so it blocks a lot of your view for no reason. The camera mode should be exactly like on arceus, one button to zoom in, remove ui, and you can still rotate and run around with it open. You should also be able to walk during battles because the center of rotation while in battles is almost always wrong.

But do you rike it? It has due typing! Can swap between them, and diet consist entirely of BEI-JING COHN!

Why are modern Pokémon designs so sexy?
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File: 103297295_p0.jpg (3.44 MB, 2700x3500)
3.44 MB
3.44 MB JPG
File: Fi_By4wWIAIe2Ss.jpg (188 KB, 1536x2048)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
There's nothing sexy about that design you pokephile
NPCs wouldn't get it
If it wasn't a Pokemon, you would all be drooling over it.

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