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File: nuplosion.png (135 KB, 1290x1784)
135 KB
135 KB PNG
say something nice about gen 8 typhlosion
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not gonna lie this actually looks dope
This tbqh
actually better, would definitely use over the eclair
>animal bad
>fursuit good
Nice try anon

Pitch your ideas for new Charizard forms. The more ridiculous the better, and please provide shitty drawings.
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>outrage form that makes him look more monstrous and wild
>ancient form that makes him a more serpent like dragon
>humanoid form
>chibi form that makes him pikachu size
Those are just a few off the top of my head. I wouldn't be surprised if Charizard is the first starter to get a regional variant.
I hope this Charizard is Fire/Fighting
Charizard but it's tail is a sword, or Charizard but its wings make a shield. Fire/Steel for both.
With how much they shill Charizard why haven't they started doing a regional Charizard clone like they do Pikachu?

File: 1578279905284.png (187 KB, 247x500)
187 KB
187 KB PNG
My wife Molly is so cute!
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Branding is in conflict with developing the series.
Getting gold in the special Olympics isn't actually special anon.
Villains are always the hottest
File: She speaks the truth.webm (584 KB, 1280x720)
584 KB

File: type chart.png (94 KB, 1336x714)
94 KB
>Poison is strong against Water
>Fighting and Steel do normal damage against Rock
>Ice resists Ground and Flying
>Bug and Grass resist Fairy
>Psychic is strong against and resists Fairy
>Psychic does normal damage against Steel

Thoughts? Does it change shit too much?
You made everything worse retard
File: 1579709181012.jpg (51 KB, 519x544)
51 KB
I'm sorry you don't like it anon. What would change about it?
I think it's great. Psychic really should have been super effective against Fairies.

File: my-image.png (645 KB, 1216x465)
645 KB
645 KB PNG
In your opinion, what are the best mainline games? Personally, I already figured out which games I like or hate.

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>pretty good, why you have b2 a tier above w2 is beyond me
Black 2 has better shit than White 2.
>Challenge Mode
>Better exclusives
>Shiny Gible
>The King of the GADs
>The City

White 2 meanwhile sticks you with easy mode, a shiny Dratini (Dragonite is useless without it's HA while Chomp is still Chomp), and worse exclusive pokemon. The only exception is Solosis, because it's one of the best pokemon. But if you own a copy of White you can just trade it over and it doesn't matter.

I know they're essentially the same game but White 2 got the short end of the stick if we're being honest, especially in regards to the difficulty options, so I put it one tier lower.
version exclusives the worst aspect about the franchise as a whole alongside the heavy use of RNG
Challenge Mode and Easy mode require two DSes and two copies of the games to use(or cheats), and either difficulty is available on either game.

Better exclusives is personal preference, shinies don't matter, no idea what king of GADs is, and city and hollow are counterparts that both have upsides, and again can be swapped like the keys.

There's literally no reason they should be a whole fucking tier apart for that shit
Gold and Silver has the same fucking issues as HeartGold and SoulSilver you mong
If we're talking graphics and music it's just better to go with Emerald for Gen 3 graphics. Sableye is still available in Granite Cave in Emerald but the two of them are shitmons in Gen 3 anyway.

I don't remember exactly what point it lets you go back, but I do remember that it really pissed me off in ORAS that you can't access the main cave until later, I think you actually need to get Rock Smash up at Mauville in order to explore the cave. All to make it easier for kiddos to watch a simple cutscene. I was more upset that it made it harder to catch Aron.

Serperior is for _______
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Kill yourself
post serp vore you coward.
File: j0906.png (977 KB, 1280x1664)
977 KB
977 KB PNG
And just who should I eat, delectable audience?

E v e r y o n e.
File: big snek.jpg (619 KB, 1425x1440)
619 KB
619 KB JPG
A fine choice. I hope you don't mind being plunged into darkness for the rest of your heavily-shortened life.

was unova new york or was it all of america? was it so hard to use motifs?
The map is done.
you don’t understand this
>The map is done.
which is why we're discussing it

File: spiritomb.png (1 KB, 72x64)
1 KB
this pokemon with Wonder Guard in gen 5
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File: PoisonDark.png (411 KB, 1294x916)
411 KB
411 KB PNG
and about these 3 that holding a Air Balloon
just fire fang bro
>Flareon used Fire Fang!
File: picture.png (49 KB, 250x250)
49 KB
>Excadrill breaks the Mold!
>Excadrill used Earthquake!
my nigga out here breakin molds

File: N.png (355 KB, 900x774)
355 KB
355 KB PNG
he was right about fucking everything
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>not treating your mons as friends
We know the kind of person you are, scumbag
I also fuck EVERYTHING
if he was right then why does he concede he was wrong to the player and then go on to make not just one but several WEATHER teams in BW2
Don't listen to Uncle Mons.
Pokemon aren't slaves silly, they are free to do whatever they want, at least thats what they tell us. The problem is really in the way media portraits them, they don't seem to do much besides stick their trainers and overall be treated as friends and sometimes family by their trainers, but we don't usually see them do their own thing away from them. Unless you count the Pikachu Specials, the only time we really see anything like that is with Meowth. I can't recall the last time the game did anything like those.

Why is this guy so underrated?
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retard tier
>humanoid in a fursuit again
how do you people like this shit time after time? Just make floatzel 2 to 3 meter in height on all 4's and he would've been kino
The floater thing always looked ugly as fuck to me.
Can't tell if you're trolling or a complete imbecile.

File: IMG_6938.png (723 KB, 1024x576)
723 KB
723 KB PNG
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File: 1598541837837.jpg (13 KB, 224x224)
13 KB
wacky, cute and creepy all in one
Jellicent, because Jellifish are cool!
Guzzlord. Dark is my favorite Pokemon type, and Dragon ranks among the top five. I like the concept of a Pokemon based entirely on one of the Seven Deadly Sins, which also helps to soldify the lore of several Dark-types being based around one or more of these sins (with the most recent Dark-type, Galarian Moltres, being entirely based on Wrath). Guzzlord is an alien two-headed black dragon with yellow markings around its body (hinting people to be cautious around it) made out of a rubber-like substance that destroyed multiple timelines in the Pokemon universe. It is one of the most powerful Ultra Beasts canonically, as it is considered by many to be the "leader" of the Ultra Beasts (due to its number, and that it is significantly more difficult to capture Guzzlord compared to the others). Guzzlord is the only Ultra Beast in the anime (if Necrozma does not count) that had its own story arc, and it was the only Ultra Beast that was a threat to Alola not once but twice.
File: 1487993852266.jpg (179 KB, 825x637)
179 KB
179 KB JPG
Based taste, I totally agree. I really loved the UBs and their weird, out-there designs.
yeah this guy's goofy, I wish teh other ultra beasts were off the wall like this guy

File: noibat.png (42 KB, 1139x307)
42 KB
>Evolves at level 48
What the fuck were they thinking?
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Hawlucha would have been great fun with a Flying Gem.
File: 636.png (151 KB, 475x475)
151 KB
151 KB PNG
>They added the Fairy Gem, if that isn't meant to imply they were going to be available
Tbh they probably just kept them all in for legacy reasons and added the fairy gem in case they wanted to release them. Kinda like how the red chain is still in all of the newer games. If not, they probably thought they were still overpowered even at the 30% boost they nerfed it too. Ironic considering how busted z moves were.
>Needed a rework. Inverse battles are far more interesting
Reasonable. I haven't tried playing with the format in years due to the only way of playing it at this point is through local wireless so I'm not truly sure how broken it is. I didn't bring up inverse battles because iirc you couldn't actually do them in multiplayer on cart. XY should have fixed that and put them in single player in place of those fucking sky battles everywhere.
>XY's cut "Teams" feature
Ive never heard of this and I'm a huge autist about this kind of stuff.
>but at least consider the role O-Powers and the PSS played.
Great point actually. I used o-powers all the time with my friends back when xy came out. I probably used entralink a few times. If anything, xy nailed the multiplayer features especially for battles.
>XY put a big emphasis on lore AND story even in the postgame
Most of xy's story is nerds putting in their own head cannon where gamefreak forgot to write in the rush they did to make the game. Perfect example would be how a ton of people thought that zygarde appearing in alola indicated something horrible happened in kalos implying it would be explained in the fucking UK region. What a joke.
>Kinda like how the red chain is still in all of the newer games
The red chain and other key items are in the games because GameFreak constantly builds on the existing library in the games. It's the same reason all the Pokemon up to Gen 7 exist in the data of LGPE complete with base stats and moves. They're too lazy to remove shit.
>Ive never heard of this and I'm a huge autist about this kind of stuff.
Look in the archive for a tripfag that claimed to be an "XYsider" that autistically collected various tidbits of information from different sources regarding the development of Gen 6. They posted circa 2014 and while the threads were easily dismissed as bullshit much of what was said came to be in future games, including the apparent sci-fi elements and Pokemon riding that were eventually repurposed into Ultra Space and Pokemon riding in LGPE respectively. Many flags and data for XY's in-game statistics also reference some sort of "Team" with different values that would be tracked similar to how everything else that was tracked was sent to the PGL. It's very interesting.
>a ton of people thought that zygarde appearing in alola indicated something horrible happened in kalos implying it would be explained in the fucking UK region. What a joke.
I've been lurking since 2013 and never even heard that shitty headcanon. Many people were comparing the alchemy themes in Sun and Moon to things in XY. That said, the Kalos War, AZOTH, Xerosic's willingness to turn himself in after literally creating technology that could control other people, and the rest of the unused content in Gen 6 all pointed to something more than what it was. It's clear that Zygarde getting shoehorned into Alola was a copout. Expecting Kalos to be playable in SWSH sounds crazy now but remember Kalos has a random train station that goes NOWHERE and yet Galar's method of transportation is trains. (English Chunnel connecting UK/France)
What was there wasn't headcanon. Just wasted potential.
Not changing the evolution levels from game to game is a very stupid design decision.
Having high evolution levels kind of made sense in BW because of these games' level curve but it's just bad gameplay in every other game where these Pokemon appear.

File: 1600358875934.jpg (187 KB, 720x1280)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
This is the weekly thread where we discuss about the following Pokemon:
>Gardevoir (male)
>and maybe another 4th member idk

Questions for this thread:
>How does love and affection affect each member of the line?
>What is the average threat level for each member?
>Do you think there is someone in the Poke-verse that actually studies the Ralts line?
>How does it feel to hug a Gardevoir? Does it feel like Euphoria or does it just stab you in the chest and you die?
>Do you use the Ralts line in the actual games? What moves do you typically teach them?
>What moves do you think they should be able to learn naturally or otherwise?
>Do you think you even have a remote chance of being in a romantic relationship with a Gardevoir?
142 replies and 53 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: gardevoir fans.png (589 KB, 1280x1024)
589 KB
589 KB PNG
Yeah, my Gardevoir's a woman.
File: 1567003861486.png (571 KB, 876x1152)
571 KB
571 KB PNG
File: ralts holding drifloon.png (838 KB, 852x990)
838 KB
838 KB PNG
Hey guys can you keep an eye on my Ralts while I do some errands? He's just playing with his new balloon so he shouldn't be any trouble.
File: 25U0630-duct-tape-90-f-07.jpg (143 KB, 1229x1326)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
I got him boss, just gonna tape him and his new balloon to the ground.

File: Starter.png (376 KB, 374x1088)
376 KB
376 KB PNG
The Gen 9 starters can't be worser than Gen 8 starters, or?
57 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
This. Everytime someone says "looks like a fursuit!!" but excuse Blaziken cuz he is from their "based childhood" is fucking insane. Specially when they shit on Decidueye, who is also a bird.
It is entirelly irrelevant what "excuse" you will choose to use when 99,99% of the media depiction of blaziken makes no use of any excuse and simply draws his legs as is.
Here is your next water starter guys.
I'd delete gen 5-8's water starters for this
people saying that "it's a dude in costume" aren't completly wrong but at least Blaziken got better proportion than Incineroar and Cinderace that have Looney Tunes cartoon bodies.
I also find Blaziken more appealing than the newer fire starters, might be saying this weirdly but it's maybe because it look more anime than the newer ones that look more cartoonish? Idk but I just prefer fire fighting chicken over the wrestling tiger or the soccer bunny.

File: 1570596654222.png (344 KB, 1072x966)
344 KB
344 KB PNG
I didn't know poey jokeaim drew cringy furry pinups
You made it worse
Get help

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