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File: 155642.jpg (91 KB, 568x864)
91 KB
/4eg/ - D&D4e General

For Fourth Edition D&D and all the other games inspired by D&D4e, such as 13th Age, Strike!, etc.

>4e Trove


>Pastebin (Expanded with more resources!)

>-Any character that requires more than 2 'classes' is unreasonable.
>-As the number of books needed to build the character increases, so do the odds of unreasonability.

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Do you guys play with Erratas available/applied, or go by the book?
File: compendium sheet.pdf (352 KB, PDF)
352 KB
352 KB PDF
I hadn't noticed the Rules Compendium had a character sheet. This any good? Do/would you use it?
I'm never been a fan of that sheet, personally. I find the skill layout a real turnoff, it feels... less organised and alphabetical the way it's done there? Also the OG sheet had more space for working out all the 10+1/2LV+Enh+Misc+Etc which is a really big deal in 4e. 90% of players being lost in the game I've found is because they didn't have a solid grasp on those derivations.
Tell me about your favorite Set Pieces for combat encounters
Did the rogue not have Cunning Stalker?

File: 1560822912284.png (531 KB, 473x643)
531 KB
531 KB PNG
Previous: >>66845699

>Current meta:

>A search engine for all of your Magic needs:

TQ: What other reprints for Modern could still come and you are expecting?
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File: 1545408300814.jpg (52 KB, 526x701)
52 KB

jace is 130 trumps
cavern 70
lmao put a +1/+1 counter on it


File: 20190414_115443.jpg (3.07 MB, 4128x2322)
3.07 MB
3.07 MB JPG
I'd like to know something US bros, are the pretty old foil lands (like invasion, odyssey, 7th) seeing any movement in your country?
Because here in yurop some are basically almost impossible to find anymore in good condition and prices went pretty crazy on other ones, and i can't tell if this demand is organic or not. It seems to follow crazy buyouts of old foils we got lately happening in a day and are obvious coordonated efforts from one whale/ a group (like equilibrium from 8 to 250€, overburden from 18 to 300€, almost every playable 7th foil, etc..).

finally some cake

Let's play a game.

Suggest a move, first move to get seconded gets played for black. I'll start.

1. e4
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I know how this ends. Lets spend months developing expensive and advances new weapon systems called tanks that will ultimately revolutionize warfare, only for our allies to swoop in with chess pieces not weary from years of warfare to end the conflict.
I've got a better idea, let's open up a second front on the opposite side of our country.

File: navigavi4.jpg (366 KB, 1448x2048)
366 KB
366 KB JPG
What eastern weapon would be most useful for adventurers in typical european fantasy setting?
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I respect your reference
you're talking battlefields where there were enough rifles to cause mini earthquakes because of noise of thousands of guns going off at once and the noise is literally louder then any thunder you have ever heard and comparing it to some dude walking around with an arquebus on an adventure

he'd be lucky to even scare a bear off with that single shot- which wasn't accurate
Those are some sexy fucking weapon designs
File: musashi.png (168 KB, 800x633)
168 KB
168 KB PNG

Hark! A Vagrant

File deleted.
Are Skaven really "beastfolk done well"?
There's no depth to them, they're just evil vermin
Skaven culture is really bare-bones, yet /tg/ seems to love them
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File: vermin skelechad.png (459 KB, 2000x794)
459 KB
459 KB PNG
So 40k is a bad setting that shouldn't be popular. Got it.
Pretty much. And most of them have the same numbers based tactics due to the setting being based on a Wargame.
Shit is repetitive as fuck.
why are all the files up top deleted? I don't remember anything uncouth about any of it
Furry panic

File: CATastrophe Burgerstop.jpg (210 KB, 850x1202)
210 KB
210 KB JPG
So I just stumbled onto this setting a week or two ago. And I spent a bit going through the threads, and it actually looks like it would be a fun game. If it ever got completed. Which I'm trying to do--I've pulled from the old TAIL anon and a lot of stuff from the wiki, put together a lot of the crunch, and now what I really need is to stat out things like equipment and perks.

And figure out who to credit for what.

To sum up the setting of CATastrophe: The poles were hit by salty asteroids which rose the sea level and changed the atmosphere enough that humans were doomed, but they had a few years to ensure they would have successors. Hundreds of years later, island life is fairly peaceful, broken by the occasional storm, swashbuckling pirate, or sea monster. The animal-eared Kemomimi dive into the endless blue to search sunken ruins of the Earless one's cities for shiny ancient tech and treasure while evading the robotic Old Guard.

There is a lot of optional lore but, for the most part, we take the end of the world and turn it into a party.

So, pull out your snorkels everyone, it's time to dive back in!
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If side ears are the answer, then why does no other weeb shit use them? We've had the technology for 25 years.

It's just a chara design thing, Yuki likes relatively short haired chicks.
OP asking: How often should I give a progress update?
Whenever you feel like it. I think velocity guy does it like once ever two years.
I haven't updated VeloCITY in a while, so I haven't had immediate cause to post a new thread. You can still find it on the 1d4chan.

Still wondering where that VeloCITY-CATastrophe crossover is.

File: 1404425845657[1].jpg (16 KB, 241x209)
16 KB
>System Preferred
>Times Available (with timezone!)
>Method of Play (Skype, IRC, roll20, etc)
>Contact Info
>Additional Notes

Gamefinder discord: https://discord.gg/v64gTC
Lewd/ERP gamefinder discord: https://discord.gg/wbTmhDh

This time let's keep the thread bumped with character art you like. Simple as that.
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Yes please.
I can do solo campaign with WHFB (but more then one player could be better and more likely to succeed by generating more solutions)
File: 1450667564082.jpg (116 KB, 800x1132)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
ahem... *wheeze*
greeeeen knight
File: 1450155233170.jpg (144 KB, 453x640)
144 KB
144 KB JPG

>campaign take place over the course of a single siege in which players are either trying to infiltrate or defend successfully a castle

Cool or gay?
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I think it could be a very fun game, or the beginning of a game.
It can be a very good short campaign
depends on the players and if you could keep it uniqe.
it could also be the start
Cool and gay. Those aren't mutually exclusive.

Is there a game that's basically all about survival, with less to none "have to fight monsters" theme?

Something in an interesction of pic related, Robinson Crusoe or Lost. Possibly with no "painstainkgly micromanage shit" angle.
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I just realized I didn't specify. RPGs.

I am OP and whom you replied to.

Basically I want to have players getting TOO much bookeeping to do. At the same time I honestly don't get what AW would to on that regard, by RAW it just has Barter - but the real problem would be having playbooks that deal with the theme.
Only for a little while. Passing Survival rolls allows you to maintain the status quo, failing them means slipping one step closer to death. Maybe today you rolled a 20 and found enough food to last a couple of extra days, but you will have to roll again in a couple of days, and the day after that, and the day after that...

The bigger problem with D&D survival is that anyone with access to level 3 cleric spells or level 1 druid spells can provide food and water for a decent number of people indefinitely with virtually no effort.
Ryuutama, a Japanese RPG about traveling *might* fit the bill, if you played it right.

File: salem-32.jpg (174 KB, 1024x683)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
Greetings, I have a few questions:

>Do you place any tortures in your game (either done to PC or by them, or only mentioned by DM)?
>What are your favourite torture methods to use/mention in game?
>Do you think that using a torture motif in game is magical realming?

Also, a general tortures discussion.
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Ok, as probably this thread will have no more actual interest:
What tortures do you consider a red flag/magical realm?
I have a Dark Elf NPC that has captured PC Half-Elf and under the guise of training him, will have ask the Half-Elf to torture a few other captured NPC's. The other PCs are trying to reduce him, but while they break into the his lair, what kinds of torture can I gave the Dark Elf ask for? Like shocking hands until the target stops moving?
The only time I've seen a player who -wanted- to give detailed descriptions of torture they'd inflict on prisoners (involving maiming/crippling them in very specific ways), they were -really- into it. They also had trouble in general (both IC and OOC) telling when people were getting tired of their shit.
There are plenty of situations where torture is realistic or even expected plotwise, but I keep it vague or "clean", depending on the context. If someone at the table gets off to the thought of cutting into someone they've tied up, I don't want to know.
What class is the half elf
I read a thing about an ancient torture method that involved floating you out on a lake in basically a coffin with only your head poking out, but they'd blind and deafen you so it was like a sensory deprivation chamber.

Then they'd force feed you milk and honey, so you filled the coffin up with watery sugary shit, which that+insects rotted and ate away at you until you died.

What abilities and unique applications can nanomachines give? The crazier the ability the better
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Self-replicating, mass-disassembling swarms under your control.

Solar energy and generally environmental heat and radiation sound plausible to me
Especially then.
Most of the activity is from electromagnetic differences generated by ionic bonds. Charged environment draws on oppositely charged end of a nanomachine molecular component creating motion.
Remember these things are only a few dozen atoms in size. Electron flow generates enough energy to move components.
Extend your fingers out so that you can use them as whips.
give people violent aneurysms,violent hallucinations,horrible neurological damage.
all with a few alterations to a few nerves using a minute airborne packet of nanites.

What should eating ham provide in terms of statboosts?
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jokes are verboten
What the hell are you talking about and where the hell can I find this?
>If it's prepared as a homestyle comfort food, it would instead be +1 to Will saves.
+2 if made by mom
You got me there
+5 Bad Acting

File: laughting dragon.png (408 KB, 800x314)
408 KB
408 KB PNG
>Every day the dragon pass by the castle
>He never destroy anything, he doesn´t steal anything
>He just takes a giant shit over it, fly away

Realisticaly, how should the king react?
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roll a d20 to see if you succeed. you need a 17 to hit
File: 1560112238644.gif (675 KB, 480x400)
675 KB
675 KB GIF
Rolled 10 (1d20)

Rolling to get cozy with dragon
Rolled 4 (1d20)

File: 1461036244853.jpg (135 KB, 736x550)
135 KB
135 KB JPG

What if the dragon knows its dung is valuable and thinks it's repaying an old debt but the kingdom hasn't caught on yet

File: image.jpg (592 KB, 1560x2019)
592 KB
592 KB JPG
What if the Horus Heresy never happened? Nº467

Can we do this /tg/ for old times sake?
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Olympia chimped out and got what it deserved
My headcanon is that the nucerians slaughtered the nobility involved and spent the crusade trying to be as loyal as possible and in constant terror of Angron or the Emperor coming back to sanction them.

I prefer it to; the Emperor lets a world publicly mutilate the scion of a galaxy spanning empire with no consequences.
Ilovethis image.Do you have more?
Moved on. He was dealt a shit hand but he had the power to change the fate of the galaxy. Unfortunately, as far as Angron was concerned he died on that ridge and from then on nothing mattered

File: david-simons-aio22.jpg (955 KB, 1920x2469)
955 KB
955 KB JPG
Has anyone been watching The Chain? What are your thoughts and opinions so far?
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I'm enjoying it so far. Slim is based, I can't believe Phil is the same player that threw a tantrum after his character got killed in one of Matt's previous campaigns.
>The Chain
What is it?
Matt Colville's campaign stream. They are playing right now at MCDM's twitch channel if you want to check it out.
Is that the dude that on his youtube he takes fucking forever to explain even one single obvious point? Or I'm thinking of that other grey beard glasses guy
Maybe? Colville's DM advice videos are known to be somewhat long.

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