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File: foster-home.png (160 KB, 1024x640)
160 KB
160 KB PNG
has anyone ever thought of/ran Foster's Home as a setting? it might be nostalgia but I honestly think it would be a lot of fun.

my thinking would be that you really knuckle down on the size of the house, having the majority of the game occur within and possibly even having the house's difficulty to navigate and scale being a major plot point. As far as possible hooks, anything from escaped negative Friends, monstrous imagination based creatures that come from mental disorders like schizophrenia, or human Intruders.

post Friend ideas, system recs, game hooks

File: 008.jpg (76 KB, 312x445)
76 KB
Pauper thread. Dedicated to the best mtg format - pauper.
Also known as "Legacy Lite", pauper is a format, where only commons are legal.

Despite this - there are some really spicy decks being played right now, especially after the printing of arcum's astrolabe in modern horizons opened up the mana bases, making 3 color decks viable.

Thread questions:
>favourite deck
>favourite card
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Honestly without green pump it's not as good.
Play a mans version

That's... yeah, no. If you honestly want to do mono-blue, try this on for size.

3 Ponder
3 Preordain
2 Spell Pierce
4x Blighted Agent
4x Ichorclaw Myr
2x Corpse Cur
4x Wings of Velis Vel
4x One With the Wind
4x Unstable Mutation
4x Dive Down

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Playing: Dimir trinkets

favorite deck: probably dimir trinkets

favorite card: trinket mage

File: swolebold.png (658 KB, 1118x1106)
658 KB
658 KB PNG
i'm pretty hyped and i got around to brainstorming a kobold fighter or possibly barbarian. seems like a fun concept albeit done before. but i like swolebold, swolebold sounds awesome.
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I see you are a new larvae.
File: t340.gif (2.13 MB, 250x250)
2.13 MB
2.13 MB GIF
That's nice. Hope you all have fun.
Kys scalie scum
Good luck OP on your first DnD session!!!
Try to enjoy your time and have a lot of laughs with other players, and always be mindful of the rest of the party. From experience, I'd say you should avoid splitting from the party even for small things but that encounter with owls that nearly kills me was a dumbass moment.

Kobolds are cute uwu
Die screaming.

File: Rowboat Oui Oui Man.png (1.82 MB, 1920x1920)
1.82 MB
1.82 MB PNG
I recently got some models from a friend since he's leaving the tabletop, I have some paints and brushes (acryllic paints, not Citadel) and was looking for someone to maybe help me put them together and paint? I figured I can do them on my own, or go to a FLGS, but thought it would be more fun if I could do them with someone irl. Anyone here live near Salem Oregon and would be willing to make a trip somewhere for that kind of thing?
File: 1504583568456.jpg (110 KB, 1024x853)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
I'm in the Beaverton area. Idk about a meet up atm but I'd be happy to help out a fellow Oregonian if you have any questions.
Eyy yeah! I was planning to try and paint them next weekend sometime, so during the week I wanted to get them ready to paint. The friend had already removed them from the sprues, I washed the pieces to make sure there was nothing on them and now I'm trying to figure out how to remove the mold lines and get the base coat going. I don't imagine I can just use a pocket knife to remove the lines, can I? What sort of tool can I use for that? And how would you recommend I go about base coating them while they're off sprues?

Redpill me on the Midwest Brotherhood of Steel. How do they differ from regular Brotherhood of Steel? Are they canon?
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> go to vg
> implying /fog/ is anything but waifu posting and ranting about the evils of 76.
Fallout is very definitely one of ours.
Isnt the midwest a solid, perceptual tornado at least according to the first two games?
This anon posted generally a complete summery of the midwest BoS. They were an expeditionary/splinter group enroute to another destination (I think they might've been heading to the east coast, the only thing I know for sure is they crash landed somewhere they weren't suppose to be), decided they would be unable to make it to their intended destination on foot, so they hunkered down and established a presence in the region they wound up in.

Their reason for leaving was obstensibly to establish a presence elsewhere for pre-war technology, but it was also to curb an ideological dispute between elders in the western BoS. Essentially, the midwest BoS leaders wanted to start recruiting/conscripting tribals and civilians into their ranks and establish themselves as a presence to rival other factions like the NCR. The western BoS wanted to remain an insular group that simply policed technology and worked with the NCR towards some common goals (Since keeping fancy military tech out of the hands of everyone makes the NCR's job easier to do, maintaining order).

After establishing themselves in the midwest, that chapter of the BoS started recruiting tribals and extracting tithes in exchange for security in their area of operations. This allowed them to swell their ranks with potential soldiers (Assuming the tribals lived long enough to turn in to decent fighters) as well as maintain a source of income, as well as maintain a thin veneer of order to the locals, who now didn't have to worry so much about getting raped to death by raiders every day.

I believe it's canon their faction petered out after some time, consistent with one of the endings in the game. As time ran on and fewer and fewer of the original members remained, the ability to maintain their equipment failed and very few recruits measured up to the same quality as the original warriors. In another ending, the BoS was able to sidestep this first issue and improve their training to reduce washouts.
Also, there's a few things that conflict with the rest of the series of lore, the first minor one is the variety of real-world weapons found when many of them might not exist in the Fallout timeline, and that many vehicles run off of internal combustion, suggesting oil/gasoline is still around in high enough quantities and somehow fusion cells are more rare. Most of the rest of the game is self-contained enough and amounts to nothing as it all comes crashing down in canon that it's not too far-fetched, though the final arc of the game has something implausible but not impossible.
I think a lot of things from New Mexico northward are, but I know there's passageways through canyons and crags to traverse it, though not with any heavy equipment like vehicles and not very quickly. I believe the tornados abate as you get further north, Chicago might be a region free of them.

>Google Drive

>Jumpchain IRC Chat


>How to Jumpchain

>Jumpchain Jump Record

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Thought so, magic has always been a weird thing in doctor who desu.
File: monster types.jpg (222 KB, 1000x1417)
222 KB
222 KB JPG
>Does it have to be beings of the caliber of the consciousness of entire worlds, or can you interact with "lesser" beings?
It's mainly meant for that kind of beings, not something like regular gods and the like. At best, you could probably still get contracts for something like Gaia-expies from Greek Mythology.
>Likewise, do you retain powers godly entities give you through conteacts in general, or only if you specifically become a "vessel of their will"?
You only retain them if you manage to reach that state.
>Lastly, are the other powers gained through the perk connecting us to "The Will of the World" at risk of being revoked like those made with beings in future jumps?
No, you keep those, as you already start with the favor of the Will of the World.
Not really, monsters are just mutated whatevers from the local fauna. Basically you are "contaminating" the local mana and it produces these 'things'. It seems the more powerful they are, the less they resemble anything and just become giant blob things.
Glad you like it, non.
Do you mean the Secondary Skill? It's not clear, but it seems to be a special talent so probably it's an inborn thing. The first class skills just refers to basically any kind of ability that doesn't require a condition to be activated, so basically anything else is a regular first class skill.
File: uq-holder-12801661.jpg (166 KB, 630x939)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
Reminder to pick up your cheap 4th dimensional shenanigan in UQ holder.
What exactly is the difference between being a "vessel of their will" and just being a favored servant? Telepathic communication?

>mainly meant for that kind of beings
That is, things like massive genius loci, collective representations/forces of many beings and nigh-ompresent forces such as Chaos Gods, The Green/Red/Black in DC, The Force in Star Wars, and similar things, correct? Or is it just the will of celestial bodies particular? Does it work on beings like the consciousness of continents if they're of a similar nature but not magnitude?
>What exactly is the difference between being a "vessel of their will" and just being a favored servant? Telepathic communication?
Basically they make you their avatar.
>That is, things like massive genius loci, collective representations/forces of many beings and nigh-ompresent forces such as Chaos Gods, The Green/Red/Black in DC, The Force in Star Wars, and similar things, correct? Or is it just the will of celestial bodies particular? Does it work on beings like the consciousness of continents if they're of a similar nature but not magnitude?
Yes, it should work in those.

File: 1.d4.jpg (39 KB, 428x428)
39 KB
yeah, i'm very homosexual, how could you tell?
File: 1566791139824.png (193 KB, 428x428)
193 KB
193 KB PNG
Why yes, I do work out. And my IQ IS incredibly high!
all these things are just because you post to yourself about chess

What would you consider core sci fi species? Should they fill the usual 4 race roles of Smart/Wise (Elves), Strong/Warriors (Dwarfs), Evil/Savages (Orcs) and Humans?
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File: Space Man.jpg (59 KB, 400x570)
59 KB

>The Robots/constructs.
>The Buggy Swarm.
>The Pacifist ayylmaos.
>The Warfare Lizards.

Sprinkle some other "Average races".
>high man
Advanced race with great knowledge, and usually some sort of biological advantage (often long life). See the Numenorians, most High Elves
Otherworldly race, ethereal, inherent magic, often close ties to nature. Elves (wood elves especially), satyrs, so on.
The High Man is the people who are just plain better than the mundane, which are arch typically humans (though usually doesn’t possess humanities drive or cunning savagery) they are usually people like the Ancients in Stargate SG-1, Peacekeepers in Farscape or as >>68018589 suggested.

The fairy are the weird ethereal ones. Those that always seem, aloof & mystical. See the plant lady from Farscape, or the Nox of Stargate SG-1.
Blue space elves
Warrior race that somehow figured out rockets
Happy merchants

Let's recommend books that can make you better as a role player or game master.

Pic related: I use this in my current campaign to great success. One key is to not apply every beat to a single member of the party. Let every member of the party get a slice of the monomyth pie.
File: Into the woods.jpg (12 KB, 267x400)
12 KB
I do agree with Joseph Campbell for a traditional heroic campaign as well, but forewarning though using/following it too much leads to two main problems: a) campaign becomes predictable, b) RNG doesn't care about what arc you're in or what arc should be next. Thus, I say J.C.'s theory's strength is best used for setting's location (ordinary to fantastic to back to ordinary), rather than the character themselves.

John Yorke's "Into the Woods" is more of a writing step by step, but it does give a GM/PL a good idea on creating their PC/NPC. For example, if a PC's antagonist could be everything that the PC "isn't, but wants to be," so a confrontation with them could make the PC go out of their shell to overcome them.
Not a single book (because there are lots of them), but stuff on the Viable Systems Model have been useful to me when designing in-games organizations. It's very useful in answering questions about how particular groups might function and interact with the rest of the setting.
One thing to keep in mind is that you should make most organizations deliberately imperfect. Ignore at least some of the advice the VSM might give you to create internal conflict that players either have to deal with or exploit.

This page is a good starting point:

File: 1318171480091.jpg (36 KB, 383x602)
36 KB
>Character acts badass
>wow what a mary sue

Does the word even have any meaning anymore
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all of you should just
File: 68d.png (516 KB, 985x812)
516 KB
516 KB PNG
I think the issue primarily is that a great number of recent iconic characters have poorly crafted backgrounds and characterisation's leading them to their present state as opposed to in the past.

For instance, look to the old case Aragorn, an experienced warrior with Decades behind him, who'd earned his dark outlook from the things he'd had to endure. A loner as the reasonable outcome of his circumstances. Yet by the end he became as truly regal and royal as any of his bloodline. No one can argue his feats nor his development as being 'stu-ish' even if he did often perform nigh impossible tasks.

By contrast, look at the more modern Harry Potter, boy wizard. A chosen one who, escaping an oh-so-awful background, is whisked away into a world where he has infinite riches and loyal friends. His school loves him, the headmaster holds bias for him, anyone remotely 'cool' like a werewolf is related to him. The only people with disdain for him are those who are hilariously over the top evil. He becomes near enough the ultimate wizard within a few years, winning through tremendous plot armour.

As such, many Modern-Inspired writer's now would rather make a character with a weak background with some needless trauma then have their creation be loved by all and succeed in everything. Achieving the grandest feats with minimal effort. As anime has risen into the public consensus (not that I'm saying all of it is like this, but the more popular among it's releases tend to be), this has become even more ridiculous with 'pshhh nothin' personnel' moments seizing their way into campaigns from the ever dark and broody Ser Bloodwhisk Tendiesborn and his many like-designed compatriots.

So indeed, it's true that a character being called a Gary Stu or Mary Sue over anything and everything is silly, but it's understandable that people get concerned when they see a remarkable scene in a era where such ability often is correlated with shoddy conception's.
hahaha /thread

File: 1483739196623.png (590 KB, 1177x900)
590 KB
590 KB PNG
How goes that evil campaign /tg/?
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At the moment everyone is working on methods to attain immortality. Looks like the party is soon going to consist of a lich, a moss lich, a bardic lich, and a gravel night.
I have made a brainwashing center and feed good outsiders into it. Furthermore I’m working on killing (or using the brainwashing center on them) several demon lords to take their kingdoms.

Lastly I’m breeding super goblins to war against the mortal plane and function as my army. Pretty good all things considered.
Not evil per-say, but a party of halfbreed bard half siblings all looking for their father. We spent the entire first session magicing up some coke and starting a drug fueled riot-orgy in some poor fuckers bar. Then beating a clergyman to death in a basement. So i guess it went okay minus the incest.
Everyone went good because it wasn't worth the hassle.

File: n0v4qe013ow11.jpg (176 KB, 1920x1080)
176 KB
176 KB JPG
squat the manlets edition

>Downloads; Rules Errata and FAQs:

>Book Megas:

>3rd party 40kish sci-fi minis/bits

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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new bread

File: 20190802_223707-1.jpg (623 KB, 1029x1038)
623 KB
623 KB JPG
>However, you have no strikes at all, so you'll really have CP problems.
Yeah I know..
>I see no need to take the Brotherhood Champion, since he adds nothing to the army competetively anymore
I converted one to use as my commander in killtean and figured I could make him a bit more useful with the warlord trait to reroll charges but not using him is fine too I suppose, dunno what I'd do with those points however
Quit most of them for years now and for casual games I am looking at printing my own since i can do it for a tenth of the price even for vehicles.

At most i have bought books and one early release of the Imperial Knights but that was years ago.
Get a Brother Captain instead, he's good for the Purifiers.
Twin Lascannon for anti-tank while it's running towards things to hit with its Chainfist. Seriously, chainfists are the GOAT weapon. S14, AP-4, 4D flat. If you bring two CCWs you get re-roll 1's to hit, so you might as well throw two Plasma Blastguns on there while you're at it just to fuck with heavy infantry. It gets costly, though.

File: bbhood.jpg (104 KB, 783x694)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
Tips on how to do a cute character specialized in assasination?
I was thinking on doing something spicy for my next character, i want him to give that air of purity to hide my hideous character, something like B.B. Hood from vampire saviors.
You guys think that only rogue will do, or i should multiclass with other thing?
9 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Tips on how to do a cute character specialized in assasination?
Do "The Hood" from darkest dungeon profligates pack.

Nudist prostitute cannibal bimbo ditzy red riding hood.
File: thehood.png (399 KB, 512x512)
399 KB
399 KB PNG
Yes. Then you eat them after, preferably after sharing them with your unwitting party.
Look at Evenicle's Gurigura if you want some RP inspiration.
The Hood doesn't eat people. The Big Bad Wolf staking her does.
Uh... that's blood on her face and she finds a lot of "questionable" "treats" that she and the party all partake of.

She's a cannibal.

Y'all remember keyforge?
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File: kf_explainer_art1.png (531 KB, 700x444)
531 KB
531 KB PNG
When it came out and got announced I went looking for keyforge decks to try it out and it was sold out absolutely everywhere

if its even in stock now, i dont have any interest, its moment came and went
I remember keyforge every week because my game shop has a poster for it on the front door lol.
if M19 exists, what's the point of M18?

File: Guritz.png (713 KB, 591x530)
713 KB
713 KB PNG
Late as usual edition


>Rules, supplements and stuff

>Useful resources and tools

>Latests WH Community news and articles

>Something to watch

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Full Fell Beasts is probably the best example, though they're not quite as good in this edition.
That's one cool looking army. I guess I'll take back what I said about small army lists.

Honestly, the main reason why I was worried is because I kind of want to play a easterling army, on account of their awesome design, and I was worried they didn't have a lot going for them.
the kings (both races are way too expnsive) gonna get them anyway.

Also am I right in saying that the kings are based on the ringbearers?

I now the king of men are modelled on the ones that appear in the opening flashback of the first movie.

also getting me some classic orcs, almost recently sold a load of metal mordor uruk hai and orc characters then the guy tried to lowball em when he was already getting a massive deal so I just said no...kinda happy I did now.
yes the kings are the ring bearers. the one drawing his sword is meant to be the witch king, paralelling the wraith model
Fuck it, I'm getting 2 of them now.

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