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File: jailbait_sorceress.jpg (1.06 MB, 4262x6000)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB JPG
Previous: >>87565501
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I have a merchant described as completely covered in robe and rags, with only one large, bulging, staring eye exposed on his face, and long spindly hands that come out from under his robes. Requesting anything close to that.
File: e3EAKjO.png (522 KB, 549x1000)
522 KB
522 KB PNG
File: XDs5TLH.png (403 KB, 1000x762)
403 KB
403 KB PNG
Does anyone have pictures of dudes wielding greatbows or ballistae?
It's a blind spot of my collection.
Requesting barefoot female warriors.

What are the best pieces of art released for MTG recently? Thematically, artistically, or otherwise.
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Is that Karn in an anime outfit? The Hell?
File: Spoiler Image (88 KB, 488x680)
88 KB
this, because it represents what modern magic is about.
Yawgmoth is the oil (or something like that)
more precisely glistening oil is the Protomolecule

File: 119301.png (251 KB, 384x384)
251 KB
251 KB PNG
Look I feel I have to ask
Does anyone really bother with all the non-relevant stuff like what food your PCs eat and all that
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At least a third of every game I have attended has had some variety of food porn. If your game's plot is beyond the level of saturday morning cartoon-esque romp, flavor can go a long, long way towards making your world feel real. It's always smoke and mirrors of course, but there's still a big difference between an applewood bonfire with polished silver mirrors and some dude puffing his vape at you and shoving chromed plastic in your face.
My homebrew system uses food as a buff item, and meeting player preference boosts the strength of those buffs when they sit down for a proper meal, so yes. Lets be real, people wandering through wilderness and trawling through forgotten temples would hate life if all they ate night after night was gruel or always fresh elven bread simply because it doesn't spoil. Having some meat and veggies to go with it would make life adventuring more bearable. The system reflects this thus.
Looks like AI trying to make Dark Magician Girl
I like knowing how the minerals were mined to make the metals for the setting's weapons and armors
RPG's are a very autistic hobby so there's gonna be a lot of autists playing it who care about really little details. Though I know why it can be annoying and groan and inducing for other players
Only if it says something about the character or moves the plot along somehow.

Come discuss your comfy adventures in this cozy rpg that puts an emphasis on travel and exploration over combat and completing tasks.

>Core Book English
>Passport 1 JP
>Passport 2 JP

Basic Info:

>What makes Ryuutama unique?
Ryuutama does not have a traditional world or setting. Rather it’s got a lore where the world is shaped by 4 guardian dragons who compel people to go on a adventure at least once in their life. Players gain exp by distance and terrain traveled on top of the usual combat.

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For some reason, I thought the supplements would have cards in the pages to photocopy. Where did the Spanish core extra cards come from?
Wait. I thought on 2d8 6+8 WOULD be a crit? The way the book words it that's how we alwwys assumed it. That it'd be 6+6/6+8/8+8. Huh. Well, learn something new every day.
Then you switch the rails to the Old Yeller plotline.
If you combine it with FU, as pretty much everyone who plays action oriented campaign does.
Well, I don't know that everyone does it, but it should definitely be done.
OP, how's that translation coming along by the by?

File: Magic Primer v3.3 (+0).png (2.04 MB, 1400x1659)
2.04 MB
2.04 MB PNG
Vehicle power matters edition!

>To make cards, download MSE for free from here:
>Mobile users might have an easier time signing up here:

>Stitch cards together with

>Hi-Res MSE Templates

>Mechanics doc (For the making of color pie appropriate cards)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I mean, it still has to be voted on to even be in the set. So I'd say this is of less importance than the Vehicle card.

Guess I'm just not certain how to go about doing a go-tall ability involving creating a Vehicle. If anyone else has ideas, feel free to let me know.
could always just make another vehicle body side and give it a different small ability? might be interesting if you could somehow incorporate one of her other abilities into it in some fashion.
File: no-name.png (233 KB, 375x523)
233 KB
233 KB PNG
This artworks canvas size is not conductive to a planeswalker, but as promised, here it is including my mana cost as promised.
-3 create a white aura enchantment token with enchant creature and enchanted creature can't attack or block
File: no-name.png (253 KB, 375x523)
253 KB
253 KB PNG
Here you go.

In fantasy settings, there tends to be a lot of use of and focus on “elemental” magic, how do you feel about such magic, or beings that are made of such forces, and what are the pros and cons of including them in your settings? Do you prefer to stick with the classic four, or do something else? If you have any good art of elemental mages conjuring and shaping the forces of nature, or of elemental beings, that would also be great, thanks!
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File: file.png (82 KB, 214x236)
82 KB
Only 2 players. Well, the other guy picked Wrath so he would use it on himself and the other guy to deal more damage, use it on NPCs to make them fight themselves, or sometimes use the opposite, Patience, on NPCs so they could ask for a bunch of stuff without irritating the NPC. Lust saved the other player once by casting Chastity on him. I had a villain NPC with Sloth so he could temporarily control them using Diligence and also make stuff easier for him to do because. It's very subjective, which can be pretty fun, but also pretty hard to come up with stuff sometimes. Some of them are not that useful in lots of situations, but the chaos they create can be pretty interesting
And that's the entire reason christcucks lost everything they built.
Cringe. Was good up until then.
Sounds pretty cool. What were some other ideas that you had, and what system does it all use?
Terribly sorry for the late reply as I was and still am trying to brainstorm on it. Cause it might end up getting a complete

I'm on tge fence about how many elements there are ( Fire, Water, Ice, Wind, Electricity, Earth, Plant, Light, Darkness but have considered adding magma, steam, mud, etc) but combining elements can be done. Example, water+wind+lightning can equal powerful storm spells, light and dark can create a chaotic twi,

Elemancers can cast as many as they can but some prefer a specific number. They can combine spells with others

I was also considereding adding elemancers as a subcategory of wizards/sorcerers. Since Witches and Warlocks would require making a pact with a higher being, some elemebts will end up overlapping.

What‘s the difference between a small orc and a large goblin?
Pic somewhat related
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A good thread died for this one, how does that make you feel?
>good threads on tg
Yeah, shame to lose yet another "primaris-whatever-they-are-called did nothing wrong" thread.
A good person died for you. now THAT is a crime.
Yes it does. Have you even read books?
Goblins and Hobgoblins are a species of fae that got stuck in the expanding demonic no man's land and over the Millenia mutated into Quasi-demonic Goblins and Hobgoblins. If far enough from the demon-zone, a few generations down the line and they'll end up reverting to their original forms so that I can have green shortstacks and muscle ladies, witch works because Gobs and Hobs were Kobolds and Firbolgs respectively (not D&D version!) . Ogres are also demons, but in the manner of being humans who are so sinful in life they become monsters in death (think apostles from Berserk). Trolls are Fae that stay in inhospitable areas, such as deep caves, swamps or tundras, and while considered little more than animals by the majority of humans and many Fae, they are actually very humanlike just lacking in society and technology due to being muscle-bound and basically immortal if they avoid sunlight and iron for all their lives. Because they're just bigger and able to deal with extremes better than humans, they're known for making some ridiculous weapons and armour, as well as being deadly shock infantry or siege weapons, for those who can convince an individual or family to help them.
Orcs don't exist because they literally are just another name for Goblin, and I don't like what WoW did you the genre.

As I’m sure that you’ve discovered by now, when it comes to creating your settings, giving fitting names to the people, places, items, and more is one of the more difficult aspects of forging a world, be it a fantasy realm of magic, mystery, and monsters or a science fiction dimension of fantastic technology. This thread is for both asking for help in that department, and for helping the others who need said assistance.

For example, do you devise names for magic users?
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File: dd-composite-baby-girl.jpg (517 KB, 3125x2084)
517 KB
517 KB JPG
I could use some help naming some vampires for my setting? There's a couple that are using variations on the obvious suggestions like Dracula or Elizabeth Bathory/Carmilla, but I still need more, for both nobles and run of the mill ones, male and female, if you have them.
Go with blood-related puns. Unless you want to be something more serious.
File: CcBXdXUUYAAm6Hu.jpg (32 KB, 504x449)
32 KB

Traditionally, in D&D and Pathfinder, undead are directly tied to the concept of "negative energy" or "necrotic energy," a natural force of death and decay that can be horribly inverted into a parody of life.

But positive energy can do strange things, too. A creature trapped in the Positive Energy Plane might literally explode from the boundless influx of vital power. D&D 3.5 has the deathless: undying husks whose bodies are as shriveled or as ghostly as any undead, despite being animated by a surfeit of positive energy. D&D 3.5 Elder Evils also gives us Ragnorra, an abomination who horribly mutates the world with waves of unbridled positive energy.

(On a non-tabletop note, in Honkai: Star Rail, the goddess of life, fertility, and abundance is also the goddess of undeath, for she cannot bear to see anything die. She blesses the fields and cures ills, but also preserves many beyond death. She is a highly controversial goddess, and her detractors are fierce and manifold.)

Why not take this idea a step further? How would you run a campaign, adventure, or other scenario in which infusions of positive energy (e.g. healing and fertility magic) directly increase the odds of a creature becoming undead after their death? Would it be a long-known fact, or would it be a recent discovery that people are still coming to grips with? Would magically fertile fields and crops contribute to the proliferation of undeath? How would adventurers, the type to constantly avail of healing magic, look upon the idea of rising as undead? How would people view a deity of life, fertility, and abundance who rails against death by granting undeath to many faithful?
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What are some ways that we can apply positive and negative energy interactions to blood magic? If you had to choose one, which type would it align with and why?
I’ve never read Franken Fran. Besides being a female mad scientist, what’s her deal again?
Basically, everything is preferable to death. She will save your life even if you have to live as a head in a jar. People come to her asking to fulfill their desires (like getting back their dead pet or becoming as beautiful as an anime girl) and she will perform surgery very literally, usually resulting in these people wishing they were dead. It's very much black humor.
Yeesh, that sounds horrible. Anyone ever call her out on this?
Real bumpfag hours.

Anyone ever ran a campaign with ONLY dungeons? How did it go?

I'm wanting to do a campaign with nine mega-dungeons based upon Dante's layers of hell. I'm going to blatantly steal the Dark Souls respawning mechanic, so the PCs can die but they drop all XP on death and if they don't retrieve it before they die they lose it forever. Has anyone ever tried anything like that before? How did it go?
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>A blown out, burning mirror of reality
What exactly does that mean? Never read those comics
File: Constantine Hell.jpg (78 KB, 728x410)
78 KB
Here's what I mean. It's actually a pretty underrated movie. Not the best thing Keanu has done but certainly not bad.
>because if there's no role-playing then what's there is just the game-playing.
you're doing it wrong
There's a DnD clone called Infernum designed specifically for a campaign set in industrialized hell. You can play a demon - there's a variety of them from imp to giant gargoyle, to incubus/succubus, a human trapped in hell on an endless crusade, or a fallen angel.

File: Spacer Elves.jpg (741 KB, 1500x960)
741 KB
741 KB JPG
What do you get if you frankstein a setting out of Spelljammer, Nentir Vale, Eberron, and Iron Kingdoms, stir in a little Transformers, Dinoriders, and War Planets/Shadow Raiders, and maybe season with a sprinkle of 40K? I got no zoggin' idea, but I wanna find out. Anyone interested in lending a hand?
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To answer >>87561554's question, has anyone heard of the Locked Tomb series? It has a far-future galactic empire ruled over by immortal necromancers, complete with an undead planet or two. I haven't gotten a chance to really read it yet, but I hear it's pretty good.
Such an underrated genre.
>Add in a long range teleport spell for FTL travel and you can colonize the galaxy.
Technically you don’t even need FTL for that.
it's just the Phantasy star races without the anime
File: zukai_warlocks.jpg (75 KB, 670x334)
75 KB

The previous thread had a really large amount of engagement on not only discussion on how to world build for a Magical Girl themed campaign, but also genre conventions, how to run with Kamen Riders, and stories from GMs who've successfully ran a Magical Girl themed campaign. So let's keep this party going; how would you prepare and run for a Magical Girl themed campaign /tg/?
5 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
no imagine the reverse
where regular magical girls have become v tubers/idols

that makes much more sense
The way I'm doing transformations/Power Ups using L5R 5e is that the PCs will summon a "Regalia" made up of certain weapons and armor with a successful Performance check. A non-element base form has a low TN and can use any ring for the check while more powerful elemental forms will require a specific ring to summon.

This works because equipment isn't directly to PC/NPC power and is somewhat tiered between Commoner gear/Samurai gear/War gear. Various clothing is also considered armor so I can make a basic Magical Girl Battle Dress by upgrading Ceremonial Clothes (Physical Resist 1, Ceremonial*, Resplendent**) to "Physical Resist 3, Supernatural Resist 2, Ceremonial, Resplendent" with later upgrades having greater Resistances and additional traits.

*Trait that indicates that an item can be used to identify the owner/user.
**Trait that increases the Glory gained for actions performed by the user.
What is this fetish called?
Breast envy

File: bunnies 8688659593.jpg (181 KB, 1200x900)
181 KB
181 KB JPG
is sun god the most based divinity for a primitive pantheon?
also post neat sun god ideas
(fiery goddesses also accepted)
bunnies unrelated
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An experiment. The result: Sex reassignment surgeries for 12 year olds, 40 hour work weeks, and Rick and Morty.

The Falcons got a better deal.
Sure, why not? Tell us more about this.

File: sad.jpg (92 KB, 800x450)
92 KB
>character dies
>party avoids their unfinished plot threads
Bad player feels thread
28 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
I mean, as a player, I don't care about another PC's storyline. Now that he's dead, the plot hooks are utterly worthless.
He ain't just dead, he's gone. My turn to be main character.
Just don't die
/v/ermin git ye gone
Making the same character again to do the same things is an OSR-tier move that cheapens character death.

File: 4ß93272ß34ß273.jpg (198 KB, 1280x935)
198 KB
198 KB JPG
Only the best
No coom alloweth
57 replies and 33 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: QnBm2x5.png (790 KB, 743x1080)
790 KB
790 KB PNG
File: ucYuWCT.jpg (200 KB, 764x1080)
200 KB
200 KB JPG
File: bgLNWCo.png (239 KB, 427x550)
239 KB
239 KB PNG
how do you guys feel about the warcraft goblins being technologically great but mostly but prone to break or fall apart. I like it to be honest.
>low effort nongaming waifu image thread
>simple and based chad goblin thread

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