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What real life culture are githyanki based off of?
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The real life culture of magical dragon-riding sky-pirates religiously obsessed with ancient grudges, living on the Astral Plane and possessing magical soul-severing silver swords.

If you want to be really autistic, look at historical "pirate cultures" starting from the Sea People and other bronze age raiders, going through vikings, Wakou and Chukchi
So it's (((Americans))).
just dropping by to say githzerai >>>> githyanki
>Shieettt my gizza, why come we ain't got no reparations from them mind flayers yet?
Why the fuck does everything need to be based on a real-life culture. Use your goddam imagination. Gith are pretty stupid though, being an obvious creation of the 90's and looking like Butt Ugly Martians, and with the dumbest name for a race ever. Seriously, "gith"? Gith me a break.

how intelligent do you play out your monsters? in games where tactics are important, do you try to provide as big of a challenge as possible to your players?
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Because it's not real.
Monsters are for breeding a new race of half breeds and over taking your old species and kingdom for the benefit of your hybrid children
idk how turkeys stack up, but research that I read suggested that dromeaosaurids were probably about as smart as rabbits

Velociraptors vs coyotes or deinonychus vs wolves seems pretty even, but raptors went against much more dangerous prey and other predators. Yeah, cougars and bears are dangerous, but they aren't tyrannosaurids.

TLDR I doubt wolves could hack living in the hell creek formation, wish a nigga would
Turkeys are fucking retarded. The third stupidest animal I've ever worked with.
File: j897ex3rz7i41.jpg (64 KB, 1024x614)
64 KB

What's more compelling?
>A tale of human hubris, the difficulties of older noble ways transitioning into a world of modern technology, the grim horrors of war, and nobody really being in the wrong
>A tale of bombastic, energetic battles, larger-than-life evil overlords, and insane revolutionaries run amok
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Did you not read the "filthy rich" part? The guy had money and power.
He also decided to get in a naval arms race for literally no reason and otherwise piss off the current largest empire on the planet that would have otherwise had a neutral opinion towards him
This surely proves a global conspiracy by a white minority to subvert and control other cultures!

Oh wait no when white people do it it's because they're superior. And Jews aren't superior for reasons.
i like darkness, dirt, tragedy, and melodrama so i don't know where i fall.

things fall as fast as they rise, and rise just as fast as they fall. bombastic tales of human hubris, larger-than-life overlords leading their armies into grim, horrible, and energetic battles. every side has a good reason for being in the fight and nobody but the insane revolutionaries would ever tell any of them they were wrong.
Still more than you learn in school.

File: archy.png (1.68 MB, 1332x734)
1.68 MB
1.68 MB PNG
Ok these to clash
Left's turf and has Jughead in his corner and 2 weeks warning
Right has his mount

Give me the odds, bookie
>Archie has his mount
Veronica or Betty?
Archie's a big boy, he's going to need both for an extended battle.
Right wins but Jughead has a tragic death that pushes Archie to win
His last request is a burger, which he eats as he salutes his dog as proclaims Archie not to simp for thots
>Jughead in his corner

Not even a fuckin contest, bud.
It's really not fair to give Archaon Jughead.

File: unnamed.jpg (54 KB, 512x500)
54 KB
Why don't the Exodites get a codex?
Because GW don't make speculative rules anymore and everything has to have a model instead of them cranking out rules that everyone wants.
Please no, i dont want GW to ruin them like everything else

File: gdsg.jpg (79 KB, 728x457)
79 KB
Whats your opinion on Chinese fantasy? Not too familiar with them, I just think they're cute.
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There are quite a number of pretty decent Wuxia and Xianxia series out there but the big drawback for a lot of people is that they are often ridiculously slow moving (50+ episodes isn't unusual) and there is a ton of romance plotlines in them but those often take most of the series to actually pay off. Korean series are often much shorter although they also have family dramas that are long but most of their fantasy series tend to be reasonable in length and you only rarely have to watch a second season.
I successfully used the Peach Garden Oath from ROTK to coerce my party into sticking their necks out for each other

>Party comes across a part of the country where a large population have immigrated from not-China
>They hear a rumor from a traveling bard that there is an ancient folk ritual from Not-China that blesses people with a boon from the Heavens
>Party collects shit they need for the ritual
>Find out after spending all their time that they have to find a ton of peach trees for it to work
>Settle for a pumpkin patch because they think pumpkins are fruit
>Three Chinese spirits who look familiar come out of the ground and tell the party they're whackass weebs and deserve to die
>fight ensues
>Spirits give up, tell them they're real Chinese niggas now
>Remind them that pumpkins are not fruit
>Make them swear the Peach Garden Oath anyway
>Word for word
>The Chinese spirits snicker and call them fucking fags as they laugh back to the afterlife

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Bruh I've been waiting for that Jiang Ziya / Legend of Deification film for so fucking long. Anyone got any deets on when it's supposed to come out? I know the release got fucked cuz of covid but that shit looked good
Chinese fantasy titles sounds so stupid.
Jin Yong's work alone is enough for most people's read in WuXia to be honest.
its the older fantasies that are more obscure to the general public,

A Chinese Ghost Story (1987) is a good watch if interested in ghost waifu.

File: R-TYPE.jpg (247 KB, 780x1103)
247 KB
247 KB JPG
How would the Bydo Empire fare in 40k?

File: 110212.jpg (77 KB, 653x803)
77 KB
/4eg/ - D&D4e General

For Fourth Edition D&D and all the other games inspired by D&D4e, such as 13th Age, Strike!, etc.

>4e Trove


>Pastebin (Expanded with more resources!)

>-Any character that requires more than 2 'classes' is unreasonable.
>-As the number of books needed to build the character increases, so do the odds of unreasonability.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>build towards black
How about no.
Most people aren't bad at playing the game and like having fun.
I'm sure at a lot of table there are retards the deliberately build bad characters.
That doesn't make them normal.
There's people who get off on being deliberately bad at things.
I get off on turning bad options into things people go "wait, why the fuck is that good?"
See: >>72826014
Not optimal by any means, but autodamage that benefits from the standard charge boosting kit and also pushes and prones?
It's decently usable.
>turning bad options into things
If the end result is good, and you enjoy the challenge of doing it, that's great. There's a particular charm to self-imposed challenges and to subverting expectations.

Why has India never been used as a fantasy setting?
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I did. It wasn't very good.
>official abolishment of the Caste system is still overwhelmingly Caste cultured
racial discrimination is abolished in america, yet it is still overwhelmingly race cultured.
>Mock Ghandi and the like in public dude, and you'l be fucking lynched faster than wearing full nazi regalia in Berlin
literally millions of people mock gandhi in india on a daily basis.

Apart from Starship Troopers, Heinlein was much better at the short story than the novel.

The majority of people who use grok don't understand what it means which is why they use it wrongly. It's becoming more common on Internet forums and it's usually a marker for a pretentious fuck.
Anon, India IS a fantasy setting.
How can you misunderstand what it means, though? It has a single, clear, unambiguous meaning.

File: joongheon-lee-005.jpg (683 KB, 1920x2560)
683 KB
683 KB JPG
Post Writefaggotry here
91 replies and 16 images omitted. Click here to view.
If we can freely request shameless smut here, I'd really love anything involving an openly villainous and overweight alligator lizardfolk with atypical pretentions at sophistication and the leggy caster dame he's managed to kidnap, who assertively acts on her lust for permanently erect gator dick in ways he was completely unprepared for. Maybe some gentle teasing, belly rubs, jerking him off, or mutual oral, but I'd be happy with whatever.
>Just gonna draw some happy little goblins. You can draw them as green latina shortstacks or gremlins, it's your world.
Does this include greentext/storytimes or just narrative work?
Just post shit, there are no rules!
You write stories.

Come with me if you want to live Edition

Previous: >>72826486

Fantasy Flight Games’ X-Wing, Armada, and Legion

Star Wars Roleplaying Games (d6/d20/FFG)

Other FFG Star Wars tabletop (Imperial Assault, Destiny and the LCG)

Old links

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>They were selling, killing, raping, etc each other long before anyone got there, and will be doing so long after everyone is gone.
>Never read a history book
Got a source for that claim that isn't the Bantu?
>Or, if europe never set up shop there, the various markets take their wares outside their shores. I can play alternative universe history too.
I'm not playing alternate history you fucking Mongolian, I'm telling you that they literally would never have sold slaves if there wasn't a demand. Do you think that the conflicts that came after they learned of the wealth to be gained were solely unconnected?
>You realize you just made african slavers the crack dealers and slaves the crack in your analogy.
... Jesus Christ you're actually dumb aren't you? The white slavers are the drug dealers, and the black slavers are the drug users. You cannot be this fucking stupid dude.
>People have rarely needed incentives to be crappy throughout human history,
Yes they do. If they have something to gain from it people will always take that route first. Do you think for some reason that Africans would have just suddenly started taking millions of their own people for no gain or something? Because if you do you're just proving yourself dumber. The Asians sure as fuck didn't need slaves as much as white people did, and neither did the Arabs because neither of those two people had entire colonies they needed to staff and make profit off of. Arab slavery existed, yet for thousands of years it never once reached the scale of white slavery.

Once again, it doesn't matter how many other people did it when the bottom line is that the snow monkeys in the South did it at a large enough scale to have a slave population larger than their own population. This is an undeniable fact, and no amount of deflecting will change it. They could have chosen not to use slave labor, but they did. They didn't complain about the positive consequences, but got assmad at the negatives.
I know lord Vader always had a knack for working with machines, but in hindsight his constant talking in gibberish and strict enforcement of height requirements by shouting
At officers should have been a clue that something weird was going on in 7BBY. Everyone thought he had just been browsing Space /fit/.
File: 58.jpg (2 MB, 1988x3156)
2 MB
>When your best friend killed your men who survived with in that last stand
*Who survived with you in a Pacification mission gone wrong
Too bad Lieutenant Asshole wasn't among the folks Luke shanked.
You know, the one who cost Sunber his promotion.

File: WC3.png (1.31 MB, 800x1018)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB PNG
How many people will you piss off when you murder the nature god?
3 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Civilization > Nature

Suck it hippies.
Nature isn't confined to the planet though. Nature is the Universe. And right now, Universe > Civilization.
Yes it's much better to work at McDicks all day and be paid only the bare minimum to keep you alive to work at McDicks the next day.
civilization is PART of nature, and the fact that you think you are somehow apart from nature just because we live in a building instead of a cave shows your short-sightedness and, likely, your hubris.
7 or 8 maybe

What do you think about settings that begin with a major source of in-universe conflict having appeared very recently? One issue I have with settings like Forgotten Realms and many GMs' homebrew settings is that they tend to follow the same formula of, "Here is the world and how it has been for years. There might be recent developments, but nothing too society-overturning. Your PCs might go on some epic quest, but if so, it will start off from just another day in the setting and gradually reveal some threat to the peace," or something similar.

Compare that to something like Eberron, where the main continent has just emerged from a 102-year-old war across all its nations, the single most advanced nation exploded in a supernatural cataclysm just 4 years ago, the war with an awkward treaty just 2 years ago, the treaty is deeply dissatisfactory across many parties (it allowed one nation's original capital city to remain captured and owned by a different nation), geopolitics are so tense that another world war could erupt at any moment, and adventurers are needed to navigate this tense society and batter down politics with pulp action.

Or consider the point where D&D 4e starts off its version of Dark Sun: one sorcerer-king has just been slain and overthrown, the main city-states of the setting has just become a free city full of intrigue and competing factions, and other city-states are building unrest due to the spreading news that the sorcerer-kings are not as immortal as everyone once thought.

It just seems to me like a recent, society-shaking event helps give players more investment in a setting, and gives the GM more opportunities for plot hooks. Admittedly, this is less important if all the GM wants to run is dungeon crawling, hex crawling, and wilderness survival; but it is a great help for a GM who wants to have a backdrop of intrigue and espionage amidst pulp action. What do you think?
I think the ideal is for something big to have occurred within living memory, beyond the last few years but recent enough for survivors and veterans to be around, to have established an unstable status quo. The drums of war are starting to beat once again, evils once thought banished march out of the shadows, and the world cries out for heroes!

That sort of tone, y'feel me? In-Universe Conflict set to erupt about seven days after the present.
'May you live in interesting times' is a curse.
In designing a game, you'd either have to on the occasion buttfuck the players just to keep up the facade of shit falling apart and changing in the society they're in, or have it be an entirely background thing that doesn't affect them because when it does affect them, it cucks them out of stuff to do. Nobody will be paying a DnD party a chestful of gold to go find some rare curio if the country's falling apart and every bit of gold, every spear counts in the war for people's rights or whatever.

File: eldar style.jpg (101 KB, 1024x1002)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
Eldar style edition

>New Rules for Imperial Knights

> Lights, Camera… Action Figures!

>New Rules for Chaos Knights

>Daily Duncan
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJGqInWb2yo [Embed]

>Downloads; Rules Errata and FAQs:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
404 replies and 79 images omitted. Click here to view.
I just don't get the role play aspect in general, it doesn't appeal to me at all to pretend like I'm a general in charge of troops or down there on the front lines. I see those guys who unironically get really into it and shout war cries and get super excited about stuff that's going on and it just hurts to watch. Games should be fun obviously but the RP aspect is more cringe than enjoyable.
>maybe the only accomplishment they have is that one of them saw a genestealer 500 years ago.
Bored marines. I like the idea. Maybe they were ordered to guard a system millennia ago and the High Lords forgot they existed? And every time some enemy appears to come close to them, it's either a false alarm or it gets destroyed at the last minute.
that painting is CRISPY
Mperor are legit, ordered a Tyranid Bioswarm from them last Christmas and the shipping was way faster than I expected, only around a week and a half before it turned up
File: lmftfy.jpg (298 KB, 956x950)
298 KB
298 KB JPG

File: 4521.jpg (225 KB, 707x1000)
225 KB
225 KB JPG
>Both typically are the realm of the smart guy, or based off an intelligence stat in ttrpgs.

>Can typically do whatever.

Sorta like those psionic versus magic threads, how would you distinguish the two in your world?
19 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
This read like it came straight out of Discworld.
Technology is developed within a society's known (and observable) laws of physics and functions within them.

The hidden, esoteric power known as "Magic" does not.
I don't get it.

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