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File: wp5765564.jpg (315 KB, 1920x1080)
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315 KB JPG
Post scifi/scifantasy settings/games you like or recommend
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File: images (8).jpg (53 KB, 619x495)
53 KB
How much of it is inspired by Cowboy bebop, what state is it in now?
File: EFS.png (476 KB, 557x640)
476 KB
476 KB PNG
Late medieval space opera with kitchen sink but in a really great way tone wise still managing to pull it together.
Rules are 90s white wolf inspired trash, but the turn based strategy game was great.
File: EP-poster[1].png (1.71 MB, 1724x984)
1.71 MB
1.71 MB PNG
OA is great as a worldbuilding trove but it has almost no lore. Eclipse Phase is better in that regard.
File: 9781596062375-us[1].jpg (36 KB, 333x500)
36 KB
Good book.

File: 1550364357243.jpg (91 KB, 867x452)
91 KB
What're some strange, interesting and unique forms of government for a sci-fi setting?
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Oh yes, this stuff was corrupt as all shit. As I said in my post it was a shithole dystopi. I like to make all my imperial planets different flavours of dystopia. In the same campaign beyond the expected ancap + commie shithole I also had a planet that was a direct democracy ruled by direct voting on all issues via a social media site. Aka the dictatorship of the twitter mob. Place also had the culture of revolutionary France, great place.
Fitocratic Republic: those that have the highest combined total on OHP, Bench, Squat, and Deadlift gets to be the Lord Humungus. The only laws that cannot be changed are who has access to lifting equipment and protein.

Parliament is separated into two houses; the Fraud Chamber and the Natty Chamber. Though the stronger Fraud Chamber writes laws, it is the Natty Chamber that approves them. While the Lord Humungus is universally chosen from the Fraud Chamber, the power of the Natties keeps him in check.
> To find the person with the right aptitude for a particular position in an organization or government, first people are given standardized tests, then individual examinations, and those who are in the top tier finally compete in tournaments with competitions that tests for relevant skills.
> If remaining two are evenly matched, they settle everything in a single games of chance.
... It might work if you tweak it a little.
... gonna expand this.

>Matriarchal Genocracy
>The rulers are females in control of the cloning and genetic modification devices that allow for the all-female population to reproduce. The rulers have since used their devices to make themselves stronger, smarter, prettier and longer-lived than the common populace.
>Castes have developed around functions of the spacefaring society, with the Matron Genocrats at the top. Below them are their assistants known as the Midwives, helping them maintain the genetic health of the people. Under them are the Engineers and the Ministra. At the bottom are the cloned castes, the Vespid military/police forces and the Demure slaves. Though the castes are often fixed, there are special positions in a caste that allows one to exert authority over those above them (EX: Investigators are Vespids that can be considered to be on the same level as a Midwife, as they are allowed access to restricted files and have the authority to make arrests in behalf of a Matron).
>The higher the caste, the larger the breast size of the women in the caste.

>i like [thing]
>i want to play a game set in [thing]s universe, with an appropriate feel and style to match [thing]
>where can I find this game


Raving Reviews for this compilation:
>you arent a complete bag of dicks
>op is doing a potentially good and useful thing
>arigato anon
>pretty nice
>im confused and curious

Newest additions include resources for Akira, F-Zero, The Mighty Ducks, Treasure Planet, Han Solo, and more!

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Here is a link for the JJBA Fate hack.
Thanks for the link, have any more like it, please?
File: 1603372917677.jpg (108 KB, 700x698)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
Sorry, I only happened to know about the one from a friend. Here's hoping for some more hyper specific autism.
Yes. Will be added.
If this thread proves as popular as the last, is this something worth having a general for? Unsure of a good name. Entertained the idea of opening a "review" list to all as a google doc but that could prove to be chaotic.

File: desperado_mgr.jpg (466 KB, 2584x2176)
466 KB
466 KB JPG
What's the best system for a "cyborg" game in the vein of pic related?

Also what are some cool ideas for cyborg characters, concepts, powers, weapons and abilities that might be cool to implement as/for either PCs or NPCs?
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I'd say Genesys. In Metal Gear the tech is always very handwavey and soft, and you can easily build your own gimmick using the rules made available to you. Nothing would be too outlandish.
GURPS works for the more grounded sort of cyborg. Cyborg supers? Not so much.
Cyborg Commando
I only played starfinder for a couple of levels, but my human soldier blitz/operative daredevil was absurdly fast, could jump a lot and climb while running. I we played more I'd have reached 150 ft speed, jumps of 50meters, etc. Felt very Raiden to me. Also started all cyborg'd up, no augs just less fleshy though

File: Synthmorph.png (161 KB, 247x652)
161 KB
161 KB PNG
The last EP thread actually hit bump limit, let's see if we can do that again!

>>Transhumanity's FATE (FATE Conversion)
>>X-Risks and After The Fall
>>Chuck's Eclipse Phase Wiki

>>the 10 things you should know about Eclipse Phase
>>Advice for new players and GMs

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Rolled 63 (1d100)

Oh boy here we go
Make sure to have fun
How do i do?
Rolled 16 (1d100)


File: 3810586802741.png (719 KB, 597x923)
719 KB
719 KB PNG
what obscure RPGs do you wish had a larger fanbase / more people to play with?
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Tormenta RPG. Created by a brazillian trio that I can't remember the names, but had a cool concept.

And giant divine stone tiddies.
And land of lizard ladies with tiddies.
And magical tiddies in leather tires.

I swear that the scenario has a good plot tho.
I’m sad that this got no replies because it is too my favorite and I wish more people played it
File: DorkTower1255.jpg (599 KB, 454x679)
599 KB
599 KB JPG
...Brikwars is that far down on the iceberg?
File: Exicted Raccoon.jpg (52 KB, 530x424)
52 KB
That sounds based as fuck. I would play in that.
If only just to see it grow. And maybe convince my friends to play it.

File: Apocolypto.png (117 KB, 1036x720)
117 KB
117 KB PNG
making an rpg need a system with no magic, kinda like fallouyt, heres the lore so far

The Future is damned…
After the disaster of 2050, America has fallen due the collapse of its own hands… America had the biggest civil war dubbed “Fall of the west”. After bombs were dropped, bodies have rottened, and now is just a fight for survival for each race.

There are different factions as the world was divided by new states

From left to right
California Democratic Union
Capital: Neo Sandeigo
Description: Often regarded as “Commiefornia”, this is the high point for all who want to follow into democratic america. Rules are heavily enforced and freedom is mostly nonexistent (Unless Black) who then abused this power to make themselves the dominant in california. laws don't matter in this underground crime filled state, nor will whites.
Guilds: Crips(Illegal), Justice warriors, Democratic army

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
43 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
I'd look into natural features like mountains and rivers. Take a look at Utah. Even if Salt Lake City retained its independence from the CDU (not necessarily an easy fight but hey who can follow these people's objectives when they only exist to satisfy /pol/ memes), there is no way that a nation so dependent on the waters of the Colorado would allow such a large section of it to be out of their control. Likewise, Florida would absolutely not be content to control *one* bank of the Mississippi's course. Even assuming they couldn't control the whole basin (and honestly, any balkanized US map needs to grapple with the fact that the Mississippi River basin is both super easy to unify and super tempting to unify because it's the best river system on Earth), they'd take as much of Illinois as possible to secure their grip. Likewise, the Upper Peninsula's placement is bizarre: what nation on Earth would be able to field the navy necessary to claim both sides of the Straits of Mackinac but not be able to get Chicago? And speaking of upper places, what the fuck is Canada doing in all of this? If the US collapsed, the borders would change immediately: either Canada collapses too and new states don't respect the 49th parallel (because it's an arbitrary line) or Canada is well enough to be able to offer relief to places like the Great Lakes and Puget Sound. The southern border would likely get some minor adjustments as well depending on Mexico - but honestly the real factor there would be independent Texas. There's no way that Texas joins the Florida Union - either Florida joins the Texas union or Texas goes its own way, again spreading its borders beyond the relatively arbitrary north and western lines, possibly trying to get New Orleans or cross the Rio for influence over Mexico as well.
>Yoopers are united with the New England area.
>Kentucky and Tennessee are united with fucking Texas but not their actual neighbors.
>The far west in general is just as retarded, it’s all the dry desert land plus the Great Plains. Oh and Alaska.
>What even is the Midlands?
The only thing NPR got right was the specific division of the West coast, El Norte, and most of the South. But if this is based on some kind of culture group, it’s way off base in the middle, and I don’t even want to touch the upper east coast. In short, another meme map.
Imagine it as how someone who has only ever lived in DC thinks of the US. Which basically just means "Hollywood depictions + political polling data".
It makes a lot more sense then.
>niggerfornia where the negroes dominate and the whites have no rights
That reeks of some cucks magical realm.
Ima be Mr. No Fun for a bit:

There are more Asians and Mexicans than there are Blacks in California. There are more Mexicans in LA county than there are Blacks in all of California. Heck they even voted against affirmative action this past election since it will mostly benefit blacks (Yes in commiefornia)

Aztlan will never work due to the cultural differences between Mexicans in Texas who are more conservative (socially) and the ones in the West Coast. Texas and California being their own republics make more sense.

File: LandRaiderAchilles03.png (972 KB, 976x479)
972 KB
972 KB PNG
I was looking at the stats of all the different Land Raider Variants, because I was curious about their abilities against other tanks in other factions. It seems to beat out most Leman Russ Variants, and a lot of Eldar Tanks. Both on the table and the Lore, do these vehicles actually beat out most tanks, that aren't Baneblade sized?
14 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Also, land raiders don't just shit on modern tanks and tau stuff, but on other vehicles produced by the exact same people. Why don't the AdMech's tanks have adamantium hulls?

The AdMech don't have a uniform technological capacity or access to resources. Every Forgeworld has different capabilities, specializations and pitfalls, further divided down into the continent and country equivalents. This is largely due to the inefficient and secretive way they treat knowledge that isn't just raw data.

Essentially, the AdMech do have stuff as good as Land Raiders if one looks around hard enough, they just tend to be heinously expensive and/or a relic; most of their vehicles are cheaper and easier to produce because that's more efficient in most cases.
>It's worth remembering that base land Raiders were wasting a lot of firepower whenever they shot due to not really being able to target their anti-tank and anti-infantry weapons seperately.
This is not a thing anymore.
All of 40k is retarded
Thats a fairly recent state of affairs. Honestly, who or what is on top in any given 40k edition is mostly random. Base landraiders used to be utter trash (I should know, I play chaos!)
>40k lore is still retarded
Yes. But its fun.

File: Tyrionfindtywinprivey.jpg (410 KB, 2100x1181)
410 KB
410 KB JPG
The local baron's master assassins murder your character while your character is on the privy.
He can try. I have prestidigitation for a reason.
My finest men take my body to the top of the tower, fabricate a twin brother and make it look like we killed each other during a thunderstorm in a battle for the ages. After emptying me of the excrement to their best ability of course.
Why would an undead use the privy?

File: a9e.png (1.23 MB, 1073x603)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB PNG
Idk why but after consoooming warhammer related stuff, other settings seems to appear dull to me. Like it contains (rips off) every sub genras in a such hardcore way that the others can't reach its taste. Both fantasy and 40K has this effect for me in sci fi and fantasy genra. Does that happen to you?
31 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
I kinda know that feeling, but only for SF /tg/s. I'm a fantasy guy first, and let's be honest, you can generally jump from one fantasy setting to another without getting lost, it's kind always the same thing. In SF it's the opposite, every author tries to be as original as possible, so each time you learn a system you have to learn a entire new setting with its special snowflake races and all and I have a hard time getting interested in it. The few time I did, those settings were kinda dull anyway. For the same reason, I prefer SF novels (each time a new universe to doscover) to fantasy (always the same fucking thing).

40k ( and SW) I know and like, it's comfy and gigantic enough that you can pretty much cram whatever you like in it. With an honourable mention to Infinity, but it's mostly humans from well known IRL cultures, so it's easy.
40k does that for me and i cannot even play the game due to living in shittty thirdworld country
Well the game rules are the worst part of it anyway
Could you be any more pretentious? I can see the poorly fitting acrylic suit and matching pinstripe trilby from here.
You are probably the guy that thinks brand flakes will satisfy as a replacement for sex.

File: magic_shrine.jpg (63 KB, 748x421)
63 KB
In my setting, Ki, Mana and Psionics are indentified as a the triangle of the Three Powers: the Power Within, the Power Without and the Power Beyond, and has a different layer of existence to which is associated. I'll give the details in my setting through following posts, because otherwise it wouldn't fi the wordcount limit.
52 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Using all three at once is the first step towards achieving nirvana/divinity/royalty.
I take it that doing so is rather rare, then? How does someone go about reaching that step?
Before the sundering was the age of magic. This was when gods, monster and magic freely walk the world. The gods though aren't that interested in ruling humans so they maintain minimal contact with some humans received their blessing. These human, along with some lucky human born with with a body mirror the gods( abeilt with lower quality) are known as the first mages.

It was then that some muggles around them feel envious of their power and develop the first magic systems that can be used by anyone. With irony, these wizards soon multiply and lorded over other muggles.

This is when the sundering happen. A great wizard feel bad for these muggles and try to think of a way to help them. Knowing that he can't make other wizards to stop being dicks head on. He decided to devise a grand spell, which will permanently alter the world. The spell has four uses:
1st: to convince the gods that human don't need their advice anymore
2nd: to replace the previous laws of the world by the laws of physics.
3rd: to make all of magic unlearnable by anyone.
And the last: to make all creatures which prey on human that defile the new laws destroyed.

His plan failed despite his effort and years to make the ritual. He hasn't finished casting half of the spell when the other killed him. However, a half cast grand spell is still a grand spell nonetheless. The spells did brought great change to the world. The event was called the sundering.

The gods was convinced that humans did not need them anymore, so they gradually left the world of mortal and return to their world, as a result, they stop giving power to chosen human.

Some of the natural laws of the world like magic and ki cease to be natural, and the naturally born mages become much rarer.

And while magic is still able to learn by human, it now has a cost of casting unlike before. A cost like equivalent exchange which was so great that only when the western mages figured out how to refine ki into mana they started wielding magic with impunity again.

Finally, while the monster that prey on humanity wasn't killed, they all gain a weakness that can can easily exploited by humans, so now can only prey on human in secret.

This is the event that changed everything. The mages that left still fell bitter that their power was robbed from them and still trying their best to revert the spell. And they gain some success by figuring how to refine mana to make casting much easier. Also, they now know the danger of letting other learned magic without control so they have kept the secret of magic from muggles, with an added hubris off course, and have taken a vow to police the world so that no other sundering can happen again.
cont: last part

psychic power: begin in the west in the 18 century. Predicted that which the increase population of humans will resulted in much more ghost which will prove too much for them to handle, some necromancers decided to give non-mages power to help them. Which the agreement of other mages, they cast a grand spell which will give some random human powers modelled after naturally born mages.

That was when psychics appear. Their power is much like naturally born mages, that they don't need to use words, rituals or martial art movements to use them. Only some hand movements and their thought. Psychics use an energy called psychic energy, which was produce by their brain. Each psychics has a limited pool of energy that will refilled over time. Using too much of their power will cause headache, nosebleed to death.

Also, the wizards designing this also design a flaw so that psychics can never oppose them. Like paradox from M:tA psychics can't work if others don't believe in them.
>Also, the wizards designing this also design a flaw so that psychics can never oppose them. Like paradox from M:tA psychics can't work if others don't believe in them.
Interesting, I presume that this doesn't apply to ghosts? What would happen if the sundering was reversed?

File: mws0e98731.jpg (481 KB, 2000x2000)
481 KB
481 KB JPG
Your thoughts about using a terraformed Mars (as a geographical guideline or literally, e.g. "it's a million years in the future and the terraformed Mars is inhabited by primitives who think Clarkian past technology is magic") as a fantasy setting?
110 replies and 24 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Yeah, and we can always shore it up as needed.
So long as we don't let our technological civilization collapse.
Vast terraforming machines or other sorts of big edifices designed to keep going long enough that the builders could expect them to finish after their deaths. The ultimate goal of the machines is to terraform Mars.
About half of what is interpreted as instruction is just random static and degraded replays, but the other half is various tasks required to fulfil their purpose and make Mars livable.

Sorcerers guard their books of codes fiercely, the classic example is building a Tower (a receiver dressed up like a wizard's tower) at the right spot (regardless of who as living there) to enact the ritual to summon the voices of Sky Eyes (observation satellite) and Sun Rage (orbital anti-asteroid satellite whose laser cover one part of Mars as well as the orbit above it) in one place (the only spot where the receiver ranges overlap), at the right time (when all the orbital paths cross) to strike down his rival (the laser blasts a palace, setting it on fire over the course of a night).

He writes this who thing down in The Blue Book (his massive tome of notes, calculations and rambling myth) which he is killed by his apprentice for. The apprentice bargains with poorly-copied pages and keep the main book and so on.
>Sorcerers guard their books of codes fiercely
How common are sorcerers and how powerful are they typically?
too low for what?
>too low for what?
Having an atmosphere, I think that they meant?

File: abGx7RL_460s.jpg (42 KB, 460x438)
42 KB
What tabletop games have the best speech mechanics? The Dying Earth rpg is pretty great.
30 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Yes? Opposed rolls can be fun.
Infinity did this and it was shit. Because if you think combat rules are tedious, welcome to conversation combat. Of course them emphasize that communication is not mind control. So you have to jump through combat levels of intricacies just to get a keycard. I must have severely underestimated how many literal autists play because I can get the same dynamic experience from 3 social skills and roleplaying the conversation.
I do this naturally but as a way to let players keep rolling if they fail. It can turn a small moment into a rather dramatic one.
As long as you gave props to your inspiration then everything is kosher.
The GM doesn't need them because he makes up the numbers and the players don't need them because mind control sucks.

Are there races in your setting that reproduce with the women of other races?
82 replies and 17 images omitted. Click here to view.
Holy fuck bumpfag go jack off alone
No. I want you to jack off with me.
>Basically humans have interbred with more magical races for so long that instead of half-sidhe or half-sprites there are now elves, though the sort of fey they descend from strongly influences appearance and attitude.
I presume that that's the reason for "wood elves", "dark elves", etc.? Neat idea, what kinds of fey did they interbreed with?
Made for big bull cock
>In my own setting I make humans better at it and half the races are just stable hybrids of humans and other things, but anything can breed with anything.
What are some specific examples of this? Why can humans do it so much better, anyway?

Tech so advance, it could be magic. Basically any robots, devices, vehicles, etc. that looks like it could belong to some advanced civilization. Kind of magic-y constructs also welcome so long as they don't too obviously fantasy
12 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: duncan-halleck-final-edit.jpg (756 KB, 1920x3102)
756 KB
756 KB JPG
i hate when artists try to come off as mysterious and the end result just looks autistic.
Why would we make ourselves look like *that*, anyway?

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