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How prudish or promiscuous is the general Imperium?

How does the regimental commissar respond to his troops hanging up pinup girl photos in the barracks? How would people look on the local Astropath publicly dating? How much scandal would be caused by the ship’s captain and Navigator having an open relationship?
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show me a single source saying there's a (eglitarian) democracy
There are a number of them in the novels, but it is unclear whether they are accountable to the entire population, or (more likely) just the upper class/nobles.

The original point though was that the High Lords, or even the Sector/Subsector Lords don't actively get involved in the selection of Planetary Governors unless the tithes are not paid, so full democracy is theoretically possible, though unlikely given the massive wealth disparity on the typical Imperial world.
considering the main mindset of the imperium is a medieval one I dont think there are any liberal worlds so to speak where democracy or the common folk have any say. Just fuffiling the duty they inherited.
>You do know that Islam acknowledges transsexuality,
Not in the sense modern westerners understand transexuality. It is mostly used in Iran to make gay men women, not from the respect for the person. That actually stems from skythian practisces.

File: 1-witch_orig.jpg (97 KB, 609x800)
97 KB
/Tag/ tell us about the most heinous act one of your characters did.

Pathfinder 1e btw:

>Be local lord, having since a while a big problem with the local crime lords selling new magic mushrooms since a while
>While the addicts are not aggressive, they lay around like vegetables, gives our kingdom bad reputation
>How the fuck do I fix this?
>Get told a princess from the northern borders requested persistently for a audience, wanting funds to help the drug addicts
>There are no princesses, as far as we recognize in the north, just barbarian hordes and their witches
>Fuck it, might perhaps be a cheap way to solve the issue
>Some woman comes in, I do recognize her by description to be part of an adventurer group that helped with some previous issues beforhand, though never meet her in person
>I could have sworn the room temperature dropped when she came in
>While dressed up to look like a princess and following all the etiquette, something is just odd
>Tells me she wants to create a charity to help out with the local drug issues, she knows a local alchemist willing to sell medical goods for cheap and in bulk
>Why the hell not, seems so far raither straight forward, makes me look good and solves perhaps the issue

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File: hex grid.png (47 KB, 2196x1911)
47 KB
Why use a square grid where your guys can only move in four directions when you can use a hexagonal grid and move in six?
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this gets needlessly complex imo. i use hexes which are 3x+ the size of a single units base for more fluid movement and allow placement anywhere in the hex they traveled to (excluding exceptions of course)
anon, are you still playing mkii?
Blood Bowl always did this, there is literally no issue.
Sure a diagonal is technically more distance, but you just count squares anyway, so it's fine.

You autists just overthink everything.
>using pentagons
okay glowie
>square grid
>only move in four directions
Is this a bait?

File: C&C Cover.jpg (98 KB, 960x640)
98 KB
Why is there no Command&Conquer tabletop?

And if one where to exist, how would it look/be like?
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You probably know this, but Antenocitis workshop has some very fitting designs. Their shop is a mess and most of the tanks are just STL files, but they still sell some in resin.
>kys means kiss in danish
>whenever anons get mad at each other it always reads as super gay to me

Well between Dawn and Sun places you happily in Renegade territory. The game may be mediocre, but early Visceroids, personal stealth-tech and energy weapons, the early cyborgs...
Plenty of scope for missions there. What system are you thinking of there Anon? I know Only War could manage it fairly well but I have very little experience or familiarity with modern/near-modern systems
Yeah, I was thinking a slight rewriting of some kind of FFG warhams system. I think what's keeping me from going ahead with it is that I have never run a game before, and I feel there's a fuck load of planning I'd need to do first.

If you're re-writing a Warhams then go Only War. The system's more free-form when it comes to archetypes/classes, so it's easier to write your own.
Between the better vehicle rules, the weapon-mod options, hell, even the mounted combat rules, you can have a lot of fun with that.
I mean fuck, I now want to run a game just so I can have Slowly-mutating Insurgents riding Tiberium-Tainted Mutant Horses...

File: Death_on_the_Rail.jpg (172 KB, 858x646)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
Where on the alignment chart do you prefer gods of death be?
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Celebrated how?
>god is good
Think about it...
>gets killed anyway
Death isn't just evil. He's EVIL.

He's the only evil.

Life was created perfect, with no expiry date, immortal and immutable, incapable of being damaged or destroyed in any way. The universe was infinite so that life could continually flower, expand and flourish in every way.

Something went wrong, and Death created himself. He is a parasite, a fucked up virus that rots through everything, like a cancer running through the marrow of existence and he will spread until everything is part of him.

File: 69513034_p2.png (662 KB, 957x1385)
662 KB
662 KB PNG
How were humans made in your setting? How does that explain different human subraces?
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>No asians
>How were humans made in your setting?
Natural selection.
>How does that explain different human subraces
I don't have those, because like in reality, those things don't exist.
The closest you get is that Orcs are of the Genus Homo
File: Based.jpg (50 KB, 750x691)
50 KB
>Asians - not included
Why not?
hi bumpfag, neck yourself

File: RAW vs RAI.jpg (208 KB, 1280x720)
208 KB
208 KB JPG
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>Malkavian attempts to seduce a firefighter.jpg
File: MalkavianTagTeam.gif (853 KB, 498x305)
853 KB
853 KB GIF
File: malkavian nemesis.gif (1.86 MB, 306x231)
1.86 MB
1.86 MB GIF
File: LE Problem Solver.png (1.9 MB, 1900x2311)
1.9 MB
1.9 MB PNG

File: plane dragon.jpg (226 KB, 1000x1171)
226 KB
226 KB JPG
Is there anything cooler than biotech/organic technology? If there is, I ain't seen it yet.
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t. Black Desert Online designer.
Magitech is gay as fuck, reducing magic to a power source is turbo gay and anyone who likes it probably rips hairy dudes' assholes.
Looks like a Korean MMO. Is it?
It's from a European CRPG you spergs
Yes, but the Garland from FF14 still have the coolest fucking shit

File: Oropo and Lady Echo.jpg (70 KB, 735x981)
70 KB
Woke up just a little too late, so the last thread, courtesy of WakfuFaguette, died in the night. I was inspired by his choice of OP image, so let's make this thread about our favorite Wakfu and Dofus antagonists, from Nox to Oropo.

>Who is your favorite major Wakfu/Dofus antagonist and why?
>What about minor antagonists, especially one-episode ones?
>Which villains are most worthy of potential redemption? Did any unworthy ones get it anyway?
>Should more Shushus have rebelled against Rushu and turned good like Rubilax did?
>I just realized that besides Lady Echo and the female Brotherhood members, we didn't exactly get a lot of female villains in Wakfu and Dofus, the only other major one I can recall right now is Julith. Do you hope for more in season 4?
>Given his presence in the trailer, do you hope that Qilby is returning for season 4?

Last thread >>73487332
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File: toxine3.webm (974 KB, 768x576)
974 KB
Here's some OC from a few years back. All the female antagonists have been perfect.
File: toxine_turn5.png (1.91 MB, 2348x1532)
1.91 MB
1.91 MB PNG
I'll post more Toxine because I can.

Were you planning on statting up some of the antagonists in this thread?
File: 1504479719210.jpg (108 KB, 1280x720)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
File: Silly French Interjection.png (1.86 MB, 2131x2131)
1.86 MB
1.86 MB PNG
Can't kill the thread if it's dead already.

Is this worth playing over vanilla Cyberpunk 2020?

Should I just stick with this or play regular cyberpunk 2020
If you want a more modern take on cyberpunk and the anachronisms in CP2020 (faxes, soviet politics, bad netrunning dungeon crawls) bother you a lot then sure, it looks fine.
Play vanilla, play it straight. Its a great filter for morons.
File: 1593990336058.jpg (297 KB, 1143x531)
297 KB
297 KB JPG
I had great fun modding this mod and played it for 6 months with my players. It's missing some equipment stats and more cyberware options, and it was never properly finished, but the hacking modules and other cyberspace stuff is way better than original Cyberpunk's.

I'd give it a shot.

Are there any games out there that have rules for social status? In the renaissance and early modern period there were clear delineations between the poor, the middle class, and the nobility (though as you got richer the lines became blurred). I'm preferably looking for a game where the party doesn't all have to be members of the same social stratum.
12 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Burning Wheel has traits and stuff conveying social status, with some noble and urban lifepaths giving literacy while the peasant ones don't.
I'm trying to run a game that's not All Combat All the Time.
Go for All Combat All the Time with Some Combat on Top
Also, the author of Burning Wheel made an old school system called Miseries and Misfortunes set in 1648 France with a complete set of social precedence rules
Why would you want social class in the game? Every player would just pick noble anyway.

File: 1547438970517.jpg (30 KB, 700x691)
30 KB
What are the most overpowered monsters for their CR in Pathfinder 1e? Preferably of CR 15 to 20. I wanna wipe out my high level group.
19 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Already did a lot of demons in this campaign so I might avoid them for this adventure. But the others look good and I will definitely I cause the sakhil and consider the others. Thanks.
You're welcome, good luck tearing them a new asshole.
Sounds like you just hang out with immature shitheads and killing the current party won't do much.
>Wipe the party, end the campaign
>Stop hanging out with them
It's all part of the plan anon

File: babel.jpg (376 KB, 1200x878)
376 KB
376 KB JPG
How hard is running a game for players who don't know english (language in which most instructions are written)? Should GM translate basics for them, just give them a rundown or don't even attempt it?
Either translate the whole thing or don't even attempt it.
I once played with a bilingual dm who spoke English and French. Our party had a guy who was the dm's friend who only spoke French and he would say everything in both languages so he could participate.
Based and Officual Languages Act/La Loi Sur Les Langes Officiels compliant
File: 1522337652740.png (93 KB, 236x267)
93 KB
So no GURPS for me

>Paladin of lawfulness has two sub patrons, he can only appease one or the other.
>One patron is focused on following the spirit of a law, if not the letter. The other is basically a rules lawyer that encourages its followers to find exploits and loopholes in the law for their own ends.
>Paladin has to bend the rules of his oath and exploit loopholes to get back at the paladin pope who did the very same things to come to power. Killing a loved one of his in the process of becoming the paladin pope.

What's the best way to roleplay this idea at the table?
If that's your character concept it's laughable.
Why? You can't just say "this is stupid" and not elaborate.
>Palatard posting
Why are lawlfool gud Paladin posters this way
>Following two patrons at the same time for some reason
>Not just following the one that gets you revenge the easiest if that's what you're obsessed about

Black holes have a heart beat. There are theories, but we don't know why. More so we don't know why it's a heartbeat specifically.

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Did the US ever have any?
As I said, it's nothing special. They have a special document that permits them to go in and out of the city through a checkpoint, that's the only way to get in and out because there's a fence around the city. Inside they live like in any other small town, except that most people work in a nuclear research institute, they do both physics research as well as experiment with nuclear materials, storage and waste disposal, and with applications to weapons too. They've had a few accidents over the years, though nothing too serious as far as I know. The guys I know were born in Sarov (the most well known of them) and went to study physics in Moscow, they don't plan to return there.

Wikipidia says yes, mostly during the Manhattan Project, but there are still a few that are closed today as they're inside closed areas. Funny thing, apparently Los Alamos is the sister city of Sarov.
Next you say they have a heart of gold.
So there is a whole town of nuclear physicists... that sounds idyllic to live in. Living in an entire city of scientists.

(or like a secret Russian eugenics program)

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