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File: ninja gnome.jpg (63 KB, 512x512)
63 KB
Rolled 14 (1d20)

Is it against the rules to try and get a group through this website? Looking to get a Pathfinder 1e campaign going and my last attempts at building an online game through Reddit went horribly, and my IRL groups are grating on my nerves. Community here seems great, and, assuming it isn't a major violation (seems like it could be against rule 4) would love to nab a few players to get a game going.

File: fallout.jpg (38 KB, 616x353)
38 KB
What's the best system for a game in the Fallout setting?
People usually recommend Exodus, GURPS, Glow in the Dark, Savage Worlds - but what's your experience with those and other systems? Any stark qualities or pitfalls? Did you have fun?
Also Fallout general I guess.
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File: ee.png (132 KB, 1784x809)
132 KB
132 KB PNG
Somedays ago was thinking about a fallout omebrew and I had the same feelings.
Mostly based on a mix of fo1 and nw's math, reworked to work with dicerolls.
I still feel charisma is underpowered.

In short:
>Charisma Should drop prices in shops.
>Perception is your sequence, explosives, a part of your "to hit" with all weapons and your spot (as in fo1).
>Intelligence gives you more skillpoints (Not as much as you do in fo1), Medicine, Science/hack, and energy weapons.

Basically: The special system is okay for videogames, but It's not great for a tabletop.
>Charisma tells you how many followers you can have
Only 2 games have that feature, all the recent ones dropped it.
>>Charisma Should drop prices in shops.
Add number of companions and a boost to their stats.
>3 charisma = 1 companion + 15 % companion damage and armor
>6 charisma = 2 companions + 30 % companion damage and armor
>9 charisma = 3 companion + 45 % companion damage and armor

Plus the speech checks and a few good perks like lady killer needing charisma
File: Eq68IOZXcAATzUo.png (199 KB, 858x826)
199 KB
199 KB PNG
The point is that in a tabletop envirorment you'd not want your party to have 3 npcs going around with the party. The guy who wants to play an high charisma conman guy already has other follower in the other players. I didn't want to put in something that encouraged what is basically "Dm-npcs".

One could consider the fallout 4 pill and make charisma (and when I say that, I mean speech/barter as derivate stats) a thing you'd invest for settlements and all that shabang, but it's still an hard pill to swallow as that would make it viable only in some games.
SPECIAL is even worse, so not sure what you're going for here. It's literally GURPS: The Cheapo Heartbreaker that doesn't even work properly on PC format and when ported back to P&P turns into full blown garbage

File: Orgrimmar.jpg (201 KB, 1920x1080)
201 KB
201 KB JPG
After a dozen or so threads in a row a week or so ago, it's back!!

ITT: We discuss the Warcraft setting as it relates to tabletop games.

Keep nu!blizz hatewank to a minimum, be productive - post maps, adventure ideas, lore re-imagining, statblock, and whatever else you please!

Relevant links:
>Official Warcraft 3.5e adaptation, anything that says "Warcraft d20" is mostly superseded by the "2nd edition" of the WoW TTRPG.

>fan-made 5e dungeons

>Travels Through Azeroth, fanmade travelogue, lots of good lore stuff.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: tg kul tiran language.png (156 KB, 1849x617)
156 KB
156 KB PNG
File: tg amani revisionism.png (193 KB, 1920x974)
193 KB
193 KB PNG
the best one, hands down
File: kalimdor.png (3.83 MB, 1240x1754)
3.83 MB
3.83 MB PNG
Queen Azshara is my queen.
Death is a necessary step in development.

File: 1603442621490.png (156 KB, 713x730)
156 KB
156 KB PNG
How do you deal with psycho players? One guy wants to keep a defeated NPC as a prisoner that he tortures every day. It's incredibly weird.
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Why is there a slew of frogspammers posting about bad players all of a sudden?
Why does every thread with a pepe OP have people seething about an image on the internet?
Tell him to fuck off
Deal with it the same way everything is dealt with in the game. Odds are that he's less psycho and more of an edgelord. Why haven't the other player characters reacted?

We had an edgelord edgelording once. Another player dumped him in a canal and watched him drown. Then when I took pity on him and let him live, and helped him up, the other player ended up taking him to the wizards and told them that he was torturing stuff and shit, probably a servant of the ruinous powers. He was immediately tazed and locked up. End of story, cue new character.

The player learned. He was still retarded, but he didn't do edgelord shit.
What is different from letting him die VS. Dragging it out and locking him up like a college retard for crimes of dark lord terrorism? If you are going to permit PVP you have to accept the repercussions.

File: arceus.jpg (395 KB, 1368x906)
395 KB
395 KB JPG
"I really want this general to be a thing" edition

Last thread

Pokémon Tabletop United, or PTU for short, is a tabletop RPG system designed for running games in the world of Pokémon. Players take on the role of Pokémon Trainers and travel the world, capturing and battling with the hundreds of Pokémon species that have been discovered. The core of the system is largely inspired by the Pokémon Special manga, though it can handle adventures ranging from the standard Pokémon League gym romp to more exotic campaign ideas like PokéPirates.

The system is currently under active development and is a sister system or spin-off from Pokémon Tabletop Adventures created largely by former devs of that system. It's an attempt to address many of PTA's underlying issues such as a lack of a skill system and the use of different combat stats for Pokémon and Trainers, as well as the balance issues between classes.

The developers for Pokémon Tabletop United hang out in an IRC channel on the Rizon network, and that's the best place to go with questions or comments. There's also a forum community that PTU shares with PTA, which has active games and homebrewers.

Pokemon Tabletop United site

Thread Prompt

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>What homebrew Legendaries did you come up with for your games, and what were the inspirations ?
I didn't make up any homebrew legendaries.
Last general had 10 replies and 3 unique posters before archive. I will now bring us back up to 3.

But really, PTU is the worst of the three pokemon RPGs by a big margin. And rather than IRC, the developers hang out on discord and they are nasty fucks.

You'd have better luck if you just made a pokemon rpg general.

File: out on a walk.jpg (72 KB, 416x750)
72 KB
they have next to 0 faults
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So what I’m getting at is that they wouldn’t make good slaves because overall they aren’t as strong as even the average human, Work to feed themselves but more than that they slack, are naturally not all that inclined to work hard or has hard as other races.

Another factor I’m also seeing is that since they act so chill they might have allies or at least folks that at least they like because they are overall not a bother coming to their defense so wide spread enslavement could never happen before their human/ elf/ dwarf/ etc friends come and help them out.
go away Marius, nobody believes your stories and won't help with the halfling genocide
I came to this thread hoping to see cute shortstacks, but it has been fewer pictures then what I had hoped for. Shame on you /tg/
>>hairy feet, which means they're probably too lazy to shave other areas
That's hot.
That's not her anal-enthusiast redhaired friend.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (141 KB, 1280x720)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
What's the cheapest army you've ever tried to make?

I think I could make a decent Ogre army for Kings of War for about £20, using Tehnolog 54mm Orcs from Russia.

em4 Dwarfs are an option too, 50 guys for like £9, you could make an army for £30 probably. Buy some $5 catapults or cannons from the Nolzur's range

A mecha RPG that strikes a balance between playability, mech customization, and tactical depth. Pilot-side rules are lightweight and narrative-driven, while the mech combat has the crisp flow of a turn-based tactical system. Features a free character builder app with increasing support for homebrew mechs and manufacturers.

Get your copy of the books, builder, and other resources here:

>Talk about your campaigns, mechs, pilots, and homebrew
>Ask questions about the game itself
>Pitch campaigns and recruit players
>Don't feed the trolls, even if someone else does
>And always [[never]] cycle your NHP [[i am growing]] promptly on schedule

"Previously on Lancer RPG": >>77541994

Starter Topic:
>Alright pilots, tell us about your favorite weapons. What are they, why do you love them, where do they come from, how do they look?
171 replies and 43 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Those character shots
It's all so tiresome.
I have to agree with this one. The Comet there is the closest thing to mecha-looking in the book. Everything else looks like a dude in shitty armor.
Like I get Abaddon doesn’t know what a mech is, but you’d think at least people making third party material would have at least SOME idea.
I assume they were trying to ape the style of the core rulebook, and honestly they didn't do a terrible job of it. On a technical level the art is fine, good even, and it absolutely fits the aesthetic Abaddon decided on for Lancer.

Down to having mech designs that barely look like mechs. I can only assume Abaddon didn't want to be accused of ripping off Western properties like Battletech and Titanfall or Eastern properties like Gundam and Armored Core, so he went so far in his own direction that he couldn't possibility be accused of stealing from more successful mecha media. Unfortunately in doing so he missed all the things those properties did right and ended up with a bunch of really uninspired designs.

Fortunately, there's nothing in the rules saying my mech has to look like something in the rulebook, and I'm more than happy to draw my own.

L5R / Legend of the Five Rings General

Sexy Everyone Edition


https://MEGA<dot>[New Zeland]/#F!EuB3yRRI!FjYeEU2FdqzIZ6cM1dKoHA

The FF Beta:

Latest Beta Update:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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When someone conflated geisha and oiran as the same thing.
I haven't really seen anything on the level of offering a cup of tea three times to force a duel, but I have seen a GM get mad because I made a rank 1 Togashi monk whose backstory was that he was a student of some Mirumoto dojo who lost an arm. Insisted I play a Mirumoto bushi who can't Mirumoto bushi instead.

what sets your setting's creation myths apart from the generic "god(s) made it" explanation?
23 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
The universe began as only two endless expanses of light and darkness, swimming in the endless void. As time wore on, the light grew brighter, harming the darkness, which wished for somewhere to hide. Her dreams of separation formed the greatest barrier imaginable, formed of stone and water and fire and air, encompassing ten thousand things, the whole world itself became her shield. Light held no malice for Darkness, but he wondered where his companion went, and began to search for her. Darkness held no hatred for Light either, but wished to remain alone, and so began to flee. They became Night and Day, and on the world Time was born. Time walked the surface of the world, inadvertently creating Change in its wake. Change, true to its nature, could not stay as it was, for its nature is obvious, and eventually it split into two, Life and Death. And at that moment, the world truly began, bringing change to all things, under the eternal passage of Day and Night and Time.
I refuse to go into detail over the first gods motivations and methods but create several generations of their descendants to focus on cosmic drama of younger gods as a smokescreen for the world's foundation. Oh wait.
not many mythologies give any reason WHY the gods make the world and man
There was a cosmic egg laid by who knows what. Or there was a cow that just got there somehow. Or two primordial beings saw each other, she saw his hot dick, he saw her hot boobas and bunda and they foooked. It's as if the creation myths were laid out in such way that asking WHY would be foolish. What an intoxicating freedom of creativity! Such flight of fantasy unrestrained by autists!
>muh "unique" worldbuilding
Intensely overrated.

File: Powerload.png (577 KB, 481x700)
577 KB
577 KB PNG
Yu-Gi-Oh! General #284:
No foil print grugsmash edition.

Previous thread >>77703904

All Yu-Gi-Oh! discussion encouraged. Talk lore, post CaC, get deck advice, duel each other, etc.
Be good to each other!

>Yu-Gi-Oh! Online Play
Automated Sims:
●YGOProES for Android (Spanish):https://discord.gg/ZGtm6HT
●YGO Omega (Beta):https://discord.gg/duelistsunite

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>being this much of a coombrain
File: 1598119863516.png (458 KB, 420x610)
458 KB
458 KB PNG
A buddy of mine plays endymion pendulum and he is having a blast each time he can stack pokerchips on cards like they are actuall money. In short he is grinning like 3 times as much since he can slam stacks of pokerchips on the pkaytable
tfw no poker archetype that has different effects depending on what cards are in your starting hand

File: 1452809177316[1].jpg (927 KB, 1024x1024)
927 KB
927 KB JPG
A surprisingly quality and non-pozed game from White Wolf.
Definitely one of the best D&D 3rd party settings.

File: 1560176918291.jpg (76 KB, 890x960)
76 KB
>You find yourself locked in a nearly featureless box room, nothing seems out of the ordinary
>ok I roll perception and check around the room
>you roll really well, there's nothing out of the ordinary
>ok I try to use some of the items on my person
>none of them do anything
>ok I do these other things my character might do
>nothing happens

why do dms do this so often
what do they expect me to do
They are trying to break up with you.
Sounds like a shit DM op. Truly empty rooms should be few and far in between. My current DM does something similar. He also has a tendency to railroad shit a lot. So instead I've gone and decided to see what crazy shit I can get away with. Mainly seeing if he'll let my character die because he's notorious for fudging dice rolls.

I'm also getting burnt out from DND and want to try something new but run solo. I wanna see what thats like with Mythic GM.

File: Braveheart.jpg (128 KB, 1200x630)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
Years ago I frequented an rpg website and all I can remember is that the site owner/administrator had an avatar that was the mel gibson braveheart character for the forum.

It was a very active and very large forum, but I cant for the life of me remember the name.

Does anyone else remember this site? Does it still exist?
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Nice thread. Bumping in hopes that someone will know.
I thought it was therpgsite but I went to look and he has a Gangs of New York avatar. I remember the site though.
It wasn't Rebecca Laffar-Smith's Outlanda, was it?
God, I miss that place. I used to lurk, and I probably would have joined if it hadn't collapsed.
damn this hits hard,
I remember browsing this place in late 2006, post /b/day. Being 16 I felt everyone was a bit older than me, going to college etc. Geez how time flies
It's suffering that RPG.net is still around.

File: 1408870712966.jpg (469 KB, 1920x1080)
469 KB
469 KB JPG
Returned to Nature Edition

>What is Genesys?
Released in November 2017, Genesys is a pen-and-paper generic RPG system and toolkit by Fantasy Flight Games and EDGE Entertainment, using a refined version of the system presented by their Star Wars RPGs (Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, Force and Destiny). Its central mechanic is the Narrative Dice System, using pools made of specialized dice to create narrative results. The intention is for the system to be a highly flexible narrative system, adaptable to most any conceivable setting and premise.

>As of February 1, the FFG forums are officially offline
>(FR) EDGE formally confirms Twilight Imperium splatbook for Q1/Q2 2021, as well as Foundry language expansion and interest in adapting more Asmodee IPs
>Sam Stewart goes into detail on EDGE Studio plans

>Where can I find the books?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
56 replies and 30 images omitted. Click here to view.
FYI, developers are on record that will be opportunities for books that revisit settings; for example, they said they are definitely interested in a second Android book.
To expand on >>77759223 a little. The EPG includes mini-writeups for some extra settings. Monsterworld is a psuedo-victorian gothic setting in which all the monsters you know and love exist, werewolves, vampires, swamp-men etc. Rules for these monsters, weapons to match it and new archetypes. There's also a post-apocalyptic setting that includes rules for starvation/dehydration and radiation exposure (which can serve as dark magic exposure or what-have-you). Lastly there's the Age of Myth which focuses more on old Greek/Norse/I-don't-know styles of fantasy. There's Archetypes for tricksters and demigods and the like. But the main feature arguably is that a lot of legendary weapons have been statted up
including the bow of Apollo, Mjolnir (can be thrown!), and Sun Wukongs extendo-staff Ruyi Jingu Bang. There's also fairly extensive rules for rolling up your own setting (sometimes on /tg/ you can find someone making a setting using these rules).
The rest of the book is expanded magic, adding scrying, transformation and illusion magic with some new talents. This bit is the odd one out unfortunately, as some of the talents and magic schools are so good that if you're playing a wizard character you'll want these talents, even if you don't use the rest of the book. When everything else the book offers is largely modular and self-contained, this bit feels like it just didn't fit into Realms of Terrinoth.
There's also expanded rules for encounter creation and NPC construction which are very useful for GMs.
Those Age of Myth/Monsterworld/Post-apocalypse settings are similar writeups in the ame vein as the sample setting writeups in the core book.

You're ignoring the vehicle section, with more guidelines on vehicle creation and a large catalog of vehicles across genres.

There's also a couple extra tones as well.
Give the ambushers some boost die on their initiative roll. Otherwise, characters who are worse in Cool than Vigilance just gimp themselves by setting up an ambush, which is pretty stupid.
My bad, forgot the vehicle rules and heist rules. I don't have my book to hand unfortunately, can't remember what other tones there are.

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