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File: 1560866530752.jpg (228 KB, 1024x768)
228 KB
228 KB JPG
This weeks and last weeks tarot cards are referencing the Tau, so they are the xeno race that will be the fourth book since so much focus is one them, discuss
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vash needs abby to get some shit needed for him to become a god which means fighting the Imperium first, that and he is a god of mad science shit so dark admech are better for his purposes anyway

I know it's not going to happen, but I would really like to see space skaven.
tau are the young race
They also deliberately dumbed stuff down once they realized how much of their audience was teens who would only stick with it for a few years tops
Well the Tau have some pretty messed up shit. Like that bomb which vaporizes organic matter but preserves inorganic material for quick salvaging. I would think someone like Vash would love a weapon like that to secure the more esoteric weapons of...well everyone.

Elfsassin edition

This is the thread for all things Elf, including but not limited to worldbuilding, wargaming, RPG's, TCG's, depictions in all types of media and elf-related funposting.

Thread question: What's the best class for an Elf?

Old thread: >>87537475
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No anon, you just have a persecution complex.
Fuck off and suck my dick, jannie.
A-any moment now...
>even the softest core porn is guaranteed to have you banned within minutes
I fucking wish.

Can't wait to see our Egg butchered in the new game, whoo boi.
Atleast Cassandra will show up ;-;

File: orclads.png (1.59 MB, 978x1032)
1.59 MB
1.59 MB PNG
>What's your favorite type of orc?
>What's the best image of an orc you've saved on your harddrive?
>What are orcs in your setting like?
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this is what happened to Elronds wife :(
half-orcs in dnd just look like normal orcs why the fuck are they even called half-orcs at this point.
File: FNPfZHmacAEj4AU.jpg (175 KB, 1440x1440)
175 KB
175 KB JPG
Do your orcs have tusks? If so, what purpose do they serve, and how big are they? Do they affect Orc speech?
my orcs have tusks but only the males have large tusks and they use them to intimidate and attract females. Female tusks are tiny in comparison. Sometimes if a orc husband falls in a battle, his wife will take one of his tusks and wear it around her neck.
There should be an /orc/ general.

New Format Edition

>Las Vegas Open 2023 – Tune In for Another Monster Online Preview

>Q4 2022 Balance Dataslate

>Q4 2022 FAQs

>Rules and Teams


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I haven't actually started playing the game yet, but I started getting ideas for a narrative while building my scions kill team. I have a custodian/inquisitor I am going to work on, and I plan to build a board for it eventually. The idea is that there are secret branches of the imperium conducting research on a black desert planet that is not in official records. Communications went dark after a grim discovery, and now the inquisition along with the shadowkeepers are getting involved. I need to do more research on existing lore so I can flesh it out. I want to build my own terrain and use a bit of gw terrain to make a research facility that looks somewhat advanced compared to typical imperium architecture/tech.
File: 1656422080140.jpg (52 KB, 1024x667)
52 KB
Came back to see if I should start Kill Team again after 2-3 years of "break".
See this.
Nothing has changed. Bye lads.
File: 1641948090973.png (47 KB, 300x200)
47 KB
Bruh, when you were playing it was a completely different game.
Just glanced at the pics and it low-key looked like you were wanking to Greta
How do I play vet guard against novitiates?
Opponent just rerolled all their hits and saves with faith points, or just became invincible with Blinding Aura...
I like my vet guard KT, but I'm thinking of printing another team (maybe intercessors)

File: 1674834406200841.png (251 KB, 825x825)
251 KB
251 KB PNG
>Thread Question: How does witchery work in this setting and how can it be differentiated from black magic?
>Thread task: Expand on one of the existing witches lore
>Another thread task: Create a new witch, coven or sabbath location for one of the nations
>Yet another thread task: Help expand the WItchlist by filling in the gaps

>Ye Old Bog Witch (Witch Bog)
>Mutäa (Witch Bog)
>Lustra (Witch Bog)
>Kikiraka (Witch Bog)
>Jarackna (Witch Bog)
>Morkdrak (Witch Bog)
>Yuma (Witch Bog)
>Urkdra (Witch Bog)
>Norn (Witch Bog)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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The end of the Magoclergy would come at the hands of Pharahkhan Kleo II. In a masterfully organized coup, he gathered all major minds of the Magoclergy, lured by parties of decadence and hedonism, located in different places of the nation. At the hour of dinner, when most of the members of the Magoclergy were drunk, the king gave the signal and ordered their execution. Thousands of leaders of the Magoclergy were executed on the spot, and without the majority of the thinking heads, the army and local guerrillas destroyed the local centers of power of the organization. This did not end the Magoclergy in one fell swoop, though. Many had managed to run away or had avoided falling into the traps, and began trying to fight back. However, weakened by decades of a luxurious life and completely alone, they were easy prey for the forces aligned to the pharahkhan. The War of Supper was short, lasting less than a year, and ended up with the complete eradication of the Magoclergy. Their icons and palaces taken down, their treasures were shared between the local populations of the empire to help the new regime gain the trust of the people. The scars of the Magoclergy’s deeds would never heal, though. The once most magical nation on the step would now renounce the use of magic, which would cripple its ability to keep the nation together. The Khenomeric Empire would slowly but surely stagnate, first with the birth of the Forest of Getting Lost, and the finally ripped apart at the hands of the gnolls.
When was the Forest of Getting Lost born?
It seems to have happened in phases

First parts of the area was used for magical experimentation

Then dissident wizards started hiding in other areas and booby trapping it

Then Pharahkhan Kyle banned magic use and a lot of mages moved there and growth accelerated rapidly

It seems to have been a major barrier sometime between 87 and 125 ABE when an elderly Kyle decentralized the Khenomeric Empire, in part because the Forest essentially cut it in two
amazons are regular humans
Doing some lore for the weeping willows next, although the possibilities are limited

File: Hmmy.png (754 KB, 1000x1000)
754 KB
754 KB PNG
Whats the difference between Inquisitorial Storm Troopers, and these guys?

>Do Arbites have access to better gear/weapons?

>Do Arbites answer to a higher power if so who?

>How did Arbites end up as 1st tier units while Inquisitorial Storm Troopers are 2nd tier?

Lets say an Arbites squad is moving through the Gallowdark when they enter a room and an inquisitor is standing there. Said inquisitor points at them and says your task here doesnt matter any more, you are with me now and we are headed for Mcragge.

>How do the Arbites tell said inquisitor to fuck off? How much contempt will they show? How would the inquisitor handle being told fuck off?
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In the Shira Calpurnia trilogy, there's an Inquisitor who shows up pretty early in the first book to conduct a parallel investigation. Calpurnia herself is a ranking Arbitor Senioris, one of three second-in-commands to the Arbitor Majore of Hydraphur---one of the five Segmentum headquarter planets---and she still has to bow and scrape and be suitably polite to the Inquisitor, and work around his demands on her time, resources, and staff. Her boss, the Arbitor Majore, would absolutely have to do the same. There's a scene where they're walking through the Arbites Precinct Fortress, and the Inquisitor just waves his rosette at every checkpoint and is automatically let through without being stopped or questioned at all. There's even a squad of Arbites marching in parade-ground formation who have to break formation and scramble out of his way when he just calmly walks right through the middle.

It's demonstrated that there's a few subtle social and bureaucratic letter-of-the-law ways Calpurnia can kinda brush him off without being openly disrespectful or falling short in her Imperially-mandated duty. That said, it's the *law*, and beyond the immediate personal consequences of violating it, Calpurnia is a ranking Arbites sworn to uphold it no matter how personally annoying she may find the interference of his superseding Inquisitorial authority. After all, these are people with a feudal mindset inculcated from birth by Imperial propaganda into constant hyper-awareness of their place in the sociopolitical hierarchy. Deference to authority for its own sake is literally beaten into them to a reflexive, instinctual level. It's very hard to break that kind of conditioning.
Dark Angels also regularly disappear anybody who asks questions about them or the Unforgiven, or the Fallen.
Arbites are space FBI/ATF
Inquisitorial staff are space CIA/MOSSAD + private eyes
File: 1663293089496646.png (594 KB, 640x717)
594 KB
594 KB PNG
>These guys are local law enforcers, dude.
It's a big >imblygn in thinking the Arbites would eve ln live long enough to do that if the Inquisitor even suspected that might be a possibility.

How are interspecies couples handled in your setting?
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Never seen this one, do you have it saved?
>homosexuality of any kind is explicitly illegal and punishable mostly by outright death. The government and the church do approve of the gender changes though
Is your setting Iran?
Elven genetics are very dominant in my setting. Humans with an elven ancestor are still more skilled/agile/graceful/smarter generation later. A medieval Arthurian kingdom's noble houses keep detailed genealogies to prove elven ancestry (good for marriage contracts). Sketchy circumstances (damsel being raped by elf knight) are swept under the rug, tales of human knights and elven maidens are romanticised.

Wood elves live together in some forests with satyrs, it takes generations of inbreeding for an elf to even get stubby horns.

The only exception is orcs, their genes pretty much dominate all others, even elves, and their barbarian migrations pushed the elves off the continent, into the forests or to islands.
Some care, most don't.
In a setting where there is a variety of things that can kill you, people have other things to worry about than who's fucking who.
Truly a bleak future.

File: blastoff.jpg (85 KB, 640x1138)
85 KB
>finally got the group to agree to try playing not-DnD
>want to do a classic SF space opera
> wut system to?

I've at least read them over enough to be familiar with d6 Space (aka WEG Star Wars with the serial numbers filed off,) Dungeons the Dragoning, and a relevant subset of GURPS, not so much any version of Traveler. Not really feeling a strong preference, so before I roll for it, any suggestions anon?

Captcha seems to favor Traveller, asking me for XL DT0N
5 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
You could use Stars Without Number if you want to keep with the d20 stuff. Or if you want to do 180 and just go crazy you could check out the Genesys system which uses narrative dice.
Not doing d20, no. Also don't have any Genesys dice, just a couple sets of polyhedrals and one of those 36d6 Chessex jewel cases.
d100 is my goto for sci fi, check out M-Space or River of Heaven
coriolis third horizon is decent if you want a more firefly feel to your game.

GeneSys would be my overall recommendation though. The system is great at making the msot out of each roll your players will make. If you don't have the dice just get the dice roller app.
Go with what you're most familiar with. D6 system is probably going to be your best bet, just steal the static defense rules from Mini Six and you're golden.

File: The City.pdf (1.93 MB, PDF)
1.93 MB
1.93 MB PDF
Archives & Other Resources: https://pastebin.com/wETipqYw
AllSync: https://cyoaarchive.com/main
Multiplayer Compilations: https://pastebin.com/10QhjhCt
I wish I could give 0s on Ratemyprofessor
Previous Thread: >>87585241
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Isn't MHA gonna kinda be that?
I don't think so? I'm making the powers pretty customizable but there's a point system to keep things in check.
Are there any so far that you don't think will work?
ST Power Refinement gave us the most kino powers in Worm.
I've only seen about 4 quirks so far

>jiangshi (Affliction)
>guy who grows mouths (Flesh Manipulation)
>undetailed plant control (Plant Manipulation)
>pocket dimension (Teleportation)

All of those are doable in paper

File: FmQ5zDJWAAAPMOF.jpg (419 KB, 2032x1752)
419 KB
419 KB JPG
Do you think romance has a place at the table or is it pretty much always awkward and detrimental to the overall experience?
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I've had romances in over half of the (non-ERP) campaigns I've participated in, but I only count it as romance if it's going on between the player characters. Anything involve NPCs is basically additional story and not really romance.

Like the team dad fighter who retires to run a bar and slam babies through a buxom bargirl isn't a campaign romance. But the bard and the paladin flirting and eventually getting into a relationship is.

In general, romance is positive. But I did have a character end up in an abusive relationship with another character and...that basically ended the campaign. (Also, fuck Exalted.)
File: file.png (6.98 MB, 3100x2325)
6.98 MB
6.98 MB PNG
>These games are about killing things and taking their stuff, and are not intended to be anything more.
No, OP, I'm not gay unlike OPs.
I had a group that was mostly girls, and they wete pretty good rpers. However, when I ran romances, that derailed the campaign real fucking quick. I noticed the quality of the rp dropped big-time in all other situations, sometimes having their character straight-up sit and do nothing. They'd only interact when their love interest was in play, and like I wan't about to play dating simulator, so I quit that group quick.
Romance is fine, as long as
> all parties involved are either in relationship IRL, or fully understand that romance in game doesn't transfer to out of game relationship,
> it doesn't take up the spotlight from those not participating,
> either everyone at the table is fine with ERP to the same extent, or ERP is reduced to fade to black.

Too many threads in the catalog asking about finding a system edition

>What's this?
A thread to help anons who want advice on system usage, and those who just want help finding systems for particular player/GM/setting needs and curiosities
>What system do I use for [popular IP]?
Read the attached file, it's got you covered (pretty sure that's not the final version, /r/ing the complete one if anyone has it)
>just use GURPS
Be specific. GURPS can do pretty much anything, so describe what modules people should check out
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I don't think updating it would be smart. I mean, not only the number of new RPGs but the number of new media would be insane to try and keep up with. It's a fine PDF for what it is, but really, it's a futile and crazy endeavor trying to keep up with it. Besides, most media doesn't lend itself to RPG style combat unless you want to do story games like FATE or PbtA.
Anyone know a (good) GM Emulattor that only uses d6? Polyhedral dice are satanic according to my idiot sister in law.
File: STK362675.jpg (501 KB, 696x900)
501 KB
501 KB JPG
I asked for the best werewolf system 'besides' that one. I appreciate the thought though, thanks anyway.
obligatory: GURPS Shapeshifters + Horror, Monster Hunters, and/or whatever time period/location/tech level books apply.
No, you asked for the best werewolf game besides Werewolf: The Apocalypse. Werewolf the Forsaken is a different game in a different line with a different system and a different setting. It also happens to be the best werewolf game.

File: FF5VAfGVQAEzOc3.jpg (1.45 MB, 2578x4096)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB JPG
So, how did you guys know what Legion was right for you? Was it a sense of Kin a thought that maybe he was Just like me?
39 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
chord like music, not cord like string.
You're right, sorry my mistake
For me it was looking for the "hidden good guys", I e. The ones who were right all along it's just no one sees it.

So word bearers
Bruh people were already suffering in the Imperium. Are you forgetting the passage from Saturnine where an Imperial architect goes to a Dorn and has a rabble of terrified slaves behind him? It's baddies v baddies
God always wins. That is why chaos players will always lose. We reject Satanism in all its forms. GW made a test to find satanists, and it works brilliantly. Hail Germania and God! Hail the Imperium! May it live another 10,000 years!

File: Beer Monk 3.jpg (67 KB, 1142x1500)
67 KB
I am running an anime highschool game and trying to find any good maps of an japanese highschool classroom from above so my PCs can see the seating arrangement in relation to NPCs. Does anyone have a good map for that sort of thing?
Why don't you just go grab one of those printer templates for seating arrangement and make a handout of it as 'the actual paper stapled up at the front of the room anyway.'
I was hoping to find something with a big more color/style. Using a seating chart print out in my backup.
The main character gets the window seat, and coincidentally the girls practice sport just below
There are 5 PCs, 3 males and 2 female.

File: Lyran troops.jpg (114 KB, 1024x667)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
The /btg/ is dead! Long live the /btg/!

Steiner assault edition

Last Thread: >>87602696

>BattleTech Introductory Info and PDFs

>Overview of the major factions?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
331 replies and 71 images omitted. Click here to view.
new thread? new thread

File: 52622400_p0.jpg (774 KB, 772x1176)
774 KB
774 KB JPG
Rules question: if a mech charges his opponent (the opponent moves first, the charging mech moves up to the opponent and declares charging ending his movement phase, all that), can the charged opponent declare a punch during the physical attack phase declarations against the charging opponent?
File: hqdefault[1].jpg (45 KB, 480x360)
45 KB
>I feel big and I feel scary
Favorite bad mech, yeehaw!
>tries to fish 22 crits
It doesn't help that the infantry weapons from Shrapnel articles, like the Barton AMR, abuse the hell out of the RPG to tabletop damage conversion formula. Many of them fo more damage than a lot of 'support' weapons. The infantry rules need another overhaul.

File: 1626552764918.jpg (15 KB, 241x209)
15 KB
Time and Timezone
Gm or Player
Method of play
Shadowrun 4e
>Time and Timezone
Saturdays at 12PM EST. The game resumes next Saturday.
>Method of play
Roll20 and Discord
16 Czechoslovakians#1442
I'm looking for like one or two players to fill out the roster as I enter the final months of the campaign. Our party consists of a melee fighter, a sniper, and an unarmed adept. Preferably, we'd like a mage or a face, but you can play whatever. A lot of shit went down in the last sessions that I'll need to catch you guys up on. To make a long story short, the Sniper got caught and the adept got shot in the head. The next run is a prison break. You'll be given catchup karma and nuyen to put you on level with everyone else

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