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File: PJmdqjOl.jpg (59 KB, 530x370)
59 KB
It's actually reference to 1986's horror movie to The Fly.
Every day we stray further from gods light.
Next theyll ask if frankestein is a nurgle cults attempt at immortality.
>This fucker thinks about thr Jeff Goldblum movie instead of the old 50s one

File: 1622592971955.jpg (39 KB, 1080x681)
39 KB
>he doesnt exclusively attack with called shots to the ememy's crotch
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But I do.
File: AC_SY606.jpg (41 KB, 715x606)
41 KB
>the attack bounces off harmlessly
penises dont exist in my setting.
senpai… aint the point of hitting the crotch to hit the balls? this doesnt seem to prevent this.
People extensively protect their heads and groins on sheer instinct, and both are small targets when compared to aiming for center mass. A bullet in your guts is plenty effective, and much easier to make happen.

File: Goblin_Army.png (1.57 MB, 1400x1400)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB PNG
>Goblin Slayer: Rabid humanoids who only rape, pillage, and murder.
>Harry Potter: Shifty bankers who hoard most of the Wizarding world's wealth.
>World of Warcraft: Industrialized venture Capitalists who dab on other races with their sweet tech.
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The amount of goblin pirate art is overwhelming, so the evidence speaks for itself. Pirates and goblins are both associated with anarchy, cruelty and greed, so they're a natural fit for each other.
if you like goblin so much, why did you pick such ugly and boring goblins for your OP?
? They look well enough, at least they aren't those aberration than coomers post.
They look fine except for the first three.
Why? What’s wrong with them?

File: zdw.jpg (24 KB, 800x800)
24 KB
Hello, fa/tg/uys! I want to use XdY as a resolution mechanic, where X is the attacker's stat and Y is determined by the attack itself (blade vs mail or blade vs plate would have different Y) so even a suboptimal weapon can be brute-forced if the user have a high enough relevant stat.

The defender's stat would act as a static number that is reduced from the total rolled. So the full mechanic would be (with attacker as "a" and defender as "b"): a.XdY - b.X +/- Wd4

Wd4 would be additional, secondary modifier for tags (like using a fire sword against an ice elemental - XdY would deal with the sword part, Wd4 with the elemental part). W would be based on intensity.

Stats would range from 1 to 10, with 3 being the starting default, 4 starting max. So default characters would roll usually 3d6 - 3, with better weapons doing more, up to d10 or lower as d2.

My problem is that I want the Y part to be easy for the player to see, and simple enough without losing complexity. The idea is to use a simple matrix of blade vs pierce vs blunt against plate vs mail vs hide/leather/fur.

This would be done by computer, for a vydia, so you can go shenanigans with the math, but I need your expertise on how this could go wrong.
>No one will understand your notation. Well maybe the GURPS and HERO anons. Your example is not very clear. Simple enumeration will let you do sections piecemeal then solve them later. Y is a die listing, my dude, everyone can already see it. The change in Y is not so obvious. But why do you need differential equations to solve this? Just list out all inputs and solve without Wd4.

File: 1652844614489.png (952 KB, 861x889)
952 KB
952 KB PNG
Without GM's, there are no role playing games. The number of players doesn't matter. Therefore, to keep the hobby healthy, there ought to be a steady supply of new and continuing GM's.
Paid GMing sets a "professional standard" that, regardless of actual quality, increases the /perceived/ difficulty of being a GM, and drives away potential new GM's.
Additionally, the idea that being a GM is an art form worthy of pay but being a player is not curates low quality players. Being a player in a collaborative game is not passive entertainment you can pay for, like a movie or book, it is both an art form and a social play activity.
None of this should be controversial.
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I'm a really good player, literally the best i know, should i start charging money?
If there's a real shortage of players in your area or you really are just that good then you could try. But the demand for GMs vs the demand for players has always been imbalanced, so the market for players just plain isn't there yet.
holy shit go be aggressively american somewhere else
>Being a good player for free
Come on now. If you’re good at something never do it for free. :^)

File: 472364234.png (173 KB, 336x344)
173 KB
173 KB PNG
Preferably not just animal X but as a "folk". Tell us something about the races you created for your setting. Bonus points for pitching one on the spot
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File: 1649033793900.jpg (452 KB, 996x1673)
452 KB
452 KB JPG
Neat, I've had the same idea for my story too. Warhammer also does the Thousand Sons living armor. I also remember living armor enemies in games like Spyro. Is this some Jungian archetype? It's reappearing again and again.
>Warhammer also does the Thousand Sons living armor.
What’s the deal there again?
Yeah, I got it. Know any settings that failed at step 3?
Would granbretannian Beast Orders qualify?
I mean, they are nominally humans, but still...
Based art, what’s her deal? And what were your main inspirations for the original races like picture related?

File: space-marines.png (1.13 MB, 1191x842)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB PNG
Brothers, what is your favored successor chapter/warband of the Adeptus Astartes and why?
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Honestly, my favorite Dark angels successor, they have more relics than moat other chapters, they prefer old schools patterns of weapons and armor, and the kept the original dark angels color scheme, which if you ask me they never should have changed in the first place. The black and red looks way cooler, its a nice contrast to the blood angels the only other "angel" legion, and people would constantly confuse them for salamanders.
Very nice indeed
I love star phantoms their colors and icon are badass and they just shoot the shit out of anything until it dies regardless of what guardsmen or battle brothers might stand in the way.
A classic, i especially like the model you choose for the pic.
lol are they luna wolves successors? that'd explain ALOT.
Not sure of the other two but Novamarines are really cool and have some pretty rich lore
You monster...
Havent heard mich of these guy but you dont see alot of marines woth camo armor
Heard about these guys lately, the world needs more salamanders successors and i love their tactics and armor colors, its also refreshing to see a salamanders chapter that isnt obsessed with reptiles or fire
Hell yeah idk much about these guys but from what i have heard their one of the more unique successesor and theyve been around since early 40k
Bro, you need to spill the beans on how your donut steels became canon

I had a look at Mummy: The Curse 2e for the first time earlier. It is vastly, vastly better and cooler than I expected. Few Chronicles fans bother picking it up, but they definitely should.

No, you are not playing an Egyptian mummy. You are playing someone from the Nameless Empire, the mythical first civilization that predates all others. Ancient Egypt was merely a pale and feeble shadow of this wondrous empire.

Your character was mummified using the Rite of Return. They traveled down to Duat in mind and soul, and made their case before the old gods known as the Judges of Duat; millennia later, they awoke in a new body, in one of the tombs that the Nameless Empire had scattered across the world. Thus, right from the outset, Mummy: The Curse's gimmick is that the PCs are ancient ones, adjusting to life in a world quite different from the first civilization.

Day-to-day adventures as Arisen are one part Sidereal Exalted, one part Vampire, one part Geist, and one part Hunter. The Arisen serve the Judges of Duat, but there are many Judges that can appeal to different types of players, and these Judges give plenty of autonomy. The Arisen build cults and wider organizations to try to steer humanity in a productive direction, but some mummies are more megalomaniacal about this than others, so heroic Arisen pit their own cults against these "bad guy" Arisen cults.

176 replies and 33 images omitted. Click here to view.
Right. I think you've misread something here. What point do you think I'm making?
MtR was the same, the difference is it had a couple of pages in a couple of book on two other types. Egypt was always the main focus there too. MtC is all Egyptian mythology with the change that the original mummies were about making timeless servants, and the IRL Egyptian patheon was replaced with the Judges as part of the Shan'iatu being dicks. A few of the oringals still kick about though. Everything else past that is almost exactly just Egyptian myth.
File: file.png (356 KB, 1712x924)
356 KB
356 KB PNG
Mummy and Werewolf are linked deeper than that. Potentially. There is some fairly strong implications that the Judges are actually Idigam. Idigam being spirits that don't conform to the standard rules of spirits, they're not born of concepts but can choose to adopt them. Formless in their natural states when they happen acorss a concept that truly grips them they can coalese and remake themselves around that idea. Some were banished to the moon and other bound to the earth.

Formless beings coalescing and seizing conceptual space is Idigam all over. So under this origin they're Earth-Bound sort and I kinda dig it, but also kinda don't. Mechanically there is some interesting overlap here. Idigam can forge servants much like the Judges can, they all have influence over their purviews, they're almost unmatched in their ability to shape their specific fuel, and a couple of other bits. There is also some very relevant Forsaken fluff that lines up with this quite well too. Which makes sense as both pieces of fluff in picrel are by the same guy.

The other interesting part here is about the nature of the idigam. The thing about their metamorphosis which is so interesting in the context of Judges is its reversible. It doesn't happen often, it'd be like a strong and sturdy beetle turning back in to larva. It'd get weaker and abandon its current obsession and everything that brought with it. Judges are very heavily tied to their concepts but what happens when they get bored? What happens when Mummies drift away from serving Neb-Abitu because there just isn't enough gossip to judge? Do the Judges react to the Moon-Banished returning and push mummies to safeguard them from Uratha? What happens when something as powerful as a Judge decides to do something else? What happens to any mummies pledged to it? Lots of interesting fallout for all of that and one of the strongest crossover hooks about IMO

Also, what's with the WtF hate?
Should be noted that I snipped out some other possibilities from the Earth-Bound thing. The other two ideas weren't exactly relevant..
WtF is just a boring game with lacklustre villains and I'm not interested in it. More power to you that you find enjoyment in it, but cross over is notoriously shit and I'm not about to get too invested in a setting that I have zero interest in.

File: man.jpg (39 KB, 340x270)
39 KB
Had an idea to do a Yugioh TTRPG since my friends and I all like Yugioh. Another friend of mine tried doing one in the past, but it was less of a TTRPG and more of just freeform roleplay with card battles inbetween.

I want to adapt some kind of system to make it more than just that, but I have absolutely no idea how to go about that. Has anyone here tried running something like this in the past?
9 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Is there any particular reason given for not allowing pendulums or Link monsters? Besides the format being duel links I mean.
>I don't like pendulum or links personally
>There aren't enough zones for them to really function as intended
>as summoning formats they are huge leaps forward in power

The idea for the ruleset was to reward more "normal" play that would be in line with an enjoyable rpg experience rather than autistic OTK combos that regular ygo has. Thats why normal monsters are better for skill checks and character creation recommends drafting. You could build a retarded meta deck from the normal card game, but doing so would mean you are likely terrible at skill checks/everything that isn't explicitly winning normal duels

Pendulum and links both undermine that since both allow you to put in a lot of normal boss monsters and then special summon them out all at once with no real restrictions or cost. This allows you to more easily build out deck that is good for all things by just having those two summoning methods included which goes against trying to have more varied decks. Also again I don't like them anyways and I am clearly biased, but I still think they have a severe game breaking issue that isn't universally present in fusion/xyz/synchro/ritual. Certain archetypes are an exception, but those aside link and pendulum let you summon lots of stuff all at once by default while the others are more about getting out a single boss monster
I'm running one right now. pdf related

>Players pick from a handful of starter decks of similar power level, plus a free pack of cards and a personally selected "ace card"
>playing duels and completing objectives gets them currency to buy curated packs for new cards (I went with singular prize cards instead of actual currency to keep the numbers simple)
>Ace card they pick gives them a unique ability that manifests in specific mechanics outside of duels

>TBD: program EDO pro to incorporate ace cards and stats into duels for things like destiny draw
We actually did this! OK so it's actually very simple. A single d12 was used for everything.
You start off with a 40 card deck the GM deemed not too OP. Extra deck cards were included in this and were kept in the main deck. Poly, Synch, those weren't a thing. ou had one field spell included in this 40 cards, your home base, usually shared with the party. Some obviously weren't allowed. When a field was activated it teleported you there.
Monsters were summoned not just for combat but for problem solving. So were spells ans traps. Something being face down meant it was hidden. So seeing a face down card in the hallway was a nightmare! It could be a trap. A sleeping monster. Or nothing.
Anyways. Back to system. 8000 life. 4 stats (body, mind, speed, spirit). Start with 1 in each, spend 6 points, max 4 in each. You had a hand of 5. Whenever you used a card you also drew. When a card was used it couldn't be until you took a rest. Traps were probably the most useless in general, but in chase scenes they were amazing. Drop a Bottomless and watch your opponent be sucked into the void. Until they came back pissed and armed with a D.D. deck or some other banish reliant deck.
Combat is simple. d12+level vs enemy level. So a level 1 monster had a 1/12 chance to hit a level 12. On the other hand the reverse was always gonna happen. Then you deal ATK vs DEF damage. Once it drops to 0 the monster is destroyed. Any excess is dealt to your LP. Direct attacks were also possible. Range was a bit abstracted. Either long range or short range. You could give them D&D style square measurement I suppose? We didn't care to.
Still, some monsters were wicked strong. Chaos Necromancer in Zombie World? Sure he can't hit for shit, but when he does, you're dead. Other cards were based on lore. Dark Magician could use his spells at any time, but you needed to unlock them first, usually a quest.

I'll try to find the old notebooks, but no promises. This was early 5Ds era after all.
Thought about doing something similar with magic. Maybe having skill checks related to flipping cards from you deck and seeing which ones match the skill test.
This is pretty cool. I'll have to steal some ideas from it.

File: 1600087415235.png (190 KB, 819x819)
190 KB
190 KB PNG
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>You'll probably have no shortage of players if you're DMing.
Yes, but that only applies to DMing and not GMing.
Not him but the problem is they probably won't like it and the chances for a campaign are none.
Expecting your friends to be always be up for anything you want is unrealistic, too.
>Then teach them the game
Most people aren't going to want to play because ttrpgs are nerd shit and openly signalling the fact that you like them might be enough to get you shunned. How the fuck does /tg/ still not understand this?
I actually live and the middle between bumfuk nowhere and the ass crack of the Bible Belt.
This area during the 90 was still beating their pots and pans about comic books being the work of Satan.
One thing I find annoying with these suggestions of teaching the game to friends is to assume that friends want to be taught.
In my case, they're too "Looney Tunes" infantile to sit through a game with rules.

File: BB match.jpg (92 KB, 1024x691)
92 KB
>Previous: >>84518184

Blood Bowl, Necromunda, Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game, Warcry, Epic, Warmaster, Underworlds, Aeronautica, Mordheim, Titanicus, Battlefleet Gothic, Man-o-War, Warhammer Quest, and any other GW system and boardgame are welcome.

There is currently a Kill Team General >>>/tg/ktg. Discussions for the Kill Team should go there.

>We are working on a mega archive with the rulebooks for the boxed and specialist games (don't share).
>Drop any missing files you might have here:
>Current MESBG rules:
>you know what to put
>Old links:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I hate norse with a passion but I commend your painting skills and novel colour scheme. But GOD THEY ARE INFURIATING TO FIGHT
Noone is making you or your friends play with paypigs tho?
The cards, guilds and alliances are all good though.
Every new body in the hobby is a GW shill and a paypig by default, you have to deprogram people if you want to build a gaming group.
That or bend the knee to the almighty Jew because that's easier, right?
Gatekeepers were right and nerds must protect their hobbies.
It's hilarious because the obvious caucasian sculpts don't look like niggers, they just look like filthy dirty caucasians.

File: 1589211073572.jpg (392 KB, 707x1000)
392 KB
392 KB JPG
here is your party
209 replies and 53 images omitted. Click here to view.
this would be so cool if it weren't so obviously gay
Different culture is good alien mindset is better. Basically I like to challenge myself when it comes to roleplay the fact that it's hard to do is what I'm after

Previous Thread >>84371279

This thread is for the creation and discussion of Lewd RPGs, which includes Solo Rpgs, Homebrews and Concise Greentexts.
An explanation for what Solo RPGs are and how they work can be easily found on Google or Youtube.
Use the 4ChanX browser extension for DEAD links or feed the post number into an archive site

>Popular Lewd Solo Games
Labyrinthus: https://mega.nz/folder/kB0h0ACZ#a67GWGpSmfaPyuIK77eL_w
Lewd Attack: https://mega.nz/folder/CbhQnQyB#Xn-0F9OVyr_SHQ2s7rDhmQ
Valkadia: https://mega.nz/folder/3IEhVZhK#SbFWGHfx9rnTuBNu4KugkQ
>Frameworks for Maptool: https://mega.nz/folder/4ixRTS7K#nSxJQ4BuNcaZYA4slPVPcw
>Greentexts Folder. All greentexts posted in the thread might end up archived here
>Mixed Folders: They contains stuff for D&D, Pathfinder, etc

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
302 replies and 37 images omitted. Click here to view.
It was an ancient scholar from the classical period named Lavon, as >>84569073 says you should Google his name to find out more.
File: socrates[1].jpg (54 KB, 400x500)
54 KB
Faggot detected.
A strong body is what all people should work towards, it's a sign of discipline, effort, and a myriad of good traits. The ideal for all humans to strive for, exercise is for the brain more than the body, to become fighting fit is to make your brain as healthy and functioning as it can be. To push your genetics to their upper limits, to achieve true strength and fitness, that is the glory that all people ought to experience.
Peak women aesthetics is still not being a muscly brute
Any games designed solely around becoming a conquerer and building a harem?

Been thinking about using ACKS or something like that. Or maybe just high level D&D with kingdom building rules.

Women aren't supposed to fight, they're supposed to bear children, lmao

File: 1434294192637.jpg (1.37 MB, 2189x3318)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB JPG
Pitch fun ideas for a Meiji Japan setting. What would you put in it?
>hardmode: no samurai
178 replies and 53 images omitted. Click here to view.
Japan: A Short Cultural History by G B Sansom. It was first published 90 years ago so it covers the Meiji Restoration and it was updated after WW2. Despite its age it's very, very readable. As the title says, it's not a big long book, yet you'll be getting a lot of detail on the culture, which is what you're after.
What are some actual mythological or historic figures from Japan that we could reasonably have as female? See picture related.
I see, who is she? What’s her deal?
She hates people who make shitty bumps.

What would a fantasy Egypt setting include? What era should it be set in? What plot hooks are there? Is there any good material out there that can be adapted to it?
33 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
And what makes these threads 'fun'? Certainly not OP the Cocksucker.
How hard did OP fuck your mother for you to feel this butthurt?
>still makes fun threads
For the purpose of enjoyment of making threads.
File: Ancient Egyptian Temple .jpg (270 KB, 1920x1200)
270 KB
270 KB JPG
How might we handle the architectural concerns for such a setting? I know that they had flat roofs because of a lack of rain, but that’s about it.
Related to what >>84594429 said, would elves be a good fit for an Ancient Egyptian-based setting?

What about mummies?

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