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File: Zona alfa RULES.jpg (49 KB, 480x360)
49 KB
Does anyone have access to the Zona Alfa rules???
Bumping for interest

File: Shadowrun map 2080.png (2.09 MB, 5000x2535)
2.09 MB
2.09 MB PNG
>Hear about setting that is real world but different
>Immediately check to see how my country is doing in this fictional setting

Surely I can't be the only one who does this?
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File: 1586567970438.jpg (97 KB, 1440x810)
97 KB
>West Turkey
>East Anatolia
West Turkey is a Kemalist state that is controled by and AI of Ataturk that's actually controlled by an anonymous council.
East Anatolia is a jihadist republic whose main weapon is shitposting through the Matrix.

They both hate Kurds.
Aztlan is one of the top dogs in the world of Shadowrun.
Which is dumb, especially since most Mexicans aren't descended from Aztecs.
You ah...you are aware that the relationship between German Catholics and Protestants was a bit different than the relationship between British and Irish Catholics and Protestants, right?
If nothing else the power balance was much more on the Catholic side.

File: Doomrider About.jpg (90 KB, 750x600)
90 KB
When and where will he show up next?
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But Jeremy Clarkson doesn't do nearly enough cocaine to be mutherfuckin' DOOMRIDER
File: common_pepe_6.jpg (92 KB, 839x768)
92 KB
Still on Chogoris, without a body, coated in metal and left to scream his desire for cocaine on the Silver Road forever more.

In other words, never
One day our beloved Daemon Prince will be whole again, brother. One day he will ride shine and chrome on a road of unbelievers, hair on fire and snorting cocaine off of the handlebars.
File: Doomrider.jpg (71 KB, 770x641)
71 KB
bumping with a old Doomrider mini from /tg/s long lost past

About a month ago, a few friends and I decided we wanted to try and play Pathfinder together. One's very experienced in PF, one's only played a one shot or two, and the rest of us had little to no experience in PF/SF/DnD. We found a GM looking to build a living world around multiple teams, and we were really excited because we like really dynamic universes. We got to character making, and we're not the min-max type of people. We like our characters to be fun, so we will build based on an idea more often than what's smart for the character. This time, our races were the theme, with our classes picked to fit the races, and then we built up a normal, reasonably boring team. The GM approved most things but only wanted nerfed summoner, which ruins the class pretty much. But, we soldiered on, made our characters, and got ready. The first session was mostly just us getting to a tavern, talking, and following an NPC for essentially no reason, just helping them with their quest. No offers of money, fame, fortune, just... we're in a game and this stranger who's kind of a dick wants our help. So, we get there, and there's a fight that goes pretty awful. We're not rolling well, it takes a lot of time to get the enemies killed, and the whole time the NPC just watches as we get within a few points of a TPK, us managing to roll good only at the end of the fight. After, he has the NPC guide us to a hidden room, describes it, and we ended the session there. After, he basically non-apologized with "I'm just used to my friends who optimize their characters, sorry that I didn't take that you're new into account. I'll just have to really rebalance the encounters." Next week, we're all there, messaging in the chat, sending him messages, when he finally says "Oh, shit, I forgot I had something to do today that's been planned for a while." about an hour after the game was meant to happen. It just kind of reinforced my previous opinion that PF is mostly heavy minmax.
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kill myself probably, you?
Well, not that, since /tg/ recommended it.
This discussion is over.

Have you tried not playing D&D or D&D-derivatives? If you want a good, non-d20 system, try Earthdawn 4th edition.
>2nd edition
yeah i flipped through one of the players handbooks and did not like what i saw

if you're concerned with min maxing, be a DM and have set points to be used on ability scores. use a point buy calculator


this is extremely bad advice

>non d20
you're just making it harder for people. the excuse used for 5th edition was that there were d20 systems that were too complicated. nevermind the fact that things are much better now that we're away from THAC0

the people have spoken. ignoring the latest episode, this series has the largest decline in viewership for a critical role miniseries. where did they go wrong? if you watched episode 1 when and why did you stop?

name in the title for the filter friends
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The DM is just shit and makes the whole thing unbearable to watch.
>What the fuck even is going on? What is she even complaining about?
Her twitter feed is non-stop blame whitey. And that's after she's deleted tweets she thinks might open her to criticism. Remember GRRM's "power resides where people believe it to be"? It's incredible how big corporations are believing random race grifters have more power than their own board of directors and act accordingly.
>Wtf I love wotc now
Newflash: that was a momentary pause. Then they caved hard, fired a bunch of senior staff, bent over and presented a gaping anus to any purple-haired Marxist with a blue checkmark.
that's usually the case
>legbears REE at a company
>company ignores them
>half a dozen bluehair "journalists" write articles on polygon/mary sue saying fans are outraged
>company caves
the power these companies give to half a dozen weirdos on twitter
it is still a weird concept for me to make a game like D&D into a series bc you have to take away certain things which makes it a pre-written story many times and in the case of critical role it's very heavily based on. Maybe trying smaller chancel who don't do it that hard and even though they were probably inspired by critical roll so you have to take every D&D series with a grain of salt.

File: E7eWvo6UUAMDxTS.jpg (372 KB, 2048x1319)
372 KB
372 KB JPG
What sort of architecture is featured in your setting?
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Stop having it be closed.
BASED Perry shelling the Japs to get that sweet sweet silk
File: 1624497907379.jpg (550 KB, 1920x815)
550 KB
550 KB JPG
Why wouldn't you post a nice pic of some architecture instead of that? Oh well

Anyway for me, it's bizarro-comfy
Massive monastery-fortresses built over centuries from Lego-like blocks formed by countless casting of Stone Shape.
cry more faggot

File: hastatus.jpg (334 KB, 573x1000)
334 KB
334 KB JPG
How do we stop this freakshit infestation in our hobby? I know this is supposed to be a fantasy, but c'mon, all this is just pandering. Parties should only possess the core races; Romans, Latins, Etruscans, Samnites, Sabines, and Greeks. But now every single fucking party is full of Phoenicians, Gauls, Egyptians, and nobody even wants to play the tried and true Roman Hastatus anymore.

inb4: have you tried not playing Labrynths & Leviathans.
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>Roman citizens
spot the Parthian
Hey dudes, my group and I are trying to figure out which race selection to use. I'm not really digging the classic "Italics only", they lumped all the Romans from Britannia to Africa as just one "Roman" race. I'm looking for any homebrews that instead separate the races by geographical locations, such as Gallos, Hispanians, Italians, Africans, and Greeks. I know it lumps the Etruscans and Sabines and whatnot into one group as Italians, but I feel like they were closer to the Romans of Italy than Gallo-Romans were to Italic Romans. You guys got any ideas?
File: rome 100BC.jpg (35 KB, 544x540)
35 KB
Still no stats for the Marsi. How long did we wait? The first people that unified Roman (former) allies under the name of ITALIA and forced Rome to do the same, to give all Italic people the Roman citizenship.

>Use the samnite statblocks
Go fuck yourselves.
Good thread
You sound like one of those cunts who's upset that they're adding the British Isles soon. I, for one, welcome the new wave of redheaded Iceni characters.

File: E1DbtUeXoAAAkfk.png (416 KB, 1288x1039)
416 KB
416 KB PNG
Why are short races more common than tall races? It's much easier to find examples of races that are significantly shorter than humans than it is to find examples of races that are significantly taller. What's the reason for this?
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Because in 3.X, Small and Medium sized creatures are effectively the same size on the tactical map while Large creatures are 4 times larger with 4 times the reach. Something 4 times larger just doesn't work as a player character.

There should have been a size category that was effectively the same size on the tactical map with 10ft reach for things like ogres.
File: 1628157426290.png (294 KB, 1288x1039)
294 KB
294 KB PNG
>Why are short races more common than tall races? It's much easier to find examples of races that are significantly shorter than humans than it is to find examples of races that are significantly taller. What's the reason for this?
Short creatures are simply more common than big ones anon, Humans are technically megafauna y'know, and like most megafauna, we tend to be outnumbered by smaller critters
Because it's more practical - especially in games where spelunking is the central feature.
Being really tall causes problems that are harder to work around than being really short

can party survive if LITERAL ALIEN INVADE world ?

alien is made of science not magic so magic no more work all over world as long as even one alien on world . . .
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>alien is made of science
What did it mean by this?
>science aliens
This is the worst trope in all of fiction. Aliens should be mysterious and unknowable. Having science apply to them just removes all the wonder and mystery.
File: 131402968044.jpg (67 KB, 1203x676)
67 KB
>"alien is made of science not magic so magic no more work all over world as long as even one alien on world . ."
>implying that if something isn't created by magic, it can't be hurt by magic
>implying that something not created by magic somehow gives off an anti-magic aura that affects the entire world
OP, I've only been awake for 2 hours today, but this is by far the dumbest shit I'll read all day.
>seriously analyzing an OP that seems to be written by an autistic child having a stroke
damn, you're definitely looking smart now, anon!
>alien is made of science not magic so magic no more work all over world as long as even one alien on world . . .
Bold of you to assume that science doesn't exist in a magical universe, but assuming the effect isn't instantaneous everywhere and propagates at the speed of light:
The aliens immediately die because the planet is almost infinitely wide and are all immediately crushed by nearly infinite gravity, which stops being infinite after they are destroyed and rebounds back to normal faster than light, with any lasting damage (likely not that much since landing in the correct place on a nearly-infinite sphere that only looked reasonably finite until they touched it is incredibly statistically improbable) likely fixed by the gods immediately.

File: reign_in_hell_cover.jpg (226 KB, 900x1175)
226 KB
226 KB JPG
Just found out this is a thing and I'm somewhat intrigued. Has anyone tried it out? How is it?
Anyone willing to drop the pdf so I can give it a read myself?
Never heard of it before now.
Hopefully someone else on /tg/ has.
It's $10. You can also get some ideas by downloading and reading all the free stuff.
Its pretty good and cheap, no prescribed minis. The only barrier to entry is the requirement for D12s for each player. Just get 2 sets of 10 for $10 on ebay.
I've watched a review of its campaign system and gameplay.


I'm posting the link because this dude put in an incredible amount of effort into getting experience with the game for his review, and did just as much for his Five Parsecs review. Most of the time when I read or watch a review it's from someone who's skimmed the book and maybe played the game once, wrong, and I feel this guy should be shilled to the heavens for putting some effort in.

anyway if you dig through past pdf share threads you should be able to find it, I know it's been shared since I skimmed the PDF at one point
Very interesting, thanks anon. I'll go do some digging through the archives.

File: 1399160940820.jpg (140 KB, 1280x597)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
Post art and discussion of elves.

Also, question, should elves have human skin tones or should they be purple, silver, red, gold, green, etc? Why or why not?

Personally I think both are fine, but I wanna hear some other opinions.
247 replies and 150 images omitted. Click here to view.
I'm not in the mood for it yet. Maybe later. But when I am I'll fap specifically to slutty elf porn just for you Noldorfag.
Okay crossboarder, please stay there.
You're one of the biggest crossboarders around.
Difference is I wouldn't start posting non-lewd Tolkien elves in /e/.
Is that character from Fantasian?

The problem with humans in D&D settings is that all the other races have defined advantages while humans have to uncreatively occupy the role of generic 'spiritness' as their virtue. They got 'heart' they got 'soul' they got some vague undefinable quality that makes them special because we wrote ourselves into a corner.

Good human lore IMHO is one where humans are defined as weird or eccentric in their own particular niche that makes them feel like apart of the setting. Do you ever do this when you run games?

Myself I've always wanted to approach a setting where humans are sort of the 'Divine' race. In the sense that they're the race most likely to actively practice religion or worship and exalt mortals to the realm of godhood and derive power from that.
48 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
Which means your character isn't inherently more interesting just because he's human.
humans are the default
your character isn't inherently more interesting just because it's not human
no reason to make a non-human character just because you feel like a human is too "mundane"

Easy to follow reasoning
In the "core" setting for the fantasy system I'm working on, Humans used to be incredibly violent and brutal. Near the time of their creation (they aren't the oldest race or even a natural one, that honor goes to the Triassids and from the name alone you get 3 guesses what they are and the first 2 don't count) they got into a big war with the Elves and Dwarves on their home continent. They were losing until they got desparate and broke out the war crimes. They did whatever it took to win, brutalizing the other two races and getting them to call an end to the war.

Now, humans are focused on the arts, specifically sculpture and architechture, though painting and other fine arts are also things they enjoy. The fact they also tend to get around means a lot of humans have residual traits from history with other races in their bloodline; for example, a human with red hair and green eyes would have a dwarf somewhere in their family tree. The other races consider humans this terrifying, slumbering monster though - and NOBODY wants to see humans go to war again.

However, their monstrous fighting tactics prompted the elves to begin pouring everything into R&D, which led to them creating powerful magitech, in preparation for a second war with humanity that never was. As a result, elves have firearms that are around World War I/World War II levels of complexity but making use of artifice to smooth out the mechanical kinks.

Dwarves - having been not fond of the elves since the beginning - saw this and thought it was in retaliation to THEM, so they started making armor to try and counter the firearms the elves were making, but they don't know the elves don't give a shit about them anymore.

In short, humans are the artsy race, but they're also feared because of their potential for brutal warfare. if another major war breaks out and humans get involved in a major capacity, you're probably looking at them using magic to split the atom and cast Nuclear Fireball.
>your character isn't inherently more interesting just because it's not human
Nobody said that. But your character is still not more interesting just because he's human. It goes both ways.
Sorry, but your ideas suck.

There needs to be a benchmark for anything to make sense.
- Orcs are strong. Compared to what?
- Elves are magically adept. Compared to what?

Not only is this role an important one, but it's one that *only* humans can fulfill since they're the only race that exists in reality.

Why do players always sperg out whenever the barony's tax collection soldiers approach them to tax them for their dungeon loot?

It's not as if the dungeon's loot belongs to them, anyway. It rightfully belongs to the local lord. Medieval society is NOT finders keepers.

And corruption and overtaxing is just standard in feudal society. If the tax collection soldiers want to overtax the peasants and take 100% taxes, that's just how medieval life worked and nobody could do anything about it.
48 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
In old school dnd only hero level fighters started kingdoms. They could also wipe out whole armies by themselves.
That's not quite fair. Lenin absolutely wanted to involve the Russian peasantry - it just wasn't practical to do so without sacrificing the momentum they'd built up.
started. as in generations ago. high level fighters are given small holdings like baronies on the outskirts or claim untamed (unclaimed) lands and again start kinda small even if they claim kingship.
Do you know how America came to be?
the local dungeon is not property of the local lord. if it was it would not be infested with monsters and their lairs. ergo, raiding said dungeon is an invasion of foreign territory, and all plunder is by rights property of the raiders.

additionally, if the local lord could handle it, he would, because it is his duty. ergo, if he did not, then he could not (for any number of reasons).

local lords are not so stupid as to pick fights with roving bands of mercenaries that do their job for them, they hire them, even if only by a defacto leave them alone policy. the guys who shanked a dragon probably have no issues with shanking soldiers and tax collectors. and god forbid they have a mage among them. the local lord likes his manor standing and the fields unburnt.

When was the last time you had a damsel in distress offered up to a dragon in your game?
11 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Well, the prince don't like the idea of having a dragon as a wife after he discovered who the damsel is, so he ran away. Then he got kidnap by bandits. The dragon don't like having her future husband sold by the bandits, came and burn their lair, bandits don't want the dragon burn their lair, sold the prince to a warlock then fuck off right away. The warlock then teleport the prince away with him to god know where, then we have to spend a whole campain working together with the dragon to find him back.

The moral of the story is that, maybe trying to rescue damsels isn't that much of a good idea. Or maybe that's what our GM want us to think.
File: 1527133219630.png (76 KB, 626x348)
76 KB
The damsel was actually a dragon trapped in human form, and when the party helped lift the curse the She saved them. She’s actually going to be helping them at the end of the campaign, if they continue the plot they are on.
>The damsel was actually a dragon trapped in human form
Why the fuck do dragon get to be damsels so much these days?

File: 84805020.jpg (75 KB, 600x761)
75 KB
If cybernetics eat your soul and make you insane, does that mean biological implants give you more of a soul and make you super-sane?
34 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
I just don't get how you can write two-faces pissing and shitting himself under a table
urban youth environment
basketball youth environment
They wrote about Batman pissing himself in fear. Oh people were so mad about Batman having feelings besides AI AM SAD and I AM BATMAN. So mad.
I'm pretty sure most people were angry they retconned him pissing himself in a cool and iconic scene.

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