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File: IMG_1347.jpg (166 KB, 1920x1080)
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Mages that function as scientists is a good thing.
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Not that the ones advocating for shit like >>91056047 would even know them.
you can have mages as scientists without doing systemic magic, you just have to make them mad scientists trying to work out how to harness tiny parts of a greater power
I decided that for one setting I was brainstorming about the way you manipulate mana to cast spells is similar to art. If you tell a group of artists to paint or draw a field of flowers they'll all have their own thing with both the appearance of the field of flowers itself and the actual style in which it was painted or drawn but in the end you can still recognize it as a field of lowers. You can teach them certain basics and techniques but in the end they'll develop their own way of doing things.
>Mages that function as scientists is a good thing.
Its fundamentally impossible to have magic that isn't a science in a TRPg, afterall if it didn't have reliable, observable and repeatable rules according to which it functions you couldn't use it. Because it would be 'completly' random. So naturally there will be mages acting as scientists.
Okay but then how do you write rules for magic for a game?

Bittersteel edition

Thread Question: Is Aegon VI a Blackfyre, and if not why did GRRM wait so long to introduce him?

Previous thread >>90965797

>A thread for discussing 'A Song of Ice and Fire'. Possible topics include the original novels, Fire and Blood, Dunk & Egg, general lore and theories, characters, artwork, HBO's adaptations "Game of Thrones" and "House of the Dragon", and various videogames.

>Lore Resources
A Wiki of Ice and Fire – Canon wiki
The Lands of Ice and Fire - Official maps
Atlas of Ice and Fire - Fan blog with maps and speculation on geography, population, and history

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Cersei and Jaime are the peak, but Brienne and Sam are also good. More for what they're show rather than what they personally bring as PoVs, but they're not as annoying as Sansa and Arya.
and Samwell and the Greyjoy Chapters
the only good part about Brienne chapters is Nimble Dick
Sam was pretty boring desu, it was just chapter after chapter of him bitching and whining about having to be on a boat, or him listening to Gilly bitch and whine about having to be on a boat.
I forgot about Aeron and Victarion (Asha is a gross whore though)
Sam is neutral for me, I just like the pov. Aeron is kind of annoying, but that's unavoidable when you're in the head of a 70 iq brain damaged zealot. Victarion is entertaining while also being a window into a lot of important events. I've already forgotten Asha's chapters and I read them just a couple weeks ago.
Sam's good when Aemon dies, when he's in Braavos, and when he gets to Oldtown.

Dunno how Samwell will end up running into Sansa or Rickon though to complete meeting every Stark kid.

What do you think of replacing horses with other animals as the default mount in RPGs?
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my dude. (you) rule. post more?
Hero shrew rollerskates.
This guy knows what's up. They aren't as fast, but if you had giant boars in your setting they would work really well. Everyone thinks boars are just "big pige" but they are ferocious, those tusks could do a lot of damage.

I also like birds but I don't want people to think I just aped final fantasy. Dinosaurs and giant beetles are a great solution as well.
Guy on a buffaLOOOOO

File: hedonist king.jpg (1.77 MB, 3492x4177)
1.77 MB
1.77 MB JPG
Why aren't Mediterranean themed settings more popular?
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You're looking for Glorantha, brother.
Not a whole lot of variety in the armor, weapons and items. Plus people always want class systems and no one has ever really made up a decent bronze age one that matches up with the standard medieval shit.

...also no one realizes druids belong in this setting
>seagulls and a warm breeze on the coast while sitting in your casa drinking wine
I'm gonna go out on a leg here and say that wouldn't make for a very exciting premise for a game.
Sounds like a nice way to spend an afternoon IRL though

File: clawing.jpg (69 KB, 452x542)
69 KB
The /btg/ is dead! Long live the /btg/!

The Clawing edition

Last Thread: >>91047323

>BattleTech Introductory Info and PDFs

>Overview of the major factions?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Skill issue, honestly.
By the Butt-Cheeks of Kerensky I was hoping you could hit at least once.
New lance, going for C3 networks this time. Tricky because im limiting myself to pre-Jihad. Doubly tricky cause im limiting myself to units i own.

Grasshopper GHR-6K
Highlander HGN-736
Wolverine WVR-8C
Cyclops CP-11-C

6852bv, 9045bv with 3/4 pilots
File: tribes_bg.jpg (844 KB, 1371x914)
844 KB
844 KB JPG
>what the clans should have become
Is having having machine guns mounted on battle armor shoulders a bad idea?

File: Blood Elemental V.1.jpg (604 KB, 1024x1024)
604 KB
604 KB JPG
>Thread Question: Who are some important characters living by current year (3.161 ABE)?

>Thread task: Discuss the possible gameplay rules of the tabletop.


Map of the World Wiki

>be nice
>don't fuck up other people's lore

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Quicksilver Elemental
Quicksilver elementals are a type of elemental, believed to be a strange variation of the metal elemental. Quicksilver elementals are composed entirely of quicksilver, a silver metal that stays in liquid state at common temperatures. This element is incredibly dangerous when in direct contact with the land, poisoning all areas that come across with it for a long time. Quicksilver elementals are very irregular, with an ever-changing shape, often slowly sloshing across the land, but reacting with incredible speed and ferocity when feeling threatened. Quicksilver elementals can spew great amounts of quicksilver against its enemies, which can corrode armor and weapons (even magical weapons can be vulnerable to quicksilver) and inflict severe poisoning and burning in living tissue. The noxious gasses that emanate from the quicksilver are also very dangerous, as while not flammable, they can cause severe hallucinations, temporary blindness and difficulty to breathe. Quicksilver is very difficult to freeze over, as it solidifies at very low temperatures, and fire attacks could make things worse, as it will increase the amount of noxious gasses emitted. Alchemists have developed many rituals and processes to deal with quicksilver, and as such, their expertise are essential to deal with these creatures and the pollution of the land.
>Demon Lord
The term “Demon Lord” refers to any particular individual demon (or in occasions, other extradimensional entities) that becomes through infamy well known within the world. These individuals are often incredibly powerful, and command dozens, if not hundreds, of their lesser kind. These individuals are beyond rare, for the simple fact that they reside in dimensions far from the physical realm, and they rarely act upon the step unless they are attracted by powerful summoners, who open a dimensional door powerful enough for them to reach the world and act upon it. Those poor souls who bring them to the mortal realm often get more than they bargained for, and end up paying with their souls, as whatever business the demon lord has does not include being manipulated by a mortal. Thankfully, most demon lords have little interest in the mortal world, seeing it as more of a distraction from their own domains, and as such, powerful demon lords acting against the world are exceptional. The exception in this comes from the demon lords of the succubae, as the witchelven have brought permanent tears into their dimension, and as such, demon lords of the succubae family have appeared from time to time to lay waste to the mortals, being only pushed back by the bravery and sacrifice of those armies who fought against them.

I imagine this is vague enough to fit into any other kind of demon added. Either way, some feedback on this would be appreciated.
File: succubus experiment v.39.jpg (755 KB, 1024x1024)
755 KB
755 KB JPG
>Duchess of Hell
Duchesses of Hell are one of the highest forms of the family of demons known as “succubus”. These creatures have become bloated with power, having reaped the souls of countless mortal and demon alike. Due to their successes in bringing butchery and despair, the Succubus Queen Herself will elevate them to the highest echelons of succubus society, and are given control of their own army to command as they wished. Their heart is opened and branded with the seal of Gogotha, giving them a direct connection to their goddess. They are also given a herd of demonic horses from the Succubus Queen’s personal stables, able to stampede through the air, their steps causing dark thunder wherever they go, and their neighs gripping one’s soul to the bone. Duchesses of hell are masters in both physical and magical fighting, moving across the battlefield in their war chariots. Each of the duchesses of hell possessing unique skills to serve the Succubus Queen. Fortunately, once a duchess of hell is elevated, they will rarely step unto the mortal realm, as they will spend most of their time seeking to expand their influence over the rest as to gain a closer role within the court of Gogotha. This is indeed the intended result, as the Succubus Queen’s heart engraving is intended to chain the duchesses into total servitude, to never allow one of its most powerful servants to try to usurp her place.
Is this >>91069287 duchess of hell better than these >>91054763 >>91054796 ?
Is the difference between golems and automata their level or sentience or their origin (golem magical and automata astromantic)?

File: Suzu SEC.jpg (179 KB, 859x1200)
179 KB
179 KB JPG
Thread #393: Expensive Triangle Edition

Bushi-Navi EN: https://www.en.bushi-navi.com/
Deck Log:
https://decklog.bushiroad.com/ (JP)
https://decklog-en.bushiroad.com/ (EN)
Beginner guide, decklists and other info: https://pastebin.com/QxKQRhrQ
Up to date fanmade PC online games, 3DS/Switch emulation and Mobile games: https://pastebin.com/7Fj8VqA2
Cardfight and Buddyfight matchmaking server: https://discord.gg/6xVFD4r
Weiss/Schwarz Resources: https://pastebin.com/sk2iSjW1

Release Schedule (Vanguard):
- D-BT13 Flight of Chakrabarthi: 12/8
- D-LBT04 Lyrical Monasterio ~Trick or Trick!~: 1/24
- D-SS09/10(P) Stride Deckset -Shiranui/Luard- (Both versions): 2/23

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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What are they crying about
yeah but this one's kinda justified; this time Lycoris is getting a Premium Booster already
and PBs are nothing more than just glorified reruns of existing cards w/ 80% chance its illustrations will still be the same = its a scam. this should've been an Extra Booster or better yet wait until season 2 comes out for a vol. 2 Booster Pack instead
Where did they hear that? The hololive premium booster was all new cards. Usually all premium booster means is small set with no cxcs in it.
yeah but you also have PBs of outdated IPs like Shana & KOF this year which uses the "rerun" path with only a few new cards slotted in
that's probably what they're basing it on. still, hoping that LR doesn't go that path and take the same route as the idol franchises' (Bandori/Love Live/Holo) PB releases instead and make all of the cards brand new.
>with no cxcs
somehow this one's a dealbreaker for some of them too. what's their hyperfixation for Climax Cards?
is the new Vanguard manag gonna be called “Card Flight”?

File: 1678455027405.jpg (351 KB, 1079x1592)
351 KB
351 KB JPG
I'm tired of Weaveslaving for these ungrateful mages. I am a pixie, I have danced in the starlight and drank with the satyrs. Why must I bear the task of cleaning master's alchemy lab nightly? I've not even seen a revel in weeks...
31 replies and 15 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: barny.png (1.01 MB, 593x899)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG
god not you again
>Looks at all these animals

Thank the 9 hells but I hate the fact that ĉ̶̨̡̨̢̳͙͓͇͇͈̬̬̭̔͒͘ͅa̶̛̞̱̫̙͖͂̓͑̿ŗ̶̨̗̻͙̣̖̱̘̼͔̩̓̑̈̽̆̽̃̕͘͜n̸̢̖̭̺͔̗̖͛̋̽ŏ̵̧̢͍̳̱͓͕͔̥͖̜̔͛͂̌̈́̃̌͆͆̊̑̕͝ͅf̶̢̩͎̱̟̙̪̯̫̣͇̖̥̣̜̂à̷̺̟̭͕̮̇̎̚̚l̵̛̠̝̫͈͙͕̰̱̓a̷̡̳͕͙͈̽̀̆̓ͅx̶̧̛̜̪̜̙̠͙̠̣̞̖͉͔̂̄̈́̆̀̃͑̋̐̈́́̿͒́ manages to pull more washed up wizards by putting on cat ears and making stupid cute noises.
File: 1685486523425746.jpg (158 KB, 1000x1000)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
gay in a homosexual way, no.
gay in a submissive uwu no-self-respect-and-loving-it way, yes.

Oh you're a SPELL familiar. lol. lmao even.

We aren't amorphous spirits like you, you're what people summon when they're too lazy to go out and find/bind/make one.
even so, as >>91064561 points out, normally the form they take still affects how they think and feel. They are at least physically and somewhat mentally, the animal shape they've taken. The real deal will think them uncanny as fuck obviously, but they'll still be more agile and aware and intelligent in their form as a hare than as a crab, and prefer the smell of timothy hay to being wet. Which he should have firsthand experience of, if he had a master.

This blob of planar energy is a total nopact.

File: Progenitus_Infallible.jpg (148 KB, 744x1039)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
Power Creep Edition

>To make cards, download MSE for free from here:
>Mobile users might have an easier time signing up here:

>Stitch cards together with

>Hi-Res MSE Templates

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I should specify that the intended behavior is like "If a permanent activated or triggered any of its own abilities this turn, then it can't activate or trigger any more of its own abilities this turn"
I think this should be a one-off fling variant rather than an enchantment
I think you could phrase it as
>Triggered abilities of permanents trigger only once each turn.
>Activated abilities of permanents can only be activated once each turn.
Basically adding the sort of conditional tag that those abilities sometimes use to the abilities themselves. I'm not sure if there's really a good way to execute the wording, but I do feel like it's intuitive enough where people would understand what it meant, aside from possibly needing clarification on what counts as a triggered ability.

Although based on what you said here >>91072152 then my wording doesn't quite work, since it would basically look at each activated and triggered ability independently. So if you have a creature that makes tokens when a nontoken creature enters the battlefield, and an activated ability that pumps up tokens, then it could still use each once, rather than being locked out of one if they use the other.

Trying to cover both does seem like it could get oppressive though, especially since adding a once-per-turn to pretty much any activated or triggered ability shuts down most infinite combos pretty hard.
>Trying to cover both does seem like it could get oppressive though, especially since adding a once-per-turn to pretty much any activated or triggered ability shuts down most infinite combos pretty hard.
Looking at each ability separately felt way too narrow, so to be a bit more build-around and less of a niche hoser I thought it'd be better if it checked one ability use per permanent rather than per individual ability. This way you can get a bit evil with stuff like Magus of the Tabernacle.
Maybe, but that feels like it leads to a lot of very odd situations and interactions outside of just hosing any decks that use lots of abilities.
In a lot of cases, it just seems like it'd stop cards from functioning as intended. Anything with a Blitz cost, assuming I'm processing the rules correctly, would have any ETB or Attack trigger work normally, but then the delayed trigger to sacrifice it would no longer trigger at the end of the turn. Similar case with Unearth, since Unearth itself is an activated ability, and therefore the creature will just stick around. Not to mention the sorts of cards in general that often have upsides at the start of a turn and downsides at the end, like Avaricious Dragon or Psychic Vortex.

It might be more narrow, but if it's a question of breaking cancer or breaking the game, I think it's the latter, and having more ways to build around it is just more cancer.

File: Dcg-BT16-057.jpg (245 KB, 951x1295)
245 KB
245 KB JPG
Armored D-Police edition

Previous >>91012944

>Basics Pastebin

>Anon's Locals Survival Guide

>ST15 Dragon of Courage / ST16 Wolf of Friendship questionnaire

>BT14 Blast Ace questionnaire

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
313 replies and 40 images omitted. Click here to view.
Smokescreens are based, but we don't need side decks. Make meta decks sacrifice consistency for tech cards if they're scared of a specific matchup.
Considering that Japan is Bo1, we are never going to get them unless the Japanese format were to change to Bo3
>Remember when Quartz was $7 on launch?
I remembered when it was 5 while superior was 8and i refused to buy it since I rather spend that money on shine.
I regret not paying that 5 and spent 40 for 4 of them total.
Any opinions on Darkdramon in DigiPolice?
I originally ran EX3 Darkdramon, but it feels too topheavy and I find it either dead in my hand or forcing inefficient Cargodramon plays just so I can drop it.

File: 1699671296921911.jpg (495 KB, 1587x1561)
495 KB
495 KB JPG
>Imperium wins the vast majority of their battles
>Is portrayed as a slowly declining power

>Eldar win the vast majority of their battles
>Are portrayed as a dying race

>Orks lose the vast majority of their battles
>Are portrayed as a growing green tide of destruction

>Chaos loses the vast majority of their battles
>They're portrayed as an unrelenting and ultimately unstoppable force

>Tau are portrayed as a small but steadily growing xeno empire
>Loses the majority of their battles

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
137 replies and 16 images omitted. Click here to view.
I don't really like Marinewank either, but at the end of the day, one is a centuries old killing machine that is also a walking tank, and the other is potentially a teenager with decent armor and a cool gun. A single marine can theoretically kill thousands of guys with his fists or knife as long as there isn't a large number of anti-tank weapons present (which there almost never is for plot reasons), but the only way a single Fire Warrior is killing thousands of guys is if they are tied up or otherwise disabled

I think the question is how they would pull that off, there isn't anything in the lore like it except that one time their experimental superlaser blew up while nuking a hive city
>one is a centuries old killing machine that is also a walking tank
He's a killing machine trained to fight Daemons, Orks, and Tyranids, using tactics from the ancient era. He's very much not designed for fighting against a modern military force with advanced technology and tactics based on fire and maneuver. A medieval knight would train from the age of 7, but he'd still lose to a modern soldier with a gun trained in a month.
Marines aren't meant to fight tank battles out in the open, but in confined spaces like cities, onboard space ships, etc, there isn't much that can beat them. Their lore generally emphasizes though that they adapt to pretty much any battlefield quickly

Also the Tau hardly have a monopoly on advanced technology, the Marines have been fighting various types of eldar for a while, and nucrons also have lots of fast skimmers
>but in confined spaces like cities, onboard space ships, etc, there isn't much that can beat them
Which is a tactic that can be rather easily exploited by an enemy that know that's your strategy. If your tactic in a spaceship is to get in close and board, the Tau will be skirting the edge of weapons range kiting you. If your tactic is try to close in for close-quarters combat, the Tau's strategy can and will be to keep you at a distance. And, while the Space Marines do fight advanced enemies, they take similarly heavy casualties doing so.

Put it this way: There's a good reason the primary enemies in that one Astartes animation were heretics with stubbers. If the Space Marines had face Necrons, Eldar, or even Tau, the battle wouldn't have been nearly so one-sided nor made them look as badass.
Eldar writing would be improved tenfold if they just took half the embarrassing defeats the craftworlds get, and gave it to the dark eldar instead. Craftworld lore is just hundreds of pages of eating shit and getting slaughtered and DE is endless morons getting totally bamboozled by the speedy, tricky slavers not seriously fighting them and instead running off and stealing all their civilians, over and over.

Has anyone ever made/played a game that uses tarot? Like Malifaux but with a full suite of trumps that do different things? How would you do it? What advantages/disadvantages are there to using cards as randomizers? With 78 cards, 56 of which can be readily numbered and 22 that can be customized, it seems ripe for a wide range of probabilities and uses. What's out there that uses it?
36 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
I run a cyberpunk RED campaign and there’s a Tarot Card free pdf that has effects that trigger on 3 6’s rolled on a damage roll. One of my players got into a fistfight, rolled 666, drew the Death card. So he promptly killed the guy with that punch for 1 minute before the guy came back to life after having a near death experience (the rule is you regain 3d6 humanity which is the ‘currency’ you pay for installing cyberware, while money is what you use to buy it)
The session before the finale I plan to include the party passing through a church where they can say confession, and if the player who does it goes in, he’ll see that the priest is the guy he knocked out and he’ll have some kino things to say about God giving us second chances or some shit
tarot has a history as a story telling game, so maybe use through the breach as a template and harvest triggered abilities from other rpgs
Sounds pretty nice. What would you have done if you had gotten to the later cards?
File: 02 The High Priestess.png (420 KB, 366x711)
420 KB
420 KB PNG
The overarching plot was that The Star was changing the stars (fate) to put the nation they were in on the path to war. Her long game would have been that she's preparing the party to encounter an extra-dimensional being (after achieving The World) by hardening them spiritually and physically.
The first half of the game was all about building up physical wealth and relationships, while the second would have been all about learning the truth behind the physical and eventually recognizing the nature of The World they're a part of. Much like in the cards, they would spend a good portion of that second half in a parallel world. The main plot would have culminated in a former ally calling down an angel to start The Judgement, which would have been a zombie apocalypse.
The World would have essentially been post-game content if they figured out how to confront it.

File: 1700830780691.png (678 KB, 822x822)
678 KB
678 KB PNG
>But professor, why aren't there any good undead creatures??
85 replies and 17 images omitted. Click here to view.
There are though
There's this elven litch thing that can be good: baelnorn
The difference is that the people who care are no longer around, and you don't take the stuff from the grave for direct personal gain.
File: 3333.png (648 KB, 624x665)
648 KB
648 KB PNG
>Who told you this nonsense?
No, they're Death Knights. That would be a based idea though.
I always see them more as profane tools. There's very few with a charisma, in other words with a self. I've got a country in my setting that uses them as menial laborers. The rest of the country is filled with scholars, artists, and researchers. The citizens gladly gove their dead to be made into undead workers in a zelaous act of faith.Their leader is an epic level cleric of the dead who singlehandedly controls them all. If he were to die, they would ravage his land. He's basically a dr doom. The party is going to investigate someone trying to usurp these ready made undead.

File: 1689464411473608.jpg (82 KB, 812x815)
82 KB
This thread is dedicated to all kinds of solo games.

Thinking of adventuring edition.

Resources: https://rentry.org/srpgg
Previous thread >>90988923

>TQ: What's the worst thing one of your characters has ever gone through and survived?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Any recs for solo games from Lulu? They've got a coupon for 30% off until the 28th (TWINKLE30)
Anyone else picked this one up? It is legit one of the best rpg books i own. It's a bit hard to do solo, but I'm sure there's ways to modify it.
What makes it hard to solo?
File: garthim.gif (4.94 MB, 640x360)
4.94 MB
4.94 MB GIF
the encounters that i ran into at least within the book were rather hard to do alone, and it does feel like it would be easier going with more players, but such is the solo way of things. I'd say run multiple characters if you're going in solo.

>one of the first things i ran into was three of these guys
File: 303816952_orig.jpg (75 KB, 1100x491)
75 KB
Hostile Solo is decent Cepheus Engine game if you're into the idea of playing a space crew trying to unfuck situations fucked up beyond all repair. It is self-contained but compatible with group play Hostile supplements.

File: file.png (1.95 MB, 1505x622)
1.95 MB
1.95 MB PNG
>1 human male paladin
>1 human male fighter
>2 dwarf male fighters
>1 half elf male ranger
what the fuck is this party composition
67 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
I understand the confusion. Adult face with no facial hair, not even stubble, is considered feminine by european standards (but could be male in asiatic cultures). And the armor forms a bit of hourglass figure (which is normal armor shape necessary to afford compromise between protection, breathing, and mobility).
>neither of them look especially feminine
weird that insane dipshit who can't stop ranting about jews and blacks also has no friends, lovers, or even a good enough relationship with his family to miss them. Hard to imagine any correlation whatsoever between these two things.
>>shounen anime party
>no mandatory loli/shota
>it's the only western fantasy i've seen written by a japanese author
Please watch Lodoss. I beg you.

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