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File: Forward into Battle.jpg (91 KB, 638x500)
91 KB
WHY did Slaanesh did the entire Eldar pantheon? 1 god vs dozens seems lopsided.

Also, since Eldar debauchery created Slaanesh, isn't she also technically an Eldar god?
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Ugh, MORE shaerkposting
>The seed of her creation was from humanity as well.
Bullshit. Slaanesh, just like the other three Chaos Gods, was a collective product of the entire galaxy. Every single species donated to creating Slaanesh. The Eldar happened to donate the most due to them being all psychic.
>WHY did Slaanesh did the entire Eldar pantheon?
Eldar debauchery made Chaos much stronger than the ol' Aeldari tradition, which by the time of the Fall was mostly forgotten or twisted out of all measure and reason among everyone but Exodites and Craftworlders.

It was not like Slaanesh barging in on a powerful pantheon - it emerged out of the very decay and decadence of a decayed and decadent religion.
very interesting anon
Khorne is usually the strongest, but the status and power of each fluctuate with the tides of the Great Game. Slaanesh has the highest potential for growth however, given that she is fed from the excess of all three other gods.

File: crater.png (1.98 MB, 750x1334)
1.98 MB
1.98 MB PNG
Oldhammer edition.
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File: asuryan.jpg (49 KB, 661x711)
49 KB

I hope this is still in the standard curriculum for kids from California. Making that foamcore Mission was one of the coolest homework projects I ever had.

File: conan.jpg (231 KB, 1280x1280)
231 KB
231 KB JPG
ITT we discuss what sources portrayed fantasy concepts the best and determine what they did that made them do these concepts the best.

Barbarians - Conan the Barbarian
Dragons - The Hobbit (1937)
Witches - Hansel and Gretel
Trolls - Beowulf
Pirates - Treasure Island (1881 )
Werewolves - The Werewolf of Paris (1933)
Vampires - Dracula (1897)
Ogres - Hop-o'-My-Thumb
Genies - Aladdin (One Thousand and One Nights )
Mermaids - The Little Mermaid (1837 )
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Mad Max is iconic enough that it has cultural penetration enough to be recognizable to even for folks who have never seen a minute of the movies. Also, Miller directed, co-wrote and co-produced the movie, and it turned out well, so it seems like his involvement was a good thing. Certainly, it was a lot better than a random other movie probably would've been.
I agree Mad Max has a kinda feel/style to it that other post-apocalyptic movies don't have.
From what I heard Miller just wanted to do another movie. He had been trying to get some version of Fury Road going since the 90's, even with Mel Gibson. Delays meant he couldn't do it until like 20 years later.

Yeah sure they're a lot of remakes nowadays, but Fury Road was still a good movie that made a lot of money.
>Mad Max has unique style, we need that name!
>Now let's make a movie that's nothing like it!
I'm not questioning the quality of Fury Road - it's a fine action movie on its own.
I'm questioning the insistance of keeping it under Mad Max brand. Seems like completely pointless gimmick, even from marketing perspective.

This is an expansion on my personal favorite DM worldbuilding strategy which is to copy/paste real world subcultures and use them as the cultures for my worlds races and monsters. Give it a try and post the results here.
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File: 1633731806538.jpg (795 KB, 2757x4096)
795 KB
795 KB JPG
Goblin women are Latinas. Prove me wrong.
>my goblins are luchador pirates
Do you create your settings via random culture generators?
Prove yourself right.
>Not shortstack loli fleshlights

Keep your racial basis, I prefer them under 3'5" and the field bare for my seed. Goblins are green tinted replacement to get around loli restrictions.

File: 1439968587168.jpg (458 KB, 2000x1082)
458 KB
458 KB JPG
>What is Android: Netrunner? (3rd party mirror)

>How to play Android: Netrunner (TeamCovenant)

>How to play Android: Netrunner (NISEI)

>The Unofficial fan group keeping things Running

>"Why I Run", a hands-on demo on how Running works (replace spaces with dots):
www nagnazul com/whyirun/whyirun.html

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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the best corps being 40/15 and GFI being in the pool at the same time is pretty toxic desu.
You'll watch the PD games that are played through worlds and other tournaments, look at the state of the game, and think
>the only possible way for the runner to win is if they find 100% of the agendas left in HQ and RND, or they run the skunkvoid remote four times for 30 credits
At least vacheron is gone, so we're not losing on 10+ agenda points anymore.
draft is funny. They asked for volunteers to help with it a few times (though obviously not very well), and didn't get anyone who replied, which is unfortunate.
They shouldn't have promised it before getting people to volunteer though desu.
we got one (for a short period of time) with crowdfunding hayley, and also that time they banned porn computer out from under hayley (still salty about that, they ruined my tagless liza fun)
hell, we got a Laguna Lock Hayley champion in 2017
I don't even know why they need volunteers. Just make fucking cards and then test them in a draft format. Done and done. If Wizards of the Coast can do it with R&D AND have those cards put into Standard (even if the lower power level ones are "draft chaff") why can't NISEI/Netrunner?

They already have a blueprint right there. If they are using Neutral ID's in Standard now, they don't even need the Facation ID's that Draft had and just print fucking cards and see what is good to make the initial draft format "pod" with.

Sup /tg/ I'm wanting to run a game where the players are crew on a space base of some kind, anyone have any experience with this? Saw there's a Babylon 5 system that runs on d20 system but are there other systems that would have relevant rules?
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I heard a bit about a diceless game called Orbital the other day. Haven't played it but it was made to specifically model your sort of DS9 kind of space station shenanigans.
File: 1621981480330.png (240 KB, 225x225)
240 KB
240 KB PNG
>Listening to 10hour loop of Robocop.mp3 and see this thread
Also seconding Alien RPG. And obligatory Paranoia XP. Space Station is based on Paranoia
File: 1450925249277.jpg (96 KB, 690x452)
96 KB
Hey, newfagchama you need to include the required side-books to turn GURPS into the OP's asked for game if you're gonna recommend GURPS.

Any of the Star Trek games made post-DS9 will work for you.
File: 1632343741927.jpg (136 KB, 663x757)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
Thanks for the ideas guys, I'll check out everything posted here.
Stars Without Number is going to do what you want. Basically osr traveller. Even if you don't use the system, the resources for generating scifi events, factions, sectors, etc. is quite good.
Kingdom is fun if you like story games as an alternative.

how much money did you have in a game and what did you do with it?
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Near-forever GM.
Last time I played a game I ended up with a share in the biggest cattle ranch in the territory of Wyoming.
Current character is 50,000 gold pieces in debt for renovations to his fortress.
That and the upkeep on 100+ men at arms means he's in a bad way financially.
currently managing the third largest empire the world has ever known as measured by surface area. so far the character has married a marilith, three elves, a dwarf, two humans, a harpy, a couple kobolds, and a dracotaur, and had almost a hundred children. still trying to find a way to make him colossal while raging without relying on homebrew.
A few million in gold at level 3, but I left cause the dm was just weird

Hello /tg/, I put up a little bit ago on /wsr/ (>>1126956) asking if anyone knew of an early 2000s dragon fantasy art website that used to exist. I used to browse it regularly and I assume the domain is long gone by now, but I was wondering if anyone here knew what I was talking about and if there was an online archive that existed that I could use to browse it again, as it had a really nice collection of fantasy art on it (mostly centered on dragons, but it was still a great collection).

Any help would be appreciated. Also, classical fantasy art thread I guess.
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File: John Howe 12.jpg (633 KB, 1733x2503)
633 KB
633 KB JPG
I like you, OP. I love treasures of the past. I love their everlasting beauty. I love dream and passion captured inside it. But nothing delights me more than people bringing their treasures to me.
File: file.png (1.41 MB, 1000x1294)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB PNG
File: 1595875257757.jpg (415 KB, 1104x1651)
415 KB
415 KB JPG
You know, that actually might be it. Is there anyway to actually view the pages for each individual section of that website, or is it impossible since the domain does not exist?
And just to follow up on my question, is there any other website that exists that has an exclusively vintage art section and isn't mixed in with all the digital art produced nowadays? Or are there some good tags to use on other sites that you can get good search results with?

Instead of killing the big bad we should lobotomize them so theyre no longer a threat to the world.
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Im suprised they didnt just throw him into the phantom zone. Regardless though, lobotomizing the arkham inmates actually proved to work.
>Regardless though, lobotomizing the arkham inmates actually proved to work.
So would ACTUALLY executing them...
>Im suprised they didnt just throw him into the phantom zone.
They did, eventually.

What about force-feeding them until they're too morbidly obese to move under their own power?
>What about force-feeding them until they're too morbidly obese to move under their own power?
It might work, but the addition of meta-human powers complicates things...

So what's the argument for Gatekeeping?

You can't physically gatekeep fuck all. Using a Magic: The Gathering as an example, you physically cannot stop people from buying cards and playing. You can start a Magic Club and hard-restrict membership, but all that means is that we get a Magic Club that gets started for all the people can't come in.

Secondly. companies do not want gatekeeping and cannot enforce it. WOTC can say "fuck all nazis, do not play our games, we hate you, fuck off" and that can't really stop you. Ever.

So why do you want gatekeeping? It can't be done, nobody wants it, and there's no argument for it except that you might see fewer trannies(maybe). Explain.
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All that to tell us you are too stupid to play tabletop games
If gatekeeping can't be done then why are you so obviously mad about it?
Gatekeeping is a word created to avoid mental gymnastics and hypocrisy. Everybody discriminates but some people want to feel better about it.
Gatekeeping in this context would be more like living in a gated community and seeing someone else you don't like and previously excluded building their own gated community with the same idea, and then trying to get them to stop because only you and your friends deserve to live in gated communities, period.

Guess what? You can't do that either.
I guess at least three threads that I saw over the last few days weren't enough outrage dopamine for OP, but fuck it, thread is still up, might as well help it along.

After the thousand or so threads I've seen about gatekeeping I think people talking about gatekeeping entire hobbies can never come up with strategies for such. Posters either come up with strategies for how they, or they would if they weren't storeniggers, filter their own groups; or they just seethe about being called out. It's about fantasising about having impossible levels of power and about outrage dopamine.

Borrowing my post from OP's previous thread; I have standards for the groups that I play with, but the reality is there is little I and people that agree with me can do to hinder on a hobby wide basis, for example with me being primarily a wargamer, the armies of rabid obsequious corporation loving soibois that infest the 40k fandom IRL and online – if GW threads even on 4chan are full of them how the fuck is it possible to evict them from the fandom of the largest wargame ever to exist?

Actually be the enthusiast one claims to be and take the effort to play something that isn't normshit though and instantly there's space between you and Warhammer Cinematic Universe faggots. Historicals are kryptonite for all manner of undesirables because sois flock to popular fandoms, and hate stuff like WW2 and ACW because le bad guys despite playing 40k; and also proper soapdodgers are gatekept because you can't haunt a store for pick-up games. But again, that's only affecting my personal environment.

File: Blackwold_Lackey.jpg (31 KB, 354x571)
31 KB
Let's have a thread where we help each other finding names for characters, creatures, places, etc. we thought up.
So describe the thing you need a name for, and help out other Anons by suggesting names. Or just shoot some names out there for concepts you like.

Personally I like the name Simon Seven-Coppers for a real scum-fucky bandit.
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Aaron Luvo - Known as "Luvo"
The Winged Crow
I personally like the term "rona"

File: 1372770212219559936.jpg (157 KB, 1000x1352)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
Could your party survive a casino? The whole place is inside a dead magic zone. No weapons or armor allowed. You have to play cards, dice, slot machines, etc.

The employees are all female and dressed like pic related.

The party has to infiltrate a big gambling event, identify all the members of a conspiracy, and kidnap or assassinate them.
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File: 9264.png (5.69 MB, 2395x4096)
5.69 MB
5.69 MB PNG
But lots of bunnysuits also come with long gloves.
> wizard
Ahahah I'm fucked. I have minmaxed intelligence so I can at least do intelligence checks good. I'm also specked into alchemy so maybe I can do useful shit with that.
> Rest of the party: pali, fighter, bard, monk
They'll do fine.
holy shit actual women look terrible
In that case, the correct answer is go fuck yourself, the party is going to get drunk rather than ride on your railroad. Send a messenger when you come up with something that doesn't eat ass.
I never understood the bunny outfit, it looks too dumb to arouse me and I'm a uniform fetishist so getting it hard is usually easy. also this >>82491859

Now to answer OP - we're a bunch of obvious peasants/criminals with little to no social skills so they would never allow us in, unless our contact arranges for us to work there as security.

File: 1623585206349.jpg (113 KB, 574x835)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
Autumn of Gondolin edition.

Mae govannen, friends. This thread is for discussion of Tolkien's work and traditional games set in Arda - wizards, half-elves, dragons or uruks - any and all are welcome!

Previous thread: >>82454559
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No. I don't think the soft magic really works with GURPS unless you homebrew it.
I'll ask again. What are the best edition releases of the books to read?
i like this one
File: 84823859373480.jpg (271 KB, 1080x769)
271 KB
271 KB JPG
Why russians are so devoted?
Not sure, but I love their fanart.

File: 1638993179856.gif (395 KB, 1080x811)
395 KB
395 KB GIF
This is a general for gay retarded games like shogi. Stay the FUCK out of /chess/
Yeah, all this talk of games is getting in the way of the antisemitism in the chess general. You know your thread is cancer when you out racist the garbage that plays GW games.
of course /chess/ sucks
it's an eceleb thread

Good things edition

Previous Thread: >>82445954

A thread for discussing the 'Star Trek' franchise and its various gaming adaptations.

Game Resources

Star Trek Adventures
-Official Modiphius Page (Rules, FAQ and Player Resources)
-Homebrew Collection
-PDF Collection

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Last episode, in the middle of some dramatic and inevitability retarded scene
>Suddenly Johnathan Frakes voice
"Computer! End program and purge from memory banks. Blacklist any resources pertaining to the apocryphal USS Discovery from holodeck libraries and parameters. Reformat corrupted buffers."
>Camera pans to Riker standing on an empty holodeck with a confused and disgusted look on his face
>Returns to his quarters and swears to Deanna that he will never write another holodeck program after drinking with Worf and having a Romulan Ale nightcap or three
>She merely shakes her head and says Oh Will...
>He laughs, begins playing trombone jazz
>Camera pans to a PADD on the coffee table next to several empty bottles, opened to a book titled 'Blunders of ship design, 22nd to 23rd century'
>USS Discovery: never built, designer fired for incredible incompetence and sent to therapy due to addiciton to the hallucinagenic and narcotic Andorian Amanita
>Trombone Jazz intensifies, Deanna's pants suddenly land on top of the PADD
>Final credits roll

> point 2
>noooooooooooo, every detail on screen has to have an in universe explanation to satisfy my autism , I can't use my imagination or understanding of IRL limitations to simply fill it in

Absolutely disgusting, plebian take . How are you a sci fi fan of all things
>not “addiction to hallucinogenic fungus”

It's just just another Holodeck malfunction,
not something written intentionally.
Do you not know what amanitas are or do you think it should be more obvious to the viewer?

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