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File: Mistborn.jpg (61 KB, 1136x640)
61 KB
What are your most common concerns or complaints regarding the magic systems that you see in TTRPGs and/or other fantasy media, and what would you change about said magic systems if you had the chance? What would you like to see more of?

For example, I personally tend to dislike settings where the magic system is 100% genetic in regards to who can use it or not. I mean, if that were the case, wouldn't everyone and their mother try to get magical blood into their family lineages, particularly the nobility equivalent of the setting? Not to mention how that would have even come about, or why it would only show up in humans (or other humanoids) and not animals either. But Mistborn actually handles it well, with the nobility having gotten the power of Allomancy originally as a gift from their immortal king, and do their best to keep the bloodlines from mixing with the lower castes. Not that they were very successful, as the power has diluted enough that the titular Mistborn are almost mythically rare, and “Mistings”, who can only use one power in contrast to all of them like the Mistborn can, are much more common.
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Sounds cool. Do you have any specific examples of settings/systems with magic like that?
You must like Fate then.
I have never seen an actual coding fag trying to translate the unintuitive mess into a working game.
File: Stormlight .jpg (210 KB, 790x920)
210 KB
210 KB JPG
Personally, I tend to dislike settings that have multiple types of entirely different magic and don’t even fucking try to make them have a common source. At least the Cosmere books do that much, though I haven’t read enough to have any opinions besides that.
Why not try yourself? I’m sure that you can do it.

File: Paper figures.jpg (263 KB, 900x1200)
263 KB
263 KB JPG
Paper Figures Edition

A thread for people who play single player role playing games.

Discord: https://discord.gg/JKeyHcU
FAQ/Q&A, links, topics, and games: https://rentry.co/srpgg

Previous :>>79006676
Question of the day: What is your favorite solo game?
Interpret this oracle in the context of your game: (Mythic GME) Focus: PC positive. Meaning: Guide inside.
based paper chad,

posted my mobile set up late last thread, but ill bump by putting it here too
So is it like modern day, fantasy, future times, or what?
fantasy. about renaissance tech and culturewise.

The last thread died on us, but it was a cool idea that we should keep going. There are just so many good resources out there that can help GMs, and worldbuilders in general.

To start with, what resources would be useful for creating characters with mental conditions? I was thinking that my BBEG, while still malicious of his own choices mind you, would have decided on his specific scheme due to a mental condition that went undiagnosed because no one in-setting realizes that it even exists yet. Unfortunately, I haven’t decided yet on which condition, in part because I don’t know about psychology to do this without possibly inadvertently offending someone. What resources would be useful without getting too technical?

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Sounds cool, anything else that you could tell us about it?
Just that it would be a collapsing world under hyper inflation because gold and jewels have been duplicated during the confluences, so while you used to be able to buy a meal for a few coppers, you now need a diamond the size of a walnut, because there's thousands of those floating around the city and not much food.

Ranchers make their coin by hiring diviners to find what percentage of their herd have souls at the moment, and slaughtering the rest because as long as they do that same thing in every timeline, their entire herd will survive the confluence and only need a fraction of the feed

So the economy will be super fucked
Just learn Latin. Latin for Beginners is public domain and is a very good resource.
File: CampB.jpg (48 KB, 700x394)
48 KB
How does Campfire fare as a worldbuilding tool? Is the Worldbuilding add-on worth getting? What would you recommend in its place if you don’t like it, and why?
>they can keep shades alive in their domain even if the prime soul is killed
How does that work?

File: 1616990199206.jpg (698 KB, 1002x1219)
698 KB
698 KB JPG
Amazing Amazon Edition

Discussion of the Towergirls CYOA, RPG, Setting, or Video Games welcome here!

Everyone is welcome.

Main Gens: https://imgur.com/a/9hzpx
Legacy Charts: https://imgur.com/a/IRtoHXh
Side Quests: https://imgur.com/a/7euVXRT

Alternate Costumes: https://imgur.com/a/xyF47FP
Fusions: https://imgur.com/a/ZlBCQbY

Fan V4 Gen:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: Mouse Princess 1 Color.png (305 KB, 810x994)
305 KB
305 KB PNG
Gray girls are hard to color

Kartvelian Pricess when?
File: Knocker.png (1.63 MB, 1755x1661)
1.63 MB
1.63 MB PNG
Pretend for a moment I don't know what that is

Blood magic is deadly, it requires the utilization of other spells, which may also require the use of blood magic. It relies on other spells, no matter how wonderful they might be, if they don't work then you die. In order to use blood magic you need the proper tools; gloves, amulet, sword, etc., etc., and to really use it well you need to utilize both hands and mind. It requires you to be in balance, focused and you need to be very experienced.
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File: toolgrailb.png (112 KB, 256x256)
112 KB
112 KB PNG
good post

store in in a blood slave
replace the slave as needed

>All men's lives are the same in the gods' eyes,
what about the blood of kings tho?

>using sandwiches for magic instead of food
there are worse ideas
It's like a muscle/reflex thing. They can "feel" when they need more, or that a spell is going to take them out of commission, which is why Blood Magic is REALLY risky.

The reward comes in where if you actually begin winning a battle, you become virtually unstoppable because your opponents are just fueling their own death.
Ditto! More I say!
bump fags get out
if you don't have anything left worth saying it is o.k. for the thread to die

read Bloodworld yourself if you are curious

Bushiroad Card Games General #268

Please release in English edition

Beginner guide, decklists and other info:https://pastebin.com/QxKQRhrQ
Vanguard ZERO Important Links and Info:
Up to date fanmade PC online games, 3DS/Switch emulation and Mobile games:
Cardfight and Buddyfight matchmaking server:
Weiss/Schwarz Resources:


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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So what are the next ranked rewards after Minerva and Luquier? I know Gancelot Lib is one but don't know which season he's in.
Not that anon but what are some good double sleeving combinations? Overdress is my 1st time buying physical and i don't want to end up with the wrong sizes or bad quality sleeves.
I just use Dragon Shield clear matte standard sized sleeves as the over sleeve.

Yeah, I don't like the silver either. The black inner for the Colorful Pastorale box set sleeves looked really good.
File: jv7v9cdxo9y61.jpg (185 KB, 1280x720)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
> have to cancel my participation in the Vanguard Zero open qualifier because something important came up
> Try to watch it on Sunday
> No commentators
> 10 minute matches with 25 minute wait times
> Friend who was participating says it was kinda chaotic behind the scenes with people being sent the wrong room codes, trying to organize on discord and he nearly missed his match
> feel a bit glad that I didn't participate at all.

I'm sure PPG will step up their game for the actual event but from what I've heard and seen I'm not too confident in them.
We're quickly dying.

What actually defines a system as OSR, mechanics wise? Why are things like SWN considered OSR?
there's already a general for these sorts of quests
emphasis on combat/loot/gear + far more deadly adventures
Compatibility with TSR D&D is the primary requirement. It's why things like DCC and Troika aren't counted as OSR.
Man, it really depends on who says what is not and is OSR.
But for most of people it is emphasis on the feel of TSR D&D, since if you bring compatibility as a main requirement, any D&D edition could be counted as OSR

File: counters.jpg (154 KB, 1000x750)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
I've noticed that metacurrency systems are being used more often and prevalent in RPGs, especially in RPGs that aim to be narrative first systems. Out of the metacurrency systems you've used, which one do you like the most? Bonus: which metacurrency system do you dislike the most?
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The Genesys system by FFG uses Story Points. The GM starts with 1 and each player gets one to form two separate pools. When the player uses a story point for the near limitless ways in which you could spend them, it moves to the GM. Typically, players and the GM will be swapping SP often, where the players attempt to boost themselves in some way and the GM attempts to hinder progress for more dynamic gameplay. It does require players with a modicum of wisdom and imagination to be more fun and players who hoard things are annoying.
2d20 doom points
I was talking about ability scores in general dude.
honestly, FATE points are a bit unsatisfying for a reason i can't put my finger on. i think it may have something to do with what you say about clear uses. care to clarify what you meant by that?
is there any meta currency that isn't the combo of "spend 1 token, get bonus to roll?" and "get fucked, gain 1 token"

File: E0nDjgNVcAIwaGw.jpg (321 KB, 1448x2048)
321 KB
321 KB JPG
Taverns and inns are a staple of adventuring life. Do you do anything special with them? Do you have any random roll table or some kinds of mini-games for them, like for gambling, drinking, playing dart and these things?
Also tell me about the taverns you created, their stories, gimmicks and patrons.
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File: 1620262020035.png (331 KB, 862x883)
331 KB
331 KB PNG
File: 1611489719164.gif (410 KB, 450x359)
410 KB
410 KB GIF
I made a campaign that started after a party of heroes defeated a warlock necromancer, so they were just random townsfolk celebrating in a massive town-sized party,
I decided to make them play some minigames based on games we play during our country independence day0 (races, shooting games, etc), some "drinking challenges" (basically the player drinks and then rolls a dice to see if they get drunk or not) for easy gold.
After that I used taverns and inns for the usual shit, get info, rest a bit and maybe start a little quest, but with the chance to throw off a party to celebrate the heroes (mainly since the celebrations last the entire campaign which was a month)
For god's sake
I remember having one my eh short adventure start out in an ale-house that was basically large enough to support 4 tables crowded inside. The ale-wife had a big cauldron of pottage in the center over an open flame and a fenced-off corner for some animals she owned, with a few of her chickens just wandering around. Was really going for a homey medieval vibe with that one.

This video here is a good source of historical info I’ve found.


>*casually drops better writing than BL*
Psst. Nothing personal GW....
78 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
then just don’t?

Reddit word. Unironically. It's fluff. It always has been, and it always will be. 40k does not have "lore" and it barely (or should) has canon.
Not op. Baldermort. Very good voice for the setting and writes good fictions.
>It's fluff. It always has been, and it always will be
I particularly liked his take on the Word Bearers.

File: 1618887121072.png (2.04 MB, 1401x1659)
2.04 MB
2.04 MB PNG
Carddraw and counter spells in white Edition

>To make cards, download MSE for free from here:
>Mobile users might have an easier time signing up here:

>Stitch cards together with

>Hi-Res MSE Templates

>Mechanics doc (For the making of color pie appropriate cards)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: NG9 Explorers Frigate.png (571 KB, 752x523)
571 KB
571 KB PNG
Bumping. Haven't quite made enough changes to uncommons to warrant posting a full update
So I'm new to this, trying to use magicseteditor, and I'm wondering how I make the borders look old, like in OP where there isn't the black part on the bottom? I'm also wondering why the font doesn't seem to be working, it's definitely not a Magic font. Thanks!
For MSE, you want to hit the Styles tab, which will let you select older card frames. A lot of them should be there by default, but there's packs if you're after something more specific.
As far as fonts go, you do need to download the specific Beleran font, since I don't think it's included with the MSE download itself. It has been a while since I've installed it though.
For what it's worth, I really like the idea of a self building fleet like this. It gives more utility than searching for the same name and then "put into the battlefield tapped" like the old one, but the flip side helps negate that speed issue a little. It makes the player have to think about what they want to do and make a hard choice. Might actually be better splitting the card up?
I do have slots free that I could move the back face to as a standalone card, since it is a little more broad. I'm not too certain what I'd want to replace it with though.

Stop Dying In Trenches Edition

Tell us about your horror settings, games, etc. Share inspirational art, prompts, etc.

>List of games:
Call of Cthulhu, Chill, Cold and Dark, Degenesis, Delta Green, Don't Rest Your Head, Dread, Esoterrorists/Fear Itself+Book of Unremitting Horror, Fall of Delta Green, GORE, Into The Shadows, KULT, Little Fears, Mothership RPG, Nemesis (free on Arc Dream's website), Nights Black Agents, Silent Legions (Mostly for the tables), Stalker: The SciFi RPG, Symbaroum, Ten Candles, Trail of Cthulhu, Unisystem (All Flesh Must Be Eaten, Witchcraft, Conspiracy X, etc.), Unknown Armies

>Inspirational stuff:
Caitlin R Kiernan, Castlevania, Doomwatch, Fear & Hunger, George Romero, Ghostwatch, House of Leaves, I Am In Eskew, John Carpenter, Kolchak the Nightstalker, Laird Barron, M.R. James, Nick Cutter, Old Gods of Appalachia, Quatermass, Ramsey Campbell, Remedy Series (Alan Wake, Control), SCP Foundation, Scarfolk Council, Shaun Hutson, Silent Hill, Stand Still Stay Silent, The Evil Dead, The Magnus Archives, The Secret World, The Stone Tapes, Thomas Ligotti, Twin Peaks, Vault of Evil forums, toomuchhorrorfiction

Questions for the thread:
>How have you constructed surrealist horror campaigns, if you've ever done so?
>How do you make an encounter feel unnerving or bizarre in tone or atmosphere?
>How do you create a truly bizarre monster/what is your favorite example of this?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Some esoteric organisations I tried to come up with for my setting. I don't know if it really shows up through the text since I tried to be brief, but all of these are supposed to be various level of completely insane. Would like some feedback on the symbols. I basically spent all afternoon trying to come with something interesting and idk some still feel like they're lacking.
I feel like I've seen the NBM symbol before, but I can't put my finger on it.
It's a Wiccan symbol IIRC?

Also definitely come up with something better than anal beads for the Brombach Circle
Pic is from Path of Exile btw
Is it really? I made that one from scratch looking at alchemical symbols, had no idea its a real thing.
lmao I didn't even realise it looks like that. Was my least favourite one, but now I kind of want to keep it, illustrates Pedophilia Inc. quite well.

File: 1620484341332.png (572 KB, 1000x1064)
572 KB
572 KB PNG


• Provide good, detailed references (pictures are better than verbal descriptions), so the artists know what you're looking for.
• If you have a WIP quote the Anchor Post, and attach the WIP so your Drawfag can find you.
• Do not reply to other deliveries with a request that the artist fill your request next, this is called 'piggybacking'.
• Do not make multiple requests in the same thread and do not serially request multiple characters after a delivery. Suggesting several concepts for artists to choose from counts as making multiple requests.
• If you're unsatisfied with your completed request, please wait at least one week before you re-request. If someone follows this rule, don't waste posts by complaining about it.
• Don't critique others' requests. If you don't like it, don't draw it.
• Ignore the bait for they don't deserve (You)'s
• Stay on topic

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1620337250728.jpg (47 KB, 500x600)
47 KB
Requesting a woman who looks basically like pic related, though a bit more buxom and darker skinned, wearing a roman-style breastplate and gladiator skirt + sandals and bracers and holding a ballista over one shoulder with a huge smile on her face.
File: Strong Tief.png (512 KB, 1050x1260)
512 KB
512 KB PNG
Will continue this another time.
Also color check
So cool.

Requesting an Oni Rune Knight fighter for an upcoming game I have the pleasure to play in after being Forever DM.

Picrel is full of a bunch of inspo and refs but the main points are that she wears fingerless gloves inscribed with runes, has lengthy clawed fingers, and wears samurai-styled half plate over loose/baggy clothing.

File: Starfish prime.jpg (44 KB, 800x450)
44 KB
High Altitude atomic testing edition

A thread for discussing the "Fallout" franchise, its setting/lore, and its various /tg/ adaptations.

---Game Resources---

Fallout 2d20
-Official Modiphius Page:
-Homebrew Collection
-Download Links:
Check the Share Thread. And before you act like a retard, putting PDF links in an OP is the easiest way for them to get canned. Begging here won't get you a link.

Vaults & Deathclaws (1d100)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
259 replies and 46 images omitted. Click here to view.
Flame obviously. Can't really use it on a vehicle or a robot and it's main effect is psychological, so the people most affected by it would be regular people with guns.
Any ideas on how to do Bloody Mess as a Trait in tabletop?
Water balloons?
Maybe an extra 1d4 to damage if they roll real good or something? You also have to describe super gory deaths in extreme detail obiously
Narrate opponents; death in visceral detail.
>The bandit crumples over and dies
>The bullets burrows into the bandit's chest, aortic blood spurts in an arc. He dies, red froth dripping from his snarling lips.

File: 1595546350102.jpg (10 KB, 240x240)
10 KB
>he buys rulebooks instead of just looking online
81 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1618965756709.jpg (35 KB, 550x281)
35 KB
Woya, your elf avatar will never be a meme. Give it better booba.
>yes comrade, i am communist who loves capitalism.
Pathetic. A based communist would print his own hard copies. You are not communist, you are child.
Anon I want you to understand how money works as you get older. When you reach a certain level of stability in adulthood the things you're spending money on the most make the one time price of a book seem trivial. I'm paying a few thousand a month into all other expenses, bills, loans, rent, groceries, ect., and if I want to get a printed copy of a book for $30-50 it doesn't seem like much. I'm not spending it weekly, I spend more money more frequently on other hobbies. I spend more money per week on groceries for just me.

Sure when I was in college and fresh out of college I had little to no money to spare. I'd pirate everything I needed. I'd pirate games, books, everything. I'd jump through hoops to get things for free. I had one device for reading digital books on. Now though I can enjoy the trivial luxury of a printed book in front of me and a PDF on a tablet in hand.

The mentality of a high schooler is that if you have nice things you could otherwise get in another form for free, your parents bought it for you and in some form you're spoiled. The reality of being an adult is those things aren't as nice as they seemed back then, they aren't major luxuries, and you might as well be telling me off for buying food rather than dumpster diving for it.
Personally, I buy what I like, preferably physical. It supports games I like, it's nicer to read and I can put them on my shelve. Of course, I pirate a lot of stuff, especially older stuff and shit I want to check out, but I still buy my fair share of books.
File: 1620363610695.jpg (500 KB, 2048x1206)
500 KB
500 KB JPG
>listen here kid
Listen here kid. I did not read your novel. You can shill your lips around my cock. I will not pay WOTC.

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