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Where do I go online if I want to find players for GURPS
The /tg/ fight club discord :^)

File: n37yl2ns6lsa1.jpg (37 KB, 524x585)
37 KB
>playing historical game
>suddenly a 40k player approaches and seems interested in our game >after 5 minutes he begins to talk about how "40k needs more players, have you tried it?" >we tell him we have and it's not our cup of tea
>he gets agitated and begins to try and preach to us about the lore
>we keep playing
>he leaves the store

Why are 40k players like this
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I read that as 'histrionics' and wondered how I could make that mistake.
Then >>91062010 showed me I made no mistake.
It's because they know it's trashy, low-brow garbage but they desperately want to not admit that. It's the same way on /a/ with Naruto and HxH fans.
Good post.
>I can't land within 9' of another unit because Warhammer is fucking retarded
This one always gets me due to how it's depicted as completely the opposite in every other medium, and yet deep striking in general has never worked well in any edition of the game.
Even in older editions all you did was either flip a coin on whether your unit dies or loses a turn, or automatically get to land near but not on the enemy.
Sure, it could have happened. Like a bridge collapse, or lightning striking a mailbox, it could happen.
But this didn't happen, it's a work of fiction.
Verification not required.
A 40ktard being unpleasant is about as likely as the grass still being green tomorrow.

File: napoleon.jpg (289 KB, 1000x1482)
289 KB
289 KB JPG
So, since the film is out what are some good napoleonics games?


Strageos N?
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He was portrayed as almost an autist. Also, the actor sucked playing him. No charisma.
This movie was so fucking bad.
People literally walked out of my cinema at the Waterloo depiction. The lack of characterization of even a single of Napoleon's marshals was a huge bummer too. I don't understand how you get the opportunity to film something as dramatic as Lannes' death and then just... don't do it.
Any other napoleonics?
Blackpowder is a good introduction, but real easy to break into especially from GW would be something like Chosen Men.

File: projector.png (51 KB, 467x357)
51 KB
Please suggest games where conflict resolution is more involved than roll over or roll under. I will contribute some examples.
>Song of Swords / Story of Steel
You decide how many dice in your pool to commit, there are strategic reasons to spend more or hold in reserve
>Dogs in the Vineyard
You have to bid dice to stay in the conflict going back and forth, you can gain more dice by escalating or bringing in your traits/belongings
>Burning Wheel, Mouseguard
Duel of Wits / Fight!
Plan 3 volleys in advance without knowing opponent's actions. The interaction between the actions affects how dice are tested.
>Everyone is John
Bid points to improve roll or take control
All dramatic conflicts are resolved by exchanging resources with no dice involved, may spend drama tokens or bennies
Procedural scenes are solved by having to draw a card from a standard deck to match GM on qualities depending on a resource spent (color tokens)
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Half of these are still just roll over/roll under with zero meaningful differences.
>Two examples of dogshit
Hence the immovable object vs unstoppable force anime powerlevel problem.

And if your system is pure resource then its just about making right and wrong choices, with no dynamics unless there is some kind of card drawing board state change, at which point you're playing a board game not an RPG thus have no need for conflict resolution.
Resource management
>Hence the immovable object vs unstoppable force anime powerlevel problem.
Literally a non-issue unless you're retarded.

>And if your system is pure resource then its just about making right and wrong choices, with no dynamics unless [coping because you're wrong]
This is what not playing games does to your brain.
>And if your system is pure resource then its just about making right and wrong choices, with no dynamics
That's completely wrong but instead of spoonfeeding you I'll just tell you to read the DramaSystem rules in Hillfolk. The main dynamics are dramatic dynamics. You can't "win" Hillfolk by design - every time you get your way, you're giving resources to other players, meaning you are essentially giving up ground on a future dramatic dispute. Think about what matters to your character.

Also, something like Story of Steel has deterministic outcomes, but this doesn't mean there aren't dynamics. The author of Story of Steel is doing a lot of active playtesting with /tg/ users so you can probably track him down and try it, but it's one of the most deeply strategy tabletop games out there. Depth is provided through a huge pool of maneuvers, interactions, and action ordering that matter a lot. Overcommit in exchange 1 and you'll be left with nothing to defend at the bottom of the bout. At the same time, you can gamble this if you think you can stun or disarm them with your overwhelming assault. It's a game with some 40+ maneuvers.

These are two wildly opposite ends of the spectrum, a super story oriented drama-club game and a super PvP oriented combat simulator.

File: Capture.png (163 KB, 351x191)
163 KB
163 KB PNG
Is there a game where proficiency is represented more by lower resource costs to do things in that field rather than actually doing the thing in question better or having a higher likelihood of success? Like a fighter needs only to expend 2 resources to do a melee interaction while a thief may need 3 and a wizard 4?

So that a specialist CAN do things outside of their wheelhouse, but will drain them much more substantially to do it. A wizard can attack with a sword adequately if the needs must and they put their all behind it, but it will take much of their effort to do it so they probably wouldnt be able to do much else, while a fighter could attack with their sword, and still have resources left to do things like a trip maneuver or a disengage.

Just seems like something like this could encourage dynamic decision making while still showing what characters are more or less geared towards.
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Mutants and Masterminds Rank and Measures Table is available on the SRD, I would suggest using the 'double' rule as a good rule of thumb, maybe adjust the exponent base as you like.
Also, anon forgot to mention the best part of HEX:
It's very open-ended, on two different ways
A combat encounter with three different parties? Why not use your Linguistics to shout to the more friendly of your enemies to gang on the other one, and sort things out later? A climb over steep mountain? How about just using your Survival to make ad-hoc climbing gear, despite lacking Athletics? A closing doors of the ancient temple? Well, you can figure an Engineering solution, or just flat-out grab it and hold fast with your Strength. Or Linguist the shit out of the inscriptions to find the right lever to stop it. It has those solutions cooked into it, and unlike all sort of narrativist games, bases it on actual crunch, rather than "mother, may I"
On the other side, despite being a stat+skill dicepool, it has option to switch shit around. Guns using Dex as their base, while you play as an egghead? Why not buying instead Calculated Attack, so you use your smarts to help yourself in combat, rather than trying to outdraw them.
It might not be the mechanics that OP is looking for, but it sure as hell offers different characters get into situations differently, rather than forcing cookie-cutter builds time and again
>t's very open-ended, on two different ways
>A combat encounter with three different parties? Why not use your Linguistics to shout to the more friendly of your enemies to gang on the other one, and sort things out later?
That sounds good on paper, but from experience a lot of "open ended" games tend not to actually manifest those things because there isnt incentive to do something like that over the more obvious. There is often a point where freeformness detracts from structure that inspires creative stuff. dont know about this game in particualr, just a general thing ive noticed in lighter "do what you want narritively" games.
Nta, but I'm both running and playing HEX since '18. This shit actually works in practice. The big difference from typical open-ended system is that this one is pretending really fucking well to be the case, while in reality having everything codified. And
> there isnt incentive to do something like that over the more obvious
Within rules of Ubiquity, your character is a Swiss army knife. You ALWAYS have the right tools to face any challenge. It's pretty hard to explain without reading the rules and playing it at least once. But let's try. Ever seen Librarian? Particularly the first one? Where both main characters, despite having clearly defined roles and skillset, still end up using stuff that's humorously out of place for them to solve the puzzle or save the situation. Ubiquity in general and HEX in particular has it's build in into itself. So it never ends up being one of those "players bend reality of the situation they are facing with fisting", or coming out with something wild (but that sometimes work, and even if it won't, it's a guaranteed Style point), but instead using the skills they have to overcome the obstacle. You are good with Linguistics? Good, it is going to be useful, even when facing a T. Rex that obviously can't be swayed or negotiated with.
I sincerely advise to at least glean through the main rulebook, if not to play it, to at least getting yourself familiar with the concepts it is realising as a game. It never "catching up" commercial or as a design template is one of my biggest personal regrets with TTRPGs.

File: FtYJpE_XgBkHuU2 (1).jpg (2.38 MB, 4000x2667)
2.38 MB
2.38 MB JPG
Is Warhammer 40k know outside of Europe and United States?
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It's mostly in asia.

It is so fucking funny to me that venegros and argoys used to rag on mexico and peru for being poor, but look at them now.
Trying to sell mecha to the japanese is like trying to sell water to a fish.
Knights and Knight dioramas are the most common army I see from the Japanese.
> no Cosplay Sisters of Battle serving you themed snacks and participating in battles with patrons

Why even go
When I was in Akiba this year there was a floor in a huge otaku mall full with TTRPG, Mecha, miniature stuff and 40k had an extremely tiny shelf compared to the size of the floor. They had some Jap exclusive space marines iirc.
They also had some D&D 5e stuff, pretty funny to see these books full with katakana on the title.

File: cosmap21.jpg (2.61 MB, 1737x2044)
2.61 MB
2.61 MB JPG
Hope you guys had a good Thanksgiving week. I know I did.

Previous Thread: https://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/90946850

ITT: We develop a cute and comfy world called the Lingdom and inhabited by cute dudes called Lings.

>The Lingdom is inhabited by a pygmy people called Lings who have recently advanced from a stone age band society into a communal agricultural society with access to iron implements. With more efficient production and tools, their population exploded and new settlements are frequently founded as communities get too crowded.
They are still a primitive people who still see their group identity as one large extended family rather than a nation or state.
>The Lingdom is currently in isolationism, the Heavenly Emperor allowing a minimal presence of outsiders in, and Lings are discouraged from leaving. The Lings themselves know very little of what's going on beyond their home. All they know is that the Emperor is their protector, allowing them to live peacefully.
Please try to work with just Lings instead of introducing outside elements.
>It has been 70 years since isolationism began, and elderly Lings still remember the horrors of war.
>The setting has no magic or rather no true magic. Its inhabitants are still left to interpret things. It is also humans only, the Lings being a human race of pygmies.

What are Lings?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: Lingdom04.pdf (1.2 MB, PDF)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB PDF
>Contribution Process
You write something up, like a new settlement, village role, mythological beliefs, etc, and I reply to it with some changes to better fit the setting. Everything you say that I do not mention is assumed to be true, but whatever I contradict takes precedence.

Settlements: We need to populate the map with more villages and places for lings to visit. Things to consider:
>You can request a spot on a map and add new geographical features within reason.
>You can have wondrous landscapes, extraordinary is the vision, not supernatural, though feel free to come up with supernatural interpretations for their existence.
>Focus on small, quaint villages, not large cities.
>No mysterious ruins in the Great Swamp.
>A commodity that the village produces to add to the Lingdom economy.
>Games and festivals that villages play and celebrate.
>An animal friend that can either be the source of a commodity or help in the village's production.

Village Roles: Ling communities are highly homogenous internally, although it is undergoing a process of specialization. Examples of roles we already have:
>Safeties, who patrol the village to make sure nobody is up to no good.
>Gravies, basically undertakers because Lings are highly sensitive to death.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: lqTitle01.jpg (35 KB, 372x548)
35 KB
Prominent Families: Some families have such a specialized trade that only one family is needed for the whole Lingdom.
>Dingas, artisanal bellfounders from the capital. Bells are of religious significance to Lings and the Dingas are responsible for founding every village bell.
>Baskins, originally bankers when the Lingdom's economy was based on their basket weaving, Baskins now have branches throughout the Lingdom operating confectionaries who trade bananas, sunflower seeds, and other snacks in return for baskets, which Lings still weave within the household. They sell these baskets at the capital to foreigners.
>Joybells, travelling performers who move around the Lingdom performing puppet shows for Little Ones.

New Trends: There's a bunch of Little Ones running around, and they all want to find ways to stand out. This usually means conforming to something unconventional. Or just fun things circulating around that Lings enjoy.
>Toothies, teenagers who try to be a bit edgier. They're your Gothlings.
>My Hand is for the Boy I Love! A series of short stories about a Ling girl who meets an extremely desirable boy but rejects him before holding hands. It is popular among Youthie girls who handcopy stories for their friends and even write their own to share (they don't have access to a printing press).
>Demon Swarm, a fantasy novel that caused a moral panic when Youthies started LARPing as warriors fighting of demon bugs.

You can also just spitball with comments or suggestions you'd like to see. Even vague concepts can find eventually find a place.

Archive of Previous Threads:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: TempleOfUra.jpg (30 KB, 527x334)
30 KB
The Temple of Ura
>Following the death of Prince Kubai, many Red Templars relocated to the Great Canal to construct the Temple of Ura to ensure his ghost may rest in peace if he wasn't going around punishing the ghosts of the wicked. They would stay there to beautify the land the way Lings did and provide a base and supplies for the Imperial garrison.
>The Memliaths who were with Prince Kubai before he died felt guilty for allowing a member of the Imperial family to die. The Emperor Himself forgave them, but some of their peers did not. For penance, those Memliaths joined the Temple of Ura, helping the Templars groom the land Big Ura rested in. When they returned to the Lingdom, their relatives would make a pilgrimage to the temple and bring some of their beloved bees and flowers to help beautify the Temple of Ura, as well as breed killer bees to attack those dirty Radiant Bugs. They unfortunately proved ineffective against Luxliaths.
>Many veterans of the Imperial Legions would find themselves joining the Templars, slowly militarizing the religious order of monks. It did not take long for Templars to begin posting their own guards and patrolling their property, sometimes coming into violent contact with the enemy.
>Aside from being caretakers of Big Ura's resting grounds, the Templars also hosted refugees from the Free Frontier. They were only held at the temple temporarily until they could find passage elsewhere in the world, but some elected to to stay at the temple, either as members or residents.
So this is a human only setting, but as we've seen with Lings and Liaths, "human" is a much more vague category here. Now I know it's probably too early to be getting into this since the focus is on the Lingdom right now, but what would you say to human populations based on other "extremes" like hypertrichosis or something like guevedoces where secondary sexual characteristics aren't apparent until puberty. I can understand if you're reluctant to hear out such suggestions, I'm sure the last thing you want is for people to start adding a hundred new races instead of expanding what's already established in the setting.
hey, you're back. let's hope you also had a good thanksgiving, which, in fact, gives me an idea for a celebration, but i'm going to have to work it first in my head.

Disney Villains Victorious is a /tg/ homebrew project based on the glorious idea of a world, not entirely unlike our own, in which (almost) all the villains from (almost) all the Disney animated feature films were not defeated at the ends of their movies but were instead victorious, completing their goals in part or in whole. you already know all that but the project has been quiet for a while and I reckoned it was time for an update on the project.

Wish is out, It blows wets farts but more importantly, It presents an opportunity to kick off a wee bit of real honest to god expansion to to the Disney Villains Victorious World because it creates for us the Island of Rosas situated in the Mediterranean sea, An idealic land of happy citizens fleeing from the terrors of the rest of the world. What is most exciting about Wish for our purposes is that the 'villain' is the hero by any sane metric in the form of the benevolent sorcerer king Magnifico. Who cultivated Rosas from nothing into a bastion of good in a world of villainy. He rightly fired Asha on the first day and everything continued on idyllically.

1d4chan (with basic rules): https://1d4chan.org/wiki/Disney_Villains_Victorious
Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B8z4Cy1zaGU1R0ZMSlhlUnBobFk?resourcekey=0-yi7IV9orQs1I4Ms5JKcpxg
Core Rulebook - https://docs.google.com/document/d/188sdY5frwIsmjxlTt1dUSnUrRY_jcRVsPv5Q_B3kN6I/edit
King/Land/Rule - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1x0b5II7pQUNo2dpry-48-KpiZtaS6VICL61A7xew3ug/edit
Kings & Villains - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VlzBrP7EPf-dc711hJH-1MFrXOSd-E6UxgjWaCMVksA/edit
>is that the 'villain' is the hero by any sane metric
No he isn't, you haven't seen the movie. Even pre-dark magic he's shown to be a spiteful bully who's solely concerned with his own gratification.

Magnifico Victorious logically takes one of two forms within the larger context of Disney Villains Victorious.

1) The movie plays out as we saw, but Asha is defeated, Star remains captured, and Magnifico now rules Rosas as an openly evil and insane sorcerer-king drunk on the power of dark magic. This would be the "standard" ending.

2) This one might be more fun to play with. Seeing as the rest of the world of DVV is a Hellhole where villains reign supreme, Rosas gets a much larger influx of petitioners wanting to have their Wish granted - stuff like "I wish Ursula wasn't slowly turning the Atlantic Ocean into a mix of tentacle hentai and the deep sea vore dimension". These are wishes that Magnifico would obviously not be attempting to grant since they potentially risk his power and control of Rosas (by putting him into conflict with someone actually capable of challenging him, or even swatting him like a fly (Jafar or Maleficent, natch)). However with desperate people looking to save the world, there's people who are coming to Rosas actually demanding (justifiably given the state of the world) for their Wish to be granted immediately, rather than as part of the Wishing ceremony.

Rosas therefore shuts down its shores and is keeping people out, no longer accepting foreign petitioners, turning them away, its waters guarded by Magnifico's spells.

It becomes a quest destination for PCs, who travel to Rosas looking for help to save their homelands only to most likely be driven off before even arriving; or failing that, finding out that Magnifico, even if he has the power to help them, never will because he doesn't see what's in it for him.
>No he isn't, you haven't seen the movie. Even pre-dark magic he's shown to be a spiteful bully who's solely concerned with his own gratification.
You're either lying or the one who actually hasn't seen the movie.

The idea of DVV i that the villains win. So the movie goes as seen. Asha wins and the island is a place where all wishes come true, with no supervision or oversight. A place of raw unfiltered Chaos, where things can change from moment to moment. Where women wish to be hideous because any pretty woman can suddenly be brainwashed into loving a random passerby, where an angry man has become an engine of destruction, until someone wishes him dead, and someone else wishes him back to life, starting the circle again. Where the weather can change from minute to minute, as one person wishes for rain on his crops and a child wishes for sun while he plays.

>He's got an ego and blows a gasket when explaining things. That means he's evil. Now he's sucking souls in the third act because his position is ironclad if we don't lay it on thick that he's *really* a monster at the end.

Watched the movie. Magnifico's evil traits being narcissism plus an eye to maintain his power is a tell for just how nothingburger his bad side is. That doesn’t mean he is a super villain. He-

1. worked for it. It is his kingdom built from nothing and he learned the magic himself.
2. Ppl knew what they signed up for when arriving, they knew their memories would be wiped and knew the outcome of it and yet still come over. Magnifico did not lie about what his wish lotto means for people in practice and they agreed. This cannot be understated.
3. Asha was invited in to be an apprentice because Magnifico was cycling though candidates to pass down the wish keeping mantle to a pure-hearted person when he died.


Chaos Rosas as you describe it is to fanon and the premise of such an unambiguously good bastion in such a central map location (med sea). The kingdom as it exists literally at the start of the film seems like a great add to the setting on the face of it.
>solely concerned with his own gratification

No, his chief concern seems to be preventing his childhood trauma of losing his home from reoccurring to the point of paranoia. Which plays pretty neatly into scenario 2 you describe.

File: usagi yojimbo rpg.jpg (281 KB, 768x1024)
281 KB
281 KB JPG

22 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
I really just meant mechanically. The narrative and setting aspects of Jadeclaw and Ironclaw are obviously cancerous.

False-flag or retarded? Impossible to tell.
Found the furries
I think it’s based on 1st edition Jadeclaw, so not the pile of dice system of later games.
2e is based on Segoku and the newest one is PBtA.
Usagi Yojimbo is a long-running comic about a wandering ronin and the various situations he gets caught up in, either by being at the wrong place at the wrong time or because one of his frenemies drag him into it. The world is populated by animal-people of the TMNT variety (in fact there was a TMNT crossover event at one point), and the tone is a decent blend of humor and drama, basically the best expression of western-comicbook style writing.

No clue about the RPG, but Usagi Yojimbo is really cool and more people should read it.
>Different races can perform different feats or bonuses
>There are three basic styles that have a rock-paper- relationship.
>Enough historical fluff to choke a horse

imo, it's dependent on you loving UY.

File: Business_Orc.jpg (479 KB, 1250x1126)
479 KB
479 KB JPG
I know there are some paid DMs lurking about. I'm interested in your thoughts the on if and how digitization of 5e (in the guise of 6e) is going to affect you. Wizards has stated that they feel dnd is undermonetized, and I can't imagine they will want to allow a secondary market, no matter how small, to exist for dming services. I think it's possible they will try
>a ToS that prohibits such, and if you get caught, bye-bye all your digital assets
>the above paired with some sort of official "partner program" that amounts to running adventurer's league games for in-store credit on 6e digital goods
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
That's as it should be. Ideally, DMs spend the vast majority of money as they should be the most invested. But WotC prefers to target players since there are more of them.

This is probably what's leading to the "dm crisis" in 5e (provided it's actually real). Everyone wants to play but no one wants to run such a player centric system.
>provided it's actually real
I'm guessing it was at some point (past the covid lockdown tipping point), right now it's probably reverted to a normal proportion.
Yeah 6e can go rot in their walled off garden. I won't run it and my players aren't interested anyways.
While you're at it why don't you try stopping people from selling Magic cards on the secondary market. Good luck hunting down DMs.
The labour of countless DMs with stockholm syndrom and sunken cost/effort into D&D is what keeps it alive and wizards able to make money from it. Going after the very few bucks this generates would absolutely annihilate any good will left.
I don't think they are dumb enough for that. But then again I might underestimate how whipped into submission the average DM is and maybe some madlad in WotCs board is daring enough to try it.

File: file.jpg (230 KB, 672x936)
230 KB
230 KB JPG
Previous: >>91055969

>OFFICIAL Commander website, where you can learn the rules, see the current banlist, and read the format philosophy, laid down by the rules committee:

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen color identity.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their deck strategy and card choices.


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
307 replies and 78 images omitted. Click here to view.
How many colors?
You don't need rocks.
that's why I start the deck by adding all the auto includes like ramp and lands, and then use the 40~50 remaining slots to build a deck.
Why does Tishana's Tidebinder's set symbol look like an uncommon? I think you've got a weird misprint on you.
New thread

File: starman.png (755 KB, 1129x846)
755 KB
755 KB PNG
It's been more than two years since >>81216566 and I haven't seen any threads discussing western mysticism since. So feel it's time for another thread on the use of the occult in our games.

Because it has a fairly unique cosmology with lots of cosmic horror that isn't particularly well utilized outside of a few niche games.
21 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Interesting bit of christian lore is that the apostle Paul was a practitioner of merkabah and he claimed to have entered down into the 3rd heaven. It appears he was told/convinced that the second power/Lesser YHWH/Metatron was Jesus rather than Enoch.
Interesting that, since that's essentially the same fate that befell Elisha ben Abuyah in the "Pardes".
Where, standing before the Merkabah, he believes that Metatron is a second god separate from the Tetragrammatron, apostatizes and is subsequently memory holed into being "Acher" meaning "the other one".
>Reading between the lines a bit, this seems to be at the same time when Paul was blinded by a divine light on the way to Damascus, whereupon–after was healed of his blindness–he immediately became a Christian.
Also very interestingly, Paul lived around the same time as the early mishnaic rabbis, so speculating heavily here, it's possible that paul placed himself as a character in an early version of the Pardes as the Acher character, to show gods mercy or something. Or vise versa, this story about Paul may have been integrated into the Pardes as a form of condemning Paul's apostasy.
I can't speak authoritatively on the issue, but I do find that idea somewhat funny.

In any case, the Pardes has a lot of good material for dungeons. First you have the whole marble trap.
>if you say that the marble is water you become a liar, and liars are not allowed before the lord
A bam, madness, or death or just getting cast out of the dungeon. Splendid.
Second though, you have the Merkabah itself and I think it's sort of ingenious that the solution to the whole trap is literally just remembering the first commandment.
>there is only one god, the thing on the throne looks like a god but clearly can not be. Therefore he is not god
Trap solved, easy, players sit on the throne and ascend. Or (more likely) they'll do something stupid like kneel before the figure, call him "my lord" and get themselves apostetized.
>As I understand it this may have been the original catastrophe, where Malkuth attempted to create in a way that didn't align with the plan of ein sof, creating evil itself in the process. But take that with a big grain of salt.
>. In any case, according to the Zohar, masturbation is a terrible deed, but sex is a holy action.
From a gnostic lens, this would be a lot like the story of Sophia, the aeon of the divine creator who attempted to emanate without her divine partner, and ended up creating Yaldabaoth, who is the creator of this flawed realm we all live in. All the power of a creator without the wisdom of one, constantly devouring souls and creating new ones. Those who understand the cycle know their goal is to break it and escape.

I don't know a lot about all this, but i dabble. just using it from the base perspective as something to run a game in is fun, but I always feel i'm missing the whole picture.
File: Qliphoth.png (250 KB, 483x693)
250 KB
250 KB PNG
To help illustrate what the heck a lot of this means, as I understand it:
>“No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven unless its roots are in hell.”
> Everyone is both growing and climbing their tree to the divine.
> Each junction is a sphere of spiritual understanding, sephirot, like a fruit on the tree, and the fruit is covered in a peel that you have to overcome to grasp it. this is the Qlipoth, each corresponds to another crossroads in the roots, and each is harder to overcome.
>Enlightenment isn't just a single truth being uncovered, it's peeling back the layers one by one to get to the core of it all. some stop at some levels, others stop at later ones. neither is wrong, one just has a more nuanced understanding of it all. until you've reached the top you'll never know how every detail of the divine plan.
Does anybody here know much about the mythology of Aleister Crowley? I find him less objectionable than media darling Carlos Castaneda, who ended his career by turning his movement into a suicide cult.
There's also Dion Fortune. Was her system straight-up Wiccan?
Richard Sharpe Shaver is also underused IMO. I think his brand of schizo rocketpunk B&D isn't restricted to the times he wrote it, it works just as well in any setting, much like Lovecraft's mythos showing up in Robert E. Howard's historical and pseudohistorical setting.

Man, New Years had one hell of a party yesterday. Fitting for the turn of the millennium. The age of heroes has come and gone, the old Empires that crossed the seas and conquered the world fell, but it's now the time of computers and Z64s. Yeah, Super Luigi 64 is the shit. Just got it bro.
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>alt history + late 90s nostalgiabait
/tg/'s creative limits
Why not just set the game in the late 90s then if the only spin on it is gonna be some changed names?
Shuttup Tranny.
In this world of forgotten monsters, corrupt corporations, secret societies, and terrorists, a new force has emerged. Six clone soldiers, an attempt by the Illuminati at creating the ultimate warrior, have gone rogue. These guys are superhuman, capable of dodging bullets while sliding on the floor dual wielding chainguns. The Illuminati wants them death and has sent in every single brainwashed kid, cold blooded mercenary, overweight security guard, wizard chosen one, and universal soldier after them. Thing is?

They've already lost, they just don't know it yet.
File: FEAR_DVD_box_art.jpg (22 KB, 220x308)
22 KB
Illuminati forces:
>The grunts: security guards, fast food employees, unpaid interns, 'part time' van drivers, used car salesmen. They staff their front businesses and have no idea.
>The Faces: sleeper agents imbed in society. These range from people who were raised in the 'program' and are now cold-blooded sociopaths to literal Manchurian agents. A pretty face always hides a knife behind their back, agent.
>Mercs: White River Contractors, Citadel Security, Garrison Protection, guns for hire. They will do anything for money. Heavily armed and merciless. Take them down!
>Operators: the elite. SPECTRE operators who specialize in infiltration, REAPER enforcers who specialize in maximum bloodshed, GHOST reconnaissance soldiers who specialize in hazardous terrain, HEO marines out to kill some ayys. These guys have the best arms and armor and will happily use them.
>Revenants: reanimated soldiers from the worst wars of the twentieth. Cold blooded, unfeeling, they follow every order to the letter. The perfect soldiers. You're different. You feel. That makes you better than them.
>Esper: fucking wizards. Ranges from the long-bearded asshole on contract, the dumbfuck sex starved PI wanting pizza money, to the scarred chosen one who thinks you're laird Voldedork. Prove magic is overrated.
>Mistakes: mutants, zombies, vampires, all kinds of shit. Take them down and make the bastards pay!
File: F5pZrRLWkAAOueE.jpg (274 KB, 1200x1800)
274 KB
274 KB JPG
>*or even literal Manchurian Agents!
Badly needed edit.

But that's not all. The clones have other problems:
>The Hannegan. Detective out to find the truth. Do not let him take the scissors!
>Ayys. Fucking ayys. Kill them!
>Robocops. The Hannegan's partner. Reasonable.
>The Ahnie. The literal best of the best. They send him in when all the other options have failed.

File: 20231127_195210.jpg (430 KB, 1622x1145)
430 KB
430 KB JPG
Where are they now?
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No girls even accompanied their bfs what a time to be alive
I wasn't there and I'm thinking about Greg's even thought I don't know who Greg is.

(Who's Greg?)
File: Gary Gygax Grave.jpg (2.61 MB, 3919x2939)
2.61 MB
2.61 MB JPG

1978 was 45 years ago. Many of the OG gamers are dead now.
>(Who's Greg?)
The Taskmaster
Oh, I did know who Greg was, I thought for a second there might be another Greg. I was been watching him on the telly at the time I asked even though he doesn't watch himself. I fast forward through the bits when he's not on.

t. Alex

File: ff_gygax_f.jpg (104 KB, 580x730)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
What are you doing to keep this man's legacy alive?
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>a 5th edition player wrote this
>streaming services

Who let leddit in here?
>GURPS is not new
And a bunch of the videogames on your dungeon list are from the '90s. So, also not new.
I've replayed Dungeon Hack recently and it's really not that great - gets very repetitive real quick. Diablo 1, Eye of Beholder, and Dungeon Master (the vidya) still hold up though.
Thats fair. Some of the older games on that list I remembered enjoying, but haven't replayed them since I was a kid. Dungeon Hack is one of those.

Regardless, despite the other guy getting bent out of shape over it, I only get a limited amount of gaming-with-friends time in per month, and I prefer to focus it more on stuff I can't get a decent experience of elsewhere. So, not 0 dungeons or combat, but I try aim for about a third of the gametime as either, but I also occasionally play a variety of dungeon crawling videogames.

When I was a teenager, we did a lot more vanilla dungeon crawling. Now we're mostly in our late 30s with kids. Scheduling game time for 6 is harder than it used to be.

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