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File: 4521.jpg (225 KB, 707x1000)
225 KB
225 KB JPG
>Both typically are the realm of the smart guy, or based off an intelligence stat in ttrpgs.

>Can typically do whatever.

Sorta like those psionic versus magic threads, how would you distinguish the two in your world?
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This read like it came straight out of Discworld.
Technology is developed within a society's known (and observable) laws of physics and functions within them.

The hidden, esoteric power known as "Magic" does not.
I don't get it.

File: h8VbsFj.png (4.7 MB, 2917x5143)
4.7 MB
4.7 MB PNG
If people want to live longer, why don't they magically change their race into something with a longer lifespan? that makes more sense than jumping straight into becoming a lich or a vampire?
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>And then everyone on the bus started to clap.
The players start gathering rumors of information, and it turns out that "someone" is gathering materials to "begin a transformation process".
So everyone starts gearing for an inevitable confrontation with a being with nigh-unlimited magical powers, legions of the undead, et cetera et cetera
As the investigation grows, they learn lots of magical components are being stolen here and there, but nobody can figure out when or where they've been taken, and the resident wizard is baffled by the types and amounts taken. These aren't the sort that typically would be used in a lich transformation spell, or the construction of a phylactery. Still, they persevere.

Their investigation leads them to a relatively warm night at the local beach. There's several groups of beach-bum and beatnik elves hanging around bonfires, cooking food, laughing and telling jokes.

the party scours cliffsides and old lighthouse ruins, trying to find access to a possible crypt where the villainous deed is taking place. They have to get there before SHIT GETS REAL, but the party can't find anything.

Finally, the party pings on a "detect magic" check. It's down towards the beach. They make their way down carefully, weapons drawn, most powerful buffering spells cast, deadliest incantations prepared.

...where they find a human surfer kid trying to use magic to transform himself into an elf, so that he can ride the perfect surfer waves with his elf girlfriend for a couple of centuries.

After the spell goes off successfully without a hitch, the party is invited to a surfer's barbecue and are challenged to a twilight surfing contest.
why didn't you just take it off and put it back on again instead of going full autist?
See the thing is, yeah I could make myself an elf and live a few thousand years. The problem is I'd have to live as an elf for a few thousand years.
File: 1571769876653.jpg (68 KB, 539x960)
68 KB
>See the thing is, yeah I could make myself an elf and live a few thousand years. The problem is I'd have to live as an elf for a few thousand years.

>Post apocalyptic setting
American culture has evolved from one of gun worship to one of bullet worship
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I think you may be onto something here
Bullets are fixed to holy warriors clubs to beat heretics and opposing tribesmen to death. Occassionally they detonate when striking an enemy - which is a sign of blessing from the holy bullets.
The shift of focus from "device" to "resource" reflects the apocalypse of scarcity

>Devices, automobiles, homes
>Electricity, gasoline, timber
these things have exchanged their value. The greatest temples are the piles of lumber stored in the crumbling remains of the supermalls and the internet warehouses.

The highest order of the holiest of the holy are the Oilmen who protect and worship the National Strategic Stockpiles. The degeneracy of creation is nothing before the splendor of the raw. The naked man is pure. The CONSUMERIST ways have been rejected. The time of PLENTY is soon at hand.
You can go out and buy powder weapons right now. Gunpowder would be the main issue post-apocalypse, since it's somewhat complicated to make. Unfortunately it's not so complicated as to be scarce. Any decently sized village would be able to produce enough nitrate to be in constant, if limited, supply.
>instead of being obsessed by cocks, sluts are instead obsessed by come
I can fap to this

File: o3x1qeiv8g8z.jpg (29 KB, 712x712)
29 KB
Stat this in the setting/system of your choice.
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>artifact from another world made of a strange unnatural material
>short range of fire, 10 minutes to recharge
>does no damage but disks can be infused with the wizard's prepared spells
Tenser's Launcher, Lesser
This small weapon made of brass and wood features a trigger and small lever to prime it as it's only moving parts, and a slot on the top that accepts small disc shaped ammunition with a pale blue and white swirl. Functionally identical to a hand crossbow in terms of firing the weapon, the ammuntion are magical discs that, when fired, transform into blasts of force. Other than its magical nature, the damage is identical to a hand crossbow. The discs are expended upon being fired.

The weapon can accept rarer forms of ammunition, color coded to certain types of damage (red for fire, blue for cold, yellow for acid, green for poison, purple for lightning, white for radiant, black for necrotic, orange for psychic, grey for thunder).

Tenser's launcher, Greater
Similar to the lesser launcher, functions the same in most cases but has five charges. Expending one charge as part of any attack gives the weapon a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls until the beginning of the next turn.

As an attack action you can expend 3 charges to fire 3 discs of your choice. Each disc hits a creature of your choice that you can see within range dealing damage as normal for it's color. The discs all strike simultaneously, and you can direct them to hit one creature or several.

The weapon regains 1d4 charges every day at dawn.
Literally first time I'm seeing the thing. Is this what first world kids played with instead of just throwing stuff at each other?
>He didn't even shoot foam discs at his friends out of a worthless piece of gray plastic
I bet you're gay and a virgin

File: 628px-Cawl.jpg (76 KB, 628x600)
76 KB
>good news my lord
>I've made it so that male space marines can become female space marines if that's who they feel that they are on the inside.

you all know this is coming
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Only the weak want to give up their identity to masquerade as another.
>Inquisitor is then promptly torn apart by mechadendrites, the Grand Inquisitor get mailed his giblets in glass specimen jars along with a note that politely reminds him to ensure all currently active Inquisitors are aware of where their legal responsibilities end in relation to the Adeptus Mechanicus.
No, incels make shit threads like this on /tg/, not develop dysphoria.
There are two truths in this thread.
>It's shit
>Incel is a forced meme posted by fags
Based gw putting the IG where they deserve, forgotten fodder to set the mood for power armor wearing badasses.

How do you make random enemy mooks memorable?
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By making them memorable. Using your own example...
Death Wish 3
>"They Shot the Giggler man, THE GIGGLER!!!"
>"They had no business doing that. None whatsoever."
Despite him having next to no dialogue you could feel the pain from his companions at his loss. As if he was the only guy that wasn't a total piece of shit. That maybe out all of the Neo Nazi, Leather Wearing, Village People, Mixed Race, Biker, Militia Men. He was a pretty good guy at heart, and that means something.
Random enemy mooks are obstacles to be overcome. The only memorable thing about them should be whatever grisly demise the party foisted upon them.
Save your creative energy for named henchmen.

With that said, Mooks should still have unique abilities (the ability to flash-teleport, the ability to walk/climb up walls, flamethrowers) so that combat with them is unique and requires creativity.
Don’t make them random
I'm sick of seeing posts lile these. People like this are so fucking one dimensional, it hurts my brain thinking about how they could possibly bumblefuck their way through a game of fucking make believe.

Backstory doesn't get in the way. What gets in the way is people trying to get their backstory into their player's ears. That does not ever have to happen. Just knowing the backstory helps you play a character convincingly; improvise answers, actions, and emotions; and all around adds depth to a character that your players are probably just going to kill. The point is that they'll feel better killing someone or something with depth than they will crashing numbers into each other. Your players never ever have to learn that this drunk fuck's daughter died, but now he has motivation and reason behind his actions and that makes the character feel real, and it feels good to kill something real.
>but now he has motivation and reason behind his actions

>turn 1: shoots an arrow at the mage
>turn 2: dies to fireball
>GM, internally: him shooting at the mage represented the same "shot" he took at the doctor during the malpractice suit. They both missed; great stories typically end the same way they began. This man's life was characterized by failures, but that doesn't mean it wasn't worth living for even a moment. I am such a good gm I think I'm going to suck my own dick at the table glk glk glk glk glk

File: 1590225495942.jpg (114 KB, 1200x966)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
>hungry Cladhators (raptor-like amphibian dragons with octopus-like color changing) sometimes harass fishers until they get a tossed a few fishies. If you comply, they will start driving a few catches your way.
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For, well, obvious reasons, every time I see that footage I just can't help but think that after he walks away, the gopher pops up out of the crater and: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WaSUyYSQie8

And don't tell me the thought didn't cross your mind too!
File: beenabber.png (1.29 MB, 1500x1061)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB PNG
Many settlers have taken to keeping beenabbers who, despite the name, typically eat harmful bugs
allow me to clarify sir hippy.
this meme surely comes from america. i live in the american south and here as well as most of america we have a species called the red paper wasp.
they are highly aggressive they are not attracted to sugar that i can tell unlike "yellow jackets" which are smaller yellow and striped little guys that dont usually sting.
(also they love raw meat and come visit when you skin a deer.) we especially dont hate "honey bees" which dont bother you for any reason that ive noticed.
these red niggers just fly around buildings and randomly sting you.
you can walk around them all day and then suddenly one lands on the back of your neck and stings the absolute fuck out of you.
this species does not deserve life.
they dont want anything from you and require no aggravation they just sting when they think you arent looking.
Cute! I want one!

Are there any good tabletop racing games?
44 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
Great game
I'd run a Super Mario RPG game right now if I could. Love that game
start a thread
File: Lego Racers.jpg (77 KB, 896x485)
77 KB
Not gonna lie, I've always wanted to do a Lego Racers campaign, or at least some kind of homage to the crazy cool bullshit that is Lego Racers.
I mean, you drive on an ice planet, in a vampire's castle, the Indian rainforest, Egypt, Pacific islands. It's like Street Fighter but with cars, and it was the fucking best. Except for Rock Raiders, Rock Raiders was utterly awesome for completely different reasons and now I'm gonna use it for my next space campaign.
sounds sweet

>werewolf asks you to eat her remains when she dies, because that's what friends do for each other in her tribe

What does your character usually do when an NPC ask you to do something culturally incompatible out of good will?
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I'm playing a lizardman so I'm usually the one making the culturally inappropriate comments.
I'd have to consult the local mystic on that one. People usually don't eat people for good reason.
File: Bacta Tank.jpg (55 KB, 400x759)
55 KB
Obviously what you should do is swallow her remains whole, reanimate her in your stomach, then puke her out, like some bizarre necromantic vore fetish. If your culture doesn't frown upon body augmentations, you can even swap out your stomach for a bacta tank so it's not completely ridiculous.
Sure, I'll eat you... Out.
I say yes, but I use silverware.

File: 1467063228877.png (96 KB, 578x770)
96 KB
>All the women in the various towns and villages remark on how handsome the villain is or sigh dreamily whenever the PCs inquire about him
What are some other simple ways to get the PCs to hate someone?
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Bureaucracy. Make em fill out forms, and then tell them their proof of birthplace is insufficient, and have the desk clerk dump their forms in the bin.
I'll be honest, it's the only way I can find fun. I've never seen a Discord or Roll20 campaign run to completion, cucking is the only way I can get my kicks.
>which means he's implying something like a raptor bird or small eccentric animal that sits on your shoulder shouldn't be let into a town
I agree that though. Some weirdo wants to come into MY village with a fucking crow perched on his shoulder? You know he's bad news.
File: scr03.jpg (89 KB, 640x480)
89 KB
>Then I could have repeated the process on a daily basis
Uh no, because you already took his arms and legs off. So now he's going to kick your ass with spectral limbs like the Phantom Limb.
>he might be too based for me to fight guys

File: rack_1600.jpg (3.99 MB, 3200x1774)
3.99 MB
3.99 MB JPG
What are some elements of pre-columbian American civilization/society/culture/religion that could be incorporated into a fantasy necromantic empire based by it?

Most sorts of necromantic empires in fantasy seem to be inspired by the Egyptian civilization (e.g. Tomb Kings from Warhammer, Jaquay's Dark Tower module for D&D). So I wanted something slightly different, possibly for a future mesoamerican fantasy campaign.

One possible element would be ritual sacrifice, which was done for religious and, possibly, political reasons. For a fictional empire based on necromancy, ritual sacrifice should be even more desirable for pragmatic reasons. The victims would become future manpower for the city-state/altepetl's undead army. That this skeletal host could have sacrificed women and enfants in its ranks would bring no great issue, as the undead do not rely on psychological morale in campaign. Furthermore, by exploiting women and children the empire would have a larger "recruitment" pool compared to its non-necromancy affiliated neighbours.

Another advantage would be further incentive for conquest. The more cities are under the empire's control, the higher the number of undead soldiery acquired through a literal blood-tax, facilitating future conquests. The practice of sacrificing could also be a way to keep subjugated cities in check by culling its manpower. Conquered cities could have entire garrisons executed and swiftly incorporated into the skeletal ranks. The same goes for casualties in battles.
7 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
not him but I took a course on ancient warfare at college and my prof mentioned a similar rule about arms in the city. can't remember the source but the aztecs also had state-owned and operated arms and armor manufactories where they made all the best shit out of the best material, especially obsidian.
I remember the source text was a pretty legit paper written by the dude who was conducting the dig where they found this stuff

>No reckoning bar
>No heaven or earth rows
>200+ fucking columns
>For when the emperor entertains himself by calculating the exact number of photons in the visible universe
Just look into native myths and legends in general, add the cool shit like wendigos and spearfinger for more depth and unique flair in your idea, yoneg
File: Jaguarwarrior.jpg (58 KB, 348x488)
58 KB
Jaguar Warriors become necromantic fusions of the physical and spiritual aspects of jaguars and elite warriors who have died in battle. They often bear the animated head of a jaguar fused to the body of the warrior - which is further protected by the magically preserved hide of the jaguar. The partial skull of the warrior can be seen inside the mouth of the undead jaguar head as it snarls in battle.
Look up Flower Wars.

File: one way, or another.jpg (156 KB, 672x936)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
I'm Gonna Get Ya Get Ya Get Ya


>Current meta, complete with deck lists

>Comprehensive Magic search engine

>Build and share decks

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
348 replies and 62 images omitted. Click here to view.
They always kill the good and virtuous characters, at least Gideon had a heroic and respectful death.
File: sip.jpg (27 KB, 280x280)
27 KB
please remember to let the thread die this time
new bread when
no escape
Gift it to the opponent, then mindslaver for the win.
I like it.

File: Tigger_pose_.jpg (58 KB, 489x602)
58 KB
Would he survlve the Forty Kay universe?
He's the only one, so therefore he is a mutant and gets HERESY blammed at the nearest opportunity. So no.
If it's the version of him from Baseball Derby, then he solos the entire setting.

What would a dragon ruled society be like?

I've thought that dragons would organize their politics around wealth and their sense of pride if they weren't divided up by their color and size, so essentially what you'd end up with is a meritocratic or pseudo-meritocratic either oligarchy or (this would reflect their tribalism better): extremely divided congressional democracy with powerful, polarized political parties. Dragon's got all this belief that they're better than other kinds of dragons, so where's a dragon gonna put that belief if not in his scales?
My assessment of this is that it would create a dynamic of city-states each ruled by 1 or a few dragons that are part of a larger ''''nation''''. Essentially Sumerian city states and I say sumerians in particular because patron statue gods were of such strong relevance that cities were constantly scrambling to have a patron god to protect them from neighbors and general misfortune.

Topic has a tad bit more worthiness to responses over the average worldbuilding promt because I'm going to be running a session or three in just such a city ruled by a dragon this next game and so the topic is well...topical. rundown is that the Dragon ruler of the city in question is a Blue. They're sequestered away in a wizarding tower palace while their clutch of adolescent spawn is left nomminally running the city's authority positions while vying for power & the favor of their parent. The party have s smuggled gold dragon egg into their possession and have in their heads that the blue dragon in charge is in communicado with the gold dragon egg's mother out of a shared enjoyment in cross-pollinating scholarly discourse.

What should them expect to ind in such a place?
I'm a big fan of dragon city states, I'm using them in my own campaign with bronze and green dragon ruling over island port cities.

However, are you using the standard chromatic/metallic dragons? If so I can't see why a blue and a gold would want anything to do with one another.
Adding to the chromatics versus metallics, I can see metallic dragons forming some kind of alliance/democracy of some kind of their cities but chromatics generally don't work together even with those of the same color. To a chromatic, every other dragon is a rival and the only chromatic I could see being willing to be diplomatic as a whole are greens but ultimately that would still just be to weaken potentially threats either to neutralize or conquer them.

There's nothing wrong with portraying the king as better than the players. A proper king should be a warrior, a lover, a master poet, loved by his people, defender of the faith, builder of temples, a holder of luscious bankets, master of multiple languages, patron of the arts, and a man of learning and sports.
33 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
>but the nobility in an actual feudal setting will naturally be better than the average burgher and obviously peasant in most things due to better nutrition, education and upbringing.
In any D&D style fantasy setting this would not seem to be true to me. The level technology and prosperity despite being faux medieval doesn't really lead to massive differences in nutrition.

Common fantasy worlds are where poor farmer boys can read and write. The only famines are usually caused by magic or war. There are extremely strong networks of trade and massive vibrant urban centers. Peasant houses are big and cozy. Meat is plentiful. Etc. It's more like the modern world that for some reason is forced to be medieval.
Perhaps, but adventurers aren't the same thing as soldiers - if they ever find themselves in a fight, they've already made a catastrophic mistake...
The dislike for nobles mostly stems from jealousy. Look at it this way, A noble is:

> Richer than you.
> Better trained than you.
> More powerful than you.
> More cultured than you.

In every sense of the word, he's a superior form of life. Now imagine if he was a better PERSON than you.

It's like when you have an inadequate man in love with a girl, when his rival is a multi-millionaire. He can always reassure himself with the idea that "Money can't buy love! I, objectively, love her more than he does! My love is purer!" If the millionaire is just as good as (or even better) a man as he is, all he can do is to give up. He's got no hope.
It’s almost like he was raised with a litany of educators in a variety of skills as befits a youth raised in his position.
That cuts both ways. There's nothing wrong with the opposite, either.

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