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File: 1460205394520.png (219 KB, 354x454)
219 KB
219 KB PNG
I did it.
I ran a game everyone enjoyed.
What I did was introduce them to my DMPC, the High Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, and enlist the PCs as her bodyguards/servants.

Right after she sent them on a quick fetch quest that she rewarded with a "it's your job, you already get paid to do that," they ambushed her, subdued her, and have been taking turns disguising themselves as her and running the seven kingdoms.

It's been part politics, part civilization sim, and part whatever the genre is where you constantly interrogate a captive and slowly learn why she has no close friends and stolkholm syndrome starts to set in and she starts acting all humble and helpful and the character everyone hated becomes everyone's favorite but they're still not going to give her back her kingdoms.

It was stupid, but everyone had fun.
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Drink art improvement juice.
Drink piss
Drink art improvement juice.
Work on your art buddy
this didn't happen, shut up cumbrain weab

I was told to post this on here after posting it already on /lit/. That should explain the wording and context of this post.

Steampunk is an interesting genre for me. It's been attempted many times, but never really had a mainstream success.
I want to write a steampunk novel and have some abstract ideas.

1) steampunk knights. Technology hasn't quite reached guns yet, and so arrives tech augmented knights with mechanical swords and brass masks.

2) fire as a core theme. Perhaps some sort of magical flame, dark souls style. The flame that burns to create the steam that powers the world. Perhaps the plot could revolve around a character who decides that industrialization is bad and seeks to put the flame out, only for it to have dire consequences that he must rectify.

3) Magic. Perhaps you could call this gaslight fantasy, I'm not too sure on the terminology. The magic could perhaps be linked to the above fire, pyromancy being a common practice. Cryomancy could also make an appearance, perhaps the protagonist could use it to put out the flame.

4) Dragons. See above, perhaps it could be dragon hearts or scales that are burned to create this flame and steam. They could be hunted by huge zeppelins and shit.

5) a manipulative character. Our protagonist could be manipulated into putting out the flame and dooming this steampunk world by some other character with ulterior motives.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
These ideas are not bad but they are extremely vague and you can basically go anywhere with them. It's kind of like asking "is the color blue a good color" which is sort of retarded.

You should try to look at each of those items on the list, instead of plot points, as things that influence game mechanics, and go from there. So build up off of those list items and make a nice setting.
>never really had a mainstream success

Because it's meaningless. It's purely aesthetic with no purpose behind it. Literally every other setting style has deeper things going on, especially when it's a mainstream success.
>Steampunk is-
stopped reading right there.

File: 1563290554554.png (80 KB, 278x322)
80 KB
>playing a character with high strength, constitution, dexterity, wisdom, intelligence and/or charisma

Compensating for something?
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File: hqdefault.jpg (14 KB, 480x360)
14 KB

>not being a god
>Playing a balanced character with no significant flaws.
Compensating for something?
this post gave me cancer so yeah i'd want a high con score right now
roll for stats + killing your characters until you get statistically unlikely (but not impossible) outcome of high numbers across the board

File: 7ef.jpg (32 KB, 600x600)
32 KB
>elf women are very prevalent because they are immortal, elf men only live as much as a human
>their constant yearning and deep melancholy for long dead husbands, sons, brothers, and fathers give them a reputation for being slutty which is inaccurate
>dwarves are similar in how their men are immortal but their women are not, birthing the myth of dwarves being male only
This image should set the mood better.
>elf men only live as much as a human

I'd make it so that elf men are less numerous due to how men are more likely to be harmed or killed doing physical labor and/or combat. Though it doesn't really have that much of an affect on our society irl, elves' slower reproduction and longer lives would lend them to having more chances of death throughout their lifetime, accidental or otherwise. This would make for something more of a 4-6 M to F ratio rather than human 5-5.

Having them be melencholy about this would still be a good characteristic for them to have, despite it being a bit overdone.

Bored and phoneposting at work, let's make a setting. Throw out whatever ideas you like, I'll start us off. The world is mostly covered in water, with the largest land masses being about the size of Texas. General time period is the golden age of piracy.
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there are "deadzones" in the landmasses that are just full of negative energy causing corpses to eventually rise as mindless undead. sometimes they retain their intelligence, and freewill.
That sounds like a fun board game.
the color purple literally does not exist. nor can it be fathomed by mortals or gods, and it cannot be invented
there are those who have opened gates to the outer realms and have discovered the color "purple"
they promptly went insane, and have an unbreakable compulsion to mix red and blue, which of course doesn't work
Do the worms swim?
the cumbrain with the monster girl fetish has automatically made this thread worse
Weirdly enough I've found that WFRP is perfect for running piracy games in a fantasy setting. Combat is satisfying and a lot of the game is based on the idea of your character having competencies and talents that have nothing to do with combat.

It's the only system I've seen where you could play a merchant or thug and have just as many problem solving tools as a wizard.

File: 1449132834312.png (96 KB, 600x572)
96 KB
Why is it that tabletop gamers, especially those who are atheist or agnostic, believe in luck as some sort of universal force and take measures to improve their luck through ritual or changing dice mid game?
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atheists should be executed based solely on how much they annoy me online. They’re such overdramatic fags

And you just KNOW none of them get ANY pussy
>He fell for the pussy meme
Pussy isn't actually a thing anon. The whole idea was just a story cooked up to force interactions between the sexes. Humans reproduce by storking.
Dude it’s not a religion thing.
It’s this:

We want to see patterns because it’s a survival trait, like noticing that plants grow around sources of water. Even PIGEONS have superstitions, as shown in the experiments.
Anyone who tells you that superstition is primitive is denying his own nature.
I do this but for a different reason.
I do it so the dice "get used to" sitting with the 6 facing up. It's their natural state to be 6 face up.
It works, trust me

File: generic ass tavern.jpg (83 KB, 736x459)
83 KB
>the party starts in a tavern
>the locals point you to the tavern
>blah blah tavern blah
fuck taverns, overused pieces of shit I hate how every campaign feels the need to include one just becomes it's what everyone else is doing. They also all have stupid generic names like the "[adjective] [fantasy creature]" or "the [precious metal/gem] [household item]". Let's discuss better alternatives to where the party can stay or good places for adventures to begin
>seaside resort that's half submerged, operated by merfolk who want to better relations with the surface world. A common place for fisherman to exchange fishing spots and to get news on the weather in different parts of the sea.
>A hotel where every member of the staff look identical. In truth they are autonomous constructs shaped to resemble the owners late wife. Seeing the dolls being helpful to others is how he copes with the loss and goes apeshit if someone gets violent with them.
>haunted camping grounds with a few log cabins and tents for rent. The spirits own the place make sure no-one gets lost and welcome all except those who cause trouble or disturb nature. Each guest must plant a tree in the woods before midnight or a curse will turn them into a tree where they stand.
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>party of travellers meets at place where travellers congregate
The tavern start exists for a reason, its simply, conventient, and makes logical sense.

Where does a person go when they come to a new place? The tavern! Whether they need a drink, food or a bed its going to be there where they find it.

Where do you hear rumors and "the talk of the town"? The tavern, its the place where locals gather and alcohol makes tongues loose.

Why is your character at a tavern? Plenty of plausible and simple reasons that dont pigeonhole you any further, from "I was meeting a friend" to "I was hungry/Thirsty", none of that "my character wouldnt do X/my character wouldnt be at Y"

Why did your characters MEET said tavern? Because people socialise in these sorts of places.

tl:dr, OP is a faggot who doesent understand why things are how they are
File: 1565254741811.jpg (28 KB, 500x281)
28 KB
My character and the cleric met in a bathhouse, they did the whole yuri thing with sizing up boobs and and washing each other. The other two party members met in line at a store waiting behind an old man who needed 4 candles
File: campaign intro.gif (1.99 MB, 300x300)
1.99 MB
1.99 MB GIF
>taverns, overused pieces of shit I hate how every campaign feels the need to include one just becomes it's what everyone else is doing
I think it's a shorthand for GMs and especially players who aren't familiar with other cultures and don't have other ideas.
In the medieval world the town blacksmith's was often a gathering spot for men. They'd stand around and gossip while someone's horse got shoe'd.
Or in the ancient world, temples filled social roles we don't think of as religious. A merchant might well meet someone for business at a temple.
But people don't know or think of these, so you have to explain them, and in the case of temples there's always that one asshole who displaces his rebellion against his Catholic upbringing to playing an "atheist" in a polytheistic fantasy world nothing like ours, so... tavern it is. Plain, simple and easy.
Party are all guests of a chieftain or feudal lord. Hospitality dictates they can get room and board for quite some time before they get kicked out, but they'll start to get the poorer cuts of meat if they seem to be abusing it. (Root of the phrase "giving the cold shoulder," originally a literal description of serving a poor cut to an unwanted guest.) They also probably shouldn't pass up any opportunities to prove their courage or honor.
Party are all loyalists to a particular claimant to the throne. They may have widely varying backgrounds otherwise, and they may be meeting in secret if there guy is losing/has lost.
Party are making the same pilgrimage. In passing, note that while pilgrimages could be genuinely religious experiences as we understand it, they were also used as excuses to travel, as sentences of temporary exile for crimes not worthy of harsher punishment, or in search of miraculous healing from a far distant place.
My very favorite though:
>you guys tell me how your characters know each other and why you're adventuring together.
t. Salty yank without a good pub culture
Tavern, Inn, Hotel, Pub. Call it what you want they’re good places to sit and relax while you’re waiting, and are frequently a focus point of social life in smaller towns. It’s a likely place to meet other travelers.
The nasty spitoon.


First time posting in here after lurking for a long time. I recently picked up a bunch of Lamentations of the Flame Princess at Gen Con and I love the weird, fucked up, and new stuff in those books. I'm trying to find more games like that to read for ideas. Thoughts?

Also to whoever started the Night Land thread is awesome since I dove into that for hours now.

Thanks for being the fa/tg/uys I didn't realize I need in my life. You're all awesome.
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I love CoC but I've dug through it so much that I'm not sure I want to press it. I was reading another thread on here about Cosmic Horror and how knowledge of it ruins the horror part. Cthulhu is so over done I feel like making it unknown again would be impossible.

SLA looks awesome! Going to try and find what I can about it online.
Yoon-Suin isn't LotFP, but is sometimes mistaken for/assumed to be.
Veins of the Earth and Fire on the Velvet Horizon may also be up your alley. Not everyone likes the amateur art style of Velvet Horizon, but that's because they're faggots.
Anything by Zak Smith probably qualifies; some of his stuff is already under the LotFP banner, some isn't. He's currently in the dog house for allegedly abusing the porn star girlfriend he was in an open relationship with (who could have seen that coming?), but if you can separate art from artist check him out.
Aside from those, nobody does LotFP quite like LotFP, but they have quite a large catalog of adventures by now so look for ones you may not have.
Second the suggestion for Unknown Armies though.
>Former edgelord
>Loves Lamentations of the Flame Princess
Looks like the edgelord still resides deep inside you.

The inner edgelord is still alive but in check I guess?


I own Veins of the Earth and love it. Going to check out Fire of the Velvet Horizon for sure.

I can desperate Artist and Art since I'm not an sjw. I didn't realize he wrote other stuff too. I was huge into WoD and LARPing so I've heard about him a lot.

I'll check out Unknown Army now.
You're gonna love Shadow of the Demon Lord, anon.

It's a good'un, and you might like the Warhammer 40,000 RPGs, particularly the ones by Fantasy Flight Games. They come with a bunch of screwed up critical hits charts.


More crunchy than the other stuff in this thread, but it's still solid.

File: 0uxbrggwjth01.png (560 KB, 1864x980)
560 KB
560 KB PNG
Let's have a thread about fallout and fallout TTRPGs, Because me and a friend have actually been spitballing ideas of what would be in a fallout campaign set in Texas or New York, though another friend did come up with the idea of a game of the party working on cross continental rail road as contractors for the Midwestern brother hood.
Also what are some systems that would be good for it cause I've seen a bunch of different systems for fallout and I just don't know which one
70 replies and 26 images omitted. Click here to view.
How I would run a fallout game
>Set in the rust belt
>Party is from a control vault or some minor test vault, they are one of like 5 recon parties sent out when the vault is first opened
>Settlements are heavily based of the ruins of the rust belt, Chicago, Detroit, Pittsburgh, etc. with minor villages and raider groups dotting the countryside
>In Canada a ghoulified general who has long since gone insane is invading the region, intent of gathering forces to launch an invasion of China to continue the war against the commies
>The party should attempt to defeat the mad general and ensure that their vault has a place in the developing world, whether by making friends with the surrounding cities, installing themselves into positions of power and influence, crippling every other developing civilization so their vault will be the future rulers of the region, or something else
File: ee.png (18 KB, 134x134)
18 KB
Why going for a different character creation and go for "let's put bots as playable characters".
Maybe it's me having a special kind of autism but PNP doesn't strike me as a complete rip. Then Again, I've only skimmed through it in the last hours.
I've always wanted a game centered around uniting the BOS and pushing them to greater power. Build power armor factories, engineering schools, trading low-grade tech to the NCR or Commonwealth Minutemen that's shit compared to the good stuff but still better than anything they have, take 5 minutes out of the day to wipe out the Chicago Enclave (they are RIGHT THERE and tiny as fuck, come on), etc.
Redpill me on the Midwest Brotherhood of Steel. How do they differ from regular Brotherhood of Steel? Are they canon?
Much like Lyon's chapter, they recruit from the local populace but also take in useful ghouls and super mutants. The MBoS rules openly over their territory providing protection in exchange for recruits and supplies.
They come off similar to the FO4 depiction of the BoS.
They recived a mention in FO3 as the reason for Lyon's expedition however they were blown off the path and went to DC instead. Beyond that, not much as the game is dubious in canon

File: ECybn57U8AEhjx8.jpg (161 KB, 1388x823)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
I'd planned on using this and a few more aberrations, but the group has decided to go in a totally different direction where aberrations wouldn't made sense for encounters. Guess they'll be collecting dust.
Make it an NPC
You're an NPC

File: 1543607540026[1].jpg (27 KB, 400x513)
27 KB

anyone else a super fan of the final fantasy series?
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Not the case. The shards have nothing to do with the other games. That said, all the games do exist in a sort of multiverse with a vast void separating them all, which is what Gilgamesh and Omega travel through to be in all the games they're in. This void is not to be confused with the void of the Voidsent, aka the 13th shard.

So, no.
The airship graveyard at the end of FFT is the site of the final battle from FFXII.

I was in the early 90's, when it was still good.
File: Black_Mage_Shibuya.png (143 KB, 373x459)
143 KB
143 KB PNG

I reccomend either FFRPG 4e, Omega Fantasy or FFd20.
What elements have you taken from IV? The village of summoners? Airships?

File: 1562842508211.jpg (239 KB, 850x1090)
239 KB
239 KB JPG
So, I was lurking round the internet and came across the wiki for the Black Marches campaign. A "living campaign" with several player groups/DMs which inhabit a shared setting.

My questions really are why did it fizzle out and how would one propose organizing something like that again? It seems like a lightning in a bottle concept where people have cooperate together on such a large scale?
The key to running a good West Marches campaign is a dedicated play base.

Because the players are just as responsible as (if not more than) the GM in this format, lazy or inattentive players can cause a campaign to come to a grinding halt.

Everyone needs to be on top of that shit, always.
File: 1556773373018.jpg (723 KB, 1218x1627)
723 KB
723 KB JPG
Also, the main conceit is an overarching environment, not a plot. So, it would be good for world building.

What are the usual limitations imposed on the players/DMs?

File deleted.
Soup /tg/, question for you. Do you think it would be asking too much of a GM to use a statline from an older edition for a PC? I have a tentative character idea for a goblin bard, a rising starlet that got pushed out of the game by a rival with more connections that abhorred the idea of sharing the stage with a disgusting greenskin, thus she had to take up adventuring. Goblins in 5e aren't that great for barding, though. However, in 4e (hiss, boo, etc) goblins could get a juicy +2 CHA. And obviously that would work much better for a goblin bard like I had in mind.
>image spoilered so as not to upset anons the enjoy goblin slayer
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>If your character is a one-off, unusual for your chosen race, it makes sense that your racial stats aren't a perfect match for your chosen profession
That's fair. I dunno, maybe I'm thinking too much for the optimal and not for the fun.
File: 1517367781046.jpg (181 KB, 1700x1700)
181 KB
181 KB JPG
If it's any consolation, 5e goblins are pretty excellent all round. Everyone uses Dexterity, everyone uses Constitution, and although those are good stats in a Rogue, the Nimble Escape ability doesn't stack with what Rogues get at level 2.

Here, have a less THICC goblin bard, Sword college.
Are you fucking retarded? Are you seriously asking to use rules from older editions just so you can min-max?
I just want to be credit to team anon. Stuff like that kinda why I wanted feedback.
Minmaxing isn't inherently bad, anon. Not to line up with a character idea I think.

File: Cursedbuttercat.jpg (81 KB, 1280x720)
81 KB
I'm setting up a social campaign and I want there to be an antagonist who only uses her words to manipulate the party, maybe bribe them a bit to do dirty work, such as frame her rivals for murder, etc. At first I'm planning on having it be innocuous, but as they get more attached to her (and the facade of friendliness that she puts up), she'll start leveraging them to do more and more. Share stories about similar NPCs you've run/had if you can't help.

>Pic unrelated
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I'd start by not having her do all this shit in person. The players will quickly learn not to trust her. Have her control a bunch of people, and have THEM influence the party.
They can still know of her, but there should be a middleman for most interactions, at least early on.
Good idea, but the problem is then, there's no real emotional connection to her. Then she's just the 'boss's boss' and that's not what I'm going for.

The big problem for the party will be twofold:
1: Gather the courage to start looking into the boss that they love
2: Actually getting dirt on her, since she's been careful and smart.

Killing/incarcerating her will be a bit of a challenge since she's cheesed out entirely in illusions and charms, but a few greatsword swings will put her down fast.
This. Be wary of characters with a strong moral code. You got to find compelling reasons for them to not say "no" while also not having the whole party decide to just murder the boss.
There's money, but since this is an online game where smut has happened, I think I'm going to string the party along by their dicks. Plus, not many of them have much of a 'strong moral code'. Maybe the Sorc, Fighter, or Barb. Sorc's just cautious and clever, Fighter's already got a fuckload of girls he's talking with, and Barb doesn't give a fuck since all he does is ride bears and harpoon people with grappling hooks.
To clarify, it's a party of 4. The monk's changing character, but I think he'll still be similar. Fighter's also got a libido, so yeah, I'm gonna try and split the party down the middle.

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