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File: Crossovers.jpg (467 KB, 1552x1776)
467 KB
467 KB JPG
> Warhammer 40k crossover
> full LotR set

Your hopes and thoughts?
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Why wouldn’t they want to leverage the much more popular property? Try having an actual thought once in a while
Pretty much all of them
File: bike_lock_+3.jpg (113 KB, 1200x1200)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
>Bike Lock
>0 artifact equipment
>Equipped creature has +2/+0 and deathtouch.
>Equip 2
>"Just don't let your mask slip."
File: shutitdown.png (36 KB, 624x624)
36 KB
Where is the leak that confirms black Aragorn?
File: 1612471017649.png (530 KB, 734x781)
530 KB
530 KB PNG
So I guess this explains why the commander RC didn't ban any of the walking dead cards, Wizards literally could not allow the cards to not be playable since they had all of this in the works.

File: Xanth.jpg (19 KB, 186x271)
19 KB
Have you ever run a game set in pic related?
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What would be some good starting locations?
I swear to god, It's like a monstergirl anime before monstergirl anime with how most of the plot is spent waffling around without any suspense.
I enjoyed it a lot as a teen. I'm half scared to try reading them again as a grown man.
I'm also worried about the same thing. God bless my uncle for buying me spell for chameleon when I was young as fuck
Tampa Bay. It's cozy there.

Also, I kinda did in my own setting, but mixed it with some other cultures

File: nyrbkmh3ggh31.jpg (131 KB, 750x1152)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
all of them
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I hear you. It suits them.
File: Capture.png (13 KB, 1295x227)
13 KB
File: capture2.png (14 KB, 1292x228)
14 KB
same thing

File: 1612432667217.jpg (248 KB, 1372x1952)
248 KB
248 KB JPG
Could any company realistically compete with Wizards of the Coast when it comes to RPGs and how would it happen?
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It doesn't. The idea that bailouts are part of the design of capitalism is a fallacy on par with "socialism is when the government does stuff".
The first step would be somehow convincing people that RPGs are a genre and perhaps inventing a new less awful name for them.
If you say "I play RPGs" or "I play TRPGs" to the average person, even the average "geeky" person, they will have no idea what you mean. Then you say "you know, like D&D" and suddenly they know what you're talking about. To the average person D&D and RPGs are one in the same.
I'd start with one of those board games that's right on the line between RPG and board game (like Gloomhaven) and invent some catchy new name for it (think Fantasy Flight Games' Living Card Game moniker) and then try to expand it into more and more of an RPG.
I think thats more due to youtubers then anything they're doing for their product. lots of people playing now on roll20 for example tend to be teens and sometimes preteens who probably watch CR or some other equivalent
I mean, they would have to stop being absolute retards when it comes to business decisions first. 40K is pretty much at the point where your average student can't afford it so they need to rely on dudes in their mid to late 20'ies and up or kids with access to their parents credit cards and not to mention they got models that are literally over a decade old, so if people don't want to play some of the "loved ones" you have to try to sell them some clearly old looking shit, I've seen several who just went "Nah... It is fine" or "I mean... I guess I could think about it..." due to this shit.
Also Wraith of Glory is shit.
Wizards of the Coast made an RPG?

File: !rifts cover hirez.jpg (518 KB, 1264x1629)
518 KB
518 KB JPG
I just want a comfy alien-tentacled-cyborg-galactic-magic-empire-takes-over-postapoc-Earth game. Why is that so hard?!?

What Palladium games have you played?
What did you like about them?
What did you hate about them?
Did you ever house rule Palladium mechanics?
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It gets better because that's still missing info. You can't dodge volleys of more than 4 missiles and you need to roll higher than 8 for ranged attacks
I rewrote and made a players handbook and gm guide. Basically I kept percentile skills and strike parry and dodge. Spells were rebalanced so gunshots don’t always dominate
What about Autododge? Its been ages since I played, I mostly just recall that adding more retarded things.
If I'm remembering, you don't have to spend your melee attacks for auto dodge, but if you auto dodge, you can't dodge, I think.

Is it truly horrific, as some here have claimed? Is it repairable? I have mind to try it, if the latter, due to the streamlined rules and the inexperience of my faggot d&d-5e-born gaming group.
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File: wtf am i reading 1.jpg (72 KB, 720x480)
72 KB
Essentially, they decided that what Shadowrun really needed was a metacurrency that you use in pretty much all aspects of gameplay whether in activating abilities, gaining circumstantial bonuses, or healing yourself. One way to acquire this metacurrency is to have a greater Defense rating than your attacker's Attack rating because armor doesn't actually make you harder to kill it just helps to offset your opponent having a scope.

So if you allow an enemy that has now real way to actually damage you attack you (said hobo with shiv), you'll build up your Edge (the metacurrency) as he fails to do anything until you can spend it to help yourself.
So.... I hire 4 drunk hobos to bumrush me, which I ignore, and then use my super-charged attack against the real enemy?
Yep. It's trash
Wtf, just don't into the ocean, retard

File: spooner.jpg (113 KB, 590x532)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
Your mission is to cheer up the king's favorite minstrel, who hasn't been able to make new songs ever since his girlfriend left him
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I didn't watch the spoony experiment to see her.
yes yes good goyim buy the pill to ban despair ehehehehhh good goyim yesssss
goyim is plural, retard
Rip me if that's the case.

Afghan dwarves

Yay or nay?
50 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
Definitely don't call them dwarfs tho
Pterry already did the best religious zealot jihadi dwarves
Pterry is what now? Is that the setting >>77737566 was talking about?
Faustian spirt

Would theocracies be more popular in a world where gods are 100% confirmed and can communicate with people? A lot of times people will say “The gods are busy”. Well, I wouldn’t want to worship a god that was too busy to guide my country. Also, why couldn’t there be a leadership or civilization god then?
35 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
>but their role as priests were more as ambassadors to the gods rather than as formulators of policy.
Why do so many fantasy religions and theocracies have prominent Christian architecture and imagery, anyway?
File: 241209.jpg (124 KB, 900x1280)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
I would think nature and wilderness would be ten times scarier since every wolf god, river god, hunter god, tree god, and whatever leftover gods from ancient peoples that lived there are all real. Cutting down trees would be the most dangerous job around.

>Hey Anon, you should use Shark people in your homebrew, they are cool
>Shows me a couple of male pieces of artwork
>Try to find female version to build an artbase
>It's all big titty half-furry fap-bait

I just want some cool races post sharks
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File: 3ab.jpg (161 KB, 1000x481)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
Why fight it?
Aslong as no one has fucking hair we're fine.
File: out-transparent-2[1].gif (261 KB, 870x770)
261 KB
261 KB GIF
I came into this thread thinking "I bet some vsimp posted Gura here" and I wasn't wrong.
If they're like actual sharks, the main difference is that the males have claspers while females don't.
I'm honestly surprised it wasn't one of the first posts

What are some world building concepts for a medieval heroic fantasy Kingdom of ‘Murica /tg/? Should it even be a kingdom?

Please no /pol/shit in the thread.
44 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
Oh Skub Gods, hear my plea, let not this thread devolve into an argument about burgerpolitik again before something useful gets done
"Shit's on fire, yo"
I saw this same thread with same image a couple weeks ago. Just go and look at that one again.
This man was in the last thread too, apparently. There isn't much useful there.
Just do colonial america. It's much more interesting and much less cringe than trying to do some kind of faggy political commentary/mash modern day america into a fantasy setting

File: Cherub.png (4.25 MB, 1500x1800)
4.25 MB
4.25 MB PNG
>He uses gay renaissance angels in his campaigns instead of OG Lovecraftian abomination angels
198 replies and 48 images omitted. Click here to view.
>knight not even bothering with a sword he's going full simpson on the dragon
But anon. Context matters. Angels are almost always humanoid or given no description at all. They're almost never described as literal monstrosities, and the couple times it could be said that they were are in depictions of the end times which are supposed to be wild and unlike anything anyone has ever seen
01001001 01110100 00100111 01110011 00100000 01100001 01101100 01110111 01100001 01111001 01110011 00100000 01101111 01101110 01101100 01111001 00100000 01101111 01101110 01100101 00100000 01101111 01110010 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01101111 01110100 01101000 01100101 01110010
What is that guy even supposed to be referencing?
>reddit is a state of mind
words of truth, and you were so close to some beautiful digits anon

File: 1367946958433.png (13 KB, 400x400)
13 KB
What discord bots do you guys use for running games
A dice bot of your choice that rolls the dice your system needs. Quarantined in it's own bot channel where it can't see anything else. That's all you need.

>NAME and NAMING thread.

Feel free to discuss your own naming issues or stories. Had a player name their character something absolutely retarded? Tell us about it!
Or, either post pictures that you want named, character ideas, or see if other people like your fantasy names!

I want to rename an ancient, DeviantArt-named character called Darkwoth, an Elven Mage and Legendary Hero. I've used the name for almost two decades, and it's so ingrained in my brain that I don't even detect the cringe or edge anymore, but I know if I that name has gotta go. He's only edgy in looks, really, his personality is very laid back and regal.
Pic related is probably the best image I could find that fits him that I didn't draw myself.

My rename idea currently Shira'Zen, but another I might want to use is Harkovenn.
109 replies and 32 images omitted. Click here to view.
Does anyone have anything for shamans, especially female ones?
I work in metal band names that are made up words to use as part of a lot of my characters names.
Either single syllable, or repeated syllable.

Hel, Gi, Rhara, Kiki, etc.
Take an existing name you like the sound of and change it up a bit. I started out with Hathaway, and ended up with Tathawycz. Sounded a bit orcish to me, so I made Targus Tathawycz, half-orc BMF
>Either single syllable, or repeated syllable.
And why does that work for shamans precisely?

File: religion.png (30 KB, 1280x720)
30 KB
I have a question for you anons. I've been considering other, different ways to do gods in a setting for a while. I likely won't be running a huge, detailed campaign for a while more since my group has decided we want to spend more time on trying new systems and I'm not putting a massive amount of work into a world and its pantheon for 10 sessions.

By 'different ways to do gods', I mean something beyond the standard pantheon of gods that tend to have equal power, optionally with a head skyfather deity. Nothing inherently wrong, but I think trying new things could be fun. The idea that seems most appealing to me so far is an almost Shinto or Hawaiian religion where there is no great god, but more a number of 'mortal' (killable) spirits and beasts with a very localised worship that reflect the land itself. Other idea is that of a rarely seen monotheistic world with simply a capital G God. There is also the potential for something along the lines of hinduism, but that might not work too well considering most people I've met and talked about this with (which includes myself) have difficulties understanding hindu gods and how they're simultaneously all one being and all separate beings.
The only 2 other ways I've seen gods done in a setting are the 'ascended mortal' type gods where a paragon is selected to ascend to godhood by some kind of mystical force and a setting where the gods are so distant that it's really not clear what's going on with them.

I'd be interested to hear how you did gods, what they were like
65 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
They loathe Bumpfag for his idiotic tampering with the cycle of life.
Don't have gods, but more like the natural flow of nature and the universe could be seen by the people as a god. Basically, just copy the concept of Truth from FMA:Brotherhood.
File: Ymir.png (817 KB, 1280x720)
817 KB
817 KB PNG
How large should the gods be? Should they be human sized? Gigantic?

What about the pantheon’s relationship with the giants of the setting?
Their relationship is a conspiracy to exterminate Bumpfag.
>Basically, just copy the concept of Truth from FMA:Brotherhood.
Wasn’t Truth a bit of a jerk about things?

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