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File: mh2-126-fury.jpg (173 KB, 672x936)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
Fury Edition


B&R on December 4th, confirmed bans in Modern and Pioneer, unconfirmed unbans in either format
Troll and Toad backs off of MTG, cites reprints as problem.
WotC decides to skip rotation for another year, make Standard rotate every 3 years.

Bans now at a set time frame every year, sometime before fall rotation.

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Arguel perhaps, or is he dead too?
>important poc indigenous people
>lets make her gay
Classic modern wotc
Arguel we're not really sure about, I think the implication is he came to Ixalan sometime between Elenda going out and Vona arriving, and he MIGHT just be dead?
If you don't want to play against shirtless jeff goldblum in ur fantasy card game youre racist

File: 1669974877997.jpg (176 KB, 870x966)
176 KB
176 KB JPG
Sup bros. After playing some games, I'm not satisfied with the usual monster slaying. In Dungeon and Dragons (3.5, Pathfinder and DnD5) they are usually just bags of HP, and most games I played there is barely any hunting at all, mostly random encounters. No fun trying to find the weakness, the stalking, having to prepare an ambush etc
And tough I played CoC, there was more investigating than monster hunting and the characters
SO I ask, what's the best monster hunting game? Wich one has the most fun mechanics, or ways to make monster hunting cooler or more fun apart of going whack-a-mole some bastard.
Also tips for what would you like to be able to do in a game about this topic, fantastical monster hunting, if I have to make my own.

File: OIG.uYqNSoI8Fqhjp18zluDH.jpg (239 KB, 1024x1024)
239 KB
239 KB JPG
Are there any settins where elves are worshiped as deities by the lesser races due to the elves being a powerful and ancient species?
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Been a while since I read Tolkien, but I don’t think that elves there were worshipped.
What are some settings that do NOT do that then?
What’s his deal, how did he mess things up?
I mean just look at him

File: 1639257381087.png (252 KB, 500x667)
252 KB
252 KB PNG
Previous thread: >>90999307

Please make your requests as helpful as possible (gender? age? genre?) so the fills are actually useful to you.

Sources to try
Wizardbooru - https://wiz.booru.org/
/tg/booru - https://grognard.booru.org/
Creative Uncut - https://www.creativeuncut.com/game-art-galleries.html
Pinterest - "Similar to" algorithm is very good, use it to get closer and closer to your desired result
Scryfall - https://scryfall.com/ - Search based on creature type or name, then Google the full art of desired results
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File: 1301979642122.jpg (310 KB, 620x808)
310 KB
310 KB JPG
File: 1632413817783.jpg (38 KB, 564x561)
38 KB
File: 1454051635733.jpg (64 KB, 723x954)
64 KB
File: AsatXRs.jpg (167 KB, 1127x652)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
File: 1000030859.jpg (220 KB, 650x960)
220 KB
220 KB JPG
Requesting art of women with this type of dress or theme

File: 1699380548251066.png (132 KB, 612x408)
132 KB
132 KB PNG
time to confess anon
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File: 5e3.png (514 KB, 680x502)
514 KB
514 KB PNG
I went on a long hobby break and forgot to clean my paint jar. Now it has an acrylic crust at the bottom of the jar. I definitely used it to apply some Vallejo texture so cleaning it is going to a rough time. Also I didn't know I was gonna get attached to a jar of all things. I used that jar for a while.
File: clavspatt.png (128 KB, 268x458)
128 KB
128 KB PNG
I've been waiting for this

a few years ago when I was still in HS I had a 14 year old player i knew through friends of friends, lets call him abraham, i was just getting started out in ttrpgs & had finished a game of 5e but found it lacking, we ended up settling on Pathfinder 1e. i happened to know someone who was a veteran of the game and had heard them mention it from a year or two ago, so invited him, and he accepted. we're calling him george.

fastforward to the first game, letting players pick what to do and they decide to go for an evil game, this turns out to be a major mistake for various reasons but the most important detail is here, Abraham has made a vampire pc. i do not think anything of it right now . George, who, reminder, is much older than the 14 year old, though i'm not sure by How much, is weirdly sexual towards Abraham but my younger, inexperienced brain writes it off as mostly jokes, as they stopped what they were doing after i told them to quit it. all is ok, right?

we're fastforwarding around... half a year...? it is made known to me via Abraham not thinking i'd see his post in our discord server that he had a blood kink, fastforward a month or two later, abraham admits to ""being a whore"" and says that it is "'the most fun you can have with a job."" Abraham is still 15. i still had not connected the dots yet, but verbally berated abraham for being a willing child prostitute, it turns out abraham was selling ERP to people from our highschool and not much else. For Now.

i was now occasionally seeing more and more strange things, such as abraham posting a picture of thigh highs in the chat and saying there was ""an extra pic for George's group"" (abraham had joined George's main ttrpg group, which also caused other issues but thats for another time) then deleting it later, my mates that weren't too involved with the game sent me some more strange messages, its now painfully obvious abraham was using my games as a kink thing

while i'd stopped playing with them, through mutual friends i'd still occasionally hear things, around a half year ago it was brought 100% full circle when i got all the details by a mutual

Abraham had been actively selling, if nothing else, ERP to george, who was using steam games as payment, this explained why George had randomly sent me games that Abraham wanted to play with me and where Abraham was getting these games in general

Abraham was doing the same for the rest of George's group out of my sight, who, by the way, were all much, MUCH older as i had learned not too long before playing this (i'd thought George was in his early 20s at max atp, turns out he was mid-late 20s and the rest of the group members included people nearing their thirties) and some of George's group members even said they had romantic feelings for Abraham, who was Still a minor and had been throughout all of this

a few other players knew about this and just refused to tell me for some reason until i asked them about it

accidentally hooked up a pedophile & his equally pedophilic ttrpg group w/ a vulnerable teenager who as far as i know is still playing with them bc I wanted someone who knew the rules well in my game

Fuck George, man
File: 1586757247569.png (99 KB, 552x336)
99 KB
So what you're telling me is that things beyond your real control happened, a horny dipshit teen played his magical realm and encountered a dipfuck idiot who is pathetic enough to ERP and the kid never grew enough to not whore himself out digitally and potentially physically to someone older than him and willingly went into a group of abuse.

That isn't your fault and you don't have to confess shit. What, were you gonna kidnap Abraham and holy waterboard his ass into not being a literal teenage whore? Were you going to somehow report George and his group to the police with basically fuck 0 evidence? Your hands are clean, if he got got by George, I hate to say it but he'd have gotten gotten by a Bob or Keith too.
I love fantasy but I hate magic.

File: 1650754678161.jpg (189 KB, 811x733)
189 KB
189 KB JPG
Rogue Trader edition

Previous Thread: >>90985918

>WANG/Imperium Maledictum News

>Some Splats (October 2023)

>Homebrew Collection (October 2023)

>Bestiary, armoury, weapon quality and NPC database

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I hadn't before, but those really fit into how I imagine how certain locations on board ships in the 40k novels would look.
>How do Boarding Actions compare to just shooting in Rogue Trader's space ship combat?
Boarding is very powerful, but also potentially very dangerous. Pay special attention to the very last paragraph in the Boarding Rules - the part about taking a Morale Test. Losing a single round of a Boarding action puts a ship at risk of instantly surrendering, even if it's winning in most other respects. Also note that ships participating in a Boarding Action can't move or shoot - they're sitting ducks. This can be used it weird ways in fights with more than two ships. Being locked down in boarding can get you shot to pieces (or you can use this to "tarpit" enemies). Rules are poor for having multiple ships boarding a single ship - there's no way for Allies to directly support each other when doing this and the Boarding Actions are conducted separately.

Ship size affects Boarding in an unintuitive (but kind of clever) way. If two ships both have full Crew Population and full Hull Integrity, there's no advantage for the bigger ship. Once either ship loses significant Crew Population, the ship with the higher remaining Hull (likely, but not necessarily the larger ship) starts gaining bonuses. This is kind of makes sense. Smaller ships can better concentrate their crews at critical points, but bigger ships have more reinforcements to draw on (unless they're really shot up). Basically, remember that a small ship can potentially be a real threat to much larger ships in Boarding.

Thanks for the informative post. I'll be part of a Rogue Trader's fleet composed of a Cruiser with an archeotech lance, possibly a Dark Elder ship of some kind depending on how things go for our Dark Eldar and then me, an ork who's yet to know his destiny.
I suppose the tactic can either be to wait for the shootout and then board, or board with a fast ship as soon as possible towards larger ships to lock them in place for the others to fire on.
Boarding is an I win button. An RT or Ork can stack command / intimidate and get like 8+ dos on the opposed tests. Mist NPCs cant come close to that. Then you win, and each dos does 1d5 crew pop and morale. You've chunked 20% of a ships ability on a mediocre roll. Build around this, with murder servitors or stormtrooper barracks, and you point and click delete ships.
I should also have mentioned that you need a good pilot to reliably initiate boarding (not just to make the final roll, but also to help get the ship in position to attempt it).

>as possible towards larger ships to lock them in place for the others to fire on.
You probably don't want to do this too early in most cases. Having to hang on in a Boarding action while the other ships move to firing range isn't ideal (unless you're confident you can just win the boarding action, in which case the other ships become irrelevant). Using a small ship is still probably good for this purpose as it will have a better range of maneuver options (mostly due to better turning arc) so it's easier to coordinate with others' moves. Also, assuming you're using an actual Ork ship, consider something with Torpedoes if your GM allows PC Orks to use the "infinite free torps" rule.

>Constant threads about settings needing to be more realistic and less fantastical
>Constant threads about non-human players being special snowflakes
>Constant threads about non-Fighter and non-Paladins being absolute cancer
As someone who doesn't play with randos and has only played with friends I know, how often are these actually problems? We've played in fantastical worlds with non-human caster PCs but I haven't ran into any issues so far, but I'm not sure if I've just gotten really lucky with my group, or if people are making a bigger deal out of it than it is.
48 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: fpbp.jpg (39 KB, 509x423)
39 KB
File: vaasconcurs.gif (1.37 MB, 200x254)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB GIF
Be honest, do you have strong opinions that aren't an excuse to rail at strangers? I don't really think they serve any other purpose.
>For what, doing it's fucking job?
Ever heard the phrase "going postal"? Try to look up how it originated. In other words yeah, people sometimes do want revenge for doing their job.
why would someone's opinions ever become characterized as strong if they were never opposed

Need help design an army sound this bad boy
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Holy esl
what model is it and where is it from?
you may have some luck with some of the mechs and tanks from Gear Krieg. Sonewhat similar aesthetic.

That said? I love this bad boy. I hope you find the units you need, godspeed op.
If it's American, call it the M3. They called everything the M3.
>If it's American
It's obviously a German flag on the license plate, although for some reason it seems to be sideways.
Looks like some kind of amphibious artillery tractor. So an arty park I guess.


A general thread for smol GW games, using 6/8/ whatever small mm minis or thereabout

What We Play:
>Legions Imperialis & Adeptus Titanicus
LI is the new 30k army game that GW is rolling out Soon(tm). It is made to work with the minis from Adeptus Titanicus, the titan battle game in the same setting.

>Epic Armageddon
the previous edition which was originally focused on the 3rd war for armageddon but eventually expanded in scope to include dozens of army lists and campaigns. this is what is currently most played by the majority of the epic community.

>Net Epic Gold
a community maintained version of the 2nd ed epic ruleset from the 90s. this is a crunchier ruleset than epic armageddon, sharing a lot of design sensibilities with rogue trader and 2nd ed 40k.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
64 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
Dangerous Terrain
>if at least 1 model in detachment moves through dangerous terrain, unit takes automatical AP0 hit against front arc for every 1" moved, taking the max distance moved through terrain
so tac squads can take 5 AP0 hits on a 6+ Save
garrisoning structures is fine if they're moving in and out you're continually forcing chip damage
but if they move in, they only take the Dangerous Terrain test once
you might want to get some Phosphex DA or World Eaters Terminators to try to force them to leave, but at that stage your DA/WE are risking terrain, and you might as well instead take some infiltrating siege dreads who can just full on remove the structure
>epic iron hands
just do it. iron within, iron your clothes.
>I don't even fucking know how that witchcraft is possible.
Insert molding. They mold the inner parts of the frame first, then mold the outer parts in another plastic. Since the two materials don't bond, you get a movable part.
How many infantry bases does one rhino transport in LI?
I would assume a Rhino takes two infantry stands as it always has.

Which setting gets Barbarians right?
27 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
to show off the muscles
>look at the muscularityyyyyy
File: frazettalovesmuscles.jpg (204 KB, 941x1200)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
As the other anon put it, to show off the muscularityyyyy. When you read Conan, the novels are constantly describing his immense strength, physical size, the agility of his movement. This is hard to depict in art when the character is covered in armor. In the novels Conan will pretty much always wear armor when it's appropriate and he can afford it, but even decked out in plate Howard could describe his features. But when it comes to art, covering the character in armor makes it harder to show that strength and physique. Given the choice, showing the physique is more important, so artists would lean towards portraying characters in clothing that's revealing.
Then you start getting second and third order writers who haven't just grown up on the books, but the content that it has spawned. They bake that into their new products, and now you start to see the portrayal of Barbarians (as inspired by Conan) without armor. Even though in trpgs you're describing everything and do not need to rely on the visual crutch that artists needs, it has become such a trope that players expect their Barbarian to be semi-naked.
Warhammer Fantasy has the best barbarians I’ve ever seen in tabletop, they’re unpleasant raiders whose moments of peaceful mercantilism only emphasizes how horrible they are. I’m so sick and tired of “noble savage” Vikings and WHF is unapologetically hard on the idea that Vikings are evil, cruel and ultimately monstrous. Vikings as savage beasts was a trope of the 80s and thank god WHF was made around that time.
The people saying Warhammer Fantasy are based, all of them, and Norscapilled as fuck.
I'm more partial to beltahni and barrow builders, especially the latter. Iron age rocks.

File: cosmap21.jpg (2.61 MB, 1737x2044)
2.61 MB
2.61 MB JPG
Hope you guys had a good Thanksgiving week. I know I did.

Previous Thread: https://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/90946850

ITT: We develop a cute and comfy world called the Lingdom and inhabited by cute dudes called Lings.

>The Lingdom is inhabited by a pygmy people called Lings who have recently advanced from a stone age band society into a communal agricultural society with access to iron implements. With more efficient production and tools, their population exploded and new settlements are frequently founded as communities get too crowded.
They are still a primitive people who still see their group identity as one large extended family rather than a nation or state.
>The Lingdom is currently in isolationism, the Heavenly Emperor allowing a minimal presence of outsiders in, and Lings are discouraged from leaving. The Lings themselves know very little of what's going on beyond their home. All they know is that the Emperor is their protector, allowing them to live peacefully.
Please try to work with just Lings instead of introducing outside elements.
>It has been 70 years since isolationism began, and elderly Lings still remember the horrors of war.
>The setting has no magic or rather no true magic. Its inhabitants are still left to interpret things. It is also humans only, the Lings being a human race of pygmies.

What are Lings?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
17 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
I didn't have enough time this morning to draw out this idea, it should make a beautiful and wondrous landscape so I'd rather not rush it. I think we can have Lings figure out gliding living with the Shady Wings, Feather Falls' economy relies on tourism from Youthies arriving to fly with the birds. Being in the mountains full of streams, they probably subsist on rice and potatoes, though their Shady Wing friends occasionally bring back seafood from the shore to share with Lings. They'll probably start figuring out a carrier pidgeon like system for messages using Shady Wings, probably feeding them a certain type of food that reminds them to fly to where that food is produced. It probably won't cover every village, just the larger ones, but it certainly makes mail more expedient, Youthies will still have to deliver messages from larger villages to more distant ones.

Of course I do, but there can't be any settlement built in the Great Swamp before the Century of Serenity that isn't the Hammock or founded by one of the four native Ling tribes of the region. The isolationism isn't only there because of the Emperor but because I wanted to maintain a closed world of Lings whose understanding of the greater world is skewed to appear more fantastical and extraordinary because of their lack of exposure. It's meant to create a more fantastical image of the wider world for the Lings, putting in more outside influence will offset that. Imagine the Tallies as divine beings, but you don't want demi-gods running around the world since it makes them less impressive. Also, because I think it would be cuter for Lings to continue using knots to fasten things instead of buckles.
i mean, there could be. after all, how did the hammock trade with the rest of the world? by the map you made, it shows that waterways are the best way to get into and out of the lingdom, and there's a waterway that goes directly into the hammock, which is also another settlement. Buckleport could easily be the second settlement, right before shit went bad. so it oculd have been more of an outpost or something.
File: cosmap22.jpg (2.62 MB, 1737x2044)
2.62 MB
2.62 MB JPG
Feather Falls
>Lings from Banana Beach once wandered up to the mountains to look for the home of their friends. They found a beautiful cliffside with many streams falling into a lake. The Shady Wings built their nests here as the lake has many small fish that young Shady Wings could practice their diving. As they grow older they begin flying further out, as far as the horizon of the Great Ocean, or even the large waters in front of the Hammock.
>Feather Falls was founded by many Youthies trying to fly with their friends, usually falling into the lake after jumping off the cliffs. A village rose, mainly cultivating potatoes, the fish of the lake were forbidden as they were meant for Shady Wing babies, though their feathered friends often returned with fish for taking care of their nests and chicks.
>After many trials, the Lings have discovered the art of gliding, using fabric to slow their descent down to the lake. A decade ago, a Ling managed to glide from the cliffs all the way to Banana Beach, the news of that drove every Youthie to travel to Feather Falls to learn to fly.

This small part of the setting has a specific theme and tone. It doesn't matter if it's possible or plausible. It's not guaranteed, so it won't be added so the theme and tone could be maintained. I hope you will come to understand, but this part of the world is meant to be the cute world of little folk shielded from the outside world. The isolationism isn't just part of the story, it's part of the design on a meta level. Please Anon, just focus on Lings and how they build their society.
File: ShadyWingMail.jpg (35 KB, 583x367)
35 KB
Shady Wing Mail
>The Hammock used the Fairies to maintain communication throughout the Lingdom, but this wasn't a public service. The Lings developed their own ad-hoc postal system, asking visiting Youthies to deliver mail for them. These Youthies would simply just pass off mail to village elders who would distribute them. There was no residential registry as villagers just knew who lived where in their village.
>Feather Falls had been training their Shady Wing friends to pick up their favorite foods from other villages. It didn't take long for Lings throughout the Lingdom to take advantage of this to start using the Shady Wings instead, tying messages on them to be delivered elsewhere. At first, they were more like traveling diaries, Lings would write about the Shady Wings' experiences at the village they stayed in the first person, crafting a whole story for them. Then Lings just used them to deliver their own letters.
>This postal system was further developed by Feather Falls as Shady Wings did not like being kept in other villages. The Lingdom would send their mail with the Shady Wing that came to pick up mail in exchange for the village's specialty food. When that Shady Wing returned with the mail, the Lings of Feather Falls would sort them out and send them off with a Shady Wing flying to the closest specialty village where a Youthie would pick it up and deliver it to the recipient. This system was best used for villages more than a week's travel away, as Shady Wings did not fly from village to village, always returning to Feather Falls after a pickup instead.

File: 1701133072822913.jpg (80 KB, 770x770)
80 KB
Why would a fighter with lower constitution have more hit points than a wizard with higher constitution? I'm sure a wizard who does cardio workouts is going to have more stamina in a fight than a fighter who believes it ruins his gains.
25 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
This shot is nonsense as soon as you realize there are healing spells and potions that describe how they repair actual wounds. This "durrr not meat points" thing has always been a huge cope. Thats what they are, meat points.
My headcanon is: stamina based passive combat reflexes, actual wounding is either "just a flesh wound" if HP are still positive and "serious wound" if HP are negative. Not perfect but works better than the default nebulous explanation (for example make understable coup the graces having the character unable to move thus unable to recur to his serendipitous and miraculous passive reflexes).
all adventurers do extreme cardio, if you're talking about "wizards" who just read books all day then you're also talking about "fighter" town guards who sit around in a post all day
Then Dexterity and Wisdom should also grant HP bonuses alongside Constitution.
I said "stamina based"

File: PF2e dead.jpg (113 KB, 806x1000)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
3 years ago we had 2 threads every day, what happened?
Did the remaster bomb or did Paizos stale game design catch up to them?
Was diverging from the 1e core audience and pandering to newfags a mistake?
175 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
It's actually not that bad. Having to play the skill check mini game before doing damage is pretty lame but I enjoy fishing for those finisher crits. What's your favourite swashbuckler subclass?
So just like 4chan then? The amount of genuine discussion I see on /tg/ is staggeringly low compared to the endless barrage of the same tired old arguments and grievances parroted over and over again by hyperbolic spergs who only know how to evaluate things on a binary scale of "it's absolute shit with no redeeming qualities" or "goat 10/10. You're a retard if you play anything but the one thing I enjoy." That, and tired old memes about orc cocks and le epic own of "hurr durr, have you tried not playing dnd", usually in response to something that wasn't explicitly or even implicitly about dnd.

Any and all public spaces to discuss tabletop online are the same shit, /tg/ included. The only worthwhile place to discuss games is with your own, private group free of the screeching retards that permeate every aspect of online discourse.
I would say atleast here you could be openly critical of Paizo's design and no im not just talking about the eternal "Caster vs Martial" Screeching. The 2e community has a major toxic positivity problem.
This is horrible. It kills immersion and makes the world less interesting, less dangerous, and less challenging.
Especially with the meta-knowledge.
Isnt half the point of these games is to allow the players to solve problems? If an adventuring party cant put their heads together to cross a river then they should retire.

Some elements, elementals and elemntal planes are standard. Fire, water, air, earth.

What are some cool and strange ones?

For example elemental plane of snakes, and hydras are just elementals of snakes.
84 replies and 27 images omitted. Click here to view.
1.5 days literary lord, tick tock.
A lemon element? Kind of hilarious.
What’s in 1.5 days? Are they finally fucking the janjan that protects him?
*kicking, butt fucking is funnier
I guess he meas the 7 day autosage timeout.
Which encourages bumbfaggotry more than it deters it because nobody could hope keep thread up indefinitely, but 7 days is perfectly attainable goal.

File: 1699986083191822.jpg (86 KB, 564x923)
86 KB
What are some patterns that you noticed frequently coming up in the games you are GMing? For me it is
>secret organisations with incompetent goons
>mysterious travellers being helpful if you are kind to them
>a child was kidnapped
49 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
To be honest I went to /tv/ recently and I think I'd prefer a thousand years on TVTropes than a single day on /tv/. Jesus Christ, I thought this board had gotten bad, I forgot that context is king.
Try something mindbending next time.
I constantly find myself burning down villages
When it comes to people, what counts as "good breeding?"
Means you are in the top 10% of the sex nationals. Aristocracy had the lower classes work for them so they could dedicate all their time to sex, like modern day top athletes.

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