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File: itsofficial.png (246 KB, 810x812)
246 KB
246 KB PNG
So it's official as far as I can see.

Some of these objects are definitely from a much more advanced civilization.
This UAP practically teleported and. It accelerated so fast the camera only got it in one frame, and it came to a full stop at that point, decelerating that massive speed instantly.

China nor Russia could pull that shit off, and I doubt the US could too.
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Learn displacement, if you displace water it has to go somewhere, from there it’s just math to figure what depth and ocean shape floor for best results,
Look up Krakatoa volcano for a good example of an underwater explosion making a massive tsunami
>believed russian propaganda, doesn't understand physics, can't implicitly play with mathematical concepts in his head to see if they're valid or not

why are high school kids, who are dumb, on /sci/ of all boards

Says the guy who doesn’t think volcanos are real or that underwater explosions can generate tsunamis despite literal recorded history of such events
File: zoggers.png (228 KB, 532x594)
228 KB
228 KB PNG

File: Tesla_circa_1890.jpg (538 KB, 940x1260)
538 KB
538 KB JPG
Why did he hate Theory of Relativity so much?
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You observe a phenomenon, you infer by theoretical assumptions its causes.
You observed that light curves near massive objects. Newton made the same prediction for his corpuscular light and his space didn't curve. You claim GR gives a better prediction.
Assume GR's mathematics does give a better prediction, then GR's mathematics can also be interpreted as the pressure of a medium (>>14479754), therefore light bends due to the pressure differential around massive objects.
Where did space curve?
"straightness" isn't a necessary condition for parallelism among two lines, Obeying Euclid's 5th postulate is. If you can draw two two lines, regardless of their curvature to be at right angles to some arbitrary line, they are parallel at that point. If the surface is flat, they will stay parallel at all points, but on a non-Euclidean surface they will meet, and will only be locally parallel at the line where they were at right angles.
>let me just redefine space-time as ether and then demand every one call it that to stroke my ego.
>let me wear a dress and grow out my hair and demand everyone refer to me as she/her to stroke my ego.
The theory of relativity is a Jewish trick.
The Jews figured out a long time ago that conceptions about physical reality inexorably lead to corresponding conceptions about moral reality even though it may be a complete non sequitur.
The theory of relativity, thus understood, was an attempt to promote the outrageous moral theory of moral relativism.
mercury's orbit
gravitational lensing
gravitational waves

File: 84d.png (102 KB, 720x640)
102 KB
102 KB PNG
Will we ever get a cure for baldness?
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Become the first bald supervillain with a plan to make everyone in the world bald. Nair in the shower heads.
you - never
The cure for baldness is fasting and prayer. Hair is a physical manifestation of our spiritual organ that determines our divine right to rule the earth. Seek a one on one relationship with the father. Quit your job. Have faith. Pass the wilderness trial. Overcome Satan. Hair is given. If you sin against God he will take your powers away. Kings and gods have the biggest Hair. Do not cut your hair anymore as a dedication to seeking the ultimate truth of the God head. He will reward you with Hair if you do not fail his tests. With God all things are possible
Well no, that would devalue my head of hair.
Balding has been cured for decades now. It’s called finasteride. You idiots just convinced yourself not to take the cure.

How do we make science popular the people again?
There must be a way to inspire the masses with wonder and discovery.

DO YOU WANT EVEN MORE PSEUDOINTELLECTUALS AND FAGGOTS DRAWN TO SCIENCE???? have you not paid any JUST FUCKING ANY attention to what that’s caused in the western sphere of the scientific community within the past 40 years alone?

File: nivea.png (406 KB, 741x495)
406 KB
406 KB PNG
Why is the myth that sunscreen slows down aging and that the sun is the main cause of aging still pushed?
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Use natural mineral sunscreens and the problem is solved.
>Use natural mineral sunscreens and the problem is solved.
I doubt it.
I doubt there is a single safe brand of sunscreen if this Octocrylene issue was so blatantly ignored. I suspect every sun product we use today is fucking snake oil.
They just try a product and go "look no burns" and that's it. These corps don't care about the unseen problems.
Public Good has an SPF 50 spray that looks like it's zinc-free.
Nevermind. It has octocrylene. You might be able to find one made from clays, but I'm not really sure. I start to burn in about 15 minutes, so I just avoid the sun or cover up.
Kek don't protect your skin and keep tanning. Enjoy your chapped leather skin in a few years. And it's not like melanoma is a thing either.

its frustrating to try to teach market research and have students bring in fake data. is there any way to ensure they can make the surveys?
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How are they supposed to get real data when they don't have funds to disseminate their polls? Are they supposed to harass their Facebook contacts?
>How are they supposed to get real data when they don't have funds to disseminate their polls? Are they supposed to harass their Facebook contacts?
And their tik tok contacts as well.
there is no data nor any sequence of events which is not bullish for stocks
but its not stock focused, rather mvp focused. i'm supposed to teach them to build startups with no funds and with more than half the class being "diverse" so its a daily challenge
How can one more properly do market analysis on a budget? State of the art?

File: 1640754815735.gif (615 KB, 500x281)
615 KB
615 KB GIF
All that's truly left is for us to find the Theory of Everything that unifies Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity. After that it will be pretty much "finished" (of course there will still be a few unsolved problems here and there but they're insignificant in the grand scheme of things).
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This is easily the most retarded take on the internet to date

I00s of particles with thousands of phenomena that haven’t been fully been explored have been discovered within the past 50 years alone. We’re still studying fluids gases and other properties of condensed matter to this day due to its overarching complexity and an entirely new field of physics called crystallography is still having new papers published. We’re FAR from finished and it’s likely as more probes get launched and more tests get laid out only more questions and experiments will be found
But why should I or anyone else be surprised why your post is retarded. You fucking used some generic ass anime girl in the OP rendering your opinion worthless to start
File: dark_matter.png (76 KB, 1024x556)
76 KB
We know that there are some giant gaps in our knowledge of physics from astronomical observations - namely whatever the fuck is going on with the dark energy & dark matter. Dark energy especially; the expansion of the universe appears to be accelerating, and said acceleration would require massive amounts of energy, but what that energy is, well no real clue. And that's assuming their isn't some other unknown phenomena involved, throwing our observation out of whack. Dark matter, well we have a pretty good idea of what it isn't - astronomical observations have ruled out an assortment of known matter candidates & modified gravity theories, and particle detectors have ruled out an array of proposed particles. But what exactly dark matter is, is still a question, and that is assuming it is matter at all and the MONDtards won't have the last laugh.
File: 1652291528984.png (2.25 MB, 2518x1024)
2.25 MB
2.25 MB PNG
Conciousness can tap into infinity. Once the observer realizes the self he becomes pneumatic and physical laws no longer apply except when he wills it. Quantum physics is tapping into infinity. Ye are God's.
Quantum gravity probably wont be found for a long time. String theory hasnt been widely accepted, that was our best shot, yet it's been around for what? 50 years, but it's not even close. Furthermore people were saying the exact same thing about physics in the late 1800s before QM was found.

File: the-big-bang-theory[1].jpg (236 KB, 1920x1080)
236 KB
236 KB JPG
Admit it.
How close is your daily STEM life to the one portrayed in the show?
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Mayim Bialik (Amy's actress) circumcised her son and framed his foreskin and hung it on a wall. She then attended a pro-abortion protest a few weeks later and fights for women's rights to control their own body
Oh shit, she actually did that, what a fucking madwoman. China has to be taking notes on subversion here.
She's jewish. Circumcision is part and parcel of the religion, but it's fucked that she framed it. Why do you want your kid's rotten foreskin bacon in a frame?
Yeah, I know she's Jewish, pretty sure she's orthodox too. Why not? Like you said it's just your kid's dick bacon, it's art.
> t. EE but do industrial automation, controls, and pipeline measurement
> parents: o anon, our fridge isn't working right, can you rewire our entire house for us?
> friends: i want to go off grid, can you put up solar panels? budget of $100 o and also the panel needs to power an arc welder
> everyone: explain dark matter NOW
> me: I just want to fiddle some bits and make servos go "brrrr"
> also no laugh track

What makes civil engineering the most innovative and ever expanding branch of engineering?
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Car rich society
File: ushomesize.jpg (17 KB, 450x290)
17 KB
Big home society
>hurr durr what is an index?
percent of 1947 wage

File: 1465751391882.jpg (40 KB, 600x567)
40 KB
if evolution is so good then why are atheists going to hell??
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If christcucks are so triggered by science why do they come to this board?

No one finds being called an atheist, we don't believe in God, devi, heaven or hell.

Nothing you say about atheists matters to an atheist. If anything we pitty your delusionans of there being a God.
File: hell-michigan.jpg (115 KB, 720x960)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
Still better than going to Pinckney.
>If christcucks are so triggered by science why do they come to this board?
They realize that science Chads have the power. I can't remember the last time, if any, I went to a Christian board/forum on the Internet.
I hear every female on twitch's just chatting section will be there and you can violate them with impunity. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me.
because they waste energy denying miracle

File: Part 60.jpg (99 KB, 1280x720)
99 KB
All of the features are pretty common.

>Dislike of loud noises, bright lights
Who likes those?
>Fascination with one or several hobbies
That's most men.
>Not hyper-social, low empathy
That's most men.
8 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>t. mentally ill faggot autistically obsessed with trolling with bait of his own special interest of anti-psychiatry while larping as some noble Ayn Randian ubermensch having to carry all the poor disabled on govbux (while likely being a self-hating, delusional schizo-autist on the dole himself in realtity)

Your case history would be fascinating to read and peel the layers of crazy like an onion.
Holy shit. Gonna guess that you were insufferable, but I'm curious how well you've progressed away from a list that long.
Absolutely not, it's garbage to sell more services, products and other crap without actually helping anyone.
You don't seem to realise that many doctors nowadays are quacks.
>That picture

File: Triangle.png (31 KB, 1340x766)
31 KB
Let me see if I can describe what I did here.
Within the pyramid I drew 1 at the top, then started skipping squares counting by primes.
Type 1 skip 2 type 2 skip 3 type 3 skip 5 type 4 and so on. When I run out of space, I start over and type 1 in the highest left most open square and repeat the process. Wash rinse repeat until all squares filled.
Lots of stuff I didn't expect, but especially why does every row with 1 in the middle square sum to a square number? Just thought I'd leave this little nugget of autism here and see what yall made of it
5 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>every row with 1 in the middle square sum to a square number
Your pattern breaks in row 19 where the middle of the row is a 5 yet the sum of the row is a square (324)

Here is your pyramid for 50 rows: https://pastebin.com/RpjJTXWs
Here is the middle of the row, the sum and if it is square: https://pastebin.com/VdknuPjz
Here is the python code that made it: https://pastebin.com/0nhzqQdV

Feel free to insult me for my terrible code, I don't care.
That doesn't mean the pattern breaks down. You must find a row with a 1 on the middle that doesn't sum to an square.
my computer makes a high pitched sound when i open this image wtf??
That happens with rendering different colors, I think it's called coil whine. Some images/pdfs will cause a resonate frequency sound that is within human hearing range
This amazing thank you

File: Toby_paper-1.png (1.65 MB, 1280x720)
1.65 MB
1.65 MB PNG
Competent physicist or just a pretty face?
45 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: Saeg.png (26 KB, 252x200)
26 KB
/sci/ doesn't get spammed with propaganda promoting "science influencers" from the larger, jewish controlled social media networks by accident. the "science influencers" get paid by the number of "followers" they have, so they come to 4chan to advertise for free by spamming the board with "viral marketing" because greedy kikes are too cheap to pay for a legitimate advertisement and because they assume that pretending to have a legitimate thread on the topic is better for them than being open and honest about their advertising.
I wanna suck her toes so hard.
option C: full blown satanist
The horsegirl hair gives it away. She's got some flavor of the 'tism, and the popsci and normie interests are ways to blend in. She's got dark circles, but I'm going to guess she has some slav in her that helps make that a problem. She's honestly very pretty without makeup. I'm surprised to see people itt shitting on her looks this much.

File: ErN9FpF.jpg (569 KB, 2000x2000)
569 KB
569 KB JPG
Every year CO2 and CH4 capture technology becomes more advanced. So when are we going to start using it?
I feel like a massive number of capture plants running on renewable energy could put the US and EU into carbon neutrality, and eventually do the same for the world.
If the trend towards renewables continues, this would eventually bring the world to a carbon negative point. We could rig the environment so the air is no different from what the Romans breathed.
So why aren't we doing this? We spent trillions on a bad flu, this is a much bigger deal.
13 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
CO2 totally irrelevant
>So why aren't we doing this? We spent trillions on a bad flu, this is a much bigger deal.
not you, you're not one of them. they do whatever they want, you have no sway.
blood donation reduces the forever-chemicals/microplastics. Donate, and the forever-poisons leave your body, and you generate new blood/blood cells. Donate enough, you win.
>If the trend towards renewables continues, this would eventually bring
>So why aren't we doing this?
I think you answered your own question. It takes time to implement new technologies. We ARE doing this. There's a definite trend of the newer generations (read: raised by the internet) to expect instant satisfaction and instant results. That's not how it works.
Second, part of the reason we aren't doing it *faster* is because of money and politics. These types of technology aren't profitable necessarily, they are for human good. Usually, this is where government organizations would step in with tax money to fund these programs, and they somewhat do, but in-fighting in politics means funding is always at a standstill or gone (especially when one party comes in and wipes out the other parties people). In fact, one political parties stance (in the US) is literally to be AGAINST such funding.
Tie in corporations controlling government legislation and the general bloated bureaucracy, and you have a bit of an answer as to why it's not moving along as such.
It will get there though. Green Tech is pretty big in the public consciousness (a little bit of a lie on the "its not profitable" part, but a lot of what needs to be done would be considered risky).
You just know that when they do finally start building these, they're gonna be way over budget, behind scheduel, and operating at a limited capacity. All funded by the taxpaters, of course.
Where do you draw the line? Because a spear is technology bro, so is clothes.

There is currently technology on earth that is capable of going from sea level to 70K ft in under 1 second. Are we really going to let the government hide this from us? They are acting like they don't know what these are but someone in the IC does!!! Let's shake things up and get disclosure!
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
ok but i mean assuming you were using a warp bubble or some similar effect wouldnt the craft not actually accellerate or move at all? the Gs in a warp bubble traveling craft would be standard as if the craft werent moving wouldnt it?

i dont think we are assuming that these objects are using traditional kinetic propulsion
>cutting edge military radar detects objects moving at impossible speeds
>jets move out to investigate
>pilot sees the fucking thing
>it duplicates his movements through the air going up towards him
>it fucking disappears in a split second
>shows up on radar at their meet up coordinates
>fly back and land on carrier
>tell other pilots
>they fly out to find the fuckers
>they actually find them at capture IR video of the tic tac and gimball
I want you to rationally explain this, cause I surely can't think of anything and neither could the Top Gun pilot who flew at the thing.
All military personnel are dipshits and unknown dangerous hardware is a good excuse for increased defense spending so the higher ups don't say anything different. Could be china could be American secret project could be a flock of birds and some edibles. Radar is a known garbage technology that's almost caused nuclear annihilation before.
>they actually find them at capture IR video of the tic tac and gimball
So when you go back out and get good experimental data all the crazy impossible physics completely disappear and the videos show things that can be explained using birds and planes.
>Mick West trash
Military radar will not mistake a bird for a plane and the FLIR pod wouldn't show a bird as colder than the ocean, a Top Gun pilot will not mistake a bird for a giant tic tac, I also want to know the species of bird equipped with active radar jammers?

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