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File: file.png (266 KB, 452x601)
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266 KB PNG
how can science get that money back? you can't seriously have uneducated morons being paid better than field's medalists and nobel winners.
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VSauce's video on going past infinity is what inspired my to study infinitary turing machines for my PhD
Michael is a bad example cause he actually reads but entertainment has little to do with science. Science is quite boring (until it's not) and almost nobody gives a shit about it. It has the same problem as other cultural sources of identity: the subtleties aren't worth the effort of understanding so most people take in a highly oversimplified and easy to digest version. See: the average Catholic about their own God.
My work has been been cited, and that doesn't make me happy. Money does not magically appear in my bank account because a wealthy youtuber gave credit to me.
>See: the average Catholic about their own God.
Elaborate, please.
File: file.jpg (31 KB, 656x679)
31 KB
time to charge for royalties for profiting from your science

File: science is fake news.jpg (51 KB, 981x520)
51 KB
Once a rarity, research fraud is on the rise at some of the nation’s most prestigious universities. What is most disturbing is that the fraud in question too often involves tenured professors with sterling reputations who betray the public’s trust.


Most recently, the venue was Florida State University, where Professor Eric Stewart was terminated for “research misconduct” and for the unprecedented number of his articles that were retracted.

Next in line was the City University of New York, which found “egregious misconduct” in data management and recordkeeping on the part of Hoau-Yan Wang, a professor in its School of Medicine who was working on an Alzheimer’s drug.

Earlier this decade, Harvard Business School accused Francesca Gino, a prominent professor, of data fraud in four behavioral-science papers. (Ironically, Gino’s research concerned why people lie.) Acting on a tip from the social-science research blog Data Colada, Harvard placed Gino on unpaid leave and is seeking to revoke her tenure.

After Harvard came Stanford, where the president, Marc Tessier-Lavigne, resigned after a series of investigations revealed that he had failed to live up to standards “of scientific rigor and process” and had not corrected the record on numerous occasions. The founders of Retraction Watch estimate that “at least 100,000 retractions should occur every year.” When retractions are underperformed or underreported, public confidence in research is severely undermined.
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Scientists became less christian over time and this stopped having an incentive structure to value humility or pursuing an objective abstract truth since without the pressure of faith to make you value the untested and basically irrational Christian assumptions about the nature of reality and what should be valued you default to something else. either a pre-existing social or cultural value or even further default to the biological norm. Since most people in the west don’t have the former anymore they end up with the ladder. With people people becoming materialistic or giving themselves up to fanatical mod driven ideologies to try and find fulfillment and psychological assurance. they stop believing in an objective truth, and the truth to them becomes only what will give them more power. That’s partly why there have been few major scientific breakthroughs or revolutions in the past several decades. People just care about gaining more from the current status quo.
The assumption that God is perfect, but (((you))) are imperfect is what allows Christian scientists to honestly interpret data and other experimental results. Nobody else can do this other than Christians, which is why there have never been any good non-Christian scientists
The lying in every aspect of society is getting worse because america is satan's country and the only way to keep child fuckers with low IQs in power is to gaslight your entire population 24/7 for decades until they're dysgenically bred into NPC flesh robots.
That seems about right
File: yKEenE30e22A.jpg (76 KB, 620x835)
76 KB

File: FayceSqX0AESdaL.jpg (557 KB, 3277x4096)
557 KB
557 KB JPG
Alright lets settle this once and for all
Whats the best energy source?
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File: LOL.png (96 KB, 389x296)
96 KB
>>>muh galactic colonizing n'stuff
>that's for the very distant future
>can use literal water to power the reactors
>working reactors have been built
>"hydroelectric power, that's beyond retarded"
>while supporting "has never delivered any working product
>>can use literal water to power the reactors
still haven't read my posts I see
>>working reactors have been built
and I posted an image of one too, you can see videos of it too
like I said, the physics of it are all well understood, and the reactors work perfectly well
>>while supporting "has never delivered any working product
except, again: working reactors have already been built
try again
fucking your mom generates a lot of energy and excess heat.
LMAO. it's literally over.
we thought we were gonna make heaven on earth eventually but modern civilization was only ever a blip.

File: download (4).png (167 KB, 354x261)
167 KB
167 KB PNG
Why is this such a niche topic? Why don't any larger or mainstream institutions seem to be particularly interested in it?

What's the quick run down on this topic? Any promising results?
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File: Capture12323.png (449 KB, 886x785)
449 KB
449 KB PNG
Have you ever heard of Fisetin, or any other senolytic? If you are older I would recommend taking Fisetin first. Wouldn't want to bother reprograming cells a senolytic would pick up. Not that you dont need them, but a clear before doing this isn't the worst idea for efficiency's sake. But if you look at the first link, not too far down it shows that senescent cells gradually lose lose their senescence during reprogramming with OSK. picrel. We need a Cellular Reprogramming General...
Can't wait for the first paris hilton to have a purse child that they keep artificially tiny until adulthood. And then they are a fucked midget for the remainder of eternity on forever pills.
I have wondered what happens if a grown adult takes it all the way back to the single digits... I don't think they would grow smaller. But a baby held forever in time??? It will have to be after we lose certain human rights. That is not going be allowed. If you could localize it to your gums and regrow teeth that would be the next step. They can already fix glaucoma.
Humans are going to be genetically modified to make males small and females tall
If you think of the future, imagine a baby being kicked for ever.
But not really tho... I would never advocate for violence toward fucking babies.

File: IMG_0273.jpg (53 KB, 624x423)
53 KB
Aliens don’t exist.

Life started exactly once in 4.5 billion years on earth. That heavily implies it’s a one off event.
If aliens don't exist then who probed my anus?
Life messed up the original conditions that allowed life to arise. Eukaryogenesis happening only once is more significant. There's probably a whole bunch of prokaryote-only planets.

File: IMG_0476.jpg (356 KB, 1200x1407)
356 KB
356 KB JPG
You know that famous chart of human knowledge with the giant crater caused by the dark ages? Someone should make that for science in general and how much particle physics has retarded progress.
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>cern and other big government communist organizations are going to take all your money and waste it lavishly on themselves
They do that without even having the intention of doing anything useful with the money, clearly they are not people who have consciences
And because they don't produce anything, except Germany and they only make cars
Most of those cars are made in China, Germany only does final assembly.
Germany makes trains too, they made the crappy trains for my local subway system. Cost a fortune and they suck, good thing I never ride public transportation
The only people who use public transportation in my town are total losers, mostly criminals and hobos. We spend a fortune on those toxic vermin, all to the detriment of the decent working people who actually produce something of value for society.
Its retarded

File: fig 2.jpg (68 KB, 1488x1093)
68 KB
Scientific publications are every bit as slanted and biased as conventional journalism is

>Prosocial motives underlie scientific censorship by scientists: A perspective and research agenda
>Scientific censorship is rarely studied empirically. We explore the social, psychological, and institutional causes and consequences of scientific censorship (defined as actions aimed at obstructing particular scientific ideas from reaching an audience for reasons other than low scientific quality). Popular narratives suggest that scientific censorship is driven by authoritarian officials with dark motives, such as dogmatism and intolerance. Our analysis suggests that scientific censorship is often driven by scientists, who are primarily motivated by self-protection, benevolence toward peer scholars, and prosocial concerns for the well-being of human social groups. This perspective helps explain both recent findings on scientific censorship and recent changes to scientific institutions, such as the use of harm-based criteria to evaluate research. We discuss unknowns surrounding the consequences of censorship and provide recommendations for improving transparency and accountability in scientific decision-making to enable the exploration of these unknowns. The benefits of censorship may sometimes outweigh costs. However, until costs and benefits are examined empirically, scholars on opposing sides of ongoing debates are left to quarrel based on competing values, assumptions, and intuitions.
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This, people who trust God are honest people, people who think they are god are all liars
That’s exactly why it’s stable and pure.
Ernest Jones, in 1913, was the first to construe extreme narcissism, which he called the "God-complex", as a character flaw. He described people with God-complex as being aloof, self-important, overconfident, auto-erotic, inaccessible, self-admiring, and exhibitionistic, with fantasies of omnipotence and omniscience. He observed that these people had a high need for uniqueness.
Good diagram, really explains how dishonest scientists are

Any PhDs on this board? How does this happen? I was under the impression that grad students were paid.
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File: 1701508027803765.png (57 KB, 750x391)
57 KB
If they have PhDs shouldn't they be smart enough to overcome any obstacles that get in their way?
I don't even bother reading even the title. Just look at the author and I know whether to ignore it or not.

Pick one
Racists are all low IQ
The only know 2 people with graduate degrees.
One has a degree in African studies, the other in Art.
Degrees aren't worth the paper they are printed on.

File: 1699402742149073.jpg (330 KB, 1080x1225)
330 KB
330 KB JPG
asian country have strong education but USA always leads in science wondering why, some chinese friend said USA have this academic culture were they are respected and given good pays when in china the same job pays prob around less than 500 a month in USA it would be 20,000/mo for example rocket scientist
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watching the electric jew is a toxic retarded waste of time no matter the nation of origin of the conten
Aren't chinese engineers going back though? Doubt that it's brain drain.
I thought sub-80 was impossible?
Theres no limit to stupidity
File: pSLibuWcem1Y.jpg (169 KB, 1284x1263)
169 KB
169 KB JPG
Correct, negative IQs are even possible if you're dumb enough

File: global cooling.jpg (244 KB, 2749x1128)
244 KB
244 KB JPG
How come Nature says that the last time it was the climate was warmer than it is currently was during the previous interglacial when the Egyptian warm periods, the Roman warm period and the medieval warm periods were all warmer than it is currently?

>Warmer temperatures than today, over a period spanning millennia, most recently occurred in the Last Interglacial period, about 129,000 to 116,000 years ago
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File: 076.png (40 KB, 605x264)
40 KB
>science triggers me emotionally
why are you even on this board if seeing science upsets you so badly?
just stop looking at /sci/ and all of your anger will disappear, its that easy
debunked by >>15898860
Debunked by >>15900287
nope, thats antisemitic
Global boiling advocacy is radical leftism, and all radical leftists are antisemites.

File: deathlyjab.webm (330 KB, 978x704)
330 KB
looks like 1 to 46 years olds are still suffering on week 47

why is there excess deaths in 2023?
I thought everyone is vaccinated and thus safe
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The main difference is week 40. Those are cumulative numbers. Come on, we both know that you're not this retarded.
File: heterosexuality.jpg (91 KB, 1284x1268)
91 KB
Why though?
glad i'm not a stupid vaxxxxie
File: vaxxxxxd.jpg (379 KB, 2250x1334)
379 KB
379 KB JPG

File: 1701362765663707.jpg (24 KB, 636x424)
24 KB
Which is it?
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Nope, your "intertial frame" isn't well defined
it's all the same example numbnuts
Objectively false.
Ohh, objectively?
If galileo and newton were jewish, I don't want to be goyim

File: 649dfb57ba420522.jpg (56 KB, 1170x974)
56 KB
How true is this meme? It seems education is going to shit in the former first world countries. I keep seeing people with university degrees who have less actual knowledge than I had in highschool. Are degrees becoming trivial and intellectually worthless pieces of paper?
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That would explain so much.
Do you know what "trace" means in this context? It means that functionally no lead in existence is lead 210.
Sounds like you don't trust the experts.
>The fertilizers that tobacco farmers use to increase the size of their tobacco crops contain the naturally-occurring radionuclide radium and its decay products. As the plant grows, the radon from fertilizer, along with naturally-occurring radon in surrounding soil and rocks, transfer into and on the plant and are later included in tobacco products made from these plants.

It takes up radium, moron. Moreover any polonium in tobacco is from radon that was taken up.
>Radon’s decay product, polonium-210, carries the most risk.
So is Lead-210 still made up, schizo?

File: 7db.png (38 KB, 467x264)
38 KB
Is onions milk actually bad for men?
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File: 1701412613535081.gif (4 MB, 864x540)
4 MB
outstanding gif
thanks, i made it
File: UHcQzJwJ5Fhc.jpg (175 KB, 1215x1221)
175 KB
175 KB JPG
what kind of an idiot with no self respect would eat disgusting soislop?
File: vegan cringe.jpg (34 KB, 429x767)
34 KB

File: 3MJwCvXmet9t.jpg (33 KB, 568x643)
33 KB
How long ago was Venus inhabitable? And who inhabited it back then?
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Its no different than the rover pictures from "Mars" that were really taken in northern Canada
I don't want to go down schizo territory but I'm starting to think all the photos of other planets and galaxies are bullshit.
But how else will we get the goys to eat bugs?
File: mars.jpg (134 KB, 990x935)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
Got any more?

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