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File: gestational carriers.jpg (15 KB, 570x242)
15 KB
Apparently it costs €39900 or $44300 to have kids if you're an incel.

Are you fucking kidding me? I can't afford this bullshit. I'll have to save money for years to reproduce. This more than the cost for a college degree. Let that fucking sink in. FUCK.
I could start a successful business with that much money...

Where are the biotechnologists when you need them to drive down the price of reproduction?
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That's way cheaper than a wife... and still a small overall cost of having a child.
Do you hate your mom for this? I know the system is fucked but she can show at least a little decency.
It's more than 9 months. It generally takes quite a while of actively trying in order to get pregnant. And obviously she has to be off birth control and not having sex with anyone else for several months until it's confirmed that she's pregnant. Also, there's the risk of miscarriage and not getting paid, so you have to pay more to make it worth taking the risk of ending up with nothing.

All in all, it's a fairly expensive procedure, and generally still not even worth it for the women.
Yeah it makes sense
Just find a fertile wide hipped woman. I got 4 kids we only failed in one month trying to get pregnant. The last one slipped out relativly effortkessly didnt even need an epidural.

File: 20141101_soviet_moon_002.jpg (449 KB, 1920x1080)
449 KB
449 KB JPG
What would it have taken for the Soviet Union to win the race to the moon?

Should they have taken Korolev's original plan of just launching 3-4 Soyuz rockets and assembling a moon vehicle in-orbit?
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If you're talking about winged shuttles, they are a retarded idea for anything above LEO, and get exponentially worse the further they go.
You want to increase the mass fraction of fuel so you can get the highest possible delta-v. Adding wings increases the non-fuel mass fraction, and even if they were used to store fuel, they are a volume and mass inefficient shape (a sphere is the best in terms of volume: surface area).
This lack of ∆v results in more mass having to be added in the form of fuel tanks, which needs more fuel burnt to get the same ∆v.

If you aren't talking about winged shuttles, the fuel depot and stationed shuttles elsewhere is a good idea, but it would be even better if the refuelling was from a non-earth source like a captured asteroid or comet.
File: x37b-otv4-landing.jpg (100 KB, 879x485)
100 KB
100 KB JPG

It's not optimistic at all. The USAF got as far as asking Congress for money for the ALSV, which probably could have been done if they doubled the amount of engines on a 747sp. NASA already had to modify 747s as a shuttle transporter and the USAF wanted a 747 missile launcher anyway, so this idea held water. Ultimately Congress went cheap and chose more Atlas launches, and the end of the Cold War pushed back plans for a decade. Despite this, by the late 90s the USAF created the X-37 which is still in service. Boeing even went so far to propose a crewed X-37c a decade ago, although it was shelved in favor of the CST-100.

The only thing stopping it is the amount of thrust you can put on a 747, but this is an achievable problem to solve. What isn't is the basic desire for a new shuttle, which Congress stopped having in the mid 90s. This is how we got Constellation and now SLS/Orion.

The Soviets thought the STS was going to be usable as a bomber, so yes in the sense that such a project could produce a LEO capable bomber. This is exactly why they dumped the N-1 in favor of what would become the Buran. It's a question of military application.... the USSR wanted a long-range rocketplane bomber. This could probably be used to support a Mars mission, somehow.

However, instead of a further arms race the US and USSR instead agreed to arms control treaties so further scientific development wasn't considered necessary. It's notable that Bolton has been ripping all of these up, with the last treaty dying in 2021.
Its the other way around you kulak fuck
gee if only 77% of russians didn´t want the USSR back... id maybe believe you.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (117 KB, 1280x720)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
Hello. A few days ago there was a short thread on /g/ pertaining to Solar Foods product solein. While that linked article was godawful and said nothing, i got interested in claims made by the company. This article https://biofortified.org/2019/08/food-without-photosynthesis/ does a good job at providing an overview of biomass production without photosynthesis and in my head it all checks out, but all news articles and Solar Foods site (and blog) did not answer one question - since solein is 50% protein and they keep claiming that only required resources for production are water, carbon dioxide, and electrical power, what are the sources of sulfur and nitrogen, both obviously required elements in protein production. No available source speaks of fixing atmospheric nitrogen or any other source of it at all and same goes for sulphur. Should i just treat Solar Foods as a scam? They are not the first company to work with carbon fixing without photosynthesis and the process is clearly possible, does that just mean they are trying to exaggerate possibilities, and downplay secondary requirements to the point of hiding this fairly evident fact of protein's chemical composition?
More information on their claims can of course be found on https://solarfoods.fi/
It's probably preferable over some articles from Vice or some shit
sounds like that "mana machine" those guys built as part of the ancient aliens history channel thing

they built some machine that, with the addition of some algae or proteins or something, it produces a kind of food out of the ambient air

every once in a while the "starter product" had to be refilled, and the machine needed to be cleaned periodically. but they did it then. I cant help think this is the same thing
I guess you can take that information with a grain of salt. If there's no information found about this, we might need an anon to test it out or bump this thread enough for someone smarter than me to answer.

File: 1.jpg (222 KB, 1310x785)
222 KB
222 KB JPG

what's your opinion /sci/?
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I love his high pitched maniac laugh
I don't find his videos particularly illuminating but you have to admit that he's much less popmath than something like numberphile.

Nothing against you math, it has it's place.
he is insufferable to watch desu
He's a brainlet with delusions of grandeur. Zero pedagogical skills. The Nazi accent does not help.
So much so that you cannot even get the name right, faggot.

File: 9031.png (1.06 MB, 862x722)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB PNG
this is your true form
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You can have it when I die.
This is you:
[eqn] \rm {C_6H_{12}O_6}_{(s)} \,+\, 6\, {O_2}_{(g)} \;\rightarrow\; 6\, {CO_2}_{(g)} \,+\, 6\, {H_2O}_{(g)} [/eqn]

File: Backrooms.PNG.png (224 KB, 446x316)
224 KB
224 KB PNG

File: Broglie_Big.jpg (18 KB, 300x381)
18 KB
Matter is a wave. But a wave of what in what?

Literally nobody can answer this question. All of quantum mechanics is an effort to evade this question.

Isn't it time we admit the whole idea is a fraud and discard it?
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>Hydrinos are unphysical
There you are

I wasn't aware dark matter had spectral emissions
unironically we should go back to the gold standard. i don't live in a basement.
File: IMG_2860.jpg (48 KB, 600x365)
48 KB
The wave function describes our knowledge of the system
Why do we assume waves need a material to begin with
Because brainlets can't into fundamental behavior

These people literally won 5 million each in the span of a little more than a year playing dota 2.

Are these types of video games a good predictor of intelligence? Are they the most intelligent zoomers in the world right now?

File: 1.png (2 KB, 491x285)
2 KB
Two glass vessels are placed in a room.
They both have the same volume of water in them.
The necks of vessel A and B are the same diameter and length.
The water level of B is higher than in A, as its bottom is slightly indented.
Some other substance (gaseous) is added to the room, and is evenly distributed. The substance is somewhat soluble in water.
Does the concentration of the substance in the water increase at the same rate for A and B?
Is the final concentration of the substance the same in A and B?
i think that the concentration rate increase in A is higher due to the bigger surface area of the water in figure A
They'll both reach the same equilibrium but with a higher surface area exposed to air it would reach equilibrium faster.
No. B is slower because of the reduced area of water exposed to air.
They will also have an equal concentration of substance when an infinite amount of time has passed. I skimmed your post.

File: 013_12.jpg (238 KB, 1190x1684)
238 KB
238 KB JPG
how successful do i have to become to be able to afford shotas for my pleasure?

File: climate change impacts.jpg (153 KB, 800x450)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
Climate change is going to start destroying the world already in a decade or less. By 2030 everyone can see that there's a 5% drop in life quality in general everywhere and that is gonna snowball. I can't bring my children into the world at this rate.
Who would want their children to live in a world where their childhood is literally plagued by the apocalypse? When they ask you exactly when the world will collapse every day at the breakfast table
>daddy how many years do we have till the world is destroyed? Where will we go?
>don't worry, maybe Russia, I'll buy some land there I guess
>daddy will I be able to become a data scientist before the world is destroyed? Can you be a data scientist in Russia?
>I don't know buddy I hope you can

Yeah I don't think it's ethical to bring kids into THIS WORLD.
Do you?
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We usually marry people involved in the same type of occupation such as farmers or anyone in a botanical and horticultural field so we're fairly hardworking without any particularly weak family
I meant the trees
There's nothing I hate more that people using climate change to promote their pet ideology.
Ya i think one of the side projects he told me about was that he was monitoring which trees were tolerating the changing conditions the best and performing the best and saving seeds from them
But we’re not

What are the math and physics prerequisites for studying quantum mechanics?
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Lots and lots of linear algebra.
What about fourier analysis?
Multivariable calculus, group theory but mostly linear algebra
Which anime is the gif from?
Not necessary for elementary QM, as long as you have a general idea of what it is and how it relates to HUP. Multivariable calc and linear algebra is plenty.

Express death mathematically.

> Inb4 you can't
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>The time you have to live expressed in ft/s
Life = 0
Inverted backpropagation
Define an app crash.

You can define all events that lead to an app crash on a very low level. But I‘m not sure if you can define an app crash itself.

my downtrodden and demoralized grad student and postdoc /sci/bros, let me remind you of some GOOD NEWS!

starting this week, your campus will now begin featuring tons of undergrad girls, for your viewing pleasure! the long summer months you had to endure without them are over!!!! one of the main perks of academia will commence herewith.
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>how hard is it to stay quiet on social/political issues

not hard at all, if you're a theoretical mathematician or polymer chemist. everyone else's area specialty requires engaging in those sensitive topics, though.

you didn't ask but the professor in my example (>>10915425) used the word "retardate" in an in-person lecture. the lecture was on mental retardation. it was a medical course.
You don't get ousted for one word. You can sue the hell out of the university for that if things really were that messed up. He probably had a history of making statements like that. But yes, I agree with you that the political climate on campus is too extreme these days.
he is furious and indeed he is suing. problem is he's 80 and the students are heralding his ousting as a huge victory. he'll die before seeing the end of it and he's got no kids to continue the lawsuit after that.

his famous last words to the dean were, "don't do this. don't take my soul."
This makes things worse you fucking dumbass.

"Craving only leads to more craving. Thirst only leads to more thirst. Desire only leads to more desire." - Gautam Buddha.

Doesn't mean shit if you can't build muscle

File: 3Capture.png (19 KB, 672x295)
19 KB
where were you when google realized your natural intellect?
Buddy, maybe it's time to get sober huh..?

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