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File: its over.png (408 KB, 1022x871)
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a whole generation of disabled people is coming
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cell phone electromagnetic fields aren't strong enough to break chemical bonds between molecules so they can't cause cancer.
I'm talking about the insidious effect smartphones have on attention and overall intellectual performance. My dad has been using cellphones roughly since 1994, he is pretty old and so far hasn't developed brain cancer.
Well, it can impact you in other ways.
I'm iffy on brain cancer being linked to smart phones in the first place, but this is indisputable. Other studies have linked keeping smart phones in your pocket to reduced sperm quality.

I got covid and all that changed is that now I have an appreciation for neighborhoods of infinity.
File: 1606794174417m.jpg (124 KB, 1024x679)
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>initiate global depression
>"you are in pain and depressed because of the reason we initiated global depression!"

File: file.png (1.21 MB, 1200x792)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB PNG
Where did it come from? Why did it expand?
Can oneeven say it had a cause or was preceeded by anything if the flow of time hasnt started before the expansion?
Can there be causality before time?
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There probably was nothing for an unfathomable amount of time, but if there is nothing, that includes no time, so eventually something would come to be. One possibility is that god exists as a legitimate boltzmann brain that exherts its chance consciousness to form a universe within its own mind, and then made us in his own image by giving us minds.
Also OP i forgot to mention an important note about "something coming from nothing". In cosmological models, gravitational energy is negative, and many brilliant physicists (Einstein, Rosen, Hawking) toyed with an idea of a 0 energy universe. In this idea, the quantum vacuum energy must equal zero, but if a star has negative gravitational energy and positive matter energy they can cancel out, then hypothetically that star could emerge from a quantum fluctuation. I'm piss at explaining it myself but there's been quite a lot of work into the idea that the universe IS still nothing, i.e. all the energy cancels out to zero. Read up on the zero-energy universe theory if you want more info
File: 1603326400051.gif (3.54 MB, 480x270)
3.54 MB
3.54 MB GIF
Black holes expand and swallow up eachother and in the very end when it becomes one black hole it reaches critical mass and becomes a singularity again BOOM everything starts anew the exact way down to the last photon.

See you in 10^83 years
I agree, this seems the most likely
Where did the mass come from

File: Collage.jpg (224 KB, 1174x1068)
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Honestly it is hard to know.
I had to search what is a vaccine e and can a vaccine give a flu

One sight said low immune people shouldn't get a treatment but that treatment was a live form.

Inactive forma apparently do not produce sick people. Which people are arguing against. If youclookat the newest comments in that YouTube link.

But maybe the flu vaccine e is 99.99% effective. Which means .01 is effected. 1% is 70million .1% is 7million .01% is 700k. And if a vaccine was 99.999% effective. Then .001 which is 70k.

A vaccine that is 99.99% or.99.999% would be helpful. Since. Only 700k or 70kwould get infected. Bd that would be beneficial it would actually bring the death toll less then it could be.

Which is why I don't think vaccines are useless. But it depends on the state the person is in when they take a shot.
>thoughts on something posted by a leaf
There is about to be a huge death tole due to the baby boomers too
File: 6b5.png (73 KB, 1006x813)
73 KB
He's right because it isn't made from cows.

File: images.jpg (12 KB, 200x200)
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Watch for the niggers. Don't stray from the campus area.
It’s ranked 9th best University in the World but it is very expensive to attend, but it’s ranked higher then a lot of the Universities in California and East coast. It’s probably the best university to attend to if you live in the Midwest.
from what?
isnt it really stressful and depressing?

File: maxresdefault.jpg (114 KB, 1280x720)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
What programming language do you prefer to use for making hundreds/millions of dollar and scientific discoveries?

Top Programming languages according to /sci/
1: Python
2: C#/C++
3: R
4: .Net
5: Ruby
6: Matlab
7: Julia
8: Java
9: Excel VBA
10: Swift
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Calm down man. C is a cool language, I didn't say anything about that. Just comparing them is useless, because c is so much older and of a different paradigm
Why does that make comparing them useless? You have to compare them every time you decide which to use for a new project.
Shit, how do I get a code monkey job? I have a degree, but nothing to show for it. I haven't even applied to any jobs because I figure I'd get rejected anyway with no portfolio.
Was lazy-by-default a mistake? seq, deepseq, pseq all seem like such ugly hacks compared to the thunk monad. Is there any actual theory behind them?
Nigger thread, low quality.

File: download.jpg (9 KB, 299x169)
9 KB
Specifically cybernetic enhancements, chemical enhancements (PEDs, etc.), genetic engineering, etc.
Would you partake in testing out new advancements to the human body?
What new tech are you interested in?
Are PEDs really unethical?

File: 1606775853055s.jpg (7 KB, 250x206)
7 KB
is math the language of the universe?
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They did. They banned the largest Flattard community with over 400k members formerly run by Nathan Thompson. Keep burying your head in the sand, though, it'll keep you well-informed.
>These "hidden truths" may even be illogical, impossible, or counter-intuitive to current mathematical models and thought.
I'm yet to see any reason to believe that this is an actual possiblity; saying "anything is possible bro" is all well and good, but without evidence from. Which we can begin to ascertain probability, it's equally valid to suggest that I'm the godself and you are all figments of my infinitely intricate and endlessly layered mindfield.
I think it's unlikely we evolved have mathematical powers which give us perfect insight about the universe, since evolution generally selects for "good enough." Similar to how our senses of sight, sound, and touch lie to us, I don't think it's out of the question to think at some levels our maths break down and our mathematical reasoning is also lying to us.
It's a language invented by humans to describe the universe. Ultimately it's just another language of humans.

Population growth and voter turnout in Arizona within a 15-20 year period is a statistic impossibility.

Microsoft Excel and WingDings font

File: sol.png (19 KB, 1024x1024)
19 KB
Anyone else feeling like flexing their brains in a bit of fun?
Take a puzzle leave a puzzle!

>You drop a pin of length 'a' on the floor
>Floor is made from parallel wooden planks of width 'b'. (just think parallel lines)
What are the odds the pin will lie on two planks (cross a line)?
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>There's an irregular cake
>a person's enjoyment value of a slice of this cake is subjective, depending not only on its size but on the distribution of ingredients contained in it or whatever
>say the enjoyment provided by a full cake is C
>the method for distributing this cake between two people so each get a slice worth at least a subjective C/2 is the following: person 1 cuts it into two slices he considers equal, and person 2 chooses the slice he likes the best
>extrapolate this method for 3 people, so each of them gets a slice he considers at least worth C/3
I have no idea what the answer is, I wanted to try solving it and the page where I read it later died. If you solve it, please share.
Person A cuts the cake into 3 pieces he thinks are fair, person B picks his favorite 2, and trims a bit off of his 1st favorite such that his 1st favorite becomes equal to his second. Person C gets his favorite, person B one of his remaining favorites, the one that has been trimmed if person C hasn't taken it, and person A gets the other one. The trimming is cut in three pieces that person C considers fair, person B takes his favorite, person C takes one and person A takes the other. Person A isn't jealous because he got a fair third of the cake plus some more cake, person B isn't jealous because he got his favorite slice and favorite part of the trimming, person C isn't jealous because he got his favorite slice and a fair bit of the trimming. This can be generalized for n people but the number of cuts grows very quickly.
> its what I do for a living.
I bet you think you can scientifically prove causation by isolating variables without a ransomed control group, like in economics.
Here is what will happen if you do this for a living, you will make reasonable returns for several years and then get wiped out
If it’s so sure then why are you not retired as a 9 figure millionaire after 5 years or so if you have a guaranteed average positive return over the long run ?

File: reddit2.png (17 KB, 800x450)
17 KB
Where else do you guys go for online scientific discussions that is similar to 4chan format

Is Reddit unironically the second best place to interact in semi real-time conversations?
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>interactions for more loose and less formal
The anonimity encourages people to let go of ego and that necessityof being approved. Since there's no social filter, believe it is i places like here where we trully interact with eachother. It's easier to be lighthearted, and to be sincere. The big irony is that here, through a totally un-humane interface, without any aspects of real life socialization, is where we can find quality human interaction.
Too much gate keeping on reddit. Reddit is everything wrong/rotten about academia. This place is lower quality in some ways but for different and far less important reasons.
Literally the only reason I can think of other than generalized stochastic incompetence is that janitorial staff are unwilling to let /sqt/ break up into more generals for some reason or another.
It's particularly bad once you notice that most people on /sqt/ dislike giving advice and it's the kind of stuff that ends up in the tally pretty often.
> it would have cost you nothing to not have said that but yet you did
Memes aside, do not underestimate the value of free speech.

>evolution literally doesnt make any sense
how can trial and error and randomness create pic related
it would seem evolution has some kindve intelligence behind it if it creates things for specific purposes.
>inb4 creationistfag
no, im just confused how evolution works
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the organism in question developed a parallel coping mechanism of some sort that compensated for the myopia -- or perhaps myopia is an evolutionary niche that no longer has a use.
Surely you know about coping mechanisms, Anon, I'm sure you COPE quite a bit everyday.
If this just the new thing? Some rando posting a picture of some organism or structure and yelling about how "it can't be!?!"

Just study evolution if you are actually interested. You need to learn the mathematical models and examples in biology. Then it will make a lot more sense.
>If this just the new thing? Some rando posting a picture of some organism or structure and yelling about how "it can't be!?!"
Did someone do this thread already
This thread has been done hundreds of times on /sci/ over the years anon, possibly even thousands.
I've seen it, but it's coming back up a lot lately. Better than those stupid pol threads I guess.

We had this thread a while ago and it was interesting so let's do it again.
Let's have a thread dedicated to discussing engineering disasters and fuckups, notably historic ones that shaped the face of the engineering class itself.

Same old example, because it's a good one: 2nd deadliest U.S structural collapse behind 9/11, all because of a last minute design revision that wasn't looked over properly.
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Based af, I want one
File: CargoCult.jpg (162 KB, 792x591)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
File: cherry-2000-1.jpg (31 KB, 450x250)
31 KB
Waterproofing and conformal coatings have been around for a long time.
File: hamdog.jpg (52 KB, 644x429)
52 KB
File: robocop-431x300.jpg (41 KB, 431x300)
41 KB

File: apu-apustaja-dunce.png (61 KB, 658x901)
61 KB
Why is it when I chug water (ex.: an entire bottle in one swig), I don't always feel any more hydrated, and sometimes, in fact, feel dryer?

Am I really this retarded? Where has my life gone?
Chugging water actually pushes it out of you faster, not necessarily refill your body with it. Hydration works best when kept at a certain pace.

File: bf4.gif (2.54 MB, 490x360)
2.54 MB
2.54 MB GIF

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CRISPR and protein folding won't land you pussy if that's what you are thinking lmao.

True, but here is some more info

>The first iteration of AlphaFold applied the AI method known as deep learning to structural and genetic data to predict the distance between pairs of amino acids in a protein.
>In a second step that does not invoke AI, AlphaFold uses this information to come up with a ‘consensus’ model of what the protein should look like, says John Jumper at DeepMind, who is leading the project.

>The team tried to build on that approach but eventually hit the wall. So it changed tack, says Jumper, and developed an AI network that incorporated additional information about the physical and geometric constraints that determine how a protein folds. They also set it a more difficult, task: instead of predicting relationships between amino acids, the network predicts the final structure of a target protein sequence. “It’s a more complex system by quite a bit,” Jumper says.

Google "‘It will change everything’: DeepMind’s AI makes gigantic leap in solving protein structures"
Sorry I couldn't link because 4chan thinks my post is spam (instead of detecting the real spam in this thread)
File: 1562188156895.gif (3.63 MB, 500x281)
3.63 MB
3.63 MB GIF

You don't need to encompass all the physics in a problem to solve it. Otherwise, every science would just be physics.
File: consumer7.png (213 KB, 456x285)
213 KB
213 KB PNG
Excellent contribution. This one's going in my consumer collection.

File: dehydration.png (57 KB, 1837x449)
57 KB
if i add h2so4 (and heat) will this reaction happen? Or will an alkene form? there is a nitrogen next to the alcohol, so i'm not sure as to where the carbocation would form if at all
Not sure if this will work but what I would do is protect the =O groups and reduce to an amine with Zn+HCl
thank you for your input anon :)
as written that's not a dehydration, it's a deoxygenation (reduction).
brb checking Green's for protective groups for the sulfuryl.

OP should just reduce the hydroxamide and sulfuryl at the same time, then reoxidize at S.
>OP should just reduce the hydroxamide and sulfuryl at the same time, then reoxidize at S.

thank you for your input!
I was thinking my h2so4 idea to remove the alcohol group was too easy

Due to infinity hat and some related issues, the Riemann hypothesis is false.
Fractional Distance: The Topology of the Real Number Line with Applications to the Riemann Hypothesis
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You are not.
You're wrong about that and you're probably wrong about Helene being my mother too.
El arconic.

When you state the RH is false there is no repetitive pattern to primes.

>225 replies

The absolute state of /sci/
Wait a second, if Tooker is God, then doesn't that mean it is his fault?

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