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File: sources2.jpg (191 KB, 1078x593)
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What is the official definition of "scientific method"?
to just make shit up and it if doesnt get the result you want just invent extra math for things that dont exist until it gives you the desired result.
examples: dark matter, dark energy, antimatter, string theory. none of which actually exist and were thought up only to make existing theories add up.

File: betzinstitute_logo.jpg (28 KB, 450x94)
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Can it really be done. Is it worth the risk to go from 5,7 to 6,0 https://www.betzinstitute.com/en/betzbone.html
no you just fuck yourself up for life like when a tranny cuts their dick off and leaves an open wound.
also, (((Betz Institute))), that's all you need to know that its a scam, they just want your shekels.

File: 1549314804072.png (237 KB, 640x604)
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237 KB PNG
not an IQ thread, I'm talking about performance at your peak
I've been studying for it for a few months now, the ultimate day is getting closer and closer
what can I do to perform at my optimal level on the day of the exam? should i reset my caffeine tolerance?
You should definitely learn proper grammar, capitalization, and punctuation.

just kill yourself. If you need to have 'life hacks' to get into something competitive then you dont belong there in the first place.
wow wtf why is r/sci so rude??
File: 1575971782619.jpg (27 KB, 480x454)
27 KB

theres enough affirmative action letting under educated niggers and spics into places they dont deserve to be in. I don't want to see retards join that pool of 'diversity' as well. So - proceed thine necking pl0x

File: 1450476976969.jpg (60 KB, 1656x1532)
60 KB

Why would that be?
What's the evolutionary reason this is happening?
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>Without testosterone, one suspects there would be a lot of noodle-armed, squeaky-voiced man-babies stalking the streets, perhaps in the vein of a Michael Jackson (rumoured to have been on hormone-blockers since childhood) or even a young Jeff Bezos (until he allegedly started pumping himself full of replacement testosterone).

>Tyson Fury says he’s masturbating SEVEN TIMES A DAY ahead of Deontay Wilder rematch

So that's what sells for right wingers ?
Jews want Wh*toid femboi sex slaves
according to /pol/ at least
When you live in an amputation culture, those who didn't have the part amputated enjoy its use and re aware of what society took from everyone else, those who had it taken wonder about why and what'll they'll simply never know.

Each become fixated on this part.
Conservative beliefs correlate with higher test levels
File: 6_-_the_father.jpg (36 KB, 636x549)
36 KB
Alienation and the correlating rise of mental health issues which correlates with lower testosterone, shitty food stemmed from the profit motive (the intake of which varies directly with a rise in alienation), and a general robotic mindset stemming from the division of labour and alienation.
You fucking crossboarders are so stupid.

File: 321321.png (22 KB, 128x119)
22 KB
Openstax are the worst book publishers I've ever encountered, I feel sorry for the people that are forced to use those books. Khan academy is also trash.
>Openstax and Khan Academy
Is this what it all comes to? A giant step backwards in man’s evolution toward eternity and redemption. The ultimate scientific nightmare.
>Khan Academy
Never watched it before, just watched a random video, wtf is this shit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tqxu53deWCo

It's just some guy reading a graph, is it all like this?
Khan Academy is for literal highschoolers, i.e, people who haven't been exposed to these sort of basic problems before. Of course it's going to be basic.

File: 485464_2201x1266_500.jpg (22 KB, 499x287)
22 KB
Should we be marrying within 4th cousins?

I've recently come across the work of esteemed anthropologist Robin Fox and his research on marriage customs and fertility including varied levels of incest.

And Agnes Helgason et al's 2008 paper "An Association between Kinship and Fertility of Human Couples" does strengthen the argument.
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cross cousins


I wonder if this explains some of their greater openness or why they were so much more accepting of colonial customs like education?
I wonder how this would relate to island populations and island dwarfism? perhaps the population is normalising its body size to fit within this population plateau?
if this is in some way controlled by relatedness, would a more diverse founding population have a lower optimal limit compared to a population founded from a full sib pair such as lab mice which would inherently be more similar to each other?
I wonder if someone has tested it? surely it's a relatively cheap experiment to perform if all you need to do is feed and separate mice and count them occasionally ?
Hang on, this is kind of unusual.
>Alternatively, a woman, especially if she is very wealthy, will set up her own compound and take wives to establish and advance her own status. In this case the wives involved will have affairs, sometimes with men of the "husband's choosing, and add any children as dependents of her household. They will accordingly form a minor lineage of which she is the founder. Although this group has a female ancestor, subsequent descent will be traced through her sons and subsequent male offspring to form a patrilineal group.

Only CS chads allowed
>engineeringcucks not allowed
>muh "not science or math"fags not allowed
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This is the correct take, but not all schools offer a combined major.
> CS
> muh "not science or math" fags not allowed
Calling CS a science does not make it one, just like calling yourself a woman does not make you one. Now go dilate.

Correct. Strictly speaking it is BOTH science AND math.
CS is the only way forward. On ward brothers.


File: image.jpg (15 KB, 472x269)
15 KB
Is psychology literally just a huge scam? I already went to three psychologists to fix my social anxiety and all they ever say is that I should talk to more people and get confident. But even if I can trust one person the symptoms still persist with everyone else. I have been talking to people all my life and it doesn't solve anything. No solution. No scientific method. They all just sit there and take your money after giving you an advice you could find in a chinese cookie. Why do we allow this? Why do universities allow this? What the fuck?
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How is a conversation not real?
You basically just tried to say its not real because its just some thing.
Psychology consists of the pseudoscience of wellness and the empirical science of behavioral study.
I wouldn't recommend going to a psychologist to solve personal problems but there's a chance you could find one who can solve group behavioral problems.

But advice nonetheless. The greatest factors in a person's behavior and thus their mental state is first environment second genetics.
Since you can't alter your own genetics it would be a good idea to change your environment if possible either socially or geographically. It all depends, it could be too little sunlight, dampness or overcrowding. The largest mistake would be to change nothing about it.
What kind of cure against social anxiety do you expect instead of socialising more? Gaining confidence is about building skill. Gaining confidence in social situations is about building skill in being social.
They can't give you a solution, but they can point you in the direction to find it out yourself
No they can't, they know nothing about solutions and can only point you in a random direction, but if you do find one, they will gladly claim it was because of them if it improves their compensation.

File: B12_soil.png (373 KB, 567x773)
373 KB
373 KB PNG
Is there any evidence to support this claim? I have not been able to find one piece of evidence that points to this.
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>The problem with those two points is that it implies that humans can get adequate B12 supplementation through natural soil and water which is absolutely wrong.

You could grow crops in your shit and the plants would absorb the B12. There’s some afghani village that does that or something
>since we can't absorb it directly like herbivores.

A lot of herbivores can’t. Ruminants are an outlier with their ridiculous digestive system.
Ruminants are based.

what do Elephants count as?
hindgut fermenter
weirdly Wallabies are foregut while other marsupials are hindgut
I know 4 vegans. Two of them are fat. Of those two, one is fat as fuck.

File: 1522103577081.jpg (268 KB, 1056x723)
268 KB
268 KB JPG
Pretty much all the core theory has been done, no new phenomena to observe beyond pointless super high energy physics that exists nowhere but a lab.
Same as physics, though there are still more drugs to be made, even if they are just rip-off's of currently existing safer drugs. Nothing special to do.
Same as the above: sick cunts are turning animals into hybrid abominations which we dont even need.

So the big three are all pretty much "solved". There are no new discover-able RELEVANT phenomena to humanity(unless its right under our noses and its too complicated to notice- unlikely), and the only thing that is being done right now are optimisations/follow ups/closing loose ends. Kind of sad really. The universe clearly is fractal, but we are not privy to things either too small or too far away, so we are just trapped in this limited understanding, doomed to almost complete science but never truly understand it.

The same applies for many softer fields too. No new engineering revolutions, we are reaching the upper bounds of our understanding of neurology and psychology, geology can not even reach the core of the earth to measure it.

Or am I wrong? Also tell us all about the most fertile areas of science/tech/medicine/materials left for us to complete, to give me a little hope for my life.
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yeah, please explain how to beat ageing. after all a bunch more 90 year olds sounds cool to me
>after all a bunch more 90 year olds sounds cool to me

90 year olds that don’t age are just as useful as thirty years olds.
and how long will it take for biology to achieve such a goal, do you figure?
Stupid redditor. You said that there are a bunch of diseases that any ambitious person can defeat. We have diseases that we’ve funded billions of dollars into that no one has come close to finding a cure. Yes, there’s an opportunity but ambition of one man won’t make you simply achieve it.
>There are no new discover-able RELEVANT phenomena to humanity(unless its right under our noses and its too complicated to notice- unlikely)

Why is that unlikely? I think something new along these lines is probably out there waiting...

File: elijah-wood-joven.jpg (23 KB, 374x268)
23 KB
>look very retarded but is actually smart

redpill me on asperger
50 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
You seem to think ASD is always diagnosed during adolescence. While that can be true for the highest functioning ones. isn't often the case. Often it is early childhood, if not by age 3(depending on severity) like in this video I linked.
>looks less expressive than some pieces of driftwood
Yeah, maybe initially for some, but most Asians are quite expressive with people they know. Some are always expressive.

I meant going out of the usual routine/ switching things up is a passive process. There is much consideration that goes into it, especially when it's minuscule things like what to wear, what to eat, especially if it involves the most minimal of changes. And even, trying new things.
Render that there are ZERO BENEFITS WHATOEVER OF AUTISM. People lying and saying it has any are autists coping and lying. The reason autists are so common on 4Chan is because 4Chan (and online communities in general, but especially 4Chan) is because they’re socially inept cretins who have difficulty handling real life.
File: F2.large.jpg (208 KB, 1280x816)
208 KB
208 KB JPG
This thread is about the smart ones, not the retards.
>Some are always expressive.
that isn't what I'm arguing about. I'm saying the expressions are totally unreadable to normies.
>tfw smart but lazy
>is a passive process.

So you think aspies are unthinking zombies? I don't think you fully accept that you're talking about actual people. How is human behavior a "passive process"?

File: 3398.jpg (16 KB, 300x375)
16 KB
When I was a child I completely accepted the premise of evolution. Random mutations occur, and some mutations have a greater likelihood of getting passed on to further generations. Eventually, new traits develop.
How does this work though? Surely life is complicated enough that one mutation isn't likely to change much. Has there been a mathematical analysis done of evolutionary processes which demonstrate that given enough time and individuals, indeed changes as you expect occur?
Surely there's also the tradeoff between how big the variations between the offsprings phenotype and how much evolution can occur. For example, if the variations are too big, the new advantageous traits should be cancelled out, because only a small part was advantageous and mutations completely eliminate it. But too little variability is also bad, because there's no space for exploration of new traits.
Did we evolve to have exactly the right amount of variation among offspring, or is it simpler than that?
In general, does anyone know a book on explanation of evolution preferably from a somewhat mathematical perspective
15 replies omitted. Click here to view.
What if there are multiple instances of reality, running at different speeds and times, but just one source for non-local variables?
Such a system may offset probabilities of similar structured particles to promote the eventuality of the beneficial mutation manifesting, purely because it's the one surviving more.
That could increase the odds even if by minuscole amount so that the beneficial genes manifest, and from there the success of the mutation is propagated by several magnitudes.

Some evolutionary paths just seem to be tied to a path, sure you can bisect and detail all the little steps a species took to get there, but even then the percentages of some mutations progressing that way are just so damn unlikely.

I don't believe there's an actual intelligence behind such mechanisms, perhaps more of mechanical consequences.
The only reason I'm even considering this bullshit is because of the abnormal amount of coincidences I experience, so I can't but wonder if I'm just a statistical abherration (which is of course possible) or if there's actually something to it.

I don't know, if I were the creator of the universe I would for certain put in place a mechanism to prioritize instances that are producing more information, because that's the only thing I'd be interested in.
Richard Lenski is running an over 30-year old experiment (still ongoing), observing the natural evolution of E. Coli in real time.

Most impressively, one of the strains mutated a metabolic pathway allowing it to utilize citric acid in the environment, a colossal change overall.

Linking one of the papers resulting from the experiment (over 1000 citations, published in Nature, there are several more of them) plus a wikipedia page for easier reading if you don't want to go through each paper.


Barrick, J., Yu, D., Yoon, S. et al. Genome evolution and adaptation in a long-term experiment with Escherichia coli. Nature 461, 1243–1247 (2009)

File: Evolution.jpg (370 KB, 762x1120)
370 KB
370 KB JPG
your pdf link does not seem to work.

File: PrOP-M.jpg (254 KB, 640x425)
254 KB
254 KB JPG
Ski Boi Edition

Last Thread: >>11298983
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>And, here you get an informed response:
Thats not an informed response, its a collection of excuses for the consistent failure of a project that is now a decade and a half behind schedule and 12.5 billion dollars over budget. Because its being placed in an orbit that prevents servicing missions there will be no fixing it after the inevitable mistakes and overlooked factors are discovered post-launch. JWST will never deliver data or anything of value, but thats OK because they're just planning to use JWST to study nonexistent dark matter anyway.
The original HST was started with a cost estimate of $400 million and a proposed launch in 1979 ended up being 5 billion dollars and launched in 1990. What good has it done for anyone? What valuable discoveries have the users of HST produced?
Interpolating between HST and JWST, you can expect the next space telescope to be proposed in about 2030 with a proposed cost of about $625 million and an expected launch date of 2043, but the actual cost should end up being something more like $27 billion and the real launch date will be in the 2070s and all of the supposedly great minds who dedicated their lives to the project will have ended up never producing anything of value during their long, well compensated careers in the service of "the people"
File: DSC_9282 (3).jpg (1.96 MB, 6000x4000)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB JPG


I fucking CALLED IT, I said the metal frames would be a vertical assembly frame!
prove how you post on 4chan afterwards when you get there my dude
>technology to make it feasible not yet existing
wtf then don't start it if you know you can't do it
I'll be posting with that rare Martian flag nigga

If spacetime bends then what is it composed of?
18 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
it just is, bro
it's made out of space and time
Maybe spacetime is made out of particles. Imagine electrons and photons, both are particles, they can interact, but they behave in radically different ways. Perhaps spacetime is another type of particle with strange space time properties.
Spacetime is not a real thing, but merely an abstraction by Einstein — in the same fashion of the aether
space/time is made of nothing, what happens when you stretch nothing, you get more nothing, what happens when you bend nothing, you get a bent nothing and since nothing is flexible it bends back as soon as you let go of it

the whole universe came from nothing and to nothing it will eventually return

It's not fair guys. Why do all the top fields depend so much on innate talent?
Why are women so vastly underrepresented in music composition? Seems like something chicks would be into.
fucking roasties. when will they learn?
Music composition (and musical studies in general) is much more involved than just singing some Taylor Swift in your shower. Writing and producing music to professional standards requires autism on par of STEM fields, imo.
File: husmt.jpg (66 KB, 535x625)
66 KB
>linguistics below spanish below english literature

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