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File: glue.jpg (16 KB, 196x532)
16 KB
If you superglue all four wheels of a car to tarmac, what will happen?

a) the car cant drive away
b) the tyres break
c) the car drives away as if nothing
A very very thin layer of rubber from the tyres will be left behind.

File: tech-adoption.jpg (229 KB, 1056x577)
229 KB
229 KB JPG
Is the world really accelerating? Do you think singularity is real? Will we reach it during our lifetime?
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File: earthbound.jpg (198 KB, 1355x1016)
198 KB
198 KB JPG
It's hardly a matter of whether it's possible or not. It's a matter of humanity's inherent inability to care for anything not within their lifetimes. We will eventually kill ourselves. Whether or not we get fusion energy and artificial intelligence first is almost non-trivial, because it seems like we will never have peace, not in our time and maybe not any time. People murder, rape, and steal. People who are retarded brainlets, people who are prodigious, they all fall prey to greed, hatred, and sin. It's It's, and I really hate to be so pessimistic, because the technological advances we've made in just the last decade or two have really changed everything for good. I truly hope its for the best, but the realist in me looks around and all I see is selfishness, hunger for power, bringing fire to nature,, and people rolling dice on other's lives.
this chart is fucking unreadable
>hmm yes let's label all the lines with near indistinguishable shades of green and yellow and then list them in no particular order
This desu
Yes, new technologies make it easier to do research which enable new technologies. The plummeting price of DNA sequencing has allowed more biology research to be done in the past decade than every prior decade combined.

What we need

1. Prosperity forever
2. Unlimited resources and space
3. All diseases curable
4. Erasure of race and culture
5. Purpose and a sense of achievement
What would the technology for OP's pic up to date or at least 2021 instead of 2016 be?

File: 1634509161736.jpg (600 KB, 750x883)
600 KB
600 KB JPG
Why do you care about IQ? All that matters are your achievements.

Who cares if you have the "fastest car" if you lose every race; even worse, if you dont even race at all.
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higher iq is why Modern Europeans exist. Thank God for the Plague. Just imagine if India had the plague and in 200 years they're all Brahmins. That was Europe.
>be me
>want to play games
>plays league, csgo, apex
>goes to work
>night shift
>private company, stock
>lives in a small comfy home
>live in the basement floor
>used car will last 20 years
>money compounds for 30 years
>sleeps on a floor
>thin comforters, easy to wash
Like having a fast car is correlated with winning car races but you won't win if you dont race. At the end you celebrate winning, not how good the car is.
Bubonic plague was a recurrent pandemic for millenia across all Eurasia. There have been dozens of recorded plague epidemics in India.
That particular breakout in Europe was common, disease was everywhere in a world without bleach nor refrigeration nor sewers. Everybody eat shit every day, flies and rats covered in shit from the through ran over all the food in the markets. All water was yellow and had parasites.
I would suck the shit right out of Margot's ass

File: osq96ivRkQ1tqx40wo1_1280.png (1.05 MB, 910x1276)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB PNG
Can you confirm a belief without challenging it?
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That is every evolutionary biologist's way of thinking. Ants and bees can communicate in fucking dance, have laws and personalities, etc? That's just how they evolved, something in nature just causes them to be that way. Evolution is at least as equally untestable as theism. Every experimental outcome and every observation can be coped out no matter which way it goes.
>hits you without hitting you
Read Nick Land
i think carbon dating relies on an differential equation. the question then becomes where the bones came from? Aliens ? who done it? it's like asking 2 + 2
>neighbor was kicked out of 109 neighborhoods for letting his dog shit in another neighbor's yard
At this point the reason is not important.
>it doesn't matter if my neighbor has it out for me, he needs to leave

Does the belief really matter? If the outcome is disgusting shouldn't you simply react based on that?
When did you take this picture of me?

File: fbdabet.jpg (109 KB, 780x575)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
Many worlds interpretation: one photon becomes infinite photons. Energy is also conserved.

File: 1629573218075.png (201 KB, 866x635)
201 KB
201 KB PNG
I faintly recall someone posting an algorithm that estimates intelligence or age/education by board based on the text people write.
I believe /sci/ and /g/ came out on top while /pol/ and /b/ were the dumbest.
I can't find it though. Anyone?
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I'm genoius
I just replaced the word "nigger" with "loquacious" and it raised my score by 12. Good test.
It's either "cabal" or "kabbalah"/"cab(b)ala".
I put in my original semiconductor investment thesis. Looks like I'm gonna /make it/.
File: sh parable.png (29 KB, 744x328)
29 KB

Any good source where i can learn everything BY MYSELF, and i mean EVERY SINGLE thing about transformers? My current prof makes me want to rope myself
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I'm in my 3rd year of engineering and i never had a textbook
>Any good source where i can learn everything BY MYSELF, and i mean EVERY SINGLE thing about transformers?
I think faradays law is pretty comprehensive. it doesn't cover parasitic capacitance or heat dissipation or frequency limits tho

So in the real world, this is all governed by the NEC, DOE and IEEE. All serious applications are already made. Everything is standard stock waiting in inventory. There's only one way to build a relay station.
>by myself
Read script on your own
Do exercises alone
Boom it a big boi student who needs no prof

File: images (72).jpg (29 KB, 618x496)
29 KB
I'm starting a general, and if you want to contact me my email is : TheWormed@protonmail.com

I am currently working on creating a worm human hybrid supersoldier, by replacing blood with worm Erythrocruorin the oxygen carrying capacity per cc of blood triples because only 30% of a RBC's volume is hemaglobin, whereas a cell free oxygen carrier like Erythrocruorin is 100% functional material, meaning by increasing my hemacrit levels to 70% and replacing my RBC's with Erythrocruorin, my oxygen carrying capacity will have increased ~500%.

the erythrocruorin will also be reconstituted and the Fe (ii) ion in the heme group replaced with a more Electronegative transition metal Cr (ii) to enhance oxygen saturation speeds so that i extract 100% of inhaled oxygen rather than 25%.

here are some sources
a transition metal ion substitution and reconstitution protocol for heme
extraction method of ultra pure erythrocruorin from earth worms
general biophysical properties related to erythrocruorin

the eventual goal of this project is to enhance my athletic abilities to never before seen levels. these abilities may include but are not limited to;
>Endurance enhancement
>Blood loss resistance
>Enhanced metabolic efficiency
>carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide poisoning immunity
>low oxygen atmosphere resistance
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Marathon runners sometimes smuggle oxygen filled blood of their own and inject them in restrooms.
>till I make a small sample and inject it
Do you have a volunteer already? Or are you planning to revive the time-honoured tradition of carrying out experiments on the mad scientist himself first?
OK. So how would blood doped this way appear in a microscope?
I mean for starters it'd be blue kek
On myself

File: image (2).png (615 KB, 560x629)
615 KB
615 KB PNG
/sci/ is the only board where I feel some people are more intelligent than me.
Am I a midwit?
git gud
if you think the average /sci/ user is intelligent you are not a midwit, you are simply retarded
if you use the term "midwit", you are one.
/sci/ and to a lesser extent /lit/ are the only 4chan boards where if you're intelligent but not knowledgeable you can actually end up feeling out of depth. Every other board has little reason for technical language, or is non-academic and limited to a specific interest, so most people talk in layman's terms. Also, most people here are retards, there's just a half dozen or so really autistic math nerds who circle jerk over linear algebra.
If you have to ask then yes

File: 9780070856134.jpg (17 KB, 283x400)
17 KB
Why on earth do people still recommend Baby Rudin?
>No motivation for anything
>Casually uses random inequalities never proven in the book
>Doesn't define most things rigorously (see chapter 2)
It is the single worst book ever made in analysis for self learning and is barely useful as a reference.
Tao 1 and 2 does literally 100% things better. Fuck this piece of shit book.
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Tao is complete fucking shit.
but baby rudin is way worse.
Read Abbott.
>read this book
>learning is optional
*raises paw*
>Can I get an application to the lemma please
Fuck you, some of us have extremely high geometric ability and graphical representations make things ridiculously easy in comparison.
>>No motivation for anything
its a math book not a novel
>>Casually uses random inequalities never proven in the book
all the proofs are complete. i know you are bitching about the proof in chapter 1. its not random, it clearly satisfies the properties needed, and its actually not that hard to figure out how to get to that equation.
>>Doesn't define most things rigorously (see chapter 2)
example? I recently finished all problems of chapter 2 and I found everything to be well enough defined.

File: 1631013196579.gif (1.98 MB, 216x162)
1.98 MB
1.98 MB GIF
Why do humans live so long compared to animals?
Why 20 year old cat is basically near it's deathbed, while 20 year old human is still only reaching its peak?
Ecological niches. Cats survive better with shorter generations. Just think about it, they have brutal lives and often die before reaching 5 years of age (in the wild). What difference does it make to have long lifespans if you still die young from the harshness of life?
So you saying its purr genetics?

Could of googled this nigga.

The average telomere length in cats is 5- to 10-fold longer than in humans, but the rate of telomere shortening is much higher both in vivo and in vitro. These observations are compatible with similar stem cell kinetics in both species.
Diet, hygiene, environment(not being in a dangerous wildlands) and medicine?

File: fiakfg.gif (2.62 MB, 800x600)
2.62 MB
2.62 MB GIF
Is studying artificial (computer) intelligence a better way to understand and explore intelligence in an abstract sense, opposed to studying neuroscience/neurology?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Artificial intelligence is the study of how human cognition can be replicated by a machine. Cognitive science is probably what you are looking for, which is the study of cognition itself (both natural and artificial)
This doesn’t really answer the question. Yes, both areas are branches of cognitive science, but which one is worth focusing on more/first to best understand “intelligence”?
ai is a bottom up approach while neuro is top down. i think bottom up is better as it builds from "first principles" rather than trying to figure out the mess that is biologicals brains.
What you cannot create, you do bot understand.
you will definitely use computer to experiment, but studying current """"""AI"""""" would harm more then help.

there are a some things that we're sure intelligence requires e.g. a memory, abstraction ability etc. but not much.

I believe it's probably a simple idea and some crackpot like fabrice bellard would write less than ~1000 lines of code to build a tiny AGI once we figure it out.

out intelligence is too intertwined with the evolution and the earth, it's hard to figure out what's the essence of intelligence.

File: 183721 (1).webm (2.31 MB, 640x360)
2.31 MB
2.31 MB WEBM
Why does running in a dream look like this?
It's your mind trying to run without any 'muscle memory'. That, or some Freudian crap about lack of agency and running back towards the mother's womb.
Somehow when I run like this in my dreams there is always some kind of tragedy I could prevent or some huge benefits I could gain if I was running normally. When I wake up I'm super frustrated.
It's the blanket on your legs dude.
>That, or some Freudian crap about etc.
That's why nobody sane takes Freud seriously.
Finding it hard to run in a dream is just an expression of frustration with things you consider too difficult to achieve.
So you're not feeling frustrated because of the dream, that frustrations was what was causing it in the first place.
Long answer short: you’re weak and your body is telling you so

File: eat the bugs.png (602 KB, 720x1280)
602 KB
602 KB PNG
Major international media outlets are now reporting that lobsters caused covid-19. How much scientific evidence is there of this claim? Can anyone here prove that lobsters didn't cause covid-19?
5 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>that fauci masterminded the whole thing than any of the CCPs proposed origins.
That still involves the Wuhan lab so they can just say yes it was made in China paid by fauci
not my problem
Always knew Jordan Peterson was trying to kill us all.
Wait... So now we SHOULDN'T eat the (sea) bugs?
>us corporate media claims china said...
uhuh, yes china will collapse any day now too.

Realistically, what are the odds that humans have already inadvertently spread life beyond Earth?
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
There is 100% chance there is earth based life on the moon and probably some on mars as well, whether that's significant or not is up for debate and it's unlikely the life is spreading fast in mars and at all on the moon.
Tardigrades: Sleeping until Mars get closer to the Sun, then wake up and colonize Mars
Bacteria survive in space which is more harsh than Mars, where there also is water.
>Bacteria survive in space which is more harsh than Mars, where there also is water.

lol you are a dumb retard anon
or just ignorant

1. bacteria does not survive for several months in space.
2. Water on mars is not that easy to reach

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