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File: download (17).jpg (15 KB, 225x225)
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this will be common knowledge in about 3 million years, is my guess
I’m not familiar with the word you use. What do you mean by “consciousness”?
>the ability of a system to detect that it exist
That's not consciousness, that's life.

An illusion, a consequence of information processing. It doesn't exist, you are much more unconscious than conscious.
By the same line of logic, I legit think a Windows PC has a certain (completely retarded) level of consciousness.
Cold weather makes ice crystals out of water, yet it is not alive or conscious.

File: file.png (113 KB, 384x216)
113 KB
113 KB PNG
Would we ever be able to construct/'3d-print' elements atom by atom to theoretically create anything we wanted?
I realise the answer is probably no, but why?
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sounds abhorrently expensive, especially comparered to just using masks like we do now. it was almost certainly abandoned
If you're happy with "bulk" printing of shitloads of atoms per needle point then yeah
If we're looking for quick production of basic useful elements, transmutation / alchemy is not feasible.
Theodore Taylor's Santa Claus machine, to break down rubbish by high heat, *does* look feasible. Someday. Given VERY cheap energy.
I guess the BELTALOWDA ship their rubbish in-system to their base in Mercury, which runs this machine to get all the elements out. Then ships all the treasure back upwell - maybe with solar sails, somehow avoiding space pirates.
>smash atoms together to make heavier atoms
>call it printing
There you go
interesting stuff, thanks

Learn programming from scratch with strong fundamentals. /cspg/ guides and textbook packs coming soon

Topics: CS + SWE + CE + IT (muh A+ certs) + SecOps + Math

Complete self taught pathway: https://teachyourselfcs.com/
Structured pathway: https://github.com/ossu/computer-science
AI focused pathway (warning: functional programming ahead): https://learnaifromscratch.github.io/

The first link recommends SICP as an entry, but if you want a gentler introduction to the world of computing, I'd recommend How to Design Programs. Before you complain, read:

Math for CS:

Free books:

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What are n_a and n_b here?
your answers in another thread:
Math wouldnt be so shit if they gave automata theory in kindergarteN.

To show that math is a partern construct not a divinationn oracle.

Watch this rare af video!!!

this is for divisibility of an integer given a binary basis, not the divisibility on the difference of occurrences of two symbols.
just do both lol

File: lungs.jpg (46 KB, 612x465)
46 KB
What causes asthma? And hypothetically speaking, could it be cured by the autophagy you get from dry fasting?
it's inflammation of the cells lining the lungs. It tends to coincide with allergies so it's probably related to the immune system being dumb.
Fasting is anti-inflammatory so it'll probably help
Unironically the wim hof breathing technique works great for asthma.

I have had a dairy allergy all my life (to the protein, not lactose intolerance). Last night i are a cup of yogurt. Broke out in hives, asthma, puffy face. Did wim hof breathing until I almost passed out, and after the last round my immune system chilled out. Half an hour later all signs of the allergic reaction were gone
>What causes asthma?
Nowdays, mostly vaccines.
t. asthma after vaccine

File: 1581298019627.png (1.26 MB, 780x1542)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB PNG
>Moderna Inc. said Wednesday it has made the initial batch of doses of a new Covid-19 vaccine designed to better protect people against a new strain of the coronavirus that has shown some resistance to the company’s original vaccine.
>The Cambridge, Mass., company said it shipped the new shots to the National Institutes of Health to conduct the first human study of the variant vaccine, which could start within weeks.

I have 2 questions
1) why are there already several variants of this virus? Didnt it have an extremely long structure that made mutations unlikely?

2) will you take it? And for every variant that comes out?

Watching an interview with the CEO right now. He considers COVID the new flu, says it will be with us basically forever.

File: sneeed.png (905 KB, 1927x2717)
905 KB
905 KB PNG
redpill me on r/k selection theory. how universal this model is? how much exceptions do we have?
pretty much that, all about how often you do it. use threads as analogy.
No. We have humans who have 1-2 children, humans who have ~10 children, animals who have tens of children, animals who have hundreds of children and animals who have thousands and more. It's the whole specter, not just few or a lot.
File: rKstrategy.png (73 KB, 440x602)
73 KB
Its universal enough, but don't expect to use this to humans because thats taboo
btw pls redpill me on life history theory, I'm too lazy rn to read mucho texto about it

File: 1609531977076.jpg (139 KB, 400x534)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
Previous thread: >>12715531

>what is /sqt/ for?
Questions regarding math and science, plus related advice requests.
>where do I go for other questions and (advice) requests?
>>>/wsr/ >>>/g/sqt >>>/diy/sqt >>>/adv/ etc.
>how do I post math symbols (Latex)?
>a plain google search didn't return anything, is there anything else I should try before asking the question here?
>where can I look up if the question has already been asked here?
>how do I optimize an image losslessly?

>where can I get:

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could you elaborate why? We could theoretically get 2 new arrivals indefinitely, but only lose one per time slot
how to slow down the process of aging
My bad, I misinterpreted the question.
so would my answer be right?
How do people prove that algorithms have runtimes like O(logn) or O(loglogn), I'm not really sure how they can derive numbers like that.

Durrett seems boring but I like how the solutions are available. Fine with measure theory.
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File: 1591228964505.jpg (87 KB, 781x720)
87 KB
OP here, I think I'm settling with Probability & Measure Theory by Ash. It's got all the topics I want, problems with some solutions, and is a little less condescending than Durrett.
Counterexamples in Probability
Book by Iordan Stoianov and Jordan M. Stoyanov
>Is there a reason to learn so much about quantum mechanics for someone mostly interested in computational applications of probability?
You should study enough quantum mechanics to the point that you are comfortable with path integrals. The only reason to study the path integral is that you immediately become comfortable with Brownian motion, which is the simplest path integral there is. The result is that you understand the main non-commutativity result of Brownian motion: the position and time derivative of a Brownian motion have a nonzero time-ordered commutator. This is called "Ito's Lemma" in finance or stochastic equation books.
Statistical mechanics is not just mechanics, but statistics. Many of the most useful concepts of information theory and statistics are contained in statistical mechanics.

File: EQI-ampWoAAuHzS.jpg (22 KB, 960x509)
22 KB
This is bullshit. I refuse to believe anyone tries to imagine an apple but can only picture a shitty clipart apple, or imagines it without color for some reason
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Same thing happens to me.
you are an idiot
I can see images but they aren't static and they're also really funny. Like imagine some took numerous different depictions of apples. Some photos, sole drawings, some cartoonsl style etc... now image they made a video where the apples just constantly morphed between different depictions then they exported the video in 240p
that's what I see
>really funny
meant fuzzy
And then there are galactic overlords like me who can picture an entire sequence of an apple melding into meatspace from the ether and metamorph into an apple through all stages and the paths that apple can take to conceptualize into other spaces

File: lugols iodine.jpg (78 KB, 497x1500)
78 KB
I am currently considering taking Iosol (ammonium iodide and Iodine/I2) or Lugol's iodine (potassium iodide and Iodine/I2).

Lugol's solution: formulated in 1829
Iosol: formulated in 1945

Solubility of ammonium iodide in water at 20 degrees Celsius: 172g/100g
Solubility of potassium iodide in water at 20 degrees Celsius: 140-148g/100g

According to this article https://iodinehealth.wordpress.com/iodine-types/ Iosol was formulated with ammonium iodide because according to studies of Hashimoto's thyroiditis in Japan among people who consume too much seafood (which contains potassium iodide) potassium iodide can cause thyroid congestion leading to Hashimoto's, but the article says these studies were disproven.
In the comments of the article if you ctrl+f "March 17, 2011 2:26 pm" you can find a comment which says that the body converts all forms of iodine into potassium iodide before it can be utilized by the thyroid. Is this true? If it is, then Lugol's solution would be better than Iosol.

According to this article https://www.supporthealth.com.au/health/iodine/ excess ammonium is cleared away as part of the urea cycle similar to many other body processes. Because of this and the relatively high solubility in water compared to potassium iodide, I would think Iosol/ammonium iodide would be a better choice.

Something else to consider is that Iosol uses glycerin as a solvent whereas Lugol's just uses water.
14 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
So Iosol/ammonium iodide would be better because of higher solubility and being less tightly bonded to elemental Iodine/I2? Both Iosol and lugol's iodine have elemental iodine/I2 dissolved in some form of iodide.
I found this relating to Iosol/ammonium iodide https://www.tpcsdirect.com/health-professionals:

"During the production of Iosol, iodine is extracted from kelp and made into pure iodine crystals. This is not potassium iodide, rather it is an unbound form of iodine.
The second form of iodine used is ammonium iodide, a form that readily dissolves in water. These two forms of iodine are combined in a proprietary manner in a base of vegetable glycerin.
Ammonium iodide is a combination of the mineral iodine and ammonium (NH4). This is a synthesized compound, not derived from a food source. It has superior bioavailability as the iodine readily disassociates from the ammonium upon exposure to water, producing a free iodide ion exactly what your body would like to use in metabolism."

So it seems like Iosol/ammonium iodide is the better choice as it is more soluble in water. I don't know why they decided to use glycerin though. I also don't like that it is synthetic whereas most dietary forms of iodine are potassium iodide. It seems like most of the evidence points to ammonium iodide being more effective though.

I will buy some Iosol then unless somebody says otherwise. My local health food store doesn't have any lugol's solution anyway, so I would've had to order online if I found that potassium iodide is better.
Based on Amazon prices (Iosol $15.46/fl oz, Lugol's $19.88/4oz [2 X 2oz bottles of 2% solution])
I calculated that:
Iosol costs $13.85 per gram of Iodine/iodide
Lugol's costs $3.32 per gram of Iodine/iodide

Iosol says to take 1-3 drops per day and has 610 drops
Lugol's says to take 0.714 drops per day if you are 150lbs and 1.43 drops per day if you are over 150lbs (This is based on taking either 2-3 drops twice a week if 150lbs or 4-6 drops twice a week if you are over 150lbs) Lugol's has 1200 drops per container (for the amazon version it is 2 containers so total of 2400 drops).

Iosol will run out in 305 days (if we assume 2 drops per day) while Lugol's will run out in 3361 days if you are 150lbs and 1681 days if you are over 150lbs.

So Lugol's costs $0.005914 per day if you are 150lbs and $0.01182 per day if you are over 150lbs
Iosol costs $0.05068 per day

So Lugol's is way cheaper, but seems not to have as much bioavailability? But lugol's solution uses the iodide compound that is the only type found in nature, so you can still get whatever iodine you need from it. Both lugol's and iosol are unnatural due to the fact that they have elemental iodine/I2 dissolved in the iodide compound (ammonium or potassium iodide) which is not found in nature. I think the extra bioavailability you get from ammonium iodide is not worth paying so much more, especially if you are relatively healthy. It could be worth it to pay for Iosol with the ammonium iodide if you have poor health or a damaged thyroid.

I guess I'll see if my health food store has Iosol for cheaper than Amazon does, otherwise I may buy Lugol's from the Amazon page I linked earlier.
Also, just because they are unnatural due to the elemental iodine does not mean they are unhealthy. That actually makes them more useful than just the iodide compounds alone are
Would you recommend trying this Out ? There are a few hypothyroid cases in my Family and I've been suffering from irregular fatigue / brain Fog from time to time for many years
Also nutrition mostly sucks

Science is the most stupid activity man is developping.

>Sending bent iron tubes into space only to see it crash almost instantly
>Developping an insecure network where any sensible info is constantly leaked.
>Create Bitcoin, a prehistoric technology sucking up 3x more electricity in fiat, than its price.

I fucking hate science. I also hate all spiritualities, be it the buddhist or the catholic church.

I hate the entirety of this hellole we call the "visible universe" but I also hate the invisible world.

I hate the entire cosmos
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Wow so unique and cool. I bet it took your peanut brain hours to concieve of this retarded thread.
My lab is pretty well lit, i have a bunch of coworkers that I like, and my research is relevant to questions people want answers to. 7/10 would reccomend science, it's better than being a NEET like you
>>Create Bitcoin, a prehistoric technology sucking up 3x more electricity in fiat, than its price.
lol is that true.
>NEET in his home hates science cause he can't fathom not knowing everything
All you're doing OP is reminding us there is room for experimentation and optimization and getting our juices flowing

What's the deal with /pol/ and the vaccine fears? Are they legit or just schizo? Arent there risks with any vaccine? These are the same people who thought the snow in Texas was fake and was burning
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It’s amazing how damn near every time one of you creatures posts it lands near the top of the list of dumbest things I’ve ever heard a person say
They're simply obsessed. There's no cure or end to their obsession with (((the juice))). They see it everywhere.
Since white people can be spiteful does that mean everything ever said about white people is probably true as well? Or does your full retard logic magically only apply to certain people
>trust authority
Lmao no thanks.
The holocaust is required to summon the antichrist.
And since the goyim have never and apparently will never slaughter the jews, they have to do it themselves.

File: thumbnail3.png (34 KB, 660x473)
34 KB
>Have something to prove
>Decide to use induction
>Assume that for an arbitrary number a proposition is correct
>Use the starting proposition to prove stuff
>Literally I assumed something is true to prove other stuff is true
>Thus conclude that this is true for every number greater than the starting one
Do mathfags UNIRONICALLY trust the induction method to be reliable? It's like building a house on sand and expecting it to hold, it just makes no sense, there is no point in using it because you assume something is true and then extend it to everything...
32 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
The problem is not the base case, rather it's the invariant generalization that is not performed correctly. Mathematicians suck at capture-free substitution.
those 2 retards are debating concepts who cares!
in maths, induction is the equivalent claim that N is a set

induction is just really their way to get a set of natural numbers, because they deeply crave to put those numbers in a set.
thats why you prove that its true for some base case first retard
what is this?

File: 1611196782863.jpg (45 KB, 803x424)
45 KB
which is it, /soi/?
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We don't know how fast the orange portal is slamming into the bottom with the cube is going at therefore we cannot know how far the cube will project from the blue portal.

OP is a faggot
why the homophobia?
lurk moar newfag
fucking finally... someone who can think.

File: NASA.jpg (172 KB, 1000x999)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
On with a Zoom meeting of kids 11-15 years olds, watching the Mars landing "production"
After a while they started saying,
>"Why are they all girls?"
>"Aren't they too young to be in charge?", etc.
This was in response to the constant stream of 'diverse' people interviewed who were maybe not so very diverse: almost all very young, and very often female.

So, they were getting skeptical, then:
THERE WAS SOME FUCKING ROCK BAND doing a bad cover of bowie's Life on Mars
...and the kids started laughing.

NASA blew it.
Why pander like that?
Do they believe science/engineering interesting enough without packaging it like entertainment?
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Nasa sex cult confirmed
File: nipple suit.jpg (118 KB, 490x874)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
I really dislike this in-your-face fangirl stuff. What's kind of novel is that those people now are treated as valid and serious and calling them out for being fake is now considered hate speech.
I hope they actually give her this helmet on a mission if she would ever go to mars
That haircut is literally
>Yes, I'm an Asian American Male, how could you tell?

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