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File: E0z3aoFX0AIqZXL.jpg (119 KB, 1024x340)
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119 KB JPG
Yeah, this image? Totally real.
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Can you see why reflectors on the Moon isn't a good argument to bring to the average person?
might be a low gain antenna
why not?
>hurrr science is expensive so it doesn't count
Any one of them.

I was thinking about trying to make an onahole (or some other kind of sex toy) out of raw beef or maybe pork.

How safe is this? Could I catch something? Do I have to wear a condom, or can I just cum in it raw (worried about disease here, not pregnancy)? Can I use the blood as lube? Less importantly, does this technically count as bestiality and/or necrophilia?

This is not a troll post, by the way. I'd really like to know about any possible health risks that I should be aware of if and when I decide to go through with this.

Thanks in advance for helping a /b/rotha out.
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Well if you are determined to make a meat onahole, what I would do is put ground beef in a latex glove or balloon or something, work out a way to make a hole in the middle, and then seal off the actual meat from touching your junk. Then use lubricant on the latex to make it slide. You might be able to do something similar with layers of shrink wrap idk. Either way your best bet is to not actually have the meat touching your dick.

If the meat being on your dick is some kind of fucked up fetish then idk what to tell you, I guess you just have to determine if the risk is worth the reward.
Thanks, anon, I'll give it a shot.
Where do you buy beef vag?
Just use a condom?

Why has nobody suggested this
I mean like, don't do it, its gross and you should get mental health help
But if you refuse to do that
Just use a condom?
1. Buy a nice roast
2. Cut a slit in it
3. Fuck the living shit out of it
4. Cum deep inside
5. Bake it up in the oven.
6. Serve it to wife and sister in law

I did this several times. And yes, I had some too. I'm not about to let a good roast go to waste.

For the full recipe, >> /ck/

File: men always suffer.jpg (237 KB, 1188x764)
237 KB
237 KB JPG
>New research provides evidence of “clear, consistent, and large discrimination” against men in female-dominated occupations in Sweden. The study indicates that women are more likely to receive a response to entry-level job applications than men are.

>“Perhaps the first motivation when looking at discrimination in the labor market is that it is theoretically inefficient, a profit maximizing firm should not discriminate between workers of equal productivity based on immutable characteristics, as it would run counter to their goals,” he explained.

>Granberg and his colleagues found that women had higher positive employer response rates than men on average, an effect that was primarily driven by female-dominated occupations. There was no evidence of discrimination against women in male-dominated professions or in mixed-gender professions, but the researchers did find evidence of discrimination against men in female-dominated professions.


Does this mean I can no longer have my dream job of being a kindergarten teacher as a fat balding male? I want to teach these kids science! :(
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Now do the same experiment but with handsome men. You will realize the discrimination is not against all men, just the ugly ones.
Daily reminder to suicide if youre balding.
How many men do you know that are kindergarten teachers? I never seen one.
Do a google image search.
>Kindergarten teacher
In almost every picture, there is a woman.
About half are men, the other half women.
Chad is a Kindergarten teacher and fucks all the women working there while the kids are playing outside.
I told them that that 3 year old was making false accusations but they didn't believe me!

File: kuurBHW (1).jpg (266 KB, 2048x1096)
266 KB
266 KB JPG
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What does this have to do with science and math?
File: ka-ching!!.jpg (151 KB, 1200x676)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
No ka-ching for you, m8.
File: USA!! USA!! USA!!.jpg (132 KB, 1140x641)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
File: australian.png (259 KB, 640x360)
259 KB
259 KB PNG
Very little, the booster reentry is tangential at best (unless were talking about orbital emchanics), the board is being inundated by tourists

File: Photo+1.jpg (70 KB, 460x345)
70 KB
Whats the problem with hydroponics /sci/?
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isn't aeroponics even better? Also how do you grow trees with it?
Fruits and vegetables got no taste.
That's all right. They will gladly sell you taste and flavours for a premium.
this is not true at all
Its its still very expensive in many cases such that forgoing it is the better option

File: 229757_web.jpg (141 KB, 1440x810)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
Does ADHD make you ridiculously tired every second of every day no matter what?
No, you got confused with sleep deprivation.
ADHD is a made up fake disorder designed to make money on healthy children. Even the original doctor admitted it.
so am I lazy or just retarded ?
No, the term ADHD came to represent a group of people that happen to be situated on the left side of the bell curve in terms of their ability to shift attention and inhibit themselves. It's a diagnosis invented solely for the sake to increase profits of workers and soon-to-be workers because people with low self inhibition tend to perform worse in a factory style work place. I don't reject the notion of ADHD when it comes to stand for children or adults who may have trouble concentrating for hours on a single topic. I reject the notion because it is plainly visible that this "disorder" has been introduced to market drugs and condition people into becoming formidable workers that fulfill their quota without any problems. Thus, the dysfunctional component of ADHD is not inherent. It only emerges because our society values conformity and productivity and punishes those with sub-par performance.
That's me except it goes away when I'm doing something engaging.

File: Man & Woman Scales.jpg (106 KB, 2048x1500)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
I read somewhere that the females of a species tend to be the larger and stronger of the sexes, or at least evenly matched with with the males. Why isn’t that the case with humans? And what could cause that to change?
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Who doesn't want to be the species where one is able to derive vanilla from their anal glands?
>humans aren't big

We're large than most, stronger than most, and have high strength to weight ratios than most around our size, I dunno what you're talking about.
>and have high strength to weight ratios than most around our size
I'm pretty sure a Chimps, who are 1/3 the size of a human on average, are stronger than the average human despite being smaller.
TMI. Just TMI.
That sort of stuff always varies from species to species, humans just happened to go one route over the other.

Post salary and degree
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is it comfy with your cost of life?
School is for nerds
1.2mil stats phd
What's your job?
larping on 4channel

File: Calabi Yau.png (3.53 MB, 1920x1080)
3.53 MB
3.53 MB PNG
Previous one: https://archived.moe/sci/thread/13087873

No meta this time. Talk about maths only.

Discussion Guidelines:
1. Keep your posts math related.
2. Career advice goes on >>>/sci/scg or >>>/adv/.
3. Stupid questions, homework questions, and questions at highschool level go on >>>/sci/sqt or >>>/wsr/.
4. Please abstain from using images as avatars when making your posts.
5. Please abstain from posting meme and troll images and do not engage with such.
6. Please abstain from engaging in off topic discussion with someone else.
7. We don't care if you're a christian, muslim, trans, nazi, an attack helicopter or whatever, so don't post about it.
8. We don't care if you hate a certain group of people, so don't post about it.
9. We don't care if you're in high school or doing a PhD, so don't post about it unless it's related to mathematics.
10. Ignore everyone that doesn't follow the previously stated guidelines. DO NOT REPLY TO THEM OTHERWISE YOU'LL BE GIVING THEM THE ATTENTION THEY WANT. IGNORE AND MOVE ON.
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I don't think the compression aspect must necessarily serve your largest knowledge base.

What is your subject and what are some of those orthogonal topics
Are you in America?>>13110180
[math]\subset[/math] is what i use 99% of the time, unless it's really important to note that the subset is proper, in which case i use [math]\subsetneq[/math]
What do you think?

File: Pseudoephedrine.png (14 KB, 1641x1145)
14 KB
how can i synthesize amphetamine from pseudoephedrine
>from pseudoephedrine
you better start from phenylacetone
it's easier
Try killing yourself faggot.

I hate drugfags who only like chemistry to make drugs.
is it a question?
amphetamine syntheses is easy af, if you have to ask how to make it, just dont. you obviously lack all sufficient knowledge to make it safe

File: 1620200543890.jpg (23 KB, 373x560)
23 KB
What is the optimal interval between pregnancies to wait if you want multiple children?
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based boomer
>Hopefully none of them would be social scientists
you kill the ones who become social scientists
I bet OP would love "studying" that tribe.
pretty similar to ancient Finland
are you a female?

>diabetes treatment is predatory
>the food pyramid is bullshit
>you don't need to use toothpaste
>you don't need to wear sunblock
>mental illness is a self fulfilling prophecy
>sugar is a drug
>the fossil record is full of massive gaps
>global warming is hoax
>chemtrails exist
>it's impossible to explore Antarctica as a private citizen
>the Hindenburg was destroyed to make way for airplanes
>the international space station was abandoned years ago
>George Washington was a freemason
anything else I should know?
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There are enzymes in saliva that convert it to sugar in the mouth
if its free you are the product
if its not you are the product
>anything else I should know?
aim the shotgun to your face
You forgot:
>black women have the tightest pussies
mutt's law
Build up a ball of spit in your mouth and swish and swirl for a minute or two with action from your tongue.

Spit dissolves the leftover food, tongue acts as a brush.

File: OIP.jpg (19 KB, 474x454)
19 KB
>be graduate student
>TA for graduate class in CS

>1/2 the class doesn't understand basic calculus
>2/3 of the class doesn't understand basic linear algebra
>3/4 of the class can't proagmatically implement some basic algorithms

A good 1/2 of the people are foreign and they are even less competent than the american students.

How the fuck did american graduate education allow itself to get clogged up with these fuckers? They are going to saturate the job market and destroy it, this is basically HB-1 2.0. And the most fucked up thing? More of the foreign students are on assistanceship than the americans.
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What do you code monkeys do all day?

>get object from db
>show image to user
>modify object in db
>get object from db
>show image to user
>modify object in db
yes, that is essentially what basic CRUD software is. even at the big companies someone's gotta do the CRUD work. many people's main valuable skill in the world of SWE is knowledge about how to connect various APIs together
>api sends data
>modify data and display it
>api requires data
>send data
>use someone else's frontend framework exactly the way the docs describe how to use it to make cute app
>use someone else's js libraries exactly the way the docs describe how to use it to make request to backend
>use someone else's load balancer exactly the way the docs describe how to use it to route to your backend
>use someone else's web framework exactly the way the docs describe how to use it to process http requests
>use someone else's auth middleware exactly the way the docs describe how to use it to handle login
>use someone else's database api exactly the way the docs describe how to use it to make db calls
>use someone else's web framework again exactly the way the docs describe how to use it to send response to frontend
>make 200k/yr for being able to do this

the last line is the only reason people want this job
Graduate CS education really should include math courses. The coursework alone is not enough to prepare you for research.

File: Screenshot_1.jpg (74 KB, 470x511)
74 KB
What do you think /sci/?

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extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence
I agree, the fact we haven't identified the host or intermediary of the virus shows just how far fetched the natural emergence theory is

File: 1620400956850.png (693 KB, 960x936)
693 KB
693 KB PNG
Do psychedelics expand your consciousness?
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you know the current scientific consensus is psychedelics are perhaps one of the most promising treatments for mental illness
oh dude, I know. with proper life style you can even achieve samadhi, what Castaneda called stopping the world, stopping time, achieving point of no pity. knowledge it gives you worth more than all money in the world.
Why are shroomers so single-minded if psychedelics expand consciousness? They go from regular people with regular interests to shroom-obsessed dullards. Sounds to me like shrooms contract consciousness.
I experienced ego death for a few hours while not experiencing any other psychedelic effects. It was very unpleasant, but I'm glad it happened because it helped me understand the true nature of sociopathy.
why is not a question, but complaint. try and find out. as appears the most interesting thing in Universe is your body, your self.

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