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File: WMAP_2010.png (2.86 MB, 4096x2048)
2.86 MB
2.86 MB PNG
Why do we talk about shit in space that's billions of light years away when chances are they probably don't even exist anymore? Fucking stupid
Do you not see any point in learning about the universe anon? If so I don't really know why you're on the science board.
well, they existed in the past and that's almost as interesting
we're not going to be visiting them either way
>accidentally discovers the exact reason we care so much about shit in space
holy based

File: hmm.png (19 KB, 739x568)
19 KB
0.7555... = ?
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lim(x->inf) 0.7 + (0.05..*x)/x as x gets bigger it gets closer and closer to 0.76 so 0.76 is the limit and 0.75... = 0.76
based mathematical genius
nice samefagging
>it gets closer and closer to 0.76
Yes, and it never gets close enough to actually become 0.76. The 5s are forever repeating. Endless 5s doesn't make a 6.
7/10 + 5/90

File: OVZdMF8.png (772 KB, 853x853)
772 KB
772 KB PNG
Where can i most effectively put my money to do my part against climate change? Not necessarily to make a return on investment or anything, I just wanna support whoever's actually putting the money to use (and not opposing nuclear energy like wwe).
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If humans don't warm the earth, we'll be in another ice age within a few hundred years. You should thank those of us doing our part
Send a letter to your representative telling them you want fossil fuel subsidies to be eliminated or funneled into renewable energy subsidies and all of the fossil fuel based companies will hop on the renewable energy or nuclear bandwagon to protect their profits. If you can, put solar panels on your roof and get yourself 24 hours of energy storage. Buy an electric vehicle if you can afford it or a small, cheap car with good milage if you can't. Buy as many disposable charcoal products as is practical and don't burn any of them. Decrease your plastic use, recycle plastic and metals, compost or just toss compostables. Be mindful of the energy you use in all forms and try to save it when possible.
climate change is real, adults are talking here
Invest it in an "ethical ETF". You'll make solid returns without contributing to oil, mining, etc.
File: MIRI.jpg (170 KB, 2048x1075)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
>being more concerned about global fucking warming than AI
Consider donating to MIRI instead

File: aliisa.png (262 KB, 540x452)
262 KB
262 KB PNG
What's the best STEM field to study if you've got no interest in any of them?

I'm pretty good at spotting analogous patterns and trends in things I'm knowledgeable about, and adding to knowledge that I already have. I tried to go back to school to study biology and chemistry because I like psychology and animals and thought studying animal behaviour would be cool. I underestimated the sheer amounts of info I had to memorise without any chance or opportunity to connect it into anything I already knew about.

I got good grades of the 1st class of chemistry, the simplest model of an atom was easy to understand and the chemical reactions seemed understandable and sufficiently close to common sense. But I quickly burned out and became completely incapable.

Learning something unpalatable is like eating plain flour. One spoonful is tolerable. Even large amounts are good when mixed into more palatable, less dry things. But when you try to build on the unpleasant knowledge by forcing yourself to memorise more and more stuff that's dry and not directly good for anything else, you're just adding flour to flour, and eating a whole bowl of nothing but flour with nothing else to help it go down, it's just not going to go down.

There's a saying in finnish, "what you learn with no joy, you forget with no sorrow". It's hard to build more and more on a foundation that already crumbled before it was done.

What's the easiest STEM field to learn if you don't like them? How you make yourself learn it?
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What a normie loser. Actually a caricature
File: 1590427761851.jpg (544 KB, 900x814)
544 KB
544 KB JPG
Consider Industrial Engineering.

From Wikipedia:

"Engineering is traditionally decompositional. To understand the whole, it is first broken into its parts. One then masters the parts and puts them back together, becoming the master of the whole. Industrial and systems engineering's (ISE) approach is the opposite; any one part cannot be understood without the context of the whole. Changes in one part affect the whole, and the role of a part is a projection into the whole. In traditional engineering, people understand the parts first, then they can understand the whole. In ISE, they understand the whole first, and then they can understand the role of each part.

Also, Industrial engineering considers the human factor and its relation to the technical aspect of the situation and the all of the other factors that influence the entire situation,[3] while other engineering disciplines focus on the design of inanimate objects."
None. Just study art like all tranny freaks do.
>not a stem field
False. You can study why stem-fags are sexist, imperialist, fascist cis-scum. You can even argue that all cosmology and naturalism is just meta-narrativism that arises out of the inherent nihilism of the empirical philoosphy.

File: maxresdefault (1).jpg (180 KB, 1280x720)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
aaaaaaaaaaaaa why did I choose to continue with math past the first year it's so fucking dry
it's like it's optimised to minimise meaning
we just learn heuristics for how to shuffle numbers
there's nothing about application
there's no proof
there's no history
Fuck this I'm switching out to aerospace engineering I'll teach myself math rigorously on my own time fuck university
Serves me right for expecting anything from a monopoly institution.
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Have you taken a numerical methods course yet? That usually is very application focused.
Filtering is an accomplishment as people generally agree that rarity goes along with value so a course that is rare to pass is believed to be more valuable. This is a very common mode of thinking. Do you have autism?
It's an ass-backwards way of thinking.
Filtering should happen because of the limits of the learner, not the educator being a worse educator on purpose.
I think I'm just fundamentally not wired with a market mentality.
If I'm reading you right, your way of thinking is that the courses should be made as meaningless and tricky as possible so that employers can know they have someone who is highly competitive (psychologically), self-motivated, and doesn't need meaning outside of status and money rewards, and is also talented/smart?
My view is that I want to learn math, and that it would be cool if math was more accessible.
I also don't agree that rarity makes something valuable (to me). That might be a common way of thinking, but you're being memed afaic.
I mean, the idea of teaching things badly on purpose is just horrifying to me. It's not an accomplishment, it's obviously immoral.

File: 1590986787675.jpg (167 KB, 842x620)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
/med/ - Medicine General

Last thread >>11686822

Thread for the discussion of allopathic evidence-based medicine. We discuss research, offer advice (the best one is to see your family physician), make fun of premeds and shitpost.

>What's the best spec for research?
Path, onc, anesthesia, etc.
>Best spec lifestyle wise?
Psych, ophtho, derm, rads
>Is x too old for med?
89 replies and 19 images omitted. Click here to view.
>High IQ
well that solidifies it for me, boys. IM it is
Lmao. IM is mental masturbation with daily micro-management of the patient's blood panel. What the fuck is exciting about that, I have no idea.
What about cardiology? That's my end goal.

And I enjoy mental masturbation
Cards seems fun at first but becomes boring considering you mostly see patients with hypertension and HF.

Your choice, ultimately, but it's boring as shit. I'd rather get comfy with rural FM and see a shit ton of variety in diseases.
gotcha, thanks for the input. I'm entering clerkship now and think I'll end up in IM. Really dont want to be rural. I did a rotation in rural FM and my preceptor said if you dont make 500k (CAD) like 2-3 years out of residency then you're fucking up.

On another note, super general question but in which specialties is there the most opportunity to engage with ethics in an academic sort of way?

File: Final_Bell-1.png (55 KB, 774x973)
55 KB
Attached is a classical prediction for the results of Alain Aspects experiment regarding Bell's theorem. This violates the Bell inequality. It does this because Bell's theorem is wrong. In short Bell through statistical correlation equaled causation. Which is wrong. A quote from Bell follows

On the assumption that the experimental settings can be treated as free variables, whose values are determined exogenously, if the choice of setting on one wing is made at spacelike separation from the experiment on the other, a dependence of the probability of the outcome of one experiment on the setting of the other would seem straightforwardly to be an instance of a nonlocal causal influence. The condition that this not occur can be formulated as follows.

Bell is wrong. Correlation is noy causation. His inequality is bullshit. Quantum entanglement is just a manifestation of a quantum physicists inability to understand probability.
302 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
>You have very low self awareness. You realize that? You are saying I can't disprove Bell because my results don't agree with Bell. You realize this is just circular logic right?

You really have to work on that reading problem, you know?

What I've actually been saying from the beginning is that your "work" is at various times nonsensical with improper probabilities and at other times manifestly not locally causal, so what you're doing is irrelevant to Bell's theorem.

When we enter the realm where Bell's theorem is actually relevant, like the student example with multiple possible measurements, then the onus is on you to provide a disproof. You, being a retard, asked me to provide this disproof for you when you said "just demonstrate this yourself".

Throughout three threads, you haven't proved jack shit except that you don't understand anything relevant to Bell's theorem and that you're incapable of even learning about it. Either construct P(B|A,λ) = P(B|λ) that doesn't depend on angle a and P(A|B,λ) = P(A|λ) that doesn't depend on angle b or admit that you're a brainlet.
>Either construct P(B|A,λ) = P(B|λ) that doesn't depend on angle a and P(A|B,λ) = P(A|λ)

Okay, describe to me what's the meaning of the probability that the source is radiating.
So you chose the brainlet path. You'd know what λ meant if you were capable of reading what I've already posted, or reading any of Bell's papers.

λ means the source radiates. Now what is you interpretation of the probability of this event?
>λ means the source radiates.
lmao no

File: 1562496734363.png (25 KB, 256x256)
25 KB
If you believe <1 equals 1 then you /must/ also believe if you divide a number (greater than 0 of course) by 2 forever that it will eventually equal 0. You must admit you believe this.

Because if don't believe that; if you think dividing by 2 forever /doesn't/ equal 0, then you are in effect simultaneously admitting to <1 equaling <1, not 1.
22 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Fully Native European worldview unassauged by christian ideas
What remote untouched corner of Europe is like that at all? I find it seriously hard to believe there could ever be any such place. Sounds like a really obscure place, I don't know if an almost completely isolated community can both have access to our mathematical tradition but not to the christian worldview that influenced the development of it's whole surrounding area for a millenium.
Anyway, what does religion have to do with mathematics?
I'm a Slavic Jew and I have a math degree and accept that our common definitions of limits all agree that the real represented by 0.9... is equal to 1.
yes [eqn]
\lim_{n\to\infty} \frac{1}{2^n} = 0
>native european
The true native europeans, the neanderthals, went extinct a long time ago.
draw a line of finite length. let one end correspond to 0, and the other to 1. segments of the line that don't start and end at 0 and 1 correspond to the real numbers between 0 and 1.
congratulations, you have created a physical manifestation of the uncountable infinity

File: 1588081804355.jpg (14 KB, 238x192)
14 KB
How do i stop being an absolute brainlet? It's hurting me.
Nofap. Watch the coombrains vehemently deny this.
I don't coom or watch porn, am too stressed to get an erection.
File: gobeklitepe.png (1.18 MB, 778x1300)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB PNG
1. Go into nature and zone out for a few weeks. Literally go backpacking.
2. Stop using computer screens or phone screens to kill time.
3. Read books (any book) to stimulate some of your dormant neurons.
4. Devote yourself to an intro textbook for a topic that interests you.
5. Find niche specialities in that topic and delve into a specialty text.
6. Begin reading state-of-the-art recent journals.

File: 1591046276321.png (1.91 MB, 2314x2250)
1.91 MB
1.91 MB PNG
>be me
>be machine learning PhD student London UK
>develop model that has lots of commercial interest
>uni decides to spin out idea as a company
>asks me what salary I would want to work on my model
>wat do???
>what salary would be normal for someone like me?
15 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Don't. I make %250 my rent and doing OK. You supposedly accomplished something so you should ask for 3 times your rent.
Sorry guys not doxxing myself
Ask for a salary that scales with the success of your shitty AI
Doesn't matter.

File: 1571787742275.png (148 KB, 355x500)
148 KB
148 KB PNG
Scientifically speaking, why is /x/ the most heavily moderated board? It's fascinating. Post anything that's even remotely based in reality and non-schizo there, and 90% of the time it gets deleted. Also, vaguely political posts -- even when they're on topic and relevant -- are /almost instantly/ deleted. Like for example you make even a subtle reference to Jews and it's removed within a minute. Why are schizos so intolerant to non-schizo stuff?

Also, an observation which activated some of my almonds is that we /sci/entists are on average way more tolerant to schizo /x/-tier shit than the /x/ians are of non-schizo things.
Hiroshimoot doesn't want to get subpoena'd when a happening is actually posted. It's a shame the board has almost entirely turned into a mix of falseflaggers, LARPing zoomers, and schizobabble over the past decade.
/x/ never recovered from the world not ending in 2012.
I assume that most people who frequent /x/ are on meth (or some sort of stimulant), so I'm sure the mods are too. They just have great work ethic on top of being extremely delusional.

File: 1589566310112.jpg (244 KB, 493x1079)
244 KB
244 KB JPG
Have there been any successful proven ways in making someone psychologically resilient and better able to regulate negative emotions?
26 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
>making someone psychologically resilient and better able to regulate negative emotions?
The trick is to force it out of your mind as quickly as possible so that it doesn't become a long term memory.
You can teach yourself to not dwell on things by actively redirecting your focus onto something else.
poor guy :(
Ego. They feel like losers. They want to prove they are men. Dominating others physically is how they go about it.
Same. I felt like shit from 12 to 26 and suddenly gained the ability to feel however I wanted in the space of a week
most bluepilled post in this thread

This paper claims that we have started a green house cascade that will make all agriculutre impossible in the future

>With the future climate instability already locked into the system by recent human activity we will most likely return to the climate volatility of the Pleistocene. Climate change will adversely affect agriculture in a number of ways including sea level rise, higher average temperatures, heat extremes, changes in rainfall patterns, and the loss of pollinators. Less understood changes include the effects on agricultural pests, soil composition, and the growth response of crops to rising CO2 levels.

Is it over lads?
27 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
>I vote for people who would shoot them on the border rather than let them in
You wont have enough bullets to stop them all
Ah, but what if there are multiple faucets that you don't control, and the process of turning them all off is really expensive. But you can build higher tub walls yourself for relatively cheap. So if you were one of the first to get wet when the tub overflows, wouldn't it make sense build up the walls to buy time while you try to convince all those with faucets to take the expensive measures to turn them off?

Granted you run the risk of people not being willing to turn the faucets off later if the building higher walls method is cheaper, but when have people not punted problems down the line?
>the US dustbowl
Hopefully. The past few days give me no hope for mankind.

File: sdgags.png (1.12 MB, 1155x848)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB PNG
Why isn't there a space race to build the first space elevator?

Seems like the country to build it first would pretty much have monopoly of space travel. Anyone who wants to send something up would want a ride. Is it really that impossible?
14 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Not spectroscopy sorry, microscopy.
I don't know what the fuck you're smoking, but they measured the strength of colossal carbon tubes by performing tensile testing of a 5 mm long fiber:
They stretched the fiber until it broke. No fancy microscopy or summing up C-C bond strengths
Isn't practical, you are limited to only one point in space, while the most demanded space activity (communications) demands many points, trajectories and orbits.
You still will not get this 7GPa strength in a km of this stuff.
File: 785.png (36 KB, 300x345)
36 KB
>be me, 2035
>flying my SpaceX Intercontinental Massive Planecraft (or SIMP for short) from New York to London
>cruising at 150,000 feet
>going to be in
>in 10 minutes to fuck this really hot cyberchick I matched with on PlentyofFishonEarth
>chilling and browsing channel 64 out of boredom
>suddenly hear a loud crash
>SIMP starts shaking and I can feel the craft rapidly descend
>look outside
>mfw right wing has been cleanly cut off
>attempt to control SIMP
>contact mesosphere traffic control (MTC) and explain the situation
>start panicking

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: trygettingajob.jpg (29 KB, 650x635)
29 KB
So, on the /g/ board there was a thread about how hard it is to get a job in STEM (OP was about an applicant that got one response after shotgunning 300+ applications)

Down in the thread an anon said that "T and M are the only ones that matter, S and E are shit"
Regarding T vs. E this confused me because I'm not sure how these are different in terms of what you study? Can anyone enlighten me?
I'm choosing what to study and basically, I want to work in biomechatronics in some capactiy eventually, and I want to know what the most optimal and hands-on path towards that would be. Already a very competent programmer.
14 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Is it possible to get a job in machine learning with only a BSc in mathematics? Ive taken the deeplearning.ai courses (deep learning, tensorflow) and have 3 projects on my github. No one responds to my applications.
dare to share ur github?
File: 1468517485931.jpg (135 KB, 650x974)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
Boys redpill me on getting a diploma in Systems Admin
I'm considering it as a last ditch effort to become employable, but I've always steered away from STEM because I was so unfathomably shit at math and coding in high school
I live in Canada, I don't even know where I'd find the money for the diploma but that's a problem for another day
I'm gonna start studying chemeng next year, is my life gonna suck?
In a big city T can matter because you can be a higher tier code monkey. You have to be in London or San Fran or NY or somewhere like that though. Elsewhere it won't be worth it. They also don't require a specific degree, or even a degree. E gives you good access to a secondary profession, they're professional qualifications, but there's been a lack of development across every sector so T from E based roles aren't great, not so much funding for new ideas/startups outside of biotech in a few areas (and you won't get your biotech idea funded right now). E is the best one if you have a mind toward management, M is the worst one there. E will have you handling more detailed and real world projects, and if you pursue an E career you're more likely to be in charge of large budgets in a meaningful way more quickly. If you have no ambition leave E alone, there are plenty of low tier jobs to get stuck in for life.

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