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File: centrifugal_force.png (45 KB, 400x595)
45 KB
Uhh Is this guy an idiot?
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Are you saying tension of a string isn't a force?
hasn't been good in over a decade

There's a reason why the robot was eventually disabled and [r9k] became the feels board
There's also the problem with imperfections in the connection which can lead to rotation as well.
Saying there is actually a force in a rotational frame is kind of like suggesting the Earth is a fixed point that all of the other objects in the universe move around, and there are inexplicable forces that cause them to move. Knowing the Earth is orbiting the Sun and follows its inertial path through curved space-time allows you to model the motion of the planets much more simply, and offers profound insight into the nature of the universe, but it's not strictly necessary. You can create fictional forces to explain the apparent motion of planets as seen by the Earth, and that's exactly what people did.

When you try and make science seem unintuitive, and get views by telling an audience that they are smarter than their high school teachers, you can end up asserting that fictional forces that are necessary to describe the apartment motion of objects in a rotational frame are "real" when that motion and its cause would arise naturally from understanding the object is following an inertial path through curved space-time. In fact, the over-zealous schoolteacher is just trying to make sure you understand that when you look at the stars spin in a circle through the sky, it is the rotation of the Earth you are seeing and not the rotation of the universe around the Earth. One of these views grants insight into the true nature of the universe, and the other does not.

Have you cheated before?
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yeah it just becomes a new level of difficulty in getting away with it
No, why would I? Just leave the other person if you are not interested in a relationship.
The only possible reason to not do it is because either you are afraid to so a coward, or you need their money so you are a whore
File: 1673016572727315.jpg (935 KB, 2254x1438)
935 KB
935 KB JPG
No, just anon who was foolish in his youth
File: forward.jpg (7 KB, 259x194)
7 KB
This is not the first time in a month or so that someone has accused me of being AI
I am guessing its because of my odd writing style
I wonder if this is going to become a problem for my online exchanges
well, at least you don't have children and your kids, if they ever do exist, will end up fatherless bastards who suck cock for change. thanks for your contributions

File: science man.jpg (162 KB, 1500x1121)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
Would you agree that natural scientists are more interested in things that are unexplainable? Wouldn't the main purpose of science be turning unexplainable concepts into explainable ones? The time it takes figuring out something unexplainable is greater in science.
They're usually interested in things that are falsifiable, as in, things capable of being proven false but may be true. That's why you don't get many scientists looking for ghosts and things like that, because while ghosts might exist they also might not so the search could be endless. I think that applies to most things but some things might bend the rules a bit, like finding a theory of everything etc, I'm not sure if that's falsifiable
>while ghosts might exist they also might not so the search could be endless
sorry i should have said: while ghosts might exist it can't be proven they don't so the search could be endless
Yeah for sure, because if we can explain the unexplainable, then we can find cures for diseases and the like.
For example, Koch finding the causative agent for TB eventually led to drugs designed for an acid-fast bacterium

File: Dyson_QED_is_a_lie.png (542 KB, 1242x782)
542 KB
542 KB PNG
Holy shit, Feynman was a fraud and QED is a lie.
You should watch the video.
Renormalization seems ok to me. You basically say that charge is actually zero but some interaction is infinitely strong so the net effect is infinite x 0, and this produces some finite number.
In any case its a theory that only describes what is already been measured in an experiment. You can extrapolate and say the trend must be valid out of the range you measured first, but for how long?
One can't just say QED holds at literally any energy.
Also, Feynman didn't invent QED. Just these useless diagrams that allegedly simplify the calculation except you still have to draw dozens ir hundreds of them and who can tell you did it right? I prefer the old way and 10 pages of easy but tedious math are done in a click with a Mathematica program.
Fascinating video.

File: 2.jpg (29 KB, 567x459)
29 KB
What's your philosophical position on science? Are you a scientific realist or anti-realist?
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Take your philophobia back to SA
Not a single one of you has a single peer reviewed publication. None of you are scientists. You all should kill yourselves. But first, find a proper board. I recommend >>>/lgbt/
File: Conflation.jpg (25 KB, 750x375)
25 KB
What is science?
That is to ask: is science the process, or is science the results?

If this is 2 separate things frequently get conflated, do we need new words or language to differentiate the two?
STEM-TARDS are literal subhumans. If they got their way the entire universe would literally be nonstop imploding because of their retarded tech-first dogmatism

How good you are at mathematics is directly related to how smart you are. Saying that you don’t like mathematics or have a bad mathematics background is just a cope for being dumb. Mathematics has the most demand on IQ of any STEM subject. Simple as.

t. CS major that isn’t good at mathematics
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I'm ok with this. I reach my limit when it gets to differential equations and partial derivatives etc. That's when I switched to chemistry from physics. I'll be able to help out more.
Don't be silly. It's not like there's someone posting 414852532 bait pictures across the site.
Organization increases efficiency, leading to more time.
But being smart is clearly both of those
Having willpower to do "useless" everyday shit is smart
You can take that all the way back to wiping your own ass, if you cannot do that but can do 8dimensional sudokus you are retarded as fuck :D
it's been 3 weeks bro, have you figured out how to open it yet?

File: 1662698154580.png (359 KB, 1116x2149)
359 KB
359 KB PNG
>What are the scientific of this?
This is what the Eternal Jew is really worried about, The third largest economic Powerhouse and only with half the population of entire size of USA thank's to bigger brain power.

All Ancient Germanic Tribe bloodlines will be united under one flag, But the language's remain as the are best language's you ear can hear, The best of the best white breeding stock in this world. If we achieve this will be true European Union with Capital In Berlin. With the brain-power we will have be exploring star's and soon leave the rest with their common ancestor from africa. We will dominate the world only with technology that others do not have a true White Man's way of new Atlantis.

That's what you should be working on to give you hope, can you feel it? just like in 1933 again.

exactly 8/11/2023 will be a solid 100 year anniversary since our greatest uncle heroically took to the streets to send the Weimar Globo-Homo a strong signal, We should go to the streets on that date and remove these "rent-free" politicians and make their Over-lord stain their pant's solidly with liquid matter, This indeed will be a strongest bond on earth, if that doesn't happen we'll die out like Brown Apes shit slinging lower denomynators on each other.

Figure it out


ß ß ß
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"Rest" of the world has sub 80 IQ, these animals are barely conscious. It wouldn't matter if we just Nuked them off.
jews and asians have significantly higher iqs though
Why do you want to dominate the world, are you not happy in your advanced ethnostate? Russia and China will fuck you
Last time you acted with this line of reasoning in mind it ended up with Germany destroyed and split in half.
So by all means, go ahead, try your luck.
Whites generally don't count jews and asians when discussing racial hierarchies.

American college admissions' affirmative action is an example of this.

>biggest mathematical discovery of the century
>literally nothing comes from it
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All that really matters in math is algebraic geometry. That's all that's every really mattered.
why would a proof change anything?
people already publish theorems contingent on conjectures. So bunch of people have been pretending it was true already

Back when the megamillions was over a billion dollars I started playing. Unfortunately, it was way too hard for me. I did not get a single number right out of like 7 drawings. Not a single number.

Now that powerball is over 600m I thought I would give it a shot. Is it any easier ?
Do you guys have any tips?
I would at least like to get a few numbers correct
73 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
was any anon able to win last night? I fell asleep and never even bought a ticket
why arent those in order?
are you trying to fool me?
As of February 3, 11 PM EST (4 AM UTC)

01 04 50 54 59, powerball 17

Whoever wins here...you lucky bastards...
File: download.jpg (11 KB, 232x218)
11 KB
>Do you guys have any tips?
don't play the lottery
you're more likely to win money in exception by giving money to a random homeless guy that turns out to be a youtuber or reality TV guy that gives you more money as a reward for your kindness

File: 457354735.png (6 KB, 512x288)
6 KB
i am never going to stop seething about this
30 replies omitted. Click here to view.
That's not Kyle. Trust me, I know Kyle.
Sure thing, Jimmy.
We're just going around in circles here. ;)
Secretly, circles govern the nature of everything in existence.
Archimedes was on to something.

A class is a collection of sets. A set is a collection of classes. What is a collection?
5 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
That’s what this boils down to ultimately. Autistic pilpul to justify chopping your dick off. Shit goes back at least to Zeno’s tortoise.
Sometimes programming languages have good definitions of math concepts. They tend to be a lot clearer possibly because there's one proper set of documentation written by a handful of experts with community feedback instead of people making up their own definitions strewn throughout thousands of research papers and textbooks over hundreds of years

In JavaScript you can have arrays, maps, sets etc and these are the mathematical equivalent of arrays, maps and sets. They hold numbers (or other things) in various ways and are iterable. All of these come under the generic term of collection. So a map is a type of collection and a set is also a type of collection. In JavaScript they're either keyed or indexed
>What is a collection?
It's a set
What is an object?
A formal thing.

File: 1675523494725.jpg (284 KB, 1200x675)
284 KB
284 KB JPG
How do I take the stargazing-pill? What do I need? What kind of telescope? How do I know if it's even possible in my area given all the light pollution?
if you live in a city, then just forget about that
no chance
It's a boring, expensive hobby with shit hours. Seriously, there's a reason astronomers are always at least one of the following: autistic, alcoholics, fatasses.
Get a small cheaper Celestron or something. Or just look at the moon with binoculars. Point a telescope at the area under Orion's belt. And the pleiades are cool. Jupiter is also a good easy target usually it is very bright and you can see the moon's and sometimes even atmospheric bands with a small scope. Saturn is cool too but smaller and depends on its orientation.
Look at https://www.lightpollutionmap.info/
If your area is green, yellow or red then im sorry to say that you are fucked without some pretty expensive equipment. If not then get a celestron (cheaper) or a meade (expensive) telescope

File: 1675528001884714.png (79 KB, 276x362)
79 KB
What do you actually learn if you get a degree in engineering and what are your job prospects?
Depends on what sort of Engineering you are learning.
I did a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering. I mostly learnt about Computer Architecture, currently my work is mostly related with GPU computing and Graphics Rendering.
Honestly, only 2 of the 4 years needed for a engineering degree are dedicated to studying what you need for your field.
The material is scant and doesn't really teach you much besides the bare-bones. Most of the application knowledge is picked up from experience.

This should not be happening to anyone anymore least of all Ozzy. You chuds and pencil pushers need to drop your trifling pursuits and refocus all your labs on this cure from all angles.
31 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
which mf doom track is this?
This. Praise Christ. Praise aging. Praise decay. Praise Death. Like it says in my favorite Bible passage
>death is a gift from God and all who shall try to reject this gift are enemies of the faithful
Y’all better keep that in mind.
People actually asked for old age and disease believe it or not.

I guess grass is always greener.
File: eb5.png (183 KB, 527x495)
183 KB
183 KB PNG
Did i read this correctly, are you putting a bible passage ABOVE the others?

File: portals.png (346 KB, 924x782)
346 KB
346 KB PNG
129 replies and 23 images omitted. Click here to view.
>drop a hula hoop on a cube
>it flies off as soon as the hoop touches ground
Your reference frame is the portals. From that point of view, the cube is moving. Not only that, but it follows a continuous path through the portals. The exit portal being stationary and the cube continuing its path, there is nothing else for it to do but shoot out. Still looks like a hula hoop from the right perspective (the portals) in that sense that anything that goes into a hula hoop necessarily immediately comes out the other end.
File: 1674945418028561.jpg (34 KB, 888x490)
34 KB
>presence of a portal alters known physics an infinite distance away from the portal
>the portal changed the cube's momentum
in what world?
the portal merely gives the cube more space to move and changes the direction of gravity after it flies through it.
The only possible force that could come from the portal are gravity or electromagnetism emanating from the other side, which now that I think about, could br signifcant for the portal games.
>in what world?
The world of the video game

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