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File: empirical.png (787 KB, 1000x1545)
787 KB
787 KB PNG
Why is the myth that the 'brain matures/gels/shifts at 25' so commonplace in research when
>it matures long after that
>rate of maturity doesn't have a noticeable shift around or after 25
>most task tests show relatively similar levels of development amongst people in their mid teens to late twenties/early thirties or have such a small sample size that they're not reliable enough
>architectural structure of the brain already sufficiently developed/at an adult level long before then
>iq peaks around 14-16, and fluid intelligence is already in decline by mid-30s
Is it simply because it lines up with cultural preconceptions about youth and aging? Obviously academia benefits off of this in some way.
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probably the same as they pulled the five stages of grief from
young people are gullible and easily manipulated with flattery because of their inability to control their emotions.
I don’t have anything valuable to offer on this, but I’m paranoid about going genuinely crazy. So the safe zone for schizophrenia is likely past the mid 20s? And I’m very egotistical, does that mean I’m less likely to develop this shit since I have a strong sense of self?
I'd say entire 20s. It can occur during 30s too.
I'd say it has far more to do with your intelligence or level of learning than it does a specific age. Highly intelligent people do not stop being highly intelligent after age 26 and stop learning new things, while extremely stupid people will remain that way if they are equally stubborn at any age.

File: 1658026372133.png (381 KB, 840x1250)
381 KB
381 KB PNG
The University of Houston says you can.
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seems almost exactly like what i do while sitting - the ol' ADHD leg shake shuffle
That's exactly what I thought of. It seems to be the same motion just at a higher rate.
So how long are you supposed to be doing it?

It depends what your goal is. If you just want to burn calories, it looks like it increases your calorie expenditure by about 90 kcal/hour. If you did it continuously for 8 hours then that would be over 700 calories.

I mean it fast Food must go away permanently.

It's bad for human health. It's bad for the environment and most importantly it's bad for the economy. We are spending billions of dollars each year on subsidizing the meat industry to make us all unhealthy. We have to stop this immediately
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File: ckn.png (157 KB, 400x295)
157 KB
157 KB PNG
I will cut you if you fux wit my chicken breh
>If there were no cheap fast food options then whatever the cheapest fast food option is would become the new definition of cheap.

No the supermarket would be the new definition of cheap
You don't seem to understand lots of people will never cook and even the ones who don't cook won't choose supermarker over fast food for long given how much worse microwave meals are compared to fast food.
>for long given how much worse microwave meals are compared to fast food.
Every microwave dinner I had was far better than McDonald's.
>T.walmart janitor

File: 1663584845765320.jpg (700 KB, 1908x1146)
700 KB
700 KB JPG
I hate the circle of life with every cell in my body.
WTF is this shit? Why are we here? Why do we get old? Why do we die? What is the point?

And I'm supposed to bring kids into this world? Fuck this shit. Who in their right mind would bring kids into this shit show. This great fucking unknown?

Even if we were to reach longetivity escape velocity, life still wouldnt be worth it. Because we will never know wtf we are doing. Where it all comes from. There is something rather than nothing and it's scary as fuck ok.

I dont understand how people are not freaked out. Why they strive with their stupid careers and stupid achievement when it is all fucking pointless. Mankind will go extinct. The sun will die out. Heat will die out. The universe will die out.

Everything you do is in vain.

My genes are dieing with me. Life was a mistake. Prove me wrong.
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>WTF is this shit? Why are we here? Why do we get old? Why do we die? What is the point?
Life is what you make of it-- but beware, wireless mental influence via electromagnetism is a thing. It's not "mind-control", but it's pretty close.
Vanity of vanities
Really? Are you being serious?
"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - Bible
File: 1503334225443.jpg (55 KB, 479x592)
55 KB

File: iPvX37fBvONF.png (1.37 MB, 960x884)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB PNG
Whats a more environmentally responsible choice for dinner, a cow raised on grass in a pasture or lettuce which was grown in a greenhouse with a CO2 enriched atmosphere?
Greenhouse "CO2 generators" are just propane burners, its not anything complicated, input fossil fuel, output lettuce.
In contrast, natural outdoor pasture grass removes CO2 from the atmosphere.
The greenhouse agriculture that grows most of what goes into a salad pollutes the atmosphere with excess CO2, raising cattle removes and sequesters CO2.
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I think methane is quite okay. You should curb your prejudices.
Methane took my job.
how come vegans are content to eat environmentally destructive food from co2 enhanced greenhouses?
File: vegans are faggots.jpg (68 KB, 700x464)
68 KB
why is that shop so poorly done?

File: 1663688567917.jpg (85 KB, 635x671)
85 KB
how is it that the medical community - which is a large group of notoriously wealthy individuals who self identify as highly intelligent - is incapable of finding a solution to the problem of poverty which doesn't involve murdering the impoverished?
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If there were only two people left on the planet one of them would be rich and the other poor.
There is no poverty problem. Also this
These are extreme cases who are particularly visible. Most, the majority, of homeless people work jobs just like you, only they live in their cars, or hotels, because actual housing isn't simply viable for people who are blue collar. That's just how it is.

You actually want to solve these "crackhead problems" then help the normal working people who live out of hotels and it'll trickle down to having fewer of these "hopeless" types. This is the fucked up American mentality, you see on methhead and assume all homeless people are. The methheads are in some part just a symptom of the fact that the US is unliveable and talking about them indicates that you're actually just a psychopath who doesn't actually want the problem solved.
>If you are incapable of even supporting yourself
Correction: If society is incapable of supporting its people. Your framing is wrong. This is easily demonstrated, as you might as well blame them for "choosing the wrong parents" at birth. Grow up.
>which is a large group of notoriously wealthy individuals who self identify as highly intelligent
>notoriously wealthy
My salary is $200,000/yr but after education debts and essential expenses my "disposable" income for food, rent, transportation etc. is $50,000 USD. It'll be like this for 10 years, after which I can make the full $200,000 for a good 20 years before retirement at age 68. It'll have taken me 20 years of education for the privelege of earning $4MM over another 20 year period.
Does that sound wealthy to you? In an era where $10,000 of Tesla at IPO gives you $2M today?
What medicine is is important, essential work and consistent work. There's no contract cycles and you can basically work where you want. All thngs considered it's not high paying compared to other jobs like trucking.

File: Env.jpg (52 KB, 900x500)
52 KB
I am studying environmental engineering, do you have a good job opportunity?
yes but I am studying chemical engineering
More like a good bribe opportunity. You can be the fella that tells Walmart that construction is on hold for 33 months because the fuzzy recorders installed as part of an ecological survey picked up something that may be the hoot of the endangered gopher owl.
>for $15,000 it could be wind noise and you can bread ground tomorrow
I'll keep it in mind

Scientists have begun using mosquitos to deliver vaccines to those who will not willingly take them.

This is going to make the world a better place because now we no longer require consent to do these inoculations.

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This is good. Because I will be killing everyone so you can one day leave your home.
>Scientists have begun using mosquitos to deliver vaccines to those who will not willingly take them.
This is a lie based on your own link, why are you like this?
pretty based, fuck me
You actually do leave?
Fucking newfags
The omicron variant of covid was engineered. It is basically a vaccine.

Someone made it and released it so that many people will end up with immunity and far fewer deaths and adverse outcomes.

File: areunotentertained.png (297 KB, 644x431)
297 KB
297 KB PNG
A cig that was between my ear fell backwards whilst I was walking and without breaking stride on my right arms backswing I reached behind my back and caught it almost perfectly between my fingers (was upside-down).

What enables the brain to accomplish such feats? I have done similar many times, when leaning forwards to catch the sunglasses that inevitably fall off my head, grabbing cellphones inches before they fall to the floor after dropping from somewhere/someone, etc.

Played baseball into my mid 20's, but im damn near 40 now and figure all that coordination has been lost.
self bump, fk it
Humans build intuition about things from experience
I do this shit all the time, catching shit i nudged out while taking something out of the fridge or cupboard. it's just simple reaction time, and not even split second stuff. your grandma probably does the same thing. you likely had well over a half second from the time you feel the cig slipping to the time you catch it which is plenty of time to look badass and snag it.

File: .png (2.32 MB, 1440x960)
2.32 MB
2.32 MB PNG
What incredibly important truths do /sci/ disagree with you on and even fewer agree?
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They go masturbate intellectually at home and may never be placed in or be used by a role of significance. Intelligence is just one attribute and they may very likely ran out of ambitions and motivation to go associating before the backbone of society can pick them up.
Good time create increasingly sophisticated and complex characters yet increasing unproductive , which eventually creates bad time when a perfected machine doesn't even have the power to self-maintenance. This begs the question: is it truly perfect?
Is it truly intelligent to rule by fooling and suppression? Is it truly intelligent to enlighten and empower fools?
I highly doubt this is true.
But say that it is.
Say that, indeed, the cognitive elite intellectually masturbate all day. Say that, indeed, such cognitive elites lost the immense suffering required for their ambitions and thus de-motivated to act upon such desires. Say that Good Times of the world created, somehow, sophisticated and complex individuals who are, somehow, unproductive. Could we call such "cognitive elites" actual Cognitive Elites? In what fashion does that describe real Cognitive Elites? It does not. If it did, such cognitive elites do not matter in the first place.

But what of the real Cognitive Elites—where does one find such individuals in the ever-increasing material and populated world? I propose that such individuals are found in two areas: contrarian, not-yet-brought-into-existence startups and contrarian, not-yet-brought-into-existence research groups. So the question becomes: how does one find what is inherently, at least in the beginning, non-existent? Perhaps the answer is simple: to unironically use social media, the kind that cannot ban any content (decentralized social media?), and to speak of such ideas so as to find those who agree and see such ideas as possible and within reach.

But what of Cognitive Elites that refuse to use social media? The Ted-Kaczynski type of Cognitive Elites? The types of Cognitive Elites that cannot be seen, heard, or known of by any social circle except from startups and research groups? Such individuals are also important, but for them and those who seek them, it will be harder to communicate. Perhaps these individuals cannot be found and, instead, come to you.

I cannot help but think I am missing something here...I just do not know what it is.
>Lesswrong is not an answer
Why would it even be a consideration?
Do you think those people are highly intelligent?

>Is Peter Thiel...
You know what, man? I wouldn't worry too much about the burdens of high intellect if I were you.
File: brainwashed.jpg (73 KB, 624x624)
73 KB
I would tell you, but there is a rule to keep out people who unironically put "indeed" in bracketed commas.

I have a set of measurements X_{1), X_{2}, ..., X_{n} and each of these measurements also has an associated uncertainty Var(X_{i}). I can use an inverse-variance weighting to calculate the mean of the set of measurements, so that measurements with a lower uncertainty have a higher weighting. If I wanted to calculate the variance of this set, does it also make sense to use inverse-variance weighting? (e.g. E[X^2] - E[X]^2 where the expectation is calculated over the inverse-variances) If so, in what way is this variance better/worse/different from an unweighted variance?

File: ecesT5QgZzrH.png (138 KB, 753x622)
138 KB
138 KB PNG
bad news fellow soigoys, our east asian legume based diet is causing an environmental catastrophe
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File: 1663793544947330.png (573 KB, 1200x720)
573 KB
573 KB PNG

I'd say the lab-created spike protein leaking out of millions of people is more of a problem pollutant.
>intersex is not a third sex.
Intersex is a collection of the middle part of the continuum of sex phenotypes between the collections of sex phenotypes on the extremes, namely male and female. Individuals can be found along this line depending on how they developed.
>trannies want access to female bathrooms
What bathrooms do intersex individuals go to?
Your cover has been blown, better baiting next time
Carbon tax on every ounce you piss.
God I hate commies.

File: Lisa-Interwebs.png (321 KB, 720x528)
321 KB
321 KB PNG
Exploring Additional Oral-Osmotic Absorbtion Vector Neuro-Active Compounds and Their Likely Modes of Action

If, as published recently, hydrogenated oils can be absorbed through the roof of the mouth and can trigger hormone production in the hypothalamus that ultimately leads to increased LDL production in the liver, what other chemicals may have a neuro or psychoactive effects as a result of osmotic absorbtion through the roof of the mouth?

A good starting point from which to search for such examples is to re-examine consistently reported idiopathic neuroactive effects associated with the consumption of particular foods. Two primary examples come to mind without much effort.

The first is the observed positive correlation between consuming peppermint and increased attention and focus. Possible hypotheses as to the source of this effect proposed include direct olfactory pathway stimulation, intestinal absorbtion of an as-yet unidentified chemical, and the proposition that perhaps the peppermint has nothing to do with the effect at all, but that the act of chewing on virtually anything helps to prevent distraction and perseverative thoughts and behaviors associated with Attention Deficit Disorder that adversely affect test scores.

While that last possibility may, indeed, be a factor, studies have found that peppermint seems to have an effect that even other types of mint do not on alertness. It may be worth investigating whether a compound found in peppermint influences brain activity through osmotic absorbtion. If it does, it may be useful to know which chemical is responsible and which neurotransmitters are boosted in response.
Another example of possible oral-osmotic absorption with neurotropic effects may be betrayed by an observed difference in the occurrence of undesired effects associated with caffeine consumption, specifically in the case that the source of the caffeine is tea.

Tea drinkers are more likely to report jitteryness, paranoia, and aggressive behaviors than individuals consuming caffeine from other sources. At first glance, this would seem to plausibly be the result of structural differences between the caffeine molecule found in tea as opposed to the one found in coffee. Upon closer evaluation, it appears that the structural differences between the two molecules are not sufficient to justify making a clinical pharmacokinetic distinction between the compounds, at least in terms of its effects that result from intestinal tract absorbtion.

If, however, caffeine or other chemicals found in tea were absorbed directly into the brain through osmosis in greater quantities than when coffee is consumed, this would be a clinically significant distinction of which researchers and consumers alike would benefit from being made aware.
I find it highly likely that there is a significant difference between the oral-osmotic absorbtive tendency of tea as opposed to coffee and the evidence of that has, I suspect, been staring tea drinkers in the face for centuries.

Pour a cup of tea, preferably in a white cup or mug and observe the way that a residue is deposited on the bottom as well as the sides of the cup which will not rinse away easily. Coffee is also potentially staining, but in a porcelain cup, coffee's stains will generally be rinsed away by water without scrubbing whereas tea stains will require some elbow grease to remove.

If that crust found within a teacup similarly forms on the teeth and the roof of the mouth and is not completely rinsed by saliva, it stands to reason that whatever chemicals are found in that crust would be, over a period of hours, osmoted into the cranial cavity and would have potential neurotropic effects. In all likelihood, those chemicals are something other than caffeine that alters brain activity.

There are some parallels between the behavior of a person who has consumed large quantities of tea and a person exhibiting exhaustion-induced rage. Just as a person might suffer from a rage attack from being winded (an evolutionary response to compensate for vulnerability,) the chemicals found in tea that are other than caffeine may mimick the effect of glutamate accumulation on the brain's perception of sleep deficit.
During extended periods of wakefulness (per my own theory, one which was recently confirmed by a French scientist) glutamates accumulate and act as electrical impulse suppressors which prevent the weakest of electrical signals from reaching their destination, impairing brain function. The human brain has evolved to be able to, when necessary, compensate for sleep deprivation by stepping up activity in the innermost parts of the brain, sometimes referred to as the reptilian brain, thus allowing this part of the brain more influence in the overall balance of the various brain regions. Therefore, in a sleep-deprived state, the reptilian brain becomes the loudest voice amongst many influences in our consciousness.

The human brain may, therefore, it stands to reason, have a means of continuously gauging glutamate levels and using that information to pre-emptively step up the amperage of lower-brain activity. If a compound found in these tea deposits is absorbed into the brain and tricks this mechanism into thinking glutamate levels are higher than they really are, the reptilian brain would take over, and paranoid tendencies may directly result, even when an individual is well-rested and glutamate levels are low.

These are merely two examples of candidate oral-osmotic absorbtive foods/drinks and are by no means the only substances that can be absorbed in this way. This is an underdeveloped and dare I say, entirely neglected field of study deserving of closer consideration by the medical research community at large.

The Future Is Made in America
oh sweet, a schizo thread
This is one of his most worthwhile works so far.

They very highly in quality and intent. Some are intentional word jumbles (to my, novice eyes, at least).

This one is actually very accessible in content. Some are even more profound than this.

File: IQByCountry.png (1.8 MB, 1366x8030)
1.8 MB
1.8 MB PNG
Why do Jews claim to be high IQ when the data says they are more like Mexico tier or to be more exact Barbados tier

Hello, this is for blood splatter analysists or 4chan detectives

I want to know what these marks are on the window, they look like bulletholes to me which have sprayed blood... but other people have said it looks like blunt force trauma

it's from GTA, when Trevor kills Floyd? Debra.

context: there's a mexican stand off,
Debra standing next to the window aiming a gun at Floyd
Floyd holding a knife aiming at both Debra & Trevor
and Trevor unarmed advancing towards Debra...

I'll post a screenshot of Trevor after the cutscene(which we don't see of the murder which happened)

It's quite clear the blood splatter on Trevor is consistent with multiple stab wounds, but I want to know your opinion on what the window is telling us? Gunshots or something else?
File: ezgif-5-47d398248c.jpg (37 KB, 250x412)
37 KB
Trevor after cutscene

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