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File: 1523353872795.png (29 KB, 571x618)
29 KB
I'm going to be supplementing with two 500mg Acetyl L-Carnitine caps a day, two 250mg vitamin E caps and possibly one 1500mg Taurine cap as well.
Are there any incompatibilities/concerns to be had with this? I am self-medicating here so do not have any doctor's opinion.
If you're trying to fix your penis you might need to take 2g a day of L-carnitine to supplement.
Fine as long as you're not pregnant or have renal failure or any drugs which cause renal issues
You're probably right. I'll try four caps when I get them.
Hopefully no side-effects. Heard it makes some people hyper.

File: waluigi_THINKER.jpg (95 KB, 547x480)
95 KB
Jesus christ. The preliminary exam is in just a month. I got two of the previous years' exams which I've been studying, and a few folks in my lab gave me the exams they were given to practice on as well but christ. How am I gonna pass this thing.

I've been doing the online thing, sort of half-assing these classes because they have nothing to do with my research, but the day of reckoning has finally come.

Any /doctoral/ students take prelims and have tips? How can I best not fail this thing, bringing shame upon my household.
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Electrical engineering

For us, it's a huge test where anything from classes offered for master's students is fair game. Luckily you only have to answer 5 questions, but lord, those questions are doozies.
liek what, ee here too
Off the top of my head, I think the sections are
>Computer Engineering
>Linear Systems
>Stoch. Processes
>Comms and Networks

I'm prob gonna do the top 3 since I'm in a CE lab, and I took stoch and lin sys last semester, so they're still relatively fresh. You have to pick at least 3 sections to answer from reee.

But occasionally, there's some easy Laplace transformy stuff in the signal processing section, so if it looks easy enough, I may do that instead? I really don't know yet.
idk, I love transforms and such, choose whichever you like, good luck to it!
Thanks fren. I do too, I've just become so dependant on Wolfram Alpha, I worry I'll forget basic identities/antiderivatives/etc. The other day I had to look up [math]\frac{d}{dx} e^{ax}[/math] >>

The internet has spoiled me.

>Realize motion, kinetics, and fields cause all observable phenomena.
>Further realize that the statistical culmination of these causing agents at the microscopic level gives rise to entropy.
>One therefore only needs to be an expert dynamicist, fully comfortable with the theories of Classical/Analytical Mechanics, to understand all things (yes, even Electromagnetism, Quantum Mechanics and Relativity).
>Stop asking useless questions about the "meaning" of things like time, gravity, etc.
>There is only dynamics, vibrations, and waves, and your ability to model them is all that matters.
>Finally, realize the great beauty, symmetry, and TRUTH in pure Dynamics and Mechanics. No other field of study is so true and pure as Mechanics.
I recommend starting with Taylor's Classical Mechanics, then working your way up to Landau's Mechanics while learning group theory and other math along the way.
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civil engineering is better
fuckin gottem
>>is there any research in classical mechanics?
Fluid and solid mechanics.
Vibration, continuum mechanics, acoustics
File: nojoenogo.jpg (30 KB, 405x500)
30 KB
>not quantum
enjoy using your "classical" computers scrub, I'm over here surfing the internet by going Q U A N T U M

File: njourn.png (978 KB, 1139x1200)
978 KB
978 KB PNG
>arguably the most capable demographic cant figure out how to undo the jew
lmao @ u gays
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>for free
no, no, you don't understand. You need to pay a lump sum to get published in pajeet weekly (subsidiary of OMICS™®©), then also pay to read it yourself.
Researchers are KEKS. Why the fuck are you allowing these rent-seeking heathens to profit off of YOUR intellectual property. Someone should start a journal that pays royalties/gives equity to researchers and reviewers. Scientific publication has one of the HIGHEST profit margins of any industry. We could fund so much more interesting research if we just reallocated resources away from these /biztard journals. The rate of innovation would be exponential.

>inb4 scientist don’t care about money.

Okay you fucking children, what do you care about? Because most of you guys deal in reputation instead of dollars. So stop thinking you’re upholding these retarded altruistic ideals when all you’re really doing is switching currency.
second to last paragraph was unnecessary desu
also Fuck publishers, let 'em hang
The only reason it's so profitable is because publishers can extract these fees from taxpayers via universities. Left to their own devices academics freely share work. Almost nothing of value is behind a paywall as it stands and journals do very little to stop this because it doesn't actually hurt their bottom line.

So I got a working theory and looking for some feed back sorry for autism in advance

So if I where to take a high powered high flux toroidal elctromagent (donut shapes elctromagent see pic related represent the magnetic field lines of this type of magnet) boost it's power so its got a stupid strong magnetic field and then spin it on axis it should start to twist its field lines

Now say make it a gyroscope so you have 2 of these fuckers spinning on 2 different axis with one inside its self
My theory is if spun fast on both axis enough should be able to create a torus vortex style magnetic field which should have an effect on space-time more intensely than a normal magnetic field would
I got some blueprints on design for how to build it just was looking for some input/thoughts from the shizo, autist, and glowies
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That's why I was thinking of using Steph up transformers out of microwaves to help booat a toroidal magnet to the strength I want
was going to suggest this tentativly..
im not sure on the fundamentals though..
how are you planning to measure/observe? magnetic viewing film?
but how are you going to veiw the more important reactions?
>layman as fuck here. basically lit/music major.
the LCD panel from a monitor after removing the backlight? that could indicate the electrical polarisation if you could pass a charge through them..
you could get degaussers from an old CRT..
again im dumb and missing the fundamental point.
flux (B) outside the toroid core is 0
and this is indication of polarity/direction or that it is incomplete/flawed??
this is a fibonacci torus knot correct?
could someone enlighten me?

btw i was thinking tesla coil for inducting the LCD to an "active state" to visuaise interferance patterns. but they may affect the fields youre trying to visualise in the first place..

this seems like a fucking lot of tuning for a payoff i dont understand.. like anxiety inducing amounts of tuning if its where i think its going hence sperging out
Do you have access to a laminated ferromagnetic material for the toroid? Otherwise you're gonna end up with an eddy current heater more than anything else.

File: th.jpg (26 KB, 474x474)
26 KB
Why does time only move in one direction?
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i legit have been in a lab, secret one. I'm not a scientist or a nerd whoever i was there because of the money i have, they were researching negative motion, this could make you go back in the past but any matter got pulverized
why does space move in one direction?
intentionally dense rhetorical question.
It doesn't

Because you're a frogposter.
Explain clock wise then

File: download.jpg (6 KB, 300x168)
6 KB
Why is this wackjob who predicted 200 million deaths from bird flu taken seriously?

For in case you've never heard of bird flu before, that's because it ended up killing less than 200 people across the world.
File: Sheldon-Cooper.jpg (8 KB, 200x200)
8 KB

File: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.png (12 KB, 300x250)
12 KB
>25 errors
>"I will just ignore your command..."
>25000 warnings
>Sorry, latex couldn't put the image where you wanted
>2020 and you can't fucking add a table easily
>Literally anything can be done in 80 different ways with 900 different packages but none of them are nice or intuitive and you will be looking at fucking stackexchange at least 5 times every time you write a new big document.
>It's easy to just change templates bro.
I doubt a single one of you ever tried passing a paper from one journal template to another one.

Please, o wise ones, tell me this was just a meme and this is the dark souls of text editors where it's all about you sucking your own dick after you "beat" it. I'm tired of wasting my time. I know you have something better hidden there.

What should I use to write?
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>yes. Had to deal with it in undergrad research when I did HEP experiment. Thankfully I'm doing theory now.
What did you do?
ATLAS reporting in.
I worked on DUNE. Did simulations for one of the detectors in their muon alcove.
Use Word and spend less time formatting text and more time working on the subtance of your article instead.
I literally look down on anyone who doesn't use R-markdown with latex+ knitr
-write intro + everything down that I did as I go for methods (doesn't matter what, I use google docs for scratch since I open it anywhere without worrying about where its saved)
-do all analysis in R, given that ggplot + various packages and color brewer is the best fucking graphing software period, even seahorse isn't that great. For full points, make your own custom plotting functions (I have my own "brand" of type, size, color scheme, so its easy to tell what graphs I did. Very aesthetically pleasing)
-Transfer all words over to final markdown document, write/copy code and analysis into document. Work and finish the living document which is best of all word: markdown + latex + R-analysis.
publish with knitr, I always have the time-stamped word document + PDF generated for all projects.
Even when I'm doing a fuckton of work in python (RDKit is a bread-and-butter tool for me), I export everything to R for final documentation and writeup. Easy as fucking pie.
that is the exact reason why capable people choose latex over word.

File: file.png (8 KB, 403x125)
8 KB
i spent yet another 40 minutes trying to solve a problem that is impossible because i copied the wrong data from the manual

i think i might just be retarded

does this happen to you, /sci/?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
It happens all the time in many fields.
garbage suppositions are the biggest reasons for incorrect output after correct use of maths. If the underlining positions are incorrect you won't get correct outcome.
Now imagine that you didn't have a manual. Imagine this was original research and you didn't catch the mistake? Thats happening all the time today in MANY fields at laughable levels.
this time it actually wasn't impossible but was way more difficult than if i had copied the right data

kek i dread that happening to me at uni
I've seen this thread posted so many times. Do you have Alzheimer's
i only posted this once a few days ago
idk who else posted this thread before but me
If you were retarded then you would have quickly solved the impossible problem.

File: Karl_Weierstrass.jpg (105 KB, 901x1322)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
Why is he so underrated?
Because he doesn't have a sex tape
>he doesn't know
I don't recall Weierstrass having any extremely impressive results, other than maybe Stone-Weierstrass.
But otherwise he isn't really underrated. I'd place him at around Lagrange's level (keep in mind that I'm the average mathematician, that is, I don't actually have knowledge of the history of mathematics beyond random excerpts and theorem names).
he basically founded real analysis though

Let’s say that an average Western man, with average Western man education and knowledge, got transported back in time around 2000 years.
What would be his best chance to make a huge scientific impact for the times and be remembered and one the most important people in history?
72 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
I could probably give some mathematical proofa ahead of its time. But still not anything super advanced. Anyway, that alone I think would speed a lot of things up.
Also concepts of atom, bacteria, vaccine, evolution, hygiene, print.
Also the map of the world, which I could draw from memory accurately enough to be useful.
Also the Solar system.
Probably some more things would pop in my head with time, but even what we nowadays consider "basic" education facts would be tremendously useful if not ignored.
The toughest part would be to execute it. I would probably write a work about all these concepts and then maybe hand it to some scholars and try and remain low-key while spreading the knowledge before my blasphemy execution.
just invent calculus bro
When banks create money out of thin air they also create a liability of equal value so the net is zero. They make money on the interest, but just printing money and giving it themselves is not how it works. Except for the central bank maybe but thats subject to the same corruption as anything public, any politician can loot the public treasury, sell public property to himself for $1, and so on. Private banks only make money on the interest.
Banks make about 10% of the money in the economy on good years, and lose much more during their periodic crisis. That's about 2 trillion dollars. The rest of the economy makes 90%. And they do provide a service.
Using the basics from the elightenment and build from there

File: peasants.jpg (14 KB, 275x183)
14 KB
how close are we to interdimensional travel?
Other dimensions don't exist OP
It's all schizo bullshit made up by religious people
Brief answers to big questions - Stephen Hawking.

You're welcome
If i had to guess id say somewhere between 250 and 1000 years away.
About 10 nanometers

File: file.png (637 KB, 700x700)
637 KB
637 KB PNG
do anyone have the hitler meme about wildburger ?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
someone has the meme of "basedjak studies show " vs "the literature suggests" ?

You GOD CURSED SODOMITES better not be mocking the HOLY BURGER.
the webm was made by a burgerhead clearly. its funny enough that i dont mind

I love science
19 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Can we ban reddit and twitter screenshots? They're always made by pseuds.
Just post the study.
Economics isn't science & math. You've been making these threads for at least 3 days now. What's your problem man?
Opinions and personal grievances aren't science & math. What's your problem man?
Fuck off redditor
No u

File: 76665674.png (252 KB, 511x428)
252 KB
252 KB PNG
17 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
beware of chinks ande jews
distrust anything on the field of humanities
this is the leddit/4chan way to read papers.
for my field (cell bio) and anything I have decent knowledge with:
-read abstract, see if its anything I care about. If not, toss paper.
-If I'm not well-versed on the top, read the intro. Otherwise, skip to figures.
-go to figures, and determine what the data is showing. Good papers you can infer what the figures represent. Some topics you have to do a bit more paper reading for context, but getting an unbiased view of the data itself is my first stop.
-finally, read results and especially methods carefully to see if I agree with the authors of their interpretation of the data/more insight into why Figure 3 follows Figure 2. Methods in particular for certain experiments (what type of neurons? What DIV? PDL/laminin? what treatment? Why that? etc etc).
Finally discussion if I think its necessary. Not always.
Takes me about 10-15 minutes for a paper in my field to get the gist of it. Careful critique takes 30 minutes, sometimes more if I'm figuring out specific methods and have to do some paper back-tracing (hate lazy citations, but sometimes you have to go to paper B, then C, then figure out what the method from C was, since its not clear "oooh we did X as described in C". Fuck that)
If It's not my field, I read the whole-thing, top to bottom, and since I probably don't know enough context to know if its good (are these methods standards, are there any missing controls usually done because technique Z has some blindspots, are these results shocking because they completely contradict what the last 40 papers on the topic shows, etc), I take it at face value but don't go around stating its truth without consulting some colleagues who know the field better, unless its a sketchy journal- then I keep it at a semi-arms length.
If I'm REALLY outta the field, find some reviews and read them + the papers they cite which are usually historically important in the field
Read abstract to determine if subject matter is relevant to my work
If so, ctrl+F "theorem"
If the results look interesting, skim intro to get more context
If after all that I haven't closed the file, skim through proof methods. 95% will be straightforward application of established techniques so there's no need to go in detail in most cases. Look for the 1 or 2 novel approaches that gave them their key results.
read the abstract and intro, then read the conclusion. if you need any of the details, read somewhere in between.
Not a scientist but I have to read some Data Science stuff. I start by reading the dumbed down blog post with funny examples. If I'm still interested, I read the paper mostly looking at graphs, tables, and mathematical equations.

this is highly counter-productive but I do understand some stuff on the long term

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