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File: tltuf5000ys.jpg (132 KB, 1280x667)
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132 KB JPG
Why did they lie to us?
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People go out to the middle of the woods all the time to stack rocks. There's even an /out/ badge for destroying the stacks.
It wasn't the fact that they stacked rocks, it's the fact that the rocks were really really big and really really heavy.

Now stop being a faggot.
Wasnt this solved? Rolled logs and basic levers

I think its confirmed europrans had pulleys 10k years ago
Yes it was, all I was saying is that wasn't the stacking of rocks one on top of another, it was how the stacking was done with such large heavy and cut stone.

I don't believe aliens did it either, I think that a bit silly.
Scientists lie because they're dishonest people

File: 1234432.png (17 KB, 1025x205)
17 KB
What is the relationship between integral expressions and infinite series? Can one always be turned into the other like picrelated and how?
There's no relationship between integral and infinite series as such in your pic (except integral is an infinite sum). But the term [eqn]x^x^2[/eqn] can be expanded as a Taylor series as [eqn]1 + x^2 log(x) + \frac {1}{2} x^4 log^2(x)...[/eqn]. Then the definite integral can be evaluated for these terms eg it would be [eqn]1 - \frac{1}{9}+ \frac{1}{125}...[/eqn]

File: 1694879235431876.png (743 KB, 890x1128)
743 KB
743 KB PNG
Zero probability events don't occur in infinite universes.
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it is possible to define a dart's ideal centre and use that in the example
That is what I said, you would need some magical ideal dart rather than an actual dart that exists in reality, in reality, its contact are isn't some 0D point, it is a finite nonzero area of contact.
>its contact are isn't some 0D point
Did you measure it sub-Planck? Otherwise you just rounded up, which isnt very accurate or scientific.
You would just be estimating instead of measuring which is worse than rounding.
> 1/3 = 0.333333....
> 0.33333 = 0.05555555... * 6
there you go, I found your 5's

File: outer space2.jpg (121 KB, 800x633)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
Are space and universe synonyms? When people say the universe is expanding do they mean the empty black stuff is expanding? What's at the edge of the empty black stuff? A different kind of empty black stuff?
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You can't reach the edge cause gravity wraps the plane into circles that appear flat. The gravity is the curvature on the plane that defines initial coordinates while the space outside of it is pushed away by the black holes which create a local boundary against the infinite potential generated by the field.

The tards think the rotational curve of the galaxy is wrong so they introduced an arbitrary value to explain the physics but in reality, they simply do not understand gravity. This is easily proven if you look at the gravitational waves, which were about 2x higher than they expected. Or the fact dark matter is not found in some galaxies...or that some galaxies in the early universe appear too dense or too widespread to be able to rotate.

Anyways, basically we are all stupid and don't know shit
Black holes are the Mathematical manifestation of the human eye.
Like black holes no light can escape them once it passes through the event horizon.
means the space between things is expanding because things are moving away from each other. Andromeda is heading straight for us though.

How likely is it that the observable universe is only a infinitesimal part of the its totality?
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20% larger radius, I mean, 75% more volume.
There's 2.28 billion stars
Life is unfair.
Too vague to be exactly possible, might as well ask if it is a tiny tiny part of the totality.
But if you ever actually measure let alone define exactly how much an infinitesimal part of the totality is, you can just look at an infinitesimal part of your totality and see if there is a universe to observe there.
Atleast 250 times larger

File: Stats Philosophy.jpg (72 KB, 960x720)
72 KB
to which school of statistical philosophy do you subscribe?
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And before that a nice salary supporting a beautiful life and many botches because fuzzy is actually useful and gives results in uncertain environments.

materialists also get the rope
File: IMG_5043.png (104 KB, 936x1418)
104 KB
104 KB PNG
Relevant xkcd
Bayesian supremacy!

File: IMG_4678.png (837 KB, 709x989)
837 KB
837 KB PNG
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physics relies on causality and conservation of quantities. you can't say "QM therefore freewill" then say that QM is false
Models are only models. Sorry.
File: 1688435563981078.jpg (103 KB, 858x649)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
"you have no free will" mfs when i kill and eat their children (suddenly i am responsible for my actions)
>you MUST recognize every slavonic Neil Degrasse Tyson
Can we please find some middle ground, where all of these faggot retards are recognized as faggot retards, regardless of which ZOG they are from?
if life fucked you in the ass and you're conditioned into doing weird shit then locking you up still works. because nothing really changes.

File: 1695189276091105.png (262 KB, 630x476)
262 KB
262 KB PNG
>no living human has ever experienced true death
>every NDE has been from a mind that came back from basically near death
>brain handles memories, emotional state, and basically every observable function
I know some sort of immortal soul is a factless asspull (unless theres some CURRENTLY unobservable layer to reality), but if our brains a meat computer, what happens when we turn that meat computer off for the first (and last) time?
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Seems to me that everyone has multiple overlapping streams of consciousness and there's just usually one that presents externally, in healthy people they're similar enough that there's no clear distinction from one to the other. But you see people with brain splits having one side of their body behave as if it disagrees with things the talking side wants, dissociating people continue to act conscious externally but then they don't recall the episode. Sounds like in terminal lucidity the dominant consciousness dies early and one of the latent ones that is still coherent takes control for the last few days, like someone getting blackout drunk but carrying on chatting and partying hours after they cease to remember anything.

Alright explain to us why.
1. The analytic vs synthetic distinction is arbitrary inconsistent bullhit.
2. The categorical imperative is crap.
3. Kant violated the word "noumenon" by wrongly equating it with the "thing in itself".

None of that disputes the fundamental metaphysics, even if I accept them as true statements.
no human ever died. they just stopped manifesting here in 3D. sadly by the looks of it none of their info was saved so they'll stay "not manifesting".
you give too much importance to the bullshit of your brain, which is crafted over very long spans of time, to specifically bullshit you.

File: 16876961521852.jpg (614 KB, 1980x1320)
614 KB
614 KB JPG
In this pic are a lot of repeats of the same star due to a understanding gravity and no gravity differences when viewing stars. The telescope and scientists are accidentally recording the same star at different points in its activity because in space there is the chaos of total motion when this motion is stilled when viewing from gravitational Earth. Check that blue star out, it makes a perfect cube because it is just recorded at different points in its quad helix activity.
There are less than 3 billion stars therefore.

If there were 'trillions of billions' of stars. I would have killed myself because it's collapse would be too dangerous.
This adds more fuel to the nightmare fire that something like this might actually be correct.
What is bigger: trillions of billions or billions of trillions?
I remember you from a previous thread on God's existence. I'm really interested in seeing your full proof. Please share your thoughts, I beg you.

File: 2134567.png (120 KB, 1064x803)
120 KB
120 KB PNG
the more selective you are the lower deviation of trait, the lower its correlation.
The higher the relative correlation for the trait you didn't select for
> Cognitive ability was the most important predictor with a relative importance of 64%. Conscientiousness emerged as a strong and robust predictor of performance, even when controlling for cognitive ability, and accounted for 28% of the explained variance in academic performance.
This means when you select for strictly IQ, selecting for mean 150 IQ set of people the decreased variance leads to a weaker correlation with intelligence and as such a substantially stronger relative correlation to all else
This means amongst a group of 150 IQ set of people their level of Industriousness predicts success relatively more than in a 100 IQ set of people
Though schools etc. don't select for IQ they select for a sort of "compound variable" of IQ and Industriousness
But if you were to only select for pure IQ, then as you increase the selection, Industriousness explains more and more in the variance of the differences of success
>>15770551 don't ever post 10.1111 in my face again
Cargo cult abuse of statistics. Epistemologically no better than a horoscope.

File: AdobeStock_327257834_LR.jpg (648 KB, 1500x1000)
648 KB
648 KB JPG
What are the data showing that the covid-19 vaccine reduces symptoms? What are the data showing the opposite?
alright we get it the vaccines were useless you chud fucks were right for once. there. what more do you want?
>Cortana, google covid vaccine efficacy study on DuckDuckGo for me
Severe punishments for those responsible and their enablers. Public admissions of guilt and changes to laws so this can't happen again. To watch you suffer for the pain you helped infect on humanity by supporting this evil.
Give a chud a finger and he'll take a mile. Kys, he was nice enough to tell you you were right.

BLACK SCIENCE MAN https://youtube.com/shorts/SIYx4vN-ei4?si=3GaawhQWdd9sfoU2

File: maxresdefault.jpg (131 KB, 1280x720)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
>I am just a poor German Croatian who is extremely thankful for my hard-earned success!
>my parents were lowly NGO workers and I was an average Triathlon medalist, and by my 18th Birthday I had saved 1K$ by denying myself every pleasure
>I was accepted at Zurich but I was too poor ( :( ) to go so I had to live in an apartment with cockroaches spending only 80$ per month because my parents had no money to send me :((((((
>then in my second semester I was sent to Denmark for an internship and I did a paper
>and in my second year I was hired by a LONDON Hedge Fund with a 15K/month salary which I donated to NGOs because I couldn't go back to my old, brokie life and I had to settle into the grind haha!
>and I then went to live in the Ukrainian ambassador's house for just 450$/month, haha!
>and then I went to California to do research and I was working like 100 hours per week!
>so after being a dropout they accepted me in Switzerland as a dropout for a Masters in Physics and they covered all my expenses with a scholarship
>and then Singapore offered me a scholarship but I forgot to respond so they made me another higher offer!
>and now I'm in Harvard, and MIT, as a dropout, who somehow gets all these lucrative scholarships, and I'm working at Harvard, while doing my PhD at MIT, as, again, a college dropout
>oh, also I'm shredded and built, all it takes is just discipline, haha!
>oh, and I invested 50K in a startup and 35K in another real estate thing, haha, all it takes is discipline!
Are faggots like this retard plants? For what? To demoralise everyone? To flaunt their connections while denying them? YT is filled with these
>day in the life
faggots, and often it's just some mong filming his dorm, but then you have smug cunts like this nigger over here who are obvious plants.
>inb4 not /sci/
It's relevant to STEM and University. I'm an actual Eastern Europoor and everything is fucked here.
>Waaah I hate White Chads

No one cares, stay in your own lane and stop readin about us. Our lives isn't for you. It's ours and you will never have it.

File: 1692672878518676.png (17 KB, 1431x162)
17 KB
Sticky dead. Repost self-learning & timewasting /sci/ guide please
9 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
You don't need a sticky. All you need is Linear Algebra Done Right. Stewart's Calculus + libgen.rs + sci-hub.se
fix it
I was just about to complain about this, it's on the wayback machine if you aren't a retard. I think at this point it's apparent the board is dead. Blogposts, schizoposts, /pol/ posts, but no /sci/ posts. It went from bad to unrecognizable these last few years. That sticky is 10 fucking years old, we've been abandoned.

File: backfacepalm.gif (608 KB, 300x300)
608 KB
608 KB GIF
Hi guys, midwit here. Does anyone know where I can find shortcuts for math?

I just fucked up an interview where they asked how would I store the median score of a game over time. I looked up taking the median of medians later on in order to save on space and computational time afterwards and felt like an idiot. It feels obvious now but it's not something I had ever thought about or encountered.

So I was hoping that someone might have a book, pdf or some kind of resource that could help me out.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
>Does anyone know where I can find shortcuts for math?
Yeah, Number Theory. Cut those numbers right out. No numbers, no problems, just words-words-words.
Wtf are you talking about. Median of medians has nothing to do with storing the median over time. All you need is a hashmap and a variable storing the max element. Then each time you update the hashmap, you update the max element. You can't do any better than that. You need to keep track of each element.

you're right. assuming we use each element as a key we can keep the count of each and the total count of all of them, sorted then find the middle.

i didn't think of that at all. thank you.
>how would I store the median score of a game over time.
Do you mean the "mean score"? The median score is a terribly wasteful thing to ask for because as far as I can see you need to store all the scores over time in a sorted list, whereas the mean score can be updated trivially if you know the previous mean and the next score.

If I was at the interview that's what I would say. It might have been a trick question.

no, same trap I fell into. you can approximate it and that's what they were asking for.


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