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If the ayys are already here, what if Covid 19 is alien smallpox and we're the Indians?
what if the meds are taking you?

but srsly I don't think they'd go with a walmart brand version of the common cold.
if anything ayyy'd be historians, sociologists, etc.
it´s neumann machines being here
what if we're the ayy's von neumann machines?
>ayys are watching us
>ayys are laughing at us
We got too cocky

File: 5k0zjrovkuh51.jpg (82 KB, 1154x1154)
82 KB
What's /sci/'s opinion on choosing to major in mathematics? Would I be retarded to choose this? Im not going to focus on a coding concentration because of how disgusting the /g/tards smell in my comp sci classes.

Would it be a waste to major in math vs going into something else? Or at least jumpstart from that into a masters program in buisness
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hey anon. I was in a similar situation. I am very very good at math, top of my class, been to contests etc. I had the idea of taking a math degree because it would be a breeze and I could easily finish the 4 years in 2. Thank God I opened my eyes and didn't make that choice. Yes Im taking a CS meme degree but in this situation that's better than
1. no degree (retards that fell for the self-taught meme)
2. degree in anything that will def leave you unemployed
Math is my passion and if it is for you as well you can easily work on it outside of uni. Get a CS degree exactly because it's a cakewalk. Get EE if you wanna be more hardcore and/or don't want a meme deg
is it really that bad? even if I go applied with lots of CS electives / CS minor? i keep hearing finance sector wants math degrees, that stats people are in-demand for 'data science', and that CS employers don't strictly require CS degrees (though obviously by getting anything else you're a bit behind the curve) if requiring a degree at all.

it just triggers me a bit because the only core classes I'm missing from the major are couple capstones, software ethics, computer hardware intro, and some bootcamp style course called "Elements of Software Engineering". It's not anything super important imho and I've looked at the githubs of people who took these courses and can see what they did in them to confirm. It's mostly an introduction to modern frameworks and workflows, practical stuff I'm learning myself in doing side projects.

But at the end of the day I'm in uni to get a job and get a house and get financial independence ASAP, not to fuck around and masturbate. I wish I had gone with EE at this point at times, I declined it at first cuz being a CAD monkey sounded lame but now it sounds comfy.

I guess ultimately I disagree that going applied maths and CS (w/ some pure math sprinkled in) is so unemployable. I also doubt I'd really pursue the pure math topics as hard as I would if forced to do it in undergrad. what makes you so confident my plan is so unemployable? genuinely asking, I'm at a crossroads for the next few terms but really have to decide soon.
I'm focusing on mathematical biology. I switched from a chemistry major, so the biological/chemistry sciences are still interesting to me, plus it helped cover a lot of the non-math electives needed for the track. I'm interested in disease modeling and surveillance, but also topics such as reaction rates, pathway modeling, etc. Obviously there's a lot of modeling, but also a fuck-ton of ODEs and PDEs, stochastic processes, linear algebra, etc. I am also an undergrad researcher with a biostats lab at our uni, but the PI focuses on social sciences mostly - I wanted the experience on my resume, but I'd like to find something that focuses more on the hard sciences.

At a crossroads myself (earlier I said I was a senior; this is by credits due to switching majors, I'm more of a junior in my current math program), stuck between continuing in applied math for a MS/PhD, or going and getting my MPH w/ a concentration in biostats or epidemiology. Alternatively, I may focus on the stats since it's so interesting, and get an MS in Statistics and jump around industries until I find my niche.

While my focus doesn't really involve much pure-math, I'm a bit jelly at all of the options you have; at my uni our pure-math options are extremely limited at the undergrad level, we probably have 2-3x applied to pure.

>I really wanted to take the pure math courses on the bottom
Then imo you should do it. Yes uni is the time to learn as much as you can and get the skills for a job, but it's also the time to learn things that you're interested in from "experts" in that subject. I think out of the three, analysis would be the most useful in a job, but I know some people who manage to find interesting ways of using topology in unexpected areas.

I disagree that math is unemployable, it's just that again you have to market yourself very well and go beyond what someone else in a different major might have to do. I do think a good point was made though that if you love math, there are tons of different majors and careers where your title or diploma won't say "mathematician" but you end up working on some pretty advanced mathematics. I personally don't think you should change majors, especially if it would disrupt your graduation date and cost more/cause issues with your aid. You just have to want it. Projects, networking, internships (if possible - definitely try), kiss ass to your professors, ask for advice and opportunities from the close ones, etc. Don't settle, but don't be afraid to take something you didn't initially consider if it could be a means to get in somewhere that really does interest you. Your passion will get you far. It comes off a little "motivational instagram webshitter" but you get my point.
I think it's really easy to worry about it too much as an undergrad, but there are some macro distinctions to make like grad school prep vs industry that I'm still caught up in.

You probably can't go wrong with focusing on stats, given that so many industries demand statisticians. But I'm not in a position to be giving advice and unfortunately lean hard toward being generalist.

Does you're school not offer algebra, analysis and topology? those are like the bread and butter pure math courses from what I understand.

>the time to learn things that you're interested in from "experts" in that subject
this is what ultimately got me back into uni, was feeling inadequate while self studying math and CS. Realizing that even if self studied, I'd never feel validated, and even if I bhad the conviction to build that nice github portfolio and 'read SICP' (which I never did and a couple years flew by), I still wouldn't have the balls to ask for an interview. I fully admit now that I'm a sheeple / sucker.

I do agree that realistically, a math degree won't hold a person back from being a dev or similar, and that I may be making a mountain out of a mole hill, and I agree about your sentiment of just manifesting the life you want, shit's real and seems stupid to act like a degree in mathematics would hold me back lol. Also, there are "fast track" online post-bacc programs from legit unis like Oregon State that allow you to pump out a properly credentialed degree in 11-24 months depending on how fast you go. I'm waiting to hear back on whether or not CS courses from my degree would transfer after I graduate, as that'd make it maybe 2-3 months at most to get the additional proper piece of paper rather than a year of double majoring (if I so desired).

File: spacex.png (1.72 MB, 1600x900)
1.72 MB
1.72 MB PNG
Would you like to work at SpaceX?
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Females cease to be women when their BMI goes over 22 for any reason. When blacks date a white female with a BMI of 35, he's not dating a white woman, he's dating Moby Dick.
A friend came out as a tranny when he was 45. Just like Bruce Jenner he was still into women but wanted to present as a woman. He had no plans to get anything chopped off or implanted but he did start on hormones along with makeup, dresses, etc. His wife didn't seem to care one bit but she was desperate to get married once she hit 40 so I guess she decided that the guy she married a couple of years ago being a tranny was better than being single again at her age.
I had to stop hanging out with them. Not so much because he was a tranny but because he became insanely bitchy. He used to be a cool guy to hang out with but he turned into a 15 year old girl on PMS. I suspect that if his wife ever leaves him, he's going to become a statistic because he's alienated pretty much everyone else in his life.
Hr turned into a Bogdanoff
File: LHZ2ayU.jpg (173 KB, 652x521)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
xir looks like their uglier tranny cousin

File: 1617972548291.jpg (59 KB, 900x770)
59 KB
How do i increase the size of my peepee?
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500 watt per kilometre
An unit for frequency would be the hertz. For a quantity, i was wondering for a number.

That being said, i knew they were no real person above 2 digits of IQ on this board.

1000-2000 IU of vitD daily

180-200 mcg of K2 MK7 daily with a fatty meal.
Attach a cinder block to a rope
Tie said rope to penis
Go to a high place (get high)
Drop cinder block, wait ~8 seconds
I'd be riiight happy to

File: purcell11.png (9 KB, 600x400)
9 KB
Okay Bare with me Sci

Thought Experiment

On our lab table we have a statically charged balloon, a loop of current carry wire, and 3 mini cyclotrons, the first configured to constantly accelerating a particle, the next in constant jerk, and the latter in constant snap/jounce. Remember the general rules

A stationary Charge emits an electric field
a moving charge emits a magnetic field
any derivative of motion of charge above velocity generates emf.

In our first run we set our lab frame to the static balloon, and than measure from that frame, the E and B and emf that is emitted by the other devices.

We than switch lab frames to the next derivative, setting our frame of reference to that of the moving charge, same records are taken from all the others. We repeat this over the next moments. We than compare and contrast what each of our lab frames saw

set 1 - lab frame - static ballon
Ballon = E field
Wire loop = B field
cyclotrons = various emf's

set 2 - lab frame - wire loop current

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Thought Experiment
They're usually easy to think about, yours is extremely convoluted
any ideas to simplify it. We're doing the same thing 6 times each at a different pattern of motion
Great set up OP, interesting question. I see what asking/implying, and I can add my 2cents, but it's been a while since I had a better understanding of these topics.

First, while the derivatives of motion (in your choice starting from physical charge) can be associated with a static e field, then induced b field, then fluctuating emfs, I think those derivatives change the VALUE of the emf field, not which aspect is present, as all aspects are always present, even if their values are 0 at the time.
That is, in set 1 the Balloon sees itself having an emf, sees the wire having and emf, and sees the cyclotrons having emfs. The wire sees the balloon as having an emf, itself as an emf, and the cyclotrons as having emfs. And so on.
All frames in all fields see all others as an emf field; only the values are different.

After that, treat each pair, either within a set, or between sets, as the Twin "Paradox" problem. There won't be an absolute frame, but there will be relativity of simultaneity and invariant "proper" times and values between them such that each would be able to accurately measure and make statements about the other.

Because all the higher order perspectives include an acceleration, there is not direct symmetry between the frames, as they are not inertial, and you will get discontinuities at critical points where one set maps to the other.
File: rel.jpg (277 KB, 1442x515)
277 KB
277 KB JPG
forgot pic.
Thanks for reasoning about it anon, i've been struggling trying to get it to paper.

>That is, in set 1 the Balloon sees itself having an emf, sees the wire having and emf, and sees the cyclotrons having emf

fascinating if I means what it think it means, but I just realized i should've used photon where I used emf, may have caused confusion. to the whole experiment lol.

awesome this is exactly the type of framework i was looking for to compare and contrast each set and between sets

File: 4chantensor.png (64 KB, 398x500)
64 KB
Learning about tensors for a manifolds course, and we've been given a pretty reasonable definition of a tensor as an element of a tensor product, and mainly focusing on the exterior algebra.

However whenever I go online, pretty much every resource seems to focus on a physics/mapping/multidimensional array definition. Even the wikipedia article relegates the mathematical version to another page.

Why is the mathematics given such little importance?
Is F a functor?
According to my lecture notes, F(U,V) is the vector space generated by pairs (v,w) with v in V, w in W
i mean F(V,W)

File: download.jpg (37 KB, 800x533)
37 KB
what causes someone to have a fetish for being dominated? asking for a friend of course...
18 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: dam son.jpg (41 KB, 474x474)
41 KB
For women it's natural instincts,
For men, it's being in one sided relationships with women and never having the balls to stand up for yourself.
You've got to appreciate all these retards try and rationalize something they never enjoyed. Yeah, some people probably get their fetishes from past traumas but most of the time it's probably just a manifestation some complex human subconscious needs and desires. Sex is more complicated than just
>past trauma DUH

these kind of get the point.

But at the end of the day does it matter ? It's just fun and erotic sex, get over it homos
Go back to r.eddit
File: 1613672730490.png (239 KB, 805x1254)
239 KB
239 KB PNG
>You've got to appreciate all these retards try and rationalize something they never enjoyed like drinking from a doggy bowl on the ground

File: carps.webm (2.93 MB, 854x462)
2.93 MB
2.93 MB WEBM
Scientifically speaking, wtf is going on here?
someone trying to make clickbait
p gross senpai
Man, those crazy Japs will literally make anything to get off.

File: imgs_touch.jpg (65 KB, 630x1080)
65 KB
Could quantum immortality explain rebirth?

Why are psilocybe illegal, but methamphetamine is medically prescribed no problem? Did the US even think before banning mushrooms?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
You realize you can grow those fuckers in a bag of uncle Ben's rice right anon? Does it matter if it's a illigal, if you don't get caught.

But to answer your question. Big pharma.
The illegality of drugs has nothing to do with safety. Caffeine can cause psychosis in heavy users, yet it's still widely available everywhere.
You aren't wrong but Uncle Ben tek is extremely cringe
I'm not saying it's incredible thing. But that it is a thing. Obviously there is far supirior tek.

Boof it
>Did the US even think before banning mushrooms?
I don't think they gave much thought to anything before deciding to ban or allow it.

File: Neuralink-1.png (264 KB, 1200x600)
264 KB
264 KB PNG
Monkey plays pong using brain, without joystick

242 replies and 25 images omitted. Click here to view.
i assume next year they'll show us a monke controlling a robotic arm? maybe after that the fda will warm up to the idea of them testing it on humans.
No you don't.
You arrive as a dog who believes lies and accepts madness as reason.

Money doesn't want robots, money wants slaves those who are broken and complient as they will accept madness as reason while a machine will not.
>cannot be passive
Why not? Make the sensors tiny enough and permeate the entire brain with them. Should have negligible effect
File: 1605313903959.png (66 KB, 184x178)
66 KB
>We'll outfit you with rattlesnake genes that let you see in the dark. Extra mitochondria to double your strength and your stamina. We'll slide flexible armor under your skin, special polysaccharides to keep out the blades and bullets without turning you into some kind of crab-shelled freak. Most of your augments won't even be visible to the naked eye.

>Best of all, you can literally sleep through most of your tour. Once we work our magic you'll be able to free your mind and let your body run itself. And we guarantee that body will be up to the challenge. Its reflexes will be faster. Its aim will be better. Its tactical decisions will be smarter. Your body on autopilot will be at least 300% safer than it would be if you were awake. That's a fact.

>Live through two years, get paid for five. If you can find a better deal, take it.

>permeate the entire brain with them
So some kind of sci-fi shit.
Back in the real world, BCIs connect to a minuscule amount of the brain, and the information you want is just not going to be present at any single point on the brain.

File: pi_gqp5ha.jpg (267 KB, 1920x1958)
267 KB
267 KB JPG
>universe is built on an irrational ratio between a circle's diameter and its circumference
50 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
You still have it backwards, genius.
ALL POSSIBLE universes are based on this irrational ratio, also related to the natural logarithm.
you bumped this turd just to say that? kys
t. brainlet

File: 1616556508351.jpg (85 KB, 829x829)
85 KB
Why doesn't the Dzhanibekov Effect apply to the planet given that space isn't a perfect vaccum?
36 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
>that stress, tension and elastic energy are independent
they aren't independent from another. they are independent of the period by which a tennis racket flips. I've already proven this in two posts.
> As the raquet spins, the geometry of the body deforms changing the center of mass and moment of inertia
very, very, very slightly. the effect is totally negligible.
>NO BODY is perfectly rigid
plenty of bodies (lots and lots) are approximately rigid and even more bodies are approximately elastic. you realize elasticity is an approximation too, right?
>that the intermediate axis theorem may be derived from small changes to the center of mass building up as the raquet continues to spin
that is not the intermediate axis theorem, that's something different I've never quite heard of before.
>very, very, very slightly. the effect is totally negligible.

look at this pizza, an canonically unrigid body, its geometry deforms as its spins, in determing a causal force that explains the phenonema of the intermediate axis, a build up over rotation of small stress is just enough to nudge the pin by which the rotation is based, This is why i don't see a droopy version of our tennis racquet having the same intermediate axis. If we formed this dough into a tennis raquet and made the densitites equal the dough raquets intermediate axis will either be non existant or totally different

also it seems I'm zeroing on a causitive explaination (why it remains a theorem) while your focus on decribing the affect.
just open a classical mechanics textbook, schizo, learn what the words you are using actually mean
> the words you are using actually mean
Language to me is interpreted not compiled. I wont attest to knowing the Word, just to reaching more precise definitions, anything else is basking in the hubris of the age

>ok little 5 year old
>you are being too playful and energetic for a child
>you have adhd trust me it reaal
>take this adderall so we can get u doped up early and fuck up ur brain before puberty
It's really sick how parents do this to their children. I remember when my sister and law had her child at a family gathering and the kid kept on running around the yard while his mother tried to catch him. He kept on laughing while she chased him, but she looked pissed. "You need to take your medication! Come here!" She was trying to give him some pill for his supposed 'ADD'. This kid was 6 years old.

Look up any discussion online relating to ADD/ADHD. The people in the community are defeatists and it is a shame they drank the "ADD/ADHD is real" kool-aid. They whine about how they are unable to focus in class. How they daydream about doing other things. How they can't seem to stop looking at their phone or putting off things to play video games instead of learning some stupid crap their teacher assigned them. Wow, it's almost as if this constant stimulation of brain caused by technology is not only distracting but mentally draining!
Probably true. The dog whisperer has the right idea. Strap hyperactive children to a treadmill for an hour to wear them out.
literally everyone can relate to this

Pic related, guys.

Looks like we'll finally be able to defeat COVID, and probably many other infectious diseases. I'm sure it'll be awhile before they have a mass market version available for the general public, but it'll be here sooner than you think.
I think it will be a huge relief though, because I imagine this will make it a lot easier to detect and prevent the spread of infectious diseases before things grow out of control.


Everyone say it with me:
95 replies and 17 images omitted. Click here to view.
>The government doesn't have an incentive to lie to the public or orchestrate some big conspiracy
>gets 911
You mean Aaron Russo
File: bird.jpg (50 KB, 600x900)
50 KB
There are definitely some similarities. All four of those groups/people are "Small government" conservatives. All of them except sovereign citizens are Zionists who tend to support foreign intervention. I'm not making some precise, scientific claim, but it's not a completely arbitrary categorization either. It partly reflects my views and biases, and it partly reflects real political similarities and difference.
If that bother's you, then I don't see why I should care. Literally any categorization whether it be of political ideology, music, books, literally anything will always piss people off. People just don't like categorization. It's completely arbitrary and anti-intellectual. You are like the retarded people you might see arguing about music on the internet who say shit like "I don't like the terms 'black metal' or 'progressive rock' or 'post-punk'. To me its all just rock music."
Again, I don't think my classification is very rigorous or has a ton of explanatory value, but if you don't see how people like Dave Ruben and Sarah Palin can be grouped together, in contradistinction to, say, republicans like Mitt Romney or Christ Christie, then you are either autistic, or you don't know shit about contemporary politics.
Seriously fuck the jesuits.
File: images (6).jpg (15 KB, 258x196)
15 KB
Wow, what a good idea! It's so good, it should be mandatory to have in order to buy or sell! I mean, what do you even need cash for at that point, right?

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