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File: 1600461456750.png (678 KB, 1200x758)
678 KB
678 KB PNG
ITT we figure out the meaning behind this 160IQ meme. Its clear the original author is some sort of gigachad monk. It makes deep references to esoteric topics discussed on this site and other corners of the internet (lots of lesswrong). I'm familiar with everything on the image save for a few lines:

> Brutalist Qualia
> Young men are dying in the spring
> Crying over a dead lamprey
> Catharsis Denialism

Help me understand the last few references. I couldn't find anything about them through jewgle. Also, if you're a curious retarf about any other reference I can answer.
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What a hell? What does this has to do with sex?
>reeee Im retarded so you must be retarded too!
Massive cope. I'll agree that some stuff is open to interpretation but for all of it there's an underlying idea that is decipherable.
>auto plan onco
Its the antithesis of above, reminds me of the agent smith rant in the matrix.
This is easy, breatharanism is actually possible in the near future with the right tech.
Baizou is a chink term for shitlib, and aztlanite is reference to the above. ALso check your spacing reddit nigger.
>young men
Sounds plausible, it has to be something along these lines
Ok, I think you're 100% on that one. Thanks
I know what qualia is, but "brutalist" is what is throwing me off. Maybe he talking about p-zombies? I can't see the connection.
I think you're on the right track here. Thanks.
File: 1601073698155.png (161 KB, 539x487)
161 KB
161 KB PNG
>Slavery Formalization
File: incels find a way.jpg (93 KB, 888x499)
93 KB

File: 1598143983886.gif (1.17 MB, 498x372)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB GIF
Street drugs used responsibly and correctly as medicine has the power to heal mental illness opposed to mental health field enslaving people to further neural degrading
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Good point
If you want to get high, no one is stopping you dumbass. Medics use what is best for their trade.
I onced smoked weed because my stupid ass school tards (Califags) are seen with their drugs. Got caught and I cried and whip myself and pray to God. So no anon drugs are bad, stay in school, and self improve.
>Street drugs used responsibly and correctly
since when did normies do anything responsibly or correctly
How many people use street drugs reasonably or responsibly, though? Aside from possibly marijuana, I would assume they've destroyed far more lives than they've helped.

File: Lord Humungous.jpg (71 KB, 1000x668)
71 KB
What are the chances society collapses soon enough for me to become a warlord? I'm 19 and my biggest fear is that society does collapse but I'm like 80 when it happens and I miss out on my chance to lead a gang of raiders.
>be zoomer
>be praised for not being a filthy lazy millennial
>be retarded zoomer
>want to be warlord
>forgot about big brother millennial
You’re fucked kid, either we go to war and you fight it for us, or we fight each other and you be subjugated to millennial rule
Kids are de facto retarded, for god made you to serve, kid
Do you have the qualities required to be a leader among violent men? I HIGHLY doubt that.
You mean your chance to die of cholera in an overcrowded refugee camp run by gangs.
>What are the chances society collapses soon enough for me to become a warlord?

Just go to Africa.
I would have liked it better if all those women getting pregnant by my semen while I was in my 20s and 30s had been getting pregnant by my cumming inside of their pussies than them buying my stolen semen from them who promulgate the notion that my semen is detestable.

>leave 4chan for two weeks
>there are no more med generals
wtf maggots
KILL ME PETE edition
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Calliphoridae, theres a few in there with you right now just waiting for you to croak
why would it?
Peripheral vasoconstriction due to lower environmental temperatures would increase afterload and increase the strain on an infarcted heart. Pretty sure this is why shoveling snow is the wort activity for patients with angina.

Unless I am missing something?
What is the most effective and speedy method of suicide using household items (no rope no gun)? Don't care if it hurts just if it works
You are damn right. I thought lowering body temperature could decrease myocardium metabolism, but I didn't take into account arterial resistance and afterload.

File: ed6.png (778 KB, 1000x1024)
778 KB
778 KB PNG
Well /sci/?
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>f sqrt is accepted as a basic operator then square must be also
you don't make the rules here
nice. very nice. not bad at all, considering
3! = 6
6! = 720
720/2 = 360
360+1 = 361
sqrt361 = 19
So.... sqrt(2)?
just use the nineteen() function lol

File: file.png (136 KB, 801x545)
136 KB
136 KB PNG
feel free to ask any questions and i MIGHT bless you with my divine wisdom. any other math chads are welcome in this thread as well
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How are you dealing with long term unemployment?
I hate mathchads so much they think they are better than everyone
As you learn more the more stuff you realize you don't yet know.
I shit, piss and cum.

>On my way to getting grad degree
>Financial aid suddenly stops coming
Should I just fucking kill myself AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
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Did you get told you're no longer getting financial aid or are you just not getting money on time? If it's the latter it might just be delayed.Talk with finances if you're worried.
learn a trade.
Thought I would get money. Wait a month. Look t my ad report which says I should receive another.2 years of aid. Apparently because I was half time rather than full time for some semesters (I have a job) the system fucks me over. Full time for 6 years is rewarded while half time for 8 is cut midway through.
All welfare/financial aid programs REWARD you being pathetic. Having a job gave you money thus you are LESS deserving of aid.

Remember when getting aid it helps to appear to be as poor, and pathetic as possible.
Well fuck because I don’t make enough to pay fir school

File: 1583495959305.jpg (7 KB, 250x237)
7 KB
Where do we go when we die?
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File: based374.png (131 KB, 1554x462)
131 KB
131 KB PNG
open individualism
This guys redpilled on it
This is the correct answer. Accept Christ as your saviour and you can be assured of your salvation.
and this thread goes to >>>/x/
File: IMG_3811.jpg (149 KB, 1024x768)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
You don't 'go' anywhere. It's within you
I aint ready to find out.

What is the best way to learn this (better than staring at picrel)? Any handy mnemonic system?

A related question: Does anyone have a vector graphic version of picrel?
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What am i looking at
File: Sorting.gif (219 KB, 899x455)
219 KB
219 KB GIF
OP here. Thanks for that. I have done the first 100 problems at PE five years ago but when doing so never considered any of these algorithms by name. Then again, my approach probably wasn't optimal in most cases. I don't feel any further along in internalizing what is on the chart.
I don't know. Looking at it makes me feel stupid. The goal for me is to be able to easily and quickly estimate the time or space complexity of a given algorithm such as might be asked in a technical interview.
File: Use_Your_Seatbelt.webm (1.26 MB, 512x640)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB WEBM
Do not waste your time, memorizing this chart.

Just always use B-tree for data structure and counting sort for sorting.

If anyone asks why tell them you did a Big ) analysis and these solutions were the best.

And always use your seat belt.

File: Carcinogen.jpg (655 KB, 1001x1500)
655 KB
655 KB JPG
Scientifically speaking, do windmills cause cancer?
Maybe as anti-placebo.
only if they are 5g equipped

File: trapped-anti-H.jpg (324 KB, 1000x947)
324 KB
324 KB JPG
how possible is it to make an antimatter bomb. obviously we are able to make antimatter and people are able to contain super small amounts of it. Is it theoretically possible to make a bomb out of it? so does it require more energy to make enough antimatter for a bomb then the sun produces in a year type of impossible? or is it if we had fusion reactors we could make shit tons of antimatter without an issue possible?
File: 06a.png (320 KB, 600x407)
320 KB
320 KB PNG
An already very effective one has taken effect on your brain it seems.
>how possible is it to make an antimatter bomb.

it is totally possible
but completely impractical.

>so does it require more energy to make enough antimatter for a bomb then the sun produces in a year type of impossible?
why are you trying to make such a retarded comparison?

>is it if we had fusion reactors we could make shit tons of antimatter without an issue possible?
if we had fusion reactors we could do lots of stuff we cant do now.

how autistic are you?
not feasible. infinitely less feasible than a fusion bomb
making antimatter isn't the problem, it's storing it. when you make antimatter it always has a finite lifetime because, no matter how good your vacuum system is, you will still have background gas (matter) that will collide and annihilate the antimatter.
if you tried this on a large scale then your bomb would detonate within a few seconds

File: 1601165419691.jpg (24 KB, 260x322)
24 KB
What are your opinions on Microeconomics & Macroeconomics? I am debating which classes to take and these seem relatively useful out of everything in the realm of required social science credits, though I'm not sure.
The classes use Principles of Economics by Mateer & Coppock. I'm skimming the text and it seems somewhat elementary, as in almost trivial for what I thought would be a challenging subject. I read a long while ago that Elon Musk regretted his economics degree, but I do not know why. Are these classes useless, or only useful if you want to become an economist?
In macroeconomics, breaking the window does create wealth.
>I thought would be a challenging subject.
there is your first mistake

WHen I was a math major in university i took economics for non0majors

I handed my first assignment in and the TA gave me zero.
Why? Because I took the derivative instead of writing out rise/run. The TA a econ grad student couldn't do basic calculus.

This is why people say it is difficult, because the field is full of retards.

I of course went to the prof and he gave me 100%
Economist here. No it doesn't. It only does to retards who think GDP/capita tells you all you need to know about an economy.

Why was his meth so much better than the competitions?
13 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I could never accept that he had a multi billionaire friend who offered him a cushy job and to effectively pay all his medical bills, but declined in favor of becoming a meth lord because muh pride. As a man of reason he concluded that trying his hand at crime without any experience was a better choice than just taking free money from his friends.
He did it because he was sick of his life and not for the money.
Citation needed.
File: 1451255767215.jpg (46 KB, 438x720)
46 KB
His meth was unclamped
and uncut.

It was an externalized manifestation of his spiraling down as he reconciled an awareness of the ultimate inability to truly unclamp by the avenue psychological available. The darker it got, the more he knew he would never turn back.
to get ratios right, and not have contaminants from other chemicals in the manufacturing process requires making proper measurements for the materials at hand
You can predict yields, and use that knowledge to make pure end products with minimal contaminants, this is the case for most chemical reactions, and drugs aren't any different, IRL most drugs are made by low IQ monkeys who live in slave conditions, who probably don't know what chemical are, just that mixing some things at different pressures and temperatures for certain amounts of time results in them not being murdered lmao, smart people don't make drugs

File: pobrane.jpg (12 KB, 206x244)
12 KB
Are there any chemists?
I ordered 400 pieces of HGH Fragment 176-191 Peptide. I have a problem with
the customs office.
I need any plausible explanation for that order.

What are the uses of this peptide besides human use? can it be used as a chemical reagent?

I need a proof that this whole order is for my use onyl.
what about lifting weights a lot like all normal /fit/ anons instead of seeking for chemical shortcuts?
did the same
Personal consumption for journalism - make a page on Medium and show them that as proof
I've been looking for this Pepe for a long time. Thank you. Love the tBuLi up top

I've never had an attraction to feet and still don't. They're just as enticing as elbows for me. I even had a hookup a few years ago with someone who did have a foot fetish and I just wasn't into it at all and found the whole thing comical. I've also always had dogs and they would want to lick my feet so I would let them and didn't care.

I've been taking sertraline for nearly a year and it's made my quality of life so much better. Looking back it could have made much of my life easier had I started taking it earlier.

However, a few months ago one of my dogs was licking my feet and I felt something weird like a tingling in my groin. Not arousal, but similar to when you get a haircut and feel a tickle elsewhere in your body. "referred itch" is the best term. It spooked my at first but after more experimentation with different textures I can confirm I have developed an sympathy of the nerves between my feet and dick.

This is just a poor anecdote, but I think the neurogenesis that SSRIs cause may have strengthened the crosstalk between the adjacent feet and genital sections of my brain.

TL;DR Zoloft gave me a foot fetish

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