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random question since this is un-googleable: what does it mean when you have a group with a comma in its name like SO(2,d)? i know what SO(2) means but what does it mean with that ,d? like what is SO(2,4)? any examples or intuitive explanations?
pic unrelated
thanks anon

Why is autism more common in males than females?
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I doubt they're identical when they have such profoundly different symptoms

There are receptors for testosterone all over the brain. It probably accounts for the difference in grey and white matter between the sexes - though probably indirectly because it's complex.

A lot of this research can no longer be done because ethics committees are stuffed full of feminists for whom this sort of thing is too 'problematic'.
That's a really good idea, because it's also possible that autism exists to allow tribes to adapt faster, at the expense of someone with autism being less likely to reproduce. An individual being less likely to reproduce doesn't matter to the reproduction rate of the species when that individual is a male. And a trait that's negatively selected for by evolution of the individual can be positively selected for by evolution of the species, if tribes where the trait is present are more likely to thrive.
Is this where the "attractive autistic male" and "ugly autistic female" memes come from?
Most likely. Increased prenatal T for males causes symmetry while the doing the opposite for females.

File: 1524257672396.png (3.52 MB, 4000x3500)
3.52 MB
3.52 MB PNG
Textbook recommendations for topics around cosmic inflation and the infinitude of the universe. Thanks guys, can't seem to find anything good on this

File: nano5.png (184 KB, 432x301)
184 KB
184 KB PNG
I have been reading journal articles about nanophotonics. Ir sounds pretty interesting and I want to get involved in nanophotonics research.

Nanophotonics is the study of light and its interactions with nan sized objects fir those who dont know.

Wondering if anybody else is interested in this.
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>grad school counts, as long as their reqs were your thesis topic
this is true, but unless you did an industrial project with them the odds of having those very specific skills are low
I currently work as a labourer making more than min wage while I look for a job in my field, so it could be worse.

Also you wouldn't want me working at a fast food place..... i'd be a terrible employee and i'd steal so much food.
>never mention anything about yourself on 4chan
Okay autist
Wait, sorry, was calling you an autist too much of an acknowledgement of you as a person and your properties?
It's over, boys. He figured us out. We have to move out of the country now.

Also, does anyone have any good references for optical properties, particularly from first principle calculations?

File: 713jIoMO3UL.jpg (235 KB, 1524x2339)
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235 KB JPG
What's my opinion on this book?
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You don't have the balls for one.
I'd buy that for a dollar.
fuck off back to >>>/pol/
Sister recommended it to me when we talked (I had asked for reading recommendation), will give it a try. In maybe 6 months I'll have get to it and can come back here to post what I think of the book.
meme author

File: adhd alien.png (817 KB, 1467x937)
817 KB
817 KB PNG
What differentiates inattentive ADHD (ADD) from just awful habits?
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enjoy your mercury poison
I knew a girl with raging adhd. Not pretty
nothing, suck it up
Discipline and weakness are fake, ADHD is real. Notice how the vast majority of successful people in the modern world are stupid and/or evil.
I've adhd when i lack sleep which makes me unable to sleep when i'm sleepy.

Do you think there can be legitimately forbidden knowledge?

Are there things humanity was not meant to know?
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in a rare display of beneficial coincidence knowledge that carries high risk of misuse is locked away behind an IQ filter so in that sense it is forbidden to your average wannabe evildoer
Race and IQ.
I believe different races have different average IQ's and that the reasons for this disparity are fundamentaly biological in nature, but I also believe that this should not become mainstream knowledge. Pepople are assholes and they already treat black people and minorities like trash.
I also believe that transgenderism is a mental illnes but, again, I don't want these people to suffer unnecessarily by making them the target of stigma.
No, but I do think there is knowledge beyond humanities' capacity to understand. Eventually humans will run into an intellectual barrier that not even many years of figuring will the human be able to understand, maybe approximate, but not truly grok
>Asia in stone age before europoors

bruh have you ever actually read history? Also, if you look at historical contributions to pollution the US accounts for like 90% of all emissions.
Higher-dimensional geometry is already that.

We can approximate but not truly grok.

File: EeWgcr7UEAUY8GV.jpg (341 KB, 771x849)
341 KB
341 KB JPG
What would sexuality be like if the penis and vagina had taste buds?

Pic unrelated.
Get the fuck off 4chan normalfag.

File: 1594307031338.jpg (123 KB, 1280x956)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
Daily reminder to NEVER listen to 4chan faggots.

You told me taking this shit would not work.
You told me I would start to look orange.
You told me I would start to look sick.

And guess what. I looked like a vampire, and now I look like a normal healthy human being with a slight tan. I was right. APOLOGIZE.
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Years of consuming colloidal silver, plus probably a very bad color balance in the photography.
>someone as smart as Trump
Dude wtf is wrong with your wrinkles? Your hand looks like a freshly grown sheet of human skin stretched over a mannequin hand
Many such cases. Sad!

File: clockstrikes.jpg (91 KB, 504x384)
91 KB
As much as I love Mr Tompkins, I think there are some errors in the book.

I'm at the part where Mr Tompkins learns about curved space.
It's said in the book that positively curved area works like this:
>take the radius of the Earth. that radius corresponds to the area northern hemisphere
>now, add to it the area of the southern hemisphere
>you doubled the radius, and doubled the area
>thus area in positively curved space grows slower than in the case of a flat circle

This isn't true. The surface area of a sphere isn't directly proportionate to r, but r^2 just like a flat disk would.

File: 20200804_220853.jpg (403 KB, 1944x2592)
403 KB
403 KB JPG
>Yeah, I study astronomy. How'd you know?
The telescope
>Yeah, I’m studying Aerospace Engineering. How could you tell?

File: EdzMhHLWkAApQ_4.jpg (32 KB, 623x384)
32 KB
Scientifically, why would a government customs agency specify that 2,750 tons of Ammonium Nitrate should be stored in a minimum security port warehouse complex adjoining a major urban area?
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being obese is degeneration of nature

>cancel obtards
third world morons.
because warehousing workers are 20iq even in first world countries, and it doesn't get better in third world contries
Sloppy job mossad
>10 days after 9/11
imagine the paranoia

File: russell.jpg (240 KB, 800x1009)
240 KB
240 KB JPG
Is mathematics just subset/consequence of logic?
Should formal logic be a subject studied in school?
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Not all logic is Boolean logic and there's a line between a logic and one of it's models
File: kg_aka_cheese.jpg (93 KB, 685x514)
93 KB
**teleports behind you**
Intuitionist logic isn't boolean logic.
Fair enough, but intuitionistic and classical logics are also not the only logics.

I rub a balloon on my head, get it all static like. I leave it awhile so I feel better about making the assumption that the charge is evenly distributed throughout the surface. Little did you know that the ballon had a timed release valve prior to charging with static. The balloon discharges, I measure the charge on the balloon to be equal. I thus conclude that the charge density increased.

My second experiment inflates and deflates the balloon periodically, to create a charge density wave.

Now one may be comfortable with this, as the balloon subjects no manner of space to the crushing forces of magnetars or black holes. But it raises the natural extension, what is the limit to charge density, does it pack like a solid at high pressure, what is the behaviour of this mysterious ether? That happens if the charge density becomes subject to a principle of uncertainty? Is there a viscosity, what limits art there to the charge density wave function, what are the limits to its phase and group velocities?

Well /sci/?
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They literally still farm like this all over the world.
>>Is the photo real?
The pyramid's almost certainly Photoshopped, probably of an actual rock formation. Image search just brings up conspiracy sites.
As far as shoops go this would be very simple. You could probably do it mspaint.
The photo appears to be from Peru
Lunar photographs are generally well cataloged, I can't find the original image anywhere.

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