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I can't do code or math, but I remember this video from Matt Parker on the subject:

"Why is there no equation for the perimeter of an ellipseā€½"
What an interesting choice of a word. Come dance with me 22th of this month. I'm waiting~
Let's do it.
I'd say "that's a date", but we are going to enjoy the full moon, so I guess "that's a nite" then!
Draw a circle, use a transformation to get an ellipse, simple as.

File: chamber.png (1.43 MB, 4872x3744)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB PNG
it possible to have a wave on higgs field?
if possible how it feels to and can be detected?
higgs field formulas unsolvable this way
we need modelling on computers, same way used for proton mass modeling
if higgs field have low delta from zero energy how it can be detected?
I just learned how to use Feynman rules to evaluate the dyson series on QED. Higgs field is too advanced for me. Maybe next year.
best way is to start learning from higgs field formulas

any study where the raw unmodified data is not made publicly available should be immediately dismissed upon sight. therefore all medical research by its very nature being confidential cannot be trusted as the evidence is never presented in a complete form.
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Lmao OP got wrecked within the first 2 posts of his own thread
You guys are really going to great lengths to avoid the covid jab.
Every day you come up with a new excuse.
Laughing at all the butthurt theists in this thread who ignored this epic post.
You literally can't dismiss Hitchens' Razor without proving that Hitchens was right all along.
I long liked the idea of hitchens's' razor, but since I got /fit/ I understood that it's pure retarded nerd shit. The truth is: you can be assert everything without evidence and noone can dismiss it if you are capable of extreme violence
I call this method Conans Club

File: dna.jpg (43 KB, 828x466)
43 KB
Will we ever be able to recreate human beings based on their DNA?
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I don't see why not. If the person has their DNA sequenced when they're alive, it makes sense that we'd be able to recreate that DNA to clone them at a later date.
You could test this hypothesis easily
Do twins raised part become the same person?
Then your hypothesis is wrong.
where can I find twin studies?

File: lander.png (95 KB, 316x376)
95 KB
It can be a satellites, rovers, ground based telescopes, SETI projects, anything goes
the first whose budget starts to dry out
File: zoggers.png (228 KB, 532x594)
228 KB
228 KB PNG
if the covid hysteria continues and the epidemiologists and virologists get all the attention rightfully reserved for astronomers, all of them at the same time
>inb4 phosphine! phosphine everywhere

File: 1565931196028.gif (1.47 MB, 400x560)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB GIF
Why do we dream?
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Yes no no no. I had a dream of stabbing my classmate yesterday.
wdym , ive always heard that but never rly understood.
like is my unconscious conscious ?
m i 2 persons ?
m i unconscious and conscious ?
either to have bizarre nightmares or occasionally to have sex with beautiful but vaguely faceless women and ejaculate inside them (wake up sad and covered in your seed).
its so cringy when it happens , like u have a feeling of auto destruction after that.

File: 1510059632936.png (337 KB, 531x458)
337 KB
337 KB PNG
Regular weed smoking in adolescence causes irreversible brain damage by thinning the prefrontal cortex:
A consequence is amotivational syndrome and low self efficacy. Thoughts?
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I see. GIMP = Green Is My Pepper
File: 1621095949537.jpg (20 KB, 306x306)
20 KB
>tfw my darknet weed order is taking longer than expected
>amotivational syndrome
imagine being a psychologist and just make make names for laziness
Uses to smoke weed but I'm in agreement the increase in the homeless population is partially caused by increasing numbers of people fried by more readily available drugs than in the past.
File: stone.jpg (30 KB, 400x300)
30 KB
yes, op, but regular weed smoking in adulthood causes a notable improvement in quality of life

File: babies.jpg (119 KB, 1200x600)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
Why can't mothers hang on to their newborn?
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I hate nursoids so much its unreal.
wtf is wrong with you
Even though making up only 13% of the population...
Nigger, they don't need a chip
You are carrying all that shit voluntarily
File: 4chan scianon.jpg (46 KB, 1010x1488)
46 KB
lmao at all the people who were dumb enough to fall for the "smart" phone meme

File: front behind.png (62 KB, 1000x1000)
62 KB
I understand how we are able to perceive sounds coming from the left or the right - it a matter of the delay between our left ear and our right ear. But how are we able to send that a sound is coming from behind us?
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Monkeys that happened to have slightly different ears that made it easy to discern if a sound came from the front or the back, had an easier time preventing predator attacks.
Said monkeys didn't die as much, which meant they could spread their genes a lot more.
Repeat ad infinitum and there you go, evolution.

Evolution is nothing more than DNA defects that turn out to be useful and genetic variety
getting killed because you couldn't tell the rustling sound behind you was a predator and not the leaves you've been rustling up in the trees is pretty strong selective pressure dipshit
File: ears.jpg (17 KB, 474x362)
17 KB
I think it is that our ears change the qualia of the sound we hear.
Forward sound and Backward sound have different base/treble aspects due to how the sound waves are focused onto the eardrum.
>it a matter of the delay between our left ear and our right ear
maybe... it is more likely the volume of the sound... the delay is a bit arbitrary
File: sound.jpg (54 KB, 752x445)
54 KB
Like this

File: Virtuelles_Bild.png (19 KB, 350x250)
19 KB
How can we see virtual images when they don't even exist?
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Because for your eyes they exist. And for everything affected by electromagnetism they are pretty much as good as the real thing.
It's actually used in antenna design. It can save you a lot of space
you can though. Photons are electromagnetic activity.
Who let the 8th graders in?
Easy. Try this simple experiment at home.
Step 1. Take one apple
Step 2. Hold this apple in front of your face and stare at it. Dont blink.

Congrats! You are now looking at 0.999... apple
they put 0.000...001 apples in every apple lacroix
Because your brain can't automatically process how light bends at certain very specific objects like lenses, your brain just assumes that what you are seeing is coming from an object tat is not obstructed in its path. The virtual image is what your eyes think it sees when it is looking at an object behind a lens, in the example you showed at least.

File: j9022s1oiat61.jpg (163 KB, 640x1202)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
There must be a way to encode files into video files in a way that is relavely easy to decode later. I know youtube videos are compressed when uploaded but there still should be a way to bypass with the right algorithm (probably also uploading a high quality file)
Would youtube remove these weird private videos? Would decompression be too much of a hassle for it to make sense?
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Kill yourself, shill.
cheap data is cheap data. i dump all of my backup shit for my homelab to s3 because it's cheaper than azure and gcp, simple as.
Time is money.
Do we have any info on their compression algo? Is it reversible? I'm guessing not but still interested if anyone knows.

File: 1626121465511.jpg (282 KB, 960x720)
282 KB
282 KB JPG
Why aren't there any beneficial diseases? Wouldn't it make more evolutionary sense if the host of a virus lived longer?
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File: wolbachia.jpg (57 KB, 588x441)
57 KB
Wolbachia is known to addict the hosts to itself in many different fucked-up ways.
File: puke.jpg (81 KB, 640x437)
81 KB
Literally all just lactic acid bacteria. The only good they do is produce lactic acid, which is actually good for you.
File: be.jpg (32 KB, 338x336)
32 KB
Isn't that how life evolved into more complex organisms?
>be primitive cell
>get infected by virus
>divide faster now,grow thicker skin now,become immune to local toxin now, don't separate after division now, store genetic data better now... etc

viruses get a bad rep in the media, but we wouldn't exist without them
forgot the line
>virus fails, cell doesn't rupture
it happens, trust me bro

My cat died and I buried him in a big ziplock plastic bag which was put into a box 2 feet in the ground.
Will the plastic bag degrade over time exposing his body to the earth around him, or will his body stay in the bag and not degrade?
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Why keep it on display?
I had my sweet 14 yo F tuxie cremated because I couldn't stand the thought of burying her with my dad's cats
I think that's from pompeii

Real chads get all their pets stuffed and mounted on the wall.
Fuck you faggot I'm having a nice personal ceremony for my cat
There is nothing stopping you from having a nice ceremony after the burial.

File: image_2021-08-04_112156.png (526 KB, 1000x1000)
526 KB
526 KB PNG
what about killing the hair follicles, i was thinking:

dexamethasone 1%: there is a study showing that corticosteroids terminate vellus hairs and kills them
sodium cyanide (maybe 5-10%?): will help kill off the cells that form hair
dihydroergotamine (maybe 10%): will kill off blood supply to hair follicles, therefore either killing them or causing them to slow to a crawl
possibly some topoisomerase inhibitors like etoposide, they normally cause hair thinning and falling during chemotherapy, although it could be hard to get.
hyaluronic acid: will help both with possible necrosis due to the cyanide and to carry the compounds deeper into the skin
and for a carrier i was thinking something like DMSO or a water based carrier
what do you guys think? if i get enough money i will try compounding the final version of it at home and try it out on myself
Ehhh, kind of dangerous to be trying this on yourself.
Have someone ready to take you to the ER, and think up possible ways to avoid poisoning if anything goes wrong.
Please do try it on yourself, and post results of your skin dying and sloughing off
just get laser hair removal
experiment on animals before you experiment on yourself.

File: images (24).jpg (30 KB, 678x452)
30 KB
Daily reminder that the thinking White man does not neglect his philosophy studies in his journey through mathematics. "Philosophy was superseded by science" is a blatant nonsensical sentence spoken by true idiots who paradoxically subscribe to the Jewish deliriums of nihilism that they call post modernism that only make sense in the head of females and effeminate men.
13 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1619629047364.png (41 KB, 800x600)
41 KB
>muh *White* man
File: 1628030956380~2.jpg (5 KB, 123x77)
5 KB
>[le stoic marble statue stare intensifies]
>read you philosohy, young man, and for the sake of Christendom, wash your gosh darn penis!
stfu stupid frog posting shitskin
File: 1628030956380~3.jpg (2 KB, 64x38)
2 KB
>wash your foreskin well, White man, but don't let me catch you touching thyself for pleasure... and I'll be checking... often...
And thus God did love penis so much that he granted his creation the blessing of having a creator that would create such a work of beauty worthy of God being its eternal monitor and watchdog

>How's the field of dicks doing today, God?
>Oh, y'know, the usual.

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