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Quantum randomness confirmed.
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Fine. You're determined pobabalistically. How's that?
Since when have you been able to post a 24 page pdf as your post image?
Is it just a /sci/ thing or does that work on other boards?
don't most determinists believe
>universe can be random
>human actions cannot
I don't really fw philosophy though
nigga, we don't even have a proper definition of randomness
>definition of randomness
Impossible to predict?

File: 1624200588597.jpg (495 KB, 750x500)
495 KB
495 KB JPG
previous >>13889436

prichal docking live stream
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known for describing one of the earliest pumps?
It's nuclear powered.
>It was really his last flight
they were struck down, as I prophesized
God is Great in Arabic

File: 1637859867806.jpg (374 KB, 1080x1065)
374 KB
374 KB JPG
I'm not trying to bait post here. This is a genuine question. They become trannies or sexually deviant in one way or another, such as Stallman's own sexual attractions. It's not even a new phenomenon either-- Turing was himself gay, and this phenomena is so noticeable to the point where "programming socks" are a meme. Even Kaczynski, a mathematician, almost fell for the "trans" meme.

So tell me /sci/, why is a large group of people in science, math, and tech all sexually deviant? Is there a scientific explanation? And if you still don't know what I'm talking about just spend a day on /g/.
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Is it a survival strategy? Males that are unconsciously aware they stand no chance at competing in the social hierachy opt to mimic females in order to survive?
Male to female trannies are at the bottom of the social hierarchy
Not if they’re hot. Hot trannies literally have guys drooling over them
come on dude
>The only straight geniuses worked in biological science like darwin
Not really, lets take some famous physicists. Von Neumann was a party animal, Schrodinger had two wives, Heisenberg was a pretty boy, Landau had a marriage which allowed both him and his wife to go ahead and fuck absolutely anyone they wanted to, Einstein was a nerd, but he nevertheless was married more than once to rather hot women, Feynman had good looks, but started out as an autistic socially anxious kid, etc. On the other hand you had people like Dirac, who were walking equations and seemingly did not have a life besides physics(but even then its questionable to say if it was his fault, the guy had a very miserable and depressive upbringing and never bounced back from it). In mathematics the greatest genius of the last century probably has a few dozen illegitimate children around the globe plus a few failed marriages - I am talking about Grothendieck of course.

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"Psychosomatic" is just a cheap excuse by doctors who are too lazy or who don't make enough profit with further examination. If they were actually ethical doctors they'd invest the time to find a physical cause.
So you believe in diseases without physical explanation? How so? Maybe magic? Demonic possession? That's /x/ nonsense. Every disease can be reduced to biochemical causes.
Mental illness still has a biochemical cause, not magic, its just that the symptoms don't always match the experience of the symptoms, so they might feel physical pain when they are actually experiencing emotional pain.
Literally a pseudoscience that the majority of doctors believe in.

File: 1637144241216.jpg (225 KB, 1528x1000)
225 KB
225 KB JPG
Where do I read about the emotions our brain chemicals can produce and what substances exist that can replicate them?

Just last night I had a dream with some emotions I felt since the age of 1.5
I was helping a baby kitten find its mom, when I saw the tears in its eyes it triggered that euphoric vulnerable state to feel sorry for it(petting and feeling sorry for it rather than protecting it)
when I finally delivered it to its "mom" I got pissed off and ran the mom off then took the kitten for myself. Fake logic wise I said those were the foster parents, not the real mom and how dare the foster parents think they're better than me. Logic wise - I want that motherfucking kitten, it belongs to me now.
I am a grown-ass man and these emotions and course of action have never left me since the day I was born. These are the kind of things I'd bully a psychologist about.
The answer you seem to be looking for - something like "take X drug and you'll feel those emotions" - doesn't exist. If you want to feel the caring emotions again you should seek opportunities to help other beings; most people would recognize the possessive aspect of those emotions as unhealthy and worth trying to change, and if you want to have vivid dreams then follow some lucid dreaming protocols and you'll eventually notice an improvement. But your (apparent) basic worldview of material reductionism is generally incompatible with a question like "how can I experience these dream qualia again" without significant gymnastics; there is no chemical in your brain that produces emotions and if you believe otherwise you've been taken advantage of by popsci journos writing for the psychologically naive
try heroin
File: chickenhug.gif (2.96 MB, 350x349)
2.96 MB
2.96 MB GIF
Oxytocin? Not to be confused with oxycontin.

File: cunningham_law.png (65 KB, 460x409)
65 KB
I think that's sad
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What if you accidentally post the right answer and don't know it.
Trump used to do that with the media.
>Trump: Blacks commit 60% of all violent crime.
>Media: According to independent fact checkers, Donald Trump is wrong. African-Americans only commit 57% of violent crime. Trump can't get even basic facts correct!
Yeah that seems it could be a powerfull technique

Maybe if no one is correcting you it means that it's true? idk
This is more generally true beyond the internet, if you at least make an attempt at answering yourself its easier to figure out where your thinking is breaking down and correct it
I started saying that sub-Saharans only have half the brain volume of whites. Several libs on my Twitter timeline actually jumped in to say the difference is "only" about one cup or so. It's an OP tactic.

File: Screenshot_1.jpg (67 KB, 770x509)
67 KB
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I'm not getting vaxxed. Maybe I'll catch the niggatron variant and die.
If people get ADE from such reckless gambling, how am I supposed to feel bad for them?
Maybe if you kiss my ass and call me daddy.
they give all these variant names yet they still haven't isolated the virus, kind of weird don't you think, perhaps the names are actually some sort of esoteric code?
somebody show me the ade papers where idiots aren't confusing animals euthanised after the experiment for mass death from the virus

File: 13413414.jpg (100 KB, 813x656)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
This has been bugging me in the back of my head about for more than 5 years now.

It started with me seeing a meme about if you want to fairly cut a cake for 5 people with only 3 cuts you just have to kill a guy and cut the cake 1/4. Got me interested in the actual riddle and I've proved it's narrowly impossible.

I tried it for other shapes, but I pentagons and hexagons were just too complicated for pen and paper. I got the answer for general triangles but I forgot about it now.

I did google this for like an hour and nothing useful came out. Do any of you know this problem and what are some interesting theorems?
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No need, already proved whatever your analysis is is wrong. See >>13889324

No integrals are even needed, the transcendental equations for the solution can be found through geometry alone.
yeah you're using the chord segments, I tried that and confirmed it with integrals. Let me check it.
File: 54645645.jpg (397 KB, 2088x2724)
397 KB
397 KB JPG
this was the conclusion for the segment thing, let me check if the "f area" is actually bigger than pi/5

alright yall, I did the math again and the minimum area of the "f" chunk was not over pi/5, it was about 0.6030

highschool years me was fucking stupid and messed up the calculation I think. It's actually possible like you said.
>oh and it's impossible for all eclipses, obviously.
Why? A circle is a special case of an ellipse.

File: 1609448057631.jpg (107 KB, 1200x800)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
If we made an absolutely sharp and absolutely durable knife, how much force would it take to stab through a slab of steel?
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with this logic any two sheets of metal would bond to each other
>The edge still has to be one atom wide
There are weird forms of matter which only exist in special conditions (like at the heart of a neutron star) which are less than an atom wide.

Let's say you have a black hole knife.
as much energy as it would take to break the bond between two iron atoms per atom thickness. so dE/dx gives you force.
Cool! In Beavis voice.

File: 1633951011669.jpg (33 KB, 657x527)
33 KB
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You could go deeper and ask what really causes influenza and if it ist actually contagious?
If you dry fast does your body convert fats into water?
I personally subscribe to Hamers theory that viruses are used as a bodies detoxification mechanism. 1890 was around a huge era of large scale industrialisation in the UK, and things like benzene, butadiene and heavy metals would have really started to circulate heavily in a massive way around this time. I believe that would explain influenza, and why some people like myself never catch it. I've helped a lot of people with "covid" during this pandemic, I'll go round and help them cook meals, bring shopping etc and not get ill from them.
The book I took the graph from (Invisible Rainbow by Arthur Firstenburg) connects it to the introduction of ac power in 1889. he then linked the 1918 spanish flu to the first big transoceanic radio transmitters for the war.

I think he's onto something broadly.
Would make sense as well, very good points. Will pick up a copy as a book like that I can't rely on a pdf for. Need to add it to the schizo library

File: spaceweapon.jpg (113 KB, 879x485)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
Should humanity construct an interstellar doomsday weapon? Hear me out.

We could construct a missile with a cobalt bomb, capable of destroying all multicellular life on a planet. This missile could be parked in orbit around Pluto, or any other hidden place in the Solar System.

If aliens were to attack us, this missile would be launched toward their home planet. Over decades, it would gain speed and eventually reach few percent of light speed. It would then impact their home world with enough kinetic energy and radiation to destroy all life.

The missile would have to be "camouflaged" and would emit no radio signals at all. It would try to get as close as possible to their home planet without being detected. If countermeasures were to be employed, it would perform evasive maneuvers, but after decades of travel, the speed would probably be too high for any real countermeasures.

Is this idea feasible and should we do it?
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
You are not exterminating an interstellar specie by bombing one planet. Also, how do we determine the location of their "home" planet? How do we benefit from destroying life on a distant planet eons after we were invaded by an alien force?
>We could construct a missile with a cobalt bomb, capable of destroying all multicellular life on a planet.
[Citation needed]
>i'm gonna have a secret stash of megaweapons in case aliens attack
flat earthers have a firmer grasp on reality than the people who think their hollywood soience fiction shows are gonna come true. star trek isn't real.
it's copypasta too
You just can't appreciate the galactic peace (and alien waifus), can't you?

File: nword.png (695 KB, 700x507)
695 KB
695 KB PNG
Are the sciences too specialised for one person to make groundbreaking revelations like in the past?

I'm 22. I'm enrolled in a 1 year uni assist program and going to University next year. I completed highschool at 17 and couldn't afford college (didn't help that I only tried to get into high ranked <expensive ones>). My familly was very rich, but my dad's friends backstabbed him and left him a depressed alchohlic. I got depressed and became a shut in after I couldn't afford uni.
My country has no prospects. Our president (dictator) is ratcheting up nationalism and creating border crises to get attention away from his disastrous policies. I finally have a chance to get my degree and get out of here and do something meaningful with my life. But I'm more anxious and depressed.
I worry about everything going wrong. I constantly regret the years I wasted. I'll be 27 by the time I graduate. 29 when I finish my msc abroad. I would've finished my msc next year if I wasn't a fuck up. All my ex friends have graduated while I'm friendless and alone. My dad's friends backed stabbed and ruined him so I'm not too keen on making friends.

I'm just full of regrets. I planned to hero myself at 25. It brought me solace that everything would be over soon. Being a neet, I didn't have to conform to what society expected young men to be. I'm now more lost than ever. My mom's familly is funding my tuition. The only reason I didn't off myself was because I didn't want to hurt my mom. Now she has given me a second chance. Why am I still depressed? If I do my degree well, I would be able to escape this hellhole. But now I'm completely stressed about what can go wrong, that I'm not studying like I should. I know that this anxiety will cause the very thing I'm anxious about (not studying well), but I can't stop. I'm so tired. It hurts so bad and I have no one to talk to. Now I don't even have the option to blow my head off. I wish I could just stop feeling this way. I cry alone at night when eveyone's asleep and that's the only time I'm expressing these emotions.
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Unironically laughter and real life shitposting.
you should persist to spite others, im sure there are people who would want you gone, dont let them have the satisfaction
Regarding your degree. Do you need a masters? You can always work with your bachelors
File: IMG_20211120_130030_212.jpg (141 KB, 791x1280)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
Sorry to hear that. I present an utmost honest/sincere solution: read the Holy Bible. Live can be suffering yes, but it can also be joy and gracious. Please take my advice seriously.
Search for truth and wisdom, it's all in there. May God bless you all.
What a boring post, are you American by any chance OP? You guys are so narcissistic and full of yourselves, enough to write something like this post.

If overpopulation is a myth then explain this.
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File: burp'd.jpg (111 KB, 716x1024)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
global warming is fake
File: 1632170278247.jpg (116 KB, 902x1024)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
The current population size is nothing.
When we engineer humans to be giant women and small men, they will spread so fast that there will be a hundred billion of them within 200 years.
File: sage man.png (161 KB, 360x512)
161 KB
161 KB PNG
global warming is just another chicken little science fiction story like coronavirus. mentally ill people who have no grasp on reality and who think tv news is real see the chicken little stories and it goes directly into their insane latent messiah complex and the mentally ill people suddenly imagine themselves as righteous voices who are trying to save the planet from destruction, just like the hero in a hollywood soience fiction movie.
>the sky is falling!
>the sky is falling!
You're mistaking the marketing for the substance of the argument and getting caught up in feelings of moral and intellectual superiority.

You sound like a bitter waste who copes by making up stories about how other people are so dumb and you're the one who gets everything.

None of this has anything to do with your opinions or arguments and everything to do with how you emanate self-hatred.
Has anyone debonked this image?
This honestly seems so simply redpilling i can't believe it

File: nigger on lit.png (153 KB, 1898x387)
153 KB
153 KB PNG
Some faggot on /lit/ namedropped this board so I figured I'd ask here.

He is conflating computation efficiency with AI right? Is there any reason to believe that physical limitations in processing power are relevant at all for the development of A.I. and societies eventual automation? Computer's are already capable of processing information significantly faster than humans, even if computational power and efficiency stalled today wouldn't it still be a matter of time before automation become prevalent, or am I having some fundamental misunderstanding.
>Is there any reason to believe that physical limitations in processing power are relevant at all for the development of A.I. and societies eventual automation?
Yes. It is in fact the entire limitation that exists.
Automation and AI will be responsible for making people redundant as it already makes the lower class redundant. See what I'm doing here? It's quite redundant. But will they make the bou redundant as well? Yes, with enough time and a new bou will replace them. Bou are middle and middle upper class, not elite or aristocrats. I've never understood why communists hate the bou as the bou are still peons and peasants as well - just with gatekeeping titles and positions offered by those above them. If communists really want class struggle to be eliminated they would target the elite, not the peasants in nicer clothing. There is no such thing as the bou outside of semantics, they are almost entirely employed, not employers. One fell swoop over a few decades and the bou will return back to being titled upper slaves, and the lower upper class will become the new bou, it's rather redundant.

Entropy exists in class and hierarchy due to efficiency and advancements, if automation and
AI plateaus then we will advance horizontally until we find a new vertical to go further beyond. The current bou will be replaced by a new bou. That new bou will be replaced by another bou. This will go on until property values are 10x what they are currently, all of the West bought up by the elite and rich and corporate holders, you will rent and you will not have a choice in the matter. My suggestion is to buy a few homes and have your children hold them instead of selling them for a quick buck. At least then you'll not have to pay some faggot silver spoon queer your monthly quota because his father owns a multi billion dollar leasing company.

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