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File: 1539719120101 copy 2.png (19 KB, 184x184)
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does this have future implications or is it just a hype?

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which system seems rigged, quadratic or the one we have now?
Not him, but the quadratic does seem to be rigged by default.
Well, the votes are weighed by how much you pay.
ok that doesnt make it rigged.

File: file.png (270 KB, 1066x600)
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270 KB PNG
Brainlets, unite.

Im 24 years old who never really studied math. Now Im learning Prealgebra from scratch, and studying about 5 hours per day. Its not easy because I never memorized the multiplication tables, but Im really enjoying the study, its so satisfactory when you see the progress.

My goal is to get good at Calculus until the end of the year.
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Fellow brainlet here, how do you study for 5 hours ? I'm trying to learn electromagnetism but having a hard time having any progress :/
>ITT: brainlets
Hey if just in case you want a even wider array of sources, there is a website called libgen.is. It has a ton of free PDF's and other files of various texts of differing topics.
2x 3x 5x and (multiplactation hardmode) 7x are the only ones that need memorised. Schools are fucking dumb to intimidate kids with whole tables.

This thread makes me feel good <3

File: eltiolcarro.jpg (198 KB, 899x899)
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198 KB JPG
We all are about to die and end up like this poor guy. the NWO and the yellow mens are gonna make an humanitarian cleansing so enjoy the our last few moments...
that guy is relly funny hahhahaha

Literally who?

File: 1579232175318.png (2.41 MB, 933x1352)
2.41 MB
2.41 MB PNG
What are some non-standard jobs to a chemistry graduate with experience working in industry R&D labs?
I'm tired of having 4 different managers with competing goals fucking up our experiments and making last minute changes so that the left hand doesn't know what the right is doing and most of our results end up being bullshit and conclusions based on what the manager wishes was the case despite what the evidence says.

I just wanted to be a wizard...
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based. spectacular coding skills is magical.
My childhood dream of being a wizard is what drove me into my field as well
What field Anon? I really need some kind of a change and I'd rather not go back into academia full-time.
I went into botany because the nature aspect always fascinated me
>I'm tired of having 4 different managers with competing goals fucking up our experiments and making last minute changes so that the left hand doesn't know what the right is doing and most of our results end up being bullshit and conclusions based on what the manager wishes was the case despite what the evidence says.

This is everywhere unfortunately.

File: diagonalconstructive.png (259 KB, 1194x738)
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259 KB PNG
how is cantor's diagonal argument constructive? applying it to an enumeration of all algebraic numbers does produce a transcendental number, but it's easy to give an enumeration of the reals that contains infinitely many transcendental numbers.
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Cantor already knew this. It doesn’t matter because what matters is that there’s a bijection between the set of reals and the set of infinity binary sequences (or equivalently the set of sets of natural numbers), so proving that the latter is bigger than the set of natural numbers suffices for the former.

Also, the post you linked to is an April fool’s joke.
>Not the popsci proof about changing the numbers, because that doesn't prove shit, obviously.
It does, so long as you're careful to deal with the subtlety that >>11711560
mentions (which Cantor did).
come on...
Decimal expansions are unique up to a terminal infinite string of 9's (which equals another expansion with terminal 0's). Likewise, a base n expansion is unique up to a terminal infinite string of (n-1). This is easy to prove by analyzing the first digit in which two decimal expansions differ.
Therefore, as long as you demand that any terminal-9 expansion is expressed in terminal-0 form, decimal expansions are unique.
How's that argument properly refuted?
By the fact that R isn't captured by digit expansions?

Got some scientific questions regarding a Last Airbender fanfic I am writing, apologies for bringing my brainletism here but I can’t find everything on the internet.

My current understanding is that if you have easy access to 100% purity heavy water it would be pretty cheap to produce Pu-239 at the right isotopic purity for weapons. So right there you could be making fission bombs pretty easy if you had the explosives and electronics technology to get a prompt criticality. You could even do some fusion boosting the deuterium you get from electrolysis on the heavy water Is there a step in this process I am missing where effectively unlimited heavy water wouldn’t make the whole process relatively easy. As far as I could tell you would only need lithium 6 production to start making boosted weapons after this. Is there anything about this that’s retarded, don’t wanna write shit to find out the whole basis was wrong.

Anyway idea for story was that generations after aang took down ozai, the technological advancement happening in the fire nation continued throughout the world. Fearful of the fire nation the water tribes use their bending to make nukes really easily and the fire nation responds by starting a space program to harness fire bending (which is shown to be capable of thrust in the show) for spaceflight in order to put up rods-from-gods system. Then they do cold-war shit and it’s military/political drama in avatar with the cast composed of original series’ descendants.

So yeah how retarded is this?
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that's fine we'll just have the benders spin a big ring of water around really fast until they can tell where to cut by the like 12 percent density difference.

haven't started this thing yet, researching and drawing out the concept rn. wattpad is @snaycc but this will be the first time I use it to put anything out there.

I will NOT write gundam, anon. might copy some notes though we'll see.

fuck I'm gonna have to figure out how nuclear propulsion and spacecraft in general work.
appreciate it very much, idk why but soft fantasy having to deal with hard sci-fi rubs my autism the right way.

>be very powerful semi-divine being
>die if mechanic fucks up
saying heavy water and not deuterium makes you look so dumb
Blessed thread.

So, thought about it for a while, and seeing the qysea recently made me curious.

Is there an issue with using a thin long wire (shielded) to extended an antenna’s placement? Since it should be low current anyway

ie: a drone with 2.4ghz and 5.4ghz antenna normally, but separate the antenna to a spool of wire with shielded thin wire connecting it to the receiver and video transmitter

It’d be neat to make something to put my gopro on - I already have radios, receiver, video transmitter etc and all that from building a drone and fpv plane
If you mean put the antenna on a float, yeah you can do that, but coaxial cable's not that flexible. There will be loss, but as long as it's not more than a couple meters it shouldn't be too bad.
Float might too, but a spool back at base would be good so it can be reeled In, so a lot longer than 5m

The pic related qysea drone does it.
coaxial cable is hard to spool. And if you're not using a floating antenna why bother making it wireless at all?
Because the receivers, and transmitters for both radio and video are already wireless, how would I plug them directly into the fpv goggles and radio controller? It’d take different hardware and would be more annoying anyway

Just to make extra sure that you cannot hide in water when the terminators come.

File: 1582410779433.jpg (189 KB, 956x500)
189 KB
189 KB JPG
So remember a few months back when /sci/ was saying COVID-19 was just a flu whereas /pol/ was hyping it up?

Now /pol/ are the ones saying it's just a flu and /sci/ doesn't talk about the virus at all anymore.

Wtf happened?
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>anecdotal evidence
Yes i'm sure the death toll being almost 350k confirmed and video footage of people dying in the streets and hospital hallways is just an elaborate conspiracy for Bill Gates to give you autism with his forced vaccine.

Nevermind that the "confirmed" number includes official Chinese numbers. Lets just trust that they told us the truth.
/pol/ are raging contrarians. If the media suddenly loved trump, they would tell you he is satan, for example.
dangerously based
Politics is ridiculous and frivolous. Follow the numbers

Everyone everywhere is sick of talking about and thinking about it.

File: 1589231904048.jpg (158 KB, 1356x668)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
My ancestor :)
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You're welcome. Please abstain from such bullshit in the future. Thank you.
>Let there be light
Jesus used parables to teach, why wouldn't God?

But this is /sci/, not /his/, so we should stay focused on the topic at hand.
Use of fire by hominids is much older than Modern Human hair distribution
>Jesus used parables to teach, why wouldn't God?
Jesus never used parables that are an obvious contradiction of blatant common sense. Plants can't survive millions of years without the sun. The person who wrote that book knew that. Why would he get something so simple totally backwards? The story is not a parable of evolution. There is no way to rectify it so that you can interpret it as such...

File: inf.jpg (83 KB, 1366x768)
83 KB
if the universe is infinite that means anything that can happen must happen, thus the universe should not be as that is a possibility but because it is, that means the universe is finite.
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lolollololololol the power of observation
What in the fuck did I just read? Do have actual brain damage?
what quantity of the universe are you even talking about? mass? size? space?
>Infinite space =/= infinite possibility
>Fucking brainlet

how rude

File: fs.png (217 KB, 838x434)
217 KB
217 KB PNG
I was wondering if anyone knew of a FAIRE-Seq database. I am trying to find the sequence and structure of certain open reading frames of a few epigenetic gene families. Ideally, it would save time if I did not have to search literature individually.

Try a real science board

what do you guys think about the discovery of the most well preserved dinosaur of all time ?

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>so yes
No, fossilization happened on many thousands of specimens with only geology being a limiting factor (and time is a factor for many aspects of fossils on top of geology) but they were not preserved or "stayed intact" as well as this unique specimen.
The evidence dictates theres another factor involved that limits a fossils ability to be preserved this well, and that factor was clearly absent in this case.
File: 0b4vvpq4f6d01.jpg (56 KB, 960x492)
56 KB
le epic atheism
Go back to where?
youtube is down the hall buddy
Because it's the most fucking obvious bait this board has seen

why don't they just push out the vaccine instead of going through multiple trials? it makes more sense than giving people HCQ
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Most likely this: >>11712370
However, in three or four years it will naturally become less deadly. It could become far more deadly before then though.
If you want to see your family, I'd say do it when the infection rate is low in July or August. Take extreme caution when flying. Wear a mask around your family.
Becausethere is a very high likehood it's going to make the disease worse with a virus like this.
Because a shitty vaccine could help circulation of mutated strains and fuck us in the long term
And tracking tattoos too
And ban cash and chips

Because thats how you get super Covid. Do you want super Covid?

File: tsar-bomba.jpg (428 KB, 1600x900)
428 KB
428 KB JPG
for me, it's the Tsar Bombs
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No it did not.
Turns out that the force needed to generate an earthquake that would result into a tsunami is far greater than a conventional nuke.
Also, detonating nukes in the sky maximizes its destructve capability
you sure its fake?

the ring is not an indicator of meso- or stratosphere. the bomb gets denotated above the ground and I think the cloud ring is exactly at this altitute, which is propbably only a few 100m
For me, I want to hear the lamentation when they finally know they were wrong. Then i will forget about them, but they will never be able to forget about me. They will call on me, but I will not hear them.
>for me, it's the Tsar Bombs

Trump seems to be starting a new arms race... so maybe we'll get our own Tsar Bomb soon.
They concentrate radiation by neutrons to kill people instead of a physical explosion.

File: 145325723.jpg (179 KB, 900x664)
179 KB
179 KB JPG
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File: yinyang.jpg (123 KB, 2000x2000)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
everything is a circle

Its possible. I mean the odds that you would be you seem slim unless you are everybody simultaneously
We don't know the full answer to your question OP. Don't worry too much about it. If reincarnation is real then you'll be taken care of and your body and soul will be reorganized to another part of the universe. If our existence is infinite there is a good reason why we have forgotten who or what we really are. Or death could be the end of perception. Enjoy your life while you can.
If time is infinite then our exact atomic structure has to replicate at some point in the timeline after our death right?

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