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File: inf.jpg (83 KB, 1366x768)
83 KB
if the universe is infinite that means anything that can happen must happen, thus the universe should not be as that is a possibility but because it is, that means the universe is finite.
Go back to /pol/ retard
>if the universe is infinite that means anything that can happen must happen,
>thus the universe should not be as that is a possibility
Even granting your premise, still no. Just because you can use words to say something does not mean it is metaphysically possible, and "the universe is infinite so everything that is possible will happen" if true wouldn't even imply every metaphysical possibility exists, merely that every physical possibility exists.
>but because it is, that means the universe is finite.
There is no proof the universe is infinite. It's only a theory based on an observation
What a retarded misconception. Anything that „can happen” (meaning, within the range of possibility that the laws of physics allow) WILL happen. I.e. there is a Wuthering Heights world somewhere out there, BUT there is NO Harry Potter world anywhere out there. And there is similary NO world where there is NO world anywhere out there. Infinity is still tenable.

File: unnamed.jpg (50 KB, 463x512)
50 KB
By how large a factor does water filtration cool down gas? Does it really transfer alot of heat to the water? Does the heat add more steam?

I don't know if the dabs I take are burning my throat or if the irritation/coughing has more to do with the THC texture
>why can't my body accept this thick cloud of CO2 instead of nitrogen and oxygen.
It's literally the condensing into your lungs, nothing is gonna take the edge off that unless you quit completely. Not even vaping works.
put some crushed ice in the water and see if its better
It's wax and vapor
I crush ice into a thermos, and use the thermos as a shaker before pouring the cold water into the bong
It feels cold, and the area and air seems chilled, so I'm certain the water does something, but when I heat up the wax and inhale, it feels normal until a while into inhaling, and then exhaling causes the irritation that leads to coughing.

I'm just wondering since this is vaping, if the irritation really was the heat all along, as in burning my throat, or if it's the THC "texture" and cannabinoids, which the wax is high in. I'd like to know how much a factor water filtration plays in reducing the heat, or if it has been a just another vehicle for smokers/cope and there's no temp difference

There has been one point where I did inhale and did not feel like there was any burning sensation, and that involved a dual chamber bubbler, so that merits looking into as well, maybe the gas isnt exposed as much the first transfer and needs a secondary exchange to fix the leaks from the first exchange
The cooling factor depends on water temperature, contact time and surface area. The easiest way to positively influence all of these factors is with crushed ice in the ice chamber.

File: IMG_20200524_084418.jpg (22 KB, 601x203)
22 KB
The pic is random, the modules are coprime in the pic
yes, it can but not always. for example
>x = 1 mod 2
>x = 3 mod 6
has solutions but
>x = 1 mod 2
>x = 2 mod 6 doesn't
Thanks anon.

File: 1586808762236[1].jpg (63 KB, 1016x1016)
63 KB
Are neural stem cells as likely to cause cancer as undifferentiated embryonic or iPS cells?

File: 33.jpg (256 KB, 1080x1350)
256 KB
256 KB JPG
Say there's some function, f(n), that is the multiplicative inverse of n*0. Thus, [math]\frac{f(n)}{0} = n[/math].
We know by inspection f(n) is not real.
And to stay consistent with existing models, we know n*0 has a real part 0.

Therefore, you could say [math]n*0 = 0+f(n)[/math].
But when we try to divide through by zero, we get:

[math]\frac{n*0}{0} = \frac{0}{0} + \frac{f(n)}{0} = 1 + n[/math]

Does it make more sense to say

[math]\frac{n*0}{0} = \frac{0}{0} + \frac{f(n)}{0} = 0 + n[/math], where [math] \frac{0}{0}=0[/math]

Or rather

[math]\frac{n*0}{0} = \frac{0}{0}+ \frac{f(n-1)}{0} = 1 + (n-1)[/math], where [math]\frac{0}{0}=1[/math]?
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its too much, you become acidic at these levels.
1) why do you think posting some sloot will attract smart people to your thread?
2) why does she have the body of a nigger?
it's an experiment
if n*0 gives a defined f(n), and n/0 gives a defined 1/f(n), then 0/0 is perfectly well defined.
File: 1585962745067.png (363 KB, 746x956)
363 KB
363 KB PNG
post on >>>/sci/sqt or fuck off, a thread died so you could post a picture of a dumbass thot
so is coffee good for you or not?

File: 1565740125369.webm (2.99 MB, 1018x574)
2.99 MB
2.99 MB WEBM
can someone explain for what purpose some people evolved to find small tits attractive?
big tits are attractive because they signal the female is fertile and will be able to feed your children efficiently
so what is the evolutionary purpose of getting turned on by small tits?
20 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
In our society women are wearing bras, so the sagging isn't that much of a problem, they'll appear even bigger and rounder than they're actually are due to the support from the bra.
So for many people it would be a big plus.
Exremly big breasts, bigger than a D or E cups would be an extreme disadvantage if the woman didn't wear clothes, and would also sag extremly fast and lose their attractiveness.
This wouldn't be a problem for very young women, but woman with a more reasonable breast size like B or C would probably stay attractive longer and have more children over the course of their life.

I also think that it is true today that women woht a slimmer, more atheltic physique retain their beauty much longer than curvier women.
There are slim, firm breasted 50 year old women with a somewhat attractive figure by taditional standards (Marisa Tomei for example) while women of the curvy bombshell type may be more attractive in their youth but already start to sag and flab when they're 30 (Katy Perry for example).
Small breasts imply youthfullness and thus strong fertility, coupled with higher levels of test for extra horniness/fert, big breasts imply she's done being fertile, now is just feeding and looking after the young.
Big breasts are comfort, imply someone you've been with for a while and have had crazy sex sessions with but since you're both getting old it's time to slow down, small breasts imply she's just starting to learn what a dick is and will be willing to try out anything with it.
Big tits are for men who are tired of sex.
Yes. Attraction to big breasts is a fetish mostly pushed by fat women.
Things men say to women:
Lose weight, you're too fat
Things men don't say to women:
Get bigger tits, you're too flat
Fat. Fatter women have bigger tits.
It's basically just that
The fatter the woman the small her breasts look.

The thinner she looks the bigger the breast looks.

>dual majoring in computer science and math
am I really destined for data science or machine learning?
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no one that posts on /sci is smart enough to get a job at Jane Street.
Get a msc in cs or statistics if you went to a proper uni. Econ sucks balls at an undergraduate level in the US, though it gets super rigorous in academia
>data science or machine learning?
these are like skills. you can do anything you want with them. go into business or hard tech or research or biology, etc.
post bank account
Which options? Calls or puts?

File: helloworld_python.png (10 KB, 540x261)
10 KB
Why is the most aesthetic, readable, simple programming langauge?

and why is it python?
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Its macro system was gutted so it's a shit
well my favourite language to program in is probably C because I've done a lot of embedded work
>python has human kind of logic to it

yeah thats why its shit.
What's human about Python's logic?
I don't know, but im probably not human either cause i can't understand other people at all.

File: images (26).png (4 KB, 208x217)
4 KB
How is the Quant section perceived among math gods?

Peasant, Respectable, Chad maybe?
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sqrt(80) + sqrt(125) :
80 = 2^4 * 5
125 = 5^3
sqrt(80) + sqrt(125)
= sqrt(2^4 * 5) + sqrt(5^2 * 5)
= 4*sqrt(5) + 5*sqrt(5)
= 9*sqrt(5)
= answer (A)
>showing your work
>on a multiple choice question
Brace yourself P vs NP.
\sqrt{80}+ \sqrt{125}= \sqrt{4^{2} \cdot 5}+ \sqrt{5^{2} \cdot 5}=4 \sqrt{5}+5 \sqrt{5}=9 \sqrt{5}
it's highschool level, you only need to practice a bit before hand because o the time constraints

also, arithmetics =/= math

Why do mathematicians allow themselves to magically invent things like complex numbers to get around finding the square root of a negative number which is supposed to be impossible, but when you try to invent a new number to get around division by zero they get all cunty?
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>but only one random of every possible number
so the variable x?
[math]\frac{0}{0} = x[/math]
based improbably repeating positive integers

Big brain post here
1/0 is infinite. Approach division as a form of repeated subtraction and you will know this to be true.

File: MarxOnDerivatives.png (283 KB, 1259x670)
283 KB
283 KB PNG
"Marx's operational definition of the differential anticipated 20th century developments in mathematics, and there is another aspect of the differential, that seems to have been seen by Marx, that has become a standard part of modern textbooks—the concept of the differential as the principal part of an increment." -- Hubert C. Kennedy
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If you are going to ascribe those hundreds of millions of deaths to communism as a concept than it would only be intellectually honest to ascribe every death by preventable starvation or otherwise due to financial disparity of a person living in a capitalist country to capitalism as a concept, in which case the numbers are clearly not in the favor of the capitalists.

>Capitalist countries

This is your brain on communism
>there's no such thing as poor people lmao
Every criticism of capitalism and diehard capitalist bootlicker """logic""" makes you a red blooded communist

>An economic system can remove poverty
>Implying more people aren't poor under communism than capitalism

Ah yes, the commie equivalent of playing the race card when you're losing.
>muh spooky communism boogeyman kills a hundred gorillion oy vey
>the untold number of people that capitalism throws to the wayside or outright kills? fake news

File: 1588000496133.png (226 KB, 470x388)
226 KB
226 KB PNG
I'd like to major in physics but I am not sure if I can do it. I get the literally best grade only in both math and physics in school but what we do is just piss easy. I am just unsure if I can take the complex abstract stuff. How can I assess my intelligence to decide whether I am smart enough or if I should rather go for a engineering meme degree?
94 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
I think it took about 2.7 seconds, what's the next step again?
Why so hostile?
Because the thread is a useless piece of crap
Fuck you
t. OP
Do it again and again so you can calculate the average.

File: sintomas-balanitis.jpg (12 KB, 480x398)
12 KB
I think i have a mild balanitis, what can i do?
> i wash my dick very well and everyday
> gf blowjob me and bite my dick some days ago
>little wounds below the glands
Get a steroid cream
ive been told to just wash it with warm water, is that useful?

What's a good book for a low iq retard to start learning the basics of mathematics? I tried doing a few of the preschool math textbooks from the wiki and still had trouble understanding shit. I'm a beginner with zero knowledge of any sort of arithmetic, I can't even do simple addition. Please someone, give me a guide so I can break my pc and start attempting this shit for real
File: 1541358080312.jpg (87 KB, 404x720)
87 KB
Ask a loli to tutor you, pay her with head pats
What grade level are you starting at?
>I can't even do simple addition
you won't make it
Not OP, but college algebra
File: 51-LmKe96kL.jpg (52 KB, 361x500)
52 KB
Buy/pirate the book you've shown or this. Join a math help discord and go through the chapters step by step asking for help when you need it. It might seem like you are retarded and you likely are but at least you are better than most retards because you want to remedy it.

What is your biggest regret /sci/ and what was its consequence?
>Didn't Joined any EC activities while in High School.
<Top colleges didn't accepted me
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
At least you can build muscle. I regret being born (not able to build muscle)
>biggest regret
using 4chan.
lost 50 IQ points with nothing to show for it.
File: 1572400545927.jpg (9 KB, 250x250)
9 KB
Long time ago
>Had a female friends, things were working out
>Had a job, did not work out well.
>Workplace in trouble, projects late, contracts insane, management demanded crunch time
>Put in 12+ hour days, 5 days a week. Later also 6 days a week
>Friend left
>Still hope of keeping job.
>Now working 7 days a week
>Most colleagues burning out, still hanging on
>Crisis getting real obvious
>Needed 1 new contract, had 3 bids going.
>Delays made customers angry. Surprisingly got no new contracts
>Management astonished
>Management doing managey stuff: mass redundancies
>Colleagues burned out wrecks, like smoking husks in the ditches.
>Lost my job
I never got a new GF, should have left the job earlier.
seriously still with the muscle bullshit?
I wish it were bullshit.
I can't build muscle

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