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File: 1701068354619700.jpg (851 KB, 1284x1380)
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851 KB JPG
The mechanism by which the Pfizer vax causes AIDS has been discovered
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Was it a bus full of people on their way to the hospital to get vaccinated?
File: AIDS.jpg (27 KB, 500x404)
27 KB
Damn, COVID claims another one.
BIG if true
Its amazing they can get images of the microscopic parasites in the vax, but nobody has ever imaged the rumored covid virus, its almost as if the virus just never existed at all

File: anime is for losers.jpg (80 KB, 842x960)
80 KB
>We examined the interplay between subcultural identity, social support, reputation, and different psychological outcomes through structural equation modeling (N = 300). Furthermore, we trained neural networks (NN) by applying a deep learning algorithm to predict psychological outcomes of different subcultures. The results suggest identity related to anime, idol, and hip-hop was positively associated with anxiety, aggression, depressive symptoms, and suicidal tendencies. By contrast, fashion and sports identities associated with no adverse or positive psychological outcomes.

So you don't watch anime because you're a depressed freak, you become a depressed freak from watching anime. This is a smoking gun!
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Yes, anime is bad for you, its an unhealthy practice and should be outlawed, the science proves this

>t. science denier
File: file.png (171 KB, 323x281)
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171 KB PNG
ugly tranny
all trannies are ugly
File: Grape-kun-670017073.jpg (235 KB, 1200x869)
235 KB
235 KB JPG
ugly, tranny

File: chrome_WIsyrtXrq6.png (527 KB, 646x507)
527 KB
527 KB PNG
if the player dies... do all of us NPCs... die?
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File: 6f84awe1loj81.jpg (141 KB, 1440x1080)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
the MC was Jesus Christ so apparently yes
you get spawned for the next player. it never ends anon NPC
Of course not, this is a MMORPG.
Real life is a MMORPEGER, so no. You can be an NPC in a zone without any active players around, like most people are.

File: Capture.jpg (61 KB, 590x850)
61 KB
Decades of recycling and electric cars and carpeting the planet with ugly blue solar panels WASTED! And all because some fucking MOUNTAIN decided to fart a bunch of death gas into the air!
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Volcanoes usually contribute to global cooling more than warming by releasing ash and sulphur dioxide forming compounds, that act to block light transmission in the atmosphere.

The CO2 released is really not that large compared to other sources.
Mt st Helens for example only released as much CO2 as about 3 hours of global human activity.

Historically it took obscenely large volcanic events like the Deccan or Siberian traps, releasing large amounts of CO2 over a long period, to meaningfully increase atmospheric C02.
File: volcanos did 911.jpg (155 KB, 1052x1616)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
That title sounded so retarded, I HAD to look up what the fuck that article contained.
And holy shit, I hate it when journalists think they're scientists.
This. People tend to forget that normalfags "believe" in whatever is the current popular belief.

File: India effect.jpg (99 KB, 859x781)
99 KB
How does the massive flow of sewage out of the Ganges/Brahmaputra delta impact the ecology, wildlife and geology of the affected region?
I bet that stuff that ends up on the antarctic shoreline never decays, theres probably layered 5000 year old deposits of ganges river fecal output frozen in time that could be investigated for some scientific purpose if anyone was interested in doing something like that.
It makes me wonder if India has been spewing feces into the ocean for centuries, then perhaps everything has adapted to it.
It's a fake graph. The actual thing plotted as it says on the link is 2004 tsunami wave height.

File: hole.jpg (101 KB, 1244x1407)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
It is really possible for rockets to "tear a hole in the atmosphere" or is this just more of the same kind of ludicrous environmentalist lies and dishonest exaggerations that we've all become far too accustomed to
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>unknown problems for astronomy and communication
ayy lmao those leeches want money
worthless parasites
I tore a hole in your mums ass with my rocket
If an "environmentalist" opens his mouth, he's lying.
we gotta head through the hole and see where it goes
>Experts are concerned that these blood-red light shows could be causing unknown problems for astronomy and communication.

What communication problems have cropped up so far? Has there been any?

File: theo.png (333 KB, 294x420)
333 KB
333 KB PNG
Does snakes have DNA?

File: storage.jpg (239 KB, 943x783)
239 KB
239 KB JPG
Batch 1 of corona: storage time is 12 months at 90C
Batch 2 of corona: storage time is 18 months at 90C
Batch 3 of corona: storage time is 24 months at 90C

>Batch 3 expires in February 2025! so thats probably what they are still injecting on people in 2023-2024

>The final commercial shelf life of the BNT162b2 drug product presently is intended to be 24
months when stored at the intended storage condition of -90 °C

>The date of manufacture as defined by the Pfizer Kalamazoo manufacturing site is the date of (b)(4)

>The date of manufacture as defined by the Pfizer Puurs manufacturing site is the date of the (b)(4)

Source; Response Magazine, August 18, 2021

Supply chain issues mean batches are rarely actually kept at that temperature for the duration of their storage.
probably and I wonder what it means for the durability of the stuff?

will mRNA chain break into smaller pieces, will they now code for some other protein than what it was supposed to, when it gets inside human cell?

safety issue?

File: coral bitch.png (11 KB, 1692x106)
11 KB
Im currently attempting to solve a quiz and one of the questions is totally stumping me. It's a crossword style hint and grid, so i have the length and 3 letters.

The hint is "This South African alcyonacean, the only species in its genus, has no sclerites in its skeleton."

I feel like i've looked though every goddamn coral in the world and havend found anything that fits.
>homework thread
sansibia soft coral?

File: hmm.webm (1.33 MB, 1024x576)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB WEBM
>It doesn't matter that we only know two-way speed of li...ACK!
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That anon is a lone genius tortured for his unique insight into physics. THE MAN doesn't want his brilliance recognized.
Also he never took Electrodynamics.
4chan is a nice forum for discussion but the 'heres an image you are supposed to know what it is' schtick is annoying as fuck
Assuming different speed of wave propagation (and we know for a fact light can travel with different speed inside a medium) you can get vastly different results for speed of light depending on where you put your finish line in space.
Speed of light being constant is an assumption, not something we have empirical proof of.
Do you know why light travels more slowly in different media?
Do you know why a constant speed of light in vacuum was suggested in the first place?
Have you ever read even a single book about electromagnetism?
If physishits were consistent they would understand that light has a fixed speed due to aether.

File: blackholescu.jpg (456 KB, 1280x1024)
456 KB
456 KB JPG
Does unconscious matter experience time?
When you die do your decaying atoms experience the flow of time?
isn't halflife saying how fast time flows?
No. It is just a measurement like any other.
consciousness is an illusion your still just a bunch of unconscious matter and your brain is just a net of neurons that is embodied which tricks you into thinking ur special.
you are no different from a stick or some AI program

File: proto55.gif (176 KB, 689x2241)
176 KB
176 KB GIF
I stumbled on this incredibly long schizo website while looking for a diagram of the Bohr model on google images.
He has all these diagrams with a lot of arrows and emojis and these long, highly capitalized paragraphs with incredible amounts of hyperlinks. His main argument seems to be that all physics since the Bohr model is fake.
He mostly criticizes various approximations that are made in quantum physics/chemistry.
Does anything he says make sense?
3 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I totally agree. I pretty much only found myself reading through it in the first place because I thought it looked like hyperphysics. I instinctively trust anything that looks like web 1.0. As soon as I see fancy menus or any glossiness, I'm outta there.
love it
I really like one of them where there is a picture of DNA and it says "too long!"
yeah but I am wondering how deep it goes. Unfortunately I don't have the depth of knowledge in physics to know how reasonable or unreasonable the fake stuff is. I do a lot of quantum chemistry and molecular dynamics tho and all I know is it does actually work surprisingly well for many things. It totally fails for other things though.
File: tek1.gif (91 KB, 597x1385)
91 KB
I like the one where it just says "fake energy". I also like the image naming.
he seems to have a sorta good grasp of basic quantum mechanics, but I feel like he might've just stopped there. The problem is I mostly just accept this stuff. But it really seems like you need to have spin for NMR and EPR to make sense. And spin-Hamiltonians work incredibly well.
always fun to see how a unique mind functions
>thinks biden is fake

>For example, only Biden motorcade's limousine (= with national flags ) and Beasts in both the recent G7 and event a year ago did Not flash their red-blue lights, unlike the cars carrying presidents Trump and Obama (= only Japanese police cars flashed red lights, and ordinary cars are not allowed to flash red lights or imitate police cars ), which indicates the illusory body double president prepared by the media like the current illusory mainstream science.

this guy has a youtube channel??
I have a couple friends that think Biden is fake. something about his earlobes changing from week to week...

File: 1694121327659749.jpg (113 KB, 600x430)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
How can scientists make money with the HL-2M Tokamak fusion reactor to continue in business?
"HL-2M Fusion reactor achieved a new breakthrough essential to make fusion possible"
It generates science which can be sold for money or prestige
How much does 1 science cost in USD?
1000 pipedreams but we just can't spare it

File: 1699402742149073.jpg (330 KB, 1080x1225)
330 KB
330 KB JPG
asian country have strong education but USA always leads in science wondering why, some chinese friend said USA have this academic culture were they are respected and given good pays when in china the same job pays prob around less than 500 a month in USA it would be 20,000/mo for example rocket scientist
103 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
poor man's cope
>The chinks are known for their culture of cheating and immorality
This. They are famous for their cheating. They even do it in American universities.
This, most scientists are low IQ and the peer review system allows the the IQ majority to dominate the minuscule high IQ fraction thus preventing progess crab bucket style
>there are even more serious schools my other friend went to
are there ones where people study 24hrs a day?
Ask me how I know that chart is bullshit!

File: 1701316625721.jpg (7 KB, 250x225)
7 KB
Why do you faggots deny "mainstream" science? You shouldn't even be able to deny bottom of the barrel general science facts with no backing considering the schizophrenic fraud science and pedantic bullshit you believe in.
You mean like glubble wubble?
Or that men can be women?
Or that there are 63 genders?
Or that the races are all magically perfectly identical except when it comes to playing sportsball?
Yeah, I'm gonna have to say that "mainstream science" seems to have repeatedly shown itself to be political hackery hiding behind an ad auctoritatem fallacy.

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