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File: 1.png (558 KB, 1106x1012)
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558 KB PNG
Is it possible to represent [math]\sin\left(\sqrt{2}\right)[/math] in closed form using only elementary functions, without using the imaginary constant or other trig functions?
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It shows correctly in preview when I do it
[math]\sin \left( \sqrt{2} \right)[/math]
Thanks based anon. I get it now.

File: 5261094798173263.png (60 KB, 512x768)
60 KB
Could it work?
Nope. This was disproved by Barnett's paper on barnett-integrable spaces.
theoretically yes, but there is no known material or construction that could put up with the stresses and be light enough

File: Screenshot_13.png (299 KB, 821x623)
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299 KB PNG
I think I have a rough understanding of how we can create a "UFO"

Of course, we should all know what superconductors are and what they do, now from my understanding, the earth has its own magnetic field. What if we can utilize a large superconductor that can quantum lock onto the earth's magnetic field? Would this work?

File: 1606539015398s.jpg (3 KB, 125x122)
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What are some new physics discoveries that are borderline esoteric?
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are you looking at you?

That private sector has already unified physics, that the basic principles of unifies physics can be proven simply using a Von Neurmann data matrix such as Microsoft Excel, and that a chip company called Cerebras has leveraged these principles into a new chip architecture that can already render photoreal macroscale graphics (physics) faster than reality using a machine that fits on your desktop.
Anon I’m curious, what’s the difference between normal photons and gauge bosons? Not that high up in physics yet.
Are room-temperature superconductors esoteric?
File: 1606539015398.jpg (131 KB, 640x625)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
I discovered that you shouldn't save thumbnails like a dildo licker

File: ff.png (40 KB, 367x308)
40 KB
How do you go the alternative answer and how do you simplify it?
I know that (x+2/2sqrt(x))/(x+2)^2 can be written as x+2(x+2)^2 / 2sqrt(x) but from here i'm lost.
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The first term is of the form (a/b)/c=(a/b)(1/c)=a/(bc).
Thanks dude, that actually helped.
for the very first expression, split the fraction into two via the minus sign, then cancel the (x+2) on the left and multiply by 2sqrt(x) on the top of bottom for the same part of the expression.

File: 1588077128737.jpg (29 KB, 480x474)
29 KB
how many of you didn't care about a particular grade for a course because you found out the professor was a dumbass?
>GE required crap
>take music theory because how hard could it be
>professor is in his late 70s and announces he is is the middle of chemotherapy
>Find out I’m effectively tone deaf in the class, can’t tell the difference between baroque & renaissance & gregorian
>first test was identifying the era of pieces by ear and marking a scantron
>get a 19% everyone in the class has an extremely low grade
>professor ran the tests through the grader using the wrong key
>did the same on the second test
>stop attending as it was too late to drop
I genuinely feel bad for him as he was working through the chemo to keep his healthcare, he died a few months after the semester ended
not what I'm talking about, sad story. My problem is with a tenured upper division DE professor who lectures on synthetic division and multiplying matrices while heavily marking off small calculation errors as well as grading subjectively. This is at a "competitive" state uni. The brainlets in the class love him because the course is essentially a review of Calc 2 and Precalculus with just the minimal amount of DE material.
Differential Equations.

File: Georg_Cantor2.jpg (76 KB, 534x700)
76 KB
What's the most chad subfield of mathematics and why is it set theory?
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File: ezekiel.jpg (347 KB, 407x527)
347 KB
347 KB JPG
Who needs god when you have the empty set?
oh is that my main man Zarathustra?
>string of strokes on a whiteboard
You again?
Type theory. Sets need to go.
You can still do set theory in type theory, and vice-versa.

Is there any truth to this bullshit theory?

I hate it because I was naturally good at art and drawing as a kid, like prodigy level.

So some fucking teachers told me, "Oh anon, you are right-brained, you don't like math!"

My dumb little ass believed them and I built my identity in being a right brained math hater.

Well then I got exposed to calculus senior year and I loved it, which eventually led to my engineering PhD.

I could have been a mathematical prodigy but some dumbass teachers plagued my mind with left/right brain bullshit.

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There is only big brain / smol brain
Left/Right is astrology for psychologists.
Yes. Only the front left side is connected to the cerebellum in neurotypical people. The right hemisphere only hangs to the left one, while the connections to the cerebellum are lost.
Not a neurologist so I can't comment on the brain theory, but I can comment on the fact that researchers in math are assumed to be some kind of "left-brain" analytic faggots.

There is a meme dichotomy in math between "analysts" on one hand and "algebraists" on the other.

Analysts are allegedly all about sperg-level considerations in proof tinkering. They don't give a shit about the apparent mess of their objects of study and gladly prove grand theorem without really caring for the underlying structure.

Meanwhile, algebraists are favouring language as a way to solve problems. That is, if you find the right way to state a problem the solution will become trivial. The same object can be approached in two very different ways depending on your tendency towards one side or the other.

Funnily enough, the same dichotomy exists in theorical computer science between Track A (~ analysts) and Track B (~ algebraists).

Both approaches have their advantages and their defects. I, being a hardcore algebraist, am pretty upset by some research fields, but it's fair to recognize that they get the work done without getting lost into circlejerk details about the abstract statement that would make their result more appealing. And the extreme variant of algebraist known as category theorist are really obnoxious.

Still, you could perfectly do maths being a "right-brainer", whatever that means. Just stick to fields that are more algebra-friendly.
It’s a cope by a anyone that can’t handle STEM
File: 1581491568799.jpg (4 KB, 166x84)
4 KB
iirc each hemisphere has different set of functions which on can more or less identify with tools for stuff you've never encountered vs tools for stuff that's similar to something you've already encountered? but the part about being right/left-brained or using only one of the hemispheres for certain tasks is false

File: 13821234431297.jpg (28 KB, 320x213)
28 KB
how did bufalo evoluve?
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By eat grass
By not mating with your mom.
File: gouzi.jpg (36 KB, 490x366)
36 KB
> how did bufalo evoluve?
Because of natral seluction.
aigth so boom, they were some cow looking niggas out there chilling proly like half a milli years ago.
They were chilling then everything got cold asfuck becase idk brah, they said siome like
>yoooo, it's cold in this bitch, im finna die son
but one of those cow niggas was born with a mutation in they furs and shit so he got warmer.
cow looking hoes said
>damn, all of these niggas dead; yo look at that nigga, he didn't freeze, he looking all fly and shit, Imma get pregnant by that bull looking ass mofo.
Then his son got inside his genes the mutation that gave him fur, then they hoocked up again and again, niggas that had that jacket on survived and niggas that didn't died.

File: roth_mark_download_2.jpg (626 KB, 2464x1648)
626 KB
626 KB JPG
>Hyperbaric oxygen treatment: Clinical trial reverses two biological processes associated with aging in human cells
Meanwhile, Mark Roth (pic related), a suspended animation researcher, argues that while toxic in sufficient concentrations, CO and H2S are actually produced endogenously by every cell in your body as a way of controlling (and slowing) the metabolic rate, and that pure oxygen environments actually accelerate aging and death.
He's repeatedly stated that oxygen bars (if those still exist) and the oxygen masks they give football players on the sidelines, and any other pure oxygen environments are best avoided, if possible.
Who's right?
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One has nothing to do with the other.
It's probably just related to free electrons in the body.
Oxidation = losing electrons
So if there is not enough electrons for chemical processes this results in chemical changes in different energy states and not enough for proper reductions in biological process.
Reduction = gaining electrons

Probably not a coincidence that live developed and evolved in higher energy states.
this sounds like another typical jewish scam
An Israeli study came out last week that has been described as rejuvenation via hyperbaric oxygen. I’m not taking it very seriously, and I owe you an explanation why.

>The air we breathe is only 21% oxygen. Breathing pure oxygen, five times as concentrated as in air, is a temporary therapy (hours at a time, but not days) for people who have impaired lungs. But prolonged exposure to pure O2 can injure the lungs and other tissues as well. Oxygen is highly reactive, and the body’s antioxidant system is gauged to the environments in which we evolved, so oxygen therapy is not to be taken lightly.

How did Slavic subhumans beat the West and America to space, when America had Werner Von Braun and Einstein?
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neither werner von braun nor einstein were americans
russia still has a lot of potential
largely because it is white
I'm a child of Polish immigrants. The slavic infighting always puzzled me. I guess I would have to have been born there. But why do Poles hate Russians as much as the English hate Germans?
DIvide et empera. So poles divide russians and germans, and germans divide assex & pussex
File: aeiou.ru.png (258 KB, 1402x621)
258 KB
258 KB PNG
(F)actually accurate

File: image(1).png (79 KB, 1223x421)
79 KB
Came here from /lit/ can one of you wannabe eggheads tell me why the media is trying to censor johns hopkins covid study?
14 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>Genevieve Briand
>see cv
>seemingly a BSc in farm management
>a MS in Economics, 3.6 gpa
>PhD in Agricultural Economics (bruh)

She's trash. Study is probably botched or cooked. Media is rotten but they did good on this one
Perhaps somebody in one of JHU's schools more familiar with public health issues than the applied economics program pointed out an error?
Not necessarily a bogus study.

Bogus inferred conclusion though.
Since everyone with half a brain is staying the fuck home, working from home, going to less parties, and constantly wearing disease stopping masks in public establishments, chances are that the deaths due to literally everything else, like traffic accidents on your way to work, deaths of elderly people due to regular influenza and such, and drug / alcohol related shit are way way down.
says the one with no argument

File: images (2).png (8 KB, 245x206)
8 KB
In what ways does fapping and ejaculating make you feel low-energy for the rest of the day, scientifically speaking? Is it really just a placebo? I hear that there are people who fap everyday but that doesn't seem to affect them in any way, but for me, just stroking my penis already makes me fatigued and mind-fogged for a long duration.of time.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I think my case is a particularly peculiar one. Unlike most other boys, I didn't start masturbating in my early teens. My family has always been pretty open about sexuality, and I myself didn't have any moral or religious reasons to not jerk off, but I simply wasn't interested in it. The few times I tried to masturbate, out of curiosity, I got bored within the first few minutes and just stopped. It wasn't until when I was 18 and in uni that I decided to experiment with it again, and for the first time I managed to go through all of it. I found it to be surprisingly good, but over time I noticed how different I felt when I masturbated. Being someone who wasn't used to it, I could notice significant differences with my body. My muscles would be significantly weaker over the next few hours, to the point that I couldn't even do my workout routine properly. I'd also have less energy available for the rest of the day, reaching my physical and mental limits sooner than I was used to, and I would sleep more hours than normal. For short, jerking off would make me feel like shit, at least physiologically speaking, and that difference from when I wouldn't masturbate made me quit.
Nowadays, I'm masturbating if I'm going to be sleeping somewhere else than my home for a few days and I don't want to have nocturnal emissions.
Do you watch pornography when you masturbate?
sounds low test. Consider getting tested.
I don't think that would be the case, as I do not have any other traits that would generally be associated with low testosterone levels. I grew a lot during puberty, have a good muscle mass, low body fat, deep voice, normal bone structure for a man, no erectile dysfunction, and I can coom multiple times without getting my balls dry. Aside from the masturbation issue, my only other trait that could possibly suggest low test levels would be not being able to grow any facial hair aside from a moustache and a goatee. Also, no doctor has ever commented that during any routine exams.
I wouldn't even say I have low libido, I think I just don't associate horniness with masturbation.

File: lockdown.jpg (254 KB, 1080x1476)
254 KB
254 KB JPG
>lockdowns woooooooork
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Against infections, yes. Against deaths? No.
Wish you had said that in 2013 when we were shown how our freedoms are actually suppressed. But no, only stupid conspiracies make you leave your basement.
I've been saying that for years, and you've been giving that response for years
I was. Are you old enough to remember 9/11?
>people go back living like nothing happened

This never happened, tho.

File: Magnetic Flux.png (32 KB, 369x267)
32 KB
I understand why a capacitor causes voltage to lag current, but why does an inductor cause current to lag voltage?

Doesn't a conductor need to have current running through it while it is passed through a magnetic field to produce an opposing e.m.f?
> Doesn't a conductor need to have current running through it while it is passed through a magnetic field to produce an opposing e.m.f?
In the case of the inductor powered by AC its setting up its own magnetic field, and the field collapse during the pole reversal is analogous to “passing through it”.
>Doesn't a conductor need to have current running through it while it is passed through a magnetic field to produce an opposing e.m.f?
no. the magnetic flux through a surface has to be changing in time to cause an emf around the boundary of that surface (faraday's law)

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