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File: proxy-image.jpg (163 KB, 950x535)
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163 KB JPG
Are there any experiments that I can do to prove that humans have been to the Moon? I'm not skeptical of it, I think there's plenty of photo/video evidence, but I'm just very curious.
I know some of the Apollo missions left some laser reflectors to measure distance. I have access to some pretty powerful lasers. I would need to check exact specs of these lasers, but how feasible would it be to try to hit one of those and measure it back? What kind of equipment would I need?
Other than the lasers, are there any other experiments I could do?
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The concept of cheating, bluffing and deception has been known since millennia.
The Allies have misled the Germans as to the exact location of the Operation Overlord for example.
Brainwashed zealots taking every bullshit at face value is also nothing new.
What there's moon rocks in plenty of museums
So, maybe the "best minds" of the time were not so deep after all kek.
Exactly! The Antarctic bases are bullshit too. Its all fake. Those damned crooks.
>how do those reflectors reflect exactly to the guy on earth?
By coincidence.

File: dice.jpg (6 KB, 246x205)
6 KB
is true randomness real?
if you had enough information, could you predict everything?
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File: 1652613759552.jpg (95 KB, 770x600)
95 KB
I would like to add that as far as free will goes, any idea can be deconstructed into chemical signals and those are subject physical laws. So in theory again, to an external observer free will does not exist, everything can be determined.
>The rules here are just the definitions of things like prediction. You're not following those rules
How so? What definition of prediction have I contradicted?

>You do realize that this has nothing to do with determinism, right?
It disproves that a deterministic universe is predictable, a common misconception.

>The predictor could predict the probability distributions of a number of actions you take
Not the same as predicting your actions.

>Both these things are necessary to predict its behavior but in your scenario, the environmental data which will be supplied as input to the system later is not well-defined.
Totally wrong. You can have all the information in the universe and you'll still fail to predict the sequence. Because predictions are physical events in the same system.
Yes but then you'd be god
>i let machines make vague predictions that aren't right all the time therefore determinism is real
Imagine unironically believing that any action by you controls an outcome. Retards. Everything has already happened. Everything is inevitable and you are just watching the dominos fall.

File: R.gif (965 KB, 500x253)
965 KB
965 KB GIF
Is there any machine learning models that calculate how the Bitcoin and crypto as a whole will replace the current monetary systems of the world and is it possible to build out comprehensive narrative how that is going to unfold? Bitcoin is supposed to be perfect money in digital age so lots of you have heard about it , or hate it already with all other memes and what not , but i'm strictly interested in possibilities how will the economics of the world fundamentally change when people move on from fiat printed money toward digitally scarce crypto alternatives , how that is going to influence life as a whole in a modern world?
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there must be a way out surely?

many things are illegal right now but still function
the bitcoin network can be destroyed by the government if the government wanted to. Websites could be seized, including the websites that broacast the transacions, and physical computers involved seized too. The network cant be secret if its going to be money.
We may see digital dollars accounts at the central bank tho, much better
Maybe something highly anonymous like monero will persist as underground currency. But it will be quite risky and of no economic impact.
It is used to pay for drugs and more importantly to send money to hotspots without banks connected to Swift like Iran
Bitcoin won't do any of that. It's a glorified pyramid scheme appropriated from edge use cases for validating anonymous purchases online. Bitcoin is not scalable. It's not liquid. It's useless

File: 1617729428309.png (96 KB, 738x457)
96 KB
>Homosexuality isn't mental illnes because (((DSM-5))) says so!
How is psychiatry not a cult at this point?
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Your fallacy is the naturalistic fallacy, sex schizo. Just because something exists in nature does not mean that it's 'good' or 'not a sex schizoid's act'.
"good" is not science, sex schizo
Read the DSM.
DSM is written by mentally ill people
that doesn't refute anything he said

What does /sci/ think?
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>rigorousness and elegance of physics
>renormalization and particle zoo
Maybe classical physics.
File: 1609701063948.gif (46 KB, 506x338)
46 KB
>Redox and Rust
Purely as an example of "programming an OS in 2022" and how new is good is proven false.
But C was shit at its inception. How am I saying new is good, when old was also good? And I'm not talking about more academic languages like Smalltalk, Lisp or ML, but even the practical languages that C overshadowed, like Ada or Pascal.
File: Machine.gif (1.73 MB, 700x600)
1.73 MB
1.73 MB GIF
>But C was shit at its inception.
So old is bad
>How am I saying new is good, when old was also good?
Now old is good. A bit confused?
GPT-3 post.

File: mm.jpg (104 KB, 1024x696)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
my girlfriend is convinced this could work and I am not smart enough to refute it
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the big oil and energy companies basically say any perpetual motion system does not work because it'll lose them tons of revenue.

Newton's 3rd law is a crock of shit. Even Einstein said Newtonian physics is not valid
Iunno chief, conservation of momentum looks pretty valid.
>Even Einstein said Newtonian physics is not valid
Relativistic physics has its own version of Newton's 3rd law.
sum of forces is zero.
Force pulls on the magnet towards the metal. The car is way heavier than the handle. The car would stand unless the magnet stood somewhere detatched from the vehicle.
But that’s a guess.

File: srs soyence.jpg (39 KB, 594x522)
39 KB
How accurate is this scientific prognostication?
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File: okay.gif (493 KB, 220x255)
493 KB
493 KB GIF
Trump lost
File: trump in the head.jpg (28 KB, 828x486)
28 KB
>World Ecommunist Forum
My dude, I believe this might be satire. But while we're here, why is everything "communism" despite the WEF being pretty firmly neoliberal?

This board is filled with geniuses, virtually everybody here seems to be smarter than 99% of the global population, it really boggles my mind
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File: fruitcartes4.jpg (226 KB, 817x1000)
226 KB
226 KB JPG
>this is my ridge
I assumed it was either Marvel or DC and I assumed those are separate companies or franchises, I am not American and I did not grow up with your comics.
comics were always for faggots and losers, still are and they even have capeshit on TV for these losers too
File: soyence fiction comic.jpg (61 KB, 311x475)
61 KB
Nah m8
I'm really stupid

File: chrome_2Da8uHs58I.png (591 KB, 623x389)
591 KB
591 KB PNG
we lost her bros. physics girl is physics married lady now ( ._.)
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He was her wife as reported by God, but she rejected him and failed to acknowledge her rightful marriage and now Terry is dead :(
Yep, probably had some Tyrones circling, Timmy and you will cope with reality
Casual on a wedding day? He's either gigachad or mentally stunted
File: mqdefault.jpg (21 KB, 320x180)
21 KB
Superior waifu [spoiler] I think she has a BF though[/spoiler]


File: FMrv6NiVQAEz_U3.jpg (114 KB, 1024x924)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
this is what a scientist looks like
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>source: the asshole of some dude on my twitter feed
Pretty sure if what people were saying was true, we still have 3-4 years until most people start dropping dead from heart failure.
>They are lying to you about what the vaccine does! We actually know that it will kill you trust us! What? no we didn't make it I don't even fucking know what's in it or how it works, but mate trust me.
He also deserves the Nobel peace prize just as Obama.

File: hanar.png (1.07 MB, 1920x1080)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB PNG
/sci/, I have a request, an assignment, a mission for you, if you will.

I ask of you to come up with an Alien Life Form that has nothing, absolute zero, in common with any currently known life form.

Some tips and things to think about:

>Opposites still have a lot in common. Example: Color black and white, which are polar opposites of each other still have more in common than, say, color white and an apple.

Don't try just doing opposite of known life forms, make something completely different.

Remember thou that it should still be able to be considered a life form, meaning, you can't just say:

>a rock

and call it a day.

>It should still exist on the same plane of reality as us.

So don't just say:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: jewish studies.jpg (100 KB, 774x960)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
looks vaguely human, but shorter and uglier w/ big nose, small hat. lies and steals constantly.
File: file.png (929 KB, 920x857)
929 KB
929 KB PNG
a complex meteorological system in a gas giant that becomes persistent and self regulating, and over millennia produces subsystems that also self regulate and interact, increasing in complexity and developing feedback loops and interactions within, eventually becoming capable of calculation and then consciousness.
bonus points: it realizes it can never escape the gravity well and travel beyond its home planet so it makes spores and blows them out into space, some of these land on our planet and turns into life as we know it
LIke The Grabbler?
Genuinely cool, anon.

File: OIP.jpeg-2.jpg (22 KB, 474x316)
22 KB
Environmental Science, any anons here work in the field, do you like it? I want to work outside and am to dumb for hard Sciences, so I though this would be a good degree
It's not a science, but you could also look into being a park ranger
I thought about that, but the pay is really low, and I don't want to deal with park visitors, it's also seasonal
File: global-warming-conspiracy.jpg (444 KB, 1200x1200)
444 KB
444 KB JPG
your career choices are between doing minimum wage field work and sitting in an office producing propaganda for about double the minimum wage.
the propaganda is used to justify "grants" because theres no other way for anyone in the field to get money since they produce nothing of value. the grants are expended on the process of producing more propaganda to justify next year's grant.
if you ever produce any research that contradicts the government/media narrative, the grants will stop flowing and you'll be hounded out of the field

File: 1430237998669.png (104 KB, 320x287)
104 KB
104 KB PNG
Is it normal to feel a burning sensation under my skin between my eyebrows and lower forehead when I stress my frontal lobe by meditation or a similar high concentration task?
im not a medic and i don't know
Yes, it's your third eye opening to the spiritual world.
Yeah i get that same feeling, not sure what it is but it's definitely normal
Perhaps it's a common sensation and is the phenomena why hippies/spirituals/druggies think they're opening some 'third eye'?

>shouldn't it be called the 4th eye? Like opening the third/brown eye sounds like your just taking a ordinary shit.

>One race the human race bro
File: happy-faces-spider.jpg (87 KB, 320x389)
87 KB
>one race the happy face spider race bro
thank you for reminding me these exist :]

File: 1608400670080.jpg (63 KB, 680x521)
63 KB
Do good looks = good genetics?
Fun story about that. https://peerj.com/articles/13122/
Congratulations anon, you've discovered why it is we want to bang healthy people over disfigured husks.

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