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File: 1200px-Yin_yang.svg.png (35 KB, 1200x1200)
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Have the laws of science always been constant? How do we know they weren't different eons ago?
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Because that would be unfalsifiable, so it's a pointless idea. Last Thursdayism is a good example of this kind of argument.
Before the big bang, maybe.
Now the universe looks like a decaying corpse.
based hermetic wizard
I am hermetic, and Im 24 so Im becoming a wizard, but sadly I am not very based.
yes, just as the constants in mercury are different than the constants working with water. When the magnetic fields compress and contract the aether many "constants" change

File: Frigyes_Riesz.jpg (9 KB, 268x326)
9 KB
>He had an uncommon method of giving lectures: he entered the lecture hall with an assistant and a docent. The docent then began reading the proper passages from Riesz's handbook and the assistant wrote the appropriate equations on the blackboard—while Riesz himself stood aside, nodding occasionally.
Why even bother?

File: inception.jpg (21 KB, 968x681)
21 KB
Scientifically speaking, how does one speak scientifically?
with as much math as possible
Then why do abstracts use words that nobody uses in everyday language
Because it's scientific
You know? I don't have any empiric proof that scientific speaking is possible to even begin with

File: CS_books.png (18 KB, 834x164)
18 KB
Those are CS books i have found after doing research to start learning, as a beginner with no background it seems that the best one to start is "Computer Science illuminated", to learn the principles, and also watch YT videos or internet sites to learn the basics, while also studying math, which i will do anyway at uni bc i'm starting physics.

I have very basic C++ knowledge from high school: variables types(int,float,char,string etc), for,while,do while, switch case, putting ";" at the end of lines, cin>>, cout<<.
But that's programming not really CS.

I can share the PDFs if ur interested.

Do you think this is good way to start?
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Learn modern C++11/17/20
Learn data structures and algorithm with C++
Learn proofs
Learn discrete "math"
Learn algorithms
Learn theory of computation
Can anyone share more books? More collections please?
Not OP. How will math come into play in CS?
Which things are calculated in which manners?

File: dime.png (737 KB, 890x600)
737 KB
737 KB PNG
How many dimensions are there? And why can't we perceive anything beyond the third dimensions? Is this where God resides?
There are 3 dimensions + time.

Everything else is pseudoscience that came about as a result of string theory pseuds trying VERY hard to force their shit hypothesis into the mainstream.
Actually there are 4 + time
There is a dimension in which people on 4chan are socially apt and have gfs

File: 6465500_orig.jpg (65 KB, 783x400)
65 KB
Scientifically speaking, where do babies come from?
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mommy creates a cell with modified DNA, daddy creates a cell with modified DNA, the two cells merge and shuffle their DNA together, then the cell uses that DNA plan to into a body.
You don't have a single piece of evidence to back that up.
ask your mothers husband about his batman suit (the outfit he wore while I cucked him)

That will be your proof
These are the people who shit on the non-stem majors. Sad.
Scientifically speaking, How do I become as lyrical as you?

File: images(138).jpg (12 KB, 310x163)
12 KB
There's treatment and studies: but has it been found that cancer cells actually support other cancer cells at the expense of the body?
Rather than just the 'rapid spread' (rather than metamorphosis being misidentified) - do cancer cells actually support other cancer cells?
cancer cells are just rogue cells that parasitize the host, they aren't "broken"
Which kind of rogue and which kind of host?

A caterpillar can, a human can't? Have we been lied to and suppressed?

File: howtoovercom[1].jpg (67 KB, 800x480)
67 KB
I think I proved p=np. I found a formula that finds the global minimum of a function
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how fucking stupid is this? What can I do with all these numbers? Are you just asking for a fucking auto-calculator? You can just put those things in excel and fucking do whatever you need to them and solve it in "I'm not a lazy fuck" time. Which is better than polynomial.
it's an easy problem for the laymen to understand, but so far can't be solved with a polynomial time algo
The cost of computation only increases by a bounded limit of sqrt(2) no matter what you want to put in the cycle, so why do I care? There is already a minimal computational cost proof that any extra comparison set added to an existing algorithm simply increases the total computation size of sqrt(2)*n.

sqrt(2)*n - 1 = 0
sqrt(2)*n = 1
n = 1/sqrt(2)

It is the 'n' part is essentially am I priority signal (1) or optimal build pivot point signal (sqrt(2))
File: 1576194587360.png (24 KB, 420x294)
24 KB
Think of it like computational tracing. The only worthwhile or meaningful data that can be outputted by a program is essentially with a forward-looking memory pointer that essentially goes:

1. Have a bag and a list of things
2. Grab thing from list and check if thing can fit in bag
3. Check if could I grab one more of the same thing without going over capacity and if not create a shadow copy of the summation/inventory so far that is less that thing to also include as 'must check after priority thread terminates'
4. Add the thing if there is anything to add
5. Rank the leading three bags and throw away other bags as insufficient to requirement for analytical purposes
6. Repeat this process for however N-many shadow bags exist (turning this into a constant size check limited by remaining potential candidates)

What am I missing, if anything?

File: 33e.jpg (36 KB, 600x583)
36 KB
Recommend me some good engineering books. Im an civ engineer itself, but i would like dig deeper into this science besides uni study material
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thanks but engineers are superior
I'm mechanical, fluids is my game. For fluids Transport Phenomena by Bird, Stewart, and Lightfoot. Also a quick reference for solid and fluid continuum mechanics: continuummechanics.org.
homosexuality confirmed superior
thank you friendo

File: 1600008690826.jpg (39 KB, 480x480)
39 KB
When did /sci/ get filled with pseudo intellectual nihilistic highschool reddit neckbeards
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Forrreal though the quarentine brought a lot of kids home and on the internet. It's like summerfags but they won't leave because schools are still shut down.
Its never been this bad. I'm going back to lain
shut up faggot

I intentionally say dumb stuff because it's the best way to get someone someone to explain a concept I'm unclear about
Somewhere around 2009

File: big brain.png (228 KB, 860x880)
228 KB
228 KB PNG
>infinite dimensions

File: 1600473027977.jpg (1.84 MB, 1500x1633)
1.84 MB
1.84 MB JPG
>academia is a feminized bureaucratic institution, a phd is not a sign of anything more than extreme institutionalization
Is he right?
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>Isn't this literally a quote from Kaczynski?
So? Kaczynski is a bitter mentally ill loser in prison.
Academia lost a lot of respect to many when they started spiking costs right as the government started throwing out loans in which it's expected--and counted on--for the loan to not be paid back.

It's unfair to blame all academia, but still fuck academia.
Elon Musk
kek i think it is, that brainlet anon has no clue
like, yikerinos anon

File: home_background.png (1.22 MB, 2917x2083)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB PNG
How the frick do we know about this?
microscopy, experiments, observations
File: 1599544132758-pol.jpg (32 KB, 590x350)
32 KB


File: supreme gentleman.jpg (227 KB, 580x376)
227 KB
227 KB JPG
OP is learning to be a gentleman.

File: Python in my game.jpg (46 KB, 474x316)
46 KB
you can do with coding.

you know how it is, it's inspiration for those who are getting burnt out, we just like to feel a little bit dangerous with our craft.

so go on name your perfered languange and state what eveils or badassery you can do with it.
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File: Smack.jpg (38 KB, 520x274)
38 KB
python you can make programs where you can execute commands like shoot, track etc
You can accidentally kill patients.
File: Vruj2I4.png (23 KB, 296x249)
23 KB
sudo rm -R /
File: soy7.png (254 KB, 785x1000)
254 KB
254 KB PNG

File: Evariste Galois.jpg (226 KB, 534x737)
226 KB
226 KB JPG
>invent new math
>join antifa
>get suicided
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>Kronecker was not so fond of Cantor.

>These criticisms, among others2, stung Cantor deeply, leading to several episodes of depression. It sucked the joy of math out of him for several years. For a while, he turned to, of all things, the Shakespeare authorship question, on which he wrote a couple of pamphlets.

>He did eventually return to math, though his later work was not as transformative as his earlier work. Cantor eventually retired in 1913, and lived in poverty due to World War I. He died in 1918 at the age of 72.

Sorry for quoting a garbage text, but you'll catch the drift i suppose.
Before I went to Occupy, I felt ideological solidarity with anti-fascists. Not long after I started going to Occupy, I was watching some documentary. Maybe it was about Mussolini or Operation Gladio or something. They were interviewing some Italian guy and they were asking him why he likes fascism. He said something, in slight exasperation, like, "I'm for whatever works." Then I thought about how retarded were the committees at Occupy, and I switched to fascism right then. That was one of the best things to come out of Occupy for me. It got me to feel ideological opposition to the Democrats, whose agents at Occupy rubbed my VERY wrongly, and also it got me to like fascism. Really, autocratic monarchy is what I like but that's just fascism with a king instead of a dictator.
it was a cover-up
the math he's gonna reveal by 30 will threaten spacetime itself so the time cop capped him
wtf how can schizos be this based???

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