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You are a biologist traveling through a rainforest and you are bitten by a venomous snake. Luckily you know the venom can be neutralized by licking the back of the male of a certain species of frog. You also know that only females of this species croak, males and females are otherwise indistinguishable from a distance, positioning and croaking behavior of a frog is random and independent from other frogs, and the population is evenly split between males and females and can be considered arbitrarily large.

Luckily you see a frog of this species in front of you. You then hear a croak behind you and turn around to see a pair of the same species of frog where the croak came from. You only have enough time to run and lick the lone frog or the pair. Which direction do you run and what is your chance of survival?

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Okay, then don't.
It is, it's a fakeass problem so people are making up parameters on the fly. What if the frogs croak just a few times per day, or at some specific time like a cuckoo... It's literally that you are licking one uncroaking frog in both instances. Either one you choose is equally likely as the other.
>it's a fakeass problem so people are making up parameters on the fly.
How is it "fakeass?"

>What if the frogs croak just a few times per day, or at some specific time like a cuckoo...
Then it's still not 50%.

>It's literally that you are licking one uncroaking frog in both instances.
Right, and that frog is more than 50% likely to be male.
Yes yes. A very confounding problem indeed.
Thankfully, because I am very smart, I did my research on the venomous species in the area well before embarking on my journey through the jungle. To prepare I captured over 100 frogs and placed them all in a burlap sack to carry with me.
Now instead of having to waste precious moment chasing after and catching frogs, I merely open my bag and begin licking as many frogs as I possibly can. Why, I can lick frogs so fast I bet I could get 50 licks in.
So what are my chances of survival now? I have no fucking idea. I am a biologist after all; I can't do math.
But my chances of survival are most certainly higher than some weenie who we into the jungle without a sack of 100 frogs.
The croaking one is 100% male. You can't determine the odds of the others without knowing how often these fucks croak.

File: 20211022_123249.jpg (103 KB, 1242x1394)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
100 is the biggest number
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101 doesn't exist.
I’d give you a raise if I could.
9 is the biggest number, nigger
Lmao fuck outta here with your definitions, infinity is a number because I say so

i have 2 days to master my differential equations course wtf are fourier-legendre series and why are they used instead of taylor series AAAAAA help /sci/ V
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lol idk i dropped diffeq
Not OP, but as a Computer Science major, Am I missing something if I don't take differential equations?
You're missing something if you still think you will be happy wageslaving. Do what interests you, not what you think you have to do to be attractive to an employer.
>le gender
You will never be a real woman
File: 1622024944600.jpg (39 KB, 679x387)
39 KB
just linearize around the current state and assume its valid for your case

File: gas gs.png (15 KB, 306x117)
15 KB
/math/ i keep on getting these hilarious captchas, this can't be random.
they gotta be seeding the randomness that creates the captchas with memes, is there a mathematical way to prove it?
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This. You're ignoring the vast quantity of captchas which don't present any word patterns, thus minimizing your sample space to only those patterns which your brain likes to remember.
What if I got A D G V X as my captcha? That's unbelievable! What are the odds???!?!?!?!

No? Not that awesome? But what are the odds I'd get that EXACT string of letters?

What? It doesn't spell out anything? But it was just as likely to pop up as any other captcha! This proves it's not random!!!!!
If you think that sounds retarded, then at least you're not retarded enough to see why the confirmation bias exists.
File: my captcha.jpg (4 KB, 300x57)
4 KB
Lol not everything can be proved with math, you sound like a typical nazi incel slash pol dweller
>doesn’t understand significance
I mean, you could program out these things, but...
Humans will always be able to notice patterns and messages in truly random sequences. The make something seem truly random to a person, it can't actually be random.

File: pepe-biondi-2.jpg (221 KB, 368x587)
221 KB
221 KB JPG
I figured out gravity, its just cosmic slowdown like a shooter on the snes when theres loads of bullets on screen

Any given area of space can only process so much information at one time. the more information there is in an area, the longer it takes to fully process that information. energy oscillating between different information densitys will spend longer in the slower rate, and thus be pulled towards it.

Therefore gravity is not an effect of space time curvature, but the net delta between processing rates.

How do i collect my nobel prize?
You know, you can literally go and simulate this in like 500 lines of Python. Go see if it looks like gravity. I don't see it working at all, because under your model, gravity has an exponential pull relative to density.
So can I increase gravity by producing a huge fart? How big would the fart need to be to effect the gravity within my local environment?
i know cpp il give it a go, im not sure i see your point though
no because your shart is already brewing in your guts, if anything the processing speed of your area of space will increase as the volatiles dissipate and the shit crusts up around your ass and leg area

File: 1634822610229.jpg (85 KB, 1024x985)
85 KB
>people with sub 130IQ are actually posting on this board right now
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keep seething, egghead.
>there are jannies that delete scientific threads on the science board
File: IFLSMoment.jpg (231 KB, 1200x1082)
231 KB
231 KB JPG
>genuinely stupid and anti science
jfl at the absolute S E E T H E of reddit tourists towards /pol/
File: 1634060265865.jpg (211 KB, 1200x956)
211 KB
211 KB JPG
>people with sub 145IQ are actually posting on this board right now
sorry, i'll keep the posts to a minimum

File: its all so tiring.png (93 KB, 342x245)
93 KB
>just want to learn physics and math
>have to take humanities classes
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>who are deleuze and guattari
>who is aleksandr dugin
>who is nick land
>who is roger scruton
and that's just off the top of my head
yeah yeah you can argue that it's putting old ideas in a new light, but it's still novel philosophy
Wouldn't be so bad to take humanities courses if contemporary academia wasn't on the lunatic fringe. America's institutions are sick.
You mean anti-humanities? Because that is what it really is.
Consider a christian uni. Thats what I did. Required bible classes, but I avoided the fag/tranny/blm train.
Not sure how it is now, but when attended almost 10 years ago, the required culture/humanities class was western history, and they pulled the vast majority of african american content and pushed it to another class that no one took(offered only one half semester a year), as it was a >95% white campus, and the rest were hispanics and asians.
You literally took remedial calculus in college, a course made for retards. Of couse you love when daddy education tells you what to do. It is also no suprise you're spouting memes such as:
> make you a well rounded human being
as if it was necessarily the purpose of college to "educate" you on all aspects; as if what they teach you was a general knowledge; and as if all this crap had anything to do with being hu;am at all.

File: progidy.jpg (24 KB, 474x266)
24 KB
how do i teach my kid to add subtract and multiply numbers at age 4?
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you want your child to try and impress the college people so they stop thinking your family is goyim you asking your kids to wear a mask and act like they are better will only cause mental unwellness for the sake of pleasing large corporations that want them to earn a certain amount of grades in order to get into college where they will then be 60k in debt
i am nto american, i am Polish.
he likes numbers. i am sure he will like them more.
he can already count to 100 because i drew him little kids books about counting numbers. i understand to not force it on him because i myself was forced by my parents to read at age 3.
repetition and rewards
Based dog trainer
Force him to watch Khan academy videos

Will humans be on Mars this decade?
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Definitely not.
we could have been on Mars now easily with multiple bases but for some reason we decided to build the shuttle program.
>we need to fix everything in the trees before we can even THINK about moving to the ground
Apes didn't get down from the trees because they had fantasies about the life on the ground. They did it because the ancient Africa wide forest turned into a savanna and they had no fucking choice.
Even if Starship is ready for Mars trips by 2026, development of colony hardware is in a much worse state. Two decades if we're lucky.
If a supervolcano wakes up and everything turns into hellscape for a while before relaxing to just ruins under endless ash clouds that block enough sunlight for most of vegetation to die, then it will be a bit too late to investigate off-world colonies.

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because economics is a pseudoscience, so they use mathematical equations to give "the illusion of science without any of its substance."
Lol now you are stealing the "math is a language" meme. It isn't true, math books are mostly text and verbal explanation, every mathematical operation has text to explain whats going on. Math symbols are just shortcuts to avoid excessive text when you are referring to the same concept multiple times, so you can write 2+2 instead of typing "now you add upp the numbers 2 and 2".
Physicists are more respected, in the same way that monks and intellectuals are respected. It has nothing to do with money. NBA nogs make more money and nobody respects some bouncyballer.
What about Math, Science, and History?
How does this refute anything he said? Physicists also use math to explain things. This isn’t something unique to economics.

What’s the relationship between money & intelligence?
Why does Jack Ma have billions, but Grigori Perelman has less than you?
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But people with ADHD are lazy low IQ retards according to /sci/ right?
Read a long time ago that ADHD makes sense as an adaptation for hunter gatherers. The ability to always be in constant search until the need to hyperfocus on a task becomes necessary.
Very few people can learn the whole honours math undergrad curriculum in a year
>Because he is. He doesn't know anything
except he graduated summa cum laude from an ivy double majoring in CS and EE
definitely not dumb

How come there are species of slugs and snails that live on land, but there aren't any species of octopuses that live on land?
12 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Also happens to some species of spider.

Dolphins lied and said don't go back to the water, wanting to keep it for themselves.
There is. We call it Takoyaki.
File: mudskipper_224044849.jpg (356 KB, 1000x667)
356 KB
356 KB JPG
but there are fish on land you spergloid.

see aquatic ape theory aka white people are descended from dolphins
see /pol/tard theory aka /pol/ mongoloids posting on /sci/ descended from incestuous relationships

File: 1599733899191.jpg (58 KB, 1080x1111)
58 KB
/sci/ what are your thoughts, feelings, opinions, etc. about the physical appearance of scientists?
for example, i think the "lab coat, glasses & zany hair = scientist" meme is straight out of the 20h century, it has to go
8 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: Twum's Birthday.jpg (217 KB, 1440x1440)
217 KB
217 KB JPG
well meme'd
"Scientist" shall, in short order, be once again redefined as "natural philosophers". Let the narcissism commence.
File: HowDoYouDoKen.jpg (46 KB, 474x624)
46 KB
Guile is really let himself go.
File: Noo.jpg (407 KB, 1200x782)
407 KB
407 KB JPG
the best scientists look like white christian european men.
>ooops i accidentally burned down the science lab again
>i'm good at science

File: AncientMonarchies.jpg (3.3 MB, 2419x3226)
3.3 MB
3.3 MB JPG
Started hobby collecting old books about 2 years ago, mainly classroom math/science/history books. Most of them are from 1800's - 1910. Quickly notice, despite the stilted writing style, it's much easier to understand concepts from these old books compared to their modern day equivalents. Information is concise, examples/explanations are not midwit word problems or analogys, amazing pictures and diagrams. My largest epiphany of how fucked books are hits me when I get hold of a 1800's medical book called "A text-book of human physiology" by Flint, Austin. It has amazing in-depth explanations and detailed gorgeous hand drawn diagrams, you can't find anything like this online or is most basic medical books.

WTF happened? I realize information has been "dumbed-down" or even censored but still I never knew it was to such a great extent.

Online Archive of "A text-book of human physiology": https://archive.org/details/textbookofhumanp00flinuoft/page/776/mode/2up
52 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
I hate hate hate glossy textbook pages, why can't they be normal paper?
color doesn't print well onto regular book paper, it is also thicker than that stuff they use in textbooks
Incentives. Why be publicly passionate when your hindbrain knows you'll just get torn to shreds for every shibboleth you mispronounce, and it's impossible to remember all of them? In the old era, there was a lower number of shibboleths you had to remember to cover your bases. Not only that, but the other elites whose opinions you cared about were sometimes themselves actually consistently capable of appreciating original genius. So if you were of the educated class, then, unlike now, if you had it, it paid to flaunt it. Now no one flaunts it -> no one has it -> no one flaunts it, in a seemingly endless shame sink. But it'll end one day.
Fear of spiders, shit like that is proof of Telogony.
Its called instinct.

File: some bullshit.jpg (425 KB, 1080x1080)
425 KB
425 KB JPG
>have master's

>nobody in my graduate cohort completed the advertised 2-year program within two years because the program was so hands-off
>7 students, including myself, drop first semester Statistics because it's taught like utter shit (big class so it's separated into two and different equations were given between the classes, e.g.)
>another important class is taught by a new professor who barely interacts with the material, comes unprepared, answers "I don't know" to most questions, and had one specific student explain a lot of concepts she didn't understand, among other things
>retake Stats the next year and it's still a joke with a different professor who assumes everybody knows the material so she constantly lectures for 2.5 hours and hardly ever gave us anything at all to actually practice with
>three fucking weeks in a math-related course without ANY numbers or math to play with
>one of the professors in my program plays blatant favorites and asks me why I'm not like one of her favorite students
>in the same conversation that she tells me I may not be a good fit for the program and asks what my backup plan was (because I was one of seven students who dropped that shitty first-semester Stats course)
>program does nothing at all whatsoever to make sure students are doing anything post-grad
>obligatory sexism where they hire only female students (to be fair, it's glorified HR) out of the program for the Grad Admissions office

Who else had a bad time in grad school?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
This is graduate level and you're getting tripped up by intro stats and not having assigned homework?
Yeah, I was lol'ing at that too. What are you in grad school for, theology?
t.Gender studies student
That explains why OP isn't keen to tell us what his masters degree was in.

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