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Prince of Mathematics
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File: TME-ART-P-00031.jpg (1.13 MB, 647x1000)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB JPG
Cult Leader of Mathematics
I'll have you know that I agree with the anon to whom you're responding, so clearly you're a midwit.
>Okay, have a nice day, bye-bye.
More like The Methhead Hobo of Mathematics

File: kill blacks.jpg (951 KB, 3915x2895)
951 KB
951 KB JPG
post proof that the vaxx is actually killing people that took the vaxx
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>COVID-19 is like 9/11
>the vaccine is like Iraq
Uh oh. Does that mean democrats are like republicans and Biden is like Bush?
File: 1659772382249390.webm (1 MB, 720x720)
1 MB
saline and ingredient shots in various dosages.
Vaccines are the only product with which the LOT-Number is always documented.
It’s a field experiment. Saline and clotshots/maime-shots.
> If you are a good noodle you’ll get a good needle.
> if you are a bad noodle you'll get a bad needle.
Thats what the survailance grid is for and the “constant new rounds of vaccines”.
It’s a funnel system/ponzie scheme.

> only 5% of all vaccine batches account for 90% of all damage
> indicating, there are saline and crap shots
> or just really heavily contaminated ones.
See: https://howbad.info/

It's to create "advocate groups".
Why do you think a neelde is trying to be tied to your online data?
Don't you think they prolly assign you sooner or later individual shots?

In the beginning it was random but they want "individualized" vaccines.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
yes, all of them are puppets, clowns to entertain cattle with "democracy" circus
> medical degree
oh, shill, even a stone is 100 smarter than you
Wyy? Reality doesn't depends on what I post online. If people are going to die from the vax, nothing I post will influence that outcome. And nothing anyone posts in response to what I post is going to change the reality of their situation. What's going to happen is going to happen. Out arguing someone online isn't going to change what's happening in a person's body.

File: 1672718126133496.gif (2.93 MB, 740x700)
2.93 MB
2.93 MB GIF
i just read chapter 2 of decline, "the meaning of numbers," but im not really very familiar with math history. is he right?
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Ok seems to me I'm the only one that contributed anything to your shit bait thread. Now I lost interest due to your room temperature IQ drudgery. Don't bother replying since I left your thread
It's not my thread. I just kek'd at your lack of basic reading comprehension. I also kek at your attempt to immitate my antics and you are seething as you are reading this.
File: 1674839498749-825288593.jpg (858 KB, 3840x2160)
858 KB
858 KB JPG
that guy isnt OP. spengler does seem to hinge his entire method of analogy between history-culture on the idea of symbolic geometry and group theory-symmetry maths, although he barely treats it will even a full page
>oswald spengler
You have the wrong board, I know /pol/ is unusable, but you should take this to /lit/ instead.
none of them have even heard of groups

File: FmynjIdWIAAnL5I.jpg (45 KB, 695x1060)
45 KB
inb4 when we see evidence
>Dr. Rupert Sheldrake's morphic resonance
>Joseph Murphy's principles of manifestation
>Ed Dames' accurate remote viewing attempts (even one is enough)
>Rats being able to solve a maze faster if another group has done so previously

Why is academia so hellbent on preserving its materialistic worldview when all the evidence suggests otherwise? Do you really hate the idea that when you die there could be something instead of endless void so much that you're willing to side with dogmatic pseudoscience?
8 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: physics.jpg (471 KB, 1159x769)
471 KB
471 KB JPG
it already did
it's tesla, gateway, and ufo physics
all electromagnetic and scalar
>hyperdimensional mind over matter consciousness field
>allows levitation, astral projection, teleportation, multiple timelines, remote timeline viewing, telepathy, telekinesis, zero-point energy, and manifestation
>mechanized with ufos, antennas, and ai
>dominated by military, aliens, and non-corporal entities
Um, occult science is a thing.

Mad science?

“Sweet, man-made horrors beyond my comprehension”
Because it's not science. Even if you made a demon appear in front of everyone, it wouldn't be reproducible so you will be forgotten
That’s not the occult. Occult just means hidden. Esoteric. Arcane. Eldritch. Alien. They all have relatively the same root meaning.
that's not science either
if it happened, it was real

Is Math discovered or invented?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
as discovered as DnD cheese strats
File: Castelli.pdf (1.12 MB, PDF)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB PDF
Are you sure about that?
Um, no, quantity exists without human input.
I had to be invented to be discovered
Some are discovered, some are invented.

What if we stop using numbers to count?
"A number is a mathematical object used to count, measure, and label." - Wikipedia on 'Numbers'.
I was thinking, computers got powerful, we have switched from fingers to abacus to calculators to computers... (At least, according to history taught in schools). Would counting be even more advanced in the future? (Yes? No? I don't know!)
Any object you can count with has bijection with natural numbers.

The psychotechnology numeracy is getting embedded into the human thinking grammar even before speaking consciously clear sentences. It's so deep, you can't just undo that.

And for a good reason. Numeracy and literacy were the 2 most powerful upgrades we had in our human history, right after speech. It changes your thinking fundamentally. Abstraction, metaphors, deliberate high order planned thinking etc.

Just imagine what you would be if you would be actually not able to think mathematically/abstractly or in written words.

You can always create more and different routines/patterns, surely even to a point, where they are superior in some specific environment, but undo the basic without damaging the brain is impossible.
It will always just a different operative mode, but switching back is happening immediately, if you don't focus on pushing it away.

But that's actually what's all about anyway? More tools and such.
Understandable. Thank you for the reply. That is one very concise explanation of how human decided to count and read. Awesome!
Yes, you can count without numbers. There is a popular book about this here
This is the related section on Wikipedia that discusses how Newtons laws were reformulated without the use of any numbers
That's interesting!
Thank you so much bro or sis, this gave me new book to find and read and gave me a new lead on what knowledge to discover next.
Thank you again!

File: BlackHole.jpg (420 KB, 1452x1093)
420 KB
420 KB JPG

Black Holes invert space and time below the event horizon.

Timelike separation becomes spacelike.
Spacelike separation becomes timelike.

The theory suggest that this is not just an inversion of terms but a geometric inversion in the truest sense.

The theory proposes that the Schwarzschild is the exact solution and mathematical alterations to 'fix' the interior are wrong.

The theory proposes that these are elementary conclusions given that one follows every concept of the Schwarzchild to their logical ends.

I walk around every day thinking 'this is probably how 'dark matter' works. This is how the Big bang happened. This is why galaxies stick together in clusters.'
hi bot
Maybe? Probably going to be a million years before we can test any of these theories anyway at this rate

If the theory is correct then you can map 'Dark Matter' by the size of galactic black holes and how they are interacting with the other galactic black holes in clusters.

The theory also provides an explanation for black hole spin alignment. Of course the spins align. They're connected by Einstein-Rosen bridges.

Pragmatically it is more advantageous to entertain the existence of immaterial soul.
Think about it, if people entertain this idea then shit ton of red tapes can be dropped overnight.
Experimentation on clones? They are soul-less puppets.
Experimentation on AIs? They are soul-less machines.
The insistence that humans are nothing more than deterministic biological complex is ironically what brings about endless "ethics" that hamper progress because people now deem it necessary to delegate rights to other fellow complex "bots".
File: einstein.jpg (268 KB, 970x1149)
268 KB
268 KB JPG

>The Mind Exists as a Field Connected to the Brain
>consciousness resides in a field surrounding the brain
>has certain similarities with a black hole
>a holographic structured field
>in another dimension
>could take the shape of a torus
>quantum wave resonance

>Gateway Process
>holographic torus universe
>holographic hyperdimensional infinite consciousness
>possible encounters with intelligent, non-corporal energy forms when time-space boundaries are exceeded

>Tesla Electromagnetics
>relativity is only a statement about FIRST ORDER reality -- the reality that emerges from the vector interaction of electromagnetic energy with matter

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: albert_einsteins_eyes.jpg (55 KB, 413x280)
55 KB





File: schizophrenic jew.jpg (8 KB, 291x173)
8 KB
>i understand the whole universe like a god
extremely common grandiose delusion, can you show up some tangible, meaningful evidence of your omniscience? imagine having such incredible knowledge and intelligence and having no way at all to demonstrate it undeniably to the mere mortals.
>einstein btfo by making up even more bullshit
File: gateway tesla.jpg (231 KB, 1060x678)
231 KB
231 KB JPG
>The Mind Exists as a Field Connected to the Brain
>consciousness resides in a field surrounding the brain
>has certain similarities with a black hole
>a holographic structured field
>in another dimension
>could take the shape of a torus
>quantum wave resonance

>Gateway Process
>holographic torus universe
>holographic hyperdimensional infinite consciousness
>possible encounters with intelligent, non-corporal energy forms when time-space boundaries are exceeded

>Tesla Electromagnetics
>relativity is only a statement about FIRST ORDER reality -- the reality that emerges from the vector interaction of electromagnetic energy with matter
>when we break down the vectors into scalars (shadow vectors or hypervectors), we immediately enter a vastly different, far more fundamental reality
>in this reality superluminal velocity, multiple universes, travel back and forth in time, higher dimensions, variation of all "fundamental constants" of nature, materialization and dematerialization, and violation of the "conservation of energy" are all involved

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Let's say you pick the domain with the least number of species. Then the Kingdom with the least number of species, then the same with Phylum, Class, Order, etc, etc.

Which species would you end up with?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
what are those other two dots that "fall" from the life drop?
>a lot of taxonomy is still up for debate
We don't care.
> how extinct something has to be to no longer count
Extinct species count.

Give us the name.
The aliens
you should care, because it might be the case that the animal I would say is actually a particularly distant member of a fuck-huge family and has just been misclassified this entire time
The life drop is made up of the three domains; archea, bacteria, eukarya

File: aawdq3f.jpg (116 KB, 1280x720)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
I have to get good grades for another 15 months so I can have the requirements to enter engineering school. I will have to go through a written exam and an interview to assess my level of motivation. I will try to quit smoking and I will try and find a hobby. If I am succesfulI, I will have 3 years in engineering school until I graduate. After that I will get a job If I haven't done it already through a co-op program (underpaid). I will work 35h a week without overtime (it will be over 40 hours and I will have to be available on weekends). I will be 25 or 26. I studied too much technical bullshit, and will lack in basic life skills. I still haven't accomplished anything meaningful. I have a flabby body and an average haircut, my overall presence will inspire pity. I chose a major that was put in place by the national education committee in association with the major companies and associations of the industry in order to meet the quotas. I will be approaching my 30s. I am just like everyone else. The few friends I know will start to get married and have kids. No more nights out having "fun" (fun = trying to feel like you're still 16). On the rare occasion we meet, our neutral discussions will be about bills and jobs and what other people do. It's been so long, you can't talk to the people you use to know the same way but it is what it is.
elementary and high school is daycare where you get to learn a few tidbits and factoids that you might be able to use in small discussion. University isn't much better, but it is better, but not by much. All types of school are shit and I think anyone with slightly below or above intelligence can teach themselves in less time for less money
Don't you worry man. Adolescence will pass. It's by design. Just don't listen to much to your 'heart' and go on about most stuff in a rational manner. Start lifting weights, start meditate daily and keep going. You got this.
You chose this path
School should be run like a prison. It should be a screening process. Any child that harms animals or repeatedly harms others should be executed.

Teachers know this shit. Any kid that displays violence towards animals will go on to live a terrible life.

File: download-1.png (4 KB, 172x90)
4 KB
so if the interval I = (0, 1) exists then is 0.99999...[pi] the supremum of I?
assume P = pi*10^(-k) = 0.00...[pi] > 0, let k be large
therefore we know that this means that 0.99999...[pi] is actually within the interval
is 0.9...[pi] > 0.9...[e]?
both are, as we assume, in I
however as k->inf we see that P-E -> 0
Therefore the assumption is wrong and P+1 is the infimum and indeed P+1 = 1
this makes sense because x*0 = 0
Therefore 0.0...[x] = 0 for all x in R
I want you to see something though
Suppose there is a very large number 12345...
123...*10^(-k) := ab
if 123... has the same length as k then 123..._k*10^(-k) = 0.1234...
therefore as a approaches infinity and b approaches 0, we have inf*0 = 0.1234... = c
therefore for all c \in I we know that b*c = 0.
thus there exist some large number c such that for all i \in I that i = 0*c_i
Therefore 200... > 100... because .2 > .1
there 999... is the biggest number since it times zero is also the supremum of I
However, if for all x in R x*0 = 0
and as k decreases 0*c_i decreases. Therefore infimum of infinity is any finite number. Notice the relationship between this and x*0 = 0.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
1 reply and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Mathematics is a religion, and God is real, therefore math is real
>are real numbers real?
Yes. They are prior to the physical though. They are metaphysical. Things like infinity and continuousness don't exist in the physical world. They can be APPLIED to the physical. They, numbers, transcend space and time though. They are universal and invariant and not in flux or change as the material world is. They are ideal and are grounded in minds and ultimately the platonic realm nested in the god mind. The physical world is VIRTUAL and not fundamental. Get rid of the idea that only that which is physical is 'real' and it all makes sense. This is backwards. So yes, they are real, but if you want to have a coherent world view, you had better become an idealist and platonist as opposed to a materialist. Idealism comfy by the way.
Nope. Multitudes composed of units do in fact exist. So do figures.
Euclidean geometry is consistent and complete.
>They can be APPLIED to the physical.
correction/clarification here
>Things like infinity and continuousness don't exist in the physical world. They can be APPLIED to the physical.
Continuous MODELS with things like continuous functions can be used to make predictions about the physical world to non-arbitrary precision and decimal places, so there is utility in them, but this is a MODEL only. It works because the delta of planck changes is so tiny that the physical words SEEMS continuous until you zoom in, then the pixels are apparent.

File: 91PeaEdDpJL.jpg (34 KB, 425x531)
34 KB
if we lock just air in a cube 1m3 how long it would take for the gasses particles to separate into layers according to their weight? and if it even possigble here on earth or we would have to send the cube into space?
You can do it in a cube with vacuum.
gases don't separate that way
it's like expecting soda to separate into layer of water and layer of corn syrup

File: a3616525973_10.jpg (246 KB, 800x600)
246 KB
246 KB JPG
doesn't matter how i flip it i keep getting to the same conclusion: free will is an illusion

If the universe can be predicted and we are a part of that universe, we also can be predicted

in fact, everything we do, everything that will ever exist and happen was already set in motion billions of years ago the moment the universe came into existing.

does anyone have an alternative theory?
377 replies and 15 images omitted. Click here to view.
all theories must accept at least one brute fact. it is impossible to formulate a theory with zero assumptions. it is necessary to postulate an uncaused thing if one wishes to avoid infinite regress. the buck must surely stop somewhere.

i don't agree with the computer analogy. modifying a computer isn't analogous to having atemporal causes, because both the computer and any person operating it are within spacetime. there aren't separate spacetimes for the computers and for us, we are sharing a single spacetime.

it isn't a priori false to postulate that each human decision is its own uncaused, brute fact. but in addition to the problem of describing something with a beginning as uncaused, this would result in a theory with countless assumptions, one for each and every human decision. i also can't see how it would entail freedom of will, since every decision "just is".
Demonstrably false, particularly if you only look at the educated
How about you get a tumor on your brain. It sure will change your consciousness. Tired of these /his/ losers coping about not having free will.
a tumor in your brain would be a reflection of your change in consciousness, not the other way around
you've got it backwards
the brain is a representation inside of the mind, depicting the cognitive process itself
You fucking idiot, that's not how it works. God damn tired of people denying the fucking obvious; Consciousness is totally reliant on physical properties because it is a result of physical properties. There's no shitty voodoo bullshit involved.

File: 1645037790906.png (1.23 MB, 800x911)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB PNG
One of the most influential math figures of the past century just died. He was known for his work in Algebraic Theories, Algebraic Categories, Topos Theory, Philosophy, Logic, Physics, Didactic, Computer Science, History, and Anthropology.
>Talking with Bill, I often feel like a fly buzzing around a cow. (It seems to me I can liken Bill to a cow, if I’m just a fly myself.) On any easy question, I’ll probably see the answer first. But his thoughts seem to move on a level where I don’t function, I can barely see down there.
—John Isbell
>It is my belief that in the next decade and in the next century the technical advances forged by category theorists will be of value to dialectical philosophy, lending precise form with disputable mathematical models to ancient philosophical distinctions such as general vs. particular, objective vs. subjective, being vs. becoming, space vs. quantity, equality vs. difference, quantitative vs. qualitative etc. In turn the explicit attention by mathematicians to such philosophical questions is necessary to achieve the goal of making mathematics (and hence other sciences) more widely learnable and useable. Of course this will require that philosophers learn mathematics and that mathematicians learn philosophy
—William Lawvere
32 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
op here again, did mention i have AIDS yet?
I'm going to die shitting
academicuck'd celebrity soience faggot drops dead, best day of my life.
why can't they bury him with all his followers like they did with heroes in the old days? is OP willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for his soience celebrity worship figure?
Rip. Who's the oldest logician/person working in foundations still alive today? Dana Scott is still kicking it apparently
Op here
I'm trans

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