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What is the scientific origin of homophobia?
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Also 99.99% of men don't actually care if you're a homosexual or not. Most of the time gays that get bullied are overfemenised, and they are bullied because they are flamboyant and obnoxious (obnoxious straight men receive the same treatment), and that's why they get bullied. If gay men just acted like normal men, that happened to like other men, then they wont be discriminated against. And for the gay men that already do, they already are not on the receiving end of homophobia. I've converse with openly Gay and openly homophobic men simultaneously, and they could not care any less because they both just act like normal respectable Men. Only when gay men showcase their gayness, hetro-men get disgusted.
yes you are, fag
fear and denial
File: outside the door.png (300 KB, 953x313)
300 KB
300 KB PNG
the ideals of honor and justice will never allow the existence of such a despicable practice.

Any geologists in here?
I am currently in high school and seriously thinking about getting a Bsc in Geology
I find the field really interesting
What can you do with a geology degree?
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>Real question: can geologists identify rocks by just looking at them?
Yes, you can easily identify a leaverite, or AFR just by looking at it.

>Also what do you think about retards who say Earth is 6 thousand years?
Not only is the earth 6000 years old , it is also flat.
Never talk to retards. Nobody wins.
Landscaping isn't geology, Pedro
>This is fucking terrible advice.
Can confirm. Just about every retarded millennial who went to college followed this advice and now they're a bunch of salty losers with meme degrees, salaries that pay less than most tradesmen and six figures worth of debt

>t. Millennial who followed the money instead of passion
I keked. It was not landscaping. I reviewed reports submitted by consultants, then went out to check on what they were doing. Left about 10 drove around, kicked the dirt about 11:15, told them I had to check on another project and I would be back about 4, but really I just went to the strip club for lunch and had a few beers then went home. Best geology work around.

And, the name is Jesus
Yh, because doing a degree in something you end up hating and then not following into that area for career wasn’t a complete waste of three years of your life.

But if you actually read the rest of the post you’d see I said there’s no worry about geology related jobs out there and fields you can go into, we aren’t talking about a meme degree like history.

so it turns out this whole degree situation is non negotiable
how do i cope, my iq is like 200
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Why are you going to a juco?
What are you going to college for OP? What exactly are you trying to get a job in?
my ideal job has a million different laws and trillions of annual dollars dedicated to making it both illegal and impossible to have profitably
No, we're not going to help you sell drugs
i could automate accounting and i’d never be able to sell it

why does this board’s quality increase rapidly on friday nights and decay to the absolute dregs by thursday night? is it because only jobless NEETs post here during the week since the actual smart anons have jobs?

File: 31321.png (7 KB, 225x225)
7 KB
>be me
>engineering student
>cheat in college
>use boosted GPA to apply to internships
>Get first internship, learn everything and just say "Awww geez dude it's been a while, COVID-19 screwed everything up
>It's okay champ, we'll teach you everything!
>finish internship
>repeat college semester by cheating
>get new internship
>use skills from last internship to excel in next one
>going to graduate with a job offer from internship
Is cheating based?
Only if you're white
Only if *you can get away with it
>Is cheating based?
Works for China/India
post your eyelids bugman

File: TardJail.png (24 KB, 1373x833)
24 KB
Can someone please explain permutations and combinations to me?
I understand these concepts alone
>Unordered (abc = acb = bac = bca = cab = cab) and ordered (abc != acb != bac != bca != cab != cab)
>Ordered collection (Permutation)
>Unordered collection (Combination)
>The set of objects you can pick from / your choices (n)
>The set of spaces you can put them in / the number of objects you can pick (r)
>Repetitions are allowed (n stays the same)
>Repetition isn't allowed (n shrinks for every object you pick)
but it's not coming together. The combination equations make sense but the permutation ones don't.
I just want to understand Pascal and Algebra (Binomial Theorem), I don't really care about Combinatorics and shit (they're pretty interesting though).
I know, I'm a brainlet but one of you guys solved a long standing, unsolved open-problem in SUPER permutations because a fucking anime asked you to so explaining this shit to me shouldn't be so hard right?
6 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
That's weird. Permutations are usually the easier one for people to understand. I mean it's super basic. The number of ordered elements is just n! But if you're saying you omit some possible cases, sat r, then the number of permutations is just (n-r)!
Are you wanting to see how the formulae are derived or are you just wanting to know why the formula for combinations has the extra r! term? Combinations and permutations are different ways to enumerate unique collections of objects, and they differ by how they define "unique".

For combinations, the order that the objects are listed in does not contribute to the uniqueness of that collection--collections that contain the same elements in the same frequency are all considered the same collection. A common real world example given is rolling multiple dice simultaneously. It doesn't matter which die landed first, the roll will still be considered the same.

Permutations add an additional condition for determining uniqueness. The particular order that the objects are listed in does matter. Two collections are only considered the same if they have the same elements, in the same frequencies, *and* in the same order. An example could be determining winners of a race. Knowing the three fastest finishers may be sufficient information for some, but most would want to know who came first, who came second, and who came third. If in a second race the same three competitors were the top three, but their placements were different, we would consider that a different outcome.

Permutations will naturally have more unique outcomes than combinations over the same collections, because the conditions they use to determine uniqueness (and thus avoid double counting) are more strict. I'm sure there are plenty of videos on YouTube showing how these formulae can be derived, but let me know if that's the part you're struggling with. From the permutation formula, you simply divide by r! to get the combination formula. This r! term in the denominator accounts for all the collections that would be considered unique for permutations, but would not be considered unique for combinations.
>sseht sdrow aer lal cepscfiic murpesnoita uacebse htye rea nuciotnflaly fiftnreed naht
imagine not like pepe
go dilate yourself
File: ImGonnaBeHonest.png (310 KB, 680x383)
310 KB
310 KB PNG
My bad, I meant combinations, not permutations.
I'm kind of retarded so please bear with me.
Yes, I want to see how the equations are derived.
I have a sense of what they are but I have a hard time wrapping my mind around the derivation (specifically for Combinations, disregard what I said earlier, I'm a retard.)
I understand what you're saying tho.

File: TierList.png (173 KB, 566x873)
173 KB
173 KB PNG
Source: https://thetab.com/us/2017/04/10/which-major-has-highest-iq-64811
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
typical nebulous claims proving nothing. If your conclusion were true, why aren't you doing anything about it? Anyone convinced by your conclusion would be compelled to act. Nobody is and nobody does anything.
>inb4 they are too stronk
same conspiracy theorist nonsense that perpetuates inaction when really just a lazy POS.
You will eat the bugs and you will enjoy it because you won't have to worry about paychecks and bills.
Nobody acts because everyone is too lazy to, you're right. I just find it hard to believe banking and finance majors are all that smart is all. The ones I've come across are some of the most average intelligence people I've met. Plus all the math/quant majors do the heavy lifting at these finance firms anyways in the intelligence department.
File: 46565.jpg (248 KB, 1914x745)
248 KB
248 KB JPG
>A bunch of memers on WSB proved this to be true
lol no they didn't, brainlet.
Hedge funds made a shitload of money with WSB, on both sides of the aisle.
Melvin recouped all their losses by shorting the stock again at $450 thanks to the reddit retards that dumped their money into an inflated shit stock and gave them a guaranteed massive return.
RC Ventures, BlackRock and Fidelity made a shitton of money betting on the stock and then selling it at the top.

The guys that started the meme (Finance majors) also made a shitton of money by dumping their bags on redditors. Most of them got out early on. From the point the meme became popular everyone hopping in lost, the entire mass of uneducated redditor bagholders, idiots like you putting their savings in thinking they were "sticking it to Wall Street" by buying at the top.

You are citing an example that literally proves the opposite of your claim.
Anyone with financial training made a killing with $GME.
Retarded plebs with no financial knowledge were tricked into being bagholders for the hedge funds and the early buyers.
I'm not enough of a moron to dump my savings into some volatile meme stock. Just saying it didn't take being some genius finance major to figure out what was happening with GME, nor did it take a genius to get big returns off it. These finance majors would probably tell me to dump my cash into some shitty blue chip or ETF for 30 years so I can get maybe get a decent ROI while they're off making crazy options calls because their bosses told them to. How am I supposed to be convinced an iota of what these morons say when they are incapable of keeping their shit together like in '08? These retards were tossing around shitty mortgage securities that they knew were garbage and then got on their knees for the fed for bailout money. Absolute stupidity.
>These retards
They were not retarded, they are greedy cunts that know exactly what they are doing.

>were tossing around shitty mortgage securities
Yup, dumping them on ordinary people through social security funds

>that they knew were garbage
Of course they knew.
“When the music stops, in terms of liquidity, things will be complicated,” Prince said. “But as long as the music is playing, you've got to get up and dance.” -- Chuck Prince, Financial Times, 2007

>and then got on their knees for the fed for bailout money. Absolute stupidity.
They are not stupid. They got their fat bonuses with your tax money. Should've jailed them like Iceland did.

Why are CS/software engimeering people often called codemonkeys
15 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I mean this is true for your schools that aren't the R1's or top 30s for CS. If you look at something like U of Washington, UChicago, Berkeley, MIT, etc etc.. it's clear that the CS students they push out don't follow these stereotypes and have much more rigorous classes.

Unfortunately these programs are in the minority. If you aren't in these schools, or even if you are but have extra time in your schedule, you're better off doing a double major in math and CS or at least a minor, taking all the systems and theory classes you can, and then specializing in what seems interesting.
No because most construction sites (if not all) have at least one foreman or super to direct the other workers on what to do. Multiply that for all the construction projects you have especially in high COL areas and that number is way higher than 0.001%.
My school's CS program is not even certified, administration does not seem to care about it and yet the classes fill up anyways. I can't imagine what type of animals must be taking these classes.
though I want to add that the whole "a mathematician or physicist can learn this in a few weekends" is pretty fucking dumb. There are two cases:
either he means PhD holders can pick up undergrad CS and CS theory in a couple of weekends. For math PhD's, if they have an experience with combinatorics, this is true, but it's also a meaningless statement because studying combinatorics, calculus, analysis, and algebra at the undergrad level or higher gets you the suite of common math in undergrad CS *anyway.* But it still doesn't really prepare you for doing advanced algorithms or randomized algos, where you have to complement the creativity to do good proof with the creativity to make constructive arguments and devise clever ways to do it quickly.
The more egregious claim is that the physicist can do this, which if anyone has gone to a quantum information conference, is very easy to verify as false lmao.

If they mean math and physics undergrads, then this is patently false both anecdotally and even at the interview level. Any *proper* treatment of CS at the undergrad level isn't so trivial as to be adopted by other fields instantly. Everyone's a badass until they encounter streaming algorithms and dimensionality reduction, or anything related to graphics processing.
>inb4 the meme man who "self studied all of MIT OCW in a couple of months"
you mean the guy who "on the honor system" passed all the tests with like a 77+ average by "self assessing" and blitzing basic problems on the homework? The guy who, despite his apparent MIT CS education, just spends his career selling books about "ultraeducation" and not actually using CS or even his software experience?
T. U of washington student
Never heard of u of wash producing good cs students, research yes, students no.
The research ranking doesnt matter. Its the selectivity that filters out brainlets.

File: 99237234.fDbi3ga9.jpg (28 KB, 400x276)
28 KB
If i woke up tomorrow with 20 more IQ points, how would i notice it?
41 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
MENSA. Dude my dad was in MENSA. Dude dude. Epic dude. That is epic, my man. That is real epic.
Lakme, I am talking about an old classmate now btw. I promise you grandpa firetrucks wasn't MENSA material.
they'd still be midwit degenerates that would need to be exterminated
MENSA is for 125+. I hate being around 115-125 midwits. t. 145
>MENSA is for 125+
It depends on the test used for verification The cutoff is 98th percentile, which is a minimum of 130.

>be me 17
>fucking obsessed with Mandelbrot
>listen to one of his TED talks
>says that by this point he can pretty much look at something and tell you how rough it is
>pic related
>major in physics
>dedicate my life to complex systems
>end up being able to do the same

24 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
testing this

I don't see the fractal numbers you speak of, I see the surface's roughness, which can be described by it's hausdorff dimension. I have looked at hundreds if not throusands of surfaces to the point in which I can tell you how complex something is by looking it's topological dimension, taking that as a lower bound and then eyeballing how much information it has.

the fuck are you looking at, buddy?

File: file.png (515 KB, 840x560)
515 KB
515 KB PNG
Out of all drugs I tried, nothing is more wrecking than sleep deprivation.
Holy shit, I want my brain put in a blender.
I fell ya dude, I'm getting by on 2-3 hours per day right now
When i tried not taking meds or taking the wrong meds i never slept and never wanted to suicide myself more
Sleep deprivation is great.

File: EXTENDO.png (1.55 MB, 1920x2160)
1.55 MB
1.55 MB PNG
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>Let’s also be honest and realize that Falcon 9/H will probably fly into the 2030s
It will probably be on life support for a while, I doubt it will really be competing though, just riding out contracts stuck in bureaucratic limbo.
I wonder if it's boeing problem or just people slacking with maintenance due to planes not flying as often.
Boing has absolutely nothing to worry about, unfortunately. The plane market is a locked in duopoly with no movement. They are quite literally too big to fail.
Why dont we do this with mars rovers lmao
maybe it's $2k per kilogram. or maybe he meant to hit B for billion and hit G on accident

File: pepeOG.png (167 KB, 1024x920)
167 KB
167 KB PNG
What sucks is that I don't feel like dragging and dropping a damn thing. How do you guys deal with the constant strain of work? I don't want to live like this forever. I just want to be comfy while simultaneously making the world a better place. How can I learn to deal with the work that comes with it? How do I learn to live it?
I know most of you are currently in Uni. How are you guys pulling through bros?

File: bob noell.jpg (289 KB, 997x747)
289 KB
289 KB JPG
>Electronic configurations describe each electron as moving independently in an orbital, in an average field created by all other orbitals

File: iq_by_country.png (25 KB, 1357x800)
25 KB
>B-but IQ is bullshit!!!

Would you rather your child an IQ of 80 or 120? Choose wisely.
30 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
loser cope
I'd rather live in 90 Ireland than 105 China.
>China >105
china wins :)
Good food

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