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File: byhDkLx.jpg (57 KB, 400x400)
57 KB

That gay "we cant edit embryos dont even try" bullshit got btfo fast. I give it 10 years before the chinese go full ubermensch and start playing god full tilt
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and how are we going to solve problems caused by CRISPR? More of the same?
we can finally edit out gay and tranny genes
Obviously, that's what I just said.
Why do you think biotech companies are so well-received at the stock market currently? I mean apart from Corona vaccine baiters.
File: 1563174465902.jpg (28 KB, 500x491)
28 KB
>Gene editing

It'll probably be a ban the other way round

So the Thomas Bearden who wrote pic related (https://www.scribd.com/document/228091789/Rodin-Coil-by-Col-Tom-Bearden) ((pay walled, posting text in next post) on Marko Rodin's polodial vortex coil also wrote this gem for the CIA...


The Bohm-Aharonov effect shows that, even in the absence of electrical and magnetic fields, the potentials cause real effects to occur in the field-free regions. Using this principle, beams of pure potential without vector force fields (without E and H fields) may be deliberatly produced and intersected at a distance to cause effects in the interference zone, in contradiction to classical mechanics. These effects are in fact required by quantum mechanics.

Essentially, energy may be produceddirectly and the distant interference site or extracted from it, without energy transmission through space.

Implactions for weapons built on these concepts are given, and several types of such scalar electromagnetics weapons are discussed. The use of the 'cold explosion' is detailed and evidence of its extensive testing is given. The basic mechanism for Soviet weather control over North America is briefly presented and a more extenseive reference is given.

Evidence of massive soviet weaponization of these effects for nearly three decades and of soviet scalar electromagnetics weapons testing on a global scale exists in the open literature. Selected examples and related information are given in the appendix.

May the Name Marko Rodin never be sent to /x/ again!
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so as far as I understand it's a way to model wave dynamics using modular 9 arithmetics.

just imagine if someone described how to make a raytracing engine using mod 2 arithmetics (binary) before the computer existed. It's technically possible but it would need a lot of imagination.

That's how I view this whole vortex math thing.

Take a look at this video:

File: off-to-x.png (469 KB, 1422x694)
469 KB
469 KB PNG
i think you might enjoy

please move this discussion to /x/
the video is not avaiable.

also mod 9 arithmetic is math.
if you do believe in all of this shit, then why don't you do something useful with it instead of talking to us about it?
File: Dow5hhtX0AETijU.jpg (54 KB, 464x464)
54 KB
belief hasn't been an element in my logical process for a long time. All language, by virtue of correct grammer, rhetoric and logic, even if spelling the most abject lie, tells a modicum of truth by definition. Especially in 2020, when there is much more incentive to lie about history than to speak its truth (like was even pic related said?)

>useful with it instead of talking to us

Thats the assumption i contend with here, if you've noticed, all this research is like a hundred years old, covered up by a series of academic neglect, and willfull obfuscation. When speaking to Glowie's they continue to repeat the mantra that humanity will blow themselves up, its too dangerous, the genie out of the bottle.

This is the foundation that i crack with every thread posted online, as the concentration of knowledge increases, so does the wisdom to handle its power, maybe one day enough threads will be made so we can have wireless energy, warp drives and bio-harmonic growth systems

File: stephenanddon2007.jpg (262 KB, 800x758)
262 KB
262 KB JPG
any thoughts on this guy?

he is a well-established physicist with great credentials. his doctoral advisor was Stephen Hawking and he is a tenured professor at the University of Alberta. and his publication list is quite impressive -- one of his papers with Hawking ("Thermodynamics of Black Holes in anti-De Sitter Space") has nearly 1800 citations.

on the other hand, in public lectures he often goes off track and talks about how "I am a Christian" and that "God has created parallel universes in the string theory landscape and that's where we will be resurrected" and "future physics will subsume quantum gravity and integrate an understanding of God into our physics models." he algo goes on rants about physics of consciousness and how it relates to the Many-Worlds Interpretation. seriously, he says this stuff all the time. and his latest paper got sent to the arXiv "gen-ph" category (this is an obvious red flag) and the title of it is literally "Possible Superluminal Propagation inside Conscious Beings". anyone else thinking "alzheimers" right now?
bumping for the Christian Multiverse
i shall keep bumping, anons

File: pump schematic.jpg (38 KB, 709x521)
38 KB
For scientific purpuses, I want to grow only surface-dwelling plants in one jar, and only nano-fish in the other jar. I need the fish's excrete in order to grow the plants, but the plants aren't allowed to be on the fish tank.

Would this work? I imagine the "water bridge" would balance the levels of the two jars
I take it the pump is a water filter? You also need a way to add water, as it will evaporate
The pump is a water pump.

>You also need a way to add water
A cup.

File: download (7).jpg (242 KB, 900x580)
242 KB
242 KB JPG
I want to have kids some day. A lot of studies are studying eggs, but what about sperm?

>if I don't fap for 1 month then my balls will be full of "more mature" sperm, are these better for having a healthy child?
>or is it better to fap every day for 1 month prior to trying to conceive so that only the freshest, newest sperm is trying to inseminate the egg?
>some foods/supplements claim to increase sperm mobility----while this is known to increase chances of conception, is more mobile sperm also more healthy and thus will lead to a healthier child?
>same thing as above point, but with food/supplements that increase sperm count

Well, found this on wiki for those interested:

>How long the man has abstained prior to providing a semen sample correlates with the results of semen analysis and also with success rates in assisted reproductive technology (ART).
>Both a too short period of time since last ejaculation and a too long one reduce semen quality.
>A period of time of less than one day reduces sperm count by at least 20%.[30]
>Longer periods of abstinence correlate with poorer results – one study found that couples where the man had abstained for more than 10 days before an intrauterine insemination (IUI) had only a 3% pregnancy rate. An abstinence period of only 1 or 2 days produce the highest pregnancy rates per IUI cycle compared with longer intervals of ejaculatory abstinence.[31] This increase in pregnancy rate occurs despite a lower value of total motile spermatozoa.[31] Daily sexual activity increases sperm quality in men minimizing DNA damage in the sperm—because it is speculated to result in less storage time where damage may accumulate.[32]


Also apparently clinics test your semen quality by seeing how well it fertilizes hamster eggs. YOUR MOTHER WAS A HAMSTER!
You want the highest quality sperm?

No alcohol, no smoking, no drugs (including prescription) eat a proper diet, get the right amount of sleep and lots of exercise.

Do this for years, and impregnate that girl in your 20's

supplements and a jerkoff schedule will do nothing in comparison to the above list.

File: whitelines2.png (30 KB, 262x136)
30 KB
I've been studying fingerprints for a while. Do you people know what causes these straight lines?
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You're the one studying them, you tell me, science man.
Old age. Those are wrinkles.
Stroking BBC's.
>t.white femanon who's fucked 30 black men.
kek. op is a big dum
Those are called "coomer lines" for a reason.

File: geo dome 14.png (1.5 MB, 915x770)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB PNG
We are running out of time.
The end is near.
It is time to go.


File: download.jpg (7 KB, 193x261)
7 KB
Happy birthday Nikola Tesla!

From the Spiritist Anon, from Brazil.
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chill bro
He was basically the original electrical engineer. Basically the newton of electrical engineering. He was no small fish.
I enjoyed playing self bingo with his image.
ya chill, mate


You sound like a documentary intro aimed at kindergarten children.
Not an argument.
yeah but he didn't make plasma cannons or fucking free energy

It occurs to me that no one really wants to hear about this because the results are liable to be damaging to society.
I feel like even if you could theoretically conduct this research, there is only one conclusion that would be acceptable to society: either that there is no difference or that blacks, Arabs and Mexicans are smarter than the rest of us.
Are there any other areas of legitimate scientific inquiry where the subject matter is so controversial, that it’s advisable to stay away from the topic altogether?
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Immigrants have higher IQs on average than the natives. If you weren't so low IQ you would know this.
Anon, I want you to get this through that thick skull of yours.
IQ is meme. Different IQ test can have vastly different results. What we define as intelligence is abstract and can vary wildly.
Can you say that a man that is above average in mathematics is more intelligent then a maestro musician that can barely pass algebra?
People have different forms of intelligence, it's ridiculous to claim that a test can somehow perfectly evaluate every aspect of a person.
And in regards to nation's that have low average IQ's, their average IQ is growing as the diet and wealth of their populace improves. This implies that whatever intelligence we are testing in IQ is tied to nutrition and better upbringings. At best you can use IQ to argue that a group of people suffer from bad nutrition and poverty. And if you know basic biology you know that the nutrition of your grandparents can vastly affect your DNA and in turn your intelligence.

When we start to look at every aspect that shapes a person's intelligence and every different form of intelligence a person may have we start to see how flawed IQ test are. And to use them to judge entire groups of people is the height of pure ignorance.
If you're gonna obsess over a pseudo science go back to /pol/. All you accomplish is looking like an ignorant twat.
There's no need for you to be racist either. But here we are. Sorry but capitalism must march on. Indians can do the same thing white CS graduates can for a lower cost. So the immigration should continue because the free market demands it
>the results are liable to be damaging to society.
>t. low iq

File: Starlink.png (293 KB, 881x881)
293 KB
293 KB PNG
delays delays delays edition

Livestream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KU6KogxG5BE
Launch: Saturday, July 11 10:54 AM EDT / 14:54 UTC
Probability of violating weather constraints: 40% (https://www.patrick.af.mil/Portals/14/Weather/Falcon%209%20Starlink-L9%20L-1%20Forecast-%2011%20Jul%20Launch.pdf?ver=2020-07-10-083828-253)
Backup launch: ?
Launch vehicle: SpaceX Falcon 9 with first stage B1051.5 (prior launches: Starlink-6, Starlink-3, RADARSAT, DM-1)
Launch pad: LC-39A, Kennedy Space Center, Florida, USA
Fairings: New
Fairing recovery: Possible?
First stage landing: On droneship 'Of Course I Still Love You'

Payload: 57 SpaceX Starlink satellites & Spaceflight Industries Blacksky 5 + 6 satelites
Payload mass & destination orbit: ~15,600 kg (~260 kg / Starlink sat); 210 x 366 km @ ~53°; Starlink sats will eventually orbit-raise to 550 km
Starlink-L9 TLE: https://www.celestrak.com/NORAD/elements/supplemental/starlink-10.txt

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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fuck Florida weather
give me that 95% weather availability, bald cowboy
Alternatively we could build a lunch site over the Sahara

File: 173274127377.jpg (58 KB, 976x850)
58 KB
EQ is more important then IQ
if you have low EQ you can barely utilize your IQ
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EQ is poorly specified and has low predictive value -- unlike IQ. It's just a cope.
Just be handsome
don’t be ugly

there is your EQ
I should start screenshooting some of the answers that are found on the tons of threads explaining this exact issue.

In short, EQ is not designed to be a measure of how empathic and socially likable you are. It's supposed to weed out those people whose psychological profiles makes them prone to questioning and attacking figures of authority.

If you're not neurotic enough and do not care about all the social games, that your company fellows try to play with you, you may actually end up unionizing. Another reason why companies prefer an ethnically diverse workforce is because of the underlying social tensions and alienations between the different groups, causing this workforce not to unionize.
>me living on a mountain
Haha! Fuck you!...
God...I'm so lonely. T-T
File: 1538099570456.jpg (86 KB, 936x800)
86 KB

File: DPFjdXwWkAU_AiG.jpg (46 KB, 624x351)
46 KB
Some talentless thot is going to be born in the year 2100. She will experience: Artificial Intelligence (AGI), Biological Immortality, Mars Colonization, and technological utopia - all while spending a fraction of the amount of effort you spent in your life(and being generally obnoxious and ungrateful). We will wither away due to old age before experiencing any of it. How do we cope?
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>of all the possible examples OP chooses a big titty e-girl

Is there something you want to tell us, op?
Half of these things are going to exist in the next couple decades. What the big deal? Besides, she won’t be a talentless thot, since anyone will be able to look beautiful and anyone will be able to be intelligent using those technologies you listed. The future is bright
not possible. give me one example of non-local entropy increasing. even if she could live 100,000 years it wouldn't matter. when im dead, it's no difference to me whether she lives 10 years or 1000 years. she's effectively already dead to me
The future won't have many biological women. After artificial wombs become viable and sexbots become life-like enough, any society that opts to rid itself of women will have an enormous competetive edge and eventually dominate the other societies.
>technological utopia
is this a joke? we're still 40 years away from the first prototype of a commercial nuclear fusion reactor which won't even be commercially viable itself, most of the surface of the planet is still using coal in 2020, there's absolutely no way any of those things happen within the next couple hundred years

File: EcnVph9XgAU-AIx.jpg (64 KB, 811x961)
64 KB
What did science man mean by this?
We don't know nothing
It means he's a black diversity hire who isnt as smart as he thinks he is
go back
Yeah but he’s exactly right you know

File: 1457768751002.gif (1.43 MB, 625x338)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB GIF
do you guys take methylphenidate to be better in science?
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works better than amphetamines for actually getting shit done imo
not as much fun but less physical side effects and can just buy it without any hassle too
nope just adderall
Go to a doctor. #1.
got a concerta prescription and parachute or snort it sometimes to get shit done
excuse me?

File: QPC.jpg (49 KB, 474x391)
49 KB

Post information and discuss quantum computing.
Can it run Crysis?
File: 1324747164804.gif (497 KB, 312x205)
497 KB
497 KB GIF
Does anyone have a cool source on using quantum algorithms for solving engineering problems?
I don't want to have to read 1000 papers.
>I don't want to have to read 1000 papers.
lol attentionspanlet kys
1000 papers is nothing
I said I don't want to _have to_ read 1000 papers. That doesn't mean I'm not ready to read that many.

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