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File: pebblebed.png (1.58 MB, 1912x932)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB PNG

Ignore the Engrish-this thing is amazing. It is objectively superior to all existing nuclear fission reactors in every way. It's safer,runs hotter and accordingly is more efficient, never needs to be shut down for refueling,and is far less complex and thus inherently cheaper. It can use its high-temp helium for hydrogen production and oil refining. Since it's a modular system it's inherently flexible and lets one design be used across large and small scale projects.

We are so god damned behind on this tech and it drives me nuts. The Chinese are building it up like crazy-they've tripled nuclear energy in the last 15 years. And now they have this. It's getting to the point where if we can't get fusion working or fix our rotten and backwards fission industry the Chinese are going to dominate us in the energy sector. If they strt exporting this thing they'll be able to gain a ton more power and prestige in various nations and continue in their efforts at full energy independence.
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i don't trust anything but evidence.
Yeah, the US operates isotope sniffing aircraft that hunt for both accidents and nuclear tests
File: 4774240.jpg (30 KB, 400x384)
30 KB
They made a sphere type fuel that can't meltdown, put it in a huge bucket and using gas as coolant?
Isn't gas a pretty shitty coolant? Can't water hold more energy?
Great, when do they stop eating everything that moves and causing global pandemics?
File: THTR reactor core.png (588 KB, 500x450)
588 KB
588 KB PNG
It's based on a German design from the 1970ies

Why won’t /sci/ ever admit they were wrong about the coronavirus?
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>Your articles say only that some people may get sick after getting corona.
If by "some" you mean 10-20%, yeah. Have fun with your heavily impeded workforce.
>far from the thing which happened in many places
Where do they force healthy people to stay at home, which is what you claimed?
Yes, anon, Sweden has 50-60 deaths per month, meanwhile USA has almost thousand per day. Your mystical organ damage conspiracy completely failed too, so bye! Don't attempt trolling next time.
10-20% of Swedes are seriously impeded? Surely you can provide a source for that claim. Inb4
>but only 1% of Swedes had corona!
Then it's just 0.1-0.2% (which isn't proven too).

today we remember the smartest person, anon, /sci/ poster that has ever lived. you are not dead for you are right, relativity of simultaneity implies eternalism. anyone that disagrees needs to post pictures of themselves shirtless and then we will decide who is really correct.

Mario Alejandro Montaño
April 15 1997 to April 12 2020.
The beginning of time to the end of time.
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>all he's saying is that he doesn't like himself
Inflammation is part of the complex biological response of body tissues to harmful stimuli, such as pathogens, damaged cells, or irritants, and is a protective response involving immune cells, blood vessels, and molecular mediators.(Wikipedia)
The five classical signs of inflammation are heat, pain, redness, swelling, and loss of function.

Now, there is also inflammation in the psyche.
Healthy people do not have a desire to kill themselves. It is a sign of inflammation when somebody has those thoughts. It might be chronic - lives his lives with those thoughts. might be acute. Anyhow, it needs attention and treatment.

>all he's saying is that he doesn't like himself
i disagree, he is saying that his psyche is inflamed
>Healthy people do not have a desire to kill themselves. It is a sign of inflammation when somebody has those thoughts.
Citation needed
>i disagree, he is saying that his psyche is inflamed
he did not say that. whether or not your hypothesis is true, you can feasibly simultaneously not believe in it and not like yourself. just because he says one, does not mean he himself is saying the other. you can't just interpret everything anyone says into being based on the "correct" assumptions
Why is /med/ so retarded?
>Healthy people do not have a desire to kill themselves.
common sense
>It is a sign of inflammation when somebody has those thoughts.
an analogy, a perspective - the same way you address physical inflammation, mental phenomena like "killing yourself" needs same attention

unfortunately the med profession is not dealing very well with mental health in our age and time. they do preform extra ordinary well regarding physical body. so i wouldn't label it as /med/ retard. maybe more just anon (me) is retard.
This has nothing to do with /med/. This is just retards trying to convince you and themselves of ideas which they pulled out of their ass, by drawing parallels to actual science or commonly known truths as you can observe here: >>12166607
The mere association with a concept you accept as true and the prefacing with scientific language raises their credibility and makes people assume they're experts, as you evidently did.

File: chrome_Qb82YZsu2U.png (1.4 MB, 1221x850)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB PNG
bros... bros.... i don't want to alarm you and shit... but... we descended.... from whales... motherfucking WHALES bro. yeah, I know.
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File: 1536199272554.jpg (220 KB, 1200x900)
220 KB
220 KB JPG
imagine almost making it but getting scammed out of your hands by evolution
Wales is a country you dumbass.
UUUUUHHHHHHHH no bro, whales descended from US.
Some of us are devolving back into them

File: 19293949291.png (159 KB, 400x289)
159 KB
159 KB PNG
What theoretical minimum and in which field of math is required to architect neural networks and tune them without cluelessly monkeying with different approaches?
linear algebra
Barnett Spaces and quadruple integration
Explain how.
Superior arithmetic operator here, what seems to be the problem with your variable bullshit generator?

Math, generally
>ancient wisdom edition
Talks Math
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Also remember to do all of the exercises.
Wtf Mathbros, how do you understand this shit? Looks like a magic spell ya fookin wizards.
>how do you understand this shit?
By reading it.
C-m v2 56 x 69 mmm 69 `;-9999'-86555, take a trip to the cum zone, 974 lim ∞ = 0

>Please help. What am I missing? The proofs are nothing like what I've done before.
do constructive analysis, instead of the crap à la bourbaki where they pull existence out of their excluded middle ass.

File: sky.jpg (8 KB, 212x238)
8 KB
Does a rocket going near c collide with blobs of relativistically heavy dark matter and get wrecked or does it just glide on through like it's nothing?

How smooth is dark matter and how bad will it mess up ballistic trajectories?

Can dark matter be used to our advantage?

File: king-terry.jpg (87 KB, 420x560)
87 KB
I want to do computer shit but I also want a decent education and not be a normie cargo cult code monkey. Computer engineering is too expensive for me, and I need something with a reasonable salary and chance of getting a job because my retarded parents didn't save a penny for my education. Is a BA in mathematics with a minor in CS a good road to go?
Go applied math with CS, you'll be in awesome shape
Based, thanks. It looks like my school offers something like that (BSc in Mathematical Science with an area of emphasis in Computer Science) so that's what I'm gonna take.
>Computer engineering is too expensive for me
>Is a BA in mathematics with a minor in CS a good road to go

How can this people be so fucking retarded and so sure of themselves at the same time?
Am I missing something or is somebody complaining that somebody else hasn't published stuff from Marie Curie, the historical person, in 2020?
You probably can ask her in person, o mighty Satan.

File: 1600975514452.png (86 KB, 1375x967)
86 KB
neuroplasticity. why is there such a steep drop at such a young age? i get the reason for it being so high is language acquisition, etc. but why lose it so quick? what is the evolutionary purpose of this, scientifically speaking? wouldn't it be better to maintain high neuroplasticity as long as the physiology can maintain it? what would happen if we were able to restore young child lvl neuroplasticity in an adult?
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Also it's questionable why they supplemented with such a nonstandard substance, almost as if they were trying to prove it doesn't work and found something that won't get absorbed well.
fit lit master race
and sprinkle with Heaviside
you got a journey coming up, buddy
and it's name is wisdom
here you go, fren
91 years old, enjoy
good to hear, i hope you got some old school wizards guiding you, and not the crazy neo bunch of the last 20 years of programming madness

tell me, do you have any political alignment in software? do you know about the history of the pioneers in the 70's? do you educate yourself regarding the human aspect of software, it's licensing and philosophy?
if you are mostly in it for the income and profession, this is absolutely ok and welcomed, and a blessing to secure your physical environment
best of luck

File: 1200px-Rubik's_cube.svg.png (192 KB, 1200x1250)
192 KB
192 KB PNG
What can I expect /sci/?

I'm a physics major but most of my classes are with mathematicians so at this point I am well versed in real analysis and know 3-4 ways to prove theorems.

Strong induction really fucked me over when we were trying to prove that every element of Sn can be written as a product of disjoint cycles.

"Biological Aging is No Longer an Unsolved Problem."
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Neither is that paper
>[Not a specific criticism].
>Aging is when stuff breaks down and gets misfolded as we age

Oh jeeze, who coulda guessed. Solved all of aging now haven't we? All current scientists pouring their passion into charecterizing pathways are wasting time.
For some reason I'm not convinced.
>[Appealed to authority].
"Aging isn't a 'natural' genetic expression" is an intriguing designation. Furthermore, you're not really adding to the discussion. It's plausible me listing bunches of fundamental causes, but you weren't even asking, or near specifics.

•Not having "all essential nutrients", diets consisting of which are some 1%.
•Low optimals of antioxidants and environmental correlatives.
•Cyanobacteria, especially amongst limited L-serine.
•Common "biotoxins" such as botulinum, E. coli, and streptococcus.

PS: Cures for cancer and tangle-diseases are already existent.

>[Still not posting specific criticisms or arguments on the material].
"Accessibility" != "deterministic causation", or industry mystery. E.g., even if it's extremely simple having technology such as nutriment nano-robots, is not "actual availability".

File: mathematics.png (273 KB, 842x469)
273 KB
273 KB PNG
What is the diffrence of these 4?
> What is each individual called?
>What is the primary function and benefits of each?
underage b&

How legit of a disorder is ADHD?
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File: 1600464297575.jpg (22 KB, 320x180)
22 KB
Can't believe nobody's posted this
t scientologist
Adhd is an underdevelepment of the the prefrontal cortex.
That is why people who don't have adhd who take the medication get the negative side effects moresp that those with adhd.
Adhd you will get the negative side effects but overall they improve your quality of life so they are worth taking.

Kids get overprescribed and many parents belive adderall is the ony way for their kid to stay ahead.
Tbh it is hard to determine for a number of years is some kids, especially those without any of the hyperactive symptoms.
pretty legit. I went to one of those bullshit adhd clinics which are just upper class pill pushers where they just hand you an adhd prescription and as strong as a dose you want without asking too many questions. It pretty much inverted my personality and work ethic. I think I'll have to take significant breaks from it to not suffer anything that might be detrimental in the long term but I can finally get shit done that i've been dreading for years. I was on the brink of just an heroing because of how unable to self motivate myself i was. the effectiveness of the drugs absolutely depends on how well youre taking care of yourself too. If you're not getting thorough and deep sleep as well as eating healthy you'll not get the performance boost in anyway.
Yeah it's Joe Rogan's fault you do nothing all day every day.

Those who have worked with them.
What were your experiences? Is their approach different from the one here in murica?
7 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
mexican physicists are always deeply interested in the field
with white physicists it's a toss up whether they actually care about it or they just stumbled into the field because they weren't good at anything else. but with mexicans you know they are invested because their life is so much harder by doing it.
they actually work hard. unlike American scientists who either are “smart but lazy” or dumb affirmative action hires. Mexican scientists have really impressed me with getting jobs done through consistent hard work but OTOH i never see them “mentally incubating” on outside-the-box ideas
File: javier-estrada.jpg (45 KB, 399x505)
45 KB
Edison, Tesla and Gram robbed him, the greatest inventor in Mexico
UNAM is the core of the physics comunity in Mexico you absolute moron. Who the fuck sold you Tec de Monterrey is anything but a fukcking meme? Yes UNAM in their (arguably retarded) social quest lets every retard in, but there is a reason plenty of people never graduate, and that is because standards have not changed as opposed to literally all other big unis in the world. Literally all important physicists from Mexico are from IPN UNAM or some public uni. Basically UNAM is a cornerstone of science and acedemia in general for latin america.

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