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Yes that's what modern journalism has become. Luckily people like Project Veritas are actually muckraking like they did in the old days. Researching things that powerful people want kept in the dark and banned from consumption.
Buy an ad
For what?
the extent of woodward & bernstein's investigative journalism was little more than accepting illegally leaked documents from mark felt. the investigative journalism meme started with them, but in reality all they were was a proxy mouthpiece for a disgruntled homosexual jew at the fbi

Will there be less demand for computer scientists since there is AI that can literally write code?
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You are shit IT manager then. A good manager will use all tools and methods available to him to shorten dev time and do it as cheaply as possible. If AI can write "good enough" software cheaper than indians then that's what he IT manager will go for.
File: n.jpg (543 KB, 1920x1542)
543 KB
543 KB JPG
That crap is just a shitty transpiler from one of the most stupid languages ever for coding: natural language. If you are not specific enough that means you are okay with whatever shit the AI outputs, you will NOT be okay with that.
I wish people would stop calling software "AI"
Super intelligence forced to work for the most entitled stupid idiots. What could go wrong?

Wait until 2050.

File: world_builer.jpg (330 KB, 1332x850)
330 KB
330 KB JPG
I was always curious as to why we as humans have a male form and a female form. What is the significance of such differences? I am glad we are different because having sex with beings that look identical seems odd. However, why did our evolution even waste the time making male and female humans so different? Women are on average smaller and weaker than male humans but can carry a child. Men are stronger and larger than females but can't carry a child. Not to mention the other slew of differences. Just why? Its interesting to think about but I don't understand why.
>Why did humans evolve the way we did
because if things didn't happen this way, they would have happened another way
>What is the significance
none beyond genetic fitness
You have a view of evolution that is intelligently determined, when rather, evolved genes are the product of the progenitors capability to reproduce, and thus further spread their genes. This can come with affects that don't necessarily promote the survival of the organism.
read about anisogamy and bateman's princople as well. all will be explained
File: anisogamy.jpg (37 KB, 660x279)
37 KB
this article in particular


Formerly >>15128726

>what is /sqt/ for?
Questions regarding maths and science. Also homework.
>where do I go for advice?
>>>/sci/scg or >>>/adv/
>where do I go for other questions and requests?
>>>/wsr/ >>>/g/sqt >>>/diy/sqt etc.
>how do I post math symbols (Latex)?
>a plain google search didn't return anything, is there anything else I should try before asking the question here?
>where can I search for proofs?
>where can I look up if the question has already been asked here?
>how do I optimize an image losslessly?

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If you are using two ropes that is the best configuration since the torque at the front and back should hopefully cancel.
What do you mean exactly by class C2?
the second derivative exists and is continuous
That is the normal assumption and simplifies the derivation of the equation but I believe it's not a requirement. Though I can't say I've ever seen it derived any other way. Maybe ask /mg/
brainlet here.

could a higher dimensional person, were such a thing to exist, sidestep "slices" of the 3rd dimension?

what i mean by this is that effectively a 3 dimensional person or object can sidestep any 2 dimensional plane by moving in an axis perpendicular to the 2 dimensional planes X and Y. can a hypothetical 4th dimensional or higher person or object essentially just move away at a further perpendicular angle to sidestep a particular slice of 3rd dimension?

and i suppose somewhat tangentially, given that any 3D space is essentially made up of an infinite number of 2 dimensional planes, that is, you can move anywhere along the Z axis of a thing and get any number of X and Y planes, could a 4th or higher dimension contain a similar infinite number of slices of 3rd dimensions, geometrically speaking?

i am a laymen, im probably not using proper terminology here, and frankly i dont know if i am asking a question or if i just posted 2 paragraphs of garbledy guck, but i appreciate your patience in reading it.


If I'm getting this right, we're all one consciousness that somehow manifests itself and permeates through the universe, or rather is the universe. But is unconscious and only becomes conscious through life, which in turn leads into the subjective experience of perceiving "me" and "you" despite you and me being the same consciousness, we are experiencing life as each other subjectively rather than as one.

I would also think that due to this, the concept of "higher consciousness" and "other worlds" do not exist unless there is some weird wacky shit going on with dreams as if you could construct a "dreamworld" through collective consciousness that "higher beings" could inhabit.

What is /sci/'s take on all of this?
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File: 1619578926407.jpg (64 KB, 800x614)
64 KB
>consciousness is not real
Consciousness is an emergent property of billions of neurons working collectively in your brain. It's not some pseudoscientific manifestation of the universe within us all. It's a piece of meat thinking.
So at what point does the nothing become something? How many 1's and 0's do I need in order for my computer to develop depression?
Brains don't think in binary. Invent a computer that works like a brain and collect your Nobel prize. Don't just say some bs like "we're all one consciousness, man" and declare it to be true with no evidence. Leave that shit to religion and keep it out of science.
>still zero explanation to how consciousness and being are derived from inanimate dead shit
>unironically having a "science is science and religion is religion" belief without realizing that this is a new phenomenon and that science has always served as a tool in an attempt to understand the world more philosophically


File: images.jpeg-6.jpg (17 KB, 477x456)
17 KB
Discuss maths
Previously: >>15140403
thread theme:
File: webp3.png (324 KB, 610x767)
324 KB
324 KB PNG
Math is for niggers
Sigur Ros is literally gay

File: pEa8K.png (1 KB, 78x72)
1 KB
Is reality real? What if it isn't?

Where does reality exist?

What exactly does it mean to equal something? Where do the numbers exist? How is value described by the machines we use? Do they appreciate value itself, or is it just work?

Food for thought.
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>What exactly does it mean to equal something?
That they are one and the same
>That they are one and the same
In parts or whole?
its hawed :(
>Is reality real?
Yes. That's a tautology.
>What if it isn't?
That's an absurdity.
>Where does reality exist?
Reality isn't a substance.
>What exactly does it mean to equal something?
To instantiate the same quantity.
>Where do the numbers exist?
Wherever there are multitudes.
>How is value described by the machines we use?
Not sure what this means.
Real numbers do exist. They're lines. >>15158798
The hypotenuse of a right triangle is a real number.

How to beat anxiety?

Last thread was removed for this with a warning:
Questions asking for university or career path advice should be posted on /adv/.
>Questions asking for university or career path advice should be posted on /adv/.
And why didn't you do that op?

File: wtf.png (731 KB, 761x504)
731 KB
731 KB PNG
What the fuck did we get ourselves into edition.

Old Thread


This thread exists to ask questions regarding careers associated to STEM.
> Discussion on academia based career progression
> Discussion on penetrating industry from academia
> Or anything in relation to STEM employment or development within STEM academia!

Resources for protecting yourself from academic marxists:
>https://www.thefire.org/ (US)
>https://www.jccf.ca/ (Canada)

Information resource:
>*The Chad author is seeking additional input to diversify the content into containing all STEM fields. Said author regularly views these /scg/ threads.

No anons have answered your question? Perhaps try posting it here: >https://academia.stackexchange.com/

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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move to a different role in a larger company or go back to school, only two major options really. did my phd in chem and got an r&d job, it's great i love it because it's hands on experimental work.
Alright, I'll take a look at that book when I get a chance. I like the idea of a balance between the blue/white collar, since I think my mind is best used with action in both areas rather than just in white collar.
Too many horror stories from bio and Chem PhDs to feel like that's a financially and mentally sound choice rn. I'm glad it worked for you though, the r and d guys I know in big pharma largely like their jobs. I'm in one of the top 25 by revenue, but yeah I could hop to some others. Only qualm there is I live an hour away from Toronto, and 90% of the pharma jobs I could work are there. Toronto sucks ass, so I think I'm gonna try leave that as a last-ditch effort. I know ld have lots more choices if I moved closer though. Seems that the jobs still don't pay great in the production and quality fields of pharma, unless you totally no life it or get extra lucky.

Thanks again anons.
I'm graduating with a bachelor's in EE in May. No internships or anything, the one I had got cancelled due to covid. How's the job outlook? Any remote type jobs you anons would suggest looking into? I don't have many prospects around me. I'm in a rural area and would prefer not to move. But it's looing like I might have to.
>Econometrics is math heavy enough
It's not. You are delusional. I doubt they even teach how an F distribution shows up in ANOVA. You simply don't have the interest in pure math required to belong in a math course. And even if you did, the math courses won't help you in any way in your graduate course.
Also, before you do financial math or economics, I hope you are aware it is inapplicable made up bullshit. If all you care about is six figures, then go ahead, but one day employers will realise the con that is financial mathematics, and the bubble will burst.
I'm getting a masters degree in Statistics from a middle of the road state university. How badly did I fuck up and how poor will I be.

File: images (8).jpg (26 KB, 579x530)
26 KB
What math did Erastosthenes apply to prove Earth is round and derive it's diameter?
File: a3a379f1.jpg (136 KB, 1023x818)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
op on left, /sci/ catalog on right

It seems like Chads who graduate with business/humanities degrees with a 2.0 GPA get paid much higher salaries as managers than the engineers who are actually doing all the work
Depends on the company. Finance is a very good place to be, but you can get those with a stem degree. I'm an engineer and technically underpaid but I make as much or more than some managers. I recently turned down a manager position because it would mess up my work life balance.

Tldr: stem is employable and comfy
Yes, that is generally how things work in a centrally planned economy. Worthless bureaucrats funnel money to themselves for a while, then everything falls apart. We're somewhere in between those two phases at the moment.

You usually need some kind of connection to get into the rent-seeking class though

How do I fix this? At 26 I feel melted compared to 16-19 when I was playing games and generally doing more things and not disassociated.
My health is infinitely better, I am not anorexic, I look younger, but I'm more weathered. Wise but my processing speed feels neutered. Whether this was atrophy from a period of my life where I was literally locked in a room or from smoking weed from 16-23 (far less after 21) I don't know. I need some far transferring memory gains
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just tested
based on debian stable, 60.02 Hz
modern thinkpad, libinput driver
firefox photon (using falkon made me on average 21ms slower), adblocker.
mean of two trials per input type

reaction time in ms
Physical, dedicated thinkpad left-click button (my typical): 270.5
Physically clicking the touchpad: 313
Virtually clicking the touchpad: 382.5

sucks that human benchmark doesn't say anything about this or collect hardware info.
I'm blind, it does mention hardware/software effects in detail.
I did a few more and got 256 and 263 as fastest overall for 120 Hz and 60 Hz respectively.
https://www.displayhz.com/ says mine is about 60 Hz anyway, which adds 16.7ms.
>Dr. Haier and others dismiss dual n-back training, but it's helped me a lot. Trick is to do it every day.
So what's your method? Do you loop the sounds in your mind? Do you follow the path with your eyes? Or do you use intuition?
File: Human Benchmark.png (76 KB, 840x546)
76 KB
How fucked am I, dataminer?

File: literallysputtering.jpg (676 KB, 2048x1536)
676 KB
676 KB JPG
There was a really good thread a while back about vacuum technology and different ideas on making a cost efficient (still not cheap) build. If the plasma chads could drop by and lay some more knowledge on a lowly no vacuum neophyte I would love to hear more dialogue, chiefly around the magnetron sputtering PVD method. I have fallen down the nano-laminate rabbit hole and would love to experiment one day with it. Any good text resources to add to a budding library on the topic? Or dropping god tier component resources like LDS?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Very nice, I would also like to drop a free software from the University of Ghent into the mix. SiMTRA has been really helpful for evaluating different vacuum chamber/magnetron configs, and it has a reactive sputter deposition partner who has some pretty cool applications in papers I have viewed.

If you want to build a general, it really helps to link back to the brevious thread.
So you say plasma based deposition. Do any of you know anything about metal ceramic laminates?

I have hit a wall here doing my own interest based learning and am hoping this is an actual thing and I'm just putting incorrect terminology into the search engine.
I know ceramic laminates can be sputtered with the DC method which is the lowest cost method when compared to RF or HiPIMS, due to SiC having conductive properties. I read this paper on it to get a more holistic idea of sputtering conditions for different nonconductive materials but it would directly translate to what your looking at:

This is fascinating material, thanks. I had no idea the ceramic would need to be conductive to facilitate bonding. Metal ceramic laminates seem in their infancy so no practical uses yet I suppose.

Back to magnesium alloys I suppose. Very interested in layering metals and ceramics though if anyone else has relevant data.

File: 1669320784421112.png (9 KB, 348x297)
9 KB
is it too late to learn algebra at 36yo?
22 replies omitted. Click here to view.
No. Now start using the resources mentioned in the /sci/ wiki to learn already.
Fuck. No.

'Too late' is about other people. They wont give you a chance no matter what you do. Its 'too late' to get a woman, cause women are judgemental bitches.

Personal growth? theres no time limit on that. Hit the books retard.
Not at all, hell in a couple years or even sooner you could have progress higher level topics that stump even /sci/ posters.
Why do you want to learn it now?
bitches love algebra

What does /sci/ think about seasteading?

Is it a viable concept for future urban expansion?
61 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
copper and gold doesnt corrode!

Don't forget fish farms.
Copper doe snot corrode? How? It oxidises into various oxides, and it turns green. Copper is used on hulls but need replenishing.
desu i always envisioned seasteading as using aluminium and glass. both are ridiculously common in the earths crust all you need is power to extract them and theres plenty of power if you tap the currents right.
there is plenty of uninhabited land on the earth's surface area.

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