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File: attraction.png (214 KB, 1184x1046)
214 KB
214 KB PNG
All women are bisexual
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Fingers and fists do wonders

>im a guy that likes my prostate fingered
they are dyke
Pretty looking 'lesbians' only pick it up as a passing fade, or something they would have to resort to when lonely.
Most women are bisexual, or sexual fluid. Only pudges are exclusively lesbian.
Men on the other hand, most of the time, are exclusively either straight or homosexual.
Reason for this being, is that harem polygamy is popular in pre-history societies.
Women who aren't favored turn to other women for love and comfort.
They also help in raising children that there is no man there to raise for.
When the time comes, the 'lesbian' will face the validation she's wanted from the man and mate with him thus exorting bisexuality.
Lesbian sex is attractive to both women and straight men.
Fag sex isn't. It's exclusive.
You can see why bisexuality has been selected for and is commonly found among most women, while male sexuality is either one or the other - with homosexuality found only in a minority
only white girls bro asian doesn't do this shit.
Getting aroused at videos doesn’t mean you’d want to go into a long term romantic relationship with them. Do most people who fetishize trans people want to show the family their trans fuck buddy? Or even live with them everyday? No. Do people who jerk off to bdsm femdom shit really want a dom gf? Probably not. Fetishizing and jerking off to shit doesn’t mean you want to have Long term romantic relationship with someone.

I was pretty skeptical of this claim at first, but some of the mathematicians I follow on twitter have started arguing that 2+2 sometimes does equal 5, and you know what, I don't follow the argument exactly but they're making a lot of sense...
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File: Iwillchokeyou.jpg (48 KB, 1200x675)
48 KB
Why use this nigger math when you can describe his contrived situation with the more concise proper math (2+1)+(2+1)=(5+1)?
Yeah, let's do math by adding 1 to each operand then subtracting 1 from the result.
I'm starting to believe that people living in the UK are terrified of these leftists.
That "fallacious retard" holds a Fields Medal, chud.
Who the fuck cares.
>Op is a faggot, but wow on certain conditions faggot actually means based chad. You are idiot if you havent considered every possible known context of the phrase or meaning of the symbols and favor your homophobic biased persoective if you think otherwise.
>jokes on you he's merely pretending to be a fallacious retard

I don't know a lot about virology, but I know in general hoe vaccines are supposed to work and that viruses are hard to produce a vaccine for because they mutate a lot. On top of that, Sars-CoV-2 is a RNA virus meaning it will mutate even faster.

Is there really a feasable way to produce a vaccine for such a virus with our technology or will this be the new normal for a long time?
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We don't have flu vaccine in my country either, but what I've read is that apparently some gigajews in the US calculated that it's cheaper to vaccinate, than to lose workdays on sick leave for flu(or pay for healthcare for that small% that actually gets a severe case)
УБEЙ=Russian for 'KILL'
> hoe vaccines
Do you mean vaccines meant for hoes, or are there vaccines you take that keep women from offering to suck your dick for $50?

If so, does it keep your mom away?
well put
>successful vaccine is doubtful
Do we not all support depopulation?

Has anyone here memorized this entire thing?
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lmao, what a shitshow
Approximations and numerical methods
A majority of the lagrangian is boilerplate. The kinetic terms for fermions and the YM term for SU(3) are unnecessary.

Similarly, one usually writes the Lagrangian in the UV, or rather before the SU(2)xU(1) breaks down to U(1). Finally we can rewrite the Higgs potential as an arbitrary scalar function of the fields as not all the parameters are relevant in the UV.

These simplifcations lead to the 3 line version you see on pop-sci merch but it loses only a small amount of information. In fact you only need to provide a suitable vev and form of the Higgs potential to "unzip" the schematic potential down to this ugly thing.
shut up nerd
File: 1580393054917.jpg (94 KB, 623x702)
94 KB
I derive it from first principles every time I need it.

File: sad linus.jpg (66 KB, 1280x720)
66 KB
i'll keep it short
i've completely forgotten everything they taught in highschool and now i have no idea how to write my uni engineering report

where should i start
just be yourself in times new roman bro

File: 1554746462886.gif (2.97 MB, 500x500)
2.97 MB
2.97 MB GIF
Hi Sci, I am trying to learn programming so I can program this physics thing. I remember a while back people were posting links to sites with java code that runs in browser and you can change the code and see how it effects the simple simulations... Things like that... Basically, I'm lost and any direction would help. Thanks!
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If it needs to be in-browser, just learn javascript. Python is also easy for beginners.

Also just look up tutorials on youtube. Have fun listening to Indians!
what am I looking at

u = e / s
is that you gary? finally trying to move away from excel spreadsheets?
File: toby_maybe_meme1.jpg (39 KB, 500x372)
39 KB

What if we had a reverse space program but for the ocean? A sea program, if you will. So much of the ocean is unexplored so there's probably a lot we can learn from it. I was thinking the program could revolve around building bigger and better scientific submarines, as well as "sea-stations", IE, underwater based where research is conducted by "seastronauts" who live there for several months and are ferried by submarines with underwater docking capabilities. What does /sci/ think? Is there any merit to this idea or am I just a brainlet?
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We do, it's called NOAA and NASA is based on it. NOAA's 2020 budget is $5.8 B. They already did the sea-station thing for decades.
Why put it in the ocean? Lake Michigan is over 1100 cubic miles in volume. And if you need anything for the colony, you've got Chicago right there.

> Submarines
Fuck that. The English built a tunnel under the English Channel to France. Don't you believe that the same might be possible for an underwater community?
I was gonna say that the salt water is too corrosive on the buildings, but then I saw this:
Sorry to hear about jim dying man. I love the idea of seacities.
File: 1584247862371.png (902 KB, 1000x1000)
902 KB
902 KB PNG
all we need is the Chinese and a way to manufacture a really thick giant dome, drop that in the ocean, boom, underwater base, it'll be fantastic, we'll have chips, dip and prostitutes, lets do this

File: modern humans graph.jpg (104 KB, 692x644)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
Humans? more like COOMANS
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Hey what if we mixed all cultures togather making one uniform dull amalgam
That would be cool right?
>Hey what if we mixed all cultures togather making one uniform dull amalgam
You only need to worry about this if you're white. All other cultures are fine.
haha, you're funny dude
> 99% of the past 300 years of the world's historical events
As if some asshole in a castle beating up some other asshole in a castle deserves to be labeled a "world event".

Fucking Eurofags. They dig a hole in the ground to shit into, and call it the best thing since the Coming of Christ.
Yes, this is a biologically accurate description sir or madam, welcome to /sci/

File: Untitled.png (35 KB, 171x175)
35 KB
Why did he do it?
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This can't be real.
Science doesn't answer the why, only the how.
cool /sci/ humor thread guys. keep it up
to get away from why did he do it posts
>How did he become wanting to do it?

What do you think the next level of complexity in the universe will be?
11 replies omitted. Click here to view.
You are grossly underestimating there.
Approximately 100% of the world population are superfluous.
You wouldn’t survive if even 95% of the population disappeared. The entire supply chain would break down.
>inb4 you start larping as a survivalist
How is me surviving a requirement? I'm not a requirement either.
The universe could do perfectly fine without humanity.
I'm not wishing for that. I think there are quite a few of us that are okay. They are by no means a requirement, though.
You realise that less people = less required resources... right??

Plus, do you realise how many people 5% of the current global population is?
~380 million
That's about the population of the USA and Canada combined.

Imagine if North America was populated only by people above the 95th percentile (125) of iq
I think we have passed the point of maximum acceleration.

Thinking in terms of levels in that background is wrong.

File: 1596648917313.webm (3 MB, 408x720)
3 MB
Chemfags, can fertilizer really explode like this?
12 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
ANFO bombs have an extremely devastating shock wave. Didn't you ever watch mythbusters?
And yeah it's nothing more than fertilizer, diesel and small charge to set it off
what welding process uses nitrous oxide? none that I know of.
He'd be better to start a cake business and buy food grade stuff for whipped cream dispensers.
Or buy it off the shelf for a NOS car. It's not illegal to buy.
remember to inhale red smoke, it gives you superpowers irl!
Go fuck yourself
Yes, it does, there are telltale signs. But retards only see a vaguely mushroomic cloud and instantly think it must have been a nuke. There is nothing about nuclear explosions that makes the mushroom cloud - this is not an inherent aspect of nuclear weapons.

It forms because really big intense blasts simply create a mushroom cloud while commonly used war munitions generally dont

File: loopy loop.png (33 KB, 980x606)
33 KB
Self-Simulation Theory. Is reality self-simulating? Is it entirely self-contained, and what are the implications of that?
71 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
Are you majoring literature or something?
It doesn't feel like you understand what you are writing.

I think the problem is that you are not understanding what I'm writing. It doesn't feel like it. Just ask if you have any questions

Care to elaborate?
Your post above reads like something generated by GPT-3.

File: 1588644929487.png (718 KB, 676x677)
718 KB
718 KB PNG
What is the meaning of a universe without life?
58 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
That you, me, and life itself is apart of the universe, and that we don't just exist for the sake of existing, but to experience and observe and grow.
But can it play Crysis?
then its an utter failure, even in your pic
leave, mccarthy
Ever hear a tree fall in the woods when you weren't there?

/sci/ humor thread
8 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
You can have a low power indicator LED from the previous guys pissing session lighting up to guide the next pisser to the urinal.
.. this is what passes for /sci/ humor now?
i'm going back to /sp/
How so? 1/3x3=(1x3)/(3x1)=3/3=1
problem solved
Ignore, he's just baiting the 9.999... crowd

Previously >>11937617

Tiddies edition.

>what is /sqt/ for
Questions regarding math and science, plus appropriate advice requests.
>where do I go for other SFW questions and requests?
>>>/wsr/ , >>>/g/sqt , >>>/diy/sqt , >>>/adv/ , etc.
libgen.is (warn me if the link breaks)
sci-hub (you'll have to google for a link, unfortunately)
>book recs?
>how do I post math symbols?
>how do I succesfully post math symbols?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
142 replies and 32 images omitted. Click here to view.
It's the latter. That's how people usually use it, and that's what a ratio is.
File: x.jpg (7 KB, 277x180)
7 KB
How do i calculate enzyme activity (ug product/ min / uL) enzyme?
Isn't that a function of substrate concentration? which substrate concentration do i choose?
uL enzyme)*
File: mutL.png (20 KB, 473x503)
20 KB
Is this the correct inductance of a coil inside a larger, coplanar, coaxial, current-carrying coil?
File: 1586917845930.gif (2.4 MB, 540x540)
2.4 MB
2.4 MB GIF
say you had a glass fulla peanut butter, right
an yknow how peanut butter is real thick
could you heat the glass and the shit inside it till the peanut butter has the same consistency as water?
its gotta be way too hot, but could someone enjoy a toasty warm glass of peanut butter?

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