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A new and convincing video.
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>REALLY weird magnetic field.
if there's fuckery in that video then yes.
anyone up to date with news from asia? anything on the forums from that part of the world?
Werent the goint to publish in apl materials? Where's the september isuue for that? It's almost the end of september, and the current issue is still August. I checked the regular apl journal, and its current issue seems to september.
For a part of the video it still kinda looks like the flake is attached to a string, but then it moves like it really was mid air and that wire circle showing there is no string. If this is fake there must be some cgi involved.
File: autism.png (78 KB, 861x717)
78 KB
it's getting memoryholed isn't it?
>A new and convincing video.
Only if you are gullible. There are several red flags in the video.
First off, at t=00:04 - 00:08 you see the sample stick to the magnet. That cannot happen if this had been the Meissner effect.
Secondly, when the sample appears to hover over the magnet, the magnet is moved around at t=00:19, the sample does not maintain constant distance. It is almost as if there is a second field there. That too is not consistent with the Meissner effect.

I used to look up you guys in academia, I used to think that you are better and smarter than me, a mere SWE. That you are actually changing the world while I am doing the manual grunt work as yet another office drone.

But hearing about the replication crisis and looking into research practice has made me doubt my beliefs. Maybe you academics aren't actually changing the world, at least not the majority of you. Perhaps you are just publishing meaningless papers because this is the metric that you are measured by. And perhaps you were just too cozy in university and were afraid to make a step into the free economy. Maybe I am the smart one. I earn more than you, after all.
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>Maybe I am the smart one. I earn more than you, after all.
This was the line that killed your post. Money earned does not equal intelligence.
> Money earned does not equal intelligence.
Thats because money earned > intelligence
>I used to look up you guys in academia
I'm not in academia and I take offense at you suggesting I am.
>I used to look up you guys in academia
Does it? Or are those studies just easier to (attempt to) replicate?

File: IMG_0662.jpg (51 KB, 314x500)
51 KB
Most of these essays are boring or they’re just common sense to people who live millennia after Hippocrates (or they should be at least). This essay is about correcting fractured joints. He talks about all the bones and sinews all over the body and how they differ in composition and treatment. He also talks about “setting bones” - chopping off gangrenous or injured limbs. This was a common remedy when the limb was too messed up beyond repair.

Here is a link to Galen’s preface to his commentary on the essay:


He expounds that the intent of his commentary is to make clearer the obtuse language of Hippocrates. I do not own the book but I would bet it is a good secondary lit because the writing can be very dull at times or else, the language makes it difficult to parse.
And your thoughts on microfractures you giga massive-brained fuck? Let's just inject people with gold plated needles some compounds to try and fix them, except we wouldn't because (it's obvious) we know, except we did! Curious!
I wonder what would Hippocrates have said about RNA injections?
Anything which could cure the patient he would support undoubtedly. He supported blood letting and chopping limbs off.
I’m not sure about micro-fractures but Hippo knew there were ways the bone could be damaged which were not immediately noticeable. He says you can try “sounding” the bones which I am unsure what that even means.

Another thing to keep in mind is his odd language. There’s lots of stuff in parenthesis where even the translator had no idea what’s going on.

Is it reasonable to allow a group of 6 people, 4 jewish and 2 muslim, to publish scientific articles singing the praises of circumcision when they are all subject to strong religious motivations to promote genital mutilation?
Why is such an obviously biased piece of propaganda allowed to be published in the supposedly serious scientific press?
How come there are no authors from cultures which do not practice ritual religious genital mutilation?
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>There's now a push for it to reduce spread of HPV
if they really wanted to do that they would advise against casual sex, prosecute prostitution, ban birth control drugs and make abortion illegal. those four steps would do far more to stop HPV than genital mutilation does. we already have genital mutilation and HPV thriving together side by side, so genital mutilation clearly does not stop the spread of HPV
>the excuse is that it reduces the amount of surface area to get infected
Thats a dumb argument, it only means that a different part of the dick will get infected.
if they really wanted to do that, they would push for more vaccination against hpv.
Pretty much. Plus, it's been shown that it's caught completely asymptomatic even by skin to skin sexual contact and spreads over everything, even nuts. It would be like cutting off your finger because of a wart, but leaving the rest of the hand that still has warts.
File: 420fantics.jpg (87 KB, 407x534)
87 KB

What am I supposed to see here?
not what the pic says, and even if true, would rather live in boston than a flyover hick town
>computer science
It's Math+Engineering lite for Fags and Trannies like >>15778555

File: A1.png (498 KB, 1424x864)
498 KB
498 KB PNG

File: IMG_9197.png (183 KB, 684x756)
183 KB
183 KB PNG
Someone posted this on plebbit and triggered a bunch of midwits who are like
>The problem is calculus. It makes very little sense to teach public high school students calculus.

Do Americans really fear calculus this much? How can you do anything without calculus? How can you find the maximum or minimum of a function? How do you express a rate of range or accumulation without derivatives and integrals? Are plebbitors dumb or do many people not understand calculus/think they don't need it?
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Why do these faggot's comics irritate me so much?
Is that why you think that climate scientist are physically incapable of publishing results that reflect reality and serve no evil master plan that makes them rich?
havent read that r*ddit thread but unfortunately that poster is correct, the absolute majority of people not in stem will never use calculus in their entire lives. It makes sense to not teach it to those who will never need it anyway.
companies are more likely to hire you for better-paying jobs if you have a higher IQ or more education
shut up nazi. go back to /pol/. this is science.

File: 600px-Math.svg.png (104 KB, 600x600)
104 KB
104 KB PNG
What is your favourite branch of math and why? I'll start
>control theory
>can be applied to virtually all physical systems in real life
19 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Number theory
The queen of mathematics
quads so he has to answer
Category theory because it's esoteric but useless
Knot Theory. Always been fascinated with loops
Algebraic Topology, the supreme discipline of mathematics.

What are some important concepts in your field that are not famous among normies?
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One of the hidden facts of science is that all scientists fuck dogs. This fact has started to leak out lately, maybe the NPCs will eventually catch on
File: soys all do this.gif (68 KB, 504x716)
68 KB
> I'd trust and engineer
You obviously lack experience.
in what?
life outside your childish little fantasyland

File: resonance.jpg (26 KB, 474x316)
26 KB
What exactly is "resonance"?
19 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
One guy pushing on the downswing is one man generating a waveform that interacts with the waveform generated by the swing. When he pushes he adds energy to the waveform of the swing with his own waveform because the waveforms are being added constructively.
I misunderstood your argument. You're still wrong. The five people pushing represent a pulse waveform. All five of their waveforms are added together and applied to the swing which creates it's own waveform. It's still resonance.
When two soul sphere vibrate it manifest as vibrate molecule but it is soul sphere that vibrate
Inertia is a spook


California schools are cancelling honors math/science class for over achievers because having them means you're hurting the feelings of underperformers and you cant allow the gifted to have better education.
40 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
One of the blackest blackpills about Vonnegut is that his writing is aimed at young teenagers. Theres no complex vocabulary or ideas, in his novels the chapters are all extremely short to cater to short attention spans. His writing is directly out of the Kansas City Star style guide "Use short sentences. Use short first paragraphs" and the Kansas City Star style guide was developed in 1900 or so because most of the newspaper buying public back then was of limited literacy.
If you make enough guesses as a futurist you eventually get one or two correct. Back in the 80s when the Jap economy was hot, Vonnegut wrote a whole novel about the inevitable Japanese takeover of America
That one was called Hocus Pocus
A large part of the book was about how stupid and childish university students are
>how stupid and childish university students are
those are the people that are enthralled with is lame midwit literature
>Aaron Nayfack

Is it possible that the media is innacurately reporting an increase in droughts as the fault of climate change, whereas the true cause of an increase in droughts is due to increased demand.
Demand in 3rd world countries has increased immensely. For example, Pakistan's population in 1950 was 40 million, now it is 220 million. Without any chance in flood patterns of volume, the number of people exposed to flooding has increased.
The media then might state "the number of pakis exposed to flooding has increased five fold since 1950", and then in the article go on to talk about some unrelated aspect of climate change. Both statements would be factual, but deliberately misleading.
Pakistan has over 240M people tranny, and the available water had gone down per your graph
>The Colorado River is in Pakistan
It must hurt to be this stupid.
I gave Pakistan as a hypothetical senario, try reading my post again tool.
Try looking at the graph again. You will see how the supply though highly variable has no particular trend. Notice how demand starts well below the supply of water, and steadily increases until it surpasses the supply of water.
The demand then drops around the year 2000, but remains above the supply.

During this time where demand outstrips supply, the media will bitterly complain of droughts, how the cause of these conditions are climate change, and not simply an increased usage of water.

File: He Jiankui.jpg (163 KB, 1280x720)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
What are your predictions for those gene-edited babies in the wild?
>gene-edited babies in the wild?
This is real?
They got killed off by the CCP
Yeah, he illegally modified three embryos and falsified documents to make it happen. Notable changes were heavily-increased resistance to HIV. He got sentenced to three years in prison over in China back in like 2019, so presumably he's out. Kids should be three or four right now, twin girls and a third kid that's undisclosed.

File: IMG_8721.png (1.81 MB, 1284x2778)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB PNG
They are making students dumber and no one is doing anything about it.
We need to flood their schools with letters and e-mails telling them how insane of a practice this is.
103 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: Kmy7SpPLiTJi_640x360.jpg (35 KB, 640x360)
35 KB
what did you expect from jewish supremacy?
Just about every white country is changing nearly as quickly.
Yep, they jews' white genocide agenda is moving forward fairly quickly
to be fair most university courses require citations to be newer than 2010-2015, depending on the course, although it raises obvious questions like 'in what way were MLKs 4 books not inclusive'. throwing the baby out with the bathwater.
>insisting that citations come from the reproducibility crisis era

File: science meme.jpg (34 KB, 958x814)
34 KB
Dr. Allen Savory, PhD ecologist from Australia answers the question "what is science?"

7 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
What was his answer?
The Rhodesian approach to agriculture was that it was the white man's burden to feed African negroes so that they could breed like rabbits.
Savory's non-racist approach was to let Africans learn to feed themselves and have then starve to death on a grand scale in the process.
Nobody listened to Savory and Africa's population continues to double every 25 years as the whites continue to ignorantly feed the negroes, who will never learn to feed themselves.
>whites continue to ignorantly feed the negroes, who will never learn to feed themselves.
but they will learn to spill out of africa like overpopulated vermin and come to the whites' home countries to leech directly from the source of the free gibes
excellent video
soigoys told hard

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