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Welcome to STEM Career General!
This thread exists to posit questions regarding careers associated to STEM.
> Discussion on academia based career progression
> Discussion on penetrating industry from academia
> Or anything in relation to STEM employment or development within STEM academia!

Resources for protecting yourself from academic marxists:
>https://www.thefire.org/ (US)
>https://www.jccf.ca/ (Canada)

Information resource:
>*The author is seeking additional input to diversify the content into containing all STEM fields.

No anons have answered your question? Perhaps try posting it here:

NOTE: Any useful resources relayed in this thread will be included in future /scg/ threads.
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In Australia it's mostly done via the research stipend from the government. There's only a handful of positions which get paid from different funding.
Also yeah, neither application was to an open position, I contacted the research head directly and asked to join them.
Yeah of course then you don't need a LoR. An advertised position can have up to 1000 positions. Especially in Europe the prestige and compensation can vary widely. Any fully funded PhD position tends to have at least 200 applications even at unprestigious universities, but at least half of that is trash Indian CVs so your actual competition against Euros and Anglos are about 20 applications and LoRs can really make the biggest difference to who gets invited for interviews or not.
Holy fuck I came to /sci/ for the first time in years to make this exact question
Following up on my compatriot's question, how fucked am I if I'm an old guy (turning 30 next feb) wanting to work in a nuclear plant and don't have the degree yet? I already have a master's in biochemistry, is there ANY crossover at a between these fields? I picked it half-assedly coming out of high school because I had no idea what the fuck I wanted in life, but I'd be nice if I didn't just waste it completely
Anyone have experience pursuing a degree in engineering maths/applied mathematics? I'm starting my frankenstein engineering masters next semester, and I picked electives that are more applied math-y, considering if I should just take the plunge and switch to that.
The alternative is writing a thesis on "innovation engineering" with extra math electives.
I feel like there's a lack of synergy between the two, that if I don't spec in math then there's no point in taking extra math courses and instead should take management stuff

File: 1588938325517.png (129 KB, 659x716)
129 KB
129 KB PNG

How am I supposed to choose between the different vaccines?

Why do I sleep 12 hrs a day?
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op sleeps your time
File: 6c8.jpg (98 KB, 640x721)
98 KB
Why do I sleep 4 hours a day?
I am either sleeping half a day or 4 hours. Usually drugs involved.
File: sleepy325.jpg (12 KB, 325x325)
12 KB
>why do I sleep 12 hrs a day?
Why do I sleep 36 hours a day?

File: hex.png (19 KB, 1200x1340)
19 KB
Based molecules ONLY
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where do you learn this stuff btw?
File: boorning.png (37 KB, 1200x355)
37 KB
also I'm surprised nobody posted one of the nastiest and most useful molecules of the world yet
Solid state physics, for me anyway. This is a topological insulator, has the potential to become a very big thing if they get majorana qubits to work, but that's still an active research topic.
File: cubane.png (55 KB, 1200x1302)
55 KB
Good taste.

>A new analysis of data from the 1978 Pioneer Venus mission, by researchers at Cal Poly Pomona, finds evidence not only for phosphine, but also possible chemical disequilibrium in Venus’ atmosphere, an additional possible sign of biological activity.

Looks like ayys are back in town, boys.
Thought brilliant /sci/entists already solved this?
Russians were notorious for not caring too much about sterilizing their spacecraft and contaminated Venus's atmosphere, they're terrestrial origin not ayys.
I bet it's the SO2 / SO3 infrared peaks again
Honestly that would be just as neat as them being native microorganisms. In my opinion at least.

File: Mirin'.png (1.05 MB, 1920x1080)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB PNG
>when /fit/ merges with /sci/

File: but muh six zillion.jpg (148 KB, 884x810)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
I'm sick of all of the bullshit about how long it takes to burn a body based on eyewitness/expert testimony from random nobodies who might be lying, doing the math on this topic shouldn't be difficult.
The human body is a certain percentage water, to eliminate that mass, the water portion needs to increase from room temp of 20ºC to 100ºC. It is very easy to calculate what amount of energy is required to do that and that eliminates most of the mass.
There is also a remaining mass after the cremation, whatever percentage that is added to the water percentage leaves on a small fraction left to calculate.
That energy input to eliminate the remaining non-ash, non-bone, non-water portion is easy to estimate using the same calculation for the water, but with a top temperature of whatever the oven is set to.
There you go, very easy, basic science and math. No more need for "my cousin's friend was an undertaker and he says it takes 5 hours".
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>t. called out midwit
Well you know when you have to do them one at a time instead of tossing a pile into an oven it takes longer.
File: 1611771348604.png (774 KB, 611x747)
774 KB
774 KB PNG
there are some flaws to the camps stories... but the chimney is separate because of course the ovens are underground
There are, for Crematorium I the more technical documents I've read suggest a maximum of 340 bodies a day or something. Which suggests about 5-6 bodies in each furnace continually. Plausible. But then you see all these sites claiming 1000+ from the same facility.
It also says they were originally built to get rid of soviet POWs.
So don't forget the other victims.

File: pipi.jpg (33 KB, 320x320)
33 KB
"the digits of pi go on forever in a seemingly random sequence"
>seemingly random sequence

Why is pi like this, exactly?
[math]\pi= \frac{4}{\frac{4}{2}-1} * \frac{4}{\frac{4}{2}+1} * \frac{8}{\frac{8}{2}-1} * \frac{8}{\frac{8}{2}+1} * \frac{12}{\frac{12}{2}-1} * \frac{12}{\frac{12}{2}+1} * \frac{16}{\frac{16}{2}-1} * \frac{16}{\frac{16}{2}+1} * \frac{20}{\frac{20}{2}-1} * \frac{20}{\frac{20}{2}+1} * \cdots[/math]
all irrational numbers go on forever in a seemingly random sequence. there is truly nothing special about pi in this respect.
The keyword here is "seemingly".
Should be [math]\pi= \frac{4^2}{\frac{4^{2}-4}{4}} * \frac{8^2}{\frac{8^{2}-4}{4}} * \frac{12^2}{\frac{12^{2}-4}{4}} * \frac{16^2}{\frac{16^{2}-4}{4}} * \frac{20^2}{\frac{20^{2}-4}{4}} * \frac{24^2}{\frac{24^{2}-4}{4}} * \cdots[/math]

LabVIEW thread. Might finally make a general, who knows.
What GUI you use? I have License for LabVIEW 2014, what GUI could I get that doesn't look like the shit from 90s?
Bonus question: do you know anyone who makes money using LabVIEW? How much can you make and is it worth it? Tfw doing my bachelor's with LabVIEW. It's not cool, bros, why couldn't it be Python.
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kek, labview makes matlab look good by comparison, and matlab is subscription dogshit
Without memeing, what are the advantages of using labView?
OP here. I think it is very easy to get data straight from measuring devices. In my case, I use monochromator and Power and Energy meter. I have no idea how to even get data from those two, if I used Python or anything else.
code in python and use a 2D game engine to make the interface
it is very quick to build prototypes and to tie sensors like thermocouples etc. to it
also it comes with integrated GUI and block / visual programming, so it's good for who is unable to code properly

Why can't you accept the fact that your racist Caucasoid traits being weeded out over the next few generations is not white genocide, but is the true evolution of the human species?
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>lol, I've heard that one before.
Then you should've done your research back then. Today 70% of America's GDP is from tech companies. Tech salaries as high as in the US don't exist anywhere else.

Tell me exactly why we need more illiterate people working as -soon to be automated- cashiers and delivery drivers without coping. You were lied to because outsiders have been trying to dilute European genes for literally 2000 years and Chinese subversion finally tricked them into doing it. It is simply revenge for the century of embarrasment.
most unnecessary bump ever
but now that Im bumping this for nothing aswell,
Well that's true, white leftists would tailor black babies, but they don't have kids anyway. The Mormons will be the only whites left by the time gene clinics are a thing.
uuuh...uuuh b-because. Because china bad OK!?
*posts wojak*
>Wouldn't put it past Xi to slaughter a quarter million seniors to solve the issue though.
Last year I suspected covid was created for that purpose

File: !.png (35 KB, 192x277)
35 KB
How do we deal with the rising activity of schizos on /sci/ and /his/?
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It's never funny... but it sure is fun
It's the tragedy of the commons. You can't stop it without fundamentally changing the way 4chan(nel) operates. These are the last of the glory days, enjoy them while they last.
we have this thread every fucking day
You would have been less offended if he had said "kill" or "assault". Fix your priorities and perhaps attempt to understand the underlying biological reason why you view rape as worse than murder or assault.
Answer me this. If evolution is real then why do /x/ schizos and creationists exist?

File: image (6).png (2.51 MB, 1078x3794)
2.51 MB
2.51 MB PNG
Was Ted right about computers, rocketry and mathematics?
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because nasa did it and it worked
this literal twitter who is not a mathematics professor retard
I wonder if you could direct all thermal energy from an exhaust port and power your way across the solar system.
>The main argument of his manifesto was the loss of freedom and the subsequent breaking of the spirit of men
>blames it all on technocrats and lefties even though many regimes did far worse without technology
No because photons are massless

File: 1.webm (960 KB, 1280x720)
960 KB
is this true?
i thought squaring the circle was really hard or something
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oh I see nvm... any non schizo can confirm?
where do these webm come from?
op here, someone posted on /pol/ and i found it interesting so thought i'd bring it here.
can't find an archive of the thread tho sry
Yes the ratio of the moon/earth radii is R_moon/R_earth=0.27267 which is about 3/11, but that may as well be some random coincidence. Notice that this 345 triangle is completely uneccesary and just an ad hoc way to find a ratio of 3/11
I see... maybe some resonance parameters that can be explained with orbital mechanics are the origin of these stable and repeated numbers

that's likely just the median range for stable orbits with average moon size to parent body proportions for a small rocky planets like ours

File deleted.
Formerly >>12947856

>what is /sqt/ for?
Questions regarding math and science, plus related advice requests.
>where do I go for other questions and (advice) requests?
>>>/wsr/ >>>/g/sqt >>>/diy/sqt >>>/adv/ etc.
>how do I post math symbols (Latex)?
>a plain google search didn't return anything, is there anything else I should try before asking the question here?
>where can I look up if the question has already been asked here?
>how do I optimize an image losslessly?

>where can I get:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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you're mixing up a couple of concepts
color charge is one thing related to the charge of the strong force, and any quark can be any of the three colors
isospin is a separate abstract quality. in physical models, up and down quarks appeared to be different states of the same thing, since they behaved almost identically. the two quarks are thus treated as the "same" particle but with different isospin, either +1/2 or -1/2, referring to the up or down quark. this isospin is not a physical property like regular spin, it just behaves mathematically like spin does which is why the name is similar. it can be used to deduce the up and down quark content of composite particles.
File: 061024-F-1234S-011.jpg (410 KB, 1800x1416)
410 KB
410 KB JPG
I have an interest in potentially going to graduate school to study nuclear structure or possibly nuclear theory. I am also much more interested in applications relating to weapons than power.

Where should I look at applying? And what the fuck do I do with my life with or without a PhD?
>And what the fuck do I do with my life with or without a PhD?
collect hentai doujin
is there a biology textbook flowchart
Let [math]\Omega \subset \mathbb{R}^n[/math] be open and [math]f: \Omega \to \mathbb{R}^n[/math] be locally Lipschitz. Let [math]y_0 \in \Omega[/math]. Picard-Lindelof asserts the existence of some [math]\epsilon > 0[/math] such that there exists a unique solution to the IVP [math]y'(x) = f(y(x))[/math] with [math]y(0) = y_0[/math], defined for all [math]x \in [-\epsilon, \epsilon][/math].
For this we fix a closed ball [math]B = \overline{B_r (y_0)}[/math] that's contained in [math]\Omega[/math] and we let [math]L[/math] be the Lipschitz constant of the restriction of [math]f[/math] to [math]B[/math]. We then define a contraction mapping on [math]C([-\epsilon, \epsilon] \to B)[/math] for some carefully chosen [math]\epsilon[/math], and deduce it admits a unique fixed point which solves the IVP. (Concretely, [math]\epsilon = min(\frac{r}{M}, \frac{1}{2L})[/math] where [math]M[/math] is the maximal value attained by [math]|f|[/math] on the ball.)

This shows there exists a unique solution on [math][-\epsilon, \epsilon][/math] *whose image is contained in [math]B[/math]*, which is not the same as showing there exists a unique solution on [math][-\epsilon, \epsilon][/math], period. My prof finished the proof by saying "oh but that's okay because any solution defined on that interval can never leave the ball anyway". WHY is this true?
I mean, suppose [math]y[/math] is any solution defined on [math][-\epsilon, \epsilon][/math]. How can I bound [math]|y(x) - y_0| = |\int_0^x f(y(s))ds|[/math] uniformly in [math]x[/math], without assuming that [math]y(x) \in B[/math] for all [math]x[/math] in the first place?

File: Weed_LSD_Collage.jpg (92 KB, 749x500)
92 KB
Is a small dose of LSD comparable to weed?
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File: 1593347687953.jpg (5 KB, 183x183)
5 KB
I just watched Dumbo the other week on acid and couldn't get that exact face out of my head. Are you spying on me?
> gets acid
> instead of watching inside watches some media garbage to get even stronger psychologic traumas than it was supposed to cause.
> thus mk-ultras himself
There's a saying "fool shouldn't take lsd"
not really but you will feel stoned for a few days after. weed will also make it kick in harder.
the first time I took it, it was a quarter tab. it just made everything feel strange and weird and different, not unpleasant. at the peak I got some visual disturbance and my friends said I had acid eyes (yellowish)
my legs were jelly after sitting down
A very small dose is comparable in some ways. Depends on the weed also.

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