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File: 104820104593.jpg (8 KB, 320x180)
8 KB
how do I cope being a midwit?
I get incredibly demoralized and anxious when learning new things that are more challenging than I expected
it honestly fucking sucks knowing there are other humans smarter than me
i want them to not exist
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File: mcnutt.jpg (122 KB, 788x725)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
>honestly fucking sucks knowing there are other humans smarter than me
this fact has been true literally your entire life, it takes time and experience to learn things, nobody is born a genius

grow up
Why don't you get excited that you can learn new things and be better at this thing than others. You unravel a new part of life that other people were aware, but you weren't before and now that you are aware of it too you are part of the club. So welcome glad that you learn new things friend!
So to add this is not a competition this is like playing through a video game you experience and learn new things then we can talk about it.
there was a dog that appeared on that video after he shot himself. still thinking what became of it, anyone knows? worst case scenario this person was a loner so no one would come to the house and eventually pick up the dog and so it would starve to death. poor doggy

File: 1620969201076.jpg (160 KB, 717x1024)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
Hello brainlet here
A friend introduced me to a thought experiment recently and the fallout of this discovery is having unforeseen consequences on my psyche

It's a very simple thought experiment
>you're sat at a chair with a button
>upon pressing the button, there's a 50/50 chance that a spike pointed at the base of your neck will activate and kill you before you could conceive it
>no matter how many times that button is pressed, there is a small chance it will always result in 'live'
>the you that you are perceiving is the version of you that would have lived through all the button presses no matter how many times you press it
Help me comes to grips with quantum immortality
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Thank you
Big hole in quantum immortality is thinking about how it applies to other people. If someone else were to be in the position you describe with me observing, what determines which reality I experience? Presumably every possibility occurs in its own “instance” of reality, so some version of me should experience every possibility, including the unlikely immortality event chain but also the myriad event chains which result in their death. If whichever one I observe is random and a version of me observes all of them, then surely a version of the other person must observe all of them as well.
So, if you were to do this, there would supposedly be a version of you which experiences every possibility, including both the many paths to death and the unlikely path to immortality. What reason is there to believe the outcome this particular version of you experienced will be the immortal path?
Though I wouldn’t worry about it too much either way, many worlds and parallel universes/timelines is all BS. There is only one time line, you’re in it and will experience everything it has in store for you one way or another. I think there’s a mode of existence beyond this timeline (which is simply part of the universe object), but that goes beyond /sci/ territory.
Solivagus shit man long time no talk

I asked you about marrying my gf awhile ago, wish I had listened to your advice. Now shes pregnant and we're broken up. Oops.
If it is true then is our consciousness bound to exist eternally? Would there be a split in the "multiverse" for every death event? If that's the case then would the split occur with every single decision, for every single animal on the planet?
What about people who are not killed instantly? ie, how the head lives through decapitation for 6-7 seconds, is there a split reality where they just don't die and live as a head in a jar? Or would the split occur at the axe swing. Or, perhaps consciousness can only exist in a setting where true immorality is possible, ie. this modern era where there is the possibility of aging being cured.
We can speculate as much as we want, but we really know fuck all about reality and consciousness and these are just thought experiments, don't let them bug you too much OP.

microtubules inside neurons
It's the implications of infinity which is truly frightening.

If the scientific method is so great, why can't it be rigorously defined? More than a method i.e. a predefined set of steps it seems like some vague life advice like "verify things carefully" and "don't trust the random dude on the street who claims to speak to, and at that instant also for, God".

It tells you to "test with [an] experiment" but also tells you to "report conclusions" but then how can inconclusive studies be scientific, but how could they not if you followed their scientific method which supposedly produces science?

And if you don't publish your conclusions, can the results not be considered scientific if someone happens upon your notebooks after your death?
I define it as letting nature do the thinking for you. You test your ideas with experiments, if its a match then it's science. Like this:
> hmm am i wearing shoes *looks down* lmao yes i am
read Sir Francis Bacon if you want more than a diagram.
What percentage of people with bachelors, masters, or even doctorates in a science have actually read Bacon? Are you saying the scientific method isn't relevant to science or that universities aren't creating scientists?
>Are you saying ...
im saying read Bacon, but you bring up a good point. Universities don't create anything. Universities are an industry. Universities sell the idea you can use your degree as a blank check. You are ultimately responsible for what you know or don't know.

File: 9780070856134.jpg (17 KB, 283x400)
17 KB
Why on earth do people still recommend Baby Rudin?
>No motivation for anything
>Casually uses random inequalities never proven in the book
>Doesn't define most things rigorously (see chapter 2)
It is the single worst book ever made in analysis for self learning and is barely useful as a reference.
Tao 1 and 2 does literally 100% things better. Fuck this piece of shit book.
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Not him I'm 90% its from Needhams "Visual Complex Analysis"
Why on earth do people still recommend Baby Rudin?
>No motivation for anything
>Casually uses random inequalities never proven in the book
>Doesn't define most things rigorously (see chapter 2)

Tell me you didn't read the book without telling me explicitly that you didn't read the book. Blue Rudin is a fine book.
>Why on earth do people still recommend Baby Rudin?
>>No motivation for anything

have you ever considered that being spoonfed is not good for you? Finding/creating the motivation by yourself is probably one of the best exercises there is, which is why Baby Rudin is a good book
Yeah, the guy who thinks math involves no objects in space is a brainlet.

File: shooters.png (1010 KB, 1920x705)
1010 KB
1010 KB PNG
/sci/ is missing. Fix it.
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>Terry davis
>killed: 1 fednigger
maybe put hiroshima and nagasaki
File: 1634583556087.jpg (131 KB, 1200x1133)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
im sure this guy is the direct cause of at least 40 suicides because he said nigger
ted is the closest to a shooter and makes the most sense
Based Tookkker

File: images (72).jpg (29 KB, 618x496)
29 KB
I'm starting a general, and if you want to contact me my email is : TheWormed@protonmail.com

I am currently working on creating a worm human hybrid supersoldier, by replacing blood with worm Erythrocruorin the oxygen carrying capacity per cc of blood triples because only 30% of a RBC's volume is hemaglobin, whereas a cell free oxygen carrier like Erythrocruorin is 100% functional material, meaning by increasing my hemacrit levels to 70% and replacing my RBC's with Erythrocruorin, my oxygen carrying capacity will have increased ~500%.

the erythrocruorin will also be reconstituted and the Fe (ii) ion in the heme group replaced with a more Electronegative transition metal Cr (ii) to enhance oxygen saturation speeds so that i extract 100% of inhaled oxygen rather than 25%.

here are some sources
a transition metal ion substitution and reconstitution protocol for heme
extraction method of ultra pure erythrocruorin from earth worms
general biophysical properties related to erythrocruorin

the eventual goal of this project is to enhance my athletic abilities to never before seen levels. these abilities may include but are not limited to;
>Endurance enhancement
>Blood loss resistance
>Enhanced metabolic efficiency
>carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide poisoning immunity
>low oxygen atmosphere resistance
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Easy: claim royal lineage. Bazinga!!
How do you intend to measure and test for enhancements in aerobic fitness?
Project Earthworm Jim
When can I too become a human worm hybrid?
eat every worm you see, no exceptions. sleep in a tub of mulch for extra gains!

File: cuban pepe.jpg (82 KB, 851x967)
82 KB
How did Cuba and Russia manage to develop their own vaccine? Aren't they really poor? Especially Cuba with its isolationism
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You mean US embargo.
>material monism and dialectics.
wuts that
might as well be isolationism
>wuts that
a combination of ontological positions which make you delirious. it strips away all stabilizing lies and you become lost in reality. Really nasty i would not recommend

File: 1633800860921.png (33 KB, 396x288)
33 KB
>experiment contradicts current dogma theory
>invent new particle theory to explain it
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File: 1634879028450.jpg (656 KB, 828x821)
656 KB
656 KB JPG
I'm illiterate, I get my parents to type my posts out for me
>extend the theory
there's amending the theory, then there's adding new shit to the theory out of nowhere.
Also there's the central issue that there's a dogmatic theory in the first place, and that a mere model which seeks to explain the data is taught to the public as objective fact rather than an interpretation of fact.
Shut the fuck up.
Because aether doesn't explain anything why would you keep it?

do you see with your eyes or with your eyebrows?
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Sorry, covered my eyebrows and couldn't see what I was typing.
Hard question. I missed this part in medschool somehow.
I actually see, from like, the middle of my nose
but then who does browsing?
too true
File: 66f-1.jpg (33 KB, 680x763)
33 KB
>place finger in the middle of eyes, can still see
>place finger in the middle of eyebrows, vision blocked

Ah yes. Now I understand it.
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>If natural language conditionals were understood in the same way, that would mean that the sentence "If the Nazis won World War Two, everybody would be happy" is true. Given that such problematic consequences follow from a seemingly correct assumption about logic, they are called paradoxes.
People still link to this SJW-infested dump...
Look at this triggered nazi snowflake and laugh
>The explanation is crystal-clear,
No it isn't. How does the statement "If X is true, then Y is true" have an unambiguous truth value?
don't you have some hormone blockers to inject yourself with tranny?
>calls people triggered
>calls people snowflake
you have become what you hate

File: 1429561079170261460.gif (23 KB, 149x203)
23 KB
is philosophy part of science? is science ideologically neutral (without values)? should it be? is philosophy needed? will science replace philosophy?
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is history of biology part of philosophy? i dont think so
>Ever since Aristoteles established logic, philosophy is dead
but the philosophy of science was invented centuries after aristotle...?
>our brains are hard wired to do that
Have you ever interacted with another human being?
this hehe

File: 513uCLlgS4L.jpg (46 KB, 348x500)
46 KB
Anyone here read this book?
In the preface it mentions that it assumes knowledge of probability, linear algebra, analysis, and algorithms. I should be ok with the first three given that I am a maths student, but what should I know about algorithms before starting? Can you point to a good resource?
25 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
That's for midwits and normies
Is there a machine learning book called CLRS? I've read the Intro to Algorithms book, and I think its great, but I doesn't really say anything about even the most elementary ML methods.

Don't read that book if its your first exposure to machine learning. Its incredibly technical in a really bad way (for a starter). I'm also a maths student and even tho you could probably read it and understand it, you'd have zero context for what you were reading and you would be able to employ any of what you learned to even the simplest ML tasks. If I were you I'd read the Aurelien Geron book and then murphys statisical learning book. After that you could probably read anything you want.

To actually answer your question though, to read the understanding machine learning book the amount of algorithms knowledge you need is incredibly minimal. If you know the basic graph terminology and the basic algorithms for graph traversal I think that should be enough. You probably don't even need to conduct a book, just google around. I think even for a math student the statistics and optimization will be the hardest.
Appreciate the input. Thanks
AI is a meaningless buzzword but the work itself is not. Calling new fads "AI" is just how researchers get their funding, but the things they are researching really are great contributions to CS.
no, CLRS refers to intro to algorithms. its too old for ML, and its only use to OP would be to just get some algorithm and analysis fundamentals, but these fundamentals are easy for anyone with a brain according to people ITT you don't really need to worry and can just reason through any analysis in ML without specific training in algorithms.

File: download.jpg (85 KB, 595x395)
85 KB
So memes about aylliem lasers aside, what tools that have been recovered by archaeology were used to sculpt, drill, square and polish volcanic crystalline rocks like pic related.

From the ruins in Puma Punku in Bolivia.
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>lying on /sci/ for no reason
okay kiddo
>he needs a 10 minute video to hit a rock with a chisel
do primitive, hand operated drills leave grooves like the other anon is describing? I honestly want to know and you aren't answering the question
Check min 22:00 for discussion of the grooves

>ayylmaos btfo
>cia niggers btfo

is there anything or anyone this man can't debonk?
21 replies omitted. Click here to view.
it's you who didn't watch the videos, don't know what's going on, and in addition make up retarded strawmen. you're a joke.
This is getting tiresome. Imagine holding the most NPC opinion possible.
File: 8LnfJD58.jpg (24 KB, 421x417)
24 KB
>Imagine holding the most NPC opinion possible.
imagine kneeling to amerimutt alphabet agencies
wrong, all aspects that descend from the sphere of evil are inherently degenerative in practice.
Greed and society are very obviously orthogonal. Society is about preserving an idea, whereas greed is about preserving a material. Materialism is part of the sphere of evil.

How far away is fusion really?
12 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I think really knows. There's lots of exciting stuff of course, but we're not at a point where the system as a whole generates more out than goes in, and of course it's really hard to estimate when a new technology will come without already having that technology. I'm excited though!
LMAO k, keep me posted
fission is here now and we don't even use it enough
That would only give us 80 years, anon. It's moved to $current_year+10 years recently. The real question is whether this curve is quadratic or cubic.
File: Arrow.jpg (771 KB, 2560x1920)
771 KB
771 KB JPG
Depends how much you want to fund it. Probably <20 years if it actually got full funding.
thank god there were some thinking brains in control of the money and they were able to limit how much was wasted on the fucking fusion meme. If we could reduce that funding even further and employ it for more constructive things it'd be even better for science in general

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