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File: poker solve this.png (845 KB, 1012x1456)
845 KB
845 KB PNG
Its not homework, I just want to learn how to work with these sorts of problems to improve my game.
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If you're only getting one card, yes. Since you get 2 cards in hold'em, the standard approach would be to calculate how many 2-card combos fit your criteria and divide it by the total number of possible combos, since they're all equally likely. There are 52*51/2=1326 possible 2 card combos. There are 4*3/2=6 combos where both cards are aces, so pocket aces is 6/1326 or 1/221 from any position.

Also, if you're still getting tripped up on the idea that earlier players could have gotten an ace and this affects your chances, you can consider both cases. It's unlikely that they did get an ace, but if they did, your chance of getting one goes down. In the more likely case that they didn't get an ace, you're now more likely to get one. If you weight these cases by their likelihood, you'll end up at exactly the same probability as if you had ignored the possible earlier cards entirely: P(A)=P(A|B)P(B)+P(A|~B)P(~B)
To help not get tripped up on the "going first when being dealt cards" issue:
Remember that after the deck is shuffled, the aces are locked in place and do not move. That is, imagine the deck is shuffled, and the first ace is 6 cards down. It does not matter what the first 5 cards before it are, because the 6th card will always be an ace dealt to the 6th person, no matter what. It's set in stone who is getting the ace, you just don't know yet.
Deal the cards backwards now, starting from the last card to the last person who would have received the last card.
The 6th person still gets the 6th card = ace.
As soon as the deck is shuffled, the position of the ace is fixed and it is "decided" who it goes to and being 8th or 1st or 52nd does not matter, because the ace has an equal chance of landing in the 8th, 1st, or 52nd slot when the shuffle is finished, with no preference as to what position in the deck it is (that is, its equally likely to land in the middle of the deck as the first part of the deck as the last part of the deck).
The big key is that you don't know which cards are dealt before it gets to you. If you did, that *would* change the probability of you getting an ace, but NOT because the position changed in the deck, but because now you have more information than you did before (whether the first cards were aces or not).
What you will find, however, is that if you play 10000 games, your OVERALL chances of getting an ace are the same (4/52) whether you know what the cards dealt before you are or not, because the aces are fixed once shuffled. It's just that you can use the new information (say, 6 people before you show that they did NOT get aces) to inform your chances of receiving the ace for that particular game, in the same way you would know your chance of getting an ace is 100% if you were dealt the ace. But your chance originally is 4/52.
thanks, these posts clear a lot up for me, especially the part about weighting the probabilities through the various trees resulting in the same value as if you never bothered. is there some named theorem or something about this concept for me to explore?

also continuing: say i have an ace and any other card, how likely then is it i will get an ace on the flop? that will surely depend on the number of cards dealt right?
The theorem I wrote is called the law of total probability.
>that will surely depend on the number of cards dealt right?
Nope, same argument applies here. You don't know which cards your opponents were dealt. You could break down the cases the same way, or you could simply reason that it was equally likely for an ace to be in the top 3 cards remaining on the deck after dealing out 6 hands or 9.
(In practice, if a lot of people call or raise preflop, it's a reasonable deduction that some other aces may have been dealt and you can adjust the probability of seeing one on the flop downward. This is because they didn't have to call, so their decision gives you new information.)

File: keklace.jpg (69 KB, 738x1013)
69 KB
This is the Moroccan Order of Muhammad, the highest honor that their king can bestow upon anyone other than the queen. Notice that the chain is made of KEKs. Thats no accident, President Trump recently received this award. Werner Heisenberg predicted this phenomenon, but his work in ethnophysics was dismissed by the scientific community in the same way that Bose's statistics or Wegener's tectonics was initially dismissed, i.e. dismissed because the community was too headstrong to learn anything new.
Coincidences like the chain on this KEKlace tend to occur when too many consciousnesses link up in a subconscious telepathic network connected via a higher dimension. The higher dimension becomes telepathically oversaturated and the excess energy crystalizes and deposits into a lower dimension as these types of meaningful coincidences, much in the same way that oversaturated sugar water produces pure rock candy - a solid - out of seemingly nothing. A lot of people dismiss all this because it is at odds with the soience they've been indoctrinated with in school, but it isn't even at odds with those teachings, these coincidental phenomenons are just an acknowledgment that perception alters reality as much as reality alters perception. Quantum mechanics says the same thing in the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, so when people started noticing KEKs suddenly being everywhere and often associated with frogs or with President Trump they've got to realize that there is more to life than what the soience textbooks at school taught them and that the coincidences have a natural cause, AKA an ethnophysical cause.
Please take your meds
Based and Lainpilled.
Please take your meds
Dude take your meds. If telepathy existed there would be some kind of business that used it to make money. There isn't, therefore telepathy does not exist.


Patchouli Patchouli Patchouli edition.

Formerly >>12570353

>what is /sqt/ for?
Questions regarding math and science, plus related advice requests.
>where do I go for other questions and (advice) requests?
>>>/wsr/ >>>/g/sqt >>>/diy/sqt >>>/adv/ etc.
>how do I post math symbols (Latex)?
>a plain google search didn't return anything, is there anything else I should try before asking the question here?
>where can I look up if the question has already been asked here?
>how do I optimize an image losslessly?

>where can I get:

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anime bro leaving?? FUCK
i want to extract elemental mercury because it sounds like a nice project.
do i really need a fume hood if i don't want brain damage?
It's not a 'nice' project, it is a very stupid thing to do; since you are asking whether you need a fume hood or not implies you are below even what could be considered 'amateur lab work' or 'amateur chemistry'. It is basic lab safety equipment which is obviously essential for handling such a dangerous substance, depending on your method of extraction.

It would be much safer and much cheaper than buying expensive lab equipment if you were to enroll in a community college / night school / university on some chemistry course so you could learn more and use professional and expensive lab equipment that is maintained by trained technicians. I can't imagine why as such a total newbie to chemistry you would start with extracting elemental mercury, yet knowing it's toxicity.
nah go for it. just don't drink it!
i have enough chemistry experience (especially related to pyrometallurgy) but i have never worked with mercury before and i don't have access to fume hoods because of lock-down. i could distill it in my backyard but i don't want my neighbors to get butthurt so i'm thinking about leaching it but i don't know if a hood is strictly necessary or if i can just let it sit outside.
your post sounds like midwit undergrad projection and you didn't even answer my question, apply yourself faggot.

thanks anon.

Why do you look down on software engineering anon?
What did you achieve in your fields besides living like a monk with no money?
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>confusing software "engineers" with software engineers
webdev is like factory work, programming is more like engineering where it's 90% documentation and design and 10% actually programming
>Coding is fun but it isn't worth giving up intellectual growth over
What? How is coding giving up intellectual growth? If you only learn what you're taught by your professors, you're a midwit anyway. You don't stop growing intellectually by finding uses of the theory you have been taught. People seperate work and their interests (here: interest in science).
>and you just self-teach the basics of AI or cyber.
Just self-teach, bro is a meme. Can be said about anything and is not true.
civil engineers construct buildings and bridges, software engineers construct iOS apps.
I construct ballistics software

Scientifically speaking,

What are the physiological limitations on any person's current flexibility?

Is it the nervous system (protective inhibitory function)?
Is it the length of the muscle itself?
Is it the length of tendons?
The looseness or tightness of fascia?

or something else?
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>orthopedic doctors end up facepalming
See >>12594379
Why do you keep posting these gymnastics coomer threads? Post them on /sp/.
File: 1603339485929.jpg (95 KB, 575x620)
95 KB
fuck off dirty cumbrain
good thread

File: CureModeIcon.png (141 KB, 340x340)
141 KB
141 KB PNG
Will we ever find it? How much longer do you think until it happens?
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Yeah, so pathways involved in responding to DNA strand breaks, the main cancer mechanism, control cell proliferation and apoptosis. p53 for example induces apoptosis in cells which experience DNA damage, downregulation of that gene is associated with significantly decreased cell apoptosis in the brain and other areas of the body, predisposing you to some types of cancer, but we've also found it can have significant effects on anthropometrics, like brain size.
There are more subtle effects associated with mutations like that, the cancer risk isn't particularly deterministic, i.e. the genes have to enter linkage disequilibrium with alleles that essentially "negate" the carcinogenic risk. We see it all the time, so pathogenic BRCA mutations aren't technically "pathogenic" in a strict sense, they're just in extremely high linkage disequilibrium with SNPs which remove the associated cancer risk. In fact, about 30% of BRCA positive individuals don't even have a family history of cancer, and have cancer risk approximately the same as the rest of the population. That's why it's important to go off family history, rather than DNA testing, as there's a moral gray area with traditionally "deleterious" alleles like that, which can cause a scare when there really isn't one.

With high effect alleles, like hereditary hemochromatosis for example, there's always a genetic "reshuffling" that happens in populations, which substantially reduces the penetrance of the disease, which consequently is what allows 6% of Jews to be positive for Gaucher disease, or about 15% of Europeans to carry a hereditary hemochromatosis gene. Those populations have lower frequencies of the polygenic alleles which cause disease, which is why hereditary hemochromatosis genes in Africans/Asians are substantially more deleterious than in whites.
No you will get a shitty pill you have to take everyday that keeps you alive but doesn’t actually cure the cancer
Cancer cells are like virus-infected cells. Cytotoxic T-cell just have to kill it. Boost immunity, don't be fat and no cancer gets you.
> Will we ever find the cure to poisoning?

File: carlos.jpg (35 KB, 600x600)
35 KB
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In terms of consistency, the Dark series is pretty good too. That is, until season 3.
Blade Runner - BOTH
Logan's Run
Solaris both
Mars Attacks
Total Recall Original
Alien and Aliens
The fifth Element
12 Monkeys
Terminator 2
Matrix 1
ROBOCOP 1 and 2
Demolition Man

>in b4 muh leddit
File: the_machine_2013-2.jpg (84 KB, 864x648)
84 KB
12 monkeys (by Terry Gilliam)
Hulk (by Ang Lee)
Limitless (by Neil Burger)
also Reanimator (by Stuart Gordon)
and Society (by Brian Yuzna)
Silent Running
Colossus: The Forbin Project
Forbidden Planet

File: Enceladusstripes_cassini.jpg (3.69 MB, 3237x3812)
3.69 MB
3.69 MB JPG
Post moons
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google or something is your friend lol.
But is really not survivable?
I mean in the sense is the space inbetween stars largely empty or are there bits of rock, etc. floating.
It's mostly empty but there's dust and molecules, mostly hydrogen in interstellar space.
The Galilean moons
Io; Europa; Ganymede; Callisto
File: The_Galilean_Moons.jpg (118 KB, 1199x393)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
(forgot picture)

File: lana.jpg (132 KB, 2000x1123)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
red pill me on chemtrails /sci/. How did Lana Del Ray figure this out before us? Is smarter than /soi/?

4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Lana has been redpilling people for some time now
terminal retardation? I have seem many such cases. SAD!
Yep. Golem'd and soipilled I would say, a tragic fate. s m h

Okay so today I got an idea. Oil = fuel. Bacon grease = oil. Light bacon grease on fire. It works. Did I just reinvent fuel? Do I get a Nobel peace prize for this?
Now do some experiments and publish them
Okay i put a paper towel on it and it’s making my whole house smell like shit

File: Eugenia0027.png (706 KB, 531x849)
706 KB
706 KB PNG
why do humans behave in ways that decrease their survival probability?

for example.. pic related. her body risks shutting down

or a drug user risks heart attack..

or a lard ass.. risks diabetes.

why do humans continue behaviors which hurt them?
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
what's the alternative? read a book?
Why is OP not maximising his survival and reproduction odds right now? Why isn't OP becoming rich enough to both have lots of bodyguards and get away with forcing hundreds of women to carry his children?
Since copying your genes is so important, why isn't OP freezing copies of his DNA and storing it in bunkers?
Intelligence. It makes people crazy.
Lesser animals do the same thing all day without changing anything. Intelligence is this chaos inflicted on people where they decide to pound a stick through some round wooden boards to make something that rolls. Why? Well it worked out. The reverse side of the people that engineer bodybuilding and shit to perfection are the people that eat enough sugar and starch for three people and then need limbs amputated. Progress requires bonkers people, and you're stuck with them.
Yes. Read, listen to intelligent people, talk to intelligent people, get exercise.
4chan and internet usage is more harmful for you than anything else in your life.

File: 1556573989308.png (437 KB, 1351x1054)
437 KB
437 KB PNG
Is this approach to education even viable in this day and age?
You learn those things in fucking highschool. Besides, it's missing precalculus.
that's reserved for the quadrivium
its hilarious
the only good thing to bring out of this: rhetoric isn't taught/taught well anymore and its an important skill to learn and practice, but you can just pick a book about it and then apply, you don't need "how to read a book" to read a book lmao

File: 1610063553855.jpg (93 KB, 743x746)
93 KB
>be 29
>be smoking pot since 14
Is my life over? Can I still quit and go to college or is my brain perma fucked from getting a degree?
58 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.

Virgin: Has never had vagina-penis sex, ever
>be 29
>Is my life over?
Yes. And it doesn't matter if you smoke or not.
<21 year old hands typed this
even if pot didn't destroy your brain, 30 years of a lazy lifestyle almost certainly did. It will be very hard to break your current habits and get any degree and if you want a hard, in demand degree like engineering it is impossible unless you ease into it. work and go to community college at the same time to build some discipline and make yourself somewhat attractive to admissions. if you have an interest in some field and can find clubs for it thatd probably be good but it sounds like you are just concerned with not being a failure in general.

File: knock knock me again.png (1019 KB, 1040x672)
1019 KB
1019 KB PNG
Why do planets rotate?
where did the energy come for planets to orbit?
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you roll
This is the best song ever made in the world
they are falling into the sun constantly. that's what orbital motion is.
I'm just a regular everyday normal guy

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