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File: images (3).jpg (19 KB, 554x553)
19 KB
Surely there must be some way to game paranoia into making those affected by it improve their lives because of some hack feeding the paranoia into positive outcomes?

Surely, there must be. We go now, live, to 4chan for the answers!


Is Engineering Jewish and Pozzed?
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average spatial IQ, high language IQ.
kind of unusual.
no, there werent many jews at my school
my wife is so cute and precious
File: i cant breed.png (28 KB, 766x950)
28 KB
File: reimu stink feet.jpg (79 KB, 850x284)
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reimu's new biochemical weapons will bring gensokyo to its knees
No, it's full of stinky poos.

File: wdfeffaeaf.png (412 KB, 1056x327)
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412 KB PNG
Thoughts on Sci-Hub?
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kek, maximally based
imagine being so buttblasted you go out of your way to not link to the comment you're quoting because you somehow feel that this somehow hurts the original poster
pathetic, actually
Based retard
Bro I literally get half my papers from sci-hub its nuts.
proof that there's some good left in the world

Smiled about the unit part... it's arbitrary on account of singularity

... but in all honesty 1 is a decimal itself everything else is inwards and brains are just intelligent explosions

Look kids don't worry about it I'm a philosopher I'll argue you too prettiness and beyond then you'll just stop call it beautiful and move on with gently petting it till it becomes the more pleasant feely version of you.

Take a moment, your mind is blowing itself...
>smallest things
Electrons and quarks don't really have an inherent "size".

File: sci_shane002.jpg (38 KB, 720x960)
38 KB
>The culture-only (0% genetic-100% environmental) and the hereditarian (50% genetic-50% environmental) models of the causes of mean Black-White differences in cognitive ability are compared and contrasted across 10 categories of evidence: the worldwide distribution of test scores, g factor of mental ability, heritability, brain size and cognitive ability, transracial adoption, racial admixture, regression, related life-history traits, human origins research, and hypothesized environmental variables. The new evidence reviewed here points to some genetic component in Black-White differences in mean IQ. The implication for public policy is that the discrimination model (i.e., Black-White differences in socially valued outcomes will be equal barring discrimination) must be tempered by a distributional model (i.e., Black-White outcomes reflect underlying group characteristics). (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2017 APA, all rights reserved)
did they get it right?
what are your thoughts on the research and analysis of rushton and jensen (both accredited and respected authorities in their field of expertise).
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No, IQ is not the same as g. The study found that people that had decreases in IQ due to brain injury, had those decreases in the non g-loaded parts.
purely socioeconomic factors
File: Tan-Fig-1.jpg (154 KB, 1633x1029)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
It is more likely to be caused by the lack of a gene. Pure sub-saharan africans have no Neanderthal or Denisovan DNA. Europeans have some Neanderthal DNA and asians have some Denisovan DNA. That means ancient humans walked out of Africa and bred with other ancient humans, the distance between these ancient humans was genetically close enough to lead to fertile offsprings. Not long after Neanderthals and Denisovans went extinct but their genetic legacy remained, their little bits of DNA that were added only to certain human populations on the planet. We therefore have a relatively good reason to suspect that adding those bits of DNA can have some effect, an effect that is relatively weak (we are still 99% identical as a species) but if we look close enough statistically then small effects can make ripples.

As for the genetic link between skin color and intelligence, there are disorders that alter pigmentation (melanism and albinism) and they don't genetically interfere with the brain's development. The color black and white have nothing to do with intelligence by themselves, whether smarter members of a species happen to be light or dark is the result of a coin toss. Among birds, the smartest are black (crows and ravens).
Clearly the fault of the racist baby
clearly oppressed, she couldnt help herself

Science of personality
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there are many models, every model has strong and weak points
MBTIbros, we can't stop winning.
kill yourself, faggot

>But couldn't you define those groups you decide to cluster words into in any old way?
Still me, I made both those posts you replied to.
No, sorry I wasn't more clear. The groups are clustered based on how people answered. High scores on certain questions predict high scores on others. For example: 'I keep my room tidy" seems to correlate with "I wake up on time", and "I'm generally happy" tends to correlate to "I enjoy being the centre of attention". So the correlations are done statistically.
One of the things I love about this model os that it sort of forced psychologists to throw out all of their bullshit "there are 2 kinds of people" models that were only ever invented because some retard needed to publish something in order to get tenure. No one presupposed that these groups existed and looked to find them in the data, they came out of pure statistical factor analysis.
This is a great question. I just have lecture notes. My girlfriend studied psych and when I started to get into this stuff from youtube videos I asked her for hers and went through them. I'll ask her for textbooks in the morning and post what she says.

File: 1607479646843.jpg (302 KB, 1536x768)
302 KB
302 KB JPG
When did you realize that germ theory is wrong?
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We have isolated the cholera toxin and we known it's exact mechanism of action down to the atom. It opens chloride channels which then forces water to flow out of the intestine into the lumen. It's no coincidence that the deadly symptom of cholera is shitting yourself into dehydration. Anyone who claims that V.Cholera is not the causative agent of cholera is an idiot.
>Yes and there are toxic substances produced by your own cells. It doesn’t prove the bacteria is the culprit. Maybe the body uses the bacteria as a way to deal with the metabolic waste products and determines the bacterial toxins are less harmful.
We can isolate the toxin and determine its protein sequence. We can also isolate the pathogen and determine its gene sequence. When we see the toxin encoded in the pathogen's genome but not in the human genome then it is quite obvious that the pathogen is producing the toxin. Only a retard would deny this.
Germ thing is a theory
Terrain is the observable nature of reality
Toxins and bacterias aren't contagious, nor is the bacteria and its toxins by products the root cause of the experienced symptoms.
We eradicate cholera with better water sanitation, and to avoid shitting where you eat, that's well known fact.
You won't achieve anything by feeding third worlders with antibiotics and vaccines.

File: ebv.png (70 KB, 420x288)
70 KB
Something is very suspicious to me. I had mono when I was 19 years old. I haven't had it reactivate or anything since then. They say it remains dormant in your system forever.

Recently, I got a gf and we kissed often. A few weeks later, she has come down with a mysterious illness. She was tested for covid and flu, and it came back negative. The doctor didn't know what's made her sick.

Her symptoms are sore throat and fatigue. Fatigue is a trademark symptom of EPSTEIN-BARR VIRUS. One of the nine human herpes viruses.

I read that you are only contagious for 6 months after contracting it. It's been almost 10 years since I got it. Something however is suspicous to me that she seems to have the symptoms for it.

I am starting to disbelieve that you aren't contagious anymore. Something tells me you could be contagious for the rest of your life. What do I know?

What if there are viruses that we don't even know about? What if I have some form of mutated covid that can't be detected by typical tests? Who fucking knows.

My girlfriend is sick and I can't help but feel guilty like I got her sick. When COVID started, I had gotten a weird flu like sickness.

My symptoms were severe fatigue, fever, and vertigo. When I picked my head up, the world felt like spinning a hundred miles per hour. It was hands down the worst feeling of my life. I just hope I didn't somehow give her something. I hate this feeling more than anything.

"Epstein" barr virus... how... familiar
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If you want I can dive into the HSV-1 and HSV-2 literature.
>He'll be fine.
She probably has adenovirus, which is going around right now and causes sore throat. There's a lot of viruses that cause sore throat.

>What if there are viruses that we don't even know about?
We know that there are. There's all sorts of polyomaviruses that almost all people have. It's now understood that viruses are a complex part of the human microbiome, and it's just now becoming a focus of research.

HSV-1 and -2 are different viruses. Just because they can affect the same cells doesn't mean they're the same virus. Stop sperging out.
Anon, she might been kissing some other random Chad with fresh mono. EBV won't be contagious 10 years later. I got it more than a decade ago and still have antibodies.
lol cry about it the info is out there also HSV-1 and 2 are not the same thing, look into it

File: 090215_Sodium_P.jpg (25 KB, 432x432)
25 KB
Can these reactions be controlled enough that the metal can be used as fuel to generate power?
it costs too much energy to make the metal, and produces corrosive bases as reaction product.
So don't count on it.
Yes, it just doesn't make sense.
you mean, like a battery?
Like shooting water at it to produce steam to turn a turbine.

File: drake_equation.png (105 KB, 540x159)
105 KB
105 KB PNG
What is the probability we're alone in the universe?
File: Anders_Sandberg.jpg (172 KB, 579x651)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
More than 50%


File: Social_Climate_Change_2.png (41 KB, 1226x563)
41 KB
Guys, I'm scared. I just applied a simple Climate Model to some cultural phenomena, and I think we're fucked. I plotted what fraction of each generation identifies as LGBTQ+. Looks like some alarming exponential growth. I projected out to 2050, I hope that's okay. Turns out children born before 2050 will be the last straight children to walk this earth. All children born after 2050 will be either gay, bi, or a tranny. Bi people can still reproduce, but I predict significant population collapse. We need to act NOW.
14 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
This thread may be a parody, but its main idea is pretty accurate. With all the push for LGBT it's natural that it gets more and more power, so the prediction is mostly correct.
File: isnc.jpg (20 KB, 330x327)
20 KB
Itll even out dont worry about it. People come out because theyre not scared of being murdered because of it anymore but when they get older they realize what they want. May be gay may be straight may be both
File: file.png (381 KB, 1000x500)
381 KB
381 KB PNG
I think it makes more sense that as faggotry became more acceptable, those with genes the predisposed them to being gay are just coming out more. Literally pic related.
Most bis probably don't care about making babies, if we're honest. They just have a hedonistic property that makes them okay fucking man ass because pp feels good. It's a good thing.

Ever saw that article from Vice that poltards often post? It was saying something like "straight people, put things up your butt or you're homophobic," I think that's a good thing.
It will make those disposed to be gay to end up coming out as gay and getting their genes out of the gene pool. Helping humanity and enjoying their way out.
I literally put a vibrator up my ass at max settings and I did not find that any more good feeling than jerking off, and in fact was too much effort with cleaning before and after. So my prostate is obviously not as sensitive as some bottoms who just want to shove shit up their assholes.

There was an anon here so talked about how as a psychologist, he would talk to people who fucked kids. He had a 16yo who fucked his 11yo cousin and 8yo cousin. His 11yo hated it and didn't want to do it again, while the 8yo loved it and wanted to do it all the time. Disturbing? Yes.
But it also demonstrates how some people are just born predisposed to being gay. Whether mentally or just having a very sensitive prostate so it just feels so good that they end up being gay.

In short, because 40% of child mortality is no longer a thing, and more and more people with defective genes are being born, we need to evolve a more resilient genome, so until then, those 40% need to be given extreme and I'd argue subsidized liberties of culling themselves. Keeping them around as workers and consooomers is also good for the economy, so globohomo would agree.
I can't believe Global Warming kills off humanity by making everyone gay. Why didn't they lead with that and not some bullshit about dead pandas.
maybe it is the CO2 turning people gay

What is the scientific origin of homophobia?
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Also 99.99% of men don't actually care if you're a homosexual or not. Most of the time gays that get bullied are overfemenised, and they are bullied because they are flamboyant and obnoxious (obnoxious straight men receive the same treatment), and that's why they get bullied. If gay men just acted like normal men, that happened to like other men, then they wont be discriminated against. And for the gay men that already do, they already are not on the receiving end of homophobia. I've converse with openly Gay and openly homophobic men simultaneously, and they could not care any less because they both just act like normal respectable Men. Only when gay men showcase their gayness, hetro-men get disgusted.
yes you are, fag
fear and denial
File: outside the door.png (300 KB, 953x313)
300 KB
300 KB PNG
the ideals of honor and justice will never allow the existence of such a despicable practice.

Any geologists in here?
I am currently in high school and seriously thinking about getting a Bsc in Geology
I find the field really interesting
What can you do with a geology degree?
40 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Real question: can geologists identify rocks by just looking at them?
Yes, you can easily identify a leaverite, or AFR just by looking at it.

>Also what do you think about retards who say Earth is 6 thousand years?
Not only is the earth 6000 years old , it is also flat.
Never talk to retards. Nobody wins.
Landscaping isn't geology, Pedro
>This is fucking terrible advice.
Can confirm. Just about every retarded millennial who went to college followed this advice and now they're a bunch of salty losers with meme degrees, salaries that pay less than most tradesmen and six figures worth of debt

>t. Millennial who followed the money instead of passion
I keked. It was not landscaping. I reviewed reports submitted by consultants, then went out to check on what they were doing. Left about 10 drove around, kicked the dirt about 11:15, told them I had to check on another project and I would be back about 4, but really I just went to the strip club for lunch and had a few beers then went home. Best geology work around.

And, the name is Jesus
Yh, because doing a degree in something you end up hating and then not following into that area for career wasn’t a complete waste of three years of your life.

But if you actually read the rest of the post you’d see I said there’s no worry about geology related jobs out there and fields you can go into, we aren’t talking about a meme degree like history.

so it turns out this whole degree situation is non negotiable
how do i cope, my iq is like 200
4 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Why are you going to a juco?
What are you going to college for OP? What exactly are you trying to get a job in?
my ideal job has a million different laws and trillions of annual dollars dedicated to making it both illegal and impossible to have profitably
No, we're not going to help you sell drugs
i could automate accounting and i’d never be able to sell it

why does this board’s quality increase rapidly on friday nights and decay to the absolute dregs by thursday night? is it because only jobless NEETs post here during the week since the actual smart anons have jobs?

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