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File: lh7K7VxA.jpg (126 KB, 1280x811)
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/sci/ whats the skinny on the malagasy covid cure?
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>Madagascar was originally populated by Indonesians
colonized hard
lmao that indonesians can successfully colonize africa, but eurofags got their asses kicked out
It was empty before
history is written by the victors
Madagascar is far from the coast. Theres a few other islands near africa that also dont have blacks.
thats racist, why don't those islands accept diversity?

File: 1550508845108.jpg (383 KB, 1000x1024)
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383 KB JPG
The correct answer is C.

You will never get the correct answer if you choose at random. C is correct because I chose it intentionally.
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shut the fuck up, this is now a pirate thread
File: Jack_Sparrow.png (242 KB, 360x450)
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242 KB PNG
where have the dubs gone
Is this even a valid multiple choice question? A and D have same answer
There is no correct answer, therefore C is the correct answer.

Why don't humans have red eyes? Could we genetically engineer red eyes?
eye infections
File: anime autogynephiliac.png (58 KB, 676x560)
58 KB
you could but why would you

File: IMG_0242.jpg (114 KB, 828x1173)
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114 KB JPG
How do I cope?
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Didn't know it was possible to get less than 4/5 in high school. How'd you manage?
Accept your autism. That's all you can do.
Fuck bro they gave me a 3 on my AP lit exam and I'm pissed
But I guess it's fair I didn't pay attention in that class, tried to bank on my experience from the ACT reading section, and just rambled for my final essay.
I just wish I knew how close I was to a 4
Now I gotta take English 1 at uni
>he didn't take both ap calculuses, ap stats and calc III at the local community college in parallel

File: iq.png (18 KB, 715x200)
18 KB
How the fuck do I cope with the fact that I'm average intelligence? Everything I want to do in life requires at the very least being above average. I feel so hopeless.
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Oh, I don't mean to imply an endorsement of raiseyouriq.com. I've never used it and doubt it does much. It reminds me of Lumosity. another iffy site.
That's retarded. Intelligence is the ability to internalize complex "things" and manipulate them in your mind. It has nothing to do with knowledge, other than being a prerequisite for it.
you are low iq if you believe in iq
File: Screenshot (399).png (143 KB, 1920x1080)
143 KB
143 KB PNG
Hi, I am a tourist from the high-iq board. Cheers!
This boards obsession with IQ is pathetic. You're slaves to a number and you let it control your lives.

File: no value.png (127 KB, 480x360)
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127 KB PNG
Brainlet here. Does no one else find this superposition shit really spooky? Why does the observation of a conscious agent codify reality?
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No, it's inherently random.
Don't listen to nonsense about determinism in QM, it's largely pseudoscientific bunk. The majority of physicists agree
File: 1514221440611.png (116 KB, 645x729)
116 KB
116 KB PNG
so what is the initial state it's in before observation?
you are retarded
sorry I meant to reply to >>13426643
Some invasive idiot from the DARPA gay jew hivemind explained more about this (no idea how reliable it is).
The state and position of the electrons, heat, other ongoing processes inside the matter, external interferences (vibrations, electromagnetism, ...), measurement errors, ... all of them make the system chaotic and you are modelling an average behavior of it.

File: banner.gif (69 KB, 380x150)
69 KB
My school offers a nuclear engineering masters program but not a bachelors one (i know). what would be a good discipline to enter the nuclear engineering from? i really only have the choice of Civil or material science/engineering. i was planning on doing reactor deign once i get out but was looking at the stupid ass classes like "infrastructure planning" on the civil side and was thinking that i would literally never use that info once i got into the nuclear program.
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Gender studies/mathematics
Electrical or Physics
At lest He is trying douche.
My dad got a stint while being Chemical engineer. I'd go for material engineering between both of them
isn't it bad to get a masters from the same place you got your bachelors??

File: 12938470291374.jpg (232 KB, 1000x908)
232 KB
232 KB JPG
Why are humans so pathetic? After 10k years of civilization, the most efficient power generation method is still a fucking watermill
gvie us some knowledge mr gray
Graph is a lie. Gas turbine is over 60% efficient
Who cares about efficiency. Show me $/kwh
Some gay jew misreported the efficiencies on purpose. Almost all items can be much more efficient than this.

>inb4 my IP range gets blocked here too

I just saw this experiment done, and it made me realize that this is the exact same function that causes volcanos to erupt. There's trapped co2 in the earth and acid rain eventually seeps into the mountain and causes the explosion of released gas. It's just so obvious.

File: Dagoth Ur.png (1.03 MB, 600x1000)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB PNG
The COVID pandemic has inspired me to pursue a science in the hopes of bettering mankind, innovating, and doing good. I have an interest in multiple fields including genetics, chemistry, and physics. I am about to be hired as a police officer and have a degree in the humanities but am not opposed to going back to school. I also considered forgoing school and making it a hobby. Where do you recommend I start?
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File: Craigslist Ad.jpg (43 KB, 552x632)
43 KB
Additionally, where I live there are no private prisons, don't have an agenda besides reducing crime rates, and your last point is completely moot because it simply isn't true. As for being a major purchaser of weapons, vehicles, and equipment, there is nothing wrong with any of these things.
Deleted post because your naivety is cute. Good luck you fucking moron.
File: Dagoth Ur Art.png (325 KB, 512x512)
325 KB
325 KB PNG
Ok retard
File: dead soience nigger.jpg (67 KB, 700x890)
67 KB
science is gay, running a well ordered society is something cops can do and science faggots cannot. kneeling on nigger necks is a higher calling than pointlessly publishing research that will never be read, let alone acted on.
>genetics, and physics.
you couldn't pick better, it's literally looking at the building blocks of gods creation

File: file.png (165 KB, 1280x1740)
165 KB
165 KB PNG
Which vaccine did /sci/ get?
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File: oaZsR4a.png (21 KB, 894x267)
21 KB
Got Pfizer. Scheduled for my second shot in late September. Possibly Moderna, my government is mixing vaccines.
me too, i think it's related to the strain, original chinese was mild compared to british shit. british wasn't too bad as infection either, but the postcovid effects were truly shit.
I doubt the clotting is vaccine related, clotting is a signature of covid. I bet whoever spread the propaganda against astrazeneca in the media knew that very well but muh moneyz...

File: Schumann levitator.png (18 KB, 706x498)
18 KB
Schumman Levitator.
They where used in Vril's saucers right?
How they work?
What principles they used?
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go to a youtube channel atlantean gardens and this is my own personal collection I created

you will have to look around in the playlists for those specific vids. I think the inner earth one has a few and so does the atlantean one I am p sure
File: JudeoBolshevism.gif (965 KB, 1280x8002)
965 KB
965 KB GIF
>atlantean gardens
isn't that robert serphr? doesn't he have spook connections or something?

Have you read much by Barry Chamish?
>electric universe faggots write articles called "holocaust mythos and zionism"
sounds about right
are you referring to sepher or chamish?

What is the underlying mechanism that causes acute liver failure/chronic liver failure from selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs)?
Information sources are often heavily biased, due to the compounds being recently heavily marketed due to prohormone sales crackdowns.

File: amo.png (293 KB, 932x591)
293 KB
293 KB PNG
what the fuck do they do all day? measure shit?

and while i've got you here anon, how are condensed matter physicists not just chemists scared of lab equipment and can actually do math?
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nigga would that not be particle physicists
Lots of playing around with lasers, mirrors and beam splitters.
I think they're just different names for the same thing yeah
File: images (14).jpg (28 KB, 600x327)
28 KB
They fine-grain their arguments with priority interrupts based on mechanical measurements so that people just pay them money and stop asking questions.
is this not all experimentalists

File: 1626185816335.png (465 KB, 762x734)
465 KB
465 KB PNG
It can't do anything to you.
Because it's not real.
It will never be real.
It cannot exist.
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Just dropping in to call you an idiot and express that I fully support efforts to bring Romo's Basilisk into existence.
just dropping in to tell the basilisk to snort my shit
File: 1571452751903.jpg (27 KB, 480x302)
27 KB
4chan was overun with reddit normies ages ago
>pseudointellectual reddit fag
I think you answered your own question.

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