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File: 41fcv42eH5L.jpg (22 KB, 367x500)
22 KB
What should I read to understand math really well? (Anything past high school. I know calculus but I want a deeper understanding than what they taught at school.) Is pic related as good as people say it is? I really like the cover. (inb4 don't judge a book by it's cover. Sorry, I'm very lookist.)
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>It's a very rigorous <...> book
The fact that no one can agree on anything almost makes me think that textbook preferences are entirely subjective.
File: 51jjkMCfrmL.jpg (46 KB, 390x500)
46 KB
Would this be better? Once school reopens I can read this in the library. I have other books planned I could read beforehand anyways. Also thank you for recommending Rudin, I think I'll get that book you mentioned along with the others if I like it.
File: TIMESAND___Cover_small.png (250 KB, 300x450)
250 KB
250 KB PNG
Long paper (very short book?) explains a lot of good stuff about math. Starts with Euclid and goes up through high school with an advanced application at the end.

Fractional Distance: The Topology of the Real Number Line with Applications to the Riemann Hypothesis
https://gofile.io/d/gV8m2B also https://vixra.org/abs/1906.0237

ABSTRACT: Recent analysis has uncovered a broad swath of rarely considered real numbers called real numbers in the neighborhood of infinity. Here we extend the catalog of the rudimentary analytical properties of all real numbers by defining a set of fractional distance functions on the real number line and studying their behavior. The main results of are (1) to prove with modest axioms that some real numbers are greater than any natural number, (2) to develop a technique for taking a limit at infinity via the ordinary Cauchy definition reliant on the classical epsilon-delta formalism, and (3) to demonstrate an infinite number of non-trivial zeros of the Riemann zeta function in the neighborhood of infinity. We define numbers in the neighborhood of infinity as Cartesian products of Cauchy equivalence classes of rationals. We axiomatize the arithmetic of such numbers, prove all the operations are well-defined, and then make comparisons to the similar axioms of a complete ordered field. After developing the many underling foundations, we present a basis for a topology.

How the fuck is this shit still a thing? There is literally no treatment. What the fuck do scientists do all day? We need to lock them all in a room and start going through all the diseases of humanity one by one and if they don’t figure it out within a year we start killing one scientist a day. We’ll go in descending order of disease sufferers, so we’ll reach tinnitus in not too long.
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Try mandarin chinese.
i dont want to have to buy a 1000000 key keyboard
Typing chinese is very easy.
>unbearable suicide-inducing torture when in reality it's a minor annoyance that mentally normal people forget about after a few weeks.

Not true. I got it as a kid and it made me depressed for years. I had no idea waht it was and was considered I got brain worms or would go deaf.

I did eventually get over it and now its easy to tune out
Its minor discomfort forever.

can you fuck up the natural processes of your body by drinking too many energy drinks? I drank them everyday for a year, after finals week i stopped drinking all energy drinks and feel like shit all the time and its been a month too. i occasionally drink a cup of tea which makes me feel better but over all feel like shit. is it something to do with my heart?
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Not with redbull, it is just sugar, water and caffeine basically
Not sure about rockstar or monster, they have many more ingredients, I assume it should all be food grade stuff and safe to consume moderately (even if daily) but I don't know for sure.
Caffeine is addictive and will absolutely make you feel like shit when you’re withdrawing. I can’t speak for whatever other active ingredients they put in those things. You just need to stick it out, anon. You’re quitting cold turkey but it will be worth it in the long term. Those things are not healthy for you.
Try consuming Ginseng or Taurine, that might help
Not more than coffee with sugar.
Ginseng is a meme and so it taurine. Not that it doesn't have some positive effects but their intensity is grossly over exaggerated. It can happen regardless though that your body adapts to a daily intake if it's high enough. In this case just wait it out for 2-4 weeks.
It's just caffeine. There are a bunch of vitamins and random crap like taurine but they don't do much. You wouldn't notice a vitamin deficiency immediately.

File: 1593900249399.jpg (506 KB, 3529x3399)
506 KB
506 KB JPG
anyone having weird dreams recently? I've dreamt of the end of the world almost 15 times in the last 2 months
Not science or mathsback to >>/x/ fag
shut up cuck
This post reeks of onions
Scientifically speaking why is this happening

File: yncflt5aooa21.jpg (40 KB, 643x843)
40 KB
qeq, look at this moon

File: 1593610215497.jpg (485 KB, 2560x1440)
485 KB
485 KB JPG
What scientific advances can we expect till the end of this century?
How drastically will the world change over the next few decades?
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No what he mean is that 60% of all baby who are borne die in Afrika, this is why he will reach occult immortality, and organ transplantation immortality, because there is so much material.
All this death babys will boost your organ trade.
How do you feel knowing that there die more babys in afrika as anywhere else?
Tell me if i interpret you graph wrongly.
File: owb866pdtvp21.png (37 KB, 776x496)
37 KB
>occult immortality
Hans I... I just meant the world is going to drown in an unstoppable tide of pajeet and african "asylum seekers", and that 2100 will not be some rosy sci-fi future.

File: 578270777.jpg (67 KB, 960x720)
67 KB
I work as a research Assistant at a chemistry lab doing computational chemistry (Density Functional Theory). Wanted to know if anybody else is also interested in this.
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How hard would it be for someone with double BSc in computer science and Mathematics and a Msc in applied mathematics to get into computational chemistry? Starting from 0 chemistry knowledge.
>How useful do you think computational chemistry really is when its applied to medicinal chemistry
I'm not a computational chemist, but I work in medicinal chemistry and we use software to model drug-protein interactions fairly often. It's kind of how you describe it here
>the best approach always seems to just make a library of compounds and do the biological tests first, and then use computations to confirm binding to protein targets rather than the reverse
I'm sure how it all works, but they after identifying an active compound they get the crystal structure of the protein + substrate and can "dock" new substrates that are similar into that crystal structure.
It's only ever a loose aid, though. It can give you an idea whether an alteration to the molecule is good or not, or what interactions are responsible for activity.
To my knowledge, you can use FEM and FDM to solve for specific pdes once you've constructed a data set from DFT. What do you have in mind?
Probably something along the lines of what >>11877843 said, long term. I'd imagine it isn't that useful for structures such as polymers or glasses.
But short term just getting a solution to some arbitrary problem would be pretty cool too.
You can try a small system perhaps. Maybe silicon or FCC copper. DFT is very good at getting energy values so you can derive things like effective mass purely from DFT energies by solving a second order pde using finite differences. A common one people are always doing is solving transport properties using Boltzmann transport equation.

I spent quite a lot of time rubbing my brain cells together in order to make this. Just follow the instructions in the title: Click the blue line when it appears, press Alt-t, Alt-1, H. Phone users btfo.

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/sci/ is unironically the lowest IQ board on 4chan.
Nah /lit/ is unironically way lower than us.
Why do you wrtie "unironically" when it's highly unlikely that this is even remotely true?
thats pretty neat bro


File: terence-tao-1.jpg (253 KB, 900x750)
253 KB
253 KB JPG
Did he even contribute anything great or make a profound discovery?
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Good take
Tao might be intelligent yes but he is not one for the ages.
I believe the Euler equivalent would be something like discovering the prime distribution? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Proof_that_the_sum_of_the_reciprocals_of_the_primes_diverges
File: 1581618473305 mfw dumb.gif (919 KB, 268x196)
919 KB
919 KB GIF
>Same as Jacob Barnett, literally for being a meme.
Because memes are at the Perimeter Institute.
get back on your meds, Luke

File: Mommy.png (304 KB, 1200x600)
304 KB
304 KB PNG
The more I learn, the more I realize the absolutely mindbogglingly insane conditions that had to coincide to create intelligent life on Earth.

First, Earth itself is a rocky planet, with just the right "Goldilocks" distance to the Sun to support liquid water, with just the right material composition, with an orbit that has very low eccentricity, located on a solar system that is stable, with Jupiter acting as a shield against interstellar asteroids and debris, and it also happens to have a disproportionately large Moon that serves to regulate the tides, which allowed life to emerge on tidal pools that otherwise wouldn't have formed.

Not only that, but Theia's collision with an early Earth helped to shift its axial tilt to a position that creates mild-ish seasons, and also served to slow down Earth's rotation from 10 hours to 24 hours.

Then, after the emergence of life, there were several extinction events that could have gone very differently, either wiping life altogether, or not wiping it out which would have led to life on Earth being very different. The right conditions just so happened that favoured the disappearance of the slow-witted, titanic dinosaur life of the Jurassic and favoured the evolution of smarter, smaller animals like birds and mammalians, with larger brains that consume much more oxygen but smaller bodies. Out of all these mammalians, the right conditions favoured apes to climb down from the trees and move to the Savannas, which again favoured larger intelligence as socialization became a requisite for survival in the large hunter-gatherer tribes of early hominins. Out of all these different types of hominins, Homo Sapiens managed to win out the evolutionary game against Neanderthals, both competed for the same food sources and (roughly) habitats, but it was the Humans that managed to win and drive out the Neanderthals to extinction in no small part thanks to our domestication of dogs which gave us an edge in hunting.
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The neanderthal part is pretty irrelevant since they were already as smart as homo sapiens sapiens.
>a thread died for this
Why haven't we checked this yet? Send a probe already!
That's a low estimate, some models would go on for around 10^10^10 years or more.
File: fermi.png (41 KB, 1781x401)
41 KB
Simple life is pretty abundant everywhere in the universe but intelligent life is stupid rare.

File: toilet.jpg (20 KB, 650x450)
20 KB
/sci/ can you please provide some scientific sources that sitting down to pee is unhealthy compared to peeing while standing?

I know it causes hemorrhoids and you cannot create enough pressure to empty the bladder, but I need some peer reviewed sources to prove my point in a discussion.
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okay, just sat down and had a nice long piss and then stood up and no more piss came out
get your peepee checked out bro
Then maybe yours is too short
What the fuck this is not true at all
Does anyone else squat on the toilet seat and push their cock down?
Based ape chad. Although my bowl is starting to crack a little bit.

File: Gospers_glider_gun.gif (21 KB, 250x180)
21 KB
There are light speed in Conway's Game of life.
Are there momentum or energy conservation in the game?
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It's more of a biology simulator than a physics simulator.
really cool video, thanks for sharing
i wish the dude to fill more comfortable in life
sound like he is fantasizing about being funded and that his life and humanity's life will be better if he be working full time on this and not have to go to regular work, this is the reason i think he didn't not release any excel sheets for us to experiment with
i wish him peace ( he won't find it in the funding )
>using fucking excel for your CA
What is your definition of energy and momentum conservation?
To this day I cannot get over how dropping random patterns into these seemingly arbitrary rules creates stable structures with orthogonal direction even on tiny scales.

File: eymli.png (260 KB, 615x718)
260 KB
260 KB PNG
>Does economics belong here?

I have taken up self study on economics. I took titles of all recommended books and articles off MIT OCW. My original intention in getting the textbooks was to find PDFs and pull original sources off of them and then weed out all of the textbook filler. Aside from inline examples there aren't sources. This isn't such a big problem. I noticed that later graduate courses really hinge on examining actual events, case studies, and articles. Big plus and they are already organized by topic. Seeing as the MIT textbooks do not provide what I seek, I am looking for an economics book dump. Math included is not necessary, but is also fine. Economic philosophy is a big plus as well, I have no clue of what to look for outside of pop econ.
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>value should
He was describing what value actually was, not what it should be in Das Kapital
Did you even finish the first chapter
File: tetlock 2004.jpg (48 KB, 951x698)
48 KB
Daily reminder economics is not a science, and even if it was, it would not be worth funding institutionally as
1) the predictive validity of dilettantes in the field is just as strong as experts
(pic related)
2) You make better return on investments if you treat experts in the field as anti-experts (invest in the ones they say are crap)
3) economists cannot reliably predict a recession more than 2 months in advance
4) The more qualified the academic, the less good they are at predicting outcomes in economics https://www.nber.org/papers/w22566
Economic is not science. You should go back to >>>/biz/

File: Beavis.jpg (60 KB, 968x681)
60 KB
How do you know when a dam is a god dam?

File: lyceum.png (84 KB, 300x170)
84 KB
I've created a discord server that'll serve as an academic hub to anyone with those kinds of interests. There are channels dedicated to humanities, sciences, fine arts, religion, etc.
If you'd like to be an admin for it, please add me on discord @Enoch #3039
There's already a /sci/ discord, anon.

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