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To the believers of Many World's Theory, why do you believe in it and why should I?
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When any kind of event needs to collapse it doesn't make sense why only one thing happen.
It's not that big of a deal.
Many worlds doesn't actually imply much it's just more reasonable.
no Everettian has been able to find a consistent derivation of the Born probabilities.
It explains the apparent quantum randomness. Copenhagen doesn’t explain how a specific state is selected to collapse to. It’s an unjustified, unnecessary assumption that has to be tacked on to the theory.
It requires the least amount of assumptions. I don't know the math of quantum mechanics yet but I'm told there is nothing in the math to require the wave function ever be collapsed, hence the simplest explanation until we find something better is that there are that many worlds.

Bell's inequality rules out local hidden variables, not a state of the whole universe variable.
space-time is flat and infinite, is that not the general consensus at the moment?

EE Bros how are you holding up?
Life’s rough but I enjoy my classes
Tough but enjoyable, good profs. Fuck the woketard staff though, worse than ever
i dont know how imma survive error correction codes. i hate this math i wish i can dump it on matlab. kms

I wish quantum mechanics were never invented
I wish modern physics remained fully deterministic and possibly discretely particle-only
I wish scientists would need to give answers better than "i don't know what's happening exactly but i can tell you there's 5% chance that X will happen"
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I'm saying that the Copenhagen school didn't really think collapse was real and the wikipedia section I quoted proves that. End of story. I'll quote the most relevant part again
> According to Howard and Faye, the writings of Bohr do not mention wave function collapse.[24][7]
>shiny paper he get from skool mean he know moree oooga booga
How do you explain double slit with classical physics?
>How do you explain double slit with classical physics?
which one? theres the light double-slit that confirms light is a wave, and there's the electron one which was a THOUGHT experiment by Feynman, which he said said also never be performed.
>I'm saying that the Copenhagen school didn't really think collapse was real
none of its real, obviously. but QM is a house of cards. without WFC there are no quantum solutions.

New Physics Experiment Indicates There's No Objective Reality


I'm surprised it wasn't bigger news so I'm questioning it for that reason which may be kind of stupid idk.
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sounds like a pop-sci rag
Your mom probably needs a weigh in
link to the actual paper, picrel

also I skimmed through it and I cant tell at all how the pop-sci article is claiming there is no objective reality, its still the usual, we literally can never know until we measure problem.
File: Polarizers.pdf (350 KB, PDF)
350 KB
350 KB PDF
>Didn't read it but Bell's theorem already disproved local realism >50 years ago

blocks your path

So my cunt recently established green passports and if you aren't vaxxed you can't go anywhere. Now I am looking for the safest vaccine in terms of side effects, so what's /sci/'s opinion on Novavax's technology and is it any better than Pfizer, Moderna and the rest? Is it worth waiting for them to get approved so I get this particular one?
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mRNA is not inherently more dangerous than any of the others. I personally am not getting injection until they do not make sign a liability waiver before hand. As long as I haven no consumer protection, I refuse, and to force people to do this without any sort of protection is unethical.
>So my cunt recently became a facist technocracy and if you aren't poisoned you can't go anywhere.
Anon its time to fight back
Oh great, another stealth Novavax shill thread.
I hope advertising a kill shot at the skeptical crowd pays well.
mrna, parasites, heavy metals, graphene oxide, nanomachines and god knows what else.

but i guess all those microscope studies were photoshop HAHAHAHA
link me a single study HAHAHAHA, a collage of pictures claiming odd shapes to be "parasites" is not a study btw.

File: wolkengeslachten.png (123 KB, 700x462)
123 KB
123 KB PNG
I personally think cumulus and cumulonimbus clouds since they are affected by the warmth caused by climate change the most.

File: aubrey-de-grey.jpg (17 KB, 200x267)
17 KB
How likely are we to find the cure to old age in our lifetime? Is longevity escape velocity just a fad for them to scam us money or is there some reality behind it? I heard there are some meds that work on rats already
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Are you fucking retarded? You do realize the western world and any other country that's developed is having the problem of diminished birth rates, coupled with an exceedingly large senior population who disproportionately taxes the health systems and government pensions.

If more people are biologically young, the burden on the infrastructure goes down considerably, less people are retiring, higher economic output and tax revenue being generated.
Why does he look like a homeless person?
He's an eccentric Harrovian gent.
What happens to your consciousness when you're frozen?
>wanting to live forever

I hope someone gets what I want to hear.

This is the molecule of 1-phenylurea. How would one go to extract this from a plant, without the technic of boiling it in hot water.

What I mean by that, can you grind another plant or material or substance, to extract 1-phenylurea out of said plant? It is bound with other plant-shit-material, but you still can somehow unbound it, as far as my knowledge in chemistry goes.

God Im high as fuck but if someone even barely wants to try to examine what I want to hear I'd be so fucking happy!
without boiling it, possibly.
>get plant
>grind up plant
>crude separation of some type, acid might bind so maybe base?
>figure out which fraction is your desired compound.
>pay a tech $16/hr to run the LC day and night until you have enough compound to do what you need
well you could do an acid-base extraction by checking the pKa values of the amino group to make it water soluble, followed by making it basic and extracting it with an organic solvant

you could also use a soxhlet etractor but that would carry out a bunch of other compounds

good luck on your journey anon

File: cute.jpg (74 KB, 810x1136)
74 KB
If there was an early split in the span of Earth life whose niche eventually was dedicated to living on the bottom of the deepest ocean floors, is it at all possible that these organisms could evolve to develop consciousness to human levels? Is conscious thought at a human level even theoretically possible given the constraints of life at this depth? How could they survive? Would breaking the surface be akin to going to space for them?
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>you will never be a simple farmer tending to your deep sea hydrothermal giant tube worms
why even live
Imagine being some primitive species living on the ocean floor and discovering wrecks of old ships and reverse-engineering the technology from it. I still find the "water UFO" theory interesting.
File: 1-Figure1-1.png (48 KB, 1452x486)
48 KB
>Life on Earth can be traced back to as far as 3.8 billion years (Ga) ago. The catastrophic meteoritic bombardment ended between 4.2 and 3.9 Ga ago. Therefore, if life emerged, and we know it did, it must have emerged from nothingness in less than 400 million years. The most recent scenarios of Earth accretion predict some very unstable physico-chemical conditions at the surface of Earth, which, in such a short time period, would impede the emergence of life from a proto-biotic soup. A possible alternative would be that life originated in the depth of the proto-ocean of the Hadean Earth, under high hydrostatic pressure. The large body of water would filter harmful radiation and buffer physico-chemical variations, and therefore would provide a more stable radiation-free environment for pre-biotic chemistry. After a short introduction to Earth history, the current tutorial review presents biological and physico-chemical arguments in support of high-pressure origin for life on Earth.

return to pre-biotic chemistry, anon. return to eden
Maybe. Probably cultivating something that can have exothermal reactions as part of its metabolism.
>Would they grow plants to feed their livestock?
Not the worst idea, really. Learn what incentivises something like algae or plankton growth in a given area and try to reproduce it where you want it. Proceed to eat things feeding on those at a place of your choosing.

You are a biologist traveling through a rainforest and you are bitten by a venomous snake. Luckily you know the venom can be neutralized by licking the back of the male of a certain species of frog. You also know that only females of this species croak, males and females are otherwise indistinguishable from a distance, positioning and croaking behavior of a frog is random and independent from other frogs, and the population is evenly split between males and females and can be considered arbitrarily large.

Luckily you see a frog of this species in front of you. You then hear a croak behind you and turn around to see a pair of the same species of frog where the croak came from. You only have enough time to run and lick the lone frog or the pair. Which direction do you run and what is your chance of survival?

37 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Okay, then don't.
It is, it's a fakeass problem so people are making up parameters on the fly. What if the frogs croak just a few times per day, or at some specific time like a cuckoo... It's literally that you are licking one uncroaking frog in both instances. Either one you choose is equally likely as the other.
>it's a fakeass problem so people are making up parameters on the fly.
How is it "fakeass?"

>What if the frogs croak just a few times per day, or at some specific time like a cuckoo...
Then it's still not 50%.

>It's literally that you are licking one uncroaking frog in both instances.
Right, and that frog is more than 50% likely to be male.
Yes yes. A very confounding problem indeed.
Thankfully, because I am very smart, I did my research on the venomous species in the area well before embarking on my journey through the jungle. To prepare I captured over 100 frogs and placed them all in a burlap sack to carry with me.
Now instead of having to waste precious moment chasing after and catching frogs, I merely open my bag and begin licking as many frogs as I possibly can. Why, I can lick frogs so fast I bet I could get 50 licks in.
So what are my chances of survival now? I have no fucking idea. I am a biologist after all; I can't do math.
But my chances of survival are most certainly higher than some weenie who we into the jungle without a sack of 100 frogs.
The croaking one is 100% male. You can't determine the odds of the others without knowing how often these fucks croak.

File: 20211022_123249.jpg (103 KB, 1242x1394)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
100 is the biggest number
6 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
101 doesn't exist.
I’d give you a raise if I could.
9 is the biggest number, nigger
Lmao fuck outta here with your definitions, infinity is a number because I say so

i have 2 days to master my differential equations course wtf are fourier-legendre series and why are they used instead of taylor series AAAAAA help /sci/ V
9 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
lol idk i dropped diffeq
Not OP, but as a Computer Science major, Am I missing something if I don't take differential equations?
You're missing something if you still think you will be happy wageslaving. Do what interests you, not what you think you have to do to be attractive to an employer.
>le gender
You will never be a real woman
File: 1622024944600.jpg (39 KB, 679x387)
39 KB
just linearize around the current state and assume its valid for your case

File: gas gs.png (15 KB, 306x117)
15 KB
/math/ i keep on getting these hilarious captchas, this can't be random.
they gotta be seeding the randomness that creates the captchas with memes, is there a mathematical way to prove it?
17 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
This. You're ignoring the vast quantity of captchas which don't present any word patterns, thus minimizing your sample space to only those patterns which your brain likes to remember.
What if I got A D G V X as my captcha? That's unbelievable! What are the odds???!?!?!?!

No? Not that awesome? But what are the odds I'd get that EXACT string of letters?

What? It doesn't spell out anything? But it was just as likely to pop up as any other captcha! This proves it's not random!!!!!
If you think that sounds retarded, then at least you're not retarded enough to see why the confirmation bias exists.
File: my captcha.jpg (4 KB, 300x57)
4 KB
Lol not everything can be proved with math, you sound like a typical nazi incel slash pol dweller
>doesn’t understand significance
I mean, you could program out these things, but...
Humans will always be able to notice patterns and messages in truly random sequences. The make something seem truly random to a person, it can't actually be random.

File: pepe-biondi-2.jpg (221 KB, 368x587)
221 KB
221 KB JPG
I figured out gravity, its just cosmic slowdown like a shooter on the snes when theres loads of bullets on screen

Any given area of space can only process so much information at one time. the more information there is in an area, the longer it takes to fully process that information. energy oscillating between different information densitys will spend longer in the slower rate, and thus be pulled towards it.

Therefore gravity is not an effect of space time curvature, but the net delta between processing rates.

How do i collect my nobel prize?
You know, you can literally go and simulate this in like 500 lines of Python. Go see if it looks like gravity. I don't see it working at all, because under your model, gravity has an exponential pull relative to density.
So can I increase gravity by producing a huge fart? How big would the fart need to be to effect the gravity within my local environment?
i know cpp il give it a go, im not sure i see your point though
no because your shart is already brewing in your guts, if anything the processing speed of your area of space will increase as the volatiles dissipate and the shit crusts up around your ass and leg area

File: 1634822610229.jpg (85 KB, 1024x985)
85 KB
>people with sub 130IQ are actually posting on this board right now
32 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
keep seething, egghead.
>there are jannies that delete scientific threads on the science board
File: IFLSMoment.jpg (231 KB, 1200x1082)
231 KB
231 KB JPG
>genuinely stupid and anti science
jfl at the absolute S E E T H E of reddit tourists towards /pol/
File: 1634060265865.jpg (211 KB, 1200x956)
211 KB
211 KB JPG
>people with sub 145IQ are actually posting on this board right now
sorry, i'll keep the posts to a minimum

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