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Post your favourite scientific manuscripts ITT, preferably with pertinent information.
>The Dunhuang map or Dunhuang Star map is one of the first known graphical representations of stars from ancient Chinese astronomy, dated to the Tang Dynasty (618–907). Before this map, much of the star information mentioned in historical Chinese texts had been questioned. The map provides a graphical verification of the star observations, and are part of a series of pictures on one of the Dunhuang manuscripts. The astronomy behind the map is explained in an educational resource posted on the website of the International Dunhuang Project, where much of the research on the map has been done. The Dunhuang Star map is to date the world's oldest complete preserved star atlas.

File: pepethefrog.jpg (37 KB, 975x600)
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Is it possible than our species or the evolution of our species in the very far future stop feeling emotions (love, fear, etc)?
I'm afraid about consequences of messing with natural reproduction and that it would lead to us stopping to reproduce with consequences such as the one I mentioned above.

How would natural selection react? Can humans survive longterm without emotions?
Hard to tell but basically without emotions there is no reason to do anything at all. Nothing logical about survival.
Quite opposite, everyone will cry about literally everything.

Which route will you take, anon?
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I got my master's, going to grab 3 to 4 years of industry experience and if I hate it, I'm going for a PhD. That way once I complete my PhD (most likely at a R2 uni), if I cannot find a comfy small uni job to teach and do my own research, I can hop back into industry.
I'm good with my BS to be honest. A PhD sounds interesting, but I just don't think it's worth the salary cut and time needed to acquire the degree.
even pornstars hate their jobs sometimes or dont feel like doing it sometimes it doesnt matter if you love it or not, just make sure the job isnt literal hell and has a balance of both
Its not implicit at all.
Easily industry
But that's because I'm a code ape that smashes scripts into game until programs are made. Spare me the Os and the graphs, I got lists full of vectors and am not afraid to use them.

File: 1200px-Blue_Banana.svg.png (333 KB, 1200x1046)
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333 KB PNG
Now that the blue banana of innovative Germanics are being demographically replaced, where will the next innovation and research capital (per capita) be?

My bets:

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>Biology is not a science.
Stopped read there
The blue banana is based on cities that have a high urbanization rate with highly advanced economies contributing to a very high GDP per capita and innovation index. This is due to an early adoption of the knowledge worker model and emphasis on the production of high value products such as automobiles, pharma, specialized chemicals etc., but also financial instruments.

They are known as research centres because a disproportionately large number of innovations (high impact papers and patents) are generated there (just over half of all OPEC innovations today, and an 90% historically and over a quarter up until the modern tech boom in the USA). Almost everything else happened/happens in Paris/USA.
why do presume the replacement ethnics will need further innovation? they have been content in thier civilisation have been stagnant in development for thousands of years.
Literally this, without whites there will literally be no innovation, the chinese are incapable unless its stolen or reverse engineered, even then its of an inferior quality.
From the very first boats and ships to landing space craft on mars, no other peoples have even come close, they've had the same time to catch up too.
Today africans cant even build ships to such a design and quality like the ships built in the 1600s, they'll never reach mars or beyond.
No whites, no innovation. Stuck forever in a malignant status quo.
some other region will emerge eventually, once our civilization collapse. just like before it used to Greece, middle east and China.

File: 1620592476012.png (333 KB, 968x845)
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333 KB PNG
What a fucking hack
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Because the fed has been hyper-inflating the dollar but they can't hyper-inflate crypto
How is that any different from some people being born to richfags or with 145+IQ
You’re so pathetic. I bet you think all of your problems would be solved if you could just rotate shapes better in your head.
This pic was made by a seething inferior "person"
>It's almost as if
You will never be a woman

File: E085f88XoAMKMrz.jpg (440 KB, 2019x3090)
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440 KB JPG
6/π2 ≈ 61%

Well, /sci/?
You can't "pick a positive integer at random," since each integer would have probability 0 of being picked.

What you mean is that if you pick two integers uniformly from the range 1, 2, ..., N, then the probability that they are relatively prime approachs 6/π^2 as N approaches infinity.

But yeah, other than that, the math checks out.
Pretty cool desu, especially given that the reciprocal of that value is the solution to the "Basel problem", but you guys are probably aware, since that is like into real analysis stuff

File: time-management.jpg (114 KB, 1268x1300)
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114 KB JPG
what about it?
Sounds like a wagecuck thing.
Nobody on this board has mastered it.
It's a great thing to master, but it doesn't have to be so rigid and soulless as in that picture
Just make a few fundamental rules for yourself and build around it
What makes you say so

File: 1589894991443.png (1.27 MB, 2359x1749)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB PNG
I go to the kitchen to grab thing B. However, on the way to thing B also lies a thing A that I have to grab.
I can either grab thing A on the way to thing B, or grab it when going back after grabbing thing B.

I grab thing A on the way to thing B (option 1) because I know that it's better to grab the thing the first time I see it before I forget that I need to grab it.
On the way back, I no longer think of option 2.
Now, a question.
Is there a way to determine whether I didn't think of option 2 because I had no need for it or because I forgot about thing A (like I assumed I would)?
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The need for A is what prompts remembering A in the first place, so I don't think so.

Spontaneius engram destruction. As soon as you picked up the thing, your memory of ot as being needed was exploded.
comfy rainy sunday morning
It is said that you forget things whenever you pass through a doorway. The reason is supposedly that your brain gets a sudden influx of new visual inputs and that displaces the things you had to remember.

Griffiths vs Thomson?
Great book
File: 1586296403595.jpg (44 KB, 640x628)
44 KB
I'll fight you.

File: IMG_20210503_171555.jpg (84 KB, 718x453)
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Is there something more imaginary than complex numbers? i.e we say that √-1 doesn't exist but cool stuff happens if it does, what about things like 1/0, going past infinity, a statement that is neither true nor false etc?
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One thing you need to understand about mathematics is that it needs to be consistent to work. Any new axiom or definition that leads to contradictions instantly breaks math. Truth and falsehood lose their meaning and doing any kind of reasoning becomes impossible. Introducing square root of negative one leads to a consistent theory, so we can do it. Giving a definite value to 1/0 would lead to contradictions, so we can't do it.
>Introducing square root of negative one leads to a consistent theory
*consistent theory where the usual rules of arithmetics hold (well, most of them)
>Giving a definite value to 1/0 would lead to contradictions
*giving a definite value to 1/0 and assuming that usual rules of arithmetics hold
But that means the =\= isnt true
It is true for x if x=/= x.
But x =\= x isnt true in this case. Are you mentally ill or smthing?

File: 1620108163033.jpg (160 KB, 861x1224)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
From everything I've seen, the laws of thermodynamics haven't actually been proven. We know that for macroscopic systems they should be essentially true due to simple probability. However, I haven't seen any proof that an atomic-scale device couldn't reverse entropy. While it's very unlikely that a random youtuber can create energy using magnets, it isn't inconceivable that a complex organic molecule or a small nanobot could reverse entropy. Hell, the proof that Maxwell's Demon is impossible relies on the assumption that the laws of thermodynamics hold anyway.
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didnt read, just dropping in to say I want to have sweaty sex with Kurisu. Bye
Enter thread.
Save image.
Leave thread.
My friend has one who also watches anime. I'm jealous to say the least.
File: based department.png (214 KB, 297x419)
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214 KB PNG
File: kurisuberg.png (556 KB, 1048x902)
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556 KB PNG
Good thread.

File: vodi.jpg (98 KB, 553x342)
98 KB
File: vodi2.png (437 KB, 602x501)
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437 KB PNG
File: vodi3.jpg (70 KB, 600x423)
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can it make my dick grows 5 extra inches?
Back to /x/ retards

File: image_large.png (236 KB, 768x514)
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236 KB PNG
Is the northern US and Canada the best place to buy land if you want to avoid climate catastrophe?
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Looks like Italy took up jogging and lost weight
>You can't question them but I say they're questionable to refute you but still they're unquestionable.
Don't you get nauseous from all the doublespeak you're doing?
>Denmark, the Netherlands and the entire state of Florida of will cease to exist
If anything ever destroys the netherlands, it won't be water. They'll just build more fucking dams.
Sea levels are projected to increase less than 2 meters by 2100.

Climate change is severely overhyped.
you posted a graph from 2010 and those are articles from this year.

File: 1603727375603.png (146 KB, 333x499)
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146 KB PNG
Judson or Pinter?
Shilov or H&K?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I'm taking Abstract Algebra this semester and so far Rotman's book has been good, it's both rigorous and easy to read. For practice problems I've been using Herstein's "Topics in Algebra".

As for introductory Linear Algebra, I'd go with Friedberg. It has a good balance of theory and applications and it's very readable. I think Shilov is a bit too dense. Hoffman it's a classic but probably a little difficult for a first course in Linear Algebra. Either way, it's always good to learn from different sources :)
Do you mean Advanced modern algebra or An introduction to the theory of groups?
go with pinter if you aren't a maths student but want a solid introduction
obviously augment thsi with more stuff afterwards but pinter is really good for getting your feet wet
Any more suggestions? More materia?

File: xvyyzrabj.png (295 KB, 509x574)
295 KB
295 KB PNG
>had the chance to join top STEM programme
>imposter syndrome
>enrol in BLaw
>graduate with a law degree
>switch to an MSc in business analytics in the hope of breaking into STEM
>still feel miserable
>thinking about switching to an undergrad program in CS

What can I do bro/s/? I'm 26 and feel like my life is already over.

I didn't believe in myself when it mattered and now I feel I lost out. I was admitted to a program I wanted to go and chickened out because I was scared.
Should I go for the CS or math undergrad and graduate with 29? Or should I work first and code on the side?

I feel lost and thought we might get our own support group going on /sci/ because there might be more of us here.
172 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
Literally every adult in my life told me it's the way to go
same age, but graduated at 24 so i only have a year not counting internships. everything at both big tech and small web app startup was profit or cost motivated that i really felt like i was just a glorified maintenance tool for the bean counters. it was existential enough that i convinced myself that i HAVE to become a research eng or RS somehow so that i didn't feel like i was wasting my life. if i wanted to waste my life i should become a neet on autismbux or a lazy government worker
yes, the only good thing about the phd - 4 years of state money (now 3 left)
PhDs are honestly overrated in their difficulty.

If you find a niche field where you can specialize, you usually don't have the same issues as in a Master's program, which is basically just studying a lot of different things, even if they're related.
>one and a half years left of memechanical engineering
i dont want to do this anymore bros

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