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File: 1590510729966.png (201 KB, 443x502)
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It's over, /sci/.
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No 5G meaning less money for the jews.
>first country to get nuked by solar radiation: brazil
im ok with this
Thats because of SAA (southern atlantic anomaly)

You do have one, right?
Yea, it's called a window, came with the home I moved into.
File: we will rock you.jpg (216 KB, 768x1024)
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216 KB JPG

should humans shrink their size to decrease consumption? Or maybe get bigger to increase human brain? Which option is better, scientifically speaking?
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File: grey.jpg (8 KB, 236x295)
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It has already happened, pic related is us from the future.
show tits or gtfo
Humans need to shrink their COOMsumption.
I want shrank and sat on. So shrinking
>Which option is better, scientifically speaking?
shrinking the males and keeping the females normal sized

File: 1554830959855.jpg (106 KB, 655x700)
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106 KB JPG
What is the evolutionary advantage of having a small penis?
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Less calories spent on a larger penis.

Gorillas for example have very small penises. It only needs to be big enough to impregnate the females in their harem. The calories they consume are spent on building muscle mass.
Indeed the average penis size of MENAs and Indians might be even smaller.
Still disproves that there's a casual relationship tho
If anything western culture of narcissism would be more inclined to skew the numbers.
Would you let me pound your ass while you crossdress?

File: file.png (1.14 MB, 1200x550)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB PNG
I'm majoring in computer science and just finished my freshman year. Could I become a CIA or FBI agent? Seems like a cool field but that's probably just me watching too many movies/ tv. Please don't try and crush my dreams too hard.
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Literally every member of the military has a secret you fucking retard.
I've worked with some NSA people. None of them seemed above average. (Who knows if they were working where I was because they got fired, though, I guess.)

I don't really have any problem with the government or intelligence agencies for the most part (minus any indiscriminate warrantless dragnet surveillance by NSA), but just from what I figure, working in the private sector is generally more fun, less soul-crushing, and pays a lot higher. You have a lot more freedom in a lot of ways.

Also, if you really want to work such a job that badly, just make your own para-intelligence agency. Works for a lot of private companies, and a few non-profit owners like Assange, etc.
You can be the sword in the dark. The (You) poster who derails what the CIA can't be seen to derail. A watchful protector. An annoying retard. A glowing negro.

Not necessarily with those two particular organisations, but alphabet soups in general are always looking for more computer nerds.
actually the FBI is hurting for CS grads. You just need a couple years of professional work experience and can apply

File: z8Dk9Ev.jpg (706 KB, 1000x2891)
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706 KB JPG
What are the characteristics of having a high IQ?
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File: goebbels.png (288 KB, 717x410)
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288 KB PNG
unironically being antisemitic is a sign of high IQ and (((pattern))) recognition
File: goebbels2.png (138 KB, 501x280)
138 KB
138 KB PNG
not to mention high situational awareness, character and courage. I dare say being an antisemite is the sign of an apex, alpha male specimen
>What are the characteristics of having a high IQ?
Needing antidepressants or other medicine after getting a boo boo.
File: 1275937249093s.jpg (44 KB, 600x615)
44 KB
Wait what is this thread.
based that's what it is

>anon pluto is smaller than the USA

Is it true or is this anon thinks that I am retarded?
the surface area of pluto is 1.832 times the area of the united states
Pluto is some 3600 km in diameter so it could "fit" within the 4300 km wide border of the US.

File: circle_PNG62.png (256 KB, 1848x1970)
256 KB
256 KB PNG
A circle of zero radius is indiscernible from a circle of infinite radius.
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>A circle of zero radius is indiscernible from a circle of infinite radius.
Because they dont exist?
>The circle of infinite radius looks like a straight line to an observor that's standing right on the curve
That's impossible if you really think about it

OP, if you're still there, was this a T-duality joke?

File: 1559241687303.png (41 KB, 910x698)
41 KB
just submitted my theoretical physics undergrad dissertation bros, feels good
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no reason
>I'd love to but I'm switching to computer science for my masters, gonna use the physics background to get myself in quantum computing/quantum algorithms

So? Publishing a paper is still a nice achievement that might help later.
oh, you mean what we have now? I asked about this, but before what we've done would be to a publishable standard there are still extra features in the code base we'd have to implement, which according to my professor we would had only ever had time to do if I had started this project in a summer placement the year before, which as you'd imagine no one ever told me. I at least got it to the point myself where only a minor amount of work has to be done to get it to that standard, which I think he's gonna end up doing himself over the next year in between his main work.
Ah, I assumed you had enough for a (small) paper.

How do we know that this is a real picture of the black hole and not some shitty jpeg they whipped up to save face
What if something went wrong with the equipment or the code didn't do what they expected to do and they didn't want to seem like they wasted all that time and money?
How can we check the authenticity of the picture?
Or really any claim any scientist makes that we cant test ourselves?
I want to actually discuss and learn about this topic don't just tell me to go to /x/ you faggots
I am not a flat earther or anti vaxx or anything like that btw
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I feel the same way OP. All science that has been more or less proven in textbooks with data is the only science I put any credence in. All of the theoretical stuff that is either not be proven or has limited data behind it I’m skeptical of. I also am skeptical of some of these images as chicanery would be an easy avenue.
my ears hurt.
If course it's not a real photo. That whole story was made for the sole purpose of having that smug little Jewess mug the camera while they write articles about how men are btfo'd because a woman found LMAO SCIENCE. These stories are a distraction like the backwards time alternate dimension bullshit.
I've been skeptical even about the existence of black holes lately. Our imperfect mathematics and equations broke down and did something crazy so that means there's a big scary out there in the dark that could consume us all.
This ugly little jewess contributed minimally to the code and to the project. Her name isn't even near the first few listed in the paper on arxiv. She's just another code monkey out of a group of a couple of hundred people, not even close to one of the top minds working on the project, but she gets undue credit and all of the media attention because Jew and because vagina. She is not an innovator. She's just another second-rate mind mooching off of the hard work and genius of her betters.

File: 1585883500736.png (89 KB, 723x677)
89 KB
Is set theory the 'assembly language' of maths?
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File: images.jpg (7 KB, 204x247)
7 KB
A set is an immutable array or association for a given set of operations on values.

It is more like the autistic version of mathematics so that you know what bucket you can or can't touch because it is currently in use.

Memory functions really are just carry, hold, and shift value.
Its bullshit that needs to know its place
He says nothing of substance in the video (or in his other videos). Why do YOU consider set theory to be bullshit?
watch the video
He can't think for himself

File: Albert-Hofmann.jpg (90 KB, 1024x1001)
90 KB
Does LSD have major medical attributes like new studies suggest? Or is there another agenda behind the recurring psychedelics hype wave. Hard to say considering how pozzed MAPS is.

File: cbd-snakeoil.jpg (139 KB, 650x433)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
Does CBD oil have a high likelihood of decreasing the symptoms of anxiety?
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No it's not lol

Responds to meme with meme. Well played

File: 1590009760451.jpg (122 KB, 660x868)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
Are there any animals more social than monkes?
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Haha he look like he's about to say "oi cunt hows it goin m8?"
File: vgcxI.jpg (33 KB, 490x290)
33 KB
Whales and dolphins
File: 82639889329873982.jpg (16 KB, 340x214)
16 KB
They made the mistake of going on land, but were smart enough to move back to the oceans. We're 100% dumber than them.

Why are there fundamental underivable constants in physics but not in pure mathematics?
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it's actually a relatively interesting question. I believe the fact that we cannot derive them from first principles, and that experiment is needed for many of these constants, implies that our theories are incomplete.
why can we calculate pi without needing to measure anything, but not the electron mass?
no paper has demonstrated time variation of constants to enough significance.
Then what is pi?

Underivable as far as you know
yeah but it still requires you to measure the circumference and diameter. can you really call that a derivation?
File: maxresdefault (2).jpg (58 KB, 1280x720)
58 KB
You can derive pi without any reference to geometry at all.

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