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>be me
>software engineer at a research lab (not academic institute)
>full of academics
>academics bust their asses coming up with elaborate mathematical models
>i implement them in our open source software
>no one gives a shit about the theory/math
>everyone loves the software, thousands of users
>i get all the credit as the lead dev
>constant stream of offers from recruiters and companies
I feel sorry for academic bros… how can I let them know I value their contribution? I’m just a code monkey implementing things in a performant way.
you sure do seem to like talking about yourself
Good to see there are women in tech.
After reading OP's post, I decided to bite the bullet and pursue a Software e
Engineering career. A decade and a half later, my investment of time paid back in large sums of money and then some. I am so glad to have chosen Software Engineering. I reccommend everyone becomes a Software Engineer - your free ticket to a good life!
File: ICL Sucks.png (306 KB, 1711x975)
306 KB
306 KB PNG
You're a sucker. When the day of the rope comes, those academics are going to make themselves scarce while you take all the blame.
Wow this describes my academic colleagues to a tee. I had a phd write a small script for me and it turned exactly like this. Globals everywhere, no consistency, no real engineering or mathematical understanding of which piece goes where.

File: 1648829186509.gif (82 KB, 900x770)
82 KB
if methane is like 80 times worse than CO2 and millions of tonnes of methane is leaking out of Siberia would it be worthwhile - from a climate change perspective - to nuke Siberia and burn all that methane into CO2?
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>Destroys a land worth 75 trillion in resources to solve a fake problem
At best, you get a fuckton of CO2 instead of a fuckton of methane. Still bad, and it's worth mentioning that methane has shorter atmospheric residence time in the atmosphere
If we want to end global warming we need to nuke not just Siberia, but all of Russia and Iran, and then we need to end all large scale cattle, dairy, poultry, and pork agriculture and switch to insect and onions-based diets. Anyone who disagrees is a far-right neonazi conspiracy theorist being funded by the Russians.
By onions do you mean soya
methane leaks are intentionally burned to reduce their impact, yes

File: paintbear.gif (3.66 MB, 512x512)
3.66 MB
3.66 MB GIF
Also an AI reduced a 100K equation physics problem to 4 equations. But I'm more into the bear painter.
yeah yeah the singularity is upon us and all that whats new

File: Download (2).jpg (15 KB, 190x265)
15 KB
did unique fingerprints evolve so criminals could get caught easier and be removed from a society?
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Assuming that their uniqueness is a trait that evolved is wrong.

Their uniqueness is a side effect of how they form. Not all aspects of all adaptations that show up in a population must be advantageous.
How long has humanity understood fingerprints to be unique? A couple hundred years?
how do i upvote this ?
File: relax.jpg (25 KB, 525x478)
25 KB
they aren't unique, that is a lie that was created to allow the FBI to falsify guilt using a "scientific" black box. their hair and fiber analysis is all fake too, so is their genetic testing. they are all false premises by which the FBI's unlimited budget is used as a substitute for legitimate evidence.
File: toast.jpg (83 KB, 500x756)
83 KB
No, it'd just be harder to make identical fingerprints, like how it'd be hard to make two identical storms. Too many details you would need to match.

It has come to my attention that engineers often know things which physicists do not.
Failure theory is a prime example of this. This means I cannot learn engineering by studying physics and "figuring out" the rest. What other based fields does the engineer hide from the physicist?
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The difference is that if you tell 10 engineers to do a calculation, they bring you 10 different results.
Physics is academic circle jerking and basically a welfare program
Engineering is real
File: 81t54I00waL.jpg (484 KB, 1415x1962)
484 KB
484 KB JPG
>What other based fields does the engineer hide from the physicist?
Signal processing
You can learn anything by "figuring out the rest" on your own. Formal academia is only useful to access careers or institutional resources.
I wish math included all of "computer science" since it's all applied binary number theory and analog control logic.

File: fiber-vs.copper.jpg (125 KB, 1200x800)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
copper wire
>Yes, electron balls travel along the wire assembling an signal which you can receive or transmit

fiber wire
>Noooo it's not photon balls!! it's the uncertainity particle/wave duality schrodinger YouNeverKnow™ phenomena where EM waves travel on ocean fields! study quantum mechanics pseud!

Why are scientists like this?
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File: DdxitupV0AAn3Ar.jpg (52 KB, 633x626)
52 KB
>electrons pushing eachother in empty space due to repulsion is magical thing
File: 1660327280279366.gif (2.14 MB, 267x199)
2.14 MB
2.14 MB GIF
>due to repulsion
>still no fucking explanation in sight to this day

I heard magnets "repel" too, and that physicists coincidentally also don't know how they do that.
test post
same force that prevents you from passing things through eachother, what you don't understand retard? lol, it's fundamental, the closer electrons are to eachother the harder they repel and the relation is divided by distance squared
i'm satisified by this explanation myself, you can even simulate this, what else od you want?
>same force that prevents you from passing things through eachother, what you don't understand retard?

The part where your NPC description doesn't explain anything.

>lol, it's fundamental
It's just your Mormon Jesus isn't it you religious nut?

>the closer electrons are to eachother the harder they repel and the relation is divided by distance squared
>i'm satisified by this explanation myself
You didn't explain anything, you once again described what happens only with math.

khan academy is pajeet trash
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Don't talk about your mother like that.
mmm lovely fatty beefy
Umm sweetie,languages are not static entities, they change over time. Assamese Ch omission is going to become the norm, you will accept it and you will be happy.
>You will never be Indian.

nobody willingly wants to be a steetshitter, rajesh
what about gay anal sex

File: 1280x720.jpg (96 KB, 1280x720)
96 KB
Guys, I recently graduated from Harvard and everything's perfect but some dude and his church is following me around the city county with a huge satellite that makes noise that messes up my academic related work. I want to work ASAP but this guy and his friends. What should I do?
get a cabin in montana and spend your days masturbating to autogynephilic fantasies, its a harvard tradition in the types of circumstances you're describing.
video of harvard graduates discussing science
Hey I don't help guys not going to spam the board anymore with CH (this is Victor) keep the forums porn/racism free and I think thought-rich content will increase bye

File: mandel-10.jpg (315 KB, 1520x1000)
315 KB
315 KB JPG
What if we live in a fractal universe and time is just our way to visualise the fractal equation value changing?
Not only would this obliterate the notion of free will, but would also mean we could theoretically figure out the gran equation , throw it in a computer and have a atom-precise view of everything that has ever happened, everything that is happening right now and everything that will happen until the end of time, with all of history and all of the future not only being predetermined, but also having always existed in the form of a mathematical equation.
Holy shit, this is worse than the matrix.
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>throw it in a computer and have a atom-precise view of everything that has ever happened,

Everything you've said is accurate with one exception. Infinite complexity & nonrepeating fractal might make "everything" simulation computationally impossible. Other than that, good thinking!
even without your braindead acid broscience, you actually thought it was possible free will was real? fucking lol
Max Tegmark

Has he advocated something like this, and when?
Just looked him up. Nevermind. Max is just another wannabee Boomer. I am sure OP is aware of that too, since I'm pretty sure that OP and I have been following a few of the same sources.

This is one question that confuses me.

I'm no scientist or climate change skeptic, but I'm sure life as been through worse (meteors, volcanos) and it bounced right back. Yet, I heard some people say that it could be "code-red" for humanity or make humans extinct or whatever.

So what's going on?
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Humanity needs to be reduced down to 500 million anyway.
Sounds like the same type of "research" that declared Nuclear Winter to be a real thing.
No. It is not a existential threat. Russia, Argentinia, Canada and Scandinavia will even profit from it. Even countries most negativly affected from it won't experience a collapse or decline as the technological success and economic growth offers more than a buffer to it. The change of habitization zones mostly will negativly effect poor countries and from that refugees, state collapses and political crisis could arise. Those are the true dangers of climate change, the political decisions. People like their apocalyptism, yet reality is far more complex than that and most climate activist are quite provincial and willfully ignorant as they don't want solution or migitations but power.
>satan thinks climate chance is fake

wtf buying a tesla now

what did GOD mean by this?
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Based PBS spacetime enjoyer
I’m getting a heckin tattoo of the Fine Structure Constant. Are (you) ?
True, is a lower bound limit. Probably some transcendental number, too bad we don't have a Ramanujan to hallucinate the answer.
I, too, recently watched that YouTube video the algorithm is showing lately
Photons are quantized energy. Emitting or absorbing a photon is simply changing the energy level of the electron.
In what way is the vibration in a guitar string existing before you pluck it?

Psychedelics conclusively prove that reality is made of consciousness.

If you disagree, please do 10 strong doses of N,N-DMT.
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>>14884054, I'm >>14884054
Update: last night I had actual active control over what was happening in my dream. I could 'will' things into happening.

I'll be glad to tell you what happened psychologically, but I don't want to talk about the content of the dream.
Fuck, I meant to >> >>14885085
Woah, my pre frontal cortex and the rest of my body are me. But I am not my pre prontal cortex or my body.

Woah I didn't know that I had different parts of brain that did different things.
File: o.gif (1.1 MB, 425x560)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB GIF
To what end? To an end of maintaining homeostasis, such a complex and long-lived organism has great need to be able to reflect on, learn from and optimize against complex stressors.

Why did you surround "empiricists" with quotation marks?
>detect plant thoughts?
Observable macroscopic behaviors of judgement, problem solving and optimization and concept abstraction utilization.

If you want to make an adversarial point, do so. This pussy-footing like a scared child isn't a game you're going to win.

File: 51sKc9rCHIL._SY445_.jpg (26 KB, 315x445)
26 KB
The purpose of life is to live forever, Prove me wrong...
5 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Every man a god.
Sorry to hear so.
File: download (2).jpg (10 KB, 284x177)
10 KB
The world is FINITE

Structures deteriorate, collapse, break down, and are recycled in a process that would last till the stars die.
Fuck off making the same threads dick head autist. Just die haha. YOU WERE TECHNICALLY DEAD NOT HERE BEFORE BIRTH ANYWAY and u here, DUHHH.
I've thought about this a fair bit. I think the purpose of life (for now) is to find out how and why we're here. Like actual answers, not just assumptions. And when i mean how we're here i mean how did reality begin. Why would probably require talking to someone to find out. Like maybe we're in a simulation which is an experiment, but to find that out we need to find who ran the experiment. I'm close to certain that how and why we're here are able to be answered, but it's likely not going to be for a long time, maybe 1000 years or a million or billion years, till we have the technology to make those kind of discoveries. I thing getting outside the universe somehow might be part of finding out.

But we could get there a lot faster if the human race was more efficient and our knowledge was greater. The way we only have about half our life or sometimes less where our brains are at their best isn't very efficient. Neither is the best and brightest people dying and having to retrain new people all the time and hoping they're smart enough to learn as much as the dead person. The whole thing is stupid. If we want much faster progress we have to stop dying so quickly. We need people thousands of years old that can use all that knowledge. And people would be less stressed I think because life goes past so quickly that people just don't care all that much about contributing to the greater good after like 40

So yeah. The purpose of life (for now) is to find out how and why we're here and to speed up the process of finding out we need to live a lot longer. I think it's one of the most important things right now seeing as it's technologically within reach, the medicine part of life extension

Discuss Erdos here, and post your Erdos numbers if you got 'em.

Find yours at https://mathscinet.ams.org/mathscinet/freeTools.html?version=2
Click "Collaboration Distance"
>link to spyware website
I don't publish anything.

File: 1657160346825.jpg (237 KB, 1080x1100)
237 KB
237 KB JPG
I know that intuitively zero is the absence of a unit := 1, but then must -1 exist for zero to exist?
I don't think so. Notice the mere idea of existence, suppose that nonexistence exists. This seems almost paradoxical. But the idea of existence can actually define all natural numbers. Supposed the paradox: nothing exists (nothing<->exists). Thus, both must exist. Let something be represented as 1 and nothing be 0. We see that 0 implies 1, this is actually quite obvious from the paradox: nothing exists. But now notice among things which exist: 0, 1 there are two things, therefore 2 must exist. And now we notice that n implies n+1. This essentially allow for the Peano axioms to be defined and the basic principle of induction.
So from nothing we can basically define all things.
We see that Natural numbers exist, and that the inverse of addition exists and we can then define integers
Multiples exist and so do inverses and the structure of math and logic appears.
Algorithms exist
Spaces exist
Functions exist
Particles exist
Life exists...
But do real numbers actually exist?
Unless... if multiples exist then it's obvious that we can say N is between two numbers, and then again between each pair of those and so on until N and that's why (0, 1) is unaccountable or whatever the fuck realtards say.
I did it /sci/... I proved real numbers exist without a doubt.
32 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
I've never done drugs and abhor drug users
The thought came to me when I was thinking about the structure of language and how/why it exists.
If we can teach a computer a language from signals, the only things we require are two, I was then thinking about binary and how you can create numbers in binary with just two states: 0, 1.
That then lead me to think about induction and existence.
>It's not analogous
Its the rigorously analogous, only a non-mathematician would be so blind.

Are....you an engineer or something?

GO BACK TO /b/. This isnt your home.
File: 2022-09-09_14.57.06.jpg (203 KB, 681x525)
203 KB
203 KB JPG

Pyramid would have a square bottom...but on a side not, the Pyramids of Giza are not "Pyramids", theyre Octahedrons.
Neat train of thought.

When comouter do math theyre limited by both computer archetectyre and programming, as binary works like Egyptian math.

1, 2, ,4, 8 16 32 *64* *128* *256*, each having a one over them except 1. Proportionally. Nintendo 64 as an example.

Things like 1/3rd become impossible and we have to use programming to round it out as best as possible.

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