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File: 1699402742149073.jpg (330 KB, 1080x1225)
330 KB
330 KB JPG
asian country have strong education but USA always leads in science wondering why, some chinese friend said USA have this academic culture were they are respected and given good pays when in china the same job pays prob around less than 500 a month in USA it would be 20,000/mo for example rocket scientist
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To catch the cheater is the ultimate real life IQ test.
The ability to detect wether your wife gf cheated on you or not is the single best IQ test ever, the way how you navigate this very provocative situation shows interpersonal skills, ability to resolve conflict, problem solving efficiency, shows observation and your own stability under stress cause this might be one of the worst thing in life.
This is the ultimate to catch the cheater game, unlike department of justice you have a real relationship to upheld with this person trying to build a future togather and get along with at the same time we're going to use every last detective, investigation, spy skills in textbook to figure it all out soon as possible through every possible hint she gave while not showing any of our own intent.

Are you able to see through the surface catch any and all of her lies 24/7 any day all day, failure to observe collect analyze any clue will be heavily punished, failure to properly handle social situations and wrongful accusations means instant failure, this will detemine your real life IQ score, wish you perform well in the ultimate real life IQ test.——DID MY GF CHEATED ON ME.
>The ability to detect wether your wife gf cheated on you or not is the single best IQ test ever, the way how you navigate this very provocative situation shows interpersonal skills, ability to resolve conflict, problem solving efficiency, shows observation and your own stability under stress cause this might be one of the worst thing in life.

Don't engage with women.
You never had a girlfriend, had you? They dont hide it. If shes cheating, shes already out in her mind. It doesnt matter to her whether or not you find out. Take it from me, I was the bastard she cheated with.
>t. orange in the chart

File: pepe15304843.png (208 KB, 469x409)
208 KB
208 KB PNG
We live in a time period where if a scientist says that 2+2=5, approximately half the population will believe him outright. What a time to be alive.
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>proving the Peano axioms
>unfortunately there are people who are profit driven
that's like 95% of the population.
File: 1692693781155572.jpg (39 KB, 433x549)
39 KB
>1% can prove that 2 + 2 = 5
The story is coming to an end. Pack your bags, go home. There is no future in the stars, no androids or cyborgs. No robot-wife. You will instead find rotting walking corpses imitating the living, abominations that should have never seen the light of day. The AI you dreamt about in your story books are used to make porn, memes, and fake articles. There is no cool cyberpunk dystopia, only just boring dystopia. You will own nothing, and you will be happy.
>people who are profit driven and use this trust to their advantage so other people began losing trust
You are overlooking a major component of the problem: in a healthy work environment people explain to eachother all the time what they're doing and why. They give eachother feedback and discuss goals, methods and roadmaps continuously between all levels of hierarchy and across divisions. Above all else they value logic, reason and the pdca-cycle. Such an environment resists deception.

File: IMG_2152.png (100 KB, 1200x620)
100 KB
100 KB PNG
Atmospheric oxygen levels have been measured to be significantly decreasing the past few decades. But this seems absurd. Why isn’t anyone talking about this? Why isn’t the news freaking out about this like they do with global warming? Someone more knowledgeable chime in. I feel like there’s more nuance to this because otherwise it seems like a very dire situation for humanity that no one seems to be addressing in the mainstream. Is it genuinely suggesting our bodies are getting that much less oxygen than decades prior? Such a difference would have significant consequences to mind and body. Is the average healthy nose breather in 2023 getting less oxygen in their bodies than a mouth breather from the 90s or are our bodies finding ways to compensate? What does this entail for our physical and mental health in the future? How much worse will it get before it gets better? Could this be one of the reasons people claim their mental state seems to be worsening every year? I remember trees and grass used to be greener as a kid
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This is what /sci/ has fallen to. What a shit schizo thread.
Now you realize why climate change denial is being bankrolled by the elites. It's the perfect storm for them.
>CO2 makes people dumber
>dumber people can't conclude that climate change is real/CO2 is bad
>they pump out more CO2 making them even dumber

The rich have known for decades.
Best way to fight this is to figure out a cheap DIY hyperbaric chamber and way of extracting oxygen to fuel it. The oxygen wars will be big, along with water wars (learn how to turn salt water into drinkable water)
File: retard.jpg (99 KB, 588x825)
99 KB
KYS paid coal shill. Your lies do not work anymore
Why do you think this is incorrect? Are fossil fuels and deforestation not causing drops in atmospheric oxygen levels? Do you think we shouldn’t question it, or we shouldn’t consider the strong possibility? Is that why sci has fallen?
The OP graph doesn't even have proper units or a source except for an ad agency watermark. It's spam.

File: O19InSL.png (655 KB, 527x603)
655 KB
655 KB PNG
>how much of maths' progression is unnecessary beyond being able to get to the next stepping stone?

Im mid Algebra-2 right now learning methods of factoring trinomials, can't help but feel like this is useless even despite going into stem career
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Understanding the relationship between factors and roots is important. And you should know that [math](x+a)(x+b) = x^2 + (a+b)x + ab[/math]. But yeah, they teach some pretty useless shit, like methods to work out the factors of something like [math]2x^2 + 7x + 6[/math] under the assumption those factors have integer coefficients (they don't usually). If you need to factor something like this then obviously you can just get the roots from the quadratic formula and thus also the factors. If you know in advance the factors have integer coefficients, then the method they're teaching is faster, but that's not very useful outside of a grindy school examination.

I imagine that the original intent of guess-factoring being in the curriculum was to make students understand the connection between factors and roots, and then teachers mistook it for an actual useful skill and got carried away with it. By the way most of the usefulness you'll get out of math is not about skills but understanding. It doesn't matter how fast you can solve a quadratic equation. What's more useful is being able to notice when something can be modeled with a quadratic equation, which you know can be solved.

It's also kind of gay to expect everything you learn to be useful, but stuff should be either useful or interesting and I have to agree practicing basic factoring algorithms isn't interesting.

Okay, so for the original question: How much of the curriculum is like this? Thankfully this is an extreme example of spending time on something not very useful. But there is a lot of drilling of useless skills in the hope that students will develop an understanding of some important concept. For example, high school teachers will repetitively drill graphing X functions / relations where X might be quadratic, exponential, logarithmic, or a circle. It's all an attempt to make people understand transformations, or more cynically to make retards pass a test on it without understanding.
great reply anon, thankyou for your response
> It's all an attempt to make people understand transformations, or more cynically to make retards pass a test on it without understanding

This statement beautifully articulated the entirety of my frustrations with maths and essentially what made me make this thread, is that if you aren't of the above-average intellect to be able to conclude whatever said seemingly esoteric pure math concept might be useful for - even in relation to other pure math, you're automatically lumped in with the "retards the teacher needs to get to pass the test".

Throughout all of my education and even still if not more so now as a freshman in college, math teachers have just taught me the steps to the next unit of equations and drilled it into us without discussing any semblance of relevance or practicality in relation.

After we stopped doing word problems in arithmetic classes, I basically felt like an Amish person being taught to build a computer though I have no concept of what a computer is, how it works, or what its useful for. Sure, I'm more than intelligent enough to learn how to put the parts together, but I'm not a genius capable of learning electrical engineering by reverse-engineering what I've built. Over and over I hear how the importance of math, and in most intellectual pursuits, is in understanding the concept in a way in which you can describe its application and the processes involved therein well enough to teach it to others, though I haven't felt I have been taught like that in years.

I often find myself even having to seek other sources of being taught how to blindly do the steps to concepts like factoring trinomials because my teachers fail even at the most bare-bones level in even teaching me how to know what step to make next. No wonder I couldn't retain alg 1 & 2 concepts a few years later into college, I wouldn't remember how to build a specific lego set after a few years either.
is there any online source that teaches math in a way that helps me see more of the puzzle or inner machinations of what I'm learning and how they connect? Khan academy does a damn good job of teaching the steps - I almost always master the steps after his videos, but even that professor is lacking in teaching the ways in which they relate or apply. Math has started exciting me so much as I learn more of it but as it becomes more complex it also becomes infinitely more frustrating, and I can already see that down the road if I can't truly and deeply come to understand the relation between all these concepts I'm going to be fucked
Formal math lessons at that level are 25% core concepts, 75% autistic pedantry. You don't need to know every single method to do things in practice, but by god, (((academia))) is sure going to force you to try. So focus on the core material and then treat the rest as a buffet to sample from instead of an all-or-nothing thing.
this is reassuring to hear. Hopefully as math progresses for me it will feel more fulfilling. I'm in engineering (BME) so I've got lots of it to look forward to, but without relevance it all feels quite pedantic. I envy those who love math for the sake of math and can visualize everything they're doing with it

File: file.png (111 KB, 300x372)
111 KB
111 KB PNG
>flat footedness is found in roughly 30% of the population
>considered a medical "condition"
>left handedness is found in roughly 10% of the population
>not considered a medical "condition"
>both are determined at birth and have a good amount of evidence showing they affect other physiological aspects of the body
Explain it, doctards. The words "condition, disorder, and syndrome" really don't mean anything at all.
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BTW, this is the kind of study I was talking about:

>In innate right-handers, handwriting caused a preponderant left-hemispheric activation of parietal and premotor association areas. In contrast, converted left-handers demonstrated a more bilateral activation pattern with distinct activation foci in the right lateral premotor, parietal, and temporal cortex. Moreover, foci in the right rostral supplementary motor area and the right inferior parietal lobule demonstrated a positive linear relationship between the degree of “left-handedness” and normalized rCBF during right-hand writing.

>Our findings provide evidence for persisting differences in the functional neuroanatomy of handwriting between right-handers and converted left-handers, despite decades of right-hand writing. Right-hemispheric activation in converted left-handers may reflect suppression of unwanted left-hand movements. Alternatively, this activity may represent persistent left-handedness and, as such, demonstrate a hemispheric asymmetry of hand movement representations in cortical motor association areas in relation to the direction and degree of handedness.

I think a natural right hander may be able to learn to write with their left hand. That in no way means they have the same neural pattern as a natural left hander, or even that they're now the same as someone who is naturally ambidextrous.
We're truly the most oppressed race.
>More surface area dedicated to grip, by having flat feet, makes you quicker on your feet than arched small feet.
>Sportsscience field seethes.
Why is it like this?
Well how do they know it's not just the different training? I do remember how I learned to write (how is it possible to forget that?), and I'm sure this has more of an effect on brain development than nature randomly deciding to have a strong bias towards the right hand. I do not have proof, obviously. But neither has that paper.
>Well how do they know it's not just the different training?
What different training? In the past the kids would learn writing in school, and they would be forced to use their right hand whether that was their dominant hand or not. It would have been the same training regardless of their handedness, they just didn't get to use their dominant hand compared to natural right-handers. The point is they retain a unique motor pattern regardless, with their right hemisphere activating even when they use the right side of their body. My guess would be in part that the language center is often on the left side, but some lefties have it split between both hemispheres or even entirely in the right hemisphere. It's going to activate any time some kind of language is used, even in writing. That's probably just one of the idiosyncrasies in the left-handed brain.

>I do remember how I learned to write (how is it possible to forget that?)
I don't have a clear memory of when I was five? Congrats on remembering though.

>and I'm sure this has more of an effect on brain development than nature randomly deciding to have a strong bias towards the right hand.
They already know the handedness of the fetus before they're born, so I'd say the effect of nature rather than nurture is quite strong in this case. Once they're born, forcing them to favor their non-dominant side appears to be detrimental in many cases. A person who is allowed to use their dominant hand, but also trains their non-dominant hand, is likely doing no harm and in fact may be benefitting, I just don't think that doing so makes them similar to someone who is naturally ambidextrous or left-handed.

File: 46758.png (21 KB, 950x774)
21 KB
Is Pomodoro a meme?
it's good if you have procrastination troubles. Eventually you'll get to the point where you don''t need it, but pomodoro has helped me work 6 hours straight at certain points.

File: w2z5u.jpg (50 KB, 700x550)
50 KB
Why are the dot product and the cross product defined the way they are? Their definitions always seemed a bit random to me. How are they motivated? Insofar, I am aware of the connections with the Law of Cosines and the multiplication of quaternions, but I am not really sure I understand the essence of these concepts. What is fundamental or intuitive about them, that their definitions are always made without reasoning?
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dot product: inner product of a linear space (measures angles and distances)
cross product: conjugacy classes of tensors (measures orientation and inter-relationships between tensors)
Think of the dot product as a way of defining the length of a vector and the directions orthogonal to the vector in a consistent way. A vector dotted with itself is equal to its length squared, and a vector dotted with an orthogonal vector is zero. If you insist that the dot product is linear (it distributes over sums of vectors) then you basically have specified the dot product uniquely. If you have a more general notion of vector length and orthogonality the dot product generalizes appropriately (e.g. the metric tensor in differential geometry).

The cross product is important for two not obviously related reasons:
>1: cross products of 3D vectors is isomorphic to the Lie algebra of 3D rotations (the groups SO(3) or SU(2)).
>2: Taking the cross product of two vectors gives you an object representing the oriented area of the parallelogram they form. It is antisymmetric since the area is oriented (it can be clockwise or counterclockwise).
Point 1 is important in physics because rotations are important, and this is way it appears everywhere in formulas dealing with rotation. Point 2 is important because it gives you a way of integrating over curved surfaces. The two properties only coincide in three dimensions. You can generalize point 1 through Lie algebras of other groups, and you can generalize point 2 through the wedge product which lets you integrate over surfaces and volumes in any dimension.

The idea that in the cross product you multiply two vectors and get one vector out is actually incidental. It is a special property of three dimensions. But the most important features of the cross product which I mentioned above are generalizable to any dimension through the wedge product.
Cross product: the vector c, whose length is the area of parallerogram made by vectors a and b, whwre c is perpendicular to both a and b ,and abc makes right handed triad.

Dot product: product of one vector length and the length of the projection of the another on it
Based posts.
Fuck cross products, all my homies hate the cross product.
>look on to reon no it cant be seen

What the fuck is wrong with authors? Every damn book that introduces matrix multiplication defines this operation as if it came out of the blue when in fact it's really a chain rule/substitution. Of all the authors, professors, educators, etc. I've had, seen or heard, only Herb Gross introduced the notion correctly. Is he the only one that does this? Any books introduce matrix products the way they were conceived?

Elementary Linear Algebra by Anton Rorres briefly mentions this but fails to elaborate further than mentioning the name of Gotthold Eisenstein, who first introduced matrix products as a chain rule.

Eg. In picrel, the z's are given in terms of the y's. And the y's are given in terms of the x's. If you wanted to express the z's in terms of the x's directly, you either make the substitutions manually or *gasp* you "multiply" the matrices which is literally the same thing.

I don't know if it's a pet peeve of mine but I feel like discarding every book or author or professor who fails to mention this. They're doinga great disservice to the students and readers.
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Hadamard product is a bit artificial.
You can use the matrix representation of quaternions to do the work.
Represent your vectors as pure imaginary quaternions.
Multiplying two pure imaginary quaternions gives the (negative) dot product as the real part and the cross product as the imaginary part.
[math]\vec{v}=<a,b,c> \sim \begin{bmatrix} ai & b+ci \\ -b+ci & -ai \end{bmatrix}=q.\\
\vec{v_1} \times \vec{v_2}\sim {1 \over 2}(q_{1} q_{2} - q_{2}^{\dagger} q_{1}^{\dagger}).[/math]
Linear Algebra - harold edwards

Linear algebra and group theory - smirnov
Vectors, Pure and Applied - A General Introduction to Linear Algebra - korner
Linear algebra through geometry - banchoff
ty frens

Here, watch the video and save hours of your life trying to glean meaning from reading about the matrix multiplication algorithm in a textbook.
Cross product.

File: 1000006413.jpg (72 KB, 2560x1140)
72 KB
If the sun magically disappeared, for how long could humanity survive? If the answer is not very long, what if we had 1 year of prep time?
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You could set up a base on the Jovian moon Io. It is powered by radiation from Jupiter plus a gigantic electric discharge that goes between the Jovian poles and through Io. That can power all your equipment for as long as Jupiter exists. Enormous shielding would be absolutely necessary, the radiation is simply brutal.
Etymologically, anarchy is derived from the Greek: αναρχία, romanized: anarkhia; where "αν" ("an") means "without" and "αρχία" ("arkhia") means "ruler". Therefore, anarchy is fundamentally defined by the absence of rulers.

Assuming earth as a black body of temperature 15°C (288K):
Earth has a incoming flux from the sun of roughly 340W/m^2. Earth is in thermodynamic equilibrium (roughly). Taking away the sun will create an outgoing flux of 340W/m^2. Assuming this flux to stay constant on temperature change (in reality we will observe exponential decay) We want to know the time until earth reaches an average temperature of -30°C from +15°C currently.

Earth has a surface area of 510e6km^2 so we get a total radiative power of [math]P=340W/m^2\cdot 510e6km^2=173,4 PW[/math]

We now assume a constant heat capacity of earth of 5.3e24J/K (which is retarded, I know, but including temperature dependence of heat capacity would be too much for this estimation. I know, I also disregarded the freezing enthalpy of water).

Now we want the heat loss (energy [math]Q[/math]) needed for our temperature change of [math]\Delta\vartheta=45K[/math].
We use the definition of heat capacity [math]C=\frac{Q}{Delta\vartheta}[/math] and so [math]Q=C\cdot\Delta\vartheta=5.3e24J/K\cdot45K=238.5 YJ[/math] (yes, that is yottajoule).

Power is work (energy) over time. [math]P=\frac{Q}{t}[/math]. We solve for t.
55 years appears like I made a mistake on the order of a few magnitudes somewhere. Someone wants to correct my calculation? The mistake may lie in me including all of earth's oceans in the heating capacity of earth. Otherwise we would get 6e21J/K instead of 5.3e24J/K. This means 3 orders of magnitude and would lead to 22days, 19 hours of cooling which still feels oddly long.
The source for the heat capacity got spam filtered: scholarsandrogues com 2013/05/09/csfe-heat-capacity-air-ocean/
The scenario presupposes "magic" so why can't humanity just use magic to stay alive indefinitely?
Why is space negro?

File: 1623840194634.gif (9 KB, 220x220)
9 KB
Physics is just modern mythology
>move hand
>hand moves
>wtf this isn't actually real it's just le reddit mythology magic skydaddy communist propaganda
This is you
Who give a fuck about physical shit, bruh. Fuckin shit, bruh.
Are physicists stars or black holes?
physics is the ideology moderinists identify as "real". Religion is the ideology others have identified as "real." It is, indeed, modern mythology and if that offends you you need to take a step back a remember that we're all humans doing our best.

File: 1700159028779294.png (174 KB, 540x652)
174 KB
174 KB PNG

Could you please help me with getting back on track with math? I was amazed by it during my highschool years but put it to rest ever since graduating. I do feel now that I want to pursue something meaningful during these harsh adn stressful times. What publications do you recommend please to actually progress in this field while not being overwhelmed by the amount of possible routes? Thank you
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1691554951601041.jpg (871 KB, 2560x1536)
871 KB
871 KB JPG
thank you very much kind fren
just looking at the introduction rekindled lost curiosity and made me realize I (hopefully) haven't forgotten too much since highschool
Read Basic Mathematics by Serge Lang
Is this a meme?
Op will never get anywhere if he goes through that book. Realistically speaking it will take him years (including the exercises.
>Is this a meme?
It's a meme in the literal sense, there's obviously other ways but if you want to get into math quickly it's a good start.
If you have the time to enjoy math I would unironically start with the greeks, and especially appreciate the method of exhaustion.
But if you wanted to jump right into modern mathematics you should read Basic Mathematics then Baby Rudin to start.
Or if you could study algebra instead of analysis.

File: Prinicipia-title.png (1.29 MB, 800x1108)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB PNG
Have any of you posers even read Principia?
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Love when euclid is affirmed legit
The notation is different. It's much heavier on synthetic geometry than on modern analytic geometry and vector-based notation. It's interesting to see descriptions of some of the experiments used to arrive upon constants like the gravitational constant and the speed of sound. However, I wouldn't say it's necessarily easier for people to learn from it than from a more recent book (yes, even a 1950s Physics textbook is relatively "recent" and can more approachable than Newton's Principia).
A good instructor will of course try to supplement much of the "theory" taught in a Physics course with experimental work, so I don't think the average student would really be missing much if they were not to read Newton's Principia.
I cannot understand Latin, so I'm filtered. And I refuse to read translations, since I think the essence of texts are lost when you don't read the original.
Same, except I don't read any books because the essence of brainstates is lost when you don't experience the original

File: kurzg.png (78 KB, 985x159)
78 KB
Hate this retarded channel.
54 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
rich man bad
I just think they're annoyingly condescending for how frequently they make massive factual errors. They also make no effort to hide their political biases.
everyone with half a brain hates popsci.
fuck all these cucks.
to brainwash children and turn them into s o y drinking consoomers you mean?
I like their channel and will continue to watch.

11 replies omitted. Click here to view.
He regularly calls out muslims. People have tried to cancel him for being “Islamaphobic.”
That piles of trash is only good as meat for dogs.
he does tho... suck it I guess
Hes come after muslims, christians, Jews, trannies, and woke leftists. He's unironically probably one of the most based mainstream academics currently alive.
They did cancel him recently for being transphobic

My elderly and unhealthy parents caught covid. Neither can take Paxlovid because of their prescription meds. Should they try ivermectin? Nobody prescribes it around here but is literal horse dewormer the same thing?
Kinda desperate, idk what to do except get them to take supplements.
22 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
The only major study of IVM I heard about gave it to people who were already critically ill in the ICU. And the fact was that despite what the authors claimed it did save more people than a placebo, even when it was given after viral load was an insignificant factor and the damage had already been done.
Weak genetics
>However this implies coordinated fraud
No it doesn't. Each acting in accordance to a shared ideological alignment (FUCK TRUMP) is enough to explain it. No need for coordination.
i took it, it helped more than everything else i tried
Have studies on antibiotics been done about the outcome of covid to reemphasize the point I made in >>15888763

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