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COVID 19-vaccines are effective at protecting people from getting seriously ill, being hospitalized, and dying. Vaccination remains the safest strategy for avoiding hospitalizations, long-term health outcomes, and death.
cool, still not taking it
>effective at protecting people from getting seriously ill, being hospitalized, and dying.
It's been almost 3 years and none of those happened to me, therefore taking any shots would just be an unnecessary risk
The more people killed off by COVID, the better.
>still can get it, spread it, and even have no symptoms
Or just don't be fat.
My body my choice.

File: la-elipse.png (32 KB, 500x335)
32 KB
Let's solve the perimeter of the ellipse.

The ellipse, divided by major and semi-major axis is nothing but a constant curve that is repeated four times.

The curve is always tangent at the axes and the curve is always constant.

Therefore, if you simply solve for the length of the curve between the major and semi-major axis (in terms of pi) and multiply by four, you get the perimeter of the ellipse.
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Looks nice. We could almost call it a day but what
about other eccentricities of the ellipse?
Nice values of the eccentricity will be when it gives you singular moduli.
The example I gave works because [math]k_3=\sin\frac\pi{12}=\frac14(\sqrt6-\sqrt2[/math] is the third singular modulus and I just so happen to remember that expression.
Here is another relatively easy one: the perimeter of the ellipse can also be calculated exactly in terms of values of the gamma function when the eccentricity is [math]3-2\sqrt2[/math] and then they'll start to get a bit harder with examples like [math]\sqrt{\frac12-\sqrt{\sqrt5-2}}[\math]
That is interesting...

Now, just stick eccentricity in the formula and
that's it, right? What if the formula can be written
efficiently, or is it that it is so unique that it's all
it could be?
I don't know what you are asking.
Also, generally
>just stick eccentricity in the formula and that's it
is easier said than done because when you are asking when the perimeter of the ellipse can be calculated exactly in simpler terms, we are really asking first about a modular equation. Singular moduli are the moduli [math]k_n[/math] for which [math]\frac{K(k_n')}{K(k_n)}=\sqrt{n}[/math] and these equations (modular equations) are generally hard to solve. This is equivalent to a cumbersome problem in algebraic number theory (because finding singular moduli just means that you want the square of the ratio of two theta functions to be an algebraic number).
If you want an exact expression for the singular moduli, this would usually first involve you calculating something called class invariants. The simplest expression for the eccentricities/moduli we want then turns out to be that
where [math]G_n[/math] is one of these class invariants I'm talking about. One of the ideas with the definition of the class invariants is that they have many nice transformation properties when you make all sorts of substitutions for [math]n[/math]
As another funny example, it turns out that [math]G_5=\sqrt[4]\varphi[/math] where [math]\varphi[/math] denotes the golden ratio.
also, here primes denote the complementary modulus (just in case)
also, it's worth commenting on this:
>when the perimeter of the ellipse can be calculated exactly in simpler terms
you don't necessarily even need the gamma function either. I don't know exactly what [math]E(k_{14})[/math] is off the top of my head, and [math]k_{14}[/math] will certainly be rather nontrivial, but the interesting thing is that I think [math]K(k_{14})[/math] is expressible entirely in terms of radicals. That doesn't mean that [math]E(k_{14})[/math] will be, too, but it does give some hope that you may have extra special values of the eccentricity of an ellipse for which its perimeter is expressible in terms of radicals only.
Or maybe someone's proved this never happens. Or maybe nobody's given an example yet.

File: 20230204_154103.jpg (1.44 MB, 3072x3478)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB JPG
Assuming MUH is correct,and tge existence of large cardinals is correct too,what would the models of mahlo cardinals *look* like?
Or some superhuge cardinals...
>would the models of mahlo cardinals *look* like?
What does that even mean?
In MUH,mathematical existence=physical existence.im asking what mahlo cardinal would look like in a physical form?
But, as far as I understand, MUH just says our physical reality is some mathematical construction. Even if that construction is small enough to be describable entirely within the Grothendieck universe specified by some large cardinal K , that doesn't mean K itself naturally maps to a specific object in our physical universe. Anything with that cardinality is a "model" for K.

File: au_tisch.jpg (165 KB, 1980x1321)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
Do you agree with him or is he just a contrarian troll?
his main arguments
>the entire field of particle physics was led astray by American retards post war because they weren't as philosophically trained as pre war German intellectuals. It's all bs
>revolutions in science involve elimination of fundamental constants by which they just become emergent or mathematical artifacts. We need to find a way to eliminate G and c
>particle physics is basically just modern version of convoluted epicycles nonsense that plagued astronomy and it is in dire need of a copernician revolution
>there are no objects with fundamental/inherent properties. They are just emergent behaviors in a tangled web of processes.
>we need to take Einstein's early proposal of variable theory of light seriously and revisit relativity
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He's just not allowed to say Jewish and stay on youtube.
Newtonian mechanics is safe for everyday processes at our scale
Sounds like nonsense to me. But you can keep believing that if it makes you happy.
That makes a lot of sense considering Germany sends you to prison for anything remotely related to questioning holocaust.
Frank DiMeglio on Quora
>But you can keep believing that if it makes you happy.
It's not about "being happy", or not it's about stating a blatantly obvious fact.
That said, of course not all Americans are like this.

Concerning this, while I do agree with him, he's jacking off the Germans scientists a bit too much.

File: mars terraformed.jpg (918 KB, 2606x2626)
918 KB
918 KB JPG
Isn't this shit impossible? Or at least going to bring about a lot of issues that would make Mars uninhabitable?
>The idea, he said, is to create two tiny pulsing "suns" over the regions. "They're really above the planet, they're not on the planet," Musk said at an event for Solar City in New York City's Times Square this morning. Every few moments, he wants to send a large fusion bomb over the poles, to create small blinking suns. "A lot of people don't appreciate that our Sun is a large fusion explosion," he said.
>"A lot of people don't appreciate that our Sun is a large fusion explosion."
>The tiny suns would then warm up the planet and turn any frozen carbon dioxide into gas. CO2 is a potent greenhouse gas, meaning it absorbs and traps heat. The more of the gas that's in the atmosphere, the warmer the surface of Mars becomes. When asked how difficult this would be to pull off, Musk replied, "Yeah, absolutely, no problem." The comment was met with nervous laughter by the crowd.
>Musk has been very vocal about his goal to colonize Mars. At the SolarCity event, Musk also noted that SpaceX is currently working on plans for their Mars transit vehicle. In January, Musk said he would reveal the company's plans for reaching the Red Planet later this year.
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>can't even feed the planet and rid of hunger
>still has time to shitpost online
you will never go to space

if "world hunger" exists why is the population of africa booming?
File: Total Recall Mars.jpg (326 KB, 1920x1040)
326 KB
326 KB JPG
>How can we terraform Mars?
We can't. We can't even seem to get there.

>Musk terraforming

There are people who fell for this. They believe whatever this guy says. It gets you tired. Is like watching a bunch of pigs going to the slaughter voluntarily.
Wouldn’t you need to creat a large orbital magnet to make a synthetic magnetic field?

File: 2478346-519401318.png (375 KB, 670x395)
375 KB
375 KB PNG
>Niggas think we can terraform Mars
>We can't even terraform our own planet
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I terraformed my own terrace what do you mean.
File: hqdefault.jpg (32 KB, 480x360)
32 KB
File: eatdirtmothafucka.jpg (182 KB, 1500x1000)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
>I can terraform an apple
>with my mouth
>Do you actually believe any Saharan country would oppose terraformation of their wastelands?
Of course.
>Every single one of these countries tries to green somehow their lands.
That is what they claim. Funny then thay ther aare not doing any work towards this.
>With irrigation and planting projects.
Sure. Strangely it is not seen, and the deserts keep growing.
>Theres not much anyone can do without anime-scale projects of 4000 km tunnels and demolishing mountain ranges.
Their excuses are top notch.
>Theres no political opposition, no one likes the desert
Don't be naive.

File: Hey.png (5 KB, 503x148)
5 KB
Have you ever had a professor who doesn't respond to "Hey"?
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Someone explain. What is that platform? Is hey like a button or something? Is that an automatic response because he turned off the feature?
For me it's "yo teach!"
You say "Hey" to horses. Not to someone who's at least your equal
Actually made me laff
If this is about email that’s just professional etiquette in general. “Hello” is the most casual you should get.

Are headache pills unhealthy?
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Yes, you dumbass.
Drink a liter of water and take a nap.
i dont think so but i personally dont take them unless i REALLY needed to
most of the time i just take a nap
>drink more water
Is this some /med/ inside joke? The other time when I discussed headaches on /sci/ I got adviced to drink less water because headaches are usually caused by too high blood pressure in the brain’s blood vessels and it can be reduced if body has less water
There is no single cause of a headache. You need to be capable of deducing the most probable cause. Each cause has a solution but some are mutually exclusive of each other.
medication overuse headache is a thing

File: images (69).jpg (36 KB, 455x341)
36 KB
Whats the mathemsthic that cg uses to crrectly draw out precise colors shapes of a scene or object?

I m looking for the analog application of it so to "line out" the colors correctly against a hypothethical light source in an image, according to each materials of the subjects.
Are you talking about ray-tracing? Please clarify what you're after.
Perhaps but more analog in execution. Something like picrel, the lines that define the shapes of the colors produced by the light source against the objects and the reflected around. What is the logic to this lines as pictured? It feels like it has some more systematic definition to it and i d like to understand it

File: FnpkuY-XEAEksqP.png (172 KB, 1551x979)
172 KB
172 KB PNG
Crazy how it be like that
27 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
>no sources at all
You seem upset.
Why would I be? It's not like I believe in some silly doomsday preacher. I just like laughing at people who do.
>It's not like I believe in some silly doomsday preacher.
Strawman. Come back when you have some relevant papers for me to check
>We had really accurate methods of measuring cyclone energy in 1851.
Please, bitch. Just stop lying. Just stop.
Your chart is based on FINANCIAL damage, utterly neglecting the fact that we have far more infrastructure now, and leftards like you run up their claims anyway to milk more government emergency funds.
That chart is fucking meaningless.
To be fair, when I imagine myself as a dictator of the world, I always also make up a bullshit excuse for why it is totally necessary.

File: 8-cell-orig.gif (625 KB, 256x256)
625 KB
625 KB GIF
is there any other way to perceive the 4th dimension from our world than a tesseract?
18 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1233.png (79 KB, 584x233)
79 KB
...I'm pretty sure it's actually 2 cubes of the same size rotating in place. On the picture here I drew purple lines on one cube and green lines on the other. Then there's yellow lines connecting them like the yellow lines in the picture on the right. So the purple cube closer to the camera is kind of distorted looking and is rotating on the spot and the green cube in the back is rotating in the opposite direction
intelligence test
is the cube facing up one down?
The tesseract is only the 4D shape in the Euclidean topology. Our 4D universe has Lorentzian topology and the shape is called a hypercone. It is very simple compared to a tesseract. In one time dimension and three space dimensions (Lorentzian), the spatial part of the universe is a scoop of ice cream on an ice cream cone and the scoop gets bigger as the cone gets taller. Starting from the big bang at the cone's apex, the spatial part of the universe gets bigger as time goes by, which is the increasing height of the ice cream cone. The tesseract refers to four spacelike dimensions (Euclidean).

File: 1659628411348893.jpg (4 KB, 150x150)
4 KB
>Extremely non-classical properties of the state have been observed.
Uhm, quantum bros?? How do you explain this?

File: FRB-190520.gif (779 KB, 777x437)
779 KB
779 KB GIF
>30 billion light years away
What is going on here? Does this prove the dispersion method is not reliable for calculating Radio wave distances? Are all the previous estimates based on it also wrong?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
metric expansion of space makes me uneasy. inflation really really makes me uneasy.
*instability resulting in runaway inflation pocket forms in your colon*
File: 1649493332254.png (803 KB, 1796x1580)
803 KB
803 KB PNG

>Second, since we were able to pinpoint that the FRB came from a dwarf galaxy, we were able to determine exactly how far away that galaxy is from Earth. But this result didn’t make sense. Much to our surprise, the distance estimate we made using the dispersion of the FRB was 30 billion light years from Earth, a distance 10 times larger than the actual 3 billion light years to the galaxy.
Full PDF available here:

No they were actually right the 1st time, it really came from 30 billion light years away.
>how do you know this
Astral projection.

File: gamma.png (69 KB, 799x202)
69 KB
Name a single more based function.
You can't even if you tried.
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she's not real
she is when I bake her a pie.
File: EINykE0X0AIP7So.jpg (63 KB, 1200x742)
63 KB
Weierstrass function
Step aside [math] \zeta(s)=\sum_{n=1}^\infty\frac1{n^s} [/math]

I usually get top grades, but every now and then my performance is average due to lack of sleep, stress, or other factors, and guess what? Those mediocre grades are going to be attatched to my name for as long as I am alive with nothing I can do about it. How am I supposed to cope with this shit?
12 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Got a banger ACT
>nothing I can do about it
worrying doesn't change this
just try to improve your grades ASAP, make good sleep a top priority
Unless you’re going for grad school or top tier jobs (<10%). Grades don’t matter. It’s the connections and experience (i.e. clubs, internships, projects). From the people that I met during my uni career, the ones that focused ONLY on grades didn’t really amount to much. The only ones focusing only on grades were those trying to get into med or law school because you can’t really network your way into those without stellar stats…

I would not worry about your gpa desu.
Higher than yours. Guaranteed.
Sure they do, but by an amount much smaller than most people expect. Some of my HS peers got into much better unis then I did despite my better grades simply because of side stuff like extracurriculars.

By and large, and especially if you're going to a local school and not planning on ivy (which itself is immensely wanked in how different it is from a normal school), passing is what's most important.

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