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File: ketoschizo.jpg (804 KB, 1692x1286)
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804 KB JPG
what causes schizophrenia, scientifically speaking?
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File: 1628123203164.png (197 KB, 1000x866)
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197 KB PNG
Literal parasites in your brain that makes it release excess dopamine which leads to schizo hallucinations and delusions
You're not larping, you're just in full psychosis.
Most of us don't react to weed like this.
Being Scandinavian. Not even joking.
Exorcism does work.
Can't help it that you're too damn ignorant to find out.

File: end stage eurasia.png (379 KB, 612x508)
379 KB
379 KB PNG
Scientifically speaking, why not just do this?

Build colossal reinforced dams across the Andaman islands, Torres strait, Ryukyu and Okhotsk islands, etc

Because most of this area gets tons of rain, the water will naturally desalinate over time. Open channels at the bottoms of the dams would allow the saltiest, densest water to be pushed out into the ocean.

The Sundaland shallows would be completely replaced by freshwater rain within 30 years.

This water alone is enough to irrigate all the Eurasian deserts, minus Arabia. If it ran through an artificial river the size of the Mississippi, it would irrigate this area in under 200 years.

If you pipe the rest of the water into Arabia + Sahara, it would basically reverse global warming. It would also reclaim green, fertile land the size of THE AMERICAS. And it could probably all be done within 300 years.
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>ring of fire
yes, this is one of the other problems I thought about. There are multiple avenues of easing this though

1) land-building, via dredging of sand from the sea floor. Admittedly this would be way more costly and extend the timeline of the project, but it is physically possible. In other words, this is no longer a dam, but rather artificial isthmuses

2) there are probably techniques/geometries that could be used to minimize damage
File: bohai land dam.png (1.62 MB, 1276x772)
1.62 MB
1.62 MB PNG
I know they're cringe but it's easy emphasis. I assume people don't want to read everything.

a Bohai land dam is actually extremely feasible this century.

Dubai (UAE) reclaimed 20 sqmi of land over a 15 year period.
A Bohai dam would be 170 sqmi

The Bohai land dam would be 9x bigger than all of UAE's artificial islands combined
China's economy is 30x bigger than UAE's

So in theory, China should be able to complete this artificial land dam in only 5 years.
They'd need to build an artificial river, I don't know how long that would take.
But it would take 45 years for all the water in the sea to desalinate naturally. I can't imagine that building an artificial river with China's amount of manpower would take longer than 50 years.

So basically they'd reclaim a UK/Belarus worth of land in 50 years.
Is China doing something like this already?
Not that I know of, no.

File: 1613553714250.png (923 KB, 690x653)
923 KB
923 KB PNG
What's the evolutionary explanation behind smarter races having small penises?
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Ashkenazi Jews look like Italians though
a detachment of themselves from basal desire and an embracement of enlightened thinking
File: penis size cope.png (97 KB, 1644x390)
97 KB
Penis size is not correlated to race. Yes asians, blacks, and whites all have the same penis size on average.
This might be it, considering Asians migrated from the north.
I wonder... perhaps intelligence, beyond a certain threshold, is an evolutionary negative selector?

That is, you only need to be smart enough to build simple mud huts and tools to help you survive and reproduce. Thinking about stuff only adds more stress to your life and uses additional calories - it's a maladaptation, like peacock feathers. So penis size being inversely proportional to intelligence is evolution's way of stopping us from getting too smart.

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Space is a distraction from truly conquering earth
what has astronomy done for me lately
File: jwst-april2021.jpg (185 KB, 879x485)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
instead of looking at the stars we have instead chose to look at porn
Why is this a thread, we have a SFG already.

File: 45345.jpg (9 KB, 200x200)
9 KB
Is there any virus which has a beneficial effect on the host?

Surely there would be one? Improving the health of a carrier would be a good evolutionary strategy?
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What issues? Fever literally treats autism.
Is that your issue?
Mitochondria showed up too late to get absorbed into the whole.
Go ask expert organic chemist James Tours about his thoughts on origin of life research
google lateral gene transfer

File: caption-2.gif (664 KB, 220x287)
664 KB
664 KB GIF
tl;dr basically a spergout by a guy who thinks slapping solar cells to everything will solve the energy crisis. Not once does he mention the lifespan of solar cells or the energy costs needed to produce them.
He is either completely retarded or extremely disingenuous, and is a prime example of why youtube has turned to shit over the past couple of years.
Also, it's this kind of blatant retardation that reminds me that California should be nuked as soon as possible. Discuss.
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Energy is just something you buy, dont worry about this shit unless you get a job or business producing energy.
Lifespan of solar cells is about 25 years, at least here in Europe. Cost isn't too bad and cost is always going down. And Si is abundant.

So yes, panels will probably cover all south facing areas, especially Germany is going all out here. Much of Europe is now having high cost of electricity combined with cooler weather, and Russia is starting the gas delivery diplomacy helped by greenies that thing gas is bad, further making Europe dependent on Russian gas to survive the winter. This too is making solar panels attractive. There are obvious problems such as sort days in winter with less power when you need the most.
The cost of solar panels have dropped so far that they are the cheapest part of installing solar. I can get solar panels for less than $0.20 per watt. The cost of paying someone to install them far exceeds this already, that price is about equal to the price for a decent grid tie inverter. Hell even the mounting hardware can exceed the panel cost. Large scale solar farms are paradoxically more expansive than small scale ones.
>one literally who posted nonsense on a platform that lets anyone post anything! the platform is shit now!
no, you are the problem with the platform, feeding views to shit channels.

I have a question related to lasers, my brother bought a 3W(Very dangerous stuff, a class 4 laser) that works on a wavelength of 450nm(blue light) laser engraver and it has already been tested on another place but it's back at my home now. The device works now the only issue I managed to get was it lacking another fan.
My question comes here, you see, I have told him to do some extra work on it before using it, doing an enclosure on it, a stable and safe place on which to use it, the actual planned place right now is too idiotic to mention, back to the main point, just how unsafe am I with this thing home.

I won't be operaring it, so my danger of exposure comes from 4 factors

If I stay in my room locked, and light has no way of getting in since I barricaded myself with tape, a towel that obscures an opening, the usual opening below the door, and putting a mattress against the door.
Am I safe from
>hypercharged photons?
Or could I get either eye damage or lung damage from it?
The other 3 factors will be detailed below
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>3W(Very dangerous stuff, a class 4 laser)
Meanwhile styropyro handles 200W laser with ease. Just read about laser safety.
>lung damage from it
Wtf? Only if you're engraving uranium glass, beryllium oxide ceramic and shit like that. And even then, only if you don't ventilate properly.

They're dragging me to a shrink, trying to get me back at my house.
The laser engraver has no enclosure, 3W.
How unsafe am I on the same house, even my barricade will do nothing
How so? Explain
No laser directly at your eye, reflected off of a highly reflective surface = safe
Simple as, don't look into the beam and don't have mirrors close to it while operational. If you're so fucking paranoid, wear 450nm (your claim) blocking glasses all the time.
But am I safe on the other room?

File: asteroid.png (397 KB, 757x464)
397 KB
397 KB PNG
A six-mile long asteroid has struck the Earth before? What the fuck are we going to do if there's ever an asteroid threat in the future? That's way worse than a nuclear bomb.
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This doesn't help us.
No shit it’s worse than a nuclear bomb did you learn that in a nuclear physics class while studying for your Masters you dumb goddamn piece of shit?
goatse my asshole open and scuttle left to right as it approaches following its approach and have it fly straight into my hole, capturing it inside and saving humanity
>launch several multi-megaton nukes at it
>they alter its orbit slightly
>misses Earth by several million km

File: 1630197810313.jpg (9 KB, 239x211)
9 KB
>almost 2022
>still no nuclear fusion
>no flying cars
>no home kit for gene editing into an ubermensh
what went wrong with science?
>i want people to do shit for me
all the smart people are too busy doing hard drugs and having premarital sex with young girls, brother. you'll have to be patient.
>all the smart people are too busy doing hard drugs and having premarital sex
that's not really what smart people do anon
nobody tell him
>no flying cars
thank god, it would be horrible
File: h323h23h2-min.jpg (61 KB, 800x421)
61 KB
Why the fuck would you want a flying car when you could have pic rel?

Does low testosterone cause prostate cancer?
Dr. 4Chan reporting for duty.
Based on all the information you have submitted the question can not be answered.
i thought it was the other way around

I need to find a couple of brainlet-proof books on R and python for data science. I need to give a 4 hour presentation/course tomorrow. So basically I have 12 hours to produce a 4 hour course.

What do bros?
5 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
retard, he's in the middle of presenting right now.
Why the fuck would you do that? Just ape an R curriculum that exists. Don't teach both python and R at the same time either. Like what the fuck.

If you had more time, I'd tell you to focus on the basics and then teach them how to use R shiny and R Markdown. R is pretty stupid simple without touching any of the various libraries out there, but markdown and shiny are 'impressive' to the newcomer since you can quickly write up reports with code integration and create very quick web apps.
stfu moron my post isn't going to self-distruct

Just google some intro book (as pdf) and do the exercises from the book.

The rest is psychology..

I found this quite useful.


I fucking hate odd numbers. Fuck odd numbers.
25 replies omitted. Click here to view.
hihihi OP doesn't like 69
>/sci/ - Science & Mathematics
>t. never goes to 11
You should start a movement to rename them queer numbers. I bet if you mask it as an LGBTIQ+ issue everyone will jump on board instantly.
Kys faggot.
>odd = male
>even = (((female)))
the greeks knew OP was a fag long ago

File: 1637521283429.jpg (56 KB, 1024x614)
56 KB
I know I'm retarded, but I never believed that much.
Pic no related
21 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Unfortunately their IQs are disproportionately loaded into spatial ability, they have spatial IQs about 10-15 points higher than their verbal. Thus they have a shit record of scientific discovery. Unironically the only thing they're really good for is being slaves doing semi complex work.
mensa will sell you a high iq card for $25 year, so you're not going to get a lot of money out of it because mensa is undercutting you
>b-b-but muh iq, muh iq muffugguh
teaching science.

Why do we hiccup? How do we hiccup? Explain.

>I don't believe in hiccups
Only USA people hiccup
Hiccups are a sign of mental illness. There's been papers on this since the 1930s.
Fetuses hiccup. So do kittens, it's cute. It tapers off the older you get. It may have some use in building breathing muscles before you are born.

File: iu[1].png (33 KB, 650x235)
33 KB
So they inserted PRRA between S and R
to get RRAR which is the furin cleavage site.
But why did they need to insert P?
RRA would suffice, no?
Also how do we know that RRAR is the furin cleavage site? It's just 4 random amino acids. How did they determine their purpose? Also there is another cleavage done at S2' by TMPRSS2 that facilitates fusion. Why doesn't anyone talk about that one?
>But why did they need to insert P?
Probably an artifact from transfection
>Also how do we know that RRAR is the furin cleavage site? It's just 4 random amino acids.
Because thats what defines the cleavage site lol
Also, i think they tried to model it to see if it was in a region that could be cleaved. Its been a year since, I looked into it so I won't comment more.
>Why doesn't anyone talk about that one?
Because it was novel to the coronavirus in sars2
>Because it was novel to the coronavirus in sars2
the furin site was novel not sure about the other one just to clear up.
ADE is gonna be a bitch with the Botswana variant. Imagine all the vaccinated morons getting an even worse form of the disease because of their narrow immunity which now causes their antibody response to be infected.
There was a paper that came out that showed that taking the vaccine might harm your short term immunity to the virus and make you more susceptible to getting ill. Funny how the boosters and this new variant are timed, also timed to the protests.

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