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File: 732578823457215.png (304 KB, 460x428)
304 KB
304 KB PNG
Could any scientific expert on this subject explain how the hell they did it? It's unreal
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Anyone that can give us access to a copy please?
I've had someone go
>well, that's just the cost of research I guess
>I'm sure the paper must be worth it
>well it's good of you to support the original scientists!
when I told them what articles cost.

Boomers really were conditioned to get assfucked by industry prices, weren't they?
>Could any scientific expert on this subject explain how the hell they did it? It's unreal

You answered your own question.
Implying it's ever going to be a choice for the not ultra rich.
File: 334416_wm.gif (724 KB, 172x301)
724 KB
724 KB GIF
I'v been thinking about this, if it only took one gene to stop aging there would be people in history who lived to 200 because thats how evolution works, nature throws random shit on the wall and see what stick.

on the other hand progéria does exist, and while it looks like aging, it is unlikely to be the same process.

Masseteric hypertrophy edition.

Previously: >>15122972

We discuss research, DO NOT offer advice (just fucking go see your doctor), make fun of premeds and shitpost.

Please keep vaccination/clamping/vitamin K/soliciting advice out of this thread and start your own because it takes a lot of space.
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File: lääkeapustaja89.png (55 KB, 865x526)
55 KB
>tfw your consultant says you'll have no problem getting into the specialty program
>implying 60 year old consultants decide who gets into the program or even have an ounce of an idea how the current residency program works
Hey I know that. Let me enjoy the compliment and good reference.
Back when I was an intern I gave the end of year discharge speech. The director (orthopedic surgeon) gave me a pat on them shoulders and told me "you have an orthopedist build, if you ever wanna apply to this hospital just gimme a call".
This was the only and single time I was ever congratulated throughout the whole intern year. Good memories.
Well lads, the MCAT came and went. I feel better about the other three sections but I got ravaged on P&S. Hoping to get 500+, and try again later in the year

File: 1609395146366.jpg (41 KB, 759x422)
41 KB
post a random pic from your /sci/ folder, don't even look
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cute! cute!
File: 1517703829849.gif (1.88 MB, 402x402)
1.88 MB
1.88 MB GIF
Turns out I have almost no /sci/ related images
File: 1674849165033.jpg (198 KB, 700x585)
198 KB
198 KB JPG
File: 1668648493656748.png (56 KB, 854x391)
56 KB
File: a.jpg (94 KB, 540x1080)
94 KB
>python code to find a random image file from current directory
import os
import numpy as np

def get_file_paths(directory):
file_paths = []
for root, directories, files in os.walk(directory):
for filename in files:
if ('.png' in filename) or ('.jpeg' in filename) or ('.jpg' in filename):
filepath = os.path.join(root, filename)
return file_paths

directory = os.getcwd()

File: calling all sciencers.png (16 KB, 737x132)
16 KB
>It is of course easy to laugh at such ignorance and hubris and you may think that this is all really quite harmless. But I think that the Flat Earthers are actually dangerous. For one thing, the public flaunting of such a basic form of science denial is evidence that the problem of public ignorance and disrespect for science is growing. The Flat Earthers may not be hurting anybody directly but the confusion and doubt they spread helps to create a culture of denial that could cost lives indirectly by affecting congressional decisions about climate change and family decisions about vaccination.

Flat Earth must be put down, NOW
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Oh no people might just start to look behind gatekeeptingconspiracy psyop projects like flat earth and read about covid vax side effects
yes, and as true sciencers we cannot allow that can we?
>For one thing, the public flaunting of such a basic form of science denial is evidence that the problem of public ignorance and disrespect for science is growing.
No one would distrust science, if scientists weren't such self-righteous cunts
I don’t see any science only dogma
Honestly, the amount of pushback it gets is really weird if it's so "laughably wrong".

stop posting like a fucking bot, nigger.

File: soonhorse.jpg (44 KB, 470x313)
44 KB

The asteroid, named 2023 BUU, was scheduled to pass over the southern tip of South America at 7:27 p.m. Eastern time. The asteroid is fairly small -- less than 30 feet across, about the size of a truck -- and will be best visible in the skies to the west of southern Chile.

>The asteroid will not hit Earth

but will make one of the closest approaches ever by such an object, hurtling past Earth at just 2,200 miles above USA, according to a news release from the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. This encounter puts the asteroid "well within the orbit of geosynchronous satellites," the statement noted, but the asteroid is not on track to hit any.

2023 BUU was unknown to NASA, or anyone, until last Saturday. Gennadiy Borisov, an amateur astronomer in Crimea, noticed the asteroid from the MARGO Observatory, a setup of telescopes that he has used to discover other interstellar objects. Astronomers then determined 2023 BUU's orbit around the sun and impending trip past Earth using data from the Minor Planet Center, a project sanctioned by the International Astronomical Union.

It publishes positions of newly found space objects, including comets and satellites, from information of several observatories worldwide.
we should capture and interrogate him
>where are the gay nigger communists?

File: gamma.png (69 KB, 799x202)
69 KB
Name a single more based function.
You can't even if you tried.
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>What are you even using your Gamma function for (genuinely curious)?

It made me understand that x=x. I still do want to know if the reason that the statement x=x is true because it has to be, and not because it happens to be, but I'm starting to get the vibe that it doesn't really, you know, matter.
x(y) = y^x
File: NJW.png (324 KB, 882x889)
324 KB
324 KB PNG
I don't know what a "function" is and neither do any mathematicians as they have yet to provide a clear and concise definition of "function" that doesn't rely on all this fantastical nonsense from set theory.
This guy is a clown, minus the funny.
The clown was the only person in the royal court to ever tell the truth.

Is /sci/ smart enough to beat the other boards 4chan?
We should be able to solve this.

We play against /k/ today at 2:40pm EST/ 7:40 UTC, /mu/ on Sunday at 3:20pm EST/ 8:20 UTC, and /gd/ next Saturday at 2:40pm EST/ 7:40 UTC
If we do well enough in the group stage we go onto the knockouts and secure our place in this summer's cup.

>what is this?
A virtual soccer (football) tournament involving the boards of 4chan, /sci/'s team is playing this winter

>we have a team?
Yes, its been around for over a decade

>Where can I watch the cup?

>where can I find out more about this?
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Today's game vs /k/ https://implying.fun/video/winter23/2023-01-27/?t=3:16:23.0
File: this noob.jpg (44 KB, 756x564)
44 KB
>it's 4chan tradition
It absolutely is you projecting newfag, /sci/'s first game was nearly 11 years ago.
Nice way to expose yourself as a newfag
reddit moment

File: th-722501702.jpg (5 KB, 474x105)
5 KB
Does this really make mathematicians soiface?
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you might have more of a point if the "real arguments" weren't completely wrong here
observe that this does not work, conceptually or otherwise

>Not e to the i tau equals zero

> there's no requirement they need to be
They're the way they are for human convenience. Each approximation fits so they have application.
Each of those constants was made using the same axioms and constituent digits, they weren't formed independently.
because it equals 1 you triple negur

True or false: on a scale of 1 - 10, how many years until modern transportation becomes utopia-like?
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The answer is C: Yellow.
When you can upload your brain and transport it instantaneously to the other end of the universe/to other universes using entanglement.
This is a yes or no question. So the answer is obviously 15.4.
the earth is too small for us to squabble

File: spin.png (10 KB, 373x50)
10 KB
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amazing picture
everything they say is projection
It's excellent bait under the right circumstances, use it carefully.
File: great purge.jpg (236 KB, 1200x675)
236 KB
236 KB JPG
42 posts and 29 images have been deleted from the original version of this thread
Alternative track adds up to a negative real number of deaths, so that one

File: Barbara_McClintock.jpg (608 KB, 1200x627)
608 KB
608 KB JPG
Did Barbara McClintlock actually do what she is claimed to have done, or is this once again another case of a woman taking credit for the discoveries of a man?
No, she did the important part.
CHUD ALERT ! She created the chromosome, chud. Something you'll never do. Keep trying though, it's amusing watching you try and fail. I'm watching you, chud. Watching you like a fruit bat

File: 1459288523950.jpg (23 KB, 363x331)
23 KB
If somebodies goal was to build a device to beacon Earth to any aliens out there on purpose to spite Zoo Hypothesis folks, what might such a device look like?

Doesn't RF fall off really quickly to background noise relative to cosmic distances?
An artificial GRBeacon is pretty intense. The Feds and the Russians and all them would probably get upset.
Anything feasible?

asking for a friend
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>>15158873 What's wrong about it? Are you suggesting you know what the capabilities of 1 M years more advanced aliens are in terms of filtering the signals that arrive on Earth? How do you know?
>>15158675 They're already here btw
that's not true anon
File: TIMESAND___NOOOOOO.jpg (17 KB, 474x255)
17 KB
>join the galactic council

All time records for cold set in Siberia, Mongolia, China, both Koreas & Japan. -62.7ºC in Yakutsk
>post yfw global warming is fake
6 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
soientists are unable or unwilling to earn money for themselves honestly through productive, useful activities, so instead they invent endless contrived doomsday scenarios in order to justify gaining access to funds which they are unable or unwilling to earn on an legitimate basis.
And they sell them with the exact same rhetoric and examples as their previous doomsday scenarios, such as global cooling also being about mass third world migration.
File: file.png (1.1 MB, 927x3069)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB PNG
A fake Time cover and a Newsweek article. Oh no climatebros, how will we recover.
brainlets do not understand how averages work
File: 1651325085583.jpg (172 KB, 700x1269)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
low iqs are easily tricked

>in class
>professor states required textbook
>pirate it within two minutes
>ask my classmates if they need a copy
>"wtf how did you do that?"
>other says "I paid $230 for mine this isn't fair" (the textbook is only $105 new on amazon, not sure why he paid more)

I thought being able to get knowledge for free, at least cheap, was widely known. College students really are a special bunch.
10 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Imagine needing a VPN
Live in Brazil or Russia
I print out QR code links to libgen and put on the title "want free books" and post them around everywhere
I think many students already know though
>He doesn't know about the actually good book pirate site
File: 1424374346604.jpg (30 KB, 400x386)
30 KB
>everyone i know only knows how to use streaming websites
>tfw german

is the green comet visible yet? C/2022 E3 (ZTF)
i am an amateur astronomer and i want to see it
11 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
if you have an eyepiece projection adapter, take closeups of the core and then unsharp mask them, you can see the core's rotation that way sometimes
Is it doable with amateur equipment? Sounds interesting.
should be, core region has very high surface brightness, so good signal to noise even at stupidly high magnifications.
A schmidt cassegrain would be the optimal choice for that. If I ever buy one in the future I will definitely try this. Would be fun to do some scientific observations instead of just taking some fancy pictures.
its just a fancier picture, but its nice to be able to see something which moves at better than a snail's pace and has some unpredictable behaviors. sometimes you get to see a chunk of debris get ejected, thats always a big show with comets.

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