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File: IMG_20220518_210615.jpg (26 KB, 284x245)
26 KB
If I couldn't resolve some of those problems, am I stupid?
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I like secular values
please explain your reasoning, as I'm genuinely curious as to why you think "t is a function of x as usual" when there is absolutely no context given.
only the natural numbers exist
All of them?
wtf is sen??

File: 1559604750148.jpg (195 KB, 630x630)
195 KB
195 KB JPG
This thread is for my self-learning lads.

I recently picked up the Landau and Lifshitz books, physics is a subject that O have not revisited since highschool. I'm having a hard time with the textbooks i rented, I don't think the subject is overly complicated, however, my approach seems to be awful. (inb4 brainlet)

What do you do as autodidacts? Best techniques for self learning?

Also, what are you trying to learn? Is it complicated? Why?

And lastly, is being an autodidact an obstacle for your learning???

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Landau & Lifschitz are shitty books written for idiots to pretend they understand physics. They're full of wrong proofs and mistakes. Stop falling for memes and pick an actually good book.
Landau and Lifschitz are terrible books to learn from. They are not bad books mind you, they actually contain some original material, but they are for working physicists not students.
>wrong proofs
Bro, it's physics what we're you expecting?
File: 1650655780583.webm (2.9 MB, 528x528)
2.9 MB
>North Eaft
>South Eaft
great thread
Landau and Lifschitz are books physicists brag to each other about reading because they are very difficult to understand. They are generally the most esoteric physics collection on the market.

File: file.png (52 KB, 817x234)
52 KB
Is this actually true?

If you "dropped" Jupiter on Earth, they would be attracted to each other at slightly greater than Jupiter's acceleration due to gravity (24.79 m/s^2). Slightly faster because Earth would have some pull on Jupiter.

Jupiter would therefore "fall" much faster than a feather or a cannonball as was used in Galileo's experiments.

Wouldn't it be more accurate to say that the cannonball falls slightly faster than the feather, but it's imperceptible due to the small differences in their gravitational pulls compared to the Earth's?
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Maybe, but you really can't be sure until you put Earth and Jupiter into a vacuum and do a drop test now can you.
File: coffee.gif (76 KB, 220x210)
76 KB
wrong... you are dealing with 2 different refference frames in both situations. The non-relative acceleration will be 14.99m/s^2.
Won't believe you until you show me experimental proof. Others have already pointed out theoretical flaws, such as the free fall orbits Jupiter and Earth would embark on. The orbital velocity between the two planets could be many multiples of such a small speed while the acceleration of one towards the other could be fractions of and even opposing directions.
Either take your meds and drop Earth onto Jupiter in a vacuum tube or go work on string theory schizo.
>acceleration due to gravity
The measured acceleration of 2 gravitational bodies is their difference. From a position observing the interaction the 2 bodies will accelerate at 14.99m/s^2 from different gravitational pull. You are discussing the "2 body problem" in this thread obviously. The most commonly applied solution is breaking the 2 body problem down to 2 separate 1 bodies problems and solving from there.


"Adding and subtracting these two equations decouples them into two one-body problems, which can be solved independently.Addingequations (1) and (2) results in an equation describing thecenter of mass(barycenter) motion. By contrast,subtractingequation (2) from equation (1) results in an equation that describes how the vectorr=x1−x2between the masses changes with time. The solutions of these independent one-body problems can be combined to obtain the solutions for the trajectoriesx1(t)andx2(t)."

File: 12hrs.png (507 KB, 1542x436)
507 KB
507 KB PNG
how many hours does sci study?
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Anything after your bachelor's degree
good. I was worried you were spending hours on 4000 level classes.
Universities in the US have lower division and upper division classes. Lower division classes include things like intro to proofs, physics 1,2 Calc 1-4 because most stem degrees require them. Upper division classes are typically 3xx+ classes that are specific to the program you're in. To take the classes, you need the lower div prereq, and be admitted to the program, which has a GPA requirement based on the lower div classes.

Examples of upper div math would be linear algebra, abstract algebra, number theory, real analysis etc...

These classes can also be offered at the grad level 5xx+ but be open to undergrads and will fulfill credits required in the program.
What are efficient ways to study?
You will discover them for yourself through trial and error

File: bigbrain.jpg (50 KB, 600x600)
50 KB
i got my remedial in math because i failed my semester in 9 days, i already start to revise since the first may so it was already 21 day. i literally did nothing the first semester and failed like a retard but succeed the second : the problem is the latter : i understand the lesson, but when im in front of the exam im so fucking stressed out and before the first difficulty i just give up on the whole test. help me anon
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look its the same retarded nigger monkey again across 3 threads
agree on this point anon, cause i dont know how to search a problem, i just know how to handle information. it might be the real problem,
but which advice do you think is best niggers are faggots or niggers tongue my anus because you cant be doing both well technically you can but there will be overlap in the abilities of both tactics and you get an unorganized mess getting the worst of both worlds and you would be better off just picking and sticking to one
Tldr I get it why bother
Just do more practice problems outside of classes, understanding is not enough if you've never tried applying it and you usually won't have enough time to figure it out in exam.
Early college/advanced high school courses are particularly annoying here because, unless you get really lucky with your professor, the exam will almost definitely be 90% mechanical solving of generic exercises where your creativity/deeper understanding won't mean much.
Also try taking "notes" after class not necessarily to use them for studying but to check if you actually learned the material. Sometimes you think that you understand but after writing it down you start noticing gaps in knowledge.
Many textbooks and curriculums used for teaching are pretty shit too so I'd recommend reading more about the subjects on your own since the "understanding" school provided you with usually isn't as through.

What does /sci/ think?
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the ironic thing is that he has the personality of a physicist
I want to take a massive slimy messy shit across her titties and then behead that stupid blonde bimbo and piss down her neckhole nigger
how old are u?
holy cope
how is this thread still alive?

what did he mean by this?

File: FQPdpYaUYAINY8R.jpg (169 KB, 1024x1024)
169 KB
169 KB JPG
>what is /sqt/ for?
Questions regarding math and science. Also homework.
>where do I go for advice?
>>>/sci/scg or >>>/adv/
>where do I go for other questions and requests?
>>>/wsr/ >>>/g/sqt >>>/diy/sqt etc.
>how do I post math symbols (Latex)?
>a plain google search didn't return anything, is there anything else I should try before asking the question here?
>where can I look up if the question has already been asked here?
>how do I optimize an image losslessly?

>where can I get:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>>The relation you gave has the wrong dimensions, so I suspect you're dealing with relative values
So then [math] |\vec{k}|^2=\frac{\omega^2}{c^2} \epsilon_r \mu_r [/math] would be correct? How do I get it?

It's my professor notes, I have no choice
are forces on an object applied simulataneously or applied consecutively
Depends on the forces and the timing?
If you're exerting two different forces on an object then their normals are simultaneous.
ok thank you, so it is possible for them to be simultaneos

Im pretty much doing a general on /x/ but im building a robot and discovering new species so it crosses into /sci/ just wanted to post it over here just in case any of you wanted to check it out.

In this video link you can hear a creature at 1650 feet deep, i am trying to get a expert to confirm what it is. if you are a audio expert let me know, thanks

Here is the link to the /x/ thread if you want to follow it over there.

One more bump to try to get some /sci/ autists on board... need all the help i can.

Thanks guys, ill stop shitting up the sci board.

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>like co-reference resolution for instance ("The president talked to the secretary of state, he ordered him to get the job done" it's trivial for a human, but AIs have a very hard time to figure out who "he" and "him" refer to
GPT3 was able to solve Winograd schemas like this. PaLM's ability to solve them is on par with humans.
Notice how it triggered a butthurt kneejerk reaction in you, but you can't actually refute any aspect of what I said? You exactly represent this new standard of discourse I was just talking about.
Why do you kikes keep trotting out this talking point?
I don't think an AI would respect a race of lying leeches that aren't self-sufficient, just because they have a few points more IQ.
The jews that are actually smart are genetically majority European with the whole jewish thing being mostly cultural, they are also much much smarter than pure jews who are actually quite stupid. REALLY makes you think
Have any of you met a normal human? I'm talking a 100 IQ NPC. I'm convinced GPT-3 is already smarter than these people.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (48 KB, 1280x720)
48 KB
Dont you give me the oil drop facfiction, i mean the real mechanism. It cant be that in 2022 we only measure the electron charge with an oil mist. And dont give me some circular technique where you use quantities derived by using the electron charge.
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>The point is we can "count" how many electrons are flowing in a circuit precisely
The point of the thread is answering how this is possible. You find a way to relate an IRL measurement of a measurable thing, such as a force or distance, into a number of electrons. How to? Good i found how, it isnt with no oil drops, that experiment disagrees with the modern value by 1% and the modern value isnt reached by just doing the same experiment more carefully
What physically makes the body of positive charge stay near the body of negative charge, but body of negative charge is forced to not stay near body of negative charge?

Interestingly enough however... In atoms there is a positive nucleus yes, but there are more than one electron around it.

So outer shell electrons are much closer to other electrons than they are to the positive center.

The more positives in the center, the more electrons can surround, just like the more mass of a star, the more bodies can orbit it at a greater distance.

Stars displace the local gravity field medium/EM field medium, planets cannot help but stay in orbit around this displacement;

The planets may pass near one another or asteroids, but they are not attracted into orbit around one another.

Positive charges, nucleus, displaces the local EM field medium, gravity field medium; and the greater the number, the greater the effect on local space, the greater number of electrons will be trapped in that orbit space.

But the electrons do not make as large or steady or defined warps/wells in the space for electrons to orbit one another

Or, it also has to do with the bizzare theory of quarks, 1/3 charges, now that gets somewhere, still mysterious, but towards sensibility;

Neutron, proton, 6 quarks between them of various 1/3rd charges;

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>must create local warp well that the electron gets trapped in orbiting.
So as previously mentioned in this thread; it is possible there is maybe one-ish Gravity/EM field medium, which interacts differently on different scales.

The body of a star and the body of a planet are real macro objects that have real macro effects on surrounding field.

The bodies are made up of micro objects, (that make up objects somewhere in between micro and macro objects) that interact with the macro field differently on their micro level.

As a macro body can be interacted with on its macro and micro level; the field can be interacted with differently (by macro and micro bodies) on its macro and micro level.

And interactions appear differently depending on variables of the interaction with the field, like velocity, angular momentum, coupling to other objects, etc.
I used the example of water field medium, and air field medium.

How many different macro and micro bodies can result in how many different effects and phenomenon of the single water field medium (and air)?

How many different macro and micro bodies can result in how many different effects and phenomenon of the single EM field, and of the single Gravity field? And possibly of the single EM Gravity field.

I do not know enough about the totality of experiment, theory, knowledge, and perfect understanding of the state of physics to see the absolute impossibility of Gravity field and EM field being intimately connected in some way, so I look forward to seeing any attempts at constructive criticism of these thoughts, why any of this may be impossible to be true, so I may further refine my thinking.
You measure the electron dipole moment with a beam of charged ions measuring their defraction or ion traps.


File: so_good.png (66 KB, 659x609)
66 KB
>TFW you get a citation by a famous CS scientist with an H-Index above 150

I think I'm gonna cooooom holy fuck
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>it's now 5
Sir, I kneel. You are probably the only real scientists on /sci/.
Is this the /sci/ version of a teenage girl telling her girl friends that a 6'3 handsome Chad flirted with her?
No, but your post is the /sci/ version of the ugly girl getting jealous and toxic over it.
File: Dr_PdfmU0AEJj1S.png (101 KB, 300x300)
101 KB
101 KB PNG
>No, but your post is the /sci/ version of the ugly girl getting jealous and toxic over it.
>What metric is best for showing people i'm special.

You are not valuing science by doing this, you just want attention.

File: 1652771549846.png (446 KB, 937x960)
446 KB
446 KB PNG
>been out of school so long can't remember how to do math
>see pic related
>manage to get to 1 = (-x + 1)/(-x + 1)
> 1 = 1
>what the fuck
>plug 1 into the original problem
>get 0s in the denominators
How the fuck do you even do these kinds of problems again?
46 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
honestly this is western propaganda we'd like to believe
DPRK can nuke all your cities if they want and they can
that's why all our nations treat them with kid gloves and not crazy rhetoric like other non-nuclear nations
use your fucking brain you absolute micro brain this is /sci/ not plebbit
x = 0.5
proof: me. i am a genius so everything i write is correct.
I love Kurisu so much its unreal
You found 1=1, which means both sides of the expression are equivalent to 1. Try graphing the left hand side of the equation to show this to yourself.
When you're asked to "solve", this typically means "find the values of x for which this expression is true". This holds for any x, as long as x isn't 1 (Which would make the denominators 0)
File: 1650721381075.gif (1.51 MB, 298x298)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB GIF
I'm pretty sure the answer is -2 at a quick glance.... or maybe x = any negative I (integer)

File: weird.png (332 KB, 600x461)
332 KB
332 KB PNG
Something weird...

But what?
Look around man, if you don't think this shit is weird, frick i don't know what nasa could tell you that would change your mind
>we are the first intelligent race in the universe
>everything is free real estate
>boomers refuse to leave earth
pretty weird
>telescope leaves solar system, detects weird stuff
>hubble detects weird stuff

There is currently technology on earth that is capable of going from sea level to 70K ft in under 1 second. Are we really going to let the government hide this from us? They are acting like they don't know what these are but someone in the IC does!!! Let's shake things up and get disclosure!
68 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: I JUST WANT ONE.jpg (121 KB, 854x480)
121 KB
121 KB JPG



Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Ever ride a roller coaster? When you accelerate under a gravitational field you don't "feel" any acceleration (in fact, you feel weightless). This is because the force of gravity is interacting with every atom in your body equally, thus nothing is getting "squished" like it does if you're accelerating in a car.

You're thinking that this machine somehow works like an airplane. But it doesn't have any wings, so obviously that's not how it flies.
File: 4154KP65MAL[1].jpg (29 KB, 326x500)
29 KB
>This is because the force of gravity is interacting with every atom in your body equally, thus nothing is getting "squished" like it does if you're accelerating in a car.
It is not necessarily the "force" of gravity, it's you being impelled upon yourself. Down to brass tacks, in terms of fields this is electromagnetic hysteresis. The fields, the cells that is in your body have to play "catch up" in a Newtons cradle manner. The hysteresis caused by the disparity of what they were doing before (flowing in your body) and accelerating to a new location while trying to prop themselves together remaining unchanged, doing what they're still doing relative to that acceleration.
So if a UFO accelerates, the whole structure must be accelerating at the same time. Otherwise some parts of it would rip itself apart from the hysteresis disparity. Also, there's the molecules OUTSIDE the UFO that must be taken into consideration.

Like trying to jump from train to train moving opposite direction, or to a non moving train it wouldn't work out well. You must jump train to train when they're moving at the same speed in the dame direction to avoid harm. So wind, water, solid mass...it also must "make" or influence those things become the second train to jump to. It must accelerate the area around it to form a geometrical field/barrier whatever so that it aids travel instead of hindering it with more hysteresis. This is the only workround to

>b-but they violate the laws of physics

Because those consider the traveling object to be independent from "the road traveled". A UFO manipulates "the road traveled".
File: unmoved.jpg (82 KB, 728x360)
82 KB
Another good example, it would be like trying to answer:
"How fast can a magnet travel in iron filings"

It's indeterminable, it distorts and manipulates the "distance" being measured by which it would "travel". Also technically speaking the magnet "does no work" so how is it traveling in the first place? It's moving the material around and making the means of travel less retarded. Literally.
Ponder this the next time you think UFO's are powered by shitty bottle rockets.

Why don’t curly haired people (like black people) have curly haired eyebrows? Isn’t it also hair?
>All body hair must grow the same way as other bodyhair

You're telling me your pubes are straight Op?
Yours aren't?
Look at this curly pubed anon. LOL.

This is like that one time when my friend overheard us talking about toilet habits for some reason and he stood up and said
>"wtf? you STAND AND PEE on my TOILETTE? Do you have a single straight beam like IN THE MOVIES??"

And the whole room just looked at him. And you could see how his face saddened as it slowly sunk in how
it wasn't just 'in the movies' and how it was he who was the odd one out and had outed himself as Mr.Sprinkler.
There is a particularly hideous VD that perforates the glans and turns men into sprinklers.

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