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File: 1663610337770580.png (499 KB, 512x704)
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How do you measure it?
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At this point I don't care, I mostly concern myself with practical studies like the philosophy of law and order, and the natural sciences so I know how my car works etc.
Your pic was generated by a picture generation system. It’s not AI
>what is consciousness?
>How do you measure it?

Eat staples, bitch!

File: minds in general.png (90 KB, 536x536)
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Consciousness could theoretically be measured with phenomenal puzzles.

File: arguing with zombies.png (1.66 MB, 1280x7779)
1.66 MB
1.66 MB PNG
You can measure consciousness by asking people if they're conscious. People like Daniel Dennett are almost certainly NPCs.


What exactly happens when you lose hair? I know the root cause us largely understood and related to DHT sensitivity, but how does DHT cause hair loss? Do follicles die? Do they go dormant? Us thus an immune response? Inflammation causes tge scal to "close" above tge follicles preventing hair to grow? Why does it happen on the scalp mostly?

Any more info? Can't be blood flow related, otherwise transplant wouldn't work...

Pic is not me, but similar
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I highly doubt it's a mechanical cause. It's more than likely to do with stimulation, blood flow, healing etc. But on the flip side of things it could also be some sort of symbiotic emergence. They have been living on our heads for longer than we have fossil remains of humans.
Most hair restoration methods nowadays do a lot of the mechanical effects of a head louse. Dermarollers/microneedling, massage and stimulation.
Androgenic Alopecia has a large immune component. Autoantibodies and cytotoxic T cells are found in balding hair bulb terminus.
Hypothesis is probably 50% hair stimulus and circulation, and 50% microbiota. Lice can and do act as biota reservoirs, both pathogenic and probiotic.
Perhaps lice play a part in maintaining scalp flora, or maybe even something more obverse than standard perhaps they directly assist scalp health like a more obligate symbiote.
So weird, but makes some sense.
Need to check some facts snd stuf...
Still, there must be a way that doesn't involve actual lice
microwaves are burning your follicles, fool.
women are naturally immune to radiation, we should line reactors with them.
>women are naturally immune to radiation

nah, they just take less to turn, and thus are fired upon less often.

Heard it’s a tough book to get through. Would /sci/ recommend?
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jews are legendary for their insatiable greed and willingness to go to ridiculous lengths to get money
Correct, and you're also still very retarded.
There are ways jews can jew money out of you that actually work and don't involve shilling a 43 year old book on a very low post activity board of a relatively mediocre to low traffic website which is anonymous and not amenable to proving ROIs by design.
If you're a marketer and want to make money you need to actually prove to the people paying you that what you're doing is resulting in sales.
Facebook and Twitter are easy to do that for, hence why marketers always go there. They also have the major benefit of not causing your employer to look up the names of where your presentation to them says you're marketing only to get back search results about racism and child pornography. Would YOU want to try to cite 4chan to your boss as anything you're involved with for work meant to make YOU look good?
The stack of reasons why the idea of marketers being here for this book is so obviously stupid is such that I have to believe you're just baiting at this point, albeit in a retarded way.
jews are legendary for their insatiable greed and willingness to go to ridiculous lengths to get money
Take a break from 4chan anon. Go outside for a while.
>/sci/ reads books about scientific theories
Wew, shocking.

File: BDMwZFSwsDGF.jpg (64 KB, 916x877)
64 KB
typical science believer
Needs more piercings and tats

File: 1611363524670.jpg (75 KB, 482x427)
75 KB
Any papers, or blog posts on why scaled-up language models CAN'T be the AGI?
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But our thinking is only done through language too, language is the basis of reasoning.
Everyone laugh at Google's CEO.
>But our thinking is only done through language too
You mean you and the other non-sentients spamming this board?
File: 1646238291655.jpg (146 KB, 1080x774)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
>the other non-sentients spamming this board?
don't mistake intentionally circulated transhumanist propaganda for innocent stupidity

What is your view on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena?



I've seen several and still don't know what the fuck they were
what was it like, recount the experience for us

i saw something i couldn't identify twice, one time i saw these blinking lights very far apart from each other in the sky forming a triangle, they weren't stars or planets obviously, they were white-ish and resembled stars but they were stationary and were much brighter than stars and were blinking erratically in some sort of pattern i couldn't understand, and this other time i saw an orange-ish orb flying in the sky, and it went above my house
>Phantom shows the colur characteristics inherent in an object with zero albedos. It is a completely black body that does not emit and absorbs all the radiation falling on it. We see an object because it shields radiation due to Rayleigh scattering.
spoopy. wtf are these things
File: zoggers.png (228 KB, 532x594)
228 KB
228 KB PNG
funny thing is that you missed entirely the concept of the art you posted lol, project blue beam is way more ridiculous sounding than another species from another planet and much more hollywood like

Like say i've got 19 grams of 235 in a ball. Not compacted. Starting at room temperature. How do i figure out how fast that would generate heat?

Pic unrelated.
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I got a real stupid question that probably has an answer of "I don't know."

But why wouldn't they just oscillate the criticality back and forth? Like why not just increase the criticality to 1.000001 or something for a second, then decreasing it to subcritical after a short burst? Do they just not have that fine of control over the criticality? Is the temperature increase erratic?
nta, or a nuclear engineer, but my guess would be the energy generation from criticality of 1 is sufficient for power, and there's not much of a benefit to increasing the criticality besides risking runaway and using fuel faster

Well thank you for indulging me.
Actually is a very good question, criticality varies continously, so reactors need a way to control and fine tuning that. For example if you increase the power of a reactor and then try to come back to the earlier state some hours later the power level will be lower because of neutron poisons build up (Xe 135). Partially because of that Chernobyl happened, the reactor slowed down too much to maintain the cooling system (no external power iirc).

I don't know the fine details and applied tech, but the control in nuclear reactors is very good, can be run from ~0 to the limit of the cooling system that generates electricity in the same time. Control bars are meters long and can be partially inserted to (fine tuning) how much neutrons are removed from the chain reaction. Criticality varies with time/power so yes, not only you power can "oscillate" but they have to take into account that the reactors changes in composition gradually (neutron poisons).

There's another type of reactors that are self-regulating (TRIGA reactors). TRIGA reactors uses control bars but the fuel itself (Uranium zirconium hydride) can expand when heated that quickly turns the reactor in very subcritical. Those reactors can achieve GW leves of power during micro-mili seconds and self limit.
>How do you figure out how much heat a given mass of fissile material would generate?

electron volts, and lambda.

File: 166375043317.png (51 KB, 841x488)
51 KB
Why do STEMorons think that people who devote their adult lives to playing children's games are intelligent. People who stay fixated on childhood activities as adults are not intelligent, they have arrested psychological development, which means their brains are performing at a below average level and fail to fully mature.
Because they literally are. The amount of intelligence required to play chess at a top is huge. The whole "professional chess players" thing is a relatively new thing. 70 years ago and earlier, all the top players in the world were engineers, doctors, lawyers, or people with PhDs. The simple fact is that there's a directly observable relationship between success in chess and intelligence. You can piss your pants about it all you want but it doesn't make you right.

You guys are smart yeah? What is this thing that flew past my house. Started from the lower left corner, reached maximum height in pic, then turned and went straight froward and disappeared. All in less than 5 minutes. Just a plane or something huh right?
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Falcon 9 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVu2bSJJhgI
you're completely retarded
Ive never seen a rocket in person before, thats pretty cool
It's a rocket with bonus mode for being in twilight which allows you to be in the dark but the rocket is light up by the sun which reveals the tail in detail you wouldn't see during day or night.
>What is this thing that flew past my house.

>past my house

Thats a bunch of self-identified "science experts" intentionally filling our atmosphere with toxic pollutants as a means of justifying stealing money from wagies.
The false premise that the pseudoscientists rely on is that their grandiose displays of shameless self promotion in the sky is somehow of benefit to the people who are forced to give money to pseudoscientists in exchange for the privilege of getting to breathe the toxic exhaust gasses

Why can't wolfram solve this lol?

∫ 0 to pi/2 ((ln(sin(x)) * ln(cos(x))) / (tan(x))) dx
The better question is: why can't you solve it yourself?
homework too hard for you?
File: hidous kike.jpg (20 KB, 220x293)
20 KB
why are jews all so hideously ugly?
Well, you solve it first faggot.
\int_{0}^{\pi /2} ((ln(sin(x)) * ln(cos(x))) / (tan(x))) dx

File: 7441759192.jpg (29 KB, 612x408)
29 KB
>/sci/ - ''math'' and iq threads
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Why does IQ make midwits seethe so much?
Only midwits care about IQ.
Only 115 IQ care about IQ.
File: 57.gif (16 KB, 891x567)
16 KB
IQ is just penis size for nerds.

Prove me wrong. Protip: you can't

Can someone r3d pill me on university rankings

Why does the U.S always dominate them ? More specifically for STEM stuff like engineering, physics, robotics and CS
You are telling me the U.S has better engineering schools than Germany ? And better Physics schools than the UK ? Yeah that’s a fucking lie ((((((((Ivy league))))))))) schools are a joke
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
College prof here - college rankings are a complete fucking joke that college admins basically pay for as a little badge they can slap on recruitment materials. It's all fucking bullshit.

If you're looking for a grad school, just talk to profs you respect and they'll tell you all about schools they've gone to or worked at or worked with people from and will have a much deeper insight on what schools have the programs you're interested in and the environment suited to you.

Unless you've alienated yourself from all your profs, then you're kind of fucked.
A lot of it is about money, it's obvious why US universities prosper in that regard. But it's also places where academia is similarly structured. In Germany the best research institutions are not universities, they are separate like the Max Planck inisitiutes. Many of them have strong ties to local universities, but they're distinct entities. And so none of that research goes towards any ranking. I wouldn't put much stock in it.
>it's universally US organizations doing the rating
QS is british
Kew s iz bri'ish?
File: ivy.jpg (113 KB, 750x600)
113 KB
113 KB JPG

By lgbtqia-umma, Science is Great. Under Science, every child will know homosexual fisting. Knowledge sets us free. In the name of Science
Science, the tool of the snake.
File: JBwjp2cfSIyT.png (728 KB, 828x841)
728 KB
728 KB PNG

would a Neanderthal embryo be able to fully develop in a surrogate human womb?

we have Neanderthal and Homo Erectus DNA, if it was possible to create one of these close human relatives today, do you think it the research potential would outweigh the moral dilemma it would create?
They've done with other animals already.
>we have Neanderthal and Homo Erectus DNA
We also "share" snail DNA. We only guess we "share" what is called "Neanderthal" and "Homo Erectus" based on a litany of assumptions and also guess which one is which. Please provide a "Neanderthal" or "Homo erectus", take a sample of their DNA, and compare their DNA with ours, otherwise it's just speculation we "share" DNA with them.
"We" don't make "assumptions". This is the "science" board, if you know what I mean, and the "science" on this "issue" is settled, chud. Please provide some proof of your "scientific" expertise, in the form of a physical evidence documenting your "scientific" credentials, to show that you belong on this board, because we don't like to assume anything here.
you do, and your autistic streetching doesnt change that, modern science is all assumptions

File: wUfDprsmV7y3.jpg (185 KB, 1195x1195)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
what is the carbon footprint of burning man?
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Carbon Foot Print for one car per mile = c
Total Cars = n
Total miles = m
cnm + alternate waste = total carbon footprint
File: lord_tyr_nordic_rune.png (479 KB, 911x925)
479 KB
479 KB PNG
>literally killing someone is more efficient than going vegan
Yes. Let's not limit it to the rich people though.
Carbon footprint was invented by oil companies to distract from their contribution to climate change. Your individual actions are mostly irrelevant.

File: girlsvsboy24.jpg (138 KB, 1280x720)
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138 KB JPG
they're too busy masturbating to the space fantasies they saw in children's cartoons where they have friendly robot slaves who are programmed to like them in lieu of having genuine human relationships

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