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File: 1609921354475.png (281 KB, 568x440)
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281 KB PNG
Can I take the rabies vaccine if the animal more likely than not had no rabies but I still want to be sure?
Is it ok for me to take it?
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If you get a fever, go to the hospital immediately
Yeah, I did some research and there wasn't direct handling from the body so I think it's all clear then.
Thanks and sorry to bother
But the moment symptoms pop up, isn't it too late?
Can you explain rabies to me?
not that anon, but yes, once symptoms pop up shit's generally pretty fucked, like really fucked. unless you're incredibly lucky

if you're really that concerned, go see your doctor like someone else said for the best response. but you're most likely fine
See you on /pg/
if you're talking about a bat, absolutely yes.

File: IMG_9817.jpg (187 KB, 1280x1723)
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187 KB JPG
I was watching the Bee Movie the other day and I realized it's been literal years since I last saw a bee. Would cloning them work? I know clones don't live very long, but neither do bee.
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Ffs, /sci/.

Yea that's cool but why
Why the fuck is this thread still up

Stupid ass jannies
bee-cuz it's the best thread on this goddamn website
Why would you not want to save the bees? You honey monster!

File: 1598711172832.png (21 KB, 200x194)
21 KB
During the last year of my Engineering undergrad, I worked the hardest I have ever worked academically. Finally got my overall results back. Got a first-class honours, but I was liked “meh.” Anyone else feel like this after completed their courses and receiving back their grades?
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Its called imposter syndrome, you need more significant achievements.
I actually felt pretty good. I was always an underperformer at school so I was glad i managed to turn my life around and get a 1st as well. But it was soured by the fact all the job market cared for was work experience, and without work experience all you can get are the shittiest jobs. I still tried to hold onto that achievement to inspire some confidence, but in the end i felt "eh" as well.
The grade doesn't matter faggot, its the knowledge you gained. If you didn't walk away from the course feeling you are a more enlightened individual from when you started, I'm sorry to say but you will be a paper pusher for the rest of your working life.
this, you need to make some kind of progress in some field, or get academical achievements that implies progress in some field.
Solving problems on paper only works for you to get knowledge and get used to some subject terminology, not to contribute.
I feel more enlightened as in I feel more stupid, I know of more things I don't know. But i suppose that's knowledge too.

File: file.png (165 KB, 1132x870)
165 KB
165 KB PNG
>vaccinated are 54% of the population
>vaccinated are 2.3% of infections
>vaccinated are 3.9% of hospitalizations
>vaccinated are 5.2% of deaths
>there are 6.58 cases, 0.37 hospitalizations, and 0.02 deaths per 100,000 vaccinated people
>there are 341 cases, 11 hospitalizations, and 0.48 deaths per 100,000 unvaccinated people
Why do retards keep saying the vaccines don't work?
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Different question, but please sign this waiver that you take on your own risk of hospitalization due to Covid and this DNR. Also, unless you have good insurance, you waive your to be treated for Covid through taxpayer money
You're just fucking stupid.
File: common sense.png (332 KB, 500x464)
332 KB
332 KB PNG
>Why do retards keep saying the vaccines don't work?
They never did work. They've never been proven effective, you're just being deceptive with numbers, or "lying with statistics" like bill "reduce the population with vaccines" gates' favorite book

Also funny how the vaxfags go to /qa/ to cry about differing opinions and demanding mods give them a fucking safe space. Also ironic how scientists are the most skeptical of anyone and thousands of doctors and nurses have spoken up against all this (and been censored, silenced, fired, blacklisted, etc), but you're somehow a "science denier" if you don't go along with the narrative pushed by mass media and big pharma and twitter.
File: 1628183842615.png (163 KB, 1800x1200)
163 KB
163 KB PNG
>science is all lies
Literal schizo.

In physics we use a convention that light goes the same speed in every direction. It was verified experimentally that there is no preferred frame of reference and no anisotropy of speed of light was detected.
However these experiments always measure two way speed of light, as it is said there is no way to measure single way speed of light. Ie light might be going one way faster and slower the other way back, averaging to c. It all makes perfect sense and all if we consider closed system experiments, but if the light didn't had different speed depending on direction on the same axis, shouldn't that be clearly reflected on CMB? In most extreme example where light goes 2c one way and instantaneous the other way, we shouldn't see any cosmic background radiation from that side as it already passed us long time ago. What more, there shouldn't be any observable horizon and we should see as many stars as there is in the total universe and no matter how deep we look everything should look no younger than our part of universe. In general, any difference in one-way speed of light should be reflected on the cosmological horizon.
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>It was verified experimentally that there is no preferred frame of reference and no anisotropy of speed of light was detected.
What about a fiber giro?
>The problem is with synchronization.
Why not code the time in the EM wave? Let a laser rotate and measure at two points at known distances The repeat rate is the speed of the rotator known to he emitter. Define the rotator angle as clock and you know local times out of the (known) rotation rate and the pulse delay between sensors. Thereis no relativity in because no clock has moved.
>pulse delay between sensors
To know that you need to know the speed of light.
>To know that you need to know the speed of light.
i can calculate caused by known distances
File: Untitled.png (28 KB, 1713x685)
28 KB
Ok, so I don't really know what you have in mind.

Is this what you have in mind? The rotating laster in the center could be replaced with just pulsating one, right? How do would you calculate the one way speed of light from B to A and from B to C?

Alright /sci/, I’m not a usual here and I’m not a very smart man but I need some help.

Theoretically instead of building an cylinder that goes on forever, could you instead build a cylinder that goes back onto itself? Like a giant doughnut if you will.

Say you built this giant doughnut, worked out how to make it spin a few billion rotations a minute, would it work the same?

Say we have this giant doughnut, we have the way to make it spin, and there’s a hatch on the outside large enough for a spaceship to get in. Once the ship goes in, the hatch closes sealing it up.

Maybe some kind of track inside of the doughnut to keep the ship on the proper trajectory and keep it from just blowing through the side since it won’t be going in a straight line but rather a circle?

Would this work the same as a typical Tipler Cylinder?

File: wtfisthis.jpg (9 KB, 295x171)
9 KB
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lol, i was gonna answer but thanks for saving me the trouble

This is so accurate.
Magnetic fields are just the conservation of angular momentum of all electric charge in the universe.
Welcome to /sci/. Nothing new ever gets discussed here.
This is my favorite /sci/ meme

File: 0_VWU8mj_rXlj9pQaW.jpg (73 KB, 800x359)
73 KB
Hypothetically speaking, if (you) were the one to discover how to stop aging and prevent yourself from dying of old age would you ever share that with the rest of the world
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*braaaap* i just brapped on your chromatin, wheres your epigenetics and promotors now? psychopathy is lifelong and untreatable. regards cleckley
If it were inexpensive, I would probably share it. The ethical implications of letting billions die through my inaction would mark me for death.

The Ship of Theseus says you die in Step 3. What a waste.
fuck no and I wouldn't use it on myself
Only with drug junkies to enjoy there eternal suffering.
I would only tell my homies

File: l3v0s.jpg (474 KB, 2550x3300)
474 KB
474 KB JPG
How big of a jump in difficulty is complex analysis vs harmonic analysis?
Harmonic analysis isn't really something that follows complex analysis. It follows Fourier analysis and it can become really hard and abstract but it depends on how you look at it.

File: xFu32Xzs.jpg (21 KB, 416x414)
21 KB
Should he have his scientific credentials rescinded?
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you can buy anything from a jewish one
File: 1627340574027.png (109 KB, 1527x857)
109 KB
109 KB PNG
have no fear, we are coming
IPFS is nice but why is centralized globohomo shill trannyhsitcoin ethereum there?
no, he's a hero.

File: iss-pic-082017.jpg (685 KB, 1993x1409)
685 KB
685 KB JPG
The ISS transmits live video 24/7. Is there any video of it "tumbling" after the Russian module spazzed out?

File: pic.png (892 KB, 1920x1079)
892 KB
892 KB PNG
I was watchin some clickbait veritasum youtube video about the 3n+1 problem. Basically, any number put through the algorithm will return to 1, but it's unproven and we only tested up to 2^60 or something. They talk about how one way to disprove the theory would be to find a counterexample, like a number where the algorithm goes to infinity instead of collapsing to 1.

What if when you get to high enough number, you find counterexample, and actually the frequency of counter examples increases. Like an unexpected property of extremely large numbers. Is it possible that for extremely large numbers there is like a "phase shift" that happens where they have completely unpredicted qualities that sets them apart from more common numbers? Like for example maybe the frequency of primes starts to increase or something of that nature? wouldn't that be trippy
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this is very intersting. thank you, anon
Gib recommended readings
>3n+1 problem
Gimme value of n.
>3n+1 mapping
Gimme set of n.
>3n+1 is not the actual problem 3n+1
Everytime with you people. I don't get the bad naming or the constant circle-jerk over made up problems.
That's simply because when you add 1 to a negative number you're getting closer to zero. The true equivalent would be using 3n - 1 for negative numbers.

File: Bay Area 2020.jpg (69 KB, 1200x799)
69 KB
A region of several states (in this case, Oregon/Washington/California/Nevada) had skies like pic related continuously for about 2 months last year. If we go to mass solar panels for the bulk of energy production, how does the grid make it through that time without completely collapsing? Just have 2 months or so of energy storage on hand for the entire grid?
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Whoops missed. The qoute>>13470262
I'm sure you believe they were scientists and doctors, just like they said they were, and just like you said you were. Nobody that speaks fluent English would praise your "paper" or your comic.
Why not pay the server a visit?
We discuss actual educational topics

Join us

/sci/ is nothing but a sandbox
The irony

Statistically speaking, Computer science is the Chadest science of all.
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Computer programming
The OP made a statement about Computer Science.
Computer Programming takes up about 5% of a full CS study.
>Thinks he is learning about computers
>Learns bunch of irrelevant math instead
>Get's job interview
>Have you ever programmed low level systems before?
This is where CompSci's inevitably start seething that they didn't study electrical engineering and learned to code on the side.
>Yet computer programming jobs are practically open to the the entire left pie chart
They're not. Software development isn't just smashing some shitty python code together.
>The OP made a statement about Computer Science.
Then what is a "computer programming student" in this context?
Is it just a student that is "programming computers" as part of his study? You know that's a pretty broad subject, right?
>Computer Programming takes up about 5% of a full CS study.
"Computer programming" also takes up a portion of a full engineering (including but not limited to mechanical, aerospace, and electric) study.
It also takes up a portion of a full management information systems study.
I've even seen marketing majors with 1 or 2 required programming classes in their curriculum.
These days, everybody learns how to program at least a little.
My point is that the term "computer programming" is obscure, arbitrary, and ultimately useless.
>They're not. Software development isn't just smashing some shitty python code together.
The right chart does not say "Software Development Jobs". It says "Computer Programming Jobs".

You can see right off the bat how confusing this is as the first anon I'm replying to interpreted the chart as a students doing CS degrees, while you are interpreting the chart as Software Development instead.
Oops, I meant to tag you too

File: skully.jpg (90 KB, 1500x1500)
90 KB
Anyone know of a program I can use to explore and manipulate scull model partitioned along the sutures such as in picrel? Or at least can tell me where I might find a 3D model partitioned in this way? Truth be told I'm setting out to design a custom facial remodelling apparatus. Thanks for the help

brilliant. Thanks anon I doubted I'd get a good response what with the exceptionally pathetic state this board's been in lately.

Also check picrel's fileame ;) had to leave something for the boys to nibble on

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