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File: IMG_2722.jpg (266 KB, 1365x2048)
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Stacked Again Edition

Previous >>15772740
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the absolute compared to oxygen or whatever is irrelevant you retard
if it rises like 30%, that is pretty significant no?
by the same logic I could add 0.01% poison to your food and say its no big deal
that is a completely retarded argument
Problem is that we don't do enough of that at scale artificially, and as a result, it's not a threat to any entrenched industry. You so much as try to make big waves with that technological capability and you get shut down faster than the dinosaurs that killed the mountain from space. Also, the massive algae and forest biosphere ends up being a meme that's used to counter why we shouldn't do more, even though, like the sun, it only works during the day.
>by the same logic I could add 0.01% poison to your food and say its no big deal
It depends on the poison used and how much food its added to. The absolute of a poison is irrelevant if the poison is weak and the medium its added to is also small.
Claiming fossil fuels are adding sO mUcH eXtRa CO2 To ThE aTmOsPhErE is nonsense because its such a low concentration to begin with, and the amount added is still minimal, even after 100+ years.
More people claim CO2 levels are way too high without actually knowing how much is out there to begin with. A gross amount of people still think the air we breathe is 100% pure oxygen and believe that nitrogen will kill you if you breath in any at all.
Thats space policy info dump acct o
>A gross amount of people still think the air we breathe is 100% pure oxygen and believe that nitrogen will kill you if you breath in any at all
source: I made it up to make normies sound dumb

File: ezgif-5-9519c01f6c.gif (3.77 MB, 427x320)
3.77 MB
3.77 MB GIF
can someone sort of, simplify this text for me?
i guess it means motions can be inferred from the person's global history but then if given one motion to do, what would be the inferrence of the dynamics so the motion is,
in a certain sense, correct?

or maybe just explain the dynamics of how motion should and should not be in real life

File: 15125152215.jpg (113 KB, 960x960)
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113 KB JPG
One of the most powerful pictures in Science.
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File: TIMESAND___TGU2.jpg (1.92 MB, 2932x2868)
1.92 MB
1.92 MB JPG
File: TIMESAND___PrettyMuch2.gif (825 KB, 252x253)
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825 KB GIF
Take your meds, buddy.
>white science man
>king black man
>black science man
we did it 4chan
left to right: midwit, high iq, midwit, cringey tard, based tard, midwit.

File: 1628008339377.jpg (125 KB, 639x469)
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125 KB JPG
a little bit of tartar doesn't really matter as long as you're brushing and all that shit right? i'm just finally taking that shit seriously and i have a few little deposits
when's the last time you went in for dental cleaning?

if you dont want to go to the dentists, just avoid refined/processed starches and processed sugars. Also avoid authentic mexican food because mortar-grinding leaves behind tiny particulates that will erode your teeth

how would possible traffic in social media translated into a possibly viral content, illustration, graphics?
like maybe million attracting content, properly targetted into possible customers in targetted content

what would that be or how would that be, in structure
holy shit perspective, movement dynamics anon are you branching out?
Im proud of you anon
but no one's gonna help you here you gotta meet up with people real life and find some value you can deliver
try this thread
>real life
what people in real life knows how to produce content for millions
the number itself is pretty surreal
but at least, digital

File: 1644924757729.jpg (280 KB, 1080x1080)
280 KB
280 KB JPG
If I feed my kids meat and milk will they grow tall?
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Stop reading my mind Baka
Making a billion threads about hormones and then being serious, diets. He has an INSANE diet but he's built different
Also don't do this it's child abuse but I'm not allowed to tell you what to do
Just do the thing the rich people do, give hgh to them.

They'll have the derpy hgh face but it does work.
give them veggies too or they'll be retarded
as long as the child is average or near average in the country he is residing he'll be totally fine
We're going to directly genetically modify men to be small and women to be tall. There won't be tall men or short women in the future.

File: Double-slit.svg.png (38 KB, 1200x575)
38 KB
Does it mean that a conscious being just being present changed the outcome or is it just the tools we use to observe that interfere with the experiment?
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What mysticism fags don't get is that QM is a purely statistical model. There are only states and probabilistic measurement predictions. It does not say anything about what a "particle" or an "observable" is or what "happens". Any statement beyond: "I prepared an experiment in a state x and am going to perform a measurement of an observable A, which will return a range of values with probablity p" is unscientific nonsense.
No textbook explains it as well as big yud.
>changed the outcome
Fake as everything in popsci. You can say the same bullshit on a prism. But the prism is real despite to the 2 slit experiment wich doesn't work in RL.
when you put a detector in each slit, the photon cope function copelapses on it, and is then reemitted on the other side where it copelapses again on the screen.

no self interference is possible in this case

Is memory the only elligible reference of naturality in motions that one can follow even when building moving mechanisms or simulations?
otherwise what are the dynamics that governs it so things walks/gaits/runs or dances correctly

especially as simulated, or built

Is synthetic geometry the most based form of mathematics?
File: 175500717.jpg (11 KB, 470x407)
11 KB
celestial geometry

File: lol.png (483 KB, 925x620)
483 KB
483 KB PNG
How old were you when 2077 came out?
Anyone else have the issue where it detects an Xbox controller if you’re playing through steam?
shilling goyslop is not science or math

File: 00118-3386300922.jpg (430 KB, 1440x2560)
430 KB
430 KB JPG

Everything we think we know about the universe is completely wrong.
There is no gravity, no dark matter, dark energy, none of it is real.
Everything can be explained from one simple axiom - Space is a fluid that flows into matter and out of antimatter.
After you accept that everything else falls into place.

This is not a new or original idea. It was pioneered by Karl Pearson, who preceded and heavily inspired Einstein.
I highly recommend that everyone here read his paper, Ether Squirts (linked below), immediately.
In it, he describes antimatter (squirts) decades before it was formally described using the standard model.

Even Newton subscribed to the Ether Theory as an explanation for gravity. From Third Book of Opticks (1st ed. 1704; 2nd ed. 1718): "Doth not this aethereal medium in passing out of water, glass, crystal, and other compact and dense bodies in empty spaces, grow denser and denser by degrees, and by that means refract the rays of light not in a point, but by bending them gradually in curve lines? ...Is not this medium much rarer within the dense bodies of the Sun, stars, planets and comets, than in the empty celestial space between them? And in passing from them to great distances, doth it not grow denser and denser perpetually, and thereby cause the gravity of those great bodies towards one another, and of their parts towards the bodies; every body endeavouring to go from the denser parts of the medium towards the rarer?"
if space is a fluid flowing into matter, where is it going?
So, what's your favorite type of earthworm composting method?
File: 00263-3692206865.jpg (556 KB, 1440x2560)
556 KB
556 KB JPG
I will prove all of what I'm claiming, just as I have done in previous threads.
But first consider the implications and what's at stake regarding our understanding of the universe.

Dark matter doesn't exist. It was merely invented as a stopgap explanation for why galaxies don't fling themselves apart.
What IS holding them together then? The answer is that dispersed antimatter in intergalactic space is spouting space-fluid causing an exertion of pressure against galaxies which helps to hold them together.
The Pioneer Anomaly could be interpreted as an observed instance of dispersed antimatter exerting such a pressure from interstellar space.

Dark energy doesn't exist. It is the proposed mechanism for the ever-increasing expansion rate of our universe.
Now consider my model where space is a fluid that flows into matter and out of antimatter. Logically, an imbalance of one or the other would cause the universe to either expand or contract.
I propose that the destruction of matter by fusion in stars is causing an imbalance of matter/antimatter that is leading to the expansion of the universe.
There is no similar mechanism for the destruction of antimatter (i.e. "antistars") because antimatter naturally disperses itself inversely to how matter naturally clumps together.

At the end of the day, though, the biggest implication is that this is a completely objective model of the universe. No more relativistic nonsense.
And that absolutely terrifies soience fanboys who bought wholesale into the standard model.
If I had to give it a name, I would say it's going to the anti-universe.
But that's irrelevant to the explanatory power of the model.

Harvesting the Earthworms to collect their "milk".
Congrats. You've just discovered Quantum electrodynamics retard.

File: FnJdiKQWQAAzGgN.jpg (76 KB, 750x638)
76 KB
>99% of math is just memorizing formulas
What's the point of doing it when we have phones in our pockets that have perfect memory and can calculate all of it much faster than a human ever could? Why not just admit that computers are better at it than us and not waste our time trying to memorize things for no reason?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
You have never done real math.
This is what AI will do eventually.
>99% of math is just memorizing formulas

Only if you're a midwit.
Math is about proving theorems
Jesus Christ! Go to your fucking school and learn some fucking maths instead of whining here about it. Midwits with 25 iq from Pol come where and cry about science not being real.

Around 6 days ago I received an email like this:
>Dear (name),
>Thank you for your interest in D. E. Shaw Research (DESRES). We are glad to have received your resume.
>In order to proceed with your candidacy, we need additional information from you regarding your educational background and employment history. Please use the below link to complete the Online Application Form... (link)
So I have a lot of questions. First off, I never even applied here, I just went to some DE Shaw Connect event and gave them my resume. So I'm presuming everyone who went to Connect got the exact same email, and this doesn't mean anything special (hopefully I'm wrong about that, though). But to anyone who's gotten the same email--when should I turn the application in by? How difficult is it to get an internship here? I don't have any impressive coding projects, so I was thinking about grinding one out with friends over the weekend/next week for my application (and other swe internships I'm applying to). But if this is an urgent thing and I should have turned in my application a day ago, I won't bother with that. Similarly, if I have zero chance of getting in, I won't bother either. Just seeking some advice on
what to do here.

Also, before any of you faggot jannies tell me to go to /adv/, I already posted there and got nothing useful, so I'm posting here now.
The on-topic board not giving you the answer you wanted doesn't mean you get to post it anywhere you want now retard
>Just seeking some advice on what to do here.
Are you an adult human male?
>Reminder: /sci/ is for discussing topics pertaining to science and mathematics, not for helping you with your homework or helping you figure out your career path.

>If you want advice regarding college/university or your career path, go to /adv/ - Advice.

Why doesn't the educational system separates people by their dominant intelligence la Harry Potter houses?
Imagine how much happier everyone would be if they could focus on their talents early on
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Unironically what does this mean
There is no reliable way of proving you belong in only ONE of these types of intelligence. There would also be conflict, as the desires of the student would often not match the type of expertise he gets trained on based on his capabilities.
To separate people based on their intelligence is to categorize. To categorize is to optimize. To optimize is to root out unoptimal pathways.
I guess you can see where I am going. If we were to step up and tell everyone that their place is predestined by genetics and their free will should be confined within those guidelines, god forbid to ever escape, we would set off to create a generation of drones following an ideal of perfection. With perfection comes little variety, there is a scheme that must be followed to obtain said perfection. We would create a manifestation of The Tower of Babel. Approaching perfection like that would divide and drive away people so much there would hardly be a link between those groups. If you wanted that society to operate then it would need an authoritarian leadership and it would have to be ruled with rules set in stone.
If you say A, you gotta go with B and you may not like C not to talk about the rest of the alphabet. This is more of a philosophy than science and I bet most of the people here won't even see it that way. I may be a midwit myself, however I see a few more possible scenarios, but they all go with a dose of entropy that needs to be corrected every step of the way. It slowly and methodically cuts humanity out of the equation.
That is one of the reasons why that's a bad idea

Now that I think of it I actually answered a different question, something along the lines of; is it possible to make people happier by forcing them into various roles albeit with best intentions in mind?

I won't delete what I wrote, fuck it
File: TT_book.pdf (743 KB, PDF)
743 KB
743 KB PDF
terminal pol brainrot, ignore and move on

File: last ned (14).jpg (6 KB, 214x235)
6 KB
I hate coding so damn much. I really wish I were born 100 years earlier so I could become a statistician without having to bother with all that python garbage. Coding is such a fucking nightmare. Posting here because coding has been forced down the throat of every STEM career
34 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
How is this even hard? I built programs when I was 13 in Visual Basic, and taught myself C++ at 16 from a pretty crappy textbook. 95% of programming tasks are pretty easy, and it's usually the lack of math or some part of STEM that makes it difficult. Just get gud LOLOLOLOL.
Fortran 2023 is quite comfy.
Thanks your condescending comments about my intelligence flared up my toxic masculine urge to be a winner and I'm at it again.
I'm so happy I never have to do code in my job. I hated that shit in college and never want to touch it again.
File: 1628009612154.png (440 KB, 640x480)
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