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File: music.png (799 KB, 1400x1400)
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799 KB PNG
What is it about music that is so appealing to almost every human? Why is it that in the past, every culture naturally made their own music without any outside influence. Human music is completely incomprehensible to animals, but they will still react to it. So why if it's incomprehensible to every other animal does random sounds that form a melody work with us?
It sound good

Pattern recognition pleases the brain.

File: schrodinger's cat.jpg (40 KB, 720x772)
40 KB
How many of you work as a teaching or research assistant in a STEM field? How did you find your job? What is your salary?
Worked as a teaching assistant for 1 year during my PhD. Covered tuition and had a 28-32k stipend. Being a research assistant had the same cost but none of the xtra work. Post doc got a boost to 36-45k
What is your field?
>How did you find your job?
It's often mandatory to do teaching during your PhD in Austria and Germany.
>What is your salary?
You're generally employed as a research associate when you do your PhD and you get fixed tarifs like all other people that are employed at the federal level. I'm currently getting about 2k€ net per month, which is actually pretty comfy when you're single.

File: file.png (2.05 MB, 1038x1300)
2.05 MB
2.05 MB PNG
We're using pic rel in class and I like it so far but I'm wondering if there's anything better, especially for Engineers
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How do I discover it on my own?
I know nothing about engineering, I love Hoffman & Kunze, I thought it had lots of applications in it as well though? What makes it unsuited to engineering? Just curious why they need another book.
Math major textbooks focus on abstract vector spaces and linear transformations. Engineering books focus on matrices and method of computation. They cover different aspects. Think how calculus can branch off to real analysis or numerical analysis.
You don't. Math is made up, invented rather than discovered.
NO! Just NO! Strang is just fucking bad.
His lectures became popular because there content was sparse back then and because of the MIT brand.
Avoid Strang.
Ok except the determinant formula part. He presents it nicely.

File: Finland-Estonia.jpg (246 KB, 855x486)
246 KB
246 KB JPG
I'm considering going after a Master's Degree in Electrical Eng, is this a bad idea? I feel like I'm not learning anything of substance for my Bsc. Any Msc.EE chads here?

It would be free or nearly free since I'm deciding to go to Europe to study (dual citizen). And if I want to work in Europe I heard a Master's Degree is pretty much essential.

>countries in pic related is where I want to study
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it will help you bypass some of the job market shittyness from coronameme, and as you said it's very much expected/common to have an MS in europe

i'd say do it, try and get internships during the summers too (idk how shit works in europe)
What are you doing your bachelors in?

Doing engineering will definitely get you a job but honestly, especially in Europe, the ROI is quite shit. If you're in math/physics you should definitely go into finance, actuary or fintech or something.
Student life in the EU is mostly the same as in the US. Doing internships is also possible and recommendable over here. The main difference is that here you aren't considered a university graduate without a Master's degree and you start studying your profession from day one (no pre-med/pre-law etc.)

EE is great and you learn a lot of theoretical things at college and not much practical stuff. Whatever field in EE interests you I would strongly recommend to devise practical projects for yourself. Build stuff, the knowledge will sit with you much comfier once you see it.

PLC programming is another thing that should give you a head start once you're out the safety bubble of college years.
>Dumb ameritard, can't even see the words study and free in the same sentence can you?
Wtf are you babbling about? He can go make money right now working and probably get his masters paid by the company in the future or he can go get a free masters and not be working and not be making money and getting experience (which will pay him more in the future). Answer is obvious- just go work. Dicking around in Europe just to get a free masters is not worth the money you could be making by just working.

File: 1568179747220.jpg (7 KB, 227x222)
7 KB
What is the nature of consciousness? Is it really a product of our physical brain?
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>For the billionth time, yes.
Oh really, then what are the neural correlates of consciousness?
This is a baseless assumption
File: 1607831840557.jpg (60 KB, 403x513)
60 KB
Consciousness is the ability to decipher and respond to your words, which requires a massive amount of computing on top of computing, with evolving algorithms, with the attendant ability to sense the connotations and subtle implications, and compute the consequences of those, that is the logical positive deinition of what it means to be conscious. There is no reason to suppose that the quality of consciousness is anything more than this computation, that's what it "feels like" to have such a massive computation.
>grug coma
>certain brain part no go vroom
>grug die
>brain no go vroom
>grug impale prefrontal cortex
>grug fundamentally changed
what more grug say?

If a very simple iterative function can produce something as complex as the Mandelbrot Set, can you imagine the countless amazing undiscovered structures awaiting to be found?
Is sad to think many of them in fact will never be discovered.
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Yeah i know, this kind of math is just a hobby for me and i'm familiar only with the stuff you can find on YouTube, maybe in the future i will really get into analysis complex
Well, colour is assigned depending on how fast the sequence associated to each point diverges to infinity.
Stupid fractal question coming up: if you go along the perimeter of the mandelbrot set, and pick two points, is the distance between them infinite no matter how close you try to choose the two? Or can you pick two that are "next to each other" or "5 units away from one another"
They're always "infinitely" distant along the perimeter. That's a common trait amongst all fractals: infinite perimeter, bounded area. I'm pretty confident you can't pick two "adjacent" points, just as you can't pick do "adjacent" real numbers.

File: card.gif (542 KB, 500x205)
542 KB
542 KB GIF
Has anyone thought about the idea of converting sexual energy into academic passion, alchemically?
Basically, viewing porn, but not fapping. Basically, increasing the amplitude of semen/testosterone regeneration. But still masturbating in a healthy manner as recommended albeit, performing away from the material and using visualization or other techniques. Why don't we try this, guys?
This is also a great video on it:

File: 1536120359_1433711.jpg (174 KB, 1000x1000)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
Cameras are their own "eyes", meaning they give a non-human representation of reality. Cameras basically show what reality looks like outside of our perception, yet when you look at a picture it looks exactly like real life. Does this mean that our perception is actually accurate and there is no such thing as the subjective?
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They have on board processors and filters to make a picture that resembles what your eyes see.
Wait, what? I often see ghosts, or spirits, or sometimes what appear to be fucking demons, in the background of my photos, and other people's photos. I just thought it was something to do with my brain constructing images out of random background pixels. BUT NOW YOU ARE TELLING ME THEY ARE REAL????

Christ, I am not getting to sleep tonight.
No. Photography is about manipulation.
This. Otherwise it's an interesting theory
>Cameras are their own "eyes", meaning they give a non-human representation of reality
false, you can interpret what the camera produces from your human senses so even if it does pick up something your senses cant it doesnt change anything because you still cant detect it

File: cisagp .jpg (94 KB, 599x643)
94 KB
There is little doubt left that anime causes autogynephilia, however the exact mechanism by which at anime causes autogynephilia is still in doubt.
How and why do you think anime functions as such an effective autogynephilia inducer?
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There are hundreds of millions of people who watch anime around the world and they don't all have autogynephilia.
Look up mouse utopia experiment
The ones who can't hack such a cuthroat social environment retreat into solitude, some of them change their focus onto grooming themselves. Some of them try to remain in the social arena by engaging in homosexual activities.
In human terms, this explains the recent explosions of trannies and gymcels.
Anime doesn't cause anything, what it does do is attract the mentally ill
excess pornography lmao. Explain then, why I have agp and did not look at porn until I was like 14
Not all anime viewers are trannies, but all the trannies watch anime.

Does university prestige matter in continental Europe? or is it mainly an american/british thing?
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Yes and no.

In the US, a prestigous degree is interesting to an employer not for the knowledge but for the connections of the applicant.

In the EU these people with connections typically get them at a business school, not a uni.
Well you wont get connections as easily if it's only attended remotely will you (wait that doesn't really sound right but well different types of connections) and why would you say that knowledge doesn't matter, that's kind a weird thing to say but yes if you are looking for a job that is in a different field than what you studied then I guess it could apply to some degree
Ancestors of the Smurfs?
We have the same obsession in Korea and in China
we are just superior, simple as

File deleted.
I am a shaman from the Brazilian rain forest visiting the west to give a seminar on shamanism by request. You want me to wear a mask because of the wuflu and start talking to me about your schizo conspiracy theory that there are these invisible things called viruses that make people sick and I ask you to prove it. How do you do it?
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i simply mention the "virus" is a negative representation of whatever you believe.
you already associate its negative effects and act accordingly regarding quarantine in tribal culture.. except when you dont, then you die en masse eg ebola.

so assuming the fittest has survived pandemics via isolation without knowing the cause i just say it's demons. witchcraft from the evil neighboring tribe/nation or mention that it's something that your enemies dont beleive in even more so than you..

why would i prove anything when i can manipulate what you think and how you express it to others.

also if i stop giving you the information, you no longer know what to think about anything and will struggle to produce an original idea..

also HIV/AIDS is a virus. what, are you gunna say that it doesn't exist? so to your first-hand eye seeing those dying of aids what would you say has "possessed" or "infected" them?

the white man gave the world aids or the white man made up a virus.
>which is closer to the truth for you and why??
This photo gave me nostalgia boner
Fugg, I want to go back to uni now.

Enjoy university life while you can, undergrad anons. Adult life is boring as hell.
this, old fag here. Everything is down hill after uni
I believe I would brain you just for looking and talking funny, then blow ju ju powder in your face and turn you into a zombie

File: 1608440292450.jpg (169 KB, 705x697)
169 KB
169 KB JPG
I barely scrape by doing basic physics, cause everytime I'm given a problem I blank out, and have no idea how to set the equations. However, I'm doing extremely good in calculus and other mathematics. I'm trying to crack down on the root of the problem. Any suggestions?
What's a physics problem example where you blanked out.
Small steps at a time, like your penguin friend in the picture.
You can get good at solving low level maths just by learning how it's done and repeating the process over and over, a physics problem usually requires at least a small amount of actual understanding and problem solving skills.
It's not that physics is harder than maths, just you haven't reached the hard maths that requires more that just memorising how it's done and you haven't developed the problem solving skills physics and high level maths require
It's just different kind of problems. Solve more physics exercises and you will eventually develop intuition.
Op here. I've thought about it a bit more and I think it comes down to confidence. Everytime I take a stab at a problem there is tremendous self doubt, and I tend to over-complicate things. I suppose doing more exercises would remedy this.

File: pls help me.png (790 KB, 1140x641)
790 KB
790 KB PNG
If we were to drill a hole all the way into the upper mantle would liquid rock start to surge up the hole and effectively create a man made volcano?
I think that planet Earth doesn't have all that pressure. They say there is potential in the Canary Islands and Yellowstone Park, but they are dead.
Why do you even ask? Taking the lazy train up do you
you seem self destructive
Pressure's only high deep down so it surges up until it reaches the surface then stops.
and oil and gas?
I think that it depends on the geological region you're in.
We should definitely try to get some rare metals from the outer core someday.

File: IMG_20210117_184339.jpg (600 KB, 3072x1728)
600 KB
600 KB JPG
Hi guys, can you pls help me with this?
Got a night light for my kid. Runs on 3x aaa batteries but also came with a usb cable to power it.
The problem is that it's marked as 5V 0.3A =1.5w. My least powerful phone charger is 0.85A at 5v so 4.25w. I don't know how the charger operates. Does it deliver the amount needed up to 4.25w or only 4.25w? Is there any risk of damaging the light? I don't want to buy batteries all the time as this light runs all night long. Even my old external battery has a minimul output of 0.6A so double what this toy asks for. Strangely on the bottom of the toy it says "total power consumption is 1.2w"
5 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Pretty sure your charger is a constant voltage source. The amp rating is just the maximum amps it can give, not the amps it will give.
Yeah what this anon said.

Power supply ratings are just what it can nominally deliver to what ever its powering.

Device ratings are what is needed of the power supply.

So you want the power supply to have the same voltage rating and a higher amperage rating compared to the device you want to power with it.
should be good to go
if there's any kind of fancy charging circuit in the phone charger it'll just not turn on
Gave it a try with the 0.85a phone charger and works. Tanks for the replies guys
I have a Denon bluetooth speaker and it have an explicit instruction to not use a charger with more than 2.5A rating. It's a micro USB.

I've been thinking that this makes no sense because a high end speaker should have a limiting circuit for the charging and not just decide to go toast if I use it with my 4A turbocharger.

But it's also expensive and I'm poor now so I haven't dared to try it.

File: drugs.jpg (36 KB, 1280x800)
36 KB
Prove me wrong /sci/

> protip you can't
File: janitor.jpg (242 KB, 1920x1080)
242 KB
242 KB JPG

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