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There are people on /sci/ right now that unironically believe this is how lift is created on a wing. What a pathetic low IQ board
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The future is autistic old man
Soon to be aerospace engineer here.
This. Nasca etc profile is just minimizing turbulence.
You sound like a really insufferable person.
It is partialy correct for non symmetrical airfoils like the ones used on most planes that produce lift at 0° angle of attack by the principle of Bernoulli and Venturi.
Symmetrical airfoils for example produce no lift at all at 0° angle of attack.
If you run a significant angle of attack, you accellerate air up or down significantly, wich gives symmetrical airfoils lift and allows even non-symmetrical airfoils to fly inverted, allthough that's massively inefficient as you need to cancel out what otherwise be the lift at 0° angle of attack.
Wich is why aerobatic planes tend to have more symmetrical airfoils.

File: butt cheeks.png (21 KB, 747x316)
21 KB
Can you figure out why he chose these constants?
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yeah it does nto make sense
the formula is [inches']^1.5 tmes [inches]^0.5 so it gives inches^2
so it is an area

then you still have to convert this area into mass, but he does not give the formula.
only a chap named butt will have that many degrees
Those numbers in his formula secretly have units.

File: strong-ai-vs-weak-ai.jpg (94 KB, 1024x512)
94 KB
Why do researchers study weak AI instead of strong AI in spite of strong AI is far superior to weak AI?
Are they stupid?
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There are researchers who study strong AI
Because our current computers can still only perform a fraction of the operations per second that our brains can. It was something like 0.002% in 2009. There is no point in studying strong AI yet
Rocket which can go to the moon was the "non-existent super tech fiction" until Saturn V.
But NASA developed it
15 posts and the AI is a meme guy didnt show up yet
By the way, meme would be related to strong AI.
You should study memetics instead of machine learning to invent it.

File: 1544030155842.png (46 KB, 512x416)
46 KB
How the hell do Cameras/digital cameras even work? I don't understand how it looks at something and then captures the image...
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File: mJqIwLT-Imgur.gif (1 MB, 800x800)
1 MB
Oh, and before the light even hits the sensor, you can play a lot with lenses and such, to manipulate which light array his which sensor element, and so on.

But now I'm off
i just wanna know how it works, not so much the technology of it.
File: Focal_Length_15.jpg (203 KB, 2048x624)
203 KB
203 KB JPG
not sure if that's coherent, but okay
oh sorry it's 6am i just woke up. idk what i meant lol.
File: laigr.gif (1.09 MB, 972x1000)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB GIF
>when you wake up in the middle of the night and storm to 4chan to ask how digital cameras work
relatable, tbqh

Depression and anxiety causes an over analytical state of mind. There is a correlation between higher IQ and depression and anxiety. Is high IQ just an effect of chronic depression?
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It's lonely at the top.
I feel bad for dumb people
Self pity is detrimental anon.
did that post make you feel superior
That's some 110 Iq post fren.

File: p.jpg (29 KB, 640x310)
29 KB
Can chromosomes regenerate
From what? Being missing not, there's a reason for one X individuals.
Everything else can be repaired to a degree.
Single strand break, double strand break, missing parts like with CRISPR/Cas9 treatment, replication fork breaks are essentially half of the chromosome missing and those can be repaired or "regenerate".
In all those instances the chromosome ends abruptly, so it can be recognized as faulty, with another one as basis for filling in the blanks, none of those are "regenerated" from new" or "out of nothing".
What does this shit even mean? A set of chromosomes is in every (core possessing) cell, and it's "remade" during mitosis.

pretty easily if there is a complementary strand remaining.
pretty hard if both strands for a segment are missing.
in that case it literally just sort of guesses at what should be there and this can introduce radical mutations, resulting in cancer/disease/a third leg.
>Can chromosomes regenerate
yes. as food

File: 1589837322057.jpg (240 KB, 1200x900)
240 KB
240 KB JPG
Greetings from biz

Quick question. Is nicotine in and of itself damaging to the body with repeated use?
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Greetings from pol

That's a jewish hoax.
That had to do with the high concentrations of acetate thc people out in the shit not nicotine
Not vaping I specified nicotine in and of itself
I shall show mercy and ressurect this thread
pure nicotine isn't but nicotine is a shit drug either way why are you asking

File: flow.jpg (157 KB, 1160x766)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
ITT we design a novel theory of everything one premise at a time.
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Send information to the past as a different phase of matter.
Big fire, schizophrenia
Little fire, autism
We don't know what it's tied to. It exerts force in ways that defy prediction. If you think about it, it can't be a "normal" force and still be the gravity we've learned to recognize. We can math around it, but there will always be the angle that we lack any method of observing. Kind of like a law of intractability for space like the same problem as getting an axis for time.
despite being only 13% of the universal matter, black holes destroy 50% of the galaxies.
Black holes aren't the only light bending phenomenon.

File: ea7.jpg (71 KB, 1024x958)
71 KB
>Make a post about some interesting and hard math problem I solved
>someone points out an error in my logic
>delete my post
>report his post, reset my router and call him a nigger through multiple IDs

File: isuckatmath.png (57 KB, 1240x752)
57 KB

First of all I wanna tell you that I suck, I suck it hard and deep at math, so this place is my beacon of hope.
I have to solve this problem using R language and R software or anything else as long as I can get the correct answer, but since I have no idea what the hell is that, I don't even know what to look for so I was hoping you guys can point me to the right direction or help me out doing this nightmare task.
What should I do, where to start , how to solve it ? Remember I suck at math.

How true is this?
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File: 1561752368594.jpg (55 KB, 637x469)
55 KB
>How true is this?
Not true at all. The presumption has no veracity, and it is a post hoc fallacy. First he states something that can be considered a premise: there are students who accrue debts in order to finish a higher education that they themselves willingly decided to. Then he somehow laments that these poor souls have no ability to then change society for the better. So many errors here:
>So what's his problem with free people willingly engaging in higher education, albeit for a price? Some of them save up beforehand, or their parents, some of them take debts. But no one's forcing them to do either.
>Why change society in the first place? Here he clearly reflects on his agenda, implies far-left ideals. What if someone believes everything is "good as is"?
>Even if people were to change society, it may not be to his liking. Typical short-sightedness.
>The "trap debt" monologue is testament to the fact that he knows nothing about economics, he even missed econ101. Debt is simply put, a necessity, a tool that one must utilize in certain situations. How come I took my 5th loan in my life, yet I always managed to handle it well? How come I only benefited so far from the "debt system" as opposed to his ideas about debt? Just because some/most people doesn't do well with their money (same as him), it doesn't mean that we should strip other of their ability (right) to willingly take these financial tools into their hands.

Chomsky is a bad influence, one of the worst in history. He is technically wrong on everything he ever touched, even within his own area of expertise. A crook.

that's why free MOOCS are the future
certification problem
Apply for financial aid.
state charity inevitably benefits the worst members of society most.

File: 1590215993026-sci.jpg (108 KB, 800x640)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
I'm a /lit/fag that was never able to enjoy mathematics in highschool but would like to start fresh and build a better understanding. Can you recommend some books to get me started?
File: 1384823862862.png (1.37 MB, 1140x4777)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB PNG
start from the top
hello fellow
eulers elements of algebra
Euler's Elements of Algebra
If you want to redo your highschool education, I strongly recommend you use Khan Academy. You are, for literally no money, hidden or otherwise, getting an entire highschool education in mathematics. You get videos, questions, and texts about everything you would learn in a highschool class and they have some college courses too. It does not get better than that. There is no book that will help you like this.

What does /sci/ think of electrogravitics? is there any legitimacy to anti gravity technology?
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I solved classical electrogravity in 2013.

According to Optimum Theory if you could get enough antimatter together you could repel from regular matter such as planets, etc... aka antigravity. Problem is that you are made of matter and so good luck catching antimatter. Would be a bit like catching the golden snitch... although I imagine "mining" antimatter will be insanely profitable in the future... will probably turn into a kind of "gold rush" when the technology catches up.
I'm banned from making threads but I read the other day that a perpetual helium balloon would be possible if it stayed sealed? Red pill pls

Helium is incredibly thin and so it leaks through the latex of the balloon. This is why helium balloons go flaccid over a few days. Trapping the helium requires a thicker material but then it won't float.
>According to Optimum Theory
stopped reading there

imagine the smell haha
File: 1204904846452.jpg (116 KB, 481x550)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
What about her?

File: 1590152806458.jpg (203 KB, 1920x1080)
203 KB
203 KB JPG
Why is Mars so sought after over Venus for colonization when Venus would probably be easier to colonize and be a hell of a lot more interesting? Why not the moon while we are at it?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>be a hell
Yes. Venus is literally hell.
>easier to colonize
if you think colonizing venus is remotely feasible even with your meme zeppelins you should never ever be allowed to touch a computer again
theoretically? possible. practical? absolutely not. i suppose the point of interplanetary colonization isnt practicality anyway, but we are a LONG ways away from venus friend. we still have mars to conquer.

Venus is incredibly HOT and full of sulfur and methane. Wtf?
imagine the smell haha

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