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The Riemann Hypothesis doesn't look that difficult. If the independent variable approaches positive unbounded infinity thereby making the function converge by intervals of 1/2 without deviation by the Mean Value Theorem?

Neither does the Continuum Hypothesis; the rational numbers Q are obviously in between the integers and the real numbers each giving a unique infinite cardinality.

The Hodge Conjecture. Functions only give linear and rational results when the independent variable or the domain is in the real numbers. Here the complex must have a continuous origin. There aren't any manifolds here with deformities.
>the rational numbers Q are obviously in between the integers and the real numbers

I recall hearing as a child that the Quetzalcoatlus wingspan was estimated to be 50 ft. at least. However, in recent years the tide has turned in the scientific community, with many prominent paleontologists claiming it to be 33 ft. or even less. It seems like a narrative is being pushed in which the importance of the previously undisputed "king of the winged lizards" is being diminished in favor of lesser known pterosaurs like Arambourgania or Hatzegopteryx, but for what reason?

I tried editing the article for Quetzalcoatlus on swedish Wikipedia regarding wingspan (nothing too controversial, just that it had been disputed over the years) and it was deltid within 30 minutes with threats of my IP being banned for spreading misinformation. Obviously money is changing hands somewhere (research gants, etc.) and pro-Quetzalcoatlus sources are being censored. What's the endgoal?

File: 1637176075991.jpg (108 KB, 600x324)
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108 KB JPG
The extent to which man has been able to manipulate the memories of himself and others has allowed him to progress as he has. Lies or twisting of memories are an evolutionary effort to push man beyond his base capabilities to reach an amicable outcome.

Though animals can deceive to a capacity as well, humans had to specialize to survive. The experimentation of this led to the the concepts of crafting and the exploration of new ideas. The differentiation between what is real and not is whether we collectively believe it, and the supernatural is a result of this. We push ourselves to find answers in seemingly unreasonable places and we find lying to friends in a general sense is frowned upon, though not to an enemy.

I also think the root of the mechanism by which we twist reality is located at the source of our brain cells composing memory. I think that the data stored by those cells may be telling in the disparity between what we perceive and what is physically happening, and that what we perceive as the super natural are our efforts to produce an addition language or means of communication through hallucination.

File: StephenWolfram.png (326 KB, 2574x572)
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326 KB PNG
This makes me instantly lose all self confidence, how can you even compete?
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Did he actually discover anything? Looks like a random hack to me. A science fan at best, he was well read and hanged around intellectuals like Voltaire but didnt do much else.
Good point, but who would maintain the robots? There will always be jobs best suited for "less intelligent" people.
I wish I wouldn't but I can't help it. Isn't comparing yourself to others a good metric of your own knowledge/intelligence/progress, etc. regardless?
File: LMAO4.jpg (195 KB, 798x770)
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195 KB JPG

>if you haven't published at least one paper in a Q1 journal by age 20 it's unironically over
File: ENi8w4RVUAE8nIW.png (10 KB, 882x758)
10 KB
>you haven't published at least one paper in a Q1 journal by age 20

>TFW managed this only at 21, and only as a co-author
It's over isn't it?

I was a 22 year old very fit male (lift weights 6 times a week). There was this new virus and disease going around and the promise of a vaccine. As soon as I saw that statistically the disease was a nothingburger (for me) I made up my mind that I wasn't going to take any cutting edge vaccine. It's just fucking obvious: drugs have been approved and then taken off market later when problems came to light. The only reason to be an early adopter of medical technology is because you're at considerable risk of whatever that technology purports to address.

I like to think I'm a sensible person who can appreciate different perspectives, even ones that seem wrong to me, without making blanket statements about how only an idiot would disagree with me.... however, it's very hard to see how a young healthy person could have taken the vaccine without being either stupid (see reasoning above) or cowardly (there is no form of submission more total than giving complete access to one's body for modification at the level of gene expression).
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Anyone who wears a mask in Britain is a coward.
he is a disgusting and frail little manlet virgin and he deserves to be held down and shat in his mouth
WOW cool it with the antisemitism there megahitler
He didn't get injected with the mutagen, he's at no risk of a heart attack, cringelord.
go back to fit with that brain

File: whoseline.jpg (38 KB, 600x492)
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>Things you can say to your dog, but not your undergrads.
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>Things you can say to your dog, but not your undergrads.

Work, bitch.
You deserve all my love and care.
>Can you believe it, Spot?
>Six millions, in war-torn Germany?
Lick this peanutbutter

File: log.png (4 KB, 415x87)
4 KB
>Needing it to be defined
Midwit 120 IQ.
It is whatever mathematicians are working on.
Retard OP trying to "define" math.

I’ve seen many people say that your brain will form again some time inevitably, and you will live again

Is it really you experiencing it or just you in a parallel universe/different timeline?
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File: soytruck.jpg (57 KB, 680x473)
57 KB
there must be something to the concept of continuity in an object.
maybe something quantum, maybe omsething more
>Is it really you experiencing it or just you in a parallel universe/different timeline?
It is you just don't remember it.
Just like you don't remember your previous lives
interesting, where does this “soul” reside in? What are its characteristics? How does it interact with the world, what do these interactions predict and which experiment would you propose to test your hypothesis? Does my dog have a sould or is it a strictly human organ? Do comatose or braindead people have one? At what developmental stage do you propose this soul is expressed?
File: 1612863090358.jpg (68 KB, 831x1024)
68 KB
>Time is le heckin infinite
>That means you're going to be reborn as a random african kid
Why do you dumb shit retards believe everything you see in science fiction stories.
Opener after you die you're going to cease to exist and never be born again.
I am thankful for that.

Hello /sci/ I need some help with my math problem. In the question there is a group of women trying to form a circle. The average waist measurement of the women is assumed to be 40 inches, the average penis length is assumed to be 6 inches. What is the minimum number of women needed to form a complete circle if all of them are standing front to back with their penis at least an inch deep inside the woman in front of them
Are the women white? I'm black btw

Any astronomy bros been tracking Comet Leonard?

I saw it a week ago in my 3" refractor when it passed in front of M3, and it's been cloudy for me ever since, so I'm excited for it to appear in a few hours. A friend in Arizona said last night that it's now visible with the naked eye. Look east before sunrise y'all.

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Nope, the sky is shit in Europe for the past 2 weeks and will probably stay that way. Srsly, fuck clouds
File: GettyImages-74714954.jpg (172 KB, 2560x1440)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
Also a heads up that Venus is approaching conjunction, so if you zoom in on her you're in for a treat. Looks like a tiny pic related right now at a blazing magnitude -4.7

See phases here:
Update - tonight the comet was at the bleeding edge of naked eye visibility from my location (light-polluted area with 80%+ humidity). Underwhelming on that front, but still a solid target for binoculars or a small telescope. It'll brighten up significantly as the week goes on, but it's all clouds for me going forward.

Also a heads up that the Geminid meteor shower peaks next Monday:

>The meteors from this shower are slow moving, can be seen in December .... with the date of highest intensity being the morning of December 14. The shower is thought to be intensifying every year and recent showers have seen 120–160 meteors per hour under optimal conditions, generally around 02:00 to 03:00 local time.
File: 1635292001203.jpg (77 KB, 744x960)
77 KB
Shameless self-bump. One of the numerous IQ or racebaiting threads deserves to die more than this one.
File: leolens2.jpg (320 KB, 1490x1482)
320 KB
320 KB JPG
captured an image of it with an iphone and a 5 inch dob, pretty bad especially since I didn't take flat frames, but if it's gone forever I might aswell try

File: meh.jpg (65 KB, 554x439)
65 KB
Should I read Lee or Tu for a more rigorous and detailed treatment of manifolds than is typically given in a Riemannian geometry class?
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Tu is more computational and shorter, lee is longer and covers more ground. Both will teach you all you need to know about manifolds to go into further differential geometry.
Start with Kobayashi&Nomizu
Lee is too detailed to be read from cover to cover
Bott and Tu is considered something of a masterpiece
not the book he's talking about

I just woke up from a 10 years coma.
Why is that thing still on the ground?
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>Why is that thing still on the ground?
NASA has been exposed. Space is not real.
Actually 'space' is inside a hangar in Hollywood. So technically it is real.
I believe that by now they found a way to store it digitally, so they can 3D print it out whenever they need it.
Anyway, yeah, it is still real.
The firework is planned for this month
you posted that last month too

File: paranormal-poster.jpg (235 KB, 675x1000)
235 KB
235 KB JPG
Do you reject all these things as impossible: God and gods, afterlife, telepathy and psychic phenomena, magick, and paranormal events?

Yes, I could post this on /x/, but I want a scientific opinion.

File: real moon monolith.jpg (27 KB, 590x350)
27 KB
Guys, they have found a Monolith on the moon, like in 2001: A Space Odyssey but for real. The Monolith really did teach you apes to bang the rocks with a big stick!

The truth is out there!


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_aRjxXwD9BM [Embed]
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Did the chinks say how far away it was? Distance perception is weird on the moon since there's no atmospheric light scattering. I'd assume it's just an ordinary boulder sitting on a hilltop or crater rim.
This plane is going to be very boring without you filth creating interesting times again and again, indeed.
HAHAHAHA (unironically)
Something-something butterfly.

It's not that we can process a lot of data but it seems like there is a fundamental rule within us that we use unconsciously that applies to everything else that is logically consistent in the abstract or physical world.

An example I can think of is that you can give a computer 1 billion simulations complete a task but it will take human an order of magnitude less time than that to figure out the same result. You can give an AI or Machine Learning the rules of reality and they will come up with huge complex solutions to make predictable outcomes but some exceptional humans are able to write it out in one line of paper.

Does it not seem like humans have something beyond the physical world that separates us from all other objects and information systems (doesn't necessarily mean supernatural)? I can't see it any other way.

I could that imagine if you gave a human mind the processing power and latency of computers we would be like gods almost. Maybe something about the structure that we haven't figured out yet is what makes it so special.
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>it's too primitive and pretty much useless
It's what enables an animal to learn any general principle, you fucking imbecile.
>label thinker failing to understand what an abstraction even is
Not a neurologist but i would guess our brains work like hyper-parallel combinatorial circuits that can reshape themselves and dynamically adapt to the problem they are facing.
Where a normal CPU and GPU needs a synchronized clock , i would guess that our brain just gets away with a huge combinatorial circuitry and disorganized "thought loops" that don't follow any specific pattern ?
I think you might be correct and isn't it the only part of the brain that isn't located on both sides?
When 2 or more specie cover the same biological niche the least performing specie either dues out or evolves to cover another niche. You could say the humans covered the niche of super-intelligent predator and outcompeted every other contender. We know of the neanderthal, but there may have been others.

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