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File: runescape gnome.jpg (491 KB, 3123x4000)
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>Can still get Covid
>Can still infect others
>Still have to wear a mask
>Need another jab in September
>Get worse side effects than getting sick naturally
>Get blood clots
Why the hell should I get a shot?
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anosmia would suck shit but not taste that bad i guess
because you should've gotten aborted so why not
You mean the "1/3 covid patients have anxiety" articles right? Not only that, but anxiety was the most common neurological effect, and the rate of anxiety in that paper is exactly the rate of anxiety in the general population
>Get worse side effects than getting sick naturally
This is bullshit. Being unable to talk for a week because you can barely breathe is way worse than having a fever for a couple hours.
>everyone experiences being unable to talk for a week because they could barely breathe

File: GeTkg.png (126 KB, 1135x654)
126 KB
126 KB PNG
Any good resource on statistical probability theory notation and how to simplify/solve such expressions?
Like what the fuck is that notation?
What level of abstraction do I have to work with here. Where do I plug what?
Which parts seem non-standard to you? Is it the Pr(dx,dy) or the conditional expectations? For the former, you can get reasonably far by just interpreting Pr(dx,dy) as an integral over the joint density or sum over the joint probability mass function -- e.g:

[eqn] \int [y - f(x)]^2 Pr(dx,dy)
= \int [y-f(x)]^2 \varphi_{x,y}(x,y) dx dy [/eqn]

Where phi is the joint density. Conditional expectation should really be learned on its own. If you've had a first course in probability I'd recommend Grimmett and Stirzaker's probability and random processes if you just want the meat, or Durrett's Probability theory if you want the whole thing with measure theory.
I guess I should also mention that the reason that notation is used (Pr(dx,dy)) is because modern probability is built on measure theory, which uses different kinds of integrals, hence the different notation.

File: 614Fu+5JXHL.jpg (78 KB, 380x500)
78 KB
Supposedly this book has exercises in the following webpage:
However the github it links is nearly empty of any exercises.

Where can I find exercises for each chapter of this book? Or another book of the same quality but with actual exercises?
This book is damn perfect except for the fact that it doesn't have any exercises
Someone pls

Lex got his BS, MS, and PhD all from Drexel.
Is it possible his father pulled strings for him?
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It's reddit, just look it up
Have you read his PhD thesis? It’s pathetic. It’s gender studies tier academic LARPing
here you go, 5 seconds of google search
heres the link https://streamable.com/1nhzkm
also the thread >>12970739
His entire panel was part of the tribe too.

File: download.png (5 KB, 286x176)
5 KB
What's the best way to get a good grasp on it?
I know a large part is remembering the distributions, but a lot of those equations look ugly as shit like the normal and chi-square distribution.
And also, is statistics worth it?
File: 1617916921078.jpg (51 KB, 832x1000)
51 KB
psychologists study statistics, chads study probability
All of these questions depend a lot on what you do, why you want to learn stats, and how much math you know. Also, almost no one sits down to memorize the distributions. That just comes naturally with time.
So true!
Are you intentionally trying to act stupid or just plain stupid?

All rigorous results and methods in statistics can be stated in terms of probability. The two don't separate when you try to understand them.

File: Eksovest-4-1024x683.jpg (100 KB, 1024x683)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
So /sci/, I want to learn how to make hand/arm/leg robotic prosthesis, little robots (like link below), and quite possibly later on the future being able to create exoskeletons and robots like the ones of Boston Dynamics.
What exactly do I need to learn in terms of programming languages/ specific electronics/ physics? Can you guide me on this one?

Same. My carpal tunnel and arthritis is killing me. I need develop suitable replacement hands before my real hands lose functionality.
Art school

Is there any mechanism within a reasonable amount of deviation from current physics that can lower the speed of light within a vacuum for a given region of spacetime?

I can theorize some effects this may cause, for example, decreasing c would impact both electromagnetic constants in Maxwell's equations by some factor n<1, making electric fields n times stronger and magnetic fields 1/n times as strong. The fine structure constant α would increase, therefore making larger structures such as large atomic nuclei or larger molecules unstable are α gets larger. Reducing c also causes nuclear energy production to decrease as per e=mc^2, making stars shrink as they reach a new equilibrium with gravity.

As for the mechanism for lowering c itself, I originally though by inducing photon mass through the Higgs Field or by creating a scalar field that induces photon mass, c may be lowered, but it appears that the speed a photon travels does not affect c.

Any thoughts?
File: ultra-slow-light-bec.png (260 KB, 768x724)
260 KB
260 KB PNG
This could be of interest as well
thanks for the link i'll give it a look!

File: banner.png (229 KB, 800x400)
229 KB
229 KB PNG
*Hey. /sci/
We made a Webcomic series with a strong emphasis on the educational aspect of Nuclear Physics. Hope we can raise some interest

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how intruiging i subbed to the webcomic
File: 1609828561729.jpg (45 KB, 646x357)
45 KB
Cute and funny. A little cringe at times but I enjoyed it.
File: 1615888515377.png (28 KB, 262x355)
28 KB
>turn /sci/ into anime
you're too late, moron, visit our math general, our stupid questions general, the smartest threads and posters are ALL 2hu weebs. /sci/ will never change, so get fucked, brainlet.

time for YOU to leave
File: 1613246689187.jpg (38 KB, 251x201)
38 KB
>you guys are worse than /mlp/ was
/sci/ WAS /mlp/ you hopeless newfag
>We made a Webcomic series with a strong emphasis on the educational aspect of Nuclear Physics
>it is actually about energy sources

File: IMG_4580.jpg (23 KB, 480x480)
23 KB
Why does crying so tiring? No other emotion leaves people exhausted.
File: 49e.png (228 KB, 1504x950)
228 KB
228 KB PNG
Tears are eye cum.

File: file.png (433 KB, 506x506)
433 KB
433 KB PNG
pic rel says it's theoretically possible for mRNA vaccines to permanently alter dna. please deboonk /sci/

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it says covid deaths not vaccine deaths my fren
israel has a 100% vaccinated population though
>israel has a 100% vaccinated population though
No, not even close.

Began vaccinating in mid to late December. Three weeks before second dose, two weeks after second dose before full efficacy. So five weeks out from mid-December puts them at late January before first mass-vaccinated people reach peak immunity. Deaths began steadily falling after the maximum spike in deaths in late Jan/early Feb. I see nothing wrong with this timeline.

File: ffd.png (47 KB, 454x598)
47 KB
In general does anything in nature have meaning if you take the 3rd derivative of higher? I'm referring to jerk and snap when working with rate of change of position with respect to time and so on as you deal with acceleration it's clear there is still meaning but at a certain point the derivative is meaningless. Can someone give an example of a 3rd or higher derivative that is important for a real world problem?
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A question I've been asking myself alot lately in the context of electromagnetism. as a statationary charge is an electric field, a moving charge is a magnetic field and an accelerating charge emits emf, what happens than if we talk higher orders? what does a jerked charge do?

The Taylor series approximation can approximate a function via point wise expansion, which gains accuracy with higher order derivatives added

TLDR it radiates to counteract the jerk
That's great, thank you much, I wonder if anyone tried sticking a double dot or a triple dot, or even a to the infinite moment
What book do I need to read in order to solve equations like that?
Farthest I ever got with math is calculus 1 and some matrix calculqtions
.t retard
ocean waves for certain and the answer is always
>it’s way too complicated actually the thing about math is it sucks
i have a personal expectation human body mechanics see higher order accells playing a role
i’ve actually
found the concept of higher order accells as an excellent filter of both IQ and disposition

Am I the only one that thinks that abstract theory of algorithms is sketchy as hell? It's almost entirely based upon a thesis that can't be properly proven.
Nah Church Turing thesis is true.

Also look up Wilfried Sieg, he has done some work attempting to formally prove the CT thesis
First you can't prove CT, it's a phenomenological statement akin to physical laws. Do you prove Maxwell's equations? No, you make experiments to try to refute it.

Second, it does not even matter. Even if we were to discover a supercomputational device, it wouldn't change the results since they are relativized to the class of Turing-complete computations. FYI there is actually a whole subfield dedicated to the study of computation when extended with non-computational primitives, see e.g. Turing degrees.
CT is one of the greatest mathematical discoveries of the 20th century.

File: download (18).jpg (42 KB, 474x615)
42 KB
I have an oppurtunity to get a Gray's anatomy it's the original version with the original drawings is it outdated from being so old or is anatomy basically unchanged since 1850. I'm just and enthusiast nothing serious like med school.
You may want to get it based on its historic significance for US-American medicine and the fact that it is the first print.
>serious like med school
med school isn't serious and you can get that book for the sake of owning it.

t. doctor
Afaik, the editions are contain the same information, it is the quality of the drawings that changes. For example, in the first edition, illustrations are made with charcoal, later on it's ink, digital, color, etc.
Thanks anons I will defnitely get it.
Its a cool book with cool illustrations. Dont need to be a medstudent.
Anatomy hasnt changed much

>machine learning
File: uuuug.png (9 KB, 205x246)
9 KB
>Muon g−2
> Quantum information
Beep bop, don't you stop. You must code my next step oh code monkey. BEEP BOP DONT YOU STOP.
File: 1610229242674.jpg (9 KB, 318x158)
9 KB


fuck you

File: file.png (468 KB, 904x864)
468 KB
468 KB PNG
>You can't submit work that you have done from another class
>That is called Self-Plagiarism
3 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I thought so too, but it sure looks like it has something wrapped around its waist.
I feel like this rule was made because lazy professors dont want to backtrack and retrace if you are the true author. especially because most professors use turnitin.com to check for plagiarism it doesnt verify authors. i suspect this wont be a problem in the future with those NFTs that people are doing right now
>next to nothing in academia is relevant or original
>you are punished, if you are smart and figure things out or just happen to know things
It took you quiet a time to figure things out. It’s not about knowledge, but about control and prestige.
can you give a concrete example of this im having a hard time visualizing, but i understand what youre saying
oh nevermind, u were referring to my post

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