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File: Foto_de_Venera_9.png (353 KB, 1600x335)
353 KB
353 KB PNG
am i the only one who wants surface pictures of planets and moons? like pictures from near orbit are great but looking at the planet/moon from the ground perspective is so much cooler. i would love to see the surface of io or europa. to see great plains of io's volcanic rock and sulfur, or to see mountains of ice on europa; all from a human perspective sounds so awesome. i really love the pictures of venus and titan specifically because they contained such a mystery, nobody knew what the surface TRULY looked like. does anyone share that feel?
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mars has radiation-hardened electronics
Mars doesn't have thicc radiation belts
you better put a figurine of maki on it
File: fzdb0xesx3621.jpg (268 KB, 1170x1357)
268 KB
268 KB JPG
my university has its logo on mars :^)
My hobby is going into the desert, taking pictures of random rocks, then color grading them and posting them online as fake pictures from NASA of Mars

Find the pattern that the grey and green shapes have in common. Both the grey and green dotted shapes will correspond to the shapes at the bottom. You have to say which ones they correspond to and why.
the answer is b
B follows the pattern of which colour? Green or grey
green green gray green

File: 9780122089305[1].jpg (39 KB, 198x317)
39 KB
I was talking to someone with a supposed high IQ, and trying to understand how they think.

From what I gather a lot of the ability of someone with high IQ is being able to "shut off" part of their brain to look at things almost purely objectively like they are entirely new things.

Instead of going in and having "interference" from what you would normally expect due to experience/crystallized knowledge, they can always look at something as if it were an entirely new thing.

Is there a way to block out this interference and let's say learn math/language quickly like a sponge instead of making mistakes because your brain wants to do things "the good ol way?" Maybe I'm misunderstanding too. I'm sure processing speed plays a part. Is there a way to work on increasing that as well? I just want to learn a lot of things and solve problems for fun. I'm a midwit as it stands and just am hoping to get a little bit better/faster at problem solving and learning. Haven't read this book. I'm in my mid 20's and I want to be able to continue learning if at all possible
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There was a link that someone posted about what iq tests measure. It was a study. I can't remember the thread.
I think part of it stems from emotion. When a brain operates on emotion it seems to wire itself with prejudices and "oughts."
Being detached helps with this. Another approach is to be excited and take something at face value because it is new.
The best way to learn and expand your horizons is to find passions and feed them. When I was in my mid twenties I found photography to be a major passion, which fed into chemistry as an auxiliary passion because of printmaking. This led to inorganic chemistry and a variety of other interests and experiments.
The point is, you just keep running with those passions and master them. These days I am still quite young, but because of my passions I have probably the equivalent of 8 or 9 degrees worth of accumulated knowledge and expertise that I work with.
Never really had a passion. Just fleeting interest in a wide variety of things.
Yes, abstraction is something that smart people do to save on processing power. Not even IQ related.
I used my high IQ to reengineer my right brain into mirroring my left brain. I am now the equivalent of a dual major in computer science and chemical engineering, as opposed to a major in computer science and ancient religious pottery appreciation. I went from absolutely useless to a supreme deity with this easy trick. (Easy, given my IQ is unfathomable)

File: 32145464265t623523.png (100 KB, 540x602)
100 KB
100 KB PNG
is consciousness a wave or a particle?
Watch these:



we just don't know
all the theories I've seen are unfalsifiable
Consciousness is much more complicated. To reach enlightenment, we have to achieve Brahman Atman. This is done by releasing our consciousness into the universe of consciousness, and being accepted.

the split brain stuff fascinates me a lot. one of my problems is how it deals with consciousness. if we define consciousness as something inherently present in the brain then splitting the two halves would fuck it up completely. you wouldn't be able to have a consistent consciousness with two halves of the brain unable to communicate. you would maybe have two consciousnesses, one dictating the self awareness of the left brain and the other doing the same to the right brain.
if after a split brain operations patients experience the same level of consciousness the the conclusions must be either that consciousness is at a higher level than the physical brain or that it manifests only in one of the two pars of the brain and somehow "wins" over the opposite site offering the same self awareness to the whole self
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Wanting to harm those who harmed you is perfectly normal. You claim to have empathy, but you show no understanding of empathy in practice, except as a learned behavior. (You observe others showing empathy and do the same things that they did when the same happens to others, but show no understanding of what you're doing)
>when we have made mistakes.
This is so utterly absurd, most of the things I'm talking about cannot be made by mistake.
>we may feel persecuted when we do not feel that our deed was truly deserving of it
It happens even in situations that are almost comically evil, such as starving the village in order to make more money.
>Or is there some hidden principle of empathy that we don't understand?
You seem to lack even the most basic concepts, such as that how people behave towards you depends on how you behave towards them. That people will behave differently because you're watching. That people may make things happen 'accidentally'. That it's practically pointless to ask them questions when telling the truth would seriously harm them. That it's totally retarded trying to outwit those you are trying to help, or those who are trying to help you. That people may lie about being wronged.
how can competing cells be in a superposition? Like a superposition of winning and losing in the competition? What is the competition?
Take your meds schizo
You post this in every thread. You announced that it's what you are going to do.
The competition is life.
Its not about winning or losing.
Its the act of competing, functioning, multiplying, vibrating etc.
All these processes working together forms a consciousness.

Hello objectivists, materialists, and rationalists. Explain dreams.
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So they are are figments of imagination? Are you saying they are the shadow of something existing in another plane? Is that what you are saying? Or are you simply a retard incapable of understanding what is even being discussed in this thread?
>Are you saying they are the shadow of something existing in another plane
Yes kind of, not entirely at least, for the trillion time see>>11728588
That just shows the electromagnetic spectrum, which is a part of nature, and thus material. Stars would be emitting that radiation if you were not around to conceptualize that radiation into light
File: QM i.png (295 KB, 1082x2359)
295 KB
295 KB PNG
>which is a part of nature, and thus material
LMAO, you said here>>11728561 "photons are not an idea as they are detectable and quite literally visible"
We can't neither observe nor detect the infinite amount of frequencies there are, what now matter cuck?
Btw the world isn't the deterministic machine you make yourself believe. pic related
Universe isnt deterministic you retard faggot. There are tons of "real" random events like particle emission in radioactive elements.

File: universe.jpg (70 KB, 754x678)
70 KB
What's the shape of our universe, and if it's spherical what would be at its core?
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Stop replying to schizos, as you can see you will just motivate them to shit up the thread even more
this picture looks like one of my boxers after a long day of working
File: 1587666340311.jpg (213 KB, 1069x551)
213 KB
213 KB JPG
Toroidal sphere
I have no conclusive evidence for this but my gut feeling
why would you use a linebreak to end a sentence when you could just use a period? i suppose the next thing you say will be that you have a genius-level iq
>and if it's spherical what would be at its core?
it's a 3D version of the surface of a sphere you moron

Not even theoretically? Like not only due to experimental constraints or budgets or whatever.
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I have come up with one :^)
Take your meds schizo
no, the chemicals in your brain might be lying to you

File: Tom Apostol's autism.png (60 KB, 850x135)
60 KB
Why is Tom so autistic?
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why are you so retard?
the digression is perfectly ok and clarifies an important point before proceeding to abuse language and identify things like everybody else
you could call it 'pedantic' if you want, but wtf do you understand by 'autistic'? not that I care, but lack of intelligence and knowledge is a handicap if you want to be offensive, specially to your betters
Well yes. FTC glues these two.
obviously OP has been taught
indefinite integral = "integrate it and write +c"
definite integral = "integrate and plug in the end points"
and now he thinks the author is describing difference between these two things
The entire point of the theorem is that they are different operations.
they both originate from taking the area under a curve ya dingus, and both are just an arbitrary domain restriction

File: ETH-Zurich.jpg (218 KB, 959x640)
218 KB
218 KB JPG
Starting my MSc in EE there this autumn, wondering if any of you bastards study there. What is is like? Tips for someone new to Switzerland?
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I'm mostly worried that I won't get through, assuming that there are better students applying along with me.
Cheked. Well, how much time do you have until the supposed start of your masters? In my first few semesters, I didn’t do much, but them ramped up stuff that makes a good resumé (Listed in my previous post:>>11726507), so I got in. If you still have a year or more, then if you have good grades right now and do some
extra things in the upcoming few semesters, you sure stand a chance.
I have one year left. My grades are not the best mostly due to studying algorithms and data structures.
I'm unsure about research mostly because I don't really know what topic to choose or as a matter of fact, no idea how it's done.
Also the CS field is extremely saturated because every Tom, Dick and Harry wish to join Google or MSFT.
Yeah, but if you look around, you’ll see that there are still relatively few people who are really good at it. Most of “Tom, Dick and Harry”s are just living off of stackoverflow and go into management as soon as they can. If you truly care about it and work hard, you’ll stand out.
Yes they do. I assume every uni offer some scholarship? Especially a decent one.

File: original.jpg (108 KB, 672x814)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
Why do stemlets begin seething and defecating uncontrollably at the mere mention of hard problem of consciousness?
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Also look what post I found right below, what do you have to say about this? Do you really think it's more likely one half of the brain is just not conscious?
Because it isn't material and it hurts atheist's feelings.

Wrong. It necessarily cannot be a system of programming because systems of programming are contingent upon users to interpret the symbols they put out. If there were no humans to come up with what numbers are and what they mean, calculators and computers would just put out signals that mean nothing. Ergo, reducing the activity of the brain to neurons firing or whatever is not sufficient to explain consciousness.
"stemlets" as a whole do not do this. The majority of people who are actually intelligent and interested in science and mathematics and such are not the small minority of incel pseudo intellectual faggots that constitute this board.
The majority of actual scientists and such do not ignore or seethe or whatever at the hard problem. The majority of scientists do not think that it's "not a hard problem" or that it's just "a collection of easy problems that when solved, will solve the so called hard problem".
You are making your post based on a false premise.
The brain is a mechanism as a whole and this is one of its functions. There is nothing outlandish or proving le God or soul about it. I suggest you engage in sexual relations with a person of the opposite sex (or the same sex if you prefer)
incel detected

Simulation theory is fully proven by the results of the double slit experiment.

When observed, the universe simulator has to calculate the path of the individual photon so it lands like a particle. When unobserved, it only calculates the end result (like how in a video game, an object you are not looking at only needs to be textured in when it comes into view) and the end result is how it would behave if it were a wave.
87 replies and 17 images omitted. Click here to view.
Cut scene
>When unobserved, it only calculates the end result

Wrong, and the opposite is true, it calculates ALL possible results.


Quantum mechanics points towards simulation theory being incorrect, if anything. More here:


In a game an unobserved object wouldn't do anything at all though, would it? It'd just be frozen in time unless it had some specific script to carry out in the meantime (which would also happen independently of the object)
In fact, since it works through probabilities, it implies that all possible results might also be calculated, which would be even more inefficient for a computer.
File: tesla.png (159 KB, 512x305)
159 KB
159 KB PNG
That's a good perspective. I also like this Tesla quote, but I don't believe we're capable of understanding the reason we're here, if there even is a reason. But we can still develop a purpose for existing; a meaning to life, subjectively, even without believing in a God or afterlife. When we die, if there isn't a God or afterlife, we'll just become lifeless matter again. Which means when we die, we'll be no different from the rest of the dead universe. We're just a part of the universe that "woke up". And we're surrounded by billions of other beings that woke up too. So even if there is no God or afterlife, we can at least believe and take pride in ourselves and each other, and maybe even hope to wake up again one day. I don't personally believe in a God, but I do believe in humanity. And if you need to know the "why" for that question, then you really ought to get out more.
File: 1945348593393.jpg (71 KB, 750x1000)
71 KB

Yet another state indicating that they do not want to return to normal, but want to impose a "new normal", and that social distancing and enforced mask wearing will be expected even LONG AFTER covid-19 has ceased to be a threat.

Can anyone on /sci/ explain what is the scientific basis for this? Why can we not just go back to normal? Why are governments trying to force a "new normal" of an incredibly socially distant society forever?
118 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
>false equivalence.
Not really. This is about saving lives. That is the core of your argument. Therefore, they are equally to each other on that frame of reference.
So if you are willing to shut down the economy and isolate yourself for months, and give government unlimited tools to spy on us for the sake of a few hundred thousand lives but you aren't going to enact no-compromise bans on carcinogens? You aren't going to hastily shut our economy down banning materials which hasten cancer, and keep people isolated in their homes for fear of contracting skin cancer from UV light? What about banning restaurants and making everyone eat some kind of bland onions paste to prevent them from getting heart disease?

It's the same kind of argument because your position is a morally consequentialist argument, you only care about outcomes which means saving lives, and you don't care about individual rights. You are in the sticky position of justifying why a world recession is fine for a few hundred thousand dead, but is overkill for more than half a million.

These are your rules and you must play by them.
>i-it is just temporary, calm down guys
>anyways, here is how the new normal looks like
why are they lying?
>long after covid-19 has ceased to be a threat
It won't. This is a major historical event. A global pandemic, a new disease, a new thing to worry about and have to manage for the foreseeable future.
Do you think it's just gonna go away when you get tired of having to stay inside all the time? Do you think the labcoat guys are just gonna magic up a cure all vaccine for this already-mutating virus that we don't even have a treatment for yet?

The whole response has been a joke. If you wanted this to go away quickly so everything could return to normal, we should have shut down absolutely everything as strictly as possible and prohibited any and all travel long before we did, and the travel restrictions should by far be the LAST of the restrictions to be relaxed.
But we fucked it up, we pretended it wasn't real, we called the virus a hoax, we started to prepare months too late to make an impact, and we completely shat the bed with how half-assed our """quarantine""" actually was. Instead of doing the smart thing and toughing through a strict quarantine as the richest country in the world in order to make the virus a lot more manageable and reduce the impact on society in the long term, we've basically cemented this thing as a fact of life for a long damn time.
Cancer and heart disease aren't highly transmissible preventable infections you fucking retard
>Can anyone on /sci/ explain what is the scientific basis for this? Why can we not just go back to normal?
Because there is a very contagious pathogen spreading around, and it's not going away just because you don't like it.
>Why are governments trying to force a "new normal" of an incredibly socially distant society forever?
For the same reason.

Are Europeans and Middle Easterners the same race from a genetic standpoint?
13 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
I didn't say it was impractical. I said it was arbitrary/bunk and not totally reflective of what is meant by the category race.
>not totally reflective of what is meant by the category race.
The point is to base the category on something solid so that it gets a clear meaning.
You're trying to be too concrete about a messy division if you just say "muh FST"
I can divide euros and middle easterners, they are obviously different, but not at the level of country, so its appropriate to apply the category "race".
also see >>11729719
File: taxmen original.png (105 KB, 579x508)
105 KB
105 KB PNG
You should post the original, also it's from an old paper based on only 120 allele frequencies and Nei's genetic distance was used not fixation index.

Cavalli-Sforza, L., Piazza, A., Menozzi, P. and Mountain, J., 1988. Reconstruction of human evolution: bringing together genetic, archaeological, and linguistic data. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 85(16), pp.6002-6006.

Hi /sci/entologists! Have any of you tried to do math animations before? What software did you use? Wolfram Animate[] can do great things, but recently I started getting into Manim (https://github.com/3b1b/manim), and I really like the looks of it. However, it can be clumsy sometimes. Any other recommendations?

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