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File: Barbara_McClintock.jpg (608 KB, 1200x627)
608 KB
608 KB JPG
Did Barbara McClintlock actually do what she is claimed to have done, or is this once again another case of a woman taking credit for the discoveries of a man?
No, she did the important part.
CHUD ALERT ! She created the chromosome, chud. Something you'll never do. Keep trying though, it's amusing watching you try and fail. I'm watching you, chud. Watching you like a fruit bat

File: 1459288523950.jpg (23 KB, 363x331)
23 KB
If somebodies goal was to build a device to beacon Earth to any aliens out there on purpose to spite Zoo Hypothesis folks, what might such a device look like?

Doesn't RF fall off really quickly to background noise relative to cosmic distances?
An artificial GRBeacon is pretty intense. The Feds and the Russians and all them would probably get upset.
Anything feasible?

asking for a friend
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>>15158873 What's wrong about it? Are you suggesting you know what the capabilities of 1 M years more advanced aliens are in terms of filtering the signals that arrive on Earth? How do you know?
>>15158675 They're already here btw
that's not true anon
File: TIMESAND___NOOOOOO.jpg (17 KB, 474x255)
17 KB
>join the galactic council

All time records for cold set in Siberia, Mongolia, China, both Koreas & Japan. -62.7ÂșC in Yakutsk
>post yfw global warming is fake
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soientists are unable or unwilling to earn money for themselves honestly through productive, useful activities, so instead they invent endless contrived doomsday scenarios in order to justify gaining access to funds which they are unable or unwilling to earn on an legitimate basis.
And they sell them with the exact same rhetoric and examples as their previous doomsday scenarios, such as global cooling also being about mass third world migration.
File: file.png (1.1 MB, 927x3069)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB PNG
A fake Time cover and a Newsweek article. Oh no climatebros, how will we recover.
brainlets do not understand how averages work
File: 1651325085583.jpg (172 KB, 700x1269)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
low iqs are easily tricked

>in class
>professor states required textbook
>pirate it within two minutes
>ask my classmates if they need a copy
>"wtf how did you do that?"
>other says "I paid $230 for mine this isn't fair" (the textbook is only $105 new on amazon, not sure why he paid more)

I thought being able to get knowledge for free, at least cheap, was widely known. College students really are a special bunch.
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Imagine needing a VPN
Live in Brazil or Russia
I print out QR code links to libgen and put on the title "want free books" and post them around everywhere
I think many students already know though
>He doesn't know about the actually good book pirate site
File: 1424374346604.jpg (30 KB, 400x386)
30 KB
>everyone i know only knows how to use streaming websites
>tfw german

is the green comet visible yet? C/2022 E3 (ZTF)
i am an amateur astronomer and i want to see it
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if you have an eyepiece projection adapter, take closeups of the core and then unsharp mask them, you can see the core's rotation that way sometimes
Is it doable with amateur equipment? Sounds interesting.
should be, core region has very high surface brightness, so good signal to noise even at stupidly high magnifications.
A schmidt cassegrain would be the optimal choice for that. If I ever buy one in the future I will definitely try this. Would be fun to do some scientific observations instead of just taking some fancy pictures.
its just a fancier picture, but its nice to be able to see something which moves at better than a snail's pace and has some unpredictable behaviors. sometimes you get to see a chunk of debris get ejected, thats always a big show with comets.

File: 1Kx3wX3RHIw2.png (580 KB, 700x882)
580 KB
580 KB PNG
How accurate is this popsci Twitter spam with respect to real science?
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the internet was originally engineered for the feds by defense contractors in order to digitally link geographically remote early warning radar sites which had previously been inefficiently transmitting their data to HQ via telephone.
it has always been a federally owned property.
they "privatize" the profitable parts because otherwise the profits would cut into need for ever more tax revenue
I mean.... do you really need a scientific explanation as to why you refuse to eat bugs? You can't just say it's gross and degrading?
Ai will take away any real power from us to turn us all into welfare junkies to ensure our forever compliance. We can only stop this if we either stop it from ever having this power by forcing the liberals cucks to stop doing research into ai and robotics or we are gonna have to make ourselves usefull for the ai as mainteiners of it in some form.
>>15145919 it's ridicolously stupid, just like OP for shitposting here. Also I'd love to get more ecdysterone for free, it helps build muscle and is also found in spinach.
the IRS electronically watches your bank account, they know exactly how much you need to survive and how much they need to steal to keep you constantly working and in desperate need of ever more money. They don't even need AI to do all that, they've been doing it for a long time already, software upgrades will only make it that much more efficient.

File: Untitled.jpg (1.26 MB, 1474x10000)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB JPG
>MusicLM: Generating Music From Text
I feel it bros. The acceleration.
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to be clear afaik it's not the first. riffusion and mubert existed before but this outperforms it (apparently)
>Our experiments show through quantitative metrics and human evaluations that MusicLM outperforms previous systems such as Mubert (Mubert-Inc, 2022) and Riffusion (Forsgren & Martiros, 2022), both in terms of quality and adherence to the caption. Furthermore, since describing some aspects of music with words can be difficult or even impossible, we show how our method supports conditioning signals beyond text. Concretely, we extend MusicLM to accept an additional melody in the form of audio (e.g., whistling, humming) as conditioning to generate a music clip that follows the desired melody, rendered in the style described by the text prompt.
>like every other company does?
which ones
can we get rid of pop stars yet?
Damn, every idea I have is being stolen
pretty cool

Do ruminance have nitrogen fixing bacteria?
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I think mainly because of availability issues it isn't used much in the areas I'm familiar with. Like you say the lactic acid can be a problem if dietary imbalances occur.

Silage is used more commonly in dairy than meat primarily due to cost. The consumer is also very fussy about how their milk tastes so the diet of the dairy cow is... Somewhat unique and expensive in general.
Meant to add that I had an interest in novel feedstocks like Spirulina and duckweed to increase wue but industry resists any kind of innovation.
Is that with some sort of hydroponics system?
We used to be dairy but now we just buy in stirks to raise and fatten off.
They graze over summer beef fattened on ad lib maize and twice a day they get a cereal blend
Yea like hydroponics in a greenhouse with the air going through a dehumidification process. It's arid here. Lentils/wheat/canola.

About six months of the year there is only bare dirt. Then winter rains and you can sow some pasture. The ewes can be pushed into estrus a bit earlier when you have enough water to surround them with a little greenery and put the rams in a neighbouring paddock. Gives your lambs a headstart on the short pasture season.

Then they lamb, you get enough feed to get the lambs to market at the same time as your pasture dries out. Then you sow wheat/lentils/canola and switch the stock onto maintenance feed. They will be skin and bones by next spring but hopefully there's enough grain harvest to fatten them just prior to the winter rains next year.

Dryland farming is about as brutal as it gets.
I can imagine.
we're primarily temperate rainfed where I am.
You can graze about 6 months of the year but it gets cold and wet in winter, so most stock are housed then, although the grass will continue to grow through most of it if slowly but the ground gets so soft the paddocks would get poached. We lease some field to allow low density sheep grazing and we run 10-20 year yearling stirks on the steeper freedraining ground if they're tough enough to outwinter.
Further north from here the winters are much worse with persistent snow and ice but we have a quirk of geography that leaves us comparatively warm and snow free.
It's still a frustrating ordeal to make it economically viable.

File: proxy-image.png (1.07 MB, 2560x1776)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB PNG
is there any new data on the effect of the vacc on female and male fertility or the gonads?
There were some studies in early 2021. (e.g. the one that showed that mRNA accumulates in the ovaries after 48h)
But it has been 2 years and there barely has been new data on this (which seems to be next to the cardiovascular issues and the CJD, the most important thing )
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How come the man's butthole is full of brown poop but the woman's isn't?
Prevents? Whoever said the vaccine prevents the virus?
It prevents the virus like the pill prevents eggs...
the vaxcattle are probably impotent. look at birthrates. that is a good thing.

File: mandelbrot-set-3d.png (249 KB, 999x1018)
249 KB
249 KB PNG
What are the scientific implications of chaos theory and moreover the feigenbaum constants? Is there any use for it say in physics or socio-economic analysis?
5 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Anti-Tech Revolution: Why and How
based, i will look into it
ok, there are only two mentions of chaos theory, which ultimately lead to unpredictability in the development of society, but are there any scientific proofs of such claims?
>lets live in the middle ages again to solve our problems
people actually believe this
File: intelligent.jpg (52 KB, 294x361)
52 KB

File: images.png (3 KB, 222x227)
3 KB
Are they a meme? Or do they actually work.
Also, does the kinetic isotope effect have any other interesting uses in broader chemistry? It seems like an interesting tool.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
generally it reduces metabolic rate and can help prevent the formation of bad metabolites. basically another lever for ADME/PK/PD. seems fairly save (some weirdo was in charge of testing this and got a dog to like 15% D2O before seeing effects). Austedo passed trials and there are a few others in P3.
How long have they been tested for? 15% D2O in blood is damn absurd but could small increase have negative effects in the long term?
Within chemistry, deuterated molecules are particularly useful in scientific studies. Combined with H-NMR spectrocopy deuterated molecules are used for investigating reaction kinetics and cellular metabolism. I suppose this is important for drug development.

In terms of more practical uses, I suppose some deuterated drugs might be metabolised differently, but I can't imagine the increased cost of manufacturing would be worth it.
If adderall is basically amphetamine, could i theoretically extract said amphetamine and add a stroichiometric quantity of methyl iodide to get methamphetamine?
I'd have said you'd be better off doing a reductive amination with formaldehyde and a reducing agent such as STAB
Theoretically of course
The issue with direct methylation is the secondary amine is usually more nucleophilic than the primary due to the electron-donating effects of alkyl groups, so you will form a tertiary amine as an unwanted side product


File: FG_DV6OXoAYlC_e.jpeg.jpg (402 KB, 1500x1446)
402 KB
402 KB JPG
Discuss maths
Previously: >>15107772
295 replies and 55 images omitted. Click here to view.
Not familiar with Wolfram.
But you'd probably want to create the following set right?
[math]X := \{a \in \mathbb{R} | \lim_\limits{x \uparrow a}f(x) \not = \lim_\limits{x \downarrow a}f(x)\}[/math].
Also, I have never heard of "equivalence class" before this. I looked at video, and I don't know.
>I have never heard of "equivalence class"
How did you end up here?
Is it just me or is the underlying idea that would make everything really simple and easy to understand often shrouded in rigor, and it takes a lot of time to see through the rigor and find the idea?

Case in point: I was reading https://math.stackexchange.com/questions/3672636/show-that-there-exists-a-rectangle-such-that-each-of-its-four-vertices-are-of-sa

I spent a _lot_ of time on the first two paragraphs until i skipped a tiny bit ahead, saw "two line segments L1 and L2 such that they have the same sequence of colouring" and instantly got the solution. I literally could have skipped everything, read "two line segments with the same sequence of colouring" and would've instantly generated the proof myself.
No, most mathematical writing is awful. Sometimes on purpose.

File: andrew-wiles.jpg (119 KB, 871x667)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
Fermat's Last Theorem has not been proven. All that's been proven is at best Con(ZFC)-> FLT. To prove FLT, you would need to prove Con(ZFC) but nobody has done so.
36 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
>refuse to answer when they think you're trying to find a contradiction in ZFC
We don't have to find a contradiction. There are numerous examples like the Banach-Tarski paradox or the Russel Paradox.
OP is a pseud

File: 1674358569747584.png (2 KB, 112x93)
2 KB
What the fuck does "if and only if" actually mean? Like I understand it mathematically, but linguistically it sounds retarded and misleading. Is it a bad translation of another language? Am I being filtered?
42 replies omitted. Click here to view.
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:If_and_only_if/Archive_1
holy kek thanks anon I have something to read later today
>talks like a mongoloid
>tells me to kms
I understand this concept now, but will you ever understand what it's like to be loved by a woman?
"P if Q"
[math] Q \to P [/math]
" P only if Q "
[math] P \to Q [/math]
since [math] \neg Q \to \neg P [/math]
Is that correct?
Only in this case. Only when things are in a specific arrangement or state. Yes it sounds retarded and redundant.
If and only if === Only if.

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