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File: 1654848827895.png (126 KB, 267x296)
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So,how are we going to save everyone?
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/sci/ - Russia and Ukraine
File: 1664145519582191.jpg (66 KB, 891x558)
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>I'm helping!

God I hate reddit
You can always identify the glowie memes by how they're literally just one picture that gets spammed unaltered for months with zero attempt at meaningful variations. See also chudjak and potato trump.

And this is different from the normal swarms of twitter shillbots how?

File: traditional scientist.jpg (19 KB, 330x222)
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hay guys, scientist here, picrel is me. i wanted to remind you all that even though i cannot predict the evolution or course of a hurricane accurately two days in advance, i can still accurately predict what the weather on earth is going to be in 100 years.
global warming is gonna kill us all!!! two weeks!!!
choose one
i can tell you it gets hot in summer and cold in the winter 100 years from now, but i can't tell you what days are going to be rainy
I don't need to fully predict the behavior of a liquid inside a bathtub in the rain to know the water level will increase.

How can I help the environment without eating bugs or living in pods?

The environment is important, but some scientists don't always give the best solutions, especially those who are leftist (and are biased in their research)
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OK Mr. Gates, time to go back to the retirement home.

the environment is just fine. concern for it is a religion of academia (for profit) lets not worry so much about other species and the environment so much as mitigating human suffering
File: 1658622120874655.jpg (82 KB, 720x527)
82 KB
>How do you limit human behavior?
with almost 8 Gpeople and growing, there isn't really a way. the train we're on has no brakes.
if one were to attempt such an undertaking, it would have to take the form of government and economic policy, since the only way to motivate humans at scale appears to be money.

>By reducing the amount of humans.
he's not wrong. this is a way to reduce humanity's burden on the environment. it's just not going to happen. also everyone assumes that reducing population == genocide for some stupid fucking reason.
it's a shame that people as a group are no smarter than a parasite that sickens its host or a cancer that stresses everything until the breaking point. a lot of preventable suffering lies ahead of humanity in the 21st and 22nd centuries.
mass murder
No, but you can save your immediate environment

File: 1645751958833.jpg (38 KB, 600x584)
38 KB
any civil engineers here? what is your preferred drainage analysis method?
Open channel flow? Use the rational method.
is civil engineering a good field to go into, are you paid well?
Depends. Mostly no
Yes i work for UN and i fuck big tiddie africans every week

File: LnjhRh0epKFK.jpg (268 KB, 1113x2244)
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268 KB JPG
Why are scientist so disloyal and willing to do anything for money?
Total lack of conscience or are they just exceptionally selfish, shortsighted and greedy? How much money would it take to get the average scientist to tongue my anus?
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Meds. Now.
>it's about the desire to do what they studied hard for and want to do.
so they're loyal to the establishment. the same way the police officer is. never trust a man that is loyal to the establishment.
Well, you can always send there another one, if you know what I mean.
lack of conscience, arrested phycological development
conscience is something that is supposed to develop in normal humans at about age 7 or so. brain damaged people often fail to complete this phase of intellectual maturation.
there is a big difference between asking yourself the question "is this wrong, should i not do this?" and "will i get caught?"
File: but why.jpg (83 KB, 486x486)
83 KB
redpill: they're autists who only care about their big interest
thats why boston dynamics guys are making skynet; they dont care about the consequences, they just want to make robots

She argues particle phisicists are testing hypothesis not because they solve problems, but to explain statistical anomalies, which is useless. She also claims the field became a race to test new particles that arent found at the end. What do you think?
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>Meanwhile the world waits for some absolute genius to present an entirely new model of subatomic physics to make sense of the current mess.
The problem isn't that people can't figure it out. The problem is that TPTB won't accept the solution.
another fuckwit
total fuckwit
more fuckwittery
fuckwit with mommy issues
fuckwit's twin brother

It would be great if all you fuckwits would just fuck up and let the adults talk.
is this the woman who claims it's not unfair for troons to participate in women's sports because sports aren't fair to begin with?
File: 1659674781825389.jpg (153 KB, 678x878)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
>listening to anything this person has to say outside of published papers
In fairness - standard approach to refining models is to start with simplest explanations first and work your way up from there.

"Maybe there's mass we're not detecting" is simpler then "Maybe we need to completely rebuild our understanding of gravity from the ground up in a way which is simultaneously consistent with the correct predictions made in Newtonian and Einsteinian gravitation, but also matches all of the exceptions we currently attribute to dark matter".

They've been steadily working their way through the list of viable dark matter candidates - massive compact objects have been more or less ruled out at this point, interstellar/intergalactic dust is unlikely and isn't supported by observation, weakly interacting particles are kind of on their last leg, and if they're ruled out than that really only leaves strongly interacting particles. If nothing is found then you'll see more serious discussion about going back to the drawing board.

File: BingWallpaper (2).jpg (509 KB, 1920x1200)
509 KB
509 KB JPG
If the universe is expanding, does that mean it will eventually start to contract?
it doesn't necessarily mean that
>"beautiful pic"
>scroll down
>"Microsoft Bing"
>"fuck it"
everything breathes





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its over
You can't do that near the sand ants and ocelots.
post yfw space x launches a dozen missions in the time it takes nasa to get from the launch pad to the moon
this is what happens when amerimutts don't have nazis in their space program
SLS belongs to a museum, maybe is time to develop a real current year launch system.

Psychedelics conclusively prove that reality is made of consciousness.

If you disagree, please do 10 strong doses of N,N-DMT.
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No anon, it's the opposite. There *is* an actual reality, but the reality you are experiencing is the one your brain is interpreting from the signals its externally getting and internally generating. In essence you're not really interfacing with *actual* reality, but one that your brain generates. (https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=controlled+hallucination)

Anything you feel and can be aware of, even the fact that a reality *exists*, is a signal your brain produces.

I realized this when I realized I didn't have depth perception, while others do. So there are these two different images the eyes send to the brain, and it computes a 'feeling' of depth. All you feel are things your brain generates. That's why *your* reality only exists in your brain.

Think about it this way too. There are things that exist in reality (like microwaves and all that other stuff) we can't see, yet we walk around in. So we're just seeing a subsection of reality as it actually is. Some shrimps can see like a billion different colors or something, which we can't.

Once I realized this, I opened my mind to the ability to make myself feel what I want to, given that my mind employs brain regions to begin with. All I have to do is trick or guide my mind into triggering the different regions I want it to. It's like eating food or smoking weed, but on an introverted internal level.

Something sometihng this is why some people can turn off feeling cold and sit in a tub of icewater etc.
Bro, I just realized that wha t>>14876432 said with
>It follows, in short, that all we ever perceive is the intrinsic products of our brain.
is literally the conclusion I came to all by myself.
I just realized something.

The moment he gets pushed out of his body for the first time, and isn't 'in' his body anymore, *where* is his consciousness coming from?

Like, what is the thing that is experiencing? Once he goes on his journey to become the great one at that monastery, I forget the name, what is the thing that he expands? The experience of him expanding his mind through studying the mystic arts has to be observed by *something*. Where or what is that?
This anon gets it.
Wow, you've just debunked the entire field of philosophy. How does it feel being the worlds most intelligent person? You should publish.

FoA apologize if I have put the question in the wrong board.

Long thing short, I'm just graduated, but throughout all the years I have heard of tons of terrible stories. Some elites in competitive coding has gone Google, eventually turned out they are being wasted(?). Some so-called architects are using outdated frameworks, all they need to do is to maintain such things. I wish that I can find value within the job I have, but this isn't the mass talking about. They're just wishing for big factories without even knowing what it means, but I prefer to take a more realistic way in that I can know what is good and what is bad.

Though it could be true that I'm not doing enough research/making good social, I still wish to have a try asking here.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.

When I mean value, I don't mean money. I know how you think, but I'll just to say I'm completely not in that kind of mindset. It should be good enough to make money in big companies btw.

The last time I asked question here, there were engineers giving me constructive suggestions. I forgot to say thanks to them btw, b4 that post is closed.
Keep your day job to survive..
Then start a private project for your passion. perhaps one day you can found a startup around it and be the change you want to see.

>Some elites in competitive coding has gone Google
I imagine that's still the best way to figure it out, though. Find where people who are really good at competitive coding end up finding work. They can't all be bugmen - some of them must feel like their high skill should get them something more interesting that working at Google. Maybe focus the non-autistic, white American born ones who have ambition beyond their special interest and don't have Asian parents or visa issues forcing them to settle?
For me I got a shitty mundane job and told my boss I had an interest in programming. He said "oh wow my brother works in silicon valley" and I eventually got in touch with his brother.

The rest is history.

the guy who came in first or the guy who came in second?
who is correct?
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>highly valued skill
Churning out solutions to repetitive problems a thousand times in a le heckin time constrained maybe valued in a wagie environment where all you do is meaningless work with excel sheets, but it doesn't matter in Academia or anywhere where you solve original problems. Also, the only reason competitive exams have short time span is because writing high quality questions requires skilled people, something which whatever institution that manages that exam lacks.
why do you waste so much of your time on prerecorded amusements? got nothing better to do? must be a total loser if you spend hours veer day drooling mesmerized by a screen, nobody has any use for you, go zombify yourself in front of a screen, put yourself in intellectual suspended animation
>why do you waste so much of your time on prerecorded amusements
I don't anymore. Now I only study math.
For what purpose? Studying math is not a valid past time, nobody actually does it unless there's something in it for them unlike watching TV or playing video games which people legit enjoy.
Because I enjoy it.

File: 1663710289500723.jpg (162 KB, 1024x1024)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
>look up famous physicist/mathematician
>check their wikipedia pages
>early life section
I dont want to learn math or physics anymore
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File: fish2.webm (2.94 MB, 608x1080)
2.94 MB
2.94 MB WEBM
A lot of influential Dutch, English, Russian, and French goy mathematicians. A lot of the jews were either Hungarian Jews or Polish Jews. The Germans were a mixed bag - lots of Jews and Gentiles.
close the door on your way out
I'm Jewish and my childhood was fairly uneventful other than the blood rituals involving the sacrifice of goyim children to keep my horns from growing large enough to see over my curly hair. The blood tastes tastes great with matzah btw, but we don't bake it in we just use it as dipping sauce.
File: mmmm.jpg (19 KB, 428x368)
19 KB
You know, if you fucking losers spent as much time on literally ANYTHING else in your life as much as you spend obsessing about trannies you'd probably all be confident and successful men in your day to day
both are largely true to be honest
without direct Abrahamic blood why even bother?
Even most common jews aren't Abrahamic.
I've honestly taken the goy pill, but only Abrahami can be my master. I don't bow for lesser jews.
>Nobody ever explains how exactly Jews can cheat in math and physics
They don't cheat, it's just pointless to compete if you're a goy

File: DavidSinclair.jpg (443 KB, 2340x1080)
443 KB
443 KB JPG
> high protein ages you faster
>meat consumption ages you faster
>eating many times a day ages you faster
Is plant based diet is the way to live longer and healthier?

2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
It's basically correct, and that's what most modern nutrition seems to suggest, but get ready for /pol/tards and /fit/bros to spam this thread with nonsense broscience about keto and "soi bois" and high protein diets.
>to live longer and healthier?
Live? As in a beating heart? Likely, we're a comically impossible complex chemical reaction trending towards entropy, body has to increase APM to digest eschewing entropy.

But life as in not confined to a dialysis machine with a clear mind body and spirit? Full keto and red meat

Also I personally lost 40 lbs giving keto a shot after my grandfather lost like 100 on it

I recommend it to anyone who doesn't have their family tree on gruel from farmed grain but that of in the manner of the tent peoples
you see bodybuilders live to 100? no you see skinny monks live to 100 yes.... but why would you want to live to 100. Warren buffet still eats Mcdonalds in his 90s not a regular occurrence every once in a while.
you live until your body dies out eventually you just turn into nonfunctioning smoodge with too many deletrious nonfunctional mutations. Eventually everyone dies and that will stay true forever. 2070 hits half or most of this board will be dead or in a nursing home rotting from some new covid or being euthanized simply cause they had no offspring and chose to be hedonistic lonely fucks.
isnt this guy like 75?

File: 1664161327791118.jpg (124 KB, 728x546)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
should i get a masters degree? Will it help me get into a phd given a mediocre undergrad?
File: phd.jpg (711 KB, 2048x2048)
711 KB
711 KB JPG
you should stay in school like a baby for as long as you possibly can. daddy will pay for it
Krugman is right. Both are richer, both were entertained. Both believed seeing the other eat shit was worth the expense.
You can spend money on self destruction like doing drugs and it doesn't mean jt isn't GDP
That's the point retard. GDP is meaningless. On the other hand, if a woman raises kids instead of doing le heckin wage job, GDP will decrease, despite the fact it is a variable meant to measure productivity.

File: Lisa-Interwebs.png (321 KB, 720x528)
321 KB
321 KB PNG
The True Purpose of NASA's DART Mission

Rather than measuring the effectiveness of kinetic energy impactors for NEO anti-collision purposes, the DART mission is a multi-fold scientific mission ultimately intended to improve the efficiency of existing neutrino detection systems and answer a few unanswered questions concerning physics generally. The results will inform future advanced physics research in a number of areas. As for improving our ability to deflect NEOs, DART, strictly speaking, does nothing of the sort. As will be explained later, DART is actually intended to improve upon existing systems for estimating the effect that celestial bodies interacting with NEOs exert as they pass through gravitational keyholes by mapping the differences between the gravitational field gradients of bodies of varying density e.g. the difference between the field gradients of gaseous planets, rocky planets, or metallic planets or objects. More details on this aspect are to be delineated in the successive paragraphs. There are also a few secondary objectives associated with the mission worth mentioning.

The current Standard Model of Physics assumes that gravity is directly triggered by mass. After all, gravity is, at minimum, indirectly linked to mass with great consistency i.e. the more mass something has, the more gravity is associated with it and the more it seems to weigh. If there is an exception to this rule, it hasn't been identified yet.

A competing theory is that gravity is fundamentally electrical and that gravity is only indirectly linked to mass. The more protons something has, the more mass it tends to have, true, but what if it's actually the positive electrical charge of the protons that prompts the influx of neutrinos associated with gravity and not the mass of protons and neutrons collectively? Nowhere in nature are neutrons found in isolation, so how could this idea be tested?
NASA's plan was to use a probe in advance of a series of other vehicles. The first probe, allegedly a guidance beacon, is in actuality a device for bestowing upon the smaller of the two asteroids a strongly negative charge (extra electrons) and utilizing induction to pull electrons away from the larger asteroid, bestowing it, in turn, with a positive electrical charge.

Impactors would then be used to measure the exact mass of each asteroid. Since the surface of the asteroids will have already been mapped by the ionization vehicle, the density of each can be extrapolated by the use of a controlled pair of impacts. Prior to this happening, a third vehicle was passed between the two asteroids as closely as possible to the exact center. A fourth was passed on to the side of both asteroids nearer to the positively charged, larger asteroid, and the fifth vehicle on the side closer to the smaller asteroid.

The impact with the small asteroid is merely the final step in gathering the necessary data to make sense of the positive/negative body gravitational data. Once the mass and density of each of the asteroids can be precisely measured (accomlished by striking each object separately with impactors of known mass and velocity,) the data from the flight of the three "darts" may be put to use to test the veracity of the electrical theory of gravitation as well as map the varying gravitational gradients associated with celestial objects of varying density. Although electrons have little mass, continually pumping electrons into a metallic body in space, if the traditional mass-based theory of gravity holds true, should cause the gravity of the smaller asteroid to increase. If the electrical theory of gravity is true, the additional electrons will actually slightly reduce the overall pull of the body.
This secondary objective was not the only other purpose of the mission, however. Frequently, for a NASA mission to be financially justified, there must be a military application. The aspect that promises to deliver a strategic benefit is the measurement of the effects of one neutrino field on another, weaker field. This is an issue that underground neutrino detectors must contend with as the relatively powerful gravitational field of the Earth tends to distort and corrupt the spin properties of weak neutrino signals emanating from 2M above the surface of the Earth; signals critical to our over-the-horizon capability. One potential such benefit of this mission is to measure the nature and degree of neutrino-neutrino interactions, boosting the sensitivity of the device at Queen.

The primary mission objective, however, is to measure the difference between the gradient of a gravitational field associated with a small but dense object as opposed to the field around a large but less dense object e.g. the expected gravitational differences between metallic, rocky, and gaseous planets. We can estimate the overall gravitational pull of planets after many years of observations, but we currently lack data regarding differences of gradient related to body composition to facilitate the more effective placing of outgoing probes within gravitational keyholes as well as the improved estimation of the relationship between NEOs and gravitational keyholes formed by the various planets of our solar system, given their diverse compositions and thus diverse gravitational gradients. With luck, DART will at minimum answer the gradient question; an achievement that should soon facilitate a timelier and more reliable probabilistic risk assessment process for NEOs.

The Future Is Made in America
How a Secret Service Anti-Counterfeiting Feature Can Be Used to Help Muggers to Target Victims Carrying Large Quantities of Cash

The metallic strips found in U.S. currency since 1998, long the fodder of conspiracy theories, may actually be doing harm in ways never even hinted at by either by the USSS
or the Treasury at any point since their initial introduction.

The strips, which contain information uniquely identifying each bill, are, of course, encoded with an encrypted version of the bill's serial number used for comparison with the printed serial number, which is read optically. Although a counterfeiter may be able to create a very convincing-looking $20 bill, without knowing which encrypted serial corresponds to which plaintext serial, counterfeit currency can be quickly and reliably identified by USSS equipment that cross-references the magnetic and optically-read data looking for mismatches.

The strips, however, have a secondary application. Because they are composed of thin, metallic filaments, bombarding large numbers of bills (10 or more) with radio frequency can result in the filaments emitting detectable ultrasonic noise associated with magnetostriction; the same physical effect that makes anti-theft tags in department stores possible.

The intention was to use this effect to identify both authentic and counterfeit currency (even a phony metallic strip is still likely metallic and therefore will generate the ultrasonic noise, as well) being transported by drug traffickers and the mafia, for example, by probing strucutres with RF from USSS mobile units and listening for the sound generated. This tactic has been used hundreds of times in the past twenty years to generate leads for both anti-counterfeiting and anti-narcotic and organized crime-related operations.
Robbery/Mugging is a high-risk, low-reward enterprise. If you're a mugger, you have no way to know whether your victim is carrying a meaningful amount of currency. In this day and age, fewer and fewer people are carrying cash. Individuals whom distrust banks and criminals are the primary potential victims of mugging where large sums are involved. Mugging would be a much more attractive enterprise if a mugger could know for certain that an individual is carrying a large sum of cash prior to risking a confrontation.

Thanks to the very technology meant to prevent counterfeiting, criminals may use the same, cheaply available hardware used by the Secret Service to trigger ultrasonic "chirps" and detect them to single out pedestrians and even homeowners holding substantial cash. What was supposed to prevent the debasing of our currency (the government is already doing that to itself) is now a great way to identify individuals that would be prime targets for mugging.

The Future Is Made in America

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