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File: 35636587.jpg (88 KB, 800x1200)
88 KB
Thinking of doing a PhD in Electrical Engineering.
Any advice from other people who have done engineering related PhDs, or even more broadly, science related PhDs?
I'm thinking of doing a PhD around human robotics. If you have any experience in that field that would be great.
Otherwise, just generally, how did your PhD go? Would you do it again? Anything you would do different? What did you do afterwards?
>Thinking of doing a PhD in Electrical Engineering.
Pretty much useless anecdote: I know someone who did postgrad electrical engineering and was bored out of his mind because one of the program professors had a hard-on for power-supply shit. Another person I know looked into postgrad electrical engineering and saw it as offering diminishing returns over an undergrad degree in electrical engineering.
OTOH, the three or four people I know who've done postgrad computer engineering at different universities in Australia found it exciting.
That's interesting. I suppose I'll give some more information. I'm also in Australia.
The professor who will be supervising me studied in the Imperial College London and seems relatively well connected. While he said the opportunities for PhD students in Australia aren't great there's always the possibility of going overseas or creating a start up. In the case of a startup, he said that one of the goals of the PhD would to end up with startup at the end of it. I'd also be his only PhD so I'd pretty much have his full attention. This all sounds awesome but I still don't know what to expect.
>Thinking of doing a PhD in Electrical Engineering.
Do a PhD for the journey it takes you along but never do it for the money. Also, it is a big advantage that your supervisor has a large network. Doing the postdoc rounds is a lot about gaining network too, not just more publications.
>Any advice from other people who have done engineering related PhDs, or even more broadly, science related PhDs?
I did a PhD in Physics. My field imploded but I got a job in industry. The skills are more transferable than you may think but the problem is that employers don't always think so.
>I'm thinking of doing a PhD around human robotics. If you have any experience in that field that would be great.
Sorry, too far outside my field for me.
>Otherwise, just generally, how did your PhD go?
I got the PhD and did a few rounds of postdoc fellowships.
>Would you do it again?
hard to tell, things really came together for me to chose this way.
>Anything you would do different? What did you do afterwards?
Many years later I wrote the /scg/ FAQ. Pop over to >>>/sci/scg for more inputs.
sorry for derailing but I'm starting EE soon and would appreciate it if you could answer the same questions about your degree that you asked about about other people's PhD's
>just generally, how did your degree go? Would you do it again? Anything you would do different? What did you do afterwards?

File: magnetrn.jpg (114 KB, 1600x1063)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
Can I use a microwave oven magnetron as a WiFi signal disruptor? I've already wired mine and I'm thinking of mounting it in a satellite dish and annoy people with it. Technically it emits on the same frequency as most routers (my raspberry pi runs on 2.4 GHz, same frequency) but with a lot more power, so by aiming it at a device I would rekt its connection
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The frequency is defined by the physical dimensions of the cavity and the speed of light. You'll need to change at least one to change its frequency.
>I'm using 5 GHz so no
2.4 GHz is just the fundamental frequency of the magnetron's output and although most of the power is emitted around 2.4G there's plenty left for higher harmonics that can still ruin your 5G Wi-Fi connection if close enough.
It doesn't match, considering that most WiFi in the 5 GHz band actually use 5.8 GHz. But point taken considering it's original use was to emit radiation inside a resonant cavity. Protection in those environments is not as much an issue
>-Microwaves won't cook your skin unless you're a retard.
Yes, that's because dielectric loss is highest in deeper tissues. So you heat from within and by the time you can feel any heat on your peripheral receptors, you probably already have major internal burns.
>working over wi-fi
>using wi-fi
You deserve to get rekt. Get an ethernet cable, bud.
just use any spark gap based thing, it disrupts elmag waves in most bands

File: mlhead.jpg (211 KB, 1621x1000)
211 KB
211 KB JPG
Why haven't you started learning machine learning, anon?


These three resources will get you 90% of the way there, but the topic is very broad.

I suggest learning by picking an application (such as NLP) and running a project from start to finish without using pre-collected datasets or libraries. Try to do it from scratch if you can. (nnfs.io) has a great book for creating neural networks from scratch.

Any other tips from the field are highly appreciated.

Welcome to the journey, enjoy the ride.
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Excellent resource anon. Thanks a lot! This has lectures by Kevin Murphy btw
There s already a thread up fag
I was screwing around just now and I made an AE with a deep encoder, then trained it on 5k examples from mnist but with only certain subsets of parameters in each layer in the encoder allowed to be trained. I found the net converges as long as the subnetwork which is allowed to train has the capacity to converge on its own. But the really weird thing is that if I take the now-trained network and choose a different subnetwork and exclusively retrain on that, it doesn't improve the output. This is just finding what amount to a resilient local minima. Hopefully with some thought I can understand the mechanism here a little better
anime machine learning
thats waifu2x

File: images (16).jpg (36 KB, 480x480)
36 KB
When is attention a productive effort or activity?

File: post-3-12689026889950.jpg (37 KB, 550x436)
37 KB
say we knew aliens would try to invade us in 50 years or some shit and we had to prepare the single most destructive weapon that has ever been unleashed on this planet
what could be created assuming all of humanity's resources were put into creating it?
are nukes the best we've got?
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I don't know, more powerful and no lasting radiation maybe?

Another suggestion is to go the War of the Worlds route and kill them with a virus. Something harmless to vast majority of humans, but deadly to those with no immunity. We would have to find a way of getting the virus to them though.
>The paramount advantage of such a theoretical weapon is that antimatter and matter collisions result in the entire sum of their mass energy equivalent being released as energy, which is at least two orders of magnitude greater than the energy release of the most efficient fusion weapons (100% vs 0.4-1%).
In reality it's completely impractical though.
I'd rather have the US nuclear arsenal than the antimatter equivalent of one small nuke.
File: demonbane.jpg (353 KB, 1100x1270)
353 KB
353 KB JPG
We need to construct demonbane
"we"? you mean the US? interesting.
File: MAN.jpg (12 KB, 480x360)
12 KB
>most powerful theoretical weapon

File: eel-pic-1000x1013-238781b.png (556 KB, 1000x1013)
556 KB
556 KB PNG
How do I breed eels? I heard they're quite expensive in nipland so maybe I could make a cash from it.
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>How do I breed eels?

Not really bread, as much as manufactured. There are several ways to go about it.

If you keep trimming the extremities of tadpoles they dont turn into frogs, instead end up as large tadpoles.

You can also catch young fish and keep them in water filled PVC pipe of an appropriate length with capped ends and a port to introduce feed, as it grows it will assume the shape of the pipe.

The quickest is the snake transformation. Just get a snake of a convincing sized. Smooth its' scaly outside with sandpaper. From 200->4000 grit, followed by a fine abrasive polish adapted for animal use and finish with thick quality wax.

Hope this helps
>I heard they're quite expensive in nipland
Low end restaurants and conveyor-belt sushi restaurants use imported Chinese aquaculture eels and there's no competing with that cost-wise.
I'll try the tube first
Would any fish work? All i have is a goldfish and I don't think it will grow much.
You can't. They he a complex lifecycle. Like sharks they swimm off to somewhere secret in the ocean to breed.
yeah nobody observed them breed

File: E66rC10XoAMqR3a.png (33 KB, 791x364)
33 KB
What is the scientific explanation for this trend?
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We started actually interacting with each other
Trayvon. It's an eye opener. Americans were ok with some niggers doing nigger things. But Trayvon became a movement proving that 99.9% of blacks are niggers beyond reasoning.
Decisive media jumping on every ounce of Racially charged news coverage, making us more polarized and more categorically against each other. The ball started rolling with Obama , inviting the BLM president to the Whitehouse, ostracizing the "out group" creating that us versus them group dynamic. Racial tensions are at a all time high , nearly 1960s level - it is creating more radical people on each side. The national media in search for the next "headline" story pushes this rhetoric that will destroy us all.
propaganda takes time
File: 1620078184569.jpg (30 KB, 687x309)
30 KB

File: cover4.jpg (282 KB, 1600x900)
282 KB
282 KB JPG
Is there any truth to the idea that the dumb people of society and the smartest people have similar beliefs or ideas, in contrast to average people's? I personally think it seems proposterous
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you dont know anything about what feynman did
midwits are the least contrarian and courageous of the three groups, they reach a level of truth that is socially acceptable and validated within their peer group, that they are comfortable with and don't explore it any further. High IQ can explore "dangerous" ideas because socially people respect them due to their proven intelligence. low IQ/red necks are automatically labeled as dumb, racist, etc so have nothing to loose by voicing their opinions.
How do I get a top heavy forehead like that anons?
yes to a reduced extent
Stopped reading

File: blue enzyme.png (46 KB, 236x236)
46 KB
Get me out of uni. I'm a senior engineering student, been grade levels ahead since I entered, summa GPA, three years laboratory experience, the whole bit. Since freshman year my plan was to get a PhD but after watching, for example, how the Harvard nanotechnology was chaired by a spy from CCP, I can't stand the idea. I know what I want to study, and I know where I can find it (MITOCW etc.). When I ask professors questions about physics, biology etc. from my own curiosity they don't know the answer and need me to explain the question. Why spend 6 years with these lying clowns who produce non-reproducible research when I can write my own thesis in theoretical biophysics while making bank as an engineer in the private sector?
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No we don't. We need the whole rotten structure to fall apart. CCP spies aren't even the biggest problem.
Then be in a position of power so you can distrupt the system fag. You guys LARPing in the countryside with "muh guns" that you are never gonna use are just as bad as the people destroying Western civilization.

Inaction is simply another form of degeneracy.
>Then be in a position of power so you can distrupt the system fag.
You can also do it from the outside. People such as Clare Francis do.

Check the "talk" page on Wikipedia, people are trying to shut this down.
>There have been repeated attempts to delete the Retraction Watch reference due to its being a "self-published blog".
>I can write my own thesis in theoretical biophysics while making bank as an engineer
No, you can't, and you won't.
What's this animation? Source?

File: Seventh (7th) Core.jpg (201 KB, 1206x724)
201 KB
201 KB JPG
Redpill on Refraction Seismic
File: Mishkan of G-D.gif (243 KB, 1060x1048)
243 KB
243 KB GIF
Forgot about that. ROTF, thanks.

File: 6574.jpg (218 KB, 766x1024)
218 KB
218 KB JPG
I was hired as a data analyst by a company and now after three weeks I have solved all their problems by creating a few fairly simple dynamic tables on excel.
How do I keep pretending that they still need me so I don't lose my fucking job?
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make sure you engineer things so that they fuck up just enough for you to have tenure but not so people think your solution sucks. then you have to make sure its so obfuscated only you could possibly maintain it in the first place
Use that free time to find other problems at the company and work on those.
>until someone comes to me with a problem that takes me 10 minutes to solve?
Draw it out a little more.
And get mobbed by some subhuman if you live in the third world.
The way I handled this was by dedicating to using that time to research and study related material that I may not have the discipline to acquire outside of the work environment, and which had some potential value to my job in the future.

starship payload mass ratio

How is spacex going to have 100 people in the starship payload stage when the whole rocket is only 2 stages. The command module and lm on apollo were pretty fucking small, and were on the 3rd stage. the return was the size of a car, how can he re-enter the entire second stage with 100 people on it

it does not seem like it could make orbit due to it's crazy mass fraction
50 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
>the raw thrust from the rest of the engines was still sufficient to push the payload into LEO at target orbit.
AKA engine-out capability
Anon, I. . .
If you want to make an omelette you’re going to need to crack a few eggs
Space doesn't exist.
i've been looking for this pic in high res

File: Somer_Francis_Bacon.jpg (2.06 MB, 1629x2000)
2.06 MB
2.06 MB JPG
Could you please describe what 'science' is and what its intended goals are?
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File: you.gif (133 KB, 640x468)
133 KB
133 KB GIF
Science is every statement justified inductively. The problem of induction demonstrates that science is fallacious, and that you can't justify a statement being true with induction. I believe that since science happens to give us predictions that come true most of the time, we just keep believing in it.
The scientific process is the order of events
scientists go through when they investigate any
phenomena. First, they inquire. Then, they
gather relevant knowledge and data on it to
make a hypothesis of what happens. Then,
some tests. Finally, results in the positive or
negative of the hypothesis and relaying them.

Depending on the subject, or phenomena,
the actual structure of this process can vary. Scientists should be able to alter the structure
of how they can best investigate things in line
with the process, which means that the
process can be improved on and questioned
like the structure of their investigation of the

So, we have the scientific process which has
remained mostly the same since its founding

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>category of knowledge that pertains to the physical world
Nothing funny about the truth

I'm 5'4" with size 15 feet and people have always made fun of me for my shoe size but recently I've been noticing more and more shoe stores are sticking it and the other day I actually met another guy below 6' with size 15s as well. I guess I'm just wondering is this becoming more common and why?
24 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Hmm...I was reading something though about how size 14 used to be an absolute giant's size 50 years ago and now it's much more likely shoe stores stock it because shoe sizes are getting gradually bigger
File: 1626751612984.jpg (105 KB, 562x973)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
god gets his jollies in subtle ways anon
Jesus what happened to you? Are you my archnemesis?
File: 1626767682604.jpg (280 KB, 1080x855)
280 KB
280 KB JPG
6'1" man with size 2 feet, was a thread from a couple of days ago
Hahahaha that's one of the stupidest things I've ever heard

File: DOx.png (17 KB, 400x457)
17 KB
I was an absolute retard and now a twitter thread about me and my less than socially acceptable political views comes up when you google my name and school

This happened a few months ago and I've started dating a girl and started a new job with no problems since it happened. The only person I know who has seen it was a coworker who was trying to find my social media, but when he brought it up to me I was able to convince him it wasn't true immediately because I'm a pretty well-liked and normal person irl

Although there has been no effect on my life because of it yet, I'm extremely worried about getting accepted into a PhD program like I've planned. I have a 3.9 GPA in a STEM major so I'm pretty sure I would be able to normally, but now I'm freaking out about my life maybe being over

Honestly just looking for reassurance that I can still get a PhD... or tell me that I need to change my name, get facial reconstructive surgery, and move to South America. Pls don't just tell me how retarded I am (I'm well aware)
59 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
kill you are self
Not under my own name, but they were able to find my real identity with the little information I let out. I'm kind of impressed actually
I googled Scott Morrison on both .com and .com.au and didn't see any annotations
You are done for chud, now get your ass back to your redneck chudhole. Do meth and die off just like all white trash in midwest do.

Nothing of value will be lost if more vermins like you get eradicated from the face of earth.
>Not under my own name
just deny, also you should flood the results with spam. use the pseudonym for a variety of typically high priority search results like steam accounts and the like, then make those the top results. your cowoker is a stalker though; if he accosted you about it, he will try to get you fired, but if he just subtly brought it up, he likely agrees with you. time to reverse talk and figure out his beliefs

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