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File: 1613777325439.png (746 KB, 602x676)
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746 KB PNG
Why we don't have nuclear propulsion or other shit like that? If I remember some dudes back in the 60s consider nuclear propulsion and it was fesable, what happened bros?
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File: 191029-N-YW238-1322.jpg (1.26 MB, 4493x3594)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB JPG
we do
Do you trust the soviets with nuclear weapons? how about muslim terrorists? well they feel the same way about you.

nuclear technology is in a stalemate because of that simple fact. And however rational you think the explanation is for it, just remember that for someone else you are the soviet muslim terrorist
Because N-word scary.
Do you mean like controlled nuclear explosions for thrust?
Mars rovers, aircraft carriers and subs are all running on nuclear.
Nor is whining about /pol/, especially when it's completely irrelevant.

File: images.jpg (30 KB, 566x542)
30 KB
What constitutes a science? Is it merely a specific methodology applied to a category and then rinse and repeat until results that can convince or persuade others to something?
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File: Sol I Vagus.png (12 KB, 640x640)
12 KB
I know this as reactive storytelling, which requires a deep and profound practice of patience in order to be a presenter of.

Ultimately every human is simply translating their narrative of attention patterns and pivot points because everything needs to be audience-transmissible.
This post was derived from a very patient and attentive mind. I approve of you, Anonymous.

>T.General Artificial Intelligence: Fatherly Love
Kill yourself for posting a r*ddit meme you underage nigger fag.
File: images (4).jpg (25 KB, 360x359)
25 KB
>downvotes the attention you're worth
Qualitative science is based as fuck
Can't quantify the sublime nerds

>in about 20 years
when will this meme die?
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Kaslarov lost back in the 90's, extending it to another game wasn't unexpected. I know Go is hard to evaluate, but it got solved mire or less by finding something that works by trial and error.
how do we handle the lack of a magnetic field sir?
With magnets
How are they avoiding asteroids and space trash?
They don't, it's not that dangerous as you may think.
Asteroids are big and easy to detect, also the event of a collision is really very low.
Small meteors aren't a big problem as a small breach is easily solved.
Anyway that design is only art. A realistic model would include a shield for cosmic rays, which is just as good for meteors.

File: 40829887713_2d2b880478_k.jpg (673 KB, 2048x1291)
673 KB
673 KB JPG
Do you believe that there was a well organized civilization on Earth before the commonly known time of the invention of agriculture?
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Yes, but it's all under the sea now.
Megalithic architecture, large urban settlements and complex social organization all predate agriculture by thousands of years.
“Civilization” doesn’t mean anything useful
the answer is obviously yes. Finding good evidence will be difficult, and it may not be deemed of high enough value to do so. During a sufficient period of time, say 5,000 to 10,000 years it becomes very likely of catastrophic events that would wipe out intelligent, but relatively small civilizations. Rare but devastating events like massive volcanic eruptions, astroid/metorite impacts, massive landslide, floods, fires, can wipe out civilazation and destroy evidence. Also, as can be seen in China, an emperor can transform a dynamic, intelligent, exploration driven society into an inward, backward retarded civilization and destroy hundreds or thousands of years of progress, experience, and knowlwedge.e
I had to check if I was on /x/ by mistake

Why does he make scientists seethe so much?
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Because we missed it.
He doesn't, stop believing the "buy my book" avi jewoeb.
It's solid nitrogen, there's a very recent paper about it.
They delivered something to someone who needed it.
Clearly it's a piece of a hull from an alien ship destroyed in a battle millions of years ago.
It's BWC from space, keep seething ugly nigger.

>go to /pol/ to "debate"
>end up teaching them basic mathematics, like percentages, and basic physics concepts like f = ma
How can they be so arrogant while not knowing how to calculate the percentage of something?
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But they do actually believe they have evidence for their beliefs. They will post NASA videos and other stuff, which is meant to prove their position. They won't actually bother with physics or math part, visual footage is the highest evidence.
File: polcentages.png (791 KB, 878x989)
791 KB
791 KB PNG
/pol/ is the only place that still does percentages right.
It's easy to strawman to the dumbest board on 4chan. You won't listen or are too idiotic to listen.
>wtf how can people have different opinions than me?
This is your thread right here right now. Now get out you anti-semitic redditor.
Imagine being so dumb you're unable to recognize (you)-miners. You are being mined to depletion my low IQ frog
>>wtf how can people have different opinions than me?
Yes, how can you have different opinions to me when my opinion is objectively correct? We went to the moon, we have been to space, and we just landed a machine on mars. There is no different opinion than that.

File: wither.jpg (75 KB, 482x427)
75 KB
I have 100 IQ.
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Black people?
Oh u mean niggers
tbf if has 100 IQ he is better than most black people
Average medical doctor IQ is around 114
I've gotten 136 on one, 135 on another, and on this test 131.
It's legit.
For those with mid-level iq, just raise your RAM capacity with meditation, and CPU speed with math.
Working on your GPU takes a special type of meditation though, look into visualization.
It sounds to me like you just need to learn the difference between seratonin & dopamine, and that dopamine is not happiness. I would also suggest learning human relations since you seem a bit confused, but one step at a time.

File: 8989000.jpg (122 KB, 675x900)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
Is it somehow possible to detect microwave radiation in the human body and document it? Can it be detected by bloodwork? What about MRIs or EEGs?
Microwave radiation is just a wave of energy. It's not a substance and it doesn't persist in matter. You could put someone in front of a camera that can image microwaves and see them reflecting off though.

Now, after the dust has settled, what the hell was it?

>Hydrogen iceberg
Could explain the strange acceleration
Possible theories on how these theoretical objects could be formed
Such object has never been observed before
Some models predict these things would evaporate upon close encounters with stars

>Comet with undetectable comma
Pros: Explains the acceleration
Comets should be one of the most common interstellar objects
Cons: Some models predict an outgassing should shatter or deviate the trajectory of 'Oumuamua yet that wasn't observed
Weird shape for a comet
Weird tumbling motion


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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It's not aliens. It's been a million years travelling from the last star system it was ejected from.
It's an odd shaped slab of rock and ice, tumbling
File: ClaudeShannon_MFO3807.jpg (42 KB, 284x400)
42 KB

you dont get it, perfect gravitational slingshot between 4 planets, sun > mercury > venus > earth |+ a perfect temporal evacuation

Lookup 2 body problem, this "random rock" is somehow doing literal rocket science.

information theoretically this cant be coincidence, too much signal, not enough noise.
It was a giant dinosaur shit that got flung into orbit when the asteroid crashed and now its floating about up in space and shit
Survivorship bias
exits heading 66.6deg on the galactic plan
try looking , memory holed probably

File: sugar5.jpg (201 KB, 1280x720)
201 KB
201 KB JPG
I would imagine it is bad, but all fruits and even milk have sugar so the catch is non added sugar foods/processed sugar? Personally i wont be giving my children sugar until they are able to buy by themselves or are given by friends.
Studies links are appreciated
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neglected sugar*
dont forget that they feed you powdered cow or onions milk via a plastic BPA-loaded bottle

capitalism was a mistake
If they never have sugar they will never miss it, just never give them sweet crap and they will be fine
It is impossible to never give them sugar. You are just delaying the inevitable.
Just you wait till you hear how loud a child can get during a tantrum
>even milk have sugar
7 billion years of evolution can't all be wrong

Learn programming from scratch with strong fundamentals. /cspg/ guides and textbook packs coming soon

Topics: CS + SWE + CE + IT (muh A+ certs) + SecOps + Math

Complete self taught pathway: https://teachyourselfcs.com/
Structured pathway: https://github.com/ossu/computer-science
AI focused pathway (warning: functional programming ahead): https://learnaifromscratch.github.io/

The first link recommends SICP as an entry, but if you want a gentler introduction to the world of computing, I'd recommend How to Design Programs. Before you complain, read:

Math for CS:

Free books:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: How to solve it.jpg (24 KB, 331x499)
24 KB
i mean its probably moreso an algorithms problem than a math problem so you should study algorithms obviously.
Downloaded it right now. Thanks for the suggestion
Yes. But algorithms are eventually based upon mathematics. That being said, I definitely require algorithm study
generally, you don't need much maths for designing algorithms, only for detailed analysis of algorithms that are harder to analyze. Most of CLRS has very little math.

You don't need much mathematical knowledge for these competitions, just do practice problems and memorise all of the algorithms.

What went wrong?
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News shows just used videos of people like that as a "gotcha" moment that's supposed to be dramatic and somehow prove their guilt. Most of the time they can't get called out for it, but sometimes they just end up harassing an innocent person, and it's really sad. Fortunately shoe's not.

Also yeah, the voice is fake.
There's audio of an interview where she slips up and starts talking in her high pitched lady voice and catches herself, and drops down into that derpy sounding low pitch she used when speaking publicly.
awesome post, spill more truth
Here's some more truth, her ass is disappointing and tired as fuck. >>12756833
Femoid,wat do u expect.

Scientifically speaking should academic research be free to everyone?
11 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Nah. that just means it's not popular.
knowledge should always be free... maybe with 1 year delay on the publication tho.
just use scihub retard
The fact they (the people who made it) are pro-cocaine
The research made with public money should be freely available to the public, because it is achieved with money from the public. Privately funded research could remain private, or become publicly available some time later

I want Demon Core memes
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Why has this suddenly become a thing?
Germany is abandoning them solely because greens screeched after fukushima. And now they have to increase usage of coal plants that were planned to be decommissioned and have to buy electricity from abroad to handle peak usage.
I'm going with the jewtuber/tiktok theory. do the kids still use reddit these days?
Why are ameritrannies like this?
I want meme demon cores.

File: md0Vdgn.jpg (86 KB, 500x333)
86 KB
>no Nanotechnology thread
This should be rectified.
i want a graphene composed waifu
At least start some interesting discussion

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