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File: 1606580891533.jpg (101 KB, 396x385)
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How do i defeat anxiety sci? Im a neurotic mess.
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That sounds about right
Cognitive therapy via a therapist is far more effective than any medicine, although medicine can help to stabilize a person so therapy can work more effectively.
>.t radically changed my own life through therapy
Do not do this
Join weekly grounds that force you socialize in a limited way
Anxiety is just your fight-or-flight system kicking in. It is physical energy. To stop anxiety you need to expend that energy, and also try and stop doing anything that induces the fight-or-flight response.

Common anxiety inducing things for me include;
>competitive online video games
>getting angry at stupid people online
>looking at rekt or fight videos
>getting angry at politics
>stressing over work
Meditation. I say that but I know you won't because not one in a hundred has the discipline to get over the first hurdles.

But whatever you do, DON'T start in on psychiatric drugs. You will never get free.

File: Nietzsche.png (91 KB, 1671x314)
91 KB
This is from Thus Spoke Zarathustra.
I've also read a couple of Jung, Evola and many other "wise men", "saints", "leaders" etc.
Is not modern day Incelism is just late intellectualism?
These are all men who saw women inside out.
They all realized women are not men and they all struggled from caring for them(when in society) and destroying them(when alone) and this thinking has not changed. Those who don't think like this suffer from indefinite dilemma. Is this a 100% factual redpill?

The replication crisis is still btfo pseudoscience...
So why are these "sciences" still seen as legitimate?
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>the Bible, as well as other traditions, are far less unscientific than you'd think
"Science" isn't a vocab word that smart people use to mean correct. Science is the scientific method. The bible is by definition not science it's a collection of stories. Just because some cultures have myths that are useful descriptions of unidentified dangers doesn't mean that they have science. Telling stories of danger isn't profound it's just normal human behavior.
Because the alternative is worse. Let them figure this shit out. They can't just give up.
>"alarmingly successful replications"

Physicists. I mean, every time...
NOOOOO!!! Don’t say those things anon! You are scaring me!!!!!! How fucking fragile do you think we are cunt face?
>I am trying to understand why the methodology of actual science is being distorted or just outright ignored by mainstream institutions and the public.

I don't know where to begin with your inexperienced ass. First, as a trained scientist reproducing the work of (sometimes) grad students, I can confirm that research is often so complex that a paper is hardly read closely by more than one person before its published, before the citation is pressed into a personal resume, and they have been HIRED in some comfy post-doc position.

This is not a problem of science, and it is not the responsibility of how did you put it, "mainstream institutions and the public." While the reviewers bear some responsibility for the literature, it is not until reproducers reproduce, or fail, that anyone knows what is going on, the majority of the time.

So, if your, for instance, your paper's subject is in an esoteric field of Psychology and is sufficiently marginal, or the parameters of your experiment sufficiently abstruse, many years could pass, before it is discovered, if at all.

And since so much of what is published is essentially disproven, superceded, or rendered obsolete through the passage of time, the relevance of any one instance of experimental error, can hardly be said to affect current understanding, which is a derivative of a great many experiments.

In conclusion, you are an overwrought undergraduate, and I hope you one day reproduce.

File: science2.jpg (101 KB, 600x590)
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101 KB JPG
I'll debate your mom instead. I mean rape.
That still won't make you a lesbian because you will never be a woman.
Scihub is good because I don't wanna have to pay to read studies.

File: bg5wcgp78gv51.jpg (62 KB, 640x782)
62 KB
When you self learn, do you read textbooks cover to cover? Or do you follow some college curriculum?
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I skim physics texts cover to cover, thoroughly go through all derivations, and solve all problems.
Sometimes cover to cover, sometimes I change to a different book on the same subject half-way through. I've ever followed a college curriculum for anything that was not college related.
>serious answer
if the objective of self study is recreational, than there is no correct or incorrect way of doing this, just have fun and when you don't get something don't pretend that you get it. If the objective is to learn something for a trade or job, then best get a textbook.
>I've ever followed a college
I mostly focus on the problem section (if it's a math books, there should be plenty of those).

File: Pepe2.jpg (8 KB, 241x209)
8 KB
How likely is it that ayyys exist?
How likely is it that ayyys have technology that they could reach Earth?
How likely is it that ayyys have actually reached Earth?
How likely is it that ayyys have interacted with humans on Earth?
How likely is it that ayyys rule the world from the shadows?
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Sure. But there are like 60 of them and the odds we currently see of life emerging on rocky, earth size planets is 1/3
>when the schizo plebbitor actually gets it right
Color me surprised.
It's extremely arrogant to think our planet is somehow so special that life can ONLY exist here.
Call me a schizo but I'm convinced that we're being observed by groups of highly advanced alien civilizations.

On a cosmic scale, we're to the aliens like how animals on a remote island are to us. We do experiments on them and watch them develop to understand biology and their lifestyle, who's to say aliens aren't doing the same to us?
>life exists elsewhere in the universe
>therefore life exists on 20 nearby extrasolar Earthlike planets

File: snowww.jpg (85 KB, 945x700)
85 KB
Is dopamine detox a meme?
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boredom is the mother of creation
Probably. But being too distracted by sources of instant dopamine hits is an actual problem.
>The process of getting bored is the same process for achieving creativity.
[citation needed]

Having taken dopamine blockers the past week and almost having hospitalized myself from the physical pain of the side effects of constant tiredness coupled with restlessness....
Yes it's probably a meme, and even if it wasn't fuck that shit.
>Having taken dopamine blockers
Ololololol was it for your autism? OP probably means the brainlet/colloquial version of """dopamine""", or the "happy chemical" he ain't got parkinsons or anything

File: 1633.png (276 KB, 858x660)
276 KB
276 KB PNG
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>We know he will do a crime
>Not try to resocialize him
>We just cage him up instead
That movie was kinda dumb.
How can claim to care about science when you are preventing the race that caused the most science whites to reproduce over a replacement rate? You think the blacks or mexicans care about science? They dont and never will either. Science in America ends once whites are excluded, since we know Asians wont dominate due to you lunatics seeing them the same as whites.
The only loser is you because your future is being lined up and shot you white liberal idiot. I see the right wingers as whites who simply want to be allowed to have human rights in the future where as your faction are clearly insane ethnomasochistic lunatics who live in a fairy tale where all whites are evil big bad racist against the brown people even though the popularity of liberalism contradicts this constantly.
OK so if it costs $40,000 per prosoner per yeasr what's the balance here? shouldn't we try to reduuce criminality?
We're gonna be taken over by China and these idiots will applaud it.

File: Pepe.png (88 KB, 300x291)
88 KB
Einsteinian Relativity Theory is wrong.
The Copenhagen Interpretation is wrong.
Simultaneity is absolute.
Time dilation is misunderstood.
There is no superposition or collapse.
The observer effect and the Uncertainty Principle are misunderstood.
Space is quantized.
Time is quantized.
Gravitons exist.
The Second Law Of Thermodynamics does not hold true within a sufficiently large scope.
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He was right about Relativity and photoelectric effect, but the rest of his writings (mostly political) was a jewish scam.
>Time dilation is misunderstood.
Time is a tranny, that explains a lot.
Newton used reference frames that completely ignored time. That's precisely what Einstein fixed for him.
>time is quantized but space isn't
>particles jump from position to position in continuous space
Stupidest thing I've ever read.
>He was right about Relativity
>That's precisely what Einstein (((fixed))) for him.

File: file.png (488 KB, 640x636)
488 KB
488 KB PNG
Why doesn't this work IRL?
Quantum mechanics
It works, but people can't get down and end up in space, so they can't tell other people that it actually works.
t. lost my grandpa to the oil trick
not enough water in the air for you to start floating
if there is enough water, the oil just floats off of you
I want to see you try to hold oil with your hands lmao

File: 289.jpg (21 KB, 387x461)
21 KB
>Dinosaur bones aren't really dinosaur bones
>They're mud that has taken the shape of the dinosaur bones
Yes, americans are that stupid

File: ca0.png (694 KB, 656x762)
694 KB
694 KB PNG
Psychologist / neuroscientist here...

What the fuck is with all of the women, everywhere... and the faggots too???

I thought it was just my uni that 90% were women and 8% were homosexual men.

Now I'm working in the field and its like this too, fucking everywhere, even in the boring management or technical areas, still filled with faggots and women.

I don't understand, the entire field is made by autistic men, every old paper is written by an autistic white man...the statistics...the math...

Pic unrelated, literally 0.001% of psychologists I've men fit this guys profile.

I can kind of understand all the clinical psychologists being filled with women and homos.. but I'm in a computational /math statistic/calculus/fourier transforms/partial differential/statistical modelling area and its still at least 60% women
Damn people are still posting JP memes?
Pretty crazy what happened to him.
Got owned so hard by zizek that he became addicted to Benzos to cope. After failing rehab several times his psyco daughter took him to Russia where he was put into a medically induced coma that gave him brain damage. The whole time she was partying in Europe, after he woke up she gave him Covid.
>Pic unrelated, literally 0.001% of psychologists I've men fit this guys profile.
very trie, he said in a court interview once that they were probably looking at one of the only right wing psychologists
social sciences took a hard shift left in the 90s after the fall of the soviet union

File: download.jpg (9 KB, 251x201)
9 KB
What is your biggest criticism of MATLAB and viable alternative?

So far in engineering it's been a godsend for my first year classes. They let us use any resources for some tests so I can double check statics, matricies, and math. Before starting school I heard the software was shit and unusable but experience says otherwise. Seems like a great engineering platform.
11 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Anything you can do in MATLAB you can also do in Python.

Numpy/Scipy/sklearn and the like basically have C/LAPACK/BLAS level implementations of any built-in function in MATLAB.
Your entire codebase shouldn't be just Matlab. It's a prototyping language. That means you figure shit out, then you use that knowledge to write your program.
Usually not an issue, but the GUI is kinda resource heavy. Would make my VM laggy sometimes. It wasn't a particularly powerful laptop, but still.
closed source, single threaded

>closed source
Actually fucking disgusting.

>viable alternative
Python + CUDA if you need it.

Whatever happened to the ayys living in venus' gas clouds?
I'm 100% aware this is a low quality thread but I'm serious. Google is just showing those articles from September and no updates since. My understanding is that the scientists that did the study ruled everything out other than "a new unknown type of gas reaction" or "microbial life" before going public with it but I can't seem to find updates.

What happened with it?
Respond or else
People are still investigating. There have been some corrections. Nasa is planning a flyby in the next years.
don't bother with google if you want to know whats going to check arxiv. There have been papers uploaded in november.

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