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File: coil1.jpg (242 KB, 1536x2048)
242 KB
242 KB JPG
I'm building a coil gun but I can't get a high enough current. I'm launching the projectile by momentarily connecting the wires connected to my power supply to the ends of the coil.

My PSU supplies 30V up to 5A. But it isn't powerful enough for my purposes.

How can I increase the current that goes through the coil?
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because that's not even close to how magnetism works
The circulation of a magnetic field around some loop in space is proportional to the current within. current (moving charge) makes magnetic fields. is there any current involved in your hypothetical, anon?
>I'm thinking about mass drivers
>"Why don't batteries become magnets and lose all of their energy over time just the same as having a load applied?"
holy fuck lmao
unironically one of the funniest threads I've seen here in recent
At least OP is curious. In the end we all started from retard
>In the end we all started from retard
I was never this retarded. even when I knew fuck all, at least I was aware I knew fuck all.

> solves all physics
> no pig disgust induction needed
> all achieved with pure deduction from multiway causal hypergraphs
> while at it, also solves all metamathematical problems
> arrives at something more fundamental than maths itself
> Discovers the Mind of God in the Ruliad

Nothing personnel, kid
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No actual results or presentations except nerdy graphs of math overdose, Sad!
Scott Aaronson literally bullied this man out of physics back in the early 2000s. He literally abandoned physics for 20 years after getting BTFO
>is bald
Into the trash it goes.
The biggest pump and dump and rugpulls the world has ever seen
File: 1634770625473.jpg (50 KB, 640x547)
50 KB
another jewish charlatan.
ever notice that just about all of the personality cultist threads on this board are pushing jewish personalities?

File: couldamultiv.jpg (50 KB, 800x480)
50 KB
Could parallel universes with different versions of ourselves exist?
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They would if by universe you mean all of reality, universe could be reserved for what we can observe/places where particles and shit like this have the values that we measure they have. Where they have other values, those places would qualify as other universes in this scheme I'm currently making up.
I would so suck myself off if I could visit me in a parallel Universe. No homo.
It is certain that going to another universe will have you blowing your cock, but if you stayed in this universe and you from a different multiverse came he would be sucking your cock. Obviously the multiverse is a branching decision matrix so your odds of choosing to go suck yourself off directly correlates with you coming to blow you in this one. If you refuse, then nobody will leave nor suck your cock, but if you choose to go every time, then you will never suck cock nor get your cock sucked, but everyone will change places like the infinity hotel. What is the blowjob theory optimal strategy knowing that you want to maximize chances of getting your cocked suck and minimize chances of sucking cock yourself.

> far away in space

there's no space between seperate universes
You could have infinite universes with infinite possibilities and still be totally unique.
This notion that it means there are infinite versions of you is wrong

File: 1646238291655.jpg (146 KB, 1080x774)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
trannys are raiding /sci/ and spamming it with tranny propaganda. keep that in mind when you're viewing the board.
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Not that schizo, but they certainly have been, troonaloon. Go back.
Literally nothing has changed about /sci/ save for the massive infestation of schizos we've been getting, there is no "raid", there is no "lead deficiency", the earth isn't flat, take your meds.
See? You can't even churn out a single post without standardized troon rhetoric.
seethe /pol/tard antivaxxer flat earth racist chud cope schizo
LOL. You just can't help it, can you? It's an automated reaction.

What is the easiest way I can notice time dilation due to gravity inducing quantities of mass
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Microscopic movements between large bodies of material in space.
And how exactly do atomic clocks work like? I emailed the US archive they have some good videos on YT but hopefully they respond back

This is still OP and this is a grave issue to me.
>What is the easiest way I can notice time dilation due to gravity inducing quantities of mass

GPS satellites need to have their atomic clocks slowed down due to relativistic time effects.
I know there are tons of Google Scholar articles on this, which is your favorite in your opinion?
Conspicous urgent and very active and not abandoned bump.

File: 1652800016952.webm (265 KB, 800x450)
265 KB
Is this webm real or cgi physics experts from /sci/? The woman seems to not lose any speed after getting hit by a train

Do you think she survived the accident if it's real?
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He never saw it coming and died instantly doing what he loved. Seems like a net win to me. Imagine sticking around to die from cancer or dementia instead.
>Die with children
>Net win
One of them is probably getting stuffed with bbc right now as a result of his train enthusiasm

Not a 'she'. https://www.israelnationalnews.com/news/255291
Couldn't bother him now that he's... you know... dead.
judging by this post it's you?

File: 1627437911641.jpg (816 KB, 2028x1464)
816 KB
816 KB JPG
Why does perception of time speed up as you get older?
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Copper deficiency. Tested experimentally, no idea about the mechanism.
side effect of decreasing neuroplasticity. After age 28-32, it becomes significantly harder to form new memories
File: capri.png (140 KB, 600x485)
140 KB
140 KB PNG
For me, it's because I got progressively better at automating my mind and muscle movements.
When I was younger I did everything with a lot more thinking / deliberation and stress which makes life go by much more slowly since you're doing something with each moment.
time is a feeling of unfulfilled promises, psychosomatic blocks.
>the misconception that we've forgotten vast swaths of our childhood experiences
But this actually happens

File: maxresdefault.jpg (48 KB, 1280x720)
48 KB
Dont you give me the oil drop facfiction, i mean the real mechanism. It cant be that in 2022 we only measure the electron charge with an oil mist. And dont give me some circular technique where you use quantities derived by using the electron charge.
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literal children can carry out this experiment
"charge" is relative therefore you need to establish a difference in energy level first

with this considered, "positive" and "negative" has no objective value
>"charge" is relative
charge is certainly not relative. what the fuck? is mass relative too? you are retarded.
Here's another way to do it.
Measuring the fine structure constant is essentially measuring the charge of the electron in certain natural units, so here's a paper measuring that.

File: chrome_IGy34Y9h4H.png (369 KB, 678x650)
369 KB
369 KB PNG
why does she think that 2+2=4 excludes POC? Did it exclude Dr. Tyson? Michiu Kaku? Jim Al-Khalili?
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>They couldn't survive 2 nights innawoods
I dont see any problem with that. Actually its all for the better. Less deadwood.
>They arent gonna accelerate shit.
Doesn't matter, all they have to do is nothing and that works too. What matters is the 5%, who should stop trying to prevent collapse and get behind making it happen faster.
That’s like saying prejudice + power = racism
womens rights were a mistake
File: yuri.jpg (98 KB, 1024x620)
98 KB
>i have a low iq
lol ok

Currently writing a thesis, and I wanted to ask for some opinions on this subject since you guys seem to have great ideas.

>What are some causes of sickness absence in the workplace?
>How can the leaders affect sickness absence among their employees?
>What can be done to prevent or reduce sickness absence?

Thanks in advance bros
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Calling a thesis for homework is a bit silly.
Thank you for the extended answer, anon.
I will keep this saved.

I realize a lot of it is also personality based, and much more complex depending on differences in jobs. Some jobs have more autonomy than others, and generally speaking less autonomy and high workload means higher sickness absences.
If it's not due to actual sickness, leadership or the work environment is probably shit. If morale is bad, you're SOL. Leadership can lead by example, but this is mostly going to start in the hiring process to find employees that are less likely to call out. They can't do anything about people actually becoming ill outside of making sure that employees are healthy.
It's a bit more scientific than homework and idk what other board to post it on.

Sounds like a socially good work environment. What kinda job do you have?

I agree with that, I have done it too when I needed to do uni work but my job isn't possible to do from home.
Here where I live its pretty common to be able to work from home, let's say if you work at a university or something like that.
What does SOL mean?
But yes I agree it starts in the hiring process, by hiring reliable people who are motivated to work.

The nurse profession has been plagued with high percentage of sickness absence due to stressful work environment, low wages and sometimes unfavorable work hours.

File: 3ynfaVX.jpg (66 KB, 566x480)
66 KB
What does that mean the higgs field gives particles their mass? I have studied QED and electrons just have mass. Like we measure the mass and charge and just put it in, we dont know where any of the values come from.
Doing some brief reading it appears the higgs field is related to problems with the weak force. Calculations didnt make sense so they were fixed by ADDING a new patch just like so many other things are discovered in physics (Neptune, infrared light, dark matter). This patch is the higgs field. Is this right?
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That's not the paper in my post. I'm not sure what you are trying to accomplish with this
The quoted part
>If the intermediate vector bosons are observed to have masses above 100 GeV this possibility must be taken seriously.
Is the very last sentence of the paper you so generously linked here
The pic about SU(12) comes from your first source
From section 4/
>4. Four-Fermi interactions
yep, this thread is a bunch of dumb moneys looking for their dopamine hookup. 100% reddit
Martha no...
>If the intermediate vector bosons are observed to have masses above 100 GeV this possibility must be taken seriously.
That paper was from 1981, before 100 GeV was reached. Since then the model has been ruled out by experiment and I said as much in my post. The point is that it is a confining theory that is smoothly connected to the actual weak coupling Higgsed standard model. It is so smoothly connected that people in 1981 could not actually tell the difference between the two. Do you see my point now?

>From section 4/
>4. Four-Fermi interactions
Ok I missed that, but the SU(12) is referring to a global symmetry in the SU(2)xU(1) gauge theory. It is not some kind of GUT with an SU(12) gauge group.

File: 1652110628756.webm (1.4 MB, 576x1024)
1.4 MB
How do we get more women in STEM?
189 replies and 32 images omitted. Click here to view.
Women are absolutely not empathic. Men are. Women are shallow concieted cunts affected by the social organism and by compulsive projection. They have no actual empathy to speak of.
Have you ever considered that you're autistic and have no actual understanding of the emotional threshold of your peers?
Have you considered that it's strange the way you black out every time someone criticizes a woman, and when you come back to your senses, a post has been made from your computer that regurgitates some generic socially programmed tripe?
You make generalizing statements, and that's a dumbass move. You're probably low T or autistic. That's not an insult. Stop projecting. Have your shit checked.
>You make generalizing statements
See? It happened again. Your eyes glazed over and your hands began moving on their own as you stared into the void. What's wrong with you, little buddy?

Previously >>14461881.

Talk math.
48 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: oh no.png (193 KB, 458x505)
193 KB
193 KB PNG
so um, I've got a bit of a tard question here.
I got my math degree at a 5th rate university and I somehow landed a gig at Cornell, and they said they would pay like, one class a semester.

I'm pretty sure that I am completely unqualified to take any mainline graduate math class there. Should I just yolo it and see where I land or is there a way to skill check myself before throwing myself into incinerator and wasting everyone's time?
Nevermind I managed to finally solve this.
I took [math]p=10[/math] and ended up with:
[eqn]\int_{0}^{1} x^{\frac{-9}{10}} cos(x)dx = \int_{0}^{1}y^{-9} (10) y^{10-1}cos(y^{10})dy[/eqn]
[eqn]=10\cdot\int_{0}^{1}y^{-9} y^{9}cos(y^{10})dy[/eqn]
[eqn]\approx 9.7718427[/eqn]
Which is also the value I get via the online integral calculator.
Simon Singh's books are all bangers.

Is this for a master's?
How come I can only expand this picture when I have my mouse on the edge of it?

File: tensor1.png (99 KB, 1200x1094)
99 KB
Whats tensor
7 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
In extremely layman terms:

A set of numbers in an array with a defined way of adding and multiplying to each other with the additional property that the basis and components of the array transform oppositely to each other so that the set doesn't change.
an array of numbers
I never understood why my physics professors kept trying to define vectors as something that transformed in a specific way until I learned about tensors.
Turns out they just meant tensors. It was all tensors.
the T33, T22, and T11 vectors are compression forces, while T12, T21 etc. are shear forces. The units are in terms of pressure (force/area)
n dimensional variable

Because soientists are evil.
those "experiments" were all fake. no witnesses other than the author. just more spectacular fake soience lies which are intentionally designed to get you thinking that you "know" ideas which are fundamentally false.

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