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File: 5645654654654654654654.jpg (1.88 MB, 4096x2615)
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Space Silo's edition.

Previous thread: >>12136466
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File: X-24A_M2-F3_and_HL-10.jpg (165 KB, 1920x780)
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165 KB JPG
Why are they so cute?
The whole lifting body concept is based around wide, round aircraft bodies and small wings, which humans instinctively find cute.
>trillion dollars yearly deficit.
your argument was sound without either exaggerating or being that guy that misunderstands total debt and yearly budget deficits.
File: cart.png (30 KB, 1225x557)
30 KB
Yeah as the other anon said, virgin was started in an era where rockets only launched every 2 months at best. The idea of making a space plane with a quick boost to suborbital space was pretty interesting. Branson should have seen the writing on the wall to quit... especially after your pic related and other companies such as spacex and blue origin (the other billionaires) started pursuing a smarter path. But he’s in too deep at this point i guess

File: Portrait_Bourbaki.jpg (123 KB, 750x1057)
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123 KB JPG
Math, generally
>the general edition
Tatk Malhs
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start helping other people and the universe will help you
Unbelievably based

After deeply analysing your post, I think I see the issue.
Stop jacking off to netorare. Netorare is the porn of losers. Netorare is the porn of a man who's fundamentally conceded that he can't satisfy a woman and needs other men to do it for him. You can't take a hold of your future, and the world passes you by.
File: acgrp.jpg (79 KB, 735x701)
79 KB
Surely you mean \mathbf.
>classically equivalent
yeah and so nobody gives a fuck outside mainstream maths

What are the most /sci/ hobbies?
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>Getting a Carp to bite will take a few hours
You're never going to clear them out of your pond that way. Bowfishing is how you get rid of carp and gar.
any tips on how to get into this as a hobby?
8ball. Maths, physics and infinite complexity
Silly coarselets. Fly fishing is certified
File: IMG_20200920_094019.jpg (2.03 MB, 2592x1944)
2.03 MB
2.03 MB JPG
I'd start by reading up on it. Paul Stamets has some good books, but he's kind of a douche. Unless you set up a clean room or a laminar flow hood you won't be able to work with agar cultures because they'll contaminate as soon as you look at them so I'd recommend either cardboard or liquid culture for your inoculum.

For cardboard culture, boil the cardboard for about 20 minutes, delaminate one side, and then inoculate it with cap/stem fragments or spores. I like cap fragments personally, the mycelium making up the cap is cloned, and stimulates any spores left on the gills to germinate so that you get multiple strains in the same culture, which I believe helps to keep the culture healthy and guarantees you at least one good fruiting strain. You can layer this with your substrate to inoculate it,.or continue adding cardboard and fruit directly from it. Pic related was inoculated a few days ago.

For liquid culture, prepare your broth by adding a tablespoon of sugar and 1/4 teaspoon of salt per gallon of tap water. You can use this broth to germinate spores which are best collected from a spore print or by "washing" the mushroom in the broth with a good shake, or to clone a mushroom by blending (for less than 5 seconds) up the stem to isolate the strain, or the whole cap if you want some random strains mixed in. It would be best to keep it on a stirring plate and held at the optimum temperature for the strain, but you can just shake it twice a day if you don't have a stirrer. You can use hydrogen peroxide to disinfect your liquid culture after you've germinated your spores for a day or two. It just takes about 15 mL per liter of liquid culture, otherwise you'll kill the mushroom mycelium as well. If you add some of your substrate to the liquid culture then the mycelium will learn to metabolize it and "leapoff" time will be greatly reduced.

File: schizo.png (100 KB, 1500x1000)
100 KB
100 KB PNG
Scientifically speaking, how do I become schizo?
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Get a schizophrenic brain transplant.

When I was ten or eleven I went through a phase where I tried to stay awake as long as I could as much as I could, for no real reason other than being a dumb kid. Eventually I started having weird waking dreams, and then that became the reason I did it. I enjoyed the feeling of altered perception, and I guess thought the hallucinatiins were interesting or meaningful. I have wondered for a long time if (or how badly) I fucked up my brain development.
>In schizophrenia, dopamine is tied to hallucinations and delusions. That's because brain areas that "run" on dopamine may become overactive. Antipsychotic drugs stop this. National Institute of Mental Health: “Schizophrenia.”
So ya, drugs will do it.
Browse /pol/

Does /sci/ wear science themed graphic t-shirts? Is it based or cringe?
Yeah I like people to know I'm very high IQ with witty humour only a very clever person could get. I like people to know they aren't getting it but I can understand it, so well, that I smile and laugh.
Nope, I do wear a Phenomenology of Spirit t-shirt though.
This is the very essence of IfUcKiNgLoVeScIeNcE
I don't like these shirts.

File: social choice maths.png (86 KB, 1039x1189)
86 KB
What the fuck is this fake """""""maths""""""""
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But this isn't math it's literally just meaningless semantics.
>Getting confused by basic logic
damn bro....
Wow, you really don't know what the definition of "inductive" is do you?
>select all that apply

Such a lazy assignment, what is this?
I'm assuming it's supposed to be an easy as shit beginner assignment designed to give you free points. OP's a bit retardo it seems, however.

File: coaching.jpg (64 KB, 770x433)
64 KB
I hate pre-meds and they are the cancer of biology and chemistry. Who agrees?

>PrOfEsSoR, iS dIs GoNnA bE oN dA eXaM???
>PrOfEsSoR, iS dErE gOnNa Be A cUrVe???
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I don't talk to anyone from undergraduate and I got internships through the career fair, then did grad school and got my current position through the normal online job portal. I did have some positions I could had got through contacts but I was competitive enough that I could cold apply to other companies that pay more.

Let's be honest. What opportunities are fellow undergraduates going to be able to present to you when they need jobs themselves? Especially in a hard science
No, the best hospitals are ones not run by Democrats (or at least not run by socialists). The cost of insurance in a state is a significant factor quality of healthcare. America exports their healthcare research rather than invest domestically which is why Sweden and Denmark are frequently rated so high for health care in terms of government and quality.
So a precalc course in America? Please stop hyping yourself as this genius you will only make enemies and your opinions will be ignored.
In most cases the professor uses it to trick kids into actually reviewing notes for fucking once

File: IMG-20200916-WA0004.jpg (104 KB, 938x821)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
How did humans have internal dialogue before language? What did their thoughts look like with no way to put it into words?
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Whats this bullshit with Ted banning talks? That's the third banned one I have heard about. Two of them I managed to find and they were completely innocuous. Can someone wake me up once we have nuked ourselves out of this dystopian hell? I will be in Bunker 56.
>How did humans have internal dialogue before language? What did their thoughts look like with no way to put it into words?
They'd just be thoughts. You know the voice in your head in only the recollection of your thoughts, not the thoughts themselves.
File: bicameral.jpg (106 KB, 356x500)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
This. They heard voices in their head before long before becoming the operator of that voice. The book is more interesting than it sounds, I recommend it.

Neat, haven't seen this yet. Ted tries to bury all the good ones.
Not true.

I was raised among wolves, until I was 20, and had defeated every pack in the land.

I went to conquer the humans. Upon arrival, I instantaneously picked up the language they were talking and was able to infiltrate their comunity, where I learned about the computer and instantly learned every single language that I was able to look at online.

I am now able to speak more than 100 languages and have solved every scientific problem of humans, but I refuse to publish anything, as I am currently in contact with Aliens that are planning to invade here and make me the leader of the new earth. It makes everything more complicated if humans had better tech.

Yeah, I'm that good.
Made me chuckle, but not as good as>>12140748

File: 4ed.jpg (110 KB, 512x648)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
>spend $160 on textbook for 4th edition
>no exercises/problems contained at all within the book
>3rd edition has exercises
what a fucking hack, why is this allowed?
20 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
You’re at work and want to refer to your textbook wat do?
Download it from libgen or something. My point is paying for a fucking permission to access the contents of a book online.
We are obviously arguing if you have to buy a textbook physical vs online version. The fact free online versions exist don't weigh in on this discussion

Online textbooks are easier to carry around, especially if you have 4+ classes, they are cheaper, and you can have the book open in 2 windows to look at 2 pages (exercises and then the text)
>The fact free online versions exist don't weigh in on this discussion
Of course they do, my point was if you're going to spend money then spend it on the real thing.
>my point was if you're going to spend money then spend it on the real thing.
the physical textbook is objectively inferior to online textbooks unless you are a boomer and still getting used to reading online

File: 1111.jpg (63 KB, 878x665)
63 KB
Just started college, I'm studying biotech, did I fuck up?
No, a pretty solid choice. Try to focus on pharmaceuticals or biomedicine, your work will be both highly paid and interesting/important
never gonna make it

File: quantumcomputer.jpg (813 KB, 1200x800)
813 KB
813 KB JPG
The true power of the hypothetical quantum computer is in its ability to compute quantum chemistry simulations, so that we can synthesis a much wider range of drugs and medications much more quickly. Encryption and such is, in my view, not actually the most significant domain that quantum computers are going to impact.

What takes chemists and biologists and such years of research to unravel can be done in a few weeks if they were to have access to a universal quantum computer. This will usher in a great era of drug synthesis, medication, and genetic engineering/modification. Condensed matter physics and such will also be majorly impacted by this.

Are you guys as excited about this as I am?
Im actually against you on this. I don't think doing more science 'in silico' is going to really help us. We need more people mixing random shit in labs and less paperwork
Sounds cool, but I'll have to wait for the results. It has potential but potential doesn't mean much until it's actualized.

File: pepeoncomputer.png (35 KB, 1087x680)
35 KB
What degree you did /sci/? Don't be shy share it with me!
130 replies and 15 images omitted. Click here to view.
Working on finishing my cs degree. I hope I can find a job bros, if not then seppuku it is
Entiendo, y para donde planeas irte?
Ahorita en que estás trabajando? Yo estoy buscando trabajo por los momentos. El tema es que aquí en Caracas a los ingenieros les pagan asquerosamente mal. Maldito país de negros
As I said at my school we take both.
1 numerical analysis class
7 analysis classes
2 algebra classes
3 diff eqs classes
1 data analysis class

Those are my school's math classes basically
Physics, unfortunately

File: nauka w ameryce.jpg (50 KB, 720x960)
50 KB
have you ever done any scientific international colaboration?

File: SMART.png (42 KB, 320x273)
42 KB
Why did /sci/ lie to me? I'm going to train my IQ until I hit genius levels.
25 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Even then. No childhood intervention program managed to permanently increase IQ.
you can find free versions of dual-n-back and other websites that train your brain, don't waste money on this
Yea because Nu-Africa 2.0 is definitely progress
you're still a retard, faggot.
>Doesn't this prove that, for someone with an IQ as high as yours
I don't know what my IQ is, and the way the site calculates IQ is by having you complete their quiz of syllogisms and then estimating IQ from that. The style of questions they use are so limited that you will quickly learn to identify the patterns, which will of course allow you to answer much more quickly. When you retake the test at the end of the trial, your estimated IQ will inevitably rise. There may be people out there who really do struggle with relational reasoning, so the program may actually work in their favor and provide real world results. The idea has some merit, but the difficulty levels off far too soon, which will limit the efficacy of the program for the majority of people. They could easily include more patterns and more information, which would ramp up the difficulty significantly.

Does the Sun make noise?
How close do you have to get to hear it?
What kind of noise does it make, if any?
Yes, and it has been recorded

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