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File: family.png (99 KB, 640x436)
99 KB
Why did uneducated men start getting laid more than college educated men after 1960?

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>I can't get laid because I'm too educated
it's fascinating to see all the layers of cope you mentally ill incels can come up with. pure entertainment.
Boy there sure are a lot of flaming homosexuals in the United States.
>the flaming homos with swords and sandals are totally a useful parallel to draw with contemporary society
Don't reproduce.
>t. reddicuck

homosexuality is probably the most based sexual orientation... I wish I was homosexual, how simple life would have been.
doesn't exist

I want to procure as many of the medications in pic related as possible without a prescription. My goal is to use them off-label in combination with high doses of taurine (rationale: https://www.nature.com/articles/nchembio.2517) to attempt to repair damage caused by multiple sclerosis. I don’t care about side effects, I have very little to lose.

How do I go about doing this? I assumed it would be easy to find shady overseas pharmacies willing to sell me things without a prescription, but it’s not.

Please help me, thank you.
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Because I’m not taking them for those effects, I’m taking them because they happen to also potentially cause regrowth of damaged myelin.
Stacking drugs that have similar effects is extremely dangerous, even if the effect isn’t what you’re going for.
I sympathize with your plight, but don’t kill yourself with drugs to save yourself from MS.
Limit yourself to maybe 1 drug from each category? That’s already 20 different drugs though, which still might be lethal.
>Limit yourself to maybe 1 drug from each category?
Yeah, that’s how I would start for sure. The most promising of the drugs in that list seem to be benztropine, clemastine and T3 (as liothyronine). Clemastine and liothyronine are already in clinical trials and demonstrating results, but I don’t have 15 years to wait for phase 3 trials to finish and these drugs to get regulatory approval for MS.
Just remember not to take drugs with the same physiological mechanisms, as that will endanger you.
Websites that sell RC analogs of recreational drugs might be a good place to start looking.
Unfortunately since the drugs you listed don’t have recreational value, they’ll be hard to find.
Good luck, brother.
OP I'm with you try it all man. But I don't think this is the right avenue. I'm quite certain in my own research that taurine will have no effects. What are you using it for?

File: 1377845412947.jpg (39 KB, 300x300)
39 KB
So what's up with D-wave having quantum computers with thousands of qubits, yet they have not achieved quantum supremacy. Meanwhile IBM and Google are hard at work to only reach a few dozen qubits with their quantum computers, yet they are on the verge of quantum supremacy?
Quantum annealing is not quantum computing.
Quantum is a meme, look where we reached that billions are spent on something which no one even knows how to use effectively...
yeah you're right we should take this huge untapped potential and just ignore it because we haven't already figured it out

File: hmmm.png (20 KB, 1114x567)
20 KB
Come up with an argument to make this make any sort of sense what so ever.
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>(1+2) + (1+2) = (2+4)
why did I bother
red is color of agresion while blue is color of calm

they are groups of people

Is that you, Terrence Howard?
>Come up with an argument to make this make any sort of sense what so ever.
>any sort of sense what so ever.
Literally just use different axioms.

Define '/', not as division, but as a separate entry in a 2x1 matrix



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File: 1589125535933.jpg (269 KB, 1080x1080)
269 KB
269 KB JPG
What would it take to create a substance that makes the human body completely reject hardcore addictive drugs like fentanyl or cocaine? Is it even possible to create a substance that could make addicts not only fully recover control of their lives but also make their bodies/brains reject the stimulus of drugs?
How else could we eradicate this cancer from humanity?
No. Think about it these drugs emulate chemical signals in the brain. So how would you even go about making these chemical signals bad? Makes no sense.
File: 1586548511835.png (491 KB, 753x720)
491 KB
491 KB PNG
Create smth to emulate even stronger signals longer, duh
Methadone iirc
like literally why?

why is "achieving" and contributing to this rotten society any better than laying in the street out of your mind?
The fact that regular people look down on people like this is a testament on how NPC's are basically the norm.

drugs are the best invention humanity ever came up with.
He's probably mad that retarded potheads are getting more tail than him.

File: 1590328250996.jpg (18 KB, 489x857)
18 KB
As much as I think that Elon is a hack. I can't fucking wait for wednesday.

ABOUT FUCKING TIME. I'm disappointed in our government that we have to wait for someone like elon to send us to space after 10 years.
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He's the only one with working, reusable ones. Watch him hit the final nail in Soyuz's coffin tomorrow.
you are so cringe
Flush yourself already you goddamned ape

File: vaccine boogeyman.png (114 KB, 586x626)
114 KB
114 KB PNG
what are some potential dangers of improperly tested vaccines?

inb4 anti-vaxxer vs anti-anti-vaxxer shitfest
pls no. looking for serious discussion. not deranged loons and naive saps.
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Greatest pump and dump scheme of all history.
what is the tissue medium they're being grown on?
Fauci, Redfield and Gates should be the first trials for the vaccine.
Has there ever been a successful Coronavirus vaccine?
here's the plan:
another "wave" in the winter, a bit worse. they will impose a quarantine and go door to door to administer the vaccines which also make you sterile and basically alter your hormonal balance for good, leaving you a libido less trannie basically.

File: ed copy.png (321 KB, 782x558)
321 KB
321 KB PNG
reminder: physics at the professional level is not what they teach you in middle school. it's not just "i look at data and make a model to predict what the results of future experiments will be." if you think that, you are retarded.

physics is the business of explaining the universe, and sometimes it goes into uncharted terrain. uncharted in that you are not easily going to test the latest theories easily. therefore, you need to follow the signposts that nature has laid. and this is what string theory has done. without any stupid predictions. it is a framework that explains everything. if you want to bitch and whine about why it hasn't been tested, go back to chemistry or engineering.
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String theory is such a meme
Idiot, learn to read. I quoted the portion. Now gtfo and learn physics and reading comprehension before coming back.
More like String metaphysics.
Hello trips? How's that positron decay coming along?
fuck I meant proton

pic related is Elon Musk's Neuralink which aims create a link between the computer and the human brain. So the question is, is it feasible to actually connect the brain to a computer? I ask this question mostly because we still don't have a concrete idea of how the brain works. We do know their composed of neurons and neurons communicate via electrical impulses, but we don't understand how computations and memory work exactly in the brain.
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You're never going to Mars, my guy. Just like the hyperloop failure, SpaceX will soon get exposed as unpractical.
If you consider petroleum (and its derivative, ig RP-1) as very old snake oil, it kinda does.
>So the question is, is it feasible to actually connect the brain to a computer?

Yes. But will need quantum processors first
most successful electric car company
most successful commercial spaceflight company

what were the failures again?

hyperloop? No, he has nothing to do with that and gave it away at the idea stage.
Solarcity? No that's doing pretty well.
Boring company? Don't know much about this.
SpaceX lacks focus. It's still doing basic level experiments, trying to reinvent the wheel. The things they are promising, NASA can already do with enough funding, which not even SpaceX has, but don't let anyone ruin the scam. Bunch of postgraduates fresh out of college won't invent warp-speed travel.

Also anyone who understands from cars can tell you that Tesla cars belong in the garbage bin. It's the idea that sells their shit products.

The Boring Company just makes stupid crap for dumb millennials. It's the pop-sci version of Supreme.

And of course Musk threw away the Hyperloop under the bus when shit started going south. There's a reason none of these companies are under the same name, how else will Musk jump ship and protect his other brands.

File: 9432943.jpg (127 KB, 910x1024)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
tell me you fucking scientists
If I clone myself and fuck clone me in the ass, is it gay?
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Would it not be masturbation?
No it would be like fucking a twin, its gay incest. Now if its you from the future thats a different situation.
Yes, masturbation as in "shoving a dildo up your ass", which is gay by definition.
so by following that logic, pegging is also gay?
Did you gender swap this clone by changing its y chromosome to an x? That would make it 100% straight.

File: images (82).jpg (78 KB, 675x454)
78 KB
Previously >>11703907

Talk maths
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well I fucked up but you get the idea
Define substract.

No don't, I'm trolling. It's a dead end, but this has been going for too long.

Did wikipedia not help?
Interesting how you get to that idea, too.
File: iojgsas.jpg (82 KB, 1076x764)
82 KB
People make master's theses out of anything. Some have really majestic and pompous subjects, some just write out how to prove some formula for [math]\pi[/math]. It could simply be that the whole idea was to show that there are no other platonic solids. If you are in just to get a degree, why do too much work if you can do less and look for a job at the same time? It is, of course, more fun to do it on something you like, and I could imagine someone doing a low effort master's thesis on platonic solids because it is still a classical thing to study those, and hence potentially appealing to someone. It could, also, be the case that there is some graph theoretical etc. stuff there, but I don't know. I'm not saying this person was after low hanging fruits, I'm just saying that most people don't necessarily find it worth the effort of writing 60 pages of ground work just to modernise the proof of a deep result.
File: 184682872872.png (61 KB, 298x260)
61 KB
>tfw Serre is 93

File: 1511560176364.gif (379 KB, 500x374)
379 KB
379 KB GIF
>be 25
>went to stem high school
>did well then fucked up my life
>leave school
>become NEET
>fuck around in community college, ace every class I take
>stop going because it's expensive and I have no direction
>get job, stop doing community college
>quit job after 2 years to become neet again
>mom gets me tickets to data infographics seminar
>gets me a new graphing calculator for my birthday
>when I am at this seminar (which cost like 200 dollars and was her birthday gift to me) i see all these happy college kids and smart professionals
>I'm a fucking autist compared to them
>enjoy lecture and go home
>get wagecuck job a few months later
Everything I was supposed to become I destroyed. My classmates are all making six figures now and I fucking ruined my life and now I'm sitting in the bathroom at my wagecuck job because there's not even any work to do. I was meant to do something in STEM but I was too retarded and lazy and wanted to die. And now that I don't anymore it's too late. I can't afford to go back to college. Even 3 years of saving every penny I saved on rent, I will not have enough for even 1 semester at a 4 year school. And by the time I get done I'll be 30 and not even have any experience. I honestly hope i get cancer in the enxt year so I can blow all money in a hooker fueled orgy and die.
23 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
I've seen you before, you were complaining a few weeks ago. Have you done anything to improve your situationsince then or are you going to keep crying like a bitch on a taiwanese thread stitching forum?
Your former classmates don't have 6 figure salaries, on average they are struggling to escape underemployment and the rest went into postgrad, those kids you met have a host of mental issues they are coping with under their desperate smile.
>community college
what the fuck

how cheap it is the literal reason I went to CC
>enjoyed data infographics seminar
>around 20k saved
>25 years old
>wage slave job
Your in a better position than you think dude.
If your interested in tech become a code monkey or data dingus, easy to self-learn from online resources and make up for lack of degree with side projects or open source work.
You could also use your 20k to start a business and avoid the wage slave world. Lots of risk but potential to be your own boss and earn more.
Don't stress about the age factor and stop comparing yourself to others, just focus on slowly working towards making your own lot in life better.
Stop pitying yourself faggot. Become what you want to become.

File: comic564__01.png (25 KB, 237x287)
25 KB
Fellas, I'm a MSc in neuroscience. I recently accepted an RA position in the US to set up a project and apply for grad school in the next cycle. That got pushed back to 2021 starting date now. Stuck making 13 dollars an hour for hybrid technician/grant writing work. Why are the states so shit? I'm initially from the Netherlands
4 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Thats why all American companies have corporate bank accounts in Lithuania and Netherlands
You thought is key. Sure it's lower but everything is taxed so it adds up. Example: you buy something that says 1$. It's actually 1.20$ when you go to pay because tax isn't written
Doing a PhD in the US is a horrible idea, don't fall for the "best universities of the world" meme, as a PhD student, even with an MSc you will have a horrible time. The kind of position you describe is 100% sucking out the energy from you so a little more fortunate PhD students have a chance to do research. You are more likely to get a depression that a PhD in US academia.
I can attest to having the exact opposite experience as this guy. You should go to where the best research opportunities are, and if that is in the US (as it very likely is), you should do it. Provided that what you're doing is what you want to do with your life.
File: james holmes.png (81 KB, 213x237)
81 KB

I'm not asking for advice and I already know I'm kinda fucked. I guess I'm just looking to relate...
All of the college admissions are done and I now know that 100% I will be going to a shitty school. I feel fucking horrible and I just want to kinda quite trying at STEM. I wasn't disadvantaged, I don't get any pity points. I didn't try hard enough in high school and I didn't realize the significance of going to a good school but I'm not fooling myself when I say that, I know I'm not smart. There are tons of people who put just as much effort as I did and got into MIT/ivies or whatever.
Sometimes I think to myself, "hey, you can always just try really hard in college undergrad and then get into a good place for your masters." But who am I kidding? I'm not going to suddenly change into some genius or start grinding math, I'm just going to play video games and do nothing.
I've been scanning the web for people who feel like their in a similar place to feel but I haven't really seen anything like that (maybe I'm just blind). But I just want some solace in the fact that I'm not the only fuck-up who regrets where they are now.
17 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Maybe this will change in time but I'm more interested in the pursuit of knowledge than I am working a practical job. I think a job outside of academia might feel too repetitive but then again I'm not sure. Just a hunch.
I'm not talking about transferring out of ICL but into. They don't accept transfers. I'm not sure how you convince a better college to accept you or which colleges take transfer students. I haven't done that much research but I thought ICL would be the easiest from the elite to transfer into.

But you're right, I'm kinda retarded, I haven't done much research into transferring.
You're fuckin fine dude. Only rich morons go to elite schools for undergrad. I don't really give a shit if you believe me, but I'm a postdoc at the highest ranked school in my field which is also one of those "good schools". I got straight up told to not give a shit about teaching because the undergrads are fuckin retards that chimp out if you give them a hard exam. There are some doors an Ivy will open but mostly for business and other dumb shit. Try hard in undergrad, do research if you can, and you'll get into a good grade school. That's what I did from the shitty generic state school I went to and now I'm super fuckin glad I didn't go to an Ivy for undergrad (actually Brown kids seem fine, but the rest are trash and Dartmouth is literal brain-damage-teir)
if you're interested in the "pursuit of knowledge," in my opinion your goal should be to do as much school as you can stomach and then turn it into a hobby in your free time as you hold a job. as long as your academic pursuit is something like mathematics which can be made lucrative, you will have time to continue learning what you like later in life.
i was always convinced i was going to stick with academia but the closer i get to the end of the schooling track the more i'm attracted to holding a job and enjoying the learning on my own.
in any case, if your interest is in the pursuit of knowledge, you will make a path for yourself at whichever university in which you learn just as much as you would anywhere else.
Even though the point of this thread was to wallow, thanks for everyone that gave some advice and motivation.

File: Nuclear-Wind-Solar.jpg (100 KB, 450x296)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
is there a case for nuclear energy to be in the energy production industry in the future? is it too costly? is it too dangerous? is baseload power a meme?
113 replies and 21 images omitted. Click here to view.
Comment is too long so I would add this

Assuming that your 100,000km2 was the total of land, divided by 791 oil rigs, then each one consumes just 126km2. Which is realistic in oder to provide energy for both the USA and the world
Bear in mind that the USA is the biggest exporter of oil in the world.
Solar panels cannot even power a city without causing widespread destruction of habitat.
>There is over 791 oil rigs in the USA alone. Assuming that your 100,000km2 of land was actually on the surface, and each one consumes as much land, then that's 79,100,000km2!
70M+ BIGGER than the surface of the USA
el ogro dos americanos...

>No, it is NOT irrelevant. My 30% is just an estimation.. Brits have reported that as much as 60% of their electricity are being lost on the grid.
Yes, same thing that happens with every other power source.

>You are going to consume 10% of desert

>All in all, is possible that you would destroy as much as 20% of desert habitat just because lmao solar panels

>Solar rooftop are too weak to make you independent

>Solar panels cannot even power a city without causing widespread destruction of habitat.
Yeah but hydro plants are situational
Hydro is landlocked, but it's definitely a good way to make energy and should be applied where it can
Thorium is a meme.
The future of nuclear is in nuclear fusion reactors. Hydrogen is the most abundant resource in space.
It's fusion or bust

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