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File: 1593610215497.jpg (485 KB, 2560x1440)
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485 KB JPG
What scientific advances can we expect till the end of this century?
How drastically will the world change over the next few decades?
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>implying there won't be a fertility rebound in the rest of the world

fusion energy
stop being retarted, bio life extension is much easier then mechanical life extension
>especially old elites never dying
no, they can still be assassinated, also ambitions young people would likely flee Earth for space colonies
See >>11887459

>However, after five or so generations, the breeders (high fertility lifestyle, high fertility preferences) start expanding as a share of the population, slowly at first, but gaining in rapidity once the laws of exponential growth make themselves felt. On the above chart, the French, the Dutch, and the Anglo-Saxons might be around Generation #5. It is also at this stage that there emerge what we might call “breeder cults”, such as quiverfulls, or that Dutch community with an average TFR of close to 10
>What about stop sending anything to Africa for free ?
>Africans are kind of the unproductive masses who have NOTHING USEFUL to offer except their FUCKING NEEDS.
You got a source for that?
The human spirit has survived for 1000s of years. It will never be broken.

File: 13468285482872872.jpg (45 KB, 827x1255)
45 KB
Lang edition

previously >>11877613
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So... standard track?
File: 1.png (80 KB, 148x268)
80 KB
What if I told you that CS was applied mathematics?
I'm 19 lmao.
ok now count nothing in 6 different ways, you fucking number monkey

File: phant.jpg (36 KB, 531x556)
36 KB
My vote is for Raccoons or maybe Bears.
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I liked your story.
If we're lucky they'll evolve in a millenium
dat nigga in the background liek, what the hell.
Darwinism is still here but it took a weird turn. Survival of the fittest, but fitting in with the environment now means being cute gives a survival advantage. Fluffy bunnies will be protected, slimy worms have poor odds.


>people actually believe this is going to happen

Lets talk about your opinions on the top STEM unis in the UK:

University of Oxford > cool on paper only
University of St Andrews > Nobody will remember where you got your degree from
University of Cambridge > Has a nice Library, dream academic student life.
Durham University > looks nice, thats it. Nobody's first choice
University of Birmingham > Do people chose to go here?
University of Southampton > very big brain chioce, top ECS
Imperial College London > sperg world, but im applying
University of Warwick > poor taste, extremely ugly
University of Manchester > Brian Cocks!!!11!1!
Lancaster University > why is this on the charts... who?
UCL (University College London) > not the strand polytechnic
University of Glasgow > too cold, dump
University of Bath > nice logo, wish it wasn't so sporty
University of Nottingham > brainlet land
University of Leeds > don't get the appeal
University of Bristol > for stem you can do better
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I do mech eng at soton, I thought about how life at a london uni is probably a lot different as many people commute in. I think the style where everyone lives close is better socially.
Despite southampton as a city not being that great and being quite naff.

Now that you've mentioned you prefer the social aspect of Soton over UoL im wondering what else you like? Im about to start and from this thread i've heard lots of negativity about Soton. Are you glad you're there as opposed to somewhere else? Is the engineering Department as good as it is said to be(comparative to Imperial for facilities and teaching)?

Just quite nervous and want to hear whats good about Soton.

Fair enough, I'd heard the physics courses at Oxford were ridiculously mathematical but hadn't actually heard much beyond that and I've never bothered to compare the courses.
Take your meds
I went to Lancaster and beat Oxbridge/Russell students for my first engineering job. How do you incels (I also had sex at uni) COPE?

File: particle-chan.jpg (516 KB, 2880x1800)
516 KB
516 KB JPG
Sup /sci/
Posting here for the first time. I've been watching videos on youtube about quantum physics for dummies and found out that particles will behave differently while observing them. So my question is: Does that mean particle-chans are so shy they don't want scientists to look at them?
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>tfw you love scientist-senpai so much you go into superposition
File: Pat.gif (53 KB, 220x220)
53 KB
Because pat!
Can you cum inside particle-chan?
With dick of your size, sure

File: Spermatogenesis-1.png (52 KB, 194x395)
52 KB
It is common knowledge that sperm cells regenerate, while eggs do not. Sperm cells are created through mitosis originating from diploid spermatogonium cells.
However, the science on the creating of these spermatogonium cells is less clear. They come from "primordial germ cells" which are the same cells that turn into nonrenewable eggs in female fetuses.
Are these primordial germ cells affected by atrophy? Or are they able to indefinitely create spermatogonium only using nutrients from the body or something? The science is very unclear here.

Is he our guy, /sci/?
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Lex should just cancel his podcast because he doesn't have the right personality to elicit amusing conversations. This goes for nearly everyone else in the podcasting world - they're all dry and boring.
He made me lose hope.
If you strap masks of girls on 3 logs of woods, he's the guy who'd kill people in a trolley problem to save the "artificial intelligence."
Tools should not be considered human, "robot rights" will fuck because of people like him, because once big corps can make play-pretend ""conscious"" things, they will sucker punch humanity into the abyss for redundant profit
Find someone that can string two sentences together.
>His podcast in incredibly awkward
INTJ problems :^(
God is real. Check em

I want to build a robotic female. I want to be the first person able to build an android that is indistinguishable from a human being, in mind and body.

And my question is, what field or fields should I study? I will obviously not be able to cover every single field needed for this, so what should I invest my time in?
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File: index.jpg.jpg.jpg (15 KB, 225x225)
15 KB
>robotic female
How can a robot be female if it's not born with a XX chromosomes?

Is being female purely a matter of looks? or is it female in the way the robot thinks? and can the robot switch sexes simply by welding a dildo onto it?
good luck building bullshit
go work 7 hours a day for to spend 3 hours with a life women while i get to spend 12 hours because it is more conservative to live with a doll+ai which can simulate a life like women experience
go pay child support and give 50% of wealth to your SO, after a post nut clarity come talk here
1st go study college for 6 years, then work for another 50 years because you wanted a women with life, dont even know what being conservative is, dont realize you can live a free life without working if you live alone

How the fuck is this shit still a thing? There is literally no treatment. What the fuck do scientists do all day? We need to lock them all in a room and start going through all the diseases of humanity one by one and if they don’t figure it out within a year we start killing one scientist a day. We’ll go in descending order of disease sufferers, so we’ll reach tinnitus in not too long.
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Its all in your head.

I have a slight form of tinnitus which only shows up when I hear very loud noises. It sounds like interference, like a buzzing sound on my ear, whenever there is a very loud bass noise.

I had checked it out by a doctor, got studies conducted upon me, where they made me listen to a series of pitched sounds and the buzzing was not triggered by them, because the sounds weren't low enough.

Doctor concluded that what I have is "a medical mystery, sometimes we just don't know".
That's some major bullshit.
File: 1582021135413.jpg (38 KB, 522x525)
38 KB
its actually just spooky ghosts trying to wave their hand through you trying to get your attention me and Kobe chat all the time
That's normal, it's the distortion from the sound being too loud. Most people assume it's the loudspeakers and ignore it.

File: hawking.png (107 KB, 933x500)
107 KB
107 KB PNG
why was he so oblivious to metaphysics?
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Did Hawking really say this? Do we have a source? I am only a dummy who read his simple books but, it seems a little different from what I know. Maybe he was sugar coating things.
I >>11886445 saw him speak too. I could not get him to sign the books.
You're hilarious. You should have a standup gig or something.
>And we indeed, rightly considering objects of sense as mere appearances, confess thereby that they are based upon a thing in itself, though we know not this thing as it is in itself, but only know its appearances, viz., the way in which our senses are affected by this unknown something.

why are so many people ignorant to this?

File: 1437253239237.jpg (81 KB, 770x770)
81 KB
Are whites genetically closer to blacks or neanderthals? Please provide a source.
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You really like posting this anon, I commend your persistence at baiting.
What's baiting about it? The photo he posted is exactly what it claims to be. The social sciences have won the war against the hard sciences. There's nothing good about that outcome.
So what you're telling me is that chimpanzees and humans share a common ancestor?
No way!
File: 1592033852909.jpg (200 KB, 778x675)
200 KB
200 KB JPG
ultimately this proves nothing. There is about three times as much of this shit available of africans than there is of amerimutts
So niggers are a different species? Good to know!

File: 48ca994c0eb7d0bb.jpg (407 KB, 1080x1055)
407 KB
407 KB JPG
ITT: stories of professors being brainlets

>be me
>lecture on theoretical CS
>dumbass professor only knows math and has no idea of how programming works
>he actually claims you cannot write a computer program that checks whether another computer program will halt

This was today. I went home and spent literally only 10 minutes in javascript to write such a program. Dumbass brainlet professor will be so embarrassed when I show him the code next week lol
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No but like you can have abstract vector spaces. they only "look like numbers" because they obey field axioms
File: TIMESAND___FFractal.png (3.59 MB, 1920x1080)
3.59 MB
3.59 MB PNG
It's a spooky dungeon.
Is there candy? Toys?
File: egads.png (139 KB, 444x388)
139 KB
139 KB PNG
>new professor's first year teaching Lab Tech
>got the job because daughter of senior proff
>figuring out amount of reagents needed for experiment
>calculates we need 0.001 mg of sodium for a solution of several liters
>very clearly, obviously, horribly wrong
>nobody says anything or notices/cares
>raise hand and tell her the math is wrong
>"No. That can't be, anon. We used the formula. It can't be wrong."
>my aspergers triggers
>tell her I went through calculus 1 through 4 and can tell her with 100% certainty that her little arithmetic doodling is wrong
>she doubles down. "Well, this isn't calculus. This is chemistry and in chemistry we do it this way."
>tells assistant to fetch her 0.001 mg of sodium
>comes back with a speck of dust worth of Na
>I refuse to do the experiment
>everyone else does it like a fucking NPC
>experiment fails miserably
>she never talks to me again

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
when a prof does something stupid don’t confront them if you know what’s good for you

Glory to Allah for allowing Earth to bring Islam to Mars!

26 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
At this point, Israel is literally an American state
File: melon.jpg (500 KB, 1280x1707)
500 KB
500 KB JPG
>arabs on mars
That's real fucking dune, muad'dib.
It's going to be amusing when there are Muslim on Mars and they have to stand on their heads at times in order to pray in the direction of Mecca. Good thing that the gravity is lower so doing handstands will be easier than on Earth.
jesus i hope not
why not

File: bigpic6cr.jpg (65 KB, 781x337)
65 KB
Scientifically speaking, how many multiverses are there?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Ideally 1, but likely the multiverse is cannot well-defined.
>scientifically speaking
We live in a universe not a multiverse. If you argue otherwise, you'll need to provide evidence, not a theological argument.
The multiverse is just a naive way of conceptualizing the idea that our universe is not the only one. Our universe is all that exists. If something else exists which can interact with our universe, then it is also our universe. If there are other universes that we cannot interact with, then they don't exist. The multiverse is not some bookshelf of universes. There simply may be several realities that exist each from their own perspective, but with no temporal, spatial, or other manner of relating them, they each are nonexistent from any outside frame of reference.
This. Nice God dubs too. :^)

File: lain open.jpg (48 KB, 371x327)
48 KB
Anyones else afraid of naturalistic/secular immortality?
There are many views of phsyics/cosmology where personal identity survives or the person survives without his memories. Bolztmman brains,many-worlds immortality, poincare recurrence.
This isnt religious at all but its scientifically possible our ride literally has no brakes

concepts to discuss ITT.
>personal automatic immortality
>brain-dependent conciousness model
>what IS personal identity?

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