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File: iran_scientist.png (737 KB, 1781x798)
737 KB
737 KB PNG
what the fuck, we're killing scientists now?

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this one's just cause trump wants to stir up as much shit as he can before biden takes power, so he sent pompeo over to tell israel "we know you want to kill that guy and we don't care if you do". the hope is that biden inherits a war in iran, which everyone but a brain has known for decades will go INCREDIBLY poorly for the usa
with a brain*
Could that list be incomplete?
>you can help by expanding it
File: gerald.jpg (9 KB, 226x249)
9 KB
>Gerald Bull
wow I just read his wiki entry
>"Although it was in the immediate interest of both Israel and Iran that Bull discontinue his co-operation with Saddam Hussein, he had worked for many different parties in many critical defence projects, and had become both an asset and a liability for several powerful groups simultaneously.[20] Due to Bull's past ventures, it has been speculated that besides Iran or Israel, the CIA, MI6, or the Chilean, Syrian, Iraqi, or South African government could have been behind his assassination"
imagine being a dangerous weapon purely because of what's in your brain, pretty badass

File: image.jpg (110 KB, 1242x567)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
Where can I find studies that aren’t behind bitch-ass paywalls
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Just get a bunch of money so you don't have to worry about paywalls in your life. That way you can read any paper you want and learn more about new creations in the scientific community.
i wan to cum down her fucking throat and force her to swallow my jizz
anon is everything ok
I understand being horny but this...
Why is she so fat. Is exercising really that hard?
she's a fucking programmer of course she's a fatass. blame movies and tv for the dumb fake stereotype of female hackers being cool and sexy when they're really just a bunch of fat fucks

File: 1400967008479.jpg (20 KB, 616x462)
20 KB
why is there only one "octave" for our perception of colours, unlike for sounds where there are multiple octaves.

Like why can't we see red but an octave higher like we can hear an A note but am octave higher?
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I'm not criticizing you, I'm criticizing the data.
we have glasses
also, the colours that we encounter in our everyday life that are not from natural sources (i.e. ones we are evolved to percieve well), are chosen by people; so chosen among those easily percieved if that is what's desired
OP you're drawing an unwarranted comparison between musical pitch classes (A, F#, Gb etc) and colours, they aren't analogous.

An octave is a musical interval where the frequency of one note is double that of the other. So for example A4 is traditionally tuned to 440hz, A5 therefore is 880hz. So in light, an "octave" higher colour is just a colour with twice the frequency of another.

The reason we label notes with a 1:2 frequency ratio with the same letter has more to do with human perception and the evolution of western music theory than anything inherent to spectra.
You can all stop posting.
I want to see the sky the ways birds see it.

File: images (1).jpg (237 KB, 2048x1428)
237 KB
237 KB JPG
Hello /sci/, curious but not scientifically literate anon here, what i wanted to ask of you is how are atmospheres formed? To my current knowledge it is like an envolopment of gasses that create a sort of protective layer around our planet, (if im incorrect please correct me) if this is the case what keeps it held there? I assume gravity but perhaps its something else? Is there a way to trigger this to happen on other uninhabitable planets to start terraforming them?
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>nitgrogen makes up 80% of our atmosphere, and is also a key nutrient for plant growth. nitrogen is continually transformed into and out of it's gaseous state by organic process.
And how does that contradict the fact that it's gravity that keeps the atmosphere from floating away into space?
its actually the magnetic field that keeps it from being blown off into space. also at play are chemical reactions that convert gases to solids etc. gravity is important but obviously there is much more going on. otherwise mars and mercury would have thick atmospheres like venus and earth.
There's a difference between being blown away and floating away.
Can someone explain how Earth has kept its atmosphere?
Gravity is the force that keeps the atmosphere at the ground.
Forces that try to separate the atmosphere are solar wind and heat in general.
Atmosphere is produced by meteors and outgassing and other chemical reactions producing gasses

Titan is able to have a thick atmosphere because it's a large moon (larger than mercury) with a high gravitational pull, it's very far from the sun meaning it's cold and experiences low solar flux (also partially protected by the magnetic field of saturn) and it's made of materials that produce an atmosphere like water and ammonia which replenish the lost atmosphere as a result of tidal forces heating the interior.

[eqn] e^{ix} = \cos \left( x \right) + i \sin \left(x \right) [/eqn]

Name one equation more based
yo mamma + my dick = sex
I don't care what the surgeon called it, you will never have a real penis and will never be a real man.

File: 1584907889857.png (120 KB, 800x712)
120 KB
120 KB PNG
Is economics actually a science?
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>that scientific arguments are informing the decisions of economists.
They are using experiments but they aren’t scientific experiments.
You can never prove causation
To calculate the acceleration of gravity on the surface of a planet you need its "radius", but obviously planets don't have a "radius" because they are not perfect spheres. You can use an approximation or you can test the prediction of variations of your distance to the center of mass (variations of "radius").
>imagine isolating variables
It's kindof bitter sweet when you think you're arguing with an idiot online, and then they go ahead and prove it.
On the one hand you were right, they are an actual idiot and that feels good, but on the other hand you end up feeling like crap because as it turns out you just wasted a whole lot of time arguing with an idiot.

Fuck you. Kill yourself.
and back to high school
(or the church since marxism is a religion and not science)

File: turing.jpg (48 KB, 450x600)
48 KB
Imagine choosing to major in something that was literally founded by an autistic faggot.
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Imagine choosing to major in something that will land you a 150k job immediately on graduation.
oh shit anon u got me
brb gonna go cry in my lambo funded by my 300k faang job
What if I'm also an autistic faggot?
codemonkey moment
>Memes about "neurotypical normies, etc." that equate boringly commonplace cognitive sub-normals with actual, and rare, geniuses, are both pure delusional cope, and satire at the expense of that cope at the same time.
Please read a book on how fucking grammar works holy shit.

File: 3x (1).gif (41 KB, 112x112)
41 KB
I drank two liters of energy drinks + alcohol 4 hours ago and I feel very jittery. Was pretty dumb. Kinda scared now. Is there a high risk?
Oh...you're fucked now, OP
Sorry OP, caffeine + alcohol actually react to form a dangerous compound called D toxin, you should go to the ER soon or you may end up with serious brain damage if you don't.

So the Gibbs free energy from atp to adp via hydrolysis Is -7.3 kcal/mol, where as the gibs free energy released by adenosine tetraphosphate to atp is -67.47kcal/mol. If a engineered myosin, actin and myostatin atpase protein were engineered to use The tetraphosphate ( assume that a novel organelle produces it in muscle cells) that muscle should produce 9 times the specific force compared to a regular atp driven muscle? How can we practically achieve this? 9x strength isn’t super man territory or anything but it would still be cool as fuck
This would be more captain America/black panther level strength
You're assuming that just because 9x more energy is available, the muscle cells will convert all of it to usable work. Do you realize muscles and connective tissue aren't meant to handle loads much beyond what we can already handle?

What you claim may making benching 300 lbs easy, but if you try to go harder then you'll break your tendons or some shit.

This mechanical limit is more fundamental.
>Super strength
Jeez missing the obvious application here, ATP is anerobic if you can provide energy to the body anerobically, even just a tiny little bit you could probably save people from stroke damage, heart attacks, drowning. This is certainly worth looking into but not for the reason you think...see
More energy/ATP molecule wouldn't help stroke victims

File: mike tyson.jpg (22 KB, 1024x546)
22 KB
/sci/ humor thread
File: 702.jpg (79 KB, 650x560)
79 KB
Man, I wish I could get my hands on Degrasse's legendary weed stash.
Degrasses's grass if you will.
File: ITT WE BELIEVE.jpg (50 KB, 720x960)
50 KB
File: 2020-11-29_015059.png (245 KB, 1095x599)
245 KB
245 KB PNG
seriously... what is the answer to this?

One hundred consecutive heads edition. Previously: >>12387355

Talk math
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IIRC the only two common methods for doing it were:
>literally just expanding the expression and hunting down some pattern
>finding a differential equation that the function solves and using it to compute coefficients recursively
Someone else might know of some other trick.

learn about exponential generating functions
you would get head...... or tail.....
go back to stats 101 and learn about binomial distribution
I have a calcII final in two weeks i'm scared anons it basically determines if I get to pursue engineering. wish me luck pls

What did the chemist say?
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I think obesity is due to fatties eating too much.
>Chemistry has slain one of the four horsemen

>Also XKCD
>No the coronavirus is super dangerous if you go to work you are gonna die
More like endemic and large scale warfare. War is when the guys the next village over bash your head in steal your cows, and carry off your daughter. Conquest is when 50,000 Roman soldiers march into the capital of your empire and enslave half the population before telling you that you are Roman now.
>What did the chemist say?

The chemist didn't say shit because then they could be liable for billions in damages. They're hoping to escape notice, or confuse you with their cyclohexopropanol language so you can't stay interested, so they can keep making the BIG MONEY.

File: covid.jpg (67 KB, 976x549)
67 KB
So let me get this straight:
>Vaccines, even the ones for animals, typically take 10 or 20 years for proper testing. COVID-19 ones will be tested in less than 1 year total.
>Instead of going for tried and true methods (like inactivated virus vaccines, like china is using for their citizens), all western companies decide to use super modern techniques (mrna, chimpanzee adenovirus), that have never been applied to humans before.
>People are ok with this.

I understand the average scientifically illiterate public being alright with this, but why isn't academia freaking out? People are literally paying to be test subjects. Anyone using an mrna or chimp adenovirus vaccine when an inactivated virus one is available is willingly being a test subject for the biggest immunology experiment ever ran in the history of this planet.

Please tell me I'm wrong and explain how. I'm freaking out over this.
112 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
Niggers aren’t people
A relatively small portion of the population has had covid, without a vaccine literally everyone at some point wil have it and about 1% will die, in the USA that's like 3.5 million which can be mitigated by fast tracking a vaccine, there's really no argument against it
Well if you believe the CDC's latest report, 30% of Americans have already had it, though we don't know how long immunity lasts.
There's nothing wrong with asking questions but they've already been answered, mRNA has literally no long term effects on the cell it's put into and it allows you to produce the antigen of the virus the way an infection would making the application of antibodies far more accurate than a cultured protein.
Which means the total deaths will go up around 2-3x without a vaccine, which isn't really ideal considering effective vaccines are ready to be rolled out

>It's your social responsibility to get vaccinated
>No, its not free
how are flu shots not a grift, if they were important to get they'd be free
Your insurance doesn't cover it? What are you, a poorfag?
What are you talking about? I've never once paid for a flu shot in my 37 years of life.
Then you're either so young the flu doesn't matter or so incompetent you should be euthanized before sucking up any more social security money.
lmao the Safeways around here bribe people to get the shot. Not only free, they also give you a 10% discount on your groceries.
Oh, you've paid for it through insurance premiums and taxes, you just don't know it.

File: tristan_harris.jpg (192 KB, 2048x1080)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
how do I become like pic related anons, and in academia too

wanna end up in japan brehs, or just doing something CS + cool psychological shit
literally who
brainlet filter success

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