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File: DH1.jpg (707 KB, 720x1103)
707 KB
707 KB JPG
We're back at DH, baby!

The newest issue is finally out and it sets up the first fully canon confronation of Jei and Usagi in decades! Even more, we actually got something we were wondering about during each yearly Usagi storytime: an actual official timeline! Well, a part of it, but it's still great news.
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Calm down bro, i just felt like being silly. To be honest, i saved all them except the last 3. I can reupload some of them for you, he’s already shared most of these commission sketches before in previous threads. It’s not the end of the world.
i may have spent too much time on /v/. It didn't even occur to me to interpret your post any other way.
If you're actually willing to reupload what you have, then thanks dude.
>spending time on /v/
I only have my phone rn because I’m a faggot so this is all i have. Dude has great taste when it comes to ideas https://imgchest.com/p/ej7md5lq7dl
once in a blue moon they have good threads
but yeah that's a question i ask myself every time i bother to check
oh this IS good. Thanks. If the thread survives until you or someone else has the opportunity to post the rest then I'd appreciate it, but if not then I can be satisfied with this.

The way simon finally realized that betty sacrificed everything for him was well done. I mean, Simon sacrificed himself for her too, but he never really realized what she left behind by staying with him. Even when Fiona asks, "So you got on the bus with her?" he responds, "what? why would I do that?"

And after spending time with Beth and reading Casper and Nova's book, Simon finally understands. He finally understands everything Betty sacrificed for him and his choices. He finally understands that everything could have been different if they had followed the path of Betty's choices. And in the flashback scene, he tries to change that, he tries to go with Betty on the trip, but he knows that's not what happened. And he knows that this cannot be changed. And I think after all this time, he might finally let her go, when he stayed behind instead of going with her on the bus.

The metaphor of betty leaving on the bus and leaving simon behind was magnificent. But the metaphor of Simon being like Betty's dandelion was also extraordinary. I mean, Betty blows him away like a dandelion, wishing he could finally live his life on his own, in peace, and the way he wants, in the happiest way possible, without having to worry to bring her back at all costs. Because everything that's done is done, and you can't go back.
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the final fight feels shoehorned
>The way simon finally realized that betty sacrificed everything for him was well done.
How did he not already know this? In the original Betty episode, he practically begs her to move on from him and let him die, but she doesn’t and spends the rest of the show trying to fix him. Even as Ice King he calls her out on it
While I like the message of Simon realizing he has to try something different than what he would logically do in hopes of getting another ending, I hated how petty Betty was about Simons choices and that he didn't want to do what she wanted. Betty made her own choice to follow Simon and now she makes it out like it's Simons fault she's suffering for him, what a bitch. I never liked her introduction in the original show and she ends up being the shittiest part of the new series as well. Betty is glorified to the point of being obnoxious and trying to gaslight the audience into thinking everything is Simons fault shows the writers are still putting her on a pedestal.
Yes, it Was good. But I prefer more the OG universe where it was just adventure time rule 63 only, now fionna and cake tended in the same Boeing universe but with a magical chat.
Besides the plot of Gary and Marshall was really bad disperse, you have no idea how angry i was whrn it passed from vampire post apocaliptic world to a predictable gay romance (that was better stablished in the last chapter)
Yeah, its really fucking weird. Was Betty going with Simon on an expedition not a better choice by both of them than going to look at some glyphs? I took it that Betty would rather have followed Simon than continue whatever she was going to do. I mean its a choice they both made together, its not like one person doing a CYOA book.

Betty's career and what she wanted to do matter, but it was never illustrated as a conflict in their relationship. They both just came off as shy nerds trying to form a connection, never Simon forcing her down a path of increasingly high stakes choices with bad outcomes.

I mean unless the whole point is that Betty was the one making the shitty choices that ended in choosing between Simon dying or forgetting him forever, but if that's the case they didn't do a good job of illustrating how her choices kept ending in increasingly bad ones. It also misses the point that everyone has to make increasingly shit choices, and that's just fucking life. We like to think maybe if we did something different the choices become less hard, but they don't.

File: hqdefault[1].jpg (15 KB, 480x360)
15 KB
Antoine sucks, why do people say he's their favorite character?
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>why do people say he's their favorite character?
They mean the Archie version. Comic Antoine is my favorite FF as well.
Archie Comics
They imagine him as a frenchy femboy.
Because of Archie, he got character development and transformed into a badass.
SATAM Antoine just sucks.
I think he gets better in archie and its reboot, though the reboot design is wierd because I can’t imagine rob paulsen’s voice coming out of it, in fact, I can’t really imagine any serious moments with antione with rob paulsen’s voice

File: 1680784925632.jpg (568 KB, 2160x2880)
568 KB
568 KB JPG
Why did /co/ hate this show so much? It ended recently with little fanfare.
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You sound like a pedophile. There are proper forms to artwork.
Guns and Pepe being banned from this are basically the only things I've ever heard about it.
The characters move their bodies, and especially their faces, in impossibly exaggerated ways. How the characters say their lines is at least as important as what they're saying. It's not just illustrated radio.
Guns came back in the second season, but nobody is allowed to be shot on-screen. A character only gets shot once, and we don't see it happen. They walk off-screen, we hear the bang.

File: E8mgyCOXEAMPnb9.jpg (50 KB, 775x500)
50 KB
WHY ARE THEY ADDICTED TO T&J CHUCK JONES CARTOONS!? There are a lot of other Tom And Jerry cartoons other than Chuck Jones, most likely because he was “legendary".

If you think metv airs alot of chuck jones, they've also been airing alot of famous studios Popeye for some reason even more than the chuck jones era tom and jerry. It's like Famous studio is their favorite era and thinks that Fleischer stuff only has black and white stuff in it.
Bump 4 interest
More interests pls? Any thoughts?
You actually get up that early just to watch cartoons?
People can record programs and watch them later.

File: bettyfarewell.png (845 KB, 1069x607)
845 KB
845 KB PNG
>Simon is now selfish and evil for making Betty turn into a demon in order to keep him safe from the crown

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Selfish, yes. Evil, no.

People can be flawed without being evil
Not surprised the most brainless /a/ posters are the one's that leak their diarrhea opinions into this place
do you guys just try to find any little thing to twist out of proportion so you can get upset? do you not realize how unhealthy this type of living is not to mention miserable?
>inb4 political rant / dyke / tranny

This is stupid beyond proportion

The show makes it clear that he was flawed but ultimately she didn't regret it, and they parted ways peacefully

File: apartment.png (498 KB, 593x511)
498 KB
498 KB PNG
Does Mickey live in a house or in an apartment make up your minds.
He lives wherever they want him to.
in half of those he doesn't even live in the US
why are you asking
Feetfags get the rope.
The day of the shoe is coming.
Came here to say this. Not everything is
A lot of classic characters are just tossed into situations so we can watch how they interact with the environment. Nobody is watching bugs bunny or laurel and hardy and being like "WHAT?! In the Arc de Triomph episode of 1946 they said they were allergic to turnips!!! How the hell is he eating that? I sure hope someone was fired for that screwup!"

File: fozzz.jpg (221 KB, 1200x600)
221 KB
221 KB JPG
Am i becoming a moralfag or adult comedy cartoons now are just "It's funny because innocent people died"?
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What is it about Dan Harmon that attracts so many normalfags? It's like he has them under a spell.
File: IMG_1627.jpg (25 KB, 569x428)
25 KB
Its more like "moralfag" is one of those buzzwords that lost all meaning. The whole idea of a moralfag was that they'd morally posture about shit like
>You're pirating stuff!
>You're being mean over the internet!
>You guys are gossiping too much, think of how this celebrity feels!

The original idea was that the moralfag of a given thread was mostly fingerwagging at people over things that most people don't give a shit about. Even in threads where OP was doing something incredibly fucked up, the moralfag was the person who made it their mission to let everyone else know that they were bad people for watching the shit show.
It becomes meaningless whenever its directed at anyone who says something is fucked up. Yet I'd argue the true criteria of someone reaching "moralfag" status is that they're going after people whose supposed immortal actions are inconsequential shit like pirating a tv show episode or making fun of a celebrity in a 4chan thread
To build on Satan's point, Venture Bros is a parody of Johnny Quest and old action cartoons so the violence and gore is part of the humor.
Every adult comedy cartoon is just an animated version of The Unfunnies, right down to the lead going “MAKE THE ART SHITTIER”.
Didn't ask

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>she was only 17 years, 11 months, and 29 days old
god I just miss the simple episodes from season 1 and 2. guess im glad that happened and my memory of the show wont be tainted by what it became (dropped it during the mulan sauce shit)
Too low IQ I presume. You wouldn't get it
>In order to succeed we must put my guys in charge
>Even though we have already succeeded without them
Setting aside their respective sex crimes, I don't see how anyone can read this and come out on Harmon's side. He just step-by-step walked through the plan he carried out using his clout to gut the show of its unique creativity and fill it with a roster of croney writers who can churn out infinite mass appeal slop using *Zombie Simpsons* as inspiration. He then expresses bafflement that Roiland checked out.

It's telling that Rick Potion #9 is the only episode where Roiland has sole writing credit and it's far and away the best episode. Roiland made this series good.

File: 1668026367203197.jpg (1.34 MB, 1280x1965)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB JPG
A boy dies in this.
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Will marvel have the balls to introduce moloch and baal
Roy Thomas
The well is under Yggdrasil
It's the only good thing about this comic.

Reject Adventure Time.
Embrace the Krapopolis.

We have Matt Berry!
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
fucking how?! one good look at the description and the animation I could tell it looks like another Seth MacFarlane wanna be show. What's so good about this trash?
It looks indistinguishable from R&M, SO, or LD
>He's got filtered this hard

File: stroke my face.jpg (115 KB, 1280x720)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
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mike the hardcore + awesome
>making an entire class watch his hmofa schizo wish fulfilment
Was it based or cringe?
Extremely based
Mega cringe
Incredibly basinge

File: tt.jpg (65 KB, 1080x720)
65 KB
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Tbf the original run was until 2006. So unless you got to college early, most college students were at least alive during the original airing. This also doesn't include reruns so we have a few more years before we reach a generation that only knows Teen Titans Go
Where's the spin off
>Somebody posted this before me.

It's typical of women to blame you on their bad decisions and or misfortunes in life.

This show is just like real life.
15 replies omitted. Click here to view.
No matter what you say, the only guy blaming Simon was always Simon.
This board is so fucked man. no not even /co/ just media discussion in general....
Actually they retconned a bunch of other stuff in to make Simon selfish after the fact
That was Simon's line about how he could have been better.
Uh... it's as much Betty's fault as it is Simon's. But Simon had the power to stop it, while Betty didn't.

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