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No, really, what is the appeal of this genre that allows it to continue choking the medium of comic books to death? Is it really just the power fantasy, or are people really deluded enough to buy into MUH JUSTICE? Fucking hell.
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>I guess I don't really get why specifically superheroes are given that label.
Think of the poster child of capeshit: Superman. Compare how society viewed a man like him to how the Greeks viewed Hercules. There you go.
The key word in (>>125856912)'s definition is "hero". I think an easy rule of thumb is if the character habitually saves lives with his special powers, he's a superhero.
That’s honestly a very loose definition
Well, capeshit is a loose genre.
Even if you narrow it down to just DC and Marvel, their superhero stories are patchworks of different genres (detective stuff, war stuff, spy stuff, romance, etc.) stretched over the basic framework of "these people have powers and save normals from danger".
So from what I've gathered from this topic, the OP doesn't want to read cape comics, euro comics, indie comics, manga, or any mainstream companies that are not Marvel or DC.
Retard I'm pretty sure you just don't like comic books. Why are you here?

Elena Manetta is a storyboard artist at Titmouse working on kids shows. She also attaches her NSFW art to her real name, and even apparently draws porn of real people she works with. How is she still able to work in the industry? Are there any other professional artists this brazen?
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Because nobody actually cares if artists draw porn.
File: 1620354730053.jpg (136 KB, 764x1160)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
>A Green Arrow artist did dickgirls
and god damn did he draw that book well. And I found it funny when some people tried to stir up shit on twitter about a year back and everyone just was like "Let Otto draw what he wants"
>A literal prostitute is writing a Superman/Lobo comic
doing good so far too, helps to have a horney artist on it
if you want cartoons to get better, don't dox the ones on /our side/. tl;dr fuck off
Is her lewd art good
>She also attaches her NSFW art to her real name, and even apparently draws porn of real people she works with
Holy BASED I'll have to check her out now. Thanks OP.

File: 1632096096436.jpg (533 KB, 1040x1600)
533 KB
533 KB JPG
Legitimately, why do comics push the multiverse so much when they aren't willing to commit to it?
Despite their constant insistence that EVERYTHING MATTERS, only one, relatively boring world in comparison to other Earths matters. And the few alternate versions that do get pushed are either actually good like say Terry McGinnis or Miguel o'Hara, are seemingly important but actually irrelevant, or completely ruin everything like the Batman who Laughs.
Half the time comics go for the idea of HOLY SHIT THE MULTIVERSE IS ENDING LET'S FORM A BIG TEAM ACROSS THE MULTIVERSE TO STOP THAT, but only the scant few actually important members are the ones that do anything of real value.
Because it sells.
Because it allows them to have a big apocalyptic catastrophe without having to actually do anything meaningful to the main status quo.

File: Whats worth reading.jpg (117 KB, 427x640)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
Which Robotech comic are worth reading?
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literally me
I don't know, have you tried looking up some Macross Manga? It's not like Robotech is a living franchise anyway.
Robotech had the better theme music.
I don't have my old PS2 and my copy of it tho
File: 1191410863076.jpg (34 KB, 576x409)
34 KB

File: pop_sci.jpg (39 KB, 375x500)
39 KB
My brother left me with a huge collection of Popular Science magazines. I always loved reading through them whenever I had the chance.
So now I want to try and buy some older ones. There are droves of copies from 11935-1945 on Ebay but there seems to be a very limited number of copies older than that. In fact, the only one I found that was older than the 1920s was this one from 1896. However, Popular Science began in 1872 so I think it'd be really cool to get a copy of it. So now for my question: where on earth could I look to find one? (or any other antique copies)
libraries maybe, or big ass 2nd had book shops. But most of that stuff has been destroyed
yeah that's what I had feared. was that they had been ruined or destroyed. I only had some hope left because of the extensive documentation of the 1872 copies on the Internet Archive.

File: rorshach nite owl.jpg (121 KB, 893x470)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
Is this scene supposes to prove that Rorschach was gay or that he is such an awkward sperg that he is incapable of displaying even the simplest of affections like friendship?
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Moore and Gibbons didn't do anything in Watchmen that wasn't extremely deliberate. They didn't have to directly parallel the Dan/Laurie to show Rorschach's awkwardness, but they did. And that means something.
I know I told you what it means, to assume Rorschach is gay is absurd considering his whole character goes against every single perversion, I guess it would be left up to the reader
I would imagine Rorschach is largely asexual but also is so fucking starved for friendship he probably wouldn't turn down an opportunity to fuck the only person he even remotely considers to be a friend. If Owl offered, haha.
>his whole character goes against every single perversion,
his entire character is built around hypocrisy. And I'm not even saying he's consciously gay or attracted to Dan, but it's stupid to think something in Watchmen only means one thing and one thing only, especially when compared to its directly parallel scene.
>Watchmen only means one thing and one thing only, especially when compared to its directly parallel scene.
You're right all I'm saying is the emphasis in both pages was meant to portray a level of awkwardness, Dan is awkward around Laurie because he's attracted to her and Rorschach is awkward in general and never really shows any emotion even the simplest of ones like camaraderie and friendship

File: 1585204465149.jpg (38 KB, 361x361)
38 KB
Why don't normalfags know that Marvel makes non-superhero comics? Why is it difficult for Marvel to create and market non-superhero comics to a mainstream audience?
The big two both suck ass at marketing their own products. The absolute best you can ever hope for is the monthly solicits, and that's simply inadequate.

>Marvel makes non-superhero comics
They do? Aside from the licensed stuff, I've never heard of this.
>They do? Aside from the licensed stuff, I've never heard of this.

They had the line called epic but I was pratically nothing. Also they had a magazine that was just a weaker heavy metal.

File: Avengers_vs._X-Men.jpg (45 KB, 250x383)
45 KB
Notice it happened years before Inhumans mist got out.So Stop blaming the Inhuman franchise for it.
Man, Infinity was so long ago. And it didn't even amount to much aside from Kamala.
anon the X-Men were running a murder squad in the third volume of X-Force (February 2008) because they'd officially given up on trying to be heroes or having any kind of moral high ground, just naked fascism at that point

at the same time, Cable was being pursued by Bishop through possible alternate futures, where Bishop tried to cut off Cable's hope of being able to fix his time machine and return to the present by simply committing genocide over and over until the future Cable was trapped in was a fucking wasteland

before that, in Deadly Genesis (2006) it was revealed that Xavier had wiped everybody's minds of the knowledge of the long-discussed "third Summers brother", Vulcan, who had been eaten along with his dick team by Krakoa before the "original" X-Men team was formed, and that wasn't even the first "Xavier is a dick and runs a shitty militia" story by a long shot

>the laziest writing in a generation didn't amount to anything

quelle surprise
These two universes shouldn't have been connected in the first place, crossovers are cool but the Marvel and DC faggotry lf having this "big" interconnected universes with all of their franchises just leaves it full of weird holes like cheese.
I never understood why people praised Infinity so much

File: IMG_1989.jpg (326 KB, 1124x1420)
326 KB
326 KB JPG
I thought this was supposed to be a Flash movie
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It doesn't matter if it bombs, he's of a protected class
WW84 was a disaster and they're still making WW3
>Batman is a gold mine
>2 Movies and 1 spinoff with Batman bombed recently
No, decent writing is a gold mine. And I mean decent as in 6/10BarelyTrying kind of writing.
there hasn't been a DC movie with Batman in over 5 years DCuck

I know time is a mystery to you people but half a decade ago does not qualify as "recently"
Even the people saying Batman is flopping are "DCucks" now? You meed to seek help for your obvious mental illness
who she/it?

File: 1610941823879.jpg (852 KB, 1935x3035)
852 KB
852 KB JPG
Is there a better character dynamic than a brave strongwoman and her young plucky sidekick?
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Where to find men who are into beeing gently dom? Is there a site somewhere where you can find men like this? Where do I hunt or is it up to luck?
There are gentle femdom threads in /soc/.
File: Spoiler Image (1.31 MB, 1748x1240)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB JPG
Neat, thank you for the directions.
File: browntp.png (2.02 MB, 1095x2181)
2.02 MB
2.02 MB PNG
Fandom is too small and gay so you barely find /ss/andiego content

A comic called "Lucky Penny".

Graduates in one semester.
Takes the same 101 class as max?
How does that work?
Based chad
Free elective?
do you think there were sophomore girls with daddy issues getting in line to fuck goofy? that would've been hot
Goofy is the ultimate Chad in the Disney universe.

File: Samurai jack.png (1.54 MB, 1920x1080)
1.54 MB
1.54 MB PNG
>That episode where samurai jack got turned into a himbo
You mean waiter.

File: file.png (2.19 MB, 756x1148)
2.19 MB
2.19 MB PNG
this is essentially Way of X #6
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I remember a plot point in X-Factor where Siren was like “yeah he’s dead but he’s not dead dead cmon we’re X-men it’s a matter of time”

Which seems rational and smart
Wasn't there supposed to be a Moira series that explained the hidden life?
What happened with that?
I honestly can't tell if that plot was supposed to be serious or silly, because in contrast to Siren's flippant attitude towards her dad's death everyone else was sad and mournful.

I think the general consensus is it got fucked by covid
Pretty sure that got scrapped along with Hackman’s third act.

File: file.png (945 KB, 960x720)
945 KB
945 KB PNG
Return the slab
What is yer offer?
File: rebootoriginalseries.jpg (139 KB, 625x473)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
Do you ever wish you were Reboot CG
Return the Slav

File: more crap.jpg (90 KB, 960x540)
90 KB
What are episodes from shows you like/love that are unbearable, either because the content is too gross or mean-spirited, or whatever reason?

This one right here. It really grosses me out. Like, the fact that they're all so close to Randy's literal shit, and imagining what that must smell like makes me gag.
3 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
The part where they call the woman from the records just to reveal Randy hasn't called yet is hilarious.
People get shit out of their mouth all the time.
Yeah that was pretty fucking funny.
>The shitting out the mouth gag was funny because it's impossible.
No, it's possible. Just not turds. If your intestines get backed up, it will end up in your stomach, where you will throw up.
Liquid shit pouring from your mouth.
Well more like, shoving food up your ass and pooping from your mouth makes no sense.

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