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File: 1564887685849.png (971 KB, 474x751)
971 KB
971 KB PNG
>an entire issue devoted to logan and jean alone together on a satellite, half naked
>logan kisses her than kills her

just WHAT did scott do to piss marvel off so much?
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Well she got better... then she died again because of Magneto.
It was Jean's fault.
of course it's woman's fault.
>Something happened
>It is Jean fault
Next you will tell me water is wet
Well, it normally is.

Appreciate him he’s cool. He’s my favorite character in the show because he’s a cutie pie.
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Where are you guys getting your screencaps from?
>86 posts
>15 posters
R u alright OP?

File: 1462650127875.jpg (17 KB, 500x366)
17 KB
Is Cow and Chicken really that bad /co/? A ton of Cartoon critics dislike it for some reason.
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I love this show!
CN was so consistently good and full of quality until fucking Mike, Lu and Og. Fuck Mike, Lu and Og.
No one cares, man.

Not that it matters or anything, but Feiss actually worked on the pilot and first season of Ren and Stimpy as an animator (and as one of the animation directors).

File: 4276.png (233 KB, 800x1160)
233 KB
233 KB PNG
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Conflict set up and resolved in a week, and by the walking deus ex machina no less! Nailed it jeph!
No, it's a far left thing my /pol/-loving friend.
I think that might be an IRL conspiracy theory.
Phew. It's a good thing all conflicts get quickly and easily resolved. Wouldn't want things to get TOO interesting.

File: 100 Wolf.png (492 KB, 806x569)
492 KB
492 KB PNG
>human boy is a werewolf
>gets turned into a dog instead
>falls in love with a girl dog
Isn't that kind of fucked up? He even keeps her as a pet at the end.

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I was going to upload that scene just because of how fucked up it was, but content id is flagging anything over 30 seconds so I could only get half of it. I'm glad this shit is unlisted.

File: 1527833249449.png (593 KB, 1334x750)
593 KB
593 KB PNG
>they're used for money laundering/tax write offs
fucking hate this shit because they dont fucking care about what they produced even when it was good and then dont fucking air it after it's already produced
Saw the movie, I must say I really liked they went for the full wolf transformation instead of the furry dream.
is there a download link? with the moonstone too?
It is available on Kimcartoon
And LotM has not been released yet

>Big Hero 6 is set in an alternate history timeline where Japanese Immigrants & Americans shaped San Francisco in their own image after the 1906 Earthquake.
>It looks WAY too Japanese than American
>More Japanese signs than English
So was it an earthquake or one of those WWII axis victory timelines?
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Just turn your brain off.
Miami has been completely changed to a point it has turned into New Havana. Literally more then half of the people here speak Spanish and more so then English even.

So I can see it happen.
>Eat your hamburgers, Apollo.
>one of those WWII axis victory timelines
Obviously that. Why else do you think that world is a veritable utopia of scientific advancement?

Depending on the butterfly effects, whites and Asians could be on better terms back then. For all we know, the POD is set centuries before America is even founded.

But the movie is not meant to be a serious exploration of alternate history. The setting solely exists because Disney was too chickenshit to make a film set in modern Japan, like the comics.

File: 1498846829309.png (599 KB, 680x514)
599 KB
599 KB PNG
No but seriously, how did this happen?
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Seconded. Post video.
Every part before this was cute and wholesome and also based because Pearl is hot.
Maybe its just a joke. Dude might have hada crush on her when he was like super young when it came out and its just a joke. Then again its like 4 episodes, shit gets stale after the third time so maybe am wrong. Atleast she is not a lesbo
Because it a drawing, by following this logic anytime you see a picture of a child and think it cute you should be on a FBI watchlist
its different thinking its cute and jacking off to it. but desu alot of loli porn are just really girls with flat tits. typical stuff you see in like, 18teen type of porno. There IS ofc actual pedo loli porn but I dont think most are but tags are shit.

Post characters reactions when they google their own name.
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File: 799.png (246 KB, 533x399)
246 KB
246 KB PNG
>Implying it isn't this classic
We all know Daffy would outwardly hate it but secretly love it because he's a narcissist deep inside
File: Candace on the computer.png (455 KB, 1128x734)
455 KB
455 KB PNG

File: DoomsDay vs MHA.png (1.25 MB, 1136x488)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB PNG
The entire cast of My Hero Academia VS Doomsday , who wins ??
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I think a trained Eri could counter his ability to evolve
How's he gonna do that when he's been compressed into a cube? Not all powers work the same way. There are weird powers that could silver bullet doomsday. The wild wild pussycat that can see his weaknesses can just tell everyone what they can do and then the precog guy can tell them how to accomplish the goal.
He’s too fast and butchering everybody, the minute they get near him, they’re slaughtered. Long range won’t help because he can close the distance faster than anybody
That's not how doomsday fights when fighting people weaker than him. He toys with them. He explodes things. He throws shit. He doesn't speedblitz every opponent. Remember when blue beetle survived doomsday smashing his face into stuff? If that was shiggy, doomsday would be touched and dusted. That's if he wasn't compressed first. Hell I'm not positive the elastic guy wouldn't be a bitch for doomsday. Oh shit, forgot the Yakuza guy who could just explode doomsday and reassamle him as a part of his own body to turn into a weird Akira.
That kind of just "nuh uh, batman's suit is AKSCHULLY made of kryptonite so Superman can't just punch him" territory. Nothing has been shown to resist Shiggy's disintegration yet and I think we should give him benefit of the doubt. His ability is already impractical enough as is.

File: 1571989291178.jpg (1.52 MB, 2599x3764)
1.52 MB
1.52 MB JPG
As /co/ emerges from quarantine, how did this place fair on lock down? like garbage
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File: 1393734014160.jpg (866 KB, 1280x1826)
866 KB
866 KB JPG

I'm doing great. Some people set some police vans on fire in my city tonight and the media made a huge fuss but things are calm and relaxed in the streets as I collect gubmint dollars (and I have ranged far and wide at all hours of the day so I know my neighborhood is quiet).

I've been taking the time to get healthy, make stuff, catch up on my reading, and watch classic films. Phone sex my GF. The good stuff.

Just finished reading Vampire Loves by Joann Star. Pic unrelated.
ITT: 350 posts of /pol/ vs tumblr ensue

Nice feets
Me at the bottom.
File: 1571954151997.jpg (893 KB, 1202x1800)
893 KB
893 KB JPG
I chose to embrace papa nurgle's blessings.

File: -5986580475949727288[1].jpg (146 KB, 1000x746)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
Have either Outrageous Animation (1989) or its sequel Too Outrageous Animation (1994) ever hit DVD or Blu-ray?

They are movies that are actually collections of 22 or so independent adult animated short films from several countries
I've seen both before at a summer movie festival, but information has been hard to find
Outrageous Animation includes
Great British Moments (Peter Mudie)
Another Great Moment (Peter Mudie)
Dialog (Dragutin Vunak)
Erection (Guido Manuli)
The Four Wishes (Michel Ocelot)
Jac Mac and Rad Boy ... Go! (Wes Archer)
The Jump (Neville Astley and Jeffrey Newitt)
Love At First Sight (Pavel Koutsky)
Lupo the Butcher (Danny Antonucci)
Maxi Cat's Lunch (Zlatko Grgic)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Expiration Date
Use Instructions
well at least The Animation Show got three DVD volumes released, though I've heard there's differences between what's on the DVD's and what was shown in the original festival format

This looks like something MTV would have aired.
Speaking of Liquid Television:

What could be done to make this show better?
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In college I ran a radio show where I’d have student musicians, animators, filmmakers, and other fun people come on and talk about their work, and all the media they love that inspires it. Honestly one of the best decisions I ever made, and it was so exciting picking apart people’s brains and dreams like that. That’s my favorite thing about Clancy, they really communicate his excitement whenever he talks to someone new. I learned a lot about people and their creative processes and made a ton of friends in the process, it’s so clear that Duncan sees the value in what his guests have to share in that. I guess when you’re familiar with how the medium is cooked, it really hits home. Incredible and unique show.
The animation was nice but I have a low tolerance for rambling hippy bullshit and stopped after two episodes. I think I'll watch the rest of it on mute. Some pink Floyd style music would have worked a lot better for what the show was trying to be.
Nothing, the show was great as is. It's a brand new concept for an animated series, and the podcast intercut with the main plot was fun. Plus the MC was cute and made benis big.
Brainlet post

File: faith.jpg (31 KB, 193x270)
31 KB
cute and funny

I have a lot of nostalgia for this comic. One of many graphic novels I read in my free time at high school.

Especially after the popular PotC movies came out. There should have been an explosion of pirate comics.

This niggas whole backstory is i was friends with hitler
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By birthright you are the highest noble and ranking class in the entire kingdom. Then suddenly everything changes.
Your best friend from childhood, who few days ago was a nobody, has become the avatar, and now hes the highest noble and ranking class THE ENTIRE FREAKING WORLD!
Then after being outclassed by your best friend, next he's stealing your childhood crush from you.

Sozin is kinda an the adult child who became king, who happened to be betrayed by his best and only friend.
Roku didn't steal Sozin's crush. Roku was always the one with the crush on his future wife. It was implied Sozin shipped them.
Yes, that’s what a royal lineage means, retard.
I don't think that was ever the issue, Sozin was super amicable with Roku all the way up until he laid down the law about not encroaching on the Earth Kingdom. Then he never let it go.
Excuse me, did you just assume Roku and Sozin’s destinies?

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