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Why is she such a cutie?
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File: Cigusa e5ryy11.png (1.09 MB, 2255x2232)
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File: 1494782456393.jpg (94 KB, 512x704)
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File: 1637350305241.jpg (142 KB, 741x1185)
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The weak should fear the strong.
File: raven.jpg (128 KB, 758x1024)
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god I hope PH never stops drawing
File: spirit.gif (879 KB, 448x336)
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879 KB GIF

Currently watching this shit and it's hilarious. Why is everyone so mad that it got a movie before Family Guy?
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File: Screenshot_4213.png (274 KB, 1227x695)
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274 KB PNG
I'm going to an advance screening of it Tomorrow night.
Pls report back to confirm the 15 minute fight scene between Bob and Teddy.
Heard it gets pretty brutal.
File: WHAMMO.gif (634 KB, 500x279)
634 KB
634 KB GIF
Bob's Burgers had an interesting first season, and then the show improved further in Seasons 2 through 4. For that brief period, people thought it could reach the same highs as King of the Hill, including me. Season 5 had a few noticeable hiccups. And then in Season 6 the show just started to nosedive, with a big low being the episode where Tina takes this horse-riding course but ends up riding a make-believe horse at the end. Season 7 finished rounding off Louise's corners, to the point where she even cries in front of Logan, a high-schooler who she near-fearlessly antagonized before several times. Since that point, the show has had more and more episode separating the kids from the adults, with the kids doing one thing and then Bob and Linda getting roped into some incidental character's problem/hobby/etc. I can't help but feel like the actors sound bored voicing their characters.

I'm disappointed to see the show be as awful as it is now and I just want it to end. I think the show's last great episode was "Housetrap".
hey Seth maybe if you spent less time seething about better cartoons the Family Guy movie would actually get made.

Post the most obscure waifu that only you know.
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5stars, buddy! Great Work!
Are you in the mood for some duck matures next time?
Source? The usual tools have failed me.
No prob, mang.
Thank ye

Depends on the duck and if I can get the spare time before weds.

>TFW you realize that none of your childhood heroes will get a happy ending because it is more "exciting" to subvert expectations
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These are the only two good comments in fucking thread. Thank you whoever made this, it made me all giddy.
I suppose that Season 1's Industrialization and Modernization of the world is fine...but season 2 fucked everything up.
The Spirits are their designs became pokeomon like, the spirit world as a whole changed, once inaccesiable to basically everyone unless they were highly spirtually enlightened like Iroh or the fucking Avatar.

Bending, once established in the story as a inherit natural abality which was later developed over time via the study of nature(Study of the Moon and Tides for the Waterbenders, The Dance of the Dragons for the Firemen, etc) became powers which were given to people by lion turtles.

Even the Avatar itself went from the human reincarnation of the Avatar Spirit to simply a fusion of a human and spirit.
It's on her twitter fella
Yang shipped Zutara fr or is this a meme?
>percentage of how much Korra likes cock
It's weirder this is coming from someone who was defending her but whatever, better than fucking Scrapper I guess
>It's on her twitter fella
Pinned or somewhere down on her timeline?

File: th (2) (10).jpg (16 KB, 474x355)
16 KB
>Night of bug party at your bosses house
>career depends on you showing up and looking nice
>son draws all over your shirt because your daughter keeps telling him some fruity stories about some flying green poof and a bunch of faggy pirates
>tell her to stop
>film presents this as an unreasonable demand
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He was just stressing out and took it out on the dog, when he gets home has a few beers and chills he'll realize how unfair he was to the dog and go take her for a walk in the park, just the two of them.
>Sometimes that's the WORST thing in the world a father could do

Absolutely fucking wrong, and even the most naïve and sheltered child should realize that.
Is it weird that I've always wanted to see his adventures with Peter Pan?
Even while putting the dog out he apologized to it and gave it a fresh bowl of water. And its not like he put the dog out in freezing cold or bad weather, it was a clear summer night in a gated yard in an upper class neighborhood.
No, I wanted to see it too.

File: the flag.jpg (84 KB, 900x900)
84 KB
Bold babes, Plucky plucksters
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Honestly if her hair just got blacker over time it'd be funnier. Like the classic scene of a woman finding a grey hair and freaking out but instead one freaking out at no grey hair.
Then there’s the matter of Steven’s growing gem superstrength, which only makes things more exciting for Priyanka because you wouldn’t catch her dead ever asking Steven to be gentle
>The bell rings ending the school day and Anne dashes out the school
>Anne noticed that sprig hadn't made it to school today but maybe her boyfriend was just sick. Surely that's why he hasn't been answering her texts throughout the day
>However it didn't become clear what was going on until she texted her mom asking whats for dinner
>after a few minutes of no response she received not words, but a voice memo
>Anne put her headphones in to see what her mother said but was immediately greeted with the sounds of deep breathing, moans and very audible plapping
>She reaches home and kicks open the door, dropping her bag to the floor and sprinting up the stairs not missing a beat, her mind the last hour in school was only fixed on what she was about to uncover
>Her mothers door is open almost inviting her in, the air steamy and the moans of a boy she knows all too well almost echoing down the hall
>Reaching the door she is greeted by her boyfriend Sprig, straddling her mothers chest as she lay on her bed, the young boy's waist almost a blur as he is lost in her mother's brown chest
>Moooomm I told you to stay away from my boyfriend
>Her mother leans her head back to greet her daughter, her face covered in the boy's fluids. Just how long have they been going?
>Hi honey I didn't hear you come in~
>Sprig looks up mouth ajar lost in pleasure but sees that Anne is obviously displeased with the discovery
>He breaks rhythm from her mothers chest and walks slowly towards Anne
>Before she can raise her voice to voice her disdain Sprig plants a deep kiss on her

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>robot girls love him
>scientist moms love him
How does tuck keep winning

Raven has died. Who can replace her?
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Yeah, I said it
Wanna fight about it?
yeah, but it's going to be that Indian, bald Jinx from the comics, not the emo one locked in the animated series.

File: BOIcover.jpg (1.34 MB, 1000x1545)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB JPG
Why don't any of the demiurges just forcibly take her key?

KSBD thread
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File: BOI130.jpg (958 KB, 1000x1546)
958 KB
958 KB JPG

… listen…
>.... left index finger twitches, slightly. Incredulous look. Annoyance and surprise. Straightens up, dawning realization.
thank you anon
File: 1647800234077.png (394 KB, 599x563)
394 KB
394 KB PNG
What kind of shit is on twitter that should have been in the comic?
Was Kinzo Royal?

File: 1538586826747.png (150 KB, 609x572)
150 KB
150 KB PNG
They are right you know.

File: Aquaman vs namor.jpg (499 KB, 1424x950)
499 KB
499 KB JPG
>successful movie that made a billion
>have one of the best modern cartoon that will soon be a cult classic.
>not one, but two fan favorite sidekicks
>arch nemesis is also cool and iconic
>most enjoyable character to play in injustice
>so many good comics

>most iconic moments is drowning people and stealing a man wife
>always lose to Black Panther
>literally zero good comics.
>nothing icon or memorable about him, only loved by crazy people online.
>most enjoyable character to play in injustice
Aquaman players should kill themselves no skill faggots
Namor! Hard R.
File: 1558135186074.png (428 KB, 724x855)
428 KB
428 KB PNG
>so many good comics

You've never read any of them.

>literally zero good comics.

*laughs in Bill Everett*
Throne of Atlantis had a animated adaptation

File: has he lost his mind.jpg (2.64 MB, 1870x2811)
2.64 MB
2.64 MB JPG
Probably a question asked 3000 times but, how is it true that Iron Man wasn't popular before the MCU started in 2008?
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the 90s were absolutely dominated by X-Men
>The only well liked version of him was the ultimates version
>Actually it's because ultimates stark is litterally based on RDJ and he's the most well liked version of the character.

Did Mark Millar write these posts
Pre-MCU he wasn't as big a deal. His comics mainly had him dealing with problems of his own making (thanks to arrogance and alcoholism). Then they school special-ed his ass for a while and he became a dry drunk before he eventually slid in to being an officious asshole. Then the whole illuminati/incursion thing happened and I'm not sure if that was before or after the MCU started up.
Bendis introduced the Illuminati back in like 2004 and tried to say it was around since the Kree/Skrull War (which made no sense if you actually read comics before Bendis)
Tony didn't actually become a complete asshole until 2006's Civil War and its tie-ins, any reading of old comics to justify saying that Tony was always an complete asshole is really selective retroactive reading by 00s fans/creators to justify Civil War. While he was arrogant, and sometimes did things that were assholish it wasn't on the level of what happened in Civil War.
The incursion stuff happened under Hickman in the 2010s, while the MCU was already running.
>Spider-Man, Hulk, and Wolverine (and I guess by extension the X-Men) were tier 1.
>Fantastic Four were like tier 1.5.
>Iron Man, Cap, and Thor were tier 2.
>The Punisher was like tier 2.5.
>Dr. Strange, Black Panther, and everyone else was tier 3.

42 replies and 16 images omitted. Click here to view.
Seen all of top row besides Cars.
Only seen TS3 from row 2.
Only seen Turning Red from row 3.
Made for Filthy Mutie Raceplay
Inside Out was good
File: Chinky-Sanitized2.png (635 KB, 1617x1282)
635 KB
635 KB PNG
Sorry, I don't understand the words "racist" or "cease" because my first language is Chinese.
Would have turned into a school shooter instead

I'll definitely be rewatching Multiverse of Kino more times than I did No Way Home

Oh no, an elf with a gun!

File: charbrown.png (674 KB, 1004x700)
674 KB
674 KB PNG
Anyone watching Snoopy Presents?

I've been watching a lot of classic Peanuts recently, having missed most of it the first time round. Didn't really know where to begin so just watched a few old stuff at random. It's been fun, good humour and I like the little skits a lot, even if some do miss.

Came across this new show and thought I'd give it a watch. Not huge on the art style but the voice acting is mostly solid. There are things I like a lot, things not so much. It's sweet, a little too sweet. I don't usually mind, but it just doesn't really scream Peanuts to me. A lot of the humour aspects and skits seem to be foregone in favour of an overarching story. Just a different style. None of the characters seem butchered so that's a plus.

Only watched 1 episode (It's the small things Charlie Brown) so can't judge it too much though. Your thoughts /co/?
398 replies and 207 images omitted. Click here to view.
peanuts threads are nowhere near the worst /co/ has to offer
1950 baby Lucy appreciation post
those eyes give me nightmares
Those aren't from Madhouse. Those are animated using assets from The Snoopy Show. You can find them in English here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rOAU8_V4PzY&list=PLPD3LCnamxhtOOpB4-0o3Hwguw8OLbH--
>Are there only 3 specials so far?

Yes, the fourth one releases in early August.

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