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File: netflix bullseye.jpg (135 KB, 1710x900)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
What did everyone think of the Marvel Netflix version of Bullseye?
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>I'd imagine if Disney gets off their asses and salvages the show
That sure as hell ain't gonna happen. Not after Disney specifically gave Kevin Fiege creative control over all of Marvel and he specifically went out of his way to kill Perlmutter's Marvel TV/Netflix Universe.
File: 773.png (648 KB, 950x537)
648 KB
648 KB PNG
Eh the main reason the Netflix shows were killed were due to Disney's plans to move the TV side of the MCU to Disney+ and cut out Netflix, however their contract requited a minimum two years from official cancelation before the characters could appear on any other platform. Even if Feige hates Perlmutter, and I know he does, Daredevil was a really solid performer and a fan favorite that consistently stood out from the other shows. He has to realize at the very least the character has merit and shouldn't just be brushed under the rug.
he looked better in the daredevil suit than the main actor.
I forget how wild the Ben Affleck movie was fucking Bullseye standing on a motorcycle throwing shuriken.
In the "more realistic, grounded" style he was awesome. It was really hard though

Name 1 (one) character who could beat him.
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File: 1247258214882.jpg (207 KB, 906x1280)
207 KB
207 KB JPG
this reminded me of how edgy I used to be
god I was such a buffoon
Not as lame as ocs
show art
That’s a weird looking oc

What is /co/'s thoughts on The Magician?
Fox Kids used to air this in Spanish. Good times.
Watched it as a kid on a German channel (ProSieben). I liked it. Decent action and whatnot. Gave me BTAS/STAS vibes cuz of it's futuristic aesthetic.

Bored the hell out of me.

File: JRHNBR.jpg (44 KB, 316x475)
44 KB
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I like them both
File: hev201129.jpg (192 KB, 900x439)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
What does this internet think of two-rider unicorns?
File: 10.png (555 KB, 1920x1080)
555 KB
555 KB PNG
How is every enjoying the equestrian renaissance? I can't wait to see Phoebe and her unicorn.
I wonder about the voices, and if Phoebe has different outfits

File: Penelope_Pussycat.png (73 KB, 340x454)
73 KB
Challenge for /co/: how would you make her so she's not just girl who Pepe Le Pew chases after or consensual love interest/girlfriend of Pepe Le Pew?
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Okay but what should her personality be? For example Lola Bunny in the Looney Tunes Show is kind of crazy, absent-minded and clingy.
That pairing was pretty cute. Probably won't happen again because of Lola Bunny but it'd be kind of cool if they established Penelope as being like Bug's ex.
Annoying bitch wife who Pepe regrets chasing for so long but now he can't leave because she'll murder him.
Character who comes off as confident and in control but is actually highly anxious when anything starts going wrong like the originals
I think they should go with this one

File: fed.jpg (96 KB, 724x1092)
96 KB
>"The thing about Finn is that being a hero was never really in the cards for him. The Finn we started with in the series was an immature kid who thought being a warrior was all fun, beating up bad guys and saving princesses. He never really grasped how dangerous and difficult it actually is to constantly save the day over and over, since someone was always there to bail him out like Jake or Princess Bubblegum. I think he finally got the message after he lost his arm, and we started toning down his need to be a super cool warrior in favor of more nuanced stories about the other characters, people who have been in Ooo for much longer and have more experience than Finn. But Finn not becoming a hero isn't a bad thing, despite what some diehards keep saying, because if Finn is happy just living his life without slaying demons, then shouldn't we be happy for him too?"
>-from the Sacramento Comic-Con Adventure Time writer's panel
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This will never get old.
If progressives didn't rewrite the 80s, 90s, 00s to be antebellum era tier racist and bigoted, there'd be nothing to be progressive about, that was probably the chillest most tolerant era of humanity ever, and might remain that way for a while. It reminds me of that image where an anon drags cardboard cutouts of SJWs and fire to the 4chan boards and then cries how they're invading.
I mean yeah?
I never got into adventure time because I could tell from the art style it was never going to be a good action/adventure series. If you fell for it then that's on you.
File: file.png (93 KB, 1100x1350)
93 KB
who drew this? I loathe signatures that are illegible
That's the thing, "Progressives" will never let racism die because that means giving up all the power "fighting" it has given them.
it's why they're always race baiting and shit, they're desperate to stay relevant.

Why does Trevor look like he's wearing Drac's cloak? what did they mean by this?

Star Patrol
This fills the SU sized hole in my heart.
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It’s sad how these people get triggered over a little furry art from an innocent pitch. Can you imagine these spergs watching Woody Woodpecker?
This whole place is shook over a few furries.
What babies.
eh, im not "shook" by this in the slightest. as a furry myself, i've seen way worse shit on the frontpage of deviantart

this is just a case of "the writer's poorly disguised fetish: the show," where it's not gonna get hammered in as much as the blatant "we have latinx characters guise." its gonna be funny as fuck to point it out whenever it does get put on display tho
Should we really kinkshame people who are trying to explore their sexuality through art?
No u won't.

File: Loomis.jpg (45 KB, 553x720)
45 KB
I've heard people here say that when making art that "You need Loomis".
How good are the Loomis art books at teaching how to draw?
I plan on drawing again next year and I want some advice on what kind of art books I should use to learn.
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Guess what, Anon?
Your drawing is going to be trash.
It's about drawing enough trash until you don't.
You don't just make great art.
No ofense man but that's incredible stupid
Find me any good artist who doesn't thoushands of shitty drawing and doodles and I'll find you a liar
i just wish i knew how to shade, i don't give a shit about any of this other stuff.
File: compcomp.png (385 KB, 1240x1754)
385 KB
385 KB PNG
You're on 4chan, nobody gives a shit how bad you are and neither should you.
I regularly make stuff for the drawthread and I have the skill level of a middle schooler on meth. I even got laughed out of fucking Deviantart for drawings like pic related, that never stopped me.

Do your thing,and if someone hates it, take his critique seriously and try to improve, but still tell him to eat a dick.
I now see the truth and, after some shoulder drawing exercises, I can feel it as well. It's tired but it feels good
Thank you anons, I hope one day I can delivery an anon's dreams unto paper in a drawthread someday.

File: 1599440688911.jpg (1.04 MB, 2231x4240)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB JPG
Or /coc/ thread if that's what you look for in the catalog.


Past threads:
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Is this like a glass helmet or like a hood behin his head?
ah, I don't mean lustbane specifically, I meant new things that's being discussed in general.
I don't think there's really been much going on in the general /co/verse. It's been mostly Golden Girl and other side properties.
I like this design.
File: Halfdemons.png (640 KB, 1000x1000)
640 KB
640 KB PNG
Decided to try a super lazy pass at some halfdemons.

File: 1606522758543.png (1.19 MB, 1154x1425)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB PNG
You left this unfinished.
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Which /co/ characters qualify as sufficiently tanned for California Gold? I'd like to have someone other than the rival from Kim Possible.
File: lyra.png (868 KB, 1219x1061)
868 KB
868 KB PNG
Not sure

Lyra’s kinda light-skinned, relatively speaking, so maybe her?
KyoAni seems to have dominated anime's look ever sine haruhi
paulina kinda does

It's been over 3 and a half years since the last comic was posted so I think it's safe to call it dead.
Gonna do a eulogy dump, but here's the mega if you don't feel like waiting.
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women that are average or a little dumpy and have poor attitude or shit clothing actually get catcalled more than pretty, well put together women with a good attitude and posture, because they display a lot less self confidence and are easier targets to bully (which catcalling essentially is)
don't expect you to believe or understand that because you seem like a human wankstain, but that's actually true
>easier targets to bully (which catcalling essentially is)

How come?
I’ve literally got a boss that wouldn’t fire an employee that could barely show up sober. We got into a fight over it after a piece of heavy equipment broke a clients arm due to her mishandling it. You couldn’t be more wrong.

File: sup bat.png (72 KB, 815x287)
72 KB
Where I can find these online? Does anyone have some rar, mega etc ?
(link: https://bleedingcool.com/comics/obscure-comics-batman-superman-33-annual-3-34/)

You know that scene where the green fatass called some fucker "clod"? I liked that one
66 replies and 37 images omitted. Click here to view.
Pink’s “perfect self” also was barefoot once she started mimicking human clothing, oddly enough despite standard Rose Quartz looks having foot coverings.
When Pink first morphed into a Rose she had the shoes
That’s what I mean. When it stopped being a disguise and became who she wished she was.

Greg and Steven likewise go barefoot. I think one of Amethyst’s forms does too.
Can she even eat?
A storyboarded scene that was cut is Amethyst and Pearl making her a birthday party to try and teach her about humans, Peridot eats the entire cake while Pearl looks on horrified. She asks what’s next and a gleeful Amethyst leans in and whispers to her about shapeshifting a human digestive system while it zooms in on Peridot’s horrified eyes. Then it cuts to the next scene.

Someone compiled all the storyboards for it into a gif that looks animated. But the size where you can read the dialogue is too big to post.

File: Kenny.png (236 KB, 588x700)
236 KB
236 KB PNG
ITT: We appreciate cute cartoon boys.
Get in here societal rejects.
316 replies and 186 images omitted. Click here to view.
that boy is out of control
he needs to be on a leash
>fapping to Cricket
>fapping to those two when Roach exists
are you saying Kevin and Taylor aren't getting fucked by Roach daily?
best couple
That humongous Jew nose is so cute on him

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