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File: A.D..jpg (212 KB, 1600x900)
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212 KB JPG
So this show has been feeling off to me lately. am i the only one? what do you guys think of the latest season?
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But she didn't have her purse with her. i wish they'd mention it at least.
Just realized. Shit.
I think Roger just mentions it offhand
>entire episodes with the Weeknd and one big Overwatch advertisement
worst season yet
The weekend one pisses me off not because of the shilling or whatever, though that was gay, along with the shit with Haley's celebrity sex list, but because I always hated those guest starring episodes where suddenly the characters have always been into their material and it's just never come up before despite the way they act coming off as if it's a big part of their life and interest. Shit's been happening since like Arthur to my memory.

But it was also just a terribly written episode in general. Not that there's ever been a case where something like Haley's story was ever written well with double standards and the like.

File: Rogues.jpg (370 KB, 900x1357)
370 KB
370 KB JPG
Why is it that Johns is the only one that can write them properly?
Because everyone else is more concerned about muh Speed Force. Though I should mention DC probably afraid of Barry getting upstaged in his own book. Just make a Rogues solo
Mark Waid seemed to actively dislike all the Rogues except Trickster. It's been a while since I read his run though so I might be remembering it wrong.

File: TOH.jpg (141 KB, 840x630)
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141 KB JPG
Just caught up on all the episodes. When is this coming back, bros? I need it.
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>pretty sure it was announced July on disney XD
>disney XD
You're not in reddit anymore kiddo
File: 1573998908344.png (108 KB, 565x565)
108 KB
108 KB PNG
>says the tripfag
read fanfics in the meantime
what are you favorite ones? non-explicit plz
I'm going through some Lumity fics but i'm slow
>What are your favorite ones
The ones I wrote. I have 3 but only one is sfw

This is a discussion for anything relating to Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, whether it be facts, updates, leaks, or theories. So, what are some things that we know already and what are some hopes you have for the film?
File: Immortan Joe.jpg (222 KB, 1920x1080)
222 KB
222 KB JPG
Wait, you aren't going to post fake "leaks"?
You're going to beg for fake leaks?
Just Google or something.
>and what are some hopes you have for the film?
I hope that they retain the creepy abstract vibe that Derrickson was aiming with this film before he was let go, because I really enjoy that aspect. I've followed his work since Hellraiser: Inferno and I was really glad when he got picked up for the movie. But seeing as Raimi is doing it, and he has a similar background, the end result might be just as good if not better.
The primary issue with these movies is studio interference. It would be best if Disney gives the directors as much creative freedom as they need, within their predisposed limitations.
I honestly feel the Directors styles come through in their movies pretty strongly, (for better and worse). Of course they aren't being given "world-building" control over the MCU.
'You'd end up with films contradicting one another like the Snyder-era DCEU. They are hired to direct, not to write scripts. Is that confusing?

File: looney-tunes-2.jpg (34 KB, 580x340)
34 KB
After a long time and quite a few sneak peaks LTC debuts tonight with the launch of HBO Max. Quite a few episodes composing of a couple of shorts each should be available tonight
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>I'm not Famicom, I'm new here, I checked out the guy and he got help, the link is right.
You realize that there have been people who go back to their old ways, or lie out of their teeth by claiming they're getting or have gotten help, only to prove that the opposite is true.
And don't forget
>always lies about it not being him when called out on his bs
The only reason I know the TMS name is because I watch Lupin and Conan. I'll never understand this autism about old cartoons and their production values and all this TMSfag stuff. Whenever I see TMS pop up I usually just forget about the thread because it usually takes it over in discussion.
So is Famicom64 a troll, real autist, or both?
An autist. He acted this way back in the day on Toonzone's forums, and he's gotten worse since.

I wouldn't be surprised if this is just him trying to hide that fact with the different grammar. But his tells, like the whole "It isn't famicom!" or the lack of proper evidence, are extremely obvious.

File: 1566360553519.png (188 KB, 512x512)
188 KB
188 KB PNG
>Check desuarchive.org before requesting - a link may already be available.
>If Desuarchive links are dead, specify in your post that you checked and want a fresh one.
>Encoding in Base64 is encouraged to prevent the spread and takedown of links.
>Use torrents for extremely recent movies.


>Cleopatra in Space

>Samurai Jack (Remux)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I can live with that, I guess.

Requesting Pixar's Out.
All I’m getting is the audio...
you rock
Seconding this.

File: DiC.jpg (8 KB, 480x360)
8 KB
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it's funny everytime.
File: unnamed (1).jpg (19 KB, 320x240)
19 KB
Ah the 80s
back when everything was made in japan
File: CpXQrefXYAACd17.jpg (29 KB, 400x303)
29 KB
and how!
Still say that AOSTH and Satam were not that bad, at least compared to their other videogame adaptations. Underground was terrible tho

What went wrong?
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Wish she could've sung at least one song as Melissa.
>>Futurama's literal last hope was a bender guest spot on the Simpsons.
When did that happen?
Season 1
>Time Travel
Season 2:
Season 3:
Robot uprising
Season 4:

Shouldn't have spent those seventeen dollars to have Milo rooting for the enemy.

Essentially this. It's possible to commit no mistakes and still fail, and that's life regarding Milo Murphy's Law. It does everything it is supposed to. It's a new show. The animation is adequate, significantly improved to its predecessor. It's different and had a bit more of an overarching plot. The humor lands on occasion. The songs are decent, diegetic or otherwise, though they do reuse some of them from P&F. I watched Milo before Phineas and Ferb and I still ended up liking Milo Murphy better. It does absolutely nothing wrong, and yet its sin is that it's just kind of boring and forgettable. I had a wee bit of trouble recalling the name of Zach for example. It doesn't go for cheap attention grabbing like making a character lesbian. Nor is it bad enough to be so bad it's good or cause derision from hatedoms like you might see with Roar! It's just there. 7.5/10. The airing schedule was also kind of weird and not particularly in its favor. A bunch at a time of about a week, then months between episodes, then a bunch in a week again, then nearly two years between episodes. I think it might find a new life in D+ but IDK.
7.5/10 is still pretty good as far as modern western cartoons go. I guess the bar is pretty fucking low though.
>Season 3:
>Robot uprising
>Season 4:
Says who?

>long praise of MML
Apparently your opinions are part of the minority. See >>115297620. Word of mouth can't help this show, unless you pull off a #ReleaseTheSnyderCut and empty out your allowance for self-funded advertising.

File: 1002942952-i00007.jpg (254 KB, 980x1308)
254 KB
254 KB JPG
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Man, I thought this would be an analysis about how Peter Parker's motivation for being a hero is pretty much anything but heroic.
He's not infinitely altruistic, he's just a walking guilt-trip because he feels a deep sense of responsibility whenever anything goes wrong. He's a hero to avoid guilt.
And........... that's not heroic?

I am starting to think it's Gary Groth who is creating these threads, because who would waste their time posting this or any of his articles?
Gary has good points, but writes too much, the end really goes ways of very dramati. Rorschach speech.
Based and Grothpilled

File: NAS.png (743 KB, 1240x586)
743 KB
743 KB PNG
Thrawn and Ezra in the unknown regions.

It will have Clone Wars season 7 animation.

Trailer reveal and official announcement in the next few days.

November 2020.
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Just an hour ago.
Since Palpatine was alive in the unknown regions will he be in this?

I think there is a very good chance we will get some sort of Exegol foreshadowing
That could actually make this really interesting to me
It's real?????

File: maxresdefault.jpg (163 KB, 1280x720)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
>Shits on every other animation before and after.
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nothing in the last decade has beaten it not even its fucking garbage sequel. media had the fucking nerve to say Steven was the next avatar.
File: korra smug.jpg (25 KB, 333x250)
25 KB

>He says without any capitalization or proper punctuation.
You're too young to remember the show when it was airing. The show was good for Pinky and the Brain and some occasional other sketches but 90% of the time you'd tune in for a horrifically unfunny ten minutes wasted on Goodfeathers or Runt & Rita.
File: PaSwG.gif (394 KB, 500x300)
394 KB
394 KB GIF
>Western Animators try to make an Anime.
>Better than most Western Cartoons but is average compared to most Anime
>Japanese Animators try to make a Western Cartoon.
>Does better than most Western Animators.
Go fuck yourself.
t. was raised on gangster movies.

Could the New Gods work as an animated feature like Disney's Hercules.
And wouldn't James Woods be an amazing voice for Darkseid?
51 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.

Because the New Gods were reborn after Final Crisis, but they were supposed to be younger and less developed. I think the term that was used was 'tribal gods'.
But not everybody got the message, so that didn't pan out very well.

Fuck Geoff Johns.
>Why the fuck does Yuga Khan have SOURCE MANIPULATION as his god power

Because some halfwitted hack read about the character and completely missed its point.
>Here is Darkseid's father!
>He is more terrifying than his son in every way!
>He can kill a planet just by stepping on it!
>He is interested in only one thing and nothing else, and that is knowledge of the Source - the one thing he can never have, and which renders him utterly powerless
>Orion is clearly Mac
>>Acts all tough but is a bitch
>>Secretly gay
>It’s perfect!

Why do you want Orion to be made into a bitch, anon? Does he make you feel insecure?
The closest we got to that was in Darkseid War Scott goes “rumor has it Darkseid gained control over an aspect of death when he came to power” and the story is just like yep, that story’s legit.

That’s it.

They’re basically saying the Omega Effect can assume direct control over a portion of death.
File: REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.jpg (245 KB, 680x1045)
245 KB
245 KB JPG
>t.Tom King.

>be me
>used to love the Silver Surfer as a kid
>the whole concept of sacrificing himself for his home, the cool powers, the exploration, the “tortured poet” archetype
>decide to read old issues again for nostalgia
>find him to be nothing more than an obnoxious, hypocritical coward and a general chore to read about
Anybody else have any such stories? Where you remembered characters differently and saw them through rose tinted glasses, only to give them a shot years and years later and discover that you’ve changed?
He's typically too much of a pacifist. But I have the feeling they'll let him loose at some point in the near future. Worthy Silver Surfer was a decent attempt at doing just that.
>Where you remembered characters differently and saw them through rose tinted glasses, only to give them a shot years and years later and discover that you’ve changed?
I guess I used to be a bigger fan of Lobo and Deadpool, but as time went on, I found their meta humor to be annoying more so than funny or entertaining. I prefer more serious characters now.
For me it was Preacher. At first it seemed like an awesome and deep tale of friendship, responsibility, and loads of black humour.
I reread it and it still had all those qualities, but there was no depth to them and Jesse was kind of obnoxious.
Cassidy was still great with next to no difference from how I remembered him.

The surfer isn't much of a character, his personality is bland and his power level makes little in the Marvel U a threat. He is better suited as a supporting/background character, you tell stories of Perseus, you have Zeus as a factor in Perseus' world not the lead.

The writers know this and basically told they wanted to tell with Surfer as a guest in his own comic. I really liked the v3 run but lets face it, Englehart and Marz wanted to explore Cosmic Marvel so Surfer was a good reader surrogate, and of course Starlin turned the book into a Thanos-led comic. Surfer could've easily been replaced by any other space-worthy (and durable) character and it would've had precious little impact on the series.
>too much of a pacifist
Exactly. Getting back I didn’t really remember that part, and sure, I could stomach it. But then you have him go on a Batman-Tier
>this genocidal maniac Space-Joker mustn’t die for I’ve vowed to guard all life
Rant when they’re all fighting Morg, and it’s just bad.
>Lobo & Deadpool
Agreed. I was a big DPfag (and a Moon Knight, Ghost Rider, Spawn, etc fan) as a teen, mostly because of the Kelly run. I liked that he was “Le sad clown” with a cool costume. But I outgrew him, same with Spider-Man. I actually have part of my wall in my bedroom that I did a painting of Deadpool, Spider-Man and Venom on (just a mixture of a couple of Skottie Young pieces), and it’s a testament to a sort of “dead era” for me.
That’s a good observation all around. I wouldn’t say that he has no character, just that, as you said, he’s very underdeveloped. He’s a sad guy who packs too much guilt, then explodes and is an obnoxious pacifist. The writers use him as a soapbox to project their Hippie mentalities, and he comes off as a literal bipolar nutcase. Remember that issue where he goes to Mephisto’s Realm, finds his parents there and then he just frees everyone and sends them to Heaven or whatever? Boy; I’m sure that serial killer was really glad to escape that place...

I don’t know. As a kid I loved him, but now I cannot stand him.
Most of the Ennis, Ellis, etc books I used to like as a kid/teen bore me now. I can still stomach V1 of Authority and love Planetary, but other than that, eh. Hell, I used to be a pretty big Luciferfag, but upon a reread I actively loathed him. Would would believe if I told you that Fables remains my favourite Vertigo book?
Holy shit that art is better than half of nuMarvel from the past 5 years

At least he got a nice bachelor party
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So what's the deal here?
So, she did or didn't decide to ditch kite man?
What did she actually say post Harley fuck?
Anyone got a mega? I don't cable.
What's up with the white bar? Censored ID?
File: SonJUlx.jpg (320 KB, 1024x756)
320 KB
320 KB JPG
>Kite Man

File: 1565020550849.png (1.24 MB, 1920x1080)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB PNG
>show acknowledges a fanfiction character.
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Hirsch clearly hates teenagers, since a lot of the jokes in the show were at their expense. All of them, including Robbie and Tambry, were just one dimensional stereotypes. Don't forget how Thompson was treated as a punching bag for laughs
do you not IM with prestigious doctors on the regular?
Man, the name change really didnt go over well. Derpy Hooves/Ditzy Do and Vinyl Scratch/DJ Pon3
This show just became too tryhard over time. Meta humor stops being funny or charming when used in excess
When will loud house acknowldge the sin kids?

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