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File: Member-berries.png (205 KB, 311x513)
205 KB
205 KB PNG
>membah member berries?
>Oh, I member!
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>What the hell do they have left to make fun of ?
There is a lot to make fun of; the issue is that they won't touch it.
>member when star vs wasnt some shitty relationshit depressing show?
These things are dumb.
One of the lines in Fractured Butt Whole is
>'Member Chun-Li's thighs?
which never stopped being a thing? Unless these horrible creatures are from a dark timeline in which chun-li's thighs got nerfed
They can 'member things that still exist.
Like Chewbacca
>they seem afraid to make fun of the woke left
You cannot be fucking serious.

File: image_2021-10-22_172748.png (1.77 MB, 980x1514)
1.77 MB
1.77 MB PNG
Last Stand
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So that's why he's called "Salami Dave."
Read the alt text. It implies he's pretty badly hurt at the moment.

File: lmgr.png (1.38 MB, 1920x1080)
1.38 MB
1.38 MB PNG
Post anything to do with golden age cartoons. Here's The Little Match Girl restored.

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it's sabbath, jews can't shitpost unless they do it for free, and they won't.
File: 4684943538468.jpg (3.15 MB, 4176x3528)
3.15 MB
3.15 MB JPG
It will show up eventually. I promise.
That's a dark age cartoon but it has golden age cartoons characters with it so...
File: Marvinmad.jpg (11 KB, 154x369)
11 KB
We need to post bootleg art about golden age cartoons.
File: 1634550196922.jpg (106 KB, 668x340)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
Like this!

File: 1634610540733.jpg (179 KB, 492x964)
179 KB
179 KB JPG
Who is the West in comic books equivalent of Hinata?
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Naruto is fucking shit
Gonna need the source for this champ.
Explain yourself. How is Liz her equivalent?
Her name is Hinata Uzumaki.
No. Source as in what doujin is the op image from. Of course I know who my queen Hinata is.

File: Screenshot (50).png (529 KB, 591x593)
529 KB
529 KB PNG
>Team A is top row
>Team B is bottom row

Which team wins?
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Everyone who isn't on Twitter is too cool for Twitter.
Bottom row outclasses top row in every way, for pure strength there’s no beating the Avatar
>half of the Red Lotus
Team B. What a stupid question.
Combustion chick got beat by covering her head with a metal sheet, and waterbender chick got beat by fucking mako of all people. Tell me again what makes them so strong?

Fuck/marry/kill-/co/ edition
Walk away from the bar
gas them all
You know, for how old she probably is supposed to be in that image, that Pearl is still pretty cute.
File: cantlook.png (215 KB, 522x253)
215 KB
215 KB PNG
Fuck me, that Pearl is the absolute spitting image of my mother...

It's her 65th birthday this weekend
I'd probably tap Amethyst, maybe old Garnet but she reminds me too much of my real mom even though she's not that old yet.

What do you think of this comic?
Looks like shit.

File: Joe.png (214 KB, 956x740)
214 KB
214 KB PNG
>Joseph wake up, wake up, if you don't I'm gonna cuck you
What did he mean by this?
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>Did Adult Swim started or at least caused the boom of the Analog Horror fandom?
I'm not watching the video so just explain to me how anyone could arrive at this conclusion.

Analog horror is probably something unique to this inter-generational period, directly inspired by multiple different people becoming intrigued by the idiosyncrasies of VHS media and late 20th century production values.
Apparently the Adult Swim video "This House Has People in It" inspired countless to produce similar videos shortly after airing on tv

No they didn't

People just really like VHS related horror found footage but hollywood keeps fucking tripping over themselves whenever they do try this so some rando's are trying it out themselves
Anon. Two or three episodes for exposition is fine. Sixteen episodes before getting to the real 'meat and potatoes' is just fucking ridiculous.
Not that original;.

File: 1634700131985.jpg (107 KB, 1169x693)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
Does she get it, /co/?

>For THE MARVELS, my biggest thing going into it was making sure I approached these characters as human beings and not necessarily as superheroes. I want to know more about Captain Marvel. Who is she? What are her fears? What drives her? How do you actually deal with being the most powerful being in the universe? How does that weigh on you? That's the sort of thing I want to explore.

>I like to call myself Marvel trash. Actually, my friends call me that. I will go see all the movies. Even if it’s bad, I’m like, "Well, there are some good things about this." I grew up with the comics. I grew up watching the Spider-Man cartoon and the Fantastic Four cartoon. I knew a lot about the Marvel universe in general.

>Something I like to say a bit flippantly about Captain America is that the Snap is all his fault because he was trying to do his best, trying to do the right thing. There is a world in which he’s a villain because, at the end of the day, he should have just sacrificed Vision. He chose one robot’s life, albeit a sentient one, over literally the entire universe. There’s a sort of anti-hero in that if you want to look at it through that lens.

>People would say I’m crazy for thinking that way, but there’s something connected to the journey of the anti-hero and the hero. The hero’s pain is something that spurs them to martyr themselves, and an anti-hero’s pain is a thing that kind of starts their journey as opposed to ending it.

>A hero for me is someone who's trying their best with the information and resources and tools they have at the time. They'll always get it wrong. Heroes are complicated in a real-world sense because they are basically vigilantes; they don't have any oversight. Half the time no one's even asking for their help. It's tricky in that way, but integrity is a big part of it, choosing to put others before yourself, that sort of thing.

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He wouldn't have known when and where the mind stone was destroyed. There's a big difference rewinding a few seconds and rewinding several hours or days, even if he knew where to look for him.
Thanos would never have even gotten the time stone as >>126537170 mentioned Starlord ruined Tony and Stranges plan.
Modern Carol don't have any tits anon
When Strange first used the Time Stone, he was able to fastforward time on an apple until it rotted, something that would take more than a few days. Destroying an Infinity Stone caused a big enough explosion that Thanos' ship would likely be able to monitor it from orbit, even if they hadn't already traced the location of the stone by it's energy. Finding the location of where it was destroyed, and using the Time Stone to bring it back wouldn't be much of an obstacle.

File: 01.jpg (373 KB, 968x1600)
373 KB
373 KB JPG
Hi there! I'm planning to storytime all of DC Comic's recent AU's I got the list here.

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File: 300.jpg (503 KB, 1009x1600)
503 KB
503 KB JPG
File: 301.jpg (532 KB, 1001x1600)
532 KB
532 KB JPG
Looks like we've riched the image limit. Didn't know there was one. I'll continue with this book later.

Have fun discussing the book
Pretty great.
thankyou anon, lookin forward to it

File: Vol 2.jpg (1.02 MB, 1000x1429)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB JPG
Hi anons, I'm an indie comic artist
In honor of Samhain, I'm going to storytime volume 2 of my fantasy comic Oi! Tales of Bardic Fury about a bard in Iron Age Ireland who gets sent to a town called Oi that never heard music before.
Volume II features a heavy focus on witchcraft as Oi enters in to a hurling competition against rival village Banshee Vale, and it goes bad.

Volume 1 storytime: https://boards.fireden.net/co/thread/124144974/#124144974
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Ghost Rhiannon can't beat Dana.
File: 35.jpg (802 KB, 900x1417)
802 KB
802 KB JPG
File: 36.jpg (933 KB, 900x1423)
933 KB
933 KB JPG
That's all I got so far, but it's a cool cliffhanger to end on. I'm drawing the new update tonight.
Let me know if you have any questions, feedback or critiques. Thank you for supporting indie comics and for reading Oi! Tales of Bardic Fury
have a bump OP.
File: BARDIC IDOL.jpg (1.17 MB, 900x1525)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB JPG
Here's the voter results of the first Bardic Idol character popularity poll.

>"Well jay, what did you think of a loud house christmas?"
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Imagine the loud cest kids in live action
>Made for coomers by coomers
>Imagine the loud cest kids in live action
We wont have to imagine if lenis actress /ss/'s lincolns actor, or if lincolns actor dan schniders lucys actress
File: 1368840653430.jpg (24 KB, 250x250)
24 KB
Holy fuck
I miss when savino was based and not a moralfaggot

Episode 3 out
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>Martian King
>M'Comm X
>Martian King's ally who rolls back on his ideas after his death named J. J'axx
Anyone else? Are we going to see A'l Sharptongue or the For-Good Marshall?
To be fair martian names have never been subtle, M'gann, J'onn and M'aleficc and all.
But they've never gone that unsubtle.
>sure, let's make the Martian King the civil rights leader who's assassinated
The only way to make it more unsubtle is if his name was Luther.
>Bringing up the human marriage is a valid point for Em'ree's argument and ties into what they were doing in that moment since it was for the wedding. She doesn't need to go down a list like an autist. That's just bad dialogue.

we agree then, the dialogue is bad. If you're right, it is misleading the viewer to the motivations of big sis

>Her reasoning makes sense. If there is bias in Martian society against white martians then it makes sense for a pragmatist like her to change her name to avoid social biases.

well, for 1, that answer is always flat out rejected by the idealist on its face, but of late 2 is that it is being called a justification/argument for social crimes. The 2nd one would narratively justify an angry outburst.

>Because she is angry and has her own preconceived notions about her sister. She wants her own anger to be justified by just labeling her sister a bigot.

this last part makes me think you get the wavelength that was being pointed out just fine. The problem is that either the writers or the viewers are likely to paint MM as sinless in these kinds of exchanges.
Well two of them are literal earth names and the other is a word used for evil in general. Comapred to that, its about as subtle as i expect.

And there is a Luthor there techincally.

File: 1634926594390.png (909 KB, 755x1025)
909 KB
909 KB PNG
Who is this cute girl?
File: 80sreagan.png (348 KB, 458x692)
348 KB
348 KB PNG
precious, autistic science gf
File: 268411.jpg (84 KB, 358x640)
84 KB
Satomi Hakase from the American adaptation of hit manga Mahou Sensei Negima.

File: hydra.png (67 KB, 1366x768)
67 KB
>What is this thread?
Every Wins'day at Win-O'-Clock we gather here and post links to the latest scans and rips of comic books.
Most links we uploaded ourselves, others we are sharing from elsewhere.
Some comics we've even purchased ourselves (but most we didn't).
If you'd like to help out, just ask and we would be delighted to tell you how.
Otherwise, be patient, be polite, and understand the simple concept behind these words: Not posted means not available yet.

>Where can I find old Win-O'-Threads?
(Note: This finds the OP for old threads. If you want to search for comics in the archive, clear the subject field!)

>Where can I find downloads for other comics?
Warez forums/blogs, DDL-indexing search engines (like FilesLoop), torrent trackers (like ETTV) and other P2P networks (like DC++).
If a link has been posted on 4chan, you can search for it in the Desu archive (add "http*" to searches to return only posts with links).

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Ralf Koenig Lucky Luke
Dargaud did a concurrent French release of the Koenig original (that was in German or Dutch?), so they are definitely translating it but I'm guessing you'll see a G or F rip of it before Cinebook slots it into their schedule, but there's nothing official as far as a for sale date, etc.
have some re-ups, /co

Lucky Luke Vol. 62 - The Cursed Ranch (2016) (webrip) (MagicMan-DCP).cbr

Lucky Luke Vol. 63 - Sarah Bernhardt (2016) (webrip) (MagicMan-DCP).cbr

Lucky Luke Vol. 64 - The Wedding Crashers (2017) (webrip) (MagicMan-DCP).cbr

Lucky Luke Vol. 65 - Ghost Hunt (2017) (webrip) (MagicMan-DCP).cbr

Lucky Luke Vol. 66 - The Promised Land (2017) (webrip) (MagicMan-DCP).cbr

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Suicide Squad: King Shark (2021-) #6????
John Byrne's X-Men Elsewhen 026 (2021) (Bchry-DCP).cbz

When Byrne finishes these, if Minutemen-DrunkMunk continues to rip the entirety, I would prefer to zip up his entire set and post it then, but if he doesn't and Bchry does, we'll see about a zipped up archival mirror but I'm not making fresh INDIVIDUAL mirrors of Byrne's fan fic.

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