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File: download (3).jpg (4 KB, 205x246)
4 KB
Setting aside the sex and crack addiciton, is Liane good trad wife material? She seems to be the sweet and meek housewife type who bakes you cookies when you're feeling down, calls you adorable names and lets you rest your head on her lap while she fondles your hair.
It's the entire fucking point that she appears to be an innocent tradwife, but really she's a crack addicted whore.
Nah, she doesn't stand up to her son and lets him be a brat. I realize that's a common trope for single mothers to fall into, but it reflects on her poorly.

File: 1631791295422.png (279 KB, 803x524)
279 KB
279 KB PNG
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Don't act like you're not trying to kill this thread to force us into the /tv/ thread where you're hosting the actual Q&A, Seth
I remember South Park named dropped 4chan in the supergame, are their writters among us
Make Scott Grimes sing some more songs
You do know that you are on 4channel, and not 4chan, right? You do know that?
I'm getting more of a seared bite on the Impossible Whopper, than I'm getting on the actual Who- no no no no no no no no.... No please don't say that no no no... No. Nonononono. No no nono no no. NONO NO NONO NO NOOOOO. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm not gonna trip. I wanted to come in a 100% hater.

I'mma tell you off the top. I wanted to take a bite of this and be like 'ehhh nah nah it it'- I'mma just flat out say it; your Impossible Whopper BK, IS BETTER THAN YOUR ACTUAL WHOPPER BK. YOUR IMPOSSIBLE WHOPPER BK IS BETTER THAN YOUR ACTUAL WHOPPER BK. IT HAS A MORE SEARED TASTE.

IT'S MORE OF A COOKOUT FLEX. IT JUST TASTES BETTER. Get over here. You get back in the bag. BK. That bite is so flavorful my m- and the fact that it works so well, it literally compliments the lettuce. Like I'm not even mad that I'm bittin' up, and I'm not even mad, that I'm eating lettuce right now and tomatoes.

You can really taste the onion because the sear, on this plant based situation right here, it's so strong and you barely get onion but the onion's there so you get a crunch off it, with soft bun action and SBA? BK, YOU'RE ONTO SOMETHING, AND I LIKE WHERE YOU, YOU GOIN' BK, THE IMPOSSIBLE WHOPPER SON!

I’ll start. The nanny could 100% work in an animated format.
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And rumors of OG cast and Married With Children are so exciting! Are there any drawing board teasers out there yet?
Thinking like this is what gets us crap like Chicago Party Aunt. Do us all a favor and don’t become a writer.
Green Acres would work decently as a cartoon. Make the pig even more intelligent, to a ridiculous degree.
isn't this already just The Looney Tunes Show?

File: P00051.jpg (855 KB, 1900x2812)
855 KB
855 KB JPG
>Part 1
>Part 2
>Part 3
>Part 4
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File: P00013.jpg (972 KB, 1988x3056)
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972 KB JPG
File: P00014.jpg (940 KB, 1988x3056)
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940 KB JPG
File: P00015.jpg (858 KB, 1988x3056)
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858 KB JPG
File: P00016.jpg (987 KB, 1988x3056)
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987 KB JPG
File: P00017.jpg (1000 KB, 1988x3056)
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1000 KB JPG

File: Harley_Quinn_0001.jpg (825 KB, 1800x2700)
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825 KB JPG
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I want to fuck the girl on the right
How do you know it's a girl?
Gee, I sure wonder why she lived and Simon didn’t!
Melanin and Motherly instincts
He works so much better as a villain

File: 20220208_151251.jpg (16 KB, 413x305)
16 KB
Happy Birthday Jimmy!!
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Freaky Friday type of bodyswap episode. Not why they never parodied that one.
Who would be the best characters to swap?
File: bloodqueen.png (163 KB, 929x837)
163 KB
163 KB PNG
I'm 2 days late but I made this for our new Blood Queen
>that craig
Same. It's really good.

Every piece of media should have a character like this
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File: whatif.png (1.35 MB, 1365x524)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB PNG
Hey Domee Shi was on blogspot circa 2007-2008 (same time I was commenting on John K's blog)

Wonder if John K ever looked at her art as was like "Oh she'll never make it"

Either that or he wanted to groom her. One of the two.

Well honestly judging from her blog, she could draw the usual hands and feet exceptionally well... John K probably knew he was out of his league. (Except he did randomly have a blog post dedicated to Brianne Drouhard once.)
Meifags are trying to make everyone look bad. Don’t fall for it.
File: FSPHq5rXoAEZvPh.jpg (791 KB, 2893x4092)
791 KB
791 KB JPG
Isn't the stop asian hate thing a reaction to the covid "chinks caused the chink wu flu stuff? No shit that would be focused on eastern asians. There hasn't been as much open hatred towards pajeets since 9/11. Yes it's a different continent but any brown person who isn't obviously black is lumped into the same group in boomers' eyes.
The "Priya is black" twitter drama unironically had people talking about 9/11 before Mister Enter. Because people think Priya being Indian should have involved people being racist towards her.

Pardon me, but could you help out a fellow American who's down on his luck?
You have to suck me off first, hobo. Or should i call you homo?
File: Supes4.png (371 KB, 366x529)
371 KB
371 KB PNG
Sure thing, pal. Just don't spend it on crack, or something.

give him an actual superhero name
he deserves it
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The Wailing Wall. Cause he's a jew.
File: 1631666454383.jpg (92 KB, 400x801)
92 KB
File: 20190801_221758.jpg (181 KB, 671x698)
181 KB
181 KB JPG

File: IMG_20220515_152209.png (90 KB, 215x239)
90 KB
2 years ago today, the universe was saved from Horde prime and two friends, turned enemies, became lovers.
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File: Catra 10.jpg (117 KB, 918x918)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
>failed show

Failed at what, exactly?
Im still somber and mad over relatedguy going up and dying on us. I cant even bring myself to fap to his work anymore because it just makes me feel sad
This show was very mediocre.

That being said, at least it delivered what it promised for it's intended audience. Unlike that "other" Motu show by kevin smith.
Can't wait for it. You're the one good thing that came out of this travesty of a show.

File: FSSBOmlagAA1lfd.jpg (85 KB, 482x729)
85 KB
Movie is now out digitally "officially". Also a short and "more" are confirmed in the bluray release.

Also an anon shared the OST in FLAC, thanks! https://mega.nz/folder/eawniZTa#xklh8HnvCSGaF2YU9HQDig
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Gays and fujos usually get very little to work with, give em a break. It's obvious that Wolf and Diane are set up romantically, with he and Snake just being very close friends, but there's no harm in letting people have their fun.
Glad to see Dreamworks finally made something experimental again instead of the usual animated film.
Yeah I really loved the animation style. They went a lot further with the 2D stuff than I expected, it usually felt like more of a 2D style than 3D with all the jerky exaggerated movements and quickly swapping out models like teeth.
Here's hoping the eventual spinoff follows.
File: 20220511_070915.jpg (2.42 MB, 3000x3750)
2.42 MB
2.42 MB JPG

Homelander is gonna fuckin die.
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Maybe before Awakening and Three Houses, but now it actually does have a western fanbase.
TerminalMontage would do it and it'd get a fuckton more views than DB ever could.
File: pbr.png (2.07 MB, 1717x1633)
2.07 MB
2.07 MB PNG
yeah, there's no way DB can compete
like, look at these fucking numbers and compare them to most of the fights the show's had in the past few years
Seethe Saitamacuck.
Too much research and wild factors.
TerminalMontage BR's are just memes about how stupid some Pokedex entries are (and once to shill a theory).

>Joker killed Bruce’s parents
>Joker has name, doesn’t wear red hood
>suit is black instead of gray with trunks
>Batman kills
Other than those four changes, this is the most comics-accurate modern Batman movie.
Batman Returns is good, but not comics accurate at all. Schumacher’s movies are both bad and inaccurate. Nolan’s trilogy is mostly great, but it’s basically its own thing. Snyder is nothing like the comics and stupider than Schumacher by a long shot. The Batman is good but also nothing like the comics.
All this is to say, why can’t we just translate comics to the silver screen? Why does everything have to be changed and reimagined?
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yeah it only happened cause they needed to streamline the plot as they were rewriting the movie as they were filming.
And also regarding his Nick Cage Scarecrow movie, Clooney was set to return. Appearently ideas got recycled for Batman Begins.
What are you even talking about? I never claimed that Nolan "wanted to continue Schumacher's vision."

I literally showed you video evidence of Linda Hemming's team making a brand new batsuit from scratch for Batman Begins. It is clearly not a re-used batsuit from seven-year-old screenplay that got canceled by the studio before it even went into pre-production.

You're just ignoring all the evidence with the argument "if it's a brand new suit, how come I think it looks exactly like a previous suit that doesn't even exist?" There is no Batman Triumphant suit, anon. One was never made.

There were a few proposed films after B&R. The one the studio ordered the screenplay for while B&R was filming was Triumphant/Unchained. It would have had Scarecrow and Harley Quinn as villains. Schumacher seemed to have some interest in that, because it was his idea to have Nicholas Cage as Scarecrow.

After WB canceled that, Schumacher pitched doing a Year One movie. Like the Triumphant/Unleashed script, it would have been a return to dark form and somewhat of an apology for B&R. Maybe he pitched TDKR, too. WB also ordered another script for a potential fifth film, which was batman: DarKnight. It was also a darker take, and would have had Scarecrow and Man-Bat as villains. It was also scrapped.

By the time Schumacher left, WB was considering everything and anything. They ordered a bunch of scripts with the intention of picking the best one. They ordered Paul Dini to do a Batman Beyond script. They had Darren Aronofsky and Frak Miller himself working on a Year One script. They has somebody working on a Batman vs. Superman script. None of these ever got very far off the ground, but Year One was the one that they had the most interest in. But eventually, they ditched that and went with Nolan and Goyer.
what a sinister little man
>Maybe he pitched TDKR, too.

Only thing I can see about TDKR is it being up for an adaptation before he did Batman Forever. I think him saying he "was going to do his own version of The Dark Knight (2008)" gets mingled into that.

What even is a lore show anymore?

It has become such a fucking Buzz word
File: Alfred 3.jpg (35 KB, 620x465)
35 KB
A lore show is a term used online used, mostly in a negative sense, to say a show relies on not episodic storylines but a continued one, with heavy emotional drama (relationships and trauma for examples). The term was usually coined to group shows such as Steven Universe, Adventure Time, Owl House, Star vs, and etc.

However, Lore Shows can also used for shows such as Justice League, Superman TAS, and Batman TAS and New Adventures. As well as Ben 10.

It's mostly a term against modern shows that has the implied continuous story with reliance on a tropey drama, like when someone implies that Ghost and Molly Mcgee is a lore show, and its fans gets angry.
A phrase made by and used by idiots who need to boil down complex ideas into oversimplified buzzwords.
So essentially thing i dont like

File: 1651746471664.jpg (170 KB, 972x952)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
New ongezellig thread?
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maybe the nazi references
Idk, why did the men on omaha beach die for /qa/ to be deleted?
Maya deserves to be a long way at the bottom for that parents comment
Dutch is a cute language

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