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File: EZCV-zIXgAI2GnU.jpg (76 KB, 680x383)
76 KB
What's the worst that has spawned from this fandom? Rebecca and her crew have already pat their backs enough.
The amount of people who misunderstand Connie and Steven’s relationship and think it’s healthy. Truly tragic.
artists being harassed for not drawing things the way people want

How would /co/ reboot Superman? Who would you cast? Villain? Director? Story? Would you make him black?
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Mongul’s a good choice for a Superman movie, but I think he’s more of a sequel villain. In pre-crisis he was the perfect “Shit hits the fan” villain, and I think establishing the characters enough that Mongul’s presence makes them scared would help.

If I did a sequel to >>115295402 I would have Mongul be the villain. Luthor has been salvaging alien tech in space, which turns out to be debris from Mongul’s attacks on planets. Mongul finds Luthor’s proves and follows them back to earth when Luthor unknowingly takes a key that activates the War World.
Mongul shows up on earth looking for the key and Superman fights him, but Supes gets his ass kicked hard. The public lose faith in Superman as Mongul prepares to activate the War World and burn the earth for fuel of the weapon.
John’s powers finally show up, and Steel also becomes a hero. The climax is Superman, Superboy, and Steel all teaming up and defeating Mongul. When Mongul tries to use Warworld on them, it backfires and kills them, revealing that Lex was actually helping against Mongul (knowing that he was even worse than Superman).
File: Icon.png (308 KB, 720x900)
308 KB
308 KB PNG
>would you make him black
no i'd just make an icon movie
>tfw never gonna get John hamm aa old man supes and afflick as old man bats kicking back like gold ol boys

Pacifica Pines!
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File: 51345262_p0.jpg (234 KB, 600x800)
234 KB
234 KB JPG
This looks nothing like Dipper
File: Pacifica 24.jpg (352 KB, 1000x1394)
352 KB
352 KB JPG
Never before have I seen a relationship so perfectly described through swimwear.

File: 1511842011779.png (54 KB, 996x906)
54 KB
Post /co/ images you have saved on your computer that you never have a reason to use
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File: opt1190230464x.jpg (291 KB, 590x920)
291 KB
291 KB JPG
File: 1206383499504.jpg (693 KB, 1177x1664)
693 KB
693 KB JPG
I thought this was so funny when I first saw it. I wish it was in a larger resolution though.
>Hazbin Hotel
it can't be a dead show if it was never a show to begin with
File: 1587538630592.png (403 KB, 492x461)
403 KB
403 KB PNG
check the date you midgetmind

File: aquafat.jpg (90 KB, 500x588)
90 KB
If they want fat people to be represented in comics (god knows why), why don't they ever just give one of the existing heroes an eating disorder brought on by years of PTSD from fighting villains and seeing civilians die that causes them to overeat and gradually become overweight to obese?

Absolutely nobody likes characters like "Faith" which tries to spin obesity as something good. It should be shown as what it is, a problem, and some random nobody that you've never heard of doesn't work because you have no stake or interest in seeing the character get healthier.

It was kind of featured in Spiderverse but only to be made fun of and played for laughs.
Imagine Superman having to sit down with Aquaman and have a talk about his weight.
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not fat enough
Namor used to have fish powers, including the puffer.
Her face is utterly disgusting.
Well of course not he's a superhero. It's supernatural fat ... wait that doesn't sound right.
Faith is what I'd call "supernaturally fat"

File: 1579243049953.png (239 KB, 523x195)
239 KB
239 KB PNG
What are some notable examples of "influences" or as normal people call it, plagiarism.
When is it acceptable, and for whom.
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Did you even watch a single season of SU?
The influences it has are irrelevant. The worldbuilding it has is just for 1 or 2 jokes.
Lars of the Stars is easily a generic space man as Flash Gordon.
>The funny thing in all this is that Megas lays on the pop culture references just as heavy as SU does, but people never talk shit about the show doing it because it's so honest about them, to the point that the majority of them are outright parodies to be laughed at. Just look at it.
That's a parody then.
Learn the fucking means of words. Isn't that hard using a dictionary.
File: sailormoon_shera.jpg (52 KB, 703x497)
52 KB
>Sailor Moon
You mean She-Ra's ripoff?
Or is She-Ra's homage since you like it?
File: PSX_20200528_055232.jpg (15 KB, 300x225)
15 KB
i still absolutely refuse to believe this is a coincidence, with all the other bullshit rebecca has done with anime lifting an obscure character design is right up her alley, it's just way too similar to gloss over, to the point that even if she wasn't taking important scenes of her show and making it retreads of other anime sequences, i'd still question it

File: DvNTQbmVsAAKnHP.jpg (53 KB, 1200x675)
53 KB
I'm on 10th episode of the first season. When does it get good?
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Honestly for the best, whilst an episode or two dealing with Eternia nonsense, would have been fun it was better to let the series be it's own thing, not tied down to pre-exsisting lore.

Basically they tried to be vague due to copyright but:

>Light Hope takes Adora from Eternia to Etheria as a baby
>Etheria is in Despondos, disconnected from the rest of the universe due to Mara, also from Eternia
>Hordak finds her, takes her to be raised in the Fright Zone

The rest is spoilers
Every single He-Man and She-Ra canon wildly differs from the original 80's show, I don't know why this one is expected to be faithful to the og cartoon. Even the 2002 diverts from it, making Grayskull an evil king.
because this one has diverse cast of strong female characters, and LGBT representation. For some reason this upsets them.

And claiming that it isn't true to the original is a more 'leigitmate' sounding way of bitching about this.
how many of the characters are actually war criminals?
>Glimmer - attempted use if the Heart of Etheria, risking planetary destruction and causing the invasion of Horde Prime
>Catra - attempt to cause planetary destruction by dimensional erasure, attempted assassination of allied scientists, conspiracy to cover up attempted planetary destruction
>Entrapta - weaponized the Black Garnet, risking environmental collapse, reckless use of science, contributing to the development of several apocalyptic weapons
>Hordak - attacks on civilian settlements, genocide of the scorpion people, theft if the Black Garnet, use of child soldiers
>Shadow Weaver - Torture of both enemy and allied troops, use of child soldiers, attempted brainwashing
Funny how SW is the least dangerous yet the one that wasn't pardoned

File: pq4yv8mze5s21.jpg (61 KB, 891x1280)
61 KB
What videogames would do well adapted into an animated series? Most have comics these days.

For me, Doom done by Genndy Tartakosky would be the greatest fucking thing ever. His recent show Primal is the utlimate proof of it.
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Weebshit doesn't count
I guess crash bandicoot can work as an episodic pinky and the brain kind of show, with cortex trying to take over the world in every episode only to have crash/friends thwart his plans.
File: Lisa.jpg (516 KB, 800x550)
516 KB
516 KB JPG
Now that's a interesting idea, since Primal has a similar vibe and artstyle that could fit pretty good. I wonder how they could handle with the music and atmosphere of the game tho, it's a very unique aspect of the game.
Who would be a good director?
No joke they'd be great for joy mutant designs.
If you remove the lolsorandom comical aspect of the abominations they make you're left with pure body horror.

No further questions. Let’s share some good ones here.
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File: i said good day sir.jpg (60 KB, 773x438)
60 KB
File: 077.png (218 KB, 429x423)
218 KB
218 KB PNG
File: badfeel.png (375 KB, 718x538)
375 KB
375 KB PNG
File: badfeel3D.png (1.04 MB, 1920x804)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB PNG

What went wrong?
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I hope to make some lewds of her.
And now they just dropped the scam and are making more PnF anyway, starting with that new movie.
Phineas and Ferb worked because they had a template, paint by numbers structure that they could fit jokes around and really get creative. Milo deviated from the formula just enough that the writers were constrained, but never enough to make a compelling story. Also, the main cast isn't remotely as interesting as it's predecessor.
I only watched a few episodes, mostly early ones. Overall it felt bland. Not bad but not really anything that made me wanna come back. A lot of the humor felt like they were very obviously trying to be clever. I mean a lot of
>Character says something
>Another character makes an "um technically" pun

I get that Murphy's Law is "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong," but them taking "anything" literally really took the wind out of the sails. It would have been better if it was just random stuff going wrong at random times instead of everything going wrong all the time. There's no tension or surprise in whether or not something's gonna go wrong because you know at every single opportunity something is going to go wrong.

I heard that Phineas and Ferb characters got melded into the later episodes but that really doesn't sound appealing to me. I loved Phineas and Ferb but it had its course. It sounds to me like they didn't have enough confidence in Milo to stand on its own so they brought in P&F to bail them out. The only extra Phineas and Ferb stuff I'd be eager to see is if they did a Doof 101 miniseries.
>It sounds to me like they didn't have enough confidence in Milo to stand on its own so they brought in P&F to bail them out
See >>115298137 . Milo literally only existed so PnF could keep appearing.

For me, it's Duck Avenger, the best superhero duck.
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>This thread
This is some cool shit.
File: 77276605_p0.png (82 KB, 566x800)
82 KB
The rough Deepl and google translation has May being Tsundere for "I have some bad things, but it's a cool and gentle brother " Aniki(?) Jose.
File: 77276605_p1.png (131 KB, 566x800)
131 KB
131 KB PNG
Jose x May transcends borders.
File: 77276605_p2.png (82 KB, 566x800)
82 KB

File: Shrek-Donkey.jpg (61 KB, 490x490)
61 KB
Memes aside, what's your opinion on the Shrek series?
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all of them are good
The gay pride song is a bit on the nose.
Prince charming's version of the story

File: looney-tunes-2.jpg (34 KB, 580x340)
34 KB
After a long time and quite a few sneak peaks LTC debuts tonight with the launch of HBO Max. Quite a few episodes composing of a couple of shorts each should be available tonight
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Also Toy Story. And Indivisible. And OK KO. And Shantae.
>Still up.
Based, Too bad we didn't got Penelope.
This stupid ass nigga
>chuckfag pleb
opinion discarded
Chuck's cartoons are very minimalistic and streamlined not just art-wise but also in the writing, characters have very rigid personalities and roles.
The wabbit season shorts are the best example of this other than the roadrunner shorts, you have Daffy always mechanically losing to Bugs with very minor variations of the same switcharoo gag while Elmer is just a gun always shooting at whom Bugs tells him to without question.
This modernist approach isn't necessarily bad but it misses the "looney" aspect of the tunes and feels like background noise if you're already aware of the punchline, animation feels flat and scenes are usually two characters next to each other, Tex and Clampett cartoons are pretty much the polar opposite, they aren't as polished but characters and the very laws of physics are constantly crazy and changing, there's tridimensionality to the animations that make them feel like they pop out of the screen even with a regular monitor.

/co/splay thread
/co/splay thread
/co/splay thread
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>i have no idea how practical it is to film in a metal suit in california: the post
>thin cheeks
nah, he's just a skinny kid... either that or disease
File: DINKLEBERG.jpg (94 KB, 500x667)
94 KB
Based quads of truth
Manga is better than Hollywood shit.

Could it work?
12 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
>One stopped a genocidal empire
>One is a genocider
Maybe, if Steven can redeem the Magic Geneocider, I think they have a shot
yeah, but I don't eat bansies. (not again)
Can anyone do the pic with /co/ boys instead of girls? Obviously keeping Angel Dust
>older show calling the younger shows boomer
>we’re still have a big life
Was this made by a bot?

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