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I don't get why people shill on 4chan of all places. Why not places more in the public eye?
>Ha ha ha. Space Jam 2 made more money than it.
No it didn't. The headlines meant that Space Jam 2 made more money than Black Widow last weekend when Space Jam 2 was in its first weekend and Black Widow was in its second weekend. Black Widow has a much higher total box office than Space Jam 2.
the fact that they released it now and not after civil war. It's not rocket science.
>anonymous, international image board responsible for world-famous pranks

Who knows.
Because it got released on streaming and got pirated immediately?

>This is now the preferred sequel to the original Masters of the Universe

How does this make you feel /co/?
Western animation deserves to die.
i liked some of the new characters

File: Threesome (1).jpg (626 KB, 1920x980)
626 KB
626 KB JPG
It's the weekend and you know what that means:

We got The Unfunnies
We got Nemesis
And we got Trouble

All in one thread for (You)r "enjoyment"
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>ten million dollars to kill the president, wipe out the pentagon, basically put an end to the US as we know it
Damn, I would've done it for free senpai

It’s the funniest of all time you mean.
Is this the dumbest example of Keikaku bullshit out there?
God bless you for plowing through this madness
Gotta say that I always find Nemesis extremely readable, exactly BECAUSE of all the edge and stupidity. Wanted and Kingsman like a boring version of that, because the writing is just as bad but the edge and stupidity are only halfway there.
Unfunnies on the other hand is a truly demonic work.Unreadable for Millar, unreadable for Avatar press. Would've been unreadable as an edgy teen's first webcomic.

File: 1627089868197.jpg (696 KB, 1987x3056)
696 KB
696 KB JPG
Will it be good?
Holy based

File: sandcastle_cover.jpg (246 KB, 1280x1600)
246 KB
246 KB JPG
So M Night Shyamalan's new film 'Old' is coming out today. How about a read of the inspirational graphic novel behind it?
You might want to skip this if you don't want potential spoilers, but knowing shamalamadingdong he'll pull something out of his ass anyway.

I don't know how anal Jannies are about cartoon titties so I've done my best to censor, pls no ban. Otherwise get ready for a story which caused me pain in more ways than one, bumps appreciated
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>Kid getting shot at is Jesus allegory.
How? The kid's presence does nothing but tell us that some evil party is doing all of this and was dead set on keeping the people trapped.
A Jesus allegory would be if he passed on a way to escape that a few of them could use like in the movie but sacrificed himself and died in the process.
They see him and it gives them hope. And then he dies, and then he rises again and gives them hope again. And then he dies.

I haven't seen the movie, people survive? , kinda defeats the purpose doesn't it?
In the end the two siblings remember a code to escape that the resort owner's kid gives them before they left that morning. The secret to leaving is to swim through the coral. Somehow it takes them half a day to remember this. So the kids (now elderly adults) swim through the coral and survive to be picked up by the police. In the end they are commenting how their aunt isn't going to believe all of this. They are in their late 60s by the end.
File: hmmmm.png (104 KB, 465x351)
104 KB
104 KB PNG
bump to remind /co/figs what a quality comic looks like

File: unnamed.jpg (55 KB, 512x304)
55 KB
The final evolution of a facehugger is the Predator.

Okay, but why is that spider so happy?
It wants to facehug you.

The time has come

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File: Pan.png (336 KB, 661x677)
336 KB
336 KB PNG
Speaking of anime and manga...
The new Dragon Ball movie is going to focus on Pan and a new group of Heroes (Toriyama said he's even more involved on this movie than he ever was before and that this is by far the best DB movie in his opinion), Just letting you know because all the Broly fans on /a/ got upset and it was pretty funny.
>Just letting you know because all the Broly fans on /a/ got upset and it was pretty funny.
I mean, it has its own movie.
Dunno, They wanted more Broly I guess
It's literally not though. Saitama' power is being super strong and super fast. Him defeating all his enemies is the plot of his own book, not his power..
He'd still win, though, way too fast for Thanos.

File: This_shit_is_terrible.jpg (37 KB, 512x512)
37 KB
This is just fucking sad man I wanted something funny not someone venting about their personal issues.
Die in a fire.
I closed it 11 minutes in. Fuck Max, I don't care about your issues let alone my own friends. Fucking bitch.
Anon I'm in california I'm naturally flame retardant
did you forget you already made a thread, max?

There was Transformers UK.

There was Action Force.

There was Spider-Man & Zoids.

Then... there was Legend of The Linkits.

Strap in, kiddies, we're starting this long weekend off with a weird, weird bang.
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I still can't believe that I started SoP this year
That ad's pretty amazing, ngl
We only have red colour pens and the artist loves Space 1999.
Budiansky did write some good early stories like Warrior School and Shockwave leading the Decepticons, but he quickly burned out.

I thought it was Bucky O'Hare not Rocket Raccoon? I remember reading Iron Man, Machine Man, and Inhumanoids in TF UK.

"We got you one of those Transformers you wanted, son."

"B-but I wanted Optimus Prime..."

Jack wad a bigot grew up among a extremely extremely mutant hating family. Him and his family with their lives obsessed about mutants replacing all people. They even font it would be better if they teamed up with Hydra to kick mutants out of America but even Hydra just see the mutant hating group his family was in as a bouncer dim words who couldn't do anything useful.And then after the universe was destroy and then we made they want about the inhuman mist becoming poisonous the mutants the hate group he was apart attempted(badly) to make the local government have it Be mandatory get everyone has to go through the mess to prove they're not a mutant in order to qualify for human rights but the local government locked in the face and the attempts to use guns got most of them killed all incarcerated except for him so He found himself being exposed to the mist and then becoming a cocoon because he had Inhuman DNA and despite looking like a total freak now with superpowers he said that he's pure and mutants are still Enemy Number One.

File: nick.jpg (148 KB, 1280x720)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
Will this be better than Playstation All-Stars? I feel like Nick has more potential with the IP and has a competent developer behind it
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Jingle Brawl, Super Brawl, Super Brawl Summer, Super Fall Brawl, Super Brawl 2(the best one), Super Brawl 3, Super Brawl 4, AND Super Brawl World are all no longer playable.

Super Brawl World was also the last flash game Nick.com ever put out, mid 2016.

Super Brawl Universe is still around, but that's a mobile game. Also, Super Brawl is a tournament fighter, this is going to be a party fighter.

I would not be surprised if they include one of the Superbrawl games as a side-mode though.

Nick should consider releasing a couple of flash game compilations for consoles, they easily have enough material to make a couple of them, SpongeBob alone has 2 or 3 games worth.

Hell, Invasion of the Lava King is big enough to be sold as a xbox live arcade title.
Is this is going to have voice acting? Or is Viacom going to cheap out again and have everyone be eerily silent?
no matter how much people say voices don't matter in smash its completely different when most of the characters are known for catch phrases and jokes, The game will be hurt by the lack of voice acting and people pretending it won't is insane

>they can add it in later
Nick has not once offered post launch support for any game and even then it would be to late only people that would still be playing are the ones in it for the memes
Are they lost media?
Not yet, they're archived on Flashpoint. I just played Super Brawl 3 a few days ago.

Were comic books over the moment they stopped advertising shit like this?
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Tbh most of the advice was literally eat like 2 pounds if meat and 3 pounds of potatoes a day, if you were skellymode you could easily pack on muscle assuming you were serious about the routine.
What was the most soulful era of ads? For me, it's the 70s.
I wonder at what period those ads stopped.
I'm pretty sure they were around at least until the 90s.

Not to mention people in that day and age were active as fuck by default with low bodyfat.
Those ads were basically guaranteed to work for anyone who put even the slightest amount of consistency into following their advice.
>Eat more protein and carbs
>Do some pushups and chinups
>Maybe lift this weight we sent to you in mail
Especially if it was a younger person who got into this stuff.
You can do anything physical at the age of 14 and pack on mass and strength with anything resembling activity and good diet.
I've never seen a comic book fan with a body building physique.
Because building noticeable amount of muscle takes actual long term effort with somewhat good diet and even then the results aren't exactly that impressive without roids.

File: Tumblr_l_242162924950151.jpg (1.32 MB, 2048x2048)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB JPG
Season 3 news and table read crossover with OH at Comic-Con in six hours.

Hopes and expectations?
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Anne >>>>>>>>>>>>>Powergap>>>>>>>>> Marcy > Sasha
Oh Amphibia threads, I don't know if I missed you
>cool possesion concept that can lead to horrific and awesome moments
>evil version of a loved character that uses the skills for the bad guys
>makes marcy still an active character instead of just rotting away in the tube
Bonus points if theres a Venom type relationship where the two people in the body talk with each other and form a bond.
Besides, what other reason could there be for the girl to be in the tank? Just for the kicks?
File: 1602806999755.png (1.5 MB, 1000x2616)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB PNG
You did.
DBZ ref.

What's even the appeal of Black Panther? He's bland and boring as fuck. He would be a way better character if he had a boyfriend
21 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: brownhandstypedthis.jpg (350 KB, 1920x1080)
350 KB
350 KB JPG
>if he had a boyfriend
And who would that be?
>Gay T'Challa
/tv/ would unironically fap to that
why are you on co if you dont read comics
Who says I don't? Nice strawmanning, Jamal

File: Snake Eyes.jpg (199 KB, 1080x1350)
199 KB
199 KB JPG
It was okay.

>Snake Eyes’ father was killed in front of him after being forced to roll a dice and getting snake eyes.
>Snake Eyes drifts from town to town hustling underground fight clubs while searching for his killer.
>Yakuza boss Kenta recruits Snake Eyes for his gun smuggling operation in Los Angeles and orders Snake Eyes to prove his loyalty by killing captive spy Tommy Arashikage.
>Tommy is the heir apparent of a ninja clan that has defended the world for generations. Kenta was cast out by the Arashikage for being a cunt and now Tommy must kill him.
>Snake Eyes instead saves Tommy, who returns the favor by taking Snake Eyes back to Japan so he can join the Arashikage.
>TWIST: Snake Eyes is actually working for Kenta to infiltrate the Arashikage and steal a magic jewel that they have guarded for generations in exchange for the name of his father’s killer.
>Tommy’s adoptive sister Akiko doesn’t trust Snake Eyes, but eventually gets wet for him, shows him the magic jewel and explains that the clan’s most important oath is never to use it.
>Snake Eyes goes through three trials and becomes a ninja master. He is conflicted between revenge and his new friends, but still ends up choosing revenge.
>Scarlett drops by to reveal that Kenta is working with Cobra. The Joes has been around for years and they frequently team up with the Arashikage.
>Snake Eyes betrays the team and gives up the magic jewel’s location to Kenta, who attacks the temple with an army provided by the Baroness. Tommy is seething.
>Kenta retrieves the magic jewel. The deal was for him to give it to Cobra in exchange for Cobra helping him destroy the Arashikage, but Kenta obviously fucks over Cobra and the Baroness has to team up with Scarlett to survive.
>Snake Eyes finds out his father’s killer was a Cobra agent, realizes he fucked up and goes back to help his new family.
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File: Scarlett.jpg (453 KB, 960x1500)
453 KB
453 KB JPG

You tell me.
This is easily one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen and I legit I’m telling people to not watch it.

One. The action is fucking awful it is nothing but shaky cam and you can’t tell what’s happening

2. Snake eyes is pretty much an asshole here and storm shadow has every right to be angry at him. In fact storm shadow might be the most genuinely good character in this movie
I was sympathetic towards Tommy in the original GI Joe origin but in this one I'm siding with him because Snake Eyes really fucked him over and his clan still preferred Snake Eyes over him.
>2. Snake eyes is pretty much an asshole here and storm shadow has every right to be angry at him. In fact storm shadow might be the most genuinely good character in this movie

Not just that but Andrew Koji had more of a presence than Henry Golding.

Which is a damn shame given the stunt team who did the Rurouni Kenshin movies choreographed the fights in this.

But goddamn the director loves the stupid shakey cam shit and it ruins the flow in a lot of the fights.

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