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File: Winter 2003.jpg (214 KB, 396x515)
214 KB
214 KB JPG
Now that it's starting to get cold again with brands releasing coats, let's discuss current releases and the best ways to stay warm and dry

Thoughts on different brands?
>AP, baby, meta, VM, MM, Nile Perch, Taobao ect
Are brand coats worth full price? Who makes the warmest ones?
>Full length, jackets, capes

Recommendations on lolita friendly accessories, such as snow boots, winter legwear, hats+gloves ect

Favourite winter prints/coords (yet to get any ap winter releases shown, other than Toy Museum, which isn't very winter themed)
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Do you have the link?
File: _20201112_093949.jpg (127 KB, 1080x1239)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
Baby have released a winter wear lucky pack, I would buy it myself but unfortunately it's come out at the wrong time for me
I got on second hand. It is indeed quite useful. But as already stated I got problems being inside with it as it is just way too warm.
Seconding, this is much cuter than I anticipated

File: nocap.png (357 KB, 550x410)
357 KB
357 KB PNG
orange man gone ed.

haven't seen my cat in 2 weekish. I think she got catnapped.
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Falseflagging scrote detected
There's a girl in my comm who complains about how everyone gawks at her when she goes out in lolita, but she weighs over 300lbs, and I wish someone would tell her that it's probably not the clothes they're staring at.
everyone in my entire life has told me that i look the best in dark colors and that pinks/pastels wash me out. My favorite color is pink so I always thought I’d be drawn to pink colorways, but nowadays only black colorways of sweet prints are on my radar. I can’t tell if it’s because I actually prefer the black colorway or if it’s just that I believe it’s only option that will look good on me
There are ways
Tfw this next gen of anime fans equates seeing art of two fictional highschoolers kissing to actual, legitimate child pornography. What the fuck is wrong with these kids that they think anime is real life? They’re in for a rude awakening when they find Fakku

File: IMG_20201011_144528.jpg (84 KB, 1158x651)
84 KB
with the power of existence and amazon, i made a shitty cosplay of Jacket from Hotline Miami. feel free to tell me how fucking terrible it is
Show feet
Use the self post thread, newfag.
yup that's me, a retard who has no fucking clue how any of this new fangled technology works

File: Ekb9b5uUcAA5fYB.jpg (607 KB, 1536x2048)
607 KB
607 KB JPG
Last thread: >>10489041
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It's a no from me, but I like the dress on the left. Anyone got sauce?
New thread: >>10500878

Hi frens, not sure if this is the appropriate place to ask but I've been having trouble finding decent embroidery software. I've played around with Ink/Stitch a bit but I think I would have an easier time with an actual digitizing program. Would anyone be able to point me in the right (free) direction?

Pic isn't mine obvs but is the sort of work I'd like to produce.
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Thanks for the response. I know the easy route is definitely fishing on Fiverr for digitizing services.

To be clear, I'm familiar with the pricing on PE Design, Embrilliance, Embird, Hatch, etc, and I sort of expected anyone to understand that to mean one of those softwares cracked, not an actually free software, of which there is basically just Ink/Stitch.
File: 20201023_165718_Opseced.jpg (2.7 MB, 2823x2117)
2.7 MB
2.7 MB JPG
I would go to /k/ and ask in the patch autism threads. They have a pretty large market of anime patches.
Thank you, I will check it out.
Ask fellow it specialist to write one?
You're gonna have a tough time with this.

Generally it will be more cost effective to just do it through a patch maker. Depending on if you want embroider or woven they just want high resolution stuff, simpler designs they take vectors

73 days to go.

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Maybe you should just move to an area of California that’s not so shitty.

Unless you’re poor- then you’re fucked and should move.
I live in a nice area but it's full of Pajeets and Chinks.
I thought you guys didn't trust WHO? Give them back their funding, since you suddenly care what they have to say.
>there is not such thing as a pandemic insurance
There is in the UK, at least
But I agree with your general point that it's hardly a common policy.
this comment aged most excellently

Last thread >>10475393

Share your best coord inspiration!
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You can try, but just be warned it will always be full of salt. Because gulls be fat jealous bitches.
You can probably repost some of the stuff at the bottom of this thread as an initial dump, anon
It’s just the mandela effect. No need to add nelson because literally no one else but you says nelson mandela effect
You're replying to a month-old post in a thread about to autosage, r u ok
notice how she doesn't post anymore since the clout isn't enough for her?

File: etc1.jpg (45 KB, 564x564)
45 KB
Post outfits relating to otome fashion
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Agreed, here some jp lolita website article on what they consider casual lolita:
they consider liz lisa and amavel to be casual lolita? seems like what japanese people consider casurori is lolita inspired casual clothes. not lolita clothes worn casually. and none of those are what are considered "otome" brands either so that kinda kills the theory that Milk/Emikyu/JM are considered casurori
>and none of those are what are considered "otome" brands either so that kinda kills the theory that Milk/Emikyu/JM are considered casurori
Jane Marple and other "otome" brands are literally listed in the last section of the article.
Just because some one Japanese website claims it’s casual Lolita doesn’t mean it is. You could argue a lot of the brands in there come from so many of the sub genres of styles that exist.
You can literally search カジュロリ on Google and all results are like that, it's not just "one" site.

File: lolita paper doll.png (1.97 MB, 995x1418)
1.97 MB
1.97 MB PNG
Ask for and post pics of items being worn.
Previous Thread: >>10406924
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I’ve got bad eyes and you might’ve seen this one already, but I think it’s grey?
Anyway, I’m so glad she’s doing a pre-order, I love this print!
Nta but I believe that’s lavender. According to Instagram mossbadger didn’t have many people order the grey color way previously and hadn’t seen anyone post it in the wild.
anyone got btssb's ruban le lien a la mode sleeve jsk? any colorway
I've seen plenty of OP pics of Jewelry Snow but not that many of the JSK
any colorway of the airline mini length jsk from meta? I feel like I have never seen anyone wear it desu

File: 1602189637034.png (753 KB, 842x482)
753 KB
753 KB PNG
What are your thoughts on interpreting different characters from media in cosplay? I made this outfit after watching The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I think this might wokr as a reinterpretation of Dr Frank N Furter, but it lacks the fishnets and panties which are pretty much iconic to this character. I instead added more leather and a more steampunk look, along with with large " O" shaped sunglasses.
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Wrong on so many levels
This is just a Neo closet cosplay
> Neo closet cosplay
thank you, I was thinking the exact same thing
What lipstick is that?

File: vash.jpg (11 KB, 300x197)
11 KB
my wife always says i look like vash the stamped when he has long hair. was thinking of doing a cosplay of vash but doing a twist of after the fight with knifes but going black hair with a stripe of yellow like in the manga and his energy is spent
> my natural hair is dirty blond and about down to my nipples
kinda an older vash but still with the red coat so what do you guys think,
cringe idea that no one would get or do you guys think it would be fine?
or should i just go long and blond?
if it matters i'm 6'4 175 and built a lot like the character. i would post a pic of myself but i'm pretty fucking scruffy right now and it's my hair routine day so my shit is kinda oily and i need a shave.
Please use the cosplay help board
>cosplay help board
>help board
fuck off retarded newfag.

File: 20201028_121345.jpg (127 KB, 675x900)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
What do you think of their newer stuff?
What have you lately bought from JM (new or secondhand)?
Do you or anyone in your comm regularly wear it?
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Oh my goodness. what's the name of the skirt on the left? I have a need.
I keep almost buying the JSK/ skirt of the one on the right.

I adore JM but I haven't bought any yet. Thanks for these photos as inspiration!

Catalog, dipshit. >>10491590

Because we need to relive the moments that we were deprived of this year.

Also D-Piddy is for plebs.
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IMO probably the Dragoncon 2012 videos, especially the Really Really Long one. Most times, shoot documentary style for 5 hours and you're lucky to get 5 minutes of usable material. To get nearly half an hour's worth of content that's cut as tightly as a couple minute music video is practically wizardry. Sound-wise they also do this thing where they mix in an ambient crowd noise to the music with their documentary-style, normal speed footage which really gives someone the vibe of actually being there among people hanging out as opposed to a performance.



This thread made me think of Ackson too. I think everybody got sick of how much of a pain in the ass he was to work with. I roomed with a pretty well-known cosplayer one year when he was shooting with her and it pretty much took over and ruined her whole con.
Go back to riding the cock ferris wheel, lilypichu
I want to start my craft channel
Ackson's an asshole, he ended up becoming a hardcore clout-chaser, wasting so much time with people to shoot, only to mostly not use footage and was a dick to pretty much everyone who didn't kiss his ass.

Definitely a case of ego going to one's head

would it be difficult for me to make my own corset? could you guys help me make a corset /cgl/?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
learn2sage, faggot.
ok sorry feel free to delete this thread
this link did not work but i feel it would have been a great resource...unfortunately i know nothing about sewing

what board is the 'sewing board'?
The sewing help thread, not board. OP of that comment made a typo.


Next time check the catalog, anon. Your question has already been asked and answered.

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