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File: FB_IMG_1624206336339.jpg (91 KB, 1080x1440)
91 KB
Tomorrow it's summer !! now is the time to bring out the appropriate coordination. pineapple sunglasses and lemon print pair well for the season.
Jsk Fruity Lemon & Otk - Angelic Pretty
Bonnet Triple Fortunes
Blouse Fanplusfriend
Shoes Antaïna
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Their coords are fine. They need to invest in a good skin cream however. Learn to read.
Ne she did it to stir the pot again since the old/new thread is at post limit
is right a man?
you sound like a sperg
no one gives a fuck about your pronouns. And the purse clashes, hard.

File: water.jpg (136 KB, 563x1000)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
Have you ever been bullied as a cosplayer?
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That’s literally why I don’t cosplay. Family member mocked me pretty brutally when I first trying to get into it. I didn’t have any friends who into it, so without anyone to turn to for support, I just wimped out.
I guess your pic was only bullied cause of twerking
Every relationship involves at least a little grooming.
Twerking is ugly and her mom disciplined her. This is not bullying or even abuse.
Ha ha!

File: image-asset.jpg (79 KB, 914x290)
79 KB
You know I'm tired of people talking up ANYC just because they've been burned by NYCC one way or another. Been there 2019 and the area where they designated the Cosplay Photoshoots was this little tiny wing that really got overcrowded so people would go up the stairs or down the escalators for a bit of space. The entrances to the exhibition halls didn't even check if I had a pass for some wild ass reason, but maybe I just got lucky there. The Artist Alley being the back of where they have the exhibts made it hard to actually look for anything when it was at its peak hours, so I had to go there just before I had to leave hoping it thinned out enough.
Yeah, ANYC started off as a nice mid-sized con, but it grew quickly, and the quality of the event suffered.
Some of the problems happened just because of poor decisions by the organizers (such as the issue with cosplay photoshoots and moving of AA that you mentioned). I would hope that the organizers will fix those sort of issues.
Unfortunately, the overcrowding is going to continue to be a problem for the foreseeable future. They've already said they'll be splitting the building with another event for the next few years (at least), so they aren't going to have any more space they can reserve and grow into. MAYBE if the expansion is usable and the other convention they split with doesn't use it, they could use that to help a bit.
Have they said if they would be using the entire Javits center this time around? Renovations are also finished so its literally bigger than its ever been.
After the 2019 show, they had mentioned in a social media post that they were going to be sharing the venue with another convention again. They don't really seem eager to expand. I expect they'll wait until they sell out the space they currently use for a year or two before they consider expanding.
So basically it's just going to get more crowded for the foreseeable future.
idk, I like it. i've been going since it started. it has had some really good panels, that one awesome Aimer concert several years back, and a good venue. my biggest grievance is that they had 2 different bag checks (one for exhib hall, one for artist alley) which was retarded. i compare it to ABoston as the other big city con in the area, and it's miles better IMO.

File: IMG_6699.jpg (88 KB, 480x761)
88 KB
so i am thinking about cosplaying from the fate stay night series. I am wondering if fate characters like berserker are still popular at conventions. Does anyone know?

Armour cosplays are almost always a welcome sight. But I suggest you try Potemkin from Guilty Gear Strive instead.
learn2sage, newfag.

Why sage?

File: ENpo29FU4AEr9fi.jpg large.jpg (204 KB, 1057x1278)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
Last thread finally died >>10447706

New 80s vintage stores are popping up left and right, such as Feel in Love! and Kakera Star.

Useful (Active) Links:
>JP Newssite -https://harajuku-pop.com/
>Shoplist - http://fairy-tips.tumblr.com/shops
>What is Yumekawaii (archive) - https://web.archive.org/web/20180813082200/https://tokyogirlsupdate.com/yume-kawaii-girls-20150855504.html

If you want to see the latest jp coords, indie brand releases or need general inspo, make sure to check out Twitter's ゆめかわ hashtag.
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Can anyone recommend some good brands that aren’t milklim, nileperch, spank, listen flavour, ACDC rag, swankiss, swimmer, fs and milk? I want to check out other brands that I haven’t heard of (yes they can be indie, taobao or closed/preowned) I prefer Japanese brands so I can throw them in my shopping service order but any country origin works.
wtf is wrong with their makeup wow..
omg refuse to be usual! What a blast from the past. I had some really cute MLP ripoff print hoodies from her, sad I sold them in my 20s because I didn’t think I’d ever wear pastels again kek

I love Neon Moon. They’re Korean but they have a Japanese online store. Takes a few weeks to arrive into Japan though so you have to time it right if you’re bundling things from a few stores.
This is so cute, but I can think of literally nothing small enough that I'd want to store on it.
File: E4t3yRqWQAgKvVD.jpg (150 KB, 1000x1000)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
Some UK brand collab with Younapi:

File: 2021-07-03.jpg (546 KB, 828x770)
546 KB
546 KB JPG
I literally cannot figure out where this comes from idk help
The taobao thread >>>10629820
The lolita request thread >>>10619297
The stupid questions thread 10636940

These are better places to ask these things
You cannot wear this blouse.

File: 1623535620643.jpg (286 KB, 550x1000)
286 KB
286 KB JPG
Hi this is my first thread on this board. I'm 20 years old and 172 cm for 58 kg, and I'd love to reproduce an outfit similar to pic related but I'm rather flat chested and I have small hips too, do you think that would still look pretty? I have the exact same hair but darker and a pale skin. Also my second question is what shoes should I wear with this? I think heeled boots would look great because the dress is already making me look taller.
Thanks for advice!
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the allure of this outfit is the hourglass shape that the woman has, if you're flat and small-hipped, it'll look dumb. learn how to dress for your body type instead of trying to look like big. boobied anime woman which doesn't sound possible for you
There’s a thread for help you chimp
Days later... Poof.
You're probably already pretty to be honest.
Kys tranny, you stick out like a thumb

What do you guys expect to do at the next big con? I already expecting myself to get black out drunk and probably making out with several people in one weekend.
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When and where?
>except actual alpha's can get better quality tail anywhere else and don't waste their time.
there are plenty of extremely attractive female cosplayers
and most women who don't do cosplay are not gonna be willing to dress up as an anime schoolgirl for sex
this is where cons come in
>there are plenty of extremely attractive female cosplayers
>shitty tattoos that ruin the beauty
>cellulite legs
>pudgy bellies
>shitty hair when the wigs come off
don't care about tattoos
>>cellulite legs
>>pudgy bellies
>>shitty hair when the wigs come off
none of these would count as "extremely attractive" for me, and yet there are plenty of female cosplayers that don't have any of these issues
most of them do.

previous thread: >>10633250
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Prophet, will we ever get the Colorful Star Blouse again?
>Even rarer than that.
Smells minty to me
Mint AP socks aren't that rare though? It may not be popular these days, but mint used to be a staple color around 2010.
Brown…? Orange…? I’m dying of curiosity, can’t wait for this week’s drop!
new thread >>10644029

File: whats_going_on.jpg (96 KB, 640x480)
96 KB
>long day at con
>prepare to relax in hotel hot tub
>see pic related

What do?
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No matter what you call it, something is going in your butt at the end of the day.
Who isn't thirsty for a hazbin hotel orgy?
>hazbin hotel

What happened with that show? Had some friends who loved the pilot episode, but I haven't heard anything since.
Nayrt but as far as I know it's in some vague stage of production since A24 picked it up last year while its spinoff (Helluva Boss) is doing pretty well as a YouTube series.
I just reg'd for Furry Migration

So how's the group been going so far?
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Can't wait for the October con though heh heaps of peeps but still allowed to attend
New zealand cosplay is dead. The delta is coming for you all.
A con creep got banned from tabling at Armageddons so that's great
10640921 cool story bro
10640939 oh? I never knew there was someone like that at the con but never the less thats great to hear

What kind of cosplay should I wear to attract women at a convention so I can get laid?
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No you're just outnumbered
idk, from my experience, people with store-bought are either extremely casual fans or are trying to "make it big" as a "cosplayer" (which are also surface level fans, usually cosplaying FOTM characters like ZeroTwo or 2B). You need to have a certain level of autism/dedication to the character/show to make cosplays, so they're usually more interesting to talk to.
>and start cosplaying from things women enjoy
I wouldn't even say this unless you genuinely enjoy those things too. Better to go with stuff YOU like but pick something that makes you look attractive.

Also, maybe this is just a one-off thing, but my ex, who I met at a cosplay gathering, always told me that she wasn't interested in me until she saw me again without a costume later that night. Maybe looking attractive to women in the costume isn't really the goal at all, and the costume is more about breaking the ice and establishing your credibility as a fan and not just some loser trying to hook up with cosplayers.
>What kind of cosplay should I wear to attract women at a convention so I can get laid?
Dudes that fuck can get laid wearing anything. Dudes who ask on message boards what they need to do to get laid aren't going to fuck. So wear whatever you want, it ain't happening.
ahahahahah imagine fucking a seeping trash can with a gaping seething hole in it

File: 1560282603351.jpg (109 KB, 720x891)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
Now that the guys have their own containment thread, let's go back to discussing what a female only convention would be like.

What panels would you like to see? How would we keep it female only? Convention themes?
114 replies and 19 images omitted. Click here to view.
Too attractive for the average con-going female, too. Even the second from the left would be above average.
I hate that traditionally fememinie hobbies are now called out as tradfem. I was listing things that this board generally has an interest in. Each of those things listed is either a general thread here or a common subject discussed, except for flower arrangement and painting while getting drunk.
the tradfem part to me is the painting with a twist cause getting drunk to do something mediocre is middle aged suburban mom shit, as well as the fitness stuff--this is not /fit/--and the etiquette, and potentially self defense, nothing wrong with it but definitely appeals to a specific crowd.

also the unnecessary weight stuff cause why hold a panel that is just going to cause people to complain inevitably? People can look up how to dress for their size on their own if they want to look good, and the answer is usually just wear shit that fits and matches, other rules for dressing for body types or weight are pseudoscience often by men (look at the kibbie shit) or just don't matter that much when it comes to alt fashion anyway because you're not trying to do normie shit like make your waist look small and tits and hips big to appeal to men anyway.

like idk all the suggestions read as "womancon" not "con that appeals to the interests of cgl and is also all women" and the interests weren't really detailed and are just listing stereotypical womens' hobbies, some of which wouldn't even really be fun or work in a con environment
Implying you would even be able to stop the troops without them whining and summoning antifa, who would then beat the shit out of the actual women at the con and call them bigots.
>magical girl fantasy football
This but, with an edgy twist of it being like your average deathmatch manga. 25 or whatever waifus in, only one comes out alive. I'd like a cup but only if it's comically large and filled with magical girl merch from whatever franchise wins.

File: Pope_Mana.jpg (65 KB, 500x666)
65 KB
Last Thread >>10625431

Confess your sins and be set free!
301 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
I have a huge crush on another girl in my com. We've become really close friends very fast since I joined the com (moved recently). She broke up with her boyfriend a little bit ago, I want to make my move but I want to give her time to get over her ex first. She's openly bi, we would make a cute goth and sweet lolita couple...
Godspeed anon, I hope it works out with you two <3
I should start posting FDS propaganda in these threads too.
I used to frequent BTB/Horror stories threads and just make shit up.
>we would make a cute goth and sweet lolita couple...
>goth and sweet lolita couple...

Literally kys

My gf had the idea of me dressing as Luigi and her as Gooigi. Luigi would probably be the easiest outfit I'd ever put together, but how would you do Gooigi?

I'm currently looking at thick textile paints as a starting point. Maybe either coat the clothes entirely in paint or just find some green clothes and put thick splotches of paint on them. I'm not too familiar with those kinds of paints though and I'm not sure if any would look shiny enough to get across the idea it's supposed to be goo.
how about vinyl or latex?
That's a great idea! Either one should have the kind of shine I'm looking for. I've never seen either material at my local fabric shop so I'll probably have to order online. Results for actual clothes seem a bit pricey for mismatched colors.
I'm sorry to hear that your gf is autistic
That's an adorable idea anon, seconding first reply with vinyl or latex but those are sweat traps so beware
use the cosplay help or stupid questions thread next time. single question threads sit on this board for a month.

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