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The other thread about Victorian Maids got me thinking.

What do you think about the Lolita substyle Maid Lolita ? Does it even exist?

I personally am not a big fan of it, I do like certain elements. But if it looks too much like a maid it gives me bad vibes.

But that could be just my personal brain worms.

Do you like the style ? If yes feel free to post your favourite piece or coord. But only true Lolita of course.
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Angelic Pretty's Rose Tea Garden JSK set in wine/bordeaux
First one is Meta's Retro Diner JSK
Second one is Meta's Chelsea JSK with Apron
File: Fvw6uvpaIAIC4na.jpg (514 KB, 1151x2048)
514 KB
514 KB JPG
Maid Day
File: Fvv1_KdaIAAGQJ8.jpg (122 KB, 950x950)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
dress name?

She has a comically small head due to facetune and I need to know what she really looks like without face tuning the shit out of her whole body.
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>my dermatologist refuses to remove them
get a new one. how old are you? 10?
Natural beauty is deformity? That's so sad
She kinda scared me into not removing them because she said it can make it harder to spot changes in the mole
definitely get a new derm. she shouldn't be cancer scaring you especially if they are lifelong moles since they have a 0.000000000001% chance of being cancer. sounds like she's scamming you.
God I fucking hate facetune and you stupid fucks that think it's real.

Hi /cgl/. Any of you cosplayers know how to recreate this these hair tie things? The yellow things that stick up then droop down. I can't think of anything that would stand up half way like that. All the other cosplays that have something similar have thicker hair piece things where you could hide a wire or something in.

What's the best material to recreate this?
File: file.png (197 KB, 425x425)
197 KB
197 KB PNG
Wire coil and some work banging it into place, that's really all you need. SnV's Lu Bu really won't need much in the way of hiding his antennae because it's just a few gold strips. Go to a Joann's near you and you should be able to pick up everything you need for less than $20.

File: IMG_20230322_030834.jpg (105 KB, 734x734)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
I never cosplayed before and want to start out by recreating Ace from One Piece.
Could I pull it off?
Any other better characters that might fit me better?
Where do I buy all the stuff I need?
Is there a community discord or sum?
Thanks in advance
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I think you could do it, idk why the replies are so mean lmao you look fine
Brah when I saw the OP pic I assumed you were Mexican. Not that it matters if you were, but you're obviously insecure about your race lmao
Actually yeah I think it would. You have the right jaw line and eye shape for this charcter. Everything else will just be make up and clothes so ur solid man good luck
Not gonna lie dude the fact that people are trying so hard to shit on your looks means your probly at least 60% hotter then them. Put 4chan down for a min and go work on your costume before the jelouse bitchs on here shit their own pants.
hell yeah you look like gigachad bro

File: SAKURA_kumya.png (656 KB, 760x454)
656 KB
656 KB PNG
Since Baby was starting to be discussed in the AP thread.
>favorite new prints? nonprints?
>thoughts on sakura kumya print
>thoughts on the fashion show
>thoughts on quality
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File: FB_IMG_1683856950873.jpg (99 KB, 1080x720)
99 KB
Kumakumya is such a cutie
The headbow sold out almost instantly. I hate how fast kumya anything disappears.
I missed the headbow too. I think even people who don't necessarily like Kumyas or sundaes might have grabbed it because it's just strawberries and daisies.

What cut/colour did you anons go for?
I got the jsk I cut and the matching kumya dress in off white since I think it looks the best with the light pink details
I grabbed the pink JSK II and white OTKs. I had the headbow in my cart as well but got unlucky and lost it during checkout. Hopefully they restock or I can cop one during the SF lottery. I don't seem to get emails for SF lotteries anymore but noticed they post about them on the online store.

File: 1679156591720514.jpg (761 KB, 2119x3185)
761 KB
761 KB JPG
That means:
>no fake looking wigs (dyed hair preferred)
>contacts that look realistic
>body type that actually matches the character
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Ok but people are complaining mostly cause it looks like shit. It just barely reads as Marisa as another thing to shit on.
>cut the sleeves of a miko outfit
Fucking kys, OP's photo might as well be called "Annie the orphan in a frilly dress".
Are you guys actually blind as well as stupid?

These posts are all clearly AI, look at the hands.
>call coomers out for shilling china bug cosplays
>apparently that's stupidity
> thinking AI generated photos are real cosplays
Yes that's stupidity, dumbass.

Been putting this cosplay away for nearly year, I already have the head piece for it (hood from Etsy).

It's just that I'm unsure as to what colour hex it is, where to get a matching tracksuit/zip-up hoodie and the kind of pattern the fabric is.

I'm strongly leaning towards getting a green zip up hoodie that's made of fleece

File: 03.jpg (33 KB, 540x521)
33 KB
What's a good cosplay to attrack chicks in a con
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Dress as a character from a franchise that predominantly women like
for example, Metal Gear Solid, Berserk, Fist of the North Star, Gundam, Batman, Call of Duty etc.
File: file.png (18 KB, 262x275)
18 KB
Based blatant falseflagger
>Verification not required
No one can resist waluigi.
You can't cosplay yourself into being tall or having a good skull shape
Something from Danganronpa probably

Maybe a weird question but are there any books on lolita fashion? Possibly either a book on how to get into it or a book that's mostly just inspo pics like a physical lookbook
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second anon here. I did not consider japanese language books for obvious reasons. I have that book though. It's mediocre imo.
It's not great, but op asked for physical books and seems really new, so anything to help lead them to basic coords construction/makeup may help.
Lolita Fashion Fancier had shit coords, but the garments they show on mannequins can be useful to a new lolita. I'd skip the second one, Lolita Fashion Fancier II For Relax, unless you're interested in room wear and lifestyle stuff.
Dropped image
This belongs in the stupid questiond thread. Everyone needs to stop spoon-feeding this dumb fag
there's the lolita guidebook from way back, also. outdated but some of it's still useful

File: R (1).jpg (714 KB, 3024x4032)
714 KB
714 KB JPG
How gross are they from a 1 to 10 scale. Why they don't conver them. Why would I want to see a Chun Li or some cute character all tattooed It ruins the character's feel. What's next nose rings.
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I agree that the other anon was being way too absolutist about it. There definitely are exceptions. But, come on. Let's not pretend like there isn't a correlation.
>Claiming to be better than everyone here
>And yet, selling his body to be defiled by strangers
>Also taking a gender identity (as usual)
>Getting a lot of tattoo as coping mechanism
I have no anger toward you. You're just sad.
I hope one day you can stop selling your body and actually find a decent job and actual friends and happiness.
Dude, wtf? I never mention race but you immediately talk about "People with melanin"
I'm not even white, lol. I guess you ARE that white if my comment made you think I'm talking about people with specific race.
Only in US
Not true at all
>t.hank, someone who travels for a living

previous thread: >>10846600
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that's not me lol, it was in a facebook post (from the lolita group Daily lolita francophone)
no words
Looks like this outfit was intentionally ita.
When is ita day again?

File: 2expensive4me2do69inM8.jpg (620 KB, 1280x1024)
620 KB
620 KB JPG
I don't like making credit card payments on clothes. If I don't need to make something myself, because a similar enough piece of an outfit exists.. yeah, I'm not buying official shit.
>"B-but that means you're not a real fan"
That means you can't even pick out an outfit, it's like you need a company to lay out clothes for you like your mommy or daddy. But you're a grown up, so you need to know how to do this with other clothes. Every day. That you already have.
>Example, fluffy animal hats
I'm trying to have fun. I don't support brands I don't like, just because I like their character. If you're cosplaying on a budget, but don't want used shit that smells like furry AIDS, consider looking up each part of the outfit. Then make a list. Buy less online, and more at thrift shops/charity shops
>Not premium hipster bullshit
>That already smells AIDS and fail
>Looks like it too, if you wear it how they do
You don't need to be a genius to DIY a cosplay either. If you have a relative (probably an older woman) that can sew patterns and you didn't git gud, they might help. No family or friends? Pay someone else's elderly relative to help you, and buy the fabric for her. Making something like that could make her day, and her payday without spending hundreds on something you'll wear once when you have a few pictures taken and fuck stranger in a your hotel room, bathrooms, and wherever no-one is paying attention.
14 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
dropshipping isn't a scam. it's not a scam for someone to sell a product outside of it's intended market, like with taobao or aliexpress products. aliexpress is mostly dropshippers as well, just ones in china who can hide it better. being butthurt at dropshippers is the same as thinking walmart scammed you just because amazon had the same product for less. it's entitled and pathetic. do your research and don't buy from them you're that upset over it.
Zoomer retards also don't consider who the original designer is anyway. Dropshippers could be the actual designer and just choosing not to buy stock. Also, designs are stolen constantly by manufacturers and the like. Zoomers are just super entitled and want the cheapest shit possible that's why they buy bootlegs of shit like anime figs and sanrio plushies.
just make it yourself faggot
it's a scam when sellers buying chinkshit claim it's their own, all manufactured by them and such.
>supporting smol business uwu wholesome chungus 100
kek good one

File: 20230504_090158.jpg (238 KB, 847x1199)
238 KB
238 KB JPG
Will Oshi no Ko be popular for cosplay as an idol anime or is it too different from Love Live, idolish7, etc? Can it have staying power?
Anyone planning on cosplaying from it?
Nowhere near as much as Love Live, im@s, etc, simply because there's really only one iconic character who wears a costume (in the anime as of now anyways) and despite being an anime only I doubt that list will expand to the level of popular idol-centric media
of course other characters from the show can be cosplayed but they'll never be as popular as ones with a definitive "look" to them
It's going to be fotm. It's a murder mystery drama with a bit of harem so it doesn't have the staying power of other franchises. It was never designed for that kind of perpetual staying power. There's a finite end (which, granted, the manga hasn't reached yet) unlike idol franchises and no set up for otherwise. No game, no music. Honestly it's not much of an idol story at all when it comes down to it. They go into many other entertainment industry facets instead.
G-Witch cosplay is gonna be more popular than Oshi No Ko.

For you which is your favorite cosplay?, favorite cosplayer is norafawn.
Mine is belle delphine
Oh ok

Seems like cosplay has become less and less popular as time goes on partially because cosplay is so extremely expensive now but also I think it’s because of the lack of popular cosplayers the closest thing we have to a popular cosplayer is probably Bella Delphine and she
1 doesn’t really cosplay ever
2 is an awful pornstar and
3 is old news already
Will cosplay ever be as exciting as it used to be? My local conventions & recent SDCC videos are depressing compared to ten years ago
110 replies and 18 images omitted. Click here to view.
No, my task is to keep it alive

yep, they don't make it like that anymore *sips monster can*
I miss it

Very interesting indeed

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