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Not super in the cosplay world, but cosplay-curious. I figured this would be a good place to ask:

I'm a guy who is going to try going to a con as Megumi Kato (that's a different can of worms, but I do want to do it right). I can sense that my girlfriend is a little weirded out by it. I want to reassure her by also putting together a costume of a male anime character, but like, anime guys usually have either boring or edgy designs. Does anybody have any suggestions for a cool anime guy I could be? I don't want to go as something cringe like link or mario.

File: 1651192904841.jpg (2.55 MB, 2160x2160)
2.55 MB
2.55 MB JPG
Anons of /cgl/, what do you think of things like this, such as a cosplay of a "bukhanka chan", a humanized version of a Russian transport vehicle (there are drawings of nearly all Russian vehicles like that)? A similar example is the "corona chan" and "ebola chan" things.

I want to know what you people think of it.
I think that is insensitive since it plays with a war where people are dying. It's not fun and it should be disregarded and reprimanded.
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stop trying to make me feel old, 2016 just happened
>on scale unparalleled by any other country.
Nobody who followed Iraq believes you.

>Which still produces less civilian deaths than activities of Kacaps (a.k.a. Moskals a.k.a. Muscovites a.k.a. Russians) and their operatives around the world.
Heroin addiction and deaths far outclass that, not to mention the additional illegal military actions funded by the money from this production, you clueless mong.
A ton of culture changes have happened in the past 6 years. So I think that feeling makes sense.
Apparently from what news sources at the time say, they didn't actually buy tickets or something like that, and were escorted out for "violating convention policy".

Yet Dragoncon is quite the cosplay fuckfest with people doing all sorts of sex stuff in it.
And the Maidan coup and subsequent killings and shelling of children in the Donbass did not happen. Even though they filmed themselves doing the killing and shelling. Just like we have films of the holocaust.

Not feeling it OP. This isn’t insensitive. Reappropriating Snufkin as a neonazi is insensitive
Like the media lying about Azov hostages being victims of Russian soldiers is insensitive. I think it must be the lie that makes something insensitive.

File: pax-east-logo-with-bg.png (8 KB, 599x337)
8 KB
I can't wait to go to Con.
It will be my first time visiting Con! Yes. I'm new to con. I never have been in the cons in my life before.
I will take pictures of the cosplayers when I'm at PAX East Con then I will share them on 4chan here.
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just google pax enforcer dies covid. she was a fatty and caught covid. as far as i know, she's the only death from any convention. the rest were just infections.
File: Zc9By-jr.jpg (66 KB, 680x384)
66 KB
That's gonna be a "Womp womp" from me, for this absolute unit.
>as far as i know, she's the only death from any convention. the rest were just infections.
Really? I thought we were all gonna kill our entire families with WuFlu if we dared to go toD a convention ever again
during the early stages of the pandemic where we didn't have vaccines that would have been more true. now between vaccines and therapeutics like pfizer's covid treatment pills, i think we'll be fine.
I felt bad at first then I saw her picture. No one in 2 years warned her about Obesity being a major factor in how fucked up Covid gets you
This, there are vaccines and people have had enough time to get even 2 boosters by now, plus there's much better understanding and treatment of the symptoms, and the virus itself has mutated to a very mild strain compared to the OG COVID. It is much harder to suffer severely from catching it now if you took all the right precautions and go into it healthy and immunized.

File: ren faire.jpg.jpg (414 KB, 1600x1067)
414 KB
414 KB JPG
Anyone go to a renfair, I was thinking about cosplaying Link or something.
I've always wanted to get some friends together and cosplay a Stargate team to one.

File: cosplayer model .jpg (195 KB, 1120x724)
195 KB
195 KB JPG
All of them have a slim body.
Good slim legs.
A have a cute face that isn't manly.
Just like the characters.

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fat guys have shame and know they'll probably die alone
why dont fat women have any shame?
Because one of the most defining traits of women is that they lack amy semblance of personal responsibility
Because you won't share your meth
>children aren't allowed to cosplay
this is a terrible example, she way way too skinny. She looks ugly and unhealthy, while all girls in OP's pic look much better body-wise.

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Take your medication and calm down
Guess we're going back full circle, only now instead of a chinese lace monster dress: it's a chinese shit print dress and cat ears are now 'realistic cat ears.'

The worst part is there being over 100 larpers liking this photo on CoF. What a shit show.
Why is this here?
We want actual itas.
Not random girls we need to nitpick to find something wrong in.
Post something else.

File: slushie.jpg (61 KB, 600x800)
61 KB
Any fursuits
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File: pizako.jpg (90 KB, 615x972)
90 KB
How much did it cost? I've been slowly wanting to get one.
She was £1k including arm sleeves, an unfinished bodysuit, and leg sleeves. Price was stupid cheap because the maker got cancelled (I got it second hand and not from the maker
It's all fun and games until you realize they're all ugly male slobs under the costume.

For fucks sake AATP...
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Late 90s definitely had plastic tattoo chokers
I mean I'm in my mid 20's and grew up with 90's shit, I still wear those sometimes. Tattoo chokers are still the bomb .com

The nuance missing here is that, children's clothing was the exact same style as adult clothing on a smaller scale, and children had less dressing options, so no evening or morning gowns. Literally take 5 minutes of looking at victorian adult and childrens fashion plates can show you that. Ignorance is a choice at this point my guy
kek, those aren't the type they're talking about and you know it.
It's so cute, I wish I was there with them ;-;
>those plastic bracelets everyone thought were color coded for sex acts
ugh, bad flashbacks, why did you have to do this to me

File: 44444.jpg (109 KB, 800x1422)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
you double nigger, that's doremi from spcats
she doesn't need your posting
godamn... why cant the girls in this board look like her?
Did all of this boards mods quit?
because then they'd be too cute
go away ugly.

File: FB_IMG_1650009990170.jpg (141 KB, 1080x1349)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
old thread >>10742763

It's strawberry season!

Everything is AP except OTKs (BTSSB) and shoes (offbrand)
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Ap apparently
agreed, they need a new one
Wow nice dump
this is historically what people do when they dump. they only dump until they get their own photo dug in there and hidden. or they start a thread with their own photo.
>implying that military spouses are normal

File: kumori.png (173 KB, 820x360)
173 KB
173 KB PNG
golden week sale is now till the 5th, get your registrations in if you haven't yet.
I just bought my tickets, thanks for the heads up on the discount.

Not sure about cosplay yet, I don’t want to be cold!
i'm hoping we get some hololive or nijiEN guests announced, but it's probably not a big enough con for that

File: nekotoro_cat_ears.gif (257 KB, 258x480)
257 KB
257 KB GIF
Hey senpais. My sister wants some cat ears. Most are headbands, but those start giving a headache after a while. Does anyone know of any decent clip-on cat ears / nekomimi? Perhaps those that clip onto the hair, but the main thing is that don't squeeze on the temples or cause headaches.

Preferably amazon or a bay area dealer would be appreciated <3.
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As if being obviously underage isn't enough of a crime in itself, you just had to post this in its own thread. There's two fucking threads for you to ask this in.
File: transparent_oguro.png (1018 KB, 906x1357)
1018 KB
1018 KB PNG
have mercy, I'm new to cgl ;-;.
[spoiler]and I'm prolly the opposite of underage at this point[/spoiler]
You mention your problem as if it were an excuse
Piss off.
just google clip-on cat ears??

File: 1625464043163.png (3.63 MB, 1920x2975)
3.63 MB
3.63 MB PNG
how do i get cosplay gf
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>He's dead but you're still fat and single. Your fat ass too lazy to even dance on his grave
Nice projection, you should hit the gym! I'm just really happy to hear he's dead is all! Something bothering you?
anyone have experience volunteering at a con?
File: 1653263374319.jpg (129 KB, 1024x1010)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
I do, it was at a small con . Ask away
How many vaginas did you get?
Weird place to ask, especially given this thread's almost over, but yes. Got free hotel room and a refund for my ticket in exchange for about 10 hours of checking badges and making peanut butter sandwiches.

Why do people rush to buy anything just to call themselves lolitas? Why not wait to get all the pieces necessary and learn more before embarrassing yourself?
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ok boomer
sorry you're an idiot. larping DID and autism is arguably worse than previous generations.
Anon, a lot of did and disability larpers aren’t even close to gen z. They’re mostly late 20s-30s fake bois with green hair and attention problems.

People have been faking and larping illnesses since the dawn of modern medicine. Munchausens was codified in the 50s, and it wasn’t a new phenomenon then. Not saying kids aren’t cringe, just pointing out that we were every bit as cringey in our own way, even if you’d like to forget that in your decrepit condition.
Wait till you learn about the Satanic Panic and how they did the same shit.
You're an idiot.

Let's do some archeology and go back before mid 1970s when OG goths started to evolve out of generic punk movement and started forming fashion on top of their music based subculture. Fashion that formed seed for many purely fashion based subcultures like Elegant Gothic Aristocrat and Gothic Lolita.

Picture I posted comes from early scene of 1973 horror movie "he Legend of Hell House" - actress is Pamela Franklin. She is wearing black dress, white shirt with big collar and multiple silver necklaces. She is wearing in that movie multiple flamboyant outfits with Victorian and ethnic vibes. IMHO a lot of outfits like this from 1970s horrors (there been a lot of all black plus silver jewellery costumes in the movies, typically worn by psychics and vampires) made their way into wardrobes of early goths.
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