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Anyone knows what's become of her?
Long time since she's done smoething.
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Those thighs can save lives and crush heads
If only
Bump for more pics of her thighs then
Still waiting for more thigh pics. This can't be all there is. This girl's thighs are the stuff of dreams.

My winx cosplay! It’s latex, I thought the latex would emulate the look from the cartoon best!
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Noice. I love redheads. Where do you live? Are you willing to travel? How much would it be for a date?
Used to be really popular a few years ago. The UK cons had a winx group with several girls doing all the main characters. Think they must all be 30 now so probably stopped.
File: COST-SAMUS-3-BIG.jpg (440 KB, 527x900)
440 KB
440 KB JPG
>Its just super expensive.
Andromeda Latex is very expensive but other brands are cheap. It might not hold together for long but can still be repaired as long as it is no chlorinated.
cute! I really like the wings. the costume is really well made
You look amazing!

Haven't had one of these in a while now, have we?
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looks like shit
this dress is the one I think of too.
I wish this was me
I love Kokusyoku Sumire, they have the best style and seem like cool and fun people irl.
Nice gifs

FAQ (last updated: July 16th): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-URQl5wxxBzP4-VWfMKfLG8ZqOkGt9Yoyo6Qbm333vs/edit?usp=sharing
Cosplay recommendations thread: >>10789095
Crossplay/crossdressing thread: >>10783996
LARP thread: >>10787705
Taobao thread: >>10803045
Aliexpress thread: None currently
Stupid j-fashion questions thread: >>10805991
Previous thread: >>10797339
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Search "Setting up for cosplay photoshoot" on youtube. There's several good ones that have specific equipment at different price levels. In particular the one by RandomTuesday is one I recommend
You can find a cheap pair of white canvas high-tops and then dye them.
new here, is there any particular 'go-to' store on aliexpress for buying non-specific wigs?

thinking about doing a cosplay of Volo from Pokemon, but the two cosplays I've done before have all been using specialized wigs for those characters, and there isn't really anything for Volo.
Tx checked out the channel. P good stuff ordered a couple of stuff

File: clolita.jpg (38 KB, 420x560)
38 KB
I think a lot of us here can agree that taobao lolita looks cheap. But why did it go so wrong? There's so much inspo from Japan and historical fashion, so I don't get how taobao brands mess up this badly. Even people in China prefer the AP stuff. What is up with the design and construction that makes it look like that? Serious replies only, no racist bs
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>So you end up with lacemonsters and costumelike dresses.
And really bad ones at that too with some rare exception. Pic related popped up in my feed yesterday. Can't believe this taobao store store thought it was a good idea to show the actual dress lol
File: 1668458546856.jpg (896 KB, 1536x2048)
896 KB
896 KB JPG
Dropped the pic
File: 1652988216529.jpg (361 KB, 1080x1620)
361 KB
361 KB JPG
Can't even wrap my mind around this. How does it look SO different? Is it just image editing? Laying every fold by hand in the original picture? Straight up two different dresses? How is the hoop skirt so fucked in the second one? God, that lace hurts my eyes.
The one in the stock pic is probably a higher quality sample while the one in the irl pic is the mass production with cheaper materials and workmanship.

Are these fun? Like do people party or is it boring and people just go to the market and buy merch
It was kind of boring from my experience but I am a hag.
>Are these fun?
These are incredibly "OKAY/10" these are a huge mix of comic shit, starwars, star trek, and other "nerd culture" with anime as a "oh yeah that's there". Cosplay is almost entirely going to be capeshit+BnHA.

Fan Expo's like these are often for Families to go into an environment where they know they won't see a bunch of dakimakura's hanging down and +18 panels out the ass. It's your family friendly space for people who are into the "lol totally a nerd I know star trek bald man fail meme" level shit.

I am only going because I have free tickets and even then I don't really care all that much since I know the vast majority of cosplay as it pertains to this board will be BnHA or something.
Those are more glorified conhalls than anything. Dxpect everything to be fairly normie, not too much anime but tons of capeshit and star wars

File: trjacket.jpg (1.74 MB, 3024x4032)
1.74 MB
1.74 MB JPG
Does /cgl/ ever feel awkward about cosplaying in public? Is there any type of cosplay where you draw a line?
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We had sex lots of places. In bathrooms, on the dance floor at clubs, on street corners, on the floor at stores. Wherever we wanted
Ever get anyone watching? I used to have tons of sex in public settings but the girls I was with never wanted to be caught. I always hoped some rando couple would join in, or at least get some dudes jerking off.

I'm ugly now so the dream is dead ._.
Yeah of course.
Me and my few friends have a habit to wear our (handmade) 2hu cosplays occasionally when going out to a bar
I find it uncomfortable but it won't stop me at all.

File: hotel.jpg (58 KB, 1280x640)
58 KB
I know some anons tell me to be careful about sharing a hotel room at conventions with strangers but how do you it?
What websites would I need to go?
Convention dedicated discords usually
Convention Discord and FB groups are usually the way to go.

Anyone else headed to this? Starts in about 36 hours.

File: FkVkbGqUAAAz9KA.jpg (421 KB, 1366x2048)
421 KB
421 KB JPG
post nice /cgl/ christmas stuff
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File: FHY3czXVEAI1t7u.jpg (907 KB, 2048x2048)
907 KB
907 KB JPG
shut up retard
merry x-mas everyone else

wanted to try and find it myself, but does anyone have the ID on this dress? i wanna see if it comes in other colors, although the one pictured is stunning too
looks like this maybe
Will this thread last until next christmas ?

So what are y’all’s favorite blouses? Like, colors, styles, brands, etc.
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This one looks nice. Does it have a particular name ?
I have several Strawberry Witch blouses. They're all polyester, but are decent quality. They're not brand quality at all, but they're also around $30 iirc. The collars are huge which I like for sweeter jsks. All of the cuffs are too big for me which is mildly annoying. Overall decent quality, cheap and come in a lot of colors and multiple sizes.
Round Collar Blouse with Cape, it's up to sale on the Meta webshop currently
My favorites are old school cotton ones with strips of shirring in the sleeves and torso. I just like the effect and they usually have nice lace too.
I have 2 atepie blouses in black and I like them

There must be a good way to order custom tailored blazers to match school uniforms from anime. I’m personally after a Yokai Academy blazer that I can wear to comic cons — and maybe even out in public, cuz the style is pretty cool.

Most of the uniforms you find online are cheap rayon crap. But these projects must be pretty easy — I just want a good tailor to make a normal blazer cut like the school’s uniform and of the right color.

Any of you guise had success w that?
Just find a local tailor and show them a pic of what you want. They will side-eye you, but as long as they get paid they'll make it for you
>t. briefly had tailoring training
You could just fine a nice blazer in that color and ask them to add the bias edge trim
If your area has a large enough con scene they probably won't even side-eye you.
I found a cosplay tailor on Etsy who seems nice and has good reviews. I guess I’ll go with her because my area just doesn’t have many bespoke tailors. If it works out I’ll post results here. The con will be this summer
Any updates ?

File: IMG_20221211_203757.png (823 KB, 660x651)
823 KB
823 KB PNG
Dear gulls,
What is Lolita fashion culture for you ?
Is it just the looks and the clothing or is there a certain mindset ?
Is it counterculture?
Is Lolita in the form of today still feminist ?
Are there certain behaviours and values you connect to your love and wear of Lolita fashion?
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Just carry a gun and shoot them the next time they try this shit. You can claim self-defense.
If they are carrying fireworks then anon is probably not living in the US
>feel emotional pain when brand quality goes downhill

This has been my experience as well. I've been wearing it for 10 years. Although I've never had a situation like >>10826616 described.

It's usually younger men around late high school and college age that tend to be assholes yelling things. Although I've only encountered this when in groups (meetups etc).

Otherwise, I get pretty positive reactions from other women. Younger / zoomers tend to be overwhelmingly positive since they tend to know about the fashion via social media and are excited to see someone wearing it around. Boomer - Millienial women can be a mixed bag, though mostly positive. Lately, the negative reactions have only been hard stares, and the feeling I'm being followed / watched.

The bo-peep / are you in a play etc has mostly been from older men. Occasionally an older woman.

I've been hearing "I love your coord!" more often just out and about. That's nice, since I used to only hear that at conventions.

I live in a populated area in the midwest and tend to wear it a few days a week for errands/outings when I'm not attending an event. I tend to wear a little more toned down sweet to simpler classic styles as everyday, leaving the OTT shit for meets and events, fwiw.
>the feeling I'm being followed / watched.

I hate this so much, I always question if I'm being paranoid or if that really is the case. I once had a guy follow me for three blocks only for him to run up next to me and say, "ma'm, ma'm you look gorgeous."
Sad thing is, I was nearly running from him at that point because I thought I was gonna get attacked or something. People seem to lose all sense of right and wrong when they see someone dressed differently for whatever reason.

File: 1480825795637.jpg (165 KB, 700x464)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
New feels thread, old one is autosaging. Post your feels about cosplay or lolita things.

I'll start:
>tfw I will never be a cute lolita at an alpaca meet w/ my cute lolita friends because 1. no alpacas and 2. no cute lolita friends

I can deal with my local lolitas being obese or itas but 90% of them are also aggressive SJWs with neopronouns like "ae/aer" & are eager to cancel people for making eye contact. I am doomed to be a lonelita for as long as I keep up this hobby
314 replies and 34 images omitted. Click here to view.
>make me look like a troon
Must be the jawline. Have you considered hiding it with something? Like a beard.
Hey I'm doing a master's program in math too; it tends to get pretty darn lonely. Math people are known to be pretty solitary in general I guess; my advice would be to try and meet people outside of academia through mutual interests. It's hard to rant about math stuff to outsiders but hey I can at least complain about how utterly incompetent and overwhelmed I feel.
[spoiler]Honestly, it is a bit hard to connect with people who don't do math because math is just such a huge part of my life now...[/spoiler]
>getting stoned for afternoon tea is not what i call kawaii
maybe not but it sure is fun kek

i tend to avoid lolita circles for similar reasons, though. too easy to ruffle feathers. as a result, /cgl/ ends up my only frequented place for lolita conversation, and with how dead the board is, unfortunately it’s at times less than stimulating. pros outweigh cons though for your aformentioned reasons. heavy on drama, backstabbing, and judging.
I love tattoos but I'm pretty sure I'll stick to only getting ones that will always be covered by lolita, at least for now. I don't know how I could make them work "with" a coord, especially because my preferred lolita substyles do not mesh well with the kind of tattoos I like.
Haven't seen many other people pull off lolita with tattoos, either.
What is your preferred sub-style?

File: 1670991729880741.jpg (875 KB, 1080x2316)
875 KB
875 KB JPG
R8 my Nevada-tan cosplay.
not pedo. nice try feds.
maybe try showing off the cosplay instead of your face

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