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Link to old thread: >>10502087

Ask dumb questions, wash your clothes, etc
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Good to know, thanks
AP has a really big collector market and limited releases.
Lolita collective isn't that bad
Speaking of lolita collective, I ordered a blouse in August and it has not even been shipped yet. Is this normal for this site?
Based on what I've read, Bhiner Economy is an air-based shipping method though.

File: 1605652343102.jpg (95 KB, 600x776)
95 KB
what is the origin of this image?
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Def looks like Otakon. The image is easily over 10 years old too.
File: Top Gear Eva.jpg (276 KB, 600x776)
276 KB
276 KB JPG
That's an edit.
Posting real version.
>Didn't shop james in
Oh I am laffin
James is right there, are you blind
16 years - if you zoom in on the bottom left corner, there’s a sign saying 2004.

File: Boob world.jpg (131 KB, 564x795)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
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>Not sure if youre trolling
There's some femanons here that firmly believes small tits make you look like a child without factoring facial structure and the rest of the body. My grandma and aunt are flat chested and they sure as hell don't look like children. Ignore her.
Nice, good luck!
what the actual fuck.
The asexual anon
The "sex is the only thing that matters in a relationship" anon
The "flat chests = child" anon
The "Big tits means you're fat" anon
Scrotes that bait with /pol/ shit
Scrotes that pretend to be girls to bait others into fighting
Scrote that keeps making "girlfriend cosplay" threads
Coomer that makes a whole wiki thread about one specific fat cosplayer

The board is slow, the same people post and it's easy to tell who's who after a while. There's more but those are just the ones I picked up.
holy shit is this makeup?

If the wig is crusty, over teased, or never once been combed, post em here!
The crunchier the wig, the better
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Cant this kid shell out a measly $20 to AT LEAST get the wig right? Fuck. Not even the damn accessories match
>goes outside with a literal carpet on their head
>films tiktoks at Walmart in public
>engages with tiktok sjw drama
What a mess
>dr is ableist
That’s a new one
it's always been shit. don't forget spit buckets and blue stained pools.
the minority of the homstuck fandom is now the majority of the cosplay community. open tiktok look up cosplay and cosplaywigs a few times(those with the worse wigs really like to show them off) and take a look at your for you page its a w f u l
if only you boomers could learn how to use a new app. theres a world of cringe ahead of you
> blue stained pools.
I thought it was sharpie bathtubs. What's this about pools? Why blue?

File: peachcry.jpg (34 KB, 500x434)
34 KB
What was your worst hotel or roommate experience?

I went to some hick con in shithole Arkansas, where the motel accused our token black friend of trying to steal the continental breakfast. At Momocon, I tried to go back to the room for a nap and found my friend and his wife banging a Toga cosplayer.
My friend didn't finish his cosplay in time and we had to finish it in the Hotel. (we had a group cosplay) That alone would have been fine but he just kept whining and procrastinating so I ended up having to hand sew a big peace of his costume. + I was too hungover to eat the Continental breakfast so it was an extra succy con.
Friend proceeded to fuck her girlfriend in the bed next to mine trying to pretend they weren't. Most of the con the both of them just stayed in the hotel room. This ended up not being so bad because I ended up making some friends there wandering around by myself.
Back in my poorfag days, there was a rando that was in our room because we needed to bring the cost down and he ended up bringing in some underage kid to the room and gave him alcohol

File: 5s29g76blq101.jpg (537 KB, 3024x3553)
537 KB
537 KB JPG
Anyone here into corsetry? I'm having trouble seasoning mine. It's taking more than a month. What do?
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goths love looking dead
nta but i originally replied to you. i already am at an ideal weight but i am pear shaped so i don't have any chance of having an hourglass look otherwise. i'm not looking to permanently change my body tho.
no their not, it couldnt be more false as working women were generally on farms or later on factories.

no one wore a corsette at that job its blatantly wrong
that's what she's saying. working women didn't wear them because they were uncomfortable. the other anon is the one claiming they were fine and everyone wore them.
No, not wearing a corset meant you were a hoe and were not "proper," and everyone including working class wanted to show that they were proper and moral.

Waists during the victorian era were on average 28-32in, 25-26in was for girls in their 20s. You could tighten it from 25 to 22 if it was a huge ball event. Otherwise, everyone had padding around the hips and butt to make the waist look smaller. Most people wore corsets sized either their waist size or 1in under.

File: EVYts_-UcAAJZu1.jpg (319 KB, 1365x2048)
319 KB
319 KB JPG
Old thread hit image limit >>10370402

This thread is for ouji and aristocrat (aka "boystyle") discussion. "Boystyle" is shorthand for "boystyle lolita" and refers to the masculine counterparts of Japanese lolita and, often, aristocrat fashions. There is a lot of overlap between these styles, and different people use different terms to describe them. We usually just use "ouji" here.

>Shopping spreadsheet

>Buttcape-sensei's shopping guide (mentions which brands/shops have men's or custom sizes):

>Blogs for info

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I really like this style but I'm a bit chubbier with big tits, it seems like a lot of these coords are obviously directed toward emulating men, so what is the best way to go about dressing for this with a body type? I'm not opposed to binding but it still won't cover all of my tit
tits in ouji are fine. it may be difficult to find plus-size clothing, but it is not impossible. you may rely more on western or chinese brands that offer custom sizing, since most japanese brands only make 1 or 2 sizes of items. beware of thin, unlined puffy pants.
File: En0bj1dUYAEdjVR.jpg (49 KB, 480x640)
49 KB
available with black, gold, or red accents, so you can keep your royal germs to yourself
also silver


only ¥1,500
these are always so big and unflattering, like.. a face diaper.. idk

File: Axes Femme Fuku.png (174 KB, 835x662)
174 KB
174 KB PNG
It's that time of year again!

Axes Femme packs are going up online this week.
They're offering 5 different bags again this year: regular, online shop, poetique, kawaii, and kids.

Feel free to share any info on j-fashion brands who are releasing lucky bags this year!
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Yeah, I did IW once, never again. Just buy cheap IW secondhand so you're not trying to sell trump gobelin in purple for the rest of your life.

I would kill for a lucky pack made solely of blouses, socks, and accessories by IW. Alas, IW needs to get rid of their unwanted dresses so I'm passing this year. I remember my friend got it and for a while she was in the same situation as you.
yeah... at least I also got an IW bag out of it, so it's not a total loss. How'd your friend manage to sell it?
I would kill for an old school pack

I think it was during a time when the market was more open to brand in general and not as oversaturated desu. She sold one of the dresses to me which I then sold again eventually, not sure what happened to the others but she's always had a knack for selling secondhand too. All I know is that she has no main pieces left from that lucky pack.

File: bst 2.png (104 KB, 262x300)
104 KB
104 KB PNG
Previous: >>10467945

This thread is for buying, selling or trading. Please keep OT or tangent discussions about shopping services and price checks to their own thread to avoid clutter (make it if you don't see one). Use Lolita General for general buying questions or complaints.

Thread Guidelines:
- cosplay and lolita welcome
- please list your location and any shipping restrictions you have
- leave contact info you actually check!

General buying and selling tips:
- have feedback ready if you can
- have proof pictures ready
- always ship with tracking
- never do a transaction with someone you're uncomfortable with
- don't name & shame without contacting the buyer or seller first

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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well, it comes in a full set and it's relatively difficult to find secondhand on mercari and fril
Black chest ribbon jsk is up on fril. Seems to be missing the neck ribbon though.
Thanks! For me it's all about the ribbon jsk in bordeaux.
i'll be on the lookout for you! good luck fellow strahov anon
If the person who just put this up on LM is on here, I've just messaged you enquiring about shipping!

File: b6df6-k-on.jpg (56 KB, 446x650)
56 KB
4 weeks lockdown of Boris Boi's plan.

Still nothing happening except 'Virtual Cons.'

Any news/plans for 2021, Brit Anon's?
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The real question is actually "is it morally right to run an event during a pandemic to make a quick cash grab when no other event is running?"
If the government deems it safe then how is it not? That's like saying Wetherspoons, Travelodge, Theatres, Cinemas etc should shut down till this has completely vanished 100%?
>second time at mcm London
>friend pulls out so now I'm going on my own and need a place to stay
>post in the mcm Facebook about it, get a response from The Road to Cosplay saying they have space
>they say it'd be a bed in a nice apartment they've hired, it'd be like £150 each and there's about 6 people staying there so I'm guessing its probably nice
>arrive and its slightly awkward since they're all basically couples and I'm a stranger
>get in the apartment and it turns out there aren't enough beds
>everyone else "shotguns" the available bedrooms and beds on account of all knowing eachother
>someone takes the sofa as well
>end up sleeping on a flat deck chair in the living room with a mattress protector for a blanket and no pillows
>don't get given a key so I have to phone her whenever I want to go back to the room
>they practice their interpretive game of thrones dance routine in the living room at night, jumping on my 'bed', so I'm not allowed to sleep
>leave £150 on the counter and go home early
Sorry for the blog, I was just reminiscing about the good old days. I'm probably being a whiny bitch, it was good to have a place to stay, but it was shit.
try having friends next time lmao
Aw dude I wouldn't have even left the cash

File: 44.jpg (150 KB, 750x1000)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
Discuss Canadian cons, lolita, drama, cosplay photography, etc.
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>/a/ is male dressed in girl clothes
How accurate.
Also is that Voldie as /VP??
listen /vp/ wasn't a weird furry board back then
but voldie is trash so it's fine either way.
File: 1484586485959.jpg (37 KB, 500x375)
37 KB
That far out? Shit.
Still would love to see nudes of her. Imagine how beefy that cunny must be. I can only imagine that her hygiene isn't the greatest either, probably has patches of hair everywhere from being to dumb to shave it properly.

File: 1598465060217.jpg (587 KB, 2048x2048)
587 KB
587 KB JPG
Post your coord help questions here.

Bonus: Request a coord collage with perimeters for bored anons to fil!
221 replies and 60 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: blueivory.png (348 KB, 393x555)
348 KB
348 KB PNG
Terrible collage but just to get some ideas across
Wine red.
File: element.png (149 KB, 404x458)
149 KB
149 KB PNG

Any other color. I particularly am partial to jewel tones, but pastels can work really prettily as well.

I did a very simple (shitty) collage with burgundy but sometimes I think less is more for second colors too, particularly if you want to keep the beige OP as the centerpiece.
File: collage.jpg (302 KB, 1200x900)
302 KB
302 KB JPG

Dropped collage like an idiot
Thank you! These are lovely!

File: _DSC0093.jpg (76 KB, 667x1000)
76 KB
new larp thread

*muffled sad larper in isolation noises* edition

previous thread
205 replies and 32 images omitted. Click here to view.
Happy turkey and genocide day LARPthread.

May those that are working avoid the plague.
Happy thanksgiving Gropes, and to all you other brave American loyalists, who refuse to accept the ravages of democracy.

t. Bong who doesn't really care that much as there aren't any larp stores here doing black Friday sales of anything that great.
Wait, what the fuck are those exacly? It looks weird and hurtfull?
File: larp2.jpg (117 KB, 900x1600)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
I finally decided to buy the Brown one too, to compare it with the black one. The Material is a big stiffer then the other one and its "darker" than on the picture. Now i need coat and im not sure if im capable to craft one. I only crochet a scarf so far. Any tipps on how not to fuck it up?
You too

They are the opposite of hurtful. The point is that they cant stab through you on either end.

Whenever I'm on here, there are mostly threads about anime cosplay.. do you guys prefer anime cosplay's or is it just that there are more waifus in anime?
Doesn't matter to me, I like both. What does catch my eye the most is the amount of effort and construction that goes into the cosplay to make it really pop or stand out.
I like it when it’s something you don’t see all that much. The picture you posted for example.
Cosplay has always had an anime lean, but I think as a whole most people appreciate both.

God that must've been so itchy.
Cosplay mostly happens on anime conventions, where they main focus are videogames and anime. For that reason it's natura lthat most cosplays would be about games/anime but cosplay western media is equally appreciated.

File: strawb.png (874 KB, 1062x871)
874 KB
874 KB PNG
Do you use tiktok at all?
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>this whole thread

File: junkoo.webm (2.4 MB, 506x900)
2.4 MB
File: shake.webm (2.56 MB, 506x900)
2.56 MB
2.56 MB WEBM
File: normal-dance.webm (2.75 MB, 506x900)
2.75 MB
2.75 MB WEBM
File: backstab.webm (2.84 MB, 506x900)
2.84 MB
2.84 MB WEBM

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