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Last thread >> 10558921
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Sf lolitas have done it before. It's tacky and gross t b h
Enjoy yeast in your folds, and godspeed.
I find myself so nostalgic for the good old days that sometimes I even miss Tiferet.
I’m just chubby, not unwashed lmao dw
I like all 3 of these substyles and I'm always deeply puzzled on what side to take in the argument. They're all correct

Various new dresses were added. The prices for all of them are ridiculous.
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File: bodyline2010-2.png (1.5 MB, 1952x1311)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB PNG
another photo showing off their prices. OPs and JSKs ranged from $37-62, skirts were around $25, safe to say most of the site was priced at $50 and below. add in that shipping was a flat DHL $20 and came extremely fast, bodyline was easier to order from than taobao pre 2013.

Which period do you want to talk about? The high price or the low price?

If you stopped shopping there when the dress prices started going too high, that would be when they pulled the opportunistic pricing bs. If you stuck around and watched the site, you'd be able to see the dresses go from $120 to $80 over six months, and if it was unpopular it could drop as low as $50 two years later.

Low price was when someone posted to reddit that Bodyline was cheaper than taobao. So I checked on the site, both the Japanese and global site at that time. The dresses (yes, dresses) were as low as $30-50 each. 4500yen each. Kind of wished I bought one now so I'd have the invoice as proof, I just didn't want them in my wardrobe.
I’m saying that bodyline wasn’t only cheap when the site was dead. They started off cheap.
All newfags know to go to bodyline and with prices increasing it now feels pointless to buy from there. I wish I bought there when I was new, but me and the site are too far gone.

I still think the pricing was at its cheapest when the site was dying, but fair enough, I see what you're getting at. Too bad I can't edit the post to clarify.

File: IMG_9108.jpg (158 KB, 864x1296)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
Old thread reached image limit

Discussion starters
>what themes do you usually enjoy in coords?
>What aspects of a coord (that are usually considered ita) do you appreciate when done well? e.g. Blouselessness, no headpiece etc
>What substyles do you think produce the most unique, yet well excecuted coords? Gothic? Oldschool?
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This one makes me happy and I dont even like star wars
The love child of Bjork and Goldie
This is fucking awful
This is not the one but it’s fantastic! I’m
Still searching, I’m hoping I’ll uncover it soon
Self post? This is so unremarkable

File: 300px-A_cgl[1].png (99 KB, 300x272)
99 KB
Old thread is done for.
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Being honest, most people past 22 probably aren't looking for more friends unless they are new to a community.
let me guess, you're under 22.
I agree with this as a guy.

My gf and I split things 50/50 but she is always the one to initiate purchases despite earning less money than me and spending more on personal items. Every time she'd bring up something we "need" to buy I'd be the bad guy explaining that her savings won't last forever and we don't really need it. So I just gave up and thought the only way she will learn is if I say yes to everything until she runs out of money.

Eventually she ran out of money and was gobsmacked when she looked at her account and then asked me to make a budget for her and has basically stopped asking to buy things unless we really do need them.
I'm turning 25.
I'm primarily just a huge weeb but the only other weebs in my comm are 16-year-old itas so that was a bit of a bummer. I've made most of my current friends at cons but you know, those aren't really happening either. Unfortunately most of my other interests are pretty solitary.

Moght be the case for you but I see posts about wanting friends here plenty of times. I'm 24 but still not really up on the friend cap. It's not really something anyone wants to admit un-anonymously I guess.

I have gotten to very occasional casual talk with mutuals but I never know how to grow it into anything beyond that even if we do have things in common other than lolita>>10565204

Previous >>10556120
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It's the most populated country in the world. What do you expect?

The jsk is fine, though, and possibly easier to find than the OP and cheaper.

The magic is, the OP sold out ahead of the jsk. I didn't want either of them and was just watching the release, imagine how gobsmacked I am that the OP is just gone, in all colourways, ahead of the jsk. It was even more expensive than the jsk, so the ones buying them must have really badly wanted them.
i can see the appeal of the op, but without the ruffles and details on the bodice the jsk reads very homecoming dress to me
Yeah the jsk is super otome in an oddly american way. I’d wear it to a 50s themed diner. or to visit my grandma in retirement home and no one would give me looks. It is kind of cute too though.
This reminds me of the ugly ass huge florals trend from 2013

File: help-153094_1280.png (438 KB, 1280x1074)
438 KB
438 KB PNG
New year, new me edition

Post your cosplay help questions here instead of shitting up the catalog with your one-question threads!
>Old Thread:
Stupid Jfash Questions Thread:
Hair and Makeup:

You may ask prop, sewing, or wig related questions in this thread as well, but it may be beneficial for you to post one of the following threads for specific advice.
Crafting Thread

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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nta but the dye may dye it, but is that a big deal? you can still use it for things that aren't clothes. just get one at a dollar store.
If it's plastic it will be ruined for sure since the dye works on pretty much anything plastic-based. Just get one that you can repurpose to either dye other fabric later or use for storing stuff that you don't care about getting residual dye on.

I would forewarn you that the synthetic dye will work best with near-boiling water (especially if you're looking for a vibrant, intense result) and it will be hard to maintain the temperature in a large container even if you start with pouring in boiling water. It will cool off to 60-70C pretty quickly.
bath tub?
You can but it's not recommended. Dye is toxic or not good for you at the very least (the packaging will always say to wear gloves and have proper ventilation) and a bathtub would be a huge surface area to thoroughly clean up afterwards, plus it'll likely permanently stain the caulk and the shower curtains and anything else without splash range.
I mean if it's your (that anon's) house/health or if you don't care about the tub getting permanently stained, it's your prerogative...
I once dyed something with this method and the water didn't stay hot enough to get anything more than a halfassed tint. Not sure if its possible to get vibrant results that way.

I was just wondering if it's something only happening to the cons I attend or it's the same all over the world
Are your cons full of normalfags?
Examples may be: kids blasting trap music, guys with no shirt going around with a "free hugs" sign, people who actually don't care about anime but do low budget ""cosplay"" of extremely mainstream characters just to hit on weeb girls and generally people who can't even speak their own language
67 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
Sounds like a con from like 10 years ago.
Based old man
fucking gatekeeper
(((Economic refugees)))
I bet youre an ethiopian jew
And that's a good thing!

File: galaxygirlpaida.png (658 KB, 415x792)
658 KB
658 KB PNG
Previous thread >>10528163

/cgl/ Idol Spreadsheet - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WtgRe5cjKIR0BYGhw9N8ahxChLqEFLbZIRbAazooh-o/edit?usp=sharing

Original Music Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfmgukQM2isUtJJZz1MY4Jn4zPcbl0wDU

Last Thread
-Pandemic seems to be disbanding a lot of groups, more groups and soloists are popping up to take their place, with varying levels of quality. Lots of "pre-debut" idols currently in the scene.
-OIC hosts its Winter Idol Showcase, generally positive response
-The ever-present "money/quality" debate - how much money should idols be willing to invest in their content to get higher quality, and is it valid to criticize someone's art for being "cheap" if they don't have the money to put into it? How far can people get away with DIY stuff if it's just for fun, etc.
(as a meta note, do these previous thread summaries actually contribute anything to the current thread? Should I keep doing them?)

Some current news:
-Paida's EP fully funded on Patreon, in last stages of production
-Melancholiaah announces his first full album coming August 2021, you can help fund it on ko-fi or Patreon

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Exactly. Someone stuck in a character they have to play for millions of viewers will be so much more unhappy than someone happy being themselves for a smaller audience. It’s the stuff stories focus on, for heaven’s sake! There are examples in UtaPri, Aikatsu, iM@S and all sorts of other works (Eastern and Western).
That is .. fiction though ... and those characters end up making it anyways. In reality, it’s not like that. People in this community work their butts off for just a 100 views. There is very little return even for those who try their best. It makes sense that many overseas idols would want to join Hololive, where they could actually reach hundreds of thousands of people. Anyone who genuinely wants idol music and performances to become popular in the West should be following and supporting HololiveEN.

I see both sides though. Working for a company is not the same, playing a character is not the same, a large Dana as is not the same a small one. If it’s not something she really wants for herself then she’s better off not doing it. It would be extremely hard work to keep up with the expectations of Hololive if she doesn’t even have the passion to audition
I know it’s fiction, I’m just saying that it’s a trope for a reason!
take this to /vt/
I think it shows a deep sense of satisfaction with herself and what she's done, that she'd rather keep streaming as herself than audition for Hololive. It also allows her to keep dancing and performing as her actual self, something that 2d avatars can't really do. For all it's talk about "Hololive is an idol agency", the only time they really feel like it is during the 3d performances when they can dance as well as sing, and I'm not sure Hololive EN is going to get those. It makes sense for Phoebe to want to keep streaming as herself in 3d/2d form, since she seems pretty happy with the fanbase she has.

Old thread is kill.

Let's avoid the costhot drama and actually talk about things that matter.

AN being delayed to July 2021. I don't think they'll actually run since it seems like a delaying tactic to cope with their contract, but would you go if they did?
287 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
Nah, I won't. I think they just needed to vent to someone.
I dont want to out anybody, as much as I love drama lmao.
I'm not a cosplayer, I'm a lolita, but to be fair a lot of people with BPD are shockingly similar in offbeat ways so this isn't surprising that there's someone out there with a similar backstory. but, regardless, I do just need to vent.
>I dont want to out anybody, as much as I love drama lmao

Why even vague post about it then. Pussy lmao
Aight but go to therapy
My comment was literally explicitly directed at that one person, shit face.

File: Cancelled with CGL.jpg (2.22 MB, 2001x1125)
2.22 MB
2.22 MB JPG
Thread theme

All cancelled con talk, doom talk and speculation shenanigans go here since it’s kinda gone out of hand.

Anime Los Angeles 2021
Katsucon 2021
Seishun Con 2021
Anime Milwaukee 2021
Con Nooga 2021
Anime Crossroads 2021
Arizona Matsuri 2021
Anime Magic! Texas 2021
Eville Con 2021

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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You a dyke now?
Florida cons are requiring masks outside. While you can walk into any store without a mask now without much trouble cons still require it, likely due to how they rely on the public's goodwill more.
>Go back to /pol/, it's ironic to say thats stupid or propaganda when all your derailing is propaganda.
Okay, so tell me if you can find any articles that say "we'll survive" or give any other happy news that isn't fearmongering 24/7 about covid. Your types are quick to find another negative post, but you have lots of trouble ever showing any kind of hopeful messages. It's like you love the depression so you surround yourself with nothing but bad news constantly. You're addicted to the attention and virtue signaling.
>but you have lots of trouble ever showing any kind of hopeful messages.
Thats because covid is bad. There is nothing positive about it.
>Thats because covid is bad. There is nothing positive about it.
covid is good, covid will save the world.

File: 01_001.jpg (192 KB, 750x1000)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
Last thread went sage >>10503650

Parcels are still eternally delayed.
26 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
please make a review once it arrived
Finally got my Ank Rouge lp in the mail today! will take pics soon
File: IMG_0441.jpg (1.75 MB, 4032x3024)
1.75 MB
1.75 MB JPG
>Grey Blouse
My first random item. I don't think I really like it. It's a little generic and the lace was fraying even though I just got it. I think I might sell it.
This is nice and thick. I'm glad I got it in pink.
This is also nice and thick. I like the metal buttons and puff sleeves.
File: IMG_0442.jpg (1.77 MB, 3024x4032)
1.77 MB
1.77 MB JPG
>Long skirt
My second random item. I think it's cute but a bit dowdier than other Ank Rouge items.
I like this one a bit more because of the peter pan collar. Not sure about the quality.
>T-shirt dress
I'm not sure if I like this one. It's huge and made up of a very cheap-feeling poly-cotton blend. Not sure if I'll keep this one though I like the bear design.

File: Es5LWjiUYAE8mO6.jpg (172 KB, 1366x2048)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
Cute and unique fursuits
49 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
The main gray fur is fine but the ear fur is still brown under flash and the inner ear fur is still a really gross color
god, how miserable is your life if you nit pick everything this much?

If there were then gay orgies wouldn't be such a big thing in the furry circles, and people wouldn't have to dress up for them.
There are plenty of female fursuiters. From my experience, fursuiters are nearly 50/50 men/women. Female furries are much more likely to be into the fursuiting side of things than other aspects of the community.
I suddenly understand why guns aren't allowed into conventions, I'd magdump this thing out of sheer panicked terror if I saw it.

File: ork disguise.jpg (39 KB, 532x399)
39 KB
New year, new larp thread
SURELY there will be more larps in 2021.

Previous thread
267 replies and 50 images omitted. Click here to view.
canvas cotton, wool or other heavy cloth. lighter cloths get wrinkly and rip easily although not too hot to wear in summer.
Wool, something with a tight weave, accept no substitutes. Light wools can be lined if you want. Wool is naturally water resistant, and even if its soaked, it retains its thermal properties. Its also fire retardant, and abrasion resistant as a plus.

I’ve had the same hooded cloak made for me since I was 14, and its only now starting to get rough looking after 17 years of regular, hard use.
And how thick should it be? I guess 1mm is too thin?
You could do 1mm, but it will be very thin and flowy. Think cotton t-shirt type thin. I'd go for 0,5 cm to 1 cm, at the minimum.
No lie, never heard anyone measure wool by width, only by weight and weave.

Basically, coat and outer garment weight, if not broadcloth.

File: 01-27.jpg (523 KB, 800x1000)
523 KB
523 KB JPG
Considering the pastel general, how about a opposite to it considering it seems to still be pretty prevalent.

Useful Links:
>Kera Magazine - http://kerastyle.jp/
>Harajuku Pop - https://harajuku-pop.com/
31 replies and 29 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: EuXJAeUVcAA8uYG.jpg (626 KB, 2048x2048)
626 KB
626 KB JPG
Anyone that ordered from NieR before? A lot of newer dark brands seem to be poor quality with a high priece so I'm not too trusting.
File: Euqc7vUUcAYuf-a.jpg (598 KB, 1920x1920)
598 KB
598 KB JPG
I'm amazed how Sex Pot can release new items on a weekly basis.
File: EvE1BDCU4AEePw6.jpg (313 KB, 2048x2048)
313 KB
313 KB JPG
New LF collection is out:
what is up with the constant teddy bear motifs across dark brands
it's a corona thing, because manufacturing is delayed a lot due to corona they have to make more releases than usual in order to have regular stock, and photo edit prints are quickly done

File: ENWQUQsUwAAj_JU.jpg (102 KB, 1200x849)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
Last thread went sage >>10551609

J-Fashion questions only.

Cosplay Help is this way >>10537130
275 replies and 53 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: Nude SOX Medusa JSK.jpg (37 KB, 350x466)
37 KB
Thank you. The link helped me find what I was looking for
File: 01_001.jpg (112 KB, 432x576)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
The brand you posted is Merry Jenny's collab with Miffy. They often have cute bags.
I agree with >>10564683. Maison de Fleur has some good choices.

You may also have luck with brands like Emily Temple Cute, Honey Salon (image related), Swankiss, Rose Marie Seoir, and their sister brand Myrtille.
Left one is Meta's Velveteen High Waist Ribbon JSK with a Velveteen Cape. Both items were released in 2004.
File: 20200326_87fbb9.jpg (149 KB, 1005x1005)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
I believe this headband is from Swankiss. Rose Marie Seoir has some that give a similar feel.
Are Lief shoes any good? What's the fit and quality like?

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