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File: 1626341890575.jpg (91 KB, 1200x630)
91 KB
Exactly one month til Fanime
One more month left to get those cosplays, travel arrangements, accommodations, and or panels ready folks!
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There's no Fanime masq this year. For SJ you're looking at CRX which is in August.
nta but here's to hoping CRX is decent this year. It's a mediocre con with way too many normies and families with little kids but I can't imagine how it could be worse than Fanime.
In terms of anime content it blows fanime out of the park if only because it has a content service with money backing it. Fanime can't compare because they don't have funding. The only downside of crx is that it ends really early at night.

How do I go on about becoming a part of this?
Rule 1: be hot
Rule 2: don't be unhot
You'll know if you're selected

this place needs more comfiness

you know what to do
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File: FSy_IPwagAAmzl9.jpg (462 KB, 960x1706)
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462 KB JPG
File: FSsnnYvUYAAI0jy.jpg (799 KB, 2048x1152)
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799 KB JPG
File: 2015948065.jpg (87 KB, 640x512)
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File: download (69).jpg (114 KB, 640x800)
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114 KB JPG
File: FR_q1nFagAYfb4K.jpg (345 KB, 1281x1920)
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345 KB JPG

File: maxresdefault (5).jpg (100 KB, 1280x720)
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100 KB JPG
Is it considered rude to walk to a woman on a convention and congratulate her for her cosplay? Women call me creepy, WTF?
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>doing it post-covid
God you’re a faggot
>10% of the content here is worth it.
You're being optimistic, friend.
I see you are a man of culture as well
8/10, got me to reply, despite being very obvious bait.
no, these are cis women lol this shit is before the "TRANNY" circlejerk

File: 1624900590575.png (409 KB, 900x937)
409 KB
409 KB PNG
Conventions are back so what advice do you have for 1st timers?
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get the food/drinkks/etc to you; hotel food is expensive. restaurants nearby are better ish
DO NOT go to vendor hall with a group unless you want to hate your friends because they'll all wander off or stare at something for five seconds before trying somewhere else. Following even one person into vendor hall is a great way to make sure you leave with nothing, lose your whole group (unless it's a podunk event, expect zero reception of any kind), waste a ton of time and/or miss the coolest stuff that you didn't have time to notice
only turbo autist prefer "virtual presentations"
if i wanted a virtual presentation i'd watch youtube.
Is it weird to go solo? My friend that was supposed to go is saying they might have to bail due to some shit that came up.

File: logo_C9881.png (29 KB, 249x158)
29 KB
It's that time of year, Anime Boston is right around the corner, time to accelerate the cosplays!
What are you planning on dressing up as?
Are you excited for anything?
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>Implying you just don't just want to spread your bioweapon everywhere.
If you get the vax and have a mask on like the good little boy you are, your totally good right? Right? You've been doing it for 2 years so you MUST be good. So while the rest of us are enjoying hanging out, you can stay in your pope mobile 40 feet from the con and get mad.
Masks just make you look better.
Don't you want to look good?
To be fair, I do enjoy that I don't have to put on makeup for the lower half of my face. I can't smile on cue so I look way better in photos with a mask on as well.
Decided to go last minute when Fauna announced. It's gonna be my first con.
Fuckin hotels Jesus Christ though, had to be the same weekend as Boston Calling huh. Glad I don't live too far.
Any tips here? What's the vibe like?

File: Asuka - Suzupoii 18.jpg (53 KB, 1080x953)
53 KB
100% certified bong - reposting some from the old thread and new ones too
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File: 4effg69j5.jpg (297 KB, 1596x1491)
297 KB
297 KB JPG
Cum and play, lmao
cursed timeline
File: Asuka - Suzupoii 36.jpg (380 KB, 1151x2048)
380 KB
380 KB JPG
New breadcrumbs from our bong muse. Also


This is how disappointed she is at all you horny fucks.
Her disdain only makes my penis harder

File: 1606318061543.jpg (137 KB, 1080x720)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
Post feels.

Previous thread: >>10751718
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File: meme.png (231 KB, 437x485)
231 KB
231 KB PNG
get it anyways and commit yourself to weight loss until you can fit inside. Calorie count and eat less or take up cycling (you burn crazy calories cycling long distance at speed)
>wish me luck anon on my hunt for cosplay gf
I do
Cause I gave up (sort of)
I got cherry berry bunny in pink for 170usd, I couldn't be any happier
>gf who used to be part of the scene and refuses to go to our biggest local cons for fear of running into people she has beef with
That's the part of having a cosplay gf no one tells you, there's now a group of people who despise you because you're dating her. [spoiler]Really fucking hurts when it's people you were friends with for years[/spoiler]

Post recent dresses you actually appreciate
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That's it alright. Thanks anon, you made my day.
I love AP’s Cream Soda Mermaid and I’m having a hard time resisting the urge to buy the ¥50k listing on mercari. It seems like the kinda dress no one’s gonna care about this time next year or even by winter and I’ll grab it for ¥25k on CC, ja feel? Anyway, look at the beautiful ribbon ties on the back.

I like it too :> if that’s so wrong I don’t wanna be right

Jealous, this is my fave 22 print so far and I wish I’d picked up one of the black jsks. I hesitated because there were pics of a navy colourway floating around (pun intended) which I liked more, but I haven’t heard any news about it since. 2 slow for the pastel blue, alas

I think about this every time I come across Tom & Jerry related media
I hate nu-ap but this detail is surprisingly cute, I'd think it'd be pretty annoying to put on though. I'm also a sucker for JSK straps that tie at the top.
NTA but I’m assuming it has a side zip (looks like the ties are on top of a shirring panel) in which case you wouldn’t have to untie them to put it on.
This is a similar cut to one of the Milky Berry cuts but I think I like it more with this thinner material as the ribbons flow and dangle more.

File: aa.jpg (11 KB, 250x245)
11 KB
>Please read the FAQ before posting in the thread (always updating)
>Artist Spreadsheet
>How to order from Vograce (now with video on how to set up files)
>Convention List (always WIP)
>IP taketowns (based on artists contribution, may or may not have been a one time thing, use as a guideline)
>AA Inspo (thanks anon!)
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Yup totally forgot to apply
Apparently they announced it on social media and the newsletter...but I wasn't subscribed to either ha.
They didn't think it'd be prudent to send a notification through the same mailing list that told people when it opened?! Damn lmao. Ah, well, next year I guess..
What do you guys think of vograces buttons with plastic backing? I'm considering trying them instead of the metal back kind.
I'm wondering if they feel cheap, or if attendees generally prefer metal backing?
Personally as a buyer I prefer metal backed because the plastic ones look cheaper and are hard to pin on, but this isn’t based on actual experiences of them breaking just how I feel. I know sometimes metal backed ones can rust over time in humid areas, but no idea for plastic ones.
I like both materials, but the good thing about plastic badges is that they don't rust.

How would you even go about replicating this armor?
The exaggerated wire brushing and the indentations seem like a challenge.
cosplay help thread is right there in the catalog

File: 1640341354225.jpg (236 KB, 1440x1622)
236 KB
236 KB JPG
previous >>10726819
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oh then its definitely worse than i thought
punzie should just take a back seat and stop it with the scene then because shes just making it worse for herself
Why did nobody tell us Australia comm was so milky lmfao
Honestly not sure, I came here to find out lmao
Nah, I'm not the original OP but I heard she's a bit of a bitch, and a lot are fed up with her in Aus. I'm sure that's not why she left Aus, but no one is crying about it.

Apparently all the AusIdols got told to stop posting because the drama was too juicy.
I'm assuming they paid for flights and hotel, right? Which isn't the same at all as actually paying them but I don't think the performers could justify it otherwise.

File: IMG-20220222-WA0009.jpg (68 KB, 640x640)
68 KB
Bellboy edition

Last thread >>10737846

Post cute usakumyas & kumakumyas
Bonus points for old school kumyas (they are rare)
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what're they in for?
Impersonation and identity theft.
File: FR_rgWzaUAADbrJ.jpg (446 KB, 2048x1367)
446 KB
446 KB JPG
File: beauty and the kumya.jpg (59 KB, 640x640)
59 KB
who could ever learn to love a beast

Previous thread >>10749895

For cosplay questions, go to the cosplay help thread.
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it's kind of a mix between daily and casual. ゆる means something like laid back.
Reservations will be available online sometime after May 25th and only for those items and colorways listed.

Everyone who entered the in-store lottery in Japan is guaranteed all of their items if they still want them.

Each main piece (jsks, sk, and kumya pochette jsk) will be 10% more expensive than before.
How do i find jfashion brands that are casual but still unique? For example bubbles saw the city was a really fun and affordable brand when it was new but now it's generic.
Thankyou anon!

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I mean, first I would need xianyu to actually function for me
Welcome to lolita, where whe spend years looking for our shit secondhand
Holy newfag kek
How observant of you.
I mean, aside from the shutting down thing, thats how releases work.

File: C5NurOFXUAAtPRV.jpg (90 KB, 960x640)
90 KB
>"celebrity" cosplayers featured as guests
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No youre stupid. learn what private and social services actually mean. Construction sites bidding for government contracts is still not privatized. There I gave you a hand out, little dog.
Honestly, as long as you seal your product and you give it your best go (including practicing application beforehand), an attempt at makeup is better than nothing. I say give it a shot if you have time.
Oh, it's schizo hours again. Wonderful.
>Only in a society where everyone is the same culture.
>For instance, what's the point of paying insurance if I know most of the unhealthy fat fucks are using all of the money?
These two are utterly incongruous statements. Even in a monoculture, there will always be someone more overweight than someone else, there will always be someone more risk-averse than someone else, and someone more prone to illness or disease than someone else. It also makes no sense, because in a society where the majority population were obese and highly unhealthy, you'd still more than likely have a similar culture between them. You're describing a state of clones rather than having "the same culture".
>. Even in a monoculture, there will always be someone more overweight than someone else
Which they either get exiled or shamed for to improve

>there will always be someone more risk-averse than someone else

also shamed and exiled

>and someone more prone to illness or disease than someone else

Kept away from productive activities as any sane society should do.

> It also makes no sense, because in a society where the majority population were obese and highly unhealthy, you'd still more than likely have a similar culture between them

Good thing Im talking about a typical healthy society made of one culture (japanese, russian, europe).

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