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File: 1671770013558762.jpg (192 KB, 1080x1430)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
Old thread is long gone. Are you getting the rerelease?
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Like all of it
>I'll be long dead by the time Japan starts letting gaijin in again.

Cringe lmao
File: 1206-03_1080x.png (1.8 MB, 1080x1350)
1.8 MB
1.8 MB PNG
Is there any chance that Moitie will rerelease this OP soon, since theyre putting it in stock photos? I missed it in 2018.
41 percent yourself already

Have you ever thought about leaving the fashion? If so, why?
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i think she's making it up as she goes, honestly. doesn't matter anyway, but no one should be jealous regardless.
not jealousy, it's simply impractical to me. Even if someone has 200 main pieces they still have their favorites which they end up wearing the most, which means there are some pieces they don't wear at all that year. Plus you have to have enough storage for them. Assuming there are more than a few printed pieces that means they have their own matching head accessory and perhaps even socks as well. That's even more storage.
A daily lolita who has a mix of OTT and regular lolita outfits will probably have at most between 50 and 75 main pieces. You have to store them, maintain them, organize and archive them.

I've dedicated 3 closets to all of my lolita stuff (the shoes are stored in boxes on top). I have 22 main pieces, of which only one is from a chinese brand. The rest is mainly solid color pieces from japanese brand, a few all over prints, none of them are modern prints, none of them OTT. And it's more than enough because of how easy my main pieces are to combine with other items in my wardrobe. It's versatile and wearable. 200 main pieces sounds like a hassle, I do not even have that much storage space, and it sounds like I would be neglecting some pieces. 200 main pieces sounds like someone who collects prints.
That's kind of metal honestly. I guess I wouldn't mind a viking funeral for me and my clothes.

It's definitely an underestimate. I haven't sat down to actually get the monetary value of everything I own in years. It's tough to roughly estimate because my more casual pieces of Emily Temple/Milk/Leur Getter are probably worth $30 while some AP and Moitie pieces I have could be worth $1,000.

Mad about impracticality in a fashion that is as impractical as lolita. Lol. Just because you can't do it doesn't mean it's impossible. I have the time and space for it, maybe when you move out of your parents' house and get a place to yourself you'd have the space for it, too.
I'm the anon concerned about impracticality.
And it occurs to me we might simply have different things we value. I think it's important I wear all of my pieces with some regularity, if I haven't worn something for 8 months to a year I start wandering if its presence in my wardrobe is still justified. Also I live on my own in a big city with very high rent and apartments/houses are generally on the small side here, I'd have to move the middle of nowhere to store a wardrobe with 200 main pieces. That's why it sounds way too much for me. Even if I were to move outside of the city the houses and apartments are still on the small side.
But it's not just from my perspective anon, other lolitas think your wardrobe is way too big as well.
god you're insufferable. go get a hobby. you clearly need one if you have enough time to argue about something you can't prove that no one cares about.

File: commissions.jpg (303 KB, 1080x966)
303 KB
303 KB JPG
Where do you all recommend getting cosplay commissions done? I'm finding less time to work on my own cosplays as my main job takes up more of my time and am looking to offload some of the work. I've seen about etsy, but am not sure where to start or what to look for.

File: FcklFJvX0AAq92X.jpg (353 KB, 1432x1910)
353 KB
353 KB JPG
Is onlyfans ruining cosplay? She claims that this is a sailormoon cosplay but all I see is coomer bait.
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Thats what Amouranth's husband does. So many of your favorite OF creators are being digitally pimped out.
where do i find a guy to do that?
Don't ask me I'm busy
insta is just full of annoying daddy doms

File: black-cosplay-2.jpg (60 KB, 619x330)
60 KB
Hey everyone, has anyone seen "death battle!" Is it really a crappy and pointless TV show? It stimulates people to argue with each other, enmity with each other and create wars between fandoms. And the result is nothing, nothing happens, passionate fans always believe that what they admire is the strongest, the best. The internal fandoms are all messed up because of a pointless battle between pixels :)))
See, "death battle!" exist for no purpose but to cause war and hatred. Instead, why not send cosplayers to the ring and deal with each other with WWE. Mountains of money will be poured into betting and the winner will be thousands of pounds. Having money and resolving disputes faster, who doesn't want to? Hope a sponsor will see this issue soon.

File: 9kOLyqQm.jpg (8 KB, 320x312)
8 KB
What are you gulls up to now ?

Previous thread >>10788696
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Official staff was mostly concentrated around the registration area, but they had volunteers on a lot of the doors. Some panel halls were completely unguarded though, so anyone could walk in to some of the panels without a badge. Of course, staff was around for all major events. There was a decent number of security officers walking around as well.
yeah okay now im kind of glad i didnt go to this one, but it kind of sucks how ikki was the only con this year worth going to in the austin area (that i know of)
I just hate that its not on New Years and in downtown Austin anymore. I loved going with friends to the con for most of the day and then heading to 6th street for the more serious stuff.
So far the cons near Austin that I know will be fun are Ecchi Expo and ColossalconTX. Galaxycon might be promising though, at least it's closer than San Japan.

Additional note about Ikkicon, the Sunday was surprisingly busy. This wasn't one of those cons that immediately die on Sunday morning.
Got a chance to talk to the people who run it, they're a little unfamiliar with Texas, but they ARE from Florida, so they weren't exactly fish out of water. They also talked about how they're actively trying to avoid some of the failings of other shows that tried to spread across the country (mostly the south) but failed to get to know the locals, so I have some hope.

They had no idea San Japan was a big show though, and have gotten a ton of feedback on it. I don't think they'll stick to those dates for more than 2 years (maybe just one year, if they didn't get a multiyear contract)

File: degens.png (1.2 MB, 698x742)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB PNG
I hate this shit so much. I'm so sick of people ruining conventions with their publicized degeneracy; we get it, you people wanna fuck anime characters, that's the fuck why we're all here at the cons, but FFS I am so sick of these people ruining cons by being so openly sexual and deranged.
I don't wanna keep going to cons if everyone's just gonna treat them as the otaku hook up center. Fucking gross.
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OP, Its a gathering of horny degenerates you mongoloid pseudo-intellectual.
>I don't wanna keep going to cons if everyone's just gonna treat them as the otaku hook up center. Fucking gross. Wagh wagh wagh! *rasberry*
Conventions were literally designed as places for Otaku, Weebs & Geeks to go as a form of semi- religious pilgrimage for the sake of meeting other degenerates/weirdos of similar interests/taste.
If you don't think approximately 1/3 of everyone going there aren't gunna try & fuck/be hella horny the entire time after being isolated from the world in their basements/coom-caves you are utterly retarded.
>Just be glad their easy to spot/avoid & stick to their kind/orbit the normie thot cosplayers for the most part

This 3rd pbp

True, Furries should be banned from all cons, IMO.
Also, Anyone willingly/openly associating with them.
> We all know Rainfurrest was a "tame/average" furry convention experience...
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GmULc5VANsw
File: as seen on reddit.png (131 KB, 681x515)
131 KB
131 KB PNG
>I don't wanna keep going to cons if everyone's just gonna treat them as the otaku hook up center
as a former con organizer I can tell you it seems unreasonable to go to a con and expect to get laid unless you wear a "as seen on reddit" t-shirt
Honestly you're right but you really did not have to remind me of Nemu's existence
at least you admit to your degeneracy kek
>Conventions were literally designed as places for Otaku, Weebs & Geeks to go as a form of semi- religious pilgrimage for the sake of meeting other degenerates/weirdos of similar interests/taste.
>after being isolated from the world in their basements/coom-caves you are utterly retarded.
I really hate it to break it to you, faggot, 90% of people at conventions are normalfaggot slightly-aspergers reddit types who live normal lives and have girlfriends. They just go there because they like star wars or naruto.
If you genuinely think otherwise, if you genuinely think that the people there are like us, are like you, you're seriously deluded and/or retarded.

OP is right, conventions shouldn't be made into normalfag hook up social events.

File: 1355528520196.png (1.07 MB, 600x776)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB PNG
I was wondering if I ever make a cosplay, I firstly understand what makes it bad. Even if I dress properly, make up, good wig, I feel like it would look bad anyway. I was wondering if it is something else, like face structure or just being ugly. Also not talking about cosplays that don't match body build or those that want to look bad ironically.
20 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Being a man and trying to be a female character in 99.9999% of cases
>letting fuggos with shit costumes win costume contests
What really?
File: evil clown.jpg (246 KB, 838x1234)
246 KB
246 KB JPG
>What makes a cosplay bad?
when it's not authentic

you can have the best clothes and still look like you are out of place

cosplay will never be authentic because cosplayers are just failed actors or fashion designers depending on which side the coin lands
File: 86099588.jpg (29 KB, 296x450)
29 KB

Been cosplaying for 20+ years and these days here is what I observe:

>not ironing your costume.
Especially if it's fresh out the bag from EZcosplay. It's likely because the public has moved away from knowing how to iron and they didn't teach their 15 yr old how to either. Hitting the con floor in a creased and wrinkled cosplay screams BAD. After a couple hours yeah you might have some wrinkles but you shouldn't start that way.

>Not understanding your body type.
You can make a lot of things flattering if you are shaped like a stick or if you are 70lbs overweight. But new people aren't skilled enough to know how. So often you will see a super flat Nico Robin or a very fat Yor Forger.

>Not cutting your bangs
New folks get a wig and dump it on their head with no edits. They will shove the purposely left long bangs off to each side of their face and end up with a hairstyle that looks nothing like what it is supposed to.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.


>hoe-ing up something at the wrong time and place
Let's not be Puritanical here but save that shit for OnlyFans or cons that are more for adults.
Princess Peach in pasties and a thong is just so basic. Sexy underwear Superman so you can show off your pecs is also basic.

>not understanding proportions
Even some seasoned folks aren't good at reasoning out why they look frumpy in a costume. You can change a cosplay to suit you better but it should be done in increments. If you change too much cause you are modest, want to cover a tummy, or don't feel comfortable showing some body part it tends to wreck the overall look.
You also need to figure out where the wig should hit on your face, how long a skirt should be, or how to tailor a coat so your shoulder look wide like the character.

>trying to be offensive
Nuff said. It just screams you didn't get enough attention from your parents and should have been in therapy 5 yrs ago.

Please delete this I’m retarded sorry I was trying to be helpful
i still love you anon <3
why is this so funny
File: pepe laugh.png (148 KB, 512x512)
148 KB
148 KB PNG

Does anyone know where I can find some decent Chicken costumes for men in the UK?
I do not. But u should def go to a con in chicken costume
I was asking about the chicken costume for a friend.
But I am definitely going to suggest that he does.

File: anmap.jpg (924 KB, 2560x999)
924 KB
924 KB JPG
I'm so glad they left that maskless hotspot of fun, Atlantic City; so that we can now be safe with masks and vax in a nondescript warehouse in the middle of nowhere, north Jersey.
35 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
Because they are magnets for retarded people?
File: an-hotels.jpg (1.77 MB, 2025x1656)
1.77 MB
1.77 MB JPG
ladies and gents, the three closest hotels to this shitshow.
i hate it a lot cause it marks the end of whatever con shit i had going, like the og group i had started going out to cons with is pretty much done and im moving out west so this thing along with katoricon is gone for me

all i have is animenyc and whatever cons they have in california now

like 2019 really was the last animenext huh

sucks a lot cause animenext in ac was the sweetspot between a small local con and a big con like animenyc
California has fanime, anime expo, crunchy roll expo, SDCC just to name a few. There are so many cons in the state you'll skip a bunch because there are too many.

File: esr234565efg.png (318 KB, 500x422)
318 KB
318 KB PNG
I think I've always enjoyed "nanchatte" fashion and didn't really know. From what I can see mainly women participate in it but what about guys? Is it weird or would one just not really notice or know when compared to their female counterparts?

Anyone have advice for either gender or want to share their fits?
21 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1467372724205.jpg (171 KB, 420x560)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
we already have a thread for this
So this is basically a schoolboy/girl fetish ?

No, assuming you're serious which would be
strange since you're posting the "Cosplay & EGL" Thread.

You can also just google "nanchatte" fashion.

Not sure where you got that from unless you're projecting in which case,
you do you.
FOR THE LOVE OF GOD anon. STOP the reddit spacing for fucks sake.

Do you carry a bag around with you for random shit (makeup, wallet, phone, charger, small purchases) when you're in cosplay?

I haven't really figured out a way to deal with this, cause I don't really have the money to buy, like, a color/style coordinated handbag for every single cosplay, but I also don't want to carry a generic bag that clashes with my costume. But I also have too much stuff to comfortably fit it all in pockets..
Serious cosplayers have a handler to carry their stuff. But if you're not the type to have trustworthy simps, literally nobody cares if your purse matches your cosplay unless the character in question has a specific bag. Just put it to the side/behind you for photos. Most everyday cosplayers carry some kind of bag or just use the con's swag back to store their necessities.
>Do you carry a bag around with you for random shit (makeup, wallet, phone, charger, small purchases) when you're in cosplay?
>I don't really have the money to buy, like, a color/style coordinated handbag for every single cosplay
>I also don't want to carry a generic bag that clashes with my costume.
I think you might be more concerned about this than anyone else. Most people don't care.

I use a messenger bag as my con bag because I carry more stuff at cons than I would on a normal day-to-day basis. Stuff like a water bottle, con guide/book and my actual camera for costume meetups and photo shoots. I either set it down or swing it behind my back when someone stops me for a picture.

>Serious cosplayers have a handler to carry their stuff. But if you're not the type to have trustworthy simps
It's nice when I'm at a con with a friend who will hold my bag when taking pictures and knows how to operate an actual camera but the kind of people who have someone follow them around all day carrying their stuff are just more narcissistic than I'll ever be.
If I don't need to carry around a lot for my cosplay (some costumes like those with body paint or heavy makeup require carrying around a pretty hefty makeup kit for touchups), I make sure to sew hidden pockets in my costume for my stuff. No purse needed
But wouldn't that be uncomfortable
>But wouldn't that be uncomfortable
Yeah, maybe if you're doing bikini cosplays. But if you're wearing a normal cosplay that isn't coomer bait, it's just like pockets in any other garment

File: IMG_0701.jpg (2.12 MB, 4032x3024)
2.12 MB
2.12 MB JPG
So I'm working on a Death korps of Krieg Grenadier costume. Got the uniform and shit like that done, but working on converting a 3d printed lucius pattern lasgun into a hellgun. I have an extremely basic idea of what to do, but I just wanted to ask some advice and maybe see where I can improve. Pic is lasgun in question. Apologies in advance for shit pic quality.
15 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
Looks amazing
That mask looks too unfinished (even for an obvious WIP). The white skull looks (no ofence) as an amateurish work of a grade schooler with blunt scissors, hot glue and EVA foam.
I know it is meant to look crude, but many people won't - and, if you leave it this way, will get the wrong idea.
I sincerely advise you to spend a while rounding those edges so doesn't look scissors-cut, then another while sanding the wnite foam so the skull looks a bit more 3d and sculpted. And when it comes to weathering, distress the everloving fuck of it.

On the other hand, the rest of the stuff is very well done. Good job.
Addenda: I noticed the first line, which was to highlight what needs improvement and why, might sound too harsh. If the rest of the post didn't make it clear, know OP, that your work is in general quite good and the post was NOT meant as a "you suck" comment.

good advice with the tea, but skip the lighter. That doesn't look "weathered", that looks "kid tried too har to make his pirate map be real".
Or weather the armor even MORE and leave the purity seal brand new, for contrast.
For amusement value, do both. Leave the seal brand new and add the bathered remains of a battle-destroyed old one next to it, maybe poking from below.
>Leave the seal brand new and add the bathered remains of a battle-destroyed old one next to it, maybe poking from below.
Now that's a based suggestion. Costuming that tells a story is always good.
Dude, there's nothing in common between a Lucius lasgun and a hellgun. Look at the actual models, what you need is basically a long box with some sci-fi gribblies stuck to it, not a blasterised Winchester.

File: conv.png (1.81 MB, 1868x1260)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB PNG
What's the most fucked up thing you've seen at a convention?
20 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Entire lot o cars catch on fire outside my hotel due to a crazed cosplayer during ala 2019
Why did he do it?
they sold horsemeat and it tasted empty
nevermind it was crocodile
horsemeat I saw in the supermarket later
I got it mixed up

in case anyone cares
18+ cosplay contest. Actual good cosplays were ignored while all the recognized ones with followers were favored, despite being shit. Clussy Ace Attorney cosplayer won and her cosplay was literally falling apart.

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