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File: Ei6foqDVgAEO05N.jpg (218 KB, 800x1200)
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show me all your gold
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File: EOPtzGEUEAA8Rfl.jpg (678 KB, 1536x2048)
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File: 1611829792228.jpg (157 KB, 1280x720)
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Last thread went kill >>10544704

>FB Group: fb.com/groups/118369118236600
>Mori styles and brands guide (japanese): https://woman.mynavi.jp/article/190828-8/
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fabric dye is your friend
My BMI is around 19, I don't think I can lose much more.
Yeah, don't go below 18.5 for clothing. That would be silly. The binder might be an option.
Have you tried the layering and it went really badly?
Not that badly but just not flowing the way I want. Normie girls want hourglass curves and I just want to be pear shaped at least to be able to not have my shoulders and chest feel huge.
I feel that. I am top heavy too and it does not serve me well in the styles I like.
You might have luck with accentuating the hips with flared skirts to balance out your top, kind of like the last girl in the OP image. It is not the 100% straight up and down Mori look, but you can kind of capture the foresty feel.

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no cuz i actually really like this
feels like a majority of these boil down "dont be ugly and cosplay"
Fuck off
woman moment

Make coords, have fun and please keep your autism to a minimum.
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I saw the JSK on LM and considered buying it to make this coord lol
people do say pissed singularly in reference to being angry and upset
it's just the t part that has anons going dumb
Sad but true.
I do love you anon
So many options, and I’d wear all of them.

File: Aus_Flag2[1].jpg (361 KB, 1000x588)
361 KB
361 KB JPG
PAX 2021 is happening edition
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Laura should get back into cosplay
Since when did Kris move to solely photographing sex workers?
Aww she looks disabled.
Anyone know why Cosplay Chris and Infamous broke up?

File: 20210424_130446.jpg (2.68 MB, 4032x3024)
2.68 MB
2.68 MB JPG
How do you storage your jewelry, gulls?
Any recommendations at all? post how you organize your jewelry! bonus: add your wristcuff, bow, and/or sock storage as well. I love seeing how other lolitas do it. picrel, my wip jewelry shelf (plus a few normie pieces).

always trying to find lolita jewelry storage. is it so much to want a luxurious pink or clear holder, box, or organizer for lolita jewelry, so as to avoid dust? diy is fine, as long as it looks classy. I love the decoden covered boxes by taobao brand Cornnn but I'm looking for something with good storage and not necessarily cute aesthetics (and for not a ton of money), however, I don't want to line by bookshelf with stearlite (sp?) boxes. I'd even be open to normie jewelry boxes, given that they aren't expensive. So far I've looked at nail art storage, tackle boxes, hell, even extra large bento boxes. Right now I have a few porcelain cups and a heart shaped catch-all dish, as well as a red chocolate box/tin, but it's not big enough for rings, necklaces, etc.sorry for the sperg, let's post jewelry/inspo!!
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it has 2 removable pins in the back for fixing it at 3 different angles, you can tilt it but it won't stay without the pins
I use this, I haven't noticed any issues from the plastic, but it can be a tight fit for some of the larger AP jewelry, especially the bangles.
File: 20161207-2.jpg (31 KB, 600x415)
31 KB
I have a couple of nice jewellery cases and boxes that I was gifted, but mostly use cheap retail display cases similar to the sort that are used at markets. For non-rigid bracelets I actually use a watch display case to keep them covered, haven't worked out a covered solution for bangles and solid cuff-style jewellery yet but I have an open display for those.
File: 81xhpOgyxcL._AC_SL1500_.jpg (271 KB, 1340x1428)
271 KB
271 KB JPG
Useful solution for small apartments. Plus the necklaces don't get tangled
For anyone interested in Anon's idea, >>10602894 is right. My local tobacco store often clears out cigar boxes, even the nice wood and tins ones, for as low as $5-$7 dollars a box. Now, they aren't advertised, but most will keep the boxes for sale, it's true. You usually just have to ask. If they don't have cigar boxes, and you ask, they may be willing to save them for you.

The cardboard ones can't really be refinished, but you can easily repaint & reupholster the nicer boxes.

File: 1556012109467.jpg (13 KB, 400x227)
13 KB
>/cgl/ general: http://pastebin.com/2E2BmDDc

Why doesn't the /cgl/ general link work? Can someone help me out?
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I'm looking for a replacement. Don't reply to this thread if you don't want to help find a replacement.
I don't want to help find a replacement!
you didn't ask for a replacement faggot.
In general most of the links in the sticky post are dead, and the pastebin was a just a collection of sites and blogs that are long dead.
IRCC paste bin made/purchased a bot (yes everyone is) and made it delete ANY pastebin not linked to account with "pornographic" content ie lewd words regardless of context while just making the bins linked to accounts set to permanent private mode

File: file.png (36 KB, 596x374)
36 KB
Texas conventions are back on the menu, boys. Sure, Akon moved theirs to 2022, but Matsuri is still go. Animefest or San Japan havent cancelled yet, so this year looking good.
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Report him then I've been saying this since 2015. Do it or shut up lol. Nobody will care (myself included) unless he is on that list

Here. Do it or shut up about it.

Not even just on the list. A SINGLE POLICE REPORT would suffice. But so far all I've seen are anonymous blog posts.
>Your friends and their sisters when they next fall victim will appreciate it.
youre gonna be one of the mothers who guilt their children into doing shit arent you?
passive aggressive cunt
File: rmmie9ed83y61.png (591 KB, 880x1136)
591 KB
591 KB PNG
Why can they do this, but convention centers and hotels are still being assholes about restrictions?
>Bill Cosby was raping women for over 40 years by drugging them
Nigga what?

File: 6_ye_1618899255.jpg (202 KB, 500x600)
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202 KB JPG
Previous: >>10597520
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new thread >>10606943
Probably envious LARPers
She already did say she's not an actual shopgirl

Nope. I was really surprised they had any extras (maybe Japan shipped them as a "just in case"?). I saw the post on instagram 14 minutes after it was posted and everything but the mint earrings and black candy border socks was already sold out.
Yeah, I feel like the reason might just be they group is just slowing down and they're running out of steam to post updates often. Lolita Updates is dying.

File: kycilia.png (1 MB, 995x1357)
1 MB
Cons are coming back with mask requirements, post CDC-compliant mask cosplay.
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File: Kabal mk9.jpg (128 KB, 1047x1600)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
Bad masks only help others. Good masks like the FP2 ones help both others and the one wearing it. However, they still help others more than they help the person wearing it.
Wearing medical masks hurt the way you breathe and can contract diseases too.
>Cons ain't coming back unless they require vax.
It is back and you can kill yourself while you're at it.
Wrong and name one.

File: product_11124964b.jpg (11 KB, 640x360)
11 KB
Is there a place to custom order or purchase rubber knives for cosplaying? Specifically looking for the attached image. There was a seller on etsy but the item is no longer available.
I’m sure you could get a reproduction and cast one yourself fairly cheap.

It would be a pain in the ass though.
If you can't find a seller the easiest solution would be to 3D print one. But if you don't know 3D modeling you would have to commission someone to do it.

Also, next time use the cosplay help thread, please.
File: Cold Steel Rubber Knife.jpg (45 KB, 1012x996)
45 KB
Cold Steel makes a number of rubber training knives.

File: 1565721230268.webm (2.91 MB, 569x800)
2.91 MB
2.91 MB WEBM
What do you think about kids at cons?
Annoying? Endearing?
Should all cons be 18+?
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If you're taking a baby, that's one thing, but any child between 3-13 is a liability. Also, if your child isn't into anime, they're not gonna have fun
Cons are great for hanging out with friends who aren't local to you. AX served as a landing pad for friends across all timezones.
I don't mind them. I've heard horror stories of grabby kids but I've never dealt with anything like that so I can't speak on it. It does give me the warm and fuzzies when it's a real young kid and they think you're the character and they get all excited. I also think family cosplays are super cute.
A woman wrote this post.

previous thread >>10595479
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I'm a scrote and I frequently accuse other anons of being scrotes for dubious reasons
Most of IW’s stuff is for talls though you fucking retard.
Like I said, I'm pretty tall. I'm 5'8, and it was still like a bag before I got it tailored. I can't imagine there's as many six foot tall lolitas as there are fatty-chans
Waist size 75cm is a whale to you?
Agreed. They keep talking about how scared they are and instead of becoming better people and getting fucking therapy, they cancel others who have nothing to do with their mental problems. I hope people like those bitches fuck off into obscurity soon

File: 51Q6YLVQOAL._SL1000_.jpg (62 KB, 1000x1000)
62 KB
I'm having pictures done of some cosplay and lolita wigs, and I could use some help styling them; accessories, makeup ideas, and wig styling.

It's more "fashion" than strictly cosplay or lolita, so I'm open to any kinds of ideas, from cute to edgy! Help me out!
5 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Only need it for a single wear / project. It's for a photoshoot. Might keep them around for other things afterwards, but I only NEED them one time.
no one can help you style those since simply trying them on will turn them to rats nests.
Kill yourself
There's several threads you could've chosen from the post this but instead you scourge us all with a post that will sit at the edge of the catalog for a month. May all your wigs be ratty.
Such a waste . . . . . .

File: larp-dog.jpg (37 KB, 315x289)
37 KB
last thread >>10532631
117 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1503855790300.jpg (14 KB, 600x600)
14 KB
I know its not historically correct, nor is the campaign historically correct, but I'm itching to go viking with a big two handed sword.

Good or bad idea?

Also, what are Freyhand weapons like?
>Good or bad idea?
objectively bad

>Also, what are Freyhand weapons like?
generally good quality, but I personally don't like them. Somehow it's feels off for me compared to other stuff in the same price range.
Though their knives are good
File: mnb.jpg (108 KB, 792x796)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
Bad idea, just aesthetically, get yourself a big fuck off axe instead. I've always found Freyhand a little hard and weirdly weighted, and kinda spenny for what you get.
Thanks, I knew it was a bad idea but I needed help killing it off

I'll look in to an axe instead, maybe two even.
>gee sven, why'd you get TWO axes?

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