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File: Duetrabbit.jpg (293 KB, 700x1200)
293 KB
293 KB JPG
What was your first lolita coord/item/main piece? Do you have any stories regarding it? For me, it was pic rel in the red colorway and some other bodyline items
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Thats a waffle anon
I actually really like squirrel party
Wow I’m retarded why did I call this squirrel party.
NTA but it seems really cringy to sell a piece you like just because you can afford nicer stuff too. And lets face it, a lot of notorious brand itas are entitled brandwhores.

So, I'm a (kind of) straight cis dude and I admit I have played Mystic Messenger only to get closer to some fangirls. I didn't mind the game at all actually, it helped me fight loneliness during quarantine and I have even spent some money binge playing all the routes. I was wondering if is it bad if I wanna bring to a con a cosplay of Mystic Messenger (707) mostly in order to meet new girls? Have you guys ever done a cosplay with the same purpose?
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Like the other anon said, cosplay, discord, and unironically reddit can help meet new people. If you know of an anime related community near you (a club in college, a ERG at your workplace, or even a FB group) you can meet people that way
Stop being a creep, thats 99% of the way already
yeah i still wank off to some stuff even though i have a gf. Sometimes you just wana do a quick one on xtube
I tried to play this but was only aiming from one character since the start amd was annoyed that I had to deal with everyone's shit just to get to him.
You’d be a pretty shitty bf if you insisted on your gf having sex with you every time you feel like jerking off even if she isn’t in the mood.

I'm posting a new thread because I've never seen one about this topic on CGL, hope I'm not wrong.
Personally I have some doubts about "fundings": how do you menage it?
Can you recieve some tips just doing sfw, or is it too hard? How many followers do you need?

I am a small creator and just started cosplaying (one year) and I was not even that interested about ko-fi, I just created it and put in bio, knowing nobody would notice me.
The fact is that I follow two girls (they don't know each other) with the same followers count as me and that post kinda bad contents (one postes just a selfie in a while, the other one just instants without makeup) and have a huge amount of kofis (like 120$ a month) from strangers on the internet. They don't do nsfw, one of the two has a boyfriend.
How is it possible? I would like to recieve some money but I can't, and everytime I ask about that they dodge the questions
At this point, I'm just confused: how does it really work?
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But if you are offering something for the money (and if you are American) it goes on Schedule C for small businesses. Don’t forget to document and deduct all your business expenses, including fees, whether that be materials, costumes, etc.
Iirc Patreon gives you a tax form if you’re in the US
Keep in mind that there’s a limit to how much gift money you can receive in a year
Just spend a lot of money on cosplay and write it off as business expenses. That’s totally acceptable by the IRS since costumes are considered a normal expense for performers (as long as they’re not suitable for normal wear), and that way you’ll be spending money on yourself instead of giving it to the gross govt
Your best bet is to being something new to the table. Maybe role play videos of the cosplays you do. "Be" the character

File: IMG_20200625_141249.jpg (207 KB, 720x719)
207 KB
207 KB JPG
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his peepee gets hard when people tell him he looks like shit.
or he's blind.
I'm guessing it's the former.
Hair sticks (not chopsticks btw) are actually a great way to secure a bun and lots of women with very long hair prefer them to hair ties as they're less damaging and distribute weight better. Doesn't make the coord any better of course but they are practical.
I didnt think it was possible to hate egirls more than I already do, but these ita threads continue to prove me wrong.
Looks like linen.

I sold this dress because of the wild silhouette. There's an underskirt, and the overdress, and the underskirt waistband likes to sit right where the dress panels start, giving it a weird bump. She should have used an A-line petti.
This dude looks like my friend's dad whose going through his second divorce right now.

Post any questions here that you don't think deserve their own thread. Whether for something simple in nature, general advice, something overly specific that shouldn't kill another thread or whatever, whatever you think doesn't deserve its own thread.

Let me start: I was debating whether in the future or not to do Pretty Rhythm cosplay, but one problem is that unless I do casual outfits, nearly all of the characters outfits have them wearing ice-skates. If a con even allows that, I can't see walking around in them being practical. Is there a way I could get around that? Whether it's making some sort of special heel, or just carrying skates?
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File: 1545115135083.jpg (70 KB, 600x389)
70 KB
So the cosplay and jfash question threads don't cover everything on cgl...the cosplay and jfash board?
Are there any guides for people who are just beginning cosplay? I barely know anything about sewing, makeup or prop-making and I have some degree of an idea what I'd like to cosplay
There's literally already help threads for cosplay and jfash. Learn to use the catalog, newfag.
How are people this stupid still even alive
pastry_pi on instagram has a tutorial for fake skates using clear stripper heels! you have to scroll down a little. hope that helps!

File: 1593090871336.png (23 KB, 419x220)
23 KB

Lets hear about your past experiences and what you planned to do this year before Fan Expo 2020 was CANCELLED.

I was looking forward to checking out the masqurade and cosplay but it seems they are having a limited convention in November limited to 25,000 tix.

As of right now Toronto is under a state of emergency extended *AGAIN* (like 3-4times now) till July 15. and gatherings limited to 10 people. Even if FanExpo was to run this year assuming each week you are allowed double that amount of people that would have gave FanExpo 6 weeks time and at the end allowed 1280 people. In pre-covid times thye had like 50,000 people over the weekend.
Good. Fuck the guy that runs fanexpo. Years ago this dick would go after small cons starting up by offering if I remember right first day free events or free weekend events to smaller conventions run by fanexpo the same day as other conventions to sabotage many small conventions.

For example transformercon hope that armin fucker gets covid and die or suffers greatly.

File: 1593068119078.jpg (556 KB, 1080x1581)
556 KB
556 KB JPG
Previous thread >>10418379
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You’re an idiot. Her wardrobe is small, she had a video tour for her 2020 wardrobe and it only had a few pieces. I don’t know if it’s still up, but she doesn’t have a lot of pieces at once. She has a few and then resells to buy more. That’s not a big wardrobe, a big wardrobe would be if she kept them.
next thread >>10426032

I'm not from Japan either though? I just have enough money to take a trip every two years, and friends that work for Japanese MNCs.

Actually in my exact case I'll tell you I haven't been able to find much Moitie, so I would really have bought it off lacemarket rather than from Japan. Resulting in the exact feedback anon described.
I like the ribbons

this makes my heart doki doki
Extremely tacky and gay, even when it was popular.

File: cutesycrafts.jpg (186 KB, 750x567)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
What does your sewing space/room look like? What have you found that works for storage/organization?

Do you store items together as whole costume sets or by similar parts? What furniture or items are essential for cosplay makers? How much desk space is the best?
one thing that really helps espec if you sew for fun:
I have 3 bins of fabric, one for scraps, one for alteration projects, and one for new fabric. Every time I finish a project with the "new" fabric, I force myself to make at least 2 scrap projects or an alteration to make sure I finish all my stash

File: 2020-06-19.png (522 KB, 600x552)
522 KB
522 KB PNG
Recently witnessed some drama between a cosplayer I follow and an IG account that posted comparisons between photos of her irl versus the photos she posts.

Drastic difference and it got me thinking how much photoshop is too much?
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Ugh, One Piece designs look horrible in their series, why would anyone be surprised that they translate so bad irl?
>wearing i have no tits shirt
>has tits
being flat isn't a joke!
File: come here.jpg (72 KB, 441x557)
72 KB
Ah, I see you're a man of culture as well.
Am I the only one who doesn't think this is all that extreme? Left is also a much better quality picture with better posing. I guess this is about the real life/cosplay page difference I would expect?

File: IMG_20200612_215708.jpg (202 KB, 1200x840)
202 KB
202 KB JPG
Thoughts on this? It was only a matter of time /cgl/
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Do not let the porn delusion fool you anon. 5 or 6 inches is nothing to be ashamed of. Focus on technique and stamina. And clip your goddamn fingernails.
6 or 7 inches isn't small. That's above average and a satisfying size.
>6 or 7 inches

That’s the perfect pp size imo
I know this shit is targeted towards male coomers but sometimes those femboys make me feels things.

File: unbelievable.jpg (39 KB, 502x325)
39 KB
Cape Comic Con
Anime Sekai
Anime Matsuri

I am somewhat in awe of the stupidity off these conventions, trying to happen as numbers continue to skyrocket here in the south. Only somewhat, because I'm well aware of how few braincells most people down here have.

Cape Comic Con is requiring a waiver for all attendees just to try and skirt the legal liability of someone catching Covid-19 and dying. It shows damn well that they know exactly what they're about to do, and that it's just a money grab for them. One person in/one person out once they reach capacity? So peoplea are just going to cook in the heat right outside the doors waiting to get in. Sounds fun! Definitely worth my money!

Anime Sekai is more quiet about things, but Texas is having record numbers every single day and has halted the next phase of re-opening (not even a bandaid on the problem, let's be real, Abbot probably wants us to die off).

Only desperate weebs are going to show up but what about the vendors, artists, and guests that are going to get sick/worse from this? The fallout to the people they know is what angers me, if you're stupid enough to catch it yourself I don't care but this is just tragedy waiting to happen.

Or a train wreck.

What other cons are this unbelievably stupid?
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Two to three hour waiting plus usually an hour delay on their big event programming is what‘s stopping me from attending AM. They keep on sucking on that part for the last three to four years.
File: 1571998590047.jpg (88 KB, 972x729)
88 KB
>going for events instead of partying and socializing
you don't need AM to party or socialize
I dont, but other nerds do.
Numbers are up but deaths are dropping.

Stay scared in your little holes.

File: oof.jpg (741 KB, 1080x1335)
741 KB
741 KB JPG
Previous Thread: >>10244022
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this, my womanhood isn't defined by victimhood, my own nor anyone else's. Otherwise its the oppression olympics and we're all nothing compared to the our poor sisters in the rape capitals of the world. Just because your daddy gave you insecurities doesn't make any girl who didn't any less a girl, other things like dicks, that does.
Ok incel
You’re the type of person who sees someone wearing foundation, concealer, mascara and blush and cries about how much you love “natural women” aren’t you
That doesn’t make sense. No one is going to see a barefaced person and think they’re wearing makeup whether they have great skin or not.

I knew my makeup game was good when that one single day I woke up late and decided not to bother with makeup everybody asked if I was sick.

I mean EVERYBODY. They asked what was wrong with my face, why I was breaking out, is it some allergy, why I looked so pale, did I get enough sleep, what I was worried about, did I eat something wrong for breakfast, do I need a sick day, take things easy, get more rest, etc etc. I don't even know how to feel like "yeah my skin has always been this bad, I fooled you all hahaha rip my ugly face but thank you all for being so caring".

It's not even like I do natural makeup, my go-to eyeshadow is glitter brown.

File: 1593337880956.jpg (48 KB, 410x391)
48 KB
"CGL hates my thread =(" Edition

Old thread >>10415017 hit image limit apparently

-Do not derail
-dump coolita memz

Meme requests are okay i guess
Lets do it right this time gulls
File: 1592821784098.png (532 KB, 723x728)
532 KB
532 KB PNG
File: 1592401864834.png (131 KB, 347x299)
131 KB
131 KB PNG
/cgl/: 2020 edition
God I love this

How do people who’s cosplay effort is this manage to get over 100k followers?
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Be a girl,be thin or "thicc",be cute or slap pounds of makeup and shoop until you are
Bad advice. Tried it, didn't work (maybe cuz I'm not cute lol)
That’s what the photoshop is for
You need to spam your links
File: ugh.jpg (24 KB, 327x400)
24 KB
this has nothing to do with wigs and everything to do with it being halfassed garbage

>Comment section is nothing but guys trying to hit on me
Can't someone just admire the hard work I put in?
312 replies and 39 images omitted. Click here to view.

Happy now? Everyone wins; you get your precious (You) and this cancerous off-topic thread will finally die.
is it really off-topic though. Have you never seen a comment on one of your pics and wonder what's going on in that person's mind.
Not that anon but the OP is on topic but thread was ruined by scrotes.
File: Seiko's Husband.jpg (35 KB, 522x247)
35 KB
Chicks use 4chan? Talk about a rare breed.
Cosplay isn't hard work you dumb bitch.

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