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File: 1605297339447.png (3 KB, 357x354)
3 KB
>can't meet men I find online anymore without cons as a meeting place because there are no cons

What is a woman to do?
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what is it with you americans and the worry about safety? It's so weird to always read that. I your country so unsafe?
File: Bb9Tb1wCEAA3TtR[1].png (216 KB, 500x373)
216 KB
216 KB PNG
More like it's not safe to meet up with people from online in general. Other than that, it depends where you are in America.
But you'll never catch men admitting to it

File: 1586375026836.png (112 KB, 4146x1870)
112 KB
112 KB PNG
post yourself, cosplays you'd like to do/have done in the past, give some context, and help others with suggestions.

as always, give suggestions in order to receive them.
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Soup's been around for a while, what are you on about.
post you're replying to wasn't even replying to soup wtf
Then why didn’t you reply to that one instead of my response to soup ya goof.
are you dumb?
are you guys okay? I think we should all work on our reading comprehension so that this doesn’t happen again in the future.

btw the feels thread isn’t there to shitpost. It’s existence is there for gulls to vent about their feels relating to egl or cosplay.

File: Chainsawman.jpg (109 KB, 252x396)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
i wanna do a chainsaw man cosplay i can find his cloths easy but the arms and head part im having a hard time with im thinking a mask to wear on the side of my head but as for my arm blades idk what i could do with that
Here, you dropped these ,.,.,.,,.,,,.
use the help thread, newfag.

New cosplay self Post thread! Post your pics of finished costumes or share what you're working on
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File: IMG_20201103_083131_997.jpg (101 KB, 1066x1065)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
Hardest part of the outfit to make was the rifle.
Are you a tranny? You've got a man face.
>cosplaying a mountain man
>built a rifle
>literally LARPing as Jeremiah Johnson
*I'm just going to assume that's a guy dressing up as a guy.
Looks mad cozy!

File: nod larp 9.png (623 KB, 706x747)
623 KB
623 KB PNG
I don't cosplay, or do any of that sort of stuff in general, but my autism compelled me to make this Brotherhood of Nod inspired larp getup, however, I have run into a problem. I can't fucking find any good shoulder guards anywhere that are sold individually, so I figured that I could ask for advice here on where I should be looking for them.
The ones I have found are always attached to some motorcycle or sport gear that doesn't really fit the look I am going for, or into police riot armor that is expensive as fuck, and probably illegal to possess for private citizens here where I live anyways.

>pls gib advice on where I can find decent looking shoulder armor to finalize my childish larp gear
Damn if only there was a help thread or something
learn to sage when replying to threads like this...

File: x_e4212bd2.jpg (34 KB, 350x500)
34 KB
>>10444420 previous
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full or partial shirring, MAM
anyone have a picture of this skirt being worn? I feel like it had an old street snap and I cant find it
What additions can make my oldschool outfits less plain?
For example, for classic this is vests and boleros, inflexible bonnets and decorated flat hats; for gothic there are lots of options - all the previous but in dark colors and also corsets, harnesses, jackets and long jackets, unusual headdresses like Antique Beasts ones...
But in oldschool I'm stunning. I can only remember aprons.
Any suggestions?
Pompom hairties, pearl accessories, higher platform shoes or more strappy shoes, large bags, crown headpieces, more elaborate natural hairstyles, bustiers or corset tops like the vintage VW tops.
ffs, this should be in the stupid questions thread.

I can't find a character with same characteristics that I have in real life to cosplay with, like:
>brown eyes
>brown hair, just a slightly blonde
The only character I found out that fits in these characteristics is Yui Hirasawa from K-On (pic related), but I'm male
Pls help a noob in cosplaying, I pretend to go to an event cosplaying
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File: 3845635_0.jpg (63 KB, 630x630)
63 KB
Light from Death Note?
Like Kyon, super easy outfit, but very iconic character.
You can even get rid of the blazer if you want, I've seen people cosplay him with just the shirt and tie.
No car so you're just gonna go with your parents? You have not a single friend who will take you? I'm so sorry anon. Do you need a hug?

I've never driven in my life, the only places my parents ever have to take me are doctors appts because friends usually don't wanna run errands with you.
Does public transport not exist there? Can't you just buy a bus ticket to wherever you need to go?
I've been going to cons in bus with my friends since I was 14
nayrt but >with my friends
I'll just assume he has no friends who share his interests and would accompany him. Though I think a bestie would go with you regardless. But I agree about public transport, especially during con times. You won't even stand out.

Another option could be buying similar looking clothes and alter them to fit your character. I recommend checking out thrift stores! Your contact might even help you alter them if they're good with clothes.
It shouldn't be hard especially if you go for simple designs like Kyon or Light. Others coming to mind are Keiichi from Higurashi or Firo from Baccano.
File: derpgasa.png (50 KB, 605x574)
50 KB
any character with a mask
>anyone from hotline miami
>anyone from payday 2

if you're into anime i suggest kazuma

Anyone looking forward to Season 2 of /cgl/‘s Darkest Timeline: The Animation?
Not ready for this bullshit
I can’t see major cons like AX or SDCC happening at usual capacity this coming year. I wonder how the ones that rolled over the tickets to 2021 will handle that headache

File: megaconlogo.png (8 KB, 638x200)
8 KB
With the news that the Pfizer vaccine has a 90% effective rate, and will likely be available to everyone by spring, it's pretty clear that conventions will start happening again in the US some time in 2021.
What do you think will be the first major comic or anime convention held next year?
I think Megacon might actually have a chance. March seems too early, but Florida pretty much gives zero fucks.
File: 1604585704627.jpg (118 KB, 938x528)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
>conventions will start happening again in the US some time in 2021.
>believing this at all
Assuming OP's right and we did get a vaccine, why wouldn't they?

File: gaylord-national.jpg (51 KB, 600x315)
51 KB

>The Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center in National Harbor filed a layoff notice June 15 affecting its 2,077 employees as the coronavirus pandemic continues to pummel the hospitality industry.

>The Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) filed with the Maryland Department of Labor lists an effective date of March 11. The Gaylord, Greater Washington's largest hotel at 1,996 rooms, has been closed since March 24, when the owner of all seven Gaylord resort properties across the country suspended operations.

So much for those cons coming back anytime soon.
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Conventions will never recover. We will be lucky if it ever happens again
Convention center based cons will be fine since a city government is in charge of those places and they will bend over backwards to bring visitors in.

The hotel based cons are the ones that are in trouble because hotels are about to straight up go out of business.

Read up, gulls: the staff and volunteers seek justice
This needs its own goddamn thread holybshit!
Already one here >>10504722

File: angrygull.png (694 KB, 500x656)
694 KB
694 KB PNG

>Matches Sent Out: October 26, 2020
>Shipping Deadline: December 11, 2020
>Grinch Check: January 31, 2021

Again, everyone has been assigned an ID#, Please use that to contact your matches in the threads! If you are getting no response, let us know and we can contact via email!
If you are buying online you'll wanna do it ASAP as there are delays which could then delay your package.

The old thread filled up fast! So heres another!
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File: sn-8.png (218 KB, 580x304)
218 KB
218 KB PNG
One lone brave bird actually so don't feel bad. I'm the nearly $1000-chan so I really wanted to just get everything sent off before I spent more.
Damnnnnnn. past 4 years of this i barely get a match spending the bare minimum.
I'm still waiting for things to arrive, so you're not alone.
File: De4Us9WXUAAvlQB.jpg (93 KB, 1200x666)
93 KB
The numbers definitely feel like I've splurged ($435 on FJ in items (+ $80 in fees and + $157 in shipping), $42 on Etsy, $135 on misc sites) plus all the shipping fees to me and then shipping to them (Canada-gull cost $60 alone) but when I looked at the pile of gifts I got for everyone it felt like I basically spent nothing. It happens every year for Secret Santa. I get stuff they want but I still feel like I've just gone to the dollar store and gotten absolute crap and tossed it into a box and I'm irrationally worried people will think I cheapskated them and went under-budget.
New thread >>10502668

File: 1585276704335.jpg (46 KB, 612x612)
46 KB
How the fuck do you ship a styled wig?

someone please explain how it doesn't get completely fucked up in transit?
I started learning how to style then myself after realizing none of the wigs I bought kept the styling.
Pay close attention when you commission someone in the first place. If the seller remains silent through the whole thing assume you're getting shipped trash. If the seller communicates with you the whole time you'll probably just need to maybe smooth it a bit from shipping. I bought a wig from a seller in the US and they shipped it with no protection whatsoever and clearly half assed it. They also never communicated with me except to whine after the fact when I complained. Another wig however I got from an absolutely lovely seller in Italy who communicated with me the whole time. The wig I got from her was beautiful despite shipping from overseas.
What are good sites to buy wigs anon?
I've only ever had one styled wig shipped to me before doing them myself. The wig head was secured to the bottom of the box so it didn't shift around, the wig itself had pins everywhere possible to secure it (this was important since it had some external foam pieces that are both very heavy and also shift at the slightest movement), and there was padding wherever there was space around the top and crown. It needed minor touchups, but arrived pretty much how it looked in the wip pictures. If you're the one shipping, I recommend you just take care packing it like that. A wig head in a box isn't enough.

File: EkwMvj4U0AEiRqY.jpg (202 KB, 1447x2048)
202 KB
202 KB JPG
Last Thread: >>10456245

> Latest purchases
> Dream dresses
> Gothic coordinate pics
> Favorite pieces
> etc.
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Family money. It isn't clear at first but she either has some shitty retail job or none at all, so you can guess the rest. She also buys normie burando on a regular basis - mmm is actually chump change for her.
God, I wish I could be rich without effort

Ngl I want her life and wish I also was a high flying lesbian socialite. No hate to her at all.
Definitely family money. I once looked up a necklace she bought on a whim and posted in IG stories and was fucking floored that it cost over $10K, but definitely no hate- it was cool to see someone actually show details and share the piece.
Pls leave

File: 1601863738780.gif (1.18 MB, 322x240)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB GIF
>acen hotel bookings came and went without me even realizing it

44 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Depends on the con. A bunch of small-to-midsize cons like Fanime wiped everyone's hotel bookings, so everyone has to rebook in 2021. Others, mostly larger cons, held onto hotel spots so if you managed to get a room this year, you're guaranteed one next year.
>They do work, but they only work if everyone wears them.
No they don't are you an health expert.

>Too many Americans just don’t give a single fuck about other people or straight up don’t believe in science or doctors
More nurses are calling the CDC for cookbooking the covid death numbers and are against the lockdown.
Retard. It's not Chicago. Chicago-land is not literally Chicago.

I appreciate you bumped this thread to post this this true statement.

Suburban Cook County will likely not be able to host a convention of ACEN's size unless a vaccine is out before 2021.
is it easy to get laid at a anime con

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Omg yes! Then charge so much for a butchered jsk to skirt mod, he'll nah.
Also, the portions are huge.
When I traveled to USA I couldn’t get myself to finish ANY of the meals I ordered. One person serving would be enough to satisfy me and my sister, both adults, it’s insane to think people eat like that on every meal everyday.
Her hair is ugly and her coords are lame but God I wish my body looked her’s.
Get help.
fact. anon, she is sick

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