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What did Livejournal comms have that modern communities don’t? Is that a question of different platform or community attitude got different overall?
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aaaand >>10397607 point made.
I think there's a difference between a general no male rule and then checking and approving each and every single user for whatever vague bullshit an admin desires. At least one is clearly defined.
kek i think if you make it very clear that men are not welcome and will not be tolerated, they won't even try. the problem with fb groups is that they let anyone in
Behind the Bows?

while that is a problem, too... no, that wasn't what i meant.

but the first order problem is deciding that men have no place in the L of cgl, does that include designers? Or just being a fan and male is a problem for >>10397747 >>10397736 >>10397702 . You leave that up to a gatekeeper to decide where such lines lay.

Then the extended definition of what a man is...take an example from whatever spillover from /lgbt/ there is regarding >>10397728
>>10397736 where will that particular gatekeeper's line lay?

>no cismale
>no self reporting male, trans female ok
>terf, no bio male
>terf, with post-op ok
>terf, no post-op
>astroturf ok, plus grass

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File: 1557804152861.png (112 KB, 4146x1870)
112 KB
112 KB PNG
never got to do one of these but i always enjoyed reading them.

post yourself, cosplay you'd like to do/have done in the past, give some context, and help others with suggestions.

as always, give suggestions in order to recieve them.
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Oh you fixed the slight line error thing from the comments box, thank god. A look alike option is an interesting suggestion!
Not a bad idea really. Should help for those who feel more uncomfortable posting pictures of themselves.
I’m not really knowledgeable about genderbending/crossplay stuff, but I’d go with Nico. I haven’t seen any of the series’s you listed there, but I was still able to recognize Nico at a first glance.
It Could be something like a list of traits you like in characters that you’ve cosplayed or plan to cosplay. Then people could suggest characters based off of it.

For example something like;
>Females or feminine guys
>Short or younger characters
>Blue color scheme
>No extreme or hard to style hairstyles
This is an interesting idea!

First, there was Psylocke. Then there was D.Va. Now here's some wonderful cosplays featuring the entrancing and beautiful female ninja hailing from SNK herself, Mai Shiranui. So without further ado, here's another image dump thread for all you good boys and girls here in /cgl/. Enjoy!

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File: Cz3aDQdUsAA_LSo.jpg (160 KB, 900x1200)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
File: CPWehMUUEAEeMx4.png (1.48 MB, 845x1200)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB PNG
MMmmmmmm Ai-Honey's delicous tits. *fap fap fap*
File: CPZPhnXUEAAjMTN.jpg (143 KB, 841x1200)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
New thread: >>10397610
This thread is full of fucking win win win. Does anyone know of some program that can auto download each image in a given thread instead of manually clicking on each image?

I want to archive all this fucking goodness for human biology research purposes.

File: images.jpeg.jpg (12 KB, 183x275)
12 KB
I want to cosplay a greek hoplite. What essential things would I need to do that?
Eyes and a brain. Use them to find the help thread and stop making seperate threads.
This is literary the first thread I made on this board.
Then just fucking lurk
Manners, manners.
Play nice.
No one will be nice if you bump useless threads retard.

What's the best place to buy seifuku online now that bodyline isn't shipping to the US? Trying to find something nicer than what's on AliExpress but not as expensive as Etsy
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no, pls share
Pretty much every weeby taobao reseller has these, like spreepicky or syndrome store, if you’re too incompetent to use taobao
taobao has seifuku in varying quality. They definitely have things nicer than bodyline, but obviously for a higher price tag.

Start with the taobao thread here, there are links to the guide and a store spreadsheet. Then use google chrome to navigate the site, it'll translate everything for you on the go.

You can also get seifuku on Japanese auctions, whether actually legit or from a brand like conomi, but those tend to be expensive as well (although really good quality obvy)
meow girl is also ok.
Thank you! I'm going to try out taobao as well like the other posters said. If there are other AliExpress stores I'll def check those out too

I’m planning this one, because I’m physically suited to it. Outfit doesn’t seem too hard, a lot of just woven leather and fur and whatnot. The axe is going to be the really hard part imo.
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post body
/cgl/ making fun of /fit/ for not knowing shit about cosplay making and having trash/ultra basic costumes.

/fit/ making fun of /cgl/ for not being fit enough for the characters they are cosplaying.

If only we could have both.
I mean /fitcgl/ is a thing but we're all extremely autistic
Like hell you are, twink. Unless you look like Steve Shaw
File: EFyH54sXkAAw6-L.jpg (41 KB, 608x679)
41 KB
I’m planning this one, because I’m physically suited to it. Outfit doesn’t seem too hard, a lot of denim and fur and whatnot. The hair is going to be the really hard part imo. How do I grow my hair

yankii style is so cool !!!
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Does anyone have any footage of these being embroidered? Because this image suggests it's all done with free motion embroidery which is incredible
it doesn't look like that at all, anon wtf?
File: maxresdefault.jpg (143 KB, 1280x720)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
There's a chalk outline of Dia in the hooped area in the lower right image. It seems like a lot of work to fully sketch out a character if it's just going to be embroidered over by a computerized machine. That hoop does not seem like the kind that would be hooked into a computerized embroidery machine. It looks like the kind that would be run through the machine by hand in the "thread painting" style.

I imagine it's a mix of both.
i am not sure if this person uses the same process but look up shishumania on instagram. He has some videos of himself creating his embroidery.
Cool? Dunno... I'll see after seeing them survive a street fight then I'll decide if they are cool.

Cons in the south seem to be going wild right now with how they’re dealing with the virus. Heard AWA is doing similar shit.
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who the hell is Morgan?
people in the facebook groups want MTAC to try to compete with AWA and have the con on Halloween.
That would be a bad idea, they are too close to each other for that, plus there is a furry con in TN also on halloween weekend, so they would be competing with that con some too.
Furries at MTAC on halloween?

Imagine the smell!
Eh? what is AWA dealing now?

and matter of fact, what exactly is OP saying MTAC did, other than have a public relations hiccup?

Whats the point of this thread? Why am I here? whats going on?

File: KnWDIAaN_400x400[1].jpg (24 KB, 400x400)
24 KB
Is 23 too old to get into alternative japanese fashion?
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Found the zoomer.
Found the neckbeard.
This is 4chan unfortunately.
How the fuck do you think a 20-year old would be able to afford altjfash without a trust fund? All lolitas are 25+ because burando is expensive as fuck and you need to make an adult salary to be able to buy the latest dresses, not flipping burgers for $5 an hour. All the teenagers into jfash are just getting knockoffs and cheap aliexpress crap because that's all their allowance and starbucks barista job can get them.

This. I'm turning 30 and so much happier that I have money and a stable job so I can afford a cozy hotel room for two, eat at a nice restaurant after the con day and buy myself whatever clothing I want to. Bonus points: no crazy teenage drama. Compared to when I was 20 my cons were filled with petty drama, stuffing yourself in a room you're sharing with 10 other people and eating takeaway mcdonald on the side of the street with the money you managed to scrape up. No horror stories from carpooling to split gas money and trying to fit everyone's luggage in the trunk. If hitting the wall at 25 means I get rid of all the shit I had to put up with in my teens then I'm taking it on head first bitches.
23 is too old period

We’ve had a few of these threads before so let’s get another one going. Post unpopular cosplay opinions.
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I miss the days when the cosplay community was less accepting of fat pigs. It feels like the entire community has been completely overrun by “body positivity,” Karens/ SJWs, really bad crossplayers, and DRAMA! We still had drama back in the 00’s, but it was all tripfag drama. Now you can’t even say “tripfag” without being socially lynched because you said “fag.” Hell, you can’t say “lynched” without someone crying about it. And I’ll be blunt, the fact that every fucking single thread on this board always contains multiple uses of the word “cis” or “trans” is disturbing. The most we talked about trans people was when discussing Mana from Malice Mizer, or crossplay. Meanwhile, you people are fucking obsessed with two things: Pronouns, and genitals. Most of you need a head check. Stop being faggots, and just have fucking fun with this hobby or leave it. And I don’t mean “homosexual”— I mean fucking annoying twats.

T. Oldfag
Someone commissioned someone for this?? And they get this piece of shit fried monstrosity from it? I would be ashamed to post this as a finished product.
i agree. also the one spongebob one... i remember the girl was going off on social media, that its her original design, and paraphrasing but basically she felt like people need to make their own designs and not "copy" hers. she was really mean about it. idk man its a costume for fun, if other people enjoy it so much they wanna make it, IMO that should be celebrated. generally she seems to have a bad attitude anyway, maybe she will grow out of it.
from someone who used to follow her, she goes off on those tangents a lot with her cosplays. The issue is, she does a lot of generalized designs and then bitches when it looks like someone copies her. She tries too hard to be a "funny meme cosplayer" and she ends up coming off as holier than thou when it comes to regular cosplays.
As long as they are not competing or pretending their cosplay is accurate, who cares?

Okay, so I want to become a lolita SM influencer. Where do I start? Post tips.
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Who said anything about her being successful. I just mentioned which brands shes modeled for.
I guess she was legit sewing influencer back then, she did contribute into this trend for rococo themed coords. I can even tell people trying to recreate her outfits. But it was around 2010-2012, community wasn't swimming in variety of trends and outfits the way it does now.
My bet for being a sewing influencer these days is getting into fancy needlework like Moss Marchen or Voodooodolly, but that would be a lot LOT of work.
File: 5iFh0LM.jpg (89 KB, 484x640)
89 KB
Without revealing too much, part of the difficulty with becoming influencial in the Lolita community is that it is highly judgemental and very restrictive in who they are willing to accept.

Is the content produced entirely by women but the venture-capitol funding provider is a man? Nope. Rejected.

Will you refuse to accept sponsorships from Etsy shops / Tao Bao resellers without full disclosure? Rejected.

Do you want to just want to talk about Lolita fashion and not lean into identity politics? Absolutely out.

Bottom line is if you feel inspired to create content; do it. People will take it or leave it. But please, please don't start an account on any platform with the intention of either becoming lolita-famous or building a business around Lolita. If you already make things and are thinking of selling stuff on etsy; go ahead and try it. But don't start making things to then immediately try to sell things.
She’s moved on to other interests it seems. She talks about lolita but I don’t think she’ll wear it for a while. Like other anons mentioned, I too am lurking in hopes she’ll sell some of her wardrobe. But you guys already know she’ll sell them to her clout chaser friends before the likes of us lol
The blue check mark comes from being famous outside of social media. You have to be a movie star, sports person, etc. Or show up in mainstream news. You can be super famous on Instagram but as long as you're not a figure outside of social media, you're not getting the mark.

For Youtube, I think you have to have 100,000 subscribers or be very famous elsewhere. Youtube also has to approve of your content as good for the platform. So even if Lor had that many subscribers, I doubt she'd get verified due to YTs sensitivity about the fashion.

Most people who get check marks have agents or managers who do all the legwork for them. I think Milly Shapiro is the one of the only lolitas who has a check mark on instagram, but it's not because she's a lolita. Misako is also verified.

File: EX40_L5UcAAGhg.png (1.42 MB, 768x1024)
1.42 MB
1.42 MB PNG
Previous: >>10389189
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Log into your account and go into it from the top left menu, order history should be at the very top of your account page. I can view old orders from the last year still through there.
Have we seen this dress before? I might be dumb because I've turned a blind eye to recent AP releases, but this actually looks decent. The JSK could be really good. I don't remember it in the most recent Tea Party fashion show.

I think anon is saying that those past order links on the items don't work.

My orders are the same way. There's some items that are less than a month old and I can't get to the original listing to view the item condition, etc. It seems random. Some items I ordered that are 3+ months old still have the listing page active. I've messed with the urls and sometimes I can find the old, large images of the items, but I can't get back to the listing page.

Them wristcuffs tho...the last Lyrical bunny wristcuffs release was phone reservation only. I hope the U.S. gets some of the jewelry and these...
I'd be down too, I'd love to see the red or navy get a rerelease. We can hope!
next thread >>10396270

Any idea how this can be made?

I'm still standing (yeah, yeah, yeah)
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Santa Clara county is starting to reopen. Obviously Fanime won’t be held since they already cancelled and transferred tickets, but CRX is still in maybe-maybe not limbo.
>Sudden spike in cases in the county.
There goes CRX.
They're cancelling this shit show anyways. Cons are non-essential and Newsom has no intention to quickly rush things.
>Industry heavy con with no Japanese guests
It's cancelled
I'll grant that there's still a small chance, but reopening some retail businesses (while requiring them to have distancing rules) is a long way from allowing a 20k+ attendee event to happen.

Old thread died because it had a shit OP pic. All nail related topics go here!

I'll dump some images too so lmk any requests.
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I will post it here! Should have it up sometime next week!
Just posting my new set. I did try the heart cut out with the e-file (I think that was in last thread) and it worked really well.
so cute!!!!!!!!!
Has anyone tried buying nails from here?

love them!

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