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File: 1593603085042.png (130 KB, 538x304)
130 KB
130 KB PNG
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What the fuck are you doing on this board then lmao
Probably an illegal from r*ddit or twittah.
> but do for every other race because of "social justice white supremacy" reasons
a heart-on

File: 7.8.20.png (1.46 MB, 1166x1056)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB PNG
Taobao models edition

They're even selling this service so that you too can look like a Chinese lolita model.
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what kind of mental issues do you have to have if you can't use apps that do this for free?
OP, learn to 4chan. You're creating awful threads everywhere.
the face on the left is way cuter. The bottom lip looks huge and soft, the nose is a cute button shape, the eyes have a nice upper lid and even has aegyo-sal. the face shape itself also looks really cute. Sick of these extremely tiny noses and uncanny-valley faces.
Lookism is crazy prevalent in Asia. Just look at the huge market for plastic surgery and skin whitening products. East Asia also has a large market for lose-weight-quick products of questionable effectiveness like diet teas, diet jellies, vibrating belts, stockings that supposedly compress your legs to be permanently slimmer, etc.
yeah but with this super-shoop, anyone who ever sees you irl will know that's not how you look. so it's just trying to appease people online?

File: EVYts_-UcAAJZu1.jpg (319 KB, 1365x2048)
319 KB
319 KB JPG
Old thread hit image limit >>10370402

This thread is for ouji and aristocrat (aka "boystyle") discussion. "Boystyle" is shorthand for "boystyle lolita" and refers to the masculine counterparts of Japanese lolita and, often, aristocrat fashions. There is a lot of overlap between these styles, and different people use different terms to describe them. We usually just use "ouji" here.

>Shopping spreadsheet

>Buttcape-sensei's shopping guide (mentions which brands/shops have men's or custom sizes):

>Blogs for info

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: EcIinXXVcAEEttJ.jpg (217 KB, 1043x1390)
217 KB
217 KB JPG
Ozz Oneste is killing it with their ouji releases
File: EcIinY4VAAEKDGY.jpg (249 KB, 1108x1490)
249 KB
249 KB JPG
File: EcYk8EvVcAAVYQP.png (472 KB, 480x640)
472 KB
472 KB PNG
colorways revealed: https://babyssb.shop/category/select/cid/347/pid/11337

pretty nice
File: P16VT321_5.png (864 KB, 480x640)
864 KB
864 KB PNG
File: P16PT605_IV.png (348 KB, 480x640)
348 KB
348 KB PNG
the pants also look good: https://babyssb.shop/category/select/cid/348/pid/11336

File: _MG_4350s.jpg (284 KB, 1200x1800)
284 KB
284 KB JPG
Chouzuki Maryou is BBW model from the Philippines who lives in Japan and does erotic cosplay. Her original claim to fame was cosplay of Cattleya that started making the rounds in 2009 so she is well established and in her early 30s by now.
Here is the most recent gallery on e-hentai that was put up today: https://e-hentai.org/g/1650177/05dac2b15d/
And one that was made later with the permission of the hentai artist Kotoyoshi Yumisuke who even does fan-art of her to get you aquatinted with her style: https://e-hentai.org/g/1595128/825d622fae/

There has been a semi-organized effort on e-hentai to collect unpublished Roms of her. Does anyone here know of a way to help out? What do you think of her? And so on. BBW models rarely have mass appeal but she has been doing this for over a decade and hast almost 100.000 Twitter followers.
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the philippines is a third world country where a lot of people starve to death. it's filipino-americans who turn out to be fat, not ones in the home country
File: _482.jpg (141 KB, 600x900)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
4chan is used by 3 types of people.

1 Teens.
2 Trolls or toxic people who need to be anonymous.
3 Henry Cavill

Finishing school with above average grades, experience with adulating like a job or low level college and using ok English makes you sound like a PhD student in the sea of nonsense on Chans or internet forums even if you talk about Gundam toys. They are called Gunpla. See? I sound smart by just knowing the right words.

What´s your take on her? She isn´t a hack. She gets naked because she wants to, not because she has nothing else to offer and does non-nude stuff.

The textboxes for ants the site uses lead to a typo with adulting but I accidentally used a wrong word worthy of Merriam Webster.
I am the very smart when I am dumb.
As opposed to what, this country which currently leads in the most deaths due to Coronavirus? At least the Philippines are doing way better than your toxic ass, you fucking racist.
how was any of that racist? are simple facts racist now

Let’s be real here. Is anyone actually planning on going to any cons that are still on?
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Welp, I had two ideas about who I could go with, and both said no cause of rona. Makes me wonder what the size is gonna be, given that mindset of fear. Now I'm not even sure there's any point in going anymore, especially given that I'd have to pay full price on a hotel room.
File: 2020-06-24 (1).png (560 KB, 497x934)
560 KB
560 KB PNG

Anyone wanna do a meetup instead?
File: 82170667_p0.jpg (2.12 MB, 2700x2175)
2.12 MB
2.12 MB JPG
J U S T fuck my shit up. Who could have seen this coming? (Everyone)
will holiday matsuri be worth? i know thats towards the end of the year but just want to know how last year went, never been
I had no clue we were having a convention. Despite it being canceled I think I still would have played it safe had I known. Sucks cause I've only done Metro and Mega.

File: EcO08UZUwAAT2ns.jpg (864 KB, 1365x2048)
864 KB
864 KB JPG
Previous thread: >>10428451
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You’re an idiot, the girl with the original tattoo drew the design, the girl who ripped off the original work should be ashamed.
New: >>10433208
Your dad deserves the death penalty.
That's not what I'm talking about but whatever.
He did way worse shit than that too. So yea. He does. But I just moved away and stopped talking to him. He might be dead by now I don't even know.

Worbla and other thermoplastics are expensive and a waste of money

cant we just make armor plates out of clay and then harden them in an oven? It will also make the armor feel rock hard and give it a bit of realism. If you make it thin it shouldn't be too heavy (you don't need to make it functional). also, clay gets a lot of its weight from water, so when it dries, it's lighter than when you worked with it

worbla is like $80 a sheet

clay is $3 a lb
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We probably inhale more fumes than lolitas so I don’t know why you’re surprised at all.
One mistake breathing in some barge glue or similar helps us have less braincells than lolitas
So you're just a dumbass with 0 crafting experience who has no intention of trying what she's preaching. Gotcha.
Have you ever picked up a sculpture made with polymer clay? It makes a good paperweight. Air-dry clay, while lightweight, is very fragile. All you'd have to do is accidentally hit a door frame and it'd either dent or break in half.
File: 1420655120256.jpg (37 KB, 429x410)
37 KB
Just use foam and hot glue dude

Starting with these catty bitches. Ignore the ita in the middle, she ain't worth shit.
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This is my first lolita coord... concrit welcome!
That dress looks like sissy shit.
Be nice they said it’s their first time!!
She looks like an ita and she needs to know.
File: dantes.jpg (818 KB, 4096x3072)
818 KB
818 KB JPG
Self posting my hopeman cosplay, was going to wear it to AX this year.

>no blouse

File: Cross-Over.full.2000294.jpg (3.69 MB, 2846x3700)
3.69 MB
3.69 MB JPG
Haven't seen one in a while so figured I'd start one! Quarantine gets lonely, meet new people here.

>Cosplay, Jfashion, Lolita, Photography, or just cons?
>What cons do you attend? What do you like to do? (panels, AA, masq, parties, etc)
>Favourite games, anime, brands, prints, etc
>Characters/series cosplayed from (if applicable)
>Other interests
>What are you looking for?
>What are you NOT looking for?
>Contact info
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File: roland.png (1.21 MB, 799x1066)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB PNG
Oh you should definitely check out more by Atelier Boz then if you like that style, the main piece here is their popular Roland jacket which they have quite a few variations of.
It's very beautiful indeed!
>be epee
>pussy meta revolving around toetouch

>be foil
>moderately fun but not as adrenaline packed

>be saber
>nonstop charges and clashes. bouts are lightning quick and end lightning fast. pure combat.

sorry im not a pussy who enjoys inferior formats of fencing.
File: yuutsu.png (223 KB, 906x1027)
223 KB
223 KB PNG
>Cosplay, Jfashion, Lolita, Photography, or just cons?
Cons, very interested in Jfash (larme, casual styles, toned down or mature silhouettes), occasionally interested in lolita (sweet,mori).


>What cons do you attend? What do you like to do? (panels, AA, masq, parties, etc)
4 years of AX and tabled at AA last year. I scan the AA meticulously for merch of my favorite series. I like to help out friends who do the same. Otherwise, I just walk, people watch, and absorb the environment. I'm low energy, mostly because I'm a fatass, so I check out few panels/events.

>Favourite games, anime, brands, prints, etc
Games - DFFOO, FF games, Pre-BB MapleStory, Golden Sun, Pokemon (recently finished both BWs and on HG right now), VNs
Anime - ARIA, Haibane Renmei, NHK ni Youkoso, Moomin, Revue Starlight
Manga - ARIA, Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou, Sangatsu no Lion
Brands - Don't know many, but Angelic Pretty is cool.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: 1566955318173.png (383 KB, 494x496)
383 KB
383 KB PNG
>t. caveman with no sense of elegance or patience, loses focus if more than 3 seconds go by without a touch
>muh adrenaline

>not fencing foil, the perfect balance of strategy and actual blade skill
>rules enable more aggressive and varied styles than seen in epee, but also more room for defensive work and thought

Sad, really.

I'm assuming that you attend the tryhard private school in Northern California, because there aren't any I can think of in central IL. Feel free to come by the fencing club at the public university across the bay during one of our practices sometime.
Oh damn just heard about what's happening with the fencing team at your school (assuming you actually go to where I think you do). Sorry to hear about that man, that really fucking sucks.

File: 1593909712608.jpg (475 KB, 800x1066)
475 KB
475 KB JPG
Who wore it better? I like the material used on ladybeard but the shape is better on the girl.

Also remember to hide off topic threads, don't reply to them, let them fall off the board and die. They are bait and if you are not using sage to reply, they are getting what they want. Please take note newfags
File: D_KotpkUwAAzPjI.jpg (101 KB, 1080x1080)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
>Also remember to hide off topic threads
Got it. Hiding this thread right now.

File: 51twlaDRGjL.jpg (39 KB, 349x500)
39 KB
Have any of you read this manga?
47 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
gothic lolita in general is kinda dead rn, including guro. but hopefully someday will make a comeback
>Sketchy link, not worth clicking, if was all just banter anyway I suppose
You subhuman baboon, you literal N.
My response wasn't, but this thread is not for discussing the porn question.
Then again it is something that cannot be fixed nor answered as Foucault continues to be right to this day.
File: c3b.jpg (15 KB, 456x320)
15 KB
If she's gonna kill you, but she'll still do whatever you ask beforehand, I'd at least tell her to have sex with me or something, maybe after I make her grimy ass shower first.
For me, it is actually loving her as my little sister for a while and then having some nice wincest and make her preggers with my half-human half-ghost child.

File: 1592495520280.jpg (31 KB, 300x407)
31 KB
Is there any good transgender cosplayers?
132 replies and 27 images omitted. Click here to view.
Nah, I don’t side with conservatives (I’m not even radfem, more like a very radfem/GC leaning libfem), however I can agree with them that porn is absolutely harmful. That’s literally the only thing I can agree with them on. I am politically homeless because Democrats and Republicans both hate women lol. Democrats hate women because they think trannies deserve more rights than we do and Republicans want to restrict reproductive health.
>Republicans want to restrict reproductive health.
if you expect people to agree with you, start by not using republican and conservative interchangably.
You do know that many republicans try to restrict reproductive health? I mean they are deliberately passing illegal laws restricting abortion to try and get the conservative controlled Supreme Court involved to get Roe overturned lol

Not every republican wants that but unfortunately they don’t vote for moderates like the should.

I’m getting off topic though, I just really hate politics and trannies. There.
>many republicans try to restrict reproductive health?
NTA but yes, conservatives lmao. Anon is pointing out that there are different kinds of Republicans.
Yeah, you’re right. It’s why I mention that not every Republican wants that.

File: kingdomheats.jpg (50 KB, 586x510)
50 KB
No cons until 2031 edition
338 replies and 40 images omitted. Click here to view.
God bless painkillers. I cleaned my apartment and did stain removal on a dress thanks to it. Now evening is setting in, and I feel like I deserve to rest on this returning headache.
Crush those titties, I believe in you
I want to KonMari my place but I feel incredibly guilty getting rid of expensive lolita dresses that I've only worn once, or never worn at all. Kondo recommends just throwing them out. I feel exhausted at the thought of having to sell them all (especially since I have a feeling they'll be taking up space for months while I wait for them to sell), but too guilty to just throw them out. Unsure which path to go down. Anyone have advice?
Donate them or sell them, don’t throw good clothes out.
Not everyone has fuck you money, you know? $350 is car note money.

Anyone else seeing a problem with all these cosplayers using the BLM protests for clout?

Seen a few in my area running to protests with professional photographers pretending to have found cellphone shots of them at protests, despite many to be high res pics, well composited photos. Seen Spider-Men, Batmen, Captain America cosplayers, as well as some Resident Evil that was trying to set up a group shoot on Facebook.

I'm just finding these to be in bad taste.
76 replies and 24 images omitted. Click here to view.
Yeah, but if you don't have proof you're down then you get shut down.
You're absolutely right.
File: 1591665538651.jpg (158 KB, 478x463)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
>black trans lives matter
File: back to pol.jpg (69 KB, 546x700)
69 KB
Lol how cute, I'm sure I've been on cgl way longer than you anyway

this applies to male cosplayers as well. They are lacking in this even more so than women

why cant the picture attached represent the average cosplayer? it just seems like most cosplayers suck at their craft

>12% of cosplayers at a convention are "good"
>out of that 12%, 90%+ are women

>out of those women, 85% are e-girls (not genuine and an overall negative contribution to the community)

>out of men, 50% of them have a good cosplay because their armor was professionally done by someone
>with the exception of like 2 dozen men in Asia, virtually no man can pull off a good cosplay as a female character

it might be because I'm sick of fat hook-nosed slobs thinking they're the shit, but we really need to raise the standards of cosplay. this can be done through proper education (offer more instructional resources, host more panels related to the subject) as well as fostering an environment that can create better cosplayers .similar to how anime fans are also likely into video games, we can also get them into anime/Japanese related fitness/healthy eating. (these 2 exist to some extent but are still quite niche.)

just as we can make an economy better by making its citizens richer, we can do something similar with the cosplay/egl community.
86 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
I'll keep that in mind, thanks! I had it in my head that I needed a lot of room for it, so that helps me think about the decision in a new light. Thanks!
> I got the runner up award at my most recent comp (a national level one)
Congrats! It must've felt good to have your hardwork appreciated to some extent. Joann's has been coming out with some starter printers that might scratch that itch for you. Sounds like you're already moving in an awesome direction to secure that next award.

>I keep buying fabric for projects and abandoning them bc lol no cons no motivation
Oh god fucking mood. I only bought one fabric for a project that needs three and still haven't touched it 6 months later because my motivation flew out the window. I was so excited for this project too... big sad.
>My ex-current project
lol what a way to put it. I'm stuck in that limbo too.

>Before this though what I learned is to never buy any material for a project unless I'm actively working on it. Otherwise it's too easy to end up with broken dreams and hoarding disasters.
That's a good tip but I just know that the serotonin of getting a good deal will possess my body and I will blackout in Joann's with fabric and coupon in hand.
Sell them in a big lot and make some schmoney to spend buying different fabrics to sit in your stash lol
Thanks! I've been competing for a few years in just the regular comps/masquerades, and every time I've entered I've been awarded for my work (one best performance and several best in show) so I figured it was a good time to start entering the Big Ones. I actually managed to convince a friend to enter our countrys WCS preliminary this year with me, but of course That's being pushed back a year as well. Oh well!

And I'm not American, but man the fact that you guys can just go to Joann and buy things like resin and I guess 3D printers too really amazes me, I wish it was like that here.

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