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File: 1540998730459.jpg (31 KB, 471x282)
31 KB
I haven't seen a thread about Kimono in a while. Is there anyone else who collects them or is interested in them?
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Second this, they're very nice and perfect for resource finding
they are still kind of stuck in early 2000s as far as a lot of resources go, they still recommended ichiroya even after we discovered them scalping from jp 2nd hand sites. just kind of wish they would update a bit.
Hello all! I'm currently modding my kimono for "instant" kitsuke using a non damaging method with snaps. This method is supposed to allow you to put on your kimono perfectly every time in only a minute or so without having to do it the traditional way. Snaps can be removed and leave no markings if done properly. I will report back if desired and make a tutorial!
Yeah, I've just joined and also found how they're all talking about ichiroya. That's fine with me since I usually use Sou and other methods anyway. They all seem genuinely nice, apart from one creepy man.
looking forward!

File: image.jpg (450 KB, 1180x1125)
450 KB
450 KB JPG
Cosplayers with bad vision/eye conditions, how do you cope with it in cosplay? Does it ruin the character you portray as if you wear glasses and they don’t?

I have terrible vision+eye conditions which make contact lenses taxing to even get.
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I just wanna say you're one of the few people who share the same glasses prescription as me and online glasses have been worthless. Just go to Costco if you are on a budget
I have astigmatism and dystrophy (bubbles on cornea) which makes contacts, let alone colored contacts pretty difficult.

Honestly, I just wear my glasses. When someone asks for a photo or I do a photoshoot, I take my glasses off. I normally create a hidden spot in my costumes when possible to stash my glasses so I'm not fumbling with putting them in a bag or case.

If it's a costume I really love and see myself wearing multiple times in a few years, I'll get some cheap glasses from Zenni that match the character better if my existing ones don't.

They definitely don't seem to be great for really extreme prescriptions
-12 poster here, I don't think my issue was 100% to do with how they shaped the lenses because my optician actually replaced one of the lenses because she had also measured my prescription incorrectly, and I had the same issue afterwards. Now this isn't my regular optician due to coronavirus and she's totally incompetent. She also refused to explain why I couldn't see through the glasses except to say it was because "the frame is not suitable for the prescription". I don't trust her though and there's still the possibility she measured my prescription incorrectly again or there are other issues, she was very aggressively insistent that it was correct though. I'll see my regular optician who is amazing in the next few weeks and I trust she can explain easily what the issue is so I'll get back to you if this thread is still up.
I'm not American and there's really no budget glasses place where I am. My glasses normally easily cost $500 which is probably why I was so trigger happy with the eyebuydirect purchase. After this experience (both eyebuydirect and the dodgy optician) I'm so appreciative of my normal optician and being able to see what I'm typing that I'm just going to buy my crazy expensive glasses and deal with it. I might try Zenni in the future like another anon mentioned, I've seen a lot of good reviews on it. But after this experience I think I'd only do that under the guidance of my optician.
I honestly have no clue how severe it is. Other than that, what do I ask my optometrist?

File: 20200720_003655.jpg (335 KB, 574x574)
335 KB
335 KB JPG
furry or animation charactors
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>kigurumi is cosplay
cosplay is dressing up as a pre-existing character. this stuff is... not that
>cosplay is dressing up as a pre-existing character. this stuff is... not that
How so, considering it is exactly that but with a mask.
most kigu is OC shit.
Not really (most in this thread so far is Azure Lane and Arknights), and even if, we have a fursuit thread of which 99% is ocs.
looks like dudes dressing up as generic anime girls to take lewds

post some cute bandos
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Yeah! sorry I'm late I was doing irl stuffs.
Chin up! ACME loves America, they will be back.
I hope so. I was worried they'd had a bad impression of the US after getting their van broken into in Seattle.
Seattle is a shithole, but they set up a crowdfunding campaign to cover the cost of what was stolen, and that was extremely successful. When I saw them in LA they were in really high spirits, I believe the slogan was "Unbreakable ACME"
File: EegKbdfXoAIgvaT.jpg (863 KB, 1270x1976)
863 KB
863 KB JPG
New Dir En Grey short MV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c5OayaAwDnI

Buck-Tick are livestreaming old concerts on youtube again starting from tomorrow https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zWu81Xj_0Dg

New larp thread, apocalypse edition.

Previous thread: >>10331775
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depends how much fancy tools you want.
Technically you can get away with a pair of leather sewing needles, some proper thread, a good knife, awl and some pliers plus steady hands.
Your smile won't be sincere but it gets the job done as long as you don't want anything really fancy
Lets say one like this, but without the hide. I also saw some, with different colours and style, but these one looks like too much work for a newby.
doable, if that's a leather whatever on the edge instead of a thread you doesn't even need needles just a bigger awl
Anytipps for a firsttimer? What to look out for?
don't do that leather whatever around the edge. Can't remember the english term only the hungarian. Anyway that looks shit and structurally shit if you will heavily use it. Properly sew it as any normal people would do.
Feel free to look up leather sewing videos on youtube, there are a shitton of it, most of them are really good.

Also if you do the sewing by hand and you want to do it REALLY tight, get a welder glove, and cut off all the fingers from it, except the pinky and the ringfinger. So when you tighten the thread really hard, you can do it without it biting in your flesh that much.

File: milkyplanet.jpg (77 KB, 676x480)
77 KB
Ask for and post pics of items worn.
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Get creamy cherry, it’s a prettier print and there will be less people fighting over it
Requesting Moitie coords in ivory. Not offwhite, but true cream colours.
File: L625.jpg (159 KB, 853x1280)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
Does anyone have any coords for L625 from bodyline?
File: L625 coord.jpg (601 KB, 1280x1280)
601 KB
601 KB JPG
Any coord shots of Angelic Pretty Little Lady JSK in white?

File: wiKOmXo_d.jpg (68 KB, 571x816)
68 KB
for those who wear it every day
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Really though, the whole pregnant confederate Anne Frank thing came out of nowhere yet it's been years and it just won't die.
I think this is more a matter of whether you wear "real clothes" indoors or not rather than a lifestyler vs. meetlita thing. Even as a normie, I never wore my going-out clothes alone at home unless there were guests.
Before the quarantine I was wearing lolita everyday everywhere, to work and errands and social activities. I’ve had a lot of time to reflect while not wearing it (I don’t wear it around the house because I do a lot of messy yard work and have cats that would claw it) and now I’ve decided I’m selling off most of my wardrobe. I realized I was wearing it so often because I felt guilty (or maybe obligated?) that I’d bought so much, not because it’s really how I wanted to present myself to the world at all times. I’m still going to keep about 10 dresses for meets or just doing cute things like tea with friends or a cute date with my bf but the other 40 dresses/skirts are going on lace market. I’m keeping most of my accessories though because having a lot of those makes it easier to make interesting coords with fewer dresses. Anyone else have a similar situation? Anyone else a daily lolita that turned back into meetlita? Or am I on a slippery slope to leaving lolita? All the lolitas I’ve seen that say they’re going to sell their wardrobe and wear it less often have just ended up leaving completely
I wasn't as intense as you but I've had periods of wearing lolita really frequently, then selling everything, then getting back into the fashion later, etc.
I've been off and on in this fashion for a decade so it's not necessarily something you just turn your back on forever.
so you’re saying there’s hope for me!
I’m really hesitant to sell some things even though I know at this point I don’t want to wear them because I’m worried in the future I WILL want to and they’re rare so I don’t know if I’ll be able to get them back. Did the same thing happen to you? Did you go back to being a daily?

File: IMG_20200802_113913.jpg (183 KB, 1080x1080)
183 KB
183 KB JPG
Let's talk accessories.

What's your favorite way to accessorise a coord? Are you a headbow, hat, or hairpin person? What are some of your favorite brands for accessories, jp or western?
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Doesn't matter if you do, Anonhat is stupid popular and whatever they make sells out pretty instantly or through lottery.
Most people probably won't bother with this painful process to get the hat. >>10450385
Sylvia Quaint is a better recommendation for Western lolitas.
Yes, they're hard to secure. I'd never wear mine out on a windy day.
kachushas; the old maxipad headdresses but in band form instead of ribbon
vintage jp, possibly etsy if it's visibly good quity
Being a fan of mid-victorian fashion, I love bonnets, but they can look so wrong so easily - they have to be styled well. I’m such a sucker for rectangle headdresses too, I think they’re so cute with so many dresses and I like that you can have one that’s more pared down or with OTT long ruffled lace
File: 1551967928854.jpg (40 KB, 564x624)
40 KB
Headbows are generally my least favorite type of headdress but I do love more understated floppy bows that lie on the head like pic related.

Rectangle headdresses are really cute, I wish they were more popular outside of oldschool.

Wish I could use those, my ears are really weirdly shaped (absurdly small and oddly bent ear canal) so buds aren't an option.

How did you discover lolita/jfashion, and what made you start buying and wearing it yourself? I used to use Pinterest to make mood boards years ago, and it largely had a hand in exposing me to jfashion as a preteen
22 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I was scrolling through my instagram explore page back in 2014, where I stumbled across a post from lor (kek) and fell in love with the fashion after browsing through her account. Her insta and youtube channel were the entrance down the rabbit hole for me, I never had really cared about fashion beforehand so it was nice to finally discover my aesthetic and style.

I was too young to discover it via lj, and I don't think they really sold any lolita media in my country, so my story is a boring instance of the insta algorithm doing its job
everyone knows only men know how to use the internet
Some older girls in school when i was 14 were into it but i was a budding weeb and focused only on cosplay until the end of high school, but my interest for the fashion never faded and i always kept up with trends and releases.
I've been buying pieces occasionally to get my first coord together for the past couple of years now after almost a decade god
Shojo beat anons, I first saw jfashion in a a btssb ad in an issue I got from the library back in 2009. I fell in love instantly but when I saw the prices I was like yikes nope because we were kinda poor. I was allowed online pretty young (so I saw lots of fandom stuff including cosplay) and once I met other weebs in middle school I started going to cons. Once I started college and got a part time job I could finally afford lolita too. I just graduated and I'm mostly just into lolita now since you can wear it wherever but cosplay is more of a convention only thing.
That's so sweet... my goal is to be someone's inspiration like that

I thought they weren't.

But then I saw this video:


What is the trick here? How does her legs seem to be so long?
3 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Yes, stop gorging yourself
Damn this girl is perfect. Her legs are damn hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thin girls >>>>> Fat girls.

Why can't all female cosplayers be like her??????
File: cash money sayaka.jpg (155 KB, 500x364)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
low quality b8
File: captain tsubasa.jpg (82 KB, 600x492)
82 KB
Wow, a mangaka not drawing realistically anatomical characters. What a huge shock.

Starting with these catty bitches. Ignore the ita in the middle, she ain't worth shit.
200 replies and 113 images omitted. Click here to view.
What a cute ouji!
File: 1560561490962.jpg (68 KB, 500x611)
68 KB
>that dress
>that pose
No arms, no problem!
My sssssister from another misssster!

File: 4563576.jpg (10 KB, 216x232)
10 KB
>Where is my package edition

Old thread: >>10318584
100 replies and 15 images omitted. Click here to view.
I ordered on July 1st and received my package today. Happy with everything I got.
>ordered on Sunday
>package was delivered today

Shit, I might just spend the extra dollars in the future if I have a big haul

Luckily everything fits well, it’s been a while since I ordered from them and I had issues with sizes last time!
My dress came with a little stain on the bodice. Should I bother contacting them about it?
Does anyone know if they are shipping to australia yet?
They won’t do shit

Anyone working on any cosplay? Ideas for future cosplays?

Will Fan Expo Vancouver in February be one of the first Canadian cons? How are COVID restrictions in your province?
32 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
Yeah he's harmless. Just kind of dumb.

Who isn't is that Corey Russel guy they have on MOE right now. Dude straight up tries to molest women in the cosplay community.
Who dat??
So why did the con scene go to shit in the GTA?

Don't mean the community cause that always was shit since 2012, but rather the cons.

Most are either dead, on life support, or just alive cause of money.
Fuck off Reddit spacing faggot
>still believing in the meme that is reddit spacing and not simply wanting to make your sentence legible.

Fucking zoomers

Anons complained that proto didn't belong in the old school thread, so here's a separate thread to post proto inspo (modern and/or old), talk about lolita history, post listings, etc.
86 replies and 31 images omitted. Click here to view.
Lots of these brands actually aren't cheap, seethe harder
That's Sabrina, and she passed away in 1994... she was also one of the founders of the band.
She may not be a looker, but she was a good artist.
>b-butthurt, s-s-sething!
I'm not the one who absolutely had to give my post a (you) with no other imput whatsoever. You know I am right. You can replicate most of this "look" with old walmart clothes, this is how normie it is.
don't bother. these young weebs don't know that fashion isn't so rigid.
coord collage challenge: create a proto-inspired look using only items from the walmart website

File: IMG_20200724_222400.jpg (401 KB, 1200x817)
401 KB
401 KB JPG
Beginner sewing quiz from Cosmode, how many can you answer?
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come on who the fuck translated this and didn't bother translating the answers

its in japanese but the answers portion is upside down
1. The outside 2. Trick question, sleeves are more than one length! 3. Another trick question. All of the above. 4. Awl, it’s used for opening boxes of thread. 5. How to drape; put fabric on the dressform and move it around until you’re out of pins then give up and buy a pattern. 6. Purpose of serger: Destroy your garment more quickly than a regular sewing machine.
1) Around where the glans meets the shaft
2) make everything batwing and you never have to measure again
3) i go full Enchanted and just cut dress silhouettes out of curtains
4) yaoi padel
5) during a cosplay photoshoot, drape yourself across the hood of a random stranger's car like a wet noodle, not a stiff dressform
6) to absorb excess money that you can't hide in the offshore accounts
7) scissors go drrr
8) to the necking
9) what is reading comprehension?
10) invisible zipper is when you manage to trap him in between a bunch of trees. separating zipper is when you take your axe to him. fuck your bunny day you creeper
11) turn iron on. apply to fabric. if fabric is no longer there, the iron was too hot
12) clearly it's enamel, the one item there that isn't a fabric at all
13) seems to have forgotten the all important "looking at other's work and scathingly putting it down" but OK
How are you destroying your garment with a serger?
Waiting on someone to take a serious stab at the 2nd half >>10444879

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