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less than a month till sabo’s here again. thoughts on panels/guests? how long are you putting off con crunch?
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>rehash the same shit

So you agree that sexual harassment and con creeps have always been rampant in the community, and that Greg continues to do nothing about it?
So sick of this creepy fat fuck. How is his face mostly chin??? He’s such a creep.
Isn’t this the loli bait chick who said she lost her teeth because someone poisoned her with a silica packet?
But in reality she just ate a shit ton of sugar to be an “anime character”

Glad to know she’s still out there scamming
oh the homurafag
yeah thats her
Other than being malformed what is the actual issue with him?

Post some funny creative cosplays
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File: screenshot_2375.png (462 KB, 523x553)
462 KB
462 KB PNG
God bless I miss that carpet
same energy

File: DtCwcolXoAE4Y6t.jpg (101 KB, 900x1200)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
What Youtube channels does /cgl/ recommend? Mostly looking for con reports and videos of cosplay events, but crafting is fine too.
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She's in her mid 30s. Which makes it weird that most of the cosplayers she panders with are teenagers.
>woman in her 30s
>dresses up like underage boys
>makes out with other women dressed as underage boys
>presumably to turn on her fanbase of underage girls

Is this slightly creepy?
Yes but it's common now. Most cosplayers making these videos on Tik Tok or Youtube are targetting teens or preteens. JJ Pyropi adds an extra layer of creep though because usually these women are making out with other women their age instead of ones who are 10-15 years younger.

If you can't make easy money by showing T&A, you can make easy money by making sexy shipping vids for teenagers I guess.
so people spend their time watching two mid 30s women dressed as underage boys making out with each other? thats so weird, theres better things they can be doing.
Really?! I had no clue. Can you spill?

File: 342621_original.jpg (87 KB, 640x424)
87 KB
Closet thread! Share your wardrobe organization tips and pictures.

General room pics go here >>10264450
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I'm moving to an apartment that doesn't have a nice, big closet

anyone have cute storage/wardrobe pictures to share that don't include a closet, like in OP's photo?

I'm really worried about where to put all of my stuff with no closet...
You can get a stand-alone closet bar from Ikea.
I have one but I was hoping someone would have more cute pictures, as the one i have only holds maybe 20% of my clothing (I have a lot of clothes) and I'm wondering what to do when I won't have a walk-in closet to fall back on
Ah yeah, I have the same problem actually. I have a closet but it's tiny. I'm considering just donating more of my normie clothes because I don't like them as much.
I was also going to say storage bix, and if the bows are on headbands then maybe something like a CD rack could help hold them upright.

File: IMG_6717.jpg (395 KB, 600x793)
395 KB
395 KB JPG
I want to do some trap cosplays but I am nearing 30. I am very feminine featured, tho. How often do you see men in their thirties who are still able to look cute and sexy? I imagine it is rare.
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Need pics
Post ass pictures retard
>For a long time, they’ve put sexual appeal in cartoons (weebs call it fan service) to help spark/entice young teens to be more sexually interested in girls

Cool story bro. Read up on the history of hentai and the concept "sex sells" some time and you might learn the actual reasons for fanservice.
Youre really stupid if you think you can go to japan and fuck a 13 year old. That number is the base age of consent. Each area has its own age in place which is usually 16-18. If you look up base age of consent for the united states it says 12. Thats the lowest it can go, but that doesnt mean any states have the age of consent that low. Shut the fuck up about that 13 year old shit pedo.

Does anyone here have patreon?

How do I run one? Do famous cosplayers have other people doing it for them?
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idk man, I've seen fat girls get laid, but yeah, it's always better if you lose weight obviously
joke's on you, I've got a fat fetish and I'm an incel
>Even literal incels are grossed out by fat chicks.
The amount of money momo says otherwise.
All I came here to do was jack off to some Byndo Gehk if any turned up and everyone's whiteknighting and calling each other incels so hard that it looks like a civil war with KKK fags in armor.

Thanks for ruining my boner, you faggots.
gods yes.

File: D7-NBiYUEAE4PrG.jpg (507 KB, 1350x1800)
507 KB
507 KB JPG
Old thread hit image limit >>10153495

This thread is for ouji and aristocrat (aka "boystyle") discussion. "Boystyle" is shorthand for "boystyle lolita" and refers to the masculine counterparts of lolita and, often, aristocrat fashions. There is a lot of overlap between these styles, and different people use different terms to describe them. So, consider this a thread for those whose style is on the right half of Buttcape's Lolita Family Triangle: http://www.kawacura.com/moripress/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/0dmmLH6-350x350.jpg

>Shopping spreadsheet

>Buttcape-sensei's shopping guide (mentions which brands/shops have men's or custom sizes):

>Blogs for current boystyle releases, news, and info

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 19-10-10-t-52.jpg (59 KB, 426x640)
59 KB
it's small, but it could work for a qi ouji coord in cold weather. 4,889 yen and it has a color scheme that fits with a lot of commonly-used ouji colorways: https://www.closetchildonlineshop.com/product/221093
yo, https://long-coat.uenoya.jp/ has hella outerwear including napoleon coats and fucking capes and cloaks
oh FUCK yeah
File: EG6Ent9U0AA0g-l.jpg (587 KB, 1441x2048)
587 KB
587 KB JPG
just what we need: another clock rabbit hat from AatP
File: EG6BVUtUwAAKAyX.png (396 KB, 480x640)
396 KB
396 KB PNG
with a bib to help catch your BBQ sauce at the next meetup

Old thread >>10265237
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>not 'udderly'
opportunity missed
Shit. That’s what I meant. Thx autocorrect.
This is what happens when stupid people try to sound smart
>typical VM librarian
What comm are you in where “VM librarians” are even a fraction as common as fat sweet lolitas with tats and dyed hair? Can we switch?
New thread.

File: 1562168850060.jpg (1.83 MB, 1591x2732)
1.83 MB
1.83 MB JPG
Old thread >>10176299

>All J-fashion styles (lolita, mori, otome, gyaru, deco, kimono, etc.) are welcome!
>Please provide your best photos.
>Artists: It's encouraged that you sign your work.
>Self-posters: When giving credit, refer to the art as a freebie -- NOT fan art.
>Artists and self-posters: Commissions for money are welcomed, but negotiate the terms in private.
>Helpful critique is acceptable; insults and taunts are not.
>Have fun!
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aww thank you! I love the pic too so thank you for that as well!
You're not lazy at all, it's ridiculously cute and I adore it!
most underrated comment
Thank you Anon! My goal is to use up all of the highlighters at my job! I don't post often but I post my art on my Instagram.

Thank you! They were my favorite to draw. Hoping more people post soon.

File: 1565955996014.jpg (33 KB, 400x400)
33 KB
Previous thread >>10206779


Taobao Dictionary:

New Store Spreadsheet:

Budgeting Spreadsheet Template:

Shopping Service Spreadsheet:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I fucking love Alicegarden, I've got five wigs by them and they're all amazing. Super soft, barely any tangling, all come with a fake scalp so they look real too. They do need a day or two to air out at first because they smell quite heavily imo but other than that they're amazing.
What is their sizing like? As small as dreamholic or more forgiving for westerners?
Thank anon! The second one and the last one have some really comfy looking stuff!
i know we're on auto sage but is there any store that sells nice laced crew socks for lolita?

thanks in advance anons!
New bread

File: Untitled-2.jpg (369 KB, 722x456)
369 KB
369 KB JPG
It seems that the "Don't cry Baby~ Larme-kei worldwide" FB is dead. I don't see Larme pop up on here anymore. What does everyone think?

Before it's mentioned, I understand Larme is a magazine and not a sub group. The general term is probably "sweet girly style" from the annoying NHK video.

I would love to see a comeback. Feel free to post inspo.
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You’d think but it’s not. For the bunny look you put the red line where the namidabukuro would go in the earlier styles. Rather than looking flushed, you want to look like you’ve been crying over your dead fashion.
This. J-fashion is still very much alive, it’s just not as OTT as it used to be which makes people think alt looks are dead. Just follow some streep snap pages on Insta and you’ll get some updated stuff. There will always be teenagers who want to dress up.
She was never fat. Her face was rounder and that's how she accumulates her weight. Her body was never fat, even by Japanese modeling standards. You're retarded.
>streep snap pages on Insta

Requesting this, any particularly good pages you follow? (It doesn't have to be in English, google translate exists).

I follow some of the brand tags on insta, but everything skew very "kera-kei" and I'm interested to see what other people are wearing as street fashion.
This is correct. Though I do still spot quite a few girls dressing up all frilly and they still fit the larme image a bit.

>Her age is really showing without photoshop
I mean, even if she looks 30, 30 isn't even that old to begin with. She looks fine, and frankly, she can wear what she wants.
>we aren't babies playing dressup or ddlg weirdos"

that's funny, because these all read "ddlg" much more than lolita to me (I think it's the shorter skirts?):


File: z_c95d1b5a.jpg (249 KB, 655x1024)
249 KB
249 KB JPG
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I don't see how it's bait, everyone was confused abt who the curly haired kpop girl
The curly haired girl and the kpop girl are two different people
This thread is dead
That's not her, retard
File: z_b2e6cd1b.jpg (224 KB, 645x1024)
224 KB
224 KB JPG

File: snowjewelmascaras.png (218 KB, 694x500)
218 KB
218 KB PNG
Old thread sageing: >>10204194

>looking for gold and silver mascaras
>know it's a long shot because boring normie mascaras dominate the industry
>find these two bad boys
>get excited
>quickly find out they're part of an old Missha holiday collection and are completely gone

Butter London had a gold mascara for five minutes, but I was a fool and didn't buy it before it too faded into oblivion.

What do, gulls?
241 replies and 21 images omitted. Click here to view.
Could anyone point me in the direction of any references for starting out make-up?
I would recommend doing the following things:
>Figure out your skin type and undertones.
>Find a foundation and concealer that you like that suit you based on skin type and undertones.
>Figure out how you want to set your makeup. (finishing powder, setting spray, etc.) This prevents your makeup from coming off throughout the day.
>Pick out a makeup remover. This could be wipes, oil cleansers, etc.
>Pick up basic makeup application tools like a good set of brushes and a Beauty Blender.
>Start simple and work your way into more makeup products and more complicated looks. Start just with the very basics (foundation, concealer, brows, lips). You won't be able to do beauty Youtuber level makeup looks right off the bat.
>Once you work your way through the basics, then start trying different things out.

Tbh makeup is a LOT of trial and error. It takes time to figure out how to achieve the makeup look you want, what products work for you, etc. Tutorials can help, but you can't rely on them for everything.
I tried some on my skin while I was in Japan, honestly it's nothing too special, I would go for a better known foundation myself, which is why I went for shu uemura since they have more yellowy undertones.
Thank you so much for the comprehensive response, anon <3
Youtube Wayne Goss

File: lv_1569859274.jpg (204 KB, 500x600)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
Does anybody have a picture of this kitty beret being worn on actual person? Other colors are okay too.

File: 5WbMAe03_400x400.jpg (29 KB, 391x391)
29 KB
ALA is fast approaching. Just a little less than 4 months away. Who's going?

> Are you going to cosplay? What are your plans?
> What are you most excited for?
> Any ribbons you'll be on the lookout for?
> How are your cosplay making going?
31 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
Right down the fwy but still have a hotel reserved. The con as a lot of late night events and concerts and I hated driving home at 1AM.

I have multiple panel applications. Hoping to hear back from programming so I can place my ribbon order in. I should have a couple hundred, of multiple designs to give away.
you're going to have to use your personality.
File: 1560432545206.jpg (55 KB, 737x737)
55 KB
my what?
>go to hotel party
>Cute chick and her friends show up in cosplay
>Greet them
>Recognize their cosplay and acknowledge it
>Too much of a sperg to continue talking about their cosplay and series from where their character comes from
This shit is hard.
all in the voice, posture and general body language anon. smiling, confidence and not being butt ugly also helps. next time you got this

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