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File: 20200701_011354.png (147 KB, 270x360)
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147 KB PNG
Previous thread: >>10422276
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yikes. considering how the western comm is heavily secondhand based, this is extra useless and dumb
Most are fine with it if they ship internationally. Wunderwelt explicitly encourages people to.
this is so cringe.

i love iw and think they will survive but did anyone else see fujiwarasan post a weird tweet two days ago calling out people who dont wear lolita and saying they have bad taste and that she doesnt want to associate with them??? it was weird af and at least two japanese people replied to say it was rude basically, before she deleted the tweet. her tweets are usually so kind and positive that it made me wonder if shes under a lot of stress and things might be worse than i thought
What is this? I already got my CTP from the MTO. Is this just leftover stock or are they doing another MTO?


Give me another rerelease of something different AP. Pleeease.
Next thread: >>10428451

File: conomi.png (791 KB, 595x573)
791 KB
791 KB PNG
old thread is killed
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thetiebar.com has good quality tie bars for cheap
Ironically I work at Magic Kingdom. Because of that I visit the parks often, and most days (especially the dog days of summer) it's just jeans and a t-shirt cause I'm lazy, but the past year or so I've been trying to to do nanchatte in the cooler months, although most of my friends just think I'm being business casual and find it a bit weird.
Finally placed an order now that shipping has resumed to my country, hopefully it'll all get here before the weather turns cold again, since I got a bunch of summer stuff
That's incredibly cool though! Summer in Florida is godawful so that's understandable but it's neat that you're doing nanchatte when possible. Your friends will likely just get used to it and stop seeing it as weird.

Super late to the party and not sure if you'll see this haha, but which pieces of Shinagawa do you have? I have the winter top and maybe skirt (it's hard to identify navy skirts...) of Gakushuin girls :)

A continuation of the previous thread, I have 27 images left to post!
I also have a ton of graphics, event reports, and shop photos dating back to as early as 2005 which I'll share in a new thread later if anyone's interested!

I'll be continuing with alphabetical order, starting with Sweet Cream Princess in Pink.
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eww no
Anyone have a link to the previous thread?
What print is this called? Sorry for the newfag-tier question
lolibrary search brand: BTSSB category: JSK tags: cats
it's that easy
Thank you anon

File: 1567993384532.png (70 KB, 400x400)
70 KB
Do you or have you ever lightly cosplayed in public? i.e wearing an outfit based on a character but adapted more to a modern clothing style, involving similar colors or light leitmotifs.
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You sound like you own a Zelda shield backpack
Me, but with Zeon merch
File: Serena_(Pokemon).png (441 KB, 681x1280)
441 KB
441 KB PNG
people do it all the time at the disney parks. it's called disneybounding.
I plan on going to a local arcade in cosplay.

File: IMG_03951.jpg (271 KB, 1536x2048)
271 KB
271 KB JPG
Just some of me as Dr. Robotnik.
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Oh I think I saw you! I can’t remember if I gave you a hug or not, good to see your cosplay!
Marry me
Wholesome thread
dude, you're awesome, keep at it!! really owning it

Misako Aoki has just celebrated her 37th birthday. She’s been a model and figure within the lolita community since she was 16 years old.

Do you like her? Dislike her? What are your favorite coords of hers? Did Misako inspire you at some point during her career?
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I’ve seen people in their early twenties who look MUCH worse than this
File: l007.jpg (175 KB, 480x640)
175 KB
175 KB JPG
File: l002-1.jpg (184 KB, 480x640)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
pls go

Hey, /CGL/ I was hoping you'd be able to help me with my first cosplay. Trying to do a genderbent doll from bloodborne for a con in about a month. Any place to get similar looking attire and help of any kind would be greatly appreciated. Pic related.
Learn to use the catalog, newfag.

File: 18468-11195-1.jpg (78 KB, 600x800)
78 KB
Simple yet accurate.
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You brought me back to rereading that, you asshole
Is this supposed to be Meg?
File: .no.jpg (115 KB, 400x480)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
For once, not fat enough.

What’s the craziest panel you have ever seen at a convention? Mine was when I saw a dude’s dick get licked on stage
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>It was cringe though because two of the three or four fetishes that were picked were BBC and cuckolding
State of whites
No it was fucking trannies.
Trannies aren't white?
Trannies aren’t human.
File: 1529362241678.gif (122 KB, 554x400)
122 KB
122 KB GIF

File: _IMG_1984 copie.png (302 KB, 500x744)
302 KB
302 KB PNG
What was the latest thing you regret getting?
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Sell it to someone
Not Chinese, Japanese lolitas. This was asked at tekko and the designer responded that it was to help save closet space and when it was first introduced, it sold really well.
I would be more than happy to take it off your hands, anon. If you wanted to sell it. I can fix the lace.
>it sparkles funny me want
wow fuck you, ass hammer.
This hobby is about buying things you like. You wouldn't be buying it otherwise, retard.

I'm not trying to convince anyone. There are only a couple of dresses I have that don't look good that I'm keeping for when I lose more weight. Losing weight doesn't happen over night. I don't have much interest in selling and I do what >>10416972 said about putting money towards alterations.

But even then, I'm going to be buying other dresses so that I have matching fabric to alter them.

But you know what? You're just being a rude piece of shit for some reason. You can rot.
how the fuck is it edgy.

File: EaJ9j01U8AAo0WM.jpg (350 KB, 960x1706)
350 KB
350 KB JPG
Restrictions have eased up in Tokyo, and the various "home harajuku"-style tags on social media have slowed down. New masks from various brands remain in style. Has anything else changed? Here are some recent Harakuku-style coords, starting with this KERA snap featuring an Amabie-chan shirt.
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Sauce on shoes?
File: 5e8e9b7892cd87ce4a1b.jpg (103 KB, 800x960)
103 KB
103 KB JPG

deorart: https://www.deorart-shop.jp/c/category/item/DRT2499

arco magia shop has D/3 masks (pic related): https://arcobaleno-magia.com/?category_id=57b9784300d331c7c8004254
File: EVtq8zYVcAA2L4V.jpg (107 KB, 1024x1024)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
Kasei has made available a free tutorial for making mask bows: https://mobile.twitter.com/KaseiProstudio/status/1250710920038252545
Listen Flavor has many masks: https://listenflavor.com/smartphone/list.html?category_code=ct144
(last one)
Enchantlic Enchantilly has some as well: https://stores.jp/search?q=%E3%83%9E%E3%82%B9%E3%82%AF&store=e-enchantilly

File: zrjewrfreg.jpg (183 KB, 832x1024)
183 KB
183 KB JPG
Since I am 6 foot and 120 pounds, I wanted to ask if anyone knows any cosplays that would fit a skinny guy?

Some I know of:
>Seto Kaiba
>Yorha 9S
>Lelouch Lamperouge
>Ken Kaneki
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Joined! Don't know anyone else from here but you can add them if you want!
literally just get in the gym for a bit and do full body to build up some base strength then look into some powerlifting programmes like 5/3/1
calling this skele is laughable
post body

/mkg/ - Mobile Kanojo/Kareshi General #13

"It was fun" edition

Last Thread: >>10132566

>The most discussed apps/games are Moe Can Change!, Dream Girlfriend/Nijikano, Dream Boyfriend/Hoshikare, and Animal Boyfriend/Gijin Kareshi, but people are encouraged to introduce new games.
>We generally discuss dress-up/simulator games and smartphone/cellphone apps for waifus or husbandos.
>Occasionally discussed games include Fairy Doll, Potion Maker, Mandrake Girls, Soul Girls, etc.
>To our newfriends: please remove any /mkg/ tags and lurk more to ensure proper etiquette. We might be a dress-up game general, but we are already dead, Jim

>/mkg/ Tips, Etiquette and Linkdump (spreadsheet of names for MCC, DG, AB, GK and FD):

>English Wiki links:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>still no kuudere
Finally, a 7th myroid and new UI changes that JP has had since forever. I don't like that the arrows cover our jpgs, but at least it's faster to navigate.

Please wake up. [spoiler]It's lonely ;_;[/spoiler]
Who are you?
by ui change do you mean yall have the wardrobe search now or should i stay dead
Just the myroom UI. You can stay dead.

File: FB_IMG_1590916866798.jpg (200 KB, 1080x1440)
200 KB
200 KB JPG
Don't post Daily EGL pics here, make a new thread for them, otherwise it'll get too muddled up.

What do we think about the new mods?

old thread >>10397003
301 replies and 150 images omitted. Click here to view.
the fuck? It's still up.
I coment biutiful gerlz and dresess
Wtf is going on
Simplicity of these is magic.
I don’t hate it, I actually kinda vibe with how pleased they are.
this is the unfunniest post ive seen in years

Con budgeting thread.

How much do you usually set aside for cons (back when cons were a thing)?
Especially for stuff like
>con swag
>food (especially for those who have a hotel without cooking utilities)
>”in case shit happens“ money
>plane ride/gas
24 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
>con swag
from 0€ to 600€ , it depends on what I find, I usually try to get gifts for my friends too
inside the con maybe something like 20€ a day for single meal+snacks, outside the con I don't mind going to decent nearby restaurants and spending 50€ for a meal if I am accompained by other wealthy friends
>in case shit happens money
dunno, I got a credit card and I am not a poorfag so I'd say it's an indefinite amount
most of the friends I attend cons with don't wanna spend much and I don't wanna book a luxury hotel alone, usually I'd say something like 150€ for 3-4 nights
something like 50€
craft beer and cocktails 75€
I guess to make things easier I will use Sakuracon for an example.

Pass: 50-80, depending on when I buy it.

Transportation: I got my bus pass since I live right by Seattle

Hotel: I stay with the same group, we check in Thursday and leave Monday, but we have a few people so on average 80-120.

Food: if we have a refrigerator and microwave, I get food the grocery store in Capital Hill. Package(2) of chicken and Four fried rice TV dinners will cost a little over 20 bucks. And that lunch for two days. And dinner for one. Would splurge for dinner at Gameworks and Cheesecake Factory because why not? So that’s 40.

Merchandise: unless a cosplay prop weapon catches my eye I would just get a commission or two. Maybe art of a character I really like so 40?
>live in Southern California, so most cons that I plan to go to are within driving distance
Transportation costs depend on gas prices. If gas is too much, I might consider taking the train, but public transport here is shit. Amtrak’s Pacific Surfliner is a fun train though.
>hoard credits and coupons with the hotel chain I most commonly use
as such, hotel costs are usually a whopping $0
>con swag
i usually set aside $100-$200 for that, but rarely spend more than 10 of those dollars during the entire duration of the con
Usually only eat super cheap foods during conventions. I can make $10-$20 worth of food last through a con. If I’m feeling fancy, I might go to a nearby restaurant once or twice, but I never order anything above $15. So...roughly $50 for food, I guess.
>”in case shit happens” money
If a legit emergency went down, I’d just use my regular savings instead of making a separate budget section for it. I carry $13 in cash on me at all times, though. If I spend any of it, I immediately have to replace it. Just a weird habit of mine.
Even when I travel normally, I hate spending more than $100 on ANYTHING. The whole concept of me wasting money sometimes makes me physically ill. Such is the nature of growing up poor.
>”in case shit happens” money
The only good example I could think of is that infamous fire at ALA 2019
Yeah I honestly don't know when you'd even need to budget this in unless you're using literally all of your money on anime conventions.

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