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File: 1694749692084228.jpg (163 KB, 1600x1130)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
What online (or in-person) retailers do you buy your wigs from?
Arda. Pretty much all others are random amazon shiny garbage.

I almost that that Naruto was Whole Wheat Pete (WWP) Cosplayer dude

Had a hearty chuckle at this thread thanks anon!

I don't have the money or energy or time to go full-on for cosplays, but I also want to go to cons and stuff. I have long hair like the character I want to cosplay as, but I feel nervous about actually going to a con without a full-fledged cosplay.

Any advice /cgl/?
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The reason I chose aizawa is because I have long hair and that permanently tired look
>elements that make them stick out that make it obvious. I'd probably just wear his capture scarf with an all-black hoodie and tie my hair back; maybe I'll dye it black.
This actually reminds me of Eren from Attack on Titan after the time skip. Saw and conversated with a guy who was doing him yesterday at con. You don't need much to pull this look off If you've already got the hair.
File: 1699852921796.png (139 KB, 797x1250)
139 KB
139 KB PNG
Yeah, so I'd probably wear something that looks similarish to how his street clothes look (thanks, Horikoshi)

>go to cosplay convention
>it's summer
>really really hot
>I am in a cosplay group with friends
>we all suffer
>leatherpants do no help the drippy sauna agony
>(not 4 chan typical behaviour) brought AXE deodorant
>(4 chan typical behaviour) tries to cool crack by spraying AXE into pants
>IT HELPS?!?!!
>continues spraying deodorant into arse the entire day
>a$$ chill and pleased.
>goes home
>need to go pottie
>a$$ glued shut, cannot defecate

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: 1622504149313.png (604 KB, 750x737)
604 KB
604 KB PNG
>Start spiraling
>Sneak away and go off into some random corner of the con
>Eventually merge back with group unable to tell anyone where the fuck I was for the past couple of hours

Last thread went sage >>10803045


Taobao Dictionary:

Store Spreadsheet:

Agent Shipping Comparison:

Translator Plugins:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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enough about the stupid dress jeez
just so everyone knows this was also considered hime kaji at one point. many gaijin would consider this agejo. please understand that terms that gaijin use aren't the same as actual japan. the hard candy dress looks like hime kaji hostess clothes from 2015 or so. hime kaji is also changed from then.
I'm not in the argument, but I can tell that taobao shit isn't the style that plus size anon is looking for. It seems like an anon is just digging her heels in despite being wrong about the dress/shop. I've personally never seen any hime gyaru stuff on taobao even when hime gyaru was popular. There has been a lot of weird pushy anons pushing their opinions or fake information in taobao threads recently and I'm not sure why, but there's also a weird pro-chinese push on other areas of the board (like those chinese fetish threads) that I find a bit odd. I just wish people would move on and stop arguing when they're clearly wrong.
Step 1 - make an account
Step 2 - log in
Step 3 - ???
Step 4 - profit
Has anyone tried ordering a coat from unideer? If so are you happy with it? How warm is it? I'm heavily considering one.

File: 00006-1819107680-0000.png (3.73 MB, 2190x2000)
3.73 MB
3.73 MB PNG
Ai art thread? Used voldies guide for stable diffusion. Who is voldie? I've heard it before
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wonder who could have possibly given them that idea
File: OIG.jpg (147 KB, 702x702)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
Picked up a tip from another anon, I was able to get some prompts through by entering stuff like
>Left: [insert lolita prompt here]. Right: Ferris wheel at night
The results I get are very doll-ish (and it will often include BJDs without asking) and clolita-ish, but they're not sexualized. There might be a BJD wearing the dress unless you specify "on a hanger" or something, but the main focus is still usually on the dress and not on a girl's body.
Sometimes the same prompt that worked earlier will not work, I just keep spamming it and I can often brute force it, it is inconsistent.
I've had pretty decent luck with prints. Sometimes it comes up with something weird, but you can still clearly see what the print is, and it has a good understanding of how "border print" means a large detailed picture on the skirt and small scattered elements on the rest of the dress. It is also good at following colorway prompts, I include a part that says "in x colorway with y accents"
I would really like to see more people try making fun prints, the prompt I use for the print is "[theme] themed border print"
i have never been able to get such high detail on prints, wow! what model are you using?
File: autumnal prints .jpg (859 KB, 2880x2880)
859 KB
859 KB JPG
i still get the best results from Craiyon in terms of looking like lolita fashion, at the cost of image quality.
image limit reached
it's just Bing

File: taobao.jpg (128 KB, 602x792)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
What are everyone's opinion on taobao dresses? I DESPISE them with every inch of my body. You can tell always if someone only knows lolita from devil inspired and tiktok. They seem to make up their own categories for lolita too.

Is there any good taobao dresses? What is the worst one you've seen?

featuring this monstrosity found on devil inspired
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Surfacespell is okay, it just gets hate because it's Chinese and extreme BURANDO mindset but they do have good stuff. Not a crime to have a few pieces from them, in my opinion.
they also used to be better and were more highly regarded. it focuses more on those velvety renaissance inspired pieces than their more traditional gothic stuff they used to do.

this is true, I know of a few american commies who think that buying cheap polyester hanfu is totally communist and not just another type of capitalist consumption.
Thank you for the in-depth answer. I know certainly for me a lot of the appeal for taobao or clolita is being able to get something made to my measurements but I've always found a lot of places extremely hit or miss even in regards to that- bodices not sitting right, bust measurements being too loose in the back and too tight in the front, etc. All that being said my F+F coat still remains a very strong contender in my winter closet- it's only flaw being the large slit in the back where all the cold wind flows in. I wish they would bring back some of their older designs for coats, the newer stuff really isn't doing it for me and there's not a lot of plus sized options for lolita coats.
I lean more towards classic rather than gothic so the change favors me, but understandable if people prefer their gothic days.

File: black anime girl.jpg (48 KB, 800x450)
48 KB
Can you fags post ethnic qt cosplayers?

Not average, but the cosplayers that clearly look like the stereotypes of their country/race, but are where they're not just qt, but become goddesses of feminity?

I need to make an international qt cosplayer folder.
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Cause nigger
File: image.png (557 KB, 972x649)
557 KB
557 KB PNG
Though not as active as before they have an instagram that serves as an archive
Dumbass bait thread.
Why are there so little skinny black girls?

Do any other cosplayers wrap boob tape around their thighs (under clothes- shorts skirts whatever the cosplay is) to lift all the fat and make ur legs look thinner to match the character better? I’ve been doing this since i first started basically because i read on this eating disorder forum (i used to be bulimic) that this girl did it to look thinner. So am i the only one?
girl wtf
Please go to therapy.
This sounds like bait/shitposting, but I'm curious now. How would that even work? Face tape makes sense, but how would wrapping boob tape around your legs make them look thinner??
sauce pls

File: hermit..png (295 KB, 429x289)
295 KB
295 KB PNG
I'd like to make the lantern from the tarot card "The Hermit". The batteries could easily be hidden in the dome but how would I make a light up star? I'd like it to be as close to the image as possible.
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you can cast it in resin. google "merkaba mold"
File: Moravian star500.jpg (187 KB, 500x446)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
There's Moravian stars from Germany but they have a lot of points and get pretty big.
File: stellatedpolyhedra.png (103 KB, 1388x645)
103 KB
103 KB PNG
no, I mean the star as seen in the actual card. When you look directly at a vertex on the small stellated dodecahedron, the silhouette is more like a 5-pointed star. The stellated octahedron has more of a 6-pointed silhouette. Pic related
I'd like to know more about using a yellow sheet of plastic or acetate. Would you need to heat it to keep it folded? How would you get the parts to stay together? Would you use a specific type of adhesive?
they can be scored then folds pressed down with something hard like a bone folder, which helps them hold shape. heating may warp it, but it helps with malleability. To hold it together, i would just do a clear glue like e6000, but melting the plastic's surface then pressing them together could work.

That being said, plastic origami is significantly harder than paper origami.

File: Vindicare.jpg (86 KB, 892x1210)
86 KB
hey /cgl/ I am putting together a Vindicare Assassin cosplay and I think it may be best to 3D print a lot of the doodads and symbols. What's the consensus on 3D printed cosplay- is it based, or is it cringe?

The Vindicare seems pretty straightforward as far as cosplay goes, as I already have a black bodysuit from Halloween. It would be no trouble to get brown leather straps and pouches for all his gear either. I'm not sure where to get started on in regards to the spy mask and the exitus rifle. I figured I could look for some models of Vindicare Assassins from vidya, throw them into blender, and then make .stls for my kobra 2.

thanks for reading my blog hehe. also has 40K ever been cosplayed well? I only see awkward space marines in the odd photo but some people seem to capture guardsmen quite well.
(i'm also nowhere near as shredded as these guys are)
There is usually a cosplay help thread, but when it comes to 3d-printing and cosplay, it isn't really frowned upon, keep in mind that for that project, a filament-printer might be better suited

Otherwise, look up about NERF-Guns and modding them
Maybe you need tp 3d-print some parts, but they could work for as a basis for 40k guns
A longshot should work for an exitus rifle
One problem, it's out of production currently

And since you aren't jacked as him, there are "muscle-suits" who could help
People aren't going to judge you for having 3d printed parts, they're going to judge you for your finishing skills.
File: 20230903_005641.jpg (3.32 MB, 4000x3000)
3.32 MB
3.32 MB JPG
I'm currently making pre heresy emperors children armor and printed out a bolter and plasma pistol. No one cares if you bought it, printed it, or molded it from pure marble yourself. I'll admit 40k cosplay is tough to pull off, but vindicar should be easy, and can even get away with a muscle suit underneath if your unhappy.

How do i make it for my cosplay, im aware theres a 3D printed one but the con im going to is in a week and i dont have time for that to ship.

Could i be able to make one with bobby pins or something? advice appreciated
File: maxresdefault.jpg (58 KB, 1280x720)
58 KB
you could just cross 2 white bobby pins
this but flip them over so the bumpy side is underneath itll look a lot better
the bumpy side is supposed to go down anyway. It's bumpy so it can grip the surface of your head and not slide down so easily

I remember back in the day this used to be one of the more popular boards on the site, now according to 4stats this board is firmly in the bottom 10, with less than average 200 posts daily. What the fuck happened?
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That's normal in any fashion. Trends die. New trends take their place. In 5 years no one will be talking about jirai, just like how no one's talking about larme now.
yamikawaii? yeah menhera and yami have kind of bled over into jirai to the point they're barely distinct.

any dead fashion has potential for a revival, though.
>> In 5 years no one will be talking about jirai
Why are people obsessed with jirai kei anyway? Some designs are cute but most of it is just cookie cutter designs and shitty quality. It feels like a egirls reimagining of lolita.
everything you said is why, unfortunately.
Post on lolcow

New friend finder thread because people in the old one won't stop derailing it with dumb useless arguing

Same info as before:
>Lolita? Cosplay? You tell us.
>Fav brands, substyles, anime, cosplay, etc.
>Other hobbies, interests?
>What are you looking for?
>Not looking for?
>Contact info
>Anything else we should know?
189 replies and 37 images omitted. Click here to view.
i've never been to momocon, retard, nor am i a fattychan. kys
File: baked potato cat.jpg (20 KB, 474x355)
20 KB
>Lolita? Cosplay? You tell us
Anime, Video games, interested in cosplay
>Fav brands, substyles, anime, cosplay, etc.
Anime; basic shit, AOT, Fairy Tail, Cyberpunk Edgerunners,, Games, Also basic shit, Minecraft, Elden Ring, Elder Scrolls, TWW3
>Other hobbies, interests?
Skater noob, Piano noob, Music: pop punk, fake emo, hardcore,, D&D, Going to the beach
>What are you looking for?
Friends, Online or IRL, someone to play games with, go places with, whatever else you do with friends idk
>Not looking for?
Meanies, jerks, or dummies, minors
>Contact info

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: IMG_0593.png (978 KB, 624x939)
978 KB
978 KB PNG
>Lolita? Cosplay? You tell us.
lolita and jfashion, cosplay on rare occasions
>Fav brands, substyles, anime, cosplay, etc.
i love baby, heart e, cornet, putumayo, BPN, and innocent world. main substyle is old school and i tend to like anything with alice motifs (bunnies, clocks, card suits, etc.) i'm into shoujo/BL manga and watch anime adaptations of the manga i collect.
>Other hobbies, interests?
i read all the time (2-4 different works a day). i like cooking "healthy" and keep a curated digital recipe folder; i would love to hear about any recipes you've tried. i travel when work allows and go to anime cons in my state every year. i love art and collecting trinkets.
>What are you looking for?
a friend that wears lolita or jfashion! online or irl, both are good.
>Not looking for?
romantic relationships, i'm happily taken. if you don't wear lolita/jfashion i wouldn't know what to talk about, sorry. i stay out of drama as much as possible so please don't obsessively fixate on that if you want to chat.
>Contact info
lapinchoux@proton.me and then discord after a few emails if that works for you. twitter if we get close since that's the only sns i have lol
>Anything else we should know?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I’m >>10881225, I also like BL and shoujo! I’ll write you an email when you I get home if that’s okay.
of course anon, no rush!

Heya /cgl/! I made the decision to give cosplaying a try. I cant describe how much i enjoyed it, especially because im a very extroverted person. What do you guys think of my first cosplay? :]
33 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
Oof, good shit. Best fucking series ever.
File: 20231012_123658.jpg (3.93 MB, 4032x3024)
3.93 MB
3.93 MB JPG
Ayyy nice to see other heads looking great op
File: DSC_1252-topaz-denoise.jpg (201 KB, 1082x1257)
201 KB
201 KB JPG
I wonder if there is a objecthead discord or something
I love the skibidi toilet cosplay

>americans legally allowed to own guns
>never get to cosplay at conventions with them

51 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
>"I'm so based"
>is literally like 5'2
sure sport, whatever you say.
all men are kings
At least he has the classic "give the short guy the machine gun" meme going, albeit it doesn't weigh as much as a real one
The most offensive stuff I saw at a convention last year, was one of the military dudes wearing a russian flag patch
(Noone really cared, I guess he even did the heart-symbol-gesture with one who wore an ukrainian-patch)
File: file.png (939 KB, 1113x822)
939 KB
939 KB PNG
To be fair, this is the last con you'll see some military LARPer attending. The odds of the typical "Oh guys look at my period appropriate My Lai Mas--I mean Vietnam War getup!" cosplayer going to "LGBT++++Con" are ultimate as close to zero as possible.

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