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File: lonelita.png (165 KB, 400x267)
165 KB
165 KB PNG
no fujo allowed edition.

>Cosplay, Jfashion, Lolita, Photography, soup or just cons?
>What cons do you attend? What do you like to do? (panels, AA, masq, parties, etc)
>Favourite games, anime, brands, prints, etc
>Characters/series cosplayed from | lifestylelita, conlita or meetlita | lonelita or in a gang?
>Other interests
>What are you looking for?
>What are you NOT looking for?
>Contact info
>mask or masklet/vaccine or vaccinelet? (jic you guys want to meet up irl)
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>Cosplay, Jfashion, Lolita, Photography, soup or just cons?
im just a migrant from /fit/ i just want to get away from coinslot being posted
19,m CA
>what do you like to do?
lifting and cleaning
>characters cosplayed
i don't really cosplay but def yamcha if i get the chance
>other interests
I really like gardening and the silent hill soundtrack (1,2,3, bits of 4)
>what are you looking for?
id love to just talk to people and understand their interests, im probably a lot more interested in what your hobby is but i'll probably talk your ear off about hxh or dragonball if you're down
>what are you NOT looking for
dont know but lets just be friends first?

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File: 2541353.jpg (155 KB, 600x800)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
It's been a while since I posted in these, might as well try again.

>Cosplay, Jfashion, Lolita, Photography, soup or just cons?
Lolita but I love going to cons, or at least I used to before they all got cancelled.
I'm a sweet lolita but I love gothic and classic just as much, it's just that I don't really wear it.


>What cons do you attend? What do you like to do?
Japan Expo, Jonetsu, Epitanime, anything in France basically. I love playing all kinds of games, watching cosplay contests, eating Japanese food and basically anything that seems fun to do.

>Favourite games, anime, brands, prints, etc
Favorite games: Ace Attorney, 999, Katamari Damacy
Favorite anime: Higurashi, Suzumiya Haruhi, Love Live

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do they just ghost you eventually?
Have you tried not being a normie then?
I’m not a normie though.

File: 14170740333540.jpg (334 KB, 1500x1000)
334 KB
334 KB JPG
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It’s like rainbow brite and Mabel pines had a baby
We love our Marfan syndrome kings on this board
unrelated, where can I get these fake braces? I know they were a huge trend years back in japan, but I was never able to find a pair
I would wear the fuck out of those shoes, just sayin'.

We still have hope
Any good Carolina cons going on in the meantime?
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Coldsteel is my oc you can't have him do not steal.
Won’t happen
i've never been to a con before and kinda want to go to animazement to show off my gains that i've gotten since covid. is it not cancelled this year?

They have no idea yet. It highly depends on covid but considering most people will be able to get the vaccine by april it will most likely happen.

File: EqNYHxkVQAAyfhw.jpg (807 KB, 2048x2048)
807 KB
807 KB JPG
Now that more and more shops are closing, what's left?
I think going digital is obvioisly the awnser, because even Harajuku itself looks pretty normal and not so fashionable now, and for the past 20 years too.
Maybe the west should check out other hobbies instead of obsessing over one small street, because in the west even the most ugly skin tight dress is called "harajuku fashion" if it comes in pink glitter.
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Pixielocks made a video on this

Let me guess, the tourists are mostly American?
Not to be a weeb or anything, where would frequent J-Fashion wearers go to hang out with like natives? Osaka? Or is it just random luck?
They're mainly European, American, Chinese and out of town Japanese tourists.
Namba in Osaka, also wherever indie brands/artists host a event.

File: 1612458130591.png (796 KB, 750x1115)
796 KB
796 KB PNG
Old thread >>10544547
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Lmfao I wish we could comment like this more on LM goddamn.
i'd love to see her make an alt LM account just to outbid it and never pay
Damn she’s bold. Sis really wanting to sell this crappy alteration like it’s not terrible. Not her fault the bid got so high but that alteration looks so bad
I think she bought it to undo the alteration and just said fuck it. Sounds like the one whining wanted it but it’s too high for her to buy lmao
I don't disagree with tradwife chan. not her problem someone's willing to pay for it.

Post your favorite black lolitas, natural hair, wigs, perms, whatever. Coordinating with darker skin can be beautiful, and natural hair can be styled to look amazing
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She's the reason I joined lolita. So beautiful
Congrats! It means someone liked it enough to save it as inspo.
she’s white...
Incorrect, see her other photos with different lighting. She is mixed. Be nice, colorism does not belong ITT all black is beautiful
This one's awesome

File: kCrShRY_d.jpg (31 KB, 383x750)
31 KB
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lurkmoar newfag. it's been explained countless times
Thanks for posting it!! I’ve never reaaally been much interested in ETC before but this actually makes me wanna go see if I can find some of their older pieces!
Old ETC is so good, I really want more of their older pieces as well I only have one atm but seeing other people stuff from the early 2000s and even the 90s it all just looks amazing
Sauce on this dress?

File: 2640995297_c2aa4ea271_o.jpg (3.01 MB, 2592x3872)
3.01 MB
3.01 MB JPG
Any cosplayers over 40? The oldest I've met was probably early 30s
187 replies and 39 images omitted. Click here to view.
This guy has been going to cons and cosplaying in South Western Ontario Canada (Eh!) since at least the mid 90's, he is probably 50 by now.
This is He-man, right? Everything looks amazing but it still looks like some other character without that iconic hair.

I always wonder why male cosplayers are so reluctant to get a wig. At least you're blond, but they'll avoid it no matter how different their hair is. Meanwhile female cosplayers will almost always go ahead and use a wig even if the character's hair is the same color and length as theirs in order to eliminate even a bad hair day from compromising that feature. Is there a reason guys hate wigs?

Idk version he went for. There are like four different versions, each with different hair. Forget cosplay though, this guy needs something to cover his douchebag haircut in general.
File: EqU68kqVQAA4kgl.jpg (241 KB, 900x1200)
241 KB
241 KB JPG
Sunscreen and retinol

File: J4cQofh_d.jpg (56 KB, 632x869)
56 KB
Last one >>10533590
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Why do you guys take the bait every fucking time? Another thread ruined.
the old school thread in itself at this point is bait, why we continue to have them and pretend like a discussion ever happens for more than 4 seconds is just silly
>the old school thread in itself at this point is bait
why though?
i thought you meant muff as in vagina and i got worried
you brits say this every time

File: 1561857229686.jpg (552 KB, 850x1609)
552 KB
552 KB JPG
I'll start. It's absolutely fine not to wear a headpiece because lolita headwear is fucking ugly and costumey
319 replies and 17 images omitted. Click here to view.
I remember an anon mentioned she had ddlg stuff in her Tumblr likes.
I probably just have shit taste, but I like split wigs. I wish they'd make a big comeback.
Dude split wigs are so cute! Honey brown and dusty pink is hands down my favourite combo
At this point, i just let all the "spoonfeed me or you're an elitist" noobs run face first into a wall. We're not your personal stylist and you can google. Same amount of reading as us giving you the same advice that we've given to a zillion other noobs in the past 2 days.
Putting together good coords is really not hard at all and shouldn't be treated like some major accomplishment.

No. There are plenty of perfectly chill headpiece options that don't involve the equivalent of literally putting a cake on your head. Lolita never looks complete without a headpiece, you need one to balance it all out.

File: old3.jpg (94 KB, 640x800)
94 KB
Coords that give off boarding school vibes
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File: EiwAx-gU8AE-sNp.jpg (1008 KB, 1366x2048)
1008 KB
1008 KB JPG
File: EuQGIQRVcAEQMag.jpg (389 KB, 1836x1966)
389 KB
389 KB JPG
I love that blazer, I never see brands putting ones like that out anymore. Excentrique used to.

Suggestions for films featuring lolitas?
40 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
wonderful world end
peep tv show
mister rococo
File: dropkickmydevil.jpg (219 KB, 787x867)
219 KB
219 KB JPG
>wonderful world end

Thank you! Been looking for that movie for a while

Dropkick my Devil features a old school lolita beating the shit out of a naga
Agreed, the music fucking bangs as well
I had almost forgotten this existed. I know this message is old af, but thank you.

Got any tips for shrink plastic crafting? Sources for good preprinted plastic? Think it’s dumb?

Let’s talk about what we’ve done while stuck at home
176 replies and 27 images omitted. Click here to view.
What brands sell good quality durable or permanent fabric glue that doesn't stain? I can't trust amazon's reviews for obvious reasons, and I can't find any solid information anywhere.

File: Virus Stats.png (29 KB, 642x368)
29 KB
Do you think restrictions will be eased enough for Anime Boston to happen in April?
65 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
I'm hearing rumors Atlanta cons may happen, AWA is talking about maybe going through since it's further into the year.
>Anime Expo will move into Florida
I hear rumors Comic Com is making plans into that as well in moving Florida. Boy the salt mines would absolutely flow like no tomorrow from Californians and other faggots.
this. AB has been dying since they got in trouble and had to stop the rave. we've gotten some good musical guests though.
Conventions are done along with a lot of other shit. We can't have fun anymore so get used to it.
Kill yourself.

Old thread >>>/x/10511355
289 replies and 56 images omitted. Click here to view.
Navy set is up on both Mercari and Y!J, although it’s somewhat cheaper on Y!J.
im sure she is out there somewhere
its on mercari
Ty anon, I am really hopping for the jsk version.

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