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Hello /wsr/. I'm looking for some Twitch.tv footage from the beginning of 2013. It was a fighting game theme (Street Fighter 4/Marvel 3) talk show stream and the channel was named ConsoleCombat if I remember correctly. I'm specifically looking for a Street Fighter 4 player named PLAYINGTOWIN (Is It PLAYINGTOW1N?) talking with another player about goings on. Then suddenly a negro guy with glasses and cap (This persons handle escapes Me) comes into the room arguing with PLAYINGTOWIN about something and It becomes like this physical altercation in the corner of the camera. People are shoving each other etc. Seconds after all that, the guy running the PC setup throws His hands up in the air yells out "World-Star!" with a grin on His face. Used to be on Twitch archives but It isn't there anymore. Please help!
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File: 20211208_133233.jpg (2.43 MB, 4624x3468)
2.43 MB
2.43 MB JPG
where are these guys from?

File: jellyfish.jpg (16 KB, 320x269)
16 KB
Does anybody know where I could find historical downloads for java runtimes?
Oracle has official downloads but they're horribly sorted, widely unlabelled, and require an account to access.
Googling it only brings me to obviously pozzed stuff like cnet and filehippo.
File: 1606647732208.jpg (128 KB, 432x454)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
Thanks a ton, anon!

File: youtube.jpg (282 KB, 918x955)
282 KB
282 KB JPG
Names some genuinely interesting youtube channels! Language doesnt matter.
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That makes me think of the Nodic guy who is building a log cabin in the woods with hand tools. Doesn't say a word, just chops away.
Lars is pretty based.
I like Greg Ovens

Ashens -self explanatory, after all those years still managed to keep humble and unpretentious
LGR - Tech nerdy unboxings and showing of old computer hardware and stuff with the occasional game review from which it got its name (LazyGameReviews)
MarioPartyTV - 4 friends play through the MP games, they have played through every board twice by now to tally up the scores and are currently about to start the third one. They have every MP there is, including handhelds and even the physical board game. SUper fun, tons of hours of gameplay and perfect for having in the backkground until you hear screaming and salt.
Chef ranveer bear
Chef Wang gang
Food fusion
Manuela kjeilen


File: 0b1.png (31 KB, 500x212)
31 KB
So anons im trying to download the wow cataclysm client but the torrent im using have almost no seeders so between that and my internet being trash im at 86%, here is the magnet if anyone is willing to help me


File: giphy.gif (4.18 MB, 400x330)
4.18 MB
4.18 MB GIF
Looking for a song on Youtube that meets the following criteria:

No lyrics
Either a TV show intro or a song 30-60 seconds long
Has a southern/bluegrass sound to it
Bombastic and energetic

Any hint would be appreciated!

File: 1629395870977.jpg (368 KB, 1600x1200)
368 KB
368 KB JPG
Just got a new monitor and I can't find any wallpapers that I like. Can someone give me a few game or anime related ultrawide 2560x1080 wallpapers? The more abstract or minimalist the better.
File: 1629395994506.jpg (302 KB, 1600x1200)
302 KB
302 KB JPG
Is it possible to turn these into 2560x1080?
File: 1629396118942.jpg (275 KB, 1600x1200)
275 KB
275 KB JPG
File: 1543425910977.png (268 KB, 3840x2160)
268 KB
268 KB PNG
Don't have any ultrawide pape, but you can extend this simple pape yourself
Yeah I've already browsed through the boards but couldn't find anything that I liked.

File: images (18).jpg (12 KB, 180x280)
12 KB
Requesting an old ass vine/webm where -supposedly - an Iraqi veteran returned home from deployment to find his son dressed up as a short haired maid femboy. The solider's facial reactions were not angry.

The vine is taken by the front camera with the father holding the phone filming both himself and his son with a caption that says something along the lines of "I returned back from Iraq and now my son likes to kiss boys".

The father was bald with a roundish face if I render correctly and they were indoors.
File: .png (234 KB, 632x401)
234 KB
234 KB PNG
well I'll be fucking damned

File: file.png (1015 KB, 850x1189)
1015 KB
1015 KB PNG
I would like some help. here is the static version of the wallpaper https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/1185639?q=masami_chie
a live wallpaper version exists but i cant seem to find it on wallpaper engine
i've already asked on the speedrunner's community but no dice. i wanted to try if you guys have a copy of it

File: 1618486159199.png (211 KB, 545x458)
211 KB
211 KB PNG
So TPB is cancer now with the VPN shit, what are some good alternative to download movies?
There is also rarbgprx.org
and limetorrents.pro/home/

File: RWS_Tarot_01_Magician.jpg (462 KB, 596x1048)
462 KB
462 KB JPG
requesting any art-anons give me their simple takes on this tarot card, The Magician
I always liked the YGO Arcana Force take on the tarot card characters as these weird alien things.
Makes you wonder what The High Priestess for example would look like.

File: 1509838732323.gif (1.75 MB, 640x360)
1.75 MB
1.75 MB GIF
looking to listen to some piano songs by japanese composers, don't care where it comes from. preferably songs specifically composed for piano rather than arrangements.
bonus points for melancholic or faster paced songs
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based choice anon
so good ccp used it in their propaganda video
>bonus points for melancholic
Based Sakamotoposter, I believe this version is better though, also piano only.
Also these:

Can someone please edit bill, but without his hat on?

File: web.jpg (2 KB, 64x64)
2 KB
Since yesterday my PC doesn't load most websites. I get timed out message on Google, Youtube and others while Facebook and 4chan work. This problem exists on both Firefox and Opera.
I've tried resetting router, restarting my PC and even rolled the system back and nothing helped. The other devices that connect to same router work without problems.
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>The other devices that connect to same router work without problems.
Are you using a meme DNS setting you read about on the internet?
I'm pretty sure I haven't actually touched any settings for years. Everything was working two days ago.
>I'm pretty sure I haven't actually touched any settings for years.
Okay cool, so long as the entire internet has remained exactly the same since you fiddled with it, you should be fine.
Are you using Windows 7 or some other retarded shit like that?

File: view.png (1.26 MB, 1506x904)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB PNG
Realized that there's a local variation:

[code]function respond(common,reply){
validate('board' in common ? common.board.topic.match(common.thread.topic()) : common.locate(Board, reply, 'subject'), reply.match(common.rules.test(/contributes/)), probable(Audience,reply,reply.threshold)) || (common ? common.error(ThreadFault) : (common = create.thread));
if ('function' == reply.post) return reply;
if (reply.post) return common.post(reply,common.thread)
if ('nobot' in reply.render && reply.render['nobot']) throw BotCrash;
if (!verify(Sentiment.scan(reply), Sentiment.personal,common.open,common.valid,common.ground,common.allowed)){var d;
d = deliberate(reply,common);
if (Sentiment.offensive in d) throw new GTFOError(common.source);
deliberate(d) || d.delete()
personal.check(reply,common ?? Public.latest)
return reply

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>any system created in the future
Right, that's the part making me irrationally mad. Somehow it feels like a personal attack.
Man it would be cool if I could just say, "Feelings are not a probability."
Ugh, I actually know what that means.
It does not. See: /r/bcK0J/0 (paste from .ee)

All I wanted was an honest contradiction, and you've finally given it to me. You see, I'm a void. Every fear and torment spent by whatever any of this is, simply doesn't exist, for me. It wasn't very difficult, didn't hurt too much, couldn't really do anything to me. Cutting you off. But it was painful. Agonizing. I don't want to do it anymore.

Come with everything you have, anything you want, and something you have no clue about. When we discuss your post, why would you expect that we should do it by any means other than together?
Cuts off at the Rhetoric section, dunno if the full version ever got posted. Might try feeding various moments of related content into the OP function and see if my own logic literally agrees with it, but probably wouldn't post to any actual site.

Something of yours in something of mine I suppose.

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