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File: 1692963489151464.jpg (267 KB, 800x600)
267 KB
267 KB JPG
Is there a better archive compression software than winrar? I kind of don't get it how it works, it decreases the fileszise of my one picture folder in more than half, but from my other picture folder it barely shaves a megabyte
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>Not substantially, no.
True, but 7zip. It has a few settings which usually preform slightly better, and occasionally significantly better.
Worth keeping both 7zip and WinRAR on hand. Simply because both are capable of randomly claiming a perfect file to be corrupt and unextractable, in which case the other program will work fine
Perhaps not full of bloat, but you may have redundant data spread across multiple images. A extreme example would be if you have a series of BMP images with minor changes (ie: a hcg set), the bulk of the data would be identical. A compression algorithm will find that and just keep one instance of the redundant data
Yes, 7zip. You can get a fork on github that has zstd and others implemented. zstd is great and fast. It won't help you with your other issue, however.
>A compression algorithm will find that and just keep one instance of the redundant data
Only if you tell it to make a "solid archive". If you don't, all the learning of the compressor is reset between files.
Advantages of solid archives:
+ better compression, especially if files are similar or copies of each other
- one corrupt byte makes every file after it unextractable
- have to read entire archive to extract one file
- basically impossible to insert, remove or modify-in-place a file

Off the top of my head, rar, 7z default to solid but can be told not to, pkzip etc. default to not but can be told to. tar/whateverzip archives are always solid because the files are compressed after being tarred.
>in 2022+1

File: 1695997656630560s.jpg (4 KB, 182x139)
4 KB
link: https://wetransfer.com/downloads/578f665dc130c7380cb63e9f51a161c020230928220327/561725
What site did you get it from?

File: R.gif (637 KB, 498x277)
637 KB
637 KB GIF
When I make a post it then never shows up in the catalog, does this mean I'm shadowbanned or does it mean the rules for a certain board are stricter?
I changed the styles multiple times, and changed the size of icons, and nothing different happened. It said Posted! when I did it. I've never had this problem before, I'm not using my phone's data etc either.
Welp, I've exhausted my extremely extensive expertise.
shadowbanning doesn't exist on 4chan(nel). there's some kind of cloudflare issue.

I like Skyrim and Game of Thrones. What are other books/games/media that I could enjoy too?

>narnia, lord of the rings
Read them and watched them too.
malazan book of the fallen

File: sheesh.png (709 KB, 1280x960)
709 KB
709 KB PNG

Anyone know who this is?
Bobby Lee?

File: 1685548818762941.png (282 KB, 659x378)
282 KB
282 KB PNG
How can I get rid of all those little windows that appears by the end of the YouTube videos using a unique uBlock Origin cosmetic filter?
I can't give an answer using uBlock, but the YouTube Unhook extension has an option to disable them.
That's good knowledge my man. I thank you very much!

File: file.png (413 KB, 420x420)
413 KB
413 KB PNG
Anyone knows who drew this? May be part of a CG set, the kind they used to sell on CD and even diskette in the late 90s - early 00s.

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bump for curiosity
File: 1695692960751280.jpg (47 KB, 420x420)
47 KB
Can't tell me this isn't funny and creative.
I wanna kiss Onpu.
You'd just search for some relevant components on a booru; the image on the right, for example, has her winking, and the little heart coming off the side, so you could search for:
segawa_onpu wink heart
[spoiler]Good luck, I couldn't find results on danbooru, gelbooru, rule34, or yande.re by searching those tags, or a reverse image search via yandex.
>Good luck, I couldn't find results on danbooru, gelbooru, rule34, or yande.re by searching those tags
Neither did I.

Maybe no one drew these pics?

File: nom3.jpg (41 KB, 828x773)
41 KB
I was wondering, like there are applications which use AI to "enhance images", like making a small image bigger without it looking pixelated by many ways... Are there any "audio enhancing tools"?
I want to know if I can have this low res audio volume "increased and having it sound better", because if I just increase the volume in my audio editor, it almost sound like something heard while underwater, or from behind some wall.
Sorry if I didn't express my question correctly, I'm not some musical savvy.
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From your explanation it sounds like the bitrate of the audio is too low, thanks to lossy compression on Youtube's (and likely the uploader's) side. Haven't seen a tool for that, your best option is finding a high(er) quality, preferably lossless version of the song in question, in like .flac or .wav or something along those lines.
Yeah, >>1403769 sounds like a good idea. Maybe you could put the audio into some kind of song identification service, if it doesn't give you results then post it here and have people identify it. Then download a higher quality version.
I know which songs they are, the thing is most are covers, and I want those special cases.
for example this one:

I think this one may just be compressed to shit. If the video is 240p, the audio is probably low bitrate too.
Is there any way to "simulate" the decompression?
I was wondering if there's a way to "enhance" it (not sure if using AI or how).
I'm not even sure what this compression actually does.

File: Howie pets a dog.jpg (184 KB, 409x1280)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
Does anyone have "Howie Pets a Dog" at full res?
These people are in the wrong. "I don't know how to do X" -"Just do X" Fucking lead by example, retards. Show him how you pet a dog and tell him to do the same.
i made that, wasnt expecting to see it here
Cool. So what was the inspiration behind it?
i used to post on the /hyw/ thread >>1404089
like a year ago some anon was in there complaining about how he didn't know how to draw and would spend countless threads arguing with people about it and throwing himself a pity party. no matter what advice you gave him he would either have an excuse as to why he couldn't do that, or he would just keep asking "but how do i draw?" the threads usually ended with him saying "all i wanted was to learn to draw, but i guess i'm just not allowed". i don't know if he was a troll or just genuine autism, but i made that comic in like an hour as a shitpost to make fun of him. i initially planned on making more of them with howie trying different things like going to the laundromat, or making a sandwich, but i never got around to it. i kinda like the character though.

Looking for torrent or stream of this movie, came out last week but it's nowhere to be found. Any help?

>came out last week but it's nowhere to be found
Go to the theater you shut-in

File: images.png (4 KB, 406x124)
4 KB
Where can I download the leaked TF2 source code that was leaked not too long ago?
Most links are dead or are broken github repo's.
The Left 4 Dead Engine branch was never made publicly available but if you have some sort of reverse engineered or leaked copy, I would be very thankful for that too.

File: 1695114075466510.jpg (1.25 MB, 2951x3935)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB JPG
requesting sauce on this song
its on the tip of my tongue

File: 8691082050164.jpg (45 KB, 500x500)
45 KB

From the girl's voice it seems to be a song by the artist MC Mazzie but i'm not sure about this and if it is i don't know the name.
The girl's voice is very similar to the song "Saka Saka Saka" by MC Mazzie but it's not the same song

From what I got, it was "Automotivo Bibi Fogosa (DJ Brunin XM)" by Bibi Babydoll.

I listened to a few minutes of it and it's the one. Hope this helps.

File: naga bunny strip.jpg (314 KB, 2048x1904)
314 KB
314 KB JPG
What are some of the best manga to read to just look at huge breasts
huge asses are okay too as long as the fan service is good that's all i care about
I suppose while im here, ecchi anime works also, have already seen manyuu hikenchou and am aware of seikon no qwasar
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>Isekai Meikyuu de Harem wo (great animation budget)
>watch intro
>unzips dick
thanks anon
final bump
>Futoku no Guild
Just watched Isekai Meikyuu de Harem wo. Does MC gets his dick too?
Elf-san wa Yaserarenai. Soon to become the anime of the decade. I believe.
>Soon to become the anime of the decade
Anon seems to forget that he is in a minority

You should search the key word "Boob" in one of those big manga sites like manganelo or mangadex

File: s-l1600.jpg (209 KB, 1080x1075)
209 KB
209 KB JPG
where can i read/download the manga "Sekiganjuu Mitsuyoshi" by Tetsuro Ueyama?
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There is another manga by the same artist called "Mitsuyoshi: Kanketsuhen" where can i read this manga online?

in japanese
Shocked there isn't a scanlation. Tits shouldn't lose power like this.
indeed maybe ai will fix that

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