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File: 51Y23J4QFXL.jpg (62 KB, 388x500)
62 KB
Can someone provide me pdf link for Nintendo Power
Official Nintendo Pokemon Emerald Player's Guide
I wasn't able to find the Nintendo Power version but I did find a .pdf of the Prima guide if that's useful to you:

File: 1664064047022328.png (221 KB, 400x400)
221 KB
221 KB PNG
can someone make him a soijak?
He's already one.
And the point of Basedjaks is that anyone can draw one using MS Paint, anon, part of the fun is in the accidents that happen because the person doesn't exactly draw very well.
File: cropityourself.png (486 KB, 800x800)
486 KB
486 KB PNG
Here you go.
Seriously, just draw over the image in separate layer with the pencil tool, it's not hard
File: wojak.png (104 KB, 400x400)
104 KB
104 KB PNG

File: 526.jpg (46 KB, 680x734)
46 KB
Name some handles of cute asians on instagram.

How do i stop wasting money?
I keep eating out, and buying cheap stuff here and there so far i spent like 600 bucks this month on stuff i don't even remember what i spent it on, until i check my bank statement.
This happens every month and i was trying to be frugal this month too, so at times it's more.

I'm not rich, i just suck at managing money.
I even made a savings account and keep my regular account filled with like 200 for spending but i keep withdrawing from my savings when I run out.
Give your money to me. That way you'll always get a second opinion before being able to spend it on useless garbage.
First thing I'd try is making a full budget to plan what each and every dollar you earn in a month will be used for. It's harder to overspend when the "extra" money is already allocated to something, even if it's just savings.
Planning ahead to avoid the desire to spend money would help too. You said you keep eating out. If you're not already planning your meals for the week, do so. If you are, you could try preparing meals partially or fully ahead of time (e.g. crockpot meals, thawing frozen meat for dinner in the morning, etc). The idea being that when you feel the impulse to eat out, you remember that you already have food (partially) ready at home that would go to waste if you ate out.
>How do i stop wasting money?
>I keep eating out, and buying cheap stuff here and there
Buy toys with cash. Every month take out your crap budget in cash, put it somewhere, and don't buy crap with anything but the crap-budget cash.

Do not buy crap with anything but the crap budge cash.

If you need to buy crap online, the cash goes out the crap budget, and into a separate place where you can't spend it, and when you get time pay it back in. If you don't spend all the crap budget, then great, more crap next month.

The reason this works is that you can't reason visually about an abstract number like a bank balance, but you can reason about ten ten-dollar bills.
This here is an excellent idea.
But, if you 100% can't do cash, here's what I do. Every single time I spend anything, I pop out my phone and log the transaction on a spreadsheet I keep just for this. It only takes a few seconds. Every card gets it's own column for $$ values, and I fill in neighboring columns with transaction dates and detail what was bought. The $$ values all subtotal automatically.
This forces me to *see* and know every single dollar I spend. I know your credit cards will all have apps or webpages which will generate similar data automatically for you. That is not even close to the same, you will ignore those, and those fail at the fundamental purpose of such a log. This log is an *authorization* log, meaning this is every single transaction I've permitted. When you get your monthly bills you are supposed to review the transaction details for accuracy. Do you know that McDonald's sometimes gives out free food cause they're fucking incompetent? Will you notice if someone skims your card at Walmart and hits you with a meager $25 charge? Am I posting these examples because they've happened to me?

File: 1659964012003.gif (766 KB, 475x263)
766 KB
766 KB GIF
I'm looking for anime/manga (and I suppose also non japanese cartoons) which have scenes that avoid pantyshots not with magic skirts, light beams, or conveniently positioned objects or legs, but rather with careful camera angles.
The show can have scenes that avoid pantyshots in other ways, or even don't avoid pantyshots, as long as it also has what I'm looking for.
Pic is an example.
13 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
None of the ones I gave do, but scenes like that could work. Such as pic rel that I remembered.
File: 20220924_163756.jpg (19 KB, 220x212)
19 KB
fuck I forgot the pic

Requesting sci-fi stuff that leans toward the silly and ostentatious, while also being dramatic and poignant.
>Star Trek: The Original Series
>SDF Macross (that escape arc is still one of my favorite storylines in anything sci-fi)
>Patlabor (Makes for a neat thematic precursor and tonal counterweight to Ghost in the Shell, even if the connection isn’t as direct or straightforward as some of the US DVD covers insinuate)
>Martian Successor Nadesico (for a parody it honestly explores the impact of culture just as well as Macross, maybe even better)
>Space Battleship Yamato (set against the backdrop of a big space war but still has an adventurous vibe, fairly playful in terms of scenarios and setpieces)
>Roujin Z (screw it, just a fun story about a high-tech hospital bed gone wild)
Right now I’ve been watching through the orignal Captain Harlock anime.
It's got the same kind of themes and knack for adventure as Yamato but from a rather different tack, with the earth falling to crap long before the alien invaders show up and its fate resting in the hands of an outlaw.
Harlock and co. being the only alert people of their time came off as a tinge hamfisted at first, though it checks out pretty well in context. The secondary cast consisting of goofy potato-shaped comedic relief characters also helps even it out.

The rest of Leiji Matsumoto's stuff seems like a good source for this kind of thing, though he's hardly the only one to have pulled it off.
File: 1660614450256666.png (551 KB, 1022x1094)
551 KB
551 KB PNG
The Aquarion trilogy, Godannar, Gravion, Gun X Sword, VOTOMS, Dougram, Zegapain, the original Casshern, Dancouga, RahXephon, Braiger, Orguss, Redline
Son if you're going to parody me at least do a sizeable list. To help this imitator, OP:

Gundam Wing, Gundam X, Gundam SEED and Destiny, Ideon, Daikengo, Flying Phantom Ship, Steamboy, 30,000 Miles Under The Sea, Harlock Saga, Captain Harlock 2013, New Getter Robo, Gaiking 2006, Shin Mazinger Z, Dendoh, the original Zoids (not sure if I should include Wild in this context), Granzort, Bubblegum Crisis, and for here I might as well include Shin Tetsujin 28 (1980), Buddy Complex, Knights and Magic, Regalia, and Daiohja.
Forgot to include Hell Target which is perfect for Halloween and is probably the grizzliest anime ever made. It puts Violence Jack to shame.

how do you get safari on an ipad to open tabs of 4chan images to open in the back of the cue rather than right in front. it used to be able to open back but now i can't get it to and its driving me nuts please help.

File: FrenNMEdistinction.jpg (104 KB, 740x892)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
Text is "harass journalists on twitter", he's dabbing in the fashwave aesthetic. Not calling for harassment of anyone, it just made me laugh an am sad I can't find it anywhere. Thanks to any frens who know what I'm talking about.
File: 1605143763542.jpg (72 KB, 1024x691)
72 KB
Close 'nuff
Have it, but thanks anyway.
bumping this , I'd like to see the img

File: 196344.png (206 KB, 472x668)
206 KB
206 KB PNG

Hi anons. I am planning to rent a domain and build my own website using Landchad's tutorial but it doesn't have a section about building the frontend.

I want it to be easy to edit like Wix's so I don't have to learn how to code.
Is there any way to integrate Wix or a similar website to customize mine?
In my HTML design classes ages ago, there was a module on design using Bootstrap. I'd suggest looking at the documentation on w3schools; it's just pretty simple modular code blocks.

Or just inspect element and steal the source code after designing on Wix.
Die out
Nice! I will look into that. Thank you
File: 141115 121243.png (27 KB, 1067x118)
27 KB
is it really that hard to learn HTML and bsic CSS?

File: 1518130166560.png (106 KB, 350x421)
106 KB
106 KB PNG
Does anybody know the anime where some officer dude is taking care of children soldiers?
I forgot the name and pic is somewhat related
[spoiler]I think the main cast dies at the end[/spoiler]
the only child soldier shows i can think of are Now and Then, Here and There and Gundam 0079
It's an anime where the front line soldiers are sent back home after combat stress or something. I believe the pic in the op is the main girl but it's been so long since I've seen the show
On an unrelated note Gundam 0079 looks cool
sorry, don't know it

0079 is rough around the edges (the animation is very rough), and it's kinda villian of the weekish, but it's got some great aspects to it. i really like watching how Amuro grows from a little bitch to a killing machine throughout the series. he goes through some shit. i think it starts getting really interesting towards the end.
>i really like watching how Amuro grows from a little bitch to a killing machine throughout the series
no guarantee I'll watch it but it's in the backlog
SukaSuka probably

File: 1664101133776717.webm (509 KB, 540x960)
509 KB
Who is this?
Sum Yung-Ho

My future wife.

File: LetMeSlap.jpg (66 KB, 612x545)
66 KB
I just got a bass and I'm a complete beginner
Videos, websites or forums would be very helpful
Thank you
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.

Have fun, anon, the bass is a pretty cool but underrated instrument. We need more bassists. What bass do you have?
File: Toppers.png (250 KB, 575x520)
250 KB
250 KB PNG
It's a Tagima Millenium 4
I went with 4 strings because people said it was better for beginners
Very excited to learn been wanting to do this since I was 16 can't wait to start learning how to slap going to take this slow tho
Do you play bass? any tips on what I should focus on first?
Looks like a good beginner bass, do you have an amp or a way to amplify your sound? Practising bass dry can lead to bad habits like plucking too hard.
I'm still learning bass myself, needed some time to find a course/method that works for me. You could look up some easy basslines and fool around a bit, but I would first practise muting strings, plucking the strings properly, and stretching your fingers. All the while trying to play songs, because you need to have fun doing so.

Here's a good and free overview on the basics: https://www.studybass.com/study-guide/
File: Howdy.jpg (25 KB, 500x333)
25 KB
I don't have an amp yet but gonna get one soon when I get payed at the end of the month
Thanks for the warning about plucking too hard
I struggle with plucking too hard myself, still. There's a lot to do wrong or that doesn't sound right at the beginning and you just have to keep in mind that it gets better with practice.

Btw, 4 strings are enough for most music. I considered buying 5 strings, too, but read a lot that you also need an amp that's strong enough to properly amplifiy the lowest (5th) string, else it sounds bad. We can always upgrade later, when we get better and know our needs, I guess.

Have fun, anon.

File: 4id327-010-FS6ynuq.jpg (36 KB, 600x450)
36 KB
Searching for a Video of some dude using a cheese grater on his right arm. Afterwards he put hot source and salt on his wound anf then he used an untoasted piece of toast and rubbed it against his arm, picking up all the ingrediences. He ate that shit at the end.

Pic unrel
Guro goes in /r/

File: 1663906235149.gif (364 KB, 128x128)
364 KB
364 KB GIF
Also as a bonus that i amn't that interesed on, who's this character? Where does they come from?
Klee from Genshin Impact


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