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File: hqdefault.jpg (40 KB, 480x360)
40 KB
what are some more shows that focus on over-the-top action and fun?

some examples of what I'm looking for - Power Rangers/Kamen Rider, Jojo Bizarre Adventure, Bobobo
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thanks, will look into this as well
gurren lagann
space dandy
one punch man
dead leaves
kill la kill
oh nice, thanks for all these
Kabaneri of the iron fortress
interesting, thanks

Anyone got the uncropped, better quality version of this?
File: _cxsVXaR3lI[1].jpg (124 KB, 493x604)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
Yandex next time.
File: 73055266_p0.png (1.45 MB, 1084x1328)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB PNG
Oops, wrong one.
Thanks, that the one

File: Johanna.jpg (32 KB, 181x519)
32 KB
I'm trying to find a fanart from Hilda (A netflix show), I only have this piece of it. I tried google but It doesn't give me the full picture, could you please lend me a hand?
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>your arguments are not persuasive
>it's your job to make my arguments better
Free advice for you, start by reading what your adversary is saying, identify their actual point, then argue against that. >>828358, for example is saying that he doesn't like "visual storytelling".

You made up the thing about Scot McCloud narration regurgitation. Whether or not it's valid, it's not *relevant*. Nobody said that, so you're just talking to yourself.
I'm ending this conversation because anything I say to you is just met with another "Why?". You are quite literally a child. Get over the fact that someone doesn't like something you like. It's going to happen a lot.
I must be honest with you, guys, I've been just shitposting for the last couple hours.
Fair enough. Why don'cha go help >>828421 ?
>Fair enough
But why?
Okay, I'm going to stop acting stupidly and go help other anons.

File: Clone Wars.jpg (129 KB, 1280x720)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
Looking for a Mega link with all Clone Wars episodes.
is this worth watching
I saw some of the early 2d version and then some of the 3d but never pursued it
heard it got kinda good in the later seasons

File: nintchdbpict0003227494701.jpg (732 KB, 3500x1969)
732 KB
732 KB JPG
I love to watch good shit show and BB UK is the best in my opinion. Unfortunately it ended in 2018. I crave to rewatch last 10 seasons but I can't find any full seasons. Just episode here and there. Please help.

File: 156468746.png (367 KB, 512x512)
367 KB
367 KB PNG
how the HECK do you get un-IP range blocked, I didn't even do anything
Ask in the feedback page.
buy a pass

File: 1542272306863.jpg (379 KB, 736x832)
379 KB
379 KB JPG
Just asking for a friend.
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Are they actual pantyshots or just spats?
Cute Roll
Not as far as I'm aware, there are some kids shows with panty shots though
Could you give any examples?
Shugo Chara I think, try asking in the little girls shows thread on /a/

File: life.jpg (247 KB, 1024x1536)
247 KB
247 KB JPG
What is the Foreigner Challenge on TIK TOK and why can't I find any exemple of it? Only thing I found is people reacting to it.

Can you show me what is it please?

>pic unrelated
I keep reading about tik tok on /wsr/ but I have no idea whatever the fuck it is. Not like I really care anyway, thanks for reading my blog.
Tik tok is an phone application that allow young people to share themselves dancing or telling jokes

The issue is it became a pornographic app where young people around 16yo twerk and being... nasty.

Writing this I think I posted the request in the wrong chan cause it's not safe for work at all
>>>/r/ is still part of the same chan, you know. They're called boards.
So it's this year's version of the lipstick game?

File: 1485450820233.png (54 KB, 540x284)
54 KB
Would someone be able to edit out the speech bubbles in the back of these pics.


Was some special japanese hex maniac event years back. Can't find the original site.
File: pnYfoAj.png (73 KB, 640x352)
73 KB
File: CbqRF4D.png (48 KB, 540x211)
48 KB
File: byqGmJp.png (59 KB, 540x284)
59 KB
File: bJqKrqA.png (60 KB, 540x211)
60 KB
File: 6Pl9M73i.png (620 KB, 960x822)
620 KB
620 KB PNG
ty kindly

File: higurashi.jpg (45 KB, 460x215)
45 KB
I just played the first chapter which is free on steam, but where can I get the rest torrented? Or at least up until chapter 7, since chapter 8 was released about 10 days ago. I googled but all the links look fishy and I can't find them all on piratebay.
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i used https://rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5718117

recommendation: https://07th-mod.com/home/
it adds voices and graphics from console versions
there are also english translations of console-only arcs
Thank you, anon!
He meant nyaa.si
Ohhhh... I've forgotten about that site. I'm stupid

any place where I can download the books of W40K?
The codex's for 8th edition are always shot down but you can get 7th edition and under pdfs easily. Now the lore books like dark heresy and shit are easy to find in pdf form and audio books are free to listen to all across you tube. You might be able to get the 8th ed codex from /t/, or /tg/.
thanks man

File: Adapt.jpg (183 KB, 1900x1266)
183 KB
183 KB JPG
I'm very interested in the world and all that comes with it. About 6 months ago, I was doing a lot of research regarding the refugee crisis and noticed some refugees document their crossings of the border, whether it be illegally or legally.

Well, I came across this 'codeword' one night during my investigation and that singular word lead me to a plethora of videos of refugees crossing borders into Europe, or some going as far as Mexico to try and cross into America from there. I did some research on the codeword and I think only one person pointed it out and had an explanation for it. There wasnt a lot of information on this word.

I can't remember the word and im desperately looking for it.
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You guys have e very curious about this now.
I came across the word haraga a lot.
The word you are looking for is most likely a different version of the word Harraga. They use different variations of the word to communicate with others. The government most definitely knows about it, but not many people pick up on the word. Some Harraga videos take place in South America, as the migrants walk from there to the Mexico/US border. You're welcome.
Cooking in the European forest:
On Boat:
In Europe:
Slovenian/Italy Border:

These videos are up and them being uploaded means the government must really not care. The guy in the last video got as far as Bosnia.

There are thousands of thes videos, with more being posted everyday, to give people in the Middle East some hope that they too can arrive to Europe.
This is probably the word then, or one of the variations of it. Thanks for this.
This is pretty wild stuff.

File: vegas.png (2 KB, 186x186)
2 KB
i have been using Vegas 15 for months with no issue, i booted it up for work today and whenever the playhead is over any video clip it lags out and doesn't respond for 30 or so seconds and wont work until i move the head again

has anyone had this problem and remember how to fix it?
i have tried setting the previews to quarter, and setting resolution to lowest, im sure its not my pc being under powered

File: waiting.gif (762 KB, 259x259)
762 KB
762 KB GIF
Anyone here have a torrent for the sonic 2006 xbox iso?

File: 20200515_124600.jpg (64 KB, 693x671)
64 KB
I have been looking for this image for quite a while, unfortunately, none of the search engines I used could find this picture without the text edited in. Maybe someone else came across it.
Do you know who that is, or where she's from, or anything else?
It's Inuyama Tamaki, also
*he, and the character is inuyama tamaki, a virtual youtuber
File: sticker.png (15 KB, 259x224)
15 KB
Hey, thank you.

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