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File: 1679183079845230.jpg (24 KB, 340x277)
24 KB
Hey /wsr/, desperately need your help.

I'm looking for an old reaction image that used to be posted a lot on 4chan during the last decade or so. It's of three or so rocks with faces that seemed like they were carved, and they were all laughing. The background seemed like it was in a forest or some outdoor setting. If you know of those brown shoes that look like they're laughing (pareidolia), it's in a similar vein to that. I've looked all over Google and it's not the oof stones, the rocks with zippers on their mouth, or any sort of religious work like a Buddha statue.

Pic somewhat/not really related

File: unknown-5.png (1.44 MB, 720x1280)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB PNG
are there chill but could still be challenging mmorpgs that are ok for newcomers?

im moving from mobile gacha games, didnt grow up playing mmorpgs except that lego game where I only played till the free level cap cause I couldnt afford it
gw2 but it's also a shit game
you can try a wow private server, like vanilla-tbc-wotlk
Turtle WoW private server unironically

File: 1679261073423584.png (73 KB, 586x821)
73 KB
about the banks swap lines and the like?
Something is going to be (is?) broken?
be it bitcoins, paper, metals, assets?
>about the banks swap lines
The central bank is the "lender of last resort" in the banking system. It does not offer loans at attractive rates, but it by definition cannot run out of money. So if your bank has valuable assets that aren't money (stocks, bonds, mortgages, etc.), but your bank needs money because your depositors want their money bank, you can borrow from the central bank whilst you sell your assets.
There is an issue though: if you're an American bank holding Euros or Pounds, and you have a sudden need for Euros or Pounds, what can you do? You can't borrow Euros from the Federal Reserve, because the Federal Reserve doesn't have the authority to create Euros.
So what's required is a "liquidity swap": the Fed creates dollars, then it swaps them with the ECB for newly-created Euros, which it lends to the American bank (or, reciprocally, the ECB creates Euros, swaps them with the Fed, and lends Dollars to a European bank).
The banks all agree to do this because they have a mutual interest in their banks not running (this is not the same as the banks not failing, the central bank is there to make sure that if a bank does fail, it fails in a controlled manner so that depositors get their deposits back, though they may have to wait for the bank to be wound up).
>What does mean all that mumbojumbo?
Normally you'd have to plan ahead, because all this happened on a specific day, but what this is saying is that the central banks have all agreed to do a bit of extra work so if you need a foreign currency central bank loan, you can get it same-day.
>Something is going to be (is?) broken?
So it's all gibberish for something internal...
Thanks for the clarification. It's very clear and enjoyable to read, you should teach economics or something, pretty sure the world would be fucking better if you teach something.
Thanks and take care.

Does anyone have the Legend of Zelda manga in pdf or know where I could download it from? Thank you.
Seems like this could be it https://nyaa.si/view/1131024

File: 682556525251919973.png (32 KB, 128x128)
32 KB
i'm pretty sure i've seen it a few years back but i cannot for the life of me remember it, my friend and i have been trying to search for the exact manga and chapter but can't find it anywhere. would love help on this.
File: ch61.png (1.99 MB, 1280x2047)
1.99 MB
1.99 MB PNG
Suicide Boy. Not a manga but a webtoon. No clue which chapter that crop is from.
thank you so much, appreciate you sm!! :)

File: Michael Scofield.jpg (26 KB, 266x400)
26 KB
There was a zombie movie I saw the tail end of on the syfy channel like a decade or more ago, so release range probably 2004-2014.

It had survivors holed up in a cabin/cottage/farmhouse at night. They found a surviving soldier that looked like Wentworth Miller but wasn't; he might've been a crashed jet pilot. There was some redneck in a small cowboy hat and vest who was the obligatory asshole and got his comeuppance. At the very end of the movie the soldier got bit, so he salutes the main characters to run off into the night to shoot at a group of running zombies in the woods before getting overwhelmed, iirc while the main character narrated over it.

I actually found it like three or four years ago but somehow didn't fucking save it. It's driving me nuts now since I've been trying for a few hours and can't re-find it.
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My bad, anon. I provided that list since it seemed to be the most thourough. The following links seem to narrow it down a bit

File: Emoji - 22.png (170 KB, 462x379)
170 KB
170 KB PNG
Spent the past 2 hours combing these. Couldn't find it...
Dunno what to do. Thank you for the lists, though.
We are not giving up, anon. How about this one?
Not it...
As mentioned, the soldier dude was just a side-character who they found at some point in the movie. They're also in a rural area with woods by the end of the film.
The ending takes place at night, seeing the soldier getting bit, saluting the surviving protagonists (I think a man and his love interest), then running off into a field surrounded by woods to shoot at a horde of zombies running at him before being overwhelmed. It's filmed at a distance and with shaky cam.

File: 1677071699339.jpg (51 KB, 672x672)
51 KB
can anyone tell me who this is?
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Cristinysam on Instagram
Nero Claudius from Fate
>Nero Claudius from Fate
That's mordred
that's me! :D
thanks anons

File: Last Exile.webm (469 KB, 720x480)
469 KB
Recommend me some animes to fill the Last Exile shaped hole in my heart.
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Oh hey I'm currently 8 eps into this cause some anon on this board recommended it to me a couple years back. The Aquarion trilogy, Acrobunch, the J9 trilogy, Granzort, Big O, Ryu Knight, Dougram, Neo Ranga, Claymore, Yamato 2199, the 2013 Captain Harlock movie, and Nobunaga The Fool.
Seconding this.
Scrapped Princess
Read or Die
File: 01.jpg (375 KB, 1024x1500)
375 KB
375 KB JPG
There's a short Last Exile manga, "Sunadokei no Tabibito" (10 chapters plus a chapter 0) taking place after the end of the original anime which is an excellent continuation of the story in my opinion. It was published alongside the rather bad sequel anime (Silver Wing) taking place after the original series, and the S2 was overall disappointing but does have some shared characters carrying over from S1.
>Please only click this manga link if you have finished the original anime (SPOILERS.)

For more Range Murata characters and mechanical designs, check out Blue Submarine no. 6 and Cop Craft. Both have excellent jazzy soundtracks but don't expect the same kind of visual beauty as you got from Last Exile. The Blue Sub OVAs about a lone submarine on a mission in a post-apocalyptic water world were Studio Gonzo's first work, and Cop Craft was a buddy cop TV series by a tiny studio with a shoe-string budget, so to say the animation is poor is putting it lightly. The latter's LN has been translated up to volume 4 and has pretty Murata art.

There's really nothing close to Last Exile in its combination of worldbuilding, atmosphere, steampunk/dieselpunk design and good animation, so despite some flaws it's still one of my favorite anime of all time. Range Murata's luck with anime adaptations hasn't been the best. (There's also Shangri-La by Gonzo with an awful plot and writing, apparently a rather faithful adaptation of the original novels that had no Murata involvement). For general steampunk fun, movies like Laputa, Howl, Steamboy, and Fullmetal Alchemist: Conqueror of Shamballa, and as for series, perhaps Princess Principal (early 20th century spy action in Britain) and the post-apoc mecha OVA series Broken Blade (originally called "Break Blade" in japanglish).
Ars no Kyojyuu has the same post-apocalyptic techno-steampunk aesthetic, but it's too early to say whether it's a purrfect replacement.
Anime, I don't know.
Don't recommend watching Kuutei Dragon, read it.

I have exams coming up for TestOut Linux Pro and TestOut Network pro, and I have hardly understood it. Does anyone know of / have any good resources for these?

File: ltt-gender-swap.jpg (2.02 MB, 4206x2100)
2.02 MB
2.02 MB JPG
On the left is a compilation of the Linus Media Group staff, where any of the men were turned into women with a gender swapping filter.
That was made jokingly to celebrate International Women's Day.

On the right is a compilation of the original pictures it's based on.
I managed to link everybody up, except for one person: 1st row, 3rd column.

The pictures came from https://linusmediagroup.com/our-team
There are only 70 pictures instead of the expected 71.

Can anyone identify who they are?
maybe they left the company
That's their old COO or CTO or something, I can't tell from the angle if she's big enough but I think it was this guy
Probably was the one in charge of telling Linus that the lab was a dumb idea and got sacked for his trouble
Also Dan is so hot I can't even, his gender swap is OK too I guess

File: 1676055641752993.jpg (10 KB, 613x247)
10 KB
Newfag here: Can anybody give me the context of the Discord raids that happen on/v/ where people suddenly show up to shill or criticize a game? Why do they do this? Are they being paid or are they just weird autists? When and why did this start? The whole thing just seems really weird to me.
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i say those things and look like that
File: 1674494767663435.jpg (70 KB, 992x636)
70 KB
File: 1675796833041854.jpg (40 KB, 507x369)
40 KB
(You) may be wrong, but you made me laugh, anon.
File: 1679261122677.jpg (67 KB, 867x702)
67 KB
By looking a this type of "discussions" you can see what happened to the site, and on top of that jannies care more about aplying their vague (or overstricted) moderation rules about the type of content that they consider acceptable on their boards or going in to power trip deleting anything that they don't like (speaking mostly of salty trannies and niggers) instead of dealing with this type of content/derrail/flood, or allow boards to become just porn (/b/) or softporn (at least1/3 of /a/)

File: R.png (179 KB, 665x374)
179 KB
179 KB PNG
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To begin with what is yoru ethnicity (assuming that at least you inherit that to him)
(not so much for the roman emeperor but for the polish king, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Augustus_II_the_Strong)
Gaius Appuleius Diocles
(for the fuhrer)
Char, Casval
Chad (duhh)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: chud girl.png (65 KB, 255x255)
65 KB
>To begin with what is yoru ethnicity (assuming that at least you inherit that to him)
>(not so much for the roman emeperor but for the polish king, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Augustus_II_the_Strong)
>Gaius Appuleius Diocles
>(for the fuhrer)
>Char, Casval
>Chad (duhh)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
why is that the girl ver. of all of those wojaks never resembles in anything the original?
>what a way of say nothing with a lot
who are you quoting

File: DH8alsSUIAAma17.jpg (85 KB, 1136x640)
85 KB
How can I do a search with negative prompts (-tag), any option to google? For example I remember watching the pilot of the dark harvest when it came 4 years ago, and then was a period when I couldn't search it because of that retarded rune from LoL and all of the content leeches jamming the algorithm
literally -tag
If it tries to be clever, turn on verbatim in search tools, or use "-tag".
read this shit, my nigga
thank you anon
(I thought google didn't recognize -tags bc of previous experiences trying to find things)

File: 1651516166499.png (139 KB, 1266x851)
139 KB
139 KB PNG
Decode this: ENT1yWWhLL-Qz9mK

A Twitter snowflake ID is a 64-bit binary number, with 41 bits representing a timestamp, 10 bits representing a machine ID, and 12 bits representing a per-machine sequence number. The snowflake ID is generally serialized in decimal format and is used in the post URL.

For example,
Decoding 1581674019991916545:
{'creation_time_milliseconds': 1665935447105,
'datacenter_id': 10,
'machine_id': 337,
'sequence_id': 1,
'server_id': 17}

The filename of a Twitter photo also contains a base64-encoded snowflake ID. This can be decoded into a regular snowflake ID, although it contains three "extra" unknown bytes.
For example,

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Are you schizo?
are you asking if the person spamming the same thread every other day for months(maybe over a year already??) is a schizo? OP is clearly not well. I would call it a bot, but bot's are usually used for trolling and diverting conversations here, and these threads seem more like a meth head's delusional chase for something.
this site didn't help

+1 gold star
Decode this too
asfgaeds=0lfseu8f9uadhfg87sdahfuy8geab8fyewufnaedvbf98easn=bvfc9unasedmn[gsmg9-0szdk,gbopudsnmgosd vou8iemvrenb9urtygyrth5yghu65thgytrufgjrtyfn0adizcbv90emgsyreb9sdfu8ivw437ejkfiwehbfiywenv0sfedh gv0-=ew9hf80=we9hnf87asebnfuaysdhnfiphasdndfipasdhbd0a9osudfn8a9sdyufjasdutgy8asu f-a9sduyfjas98dgas09[8nd9sd8ubfg0asd9ngsd

File: ODST Spartan and Elite.jpg (3.96 MB, 6766x3816)
3.96 MB
3.96 MB JPG
Requesting a drawing of the female ODST Spartan in her regular or new armor with a Halo CE shotgun and the Halo Reach Ranger Elite with a energy sword posing like the Master Chief and Arbiter from Halo 3 surrounded by the Flood in a Flood containment facility. Gonna post a few more requests later on (don't expect all to be done just the ones that interest drawanons), if you want to post drawing requests go ahead.
14 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
While I admire your tenacity, I absolutely abhor it.
I will not reward OP's behavior
my request is for others to not enable this faggot OP
wtf is this real. I assumed it was another AI one but his mouth is moving perfectly with it and his body.

fuck we are so screwed as this tech gets even better

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