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File: KEK!!!!.jpg (29 KB, 622x622)
29 KB
Does anyone have that TikTok of a girl saying something super slutty/messed up and the owner of the TikTok account uses green screen to morph into Kevin Samuels (pic related) to the song I'll Be Missing You ?
its so epic man i wish i would have saved it but alas here i am.

File: basque flag.png (3 KB, 276x183)
3 KB
I request aesthetically pleasing flags
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I like trees.
Leaf > Tree
im more of a qatar guy
File: 1653091852914.gif (2.01 MB, 360x202)
2.01 MB
2.01 MB GIF
Republic of Essex
File: 3122131232131.png (7 KB, 227x222)
7 KB
oda nobunaga's crest

File: file.png (399 KB, 500x396)
399 KB
399 KB PNG
Can anyone find the sauce for this image? The only reverse search website that yields results and it's for a couple random Russian sites that for the most part don't even function right.
And yes, I tried the URL that's in the image.

File: 3_YE2ocR5TY.jpg (73 KB, 1280x720)
73 KB
looking for a youtube channel that had A LOT of videos with footage from the eric andre show spliced together in an extreme way
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Maybe you guys can help me out here, there’s this manga I read a while ago and I can’t remember the name of it for the life of me. I don’t remember who it was written by and I only barely remember what it was about. I think it had something to do with giant monsters or something fucking up Japan, and this girl with twin tails and (I think) a scarf was controlling one of them. Other than that the only lead I have is that it was drawn by an artist I like and even then I don’t remember who it was.
I know this isn’t a lot to work with, but I can’t find it myself and I’m hoping someone here can figure this shit out.
Sore wa Tada no Senpai no Chinko
That’s not it, but I’m gonna be reading this now so thanks.
File: semelparous.png (346 KB, 1115x1600)
346 KB
346 KB PNG
It does starts with tragedy similar to AoT
No, that’s not it either. Maybe they weren’t monsters, more like giant robots that looked like monsters?

I swear to god I've looked everywhere but I just can't find a way to stream the 1996 movie helpless directed by Shinji Aoyama. Can somebody please help me find a way to stream this movie online or anywhere I can torrent/download the movie?

File: 3d printer.jpg (68 KB, 677x960)
68 KB
looking for /tv/ recommendation chart for fantasy, scifi and 80-90's classic movies if they exist
Kys pedo freak
>pedo freak
That's guro freak, learn to recognize the machine the girl's being led too
OP, I don't know of any 80-90's classic movies with girl's being skinned alive. If there are any they wouldn't be classics, they'd be trash
preschool girl in sukumizu is pedo targeted content
the machine is there for the memes evident by there not being any skinnning shown
promptly kys

File: 02-26-justintrudeau.jpg (347 KB, 1600x1200)
347 KB
347 KB JPG
I need the justin trudeau raceplay compilation. its a grid type picture that is a compilation of trudeau in all kinds of "cultural garb", indian clothes, blackface, idk what else a cowboy outfit? help me out canuck bros (or anyone else who has it)

Gifs with captions thread
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File: bloon.gif (3.64 MB, 498x462)
3.64 MB
3.64 MB GIF
File: nod.gif (732 KB, 280x210)
732 KB
732 KB GIF
This one is good.
hahah this thread is amazing

File: fuck ryan.png (106 KB, 320x317)
106 KB
106 KB PNG
Does anyone know where I can find their videos for free?
File: werks.png (215 KB, 805x722)
215 KB
215 KB PNG
thanks anon

File: omorifrens.png (1.47 MB, 1200x628)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB PNG
I am graduating soon with a degree in computer science and I want to live somewhere where everyone is friendly, I could more easily obtain a close and tight knit friend group, and marry someone who cares a lot about family. I want to marry someone who would introduce me to all their relatives and I would be welcomed in warmly as a son in law, and we could have a big family of our own. My father grew up in a big Catholic family and I want to be apart of something like that. Where should I move to fulfill this dream of mine and make it a reality? I don't care what race they are or what they look like, just their soul, and am open to going anywhere in the world.
Additional Information
- I am white (blonde hair and blue eyes)
- I am a US citizen
- I am 174 cm tall and weigh around 61 kg (5 foot 8 inches and 135 pounds)
- I am 22 but often am mistaken for being in high school (I look fairly young)
- I speak English and some German (Took four years of it in college)
- I am interested in dharmic religions (I believe that I have a soul and in reincarnation)
- I enjoy philosophy
- my parents would be supportive of what ever I would do and would help me financially
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Thank you for the advice anon and thank you all other anons for your advice. What exactly are the big pitfalls and risks of Thailand that could result in you being fucked over that aren't present in Cambodia?
Also, that is interesting what you said about the monks there, I wonder if that is just mainly a problem with the city monks and not something you see nearly as much in the forest tradition there.
Any tips you would give to someone traveling to Cambodia and SE Asia for the first time? Thank you for any further advice : )
File: 2d-3.jpg (163 KB, 1024x698)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
Dude, if you are catholic, go to Guatemala. Ignore the news about violence or poverty. Yes, we have those two, but we are not Zimbabwe-tier shithole. Computer science jobs are in demand in Guatemala (I can tell it firsthand because my brother studies CS as well and has a job that is way higher than the minimum salary) and the cost of living is way cheaper than in the US. You will find criollo girls that will gladly marry you if you are an American and better if you have the green. Just make sure to save some money before considering living. I would suggest you to save up to $100,000 to have a decent house at a mid-tier place, enough money for food, water, garbage and energy services. I suggest you to start learning Spanish if you consider coming but as long as you have upper-class friends, they will speak English.

US embassy in Guatemala for more info: https://gt.usembassy.gov/

Website to look for houses: https://www.citymax-gt.com/

I can give you my discord if you want more info.
Totally irrelevant, but Buddhism doesn’t believe in a soul or an eternal self—anattā, or anātman is a fundamental principle of the dharma.
it believes in a mind stream, immaterial consciousness, that reincarnates which you can effectively call a soul. It just isn't a soul in the sense it is this uniquely distinguishable eternal entity that has some permanent distinguishing quality to it.
>What exactly are the big pitfalls and risks of Thailand that could result in you being fucked over that aren't present in Cambodia?
We could talk for months about the ways you can get fucked over in Thailand and still not cover them all. Seriously. If you need a single big logistical excuse, be aware that even if you are married and have children in Thailand, your visa needs to be renewed every year, and it's not a guarantee. Depending where you live, you may need to pay an agent (pay bribes) to get it done. The rules have changed over the years to get more and more difficult, and they will continue to tighten. Literally every other SEA country is easier for a married foreigner to stay in peace.
>Also, that is interesting what you said about the monks there, I wonder if that is just mainly a problem with the city monks and not something you see nearly as much in the forest tradition there.
No, the government, monarchy, and priesthood are all part of the same system. There is no dissent allowed. The government sends priest enforcers when a Buddhist monk in the hinterland gets too uppity and he will be forcibly defrocked. Monks get special government allowances and perks, and in return they milk the population and keep them distracted from blaming the system. It's the least Buddhist of all supposedly Buddhist countries.
>Any tips you would give to someone traveling to Cambodia and SE Asia for the first time? Thank you for any further advice : )
Do a tour of the different countries. You might hate Cambodia and love Vietnam or Laos. Do yourself a favor and don't go to Myanmar, it will only end in heartache. I'm skipping the Muslim (Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei), Christian (Philippines), and mostly secular Buddhist (Taiwan, Singapore) countries because you said you're interested in a Dharmic setting. I do think you might find Cambodia most interesting because there is more recent interest in Indus Hindu influences due to the early Khmer empire.

Like to use catalog to quickly find threads but it comes up blank. Any work arounds? Thanks for any help
File: convert all power.jpg (45 KB, 876x960)
45 KB
That's 4chan catalog, of course

What browser are you using?
It doesnt show up for me when i use Via or if the browser is ancient.
Brave and Safari. Doesn't work on either any more.
Got it thanks updated the ipad software

Pic related is a screenshot from the link in question.

Are there any good manga from the past decade or so that are worth reading today? I'm thinking of reading Case of Vanitas, Mahoutsukai No Yome, and King's Viking, but I want to know if these are legit or not.
File: notsimple_9159.jpg (77 KB, 638x900)
77 KB
Not Simple
>but I want to know if these are legit or not.
Just try to read them? Its easy to tell if you will like a manga or not with just three chapters
Goshiki no Fune

Hello. I'm looking for a backpack that was absconded from My person. It's a magenta colored backpack with a sort of flower pattern with a blue swastika I painted on the back. Let Me shed some light on what happened prior to It being taken from Me...

I was homeless, hanging around in University Place, Washington, USA. I would usually spend My time at the library in town drawing or playing Broodwar on Their computers. After the library closed I would head over to McDonalds then Safeway and sit in Their lobby and draw until I was tired. Well one night on December the 27th 2017, I went to McDonalds after the library closed like usual. I get there and one of the employees tells Me that I have to buy something or get kicked out. I just ignore Her and sit where I usually sit. Some moments later the police come and tell Me "We're tired of Your atittude... (bla bla bla)" So as I get up to leave one of the officers tells Me to sit down, which I do. One of the officers then verbally traspasses Me from the shopping center. "Whatever" I say in My head and proceed to Safeway to draw for a few more hours. So I get to Safeway like I normally do then I see the cops who just "trespassed" Me from the shopping center. One of them tells Me to "just leave, not worth getting aressted". I ignore Him, sit down, take out what I was working on, work on It. Then on of the officers shows Me a tresspass form, I glance at It but pretending no one is there, continuing to draw. Then all three or four cops force Me to the ground, and throw Me in jail. When I get released, I go back to the University Place Police Department, ask for My things and They tell Me there was nothing there with Me when I was aressted, which is bullshit.

So I'm looking for a magenta colored backpack with a blue swastika that I painted on. There's a few folders full of artwork inside. I also had two reusable bags, one green and one blue with the Disney character Elsa.

Does anyone know where this could be? Please help.
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Is this guy ban evading? Some of his threads got deleted, and a LOT of his posts as well, check the archive and compare the post counts.
File: 1634174466895.png (666 KB, 661x702)
666 KB
666 KB PNG
I just noticed that, this thread and the Rainier one have significantly less replies than they did before.
I'm not sure why they didn't just delete the threads since this is just going to go on forever at this point.
Maybe the jannies decided that these threads should last forever. It would take an incredibly long time to beat /po/, but I think /wsr/ deserves to have the oldest non-sticky thread
Then why did they delete some of the others? He just reposts them like nothing.
that was only a joke, I have no idea why jannies are half-assing it

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