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post all weird unsettling images you have so i can save them
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3.61 MB GIF
File: 1632920875754.jpg (388 KB, 1243x1250)
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388 KB JPG
File: 20211107_141333.jpg (71 KB, 750x718)
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File: weird.jpg (123 KB, 1520x1185)
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Websites that enable searching of data not easily searchable another way.
For example:
https://exaly.com/ - sci-hub article text
https://filmot.com/ - youtube subtitles
https://www.courtlistener.com/recap/ - documents from PACER shared by random people
https://books.google.com/ - OCR'd books
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File: 1440x3100-screenshot (2).png (899 KB, 1440x3100)
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899 KB PNG
I use art-pose because it's like rigged in such a way where you can make any pose you want, but the anatomy gets kind of fucked in doing so, I guess the whole point of reference is that you only take notice but I'd like something that looks a little cleaner if something like that exists

File: help.png (6 KB, 719x335)
6 KB
saw this on chegg but it's paywalled lol
by any chance, anyone has it?
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x-y=t^2 /2-t^3 /3 +1 ?
I don't get it
Do you at least have the answer?
OP it has been 6hrs, but let me set you straight.

The first thing we'll want to do is simplify this into one DE with one function and the best way to do that is to cancel the x' terms. Double the second equation and subtract the top to yield

y' + y = 2t^2 - t

This first order DE can be solved in lots of ways. As the RHS is a polynomial, we can guess that y is a quadratic polynomial in t written as

y(t) = at^2 + bt + c
y'(t) = 2at + b


y' + y = at^2 + (2at + b)t + b + c = 2t^2 - t

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
There are discord servers with bots that unlock chegg answers
Single out x' from the second equation, and substitute it in the first equation. You'll get an equation of y', y and t. Solve it like you would any other differential equation. When you're done with that, return to the second equation, which states that x' is equal to an expression of y' and t. Replace y' with the result you got previously, and you'll have an equation of x'=f(t). Integrate that shit, and you're done.

Is there a PC way for poor fag Americans to play Phantasy Star Online 1 free? I don't care if their server is dead or grindy. Just want to sight see; move around for a nostalgic holiday trip. I no longer havw my old Game Cube, and I never had the Xbox or Dreamcast build. Thank you very much, /wsr/.
Why not just search for the PC version of the game, it's available on the archive (both versions, OG and BB) and other places.

File: txt2.png (725 KB, 1194x961)
725 KB
725 KB PNG
Looking for English translations of anything concerning Virillo, esp. this documentary.

File: 1638935433537.gif (1.74 MB, 260x146)
1.74 MB
1.74 MB GIF
So someone just pointed this on /v/. Orchid is my waifu. Please, someone, help me find the source or at least a version that is not for ants.
according to this https://forums.ultra-combo.com/t/ki-memes/1978/259 the person sitting is keits
searching twitter turned this up
so i assume it happened during this 2016 event
you can try to find videos of the event and flip around until you hit that point
That's a bit more info and helps, but sadly doesn't seem to be that event since they seem to be indoors - like in their homes not an arcade - the whole time in what I found. And apparently that forum has messaging disabled since I just made an account but can't seem to message that poster since I'd just ask them.
Definitely some World Cup event as mentioned from 2016-2017 based on how old the twitch interface is. That twitch vod is gone, so idk where it would be.

File: pic.jpg (259 KB, 1280x435)
259 KB
259 KB JPG
im troubleshooting my pc still can't figure out wtf is worng. so this problem occured
i've posted this here asking which hardware is faulty
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i really doubt that CPU or motherboard is the problem but i don't really know.
here's the system event file:
Thanks :)
-----------THE END------------
File: sad.gif (338 KB, 498x448)
338 KB
338 KB GIF
it was working fine i've played like gta 5,yakuza 0 yeah i think it's time but i really don't know AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
That doesn't look good. Try cleaning it with isopropanol.

If you want a cheap quad-core 775, you could put an E5450 in it. It does require modifications though.
File: holyshit.jpg (97 KB, 1600x1200)
97 KB
update: today a new error showed up
what does my pc mean by this both harddisk and sata cables are fine
File: 1638676442437.png (241 KB, 462x476)
241 KB
241 KB PNG
i fixed it by changing into another sata port but main the problem hasn't solved

File: Bird Cafe.png (770 KB, 2497x1800)
770 KB
770 KB PNG
Any good manga with happy warm meals scene? Even better if they share the recipe of those meals they've made.
Basically cafe cooking, heart warming scene.. relaxing to read and make you smile.

My current tops are:
Isekai Izakaya "nobu"
Isekai Ekisha no Kissaten
Honkai Impact: Cooking with Valkyries
Amaama to Inazuma
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>17 bumps in a row
goddamn nigger at least wait until it gets to page 9-10
it's only bumped at 10th page you nigger.

I’m about to turn 30. Haven’t made a damn thing of myself, had a ton of big dreams and false starts, nothing ever panned out. Got any recommendations for someone my age?

My experience: I know computer programming stuff, made some small software projects and even made a game, but never was able to attract an employer or anything like that. I have about an associates degrees worth of comp sci, but never actually graduated or got a degree.

In a former life I was also a CNC operator with recommendations from coworkers to become a proper machinist, but never did it because I didn’t like the factory life.
is your birthday on the 18th

File: wiht ep cover.png (528 KB, 680x677)
528 KB
528 KB PNG
Please where do I find this album for download?
download soulseek anon, I just checked and it's there.

File: 20140716sankei_yukan.jpg (968 KB, 600x1421)
968 KB
968 KB JPG
Can someone translate what this newspaper article is saying?
(context: for use in English wikipedia article on "Sukumizu" (school swimsuit) which was redirected to "Swimsuit" due to lack of notable sources)
To clarify, there is no need to translate the whole article. The relevant part is anything that describes sukumizu or anything related to its origins, usage, etc.
If possible, please also confirm the publisher's name to be SANKEI SHIMBUN TOKYO HAMBAI K.K.
Just talking about how the sukumizu style trend is changing from a one-piece to separate tops and bottoms. The new style is popular among growing kids because it doesn't accentuate the body line as their bodies develop, and popular among parents because it's not revealing too much skin (the newer styles cover all the way down to the thighs). Lastly sukumizu have been seeing more use outside of the school setting as well, due to people thinking it's a waste to just use it for school.

File: 1638930969037.png (16 KB, 554x113)
16 KB
What extension do people use to see jpeg related?
Is it 4chanX? I don't see shiy on the settings.

Also, can you color highlight your comments in 4chan browser plus the comment veins from that specific comment? (ie if someone replies to your comment or someones replies to THAF reply it will also be highlighted)
>comment veins
is that what zoomers call them now?
Probably ESL, that sounds too retarded even for young people.
CTRL+F for IP or poster in the settings. You will only see the (number) if you had the thread open when the post was made, it goes away after refreshing.
Most likely yes. Check the filter section in the settings.
File: 1587808582574.png (102 KB, 801x1011)
102 KB
102 KB PNG
>>Is it 4chanX? I don't see shiy on the settings.
>Yes, but only when you have the thread opened on your browser, but once you refresh the tab everything vanish.

>Tick this option to activate it [Count Posts by ID: Display number of posts in the thread when hovering over an ID.]

>4chanX will only highlight your comments and those who reply to your comments

File: newFile-3.jpg (144 KB, 1200x900)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
Any Marilyn Manson fan know which song of his this parody is trying to imitate?

File: WCCFride41.jpg (140 KB, 740x429)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
Help me find a 100% complete save game file for Ride 4 PC game. I found one that has all bikes unlocked but all the levels are still locked.

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