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File: 1971.7.jpg (526 KB, 1200x834)
526 KB
526 KB JPG
Looking for an artist/painting. The painting I'm thinking of is like an American suburb with pic related kind of houses at night. There are no people and there is a kind of dreamlike empty quality about the painting. I don't even think there are roads in the painting, it's like a dark field with these houses. Sorry I can't think of more details.
File: 12.png (1.09 MB, 832x1054)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB PNG
Andrew King ?

File: 1695847841107709.jpg (74 KB, 600x613)
74 KB
I am looking for modern, recently developed (maybe even unfinished) fantasy RPG for PC. Idk anything about it except that I watched some Youtube videos about it a few years ago. It had pixel graphics and it was community-made.
File: zesty.jpg (205 KB, 693x1018)
205 KB
205 KB JPG

File: 991c.jpg (62 KB, 288x412)
62 KB
ive been reading some pretty good manhua/manga/manhwa recently but now that ive caught up on their releases im running a little dry on reading material and would appreciate it if yall could recommend some good shit to read

some good manhua/manga/manhwa I have read and wholeheartedly recommend are
> I built a life span club {Pic related} story is pretty damn good which is a rare sight when it comes to manhua as Chinese writing is usually very lazy and repetitive. I'd give it an 8/10

> I became an evolving Space monster
story only has 11 chapters but its a manhwa aboutthe a dude dying and reincarnatingit isto a world based on a game he once played he starts off as a larvae but quickly evolves into a monster similiar in looks to a xenomorph but he does have additional evolution options so its pretty interesting so far . 9/10

> dungeon odyssey , dude was born as a dungeon baby (a human but fed with a monsters milk) the dungeon is seperated into multiple levels and the further down a dungeon baby is born the more powerful they are , story starts off slow but get more and more interesting as within the first 10 chapters the mc becomes the owner of a labyrinth and gets a lamia maid gf and he gets stronger and stronger and the world building is pretty cool and characters are well written and cute . 10/10 it has 65 chapters and season 2 will probably be out in a couple of months

> FFF- Class trash hero 10/10
also i apologize for the green text mess up im pretty new to this lol
>dungeon odyssey
>I became an evolving Space monster
Nice bro, good taste
dungeon odyssey is probably one of the most underrated mangas/manwhas/ ive ever seen, but /a/ is probably too loser for it

Tales Of A Shinning Sword (you can find it on night scans)
Evolution From a Tree (also in night scans, one of the few good manhuas, kind of similar to space monster manga in some aspects)
Fork & Knife (surya scans)
What Do You Wish For With Those Murky Eyes: Record Of Highserk War (the guild scans)
I Became the Tyrant of a Defence Game (flame scans)
Cultivator Against Hero Society
Legend of the Northern Blade (Luminous Scans)
The Exiled Reincarnated Heavy Knight Is Unrivaled In Game Knowledge
Ghostbuster Osamu

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and rental hero (astra scans)
thanks for the recs bra ive read evolution from a tree and its a 15/10 imo
File: The_Breaker_(manhwa).jpg (29 KB, 263x377)
29 KB
Picrel, plus its sequel The Breaker New Waves

How does someone get a prescription for Adderall easily? I need to get my GPA up but I can’t focus for shit
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You have lectures right? When you go to them, don't just sit there staring at the powerpoint with your eyes glazing over. Actively take notes on what they're talking about and rewrite it in your own words.
Thanks, I’ll take these into consideration
I literally do that during the lecture, write it first on notepad then condense and reword into “cheat sheets” ( I don’t bring them into exams obviously), my issue is during studying I can’t bring myself to focus on it and even making cheat sheets doesnt help me like it used to.

Im only planning on Adderall this year anyways since I’ll be taking more electives and courses with topics I’m actually interested in next year along with a thesis
Not OP but is Ritalin any good for this use?
Got a prescription for it a few years ago and took one a few times but it didn't seem to do much
Getting diagnosed with ADHD is pretty easy, just ask for a screening and answer the questions. Once you're diagnosed, getting a prescription is a piece of cake. I took it briefly but didn't like the way it made me feel.
Therapists can't prescribe anything. They could potentially direct you to someone who can screen you for ADHD, but it'd be faster to just ask your regular doctor about it.
You got to a psychiatrist (not therapist) and say that you have problems focusing, seem to get distracted more than others, and would like to get tested for ADHD.
Obviously, only pursue ADHD meds if it's actually true that your problem is physically focusing: you have good conditions for learning, you are motivated to learn, you've blocked off time for learning, but your eyes just seem to skip over the paragraphs without absorbing the information or you're constantly getting distracted by tiny noises. If your problem is more "psychological" like not knowing what to do with your life, then ADHD meds aren't that good of an idea.

It can massively improve focus, yes. If you're expecting it to make you turbo motivated or give you +30 IQ like some kind of pill from the movie Limitless, then obviously that's not going to happen.

File: 1691970315043.png (65 KB, 205x265)
65 KB
Which shounen or isekai anime/manga could make a good punching bag regarding shit like bad writing, plot conveniences and big plot holes?
god I hate critics
Dragonaut: The Resonance
>bad writing, plot conveniences and big plot holes
Made in Abyss.
oh look, I just spotted the definition of this word
>shit like bad writing, plot conveniences and big plot holes?
Who would want anime that isn't like that? Do you hate anime?

File: mouse.png (821 KB, 753x719)
821 KB
821 KB PNG
Learning VBA and so far I've only been using the "record macro" command to have excel write the code for me.

I am having issues with the CTRL+F command when recording a macro.
I want to copy a cell value from one workbook, go into a different workbook and ctrl+f the value I copied, highlight the entire row that has my value, highlight the entire row yellow.

With my macro, the CTRL+F keeps hard coding as the very first value I copied when I ran the code, rather than using an updated copied value when I change the value.

Any help?
Sub FindAndHighlightRow()
Dim SearchValue As String
Dim FoundCell As Range
Dim TargetWorkbook As Workbook
Dim TargetWorksheet As Worksheet
Dim ws as worksheet

'set workbook
set ws = activeworkbook.Sheets("Sheet1")
range("[insert cell here]").activate
searchvalue = activecell

' Open the target workbook (modify the path)

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File: 1678138014632630.png (667 KB, 850x844)
667 KB
667 KB PNG
Wanted to maybe ask /g/ first, but it seems "tech support" threads are not allowed there, and the sticky sends you here. The board seems pretty dead, but I guess I'll try my luck here anyway.

I bought a 4TB WD Blue just a couple of years ago to replace my old "data" HDD, which was starting to become really noisy, showing the symptoms of mechanical wear and tear. Chose this drive, because while not the fastest, it was reviewed pretty well in terms of durability and safety.
But today a disaster struck and the HDD started failing. Well, "started" might not be the right word, because it all happened suddenly and now it's unresponsive.
So, what happened is, I was posting on 4chan, as usual, tried to attach a file to my post, but the explorer window didn't open and the browser window became unresponsive. I opened the task manager and resource monitor and saw that disk usage was at solid 100%, but read/write was at 0b/s.
I reboot my computer, but it stuck on Windows logo and the circle of white dots spinning. I tried plugging this HDD into a different SATA port, but the effect was the same. Forgot to mention that my system is installed on a separate SSD, so this is a secondary HDD. BIOS seems to recognize it in the list of available drives though. It booted normally when I disconnected it completely. If I try to plug it in while Windows is already running it immediately goes to 100% load with 0 bytes write/read state again.

Honestly, at this point I'd be happy just to salvage my files, even if I have to buy a new disk. Any tips on how to proceed with this?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
>Any tips on how to proceed with this?
- buy new disk
- ddrescue old disk to a file on new disk
- if the file looks reasonably good and ddrescue's statistics look okay, then
- buy another new disk
- ddrescue the file onto the new new disk as an image
- put back in PC
- windows should repair itself

If the stats look shit, you'll probably have to recover targeted files with getdataback or photorec. If the dd process hangs or is shit slow, power the disk down and take it to a data recovery place. Phone them and ask for a ballpark quote first, the price is generally ridiculous.
Thanks, I'll check out the software mentioned, but I wonder if those programs will be able to access the disk at all.
As for using the services of data recovery specialists, well, I don't know if I can find any nearby in the boonies, or in my country at all. And also, I RAELLY don't want anyone snooping through my files. Especially stuff like my /d/ folder. Oh well...
When the drive looks like it kicked the fucking bucket hardware wise or on life support, in my experience they're usually permanently fucked and stay like that and hardly ever get better.

But in the small chance you do get lucky and that drive is still able to live a little longer, you can get a cheap HDD dock on Amazon and just play around with it fucking around with turning it on/off and see it you get lucky and it manages to actually connect and operate normally for a couple hours or a single instant until you salvage your shit and then chuck it.

Of course this is a gamble and you would have wasted $20 or whatever it was on the dock for a failed venture unless you actually have some use for it afterwards.

If you do manage to fuck with it, I highly suggest this method.

Get Recuva (same programs as that Ccleaner shit, you probably heard of it before).

I had the impression this fucking program was absolutely and abysmally useless because It almost never returned any worthwhile results in quickscan mode.

But if you run it in Full scan mode and let it finish, it will show you everything and you can copy it.

Be prepared to have another drive big enough to fit all that and be prepared to do it all in one sitting. If you exit the program before saving the files you WILL HAVE TO DO ANOTHER FULL DRIVE SCAN again.
So, I saw some sites list ddrescue-gui as a free open source GUI version of ddrescue, but it seems the dev has removed it from the site it was previously hosted on, and is now selling it on his own website. Am I understanding that right?
Just use the gparted USB image, it has ddrescue on it.
If you're having trouble with stuff like this, you might want to take the whole thing to a friend that's good at this kind of stuff.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (197 KB, 1280x720)
197 KB
197 KB JPG
Can somebody rip all T-800 sprites from the T2 Arcade rom?
God was that a great game.
Yeah buddy. Shocked it ain't already ripped on VG Resource or Spriters Resource
The SNES version is not any easier with the Super Scope. I hear the mouse works better, but I bet that's no fun.
File: the truck mission.png (27 KB, 256x224)
27 KB
Def fun with mouse

I have a drawing in mind of this character i saw once that I can't find. It had an artstyle similar to attatched. she seems annoying with her hand on her forhead and was sighing with her eyes closed.

File: 1469598969465.png (371 KB, 832x868)
371 KB
371 KB PNG
I started watching Prisma Ilya. What kind of setting scenario is this supposed to take place? I only played FSN and not FHA.

Who is the artist behind this piece?

File: luigithink.png (227 KB, 444x434)
227 KB
227 KB PNG
I am looking for a specific flash video from a long ass time ago. I think it was a "Mario vs Sonic" video from newgrounds or a similar website. The thing I remember most from it was that there were a bunch of cutaway scenes. One of them looked like it was from a JRPG and there was a guy on one side of a bridge chucking bombs at guys on the other side of a bridge that were dancing. He called them butt ugly dumpling muppets. I have been trying to find this source video for fucking years, please help

File: 36226-409875004.png (171 KB, 473x599)
171 KB
171 KB PNG
it's a chick and I don't remember if it was from an anime, manga or video game (or even a movie). All I remember clearly is that she never had her jacket fully on, it hanging off her back and it always irritated me because because it feels like she's about to lose her jacket. She wore it a lot like pic related only I think it wasn't even zipped up like this one. Does anyone have know other characters dressed like that?
What the hell, man? Also I know for sure it wasn't anything porno
Kurisu from steins;gate?
No not that, I've never played that. But that's exactly how they wore their jacket.

File: 98808835_p0.png (721 KB, 1800x2080)
721 KB
721 KB PNG
post ichigo
1 reply and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: .png (574 KB, 1000x749)
574 KB
574 KB PNG
File: 8bf.png (317 KB, 547x596)
317 KB
317 KB PNG
>This is not a video, this is a image

File: book.png (23 KB, 1319x131)
23 KB
Does anyone know the name?
I admit, I've never read Lord of the Flies, but it doesn't seem to have superpowers? Nor does it have girls for that matter.
lol lmao

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