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File: Lebedev_baptism.jpg (273 KB, 992x715)
273 KB
273 KB JPG
please help me identify this song


pic not related
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There it is.

As the otiginal is, well, quite an experience, I'll post it too:

Beat me to it. Good fucking shit.
The original song is also sick as fuck:

damn that voice

Around 5 or so years ago there was a song on YouTube I can't remember what its called. It essentially was a reggae-esque song that promoted immigration to Israel. It was pretty funny.
I vaguely remember some of the lyrics:

Something something Beautiful girls
And they love the African man
lets go ( or we're going) to Israel
Take a trip to Israel
Jewish man has lots of money
Jewish man preach equality
Jewish man feed my whole family

And so on. Does anyone remember this song and if you do can you send me a link. Used to give me quite the chuckle back in the day.

It's not the greatest text to translate. It has some weird words. I don't know how to properly translate it. It's basically a mourning song. She sings about her great pain, sorrowful smile, sad eyes, rainy morning and things like that.
Would it be easier to translate into russian? I know English can be quite a pain with these things.

File: voltage divider.jpg (39 KB, 1182x525)
39 KB
I was taught that voltage is the same when splitting in a parallel circuit. So why does this not apply to voltage divider?
In the picture "under load" voltage at R2 and RL have to be the same regardless the resistor strength but somehow they are not. Why? What's the difference between a voltage divider under load and a parallel circuit?
What do you mean? The voltage after R2 and RL are the same after the drop.
>What's the difference
The load changes the resistance of the bottom half of the voltage divider, according to the parallel resistor rule: 1/Rt = 1/R1 + 1/R2

This should be intuitively obvious: if the "load" is a 0.002 Ohm fusewire, it's gonna go bang.

Does anyone have a working link for Volumes 5 & 19 of the Yu-Gi-Oh! full color bunkoban? There was a reddit thread from four years ago that had everything, but those chapters were broken.

File: 1486417702844.jpg (113 KB, 610x481)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
for the last few weeks my laptop has been turning off randomly when unplugged
with event viewer it says its event id 41 kernel power failure with no other debug info
im fairly certain its a problem with the battery the problem is this laptop doesn't have one of those batteries I can just replace as its internal
would PC repair shops have anything like this?
Google your laptop model, maybe there are tutorials online and replacements on ebay or whatever.
>im fairly certain its a problem with the battery
I'm fairly certain you're correct.

>would PC repair shops have anything like this?
Probably not in stock, no. They'd have to order it.

If you're reasonably handy with a screwdriver, you could order it yourself and fit it yourself. Google "<your laptop model> service manual", and there'll be instructions for how to do it. With modern laptops like this, the whole bottom comes off and then the battery is right there and you can just swap it. But be fairly warned, you might have to take the screen off, and go in through the top. Read ahead, and if you don't feel you can do it you can always take it to a shop.
Brand/ model? Out of curiosity.

File: image.jpg (3.45 MB, 4032x3024)
3.45 MB
3.45 MB JPG
I have a crown amp 1002 XTi that won’t power up, it looks like it could be a cap issue, but I can’t test because no power, I tested the fuse and the transformer, both work fine.
>won't power up
That's a low-voltage/standby voltage problem, no?

Unless your amp is from the '70s, there's a little computer inside it that turns everything on in the right sequence, and it's powered by a low-voltage, low-power supply separate from the main power.

Unless you have a physical power switch that clicks and the amp goes on, you should expect to plug it in and be able to probe some kind of 5V/3.3V/similar powering the control electronics.
There is a physical power switch
Looking at your board, you've got two 24V mains relays in the bottom-right. Are they for a power socket on the back, or for the main amp?

If the latter, obviously there needs to be a 24V supply before it can turn them on.

My suggestion would be to (CAREFULLY!) probe out the incoming mains and see where it's going. You've got test points, and with a bit of luck you'll be able to find the service manual and not have to figure out yourself what they do.

File: Panel 1.jpg (273 KB, 794x1280)
273 KB
273 KB JPG
/wsr/ I need support: I can't find the source of these 4 manga panels (yes I've used all the reverse-search methods I know)
Does anyone of you anons know where they come from?
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I just reversed searched, found some articles in french and translated them to english. The name of the manga was somewhere in there. Tsugumi project appears to be a french.

And yeah, post in a one page thread or something.
Seems to be Kimi Ga Shinu Made Ato 100-nichi. A bunch of manga get results from that page with Saucenao, the title lines up with the text/plot.
Google says this page is also from Tsugumi Project.
Saucenao will be useful in the future, thank you so much!
File: THE EDGE.jpg (258 KB, 402x640)
258 KB
258 KB JPG
That's from an obscure, untranslated 80's Shonen Jump manga called The Edge. I should know because I posted that page on some OPT threads on /a/. I have the raws if you're interested.
Vol 1:
Vol 2:
This is super cool! Thank you so much!!

i want to make a joker 2019 makeup in this photo
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Your mom
Made her prettier.
I see there's a bit of caption. Is this a crop?
anyone know?
Very lovable, kissable, cummable face if i do say so myself.

File: 1585613603121.webm (2.96 MB, 540x960)
2.96 MB
2.96 MB WEBM
Who is this?
Archived posts said bonbi or bombi, next time look there.

File: 1578412301455.jpg (33 KB, 500x255)
33 KB
How to know if someone has remote access to my PC?
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Open the file in a hex editor and search it for the term "program" or "dos". If the file has an embedded exe it will contain the words "this program cannot run in dos". You can also check if the file extension has been altered by looking at the first few bits.
It sounds like you downloaded a malware. You should clean it up. Malwarebyte is indeed a good free program for that. It's a bit worrying that you jump immediately on the idea of remote-access like you think you live in a hacker movie.
switch to linux man, for me it was the best choise
Linux is the only OS I ever got hacked on.
Stop watching porn and turn off any porn u have on now

File: 126335757.png (2.59 MB, 1400x875)
2.59 MB
2.59 MB PNG
I'm looking for a recording device (like the Pro USB Flash Drive Audio Recorder) that has the ability to upload audio files to the cloud. DO they exist? What are they called?
File: w36564754257.jpg (34 KB, 1010x444)
34 KB
kek I'm looking more for something that you could abandon, but the audio would be preserved onto a could storage
pic related is similar, but doesn't have cloud storage
File: 234572474.jpg (31 KB, 628x462)
31 KB
You're overthinking this to some degree. You could simply sync your recordings folder on your phone to your google drive (or most other cloud-based services out there). You can then set it so that the folder automatically syncs with the service.

File: survival.jpg (385 KB, 1844x1227)
385 KB
385 KB JPG
looking for a drawing of this little suicide note, read something close to
"sorry mom, I wasted my life on RNG"
and might contain a hanged pepe.
Pic unrelated because fuck giving in in this time of uncertainty.
File: rng.jpg (29 KB, 251x251)
29 KB
found it, oh well sorry for smoking another post
It's only a shame that you didn't kill any of the months old weeb posts.

File: Eperor.jpg (28 KB, 311x211)
28 KB
Does anyone have the video of the 2017 Nebraska human hunting?
It was the one with three teams and 9 people.

File: index.jpg (5 KB, 258x195)
5 KB
I'm looking for a very old AMV with a pretty amazing music. It was 2009-2010 maybe, the amv was about naruto vs sasuke, first big fight (...I was young) and there was this classic music but with a touch of electrical instruments (i remeber violins at the climax, when there is the black sphere cause by the tecniques clashing). It was ONLY instruments, no vocal no choir, and 3-4 minutes long. I tried to sing\humming it on shazam and other things but never worked.

The preview image of the video was something like the one i put here.

I know it's very specific and incredibile difficult to even understand the request,but any info will be very much appreciated! It was a really powerful music and I remembered it all of a sudden!
File: 222.jpg (7 KB, 300x168)
7 KB
Or this kind of frame
I maybe try to sing it if could be helpful

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