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File: YouTube-Emblem.png (15 KB, 3840x2160)
15 KB
Recommendations for youtube channels. Looking for something new. Please, anything at all.
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There was a thread recently with a lot of recommendations. You should do something better with your time though, and drop the name.
Vagrant Holiday (from the last thread)

Real Engineering - Engineering and practical applications of new science, as well as some look at historical feats of engineering. Great fucking channel.

Practical Engineering - How engineers affect our every day life without us realizing it. Another great fucking channel.

Wendover Productions - How the world works. So many different topics to cover. So good.

Atlas Pro - Examining geography; how it shaped history and still affects our lives today.

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You can find more in the archive.
Oversimplified, watch the Emu War video.


File: 88729.jpg (24 KB, 225x322)
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I'm looking for a web-dl or torrent for all 78 episodes of Croket, (there was a full length 52 episode season, the final 52 episodes were half length and editted into another 26 full length eps). You can find the episodes on douga.flat or bandai channel


Bandai Channel is available on youtube-dl and B-ch has a free trial (payment info required, I'll post a screen cap of the payment options in a second post), (list your region as Japan when you create your account, you can't change it later) and use a Japanese IP to bypass geoblocking.

(recreating the thread since I forgot to bump it)
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Looking for the original source of this video?

Dude in spongebob makeup/face paint saying something...

All I've found was a post on r/thanksIhateit where OP said it was guy in video singing the Campfire Song. I also found a video titled "spongebob face paint irony" on YouTube. It has less than 5,000 views.

Can anyone find it?

File: 1609799649456.jpg (833 KB, 2771x4100)
833 KB
833 KB JPG
What's a good website or book where I can find math worksheets/questionnaires by subject?

I am relearning/brushing up in a bunch of math topics using books and this site https://schoolyourself.org/learn/geometry/triangle-compare which I think it's very good but neither have resources to practice what you learnt, I'm currently using anki to make my own study notes but that takes a long time.

The topics are geometry, trigonometry, algebra, calculus and statistics

PS there's also a ton of worksheet generator software but none of them are free unfortunately, if anyone can link me a cracked version of one without viruses I'd appreciate it.
>>PS there's also a ton of worksheet generator software but none of them are free unfortunately, if anyone can link me a cracked version of one without viruses I'd appreciate it.
Got any examples?

this one has a 30 day trial and its really good I have resorted to just installing it on a windows 7 vm but its such a pain
Found this:
You could try looking for the other programs, I just searched for "infinite algebra" there. Upload the crack to Virustotal. If you get like a couple virus alerts, it should be fine. Maybe test it on a vm.
thanks dude I hope it works that's a pretty cool website

I bought a Thinkpad p50 and I can't get it to charge while it's turned on. Internet says it's because of windows 10's airplane mode.

The primary boot drive has windows 10 on it but I don't want to keep it. I want to switch it out for Manjaro. My Thinkpad won't charge when on windows, the bios, or Manjaro in liveboot. If I permanently install Manjaro over windows 10 will that fix my charging issue?

File: 1546143245688.png (873 KB, 700x926)
873 KB
873 KB PNG
The internet is a big place, but I'm trying to break out of the 4chan, Twitter, Discord, social media hoard most people get trapped in. could anybody recommend discussion boards that any of you visit that are well active?(Not like a billion people, but a fine reply rate)
Examples of what I mean
>Something Awful Forums
>General [M]ayhem
>The RPF
I'm mostly into comics, video games, cartoons, cosplay, youtube/youtube poops. 4chan can become tiresome with rampant negativity in the interests boards
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bump in case I forget
Can vouch for this. Was in a thread there about the 1995 movie Hackers and people were wondering how accurate it was. A guy who was 1337 in those days chimed in with several giant posts explaining the hacker scene when the movie came out. Super interesting stuff you'd never know if you weren't around then, wish I screencapped it.
I appreciatte the answers, one last bump for some more

I made these sketches for a requester dnd campaign and his post has been archived. So instead of not helping the dude out, anyone willing to upgrade my sketches of his characters will be very much appreciated.

File: rope girl.jpg (203 KB, 800x1200)
203 KB
203 KB JPG
calling all hackers. I am trying to sign up for crypto.com and they ask for phone verification. thy are banned in the us. Is it possible to buy a foreign phone number online and receive texts to it?
You could use a VPN to make it look like you're in the US
Make a Google account
Get Google Voice
Get an American Phone number
Receive texts on Google Voice

File: 100% retard.jpg (36 KB, 480x471)
36 KB
I want more songs like this. Also, recommend me EDM artists or whatever like this.
I follow a few electronic music/j-pop/whatever artists, like Camellia, YUC'e, Yunomi, Snail's House, etc.
It's hard to describe it, I guess, I just like their specific style, lots of the time it's mixing j-pop and EDM together.
However, with this track from NGNL, that's not quite the case, it's just an OST track but I still love how high-powered it feels, and I love the intro to it.
I'm retarded, I don't know how to describe, but those sounds that make it sound "oriental" and like I'm in front of some Chinese shrine at a festival. It sounds really sick combined with the EDM beat and I love it.
not EDM but you might still like it idk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cK3NMZAUKGw

Hey anons, trying to search the web, my mother in law (0 generation Vietnamese) unfortunately got scammed by an “Amazon” text saying her account had been hacked.

They got as far as almost getting money from her, it was blocked by the bank, but most pertinently, they were able to see her iPhone screen. She said they had her download an app. Now, she has since deleted, but I’m wondering what the limitations to such an app are if you give it permission. Is it limited to viewing the sceeen or can they extract data? Curious, any help would be appreciated.
afaik they can get all saved passwords, photos, and contacts.

I would change every password you have and add 2fa to every single account that was associated to that device. Probably look into getting a new phone and new # just to be extra safe. Check any account history you can for suspicious logins or transactions as well.
Thanks anon! Ugh.

Does anyone know of a working subreddit archiver?
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reddit is literally a shithole, i don't understand why you dont understand this.
I don't use reddit.
Every time someone points how dumb this shit is someone like you immediately deflects.
And? Why do you care?
That's exactly what a r*dditor would say
Okay dude
Huh? I thought they never delete posts there, unless it's breaking the rules or something. Also, why not just ask reddit instead of this place? You know how most anons react to that place.

What are the best sites for free ebook downloads, fiction or otherwise? Do any let you reliably request books that they don’t already have?

File: -_sjwkFZ.jpg (28 KB, 400x400)
28 KB
os: win7

my pc keeps freezing and i don't know why.... i tried updating chrome,windows, running windows memory diagnostics.

this has been happening for the past year where im using chrome and it stops working until i make a new window of it.
>im using chrome and it stops working until i make a new window of it.
Chrome just does that.
If your problems are literally just in Chrome, then either live with it or do the usual chrome steps of uninstalling your weird extensions and if it's still not fixed creating a new profile.
I've tried disabling different extensions and i have my stuff on my profile is there a log that might show me the problem
Try brave browser. I'm LITERALLY about to switch to it in about twenty minutes.
bruh fuck brave it's literally chromium with some bullshit coin that you need to give your social security number up for withdrawal function
i tried firefox but i didnt like the ui

so i might do opera or microsoft edge
>i tried firefox but i didnt like the ui
You can disable the new shitty UI
I use both Chrome and Firefox, and their UI are pretty much the same.

File: E79CkZRXIAMfOvX.jpg large.jpg (1.16 MB, 1388x1738)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB JPG
Hi, There is an Illustrator girl that keeps copying and tracing whenever she makes a drawing and I have been exposing her lately, but right now I cant find the sources that she uses to make this image, any help?
What's there to elaborate? He's just internet stalking a girl, and attempting to destroy her shitty hobby, because maybe if she gets nearly suicidal she might fuck him
Install little snitch onto Big Sur

Does anyone have any good pictures of magic users of any stripes? Especially female ones, please?
File: RCO001_1603441259.jpg (343 KB, 1458x1920)
343 KB
343 KB JPG
File: Melusine (12).jpg (49 KB, 567x733)
49 KB
File: clarke_melusine2.jpg (70 KB, 394x580)
70 KB
NSFW: >>>/aco/5664629

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