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File: Untitled.jpg (145 KB, 1451x1078)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
Anyone know the name of this chick? Think she may be a youtuber, but not sure.
I seen her today in something. Not sure if it was porn or a youtube ad because my brain is fucking melted
bruh this was still on page 1 why bump it?
Anna Louise:
Thank you, Anon.

File: Hoffmaniada.jpg (112 KB, 592x841)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
does anyone know of a download for this movie
I've looked and searched multiple torrent sites and found nothing
Thank you :)
any idea about an english dub?

Does anyone know where I can stream Dexter online (for free without sign-up) in HD? I used some Putlocker mirror but it lacked the season 1 finale in HD...
I'm on mobile, by the way.
Go to their megathread they should have some good links
Thank you so much anon :) I found the perfect site.
No problem, reddit is good for stuff like that

File: ogside.jpg (70 KB, 900x900)
70 KB
Can a somewhat artistically inclined anon fill in the lower portion of this image? For context it's supposed to be a gondola in mil gear with some AK platform rifle.

It doesn't have to be perfect, my main priority is just filling in the blank parts. Thanks in advance
File: gondola.png (474 KB, 750x1000)
474 KB
474 KB PNG
I'll do you one better, OP.
Found it on redbubble, couldn't find a better one, or any other for that matter.
File: 1515041550205.jpg (26 KB, 306x305)
26 KB
This is perfect. Thank you so much anon

File: 60.gif (16 KB, 300x100)
16 KB
Why does the Very Hungry Caterpillar have a banner here?
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not even once
newfags? more like normalfags.
>calling things reddit
To be fair, that greentext is pretty much what reddit is too. There's no difference at all. Circlejerk of shitty, immature, ironical jokes. Like how a camgirl would pretend to fall from chair and everyone laughs and goes like how pure, angelic the whore is.

File: 1589897744049m.jpg (118 KB, 822x1024)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
I got pictures of my ex from her kikebook, I don't want to get back to her I just want her to think of me and dream that I'm fucking her dead

So what rituals can I do? What entities do I ask for help?
Hang pictures of her all over your room, at least a hundred. Then call her, and when she picks up the phone, grab a shotgun and blow your brains off.
>what rituals can I do
How many women can you mow down with a van? Do you have access to high capacity magazine automatic rifles? Or an axe?
File: harassment.png (287 KB, 382x1868)
287 KB
287 KB PNG
Dont be an idiot. Rituals don't work.
You know what does work? Phone calls and the postal system.
>pay somebody to 3d model her
>buy 3d figure of her
>stick it in a jar
>everytime you masturbate think about her
>cum in jar
>when jar is full seal it
>leave jar on her doorstep

File: cropped screen.png (95 KB, 1366x768)
95 KB
Hey /wsr/. How to fix this clipped and offset screen?
There seem to be no settings for adjustment at all.

Google results only give incredibly autistic results about emulation on real devices instead.
my guy, what're your specs? that OS looks ancient as hell
It's Windows Vista SP1 32-bit with appearance changed to that of Windows Classic. I have a modern rig and all, I just use this one every once and a while for classic vidya.

BlueMSX doesn't have the problem pictured, but OpenMSX has the borders fucked. Any help?

File: futuristicusa.png (48 KB, 200x170)
48 KB
Just saw this on a podcast and was wondering if somebody could make a flag with 49 stars.(Bcuz fuck California)
or possibly replace the stars with Texas
File: 49-star-american-flag.png (17 KB, 300x163)
17 KB
Actually, the US already had a 49 star flag, after alaska became a state but before hawaii became a state (this was a period of several months in 1959)
As you can see, it has seven rows of seven stars.
someone from /pol/ come get this faggot
Forgot to mention to make it look as futuristic as pic related.
File: futureflag.png (63 KB, 1900x1000)
63 KB
Obv if you dont like the colors hue shift it.

File: carrienovel.jpg (19 KB, 220x327)
19 KB
The chapter i'm writing has a bit where one guy is relating a particularly nasty prank pulled on him in the past in great detail. This prank is pulled directly from what happened to me in high school. I cant find the name or link of the trope page, but it basically talks about TV authors getting bonus points for specific details from the prank making it into the movie/tv episode.

Is this the right place to ask? I dont absolutely need it, but this question has been bugging me all week and my tvtrope dive/googlefu has not yielded results.

File: 550px-Landsknechte.jpg (91 KB, 550x298)
91 KB
I'm looking for some books describing Europe from late medieval to late renaissance. Life, societies, politics, war, architecture. I'm mostly interested in western Europe and British Isles.
Don Quixote

File: 1556490181627.gif (998 KB, 250x251)
998 KB
998 KB GIF
Quick question /wsr/: Would a standard DOT Physical (which includes providing a urine sample) detect any STDs? Obviously asking for a friend. Help would be appreciated.

File: onche.jpg (318 KB, 720x1280)
318 KB
318 KB JPG
could anyone color this hair color (blonde in front and brunette behind) on the 2nd picture ? thanks in advance kind anon !!!! !! !!
File: onche onche.jpg (53 KB, 320x320)
53 KB
on her

File: 286.png (3 KB, 60x60)
3 KB
Where did this come from and who is she?

Maybe it came from Yahoo.com like a profile pic or something. Maybe it came from ye olde geocities website.

2012-02-19 10:01
3449 bytes

In July 2020 I uploaded this image I found in an old Windows Vista computer. Reverse and other ImgOps stuff didn't help.
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>2 obsessed posters digging into the metadatas of a 60x60 image
I just want to know where it came from haha. Is that so wrong?

I was looking through
and saw
for a moment I was excited, because I thought it was the same as
which is from the same dataset as the OP image. It is not the same image.
If you have difficulty loading

Try loading 2007-05-04 questions:

or change it to 20110208 for 2011-02-08 if you want. However, Wayback Machine keeps giving me 504 http errors so maybe try again later.
I messaged someone and he said:
"Looks like an old sprite to a raunchy video game"
mx Yahoo Answers 2013-06-28:
links to two 48x48 images:
both image disallow you to view [hex]_60.ext and [hex].ext. [hex]_.ext is also disallowed.

Maybe I should get a list of all raunchy or adult-rated / porn / porn-like / adult-oriented games of 2012 and before. From that list I could try to find sprites online.

File: 1562593591306.png (92 KB, 274x303)
92 KB
Is 41.3 inch (105 cm) a good length for a gaming desk? Just got it today, didn't put anything on it yet, but i feel like it's a little short.
If it feels small for you, get a wider one. Simple as that.
"gaming" desk

File: Capture11.png (279 KB, 829x909)
279 KB
279 KB PNG
the drawing of an office lady standing on a office chair's armrests
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
mm jes seksi seksi
darling may i rape??
sugar could open boobe?!!
Only a real men can handle my sass.
yes yes HUGE CUM and glistening THIGH
okei fuk it i out!!

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