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it's a .tar.bz2 package so i'm supposed to use
>tar xvjf icecat-60.7.0-gnu1.tar.bz2
then i move to downloaded folder which looks like
now what do i do? i try to use these three commands
>sudo make install
but it says error, pic rel. help please
>python not found
<whatever your package manager is called> install python
Instead of trying to build it yourself and perpetually have to update that way, I'd suggest using a repository.

It looks like this one will work with your system https://www.linuxhelp.com/how-to-install-icecat-on-linuxmint-18-03

Can somebody please make a crying cheers pepe for me please please with a cherry on top? Leave the smile just add streaming tears from his eyes i promise it’s for an epic thread and also i feel like we should have that pepe as it represents me and many others of us fucked up but sportsmanlike gentlemen
File: p.png (201 KB, 1000x1000)
201 KB
201 KB PNG
lazy job

File: file.png (61 KB, 225x225)
61 KB
I want to find an electronic medley song with instrumental versions of anime songs mixed in.

The beginning was like this I think:


And the video was just big colored numbers counting up everytime the medley changed into a new song.

File: 1610914719081m.jpg (87 KB, 788x1024)
87 KB
Any of u fucks know who this is

much appreciated fren, dunno why I couldn't find it

to configure the whatsapp to accept a call from a specific number/contact after a number of rings and without touching or taping anything?
If so, how?

Recommendations for ass-centric anime? I already watched Keijo

Does it even exist?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
File: ass man.jpg (58 KB, 525x503)
58 KB
Prison School
nice butts?

Vividred Operation
Senran Kagura
Harukana Receive
Cute butts are common in anime, but keijo is obvious
Mecha is really good for butts because plugsuits. I also think you would like kill la kill.
Can confirm. Harukana Receive has multiple close up shots of nice pert butts every single episode.

File: rain.gif (134 KB, 300x166)
134 KB
134 KB GIF
>be me
>have seen exactly two (2) anime series: Nichijou (liked it a lot) and Shokugeki No Soma (kinda liked it, currently at season 3, starts getting old)
>have no idea whatsoever about Anime other than that
Should I even bother? Is there a series that can convince me to watch anime, going by what little I enjoyed thus far? If so, which one?
15 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
>using a forced meme
pretty cringe my guy
Do you not consume any kind of media? No TV? No movies? No games? Books? What genres do you like? Anime has a very wide selection of genres. I could recommend you like 30 anime just from the comedy genre.
Different anon here, I've only read books, no other media types. I watched Aku no Hana and loved the teenage angst vibe throughout, is there something similar but with more romance?
You might like Hyouka. It's a mystery series, technically, but the MC is a brooding loner with plenty of adolescent angst that causes him to try to affect a depressed, melancholy air, but he gets dragged into solving mysteries around school by a pretty girl that he can't help falling for. It's only got one season and it doesn't resolve anything though, but still a fairly nice anime. Very good production values, as expected of Kyoto Animation.

Speaking of KyoAni, you might aslo like Koe no Katachi, which was a movie they did. The manga is also highly recommended but if you'd rather watch than read, the film is great.

I don't watch a whole lot of teen dramas so somebody else can probably give you a bunch more. I know of titles in that genre, but haven't watched them. At best I could give you a short list of stuff to check out on your own.
File: 1541891218642.jpg (84 KB, 719x429)
84 KB

File: csgo.png (3.53 MB, 2090x836)
3.53 MB
3.53 MB PNG
I'm losing my mind because i can distinctly remember this location being used as a CS:GO map but I cant find anything online. I remember the t's spawn at the bowwom of the stairs and there are boats. I wanna say it was a hostage rescue map.
kinda looks like italy (the map)
I distinctly remember the t spawn having row boats, blue skies, it was one of the newer and smaller maps
you might be talking about canal?
File: stmarc.png (571 KB, 857x586)
571 KB
571 KB PNG
finally found it
yeah my brain was probably combining that with this


Can't find old 1791L video

I seem to remember a 1791L video where they discussed when Charles Murray came on Sam Harris's podcast to discuss Race and IQ. The video also discussed Ezra Klein of Vox freaking out without reason.

File: x6zk8bdm49641.jpg (375 KB, 1580x2238)
375 KB
375 KB JPG
Does anyone have a template for an iceberg meme like pic?
Did you try googling iceberg meme template?

File: moot cat ears.jpg (705 KB, 1972x1479)
705 KB
705 KB JPG
Does anybody have that image of m00t (>inb4 who?) smugly holding a piece of paper that says.
>Hey /a/, why do you still watch shitty anime a.k.a Madoka?

It used to be stickied on /a/ I think.

File: file.png (190 KB, 1861x819)
190 KB
190 KB PNG
Bros, how do I patch CP2077?
I downloaded the FitGirl repack but I have no idea how to do it.
I downloaded the "universal 1.04" patch of """her""" page, but it's asking me for the "game folder".
Which one is the game folder?
The one inside x64 (left) or the one in the right?
I'm not good with PC's
File: file.png (221 KB, 1920x846)
221 KB
221 KB PNG
Ok now, I patched it to 1.04, now to 1.05.
This is the one that confuses me a lot.
I don't know what "contains Steam update only, no GOG conversion afterward"
does that mean that I can only do that if I have the STEAM version and that it will lock me from the Gog one?
If so, Pic rel tells me that It's the steam one already so, should I just execute the .exe on the right?.

File: 1583946307706.png (916 KB, 1605x1605)
916 KB
916 KB PNG
My wireless headphones suddenly stopped working for seemingly no reason. I've got JBL tune 500BT, and have been using them for a bit over a year. Today they just started turning off almost immediately after I turn them on. It takes them maybe a few seconds. They turn off without making the normal sound they should when you manually turn them off. They do "work" though, and I can play music through them for those seconds.
There's also two other things to note: first of all, they stopped auto-connecting to my phone when I turn them on, unless I specifically hold the bluetooth button right after clicking power on. This wasn't the case before.
Secondly, when I do connect to my phone and play music, during those few seconds nothing else seems to work; I can't increase or decrease the volume through the headphones, nor can I manually switch them off.
Of course they are fully charged, and I've tried doing a factory reset, but it changed nothing. I have no idea what could possibly be the cause of the issue, nor how should I tackle it. Anyone had similar problems? Anyone got any idea on how this could be fixed?
Sounds like the battery's fucked, but you want to be told something else.
Is there a way to check it for sure? After connecting to charge it it gives normal red light, as it should, and after a bit it turns that light off, indicating that it's fully charged, all exactly like it should. In the brief moment it's connected to my phone, the phone also shows as if its battery was full.

Somehow i managed to lose the password for my laptop... since theres nothing important on it idc about factory reseting it but somehow im to dumb to do it. Pleas someone give a step for step guide on how i can reset my laptop.
Good luck with your stolen laptop, anon

File: 1609023555262.webm (2.41 MB, 640x800)
2.41 MB
2.41 MB WEBM
Who is she bros?
A 4channer.
File: REmake2.jpg (64 KB, 540x540)
64 KB
That's Jordan McEwen, newfriend. She's the face model for Claire in the remake of Resident Evil 2
Thanks anon!

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