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File: 1584071809505.jpg (33 KB, 462x461)
33 KB
can someone help me finding this /wsg/ thread with an OP contemplating to commit suicide? From what I remember, he used a webm featuring what it appears of a manga page (I'm not sure if it's from Omoide Emanon but it has a similar artstyle to it). It had a man looking at the clear night sky. I forgot the song he used though.

Pic somewhat related
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try right-clicking the search tab on desuarchive instead of left-clicking it, last time it was fucky for me and kept vanishing that fixed it
nah I mean that they currently have a shitty search engine running on their website. Some threads aren't properly indexed but are completely accessible once you know it's specific thread number
they dont have a search engine
>Omoide Emanon
I like this manga.

File: pixelplanet-1763--1651.png (171 KB, 412x568)
171 KB
171 KB PNG
Where is this image from?


File: 612198556.jpg (235 KB, 1447x1929)
235 KB
235 KB JPG
Yo /wsr/.

Just started a new build. Is this suitable to power up a CPU 8 pin connector?

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One last bump. Any advice ladies and gentlemen?
Bought the PC used, eh. Fucking boomers.
>Perhaps I should just plug the CPU1 4+4 pin into the CPU_PWR1 8 pin?
Yes, that's the right move.
>I hear that the extra CPU_PWR2 4 pin is for huge power draw which should not happen here, everything is stock.
Exactly. The 8 pin alone is enough for supplying 300+ watts. But to be sure, look up the manual of the MoBo. For retail boards, manuals can be found on the manufacturers web site.
File: x_psu_tester.jpg (17 KB, 500x252)
17 KB
Then get something like this, unplug whatever psu cables you have in your mobo atm and plug it into this fucker. Worst case scenario you're going to be short one $5 tester.
In case it wasn't obvious enough earlier on in this thread, these testers are to test if correctly-wired PSUs are working, not if the PSU is wired correctly. It probably wires all the grounds together, because why not? They're wired together inside the PSU too. If you connect a correctly-wired lead and a backwards lead from the same PSU, it dead-shorts it.

If you're not sure the plug is wired correctly, only connect plugs one at a time, and use the paperclip trick to make the PSU switch on.

I saw this pretty kickass fake african action movie, had like fake guns, fake shooting sound effects, and the dude was layin people down with his "AK-47" there was some karate fighting and then a few car explosions
The whole movie
File: index.jpg (7 KB, 275x183)
7 KB
thanks, the one i saw must have been a different edit lol but still good :)

File: 1590512475155.png (354 KB, 714x482)
354 KB
354 KB PNG
Where can I get Adobe premiere torrent? (Sorry don't k ow where to post, /t/ is not for requests and neither /r/ since it's not porn)
Thanks anon!
I use this one. Not sure what the differences are with the previous year's version.

A while back when I first started making music I made an album cover that I was extremely proud of and from what I remember was very good even getting praise from a band I really like.

However for some reason my account is deleted I don’t remember why but it’s gone but I really would love to recover that album cover as that’s the only place I know it to be saved

This is the link to my account


Please help, I loved that album cover, it would mean so much to me if someone could find a way to recover my lost tweets
What was it like?
Did you try googling your username?
When did you post it?
Which band's twitter?

File: intro-1560442483.jpg (49 KB, 780x439)
49 KB
CD-ROMs of encyclopedia/dictionary/reference material :
-What category doe it fall into ? eBooks or software?
-Is there any database of CD-ROMs? (Like imdb, vgmdb)
-What are the best places to pirate this kind of material? Rutracker has some, but not all. Any private tracker, community? Please let me know.
Typo : does
Try archive.org

File: p12375.jpg (15 KB, 200x250)
15 KB
I'm currently learning a tonal language and I have a really hard time with the tones. My pitch perception is very bad, so I often can't differentiates words by pitches. And when I speak, my tonality tends not to convey the word I'm trying to say(I have asked native speakers).

Is there any (Android) app to train pitch perception and the ability to control the tonalities in your voice? It would be useful


File: iu.jpg (259 KB, 2048x1536)
259 KB
259 KB JPG
I already tried resetting it by pressing the little button at the back for around 30 seconds and trying the default username and password, but I have no success.
How do I fix this problem? Thanks in advance.
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Did you pay your bill? Did you try, oh I don't know, calling your ISP?
See if it responds to telnet/ssh. If it does, try looking up or guessing the login and password (could be the same you're trying to enter). If you're in, you can configure the router from command line or find your web interface password (some linux knowledge is required).
what model?
what ISP?
not OP, but those faggots just read from a script
they have little to no useful information to give nor are they knowledgeable about CPE
I hope you're not the kid from the other day because your dad's gonna go medieval on your ass.

I have the chance at getting a usa release of the sonic adventure chao plush for $260. Would you say that's a good price? (Pic is just a reference not the exact plush.)

File: hmm.png (701 KB, 768x768)
701 KB
701 KB PNG
I cropped about 20 minutes out of a 1h50min video which was 1.07GB using Sony Vegas. I rendered the 20min scene and it's 1.85GB. Why?
I tried Movie Maker before, same problem.
Different bitrate, probably. Maybe you artificially increased the framerate. It depends on the settings.
Try Avidemux instead, they can trim videos without re-encoding. Or ffmpeg if you can do CLI.
Use ffmpeg instead.
i'm stupid
thanks guys

File: succulentSuccotash.jpg (90 KB, 792x440)
90 KB
Is there already an existing shop of that animal crossing sheep with the pop team epic lemon face?

File: 1590510753252.jpg (552 KB, 3840x1080)
552 KB
552 KB JPG
What anime is this from?
Heavy Object
Thanks for the fast response

File: Lebedev_baptism.jpg (273 KB, 992x715)
273 KB
273 KB JPG
please help me identify this song


pic not related
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There it is.

As the otiginal is, well, quite an experience, I'll post it too:

Beat me to it. Good fucking shit.
The original song is also sick as fuck:

damn that voice

Around 5 or so years ago there was a song on YouTube I can't remember what its called. It essentially was a reggae-esque song that promoted immigration to Israel. It was pretty funny.
I vaguely remember some of the lyrics:

Something something Beautiful girls
And they love the African man
lets go ( or we're going) to Israel
Take a trip to Israel
Jewish man has lots of money
Jewish man preach equality
Jewish man feed my whole family

And so on. Does anyone remember this song and if you do can you send me a link. Used to give me quite the chuckle back in the day.

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